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"work" Definitions
  1. [uncountable] (used without the) the job that a person does especially in order to earn money synonym employment
  2. [uncountable] (used without the) the place where you do your job; the time that you spend there
  3. [uncountable] the duties that you have and the activities that you do as part of your job
  4. [uncountable] tasks that need to be done
  5. [uncountable] materials needed or used for doing work, especially books, papers, etc.
  6. [uncountable] the use of physical strength or mental power in order to do or make something
  7. [uncountable] a thing or things that are produced as a result of work
  8. [countable] a book, piece of music, painting, etc.
  9. [uncountable] work (of somebody/something) the result of an action; what is done by somebody
  10. works [plural] (often in compounds) activities involving building or repairing something
  11. works (plural works) [countable + singular or plural verb] (often in compounds) a place where things are made or industrial processes take place
  12. the works [plural] the moving parts of a machine, etc. synonym mechanism
  13. the works [plural] (informal) everything
  14. [uncountable] the use of force to produce movement see also joule

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"work" Synonyms
occupation employment job livelihood profession trade career line of business role vocation position post specialisation(UK) specialization(US) stint walk calling commitment contract gig responsibility duty endeavor(US) endeavour(UK) task undertaking activity art assignment craft practice business chores commission function industry obligation effort energy application conscientiousness diligence drudge drudgery exertion grind gruntwork labor(US) pains push slog slogging strain striving struggle achievement creation product design end product accomplishment actualization brainchild doing feat handicraft handiwork invention output act action conception deed innovation piece composition performance production classic magnum opus number oeuvre opus showpiece masterpiece pièce de résistance work of art body of work chef-d'oeuvre piece de resistance opuscule music study education analysis research learning consideration examination investigation advisement debate probation scholarship swotting inspection exploration examen lessons delving deliberation office workplace headquarters building bureau department workstation branch place of work precinct station workroom factory workshop shop floor factory floor workstead studio workspace treatise essay dissertation thesis article discourse exposition paper critique commentary disquisition review monograph tract discussion writing treatment execution exploits attainment consummation feats fulfillment(US) fulfilment(UK) discharge conducting conduct acts effecting completion exploit dispatch thralldom servitude bondage enslavement thrall slavery yoke subjugation captivity vassalage subjection serfdom servility restraint enthrallment feudalism indenture peonage serfhood book volume publication tome guide manual title novel handbook companion hardback organ paperback print storybook textbook album bestseller workmanship skill artistry technique craftsmanship expertise skilfulness skillfulness artisanship artwork know-how mastery dexterity ability maneuver(US) manoeuvre(UK) mechanics mechanism motion move movement process form machination operation style bustle commotion hustle stir buzz hustle and bustle activeness busyness enterprise flurry hubbub hurly-burly agitation drama events fuss hijinks attempt try shot go crack stab bid assay fling whack bash whirl pass venture offer actions efforts endeavors(US) endeavours(UK) proceedings reactions responses diligences enterprises ventures courses of action effect impact influence implication workings aftermaths consequences outcomes ramifications repercussions results aftereffects bearings fallout footprints impressions agency means medium instrument vehicle agent channel expedient ministry instrumentality machinery power route mode force turn routine stunt bit schtick shtick song track tune dance item material information evidence facts data notes details particulars background documentation ideas info statistics documents papers deets dirt dope gen low-down record history reputation profile experience past reign track record career to date curriculum vitae past performance previous performance life history past behavior donkeywork groundwork legwork preparation preparatory experimentation probe scrutiny inquiry(US) probing testing enquiry(UK) fact-finding challenges tasks duties responsibilities burdens jobs obligations trials functions missions onuses undertakings assignments inconvenience bothers callings charges exercises exercise homework coursework schoolwork lesson problem drill project exam quiz test étude training prep reading piece of research fabrication lie falsehood fiction untruth concoction fib falsity myth deception fable falsification prevarication story exaggeration fairy tale figment half-truth porky workout warm-up aerobics practise callisthenics(UK) gymnastics isometrics calisthenics(US) conditioning constitutional exercise session keep-fit session limbering up rehearsal tattoo ink tat tatts blackwork sleeve tac body art body ink body suit tramp stamp trash polka ta moko irezumi tebori canvas oil painting image oil painting picture portrait watercolour(UK) watercolor(US) old master still life illustration drawing sketch canvass solution service facility resource system utility program(US) programme(UK) package deliverable ware merchandise proposal competence goods provision things activities goals affairs deeds errands objectives briefs concerns contracts engagements play comedy farce show tragedy entertainment dramatisation(UK) dramatization(US) pantomime screenplay soapie teleplay masque musical opera earn a living earn money have a job hold a job eke out a living get by make ends meet nine-to-five it pay your bills ply your trade be employed be gainfully employed earn one's living follow one's trade hold down a job subsist acquire a livelihood do a job do business freelance toil labour(UK) slave strive beaver drive knuckle down moil peg away plug away sweat apply oneself break one's back buckle down operate serve behave react run perform respond acquit oneself start take handle conduct yourself comport yourself acquit itself revert rebound appear on stage accomplish achieve carry out create do attain effectuate engender result in bring about cause produce fulfil(UK) fulfill(US) give rise to induce pull off succeed come off be successful triumph prevail come through come up with the goods deliver flourish make good make it pan out thrive turn out well win out work out bear fruit blossom boom burgeon use control implement manage manipulate execute ply direct engage wield command take on act on pilot be in working order be in operation be running be in action be in commission get with it be operative be in business be in running order tick over be in power do one's thing go to town take effect come into effect start up begin commence take hold be effective be efficacious progress produce results have the desired effect kick in agitate excite rouse incite inspire envigorate(UK) invigorate(US) stir up whip up wind up arouse egg on electrify energise(UK) energize(US) fire up galvanise(UK) galvanize(US) thread weave wind edge make inch slip slide squeeze steer ease remove creep right extricate fashion mold(US) shape dress knead blend forge mix model mould(UK) tend care for cultivate farm plough(UK) till dig fertilise(UK) fertilize(US) harvest plow(US) prepare ripen seed crop harrow turn over break up turn up spade arrange contrive fix fiddle pull strings pull wires connive conspire finagle beguile bluff collude finesse jockey lobby quiver convulse dither jitter palpitate pulsate pulse shiver throb tremble twitch vibrate writhe move spasmodically be agitated twist jerk shudder shake break resolve solve unravel answer figure out decipher decode dope out puzzle out riddle out unriddle unscramble break down decrypt lick untangle find an answer to provide bear the palm bring home the bacon earn your keep feed your family keep a roof over your head keep clothes on your back keep the wolf from the door make a living put food on the table take the cake press train browbeat pound pressure put to work abuse capitalize on cash in on leverage milk play on play upon impose upon impose on pimp utilize(US) harness utilise(UK) take advantage of benefit from profit from make use of draw on convince persuade inveigle tempt urge brainwash bribe coax coerce sway affect alter change abate determine govern modify transform decide reshape exert influence have an effect have an influence make an impression touch afflict bias string thrust poke loop squeeze through pass into pass through pick your way shoulder elbow make your way work one's way tool cut decorate ornament chase embellish pursue tackle act upon follow follow up on have an effect on motivate start in on take action carry through put into effect unite merge fuse incorporate integrate intersperse mingle intermingle salt include interwork introduce insert interleave interweave interlace interfuse interact combine interplay mesh interface interreact interrelate join amalgamate commix commingle campaign crusade battle fight encourage promote advocate back boost champion petition propagandise(UK) propagandize(US) wreak inflict unleash vent administer bestow express indulge perpetrate visit apply exact suffice satisfy suit meet avail content be adequate fit the bill fill the bill be sufficient be good enough make the grade be enough meet requirements pass muster cut the mustard swot revise cram lucubrate get up pore over bone up on toil over apply oneself to bone up burn the midnight oil mug up read up swot up do your homework leaven raise ferment lighten expand inflate swell puff up make rise dilate cause to rise do the trick solve the problem do the necessary turn the trick achieve the desired result take care of the problem place put load slot wedge fit set instal(UK) install(US) lodge pop stick run over rehearse practise(UK) practice(US) hone sharpen polish go through run through go over dry run work at dress rehearse tune up warm up contribute participate cooperate help out join in play a part aid assist collaborate do your bit facilitate get in the act have a hand in help partake pitch in support take part abet be a participant fall into place click sort itself out turn out fine work out fine come together be alright resolve itself be fine be resolved go well be okay swing acquire secure earn get net obtain win bag capture grab hook land wangle collar inure discipline teach habituate break in put through grind put through mill militate counter discourage foil hinder oppose prejudice resist count weigh cancel out go against tend to prevent work against operate against tell against deal with address cover treat discuss bespeak confront field negotiate attack face see to cope with focus on contend with concentrate on grapple with infiltrate penetrate insinuate invade percolate permeate pervade sneak worm wriggle creep into gatecrash access foist impregnate intrude intrude on screw coil spiral tighten twine rotate spin work in screw in curl snake wrap around wrap twirl meander sit preside preside on serve on work on carry out duties on hold a seat on have a seat hold a seat carry out duties be a member of have a seat on mine excavate burrow tunnel quarry scoop delve extract shovel unearth sap draw hew pan dig out dig up scoop out proceed take steps be busy do something get moving go ahead make a move make headway make progress take measures concoct convert make ready refine take care of act with advance attend to staff man people crew fill occupy garrison furnish with men be deployed at be assigned at be installed at be posted at be positioned at be stationed at be placed at be put on duty be based around formulate devise compose develop coin frame invent draught(UK) draft(US) hatch originate construct cast conceive embroider sew stitch adorn beautify bedeck braid cross-stitch deck garnish knit pattern quilt trim fix up gussy up spruce up upskill learn master become proficient in become skilled at specialize in become able become competent in become versed be trained acquire a knowledge of acquire skill in become expert in have lessons in qualify moonlight double do work on the side have a second job supplement your income do two jobs have a night job work double make some pocket money work illegally pay profit prosper be profitable make money pay off make a profit pay dividends show gain show profit yield profit be remunerative make a return provide a living kick back yield results fuel charge fire activate supply charge up stoke up supply with fuel fill up tank up stimulate inflame fan stencil trace paint name settle appoint choose establish define designate limit select specify allot conclude finalise(UK) finalize(US) prearrange strum blow sound bow drum finger pedal render fidget perform on make music on zigzag swerve crisscross sidestep duck dodge slalom jink criss-cross weave your way move in and out thread one's way wind one's way tack group ally affiliate associate connect fraternise(UK) fraternize(US) team up act as a team be in cahoots cofunction do business with get together occupational job-related professional vocational work-related industrial working manufacturing engineering commercial industrialized(US) developed streamlined technical in industry More
"work" Antonyms
unemployment joblessness idleness job loss redundancy worklessness career break dismissal firing inactivity laying-off layoff redundance retirement sacking severance termination avocation nonemployment keeping recreation entertainment fun pastime hobby amusement leisure leisure activity pleasure relaxation rest enjoyment fun and games play celebration feast frolic gaiety merriment laziness indolence irresponsibility lazing lethargy loafing inaction sedentariness shiftlessness sloth slothfulness time-wasting vegetating laxness passivity slackness slouch faineance faineancy lackadaisicalness failure dud fail bungle bust flop disappointment disaster fiasco lemon misadventure botch catastrophe faux pas loss mess turkey wreck miscarriage nonsuccess abomination atrocity anathema aversion eyesore abhorrence disgrace outrage revulsion scandal home comfort happiness health joy peace manager management indifference laze around obstruction feebleness weakness frailty debility enervation infirmity languor debilitation enfeeblement frailness flimsiness infirmness languidness lassitude listlessness effeteness incapacity lowness sickliness failing underperformance underachievement ineffectualness defeat nonfulfillment nonperformance nothing a breeze a cakewalk a cinch a doddle a doss a picnic a snap duck soup no problem not a problem nothing to it a piece of cake a walk in the park ignorance negligence disregard apathy neglect uselessness inadequacy futility frivolity incompetence hopelessness ineptness pointlessness ineffectiveness ineffectuality inefficacy incapability inefficiency unsuccessfulness fruitlessness worthlessness impotence booklet flier handbill handout leaflet pamphlet nonmovement inflexibility rigidity stiffness woodenness motionlessness stillness serenity tranquility(US) tranquillity(UK) calm bliss calmness peacefulness placidity quiet placidness quietude silence hush lull peace and quiet quietness repose boredom profession vocation dormancy inertia stagnation delay inertness pause cessation dithering downtime immobility intermission interruption procrastination stasis recess remission standstill resign quit retire exit bow out check out walk out on abdicate bail out cease work drop out end service give notice give up the ship give up your job hand in resignation hand in your notice hang it up leave leave your job laze relax bum bum around loaf slack take it easy idle lounge around shirk vegetate be inactive be indolent be slothful fritter away kill time knock around lounge malinger not lift a finger be deficient be lacking be wanting fall short fizzle flounder be ineffective misfire miss the mark not be up to snuff not come up to scratch not make the grade prove inadequate sputter disappoint underperform counteract negate cancel nullify offset annul counterbalance neutralise(UK) neutralize(US) reverse void balance out call off compensate for put an end to quash render inert render null and void dismantle invalidate be unsuccessful be defeated be found lacking be in vain come to naught come to nothing fall flat fluff flunk go downhill blunder bomb go pear-shaped turn out badly misuse mismanage abuse fumble make a hash of make a mess of maladminister mess up mishandle flub foul up goof goof up gum up muff screw up break break down go kaput pack up stop working bite the dust conk out crash die give up the ghost go down grind to a halt jam seize seize up stop be broken be out of order collapse backfire miscarry fold founder come unstuck run aground miss abort pacify placate subdue appease soothe assuage calm down mollify pacificate quell tame temper allay conciliate moderate propitiate bulldoze force jostle push bully clear drive elbow flatten propel railroad thrust bludgeon bluster browbeat harass hector intimidate level press butcher destroy ruin spoil bodge bollix up louse up make a botch of mutilate damage ravage tarnish contaminate harm impair undermine corrode corrupt cripple defile dirty disintegrate maltreat pollute scorch weaken wear away adhere to the rules play by the rules settle stabilise(UK) stabilize(US) steady stabilitate stiffen give up on abandon give up chuck leave off halt ignore forget kill lose refuse leave alone not care for shrug off be derelict be indifferent be irresponsible brush aside brush off desert have nothing to do with keep at arm's length keep your distance pass by pass over pass up pay no attention to pay no mind coddle baby cotton overprotect pamper go easy on skip be lazy hide procrastinate fill skive tiptoe conceal pass overlook withhold discourage dull finish prevent repress wait deter obstruct foil hinder impede stifle block close inhibit keep restrain restrict cover complicate knot question tie handle roughly manhandle mistreat misapply treat roughly use inexpertly ill-treat ill-use confuse abash addle baffle bamboozle becloud bedevil befuddle bemuse bewilder blur cloud clutter confound daze demoralise(UK) demoralize(US) discombobulate disconcert discountenance trivialise(UK) trivialize(US) understate underestimate belittle make light of play down tone down pall underwhelm downplay lessen minimise(UK) minimize(US) cease interrupt adjourn arrest deactivate suspend stem terminate shut down shatter smash snap demolish rupture fracture fragment split wear off malfunction be faulty be defective cease to function cease to work go wrong play up act up dally hang tarry await linger loiter abide postpone remain discontinue stay defer hover be patient have no effect on

899 Sentences With "work"

How to use work in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "work" and check conjugation/comparative form for "work". Mastering all the usages of "work" from sentence examples published by news publications.

" #FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes — Akilah Hughes (@AkilahObviously) July 19, 2016 "Work, work, work, work, work, workHe say me have toWork, work, work, work, work, work!
Favorite song lyric: "'Work, work, work, work, work, work,' " by Rihanna.
As Rih would say: Work, work, work, work, work, work, Violet.
Rihanna's getting to work, work, work, work, work in Malawi.
They truly work, work, work, work, work in mysterious ways.
Keep up all the good work, work, work, work, work.
You better work, work, work, work, work on your savings.
"Work, work, work, work, work #sisters," she captioned the pic.
Make sure to double check your work work work work work.
Make like Rihanna and do a little work, work, work, work, work.
Work, work, work, work, work, work Rihanna and Manolo Blahnik collaborated on a six-style collection of denim shoes.
Instead, she'll wear pajamas in public and she'll make it work, work, work, work, work.
We just had to work, work, work, work — don't think.
A world tour clearly isn't going to stop Rihanna from putting in work, work, work, work, work, work at her Fenty label.
They just continue to work and work and work and work.
Cut taxes for everyone in the work, work, work, work, working class.
Work, work, work, work, work, work is exactly what you'd have to do to get enough money together to by Rihanna's home in West Hollywood.
"All my dad ever does is work, work, work, work," he told NY1.
Like Rihanna says: "Wake up and act like nothing's wrong, and just get ready for work, work, work, work, work".
Rihanna has apparently hopped across the pond for "work, work, work, work, work" and it's just now becoming public knowledge.
But Rihanna wasn't just there to look good and take selfies – she was there to work (work, work, work, work).
All I know is work, work, work, work, work, which is more a mantra than a hip-hop groove for me.
Takeaway: We don't know who the singer plays yet, but we imagine that the role was hard work, work, work, work, work.
"All my dad ever does is work, work, work, work," he told CNN affiliate NY1.
The artists in Work Work Work Work Work create sculptures that, while they explore very specific aesthetic territories, also serve highly pragmatic functions.
All that work work work work work paid off: Rihanna will receive the MTV Video Music Awards' Video Vanguard award at this year's ceremony.
"When you work together, you become business partners, and that can lose the romance because it's work, work, work, work, even at home," she admitted.
I went from work, work, work to super lazy Rome.
The studio work, the workshop work, and the models' work.
Alex Robert Ross is work work work working on Twitter.
Code Enterprise Series returns to San Francisco November 14-15, 2016 All about work, work, work and also work.
So our criminal investigative work, our counterintelligence work, our counterterrorism work.
It can not work, work for a time or work forever.
So can you explain the title, "Live Work Work Work Die"?
Rage doesn't work, love doesn't work, and silence definitely doesn't work.
" "Work is not a four-letter word, but work is work.
And you could see Jeff's work or Ashley's work or Peter's work or Joan's work as part of a dialogue.
It's been an intense summer—travel and family and work, work, work.
But we also work at work, before going home to work more.
Camila Cabello is putting in work, work, work as a solo artist.
After that it was work, work, work, and weeks turned into months.
What's a nonprofit work, what's an uptown work, what's a downtown work?
CT: Is it all work, work, work that you guys talk about?
You work, work, work, work, but then when the final result is in front of an audience, it's an immediate experience.
I go into overdrive, take on too many projects, and work work work.
It is changing where we work, how we work and when we work.
You're lying here and you're being bombarded with thoughts about work, work, work.
"I really had to work it, work it, work it," Ms. Stevens said.
Then I used it before work, then during work, then instead of work.
So we work in education, we work in immigration, we work in environment.
These shots shows some of my work, my work table, and work zones.
If you are thinking about work, planning work or worrying about work while you are at home, you are still at work.
So have an evening with a [Kenneth] MacMillan work, an [Frederick] Ashton work, an [Antony] Tudor work and a [Christopher] Wheeldon work.
As an EMT, I work with fire, I work with police, we work together.
Forget whether or not it's great work, or important work, it's work being done.
It's work — honorable work, a sacred public trust, but in the end, just work.
I was like, You didn't work, and you didn't work, and you didn't work.
The ones that, when asked about work, answer, "Well, you know, work is work.".
"You work, work and work, and it's for nothing," Rodriguez said after losing everything.
I choose when I work, where I work, and which clients I work with.
Yes, he can work a crowd, work a screen and work a Twitter account.
But work is work, and this work is fun, so I heave myself out.
I'm just going to work and work and work to keep the government open.
SJ says it's not really his personality to be star struck ... but that there is one huge star who he'd love to meet and put in some work, work, work, work, work with.
You work, work, work, and ... you don't have access to the most important thing: Food.
Cam: Well they made us work, but it wasn't like work work, more like chores.
Students received their edited work back to work on before turning in their final work.
I work part-time at a makeup store and I work there tonight after work.
Not when the names near the top of the pile include Daniel Day-Lewis, Tom Hanks, Gary Oldman, James Franco and Denzel Washington (work, work, work, work, work; well, Mr. Hanks is happily excused).
"We work with the establishment candidates who fight for the issues, we work with grassroots candidates who work for the issues, we work with Republican candidates who work for the issues, we will work with anybody who fights for the right issues," he said.
She also got to work, work, work, work — jumping behind the cash register at the Times Square Sephora at midnight to ring up her fans.
Second, employers affect the stress-inducing conditions of work: work-family conflict, long work hours, absence of control over one's work environment, and economic insecurity.
"I knew Tyler Hansbrough wanted to be a great player, and was going to work, work, work, work," North Carolina coach Roy Williams told reporters.
Sometimes work can also bring its own reward because we find doing work that is important, doing work well, and learning from our work motivating.
My work becomes a legacy; it's not only my work, it's our work as a community.
I was just work, work, work, and then boom, suddenly someone stops you in your tracks.
How we work, where we work — the very definition of work itself — are undergoing radical transformation.
I want to work until I am old, because this is not evil work, this is not dirty work, this is work that gives humans happiness.
But its growing popularity is remaking how we work, the tools we use to work, how we communicate at work, and even the hours we work.
It does not work in business, it does not work in politics, it does not work in the arts, and it does not work in sports.
But the result is that I've felt like rather than take advantage of the opportunities to work, work, work, work, work, I've actually taken advantage of the confidence that I will continue to have a career.
There will be less work in manufacturing, less work in call centers, less work driving trucks, and more work in health care and home care and construction.
Friends of mine who work for companies, people I know who work for companies that clean airlines, who work in the airports, full-time jobs they work.
Knowing that definitely is still a huge part of my work, my old work, my current work.
An estimated 1 to 1.5 million Ukrainians work in Poland, of whom many work without work permits.
I'm the type of guy — when I start going, I like to work and work and work.
"We keep hearing about hard work, hard work, hard work," John told Cramer in a Monday interview.
"Live Work Work Work Die: A Journey Into the Savage Heart of Silicon Valley" by Corey Pein
There's some work that's been done, work that's being done and work that we need to do.
Projects keep going and people pile more work in and more work in and more work in.
"You work and you work and you work and you work," she told me recently, her delicate, quavering voice an audible testament to the endless hours of labor.
Compensating women less for work they traditionally perform suggests that women's work is valued less than men's work.
You know, I work-- I work for our shareholders and I work on behalf of the board, right?
Here's the irony in remote work: Most people think they'll work less, but you'll actually probably work more.
But autobiographical work is also a documentary work, and the work of collecting, the slow accumulation of evidence.
Employees who have friends at work are happier and work harder at work, a national Gallup poll found.
Every day work, work, work, till I got stopped by Immigration and Customs Enforcement and charged with reentry.
It supports everybody — the artist making the work, the artist collecting the work, the gallery selling the work.
"Live Work Work Work Die" author Corey Pein shares the secrets of tech success: Be lucky and ruthless.
"You do human trafficking prevention work when you do criminal justice reform, when you do anti-poverty work, when you do anti-racism work, when you work on the issue of homelessness, when you work on the issue of interpersonal violence, when you work on access to immigration relief," Emerson said.
So our effort is to work with the U.N., work with China, work with Japan, work with South Korea to try to find a way out of this situation.
Treatments that work on cells in laboratories (in vitro studies) don't always work in animals (in vivo studies), and those that work in animals don't always work in people.
I mean, you&aposre on work time and it is work product if it is done on work computers.
"In Hong Kong, work is work; if you cannot be there to work, you will be replaced," Ortega said.
Even though I enjoy my work and am very lucky to work for myself, I don't live to work.
But he gets to work his own hours, work out of his home, and work in his favorite sport.
Using the example above, rather than working a full five-day work week, work sharing participants work four days.
In college, that shifted to friends and work, then work and health and now, I'm on work and family.
Most important, we are not splitting the calls-for-service work from the community work or crime-fighting work.
Keeping a structured work weekA major key to remote work is having a somewhat structured work week, Foster said.
LIVE WORK WORK WORK DIE A Journey Into the Savage Heart of Silicon Valley By Corey Pein 309 pp.
I'm disappointed in his comments but will continue to work to make Washington work so #WV & our country work.
This relates to work, because people read internet magazines at work, and because some people work for internet magazines.
So our effort is to work with the [United Nations], work with China, work with Japan, work with South Korea to try to find a way out of this situation.
Here are the best leggings for work you can buy:Best leggings for work overall: ADAYBest ethically made leggings for work: EverlaneBest variety of leggings for work: SpanxBest petite-friendly leggings for work: Banana RepublicBest size-inclusive leggings for work: Universal StandardUpdated on 09/04/2019 by Mara Leighton: Updated prices, links, and formatting.
Work, laundry, work, play with kids, work, work out … If you're a freelancer or digital business owner, working from home some- to all of the time, this is likely your reality.
"We have a pretty flexible culture here…and we trust our people to work in ways that work for them and work together in ways that work for them," McEneaney explained.
Eighty percent of them work exclusively as vendors, while nine also work second jobs as cleaners or other domestic work.
It's just business as usual—meaning that the Chinese mentality is to work, work, work, and stay open 24/7.
Nobody ever makes [visual] work like that either, and I think that's the difference between commissioned work and personal work.
I was burned out and wanted to experience a different existence than the work-work-work one I'd been living.
An undocumented person without work authorization can find work to do, but it's typically low-paid under-the-table work.
"A work like that," he said, "if you don&apost sell the work, it&aposs not a work of art."
It's tough working jobs where you work shift work, where you work on the weekends and you're working midnight shift.
"Many of these women empowerment initiatives encourage women to work, but don't consider this unpaid work as 'work,'" she said.
"I don't go for drinks after work, we already have work together, let's talk about our work during the time that we work" is something I like to say at the office.
There's more work to be done surely, but it's work that's needed and work that's good for our community at large.
It requires recognizing that sex work is work, even if it's work we're not interested in or willing to do ourselves.
"Work, work, work — but no pay," complains one worker, 34-year-old Cristina, who did not want her real name disclosed.
Opponents of stronger work rules also claim that SNAP recipients actually do work because of the work requirements already in place.
" The chorus goes: "Work work work / You seee me do me / Duh duh duh duh / Aosomaba ugh ugh guh lugh guh.
You have this "Live Work Work Work Die," but what do you think is wrong with the culture in that regard?
We work hard to understand what is happening on it and really work hard to enforce the work that we're doing.
Their pas de deux continued throughout the evening — work, smile, work, smile, work — until eventually she went over to introduce herself.
I have to work and my work is very physical and if I can't be physical then I'm out of work.
"They have to work although they're already very old, work until they can't work anymore," said Petrus Sekaliou, the Kapiks' son.
They can facilitate psychological work, but it's still workwork that isn't always easy or fun, and can be very painful.
Whether this work is performed by women or men, mothers or fathers, unpaid work is work and should be valued equally.
Yes, in some ways it can feel like a vacation—but for the most part, it's work, work, and more work.
Leonardo DiCaprio and Julia Roberts obvi joined their friend George, Young Money heavy hitters Drake and Nicki Minaj decided to put in some work work work work work, and callers even had a chance to get kweens Oprah, Cher, or Babs Streisand on the line.
Twenty One Pilots had arena-scale success with the 2016 song "Stressed Out," which has a twentysomething singer already wishing he could go back to the "good old days" of childhood games and lullabies instead of the insecurity and "need to make money" of the present, just as Rihanna had sung "work, work, work, work, work, work" last year.
First I had a fling with someone at work that happened over WhatsApp, Gchat, Facebook Messenger, in the office kitchen, and at work lunches, while getting drinks after work, and after work parties.
It's not just how we work that's changing, and will continue to change, but where we work, what kind of work we're doing and even how we get to work that's quickly evolving.
"I have to work, I need to work," Kelly said.
Finish my homework and get to work on actual work.
Your work is not work, your rights are not valid.
And when it does work, it tends to work poorly.
If anyone wants to work, there's work to be had.
I only can work with what I can work with.
God forbid I work on my own body of work.
Click here to see more work of Hikari Shimoda's work.
The first work, the '22016 work, was a similar thing?
Here's how to work it so you can work it.
It's something you have to work for and work at.
Sometimes we put work before family, sometimes family before work.
Sex work is work, and should be decriminalized and regulated.
I also pack clothes to work out in after work.
"We want to work, we want to work," they chanted.
I believe it should work the same way charities work.
Go deeper: Medicaid work requirements aren't boosting work in Arkansas
At work as a waitress, at work as a showrunner!
Utahans not only work hard, they apparently love their work.
We're doing excellent work, and we'll continue doing excellent work.
Get what you want to make work work for you.
"I have to work, I need to work," Kelly says.
I'd work, sleep, get back up, and go to work.
The firm offers flexible work options, including shorter work weeks.
I like looking at young people's work and friends' work.
Work, gym, panic, noodles, work, gym, panic, noodles, and repeat.
Where does it work and where does it not work?
Relocation and resettlement cannot work if hotspots do not work.
But what if the small work is the great work?
How does money work today and how should it work?
" NR: "It not only took work, but it takes work.
For people with mental illnesses, work requirements just won't work.
Seriously, who knew Colin Farrell could work, work like that.
Boys work, girls work; it is all alike to them.
Why do you work in the mediums you work in?
They do the work that makes all other work possible.
WILBUR ROSS: Well, formulas like that work when they work.
Great ideas only work if you consistently work at them.
They know how to work, and they want to work.
The work was murder and the work was the reward.
Most of their work was derivative to the Facebook work.
CBP employees work hard and care deeply about their work.
Many college graduates are eager to find work — any work.
Work well in a group, or prefer to work alone?
Eat healthy, work out, work, anything positive, he does nothing!
She looked for work, but everyone was looking for work.
"But my work is like fun work," she quickly added.
Did having three rooms to work with influence the work?
He needed more work, better work, urgently, whatever it was.
It's like you work hard and then you continue work.
Women don't work less hard — we work just as hard.
I was beginning to share my work and art work.
When Selina's out of work, we're all out of work.
But basketball is basketball and hard work is hard work.
These measures have been shown to work and work well.
Myth #4: If they work from home, employees won't work
I find his work stunning and his work ethic inspiring.
Reasons why the show wouldn't work here, wouldn't work there.
So I follow the work, I don't lead the work.
When I'm at work I want to talk about work.
Farming is very hard work, but it's very rewarding work.
It's about the pressures of work because we work together.
That's never easy work, Tangled, but it's the right work.
He wanted to work, of course he wanted to work.
But it didn't work then, and it won't work now.
Anyone who can work from home should work from home.
Those that work in critical sectors should go to work.
During work hours, put on work clothes, Dr. Winch said.
That's the programming, how things work, how the fights work.
"You have to really work it and work over it."
Mr. Pinou's work days vary, depending on his work responsibilities.
Where we need to work together, we should work together.
I continued to work, but it was difficult to work.
I can work on coffee; I can work on beer.
The overall arrangement and palette varies from work to work.
Not just any work, but work appropriate to their stature.
Work really hard and do great work for great people.
Prohibition didn't work then and it will not work now.
So, they often turn to [unregulated work] like sex work.
Grocery chain or Hollywood set ... Damien believes work is work.
Relationships are work, it takes work to maintain that connection.
It doesn't work to have ... This business model doesn't work.
It's not because it doesn't work, because it can work.
Of course, it does require you to create healthy boundaries – it can become a bit too easy to just work, work, work.
We don't tell them to; they compete with one another and they work hard, they work in pairs, they work in threes.
It&aposs, you know, the king ships didn&apost work, tribalism can&apost work and something this large, communism didn&apost work.
As much as we love our volunteer work, Reddit moderators do leave when the work becomes work, when it stops being fun.
As Live Work Work Work Die shows, most success stories are not entirely the result of dreams realized in the open market.
My dad was traveling for work and he managed to turn the work trip into a half work trip, half family vacation.
You know, your philanthropic work, your do-good work, whatever you felt was important was supposed to be separate from work. Right.
My views will inform the work and shape the work, but I don't want anything other than laughter to shape the work.
" Everyone on the planet, everyone in the media was saying, "Patch isn't gonna work, Patch isn't gonna work, Patch isn't gonna work.
"We keep hearing about hard work, hard work, hard work," John told "Mad Money " host Jim Cramer in an interview on Monday.
And we work very, very hard on that — all the agencies do, we all work together — the institutions themselves work very hard.
Although flexible work schedules and remote work are on the rise, for the most part, a breed of current management still dictates and controls the amount of work and what hours their people will work.
Because of the work culture in the tech world, that person likely has to work long hours and bring their work home with them, while care work falls to the other person, usually a woman.
Most of the bush work I do, I work in solo/duo/trio/quad style groups and don't work in big camps or anything, so we need to work well together to do our jobs.
He was one of those guys who would work and work and work, and then pass out, get up, and work some more, just pushing, constantly, until he made an impossible idea into a reality.
In other words, it's meant to be about actual work, both recognizing the work of others and doing some work of our own.
" The "Bedroom Floor" singer added, "It is about making it work for us, not making it work how people think it should work.
While such work comes with incredible flexibility, there are no work safety nets often associated with full-time work status, including health insurance.
Depending on how their models for characters, landscapes and items work, developers may have to do some work to make Bitmoji work gracefully.
I skipped, so I could relax between work and class, go drink coffee, go work on other school work, sleep, smoke some weed.
" Despite the uncanny similarities in their work, Magdy says "I never thought of my work as an obvious extension of my father's work.
They work because in fiction, it is very easy to make things work, because they aren't real and don't need to actually work.
"Pedro doesn't want you to use tricks and tools that work for others, that work for you, that work for audiences," Banderas said.
I believe we both work from where we stand, and we do stand for what we work for and what we work on.
"He does good work — great work," Johnson said over the music.
When the new episodes work, it's because Mulder and Scully work.
Well, work, think more broadly in terms of work. Right. Exactly.
We carpool to work, since we work in the same building.
Work with them, if they work with the United States. Iran?
Not only how artists make work, but where artists make work.
They do so much work, such important work for the country.
Some work for an hour; some work for a whole day.
I work hard at my job, I work hard at this.
Work left to right doing the work inside [the] parenthesis first.
Is your approach to personal work different from your editorial work?
There's the corporate work, including work on behalf of big oil.
And if it doesn't work out it just doesn't work out.
While it's a lot of work, it's fortunately very interesting work.
You work in committees, you work together in teams on projects.
"But adults, if they can work, they should work," Christiansen said.
More people work in the mobile economy than work in store.
Creating a work of art like R&M is grueling work.
Americans did the productive work, the Chinese did the hard work.
That kind of work is the only work that Latinos do.
How can our democracy work if elected officials don't work together?
You work and work for that minute or two of performance.
Without risk education and clearance work, protection work won't be efficient.
Sex work: Harris told The Root she supports decriminalizing sex work.
EU campaign group for work, but that no work was undertaken.
I do our work schedule, so I work on that instead.
If you work hard and honestly it will work itself out.
You did undergraduate work at Bard and graduate work at Yale.
The truth is that work, even intellectual work, is typically messy.
TV can work or not work for a number of reasons.
And since organizing is very hard work, we must work collectively.
When I look at her work, I know it's her work.
Infrastructure work is crucial to enable the system to work effectively.
But you have to work hard, you gotta work very hard!
They want to choose when they work and where they work.
If autonomous vehicles can work in Pittsburgh, they can work anywhere.
For Benscoter, the work mainly involved travelling, missionary work and fundraising.
Labour work, you know, hard-hat work; that wasn't for me.
But, if it doesn't work there, then it won't work here.
Yes. Do we have to work on retraining the work force?
Later, I just started leaving all my work shoes at work.
If that is trans work, then let it be trans work.
But you have to work hard, you gotta work very hard!!!
As the saying goes, work to live, don't live to work.
Staying focused at work can help you work smarter, not harder.
"It didn't work then, and it won't work now," he said.
Do you work with someone who takes credit for your work?
And I gotta work for the system, work for the stipend.
What might work for one person may not work for another.
Many investors work hard to separate work from life where possible.
Read ethnographer Heather Berg's work on sex work and labor rights.
We work and work on it, like we did back then.
Do you work here or do you work for the community?
It's also essential to recognize that Medicaid work requirements won't work.
We've already tried out work requirements, and they just don't work.
Sara's character design work and costume design work is so impeccable.
The work was later identified as the work of George Stubbs.
"You've got to work hard and work smart," he told them.
"They plan their work and work their plan," Mr. Gore said.
There's a dignity to work, and there's a necessity to work.
" You say, "This doesn't work, the body doesn't work this way.
"Streaming work has helped me, personally, get through work," said TrashM4N.
Work part time, do an internship, work hard, get a scholarship.
One is understanding their work stream and driving their work stream.
That's the last time I did any work that's considered work.
You're always in the same place with work and outside work.
It's how betas work, and it's especially how Google's betas work.
He has a gym at work that he uses before work.
After all, we don't work for them; they work for us.
Can you bring your kid to work or work from home?
While it is more work, it is also lower-profile work.
I can work in the morning; I can work at night.
Work toward creating a harmony of life, not work-life balance.
Don't just say what won't work, work to find an answer!
"Creativity doesn't drive the work; the work drives creativity," Pang writes.
The environments you work in should reflect the work you're doing.
"Since we have no work, this is our work," he said.
It affects your ability to work [and] your emotions about work.
MAN AT WORK I hit work again in the early evening.
It's a work station where there was no work station before.
It was hard work, and it should look like hard work.
The tools which work in eastern Ukraine can work there also.
We work well together, and have great times after work, too.
And if tariffs did work, this is how they would work.
And if it doesn't work, change it and make it work.
Her work on dark matter work dates back to the 1970s.
It doesn't really work, but maybe its goal isn't to work.
That work, that work is not to make America great again.
I think it's good to work with people, work for people.
They're aiming at the work market or the work together market.
It would require all "work capable adults" between the ages of 18 and 59 to work or participate in work training programs for at least 20 hours per week, meaning a greater number of people would have to work or enroll in work training to receive food assistance.
" The former Trump campaign manager said that the President-elect's "work is his work and work his hobby," adding that his "preferred time is with his family, but it's followed very closely behind with his work.
They include Yuri Kozyrev and Kadir van Lohuizen and their work on the Arctic; Lizzie Sadin and her work in Nepal; Narciso Contreras and his work in Libya; and Newsha Tavakolian and her work in Iran.
"Their results seem consistent with other work (specifically prior work on [ASASSN-14li], but also work on supermassive black hole spin)," he told Gizmodo.
And if you look at the ideological history of this thing called work, often what we call work is work that contributes towards GDP.
So this temporary interruption of work intends to question the visibility of work done and of the potential impact of when that work stops.
But all of the work events are alcohol-based, and a lot of people had issues at work because they were drunk at work.
In 1995, 9.3% of the American work force had a so-called "alternative work arrangement" — temporary, gig, or contract work — as their main job.
How did you strive to balance the many elements of her work—her political work, her Hollywood work, the story of her own life?
"Domestic work is work being done behind closed doors in private homes, and it is work being done largely by Black women," Virturro said.
They were basically doing magazine work and PR work, disguising it as innocent cultural work while doing sort of PR for the American Way.
One criticism of our current system is that it is excessively tied to work, to provide an incentive to work and to reward work.
Passing this Bill of Rights will demonstrate that domestic work is not only work, but work that is critical to our economy and society.
Organizational dysfunction, such as the inability to get work done at work during regular work hours, is a reflection of executive habits and beliefs.
That theme of redemption in Cash's work, and Merle Haggard's work — that theme's at work in my own journalism, and it's not even conscious.
Nick: Combined, you had some kind of an inner psyche telling you, "I have to work, work, work," even though you were accumulating savings.
But at their intermittent best those plays were so hilarious that the work was not work — or if work, then the highly pleasurable kind.
The webpage includes Warren's work as private counsel as well as other work in her legal career, such as consulting work and mediation services.
And among the able-bodied adults without dependents — the contingent of the population subject to work requirements — most already work or are seeking work.
She said that she was able to get to work, but if she's not able to get to work or get home from work, she'll call me before I have to go to work at 4:30pm.
Mahmoud work tomorrow, Mahmoud no work tomorrow, he said in self-parody.
"When you work at HQ, you work on strategic development," he explained.
They will find new work with companies more open to remote work.
I get to work and work on a project with a coworker.
The $70 billion company can't work if people won't work for it.
Medicaid "work requirements" are not requirements to work in a literal sense.
The work that inspires me tends to be work like Winslow Homer.
It is a combination of the printed work and the gallery work.
"I've always been into volunteer work and charity work," Tran tells PEOPLE.
But does this actually work — and who exactly can it work for?
I do a lot of volunteer work and work at my church.
"Shift work is not a biologically good way to work," said Sutcliffe.
You go to work, you get up, go to work, get up.
If the proposed business doesn't work, it doesn't work and that's it.
But you can imagine doing more skill-based work or endurance work.
The conclusion is simple and clear: the ads work, and work well.
Noland is subsumed into the work, into the language of the work.
The pre-work routine is pretty simple when you work from home.
But we continue to work on making our setup work for us.
The only work that they're doing is some minimal open source work.
The successful interns will have their work published work in Draft Magazine.
"Things that work in mice, may not work in men," Gendelman said.
I'll work on being more human; you'll work on being more digital.
My husband would go before work, come at lunch and after work.
Make It Work Action is the nonpartisan advocacy arm of MakeIt Work.
Plus, messages that work for one campaign might not work for another.
That won't work if states are allowed to make their markets work.
Point being, if the economics of drones don't work, drones won't work.
He wore work pants, heavy boots, and a short-sleeved work shirt.
It requires a lot of work, and I work my butt off.
YORK: It doesn&apost work, and it&aposs not going to work.
A lot of employees may be just skipping work during work hours.
Both the work and the people who do the work get polished.
And even when you think you can't work any harder, work harder.
They work well in private high schools, but they're unnecessary at work.
Time, fortunately, forgives mistakes when you work and work at fixing them.
If it didn't work for them, could it really work for me?
Where you work can be just as important as how you work.
He was wearing a light blue work shirt and blue work pants.
Interpreters work in spoken or sign language; translators work in written language.
"  "If you work for me and hopefully the people you work for.
In 1996, Congress passed work and welfare reform that included work requirements.
That's not how statistics work, and it's also not how vaccinations work.
See more of Jessica Pettway's work here, and Samantha Friend's work here.
Traditional blood tests that might work for alcohol don't work for marijuana.
But Jacobson's work stands out for the work he puts into it.
I think it's emblematic of how ideas travel from work to work.
But they would have to work in concert to work at all.
While some Democrats work for pay-day lenders, others work for banks.
Gingrich concentrated the "work" of Congress into a three-day "work" week.
Their actions did not work then, and they will not work now.
The Angel asks Prior to begin his work—their work—by prophesying.
When you work from home, you still have to go to work.
Thirty-seven percent work full time, and 19 percent work part time.
"We're going to continue to work, work this every day," McGurk said.
But there's also a lot of hard work involved, often physical work.
When he's old enough to work there, he's going to work there.
Take it from our wolf friends: team work makes the dream work.
Biking, volleyball, beer after work—hey, can we work at New Belgium?
"Speech recognition doesn't work the way humans work," he tells IEEE Spectrum.
If you want the pills to work, your body has to work.
Approaches that work in the US may not work when applied abroad.
How do you work with chaos without the work actually becoming chaos?
They must be prepared to work for their lot, and work hard.
I'd never witnessed anything during work hours; it was always post-work.
So you've got to work for yourself and work for your teammates.
While many, like Liz, plan to work, it doesn't always work out.
"It was work, pay your bills, work, pay your bills," she said.
"It's the hope that will work, versus proving that it will work."
See more of Linden Gledhill's work here and Nikola Ilic's work here.
The Swiss work hard, but they have a strong work-life balance.
At the work colleges, students work at least five hours per week.
We both understand that everyone's work friend would be everyone's work fool.
And then he'll have to work out of it through hard work.
The legislation further suspends work and work training requirements for food stamps.
He is a good person to work for and rewards hard work.
Work and work training requirements for food assistance would also be suspended.
If that doesn't work, stop trying to find your inspiration at work.
" On Friday, the president said, "It may work, it may not work.
She cares more about the work than the labels on the work.
No more phone calls at work, no more letters sent to work.
They work hard, sure, but they get to eat candy at work.
I thought I'd just bring my work laptop and work from there.
I have my work in juxtaposition with other work in the show.
Would I rather do work myself or be responsible for others' work?
Yes, my watch is subsidized through work — your tax dollars at work.
Forget about having any work-life balance — for workaholics, work is life.
If it is to work, it has to work within its limits.
It feels like my work is invisible and his work is not.
Hints of app-based work are creeping into more traditional work settings.
Bret Stephens Americans live to work, while the French work to live.
Being able to distinguish between real work and imagined work is critical.
I can wear whatever I want to work, just not at work.
The apps load quickly and even work behind the firewall at work.
Also, chilling out just doesn't work for me the way work does.
Better incomes for those who can't work and who can't find work.
I work on some school work before heading to my parent's house.
I work in management and have to dress up everyday for work.
It is also contrary to HHS's claim that "work requirements" promote work.
I rarely see this work, but I have indeed seen it work.
A lot of guys do crew work, like stage work, like roadies.
We'll continue to work with the vendor to work that down obviously.
This week, we won't work on shooting, we'll work on guarding somebody.
Journalists know and work among women; they know and work among Jews.
"Sex work is work" is a common refrain in activism for decriminalization.
I promote my work there and I cite the work of others.
LG: And it doesn't really work; the form factor doesn't really work.
Only 27.6 percent were "out of work" — not working but would work.
Does really incredible work, work in immigration, education, social justice, criminal justice.
Technology makes freelance work and other forms of work easier to find.
Here are the best work bags for women:Best work bag overall: Dagne Dover Classic ToteBest work bag under $200: Everlane Day Market ToteBest day-to-night work bag: Leatherology Belmont Structured ToteBest convertible work bag: Senreve Maestra BagUpdated on 10/23/2019 by Mara Leighton: Updated prices, links, and formatting. 
When Huda made it onto Forbes's richest women listSophia Amoruso: I think the way people work when they take their work personally and they take accountability for their work and they own their work and they also feel like they can go run with their work to a certain extent.
"Around 5 o'clock is when I work out, and then I go to work, and then I work out for another two hours," she says.
"We want to support people in sex work who want to engage in sex work because certainly our economy doesn't work for everybody," she said.
Lots more gig work, lots more short-term work, lots more digital work, and very likely fewer of the benefits workers have become accustomed to.
"  "The work of the Milwaukee 85033 Host Committee is critically important--but that work cannot be accomplished unless members of the staff can work collaboratively.
Often it comes down to putting together shows of your work and your friends' work and your friends' friends' work whenever and wherever you can.
"I thought there was a better way to work with the city, to work with the riders, and to work with the community," she said.
WORK HARD, BUT WORK SMART Briand's hometown of Marseille didn't have a strong art scene, and he knew he'd have to work to get noticed.
You absolutely won't find common ground, however, if you tell them that you just love to work, work, work so much just to impress them.
We all need personal time, so work while you are at work, and leave work both physically and mentally at the end of the workday.
This is not how Washington is supposed to work, not how it used to work, and surely it can't work like this for much longer.
On the other hand, food stamp work requirements require 20 hours per week of actual work, work training, or volunteering in order to maintain eligibility.
If you need your junior staffers to work late regularly, try to give them work they want to do, not work they have to do.
It takes work to figure out how to read "Craving," just as it takes work to read Elisabeth herself, but that work is extremely rewarding.
They probed laws linked to women's work and economic freedom, including the right to work in all the same jobs as men and get paid equally, penalties for sexual harassment at work, parental work protections and inheritance rights.
"Drivers have always come to Uber for work that's truly on their terms: Work with no boss, work that fits around their lives, work that's always available when they want it," explained Uber head of driver product Aaron Schildkrout.
In the West, they want to work in San Francisco; in the Northeast, they want to work in New York; in the Midwest, they want to work in Chicago; and in the Southeast, they want to work in Atlanta.
The effect of focusing on goal completion was that the Watch turned my fun reprieve (my time working out) into more workwork I could be nagged about, work I could fail at, work that I began to resent.
Anticorruption and clean government are the people's heartfelt wish, The party's work style, the government's work style, society's work style, and clean air fill our bosoms.
But this is very painful, I mean, people who are going to work and these people work in White House, they work 18 hours a day.
"As this work gets more technically complicated, it falls on researchers not just to do the technical work, but the ethical work as well," Nelson says.
Officials told the Baltimore Sun that officers normally work four 10-hour work days a week and would need 1,200 officers for that to work correctly.
But just because you work enough in the aggregate doesn't mean you work enough on a month-by-month basis to satisfy a Medicaid work requirement.
With the rise of flexible work schedules and work-from-home options, more and more employees are choosing — whether outright or not — to work while sick.
I tried to do the straight thing like work for Goodwill, work for a hospital as a receptionist and all that stuff, but it didn't work.
People that work in a diner, people that cut hair, people that work construction, they work every bit as hard as you do and I do.
It's changed the amount of work I do, the kind of work I do, the success of my work because it's so much more hard hitting.
I do want to write a proper sex work memoir because Prostitute Laundry isn't about sex work at all; it's just that I do sex work.
"Workworkwork," instructs a ballroom remix of Rihanna's hit song as he weaves through kids warming up on the sunken dancefloor, headed towards the stage.
These work requirements do not impose a 40-hour work week and many requirements can be fulfilled through charitable work, job training, or other educational programs.
If you're wondering what most people are doing right now, if they're awake they're probably getting ready to work, at work, or coming home from work.
But just because burnout can happen at work or because of work, doesn't mean how you use your time outside of work can't help prevent it.
People can be trafficked into labor of any kind, Emerson said, from domestic work to restaurant work to work in a nail salon or massage parlor.
" Workworkwork," instructs a ballroom remix of Rihanna's hit song as he weaves through kids warming up on the sunken dancefloor, headed towards the stage.
"People feel uncomfortable when men are doing female-dominated work because female-dominated work could be potentially demeaning, because we devalue that work more," Yavorsky says.
This, to my mind, is the fundamental divide between the work of writing and "work"—by which I mean all paid physical work, including military service.
He also does cable work to build up his chest, plank work to strengthen the core, and crunches and leg raises to work the lower body.
That may work for some conditions; it won't work for all of them.
Our work has the most impact when companies, Government and communities work together.
Cooper: There are home remedies that work, but they don't work 100-percent.
It might work for someone else, and it might not work for you.
It's been part of my life's work to work on women's reproductive freedom.
You have to work within canon, but you get to work within canon.
The new House Republican reforms include work requirements for work-eligible welfare recipients.
It didn&apost work then and it&aposs not going to work now.
"You can't work bipartisan unless you have something to work with," Bradley added.
What else about your AIRWARS work crosses over with your work on drones?
I don't want to live to work, I want to work to live.
I love the company I work for and the people I work with.
Work permits will be valid until the expiration date on the work permit.
B. gets out of work early and swings by work to surprise me.
So do His work, and America's work, and explore the red-blooded truth.
Online, we work in React and D3; in print we work in Illustrator.
I love the people I work with and the company I work for.
"There's no work there yet, but there's no work here either," she said.
"I always figured that work was work," said the Apple CEO in 2015.
She needs to be allowed to do actual work, not just busy work.
We work hard, and then have to work even harder on a deadline.
But, the work needed to be done, so off to work we went.
"It might seem like work, but healthy relationships do take work," she adds.
I think work-wise, it's never going to be this kind of work.
You need to work for whatever we say you're going to work for.
It included sections on work stress and how to discuss menopause at work.
But you wouldn't say you work for ... Would you work for Best Buy?
It's a driving force in the work, or a question in the work.
"My career and my message are about work and respecting work," Brown said.
It might work in the primary, but it definitely won't work later on.
Work alongside the brains of all the iconic work you love from Apple.
Even when plans don't work out perfectly, they usually work out well enough.
Does the robot work for me or do I work for the robot?
The work is repetitive; piece work makes it all the more soul-sapping.
He also pledged to work to work with moderate Muslim communities and countries.
Why do the work when you can just pretend to do the work?
Drive to work, settle in, check email, and do general admin work things.
They may work more hours, but the poor often work more inconvenient ones.
I firmly believe that people don't work for companies, they work for people.
When you say you want to work with them, how does it work?
If it won't work in real life, it won't work in the game.
This work eventually led him to work with Bill Maris at Google Ventures.
Welfare dollars disappear with work and basic income dollars are kept with work.
Then get to work on the recipe that'll revolutionize your work-lunch game.
All that admin work takes time and energy away from the actual work.
And he gets it at work — they know his mom is at work.
I work with my name—I've never used someone else's name to work.
I get to work late (as usual) and work while snacking on chocolate.
It required some delicate soldering work, but the results apparently work quite well.
The factory not only degrades work, it degrades life away from work, too.
To me, the work was holy, and the work came before everything else.
We can't do that work for them, or make them do that work.
He thinks the blurring of work into play and non-work is dangerous.
HR needs to work harder to protect those employees from hostile work environments.
Finally, Travauxlib tries to work with photographers to take photos of your work.
However, political systems that work on paper do not always work in practice.
If you work, you should be better off than if you don't work.
Our [state] representatives work for us and these large companies work for us.
Its slogan, "Imagination at work", could just as easily be "Management at work".
"I'll work with her if she's willing to work with me," Floyd said.
Nobody values their work, because Google and Facebook take their work for free.
How have you balanced commercial work with work that fulfills your artistic passions?
This will work a bit more the way it is supposed to work!
Fully 60 percent of those who are subject to work requirements already work.
"I focused on work and I can't work under the influence," he said.
This is key: start soaping from the roof, work down, and work fast.
Management is always there to help you inside work or outside of work.
This shot shows two works in progress, my work tables, and work zones.
The reason for my enthusiasm for MrSpeakers' work is, well, the work itself.
The second reason is the yuan doesn't work the way normal currencies work.
When I work with a person, I work with them for three hours.
At very least, if it doesn't work, we'll know why it doesn't work.
If she did the work during work hours that's another violation, they said.
I know something of how things work — friendship and love, work and faith.
This work is not even really work; it's my path, it's my calling.
"We are going to work with Pakistan and make this work," he added.
And if it could work for them, it could work for you too.
These are young ladies that work, that have parents that work for us.
I actually work in the West Wing, I work in the White House.
The evidence that work-life balance perks make people work harder is mixed.
It wouldn't work for me; it probably wouldn't work for most of you.
Those who work overtime are compensated for the additional work, the company said.
If everything is work, then talk of "work-life balance" is a sham.
Much work done in the world is like this—virtually meaningless. Make-work.
So will Ben-Tal and Sturm's work put Irish musicians out of work?
Ha. More like 60, for now, but the work feels less like work.
D'Adamo says online sex work is significantly safer than doing street-based work.
I would not want to work with myself, I'd rather work with him.
That Boyce also creates physical work is evident in his work with OPN.
And that stat doesn't even work the same way it used to work.
If we really want to work towards solutions, we need to work together.
I have to work fast and trust the people I work with, too.
Foster work-life balanceMake sure workers are separating their work and home life.
The group's work signals a new frontier for internet activism and intelligence work.
He believed in quiet diplomacy, and if it doesn't work, it doesn't work.
See more work from MIT's Self-Assembly Lab here, and Steelcase's work here.
What makes justice work, what makes justice happen, what makes justice not work?
It doesn't really work, and the episode flails trying to make it work.
That's a famous saying, do you live to work or work to live?
Not everything will work, but we will try to make it work together.
I don't work for Donald Trump, and I don't work for his administration.
Some people find remote work to be a great opportunity to work independently.
Above all, "The Deuce" operates on a clarifying principle: Sex work is work.
I was just going from home to work and from work to home.
You have to work on laptops to work on the whole ticket workflow.
I don't work for an insurance agency, I actually work for my client.
If it's to promote your work — well, you've got to do your work.
"Spanking doesn't work for everyone and it didn't work for me," she said.
My main job is to work for my artists and work behind them.
If your physician is back at work, then she is back at work.
So I don't think my work and Schradie's work are contradictory at all.
Productivity can rise, however, when people either work more hours or work smarter.
By taxing work, income and payroll taxes discourage spending on work-related costs.
When the water lets us work, I'm going to do some outfield work.
He said he was working on a major work, an exceedingly major work.
They stuck around because they needed the work, because they loved the work.
Motherhood is not "work" to me, because I make motherhood work for me.
"Conservative ideas have worked, do work and will continue to work," he concluded.
Did it not work, are the critics right that the reform didn't work?
I just took what came and said, okay, if we work, we work.
" He added that Gaffney was "doing amazing work, doing God's work… Just fantastic.
Electric toothbrushes can also work better for people with orthodontic work like braces.
"He was making us work like a director makes actors work," said Burnett.
It will either work out, or we'll work out some mutually beneficial tax.
"Sex work is truly seen as work and treated as such," December said.
Dear Work It Out, I have been struggling with a situation at work.
Major companies allow employees to work remotely, a popular work perk among millennials.
We work with other organizations to increase the impact of our climate work.
C. doesn't work a traditional schedule, so he is off work until Thursday.
That did not work in Argentina, and it won't work in Puerto Rico.
Gun control work, like lots of advocacy work, is an ugly, polarizing business.
"As long as I'm able to work," he said, "I think I'll work."
When people happier at work, they have better feelings about the work itself.
The grunt work — it took 14 members of crew to work the sails.
And offenders on state work-release programs have eight weeks to find work.
The same leadership skills that work for men work for women as well.
Sketch Guy We can't track knowledge work the way we did factory work.
Or maybe you'll recognize her work for work she's done on other shows.
"The stem cells, they work, but they work too slowly," Dr. Bader said.
If you had to work at an internet company, where would you work?
But the cryptocurrencies don't work either, because they don't actually work as currencies.
And some of them are gonna work, some of them aren't gonna work.
You're trained to make a system work and work on its own terms.
There's work to be done, and there's work to be done here, obviously.
People didn't want to work there even though they were desperate for work.
So I feel like these days work, [and] work ethics are quite harsh.
It is so liberating to come to work to have these kinds of resources, to work with this quality of people, to work with people not just within P&G, but all the other stakeholders we get to work with.
Not only do I not want them to work at Penn State University, I don't want them to work at any university, I don't want them to work at any club gym, I don't want them to work in coaching ever.
But they haven't been able to win, in part because their relatively conservative allows the Cavs to work through action without risk of turning it over themselves; the Cavs have been able to work and work and work for open looks.
Check out which states have it off the best — and the worst — when it comes to getting to and from the office: The five states with the longest commute: Average travel time to work: 29.9 minutes Average travel time to work: 433 minutes Average travel time to work: 31.2 minutes Average travel time to work: 32.4 minutes Average travel time to work: 32.6 minutes Here are the five states with the shortest commutes: Average travel time to work: 18.3 minutes Average travel time to work: 18.1 minutes Average travel time to work: 17.9 minutes Average travel time to work: 17.3 minutes Average travel time to work: 16.9 minutes Workers in South Dakota can brag that they have the shortest commutes in the country.
When he says, "I work magic, I work magic, I work magic in my life," I feel Pastor Chance coming back out, putting an anointing on me.
It seems likely that the interventions that work for single homeless people will work for families, but in philanthropy, interventions that "seem likely" to work often don't.
This is a way out… You can pay off this debt in a year if you're doing massage work, say, versus like restaurant work or other work.
Many people, across the globe, are presently trafficked into industries as varied as farm work, care work, and garment work, where they, too, face violence and abuse.
I want to work out because I feel really good, and I like being strong, and I want to work out because I can work out too.
"It was like, if you want to work out you can, but if you don't want to work out you didn't have to work out," she says.
The most commonly cited industries for modern slaves in the U.S. include domestic work, farm work, factory work, door-to-door sales and restaurant and food services.
"I was so scared because I was thought I had to work, work, work, because I thought I might only be around for five years," Logic said.
Many people do not work, or work more, because they lose more than a dollar's benefits, or access to their home or health care, if they work.
Some nights I have to work late, and by work late I mean I stay and work on some new jokes for the next morning's elevator ride.
Doers see the value in discussing their work, but they also tend to believe that if you do high quality work, that work will speak for itself.
"They want to have control over when we work, how we work and where we work," said Dr Deborah Powell, national secretary of the junior doctors' union.
We don't get enough work, sometimes we work all day and go home with no work or money, and if you've got to eat, it's a problem.
Our work centers around three main priority areas: We strongly believe that the spirit in which we do our work is as important as the work itself.
But in terms of it all moving in the right direction, that's all we can do: continue to make the work, make the work, make the work.
The best remedy to it is work, and when work isn't there — and when my sense is that work isn't possible — there's great fragility as a result.
In a selfish way, the more people that read my work, the better that is, and I feel proud of my work and stand by my work.
One notable critique of Mendelberg's work agreed that implicit racial appeals can work, particularly with less educated voters, but argued that explicit appeals work just as well.
I update my work to-do list after lunch before hopping back into work.
It takes work to get platinum but even more work for a platinum vagine.
I'm in dire need of work clothes and Everlane just released new work pants.
They're going to be our work pals, and we'll have just as much work.
"He was doing risky work but he was doing absolutely necessary work," Carter said.
If you work in a formal work environment, wear formal clothes (read: no shorts).
But Adam does great work, I think they've been doing great work actually. Agreed.
Empowered by the automatization of work (robots), humans no longer had to work themselves.
"It's so much work compared to regular work," Alan Doherty, another team member, said.
I decide to take a Lyft to work ($12) and shower at work instead.
We do our best to leave work at work, and leave home at home.
Ultimately, you want to work with VCs who genuinely want to work with you.
"The work you're doing is God's work," Obama said at the time in 2014.
"This is a work in progress and we'll work with the House," Price said.
HP had to work in tandem with Intel to make it all work properly.
The exhortations didn't work in 2013 and they're not going to work now. Sure.
"When she wants something to work, she will make it work," the source said.
It's a testament to his work ethic and to his work on his skillset.
Analyzing why things work or don't work is necessary with all types of art.
Stop making our lives wrap around work, and start making work serve our lives.
I actually usually prefer to do commissioned work over personal work because it's funded.
But I think now we're doing equal amounts of work and really hard work.
She said editorial work has become her "new path" alongside her comic book work.
The ability to work out while working seems like it might just — work out.
I do vacation rental work before I have a work call at 9 a.m.
Out of college I pursued comic work, and did work on a few projects.
People can be forced into sex work, but not all sex work is forced.
When I work with Future, it sounds different than when I work with Gucci.
I told him, 'I'm going to work every day and take my work seriously.
Eventually, you ditched shift work and went to work full-time as a painter.
To express a work of art, another work of art has to be made.
It will be the technique — the barre work, the floor work and the center.
We also need to work hard at recruiting and retaining a diverse work pool.
Some paintings in this exhibition work tonally ("Viridian"), while others work by contrast ("Figure").
Basically, No Man's Sky involves a lot of work – and it's lonely work, too.
But it's worthwhile workwork that could genuinely deepen the stories they are telling.
It's also uncertain why some messages work well and others don't work as well.
I'm proud of the work I did, and everybody else I work with did.
People will be able to volunteer, work, not work, move to another country—anything.
It doesn&apost work with New Yorkers and it doesn&apost work with Americans.
It can even come to complement work, to be part of the work cycle.
"When she wants something to work, she will make it work," the source continued.
We've got to get people moving from part-time work to full-time work.
So you tend to require different work schedules and work hours throughout your lifetime.
I'm so lucky to work somewhere I love and do work that I enjoy.
It didn't work in the past, it's not going to work in the future.
On the weekends, I wear them and do house work, cleaning, yard work, cooking.
Than she goes to work and actually uses that Android tablet for work reasons.
In nearly 40 years of police work, I've seen it work time after time.
Putin said he would work with any U.S. leader willing to work with Russia.
The work that Manning has done could work to her advantage for some voters.
We work tirelessly to maintain an open and safe work environment here at Squarespace.
THUMP: What separates your work as Luttrell from your work as The M Machine?
"When she wants something to work, she will make it work," the source adds.
Both Daddy and I work remotely from home when we're not traveling for work.
Dubkov said that even those who work for Bubble have to find work elsewhere.
It would be a lot of work, but we are not shy of work.
Mr Miller: With hard work and effort, and shared goodwill, yes, democracy can work.
Much of the best work from Canelo came through his body of bodyshot work.
Mercury retrograde is the time to work this stuff out, so work it out!
I think she actually believes that this platform could work, that socialism could work.
I had to work harder than them to make my father recognize my work.
I finished work and went straight there with my work friends at about 4am.
When his stratagems work, or simply seem to work, he's heralded as a genius.
Windows Hello won't work without Intel's Real3Dcamera, but when it does work, it's flawless.
Klaark: And the needs of our work too, the work that we are making.
But I would like to work with, who was I wanted to work with?
These are the guys that take showers sometimes after work, not just before work.
We do this for five minutes at work or after work or during weekends.
I work full time as a horticulture agent, so I work mainly at night.
Juicer usage doesn't stop at pre-work green juices or post-work drinks, either.
If you want to do incredible work, work with more talented people than you.
I'm gonna say "Work That Body," because I did that "Work That Body" remake.
I work with my employer's travel coordinator to line out some upcoming work trips.
Less work for Jussie means more work for writers, who are busy making edits.
This frees us to work on form, which is what one can work on.
Some of the treatment technologies work for some and they don't work for others.
So I do field work, and I have correspondents who also do field work.
So we're going to work with the state, we're going to work with Flint.
But, for me, the way that I perceive it is that it's work. Work.
Seems like some partner work, solo work time, and online correspondence could accomplish that.
It's a lot of work, I didn't realize how much work a blog is!