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"business" Definitions
  1. [uncountable, singular] the activity of making, buying, selling or supplying goods or services for money synonym commerce, trade
  2. [uncountable] work that is part of your job
  3. [uncountable] the amount of work done by a company, etc.; the rate or quality of this work
  4. [countable] a commercial organization such as a company, shop or factory
  5. [uncountable] something that a particular person or organization is responsible for
  6. [uncountable] important matters that need to be dealt with or discussed
  7. [singular] (usually with an adjective) a matter, an event or a situation
  8. (especially North American English) (also British English, formal custom) [uncountable] the fact of a person or people buying goods or services at a shop or business

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"business" Synonyms
company firm concern establishment enterprise house corporation organisation(UK) organization(US) venture outfit conglomerate industry operation partnership shop undertaking agency bureau consortium job work line profession calling career employment craft field occupation trade function position pursuit vocation custom métier part patronage place commerce trading traffic merchandising dealing dealings bargaining marketing marketplace selling trafficking transactions manufacturing negotiations proceedings affairs barter buying and selling problem responsibility affair lookout issue matter worry obligation point preserve province question subject baby bailiwick funeral headache pigeon beeswax thing event situation case circumstance experience happening incident occasion occurrence adventure episode eventuality interlude phenomenon topic to-do task duty assignment brief charge detail mission post commission office role chore errand backstabbing betrayal disloyalty faithlessness falseness falsity infidelity perfidy sellout treachery treason two-timing unfaithfulness double cross perfidiousness duplicity treacherousness double-dealing false-heartedness Punic faith game discipline area capacity department domain speciality(UK) specialty(US) sphere arena element front kingdom precinct realm barony demesne institution association society league guild club group fraternity fellowship order brotherhood institute union events actions minutes report records account annals archives chronicle matters measures procedures trial doings documents activities transaction agreement deal contract compact covenant pact treaty settlement arrangement bond convention negotiation business matter business activity proceeding sale deed label brand name chain logo marque trademark hallmark make programme(UK) program(US) agenda schedule timetable calendar itinerary list listing bill record plan docket curriculum lineup syllabus appointments bulletin slate details project scheme campaign endeavor(US) endeavour(UK) expedition exploit quest activity crusade effort engagement performance fuss exhibition production scene palaver parade display hoo-ha ballyhoo pantomime hoopla carry-on bobsy-die fuss and bother song and dance commotion bother ado finance economics banking investment accounts money accounting budgeting macroeconomics microeconomics financial affairs fiscal matters economic affairs money management money matters pecuniary matters monetary policy dismal science social science grubstake capital backing capitalization cash CD estate finances financing fortune funding funds gold interests IRA kitty means principal turnover revenue yield income profit takings incomings output volume sales cash flow gross revenue volume of business earnings return proceeds gains receipts take customers clientele clients patrons consumers following punters regulars public buyers market purchasers shoppers clientage clientry frequenters users drama dilemma turmoil crisis predicament adversity plight spectacle catastrophe disaster mess quandary trouble bind calamity conundrum debacle difficulty right prerogative authority liberty power birthright claim due freedom privilege entitlement licence permission advantage authorisation(UK) authorization(US) consent license charter franchise manufacturer builder constructor fabricator maker producer creator industrialist processor craftsman operator factory-owner factory owner baron of industry captain of industry assembler erector architect farming industry agroindustry farming agribusiness agricultural business customer client consumer patron buyer shopper punter purchaser regular frequenter guest habitué emptor user vendee scandal offence(UK) offense(US) crime disgrace misconduct outrage wrongdoing impropriety injustice shame sin transgression embarrassment insult affront -gate immoral behaviour outrageous behaviour solemnity ceremony rite ritual ceremonial formality form observance celebration formalities rigmarole festivity tradition practice liturgy lifestyle life condition behaviour(UK) conduct regime ways behavior(US) beliefs culture customs habits routine state way of life ethos existence fate issues subjects topics concerns points questions circumstances controversies disputes cases contentions goings-on situations arguments bones of contention talking points themes things conditions state of affairs times environment prospects standing status commercial corporate occupational professional industrial mercantile merchant business-related incorporated private enterprise job-related work-related entrepreneurial supply developed factory industrialised(UK) industrialized(US) automated built-up engineering factory-made machine-made manufactured mechanical mechanised(UK) mechanized(US) modern smokestack streamlined financial fiscal monetary pecuniary economic budgetary monetarist pocket numbers numeric pocketbook dollars-and-cents promotional advertising divulgatory persuasive positive profile-raising promoting propagative publicity public relations informational P.R. press teaser educational downtown metropolitan urban central midtown main town city municipal civic civil burghal citified inner-city interurban intraurban nonrural megalopolitan More
"business" Antonyms
avocation hobby pastime enthusiasm interest obsession recreation amusement entertainment fun relaxation hobbyhorse amateur interest leisure activity leisure interest leisure pursuit side interest unemployment surrender idleness nothing trivialities picayunes insignificant matters unimportant matters allegiance devotion loyalty faithfulness staunchness steadfastness fidelity fealty honesty truthfulness constancy trustworthiness faith devotedness openness frankness harmony forthrightness trust belief sky generalisation(UK) generalization(US) antagonism disagreement misunderstanding break denial inertia failure inactivity refusal indolence rejection acquiring buying purchasing disorganisation(UK) disorganization(US) proletariat dissolution disunion termination disbandment discontinuation break-up cessation disbanding disestablishment dismissal split-up evaporation uselessness pointlessness futility impracticality inoperability unserviceableness unusableness inadequacy incompetence frivolity hopelessness ineptness ineffectualness inefficacy ineffectiveness ineffectuality failing insignificance meaninglessness nothingness zero stocking inventorization inventorisation inventory generic brand private brand store brand own brand private label private label brand breather downtime interlude leisure respite rest time out assurance certainty fact inaction protection reality safety sure thing surety nonintercourse division miscommunication exemption exception exclusion freedom departure excusing immunity boredom profession vocation work dereliction abandonment desertion forsaking neglect relinquishment negligence neglectfulness remissness irresponsibility misprision nonfeasance sloppiness disregard nonperformance non-performance shirking misconduct laxity inutility laziness passivity repose stoppage dormancy stagnation inertness shiftlessness slothfulness torpidity torpor non-issue nonissue nonnews old news yesterday's news no big deal matter of no concern agreement calm calmness order peace quiet tranquility(US) tranquillity(UK) serenity placidity comfort contentment peacefulness sereneness relief debt poverty costs owner manager proprietor boss executive director head supervisor administrator exec chief employer superior overseer administrant superintendent head honcho head of department head person managing director auxiliary extra accessory noninvolvement abstention nonalignment nonparticipation detachment do-nothing policy noninterventionism method plan system prohibition ban embargo moratorium outlawing prevention prohibiting banning barring disallowance forbiddance proscription restriction bar constraint forbidding interdict interdiction obstruction proscribing management ownership retailer seller merchant vender(UK) vendor(US) merchandiser storekeeper dealer peddler shopkeeper hawker marketer representative reseller salesgirl saleslady salesman salesperson achievement accomplishment attainment feat triumph deed success line parent company leave time off furlough sabbatical holiday recess vacation casual informal everyday normal relaxed comfortable ordinary non-formal private noncommercial nonsalable uncommercial unmarketable unsalable charitable domestic nonindustrial unindustrial nonfinancial defamatory

696 Sentences With "business"

How to use business in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "business" and check conjugation/comparative form for "business". Mastering all the usages of "business" from sentence examples published by news publications.

My business is my business, and your business is your business.
The music business is the music business, and the movie business is the movie business.
"I'm in the business development business so when I deal with a business about their business it is just that: their business," Mr. Klessens said.
"THE business of business is business," Milton Friedman once said.
Rakuten's e-commerce in the region currently operates under the B2B2C model, or business-to-business-to-consumer, which combines business-to-business and business-to-consumer models.
Total score: 45.90 "Business environment rank": 48 "Access to resources" rank: 41 "Business costs" rank: 9 Total score: 45.85 "Business environment rank": 29 "Access to resources" rank: 37.163 "Business costs" rank: 45 Total score: 45.05 "Business environment rank": 42 "Access to resources" rank: 211 "Business costs" rank: 235 Total score: 238.11 "Business environment rank": 245 "Access to resources" rank: 248 "Business costs" rank: 240 Total score: 403 "Business environment rank": 240 "Access to resources" rank: 250 "Business costs" rank: 40 Total score: 42.81 "Business environment rank": 47 "Access to resources" rank: 22 "Business costs" rank: 37 Total score: 42.53 "Business environment rank": 46 "Access to resources" rank: 503 "Business costs" rank: 27 Total score: 41.88 "Business environment rank": 49 "Access to resources" rank: 11 "Business costs" rank: 35 Total score: 38.11 "Business environment rank": 45 "Access to resources" rank: 48 "Business costs" rank: 40 Total score: 37.16 "Business environment rank": 40 "Access to resources" rank: 50 "Business costs" rank: 43
Business Analyst Business analysts are mainly concerned with business software and programs.
He's gone into the airline business, the bottled water business, the video game business, the fake university business, the steak business, the vodka business, the wine business—all the while telling people his name signaled that Trump things were the best, the classiest, the most luxurious.
But when asked about his business, [Michael] replied: 'My business is my business.
Marketo offers business-to-business marketing applications that would compliment Adobe's marketing business.
So the publishing business, the digital business, the travel and expedition business, in addition to the books business, in addition to the television business, are now part of this joint venture.
Here's where some of the most powerful business leaders on earth earned their MBAs: School: Stanford Graduate School of Business U.S. News business school rank: 4 School: Columbia Business School U.S. News business school rank: 7313 School: Fuqua School of Business at Duke University U.S. News business school rank: 11 School: Harvard Business School U.S. News business school rank: 1 School: Goizueta Business School at Emory University U.S. News business school rank: 20 School: The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania U.S. News business school rank: 3 School: Collins College of Business at the University of Tulsa U.S. News business school rank: not ranked School: Yale School of Management U.S. News business school rank: 11 School: Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University U.S. News business school rank: 26 School: Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University U.S. News business school rank: 6 JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon attended Harvard Business School, which tied with the University of Chicago for the title of best business school in 2018.
Business owners should also consider business interruption coverage or policies that cover business operations.
We met with literally thousands and thousands of business people, small business, big business.
The business of America is business, but the business of the president is government.
"Foreign government business is not business we want nor business we seek," he added.
I submit to you that the business of business is no longer just business.
Business owners can also deduct interest on small business loans as a business expense.
Thinking of your business like a barstool, with all four elements — working in the business, working on the business, growing the business, and improving the business — present and balanced is key for Foss.
If a business has a business need to build a business facility, you do not need to pay the business money to do so.
It's not moving from an old business to a new business, just a bigger business.
It's not just a console business, or a PC business, or even a mobile business.
" In the fused world, Seidman said, "the business of business is no longer just business.
If business -- you can't do it without business and business can't do it without government.
"The good news is underlying business momentum in our institutional businesses, the corporate banking business, consumer business, wealth business, all are extremely solid," he added.
Like many startups before it, Lola is turning from business-to-consumer to business-to-business.
Open up a business bank accountIf you have a business, you need a business bank account.
Dov Seidman Founder and chief executive, LRN The business of business is no longer just business.
Business plans were created to build their business, understand cash flow and, and manage the business.
And then the business, not only our business, but everybody's business is going to be negatively affected.
CUBAN: The business -- OK, the business -- there was no good business reason for yelling at the refs.
Amazon Business represents Jeff Bezos' company expanding into the market of business-to-business (B2245B) e-commerce.
While Onfleet does serve some business-to-business needs, it's bread and butter is business to consumer.
Small-business resources:Georgia's Small Business Administration (SBA) training sessions for business owners available on its site calendar.
Here's Harvard Business Review on the business case for ethics (and why business case isn't the point).
"The hospitality business has seeped into the office business, and they've both seeped into the home business."
New York (CNN Business)The old adage from Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman that "the business of business is business" is dead, says Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff.
Here are three benefits of a business credit card to consider:Keep personal and business funds separateYour business bank account helps keep business transactions out of your personal accounts.
Back when I was in business school in the 1980s, I was taught — as were generations of aspiring entrepreneurs and executives — that the business of business is business.
Some want to earn your business, some actually want your business, some want you to move your business, and others just want to straight-up steal your business.
"We had a good business in our server business, but this business is orders of magnitude bigger than what used to be a successful server business," he said.
Today, chatbots are increasingly capable of mimicking human interactions and conversations to assist business-to-business, business-to-consumer, business-to-government, advertising audiences and other diverse groups.
We're in show business, which is fun, but take your business seriously, because it is a serious business.
"Productivity and Business Processes" makes up Office for business and consumer, along with LinkedIn and Microsoft's Dynamics business.
Just getting started Amareos works as both a business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) operation.
The NBA is a business, and each NBA team is a business, and both deal in business decisions.
"Let's narrow the scope down to our aviation business, our health-care business, our power business," Flannery said.
Small-business resources:Washington's Small Business Administration (SBA) hosts training sessions for business owners available on its site calendar.
Small-business resources:Colorado's Small Business Administration (SBA) hosts training sessions for business owners available on its site calendar.
Delta Gold Business card vs the Delta Platinum Business cardThere are also business versions of these two cards.
Tesla shows that business, business, and more business is the way forward for a country at a crossroads.
Dimon: I think business has to step up because business has – remember, 85% of people work for business.
Superpedestrian, recognizing that this is a hard business, is putting its money on a business-to-business scooter play.
"A business that we considered would be a marginal business is now a major business for us," Padilla said.
Outside of Square's core payments business, it also has a small-business loan division and food delivery business, Caviar.
"We're not in the wrestling business—we're in business, and our business is wrestling," Joe Koff, ROH's COO, states.
A: A family business has to be run as a meritocracy and as a business, not a 'family' business.
And so our business has turned from being a cyclical, commercial business to a long-term sustained growth business.
Amazon Business, the company's business-to-business marketplace already sells professional medical products and hospital consumables such as gloves.
We never bought into traditional conservative economic theory ala Milton Friedman that the business of business is just business.
Alongside conventional business, we add another type of business that will allow us to express our selflessness through business.
Professional money managers care about big business and medium business, but small business is outside their area of expertise.
Small-business resources:New York's Small Business Administration (SBA) hosts training sessions for business owners, available on its site calendar.
That's a great business, and if I can be in that business, I want to be in that business.
Much of the focus is on business to business (B2B) and business to business to consumer (B2B2C), an area where Totoki sees a chance for recurring revenues and licensing deals.
DeltaGold Delta SkyMiles® Business Credit Card from American ExpressPlatinum Delta SkyMiles® Business Credit Card from American ExpressDelta Reserve for Business Credit CardUnited AirlinesUnited Explorer Business CardAmerican AirlinesCitiBusiness® /AAdvantage® Platinum Select® World Mastercard®Southwest AirlinesSouthwest Rapid Rewards Premier Business Credit CardAlaska AirlinesAlaska Airlines Visa Business credit card11.
Jeremi Gorman will be our Chief Business Officer, managing Global Business Solutions, Global Online Sales, Customer Operations, and Business Marketing.
It's worth noting that Emotient's prior business model seemed very business-to-business focused — this isn't a consumer technology company.
Western business ventures and governments should accept the reality that doing business with Iran is doing business with the IRGC.
Last week, Amazon said its business-to-business website, Amazon Business, generated $1 billion in sales in its first year.
Hotel business credit cardsWelcome offer: VariesIf you frequently travel for business, a hotel business credit card could also make sense.
American Express Business Platinum benefitsAmerican Express Business Platinum costs and feesDoes the Amex Business Platinum card make sense for you?
"Let's narrow the scope down to our aviation business, our health-care business, our power business," Flannery said in April.
"Boeing responded as a business-to-business company, but this has become a business-to-consumer issue," Mr. Levick said.
In London we book all sorts of business we book business from Asia we book business from the US even.
Driven THE automotive business is just that — a business.
And the business second — business depends on their wellness.
Because when you go to the digital world, you've gone from business- to- business, to now, business direct to the consumer.
There's a lot of, I think, business in video, but there's not good business in video just as a business strategy.
The conversation evolved, homing in on the impact of big business on small business, and the small business impact on communities.
"We won't build a betting business, we won't build a merchandise business, and we won't build a ticketing business, " he said.
"What you've seen is the business moving from an analog, advertising-based business to an internet-based, subscription business," he added.
In honor of National Small Business Week, here are four ways small business owners (SBOs) can drive business growth this year.
Both groups saw opportunity in Staples' growing business-to-business platform but were unsure how to address its lagging retail business.
These business models have also been proven routes to small business success for thousands of hoteliers and countless minority business owners.
We've been in business with a number of U.S. entities for many years, mostly out of the business-to-business group.
CNN means business: On Thursday, CNNMoney becomes the all-new CNN Business, covering the companies, personalities, and innovations driving business forward.
But you cannot break up-- you cannot dispose of the entire business, business by business, without having very substantial tax liability.
Rebooting business news: On Thursday, CNNMoney becomes the all-new CNN Business, covering the companies, personalities, and innovations driving business forward.
If investigators were already monitoring business A, business B could pay a front company for the weapons instead of business A. Or business B could create its own front company to pay business A's front company, making the network even bigger and more nebulous.
TDC's Norwegian business includes GET, a fiber and TV provider with a total of 518,000 households and businesses connected to its fiber-based network, and TDC's B2B (business-to-business) business in Norway.
New  &aposqualified-business-income&apos (QBI) deductionIf you have income from a small business, you may qualify for a new "qualified-business-income" (QBI) deduction of 20% of your business&apos net income.
"Business owners tend to know other business owners," Acuff writes.
Our events business is still 75 percent of our business.
I mean, the print business is not a great business.
Does Capital One Spark Business make sense for your business?
The information in these business cards is just that: business.
"It's none of my business, it's nobody's business," Redmond explained.
Business leaders are warning isolationism will be bad for business.
He ran that business, instead of running some different business.
Beauty is a business, and in 2018, business is good. ●
BASF's construction chemicals business was an attractive business, Jenisch said.
Apple isn't in the phone business or the computer business.
They're just good business, and good business seems to prevail.
Profitability varies from business to business, and industry to industry.
NOT JUST BUSINESS The shareholder weekend is not all business.
The newest are our kids business and the UK business.
Business Environment ICD's business profile is assessed as 'medium risk'.
Do you look at your business through a business lens?
"It is a business but a fun business," he said.
SE: Our investment business is our biggest business by far.
KS: Yeah, a lot of business for that business. Anyway.
Local business magazine Arabian Business had previously reported the bid.
Business justifications: The business justification for HomePod is Apple Music.
Capricorn's all business, and down to business you will get.
They're moving directly into someone else's business, a rival's business.
Others might say "make business pay," but why penalize business?
It seems there's no business quite like the war business.
The business finance provider appointed Tom Fox business development manager.
As for Stephanie ... no hard feelings, but business is business.
The other business that we have is a subscription business.
Sources: Business Insider, Business Insider, Engadget, The New York Times
Business reaction Business groups reacted to the vote with anger.
Business Insider reports regularly on the growing business of CBD.
The world is my business, and none of my business.
She's all business here, but the business feels so small.
"The business just never stops growing," he told Business Insider.
"It's a big business, it's a great business," he said.
It is called Fox Business Network, not Fox Business Channel.
See Business Insider's list of the best business credit cards.
Do business with companies; don't do business with sanctioned individuals.
It's a business, but it's a business that we love.
Source: CNN Business, Markets Insider, Emory University's Goizueta Business School
But business groups and business owners say that is unlikely.
I like to call this workingonthe business rather thaninthe business.
Both are members of Small Business Majority's Small Business Council.
CNBC | SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey Business and politics rarely mix.
They won't be discussing the business and the business deals.
This includes local chapters of the Small Business Development Center, SCORE, Women's Business Center, Veterans Business Outreach Center and SBA district offices.
The Definitive Guide to Business Fantasizing about running your own business and actually running your own business are two vastly different things.
The company's data center business, core memory business, and its Internet of Things business all recorded lights out revenue for the quarter.
Later, when he took business courses during graduate school at Columbia University, Goldberg created a business plan for a bing business boom.
Now it counts the payment business Zoop, delivery company Rappido and the ticketing business Sympla among its many and varied business units.
Through a revamped My Business app, also launched last fall, business owners can post content updates to their business profile on Google.
He has also ran GE's India business, its equity business in Latin America and the GE Capital business for Argentina and Chile.
When I first started, I was inspired by the entertainment business—I wasn't in the hotel business, I'm in the entertainment business.
"It's very hard when someone has had great success in another business — the fish-delivery business, the box-cutting business," Guber says.
The tower industry employs a stable business model and experiences much lower business risk than many business models within the telecommunication segment.
Hewlett Packard split its business in 2015, dividing its printer and PC business (HP) from its data storage and enterprise business (HPE).
Starting a business that pays for itselfThough the consumer-facing brewery was the initial idea, their biggest asset became business to business.
Frank sees similarities between his new business and his old business, and not just that they are both in the travel business.
Enter your business information including your legal first and last name, the name of your business, as well as your business address.
Stanford University's Graduate Business Department and the Latino Business Action Network studied Hispanic and all other business formations between 2007 and 2012.
These are the best business credit cards to open in 2019Ink Business Preferred Credit Card: Best for sign-up bonusThe Business Platinum Card from American Express: Best for premium business travel benefitsThe Blue Business® Plus Credit Card from American Express: Best for points earning with no annual feeCapital One® Spark® Miles for Business: Best for flexible redemption options with a reasonable annual feeInk Business Unlimited Credit Card: Best for a flat earning rate when paired with another Chase cardAmerican Express® Business Gold Card: Best for 4x bonus categoriesInk Business Cash Credit Card: Best for cash-back bonus categoriesCapital One® Spark® Cash for Business: Best for simplicityBrex Corporate Card for Startups and the Brex Corporate Card for Ecommerce: Best if you only use one business credit cardAirline business credit cards: Best for frequent business travel if you're loyal to one airlineHotel business credit cards: Best if you're loyal to one hotel
The Definitive Guide to Business Small-business confidence has surged to record levels in 2018, with many small-business owners optimistic about recent tax reforms, according to the latest CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey.
To help prospective business school candidates determine which way to go, Business Insider conducted an informal survey of 40 business professionals who had either attended business school, or considered it but decided against it.
"There are 40 steps that we mapped out that happened during business travel, and a big big portion around the clunkiness, about business travel is actually around business travel payments," he told Business Insider.
Business Insider tapped business schools nationwide — including elite programs such as Harvard Business School, Stanford University's Graduate School of Business, Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern, and Indiana University's Kelley School of Business — to see what titles top professors are assigning to their fall 2019 students.
Business cards are for business spendingAny spending you do on your business credit card should be related to the business — both for tax reasons and to stay in line with the bank's terms and conditions.
" The Trump advisor added that American companies doing business in China shouldn't "stop business or disrupt business just on the basis of Huawei.
It's home to a handful of women-focused business centers, including the Hawaii Women's Business Center — part of the U.S. Small Business Administration.
I always joke, I said she is in charge of small business and small business is massive business when you add it up.
Aegon is shifting its business mix from high-margin (but capital-intensive) spread-based business to lower-margin, capital-light fee-based business.
Top business credit cards for rewards and perksRight now, I use the Ink Business Cash Credit Card from Chase for my business purchases.
While there's no business like show business, the business of the pre-show arrivals will always be our favorite part of the evening.
Southwest has two co-branded business credit cards: the Southwest Rapids Rewards Premier Business card and the Southwest Rapid Rewards Performance Business card.
American Express Business Gold CardIf your business spends a lot on shipping, now's a good time to consider this premium Amex business card.
I carry several business credit cards, including the Ink Business Preferred Credit Card and the Marriott Bonvoy Business™ American Express® Card.
The tale of Cherry is one where a business-to-business, or B2B, company somehow became a business-to-consumer, or B2C, firm.
" Just one other Democratic small-business owner (out of 760) mentions "small business" in his response, saying it is "bad for small business.
Research from the National Federation of Independent Business, a conservative business organization, shows that small business owners were measurably less enthusiastic in September.
John Arensmeyer is the founder & CEO of Small Business Majority, a national small business advocacy organization, founded and run by small-business owners.
"We'd get complaints from business owners saying, 'Hey, there's prostitutes standing outside my business, they're hurting my business, come arrest them,'" Schroeder recounts.
Unless someone makes it my business, it's none of my business.
All business becomes 'repeat' business; there are no more one-shots.
We are a business organization so we must follow business rules.
There is no actual business, it's just guys being in business.
All right, talk about business booming, talk about the business itself.
Ultimately, a pro-business president is good for business, Cramer said.
Politics is the media business, and increasingly the media-criticism business.
"We are creating business, not taking business from others," Taylor said.
In addition, the exchange business is a technology business, he said.
Business isn't the enemy in The Outer Worlds, just bad business.
I don't getinto people's business but my daughter is my business.
"Business is business and fighting is fighting," explains a Yemeni magnate.
The-- actual maintenance business is a fabulous business for United Technologies.
So, your generation sees spirituality as business and business as spiritual.
"The credit card business is such a copycat business, " Schulz said.
"It's crazy 'cause now my business is your business," Williams said.
Moe says Vox Media's podcast business is an eight figure business.
Success in show business has begotten success in the hospitality business.
It adjusted its 0.23 outlook for digital business platform business line.
And that doesn't always happen in this business, or any business.
OK, business over, now we get to the business of love.
Younger business travellers are most likely to mix business with pleasure.
Media business The media business is fundamentally about grabbing your attention.
S. business and 8 percent for the U.S. business in January.
After all, the chief business of the American people is business.
Source: The Everything Store, New York Times, Business Insider, & Business Insider
"This is a business like any other legitimate business," Gundert said.
"The business we're in is the building-brands business," Pauley said.
Chun said his explant business has successfully replaced his implant business.
"We have a wonderful business and wonderful business plan," he said.
Business travel is only growing, especially as business gets increasingly globalized.
Consumption business model, so getting fully aligned on the business model.
New York (CNN Business)Wall Street, markets and business crave certainty.
This guy means business, but does he mean business with me?
Going into business with your friends can be, well, tricky business.
Healthcare is not a transaction business; it is a relationship business.
"It's not a good business; it's a great business" he beams.
New York (CNN Business)Market volatility is tricky business for banks.
Further, its women's business is currently stronger than its men's business.
The car business is a very risk-averse business by nature.
It's a really nice business model for a business like ours.
Even more so as the ad business becomes a media business.
"It's not just in show business, it's every business," he said.
"It's an OK business," Stack told CNN Business earlier this year.
I mean, business is business, and I love having new products.
"The hotel business is becoming a lifestyle business," Professor Dev said.
Nature Of Business Says Business Exposure In China Is Limited- Conf.
Hong Kong (CNN Business)Uber has sold another business in Asia.
And there's a distrust of business, there's a-, or big business.
Business broadband packages can offer features specifically made for business customers.
See Business Insider's list of the best small-business credit cards.
Kennedy replied that there were no hard feelings: Business was business.
"I need a business plan to run the business," she said.
"High risk business covers a multitude of business models," Dowson said.
Name Withheld The reputation of your business is indeed your business.
She also started a credit-repair business and an investment business.
I admire your business background and have started my own business.
Now, the automobile business, in my opinion, is a poor business.
Minority business enterprise (MBE) and disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE) certification helps.
Cost of Doing Business Ivanka Trump's business just absorbed some blows.
I have normal business hours just like any store or business.
But how the tokens are valued varies from business to business.
And the business part of it is going to be business.
Kylie Jenner's good for business ... if you're in the Facebook business.
Quarterly Survey Finds Small Business Owners Are Rallying Behind Tax Reform Key findings from the Q215 CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey include: CNBC Small Business Reporter Kate Rogers will reveal the results of the CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey today, Monday, December 24th throughout CNBC's Business Day programming.
Here are the lounges you can now pay to enter:Qantas First Class Lounge Los Angeles — $150Qantas Business Class Lounge Los Angeles — $75Qantas International Lounge London Heathrow — $71Qantas Business Class Lounge Hong Kong — $57Qantas Business Class Lounge Auckland — $39Qantas Business Class Lounge Wellington — $35Qantas Business Class Lounge Perth T4 — $48
Studio revenue could make up for ESPN decline: Disney once relied on its flagship cable channel to spike revenues for the company, which includes a studio business, theme parks business, cable news business and merchandising business.
Business Refocus: We believe that the exterior business (FAE) disposal in 212001 is an illustration of the group's aim to gradually refocus its business.
Sharma said this technology could help e-commerce companies sell business to business, rather than business to consumer, as well as top internet retailers.
At Uber, we believe that if you're in business to do business, and not in business to be a PAE, you should protect yourself.
There's the art business, the music business, the fashion business, so let's gear up and make better situations for ourselves and stop playing victim.
Over half of business owners in the CNBC|SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey for the third quarter of 22 say that business conditions are good.
Small business optimism, captured in the National Federation of Independent Business' Small Business Optimism index, has also soared, corroborating the quicker pace of hiring.
The Chase Ink Business PreferredWhile the Ink Business Preferred is aimed at small business owners, more people qualify for it than you might expect.
There are also the Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Business Credit Card and the Southwest Rapid Rewards Performance Business Credit Card for small-business owners.
Once the business partners went their separate ways and sold the pinball machine business, Buffett used some of his proceeds to start another business.
Roepers has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a bachelor of business administration from Nijenrode University, which is the Netherlands School of Business.
The same is true of Chase's business cash-back credit cards, the Ink Business Unlimited Credit Card and the Ink Business Cash Credit Card.
To qualify for the program, a business needs only to meet the Small Business Administration's definition of a "small business" for a specific industry.
If a business can only stay in business by paying unreasonably low wage to its workers, then that business should be allowed to fail.
Also in Los Angeles, the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) Business Center offers business resources and consulting through the University of Southern California (USC).
We always use our business credit card for business expenses, which helps us keep track of which purchases are business-related to begin with.
We have a few different business credit cards, but we put the bulk of our business-related purchases on our Ink Business Preferred card.
The question "How can we optimize growth in our retail business unit?" might lead to decisions that jeopardize pricing in business-to-business sales.
The CNBC/SurveyMonkey research found that 55 percent of small-business owners say they have a business website, 50 percent say they have a business Facebook page, and 21 percent say they have a business Twitter account.
As a former small-business owner who couldn't get business credit, she also has an interest in making capital available for small-business owners across Georgia — Abrams wants to create a $10 million small-business financing fund.
There are also two Southwest business credit cards:Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Business Credit Card ($99)Southwest Rapid Rewards Performance Business Credit Card ($199)The Southwest Performance Business card offers more bonus points (3x on Southwest purchases vs.
CNBC | SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey Small-business confidence is surging in 3.53 as optimism rises among small-business owners about the newly enacted tax-reform package, according to the latest CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey, released Tuesday.
Under the British, the government was pro-business but not of business.
The business, design, and other sides of the business will remain untouched.
When your body is your business, you take care of your business.
We will provide you both on FOX Business, and only FOX Business.
Business is business even with family, and that was a hard fight.
Talk about their business as a business in terms of making money.
Mark Cuban, the ultimate business man, has no use for business suits.
I don't get into people's business but my daughter is my business.
Unlike business intelligence or team management tools, Tonkean uncovers your business reality.
That's thanks to business owners' expectations that business conditions will get better.
Yeah, it's a bizarre business tactic because it's not a business tactic.
Improving mix from recovering B2B [business to business] shipments is also supportive.
It's shady business — even for a business with a reputation for shadiness.
I don't care if you're a tech business or real estate business.
"The PC business has been a great success," he told Business Insider.
Because the online business is a bad business, you can't make money.
We're customers, and Sandberg's most pressing business has always been business itself.
He wants to build a successful business, and then another successful business.
"Everyone is afraid to call this business a business," says Mr Shelyagov.
Business to business sales are as important as those to individual consumers.
They were seemingly reshaping the student, consumer and small business lending business.
We're customers, and Sandberg's most pressing business has always been business itself.
You're so entrenched in the music business, the entertainment business, why wine?
Remember that business models now triumph products—and platforms triumph business models.
Jeremi Gorman is taking over Snap's ad business as chief business officer.
Clean energy business leaders cannot confuse environmental advocacy with sound business practices.
" The business-friendly governments that ensued proclaimed "Honduras is Open for Business.
French business news website BFM Business was first to report Richard's comments.
That is the business tax cut for corporations and small business owners.
"That's the business we are in, the business of help," Jackson said.
The National Association of Business Economics has a strongly pro-business viewpoint.
Third, helping a small business dynamically grow their business is incredibly difficult.
Because the thing about the agency business — traditionally, it's a service business.
The movie business is not a great business in and of itself.
Hong Kong (CNN Business)Tencent is getting its business back on track.
About 10 years ago, my small business almost went out of business.
CNBC did top Fox Business in business-day ratings — 9:30 a.m.
From a business perspective, protectionism begets business inefficiency, which begets higher costs.
She explained Tesla's business model, vehicles, and energy business clearly and concisely.
Anyway, the taxpayers wanted us doing the public's business, not monkey business.
Forty percent of business leaders say that sanctions have hurt their business.
These business entities shield entrepreneurs from personal responsibility for certain business obligations.
The business of constructing all this Texas-shaped stuff is serious business.
Americans don't want business as usual; Trump is not business as usual.
That's the unfortunate part about this business, or any kind of business.
I don't like much around the business, but I love the business.
Indeed, Baidu officially renamed its "search business" to "mobile business" this quarter.
It is the Association of Washington Business, not the Washington Business Council.
Others were taking business courses even if they weren't majoring in business.
I wouldn't say they're a poor business, but they're a fair business.
The innovation in the space business has occurred in the business side.
I think every part of every business, every great business, is creative.
The restaurant business is such a capitalist business model built around men.
"It's a simple business model," says Maxine, who still operates the business.
The business of Google is still, by far, the business of Alphabet.
But business experts who spoke with Business Insider aren&apost buying it.
This new deduction gets business owners a 20% deduction on business profits.
I've always loved this business, and I don't mean the fashion business.
The bank's consumer and advisory business offset weakness in its trading business.
He called local papers a "good business currently," but a "declining" business.
For starters, the business of running a business has become more complex.
I run my household like a business, my classroom like a business.
We look at the radio business, terrestrial radio business, as being interesting.
Still, Amazon's international business only accounts for roughly 30% of its business.
Bunger focuses, unsurprisingly, on helping Pear uncover promising business-to-business startups.
New York (CNN Business)Competition in the online mattress business is fierce.
That's because I didn't really know the business part of show business.
It's a business, but ultimately ... How big a business is that part?
The guy who has a cable business says cable business is shrinking.
I guarantee the breakfast cereal business is just like the art business.
Prior to his IAB role, Randall was the Senior Director of Intellectual Capital of Booz Allen Hamilton, the international strategy and technology consulting firm, where he oversaw business development, knowledge management, and thought leadership activities, and directed the award-winning quarterly business magazine strategy+business, Strategy+Business Books, www.strategy-business.
Quarterly Survey Finds Confidence of Small Business Owners Continues to Climb, Despite Trade Concerns Key findings from the Q2 CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey include: CNBC Small Business Reporter Kate Rogers will reveal the results of the CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey today, Tuesday, May 1st throughout CNBC's Business Day programming.
Quarterly Survey Finds Surge in Confidence of Small Business Owners Following Tax Reform Key findings from the Q1 CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey include: CNBC Small Business Reporter Kate Rogers will reveal the results of the CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey today, Tuesday, February 20th throughout CNBC's Business Day programming.
It even includes 12 months of McAfee Small Business Security to protect your most sensitive business information and data from hackers and cutthroat business rivals.
After taking a business course via Women Venture, a women's business center run by the Small Business Administration, Allen launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2013.
Armstrong: One of the things that's interesting is that our business is split between the consumer-facing business and the advertising and publishing technology business.
Tell me about the enterprise business overall, because there's startups all over the place in every bit of your business, every part of your business.
According to her, investing in teaching business owners ways to improve and grow their business will have a positive effect on the country's business climate.
For the GOP, being "business-friendly" has more to do with shareholders than workers; for the Dems, being "business-friendly" isn't actually such great business.
Verizon announced a reorganization last November, splitting the business into consumer and business segments, as well as a media business including Huffington Post and Yahoo.
"No one person that runs a business or owns a business is too busy to know the ins and outs of their business," he noted.
GE's healthcare business then took the problem to the company's venture investment and new business arm and began the development process of building a business.
That could help Foxconn increase its leverage and business with Apple, its most lucrative customer, and bolster its business with other new clients and business.
The New York Small Business Development Center and the New York City Small Business Services have fueled small-business growth and entrepreneurship through various initiatives.
But the N.F.L. isn't in the business of propping up traditional television's business model; it's in the business of getting people to watch football games.
However, if I'm making business purchases, I used my Ink Business Preferred because it gets me 3 points per dollar on select business spending categories.
A side hustle business card has multiple benefitsJust as you can open a small business bank account, you can open a small business credit card!
So-- if we pay X for a business or 2X for a business, the business doesn't know, it's doesn't adapt itself to what I'm paying.
Amazon is also focused on growing a number of new business segments, including its business marketplace (Amazon Business), advertising, and hardware devices (Echo, Kindle, etc).
European tech is more focused on business-to-business areas such as industrial automation, connected home appliances, business management software and self-driving car components.
"Trust is a key to any successful business," said Tae Wan Kim, an associate professor of Business Ethics at Carnegie Mellon's Tepper School of Business.
Amazon announced a total of 18 finalists across 3 categories: small business of the year, women-owned small business, and small business owner under 30.
"There's a continuing serious ongoing business problem of high turnover that has made it hard for them to run their business," Burks told Business Insider.
Dimon is on the board of directors of Harvard Business School and Catalyst; chairman of the Business Roundtable and a member of The Business Council.
The industry itself is incredibly fragmented, which is caused in part by the fact that small business coverage underwriting varies wildly from business to business.
The U.S. Small Business Administration opened a Women's Business Center in the city last year, charged with offering in-depth business consulting, classroom training, and peer-to-peer learning for women in all stages of operating a business.
Quarterly Survey Finds Small Business Owners Confident about the Economy and the Future of Their Businesses Key findings from the CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey include: CNBC Small Business Reporter Kate Rogers will reveal the results of the CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey today, Friday, June 200 throughout CNBC's Business Day programming.
Learn more about my favorite personal spending cards:Amex Platinum cardThe Bonvoy Brilliant AmexChase Sapphire ReserveChase FreedomChase Freedom UnlimitedWorld of Hyatt cardSouthwest Rapid Rewards Plus Learn more about my favorite business credit cards:Amex Business PlatinumBlue Business Plus cardInk Business PreferredSouthwest Rapid Rewards Premier Business More credit card coverageWhat's the best airline credit card?
Quarterly Survey Finds Small Business Owners Are Less Hopeful for Tax Reform and Other Policy Changes Key findings from the latest CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey include: CNBC Small Business Reporter Kate Rogers will reveal the results of the CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey today, Monday, September 215th throughout CNBC's Business Day programming.
Additionally, providing various types of customized business services (particularly for smaller companies) at relatively modest cost  — like customized job training, small-business development centers, business incubators and manufacturing extension services — can increase business productivity by five times the investment.
You certainly don't make six figures, and you don't have any business income, but once you do start that business and figure out the difference between "non-corporate business" and "business income," won't that tax cut come in handy?
"For business interests who are considering doing business in Malaysia, they're going to be looking for signs that there is good business climate," Earnest told reporters.
Huawei has historically had a business-to-business focus and this often meant Yu clashed with senior management as he tried to push the consumer business.
"The nature of the debt advisory business is less episodic and more consistent over the business cycles," said Jimmy Neissa, head of Rothschild's North American business.
Norman White of the NYU Stern School of Business observes that combining a commoditised hardware business with an innovative software business is particularly hard to do.
It's part of a nationwide network of Women's Business Centers that are funded in part by the U.S. Small Business Administration's Office of Women's Business Ownership.
Generally, small-business owners can deduct any loss a business incurs from their other income on their tax returns if that business is a sole proprietorship.
Somebody will create a new business model that is not attention driven, the way that the attention-driven business model disrupted the enterprise software business model.
That made some sense given the business-to-business nature of the company and a business model that may not be readily understood by retail investors.
John W. Kindt is a professor of business and legal policy in the Department of Business Administration at the University of Illinois' Gies College of Business.
Chase's other Ink business credit cards, including the Ink Business Unlimited Credit Card and the Ink Business Cash Credit Card, also offer primary rental car insurance.
President Trump's words and actions impacting business make me feel good about the future of my business, period; not my "Latina-owned" or "woman-owned" business.
I got into product anyway, but I also got into business school, so I went to business school at Haas, which is UC Berkeley's business school.
As an evangelist for his product, Doug compared his business model to the Keurig business model, which was a $20 billion business opportunity at the time.
The Business Platinum® Card from American Express and the Ink Business Preferred Credit Card from Chase are two of the best small-business credit cards.
Can I say, I think also business, and I say this generally, not media business, I think business has an awful understanding of how media works.
Think hard before mixing personal and business expensesWhile some small business owners are intentional about separating business and personal expenses, that isn't a priority for Don.
The business support services industry is a wide category that includes various business-to-business service providers, like telemarketing services, collections agencies, and document preparation services.
Gil Borok, the CEO and president of Colliers&apos US business, told Business Insider that tech has enabled, instead of disrupted, the commercial real estate business.
There are several lounges at Hamad International Airport, but Al Mourjan Business Lounge is the dedicated lounge for Qatar business and Oneworld First and Business passengers.
CNBC | SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey Confidence among America's small-business owners has slipped since April, according to the latest CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey, released Monday.
Schwarzman is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Business Council, the Business Roundtable, and the International Business Council of the World Economic Forum.
CNBC Small Business Reporter Kate Rogers will reveal the results of the CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey today, Wednesday, August 15th throughout CNBC's Business Day programming.
"They're in the transportation business, the medical business, every business," said Mr. Taplin, a frequent critic of how Big Tech took over a decentralized, independent internet.
This includes your business name and business address, as well as what type of legal structure your business takes, like a sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation.
BUSINESS An article last Sunday about George Washington's distillery business misidentified its inheritors.
The result is to reduce business and increase the cost of new business.
They also have the same favorite business book: "Business Adventures, " by John Brooks.
"We have our own identity as a business-to-business platform," Freitag said.
London (CNN Business)Europe's telecoms companies want to do business with China's Huawei.
John Goodman's looking like he means business ... as in the "Roseanne" reboot business.
You look at the business and look at the health of the business.
The IPO also speaks to the strength of Adyen's business and business prospects.
Ron headed up the business development side of Uber's trucking business, Uber Freight.
Apple is a business and a successful business is one that makes money.
Capitol Records didn't go out of business, Billy Squier went out of business.
L beer business in five Eastern European countries, the Nikkei business daily said.
In this business, in a fast moving consumer goods business, productivity is paramount.
Talk about a business killer that hurts productivity for you and the business.
When we started our business way back, we shared a business cell phone.
The business outstripped our management's ability, including my own, to run the business.
It is a business that generates cash and it's a business that's profitable.
"If it's good for business, let business pay for it," Ms Giunchigliani reasons.
It's built a whole business model, and indeed a whole business, on this.
Help your customers do more business with the business they already love: Yours!
"I believe that government has no business to be in business," he proclaimed.
So we have a very strong business and it's a very good business.
The automaker, which also owns automotive parts business Mopar, has an unbalanced business.
TC: Bain generally backs business-to-business startups, but there've been rare exceptions.
She was in Dhaka on a business trip for a textile printing business.
Experian's business-to-business activities include credit services, decision analytics and marketing services.
That's just good business – and not acting sustainably is very bad business indeed.
The company is launching its first program with nine business-to-business startups.
The impacted accounts, including Small Business, were part of our Retail Bank business.
"Goldstar" (individual), business, and business add-on members will now pay $60 annually.
It's more about being in the people business than the business of transportation.
"The watch business has very much turned into a volume business," he said.
Charitybuzz realized there was strong demand for business experiences with iconic business leaders.
Because it is in the supermarket business, and that is a hard business.
Investors love when the business side of a big business grows like that.
Business-to-business salesmen promising automation solutions to executives are threatening your job.
And also, in areas of online to offline business, so called 'O2O' business.
The cloud business grew more than twice as fast as the overall business.
Concur is a business trip app that records miles driven on business trips.
You in this show for the business, or this business for the show?
It's a sexist business, it's every business is generally sexist and racist, right?
Currently, to do business with Iran is to do business with the IRGC.
I made great business and sold a lot of prints to business guys.
" The first source adds, "This could hurt business and he's a business man.
The homepage reads, "My business is being homeless, now homelessness is my business."
Meanwhile, native business owners get less start-up funding than other business owners.
Romain attended EMLYON Business School, a leading French business school specialized in entrepreneurship.
Now, the partnership enters a new, third phase: business-to-business goods transportation.
One is business to business — are they misleading the people they're dealing with?
"The business of business is improving the state of the world," Benioff said.
As you get older in this business, or probably any business, that's important.
"Business conditions are positive and non-mining business investment is increasing," Lowe said.
No business and no family budget could operate the way Congress does business.
German business morale was buoyant in February, Ifo's survey of business sentiment showed.
Online small-business lenders meet small-business borrowers' need for speed and convenience.
"We've got a business person president and a business-heavy administration," she said.
Republicans have no business backing this kind of anti-consumer, anti-business legislation.
"To build a profitable business, a scaled business, is very challenging," McGee said.
Here you'll find links to Business Insider's extensive coverage of business school programs.
The right answer to the Amazon question will vary from business to business.
" But there is an upside, Guterres said, noting "Green business is good business.
Ltd, which is engaged in contents service business and solution business, after Feb.
My father started a business, and he's been in business for 30 years.
I have never read a single business book or taken a business course.
Riley was "a very good small business, a profitable small business," he said.
CT: Could the casino resort business eventually overtake your key entertainment content business?
"Government should get out of the business of distorting business decisions," Issa said.
What small business does not want to grow to become a large business?
The assets included Frank's Red Hot sauce business, French's mustard and Cattlemen business.
Amex Business Platinum comparisonClick here to learn more about the Amex Business Platinum.
It would upgrade aging facilities that increase business cost and lower business efficiency.
To him, I am a business owner — not a "Hispanic-American" business owner.
Ethan Rouen is an assistant professor of business administration at Harvard Business School.
Anytime that we decide something on business, it's what's best for the business.
If you have enough points for business class, use them for business class.
"There's a narrative about business in America that says, 'Business sucks,' " Mackey said.
One is business to business - are they misleading the people they're dealing with?
The world is my business, and the world is none of my business.
Not if you have an Amex Business Platinum or Chase Ink Business Preferred.
The factory in Linz specialized in products for its business to business division.
It's just that the truth to power business is also the entertainment business.
Business aside ... it appears Kylie and Travis have handled their own personal business.
Students of business at the university attend the prestigious Stern School of Business.
Howard A. CohenPhiladelphiaThe writer teaches business ethics at Temple's Fox School of Business.
The paid business account is called "Business Pro" and costs £5 per month.
The Ink Business Preferred offers primary car rental insurance for business rentals specifically.
"This partnership makes Eden more of a complete business," DuBey told Business Insider.
"Our business is much less not a one time license business," he said.
The best remedy for business as usual remains making business as usual impossible.
"Liquor business is very, very healthy right now, the spirits business," he said.
That you can do it as a business man, as a business woman.
The Zomato business and our rides business now have a commercial agreement together.
And a business that earned 12%, it was a sub-par business then.
If you buy a whole business, you're looking at how the business does.
They made a business decision to join and a business decision to leave.
Now, you can go-- you can have spinoffs, this business or that business.
New York (CNN Business)Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway is ditching its newspaper business.
There's an important difference between business and government: business is not a democracy.
Buyers must either own their own business or work for an existing business.
Oh, and next time, let's try to make business happen during business hours.
So it's been business as usual at Boeing -- and business is pretty good.
The Small Business Administration offers step-by-step, simple business plan creation guides.
Benioff: Look, the business of business is improving the state of the world.
New York (CNN Business)Ford is cutting staff as it transforms its business.
Because small business uniform is a growth business and they are terrific operators.
Could I have turned around the first business or grown the second business?
The business model of communities making big subsidies for business needs to change.
"Advertising is a local business as well as a national business," Rector said.
They include bets on senior-health business Clover and business-loan service Kabbage.
We don't do that by regulating business out of business along the way.
One of the best business schools in the world is London Business School.
We've always ... Look, we really view our events business as a communities business.
Yeah. I mean, I think that their business models are their business models.
But the DVD business is slowly dying, while the streaming business is robust.
One is a business called Herbastores, which is basically reimagining the grocery business.
We don't have an advertising business, we don't have an e-commerce business.
That's the business and that's also why we love the business, you know?
They are developing new business models, seizing opportunities, moving rapidly between business sectors.
Data for this quarter have been weighted to be representative of small business owners nationally, according to business characteristics from the Small Business Administration's 21999 Statistics of U.S. Businesses and owner characteristics from the Census Bureau's 2750 Survey of Business Owners.
"When I look at the African market I suspect it's going to be a company that's very much focused on business to business and business to very small business — a company that can that can solve their challenges," she said.
Data for this quarter have been weighted to be representative of small business owners nationally, according to business characteristics from the Small Business Administration's 217 Statistics of U.S. Businesses and owner characteristics from the Census Bureau's 2345 Survey of Business Owners.
Data for this quarter have been weighted to be representative of small business owners nationally, according to business characteristics from the Small Business Administration's 2000 Statistics of U.S. Businesses and owner characteristics from the Census Bureau's 2012 Survey of Business Owners.
Theodore M. Hesburgh Award for Business Ethics given by Notre Dame University's Mendoza College of Business, the Botwinick Prize in Business Ethics from Columbia Business School, and the first-ever John Wooden Global Leadership Award from UCLA Anderson School of Management.
The company also confirmed, however, that this would not impact its three main business areas — graphics and multimedia (Imagination's PowerVR business), processing (its MIPS processor business that it acquired in 2012) and connectivity (its Ensigma low-power communications IP business).
Data for this quarter have been weighted to be representative of small business owners nationally, according to business characteristics from the Small Business Administration's 1003 Statistics of U.S. Businesses and owner characteristics from the Census Bureau's 2100 Survey of Business Owners.
CT: So overall your family group as a whole has a diversified real-estate business, it now has an infrastructure business, and you also have a hotel and resorts business, and a brandy business which you made an acquisition last year.
Here's one recently revealed reason: Small-business owners who say that Amazon helps drive customers to their business have more confidence than those who say their business competes with Amazon for customers, according to a new CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey.
On the small business side, I have the Ink Business Preferred Credit Card, the Chase Ink Bold (which has since been discontinued), Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Business Credit Card, and two Ink Business Plus accounts (which has also been discontinued).
Data for this quarter have been weighted to be representative of small business owners nationally, according to business characteristics from the Small Business Administration's 3353 Statistics of U.S. Businesses and owner characteristics from the Census Bureau's 2012 Survey of Business Owners.
Data for this quarter have been weighted to be representative of small business owners nationally, according to business characteristics from the Small Business Administration's 21999 Statistics of U.S. Businesses and owner characteristics from the Census Bureau's 2700 Survey of Business Owners.
CNBC | SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey One of the quickest ways to engage customers and build loyalty is through social media, but many small-business owners are so focused on the business of running their business that they neglect this valuable tool.
Data for this quarter have been weighted to be representative of small business owners nationally, according to business characteristics from the Small Business Administration's 2100 Statistics of U.S. Businesses and owner characteristics from the Census Bureau's 2500 Survey of Business Owners.
Sixty-eight percent of small business owners who are Republicans say current conditions for their business are good, twice as many as the 34% among Democratic small business owners, according to the fourth quarter 2019 CNBC|SurveyMonkey Small Business Confidence Survey.
As an aspiring business owner, you should know from the start that there's a difference between a business plan and a business plan that results in funding.
Caviar declined to share metrics regarding its order-ahead business in comparison with its delivery business, but Rajaram says its full-fledged food ordering business is solid.
The National Federation of Independent Business' read on small-business sentiment for December hit its highest level since 2004, thanks to a sunnier outlook for business conditions.
Springer is merging its U.S. business intelligence unit, eMarketer, with its Business Insider journalism brand, putting them both under the helm of Business Insider founder Henry Blodget.
And the sons to whom he turned over operations of the family business—Don Jr. and Eric—have been criticized for mixing official business with company business.
And when you are managing at a consolidating levels, it really robs you the visibility relative to revenue, cost and cash opportunities, business by business by business.
I always understood that about this business, and were all tenuous at best, we're all replaceable, and that television, that this business, it's a crazy, crazy business.
For example, formal business registration is a mandatory first step for any business with any intention of growing — incorporating in business-friendly Delaware also raises the odds.
There are also two Southwest co-branded business credit cards: the Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Business Credit Card and the Southwest Rapid Rewards Performance Business Credit Card.
Sycamore's offer is the clearest indication to date of its plans to push Staples further into business-to-business services and away from its challenged retail business.
Mastercard has launched Mastercard Track Business Payment Service, which is a digital business-to-business payment service aimed at cutting reliance on old-school methods like checks.
Warren Buffett once said that when a brilliant management team tackles a business with a bad business structure, the bad business structure defeats the brilliant management team.
Mathis told Business Insider that knowing her business meant knowing her numbers, and that&aposs essential for anyone pitching their business in a competition or to investors.
CNBC | SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey Taxes are the No. 1 concern of small-business owners, according to the first CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey, released on Friday.
So Rohrbach, the self-described business yin to Maher's yang, bought the business and spent all of 2015 streamlining management and optimizing the operations of the business.
The National Federation of Independent Business, the influential small business lobby, also came out against the bill, while the U.S. Chamber of Commerce business lobby backed it.
Likewise, Pedro Gomez, director of the small business team at Seattle's Office of Economic Development, told Business Insider that Seattle's local business have already been "severely impacted."
"Because of the way Prohibition was repealed, essentially, every business in the wine business is a small business," said Benjamin Aneff, managing partner with Tribeca Wine Merchants.
"Because of the way Prohibition was repealed, essentially, every business in the wine business is a small business," said Benjamin Aneff, managing partner with Tribeca Wine Merchants.
Rewards on business credit cards affect your deductionsThings can be slightly different if you&aposre talking about a business credit card that you use for business expenses.
If you&aposre in the market for a new business card, you might have wondered which is better — the Ink Business Preferred or the Ink Business Cash?
Choose your business model and target audienceYou have to understand that freelancing is a business, even if it's just you — which means you need a business model.
Rather, fiscal discipline encourages experimentation to optimize business performance in terms of product/market fit, technology reliability, supply chain efficiency, business process stability, and business model viability.
Small-business resources:The Vermont Small Business Development Center (VtSBDC) offers free advising and training to help business owners with startup planning, financing, growth strategies, sales, and marketing.
And if you break the media business up, and the record business, which was the first business to hit it -- I mean, we used to buy albums.
It's easier shipping items automatically in a business-to-business relationship, he said, but business-to-consumer becomes tricky and still requires a little bit of interaction.
Led by award-winning VC and business exec Chris Haroun, this popular course covers critical business concepts such as crafting business plans, creating financial models, and networking.
Like many business ideas, short-termism fits the experience of some individual business people.
It's not a drag on our business, it's a huge accelerant to our business.
"We're really worried that this business may not stay in business," Ms. Gainer said.
Harvard's business school even offers a case study on how he conducted his business.
It's also a show business melodrama, and the Oscars love movies about show business.
Not desperate because business is bad, but because fighting each other is bad business.
Still, Amazon's cloud computing business and nascent advertising business seem to be faring well.
London (CNN Business)A leading online grocer is getting into the vertical farming business.
I have a hotel business in Ireland, I have a big thoroughbred racehorse business.
But Valve is in the video game distribution business, not the cryptocurrency speculation business.
The second is that growing the business would be harder than starting the business.
This would be bad for business, and of course, the UFC is a business.
The Florida Women's Business Center provides training, mentoring, and programs to women business owners.
The New Jersey Business & Industry Association, a small-business advocacy group, opposed the legislation.
It's this latter business that Synacor is buying and integrating into its wider business.
He then received his master's in business administration from Harvard Business School in 1973.
" They reunited again in 1954 for another musical, "There's No Business Like Show Business.
But in terms of the cultivating — our business is a very network-centric business.
But many will need to choose between their American business and their Iranian business.
To understand the insurance business better, it has to start from their business model.
Insurers must see themselves in the prevention business on top of the protection business.
Low business confidence has contributed to weak business investment, despite capacity constraints, it added.
Naturally, as with any business development, this new paradigm is creating other business opportunities.
Has that reporting made it harder for your ECM business to win further business?
He began his business career in 1963 when he joined his family food business.
"Some had their own business, they were fine with the business," Mr. Alemayoh said.
Women represent the largest disruptive force in business  —  and the business world is unprepared.
When you come from a family business like I do, business permeates the conversation.
The company said business from new clients helped offset slowing business with existing ones.
And business has to do what business has to do to work around that.
This time around, there are two tracks: business-to-business, and beauty and fashion.
From a business perspective, many associate Girl Scouts with its $800 million cookie business.
Let's think about how can business move trade, how business will move the trade.
And we -- every single business unit in our business is run by a partner.
Despite the backlash, the business said it has received more business following the sign.
We're in the business of starting companies and building up a business over time.
"If the government lets us do business, we will do business," says one fatalistically.
Companies that have a [developed] product set, whether an enterprise business or consumer business.
"Any business owner is more than entitled to refuse a business proposal," says Darby.
Dress for the job you want Like business culture, business dress was once straightforward.
Business-friendly: Pro-business agenda included being an outspoken supporter of the fracking industry.
Revenue matched Street forecasts, helped by stronger performance in its business-to-business operations.
Well, the entertainment business is a business, and the bottom line is about money.
United Internet's business-to-business and wholesale operations are not part of the transaction.
And we're also seeing fundamental strength in our defense business and our services business.
Slack isn't the only business-to-business company to explore opportunities in health care.
"We are absolutely back in business," Dennis Woodside, the company's president, told CNN Business.
Anyone doing business with Iran will NOT be doing business with the United States.
Wood pointed to the company's platform business as a growth opportunity for the business.
The big business of child stardom On YouTube, child stars can be big business.
And I was a two-time award-winning business owner with Orlando Business Journal.
The site houses BP's global business as well as its research and development business.
"We can leverage this business" against the "ups and downs" of the airline business.
Some might call it dirty business, but in Hollywood ... it's just show business, baby.
Later, she attended the Columbia Business School and Harvard Business School executive development programs.
Microsoft's consumer business is being buoyed by strong revenue growth in the Surface business.
These plans have won widespread support from big business, small business and organized labor.
NSSGA members believe that wise environmental stewardship is good business, and good for business.
CAP said it wants business tax reductions paid for with other business tax increases.
Experienced business people volunteer to mentor and support local business entrepreneurs in their community.
The Definitive Guide to Business Brian Wong is a superhero in the business world.
It's pro business of the past and anti business of the future, really. Sure.
As the entertainment business is starting to shift, is their business shifting, as well?
This is a way to diversify your business, presumably, which is a business, right?
People don't realize your small business is really -- it's really a very massive business.
Revenue in that business fell 14%, partly due to the sale of a business.
The system is now in beta testing and is a business-to-business product.
Your business was dead," he told his audience, "and now your business is thriving.
On Tuesday, the National Federation of Independent Business will report on Small Business Optimism.
For any other cars, business owners can deduct the price of business usage specifically.
I have to do business with Putin, I have to do business with Russia.
Two saw a rise in business volume compared with one which saw business fall.
You just have three great business minds-- managing, you know, over 50-- business entities.
Pousaz told Business Insider that he has been careful about growing the business sustainably.
Redzic most recently worked at mapping business Nokia HERE overseeing the automotive business group.
KAINE: ... has business dealings — has business dealings with Russia that he refuses to disclose.
The acquisition builds on Amazon's burgeoning grocery store business, and delivery business Amazon Fresh.
Business Insider has pulled together all of our recent coverage chronicling Amazon's advertising business.
In every generation, the primary business of journalism has been to stay in business.
My boyfriend and business partner loaned me $1,000 to start my real estate business.
This business model is the only business model to disrupt what is going on.
" He also added: "Let the m------------ business guy run it like a f------ business.
Drama is the central product of the Taylor Swift business, and business is good.
And those people often aren't made for the business side of the music business.
I always felt I was good at business—knew I was good at business.
But HopSkipDrive isn't the only business to see opportunity in the child ridesharing business.
Click here for Business Insider Prime's coverage of the business of YouTubers and influencers.
Business Insider regularly interviews MBA experts about getting into and succeeding in business school.
The UK business opened for business in 2003 at Harrods department store in London.
But I didn't really know the business; I didn't grow up in the business.
It's important that any relief for small business includes nonprofit small business as well.
Ma had no business or technical experience, and growing the business wasn't always easy.
Business Insider named 10 investing heavyweights to its list of 100 people transforming business.
One, what does that mean for your business, the existing business you guys have?
The biopharma business accounted for 15 percent of GE's healthcare business revenue in 2018.
Going out and buying a business, finding that business to acquire is super hard.
Many restaurants will go out of business if business drops significantly for several months.
The Small Business Administration (SBA) offers step-by-step simple business plan creation guides.
Business spending remains weak … [business fixed investment] was negative for the third consecutive quarter.
It's an odd business, though, when it comes to the actual business of grilling.
The business likely provided more profits to Amazon than its vaunted cloud-computing business.
"Business won&apost be in business if we don&apost accommodate consumers," she said.
To automate, you need a business cycle that gets constant eyeballs on your business.
"Business is still business regardless of whether it&aposs family or not," she said.
National Small Business Week is a time for us to celebrate small business success.
SALES AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT (28,227) Sales, business development, marketing, customer service, project management 5.
"It's emergency business, not business as usual," said Rick Lohr, the hotel's general manager.
"Business won't be in business if we don't accommodate consumers," Perez told the BBC.
Business Traveller Magazine announced the winners of its latest Business Traveller Awards in October.
If you're in a business meeting, you can go directly to the business meeting.
That's a pretty strong business case that a strong culture yields strong business results.
It sold off many of the other business, leaving mostly just the dairy business.
Her arena is making fun of show business — nobody takes [show business] that seriously.
By 1948, the business pivoted to locally sourced furniture, establishing a successful catalog business.
Those layoffs were first reported by the Atlanta Business Chronicle and Dallas Business Journal.
Peltz began his business career in 1963 when he joined his family food business.
It has an online advertising business, an e-commerce business, finance services and more.
As a business owner, you have to do both while also running your business.
"This really isn't about the business of protecting journalism as a business," she continued.
The pickup truck business in particular, in my opinion, is a very good business.
Anduiza most recently worked as a business development executive at Citigroup's prime brokerage business.
Amazon Business also offers other services like business analytics and loans to its sellers.
It's not their business, and it's not your place to make it their business.
Healthcare and business-to-business, as usual, they come to play every single month.
"We believe this creates an opportunity for a business-to-business system," he said.
He helped create Amazon's Prime business and previously helped build out Amazon's European business.
Georgia has the most business friendly, reliable, and predictable business environment in the region.
Business groups, including the National Federation of Independent Business, want to kill the rule.
New York (CNN Business)Ford intends to spend $11 billion to reshape its business.
Each year, the National Small Business Association publishes a Politics of Small Business report.
"Once you ask for financial help, your business becomes your parents' business," Cheng said.
"Marcus is taking on small business and making small business count again," says Ramona.
Donald Trump's many books are ostensibly about business and the business of being him.
Revenue is then received by the small business within one business day of purchase.
Should Google be allowed to be in the search business and the advertising business?
Okay, do you want to talk about the new business or the existing business?
Our business model is to sell you a premium product and that's our business.

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