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"back" Definitions
  1. located behind or at the back of something
  2. of or from a past time
  3. owed for a time in the past
  4. (phonetics) (of a vowel) produced with the back of the tongue in a higher position than the front, for example /ɑː/ in English compare central, front
"back" Synonyms
rear hind hindmost end rearmost hinder rearward tail aft behind posterior after caudal final last trailing endmost backward astern abaft dorsal backbone spinal vertebral past previous earlier former historical old bygone preceding prior out of date way back gone-by delayed overdue elapsed late nether lower bottom basal inferior underground beneath bottommost low lower-level basement Stygian under remote faraway isolated secluded distant far outlying deep godforsaken away lonely removed backwoods jerkwater obscure Barcoo beyond boondocks foreign frontier wrong inside inverse opposite reverse obverse backwards rearwards off aback about around hindwards towards the back towards the rear in reverse behind one toward the rear behind you to the rear forth over from here at a distance far away far off far afield out of the way out of at a distance away ago before previously agone formerly gone heretofore in the past since back when before the present in time gone by syne ages ago back in the day time was from way back already from year one again afresh anew once more as before once again one more time another time over again a second time de novo for a second time anon bis backside stern hindpart hindquarters extremity tailpiece far end hind part tag end tail end back end rear end end part spine dorsum rachis vertebrae spinal column vertebral column chine bone myel rhachis spinal cord C-spine cervical spine other side rear side rearguard afterpart postern occiput heel rear part other end underside verso reverse side wrong side flip side opposite side B-side underneath flipside chink underbelly jugular Achilles heel soft spot jugular vein fancy taste liking weakness partiality penchant inclination fondness predilection love of keenness on proclivity towards predisposition towards predisposition for background shadows dark darkness support foundation base column hold platform reinforcement substructure underpinning backing bracket buttress cornerstone fulcrum groundwork pillar foothold joist pole post rump hindquarter haunch croupe crupper croup loin flank round sacrum shank thigh butt end side upper leg buttock hunkers hip leg defender sweeper full back back four failing flaw shortcoming fault deficiency defect foible frailty vulnerability susceptibility downfall handicap kryptonite undoing weak spot champion endorse advocate sanction aid help second assist favour(UK) promote defend abet encourage sustain uphold backstop espouse indorse patronise(UK) corroborate bolster substantiate authenticate certify reenforce reinforce validate verify affirm confirm justify prove ratify vindicate subsidise(UK) subsidize(US) finance sponsor underwrite fund bankroll stake act as guarantor of be a patron of foot the bill for put up the money for pick up the tab for capitalize(US) endow capitalise(UK) bet money on punt on speculate on bet on gamble on put money on chance money on pledge money on put your shirt on stake money on take a risk on venture money on wager money on place a bet on accompany complement follow harmonise(UK) harmonize(US) back up play along play with join in play for play a musical accompaniment for backtrack retreat withdraw regress retire retrocede backpedal recede retract recant move backwards turn back back away drive backwards fall back go back double back drive back assent accept acquiesce approve consent accede agree comply subscribe allow okay bless permit authorise(UK) authorize(US) recognise(UK) recognize(US) push advertise hype publicise(UK) publicize(US) plug sell advance market broadcast peddle publish annunciate flack inform proclaim be a supporter of be a fan of idolise(UK) idolize(US) be a devotee of be a fanatic of be a follower of be devoted to admire adore appreciate be an admirer of be interested in be keen on enjoy cultivate an interest in bet gamble wager risk play lay put punt ante game pledge place dice go lay bets have a flutter lay down lay a wager lay odds give grant contribute donate offer promise pay set put up kick in ante up chip in tip predict forecast portend project prophesy augur divine forebode foresee foretell presage prognosticate anticipate call foreshadow soothsay expect forewarn say line cover face inlay interline panel ceil coat encase fill incrust layer overlay pad paper sheath decorate pack quilt believe in value approve of cling to have faith in rate subscribe to swear by trust in be convinced by be persuaded by set store by have every confidence in trust express confidence in fall in with observe obey mind adhere to comply with conform to agree to agree with defer to go along with submit to assent to yield to act in accordance with cooperate with concur with bow to draw move come drive proceed travel progress roll continue drift forge get glide pass crawl creep cruise inch maintain keep prolong protract preserve bear conserve perpetuate retain buoy carry on favor(US) keep up keep alive keep going compliment praise suggest bank on be certain count on depend on rely on stand by vouch for be satisfied with depend on it speak highly of shift change switch alter evolve pivot turn veer digress morph transform diverge fluctuate metamorphose slip swing vary convert deviate More
"back" Antonyms
front fore forward frontal beginning first leading lead foremost vanward frontward anterior preceding headmost ventral future later ensuing subsequent upcoming forthcoming eventual imminent impending latter prospective succeeding downstream coming unfolding coming up up and coming down the line yet to come current present recent latest existing live present-day up-to-date up to date ahead along forth forwards on onward onwards frontwards towards the front further before further on in front up front in advance at the front out in front to the fore at the fore in the lead in the van in the vanguard at the head hence henceforth hereafter henceforward from now in future from this time after afterward afterwards currently presently subsequently straight directly right unswervingly exactly precisely in a beeline straight ahead without deviating linearly rectilinearly straightly truly undeviatingly start top head forefront topside face forepart façade facade frontage nose bow prow fore-end foremost part belly chest obverse exterior forehead recto aversion dislike vanguard branch subsidiary extension offshoot subdivision adjunct annex(US) annexe(UK) division section subsection supplement addition derivative part sector arm attachment department discipline ineptness powerlessness venter paunch abdomen midsection stomach gut midriff tummy oppose hinder protest undermine defy refuse resist challenge contest gainsay controvert rebut weaken combat fight oppugn dispute counter disapprove dissent disprove discredit invalidate refute confute contradict confound debunk negate deny contravene falsify impugn disconfirm belie sabotage damage disrupt hamper interrupt ruin spoil thwart break eliminate smash abort demolish impair shatter dash eradicate harm clash conflict disaccord disagree discord contrast disharmonize mismatch be discordant be incompatible not match not go be in conflict come into conflict be at odds advance forge proceed progress march propel storm forge ahead forge on gain ground go ahead go forth go forward go on make headway make progress march on move ahead move along move forward reject revoke cancel decline disallow negative repeal veto abrogate annul destroy disaffirm defund disendow take discourage hurt stop impede block obstruct dissuade halt prevent frustrate inhibit handicap hobble restrain slam criticise(UK) criticize(US) attack condemn censure knock pan denounce blast disparage lambaste pillory roast chastise reprehend savage pull remove strip end drop expunge purge abolish extract ax(US) axe(UK) discharge defenestrate expel clear turn against disdain hate shun snub spurn abhor deplore despise detest loathe scorn continue defend pursue bankrupt bamboozle embezzle blackball ensnare entangle entrammel jeopardise(UK) jeopardize(US) compromise endanger risk threaten prejudice stake be detrimental to be prejudicial to pose a threat to put at risk put in jeopardy betray deceive delude fool lie neglect pretend trick keep quiet keep secret

930 Sentences With "back"

How to use back in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "back" and check conjugation/comparative form for "back". Mastering all the usages of "back" from sentence examples published by news publications.

"Guess who's back back back back, back again…… 😜🍁🎃," wrote one happy customer.
Knock 'em back, knock 'em back, knock 'em back, knock 'em back!
They took it back-to-back-to-back: In fact, it was the first time the Cubs have gone back-to-back-to-back since 2004.
Not swimming the Channel four time back to back to back to back!
See you soon mate, because I'm coming back and back and back and back.
It's back to work tomorrow, back to Slack, back to K.P.I.s for the Q1 roadmap, back to sad desk lunches and awkward drinks with randos, back to the commute, back to school, back to reality.
Can you continue to have the same structured strength that it takes to pitch back to back or back to back to back days?
Mastering all of the Xeno games and speedrunning them all back-to-back-to-back-to-back.
Kanye shot back, she shot back, he shot back, etc.
It's about taking that space back, that park back, that pool back, of taking it back bit by bit.
"Back to Back" is cool, but "Back to Shaq" is cooler.
Back to normality, back to work, and back to cloudy skies.
Yes I'm back, back again, Tom is back, tell ya friends!
I'm back on Twitter, back on Facebook, back with my brothers.
Downtown is back, the city is back and the country is back.
" Ocasio-Cortez shot back with a tweet on Friday, saying the Republican Party "wants to send us back: Back toward injustice, Back to the denial of science, Back to the times when women needed permission slips from men, Back to racism - But we won't go back.
They have now hit back-to-back homers in two straight games, and it's the first time they've gone back-to-back-to-back (Machado, Davis and Trumbo) since Aug.
Notice the sensations in the low back, mid back, upper back, and shoulders.
"You gave my wife back her husband, my daughter back her dad, my mom back her son and my sisters back their brother," Kelly Dern read, fighting back her own emotion.
The company is kicking off the program with limited-time cash back deals, including 5% back at Target, 5% back at Sephora, 4% back at Dunkin', 5% back at Wendy's and more.
The interview process started with four back to back (to back to back) phone screens with department directors from Sales, Marketing, and Service.
You back up, you back up, you back up, eventually you're against a wall.
Alexander scored back-to-back layups off Michigan turnovers after converting a put-back.
Bombs fly back into mortars, bullets back into guns, tear gas back into canisters.
Cash-back rewards don't devalue — 1% cash back will always equal 1% cash back.
The bad guys are back onstage, back at their desks, back on the beat.
WELCOME BACK: With Congress back in D.C., Overnight Energy is back in your inbox.
CNN hosted back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back town halls in Manchester, New Hampshire, on Monday evening, showcasing the huge Democratic field in the race for the party's 2020 nomination.
"I was taking back my strength, and I was taking back my voice, and taking back my power, taking back my body," she said.
"So we got strength in her upper back with back rows, dumbbell rows, and the lower back with the Superman [stretch] for lower back."
In this sense, the very words "Build It Back" miss the point — unless by "back" you mean back, way back, from the water's edge.
We want customers that come back and come back and come back to us, without us having to pay for them to come back.
From there, we've got back three back to back premieres from three very different artists.
Oklahoma City is now 3-1 on the back end of back-to-back games.
O'Neale steadied the Jazz with back-to-back baskets that put them back in front.
Back-to-back baskets by McCollum and Curry then pushed the lead back to seven.
With cash-back cards, 1% back will always be 1 cent back, no matter what.
How well do you know this quarterback, who keeps coming back and back and back?
We want our freedom back, we want our liberty back, we want our childhood back.
Allen answered with back-to-back baskets to push Utah's lead back to double digits.
On Monday night, CNN hosted five hours of back-to-back (to-back-to-back-to-back) town halls with five different Democratic presidential candidates, starting with Amy Klobuchar and finishing with Pete Buttigieg.
I'd just done two records back to back, and toured those records back to back for five or six years, and I was burnt out.
To think that we're going to do that back-to-back to back-to-back, how realistic is that for us to think that way?
Their friendship dates back 20 years, and they've often gone back-to-back during DJ sets.
And when they stand back up it puts that energy back into their legs and back.
After such a hectic weekend of back to back-to-back parties and outings, I'm pooped.
They fought back and they fought back hard, and I gave it right back to them.
If we file a bill, it will be back and back and back until it passes.
Kristin Cavallari has given birth to three babies more or less back to back to back.
Landlords will want back rent, suppliers will want back payments and governments will want back taxes.
We have record numbers of companies coming back in, they're coming back—they're pouring back in.
We often go back in history for our back stories, but today we're going way back.
And when she fights back and Mr. Avenatti fights back, they are fighting back for all of us to get our country back into our hands.
BACK-TO-BACK BAR GRAPH Back-to-back bar graphs are two aligned, bar graphs usually running to the left and right of a vertical line.
Here's the cash back breakdown:4% cash back on eligible gas purchases up to $7,000 per year (1% cash back after that)3% cash back on restaurants and eligible travel purchases2% cash back on Costco and Costco.
Lisbeth Salander is back, Newt Scamander is back, Wreck-It Ralph is back, Rocky Balboa is back… November is going to be the month of cinematic reunions.
If it's DJ Harvey back to back Andrew Weatherall then that's suddenly really exciting, but something like Dixon back to back Âme, that happens all the time.
We have approved reforms, we'll bring back transparency, we'll bring back good governance, we'll bring back compliance.
Then I snuck back in the house, came back to bed, and then went back to sleep.
I'm excited to see him put together back to back to back and see where it goes.
He drilled back-to-back 3-pointers to help BYU cut Gonzaga's lead back to single digits.
While DeChambeau eventually fell back to even, Casey did not, producing back-to-back birdies on Nos.
Utah went back ahead on back-to-back 3-pointers from guards Rodney Hood and Trey Burke.
Davidson's clearly back in circulation ... he's fully back on 'SNL' following his troubling Instagram back in December.
Here's your chance to see Mr. Moore back-to-back-to-back with two of his competitors.
But going back a screen and then tapping back into the message thread brings the keyboard back.
Schroder's 3-pointer put the Thunder back on top, but Williamson answered with back-to-back baskets.
"I'm really proud of our guys getting the win on a back-to-back, our third back-to-back of the season already," Kings coach Dave Joerger said.
And they're going back to Michigan and they're going back to Ohio and they're going back to Pennsylvania and they're going back to North Carolina and to Florida.
When I was there, everyone would be in the little studio recording tunes back to back to back.
A back flip has the face pointing in the opposite direction of rotation (back tuck or back layout).
The pair poses back-to-back, with Biles' head just about level with the middle of Lee's back.
Taylor fueled the lengthy spurt with back-to-back 3-pointers that put the Utes back in front.
And in case you're not aware, the Ironman competition puts these three events back-to-back-to-back.
Whether these back-to-back-to-back announcements will help buoy Ford's financial situation remains to be seen.
It was like, 'Give me the ring back,' and, 'Get the ring back,' and, 'Give the ring back.
Melanie remembers a game from years ago when Cory let in back-to-back-to-back home runs.
Jae Crowder fueled the spurt with back-to-back baskets that put the Jazz back in front again.
Durant answered with back-to-back baskets to push the lead back to double digits at 73-63.
American Apparel founder is back, and unapologetic American Apparel founder is back, and unapologetic Dov Charney is back.
The back-to-back votes captured the one-step-forward, one-step-back nature of the Brexit saga.
Nowitzki, rested on the front end of a back-to-back, is expected back Monday night at Atlanta.
When they say they want our America back,Our America back,Our America back,When they say they want our America back,Well, what the fuck do they mean?
The smooth-coated Fox Terrier did it, pulling off a back-to-back-to-back-to-back win in the years 1907-10, so don't bark down the idea.
"I was taking back my strength, and I was taking back my voice, and taking back my power, taking back my body," she told the New York Times Magazine.
We want the Beatles back and turkey twizzlers back and fauvism back and given half the chance we'd happily take S Club 7, MC Hammer, and cholera back too.
Take back your mink , take back your pearls .
Because when we were going through our issues, we were back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.
When you get back home and come back to real life, ease back into your regular pace of drinking.
Felton and Paul answered with back-to-back 3-pointers to push the Clippers' lead back to 76-72.
When they came back and she came back, I just carried them back into the mansion kind of laughing.
Back-to-back 23-pointers from Holiday and Jaylen Hands helped the Bruins pull back to within a basket.
But the song's lyrics ("Diversion / I'm back, I'm back, I'm back") suggests Segall himself wants credit for this one.
Seventy percent of nonwhite voters back Clinton, 8 percent back each Johnson and Stein, and 7 percent back Trump.
Recent examples of Chase Offers include 10% back at Casper, 5% back at Airbnb, and 10% back at Starbucks.
You'll earn 4% back on dining and entertainment, 2% back at grocery stores, and 1% back on everything else.
"If we look back in history, there's been some inflection points back in 1987, back in 2000 and back in 2007, you had yields failing to break higher," he said.
The card earns 23% back on Costco purchases, as well as 25% back on eligible travel purchases, and 21% back on gas (up to $2500,103 per year, then 210% back).
Other offers that I've seen on my Chase cards include:10% back at Starbucks10% back at the Olive Garden10% back at Jimmy John's and Friday's restaurants10% back at CasperThe cash back you earn through Chase Offers is in addition to the rewards or cash back you get through spending on your Chase card.
Or, if you're jammed for time and need inspiration because the children are back in school, back in soccer, back in dance, back not walking the dog, back running late after debate practice, just take a deep breath and read Jenny Rosenstrach on the art of back-to-school cooking, in The Times.
"It gave me back my life, it gave me my job back, it gave me my kids back," she said.
Southern California had record rainfall after back-to-back-to-back winter storms that resulted in major flooding and landslides.
If you love your back, let's make sure we get more open back dresses and tops to emphasize your back.
"Going back to the imagery of what he saw back then, and allowing that to flood back in," he says.
Boston then began to come back in the third when Devers and Xander Bogaerts got back-to-back RBI groundouts.
He claimed he rubbed her back and told her to go back to sleep before going back in his bedroom.
Chili's is back, baby, back, baby, back, and this time, they put their famous ribs on top of a burger.
Crispen: We talked about it, we wanted to go back to back to back on every competition and we did.
If you want to get back at somebody, you don't get back at them, you get back at their family.
" Added Mathews: "I'm gonna win my wife back; I'm gonna win her affection back; I'm gonna win her love back.
You have to have your own back because otherwise you'll look back and you'll see 17 knives in your back.
Wall Street also kept an eye crude prices as they tried to bounce back from back-to-back sell-offs.
DEF CON is the last of three cybersecurity conferences held back-to-back to back in Las Vegas each summer.
But the Anteaters battled back again to cut the deficit to six on back-to-back baskets by Eyassu Worku.
The Savor also earns 4% back on entertainment, plus 2% back at grocery stores, and 1% back on everything else.
Then Spencer and Young hit layups after back-to-back turnovers for a 203-220 lead, but Nebraska came back.
Trevor May, despite giving up back-to-back singles to open the ninth, battled back to record his first save.
Fight Back – Trump does NOT back down when attacked.
Let's take a trip back in time — way back.
The policeman, and the one policeman actually said to the officer who was actually kicking, 'back off, back off, back off'.
"  It's all glamorous, but takes a sharp turn at the end: "You always come back to me/ Come back, come back.
He was toying with defenders at every opportunity, drag-back after drag-back after drag-back until they eventually fell over.
The crew needs to film on back-to-back-to-back days because contestants come in from all over the country.
Parsons had skipped the back end of back-to-back games all season, but this time he missed the first game.
After back-to-back quarters in which Tesla posted a profit, the company is expected to be back in the red.
They scored three runs in the fifth, with Eduardo Nunez, Kinsler and Christian Vazquez delivering back-to-back-to-back doubles.
And now you gotta get it back, and the way to get it back is to go back to the beginning.
While fsuwonder has since released the squirrel back into the wild, the squirrel keeps coming back for hugs and back scratches.
You have to go all the way back to 1997 to find the last instance of back-to-back NFL ties.
Kelly Johnson has homered in back-to-back games for the Mets, who are two back of the second wild card.
Think back to mid-April—conversations back then that were put on the back burner because of Mercury retrograde will resurface.
Cash back: Unlimited 4% cash back on all dining and entertainment, 2% back at grocery stores, and 1% on everything else.
All of it, experienced back to back in one lecture after another, is enough to pry my critical eye back open.
You also earn 224.49% back on dining and entertainment, 23% back on groceries, and 20203% back on everything else you buy.
Two days later, I was back in Stanley putting the flag back up, right back at government house where I'd started.
I circle back to rage, I circle back to pain, I circle back to disappointment, I circle back to confusion of not knowing why things are the way they are, but the thing I keep coming back to over and over again is love.
But then again, it doesn't happen ever in the history of the game where you have those three closers in the back end of the bullpen, back to back to back like that.
"I had bill collectors calling me back-to-back-to-back wondering when I could start making a payment arrangement," she said, recalling how her mood quickly changed from excitement back to worry.
Back in the van, back on the ferry to Oban.
S. shale is coming back, and it's coming back strong.
Astralis continued pushing back round after round, beating back Virtus.
"I think we'd go back to the back alley abortions."
We've done it with Iran backback a while ago.
And then I just got call back, after call back.
Bring Tony back, bring Tony back, and come on, Jacob!
When he decides to come back, he will come back.
Back in Waterville, Isgro pushed back against the recall campaign.
The toys are back, life is back, we are free.
I come back home and immediately get back in bed.
I can't go back, no way can I go back.
"We came back, came back," Rays manager Kevin Cash said.
It flies them back into the phone on its back.
Back in Taiwan, conservatives vow to roll back gay marriage.
I'm back there with you, it's more fun back there.
So I zoomed back out and the sound changed back.
Welcome back The Olympics are headed back to Los Angeles.
They go back into history and bring things & people back.
If you could go back, you wouldn't come back here.
"I'll be back with cigarettes," he shouted back at us.
Because then we went back and touched back in reality.
I'm just talking about repeating, doing it back to back.
He really said these two sentences back to back. 28.
Fanaticism's come back into fashion, come back with a vengeance.
And I have her back and will have her back.
"She gets right back up, and she comes back stronger."
Skip: Shopping for different deals on back to back days
The candidates will appear back to back during the event.
All I wanted was my life back, my family back.
He's like doing math equations back in the back room.
Front pads in the back, back pads in the front.
We watched every movie back to back over a weekend.
And, once back on Earth, the bones don't grow back.
At corporate gatherings they tend to sit back to back.
Sometimes, when I look back, I want to come back.
She has our back, but we have her back too.
It had not one, but two loops, back to back!
I went around back and tried the back door. Nothing.
"We will be back, we will be back," he declared.
It's a very long back and forth, back and forth.
The gardeners recently cut them back — way back — like topiary.
I come back and my boss has my back completely.
It unfolds, comes back, it unfolds and it comes back.
To bring your mind back together; back to wholeness. pic.twitter.
A staggered screen is actually two screens, back to back.
"Back to the norm, back to the norm," Westbrook said.
"I call it a back up, back up," she said.
Hertz's stock has come back without the company coming back.
Back to business: The SEC is off Elon Musk's back.
I wish I could get back there, someplace back there.
Going back to back it can take a lot longer.
Brayden is back home and things are back to normal.
These back-to-back-back videos raise anew questions about what it means to bear witness to tragedy and injustice so casually.
The win, on the back end of a road-home back-to-back, was the second in a row for San Antonio.
Think back to November 2015 and June of this year: Issues you were working with back then will likely come back up.
After getting back into the grind at work, all of our normal back-to-reality stressors have kicked back into high gear.
The back-to-back-to-back homers were the first for the Cubs since 2004 and just the 11th in franchise history.
McConnell has been under pressure from Democrats, and others, to bring senators back to Washington after the back-to-back weekend shootings.
Well, I'm just thinking of how Hollywood right now is taking back control, producers are taking back control, creators are taking back.
You&aposll also earn 4% back on dining and entertainment, 2% back at grocery stores, and 1% back on all other purchases.
Portland got back to within 753-98 on back-to-back dunks by Moe Harkless, the latter coming with 5:50 remaining.
Westbrook was inactive on the back end of a back-to-back after host Houston beat New Jersey 108-133 on Saturday.
Westbrook was inactive on the back end of a back-to-back after host Houston beat New Jersey 43-98 on Saturday.
Ingles and Bogdanovic responded with back-to-back 3-pointers and O'Neale added a basket to push Utah's lead back to 15.
"We've got a bad back, bad back, bad knee and a bad back," Collins said, referring to Wright, Walker, Cabrera and Duda.
Stevens and Curtis Jones connected on back-to-back 3-pointers to pull the Nittany Lions back ahead by six, 41-33.
"I was watching the news and there was just so much shit that was happening – back-to-back-to-back," he said.
You feel Lyft ... There's been all the rumors of selling and everyone's reported back and forth and back forth and back forth.
"You're talking about people who worked 12-hour days for eight months, back-to-back-to-back, who then dove right back into another campaign because Bernie asked his supporters to," says Malitz, 27.
Tessela: I haven't done many back to back sets with people I wasn't already good friends with, I think it's probably different if you do a back to back with somebody you don't know.
Although the Uber Visa offers 2000% cash back on dining, 250% cash back on airfare and lodging, and 0003% cash back on online purchases, you'll likely only earn 2000% cash back on your telephone bill.
And we have to beat these things back, and you know, we have indeed beaten these things back, these forces back, every time.
Those marked a pair of solid bounce-back efforts after he gave up a total of 12 runs in back-to-back outings.
And we're bringing back jobs big league, we're bringing them back at the plant level; we've bringing them back at the mine level.
We go back [to filming] in April so I plan to go back to America next month, and yes, I can go back.
But the more the show pulled back and back and back from the limited world of his perspective, the more thrilling it became.
I hop back on the Metro and take it back to Union Station, where I catch the train back to Baltimore (again, expensed).
Michigan State has bounced back from a three-game losing streak with back-to-back wins and now travels to Michigan on Tuesday.
"I'm gonna win my wife back; I'm gonna win her affection back; I'm gonna win her love back," he said in the clip.
"I'm gonna win my wife back; I'm gonna win her affection back; I'm gonna win her love back," he said in the clip.
The commercials flip between two back-to-back monitors, so a lot of time is spent jumping back in forth between the two.
Smith hasn't worked on back-to-back sequels since Deus Ex: Invisible War, a game that wasn't exactly well-received back in 2003.
Azarenka, ranked five, was back to her best when winning back-to-back titles at Indian Wells and Miami, but doubts have resurfaced.
The prospects of another hurricane landfall are troubling, coming so quickly after back-to-back-to-back disasters in Harvey, Irma, and Maria.
The Savor card earns an unlimited 4% back on dining and entertainment, 2% back at grocery stores, and 1% back on everything else.
As the standard back-to-back blowout turned into a truly embarrassing meltdown, Terry sat all pertinent players and brought J.L. back in.
The camera pulls back and back and back, until we're looking at a computer projection of the theme park, running behind the scenes.
Smith hasn't worked on back-to-back sequels since Deus Ex: Invisible War, a game that wasn't exactly well-received back in 2003.
The Royals pulled back within 4-3 when Alex Gordon and Ryan O'Hearn hit back-to-back homers to begin the second inning.
The game of pointing fingers and they-started-it can go back and back and back to the very founding of the republic.
The back-to-back multi-hit games followed a stretch without a multi-hit outing for Mazara that dated back to Aug. 915.
Bring it back, call everybody back, we'll restart the whole thing!
I do fight back and I'm fighting back not for me.
What keeps him coming back is knowing that they'll be back.
So go back and read the constitution and then come back.
Best for bonus category cash back: Discover it® Cash Back
She is lip syncing all her smash hits, back to back.
Dustin is back from camp and the whole gang's back together.
And then when they want to go back they go back.
We make our way back to the bus and back home.
He went back to the party, for pats on the back.
And we come back and we&aposre going to fight back.
Kobe back to back 3-pointers in final game #FarewellKobe pic.twitter.
When I got back into this rigorous schedule, my back hurt.
They've managed to pull themselves back and get back into cloud.
Head back to office to eat and get back to work.
Then you can just come back and take the cuts back.
The iPad is back ... really Somehow, the iPad has bounced back.
A junket's 300 interviews back to back for seven hours straight.
Hopefully I'll be back next week refreshed and back to 100%.
Her back is now against the back of the little wall.
She can't go back, she has nothing to go back for.
Back to normal, June tries to shake Harry back to consciousness.
"God is back and the nation is back," he has written.
"I'm back to training, I started back this week," she says.
Bates choked back tears as she thought back to that day.
Djokovic hit an overhead back, but Federer somehow punched it back.
Nadal is back at No. 1 and back atop the sport.
Let me go back -- again, we are bouncing back and forth.
Prince Harry is back in London and already back to business.
You can't be going back, it's not a going back ting.
I walked back outside and sat back down on the bench.
Looking back, thinking back, we thought they'd live and love forever.
Back issues of other publications only go back about six months.
She goes back down and we all go back to sleep.
"I came back, and boy did I come back," Lewis said.
The movies will be shot back to back beginning in April.
Beth knows when to clap back and when to fall back.
Select Settings > Back up & syncand toggle Back up & sync to on.
"If I come back, I'm gonna come back healthier," Chestnut says.
We saw him get back up, hobble his way back up.
I'm trying to get my legs back and my wind back.
I initially started pushing back but he immediately pushed back harder.
Some pros from back, back in the day, so I'm excited.
") to the dangerously foolhardy ("JUMPING TWO SPEEDING LAMBORGHINIS BACK TO BACK!
Meanwhile Corvo and Emily are back in Dunwall, back in power.
Okay, maybe not ALL CAPS back, but they're back for now.
I'll bring back our jobs and I'll bring back our money.
Hopefully, I'll be back next week refreshed and back to 100%.
Check back this afternoon to follow the astronauts' journey back home.
The current pushed us together, back to back, holding us submerged.
I just want him back, I want him back so bad.
Welcome back to Wind Gap, and back to Camille's haunted past.
And by getting back together I mean, going back to court.
Will I come back just to come back in sport, no.
These back to back champions will only get 85033,000 dollars each.
We expect him back next week, and back in the saddle.
They can put it back, then they can have me back.
He leaned back, or maybe fell back, onto Coach Mo's shins.
And then they come back, and they get their back pay.
When you have a chance to give back, give it back.
Ronda's going to be hard to lose back to back fights.
The infections just kept coming back and back, bigger and stronger.
How do you bring back — specifically bring back jobs, American manufacturers?
TO THEIR CORNERS (Him) Then back here and back to work.
Now it's like, 'Oh no, reel it back, reel it back.
Comes back inside and gets put straight back on her wing.
If you go back and forth you can wrench your back.
The Russians will come back and take back what is theirs.
They've never been the types to back off or back down.
Back in medical school, I dislocated a disk in my back.
"I am slammed with investor calls back to back," he wrote.
Picture HAMILTON and BURR back to back — NOTLIMAHBURR, in other words.
Soon I was back into shape and my back pain disappeared.
Started it, got bored, went back...went back to the menu.
Matt Kuchar fell back with three bogeys on the back nine.
Why not get our land back, get the indigenous lifestyle back?
Giving back — not just financially, but also giving back my time.
Rolling back climate regulations to bring back coal jobs is misdirected.
When I come back, I'll come back strong, with God's love.
Look back to the 2200s, he says — and back even further.
The chorus is appropriately punchy: "Stand back, stand back," she warns.
"I heard everyone shouting, 'Get back, get back,'" said Mr. Vogel.
She could put three Dakota Access Pipeline pleas back to back.
So they come back to put things back where they belong.
"Turning back the clock, turning back the clock," she chants cheerfully.
Back at Englewood, however, Dr. Dardik began experiencing intensifying back pain.
This girl named Belise Thomas did "Back to Back" by Drake.
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For some unknown reason, Andy decided that he was going to play a back-to-back with Junior since there were four decks and two mixers set up from another back-to-back earlier that night.
The Biebers were doing a photo shoot Tuesday in the Hollywood Hills, where JB was giving the missus back-to-back (to back) piggyback rides ... most of which were done without a shirt on his back.
Back at graduate school at Boston University, he came full circle with his dissertation, back to basketball, back to the courts that had shaped him, now a short trip from campus back to his old neighborhood.
Leonard converted a three-point play and drained a jumper on back-to-back possessions to boost the Spurs' lead back to 12 points.
Then back to the lockers, and back to Kim's, the ex and the assistant, and back to the cul-de-sac to start again.
I just haven't received any comment back … I just keep asking her to respond back to me, and I haven't got any response back.
We can come back in and we can get our customers back and we can get them to come back and appreciate the brand.
Tilt the phone down, and you go back to the normal view; tilt it back up, and the AR mode comes back into play.
The athlete performs a round off, back handspring, double back, three whip-backs in a row (no hands!), back handspring and a double pike.
San Francisco answered with a 9-4 run before Tillie made back-to-back shots to push the Gonzaga lead back up to 25.
The Jazz countered with a 210-0 run, highlighted by back-to-back baskets from Hayward, to stretch their lead back to 74-60.
The Fighting Illini have a chance to win back-to-back Big Ten contests for the first time this season and move back to .
Until we get back to that — I don't care if it's back-to-back, once a week, whatever it is — we're going to struggle.
Our goal is to let it come back down, unemployment come back down, let the unemployment claims come back down as quickly as possible.
Jutanugarn took the lead after Smith stumbled with back-to-back bogeys and then surged ahead with three straight birdies on the back nine.
"#happybirthday #jrenn @renner4real ... I&aposll always have your back..." Downey Jr. captioned the image of the two stars standing back-to-back and smiling.
He pitched in back-to-back-to-back games just once last season, so it seems a certainty that he will not pitch Saturday.
The Knicks cut the Magic lead to two later in the third, but Ross hit back-to-back-to-back 3-pointers in the final minute of the quarter to pad Orlando's lead back to double digits.
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I want my money back, my flyer miles back, I'm so tired.
Dickey won back-to-back starts for the first time this season.
They just came back from Cambodia and brought us back amazing gifts.
We just have to come back tomorrow and get back to work.
Pixies are back, or at least more back than they were before.
We're going back to intelligence and we're going back to common sense.
EA shares pulled back 0.7 percent on the back of the downgrade.
She had to fly back home and, the next week, fly back.
I injured my back, a pinched nerve in my back and hip.
Another shows them back to back, with Franken's hand on her bottom.
Personally, I've had two colds nearly back to back since New Year's.
It's stressful because... oh my God, interviews back-to-back are draining.
Packers WR Davante Adams has a touchdown in back-to-back contests.
Nicky Delmonico and Engel started it off with back-to-back singles.
The day was capped with back-to-back appearances from California Sen.
Back home, I dove back into my first passion - running a business.
She gave birth to four children back-to-back starting in 2007.
Some have come back; some have come back and then denounced again.
Strop said he will have to pitch on back-to-back days.
They took their country back, just like we will take America back.
Lopez sat out the second part of a back-to-back Oct.
He slumps back into the back seat and stares out the window.
I pushedher back, and she fell back and slid across the floor.
Well, now the YouTuber is back-back, returning to his vlogging format.
Ingles and Derrick Favors sparked the run with back-to-back layups.
The optional No. 6 also references the back-to-back winning racer.
Dallas will complete the back-to-back early Sunday evening in Nashville.
Back to Health Center, (703) 683-7771 Source: Back to Health Center
" He initially announced: "They're all coming back, and they're coming back now.
What are the odds of having two back-to-back record years?
And, in case you missed it, "back-to-back" is trending ☝🏻
He said Powell cant put a back-to-back consistent message together.
NOTE: It was the first of back-to-back games for Boston.
"Go back, go back!" she recalled him saying, mimicking his frantic gestures.
Nick Williams and Carlos Santana followed with back-to-back RBI doubles.
Adam dashes back inside to retrieve her, safely tucking her back in.
If oil goes back up, Cramer anticipates stocks could come bouncing back.
Mavericks: Saturday night at Minnesota in third back-to-back of season.
The testimonies will be "back to back," but separate, according to Schiff.
They had missed out on playing in it back-to-back years.
Back to BrexitWhich brings us back to where we started—to Brexit.
Hanley Ramirez and Bradley opened the sixth with back-to-back singles.
Melissa, not one to back down to anyone, comes back claws first.
Antonio Gates has missed back-to-back games with a bad hamstring.
"He doesn't back down and he doesn't want me to back down."
I get back under the covers and fall back asleep right away.
Mahtook and Nicholas Castellanos opened the game with back-to-back singles.
They capped back-to-back scoring drives late in the second half.
Back to back, the videos work as Drake's seven minutes in heaven.
When he comes back, I feed him and go back to bed.
The NY Jets running back says he never got his stuff back.
They looked back at their homes; they looked back at the village.
Dallas was the last remaining N.H.L. team without back-to-back losses.
I'm scrolling back and scrolling back in my memory banks for that.
They'll also receive a container for mailing back back the recalled devices.
Now, Murphy is back talking about how this season's Roanoke connects back.
You'll bounce back, I promise—bouncing back is kind of your thing.
At one point, Burks extended the run with back-to-back baskets.
The deal proposes connecting Kaliningrad with two back-to-back power converters.
Game of Clones premieres with back-to-back episodes on Thursday, Feb.
"We competed real hard in a back-to-back situation," Ward said.
So proud of you dropping back to back albums & fulfilling your dreams.
The inscrutable Williams trudged back to her seat before breaking straight back.
It will hold back most bacteria, but it won't hold back viruses.
She stood back to back with Sonic, scanning for the next wave.
Candelario and Stewart started off the game with back-to-back singles.
In doing so, Dozier followed Eddie Rosario for back-to-back homers.
Both teams were playing the second game of a back-to-back.
We're going to get back to work, and get back to winning.
The first half was definitely ... Dropbox and Spotify were back to back.
He's the back-to-back MVP and a Vine legend, to boot!
"We need it back to keep Ebola from roaring back," he said.
Utah surged ahead on back-to-back dunks from Hood and Hayward.
Step your left leg back, and then step your right leg back.
Thompson and Baldwin hit back-to-back shots to cap the run.
Can't blame him ... back-to-back ailments aren't easy on the body.
When I did my warm-up and pushed back, it fell back.
HarperCollins is going to kick back the rights back to Mr. Simpson.
These two incidents, coming back to back, aren't just evidence of hypocrisy.
Iran launched multiple ballistic missiles on back-to-back days in March.
The two quarters are the best back-to-back showing since 2014.
Back in Clark's office, we learn that the DNA evidence came back.
I could feel my back bend—the lower part of my back.
I thought [he would come back], but no, he didn't come back.
Then Suarez and rookie Winker went back-to-back one out later.
Words come back to bite you if you can't back it up.
Omar shot back at Lowey after the criticism, refusing to back down.
Langer is faced with winning back-to-back majors in successive weeks.
Do the scenes, come back, take the mask off, Peter was back.
I think he made 'Did It Again' and 'Ransom' back to back.
Back-to-back years of negative worth is also grounds for delisting.
New Orleans completes a back-to-back Sunday night at Oklahoma City.
It was a fight back all the way back to the podium.
"The back windows of our kitchen looked out back there," he said.
If you sell it back to the firm, you're getting back $98.
We fought back in the second half, kinda climbed back in it.
The second night of a back-to-back, both teams played hard.
We may not let you back in, actually, when you come back.
Saturday marked the second day of a back-to-back for Chicago.
We gave them their property back, we gave them their dignity back.
I kept saying yes, and they ended up happening back-to-back.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Claire Underwood is back at the ranch.
Let's think back to that time, back before the Capitals were champions.
The Orange, who have not lost back-to-back games since Dec.
Back in 2014, THUMP and Goldie looked back on his pioneering career.
We're taking back ... We're taking back the inappropriate for the left, Kara.
The two quarters are the best back-to-back showing since 28500.
Clearly they're back together ... and back on to get married (we think).
The car's back window was shattered, and glass littered the back seat.
France reached back-to-back finals for the first time since 2002.
Season 2 of "The Guest Book" begins with back-to-back episodes.
Why don't you back off of me, I'll back off of you.
But the exodus started long before last September's back-to-back hurricanes.
Then they sent him back to his farmhouse with a sore back.
We beat back attempts to roll back the ACA [Affordable Care Act].
If I'm in the office, I'm usually in back-to-back meetings.
But, that's when you start to pick back and peel back layers.
He's back, and if he's back, that means he's ready to compete.
He suggested I go back and get a flight back to Switzerland.
That attitude was welcomed after back-to-back losing seasons in Flushing.
"Bjorn was pretty far back but not that far back," Annacone said.
She made seven straight pars before back-to-back bogeys on Nos.
Seen back to back, they formed a dyad of mourning and joy.
Of Hader's 55 appearances, only five were on back-to-back days.
She turned her back and walked back to her office in silence.
Chicago posted back-to-back wins for the first time this month.
I didn't back down in TX or SC. Won't back down now.
Cory Spangenberg and Austin Hedges followed with back-to-back RBI singles.
Now that he's back, the squad is seemingly back in full force.
Then we'd get it back and it would go back and forth.
I said, "I take it back," but you can't take back prayers.
Don't look back, even if you quietly wish you could go back.
Millsap and Dennis Schroder padded Atlanta's lead on back-to-back possessions.
Faster than receiving three back-to-back Postmates orders (~2 hours) 26.
Stairs in the back let her run back and forth between kitchens.
Back then, she at least had a view from her back door.
Houston will complete a back-to-back on Thursday at Oklahoma City.
That's why I paid it back it back, and before the election.
He definitely wants to go back, and I plan on going back.
We got Lavonte back today, we got Justin Evans back somewhat today.
This marks its worst back-to-back weekly losses since January 2016.
And he will be back sooner than somebody else would be back.
Everybody's out there saying pull back, pull back, you know restrain yourselves.
Golden State won its second straight after dropping back-to-back decisions.
Go back to work, go back to your life, but enjoy it.
Both teams were playing the second part of a back-to-back.
"I blended right back in on my first day back," she said.
It will be recalled his policies led to back-to-back recessions.
But USC fumbled on back-to-back possessions to kill promising drives.
The fight back begins By now, Trump was back on the ground.
Despite Friday's muted trading moves, stocks posted back-to-back weekly gains.
They want to turn back the clock by rolling back the rules.
Are you thinking people are going to watch this back to back?
Finally, he is back in the world and back on the road.
You can use back-to-back contraceptive pills to stop your period.
That's gonna back up your phone, it's gonna back up your Mac.
Korver and Raul Neto capped the run with back-to-back baskets.
Krystal Klear: I've never mapped a back to back out in advance.
You're lifting it whole cloth, back and forth and back and forth.
You guys should DJ back-to-back for a month or something.Yeah.
Then I came back to L.A., and then I dropped him off in Lake Tahoe, where we're living right now, and then came back to L.A. Then I had to come back to Lake Tahoe to celebrate his birthday, came back again to L.A., and then tonight I'm going back again.
Daniels is expected to be the first Iowa running back to start in back-to-back season openers since Albert Young in 2006-07. 2.
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So, yes, you are pulling back, the consumer statistics are pulling back, and they are pulling back because of the rhetoric and concerns surrounding trade.
I don't mean because of, you know, getting it back, you don't get all of it back, but you get a lot of it back.
The Nuggets (3-227) welcomed back Kenneth Faried and Jameer Nelson to help with the depth on the second game of a back-to-back.
Thiem arrived in the French capital on the back of some impressive performances on clay with back-to-back final appearances in Madrid and Barcelona.
The 30-year-old quickly pulled out of the tailspin with back-to-back birdies at 15 and 16 to get right back into contention.
Because first we've got to take back the White House, we've got to take back the Senate, and we've got to take back the House.
Black Hat and DEF CON are the two large pillars of three conferences that run back to back to back in Las Vegas every year.
Back on their feet, Miyata took the fight back to the floor with a jumping guillotine, which he then used to move back into mount.
The jailers tortured Ali and then brought him back upstairs to face the boss, then back to the basement for more torture, then back up.
He flashed a smile to the Blazers bench, pleased with his return to the court after missing back-to-back games due to back spasms.
How the Chinese stopped being black If you're white, it's all rightIf you're brown, stick aroundBut if you're black, Get back, get back, get back.
But on Thursday, Fitzpatrick was back on the field, surrounded by teammates who adore him, back where he was wanted, back where he was needed.
Cubs starter Jason Hammel (14-7) bounced back from back-to-back losses, allowing one run and three hits, striking out six and walking three.
"They said 'send her back' but Speaker Pelosi didn't just make arrangements to send me back, she went back with me," the Instagram caption reads.
Rings taken back to the jeweler to be fixed or resized have come back with further damage — or have not even come back at all.
I go back every few years, but I didn't go back that often before, and every time I went back, it would be completely unrecognizable.
After a rough opener in Vegas, Holtby rounded back into something approaching his form in back-to-back shutouts to close the Eastern Conference finals.
I let the people know we'll go back, and we'll go back so fast and we'll go back with a force like nobody's ever seen.
We won't go quietly as he campaigns to put us back in the closet, back across the border, or to the back of the bus.
After a 30-minute rain delay, the Diamondbacks began the game with back-to-back-to-back home runs for a quick 3-0 lead.
Your attachment might snap back to close friends, it might even snap back to your parents, or it might snap back to an ex-lover.
After painfully dropping his first two UFC bouts back to back via split decision, 'Stormin' Norman' Parke got himself back into the win column with hard working performance against the returning Reza Madadi in Dublin back in October.
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Point guard Chris Paul averaged just 23.5 minutes in back-to-back blowouts of the Lakers and is a candidate to sit out a game next week when the Clippers end the regular season with a back-to-back.
It was a Curry 3 with a presidential seal on the tongue, Obama's signature on the sole, along with the phrase "Back2Back" a reference to Curry's back-to-back MVP titles and Obama's back-to-back electoral college victories.
"The job market bounced back strongly last month despite being hit by back-to-back hurricanes," Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody's, said in a statement.
So you can go back to Bill and Dave's garage, you can go back to the startup of Intel, you can go back to ... Google. Exactly.
That&aposs what you -- so, going back to what he said during the campaign, look back to Gorsuch, look back to the way that was handled.
But as the ball comes back down to earth, it bounces back into the goal as the goalie scuttles back in vain, unable to rescue it.
On June 2616, Yankees starting pitcher Nathan Eovaldi gave up back-to-back-to-back home runs to the middle of the Minnesota Twins line up.
The Rams&apos Jared Goff and the Packers&apos Aaron Rodgers played key roles in handing the Cowboys back-to-back losses a few weeks back.
Another study, published back in 2006, actually found that leaning back at a 135 degree angle is one of the best ways to prevent back pain.
The original idea for the video was to have a load of photographs back-to-back-to-back says Yurrit, speaking from his bedroom in Rotterdam.
But the CSFB interview went well enough that they invited me back to Super Day, which was this intense day of five back-to-back interviews.
They announced their split back in February 2017 but she begged for him back as recently as January, literally making a "public cry" for him back.
"Our defense has been playing well over our streak but to only have five back there definitely hurts especially on a back-to-back," Horvat said.
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This year found you especially frustrated by having to go back and correct so many errors, what with the back-to-back planetary retrogrades of 2018!
Atlanta regained its composure and upped the lead back to seven points when Sefolosha slammed in a rebound and Millsap scored on back-to-back possessions.
The patient reports that he was 85 percent back after the first procedure, 90 percent back after the second and 100 percent back after the third.
" Joe Biden: "We have to be in a position where we build back, we don't build back to normal, we build back to what is necessary.
Milwaukee held Washington off down the stretch, pushing the lead back to 18 points in the final two minutes on back-to-back DiVincenzo 3-pointers.
So, borrowers who are paying back will be annoyed, borrowers and who aren't paying back will be less likely to start paying back in the future.
As soon as the network cuts back to Wolf Blitzer, the crowd here sits back down and everyone goes back to wishing they were somewhere else.
At "Crossing the Wild Line," recent back-to-back projects are on display.
Get back in the saddle—and back to some fun—with these tips.
"My typical day has five to six appointments back to back," he says.
Diana Ross brought back-to-back hits for her 75th birthday Grammy's performance!
I put the KloudsKape back on, and the question about neurotoxins is back.
Women aren't going back to the back alley to make their health choices.
Florida would go on to capture the first of back-to-back championships.
Come back for the election, come back and we will take you anywhere.
Holding back women is holding back half of every country in the world.
I'll clock back into work and will look back on a great ride.
She went back to children's aid and said, 'Give me my kid back.
He was coming off back-to-back games with at least 10 strikeouts.
Nicholas Castellanos and Martinez hit back-to-back doubles to score a run.
You'll see a bunch of related material you can watch back to back.
They brought Dan Conner back, he was dead and they brought him back.
Have you ever seen two teens sitting back to back texting each other?
Castillo and O'Brien tacked on their back-to-back homers in the seventh.
"It's interesting that you ask those two questions back to back," he said.
Back in 1973, Syria tried, unsuccessfully, to take the territory back from Israel.
Yeah. Will it go back like this, I mean will it change back?
EAMON JAVERS: And guys, back at headquarters, we'll toss it back to you.
Still working on forgiving myself... When [Olivia] came back, we got back together.
A pair of faceoff wins led to the Rangers' back-to-back goals.
Texas' Dylan Haines picked off Howard on back-to-back third-quarter series.
"I'd love to come back once things get back to normal," she said.
The only thing I didn't get is what's a back-to-back contract.
Garcia and Avila drilled back-to-back home runs to pad the lead.
Eventually everyone got back into their cars and went back to their lives.
Back when Trump announced the tariffs back in March, US markets also fell.
Her Australian Open win means she's now won back-to-back grand slams.
Bush won back to back...Stewart and Colbert Voltron-ed their powers together.
Back then, she was back in the office two weeks after getting surgery.
He pulled his hand back, turned his back to me and walked away.
Nuggets : Wrap up a home back-to-back with Golden State on Saturday.
Move back and forth on your partner's penis or dildo, arching your back.
Coming back here was just getting back to work and doing my job.
Beyoncé took it back for her 35th birthday, decades back to be exact.
I go back to the set and back into Chipper Fitness Editor mode.
Jerebko made back-to-back baskets as part of a 13-2 run.
They will come back — some will come back, the best, through a process.
You know, if I'm coming back, I want him to come back, too.
The journeys can take anywhere between ten to 30 minutes, back to back.
The game was Utah's second in a rare home back-to-back set.
The party plans to divide the field randomly over back-to-back nights.
Don't Be Tardy season 7 premieres with back-to-back episodes on Feb.
Back-to-back singles by Welington Castillo and Lamb made it 1-0.
The company had posted back-to-back profits in the previous two quarters.
Let them move back into place and their resistance goes back to normal.
They had missed out on playing in it in back-to-back years.
It was build a wall, turn the clock back, bring the jobs back.
Or, shit, maybe they fight back-to-back in some Southern throne room.
Disrupt London is back in town and startup school is back in session.
Looking back, McKenzie said he never considered moving back to Atwater after graduating.
Also, Josh Tomlin (back problems) could be coming back to the rotation vs.
Kim fired back at the actress, leading to a back-and-forth exchange.
Collette and Parker Van Dyke ignited the run with back-to-back layups.
Williams originally joined the franchise back in 1980, in The Empire Strikes Back.
"She heads back to Vegas and I head back to London," he said.
We cut Game of Thrones: The Last Watch and Seahorse back to back.
Toronto dropped back-to-back games for the first time since mid-December.
Except I can't — booth demos are booked back-to-back throughout the show.
After trying to get back in the game for 25 minutes, we're back.
She goes back 2,000 years of knowledge—her ancestors go back that long.
I will push back on lobbyists, I will push back on Wall Street.
It starts back up again when the headphones go back on your head.
INGRAHAM: Now Mike, the president has hit back hard and hit back hard.
Looking back, Teresa is glad that her life is getting back to normal.
Well, looking back through a few clips, it's a bit of mixed back.
Please promise to return my cat back to me when we come back.
The back has an open case back so you can see the movement.
Back-to-back singles by Stephen Piscotty and Kendrys Morales loaded the bases.
I come back a couple months later and sheepishly slink back into it.
Washington has dropped back-to-back contests for the third time since Oct.
The Mavericks finish off a back-to-back Wednesday night at New Orleans.
"If you want cash back or merchandise, then get a cash back card."
Back on, back off-the-record for Axe to get a jab in.
He wanted it back and I did not want to give it back.
Only two other Indians have doubled and tripled in back-to-back games.
And when they want to go back, they can go back and cross.
And that that would put my hips back and help my back pain.
Some of it clawed back because of the three-year put-back arrangement.
Even if you feel like bad s**t keep happening back to back.
Aviles had back-to-back two-hit games in the White Sox series.
"So if [the cancer] comes back it could come back anywhere," she explains.
Washington has not posted back-to-back wins away from home since Jan.
Next went to funerals back-to-back for her older brother and father.
Heron hadn't hit 20 points in back-to-back games before this season.
Guided By Voices have released two albums this year, virtually back-to-back.
I just look right back at them, stare back at that person's eyes.
This is especially exciting after 2018, a year of back-to-back retrogrades.
To win it back to back, I know how hard that challenge is.
They will come back—some will come back, the best, through a process.
Two back-to-back meltdowns for India's batting on home turf defy logic.
Jake Smolinski and Danny Valencia opened the frame with back-to-back singles.
Nick Hundley and Brandon Crawford opened the inning with back-to-back singles.
What's worse, Japan was drenched by further back-to-back storms last week.
Yeah. Will it go back like this, I mean, will it change back?
"I think the future is going back into the past," he shot back.
The organizers wanted to get people back to the garden, back to land.
Conversations that had to be paused back in mid-April will come back.
The Tigers hadn't defeated ranked opponents in back-to-back games since 2007.
Their passing turned laborious, and they had back-to-back 24-second violations.
The Warhawks pushed back, using their defense to get back into the game.
Snell made back-to-back 3s to cut Indiana's lead to 89-80.
If it's possible to get my son back, I want my son back.
"We fought back, they fought back," first-year Nationals manager Dusty Baker said.
So, being seven back isn't really seven back, given the difference in waves.
Paul came back up in June, escaped, and never went back to Manson.
Now, the shoes are back in stock, and Vessi is back in business.
US markets completed their first back-to-back declines of 2019 on Monday.
Guests have the option to book back-to-back voyages without repeating ports.
Mirotic drilled back-to-back 23-pointers to punctuate the Bulls' comeback bid.
How can she win back some trust and get back in the lead?
If it is there, I'll come back, retrieve the keys and drive back!
I had three panic attacks back to back today because of this drill.
Martinez was knocked out in the seventh, undone by back-to-back homers.
The states subsequently fell back in line -- and farther back on the calendar.
You can earn 22% back on your eligible purchase, up to $21.5 back.
Haley waved enthusiastically back as she boarded her UN helicopter back to base.
"I rode Patrick's back like nobody's ridden a partner's back before," Spieth said.
Benintendi and Betts hit back-to-back doubles to make it 6-3.
I come back from holiday, and I go back to my normal routine.
Philadelphia won that game to claim its first of back-to-back championships.
" Beckham commented back saying, "YUMI ... I'm riding wit u, I got ur back.
"The New York subway came back, and Metro can come back," he said.
Memphis was coming off back-to-back wins over Iowa and Jacksonville State.
Boston TV has been running back-to-back Sanders and Clinton campaign ads.
Unfortunately I can't go back in time or say back what I said.
"Obviously, you don't want to have bad outings back to back," Asher said.
But this isn't a moment to back down – it's time to fight back.
Bear is back working in the sandwich shop, so it's back to reality.
My breathing labors, my back stiffens, and I slowly come back to reality.
I paced back and forth in my apartment, trying to hold back tears.
Cesar Hernandez and Maikel Franco had back-to-back singles with one out.
Once the patients are cured, they go back home, back into the collection.
Silva had to come back towards him and he got back to work.
It was the 17th time the Orioles hit back-to-back home runs.
Georges 'Rush' St-Pierre has claimed 12 back-to-back wins with UFC.
In the first one, she's posed with two co-stars, back to back.
The Commodores haven't won back-to-back games since the 2013 season. 3.
Rabb then helped seal the victory with baskets on back-to-back possessions.
I lift my legs onto the bench, going back to back with Ruth.
To push back, we in journalism can't just push back on the attacks.
They had to go back, and Empire put them back on the map.
""We will bring back our wealth and we will bring back our dreams.
Running back Karlos Williams bullied opposition and could eventually be Buffalo's lead back.
Two hours later and I'm back in my overalls, back in Building 7.
Then, I put her back in her crib and shuffle back to bed.
The Indians lost back-to-back games for the first time in June.
You can go back to the conversation, you can go back another night.
Virginia pulled away late behind back-to-back dunks from Gill and Wilkins.
Check back every Monday for an updated list of back-to-school deals.
Europe was hit by back-to-back deadly heat waves over the summer.
But I applaud her for coming back, because no one is coming back.
He coughed up back-to-back singles to Rafael Devers and Christian Vazquez.
I pushed back my chair and, clutching my back, began circling the room.
He tweeted some suggestions to the court, including rescheduling back-to-back arguments.
The clouds parted; the angels sang; my back popped easily back into alignment.
And it was just ... It went back and forth, and back and forth.
In the back, Mr. Lopez slammed his head back on the bus seat.
But his back-to-back major movies, with Ad Astra hitting theaters Sept.
Basically, Foster was a back with Old Back skills before he was old.
It eschews back-to-back jokes for natural dialogue and quirky plot points.
They moved back to the West Coast, and he has not looked back.
Yimi Garcia (0-2) and Dylan Floro gave up back-to-back walks.
But this isn't a moment to back down — it's time to fight back.
"But I'd give it all back to get my team back," he added.
We will bring back our wealth, and we will bring back our dreams.
The duo went back-to-back Tuesday in New York's 10-23 win.
He'll take a big step back and then he'll immediately step back in.
That two full 221-second 'Gooooooools' back to back from Telemundo's Andres Cantor.
TAVERNISE: Nook wanted to go back to the city, back to his mom.
The S&P 500 logged its first back-to-back gains since Feb.
McIlroy three putts from just off the green for back-to-back bogeys.
IT, for example, was still very much a back-office function back then.
On Wednesday, the Dow saw its first back-to-back gain since February.
Well, yeah, because I got back to school, I got back to work.
By the time you call 'em back they're going to be back anyway.
Callimachi: So I ended up taking five back-to-back trips to Iraq.
"He banged his back, upper back and neck," Hinch said after the game.
His footbridge is shaped like a pair of "C"s back to back: )(.
Then, when the back wheels hit, the ramp pushes both back and up.
He put the car back in gear and started back to the suburbs.
Outside, they choked back tears, embraced and clapped one another on the back.
To go back to sitting, you simply press the surface back into place.
Back to back sullied championships would be a lot for baseball to absorb.
If your physician is back at work, then she is back at work.
This was this first time Nashville won back-to-back games since Oct.
She's back Leslie Jones loves the Olympics, and the Olympics love her back.
Consumed back-to-back, Jenkemmag really illustrates Tomasello's incredible footwork and technical mastery.
In addition, the back panel kept my back cool and comfortable all day.
Javier Manquillo is back as well so it's good to see them back.
"We'll be back, New Hampshire, we'll be back in the general," he said.
Many lead several classes back-to-back, with almost no breaks in between.
Smart made back-to-back jumpers to start a 13-0 Tigers run.
They scaled back, solved the issue, and then slowly reverted back to normal.
They again tasted immortality, winning back-to-back titles in 2009 and 2010.
You back in now so that you don't have to back out later.
"When we go back home, we go back home as heroes," she said.
The Bulls won back-to-back games for the first time this season.
It was the first time the Mets went back to back since Sept.
Rendon and Matt Wieters hit back-to-back homers to start the inning.
He eventually switched back to the MMO, presumably, after it came back online.
It's so critical that the back-up systems have back-ups, she said.
Gorkys Hernandez and Duggar (RBI) started the frame with back-to-back doubles.
Kole Calhoun and Andrelton Simmons began the rally with back-to-back singles.
"  "We need to get back to reality and back the work at hand.
Andrei Svechnikov scored for the Hurricanes, who were denied back-to-back wins.
Minnesota has won back-to-back games after starting the season 22-24.22.
We did each piece back to back, with no second takes, no discussion.
Godley has won back-to-back starts after losing his previous three turns.
Kevin Newman and Frazier hit back-to-back base hits up the middle.
He sank back-to-back 3-pointers to push the lead to 9.
Holt: Back to the question, specifically, how do you bring back the jobs?
We have gone many years back, back to the authority of the individual.
Wanna know what it's like in the BACK-TO-BACK CHAMPS locker room?
Came back to Washington in 33-11, was really bored to be back.
The duo went back-to-back Tuesday in New York's 10-2 win.
Launched last fall, the card comes with perks like 214 percent back on restaurants, takeout and bars; 23 percent back on airfare and hotels, including Airbnb; 2200 percent back on all online purchases and 221.99 percent back on all other purchases.
Suddenly, it felt as if a meeting in the last 16 with Manchester United was rather more daunting than it had seemed when the draw was made, back in December, back before Neymar's tears, back before Cavani's grimace, back before Villefranche.
James Corden's back-to-back-to-back Hugh Grant impressions, and Charlize Theron's ability to very quickly attach a unique (and crucial) hair extension to her forehead.
Jake Bauers highlighted his three-hit performance by joining Roberto Perez and Tyler Naquin in belting back-to-back-to-back homers to open the seventh inning.
So, I began to search for things—anything—that might lead me back to myself, back into my body, back into some approximation of connection, however temporary.
" She said in her affidavit that Gogoi then, "slid his hand from the back of my head, along my back to my hipline, till my lower back.
Michigan State scored five quick points to retake the lead but Louisiana-Monroe was back on top 20-18 after back-to-back 513-pointers from Ertel.
Maybe I'd go back—I wouldn't want to go back, but if I had to—I'd go back a few months ago, before Donald Trump was elected.
"— Lexy Lebsack, West Coast beauty editor The Back FacialWe tried: The Back FacialPrice: $65Location: Mario Badescu Spa, New York City"The back is a tricky body part.
For example, the American Express Blue Cash Everyday gives 3% cash back at supermarkets, 2% cash back at gas stations and 1% cash back on everything else.
Netflix put out a brief first look at it, showing Jones back at work, back to the bar, and back to smashing people into panes of glass.
Welp ... Ken wasn't finished just yet -- after he got yanked back onstage, he dove right back in for seconds, despite his bandmates trying to hold him back.
Down 37-28 and the game nearly getting out of hand, Oregon went a quick 7-0 run — buoyed by back-to-back threes — to fight back.
Back-to-back 210-pointers by Harrison Barnes and rookie guard Luka Doncic pushed the Mavs' lead back up to 239.2 points early in the third quarter.
The Grizzlies roared back to trim the deficit to 97-95 with 2:34 left after Porter's back-to-back 3-pointers put Washington up 95-83.
And in the National League Championship Series, after being shut out in back-to-back games, the Cubs bounced back from a two-games-to-one deficit.
I was at the back of the bunch, but Roger (Kluge) came back for me and took me back to Dylan Groenewegen's wheel in the last kilometre.
The Reds got a run back in the fifth when Joey Votto and Scooter Gennett hit back-to-back doubles to cut the lead to 4-3.
Nurkic scored on back-to-back hook shots and McCollum followed with a 23-pointer to push Portland back in front 100-98 with 5:41 left.
But no one saw the back-to-back-to-back pattern of the storms coming — a grand total of 21990 named storms, 290 of which were hurricanes.
With DC's comics-based films, the pattern appears to be one step back, then another three steps back, and then, for good measure, another five steps back.
I had been working back-to-back-to-back for four years, and I was suddenly presented with a whole bunch of actors that I really admired.
And what's interesting is I can go back, you know, 18 years ago, I can go back 15 years ago, I can go back five years ago.
Mr. Jeune's mother opened the door for the officers and ran to the back of the apartment, yelling, "He's back here, he's back here," Chief Monahan said.
Since then, Biden has slipped into a narrow lead with black voters: 21 percent of them back him, 24 percent back Steyer, and 23 percent back Sanders.
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But Robinson got hot for the Wolverines, converting two three-point plays on back-to-back possessions to set up a back-and-forth final two minutes.
Snell, a sophomore, is nearing some significant milestones, including needing 210 yards to become the first Kentucky running back to post back-to-back 23,220-yard seasons.
Altogether, it makes me wish I were back inside my cinematic chrysalis, inside that bubble outside of everything, watching the films back-to-back all over again.
Best for families: Blue Cash Preferred Card from American ExpressWelcome bonus: $0003 statement credit (after spending $1,000 in the first three months) Cash back: 6% cash back at US supermarkets on up to $6,000 in purchases per year (and 1% after that), 6% cash back on select US streaming services and 3% back on all transit, 3% back at US gas stations, and 13% cash back on everything else.
That question — how can you back LipSense if you don't back its political ties?
The sophomore hit the court after having back-to-back shots blocked by Lammers.
The famed composer managed to score back-to-back wins not once but twice.
The other, Ricardo Goulart, had just won back-to back league championships with Cruzeiro.
You look back on those times and think: 'how do I get them back?
Welcome back, David Limbaugh I want to get back to this issue of supervision?
Dartmouth stormed back in less than five minutes to get back in the game.
We are looking to buy it back if it goes back down too much.
This is a tough place to play, especially off of a back-to-back.
Back-to-back wins for Iñárritu feels like too much even for the Academy.
The Dodgers are a lock to make back-to-back World Series trips, right??
Butler made it to back-to-back NCAA championship games in 2010 and 2011.
When he came back, he hopped back into his tree and that was that.
Shin-Soo Choo and Willie Calhoun opened the game with back-to-back singles.
Coletta saw it too, and has gone back and back, fascinated by its resilience.
As a chronic season ticket holder, I happened to see both back-to-back.
The rise in July marked the first back-to-back gain since January 2000.
It was the second time the Mets hit back-to-back homers this season.
Powerpuff Girls returns April 4 with two back-to-back episodes at 6 p.m.
"I am back in my fortress of solitude, and back in Westeros," Martin writes.
I'm going to grow it back out again and probably go back to dark.
Now, Columbia is back for a second Empire Strikes Back-inspired piece of outerwear.
Netflix debuted this feature back in 2016 and so did Amazon back in 2015.
Belinelli came back with a clutch jumper to put Philadelphia back up 240-219.
Scratch the back of Facebook's News Feed, and the News Feed will scratch back.
" I always thought in the back of mind, "Well, I'll come back to it.
So they sat out in back or stood out back with the other parents.
Antetokounmpo soon made back-to-back layups to nudge Milwaukee's lead to 216-255.
Check back then to follow the crew as they make the trip back home.
For example, only eight NFL teams have won the Super Bowl back-to-back.
CNN is fighting back, and is expected back in court as soon as today.
We walk his dad back to his hotel and head back to my house.
Bosses with overflowing inboxes and back-to-back meetings may very well be drowning.
There are 30 of them, so I've read six of them back to back.
Sanofi, the drugmaker that produces Ambien, clapped back at Barr's allegation back in May.
Slowly, she pulled her fingers back from Chrisanne's pussy and flopped onto her back.
Go back in your house, pump this number and then get back into bed.
It is time to take our future back, time to take our politics back.
Best friends and coworkers Eh Say Plaw and No Val go back — way back.
Westbrook is the only player to accomplish the feat in back-to-back seasons.
Natalie Portman with Carla Lalli Music in an episode of Back-to-Back Chef.
Mr. Robot is back, and the C Y B E R is back, too.
But he gets back up and is back in the middle of the pack.
"After I came back from my trip, I never moved back in," she said.
Back-to-back layups by Porzingis and Williams put the Knicks ahead, 113-109.
We climb back down and meet back up with S. and begin our descent.
I'm going to bring jobs back and I'll start bringing them back very fast.
John Harrar made back-to-back jumpers to increase the lead to 223-35.
But when it falls back to editing, it comes back to Jamie and Claire.
Click through for ten open back sweaters that give your back some breathing room.
I took a back seat the same way she's taking a back seat now.
"When you give back to people, it will come back to you," he adds.
So I'm getting back to that and getting back to my own personal truth.
"Data protection is not a back-room, back-office issue anymore," she said yesterday.
You know that I have your back and you do not have my back.
Delayed trains, back-to-back meetings, difficult bosses, fraught friendships, tight deadlines… Sound familiar?
Which brings us back to Les Mis [...] So let's get back to Les Mis.
"I'll take jobs back from China; I'll take jobs back from Japan," he said.
Now Uber is back, slowly wading back into the the self-driving vehicle waters.
Now that the AIA is back, the SDO is back to its full capacity.
Which brings us back to Les Mis [...] So lets get back to Les Mis.
He&aposs excited to be back, and we&aposre excited to have him back.
Going two back-to-back years with four fights apiece (and wins, of course).
I've been telling everybody, I've had four fights each in back-to-back years.
And now, the timeline seems to be pushed back further, back to March 210.
"We continue to back Stephen Moore, continue to back him," Kudlow said last week.
I was able to get back, get back to throwing a lot of strikes.
It was the second of back-to-back nightly shows at the colossal venue.
Go deeper: Boeing's back-to-back 737 MAX 8 crashes are a nightmare scenario
So I added back calories, but stayed #keto and I'm back up to 125.
Utah finally took a 53-49 lead on back-to-back layups from Gobert.
Mike Napoli and Ramirez then hit back-to-back doubles to tie the game.
We want to encourage people to go back, but to go back with dignity.
"We have a back-to-back?" asked Triano, who was named interim coach Oct.
"He's really not coming back," said King's sister, Marshay Caldwell, who held back tears.
You know back-to-back is never easy, especially against a team like this.
Otherwise, I'll get back to you as soon as I'm back in the office.
I toss the groceries in the back and careen through the neighborhood back home.
Squat down, keeping your back straight and your butt back, and touch the box.
The hostages we got them back even before I left we got them back.
Which takes us back to the islands -- and a dispute which dates back centuries.
Blackmon and LeMahieu opened the seventh with back-to-back singles off Miguel Diaz.
Back at Bar Vittoria, after four hours of waiting, the power clicked back on.
She went back to Hollywood but couldn't stop thinking about her friend back east.
They go back inside for yet another back-and-forth conversation about what's next.
On Monday the president thanked both Fox and OANN in back-to-back tweets.
Back-to-back senate committee hearings will be held all Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
At one point, after back-to-back 3-pointers, DiVincenzo winked at the crowd.
Detroit (33-64) dropped back-to-back games for the first time this month.
Alamo Drafthouse Theaters in select cities plan to show the movies back to back.
But as Truex fell back, Larson recovered and eventually got back up to second.
Back in court Group leader Ammon Bundy will be back in court on Tuesday.
The show's fourth season finales on November 11 with two back-to-back episodes.