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"ability" Definitions
  1. [singular] ability to do something the fact that somebody/something is able to do something
  2. [uncountable, countable] a level of skill or intelligence
"ability" Synonyms
capacity capability power strength means potential propensity wherewithal potentiality facility fitness preparedness resourcefulness endowment capableness eligibility qualities aptitude talent faculty skill gift competence expertise finesse mastery proficiency adeptness command deftness savvy skillfulness adroitness artistry caliber(US) competency intelligence ingenuity acumen genius brilliance canniness wisdom wit astuteness braininess brainpower brains brightness cleverness comprehension intellect sense sharpness development evolution maturing progress growing advancement change fruition progression transformation growth improvement adulthood coming-of-age flowering maturation maturity ontogenesis ontogeny enterprise initiative drive resource enthusiasm imagination originality spirit daring energy push ambition boldness creativity imaginativeness inventiveness vigour(UK) audacity cunning deviousness slyness artfulness trickery craftiness deceit deception chicanery cunningness deceitfulness deceptiveness dishonesty fraud guile subtlety trickiness artifice cheating crookedness wits appliance assets capital contraption contrivance course creation device expedient authorisation(UK) authorization(US) leave permission licence sanction consent warrant approval authority clearance right agreement assent dispensation endorsement acceptance accreditation acquiescence property quality attribute characteristic feature mark hallmark trait element facet aspect component constituent detail particularity peculiarity affection attribution character criterion freedom latitude autonomy choice flexibility independence liberty opportunity advantage discretion leeway possibility scope space carte blanche convenience free rein self-reliance self-support self-dependence self-subsistence self-sustenance self-assurance self-confidence self-containment self-standing self-sufficiency autarky endurance determination grit tenacity fortitude guts resolution heart perseverance backbone stamina spunk pluck resoluteness courage doggedness persistence indefatigability mettle eloquence oratory rhetoric articulacy articulateness expressiveness fluency persuasiveness grandiloquence diction magniloquence effectiveness enunciation locution poetry blarney forcefulness gracefulness powerfulness self-determination self-government sovereignty independency self-governance sovranty self-rule separation autarchy rangatiratanga license qualification responsibility dependability liability reliability stability trustworthiness rationality reasonableness accountability dependableness reason reliableness sanity trustability adultness conscientiousness sensibleness something mojo oomph special something je ne sais quoi I don't know what More
"ability" Antonyms
inability incapacity incapability failure helplessness hopelessness impotence incapacitation ineffectiveness ineffectualness insufficiency inutility powerlessness shortcoming unfitness weakness lack incompetence ineptness ineptitude inadequacy inaptitude defectiveness deficiency disability impairment incompetency inefficacy inexperience limitation unskillfulness uselessness stupidity foolishness idiocy slowness asininity imbecility imprudence inanity nitwittedness obtuseness stupidness fatuity fatuousness lunacy silliness feeble-mindedness puerility thick-headedness weak-mindedness witlessness block clumsiness decline halt ignorance inefficiency retreat retrogression stop stoppage artlessness maladroitness candour(UK) candor(US) frankness honesty honor(US) honour(UK) innocence openness reality simplicity truthfulness uncleverness ineligibility cluelessness naivete nescience unawareness illiteracy incognizance obliviousness illiterateness incomprehension philistinism sciolism denseness dimness dopiness debt need disorganization(US) permanent poverty disorganisation(UK) regression deterioration retrogradation weakening worsening backsliding regress degeneration degradation descent lapse relapse declining degringolade dying expiration expiring expiry fecklessness unimaginativeness apathy cowardice discouragement disinterest fear humility idleness inactivity indifference indolence laziness lethargy meekness passiveness passivity timidity unemployment feebleness debility impotency fragility weakliness decrepitude delicacy delicateness enfeeblement faintness frailness tiredness debilitation enervation exhaustion fatigue misapplication misuse abuse exploitation perversion misconduct corruption misemployment misutilization misusage mishandling mismanagement desecration misappropriation debasement sincerity truth forthrightness genuineness directness straightforwardness candidness openheartedness bluntness plainness plainspokenness prohibition interdiction proscription refusal disapproval opposition rejection veto restriction constraint restraint limit embargo regulation cramp curb suppression repression ceiling ban barrier compulsion hindrance impediment inhibition control bar avocation cause destruction entertainment fun hobby pastime ruin nothing not anything not a single thing not a thing nothing at all

851 Sentences With "ability"

How to use ability in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "ability" and check conjugation/comparative form for "ability". Mastering all the usages of "ability" from sentence examples published by news publications.

The factors considered were ability to defend against a virus, ability to contain a virus, ability to find a cure, and ability to outlast an epidemic with an ample food supply.
It was their ability to relate and ability to connect.
But the ability to progress, the ability to capture all the coins, the ability to build your kingdom — that takes some mastery.
Abilities:• Ability to build and engage networks of external partners and influencers;• Ability to communicate effectively in English, both orally and in writing;• Ability to analyse complex developments and trends and provide strategic advice;• Ability to deliver programming and manage competing priorities;• Ability to supervise staff.
That ability would to some extent increase our ability to survive during periods of undernutrition, and increase our ability to reproduce — genetic survival.
Others might see it as the ability to interact socially or the ability to swallow or the ability to get out of bed.
It wasn't about their ability, but their perceived ability. Right. Right.
That ability to think, in turn, heightens the ability to threaten.
This ability is also about the ability to always be present.
"It's peaked in its ability to be unplanned, in its ability to still surprise, its ability to still be, 'Oh, that's clever,'" Todd said.
The ability to broadcast, the ability to get your message out there.
"The ability to fantasize is the ability to survive," he once stated.
The point is that the ability to scale, the ability to learn, the ability to attract great people, is really what a founder needs to do.
In other words, the greater cognitive ability, the greater the ability to lie.
He's adding things to his game—his passing ability, his post-up ability.
Is it all about his ability — or his former ability — to play golf?
Ability to Upgrade: When buying a gaming PC, your ability to upgrade is key.
They're united, in essence, by three ephemeral qualities: quotability, meme-ability, and GIF-ability.
But the ability to know major movements of ... The ability to know major movements.
"Tyler has given up his ability to walk, his ability to dance, his ability to get through life as an independent person in so many ways," she said.
It's a lot like Ana's ability to temporarily shut down an enemy's ability to heal.
Please answer the questions below to the best of your ability or Lady ability. 210.
Miller studies multitasking and our ability to do it, or rather, our lack of ability.
My ability to catch lobs and use my athleticism to the best of my ability.
The ability to recognize nonhuman faces significantly expands your ability to build tools and experiences.
But whereas the regime's ability to reform is doubtful, its ability to use force is not.
English ability Points are also given out for English ability, as determined by standardized English test.
"The ability to report depends on awareness, willingness and the ability to overcome fears," Cappa said.
When Socrates admires his health, wealth, strength and ability to survive warfare, Ischomachus credits his strict daily schedule — his ability to regiment time mirrors his ability to impose order on space.
"I worry for any community where Betty Shelby has the cover of law, the ability to carry a gun, the ability to arrest individuals and the ability to take people's lives legally."
Surveyors need the ability to cut brush using chain saw or machete; ability to dig with a shovel or digging bars; ability to walk and hike through rough terrain, snow, and ice.
Unlike many of the potential candidates likely to run for the Democratic nomination, she has the ability to inspire, the ability to fundraise, and the ability to take on Republicans head on.
Although you love to be spoiled, your ability to receive is matched by your ability to give.
You have decreased ability to swallow, sometimes vision loss, decreased ability to talk, eventually difficulty with breathing.
In the years ahead, will the ability to read code determine our ability to comprehend power structures?
The ability to triage and categorize the incoming call, with the ability to upload (pic, video, stream).
"All I know is the ability to underperform exists, the ability to outperform also exists," he said.
"they need to know they have the ability to get out, they have the ability to travel."
"When you have the ability to learn, you have the ability to continue to grow," she said.
Carefully negotiate the minority investor's ability to block your ability to do what you want to do.
That's right, the channels, the ability to communicate, the ability to set notifications on top of it.
Its ability to raise money, however, has yet to be matched by an ability to make money.
Taking away people's health care or ability to get needed medications only reduces their ability to work.
Moreover, a company's ability to succeed is inextricably linked to their ability to recruit the best talent.
And, notably, for the ability of his agency and the election agency's ability to make and enforce orders.
"We have the ability to do any dry commodity that has the ability to be graded," says Macias.
The ability to adjust has been great, as has been the ability to recover mentally from a loss.
But I trusted my ability, I trusted the ability of my teammates, and I felt comfortable and confident.
Government must balance the interests of people's ability to earn a living ... against their ability to actually live.
"First it was his vision, then his ability to speak, and then his ability to walk," Nikulshina said.
"The ability to focus in this way gives you the ability to alter your attention," Dr. Spiegel says.
"It's the permitting, it's the ability to get into older buildings, it's the ability to dig," she added.
We're losing the ability to forget, and therefore we're losing the ability to distance ourselves from our past.
Intelligence is the ability to solve problems; consciousness is the ability to feel things — pain, hate, love, pleasure.
The ability to forget, scientists eventually came to realize, was just as vital as the ability to remember.
Their ability to avoid prosecution and their ability to not be held accountable is pretty interesting to me.
The ability to handle boredom, not surprisingly, is correlated with the ability to focus and to self-regulate.
The ability to display information on top of the world in front of you, the ability to add new digital objects to your environment (think: Pokemon Go), and the ability to enhance existing objects.
At launch, the site offers three main features: the ability to browse and discover products, the ability to optionally track your own items, and the ability to sell those items when the time comes.
Our ability to sell goods and services to the rest of the world depends crucially on our ability to produce them more efficiently, as well as our ability to develop new and attractive products.
On IQ, math ability, sports ability, music ability, personality type we'll have some information but probably not very much: 1003%, 2100%, maybe 2100% chances of being in the top half but not 22 to 100%.
"Their ability to compartmentalize and wall that [trauma] off is closely related to their ability to cope," Sibinga says.
" Devine praised O'Malley's ability to deliver a message, saying, "I don't discount him in terms of raw political ability.
But that would have an obvious impact on your ability to work by slowing down your ability to write.
"Your financial independence ultimately comes from your ability to generate investment income, not your ability to work to spend."
According to Gehrman, melatonin's ability to shift the circadian clock is stronger than its ability to promote immediate sleep.
Holding up the experiments delays not only her ability to submit her papers, but also her ability to graduate.
It was a crapshoot working without the ability to screen or the ability to crowdsource investigating a specific individual.
"Your ability to maintain your hold on property is reliant on your ability to maintain relations with the government."
He has an ability to attract suitors at least in part because he has an ability to sell newspapers.
In this sense, the ability to control the world's unifying maritime network means the ability to shape the future.
Is it by its ability to create a small handful of billionaires or the ability for us to create?
Other improvements in the updated version of Outlook include the ability to edit recurring meetings from your mobile device (and soon, the ability to create recurring events), and the ability to create Skype for Business meetings.
"We're trying to both physically and virtually isolate ISIL, limit their ability to conduct command and control, limit their ability to communicate with each other, limit their ability to conduct operations locally and tactically," he said.
The ability to collect sounds would be minimized—though you wouldn't completely lose that ability—and amplification would be reduced.
"Donald told me he believes far more in natural ability, genetic ability, than in anything someone can learn," D'Antonio says.
This ability is called skinchanging, and it is a magical ability that seems to be genetic to the Stark family.
Mudslade has the Ability Stamina, a new Ability which raises a Pokémon's Defense by one when hit by an attack.
" "They're losing their careers, their livelihood, their healthcare, their ability to support their families, their ability to support their units.
It lies in our ability to defeat enemies, surely, but even more in our ability to turn enemies into friends.
I learned that a driving factor in his ability to write is his ability to read and process information rapidly.
Microsoft&aposs ability to compete with AWS depends on its ability to expand resources available to its customers, Newman said.
I doubted my ability to direct them, and their ability to pick up these skills in the time we had.
Freedom, the ability to challenge rules, is something that all beings, no matter their manifestation, have the ability to undertake.
Therefore, stimulating one brain area may improve the ability to perform one task but hurt the ability to perform another.
Amazon is launching a new ability for it's Alexa smart assistant today: the ability to choose how fast it talks.
As tuitions have increased drastically, the ability to afford college has also impeded many students' ability to complete their programs.
By sharpening your ability to read the room, you can improve your ability to know what's just around the corner.
This federal ability to avert pandemics is now mostly gone, making our ability to contain diseases worldwide significantly more difficult.
In other work, Watts and Duncan have found that mathematics ability in preschool strongly predicts math ability at age 15.
A batter's enhanced ability to hit a baseball farther detracts from a non-enhanced pitcher's ability to prevent home runs.
High-ability boys are more likely than high-ability girls to grow up to be inventors, as we have seen.
The agreement "contains certain limitations on our ability to sell assets, which could impact our ability to complete asset sale transactions or our ability to use proceeds from those sales to fund our operations," the company said.
The phones and tablets that could not turn off Secure Boot before now have the ability to do so, which means people who had no ability to change operating systems on their tablets now have that ability.
So because I have that ability as an entrepreneur, I realized that I had that ability as a philanthropist and the ability and the platform to raise money and now have developed trust where people will donate.
Comparative advantage is also a better predictor of math intentions than perceptions of math ability (women do perceive lower math ability relative to true ability than do men but the effect is less important than comparative advantage).
Like Bluetooth, it transmits data across short distances, but its particular party tricks are the ability to precisely determine location, the ability to broadcast with minimal interference, and the ability to run using very little power at all.
Very little is known about the ability of elasmobranchs — that's sharks, rays and skates — and their ability to distinguish between sounds.
"North Korea's ability to engage in international trade and finance relies on its ability to move goods and money," Berger said.
They're heroic in their restraint and their ability to remain calm and their ability to help one another through these situations.
Strong R&D Ability: Hikvision possesses strong R&D ability and cost benefits, which are reinforced by the company's large scale.
One ability that has come to the fore in recent years is Holloway's ability and willingness to fight from both stances.
" She added: "It says as much about our ability to hear these messages as it does our ability to articulate them.
His ability to recognize objects and scenes remained unchanged after his surgery and matched the ability of other children his age.
Some experts alluded to her "silent movie quality," an ability to captivate just by being, her ability to act without words.
However, in Thailand, her ability is deemed nothing more than average making OneSongchai's ability to promote her much more than average.
But more critically, entrenched insider advantages have eroded our ability to choose effective leaders, and hampered our ability to compete globally.
But the ability of ISIS to murder hostages in cold blood shows they retain territorial influence and the ability to shock.
Anything that weakens his administration weakens their 2018 reelection prospects, their ability to fill judgeships, their ability to pass tax cuts.
Now anyone, anywhere, has the ability to create music – and that desire and ability to express is what makes us human.
However in Thailand, her ability is deemed nothing more than average making OneSongchai's ability to promote her much more than average.
And depending on when one uses the ability and how one uses the ability, it can change the gameplay experience significantly.
In the later hours, your ability to stage-manage yourself gets weaker, your ability to hold it together starts to erode.
What happens after that is highly dependent upon our ability to get back to work, our ability to resume normal functioning.
I don&apost think it&aposs unique, but, you know, the ability to work from home, the ability to work remotely.
"China really does have the military ability, which is the say the armed ability, to resolve the Taiwan issue," Jin said.
Yes, I think the world's ability to solve our greatest challenges will be contingent on our ability to have the conversation.
From a pure basketball point, what she can do, the way she plays, her ability to score, her ability to pass.
"Yes, I have the ability to make money, but yes, I also have the ability to change the world," he says.
They include modularity, the ability to manipulate, rearrange, and/or substitute digitized parts of a larger whole without disrupting or destroying that whole; modifiability, the ability to repurpose and reappropriate aspects of an existing project toward some new end; archivability, the ability to replicate and store existing data; and accessibility, the ability to categorize and search for tagged content.
But what makes Kartel a phenomenon isn't just his ability to make hit records, but his ability to do so while incarcerated.
After all, as Mattis once explained, our ability "to build trust and harmony" is as critical as our ability execute any task.
These changes have turned this ability from a more niche rarely used ability, to a much more powerful and core survivability tool.
The country's ability to successfully negotiate this change will be dependent upon the government's ability to continue making progress on structural reforms.
The ability to earn income driving for Uber increases workers' flexibility and, therefore, their ability to drive harder bargains with other employers.
That ability to connect with people was bested only by "ability to articulate a compelling vision" for the business, at 49 percent.
I was skeptical about our ability to get along, and about my ability create a cohesive narrative that represented our differing viewpoints.
However, constant exposure to trauma can derail our ability to cope healthily and hinder our ability to return to a relaxed state.
The weak underwriting standards for these loans better assess a lender's ability to collect than a borrower's ability to repay the loan.
Hard-easy bias occurs when individuals underestimate their ability to perform easy tasks, yet overestimate their ability to perform more difficult ones.
Eliminating our ability to source steel necessary for armor, ships, tanks and other weapons jeopardizes our military's ability to keep Americans safe.
The ability to make sonically proficient music has never been easier, and the ability to share that music has never been quicker.
And they block, they block our ability – our regulators' ability to go in and see what's going on truly behind the scenes.
His ability to go further in the primary will depend in no small part on his ability to win Michigan on Tuesday.
Such an outbreak could incapacitate not only the ability to conduct active operations, but the ability of affected units to continue operating.
The parent's ability to provide support to PLC stems from the limited ability of the sovereign (B+/Negative) to provide such backing.
Instead, far too often, it has been perverted so as to undermine his ability, and his team's ability, to serve the nation.
Alton has powers: the ability to "talk" to and manipulate machines, and the ability to shoot beams of light from his eyes.
Facebook says there will be three main ways this will play out: the ability to display information on top of the world in front of you, the ability to add digital objects, and the ability to enhance or alter existing objects.
WTFC's rating not only reflects its ability to maintain an adequate capital base through the cycle but also its ability to maintain capital even with strong asset growth and its demonstrated ability to raise capital in the private and public markets.
Automatic aims, automatic backstabs, forced melee criticals, the ability to show all enemy players on the in-game radar, the ability to steal the names of other players, target locks, and even the ability to avoid shooting your Steam friends.
Solgaleo's own ability is Full Metal Body, a new ability that makes it impervious to stat decreases caused by opponents' moves of abilities.
Having the ability to decide if, when, and how to become a parent is crucial to our ability to fully participate in society.
Those creators now have identical access and ability to leverage Facebook's ability to host, distribute and monetize their content as traditional media companies.
The ability to make payouts to share- and bondholders is crucial for banks because it affects their ability to raise cash from investors.
The EU's ability to defer hard decisions—the legendary fudge—once testified to its resilience, or at least its ability to manage disagreements.
Those given EGCG performed better in tests for visual memory, the ability to control responses and the ability to plan or make calculations.
Someone's ability to pay for these tools or services should not be a determining factor in their ability to access and use them.
Then when you add to that writing ability, the production design ability ... It's one of the most beautiful sets that I've ever seen.
The ads' ability to make it past Facebook's review process casts further doubt on the company's ability to effectively monitor its own platform.
It will include the ability to self-publish learning materials and give schools the ability to upload the entirety of their digital libraries.
He's suggesting a breakdown in the media's ability to separate fact from fiction and the American public's ability to keep the story straight.
It's an ability that makes it hard to interact with the world around her, but it's an incredibly useful ability as a thief.
And what we've lost is nuance, and the ability to confront complication, and the ability to accept that many truths exist at once.
Take away your ability to earn an income, and the ability to fund your life now or in the future goes with it.
It has the ability to boost the effects of power, from the other gems themselves to the duplication of any physical superhuman ability.
Losing or delaying the vote would bruise investors' confidence in Trump's legislative ability and his ability to keep his big promises to business.
Ali's great ability was to antagonize, to infuriate; proof of a man's ability to alter the tone of a moment all by himself.
He said this would also depend on championship logistics, the ability of competitors to travel and the country's ability to host the event.
Critics fear that City's ability to avoid punishment would be a death blow for UEFA's ability to impose financial limits on its clubs.
It's -- my ability to deal with my not knowing is better than my ability to defend things that I have that I know.
It seems as though our ability to change technology happens so quickly, and our ability to evolve as creatures is still very slow.
" When asked about the recent meeting between Silicon Valley tech leaders and President Donald Trump, Sandberg said, "This administration is going to have broad ability to take action on things we care about, jobs, our ability to hire, our ability to grow.
There was a time in our history when limiting the possession of guns meant limiting our liberty — our ability to counterbalance a powerful central government that could fall into tyrannical hands; our ability to fend for ourselves; our ability to protect our families.
Among third-graders with high math ability, the white and especially Asian kids are relatively likely to grow up to be inventors, while high-ability black and Latino children are only very slightly more likely to become inventors than low-ability ones.
"As we advance our ability to treat diseases, we need to continually enhance our ability to rapidly and inexpensively diagnose" those diseases, Collins says.
For example, a robot is seen as having agency — the ability to think and exhibit self-control — but not the ability to feel emotions.
We cannot separate the ability to decide whether and when to have children from the ability to seek professional opportunities and plan our careers.
And women are really powerful, they have the ability to give birth, they have the ability to feed that which they've given birth to.
But the ability to identify where a sound is coming from can diminish much earlier, and jobs requiring that ability will become more challenging.
An insurer's ability to protect its customers at a fair price is only as good as its ability to calculate and underwrite the risk.
Iran's ability to store crude oil is crucial to keep production up rather than its ability to sell in the short term, said Ruhl.
These companies "can share the ability to advertise to the list with advertisers on Facebook," but you have the power to limit that ability.
If anything, we can all admire her hustle — her keen ability to date Hollywood men or her keen ability to see stories to tabloids.
The ability of criminals to quickly and easily cross state borders, folks discovered they needed an investigative agency that could have that same ability.
Another small but important new ability for the Google Assistant is the ability to snooze or dismiss timers and alarms just by saying stop.
Perot said he liked to hire military veterans, especially those with combat experience, because of their leadership ability and ability to deal with pressure.
Why it matters: Our ability to make employment transitions as painless as possible will hinge on our ability to get ahead of these trends.
Sixty eight percent of millennials feel uneasy with Trump's ability deal with terrorism and 44 percent are uneasy with Clinton's ability to do so.
Consistent among these top jobs is the ability to work under minimal supervision, the ability to manage others and some degree of technical proficiency.
The other notable conclusion: The ability to rapidly respond during the Stroop color-naming task predicted the ability to suppress disgust and be polite.
"I think the ability for us ability for oil and gas production to ramp back up will depend on what happens in the market."
Among those are the CFPB's ability to bar any financial product in deems to be "abusive," and its ability to gather consumer financial data.
Now, with the emergence of deepfake technology, the ability to produce convincing fake video will be almost as widespread as the ability to lie.
I would define power as the ability to make other people do what you want; freedom is the ability to do what you want.
"I am more worried about the ability of bad guys to hijack our networks than their ability to hijack our flights," Ms. Nielsen said.
Republicans' ability to win passage of a tax package hinges on its ability to survive a complex set of legislative restrictions in the Senate.
The $70 million cut has reduced the UN agency's ability to respond to humanitarian crises and its ability to fulfill its mission, PAI said.
Increasing and organizing white matter is critical to the brain's ability to communicate across its various parts, boosting its functionality and ability to learn.
"Today, I am more worried about the ability of bad guys to hijack our networks than their ability to hijack our flights," she said.
The sanctions against Iran could hamper its ability to contain the spread of the virus and diminish the country's ability to mobilize international support.
It was the denial of citizenship in favor of race: 'The ability to become American, the ability to assimilate, they just didn't have it.
But the ability of parents to limit screen time, like the ability to limit unwholesome food, has become more than a matter of health.
He's the top piece of a big system, and his ability to create change depends on his ability to leverage and mobilize the system.
The ability to escape our comfort zones helps our ability to retire early because it alters, in a healthy way, our outlook on life.
Republicans' ability to keep control of the Senate will depend on their ability to reelect senators in blue and purple states, such as Sen.
Only 18 percent rated Clinton's ability to handle national security as good or very good, and only 27 percent rated Trump's ability the same way.
I think people know his passion, his ability to fight for what he believes him, his ability to be a leader in a tough time.
It can also cause problems for departing aircraft by reducing the ability of a plane's ability to achieve sufficient lift while barreling down a runway.
And, importantly, it's not just the ability to have a child that's at stake; it's the ability to carry one's own child in a pregnancy.
Under the 1987 constitution, the president has the ability to place the country under martial law, though Congress has the ability to revoke the proclamation.
The ability therefore to protect their ability to uphold the filibuster should be paramount to the left — and particularly to Democrats — in the long run.
The kit bag was a gesture of deliberate negligence on Danny's part, a protest not against his ability but against his obligation to that ability.
" Venable, a retired Air Force colonel, said the U.S. military's ability to "mask emissions is very good, and our ability to detect is very good.
He's trying to strip our state's ability to protect our clean water, he's trying to take away a state's ability to protect its own citizens.
If there are two key themes in the election so far, one is Trump's ability to enrage; the other is his ability to exceed expectations.
Their ability to actually do so depends on Russell's ability to thrive in his new home like James Harden once did with the Houston Rockets.
The quality of your sleep the night before directly impacts your ability to perform the next day and, indeed, your ability to enjoy your day.
The trouble is that you might end up losing the ability to feel very happy just as you lose the ability to feel very sad.
"Trump's ability to even advance a peace process with the Palestinians was predicated on his ability to stand up to the Iranians," Mr. Oren added.
Thus, the establishment clause limits the government's ability to advance religion, while the free exercise clause limits the government's ability to target people of faith.
To be fair, threats to constrict the ability of maneuver of U.S. naval forces and eliminate the ability to exercise sea control are nothing new.
But it's all driven by great employment, by America's success in the worldwide economy, the ability to employ people, the ability to pay them more.
Research suggests that Denisovan DNA may have contributed to modern Tibetans' ability to live in high altitudes and the Inuits' ability to withstand freezing temperatures.
His viability as a presidential candidate depends on his ability to build a more diverse coalition and his ability to be competitive in most states.
Islamabad's ability to satisfy important American needs has given it the ability to deflect or ignore U.S. wishes, even those about which Washington felt strongly.
The ability to destroy large military assets — without detection and at high speed — could induce immense confusion and critical lags in the ability to respond.
If NSO and other surveillance software companies lose the ability to transmit spyware over popular, private networks, their ability to infect targets would dramatically decline.
He added that Congress should use its authority to enforce its ability to compel uncooperative witnesses to testify through its ability to hold them in contempt.
Hence not just the legal ability to purchase and own a gun but the legal ability to use it even when safely retreating may be possible.
Many, however, rely on Indian universities' remarkable ability to turn out engineers in great numbers, and computing firms' ability to use them to solve complex problems.
I think that gives us not only the ability to reach more people, but it gives the ability to do so in more economically viable ways.
And today, that actually massively improves our ability to get to know you, but actually, also our ability to get to know all of our clients.
Instagram had previously introduced other comment moderation tools, like swiping to delete comments, the ability to report inappropriate comments, and the ability to block user accounts.
Or is this kind of shift removing both scientists' ability to convince the public of climate change, and their ability to understand what they're dealing with?
One early idea for how Nanit might influence best practices is rooted in its ability to detect a child's ability to return to sleep after awakening.
"It would force them to take away either the ability to charge whatever they want or the ability to treat drivers as independent contractors," says Steinbaum.
The ability became possible in less than a week after his challenge through the All in One Gestures app, but Samsung reportedly eventually disabled the ability.
We humans envy birds for their seemingly effortless ability to fly, and for their ability to extract endless amounts of bread from old people in parks.
The increased syndication capacity gives Antares the ability to commit to larger transactions, which improves its ability to win deals and helps to solidify sponsor relationships.
Hawaii by itself doesn't have the ability to track incoming ballistic missiles, but it does have the ability to initiate an emergency alert about ballistic missiles.
At Cisco, our continued ability to grow, innovate, create jobs, and help shape the technological future is tied directly to our ability to reach new markets.
What has kept us going in the last almost 2149 years is our ability to the depoliticize oil, our ability to isolate the organization from geopolitics.
The app's best feature, though, is its ability to understand natural language — a feat Flexibits mastered long before every developer around was touting the same ability.
This complicates an officer's ability achieve the goals of community policing and compromises the public's ability to trust those who work to make them feel safe.
His ability to communicate with Japan's demanding lawmakers and ability to craft ingenious solutions to the BOJ's many problems earned his approach the nickname "Amamiya magic".
Without treatment, Sanfilippo will rob children of their speech, their ability to walk, their ability to feed themselves, their memory, and in their teens, their life.
The ability of each new President to survive the coming wave of street protests became even more important than his ability to hold the legislature together.
Congress retains power over military spending, Congress has the ability to investigate presidential misconduct and Congress has the ability to conduct aggressive oversight on executive agencies.
Was Abloh engaging seriously with Diana's ability to communicate through clothing, or is his gift more an ability to point a lightning bolt at the zeitgeist?
It can affect your self-esteem, your ability to trust your partner, your ability to trust your future partners, and even your overall beliefs about relationships.
We hold that in very high esteem, having the ability to do that, having the opportunity to do it, having the ability to play for it.
"Part of Trump's ability to dodge bullets in the past has rested on his ability to change the subject," Geoff Garin, a Democratic strategist and pollster.
Pay attention to how your alone time is affecting your well-being, your ability to care for yourself and your ability to function in daily activities.
Brexit proved its ability to destabilize major Western institutions and the global economy; Trump proved its ability to capture the most powerful position in the world.
"His ability to excite and motivate people all over the country — he has this unique ability to inspire people to take action and organize," Herberich said.
As I pursued more investment smarts, my confidence grew not only in my own ability to invest, but in the ability of the market to recover.
Those include the ability to open a joint account, and the ability to send a paper check or to deposit one via a mobile phone's camera.
It also affects my physical ability to have sex, the side effects have really affected my vagina as well as my emotional ability to have sex.
The longevity of Trudeau's government and its ability to pass legislation will depend on its ability to collaborate with people and parties from across the country.
In losing the ability to call evil what it is without mitigation, without minimization, you have lost the ability to define and enjoy love and goodness.
She is concerned about a widening school readiness gap, as the ability to access high-quality child care is limited by a parent's ability to pay.
The ability to throw an effective punch and the ability to take one is an essential part of taking the case to Trump in the fall.
And then the ability to extend plays with his feet — if and when, early in the down, you've shown the ability to cover up wide receivers.
Hence not just the legal ability to purchase and own a gun, but the legal ability to use it even when safely retreating may be possible.
In addition to good credit, certified financial planner Brandon Renfro told Business Insider there are three major signs of good financial health: the ability to navigate job loss, the ability to retire on your own terms, and the ability to change jobs or take time off.
Of course, over the years, as my confidence in my ability to get by without a car increased, my confidence in my ability to drive — unsurprisingly — plummeted.
It has the ability to stand on its own, it has the ability to be a huge consumer product for anyone, any family looking for video options.
Caveats aside, he wowed with his ability to block shots all over the floor and impressed teammates like Melvin Ejim with his scoring ability throughout the camp.
One new tools, which aren't available yet, are the ability to add area-specific comments to documents, as well as the ability to share view-only folders.
Given that our common ancestors had that ability, our common ancestor of Neanderthals had that ability, then obviously Neanderthals had it as well as we had it.
The ability of doctors to make these important contributions is not dependent on the doctor's ability to forecast accurately when a patient will have a heart attack.
Monitoring urine concentration matters because, as the kidneys' urine-concentrating ability diminishes, so too does their ability to filter out toxins and waste products from the blood.
The agency said patients treated with Zolgensma demonstrated significant improvement in their ability to reach developmental motor milestones such as head control and ability to sit up.
When asked about the benefits of emojis, users cited the ability to communicate across language barriers (94%) and the ability to instantly communicate thoughts and ideas (90%).
Space can also affect the body's ability to take up oxygen — a key indicator of aerobic fitness — and can impair the body's ability to regulate blood pressure.
Lucky for him, Facebook gives people the ability to play sports that normally require some sort of athletic ability — soccer, for example — right from its Messenger app.
"You're trying to maintain your lifestyle and your ability to hit future financial goals, and obviously your ability to save is pretty material on that," West said.
So the question is, how can we target this superpower ability of tech to have 4x the ability to impact that the $3 trillion healthcare budget does?
Without this support, victims can experience nightmares, flashbacks, and even memory problems that can interfere with their health, ability to work, and ability to support their family.
"Our core strength and the tech we built is the ability to assess technical ability and to do it at scale," CodeSignal CEO Tigran Sloyan told me.
With dehydration, though, we "lose the ability to sweat, the body loses the ability to get rid of heat, and so body temperature rapidly rises," he said.
"He should attack the net more because he does have that ability and skill set to do that, and the skating ability," Carolina coach Bill Peters said.
"Anchor investors still have ability to sway a deal but they don't have the same ability to sit in judgment on the market," the syndicate head said.
In teenagers, "emotional intelligence," or the ability to recognize and manage emotions, is associated with an increased ability to cope with stressful situations and greater self-esteem.
This November will test our nation's ability to protect polling places from hacking – and our ability to quickly audit and verify results in close or contested races.
I recognized the ways my perfectionism cripples my ability to take pride in my writing—and in its most extreme form, my ability to write at all.
Greater awareness It seems CEOs and other leaders are realizing how vital sleep is to their ability to perform at their best, including their ability to focus.
"The ability to show your ability to help the world with your product and services is incredibly rewarding for the team to get them back onto mission."
Nkengasong: I think there are two dangers facing Africa now -- the first is our ability to detect quickly, and the second is the ability to contain it.
The next four months will show how well Bloomberg's team can match their ability to articulate a winning strategy with an ability to execute a winning strategy.
Mattel and Hasbro need confidence not only in Toys R Us' ability to emerge from bankruptcy, but also the retailer's ability to escape the same fate twice.
" Hennessy said if the U.S. loses the ability to bring and attract immigrants "it will hurt all of our ability to be the leader in the future.
It will be the European Union's ability to survive in 2017 rather than its ability to reform itself that might persuade Europeans that unity is not over.
But increasing GAO's ability to provide technical services will also strengthen Congress's ability to conduct oversight of the many executive agencies that have jurisdiction over technical matters.
I don't know if they have the ability to share, sounds like they don't have the ability yet to share gigabytes of storage in a family plan.
One of the biggest determinants of Facebook's ability to finally pull the trigger on commerce will be its ability to solve its biggest and thorniest problem — payments.
It stopped being fun when its strengths – the ability to interconnect with anyone, the ability to broadcast to millions, the ability to access the cosmic jukebox and movie theatre at all hours – became secondary to a say-anything, anti-PC form of discourse shed of courtesy and play.
So part of putting the companies together, in addition to the phenomenal expansion of clinical service capabilities, it boils down to three things: The ability to further improve affordability; the ability to further expand choice; and the ability to further improve predictability, which comes after your last piece.
In conjunction with the new F-35 jets Tokyo has purchased, the upgrade will enhance Tokyo&aposs ability to go on the offensive, including the ability to preemptively strike its adversaries, rather than just to defend itself — and the ability to inflict pain, of course, carries a deterrent effect.
In particular, YouTube is working on porting three Google Play Music features: The ability to have a locker with personal music files, the ability to play local audio files on your Android device and the ability to transfer your playlists from Google Play Music to the YouTube Music app.
"The cerebral cortex underlies most of human cognition, providing such functions as speech production and understanding, ability to use tools, ability to make decisions, et cetera," Glasser said.
On the one hand, losing the ability to talk on the phone when behind the wheel would, in effect, mean losing the ability to be productive while driving.
Mixed reality is conducive to inducing flow states because of its ability to immerse employees in designed experiences that match their learning styles, preferences for stimuli and ability.
What is obvious is that the ability of the Border Patrol to arrest large numbers of people has run ahead of the justice system's ability to process them.
This style of offense is completely dependent on the playmaking ability of the player making the reads, and the ability of off-ball players to knock down shots.
The screen also shines when reading books or comics thanks to its ability to switch between portrait and landscape modes as well as the ability detach the keyboard.
The ability to lunge out of the water and deliver intense shocks to a mammal as large as a horse represents an impressive adaptive outgrowth of this ability.
Likewise, GOP confidence in Trump's ability to appoint the best people to office has dropped 13 points, while confidence in his ability to provide leadership is down 9.
The Constitution may give Congress the ability to declare war, but in reality it has little ability to stop the President if he's determined to strike North Korea.
His ability to get to the rim started others' ability to get to the rim and we were able to get enough kick outs and finishes to win.
Emotional intelligence (EQ) is your ability to recognize and understand emotions in yourself and others and your ability to use this awareness to manage your behavior and relationships.
"Our concern with them is they've got the ability to regenerate quickly, and they've got the ability to catch fire, as we've seen in other places," he said.
It's our ability to excel even when odds are stacked against us, our ability to channel rage into action, and use moments of joy to propel us forward.
This gives them more space for organizing packages, the ability to use parking spots for delivery vehicles and the ability to haul extra equipment, like straps and dollies.
"Denying charters the ability to grow and preventing parents' ability to choose would shut the door on 20 years of proven gains in academic achievement," Mr. Flanagan said.
Part of the assessment of the Taycan&aposs ability to keep people safe is the car&aposs ability to recognize a dummy on the road and stop automatically.
Because, if we do, it'll mean that the impeachment clause is a complete nullity and, more than that, our oversight ability is really an ability in name only.
As newer and newer iterations of the iPhone are released, Apple has honed in on one ability that&aposs quite uncanny: the ability to automatically recognize human faces.
For one, it underrepresents the ability of households to rely on assets or savings in times of low income and the ability to save when incomes are high.
At a high level, each driver has a throttle skill, braking skill, wheel-to-wheel confidence, wet weather ability, how they react under pressure and cornering ability set.
A company's ability to create and refine its products, customer experiences, processes, and business models — in other words, to compete — is deeply affected by its ability to experiment. 
That is to say, is Trump's very unusual personality — his money, his ability to command media attention, and his ability to handle conflict — what's made his campaign possible?
Among respondents, the top three selected reasons included the ability to deploy only the PC assets they need, based on workload, as well as the ability to transition PC procurement from CAPEX to OPEX, and the ability to reduce IT workloads by offloading procurement and management to a third party.
For a robot to be able to operate like people and animals requires sophisticated skills: mobility, or the ability to move around; dexterity, the ability to use your hands and fine-finger manipulation; and autonomous perception, the ability to see objects even as the seer is moving around, says Raibert.
The new app includes several key features, like the ability to ask questions that are matched with qualified responders, the ability to follow others in a Twitter-like fashion, the ability to give thanks with a "thank you" and emoji buttons, notifications and it supports rich media like images and links.
Attorneys representing children say that the videoconferencing program, which pairs immigrant children in Texas and a judge in Georgia, diminishes the children's ability to communicate their reasons for seeking asylum, limits the judge's ability to evaluate nonverbal cues, and impedes the kids' ability to understand what is at stake for them.
Attorneys representing children say that the videoconferencing program, which pairs immigrant children in Texas and a judge in Georgia, diminishes the children's ability to communicate their reasons for seeking asylum, limits the judge's ability to evaluate nonverbal cues, and impedes the kids' ability to understand what is at stake for them.
They may also have helped reduce historical disparities in swimming ability: Another USA Swimming Foundation study, which will be published this fall, found improvement in swimming ability across all racial groups compared with 2010, with the number of black children who had little to no swimming ability falling to 64 percent.
"The lack of strong control kind of handicaps their ability to push through, or handicaps any one person, particularly the President's ability, to push through extreme policies," he said.
It really comes down to our ability to and the willingness to ask questions, and our ability and our willingness to have empathy for people that aren't like ourselves.
His ability to work with parliament will be crucial to his ability to meet the expectations of his voters and also pass reforms needed to keep foreign aid flowing.
This ability requires an entirely different digestive biochemistry, enabling, for example, the ability to break down and absorb, or assimilate, nutrients found in the fibrous cell walls of plants.
Again, from a foreign military perspective, if a satellite has the ability to build something, that satellite also has the intrinsic ability to dismantle something — say, an enemy satellite.
"One thing the book mentioned was that in astronomy, our ability to collect data is growing much more rapidly than our ability to manually examine the data," says Shallue.
"Investors seem to have no confidence in Fonterra's ability to deliver high dividends, and no confidence in its ability to grow," said Brian Gaynor, director at Milford Asset Management.
So we realized that they had given advertisers the ability to target ads really granularly, and in fact they had this ability to block people from seeing your ad.
LA-based Talytica boasts an ability to assess cognitive ability, personality, strong career interests and specific job skills in the hourly talent management space, theoretically resolving this critical disconnect.
But noting that due to tools like AI, and the ability hire thousands of human moderators, have changed the company and industry's ability to control what's on their systems.
Or perhaps Apple could use Lighthouse's ability to recognize multiple approved users to add the long-requested ability to add multiple Face ID users to share a single device.
There are more updates to Apple Maps, such as the ability to share your ETA with friends, collections of favorite places, the ability to share lists with friends, etc.
It didn't seem fair that what school you attended — something many of my peers had little ability to control — could dictate something as important as your ability to learn.
Using the chatbot, employees can anonymously document inappropriate behavior, the ability for HR workers to follow-up, the ability to export reports as signed, time-stamped PDFs and more.
"Master communicators have solid listening skills, the ability to tune into a person with focus and the ability to articulate clearly while being both candid and caring," says Cran.
To date, the ability to build DNA sequences in cells has been restricted to a small number of short segments, hindering scientists' ability to alter and understand biological systems.
ANDREW McCABE: So, we have the ability to see ‑‑ we have a greater ability to see threats coming to us now than we ever have had in the past.
He thrives on his ability to frustrate even the most seasoned interviewers by using his uncanny ability to steer the conversation wherever he wants, no matter the initial question.
Basically, anyone with an illness that causes enduring suffering and with the ability to provide informed consent should have the ability to access doctor-assisted death, the report says.
Everyone wants the ability to be the cool friend who filters out the garbage and points people to the good stuff — and to find ways to monetize that ability.
A near-term separation would impede our ability to take advantage of these benefits prior to their expiration and, in turn, impact our ability to return capital to shareholders.
"So when you've someone with an exceptional memory ability and an exceptional ability to connect people, places and things, that's a tremendous asset for any law firm," said Zumpano.
If you had the ability to pay for an AI stock adviser, like the one Betterment already sells, would you trust it over your own ability to pick stocks?
You have to use your best self in your ability to negotiate, your best self in the ability to adapt, your best self how you're perceived in this environment.
From universal basic income proposals to education reform, the tech industry is apparently convinced that its ability to design apps translates to an ability to achieve real political change.
Every young American should have a full educational opportunity based not on their ability to pay, but on their ability to work hard, study and perform well in school.
A vote for union representation at Nissan's Canton plant "could affect that plant's ability to compete and Mississippi's ability to compete in the realm of economic development," Waller said.
Out of all four attributes, your problem-solving ability is valued much more highly than your ability to do well in a set role, according to the senior recruiter.
A ruling against the fees would deprives unions of a vital revenue stream, undercut their ability to attract new members and undermine their ability to spend in political races.
But Alphabet heads voted down the proposals, prompting pushback from employees concerned with the company's ability to hire and retain talent, which could eventually damage Alphabet's ability to innovate.
German newspaper Bild, which first reported Verzilov's arrival, on Saturday quoted family members as saying he had lost his sight, his ability to speak and his ability to walk.
In Silicon Valley, your ability to be a founder is based entirely on your ability to have an idea, convince investors to give you money, and attract media attention.
Coming to the correct diagnosis depends heavily both on the doctor's ability to ask the right questions and the patient's ability and willingness to provide detailed and accurate answers.
"We are deeply concerned with the activities of Iran, with the ability of Iran to enhance those activities through a greater ability to move material into Syria," Satterfield said.
Why are you optimistic about the boundless ability of the American people to endure Trump but not optimistic about their ability to see politics in a more sophisticated fashion?
This is a cognitive bias where people of low ability assess their ability as greater than it is, because of their meta-cognitive inability to recognise their own ineptitude.
"I hope you recognize that Facebook's ability to effectively combat misinformation during the 2020 Census will presage your ability to combat similar misinformation during the upcoming elections," Harris wrote.
"There is no ability to stay in the United States if you bring a child, and there is no ability to stay if you are pregnant," Mr. McAleenan said.
For charities to function, they need an adequate flow of donations, the ability to use these donations for their mission and the ability to remain outside the political fray.
"I hope you recognize that Facebook's ability to effectively combat misinformation during the 2202 census will presage your ability to combat similar misinformation during the upcoming elections," Harris wrote.
So in terms of what I would do different, I'm going to build on my ability to communicate with the President better, my ability to communicate with others better.
One interesting contrast in the data: Trump fares slightly better in perceptions of his ability to manage the government generally than his ability to manage his own White House.
"We have the ability to withhold dollars from Metro; we have the ability to shut Metro down; and we aren't afraid to use the authority we have," he said.
RBS said the ability to clear cross-border euro payments was also critical for its ability to manage euro-denominated central bank cash balances of around 23 billion euros.
Academics are judged on their ability to get papers published in these periodicals and business schools are ranked on their ability to employ the most prolific of these academics.
That is if the financial institution offers a loan rehabilitation program whereby a borrower demonstrates the ability to make timely monthly payments and the ability to repay the loan.
But acne isn't a moral issue — it's an issue of genetic predisposition, of ability to manage stress, and, most importantly, of the ability to afford trips to the dermatologist.
The changes to the app rating process are among several coming with iOS 10.3, including the ability to search for missing AirPods and the ability to get cricket scores.
" - Laurie "The ability to create my own schedule.
" -- and more related to perceived ability -- "Can I?
There are some other updates in the new version, like the ability to make notes sound loudly or softly, and the ability to transpose loops up or down an octave.
"If it's left unchecked, it undermines our ability — the world's ability — to deal constructively with all of the threats facing us including especially those of nuclear weapons and climate change."
They will also expand his ability to promulgate laws by decree, insulate him and executive branch appointees from legislative oversight, and increase his ability to pack the judiciary with allies.
But he said the dolphins may not be resting as deeply as they need, which could harm their ability to forage for food at night and their ability to reproduce.
Facebook temporarily limited the ability of media outlet RT to post to the site this week, as RT said the block would curb its ability to cover Donald Trump's inauguration.
He coupled it with a written statement that accused Congress of overstepping its constitutional bounds, impeding his ability to negotiate with foreign countries and lacking any ability to strike deals.
It hurts women's overall ability to participate in the workforce, prevents fathers from being equal partners in child rearing, and has devastating effects on women's health and ability to parent.
"We have the ability to mobilize people, but they [the firefighters] have the ability to bring safety to everything, so we tried to combine our powers, let's say," she said.
"When the state cuts off our ability to do business, it is cutting off its ability to govern," Travis County judge Sarah Eckhardt said in a press conference Wednesday afternoon.
Ultimately, the study finds that the ability to articulate oneself, and the ability to determine how objects relate to each other in space increased the more people performed sexual acts.
Favorite Ace solo: "Detroit Rock City" Rock 'n' roll can excel in a number of different ways: There's technical ability, there's songwriting ability, and then there's Magic Awesome Rock Power.
The decision granted same-sex spouses a bevy of federal rights, including the ability to claim spousal Social Security benefits and the ability to file a joint income tax return.
In art, as in journalism, censorship hurts the public's ability to process and act on information, impeding our ability to observe or discuss issues of critical social and political importance.
The second thing the market got wrong was that "they heavily discounted our ability to work with our customers to deleverage and their ability and willingness to deleverage," Green continued.
At first, she's just got somewhat of an ability-enhancing costume, that heightens her fighting ability and eventually learns to summon the costume to her so she can wear it.
But what helps set Chen apart is not only his ability to successfully land quads in the first place, but his ability to successfully land several different types of quads.
Each person in our country deserves the ability to define and make decisions about our bodies, families and communities; however, economic insecurity interferes with our ability to make such decisions.
These include the ability to run Linux containers on Windows and the Windows Subsystem for Linux that enables this, as well as the ability to run Bash scripts on Windows.
"Most of all, I believe a positive attitude, fighting spirt, and coping ability significantly impact a patient's ability to persevere in the face of a life-threatening illness," he said.
Communication "Master communicators have solid listening skills, the ability to tune into a person with focus and the ability to articulate clearly while being both candid and caring," says Cran.
"If you wanted to try to pressure and contain North Korea's ability to earn from these illicit activities, you'd have to also close off its ability to adapt," she said.
But they can be seen as lacking the ability to make quick decisions, or the ability to place the interests of their group above those of outsiders at all costs.
Most vice-presidential speculation weighs something more short-term: Mr Booker's ability to inspire young and black Democrats to turn out, an ability that pundits set against his relative inexperience.
If you can pull a big man away from the basket—sometimes you do it with shooting ability, but with his passing ability I think that opens up as well.
"There's a sense in which women and girls are raised to think that your ability to sacrifice yourself, your ability to reduce yourself somehow contributes to your worth," says Adichie.
A President should be evaluated for "alertness, cognitive function, judgment, appropriate behavior, the ability to choose among options and the ability to communicate clearly," Mohr told a researcher in 22018.
Most tankier mech pilots will still have the Bulwark ability, but now it's a passive ability that makes sticking to cover way, way more effective than it ever was before.
As the Times notes, our ability to record music, and the quality with which we can do it, has always outstripped our ability to play it back in full detail.
Without legal identification, they are denied access to government aid, health care, financial services, the labor market, the ability to secure property rights and the ability to register a business.
"That ability didn't transfer to any improvement in general cognition, like the ability to concentrate, to store new information without using the technique, or speed of processing," Dr. Balota said.
"He had the spirit of an author, the ability to step back and appreciate the message, and the ability to understand what the reading public responded to," Robert Loverd said.
Our profound and impressive ability to create complex tools with which to manipulate our environments is secondary to our ability to conceptualize and communicate about those environments in natural languages.
This approach enabled a number of key results—including the ability to program and control different operations on entangled photons, and the ability to send quantum information between two devices.
Google Maps also previously adopted other Waze features, like the ability to add a stop to your route while in navigation mode, or the ability to view nearby gas prices.
"The continuity of the company and its ability to honour its obligations depends on its ability to obtain a new agreement" on its finances, Jabal Omar said in its statement.
While Dr. Fugazza suggests that all dogs have the ability to think in categories, only a select few, either because of training, or natural ability, actually know words for categories.
Fairness would be measured by a variety of factors, including ability to fill canceled reservations, processing and labor costs, and the carrier's ability to anticipate the average number of cancellations.
I like I love games, the sort of where you're the hero, but like, your ability to be a hero, your ability to set the world right, is realistically limited.
"His ability to navigate is entirely related to how many Republican senators see the world the same way," Holmes said of McConnell's ability to dispense with articles of impeachment quickly.
"We've realized that our ability to invest resources in tools and technology is only as good as the advisers' ability to implement this into their practices," Saperstein said on Friday.
For the other 90 percent, the ability to build wealth rests on the ability to save, which they can't do if interest rates are rising and eating into their earnings.
That limits researchers' ability to detect potential biases — like the risk that AVs could fail to detect dark-skinned pedestrians — which in turn hampers their ability to reassure the public.
Political power is not simply the ability to influence the positions citizens or lawmakers take on issues, but also the ability to control what issues are discussed and voted on.
Their ability to sway the Fed toward Mr. Trump's desired interest rate cuts and a new round of quantitative easing would depend on their ability to persuade their new colleagues.
Yeah. That was an enormous responsibility, but my bandmates were incredibly supportive and I think it was a very galvanizing record for the band, despite all the pressure and anxiety that I felt—not about our ability to pull it off, but about people's ability to recognize our ability to pull it off.
And if they could imagine it, they surely would have placed a limit on the president's pardon power, his ability to claim executive privilege, his immunity from criminal prosecution, his ability to declare war, and his ability to defy and thwart the checks and balances that they were so careful to establish.
Thinking Outside the Box Stitch Fix's ability to keep current customers and attract new ones hinges on its ability to consistently send clothes that women like and that fit them well.
The bacteria were actually quite poor at using citrate to begin with, so there were a lot of opportunities after they evolved the ability to use citrate to refine that ability.
SESTA weakens Section 230 in an effort to give sex trafficking victims greater ability to sue websites and state prosecutors the ability to hold companies criminally liable for user-generated content.
Once this transfer takes place, the new President will have the ability to launch nuclear war on his own and there is no legal constraint on his ability to do this.
Regardless of how long Delta takes to complete its tests, the airline's ability to offer free in-flight Wi-Fi might largely depend on Gogo's ability to build out its network.
"I am not worried about their ability to pay ... they have lots of cash, and ability to borrow a lot, plus lots of assets to sell," he told CNBC via email.
It is subjective, you know, but the internet has the ability to elevate discussion; it also has the ability to just, look, I read the comments sections just like everybody else.
The present experiment revealed that style of interviewing did not affect on overall accuracy (ability to distinguish between truths or lies) or on lie detection accuracy (ability to correctly identify liars).
That's in large part thanks to BMW's unrivaled ability to make turbocharged engines provide effortless, broad-spectrum power and the engineers in Munich's unparalleled ability to tune an 53-speed transmission.
He said that regulated industries in particular have been requesting the ability to control their own encryption keys, including the ability to revoke them if it was required for security reasons.
EarTrumpet includes features like the ability to control classic and modern app volumes individually, a quick switch between default audio devices, and even the ability to move apps between playback devices.
"I was amazed at his ability to kind of jump into the caregiving role and his comic ability to look to transform situations into something that wasn't as horrible," Jeannie says.
In actuality, it is the ability to be impure that creates a great artist, the ability to soak in one's life experience in order to draft an artistic commentary on life.
Other new features in this latest Enterprise release include the ability to ignore whitespace when reviewing changes, the ability to require multiple reviewers for code changes, automated support tickets and more.
The subject is surely a personal one for Monkman, and his ability to materialize colonial relationships outside of more common and conventional forms of representations speaks to the painter's conceptual ability.
Quotas on specific skills could severely limit the ability of new tech companies to grow, as well as limit the ability of British skilled students to learn alongside other global experts.
The ability to take notes right on the phone's lock screen that debuted with last year's Note 5 has been expanded with the ability to "pin" notes there for quick access.
"I was not in the room, but I'm skeptical that a person of his ability and his legal ability was unable to remember the answers to all those questions," he added.
Casey, to point out that our ability to participate fully in our society, including economically, hinges on our ability to be able to make choices for our bodies and our families.
Addressing it requires a coordinated global response, and innovation pessimists are right to doubt the ability of the United Nations and the ability of the regulatory state to solve the problem.
Wylie describes the ability to obtain such nitty-gritty results from fashion preferences and use them to drive people's actions and political views as the tech industry's ability to "colonize" people.
Mae questions Karen's ability to lead a cause that she isn't confident about, but perhaps Pastor Karen's ability to speak openly about her doubts is what makes her the most able.
Results showed that women valued both their partner's sense of humor and their own ability to make their partner laugh; men valued only their own ability to make their partner laugh.
Taking away the ability to trade options would deprive clients of the ability to protect a portfolio or a specific investment, TD Ameritrade Holding said in a written comment in July.
Some studies have examined the cephalopod's ability to discern objects of different sizes, shapes, colors, brightnesses and textures; and its problem-solving, including the ability to navigate mazes and open jars.
By contrast, having regulators deny utilities the ability to increase rates, or force them to lower rates, functions as a tax cut that directly increases the spending ability of poor households.
This increase in deportations would reduce our ability to replace retired workers in our labor force, substantially decrease our state and local tax revenue and reduce our economy's ability to innovate.
The article continues: Get enough sleep The quality of your sleep the night before directly impacts your ability to perform the next day and, indeed, your ability to enjoy your day.
Acceptance of the plan means that the college will not have restrictions placed on its ability to create new programs or on the ability of its students to receive federal aid.
The CFPB is expected soon — perhaps this month — to issue a final rule, which would tie a consumer's ability to use one of these loans to their ability to repay it.
"The transaction may increase members of the Murdoch Family Trust's ability to influence the overall news agenda and their ability to influence the political process," Ms. Bradley said in a statement.
Without any experience in intelligence, Grenell's ability to understand the underlying information is questionable, but his ability to use it as a weapon against the people who provided it is not.
The ability to stream The Empire Strikes Back on your phone or have your kid FaceTime with his grandparents is trivial compared to the ability to afford these big four commodities.
The pest's ability to spread across countries and continents has been put down to contaminated produce being transported across borders, and the adult moth's ability to fly long distances to breed.
This is a different set of challenges when it comes to communication, so I would trade his ability to do those things than the ability to navigate around a big spreadsheet.
Grocery delivery start-up Instacart has discovered a bug in its checkout flow that affected some of its users' ability to waive service fees and some shoppers' ability to receive tips.
"Our ability to continue as a going concern for the next 12 months is dependent on our ability to generate sufficient cash flows," the company noted in its 2018 annual report.
At the core of Studio is also the ability to share projects and folders with others who are working on the same project, including the ability to discuss notebooks and results.
"The scarcity is hampering both the ability of health-care workers in hospitals to draw samples to send to laboratories and the ability of those laboratories to confirm infection," they write.
" China's ability to push its policies "kind of works.
He's got the ability to be great, I think. .
" Specifically, it could "imperil the President's ability to govern.
People who didn't have the ability to ... That's right.
" He added: "I have the ability to do this.
They have shown little ability to move above the .
I marvel -- absolutely marvel -- at their ability to juggle.
"), focusing on ability ("I am very good at this!
Step 2: Give players the ability to buy ... something.
Other new actions include the ability to convert between a variety of units from the "Measurement" and "Convert Measurement" actions; the ability to get the most recent set of imported photos from the Photos app using the "Get Last Import" action; and the ability to start recording video immediately in the "Take Video" action.
EQ stands for emotional intelligence quotient, and your emotional intelligence determines how well you relate to other people, your ability to put yourself in other's shoes, and your ability to build rapport.
Other improvements include the ability to "Like" Tinder messages (by tapping the green heart next to a message), as well as the ability to upload Tinder profile pics directly from your camera.
There are many legitimate reasons to jailbreak a video game console—modding the Switch allows greater customizability, the ability to side load bespoke apps, and the ability to play home-brew games.
However, VR's unique and unprecedented power, lies not in its ability to remove the human from this society, but rather in the medium's ability to immerse the user ever deeper into it.
The ability of the 3DFS system to learn the consumption profile of all the loads to which it is attached gives it the ability to continuously perfect the electricity supplied to them.
In particular, with the ability to evaluate the quality or reliability of Internet content also comes the computerized ability to read and evaluate all of human history and knowledge at light-speed.
Even putting aside the ability to listen in on the president — gaining the ability to send even a single tweet from Trump's account could create chaos before the situation is cleared up.
But the key to Unboxed is combining discovery of new products or the ability to learn more about them, and providing viewers with the ability to buy products directly within the app.
The ability to EQ music will be rolled out to all Echo devices in the coming days, though only those in the US will immediately have the ability to use voice commands.
" To which he added: "The ability to add and subtract is a higher-level cognitive ability and to claim that an insect can do this is extraordinary and therefore requires extraordinary evidence.
The newly updated platform brings the ability to recognize objects on vertical surfaces like walls, along with circular tables, adding to its current ability to position virtual things on tables and chairs.
The ability for click and collect to save retailers money depends largely on where the product is located, and retailers' ability to find the cheapest way to get it to the consumer.
Will there be any limits on the stories told with the new letters, or on their ability to replicate, or on the ability of the designed creatures to interact with the evolved?
Now also imagine the ability to choose between a bunch of difficulty options, and the ability to tweak victory conditions, specifically so you can cater to what you're good and bad at.
As concerns rise about Argentina's ability to meet its debt obligations, investors are looking closely at the government's ability to roll over its peso maturities, including short-term notes known as 'Letes.
Cost Pass-Through Ability: Japfa is able to mitigate risk from rising raw-material costs through a strong ability to pass through cost increases to customers in the key animal-feed segment.
In Kentucky and nationally, we see an urgent need to enhance our ability to track and monitor infections among injection drug users to improve our ability to prevent infections before outbreaks occur.
Facebook's ability to target digital ads at users based on their "likes" and other online behavior is so effective that some in Congress want to regulate its ability to sell political advertising.
"Because he committed a murder, no matter how long ago it was, he still has ability or inherent ability to do another murder or violent crime," Deputy Prosecutor Wayne Tashima told KGMB.
By exposing unions to this "free rider" problem — and thereby kneecapping their ability to effectively finance their operations — RTW laws jeopardize unions' ability to give workers a meaningful voice in the workplace.
The search gives users the ability to search through patients within Ascension, pulling up an overview of their health record with the ability to get a closer look at vitals or labs.
"The damage from this release is huge, both to our ability to protect ourselves on the internet and our ability to provide intelligence to policy makers and the military," Mr. Aitel said.
Cost Pass-Through Ability: Japfa is able to mitigate its exposure to rising raw material costs through a strong ability to pass through cost increases to customers in the animal-feed segment.
LifeLog reflected people's growing willingness and ability to keep a comprehensive digital record of their lives—and the government willingness and ability to capture those records—more than it drove those trends.
There is a gulf of difference between the salesman's ability to schmooze and charm and the trader's ability to synthesize information about markets and make bets worth hundreds of millions of dollars.
A second, pricier option has added features including the ability to stream in HD and the ability to turn your phone into a faster, portable Wi-Fi hot spot for other devices.
This pill can measurably improve your memory, overall cognitive performance, ability to learn new information, receptivity to facial cues, mood, ability to handle problems, metabolism, risk for heart disease and immune system.
The authors acknowledged that there were limitations in studying this atypically male-dominated place, but the nature of the competition allowed them to control for athletic ability, cognitive ability and other factors.
On the front-facing camera, Apple decided to go big with a wider-angle sensor and the ability to capture 4K video at 30/0993fps and the ability to shoot slo-mo.
In 2018, Democrats' ability to compete in statewide elections in the Midwest and in the South may depend on candidates' ability to court gun owners, many of whom fiercely oppose new regulations.
The Democrats' ability to halt progress toward drilling in the refuge hinges on the party's ability to recapture the majority in one or both houses of Congress in the 2018 midterm elections.
The Trump administration plan also voided California's ability to set its own, stricter standards, triggering a potentially ugly legal battle between Washington and blue states over the ability to fight global warming.
Last week, a Washington Post/ABC News poll found Clinton leading Trump by 14 percentage points on ability to handle terrorism and 29 percentage points on ability to handle an international crisis.
The outcome is smoother device syncing, the ability to run iPad apps on your desktop, and the ability to track screen time on your Mac just like you do on iOS devices.
But Ms. Khondji values its independence and ability to "work in a loose way with studios, producers and filmmakers" and said any expansion would depend on her ability to maintain that freedom.
Here's what it means: 5G promises to bring super fast download speeds, the ability to connect millions of devices and the ability to process massive amounts of data in nearly real time.
While the Koch brothers have the ability to directly deliver big bucks to loyal Republican candidates, Obama has the ability to draw comparable resources simply through his presence in a particular campaign.
The latest case could have a larger impact on app-based companies' ability to force consumers into agreements where they waive their ability to sue in exchange for access to the app.
For instance, the brain's ability to strengthen some connections (to create memories) and weaken other connections (to let go of less important information) declines after puberty, which impacts our ability to learn).
"We believe that our ability to compete effectively depends upon many factors both within and beyond our control, including ... our ability to attract and retain qualified drivers and riders," the filing said.
"But it's crucial that we don't curtail the U.N.'s ability to monitor, investigate and expose human rights abuses or its ability to save the lives of men, women and children worldwide."
A democratic socialist, she quickly revealed a preternatural ability to discuss left-wing ideas as if they were mere common sense, earning praise from scholars as Reaganesque in her ability to communicate.
Bennet is expected to make his ability to win in a state like Colorado, where there is a healthy share of both Democrats and Republicans, central to his bid, too, arguing that that ability to win in a state that is nearly evenly divided among Democratic, Republican and unaffiliated voters bodes well for his ability to defeat Trump.
This adds turn-by-turn directions and traffic data (via Google Maps), the ability to control and play music, access to customizable notifications, and even the ability to trigger your phone's smart assistant.
ARKit 2 also comes with the ability to have multiplayer AR games as well as the ability to turn your phone into a very neat ruler thanks to a new app called Measure.
Point number two is most of the traits that you can imagine someone trying to enhance, which is intelligence, height, athletic ability, musical ability and so forth, are probably very multi-genic traits.
"The presence of a substance that's going to interfere with an individual's emotional state and ability to make a rational decision is going to impede their ability to give competent consent," he explains.
But there are things Silent Echo can handle, like the ability to control smart home devices or the ability interact with Alexa skills – including for testing purposes, as developers may need to do.
Shopify was early to bring its merchants the ability to converse directly with customers via Facebook Messenger, and now it's launching the ability to actually sell directly within messages between stores and customers.
AI Now says this raises questions around technology's ability to grasp complex emotional states, a student's ability to contest the findings, and the way it could impact what is taught in the classroom.
What Gray and collaborators have found is that our perception of others' minds is composed of two variables: agency, the ability to think and make decisions; and experience, the ability to feel emotions.
That would likely reduce the ability of creators to reach their existing fans, which can impact their ability to monetize through sponsored posts or direct traffic to ways they make money like Patreon.
Among the updates consumers can expect in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update are the ability to Ink PDFs, an enhanced Game Mode and the ability to broadcast your PC gaming via Beam.
There are also people who know that a parent's sexual orientation doesn't affect their ability to be an amazing parent, yet would question a non-monogamous or very kinky person's ability to parent.
The robes grow and change color as the students age and increase in magic ability, from a child size to full adult and from faint pink and full gold, corresponding to student ability.
But it wasn't what I wanted from DLC, which was either the ability to check in with the world after your final confrontation with Ganon or else the ability to play as Zelda.
You may not have the ability to change everything you don't like about your job, but you do have the ability to improve how good you feel about yourself and life in general.
"Such incomplete data may in turn affect the Border Patrol's ability to understand the scale of the problem in each sector and affect the agency's ability to make key decisions," the GAO wrote.
Tupac's ability to complete his high school education in the midst of unimaginable odds may be one of the strongest predictors of his ability to escape from a life of homelessness and poverty.
"These increasingly lethal [high-profile attacks] underscore the importance of [high-profile attacks] to the insurgency's ability to sway public opinion regarding the Afghan government's ability to secure the population," the report says.
Such protections "preserve our ability to study other worlds as they exist in their natural states; to avoid contamination that would obscure our ability to find life elsewhere — if it exists," NASA explains.
"The ability to slow down and get perspective, along with the ability to get in somebody else's shoes — those two things have been invaluable to me," Obama explained of his penchant for reading.
The ability to identify black people is different than the ability to identify white people, and we believe that's primarily an issue of the training data that's being used by facial recognition companies.
What seems clear is that our ability to navigate is inextricably tied not just to our ability to remember the past but also to learning, decision-making, imagining and planning for the future.
What will change is our ability to grow even faster, to develop technology more rapidly, to accelerate our ability to provide solutions that meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of advertisers and digital audiences.
In the past, Snapchat received backlash for giving advertisers minimal ability to custom-target its users, which hindered their ability to compete with the likes of Google and Facebook in winning advertising contracts.
Other big questions center on JaVale McGee's ability to maintain his efficiency when asked to handle a larger workload and Brandon Ingram's ability to shift from occasionally showing potential to actually delivering results.
But still, the ability to work with Republicans is the third quality that a CNN poll shows Democrats want most in their next president, the first being an ability to defeat Donald Trump.
"We have advanced significantly in our teleworking ability and our ability to work remotely — and that's a good thing and that prepares the government for something like this," said the ex-OPM official.
I.) and Richard Blumenthal (Conn.), is the second bill to be introduced on Thursday aimed at blocking President Trump's ability to fire Mueller and limiting the Justice Department's ability to follow such orders.
That includes things like disease detection — the ability to understand that you're seeing something new — and the ability, once you've identified a novel outbreak like the Wuhan coronavirus, to detect and report it.
Even some Macron supporters at his rally said that, though they believed in his ability to win, they worried about his ability to unite disenchanted voters beyond their rejection of the far right.
Finally, the narrative Wall Street picks will be driven by their belief in Spiegel's ability to out-innovate the competition, and his team's ability to execute the promise of reinventing the media landscape.
However, although we now lack the ability to produce Neu5Gc, our bodies still have the ability to incorporate it into the glycans on our cells if we obtain it by eating red meat.
With my ability to do the city strut far behind me, my city existence, my ability to roam the streets and haunt the cafes, is sometimes contingent upon the good citizenship of others.
Their ability to hang on to their seats depends on the ability to both distance themselves from Trump and make voters feel that they're getting something done that's worth keeping them in office.
The addition of the ability to build fortifications, a more interesting progression system, and the ability to create your own challenges are welcome additions that's been refined over more than a dozen games.
Arlen lost the ability to speak, eat, walk and move.
That's a particularly useful ability when fighting with a partner.
This is evident from SpaceX's recent ability to raise money.
Amazon's ability to monetize Alexa has been a question mark.
And we have the moral obligation and ability to act.
The other new feature is the ability to record audio.
The peak of mankind's musical ability has already been reached.
I can't take for granted my ability to accomplish it.
The ability to keep breathing after contact with police is.
He credits his religious faith for his ability to forgive.
The Fed is increasingly keen on its ability to communicate.
That would drastically reduce clubs' ability to recruit from abroad.
I admire her ability to put herself in uncomfortable situations.
They also require an ability to navigate pointed political criticism.
Those things can stymy a scientist's ability to do work.
Shouldn't we be amazed he ever even had that ability?
Forget the character limits and ability to send group DMs.
It also has the ability to send mass text messages.
In 2003, one lineage evolved the ability to use citrate.
Or would losing one fundamentally impair your ability to hear?
If it were destroyed, then that ability would be minimized.
We're losing our ability to focus on the physical world.
Cory has the ability to move pieces in the game.
We have the ability to alter our states of mind.
The ability to post will come to Facebook Lite soon.
So the ability to make those is a real positive.
How can they maintain their ability to hire top talent?
"Pepper has the ability to do emotional sensing," said Puehse.
This ability to spot patterns in hoaxes is particularly useful.
"I think people overestimate their ability to pick," he said.
It can facilitate your ability to work together on problems.
"We want to enhance on the ability to drive impact."
In Martin's universe, fire has the ability to melt ice.
Your ability to understand others and be understood is heightened.
Examples of the Nurugo Micro's ability to capture microscopic images.
Skipping breakfast doesn't hinder my ability to get stuff done.
We're not doubting your ability to effectively brush your teeth.
So I feel good about our ability to move forward.
He judges them on their ability to do the job.
There's just a little less emphasis on ultimate cornering ability.
Getting treatment won't hinder your ability to renew the plan.
It obviously collapses without the ability to use U.S. technology.
The ability to snooze emails for later comes to mind.
The local government has limited ability to deliver crucial services.
The ability to develop talent is always in high demand.
Nineteen falls, or 8 percent, resulted in reduced walking ability.
By April 2016, everyone had the ability to go Live.
But thanks to Eid's ability to showcase a range of
But the ability to accomplish that goal just isn't there.
But ice has the ability to freeze and crack fire.
No... (CROSSTALK) QUESTION: ... this country's ability to work with Russia?
It's about your ability to produce yourself and a performance.
Do you think they have the ability to branch out?
Facilities would charge families based on their ability to pay.
But sometimes Alexa's ability to understand the commands was confounding.
In China, confidence in corporations' ability to service debt fell.
It could be something about an ability or a disability.
She's now worried about her ability to support her family.
And, of course, blindness didn't impair her ability to count.
They don't have as much ability to control the narrative.
He has the ability to be able to do it.
Do they possess the ability to maintain an open mind?
This has dampened their ability to further understand what happened.
She just has this natural ability to connect with people.
Schroders has demonstrated its ability to adapt to industry changes.
All of the passengers seem to have this supernatural ability.
This sets back Apple's ability to win over India consumers.
The second was the university's ability to spot market niches.
Our ability to obtain such information is now severely limited.
Restricting someone's ability to comment will also affect direct messages.
But that is most definitely beyond China's ability to control.
It has the ability to unlock itself with your face.
They are essential to our balance and ability to walk.
More importantly, perhaps, it could impact Quora's ability to monetize.
"They've lost confidence in his ability to perform," Kamarck said.
Ranking members don't have the ability to have subpoena power.
Ability to adjust depth of field after photo was taken.
David Bowie was known for his ability to reinvent himself.
You really have this amazing ability to prioritize what's important.
Does ISIS threaten our ability to survive as a nation?
It has the ability to excuse him from his shortcomings.
But its ability to spy remotely might get around that.
Tenet's weak FCF limits the company's ability to repay debt.
"Pompeo's singular ability is in navigating power," Goyle told me.
We have the ability to actually make these things work.
Therefore, kids have the ability to act younger for longer.
"Dead money" hurts a team's ability to spend in future.
There's not this mismatch between desire and ability to do.
Music's most powerful magic is its ability to connect people.
She has the ability to stretch and change her shape.
Do whatever you can that's positive and within your ability.
There are other holes in bitcoin's ability to maintain anonymity.
Toxic air exposure can affect neurological development and cognitive ability.
One key to her ability to get through it all?
" Trump tweeted Friday that "Crooked Hillary has ZERO leadership ability.
His ability to speak in almost any accent was legendary.
I've seen the ability ... My dad was a physics professor.
The ability to make your own coloring page is fun.
Tesla also has the ability to make affordable electric cars.
To Rorschach, people always have the ability to be good.
But she lacked the ability to make these things happen.
His dancing ability leaves a lot to be desired, too.
Our brain's ability to catastrophize is our own worst enemy.
"We're confident in his ability," Twins manager Paul Molitor said.
"I've always had the ability to draw faces," he says.
They both possess the ability to give rousing impromptu speeches.
Mrs May lacks the ability to craft a new philosophy.
This is detrimental to Trump's ability to pursue his agenda.
"Ought" judgments depended largely on concerns about blame, not ability.
Or rather, he'd lost the ability to speak to me.
"I'm skeptical of anyone's ability to do this," he adds.
GE also says it'll have the ability to play music.
Their ability to fight FDA regulation has been largely successful.
Evidence of art's ability to kickstart cognitive development is ubiquitous.
Most people underestimate their ability to go acquire new knowledge.
The Google Home finally has the ability to speak Spanish.
Encrypted conversations also limit Facebook's ability to send targeted advertisements.
But we should not lose our ability to be shocked.
Renewed sanctions could harm Iran's ability to export its crude.
Bernhardt's ability to manage her own physical instrument mesmerized spectators.
It's almost a support ability, though it provides no healing.
America's ability to save for retirement shouldn't suffer the consequences.
A disaster can impact your ability to earn a paycheck.
Yet its ability to control what we think is absolute.
The Trump administration has expanded ISPs' ability to surveil customers.
I think you have the ability to change people's lives.
What stands out with Rentlogic is its ability to scale.
Its ability to generate income from oil is increasingly limited.
Also new is the ability to live stream thermal imaging.
Coping with them challenges her limited ability to exercise restraint.
Governments can affect our ability to do what we do.
Its ability to measure indoor air quality is unique, however.
"It's the ability to say it's everyone's responsibility," he says.
But more importantly, it's the ability to audit the capture.
We wish we could possess an ounce of your ability.
Investors have exaggerated expectations of auditors' ability to detect fraud.
Have we reached some sort of ceiling in AI's ability?
But perhaps most tragically, many lost their ability to come.
In the past it's used that ability to good use.
Amazon first introduced this ability in the little Echo Dot.
Netflix's ability to raise price in lieu of rising competition.
"Our ability to resolve NPLs is relatively strong," Li said.
You will get the ability to cloud save your content.
In this case, having the flawless ability to cover Queen.
Eventually, even the ability to create plot will be automated.
Were you limited in your ability to do that there?
And on its ability to elaborate programs useful for citizens.
China's ability to coerce the Philippines has also been reduced.
Only my ability to bounce back from really bad things.
Its distance from Washington, DC, fuelled its ability to experiment.
"We're back to prove we have the ability," he said.
Ten years of psychoanalysis might give you the same ability.
He knew that he possessed the ability to overcome Eubank.
"The riders have lost their ability to race," said LeMond.
The previous example highlighted the ability to look up information.
Their strong market presence owes to their ability to adapt.
Clinton's trustworthiness and her ability to reach across the aisle.
Core heuristics refer to someone's ability to make expedient decisions.
So the government has an ability that's beyond other folks.
Chief among them is the ability to shoot portrait mode.
Kaitlyn: Tinder doesn't have any photo sharing ability in messaging.
That's not technology you're reacting to, that's just human ability.
Its major strength is its ability to use mixed strategies.
ROTE measures the bank's ability to deal with potential losses.
Moreover, some cameras have the ability to pan or tilt.
The other big addition is the ability to pair HomePods.
I'd done my job to the best of my ability.
No, not his accelerated healing factor — his ability to surprise.
But doing that was about more than just natural ability.
I wanted to disrupt my ability to pass as white.
"It does restrain its ability to project power," Wallace said.
But he soon realised that he lacked the natural ability.
I'm proud of my willingness and ability to do that.
If you have the ability, then luck is your opportunity.
You lose scientists and you lose the ability to innovate.
The ability to throttle in that scenario is very important.
The Fed's forecast ability wasn't any better during the recovery.
We are so grateful for the ability to help her.
Your intuitive ability will be especially heightened at this time.
Outgoing education minister Ronald Thwaites questioned Holness' ability to deliver.
Polk lacked Jackson's ability to instill fear that bred loyalty.
Nurx's ability to address stigma also remains to be seen.
"I have no concerns about his cognitive ability," Jackson said.
Both were vital components of prehistoric humans' ability to survive.
His ability to meaningfully connect to his audience is undeniable.
Which was because he has no ability to control himself.
I think we have the ability to beat Real Madrid.
The FN's ability to motivate French women could be decisive.
It removed the ability to think about things so much.
The refrigerator, despite its ability to suffocate him, seemed safer.
You have lost the ability to be able to fly.
It has good turning ability too, though it's rather slow.
The company has previously expressed interest in developing that ability.
Children have such a remarkable ability to animate any object.
The ability employers were most interested in was team orientation.
Babies aren't known for their ability to hold a pose.
So you're really questioning her ability to persuade and lead.
Offers the ability to fork code bases with one click.
That raises serious doubts about Saudi Arabia's ability to reform.
Panic about China's ability to maintain steady growth is unwarranted.
Trump also tops Clinton on his ability to handle healthcare.
Reality TV has the unique ability to continually surprise us.
"It does not affect ability to accept claims," Wright said.
Recruiters use survival training to test recruits' fitness and ability.
He isn't known for his ability to withstand spicy food.
They do so because of their new ability to compete.
And your body's ability to heal itself is seriously impressive.
Pyongyang's ability to hit the South with missiles is reduced.
Some analysts are skeptical about Samsung's ability to stand out.
"It's beyond their ability to generate it themselves," he said.
The ability to sing in tune or clap in rhythm?
One is confidence, belief in your ability to be successful.
John Kasich who haven't shown much ability to win contests.
They didn't understand [its] ability to generate 30 percent growth.
Wii Sports appealed to every demographic, every age, every ability.
These restrictions can significantly hinder some people's ability to vote.
I mean, our economy depends on the ability to innovate.
We are strengthening our ability to aim and sustain attention.
Data analytics allows organizations the ability to recognize trafficking patterns.
The market has the ability to beat the central bank.
It's also reclaiming the ability to dance and to move.
Republicans were helped by Trump's ability to dominate the spotlight.
Will it hurt the site's ability to attract more leakers?
The glaring problem here is the "ability to buy" part.
And this ability extended to another species, the lemon damselfish.
You have the ability to execute it with more conviction.
Mr Trump's ability to blow Republican cracks asunder is unprecedented.
That constrains firms' and workers' ability to wield bargaining power.
Dictation is also limited by its ability to enter punctuation.
So I have the ability to write my own material.
Consumers' ability to pay their debt also remained relatively easy.
It's completely disconnected from their own ability to rate themselves.
Data Factory now features the ability to map data flows.
A theory may be tested by its ability to predict.
Rethinking your ability to explain what the web actually is?
Apple needs to improve Siri's ability to work across platforms.
My worry is that regulation destroys the ability to innovate.
But its ability to inflict terror is far from extinguished.
Spotty cellphone service has severely hampered relatives' ability to connect.
Farms are scared of losing their ability to get antibiotics.
It's sorely missing the ability to step back a screen.
They've got to have the ability to do those patches.
Trump has an uncanny ability to pinpoint his opponents' weaknesses.
States, meanwhile, clearly has the necessary ability, but appears unsure
"By definition, these demands require the ability to behave flexibly."
But respecting that schedule depends on Federer's ability to recover.
What about restricting students' ability to participate in extracurricular activities?
Lucky for them, they've lost the ability to feel shame.
Currently free listeners don't have the ability to skip songs.
He had an unmatched ability to inspire people, including me.
The ability to write a superb headline is a must.
Siri just gained an important new ability: reading the news.
He spoke optimistically about SpaceX's ability to create propellant plants.
The ability to recognize those mistakes is important to me.
This superpower is losing its ability to define the world.
It's the ability to depict leadership, from lecterns to tarmacs.
Mr. Kagan had an ability to morph with the times.
The increased connectivity suggests a greater ability to fabricate stories.
Clinton's ability to attract such voters in November's general election.
It also codifies the president's ability to shrink a monument.
The squeeze limits the government's ability spend and boost growth.
The Great Lakes region's ability to compete depends on it.
It expands the ability to challenge voters at the polls.
Throughout, he touted Trump's ability to overhaul the United States.
Finding your soul begins by discovering our ability to listen!
This trend undermines her ability to lead in this environment.
But he's grown his ability to manage other people's emotions.
The agency doesn't have the ability to institute binding rules.
He has proven he has very little ability to learn.
" It was the ability to achieve reform "now or never.
Pros of revolving creditThe ability to spend what you need.
Thus, the agreement would have hurt his ability to rule.
"Denial," he said, "is the main ability the Israelis develop."
We simply lack the ability to agree on established facts.
Consider termites' ability to convert dead plant matter into energy.
To his credit, Amash has shown the ability to evolve.
That may complicate its ability to hire its own truckers.
In turn, their ability to buy back stock is diminished.
She lacks his ability to inspire and embrace bolder agendas.
"I had lost the ability to understand categories," she said.
THURSDAY: The lack of sleep affected my ability to work.
The options include the ability to choose hairstyles and colors.
"Some people have an ability to negotiate," he told her.
That ruthlessness brings with it a remarkable ability to regenerate.
The ability to stream Bluetooth audio to two devices simultaneously.
As Marshall aged, his ability to impose Federalist policies waned.
Reno settlement, which regulates the government's ability to detain minors.
Losing political independence hurts the agency's ability to operate credibly.
You won't have the access or ability to purchase medications.
He believes strongly in football's ability to teach life lessons.
We had the ability, strength and wealth to do this.
Had chemotherapy and painkillers affected his ability to think clearly?
No civilian anywhere should be allowed to have that ability.
Christie has exhibited a marvelous ability to suck up abuse.
Ms. Steinem brought a journalist's ability to navigate different worlds.
Their ability to decipher clandestine schemes testifies to their genius.
Monson was praised for his ability to connect with people.
The linking ability will be available globally through Wednesday's update.
But he hasn't demonstrated an ability to work with others.
The ability to view the same app in multiple windows
Dating app relationships have the ability to go the distance.
This ability to spin the situation takes resourcefulness and preparation.
Most historians will have cause to envy her narrative ability.
Roy Cooper's (D) ability to appoint state and local judges.
And the officials have the ability to police during games.
Dentsu has no legal right or ability to cancel it.
Facts don't change based on my ability to stomach them.

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