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"past" Definitions
  1. gone by in time
  2. [only before noun] gone by recently; just ended
  3. [only before noun] belonging to an earlier time
  4. [only before noun] (grammar) connected with the form of a verb used to express actions in the past
"past" Synonyms
done over gone ended finished forgotten extinct former ancient bygone completed gone by spent accomplished defunct earlier elapsed foregone no more ago late erstwhile previous sometime one-time prior recent early other preceding quondam whilom ex- foregoing long-ago old older once last latter latest antecedent anterior leaving retiring departing withdrawing outbound resigning exiting outgoing outdated outmoded antiquated archaic dated obsolete superannuated outworn prehistoric medieval(US) antediluvian fossilised(UK) fossilized(US) mossy unfashionable demoded obsolescent prehistorical through complete concluded terminated at an end decided determined done with settled over with up ancient history in the bag wound up retired pensioned discharged emeritus cidevant inactive otiose emerita resigned pensioned off in retirement put out to grass old school traditional classic classical conservative conventional customary rooted habitual unprogressive acceptable accustomed popular regular conforming old-fashioned long-established old line time-honored unremembered lost disregarded buried disremembered erased lapsed repressed unrecalled suppressed blotted out gone clean out of someone's mind left behind out of mind consigned to oblivion past recollection blanked out ancestral inherited lineal hereditary familial genealogical patriarchal affiliated ancestorial congenital consanguine consanguineous family forefatherly inborn inbred innate maternal wasted missed squandered blown forfeited neglected bungled unexploited unused down the drain gone by the board misused frittered away thrown away dissipated blew misdirected history yesteryear antiquity yesterday yore former times ancient times auld lang syne bygone days earlier period long ago olden days old times time immemorial times past years ago days of yore good old days old lang syne the good old days background experience life biography past life life story career to date autobiography profile account memoir life history adventure fortunes personal history family background trials and tribulations career track record record reputation performance accomplishments achievements credentials statistics stats past performance performance history past behavior previous accomplishments achievement work curriculum vitae descent extraction stock line birth blood genealogy ancestry roots stirps ancestors forebears filiation forefathers progenitors past history qualifications antecedents previous circumstances education grounding training qualification capacity knowledge seasoning practice preparation deeds environment culture upbringing ground tradition backstory circumstances class cultivation milieu aura breeding rearing family circumstances social circumstances social class care raising nurture tending childhood fostering teaching upkeep bringing up bringing-up character nature paideia time prime heyday peak youth adolescence pinnacle tender years youthfulness best days best years glory days golden years vigor(US) vigour(UK) zenith day in the sun golden age halcyon days salad days heritage custom convention rule prescription rubric customs habit procedure norm way form protocol routine formality beyond by across along on outside in front of overhead above aloft in the sky farther up upstairs overtop up above on high high up up in the sky after following later than subsequent to in the aftermath of in the wake of succeeding posterior to at the close of at the end of into after the start of following the start of next later subsequent next to behind farther than below beyond the limits of in excess of further than après away from without ayond ayont outside of clear of ahead of no longer capable of over and done with exceeding eclipsing surmounting surpassing transcending more than upwards of greater than higher than down about athwart from one side to the other of in and out of transversely all over around in from end to end of into and out of to the far side of to the other side of amongst amidst amid near beside alongside neighboring(US) neighbouring(UK) adjoining abutting around bordering nigh abreast of close to overlooking adjacent to closest to hard by More
"past" Antonyms
later future deferred postponed posterior subsequent upcoming ensuing ulterior after eventual latter forthcoming imminent impending prospective succeeding downstream coming unfolding current contemporaneous contemporary modern fashionable up-to-date new stylish trendy with it young culty modish the new present recent in vogue all the rage in fashion in style arrived on time extant living alive existent existing here to be to come modernistic neoteric newfangled present-day ultramodern state-of-the-art new-fashioned mod modernist space-age hot red-hot new age following next consequent successive approaching beginning first initial earliest introductory opening original burgeoning developing emerging starting emergent inceptive incipient initiative initiatory prolegomenous antecedent inaugural nascent incumbent reigning ruling anticipated destined expected fated intended likely ephemeral brief fleeting fugacious momentary temporary unenduring cursory deciduous evanescent flitting impermanent passing short transient transitory short-lived short-term active employed working remembered recalled recollected uncertain ongoing continuing endless constant continual continued continuous incessant perennial perpetual unending unfaltering abiding enduring imperishable interminable lasting nonstop persistent sustained incomplete uncompleted undone unfinished incoming arriving entering inbound returning tomorrow futurity hereafter coming times life to come time ahead what lies ahead world to come time to come now today here and now present day present moment forecast outlook potential direction prognosis projection path route destiny fate fortune doom calling expectations kismet likely advancement likely improvement likely success entertainment failure loss behind abaft trailing at the back in the rear before to prior afore ere of ahead of previous to prior to preceding antecedent to anterior to leading up to earlier than preliminary to not done not finished from against in distinction to out of possession of outside of within inside in between in between within the interior of beside alongside by near neighboring(US) neighbouring(UK) adjoining bordering adjacent overlooking abutting abreast of adjacent to aside of at the side of by the side of close to nearby next door to next to main principal under below less than lower than not more than shy of smaller than not as much as not so much as around about over out of

875 Sentences With "past"

How to use past in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "past" and check conjugation/comparative form for "past". Mastering all the usages of "past" from sentence examples published by news publications.

However, the past is the past — especially, it seems, Titus' past with Mikey.
"Past terror, past grief, past agony," exulted Syeda Zareen Rafa, 17, on Facebook.
For the past week, the past month, the past two months, what has been dominating the news?
Through the village, they ride — past the church, past the mosque, past the paddocks of bearded goats.
My bottle seems to have emerged from the past; not the real past, but an imagined past.
Researchers liken the vanishing remains to books containing priceless knowledge about past cultures, past ecosystems, and past climates.
"You can learn a lot from your past, but for me, the past is the past," Zimmerman said.
Past the tubs with pickled things, past the cream and the crème fraîche redolent of girlish innocence, past the artillery depot of potatoes, radishes, and cabbages, past the hills of fruit, past the signal lights of clementines—to the farthest corner.
He has four homers in his past five games, seven in his past 12, eight in his past 15.
"What we do is we analyze data from the past year, past months, past days of dengue cases," Mallol explains.
So despite their past opposition to Trump, Claure and Legere this week seemed eager to put the past in the past.
To that end, they have launched a myriad of investigations into past taxes, past business deals, and even past insurance claims.
" Kaine said, "We proudly claim our past, but we're not looking in the past, and we're not living in the past.
In this episode, Kendall lets go of her past with Joe — although her past will come back to haunt her — Krystal lets go of her past with Chris, Jenna lets go of her past with Jordan, and Annaliese lets go of her past with Kenny.
I've been staying up past midnight the past few weeks.
It reframes the future so the past is the past.
Generally, past accidents have been dismissed as, well, past accidents.
The problems of the past are, well, of the past.
The past, or all those thwarted presents, isn't even past.
Are you clinging to the past, perhaps a past relationship?
Isabella Rossellini wants to leave the past in the past.
Lindsay Lohan wants to leave the past in the past.
We've moved past the superstitions and mythologies of the past.
"The past recedes into the past ever more," Forbrig said.
It looks not just past Polynesia but past painting, too.
What's happened to you in the past is your past.
If they've forgiven incidents in the past, they won't bring those incidents up again; what's in the past is in the past.
Head to the Plus tab, scroll past the nav buttons, past the "My Magazines" carousel, past the "First Look" section, past a curated sports section called "Keeping Score," and you'll see four Journal stories.
What I've done in the past, what Malcolm has done in the past, what the D.B.s have done in the past, proves that.
She walks past the snack station, and she walks past the nearest cafeteria, and then she walks past the cafeteria after that one.
Over the past few weeks, I've been living in the past.
In the past, similar bills couldn't make it past House committees.
But the past is past, and Cody Lohan is no more.
"Whatever happened in the past is the past," Mr. Marq said.
While the future becomes past, the past also becomes the future.
"What's in the past is in the past," Edelman told reporters.
But to paraphrase William Faulkner, the past is not even past.
So what has happened in the past is just the past.
Hart initially took the position that the past is the past.
For ten long years he drifted -- past the memories that marked his life, past all that was familiar ... and mercifully, finally past the fear.
You walk past the bar, past the kitchen, past the restrooms, and stop when you get to the midnight-blue wall in the back.
The kids run past the lady with the monkey, past herds of buffalo, past other children playing on bikes or in the rice fields.
"The past is the past, let's leave it that way," Fallon said.
Past presidents also revealed at least some of their past tax returns.
All around me, the distant past fought the near past for dominance.
I thought this nightmare was in the past, way in the past.
Expect to run into people from you past—your deep, deep past!
Our recommendation: Sometimes it's better to leave the past in the past.
I'm happy where I am now and the past is the past!
I'm always influenced by my past collections and past ideas I've presented.
I have complained about First Past the Post (FPTP) in the past.
"The past is not the past in the Middle East," he said.
And if they could get past me, they could get past anything.
That's true over the past 33 years and the past 50 years.
The record high in Deadhorse was not the only record set during the past week, the past several months, or even the past few years.
I work on the past — in the past, it feels like sometimes — and in the last couple of years, the past has shifted under me.
I am talking about the period long past when you find product market fit, long past when you raise your first eight digit round, long past your first revenue check, maybe even long past your first profitable month.
I hope that the events of the past year, the past week, and the past 48 hours have left us ready to jettison these disciplinary prejudices.
I encourage everyone to move forward, not forgetting the past but rather remembering the past, maybe even because of the past learn to make smarter choices.
I walked up the stairs, past the polished wood posts, past exposed brick and moldering mortar, past the lattice-panel doorway that led to the confessional.
Many have since dismissed Scoble's past actions as just that — in the past.
Will this finally be the phone that gets us all past Samsung's past?
He has won his past three decisions and seven of his past eight.
I try to keep the past in the past, what happened already happened.
"No one sees the past five years, or past 12 months," Raia says.
" She shoots right back, "Your past is your past, you can't change it.
Is this a union that has forgotten its past, has forgotten its past?
Vasilevskiy has five shutouts in his past 14 starts, including his past two.
Weld said that his past roles offered different political experiences than Johnson's past.
No, that doesn't absolve him of his past comments or his past behavior.
Masahiro was pilloried for his capitulation, past his resignation, past his early death.
The past was the past; he loved me now, and everything was great.
The Moon in Scorpio asks you to leave the past in the past.
It meant that in Ireland, the past was past; new people were emerging.
We are living in the past because we have not addressed the past.
I don't like talking about my problems; the past is in the past.
We try to respect the past, but not be stuck in the past.
I let the past be the past and was more prepared this start.
You've packed a lot in the past year, not even, past eight months.
That the past might not be past but is also not the present.
" Conservative PP party leader Pablo Casado: "The past stays in the past... On (election day) November 10, we won't vote on our past (but)... on our future.
I only want to be provincial," Mina writes at one point in a journal, willing herself to believe that "the past is the past is the past.
Bret: There's a side of me that thinks that Trump is a natural culmination for a country that has spent the past 60 years besotted with television, the past 50 with moral relativism, the past 40 with ostentation, the past 30 with the politics of sex, and the past 20 with the politics of fear.
"Sometimes it's best to leave the past in the past…" she captioned the picture.
Over the past year, Lululemon shares are up 67 percent over the past year.
Your time in the past becomes your present, and your past can't be changed.
Republicans have shown a willingness to look past a lot of Moore past actions.
Orlando has dropped six of its past seven and eight of its past 10.
Yet America's roads and highways keep going on, past your office, past your schools.
In the past, Pyongyang's past provocations have born little impact on South Korean markets.
Trump doesn't feel any allegiance to past positions or, really, past statements about issues.
They're thinking about a past that's been lost, and that past is always there.
The fact that I burned my record, I think the past is the past.
Ryan Hunter-Reay won the past two races and three of the past four.
Everybody thinks of the past because it's hard, impossible even, to forget the past.
Well past closing time, she admitted that her husband was violent in the past.
And Trump never does things the way past presidents (or even past politicians) have.
It is redolent of past glories, and also of past powers – spiritual and secular.
Biden has repeatedly struggled to defend past positions and past votes when under questioning.
Past tense clue gets a past tense answer, so we wind up with DEKED.
He preferred to abide in the past, for the past offered more to him.
They can't seem to get past the politics and status quo of the past.
Successful people know how to move on and leave the past in the past.
While I honor the soldiers in my family, and I am a student of history, the past is the past and I do not live in the past.
There is the kind of silver lining to it, that it doesn't let us think that we're past sexism, and past racism, and past homophobia, and past all of these things that maybe during the Obama years we were like, We made it!
This same past has given us over a decade of war without conclusion, a past that has allowed a fundamentalist radical Islamist terrorist group to grow and metastasize internationally, a past that has contributed to failed states, a past that has allowed our military to atrophy and a past that has our allies questioning our true resolve.
Corn has fallen about 24 percent in the past two months; soybeans are down 3.203 percent in the past two months but up 23.20 percent in the past week.
WILLIAMS: Here&aposs what Kim said, we agreed to let the past be the past.
These lies come from outlets whose past stories and past claims have already been discredited.
We ran back past the same villages, past the same women with jugs of milk.
Domino's shares have doubled in the past year and tripled in the past two years.
"For him to lose that race really meant the past was the past," Volgy said.
The past is the past — let's not let one little vocal slip-up change that.
You look past your shame, past your desire to hide, and admit you need help.
Many shows don't make it past the sixth season, let alone soar past the ninth.
"If the past is in the past, it can be left there," Dr. Shuey says.
This past episode of Dirty John exposed John's past — and the forces that made him.
Fashion has grown exponentially over, forget the past 20 years, but the past 10 years.
Some wouldn't put it past Yandy to create a tasteless costume, given the company's past.
That watery crater could have also preserved signs of past life in its ancient past.
Moreland now has three homers in the past three games and five his past 23.
"What's in the past is in the past," Edelman told reporters later in the morning.
I have been able … to apologize for past wrongs, to seek forgiveness for past failings.
Must-past spending bills — which are necessary to keep the government's lights on past Sept.
The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) markup frequently goes past midnight, sometimes past 2 a.m.
Whatever the truth is there, the past is the past, and War is moving on.
No Has it just been in the past couple of months or the past week?
Leave the past in the past—like a snake shedding its skin, we're being reborn.
Faulkner was wrong: The past really is past, at least when it comes to Trump.
And in comparison to those past, this past weekend was relatively slow for the administration.
They have won six of their past eight games and 21 of their past 2927.
I have spent the past seven years researching the Nazi past of Dr. Hans Asperger.
Instead his past — his sexual past, primarily — catches up to him in darkly comic ways.
Given the past nine months, I wouldn't have put it past Congress to confirm him.
"The play of the past and the opportunities of the past are gone," he said.
She's getting past him, and the story and movie get past that relationship quite quickly.
Kane has seven points in his past three games and 18 in his past 11.
Both past-due loans and non-accrual loans have come down over the past year.
From Photoshops to double-memes to a surprisingly potent story about a dog's butthole, IKEA monkey will live on past this year, past Darwin's lifespan, and probably past the internet.
I've been living a normal and somewhat productive life, comfortable in my own skin for the past 16 and a half years past gender-confirmation surgery, 20 years past transition.
Despite their past feud — including a lawsuit Burruss had filed claiming Zolciak-Biermann had underpaid her for "Tardy for the Party" royalties — the two left their past in the past.
Then Rick came in on the last record, and said, 'It's OK to acknowledge your past, it's OK to be inspired by your past, it's OK to embrace your past.
MARKUS Basically said what the Hulk says in that scene, which is, if you go to the past, then the present becomes your past and the past becomes your future.
The system is based on results from the past year, weighted toward those from the past two months and predicted around a three-man core team to retain past points.
The Cold War is a thing of past, the era of acute ideological confrontation of the two countries is a thing of remote past, is a vestige of the past.
NOTES: The Flyers missed the postseason the past two years and three of the past four.
The NFL has donated millions to the organization in the past to assuage past player protests.
The meeting went well, but Trump could not get past Abrams' past criticism, the sources said.
That is, how we envision the past is about us as well as about the past.
In particular, it's looking both for conditions that suggest past life — or "past microbial life" — itself.
Each episode is a first-person trek through Hirsch's own past, and the (possible) cult's past.
" She noted Mr. Trump's past, saying: "Just from his past life, he didn't seem very godly.
He has hit in six of his past seven games and eight of his past 10.
It shows a past that is not really past, a hollow myth still in the making.
He has six homers in his past five games and 24.73 in his past 26 games.
The Hornets have won the past nine matchups between the teams over the past three seasons.
What's in the past is in the past and we have a huge future to come.
It taught me that my past is the past, and that I could live for today.
It's Lindor's third home run in the past four games and fourth in his past six.
Colorado went ahead when Landeskog sped past the defense and lifted a wrist shot past Kinkaid.
She sprinted out naked, past her family's bodies, past burning homes, and hid in a forest.
Over the past year, Belgium has taken a number of steps to reassess its colonial past.
Past the pain, past the degradation, our dogged cult strives for a glimpse of the sublime.
Past caucusgoers back Mr. Sanders by four points, even as past primary voters support Mr. Biden.
The Dodgers had won their past 10 interleague home games and 14 of their past 15.
" Later, in Ankeny, Buttigieg urged voters to "leave the politics of the past in the past.
Florida has won the past two meetings with Georgia and 20 of the past 26 matchups.
Leblanc Núñez and Mr. Reyes are among those trying to let the past be the past.
"I was obviously pushing to get past but I wasn't desperate to get past," he said.
Drive past and at times walk past it, just remember those old times," he told "Trailblazers.
"Everything that I've done, good and bad, in the past stays in the past," Chen said.
"We study the past, but we don't have to suffer from the past," Mr. Givens said.
So it's not really reconciling the past, but acknowledging the presence or influence of the past.
He had six hits in his past 303 at-bats with 16 stikeouts and three hits in his past 34 at-bats, and he was hitless in past 13 at-bats.
Smoothing this out, private sector job adds are still good, averaging 199,000 over the past three months compared with 1912,000 over the past six months and 180,000 over the past 12.
We walk past a broken game machine in need of repair, past the sketchy bathroom, and past a dozen 250mm peepshow projection booths, the last of their kind in the world.
Today, the past (or at least, our understanding of the past) is now widely understood by historians, archaeologists, and other scholars of the past to be constructed, a product of the present.
The past few years were just as dramatic: Over the past three and the past five years, it surpassed 99% of its rivals with returns of 17.7% and 9.6% per year, respectively.
Berkshire shares are up about 70% over the past five years and 270% over the past decade.
Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia said "it's hard to look past" some of Moore's past writings.
Shelley Moore Capito said "it's hard to look past some of those," referring to Moore's past positions.
But the past is the past, and I need to look forward as much as I can.
Inequality The US has grown more unequal over the past few decades, including the past eight years.
But Georgetown boat house, past the Lincoln Memorial, then BACK past Georgetown to the CIA in McLean?
In the past year, the U.S. has surged past Russia to be the world's largest oil producer.
Reminding me my past decisions and past relationships don't dictate my future decisions and my future relationships.
He has hits in eight of his past nine games and 13 of his past 21 games.
Viewers begin to understand how their past influences their future and ways to emotionally move past that.
"Leaving the past in the past and moving forward with only positive vibes," she added on Instagram.
The ICS has always considered evidence for boundaries that pertain to the past, usually the deep past.
Past the ivory-colored marques and through velour curtains, down the hill, I stroll past the office.
"The past is never past, it is always present", Mr Biden's favourite singer, Mr Springsteen, once said.
Yes, we've lived without on-demand access to these things in the past — but that's the past.
And you've got footage in there going up past the election, right up past the inauguration, right?
It helps, too, that Ubisoft has shown a commitment in the past to learning from past mistakes.
Any determined hacker can get past them, just as a burglar can get past a locked door.
"Everything past June 2019 has been bid a lot in the past three weeks," one trader said.
As for the pair's relationship, an insider previously told PEOPLE that the past is in the past.
All it wanted to see was the "Image," a vision that lay past reality—almost past language.
The day prior, the digital currency had surged past $2747,22013 per coin—and then past $2150,2000, too.
He has hit safely in 20 of his past 23 games and 26 of his past 214.
Over the past couple years, commodity prices had tumbled, but in the past few months, they've recovered.
She will turn 29 next month and has talked in the past about not competing past 30.
Past Columbus Circle, past Rockefeller Center, we stood clear of the closing door as more people boarded.
Past 30, Noah's production declined each of the past two seasons before he got hurt last year.
TS: This past year — not this past year, the year before — I went to the correspondents dinner.
The present slides rapidly into the past, and the past offers clues and analogies to the present.
As in William Faulkner's work, the past is never dead for Morrison's people – it's not even past.
But in Ireland, as they say, the past is never the past, and the undertow is strong.
Undaunted by her past mistakes in fraudulently claiming victimhood status, Warren is once again rewriting her past.
He has hit safely in 10 of his past 11 games and 24 of his past 39.
Look up their name on the internet and read past the first page of results, way past.
Style makers of the past decade have introduced us to many trends over the past 10 years.
The cars scamper past you on the Dunlop Curve vantage point, past the parking lot of private jets, past the trance party in the grass, past the grazing fields of cows, headed toward the plane tree-lined Mulsanne Straight, and for that moment there's nowhere you'd rather be.
" While Lohan says "there's always going to be things that have happened, and things people have said in the past that you can't control," she noted, "But the past is in the past.
When I asked about her proudest accomplishment in hockey, she paused and then skipped past all of her achievements on the international stage, past Sochi Olympics, past recognition and respect from her peers.
She will tell you she has survived because she adapts, and that the past belongs in the past, no matter that I keep telling her the past wraps the present with its ribbons.
They went past the sunset-dusted pyramid, sure, but also past the groups of police in black riot gear with articulated leather armor and plastic shields, past the dozen police vans idling nearby.
But those who dismiss the past just because it's past run the risk of not appreciating the fact that the past, like most of us in earlier times, was imperfectly doing its best.
Tight supply is pushing home prices past their peaks in some markets and well past income growth nationally.
The President-elect's answer, unsurprisingly, changed again this past Sunday during this past week's Fox News Sunday interview.
Buffalo is 1-12-2 in its past 15 games and 3-17-313 in its past 23.
In the past five years, the fund has returned 214.5% to investors and 14.2% over the past decade.
EST This article was updated with additional comment from Bloomberg, past Trump tweets, and a past Bloomberg quote.
In his resurrection of past decades, he creates his own fantasy world through how he imagines the past.
He explains his side of things, saying that he simply decided to leave his past in the past.
The company has fought past unionization efforts in Europe and has quashed past efforts in the United States.
Unlike some historical films, he does not permit us the comfort of believing the past is truly past.
You know, we've made some bad decisions in the past, I've made some bad decisions in the past.
"The bottom line is, if you said something in the past, it's in the past," Dr. Amsellem says.
Your past mustn't define your future; however, your past does inform your talents, your dreams, and your goals.
That's when we launch into motion… past election night and the past eight years and everything in between.
For instance, you can see how you've been doing over the past 90 days versus the past 365.
Mercury retrograde in Capricorn wants you to take a second look at your past, especially your past relationships.
He has reached base safely in 10 of his past 193 plate appearances over his past seven games.
Intriguingly, more than half the reported cases over the past 100 years happened in the past five years.
And if you train yourself to work past freezing, past the moment of hesitation, you save your life.
The administration has made severe mistakes, not only over the past two weeks but the past five years.
Disney ramped up TV advertising for Disney Plus during the past two months, particularly in the past week.
He has reached base safely in 10 of his past 19 plate appearances over his past seven games.
Meanwhile Bojack is playing hooky on life and wallowing in the past, until the past comes to him.
"He is committed to right some of the wrongs of Birmingham's past and our nation's past," Johnson said.
Though housing costs have eased slightly over the past year, they dramatically outpaced inflation over the past decade.
His project was to sound the alarm — to force people to recognize that the past wasn't really past.
The programs of American orchestras have remained overwhelmingly tilted toward works of the past, mostly the distant past.
Her sons dashed past her and up the stairs to their apartment, their pursuers rushing past as well.
It was the Dodgers' second sweep in their past three home series and third in their past five.
Pakistan already owes the institution $5.8 billion from past bailouts, and has only once completed its past programs.
Humanity's past—the far past, as in prehistory—has a curious way of creeping up into the present.
To chart fashion's major shifts over the past century is to observe creators at odds with the past.
Le Pen has spent the past several years trying to distance herself from her party's anti-Semitic past.
CreditCreditAudra Melton for The New York Times AMERICUS, Ga. — Lorena Barnum Sabbs thought the past really was past.
I was linked to an honorable past, even if I did not know the content of that past.
Practically speaking, we are heading past 1.5˚C as we speak and probably past 2˚C as well.
The EEM is down 5.7% over the past three sessions, and down 7.2% over the past five sessions.
Tomas has 13 homers in his past 22 starts, and nine of his past 123 hits are homers.
If enough people were determined to live in the past, then surely that would keep the past alive.
It has trailed its peers over the past year, barely scraping a profit in the past two quarters.
He visited the recent past, then the near future, then the distant past, and then the remote future.
Ignoring the past few months, the current net length of 225,22017 lots dwarfs anything seen in the past.
But their supporters have in the past insisted that past agreements recognizing Hadi as leader must be respected.
But a KFile review of her past appearances has provided a window into past associations with conspiracy theorists.
"It could be anybody from the past or anyone that reminds him of the past," Ms. Sacra says.
Three out of the past three US presidents were reelected, as were four out of the past five.
The past you're processing: This summer's retrogrades will have you reflecting on past debts and intimate relationships, Gemini.
It hums past the University of Southern California and the nearby rose garden, past a mosque and stained-glass churches, and past turquoise graffiti shouting, "It's all love," in letters taller than many men.
The Cardinals have won nine of their past 11 games while Washington has lost seven of its past 10.
For the Masters, he even likes to watch past Masters to study the game plan of the past champions.
And on next week's episode of The Bachelorette, prepare for her to truly put the past in the past.
"Once you move past the spectacle and past the hype, [VR] is the medium of human experience," Milk said.
And whatever pain, whatever problems she's had in the past, remains in the past and she keeps moving forward.
The game by and large continued the formula seen in past Zelda games, particularly A Link to the Past.
"These past couple of years, particularly this past year, have been a meme city," Musk says in the video.
This past week provided insight into something any American president of the past few decades could have told him.
St. Jude's stock is up 48 percent in the past three months and 43 percent in the past month.
"You just have to wake up and say 'I'm going to learn from past meetings, past conversations,'" she says.
It's the second instance in the past week of a public figure facing new controversy over their past actions.
"We're seeing more miracles in these past two years than we have in the past decade," says Father Matar.
It's seemed a little stop-start over the past year, but tickets finally went on sale this past Sunday.
A senior administration official told the Journal: Moore had faced criticism for his past past controversial statements on women.
Over the past year, the American people faced a stark choice between an optimistic future and an idealized past.
Here are 10 shows from the past six months that helped us get through, well, the past six months.
And look at what they did to their past crimes, and look at how they recorded those past crimes.
For the past 20 years, Thicke has played in Chris Evert's annual tennis tournament for the past 20 years.
Waymo ramped up its mileage in the past year with 1 million miles driven in the past three months.
In the past year, eight coding schools have closed, up from years past, according to review website Course Report.
" Giuliani also said Machado, whom Trump has criticized in the past for her weight, had a "very unfortunate past.
In the past, Trump has said Bill Clinton's past affairs are fair game for criticism of his wife, Hillary.
"In the past few weeks, I've bought more Nigerian brands than I ever have in the past," she noted.
"There are some people who think the past is in the past, and we should move on," Krift said.
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How did she live for the past 20 years when so much of her remains stuck in the past?
After all, Iran benefited significantly from the past 16 years of appeasement adopted by the past two U.S. administrations.
Over the past four decades, 152 comedians and actors have been a part of "SNL's" past, present, and future.
It's also disappointing that Vergara would demand that these women from Loeb's past open up about their past abortions.
The teen birth rate has plummeted over the past decade and declined 9 percent just in the past year.
But the company's core business has proven resilient, as Facebook blew past earnings estimates in the past two quarters.
The NBA has apparently evolved past the "traditional power forward," which is to say, past players like Z-Bo.
But all of these companies are scaling past — way, way past — the amount of people that can live here.
At just past the halfway mark, the gross merchandise value swept past last year's dollar total of $17.7 billion.
There have been only 10 amendments ratified in the past century, and only two in the past half century.
"Vince has been very difficult in the past but the past several years he's been much better," White said.
By opting to update the current residence, "we would be preserving a nostalgic past, a colonial past," he said.
He was attacked for his past defense of the stop-and-frisk policy and his past treatment of women.
"The past is past," Lakthilaka said in response to a question about the impact the rift had on security.
But the new accommodation process was developed only in the past year and made public in the past month.
I go to a place I can only describe as somewhere past pain and time, but also past fear.
He stripped Tomas Hertl of the puck and breezed past Kevin Labanc before unleashing a backhand shot past Dell.
In the past, the family has been the victim of extortion and kidnapping attempts by gangs in the past.
In pregnancy, to be "late term" means to be past 41 weeks gestation, or past a patient's due date.
He dances right past a folding table with a laptop on it, and past a gray plastic garbage can.
In the past year, her firm did more board searches than it had done in the past 10 years.
By comparison, an average of 171 women advanced past their gubernatorial and congressional primaries in the past five elections.
But I also believe the way he talked about his past over the past few months is morally indefensible.
Exactly. Does his mind make the distinction between the past that happened and the past that would be useful?
Boys in black sweaters with white jeans and white sneakers streamed past my Malerkotla friends, who were streaming past young Sikhs in green turbans, who were streaming past little girls in plaid skirts with pigtail braids.
Thirteen Doorways, Wolves Behind Them All is a story of female anger and pain — about how terrible it was to be a girl in the past, and the past before that, and the past before that.
"For the past two decades, especially for the past few presidents, they are almost the same," Xiong told NBC News.
Egyptian men have won nine of the past 12 world championships; Egyptian women have won three of the past six.
Over the past several months — and, indeed, the past few decades — reporters have unearthed many alarming stories that show this.
Bregman has hit safely in 25 of his past 213 games and has 133 RBIs in his past 213 games.
At past testimonies, congressional leaders have asked why consumers should trust Facebook with their money given their past privacy scandals.
So this isn't a thing of the past —and it's not something that can be separated from the past, either.
Johnson has allowed four runs in each of his past two appearances and 11 runs in his past four games.
In the past few years the market has consolidated—and at a faster pace in the past year or so.
Over the past year, the stock has gained more than 13 percent and 30 percent over the past three months.
The Nationals have won seven of their past eight games and have scored 62 runs in their past five games.
The Nationals have won seven of their past eight games and have scored 28 runs in their past five games.
The Nationals lost for the fifth time in their past six games and the ninth time in their past 12.
"The present always contains the past, and the past shapes who we are and who we will be," Brown explains.
Holland, 63, spent the past 35 years with the Detroit Red Wings, including the past 22 seasons as general manager.
Netflix and Nielsen's numbers have differed in the past — something that industry reports have bemoaned Netflix for in the past.
It has got to get past the emotion, get past the politics, and it has to serve our driver partners.
They also had to not have bathed in the past 12 hours, or used antibiotics in the past six months.
Scharbach's comparative study of past and present culture was initially about revering the past and having disdain for the present.
Even for things very close, like your computer screen, you are looking at it in the past (very near past).
He told them that he wanted to "let the past be the past," but his friends only ostracized him further.
Answer: Bridesmaids dresses have gotten major upgrades in the past few years — they're not the taffeta terrors of the past.
"Just like past stock performance does not predict future stock performance, past spending does not predict future spending, " Fellowes said.
It was the Marlins' 220th loss in their past 210 games, and they are 26-22 in their past 21.
Liberals' eyes today are firmly fixed on the past election, and their actions are all about one thing — the past.
It continues to jump from the present to the past, until, I guess, the past catches up to the present.
And indeed, even after the past months' gains, the stock is still down nearly 70 percent in the past year.
And many of these nations owe massive amounts of money from past years and not paying in those past years.
Guided by the past Each past president has engaged with historical tomes, and venerated their political heroes, to different degrees.
He said he had been in trouble in the past and he didn't like what the past did to him.
The Angels are 21-20 in their past 23 games and have scored just 25 runs in their past nine.
The Stars are 242-26-22 in their past seven games and 13-21-214 in their past 220 matches.
Las Vegas casinos and hotels have dimmed their lights in past years for Earth Hour observances, including this past March.
Ms. Johnson has accepted responsibility for her past behavior and has been a model prisoner over the past two decades.
Idols Past and Present Perform "One Voice" Idols past and present come together as "One Voice" on the finale stage!
"The big cognitive shift that we need to make is from discounting the past to revaluing the past," he said.
I have learned over the past six months that the clear vision of the Trump presidency is through his past.
Nine M.L.S. clubs have won championships in the past 11 years, and only one has repeated in the past decade.
If I try to hide my past when it is so very public, then my past becomes a ticking bomb.
Zuckerberg and Chan have now been together for most of the past 232 years and married for the past five.
We may be drawn to the past, but few people want to live in the past on a daily basis.
Over the past decade, Southwest Key has collected $1.7 billion in federal grants, including $626 million in the past year.
While fragments of past, present and who-knows-what events flash past, Cage, bless him, fully commits to the nuttiness.
But in addition to that, journalists need to find strategies to kind of sneak past important content, past this problem.
In the past, many of these were called underground churches, but over the past decade, some have become public megachurches.
"It's past time, way past time, to bring these negotiations to a close," Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Thursday.
But in the past year, several major venues have opened to bring new life to Hong Kong's British-Chinese past.
There is no need to feel enslaved to the past, especially — but not only — if that past commemorates literal slavery.
To help secure an uncertain climate future, Paris must project itself back into the past — a past with fewer automobiles.
Nevertheless, bankruptcy is an acknowledgment that Forever 21's past — and my past, to an extent — is not retail's future.
The hottest summers in Europe in the past 500 years have all come in the past 17 years, scientists say.
Snap shares have fallen nearly 19 percent in the past three months, and about 6 percent over the past month.
It was a space where the past had been replaced by a peculiar, repetitive, and selective representation of the past.
The Dow and S&P 21998 have fallen for the past two sessions, the Nasdaq for the past three days.
America has only one past, and I believe that past should be presented in the same way to every student.
The Medora Musical, predictably, presents a cheerier version of the past, though it's maybe not the past that you'd expect.
My past is really so trite, it could be the past of the whole creative class of a certain era.
She said she's contacted her representatives more in the past two months than she has in the past 10 years.
Hazard wove his way past Koscielny and then outmuscled Shkodran Mustafi before slotting a low shot past goalkeeper Petr Cech.
A narrow series of roads runs from there past farmhouses and fields of black and white cows, past Newgrange again.
Over the past past eight seasons, since her spring/summer 2014 show, Kawakubo has unveiled her arguably most radical concept.
After declining for years to provide a full list of her past clients, Warren finally did so this past May.
Riot police patrolled several past protest hotspots while tourists and shoppers, many wearing Santa hats or reindeer antlers, strolled past.
By noon, when Amazon stock topped $1,082 per share, Bezos' wealth soared past $92 billion, putting him past Bill Gates.
The Flyers won the past two Atlantic 10 regular-season titles and made N.C.A.A. tournament appearances the past four seasons.
But enough Americans looked past these warnings, just as they pushed past so many others, to hand Trump the election.
Work your way past the shops, the stalls, pubs and clubs on Tooley Street, and run past London Bridge station.
The only times in the past 50 years that has happened were in the aftermath of the past two recessions.
Amazon has fought past union drives at its warehouses in Europe and has quashed past efforts in the United States.
I mean, we are often wrong about the past, but at least with the past you can change your thinking.
Way fewer people have been entering the US without papers over the past few years than have in the past.
Sory's work, seen today, seems to beckon across the gulf of time to a past all but lost, a past mired in legends of emirs and mansas and griots, a past that reforms into an ever-evolving
One of the country's most famous criminal suspects had slipped past the cameras trained on his house, past the police and border guards and the Japanese citizens who for the past year have followed his every move.
It will mean Hollywood has symbolically revealed its desire to turn back the clock, and turn back the hard-won progress that we've seen in the past 50 years, the past eight, even in the past 18 months.
This past year saw the longtime couple moving on from their past tribulations, Lemonade and 4:44 are in the past as the two released their Everything Is Love joint album in June and embarked on a tour.
"The past is the past, and the present is a gift," said Erick de Santiago, the owner of a beach bar and a member of the business group Speak Well of Acapulco, when we met this past September.
Now the taxi veered left, past the graveyard, past the old abandoned schoolhouse where Dad had once hung his small cap on a peg, past the break in the trees where you could start to see the lake.
Czechs flew past us with breathtaking agility, skating seemingly effortlessly up steep slopes and speeding past us on the downhill runs.
Every day, I have to remember that the past is the past, and I shouldn't be so hung up on it.
He has failed to complete four innings in three of his past four starts and in four of his past six.
The past is the past until after the handshake, which is why Trump does not get all the outrage over this.
Rates have moved 22 basis points higher in the past four weeks and have jumped 63 points in the past year.
They won five of the past six games against the Flyers (28-26-7), who lost five of their past seven.
Bosner made the waitstaff stay past their shift so he could forlornly stare at his steak 25 minutes past closing time.
Like Amazon, the stock has been a big winner over the past year, but has outperformed in the past few months.
New Horizons will continue on, first past 2014 MU69 and perhaps past other Kuiper Belt Objects, provided it gets NASA's approval.
What may not have been considered cheating in the past, or not have been possible in the past, now is cheating.
Memphis won for the sixth time in its past seven games and now has 216 victories over its past 15 contests.
Memphis won for the sixth time in its past seven games and now has 12 victories over its past 15 contests.
Sonic shares are about flat over the past year, but have advanced more than 8 percent in the past six months.
As geologists, you start learning how to read those vestiges of earlier inking and reconstruct past cycles of past landscape development.
Some past themes will likely see a shift, meanwhile, as past years' fascination with VR shifts to a more AR focus.
Last season was all about Jessica's past with Kilgrave; this time, it's about her past again, but with a different villain.
If we trust predictions made by algorithms trained using past data, then we're likely to repeat the mistakes of the past.
The company has grown an astonishing 5,000 percent in the past 4 years and 300 percent in the past year alone.
You can also delete yesterday's recordings, the past week's recordings, the past month's recordings, your entire history, or a custom range.
Curioos has experimented with other formats in the past, but its core product hasn't changed much over the past few years.
Ric had been having heart issues in the past few months -- and had undergone several procedures over the past few months.
ESPN reported that a source said more Kaepernick apparel was sold in the past week than in the past eight months.
The Baltimore Ravens missed the playoffs the past three seasons, have lost three of their past four games to sit at .
Despite its scandals, the company's core business has proven resilient as Facebook blew past earnings estimates in the past two quarters.
It's time we moved past using Ivy League degrees, past lucky breaks, and discriminatory pattern-matching to sort people into careers.
In the past year, both companies have delivered double digit year over year comparisons in each of the past 4 quarters.
But Barnes is dogged by past trauma and past sins, and his reclusiveness comes out of a need to punish himself.
Over the past six months, the stock has rallied 45 percent after falling as low as $4.82 in the past year.
Online costs were down 1% this past month, and J.P. Morgan said it has been steadily declining over the past year.
The Oilers are 0-8 in the past seven games he played and 3-0 in the past three he sat.
Expect to run into people from your past, Libra, and knowing you, there are a lot of people in your past.
Marling, now 27, doesn't shy away from her earlier albums, but speaks rather fondly of her past work, her past selves.
She's moved on from her superhero past to a very different form of crimefighting, but she hasn't left the past entirely.
A lot of times, we put blinders on and march forward and think we've got the past firmly in the past.
Moya never got past the fourth round, and Ivan Ljubicic, who had previously helped coach Raonic, never got past the third.
Fizdale spent the past eight years with the Miami Heat, the past two as the assistant head coach to Erik Spoelstra.
He has thrown at least six innings in his past six starts and at least seven innings in his past four.
Boeing's correlation with the S&P 500 rose to 0.71 over the past month from 0.59 over the past two years.
Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts has pulled past him in a number of state and national polls in the past few weeks.
Though Bernie urged his supporters to forget the past and focus on the future, we forget the past at our peril.
At its heart, the market is a raucous hub for unearthing the past 21949 years or more of China's turbulent past.
The Wolverines lead the all-time series, 94-66, having won the past three meetings and 12 of the past 13.
""The Prime Minister seems to be trying to slip no-deal through, slip past Parliament and slip past the British people.
She has not been at her best in her past two matches and still found ways to advance past bothersome opponents.
Mr. Ackman once again looked brilliant, as the Valeant shares flew past $200 a share, and then past $250 a share.
And on top of that, they've shared a monarchy for the past four centuries and a parliament for the past three.
The Celtics, winners of seven of their past nine, have won three games in the past four nights, all against sub-.
This past Sunday's Game of Thrones featured a surprising resolution to one of the biggest storylines of the past couple years.
It's hard to see past their behaviors, and it's hard to see past their actions, but everyone is carrying the light.
Then I move past a line of cypress trees and suddenly the whole true past is gleaming in front of me.
But Facebook and its leader have finally matured past the incredulous dismissals and paralysis that characterized its response to past scandals.
If the past is any indication, emerging technologies will help humanity overcome food shortage just as it did in past cycles.
"The fact is that's in the past," she said on MSNBC when asked about Clinton's past speeches to the banking firm.
If the survey didn't include a past vote weight, the past vote of its respondents would be Obama 38, Romney 30.
Over the past five years, the company lost about $22007 billion; over the past decade, it shut more than 240.7,22015 stores.
Doing so is not remaining stuck in the past but rather carrying what is best about the past into the future.
Climate change seen in the past six or seven decades has few, if any, comparisons in the far past, researchers say.
The ability of something from the past to interrupt the present has been amplified over the past decade due to technology.
Southwest Key has collected $211 billion in federal grants in the past decade, including $21400 million in the past year alone.
Dabo has been the most successful coach over the past 303 seasons -- winning 2 national championships in the past 3 years.
For a random tourist, that past duration is likely to be a substantial fraction of the wall's past-and-future existence.
Huge!) and language elements (the exclamation point) in the past year — and especially the past few weeks — it has been Trumpified.
I am past hating, past the longing for Italy where blowing snow absolves and whitens a kneeling mountain range outside Milan.
The 11 strikeouts were the fewest in his past four starts Cole remains undefeated since May, winning his past 13 decisions.
The stock is now down nearly 40% in the past year, and has plunged almost 70% in the past three years.
They have 24 homers over their past seven games, and have hit multiple home runs in 28.40 of their past 19.
Warren's strong debate performance helped her campaign cruise past its original fundraising goal, raising some $14 million over the past week.
Shares of Apple are up about 26% in the past three months and up nearly 100% in the past 12 months.
I wanted to curl up in the comfortable cosmic melancholy of my past, in the sadness of my past being passed.
The strong impact of partisanship on economic expectations has widened in the past few months, and in the past few years.
Klingberg's OT goal pushes Stars past Avs DENVER — Dallas had done everything but beat the Colorado Avalanche the past two years.
Yandle spent the past two seasons with the Rangers and signed a seven-year contract with the Panthers this past summer.
He stole the puck along the wall, blew past Justin Faulk, fended off Alex Pietrangelo and muscled the puck past Allen.
Perhaps most important, globalization in the past few decades has produced fundamentally different and deeper economic interdependence than in the past.
Long story short, what's past is past ... and, at least for now, there's no sign of these two coming together again.
Then there are the "marginally attached" workers who looked for work in the past year but not the past four weeks.
The stock did just that over the past 12 months, and it's soared nearly 600% in just the past five years.
So if you just look at the correlation over the past 12 months or past 36 months, it can be misleading.
Is a museum's job to explain the historical past, or is its presentation of the past really about understanding the present?
Over the past 25 months, the gap has been nearly $22008 trillion as the national debt has swelled past $23 trillion.
The past five years have been the five hottest on record, and the past decade was also the hottest on record.
"I am obsessed with this idea that you have to live with your past, all of your past," Ms. Chiuri said.
Over the past 12 months, the gap has been nearly $1.1 trillion as the national debt has swelled past $23 trillion.
The line between seduction and coercion has shifted, and shifted quickly, over the past few years (the past few months, even).
I think of these images as relics in the present tense: they remind us that the past is not necessarily past.
Mercury retrograde is also known for bringing people from our past back around—this time, expect people from your deep past!
I've achieved a lot in the past 30 years with my former band, and then what I've achieved in the past 18 months with Memoriam, it feels like it almost surpasses what I've done in the past 30 years.
Among older adults in legalization states, past-month use went from 87.157 percent to 7.1 percent, past-month frequent use went from 2.13 percent to 2.62 percent, and past-year cannabis use disorder went from 0.9 to 1.23 percent.
They use the past to explain the present and the present to explain the past in a dizzying scientism all their own.
He has walked 233 over 22 innings in August and hasn't made it past the sixth inning in his past six starts.
The pessimist has it right that past trends may continue, but the pessimist is wrong about what those past trends have been.
There's a big, uncomfortable question of how to criticize past work, and whether online critiques of past work constitute "bullying" or shaming.
Netflix is down more than 25 percent in the past three months and more than 30 percent in the past six months.
Shows are still relatively new to Snapchat, but it has been a focus for the company for the past past six months.
Oil prices have dropped more than $10 a barrel over the past two months, about half of that in the past week.
Winnipeg fell to 244-24-225, including 26-239-28 in their past seven and 43-24-22 in their past 21983.
They would be recalling the past stages of their own lives, mapping them against the newly historicized decades of the recent past.
Online, 20 times more posts referred to Mr Trump in the past year than to Barack Obama in the past eight years.
He was a past chancellor of the Academy of American Poets and a past president of American Academy of Arts and Letters.
John Legere's firm has seen its shares rise 8 percent in the past three months, and fall slightly in the past six.
Lee is constantly confronted with people from his past who have found ways to coexist with past tragedies both large and small.
In they went, charging past the Capitol Police, past cabinets that hold members' electronic devices, filming with their cellphones along the way.
Join's product also provides insights based on past project performance so that future ones can benefit from the successes of the past.
I get extremely tired if I stay up past 10:00 PM. I don't drink coffee past 12 PM, just in case.
Chicago (22-21) won for the sixth time in the past eight games and the 23th time in the past 21 games.
Its annual growth has averaged more than 6% over the past ten years and has run above 7% over the past two.
You put in serious work this past year, thanks to Uranus inhabiting your 10th house of career for the past seven years.
His shot sailed past the net and bounced off the boards to Barkov, who fired a shot past a stick-less Greiss.
Shares of Apple are down about 1 percent over the past year, but up nearly 20 percent in the past 3 months.
Critics were quick to praise that she's "award-worthy" as a mother with a troubled past who's pushed past the breaking point.
They noticed in their past experiments that a fixed hunk of clay formed into a cone shape as water flowed past it.
Of course, strutting past Ryan Seacrest in tandem doesn't necessarily guarantee romantic longevity, as these kaput couples from Oscars past can attest.
"I have a big drug past, massive drug past," the Shahs of Sunset star said during a sit-down interview on E!
Kucherov has five goals and nine points in the past three games and 25 shots on goal in the past four games.
When you live in the past, that is exactly what happens, and your past becomes your present, preventing you from moving forward.
Have you ever gone back to a relic of gaming past (or even your own past) and been fascinated by its messages?
On that scale, Apocalypse lags behind Days of Future Past, but its special effects push it past the original X-Men flick.
Then he squints into the sun, looking East past downtown Los Angeles, past Boyle Heights, over what's left of the LA River.
The Trump administration has blown past the 120-day deadline it gave itself to propose new HRA regulations or revise past guidance.
Two-thirds of all filibusters have come in the past 30 years, with an even more disproportionate number in the past decade.
In comparison, the S&P 500 is up 13 percent over the past year and 29 percent over the past two years.
Business investment and capital expansion fell over the past three months, warning signs that the Trump boom could be past its prime.
"We can't change the past but we can learn from the past and make sure nobody makes the same mistakes ever again."
It's up 13.5 percent in the past year, though it has really started taking off, up 31 percent in the past month.
Irving has set season highs in each of his past two games and is averaging 26.9 points in his past eight games.
I'm going to try to continue this momentum that I'm building over the past couple of days and over the past month.
Florida had owned the series recently, winning the past four meetings and seven of the past eight games against the Bulldogs overall.
Past the mirror and past the mirror where, one summer, she was reared off by a stallion attacking his own flaring reflection.
I snaked past friends with a quick kiss and snuck past someone I had just curved via text to grab my sister.
At just past the halfway mark, the headline gross merchandise volume swept past last year's dollar total just shy of $43 billion.
Los Angeles lost for the fourth time in its past five games and for the 225th time in its past 237 games.
I do think in the past several weeks, and really the past month, the engagement and intensity among conservatives has increased substantially.
In the past six years, 90 buildings have been demolished by the municipality — 10 of them in one day this past July.
The key to liberating yourself from the legacy of the past is by making sense of how the past has impacted you.
President Trump's past statements about banning Muslims keep tripping him up in court — so his administration is trying to delete the past.
"What is our relation to longing for a past that is always past?" she said recently in an interview in New York.
The flip side of the claim is there's also a 50 percent chance we'll survive past 760 years, possibly long past that.
It can absolve "saved" individuals of too much responsibility for past misdeeds, since they're considered the deeds of a past, different self.
But this phrasing assumes discontinuity between past and present, as if there weren't antecedents to Donald Trump in the recent Republican past.
Clowney has 29 sacks over the past four seasons and has earned Pro Bowl nods in each of the past three years.
I turn onto First Avenue, bike past the U.N., scoot past the 28th Street Bridge and eventually weave onto 230th and Madison.
We are well past the point where equivocations are defensible, and we're nearly past the point where a moral reconstitution is possible.
On Instagram, she reminisced on the past dozen years and celebrated her past co-hosts Brad Paisley, Reba McEntire, and Dolly Parton.
"Many of these nations owe massive amounts of money from past years and not paying in those past years," Mr. Trump said.
In his address, Francis acknowledged that the Church had made serious errors in handling the crisis in the past in the past.
Britain has foiled 20 plots in the past four years, with seven Islamist attacks prevented in the past seven months, Parker said.
We went past our set of cottages, and then past another, which looked much the same as ours but was indefinably inferior.
They stayed quite long sitting on their past, and if you stay too long with your past, you become a museum piece.
However, over his past two starts, Taillon has failed to get an out past the fourth inning and has a 9.00 ERA.
We're examining the audience, we're examining ourselves, we're examining the past, we're questioning the past and what we believe to be true.
As Mallo's mind drifts back to the past, the past also comes back to meet him in a series of re-encounters.
Pudge and The Colonel drive past her crash site, with Pudge driving a little bit faster past it, just like Alaska did.
They estimate that EVE is now 2 million miles past Mars, and WALL-E is more than 1 million miles past Mars.
Los Angeles lost for the fourth time in its past five games and for the 14th time in its past 16 games.
Betelgeuse has been in a normal dimming period over the past few months, but it's just dramatically accelerated compared to past years.
In the past year, there have been eight closures of these schools, up from years past, according to review website Course Report.
The stock is down 55 percent over the past 10 years, including a 46 percent decline in just the past 12 months.
The company's shares have climbed 20 percent in the past three months, but have fallen 21 percent in the past 12 months.
They haven't scored more than three goals during the past seven games, and their past six triumphs have come by one goal.
Over the past three days, it has come out that Mr. Schultz has voted in just 11 of the past 38 elections.
The era of acute ideological confrontation of the two countries is a thing of remote past, is a visage of the past.
But how liberally can we apply this excuse to our past selves, or to the past selves of men we love(d)?
"Get past the argument of, 'We'll take the jails in our backyards'; get past the argument of, 'A facility is going to cost $1.6 billion'; and get past the seven to ten years it'd take to design and build," he continued.
Research involving tree rings is divided into three main categories — dendroclimatology, the analysis of tree rings for past climate data; dendroarchaeology, the study of tree rings to understand how past climate affected human societies; and dendroecology, which reconstructs past forest ecosystems.
An uncle pushed her deep into the heaving crowd — past the pop-up cafes with lounging soldiers and flirting couples; past the street poets and speakers, declaiming their dreams for Sudan; and past the dreadlocked musician playing Bob Marley covers.
If I could be above our town, looking down, I would remember it this way: Into the town came the tractor trailers, many with the chain-link-style beds, empty loops like the ribs of neglected animals, swaying as they made their way past the Salvation Army, past the churches, past the empty storefronts that used to hawk bins of cheap plastic imports, past the high school across from the elementary school, past the football-baseball-soccer field.
If I could be above our town, looking down, I would remember it this way: Into the town came the tractor trailers, many with the chain-link-style beds, empty loops like the ribs of neglected animals, swaying as they made their way past the Salvation Army, past the churches, past the empty storefronts that used to hawk bins of cheap plastic imports, past the high school across from the elementary school, past the football-baseball-soccer field.
Brendan Gallagher has two goals in the past four games, and Montreal has power-play goals in each of the past two games.
"Whether we talk about the past week or the past two months, Trump has clearly had a negative impact on rates," said Graham.
New York (40-42) lost for the third time in the past four games and the sixth time in the past nine games.
Rivers carries Clippers past Grizzlies LOS ANGELES — A second-half turnaround boosted the Los Angeles Clippers past the Memphis Grizzlies on Wednesday night.
He has 28 points in his past 26 games and leads the Panthers with 248 even-strength goals over the past two seasons.
Apple stock is down more than 13 percent over the past 12 months and down more than 27 percent in the past three.
In the past few month alone, we've seen Hadid in numerous takes on the recent bespoke wave, each one cooler than the past.
Reinhart has triumphantly taken down body shamers in the past, and Mendes is open about her past struggles with eating disorders and dieting.
A series of new product launches has helped push Skoda's global vehicle sales past the 1 million mark in the past two years.
In the past quarter its revenues increased by 55%, reaching $2.2bn, and in the past 4003 months its share price has almost quadrupled.
Another point: Core capital goods, including orders, shipments, and backlogs, have turned negative over the past three months and across the past year.
Entering Wednesday's session, Andersons' stock had fallen more than 40 percent in the past year and about 20 percent in the past month.
When Nebula from the past allows for Thanos to time travel to the future, Gamora from the past is on board his ship.
But placing her characters in the past requires a certain dexterity because the past has always been a difficult location for marginalized groups.
Ask for a copy of the primary borrower's credit report, to gauge whether past issues affecting their credit are really in the past.
His argument against policies aimed at reversing past discrimination is that people should not be punished for past discrimination committed by their elders.
The Jets are 28-242-1 over their past 10 games and 2-7-2 in their past 11 contests on home ice.
Over the past year, Priceline shares have fallen 1.14 percent, but they have gained more than 15 percent over the past three months.
The ceremony includes the Razzie Redeemer Award, which honors past winners and nominees who managed to make up for their poor past performances.
And she's also Lola's clone, an amalgamation created from Lola's past videos that can exist entirely on its own, long past Alice's death.
Over the past several months, however, we've seen Hayek change up her hair more frequently than she has in the past several years.
The two official counts haven't always tallied in the past, but they have run broadly in tandem over the past couple of years.
The average reading of the gold/silver ratio over the past 20 years is 61; over the past five years, it's about 63.
The Diamondbacks have three runs and 12 hits in their past three games and have scored 24 runs in their past 13 games.
The past eight years' gain was only exceeded 35 times, placing the current run in the top four percent of all past periods.
Trump's slogan doesn't really evoke America's past greatness but its past whiteness, and this is exactly what Lake is protesting in brilliant fashion.
The chairman has expressed skepticism in the past about programs like quantitative easing, which helped push the Fed's balance sheet past $4.5 trillion.
Populism's ugly past Over the past few days, India, the world's largest democracy handed a landslide second term to populist nationalist Narendra Modi.
I'm not one to dwell on the past, at least not a painful part of my past that peripherally involved that special person.
Roughly one out of every four 65-year-olds today will live past age 90 and 10 percent will live past age 95.
For this past year, however, here are some of the vines that started the biggest trends of the past year: What Are Those?
It's long past time to get past phony debates about the existence of climate change and get to work on serious climate solutions.
For instance, this past quarter was the company's largest ever for sales, and net income was better than the past 17 quarters combined.
Over the past 12 months, the dollar has risen more than 7 percent and is up about 1 percent over the past month.
Andersen has now faced at least 40 shots in each of his past four games and in six of his past eight games.
Afghanistan has in the past also called for Pakistan to strike against the Haqqani network, which is blamed for past attacks in Kabul.
Washington continues to struggle on defense, falling to 0-5-26 in its past seven and 249-23-241 in its past 23.
"History is not the past — it is the method we have evolved of organizing our ignorance of the past," Mantel told her audience.
The era of acute ideological confrontation of the two countries is a thing of the remote past, is a vestige of the past.
Goldsmith links contemporary work with past, blowing past the usual troika of McLuhan, Warhol and Borges to discuss Cézanne, Alberti and Dziga Vertov.
That is why people close to Mr. Comey say the next president will move quickly past the rancor of the past few weeks.
Fighting in Aleppo over the past week shattered a respite created by the cease-fire that had prevailed for the past two months.
We zoomed down the narrow street, past large cement homes with high boundary walls, past palm trees, hibiscus bushes, even a stray dog.
She was doing better and had been released earlier this past week, but started to get worse in the past couple of days.
He has pitched at least six innings in 12 o his past 13 starts and has won 10 of his past 12 decisions.
He has pitched at least six innings in 12 of his past 13 starts and has won 10 of his past 12 decisions.
The budget battles in 2013 and 2015 allowed Congress to blow past the spending limits by $146 billion in the past three years.
We strolled across Block N8, past the food distribution center, past an enclosure filled with acacia trees and out into a playing field.
But as a wise man once said, just because we are done with the past doesn't mean the past is done with us.
The past informs the present, and the present informs the past: How does a 19th-century corset affect a Jean Paul Gaultier corset?
And those with criminal convictions or other misconduct in their past can get waivers if they can show they have overcome past troubles.
It's not what happened to you in the past; it's about how you have made sense of how the past has impacted you.
On a recent spookily warm day, Mr. Hagerman clambered up a steep bank of woods, pushing past vines and stepping past fallen logs.
A charity on paper, it has collected $1.7 billion in federal grants in the past decade, including $626 million in the past year.
The Cubs lost for the 12th time in their past 20 games and fell to 4-12 in their past 16 road games.
Caroline Framke: The Americans has never let anyone run too far from their past without letting that past catch up to them eventually.
Some agents said Van Wagenen's past experience could perhaps even be helpful in dealings since his past job was looking out for players.
The era of acute ideological confrontation of the two countries is a thing of the remote past — it's a vestige of the past.
It is epistemologically problematic in its suggestion that honestly confronting and moving past a difficult national past is vastly easier than it is.
" —owner Vicki Baty "The past is never truly past, and we must reckon with decisions made by those in the generations before us.
Netanyahu's past 10 years in office, and especially the past four, are both a consequence and a cause of this right-wing drift.
Is "chose" the past tense of choose (the "new langue" rejects the past tense, all "hierarchies of pastness"), or an object in French?
It will now factor your credit behaviors from the past two years into your score, rather than just the past month, says Yavorovskiy.
As often happens with the famously unpredictable Russian past, the Bolshoi retroactively has come to represent the entire Russian ballet, past and present.
Shares are down more than 5 percent over the past six months but have added nearly 6 percent in the past 30 days.
Over the past two and a half years, the tech giant said, it's taken measures to avoid a repeat of its past nightmares.
Past the living area is a dining area with a white sculptural chandelier resembling abstract birds; past the dining area is a kitchen.
"What we've agreed to is that the past is past, and the future will be different," said Jeh Johnson, the Homeland Security secretary.
The past, ugly as it is, is in the past and must be remembered, but we're achieving nothing by living in those times.
As soon as we feel like we're hitting a good patch, my past behaviors and my past actions come back to haunt me.
Weber's shot from the point with 4:37 to go slipped past Holtby, who couldn't see past a screen set up by Granlund.
Sweeping past the cloudless sky framed in the courtroom window, just before half past 10, Magistrate Judge Sanket J. Bulsara took his seat.
Over the past year, liberal justices have emphasized at arguments and in opinions the value of past milestones and stability in the law.
So while five new refineries have been built in the past three years, only 10 have come online in the past 37 years.
He said the association had learned from the past and was intent on listening to players, from past champions and critics like Mickelson.
Facebook has blown past earnings estimates in the past two quarters and its stock price barely budged in response to Hughes' opinion piece.
"These past years my work delved more and more in past, present, and even future times of the Middle East," Sarkissian told Hyperallergic.
Congressional Republicans have learned their lesson: They don't need to worry about Trump's past statements because Trump doesn't worry about his past statements.
The journey Singulier embarks upon takes him past key places in Magritte's life and past key works in his oeuvre, guided by experts.
And at the very least, such places stand in ungainly contrast to the harmonious, continuous backdrop of an architectural ensemble extending from Rockefeller Center past St. Patrick's Cathedral; past the renovated Cartier mansion; past the French-style travertine structure into which Harry Winston first moved in 1960 with $35 million in jewels; past the University Club, a neo-Florentine palazzo designed by McKim, Mead & White; past Henri Bendel's etched-glass Lalique facade; past outposts of Piaget, Omega, De Beers, Mikimoto and other suppliers to what, in Edith Wharton's day, would have been called the carriage trade.
However, the number of people "marginally attached" to the labor force — those who had looked for a job in the past year but stopped in the past month because they couldn't find one — has risen by nearly 200,000 over the past year.
For the past week, as they have prepared in faraway Dehradun, a congested Indian town in the foothills of the Himalayas, they were fasting: no food or drink between quarter past three in the morning to quarter past seven in the evening.
Walk past the awning that says "private club," past the curtained booths in the front dining room, past the open kitchen where chefs scoop burning coals to keep the fire under the kebabs going strong, and you enter a courtyard from another country.
The past, our own past, which our descendants will see us as having emerged from, will not be the past from which we now see ourselves emerging, but a reinterpretation of it, based on subsequently available information, greater transparency and fewer secrets.
Anyone who has used drugs in the past year or was convicted of a felony drug crime in the past three years gets tested.
"Understanding our past, especially our genetic past, is super useful for understanding our genetic present," says Joshua Schraiber, a population geneticist at Temple University.
And this ban is harsher and broader than past orders by past presidents, because it covers every program that falls under global health assistance.
We exchanged texts and quite frankly, I was feeling positive about putting the past in the past, but clearly, Luann didn't feel the same.
Anderson has not worked past the sixth in his last five starts and has not gone past four innings in his last three outings.
In fact an analysis of nearly 1,700 past briefings shows it would be less a break from the past, than a return to it.
The Nittany Lions (7-013, 0-3) have lost their past eight meetings with the Wolverines and 15 of their past 29 at Michigan.
VICE: OK, first of all, why has the price of Bitcoin exploded so much in the past year, particularly in the past few weeks?
The dollar rose nearly 1 percent in the past two weeks, taking its gains in the past six months to more than 6 percent.
"In Austria … we have the burden of the past and this Freedom Party … never really drew a red line through the past," Raidl said.
Lombardo has been frequently accused in the past of personally targeting and interrogating protesters, using techniques from his past experience overseeing detainees in Iraq.
Nimble's stock has risen almost 27 percent over the past three months, but it has fallen more than 67 percent over the past year.
There's been a lot of discussion the past year about where this broader moment fits in American history, which past era it might resemble.
I and the other Trump-Cruz doubters assumed the present would resemble the past because the present usually does end up resembling the past.
He noted that the past 115 years were the warmest in modern civilization and that the past few years were the warmest on record.
Atlassian has been one of the best performing software stocks over the past year, climbing 96% and pushing its market capitalization past $30 billion.
You might even have to pay the price for their past heartbreaks when they act out the way they've been rejected in the past.
Drivers who completed 150 trips over the past eight weeks and delivery persons who delivered 30 orders over the past eight weeks are eligible.
Even with Wednesday's losses, Vertex shares are up 5 percent in the past six months, but have lost 33 percent in the past year.
The past 13 champions and 18 of the past 22 have been Indian-American, and there&aposs a good chance that run will continue.
He has allowed two runs in two of his past three outings and two runs three times in each of his past six appearances.
While Milo Ventimiglia thoroughly enjoyed his time playing Stars Hollow's resident bad boy, Jess Mariano, he's ready to let the past be the past.
Sieg has led GWRS for the past five years and has worked in the past with Thiel in the wealth management and retirement business.
The Chinese first pulled past the Canadians in volume in 2015, surged strongly in 2018, but then fell back dramatically in the past year.
"Just as Africans skipped past fixed phone lines straight to mobile phones, they can skip past owning a vehicle straight to the shared economy."
"I feel like we are all at a different place in our lives and we're past the drama, past the cat fights," Patridge said.
The price hike pushes Vue past the cheapest offering from DirecTV Now and past YouTube TV, both of which start at $35 a month.
In France and Germany hours worked per person have continued to drop over the past few decades, albeit more slowly than in the past.
Despite the onerous Dodd-Frank regulations, Wall Street jobs continued to grow, adding 18,000 in the past month and 26.3,2306 over the past year.
The forecast is close to the average 172,000 job growth of the past six months, but under the 200,000 rate of the past year.
But unleashing the kind of barrage that his regime had threatened in the past would take him rapidly past the point of no return.
The stock has tumbled by more than 8% over the past five trading sessions and is now down 10% over the past 12 months.
Shares of the graphics chipmaker have been on a tear for the past year, and the company's market value recently surged past $463 billion.
Shares of Yelp have plunged by more than half over the past five years and are down 15 percent in the past 003 months.
Shares of Yelp have plunged by more than half over the past five years and are down 15 percent in the past 12 months.
In the past, there have been occasional skirmishes between archaeologists, who want to preserve the past, and some divers, who want to plunder it.
Not only is the photograph a helpful tool for recalling the past, it is also the means by which the past is made real.
So, I don't know, all I can say is in the past Silicon Valley has overturned these type of monopolistic things in the past.
Republicans won't officially nominate Trump until Thursday, but they drafted the deal over the past two months, and finalized the language this past week.
ER: I think, you know, we have proven in the past, and we have proven in the very recent past that we can compete.
The White Sox (103-9) lost for the seventh time in their past eight games and the ninth time in their past 11 contests.
The Kings, who have won five of their past six contests, and Ducks will square off for the second time in the past week.
The Dodgers lost for the ninth time in their past 13 games, and they are 1-7 in their past eight at Dodger Stadium.
The agency reported that 31 of the complaints from F-150 drivers came in the past year, with 20 in the past seven months.
Dividends have grown $2.9 trillion over the past decade and $1.7 trillion over the past five years, according to S&P Dow Jones Indices.
Researchers want to be able to accurately assess soot's role in past warming in the past in order to improve predictions about future contributions.
This past fall, Bob's Burgers was renewed for two more seasons, and Archer has gotten the two-season renewal in the past as well.
However, a quarter of 65-year-olds will live past age 90 and 10 percent of 65-year-olds will live past age 95.
" When Leone spoke of her mother's death, Chaubey returned to the same question several times: "Is your past literally a thing of the past?
Newsrooms report ten percent or greater declines over the past five years marking some of the smallest news staffs in the past two decades.
And it reminds us that the look of a woman's costume still takes priority, even if we've moved past revealing getups of superheroines past.
There are no friendly towns to take refuge in like in past games — this is Hyrule well past its prime, with lots to unearth.
It was long past due: Over the past year Uber has gone through scandal after scandal, most of which Kalanick brought upon the company.
Lawson is averaging 18.8 points in his past six games while pulling down double-digit rebounds in seven of his past nine contests. 2.
Examining violence toward black communities in the past week, or the past century, through a microscopic focus on police brutality alone is a mistake.
In other words, Nike has traded at a lower average price in the past 50 days than it has in the past 200 days.
Egypt's non-oil private sector has expanded in only six of the past 36 months, and in only two months of the past year.
I think it is way past time—way past time—for Congress to take this up and for everybody to be on the record.
Wright's particular obsession is the past — his own, and the very idea of the past, which is to say, the metaphysical nature of time.
The empty room is a painful reminder and casts a dark shadow as the family walk past it daily for the past 85 days.
As many scholars have observed in the past century or so, this is a deeply suspicious way to think about events from the past.
But business investment and capital expansion fell over the past three months--two warning signs that the Trump boom could be past its prime.
The Dodgers have won four of their past five at home and have dropped 18 runs on the Padres in the past two games.
The Seminoles have qualified for the NCAA Tournament 13 times in the past 14 years, but they have never gotten past the Elite Eight.
The Nasdaq has fallen in seven of the past 10 trading days and is down more than 2 percent over the past three months.
Now, the apparent suicide of accused child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein adds another past element to Starr's legacy, given his past representation of Epstein.
"I think that points to the value destruction that's gone on by the past management and the past board of this company," Miller said.
It turned out to be one shooter, but I had to walk right past him when I walked past third base from left field.
The past few days have seen a growing number of members talking about an impeachment inquiry more seriously than they have in the past.
Depp has led a relatively private life for the past 7873 years, but he has had his share of bad behavior in the past.
The rand has lost about 15% of its value against the dollar in the past year; over the past five years it has halved.
At the same time, reminders of Biden's past stances and behavior will damage the kindly Uncle Joe image he's cultivated over the past decade.
The answer, if past is prologue, is fear -- although maybe not the same fear that has driven past booms in gun and ammo sales.
I made nothing but fried rice for the past two years, but for the past two weeks, I've been experimenting with pasta and curry.
Brown and the Raiders have been butting heads for the past month ... with things really coming to a head in the past 48 hours.
" And in keeping with the Hindu nationalist ideology of India's glorious past, he promised a "new India," and a return to its "glorious past.
In the past 13 games, Gilgeous-Alexander has five double-digit rebound games, including three in a row and four of the past six.
Biden's persistent bright-eyed attempts to push bipartisanship aren't evidence that he's a relic of the past, because the past was never particularly bipartisan.
"Anything that survives from the past that allows us to illuminate some significant aspect of the past is valuable to have," Dr. Carson said.
His laser from the right circle hit Andersson's leg on its it way past Rittich for his 12th point in the past 12 games.
Cigna's stock has climbed more than 35 percent over the past 12 months and is up about 17 percent over the past six months.
"More papers have been published on the molecular and cellular basis of touch in the past decade than in the past century," Linden says.
The idea was to revisit the album, but instead of just wallowing in the past, to actually take the past and treat it forensically.
So saving $2109 a day, for her trip to and from community college, past the hulking mills of Lawrence's industrial past — that meant something.
Yet for many in a country with a notably aging population, the past is, to paraphrase Faulkner is never dead and not even past.
It is unlikely to convince those who view these statutes as not simply reminders of past leaders but past struggles in an evolving society.
SoulCycle measures active users based on customers who've gone to class within the past 12 months, versus the past quarter as Second Measure does.
The Blues now have 22 wins in their past 25 games against Buffalo, including a 12-1-0 mark over their past 03 meetings.
Tavares passed the puck through Klingberg, skated past Klingberg, regained the puck and fired a shot from point-blank range past goalie Kari Lehtonen.
Moore, who faced multiple allegations of past sexual misconduct during the campaign, lost a seat that has gone Republican for the past 25 years.
The officers walked past the bullet-making equipment in his cluttered entranceway and past the trophy deer head hanging on his living room wall.
In the past four presidential elections, Vermont was the No. 28503 state for the Democrats twice, third once and sixth in the past election.
But the Nationals have not advanced past the first round of the postseason despite making the playoffs in four of the past six seasons.
Or, to put it another way, that our study of the past says as much about the present as it does about the past.
Except most of the positions in the document are positions the Fraternal Order of Police has advocated for in the past in the past.
Scott Pruitt, who resigned Thursday, was not like past administrators of the Environmental Protection Agency, just as Donald Trump is not like past presidents.
Participants were asked questions about current pregnancy status, past-month marijuana use, the number of days of marijuana use in the past month, and daily or near daily use of marijuana, defined as more than or equal to 22014 days in the past month.
"A 'feu de joie' (ceremonial gunfire) and a spectacular fly-past of RAF aircraft past and present illustrated the history and might of the Royal Air Force and showed just how far its aircraft have evolved in the past century," the  royal family's website  states.
He would recommend American Tower, which is up more than 10 percent over the past three months; Hexcel, which is up more than 20 percent in the past six months or American Woodmark, which is up close to 20 percent in the past three months.
Remember that GOP leaders have spent the past years saying repealing and replacing Obamacare wouldn't be so hard, the past months saying they would expand coverage at lower costs, and the past days insisting nobody will be worse off as a result of AHCA.
"Time travel in ASOIAF follows Novikov's Self-Consistency Principle, which posits that there is only one timeline, and people who go in the past to change the past have already changed the past and that it was destined to happen all along," jdylopa writes.
Some 87 agreements have been struck between various tribes and the state in the past 30 years, helping them to lay the past to rest.
Meanwhile, I've found other places to express my truth and sort through my past, including but not limited to my past as a sex worker.
I do believe everybody has a past and everybody&aposs past is murky, depending on how you spin it but how you look at it.
So, I wouldn&apost put past to anything past the FBI and the Department of Justice when it comes to unscrupulous and probably illegal behavior.
A 2000-foot-asteroid will fly past Earth Wednesday night at the closest distance it has come in the past 400 years, according to NASA.
When an artist or entertainer revisits their past, the audience can get a giddy look back on their own past, a new perspective on it.
That policy was meant to really take a look at what had happened in the past and, importantly, not repeat the mistakes of the past.
Pains in the past were pains, and in the future they'll be real too, and there was one past and there will be one future.
The wager has delivered a 78.6 percent gain over the past three months and is up more than 318 percent during the past 12 months.
Job growth blew past expectations in October and year-over-year wage gains jumped past 3 percent for the first time since the Great Recession.
You know, I've worked really, really hard this past three months, four months, especially the past eight weeks and hopefully everything will keep paying off.
Tom Frieden, MD, MPH, is past director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and past Commissioner of the New York City Health Department.
The Lightning improved to 219-212-215 in their past 221 games, while the Canucks slipped to 224-22-03 in their past seven games.
He drove past the Navajo Mountain Chapter House down a narrow, sandy road, beyond a wire gate, and past the remnants of a different time.
During the past two weeks, the bullpen turned three wins into losses, and the relievers had worked 28 2368/210 innings the past two nights.
Past cost-cutting efforts at US Steel have hurt maintenance at the coke works, Furko said, and have ended past charitable support for local schools.
Shares of Verizon have gained nearly 17 percent in the past three months and about 15 percent in the past six, outperforming rival T-Mobile.
"Over the past 13 months, we have been able to reach more arrangements with the European Union than over the past 13 years," Stoltenberg said.
"I'm really hopeful that we can revive discussions in the new Congress and find a way past the ideological standoffs of the past," she said.
While Trump still needs to be taught about women's struggle for equality over the past 50 years, Clinton's trying to move the country past it.
So, for this week's column, I thought I'd look past Las Vegas, and past the ritual predictions of what will happen in tech this year.
On the other hand, average job gains for the past six months and the past 12 months remain over 200,000, indicating steady if unspectacular growth.
Better than fine, in fact: I've seen more movies in theaters over the past eight months than I saw in the past three years combined.
Wade is sent to the ash heap of history, when we move past the broken hearts and the broken lives of the past 38 years.
It claims it has been developing the 184 for the past three years with a fully functional model flying in China for the past year.
During these past two seasons, we've gotten hints to his past, but it's not until now that we see just how tragic it all was.
Drake Caggiula got him the puck just past center ice and Khaira split defensemen as he went through the zone, zipping a wrister past Quick.
A humble veneer cannot conceal China's pride in its own success over the past four decades, even if the past few months have been turbulent.
And if it extends past that, past the end of next year, I think it's fair to say Golden Boy wanted no part of GGG.
The staff hope compliance at CAPRISA will be better than in past trials because the centers gained the trust of communities over the past decade.
China has been playing by Western rules for the past 40 years, gradually catching up the way that America's Asian allies did in the past.
But the stock is up more than 30 percent over the past 12 months, and has risen about 220 percent in the past five years.
They have sustained more than one front-office overhaul in the past few years, and their record over the past two seasons is 1-31.
"We're going to leave past political disputes with Vince Sheheen where they belong -- in the past -- and we hope he'll do the same," he said.
In just the past year, Zuckerberg has vaulted from 16th place to sixth on the list, jumping past the Waltons, the Kochs and Larry Ellison.
But Uber says its past mistakes are just that — in the past — and that it has taken steps in recent months to improve data security.
The Wild (227-212-13) improved to 21-22-22 in the past five games and 11-1-1 in the past 13 at home.
The same kudos should be applied to Trump, Clinton and Warren for getting past the past with their public positive sentiment on Wednesday as well.
There are a lot of times I drive past something for months, and then finally walk past, and it's like, I need to paint that.
He relies on a correlation that has identified eight of the past nine best times to sell US Treasury bonds over the past 18 years.
"Exxon has been struggling to arrest production declines over the past two years after a series of strategic mistakes over the past decade," Bloomberg notes.
"The situation in Hong Kong has deteriorated substantially in the past eight weeks, and particularly so in the past four weeks," said spokesman David Tarsh.
He told her that he had run the idea past Bill Stepien, the governor's campaign manager, and asked her to run it past the governor.
His one-timer from the center point off a feed by Joe Pavelski knuckled past Murray for his fourth goal in the past five games.
Troubled past Kelley had a troubled past and was prone to domestic violence and animal cruelty, according to public records and those who knew him.
Sharp origination growth, increased competition and weaker underwriting standards over the past three years have all contributed to the weaker performance of the past year.
Just because something resembles a moment in the past, unless one is in a "Star Trek" episode, doesn't mean that repeating that past is possible.
The peso  is down 8.4 percent over the past three months against the dollar despite a 6.1 percent percent rally over the past two weeks.
It will be peculiar to live in a place in which I have no past—or no sense of a past beyond an atavistic one.
The entire flamethrower episode is a joke taken too far, way past the point of no return and probably past the solar system as well.
Here's who he's dated in the past: Jenny Slate For the past few years, Evans and Slate have had an on-again, off-again relationship.
Winning a major in the past five years also brings automatic qualification, as does a victory at The Players Championship in the past three years.
This was a critical "win" for an insecure crowd that has achieved very little over the past two years — or even the past thirty years.
The annualized total return for the over the past five years is 14 percent, and the annual return for the past ten years 10.5 percent.
Rubio has missed two of the past three games due to back spasms, and Baynes has missed the past two games with a hip injury.
He is the past National Commander of the Legion of Valor and Past President of the Rotary Club of Washington DC. View the discussion thread.
After Wood added a fourth in the 63rd minute, the worries, the fears of the past few days, and the past few months, were gone.
Storage rates in the Caribbean, which have been weak over the past couple of years, have also strengthened over the past week, market sources said.
Epidemics have hit the market severely in the past, and an evaluation of past epidemics reveals that financial and economic markets eventually return  to normal.
The right exalts and papers over America's past, the left acknowledges that past but enjoins Americans to take pride in what the country might become.
The only tense we live in is the past; the present moves so fast that it becomes the past even as it's observed and experienced.
Mr. Sedaris has always mined his past for his stories, but in the past few years he has been in an even more retrospective mood.
That's part of the reason The Times started Past Tense: to tell "the stories of the past, with the wisdom of today," Ms. Chambers said.
There might have been slight developments in technology, but it was very subtle, especially compared to the past 250 or even the past 50 years.
But the city has added more than 3,300 acres of parkland over the past 25 years, and nearly 800 acres just in the past decade.
For someone who has in the past claimed to "try to stay out of politics," Ivanka Trump has had a pretty political past few days.
But over the past decade, Pyeongtaek has branded itself a "new economic city," partly in an attempt to move past its association with gijichon culture.
The boy watches Shura and Natalia, all dressed up like two girls, waltz into the courtyard, past this soldier, past other soldiers, into the street.
Aging justices would no longer hang on to their jobs past the point when they should (which has been a real problem in the past).
The small overall decline in the stock market over the past few days pales in comparison with the large gains over the past few years.
Teladoc shares have risen roughly 25% over the past month, and over the past month, Zoom Video's stock has risen by an even larger percentage.
Eight of the 10 most destructive wildfires in California history have occurred in the past 12 years, six of them in the past two years.
He said he did not report his past relationship with ILSI because the disclosure form asked only about potential conflicts within the past three years.
However, whether she's mourning a past relationship or her past self, this is one music video that may make you teary-eyed for Cyrus' pain.
Both candidates have increasingly attacked each other over the past two weeks, sparring on Biden's past positions on Social Security and Sanders's record on guns.
While it's still too soon to say definitively that the flu season is past its peak, the dips in the past two weeks were dramatic.
Others argue that the 20 percent fall in sterling against the euro over the past year puts it way past any idea of fair value.
"Particularly, the two important words 'well past,' in terms of 'rates remaining on hold until well past the end of quantitative easing,'" the analyst said.
If in past years Delhi's roughly 20 million residents shrugged off wintertime pollution as fog, over the past week they viewed it as a crisis.
This past weekend, Trump lashed out at FBI leadership, particularly targeting FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe over Democrats' past donations to his wife's political campaign.
If past trends hold, it is possible Democrats could see a double- digit swing in the average House district in 2018 compared with past elections.
A big part of the gains of the Chavez era have been lost in the past nearly three years, and especially over the past year.
The S&P 27 is higher in five of the past seven days, while the Nasdaq has risen in six of the past seven sessions.
Bed Bath & Beyond has reported same-store sales declines for the past 10 quarters, and for the past two quarters they've been down around 6%.
As the great George Orwell once wrote, "those who control the present, control and the past and those who control the past, control the future".
Active funds, which have seen massive outflows in the past several years, also have reached a four-year peak inflows during the past four weeks.
She receives fundraising emails, electronic newsletters, and direct mail fundraising pieces from Republicans because of her past voting history and past participation in their campaigns.
If you like Trump, you view the fact that he doesn't sound like any past president (or, really, any past politician) as a great thing.
Shares of CBS have gained more than 23 percent over the past 12 months, but are down about 1.5 percent over the past three months.
The company's shares, which also list in Canada, have fallen 30% in the past week although they're still up 45% in the past three months.
Basic civil liberties are seen as endangered, along with many of the rights for women won over the past decades, and indeed the past centuries.
" He has also in the past said he supports a surveillance program for Muslims, saying in a past interview "we should be monitoring every mosque.
But Scheer was able to brush past Trudeau's efforts to hammer him for his conservative past and present views on social hot-buttons like abortion.
Shore skated toward the right side of the crease and punched a loose puck past Darling for his third goal in the past two games.
"In the past decade, but especially the past five years, my crossword puzzle solving has become much more of a community activity," Ms. Brinck said.
Yeah, I mean, the past ... No. The past is so deeply interwoven into everything that we do and are that we don't even recognize it.
If THAAD exists at the time of launch and the missile is able to make it past it, it may not make it past Japan.
But he's had media flubs and faced questions over past arrests for marijuana use and a DUI, and his past failures to pay child support.
Native Americans reminded of past treatment For Iron Eyes, the initial threats of arrest have brought back memories of the government's past treatment of Native Americans.
Reid took a knee the past two seasons with the San Francisco 49ers and then encountered problems finding a team to sign him this past offseason.
In the past 13 months, it has also gone dark twice: After the November 2015 attacks in Paris and the attack in Nice this past July.
For the past - - for the past 25 years, you have not only been my wife and mother of my children, you have been my best friend.
The S&P 500 has fallen in seven of the past eight sessions, while the Dow is lower in six of the past eight trading days.
CONWAY: You know, President Obama this past weekend -- that&aposs right, President Obama this past weekend told the Democrats, you got to do more than mope.
Both in the past two decades and over the past century, a substantial percentage of Nobel Prizes won by Americans were immigrants, according to these reports.
The health information site analyzed its searches over the past year to determine which topics its users asked about more than they have in the past.
The titular "past life" refers not just to Rogers' pre-fame existence, she says, but also to actual past lives she feels she may have had.
Be Honest About Past Relationships Get real with yourself and your partner about why past relationships didn't work — especially if you've lived with a partner before.
Mesereau questioned her past experimentation with drugs and past struggle with alcoholism; Baker-Kinney was open about her problems but refused to associate them with Cosby.
But was Mr. Trump actually able to draw a distinction between the past that had really happened and the past that he needed at that moment?
With one out, Mike Trout lined a single past just past Bogaerts's glove at shortstop, then Pujols followed by dumping a single into short center field.
This past week, world leaders came together in the French coastal resort town of Biarritz, a favored getaway for European royalty for the past 150 years.
Amanda LeCureux has been running foreclosure auctions for the past two decades, but last October it was the past two years that had her most concerned.
"Tess may believe that 'home is in the past' but in the case of wine, it is the past that lives in the bottle," Milne explains.
The stock is up 5.5 percent for the year, 20 percent in the past 12 months, and more than 100 percent in the past three years.
However, they did learn of past incidents of "improper and unprofessional conduct," and determined that the network's past policies were inadequate in preventing harassment and retaliation.
Automobile lending growth on average has also been strong, up 33% over the past two years, though it has slowed somewhat over the past 12 months.
As Vox's Kelsey Piper writes, experts consider America's "first-past-the-post" system among the worst voting systems: First-past-the-post favors two-party systems.
While it may be easier to do now than it was in the past, moving past stubborn gender roles in romantic settings can be surprisingly challenging.
AMD has still seen huge success over the past year, remaining the second-best performing stock on the PHLX Semiconductor index over the past 20183 months.
They&aposve argued that the dynamics of the battlefield have shifted over the past 16 years and it&aposs past time to replace the post-Sept.
Apple has been known in the past to keep devices around long past their obvious utility to consumers and advantage over similarly priced but superior products.
The overall U.S. auto market remained on a roll, with rising sales for the past seven years, and record highs for the past two, they said.
The majority of respondents (66%) stated that "considering past decisions is extremely to quite important," while almost a third (28%) consider past decisions as "somewhat important".
I don't put it past him to actually deport people to make a political point, which would be reprehensible, but I wouldn't put it past him.
The Dow has been higher for three straight and five of the past six, while the Nasdaq has gained in four of the past five sessions.
When it comes to watching your actor spouse in old films or TV shows, Jamie Chung thinks it's best to leave the past in the past.
Although there have been some promising state-level reforms in the past couple years, the trend over the past 70 years has been toward more restrictions.
Mark Green (R) in the past month had come under intense scrutiny for his past remarks on LGBT people, Islam, Hispanics, the Second Amendment and creationism.

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