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"change" Definitions
  1. [countable, uncountable] the act or result of something becoming different
  2. [countable] the process of replacing something with something new or different; a thing that is used to replace something
  3. a change [singular] the fact of a situation, a place or an experience being different from what is usual and therefore likely to be interesting, fun, etc.
  4. [uncountable] the money that you get back when you have paid for something giving more money than the amount it costs
  5. [uncountable] coins rather than paper money
  6. change of clothes, etc. [countable] an extra set of clothes, etc.
  7. [countable] an occasion when you go from one bus, train or plane to another during a journey
  8. the change (of life) [singular] (informal) the menopause (= the time during which a woman gradually stops menstruating, usually at around the age of 50)

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"change" Synonyms
evolve transform convert reform turn metamorphose morph mutate resolve shift naturalise(UK) naturalize(US) recondition shape transfigure transmute diverge merge progress commutate alter modify adjust amend edit mould(UK) mold(US) redesign revamp revise rework adapt modulate refashion temper tweak make over moderate reconstruct replace substitute exchange interchange swap change over switch supplant transmit transpose rotate switch around alternate reverse move reorder rearrange invert trade cede hand over surrender yield reciprocate barter commute displace supersede swap over swop trade off fluctuate vacillate vary veer deviate differ seesaw snap teeter waver swing oscillate go up and down yo-yo see-saw slip fit dress sneak slink adorn clad creep dress up put on slip into slip on suit up wear clothe attire robe garb costume deck transfer transit connect take turns work in sequence act in sequence take it in turns bandy trade places move around follow in sequence deepen unfold develop arise transpire broaden emerge take shape become apparent materialize(US) mature come into sight advance flourish loom come into being come up become known pervert doctor misinterpret slant bend colour(UK) color(US) fake misrelate misconstrue corrupt adulterate distort falsify misrepresent garble warp twist misstate dither falter haver swither stagger halt scruple wabble equivocate temporise(UK) temporize(US) balance hover impact affect abate determine govern decide reshape exert influence have an effect have an influence make an impression touch work afflict agitate bias have an effect on influence sway strike control guide form condition infect hit shuffle jumble disorder disarrange disorganize confuse disturb discompose muddle disarray dishevel upset disrupt muss tousle rumple derange dislocate scramble disjoint throw out cancel revoke repeal rescind annul drop nullify quash abolish invalidate ax(US) axe(UK) void withdraw stop abrogate retract abandon negate budge backtrack reconsider backpedal reappraise reassess reevaluate re-evaluate re-examine rethink review change your mind climb down have second thoughts expand grow enlarge elaborate improve push unroll drive extend spread tamper interfere meddle tinker fiddle dabble damage monkey around toy trifle deface harm vandalise(UK) vandalize(US) fiddle about fiddle around fool about regenerate renew revive restore rejuvenate revivify revitalise(UK) revitalize(US) uplift renovate resuscitate kick-start reanimate reawaken rekindle recharge reproduce freshen aberrate break pattern go out of control depart from the norm go astray go off on a tangent go haywire cash encash realise(UK) realize(US) liquidate take discharge draw redeem cash out convert into cash convert into money turn into cash turn into money accept cash for cash in sell off sell up contrast depart digress disagree diversify divaricate divide separate be different be dissimilar be unlike be distinct be distinguishable not be alike be at variance spay castrate neuter operate on sterilise(UK) sterilize(US) antisepticize autoclave clean decontaminate desexualize disinfect emasculate fix fumigate geld incapacitate pasteurise(UK) pasteurize(US) convince persuade cajole coax entice induce lure tempt coerce bring round prevail on change mind go back break double back renege retreat revisit turn back retrace your steps betray be unfaithful desert forsake repudiate return revert regress retrogress lapse shamble stumble lumber stroll trudge amble plod slough totter traipse dodder loaf loll mope mosey ramble saunter tramp sheer swerve wheel skew career curve tack weave change direction curl deflect detour divagate industrialize(US) automate mechanise(UK) mechanize(US) mass-produce computerize(US) systematize(US) preset program(US) power programme(UK) systematise(UK) computerise(UK) motorize tool rig equip technologize equip with machines deform buckle contort misshape malform arch bow flex screw torture disfigure gnarl kink wrinkle brutalise(UK) react oxidise(UK) oxidize(US) ionise(UK) ionize(US) bond reduce divert relinquish refer allocate charge commission designate grant redirect allot channel devolve intrust place task vest appropriate cast transformation modification alteration amendment development evolution innovation reformation revision revolution transition adaptation adjustment conversion metamorphosis mutation permutation replacement substitution turnaround flip-flop rotation alternation surrogate bartering commutation transposition swapping changeover switching replacing alternative departure diversion novelty variation variety whole new ball game fluctuation flux oscillation variance distortion diversification irregularity modulation vacillation deviation diversity inconstancy vicissitude unevenness wavering unsteadiness upheaval displacement loose change coins copper dimes nickels pennies quarters silver chicken feed pin money pocket money spending money mite peanuts pittance scrip shoestring coinage coppers petty cash bucks money dough bankroll bread bundle capital chips coin currency fortune funds gold green hard cash lucre mint opulence pelf divergence difference disparity discrepancy aberration anomaly digression abnormality divagation divergency inconsistency nonconformity eccentricity happening revelation situation surprise incident occurrence phenomenon event eventuality transpiration eventuation issue turn of events circumstance conclusion denouement materialisation(UK) materialization(US) multifariousness heterogeneity diverseness assortment heterogeneousness multiplicity manifoldness miscellaneousness variousness medley mixture range array variegation miscellany reversal turnabout retraction doubleback backpedalling(UK) backpedaling(US) cancellation(UK) cancelation(US) annulment inversion rescinding about-face U-turn volte-face about-turn unrest disquiet ferment turmoil restlessness uneasiness unquietness fermentation distress anguish grief anxiety vexation irritation sorrow annoyance chagrin malaise moodiness tension rearrangement readjustment redisposition relocation reordering reorganisation(UK) reorganization(US) reshuffle confusion disconnection discontinuity disengagement dislocation disorganisation(UK) disorganization(US) disruption overturning undoing overruling abrogation changing countermanding quashing revocation upsetting veto disallowing overriding overthrow repudiation rollback posting removal migration transference translocation flit flitting change of house change of job change of address moving movement biorhythm cycle cyclical change rhythm turning point crisis crossroads climax watershed landmark juncture exigency emergency climacteric corner milestone crux culmination crossing strait pass milepost cusp nexus transport carriage transportation travel conveyance passage shipment freightage haulage journeying motion traveling(US) travelling(UK) turnover staff resignations staff turnover rate of replacement staff resignation rate staff renewal rate coming and going hiring and firing rate misrepresentation falsification perversion coloring(US) colouring(UK) misreporting misstatement twisting garbling manipulation prejudice spin travesty doctoring exaggeration rebellion revolt rising uprising insurgency mutiny insurrection coup insurgence subversion outbreak protest putsch riot rioting sedition peal chime ring ringing clang knell tolling toll tintinnabulation boom tocsin carillon sound resounding clamour(UK) reverberation sounding blast clamor(US) clangour(UK) More
"change" Antonyms
stagnate endure idle last persist prevail continue remain stall stay stay the same be idle linger sustain be inactive be long lived be timeless carry on carry through fester preserve leave alone retain fix freeze maintain perpetuate hold leave unchanged set stabilise(UK) stabilize(US) conserve halt keep secure cling to hang on to hang onto hold onto hold on to keep hold of keep possession of reserve withhold save plateau level off even out settle settle down smooth out steady balance out become stable even up level out stabilitate sit tight stay put stick around stay behind wait clean cleanse honor(US) honour(UK) improve moralise(UK) moralize(US) please praise purify represent straighten explain approve agree hurt be honest tell truth disarrange disorder grow increase spoil unfit confront face meet simplify disorganize disperse disturb indulge ruin scatter separate worsen disagree refuse damage move break destroy differ mismatch dull unsettle upset unsuit confuse decide determine resolve commit oneself be still trivialise(UK) trivialize(US) understate underestimate belittle make light of play down tone down pall underwhelm downplay lessen minimise(UK) minimize(US) arrange array dispose marshal(UK) marshall(US) order organise(UK) organize(US) range regulate tidy calm compose draw up neaten run soothe straighten up systematise(UK) desensitise(UK) desensitize(US) numb stupefy blunt deaden paralyse(UK) paralyze(US) be indifferent to beautify clarify explicate uncurl untwist correct repair mend restore doctor patch rectify remedy emend straighten out stagnation dormancy inaction inactivity inertia permanence sameness endurance immobility abeyance abeyancy compatibility conformability motionlessness stasis steadfastness stillness suspension intermission latency constancy monotony consistency regularity repetitiveness similarity stability invariability uniformity congruity fixedness likeness similitude standardisation(UK) standardization(US) evenness homogeneity unchangeableness agreement stabilisation(UK) stabilization(US) balance equilibrium steadiness calmness composure fixation harmony conformity equality normality bill note banknote bankroll check dollar paper money bucks bundle capital cashier's cheque(UK) cashier's check(US) dollar bill green greenback abidance adherence compliance accordance observance acquiescence conformance observation allegiance assent keeping obedience standstill cessation impasse pause delay stoppage dead end lack of progress idleness remission postponement reprieve stop beginning cheque credit debt approval enactment validation failure inability miss holding retainment possession specialisation(UK) specialization(US) regression deterioration retrogradation retrogression decline weakening worsening backsliding regress degeneration degradation descent lapse relapse declining degringolade dying expiration expiring expiry bills loss losses suckanhock ease peace peacefulness quiet tranquility(US) contentment rest tranquillity(UK) comfort contentedness delight happiness joy pleasure arrangement juncture method orderliness organisation(UK) organization(US) system

933 Sentences With "change"

How to use change in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "change" and check conjugation/comparative form for "change". Mastering all the usages of "change" from sentence examples published by news publications.

"We had people change, drug change, social change, economic change," he said.
Of the top 20 ZIP codes deemed most gentrified, here are the top 10: ZIP code: 0003Home value change: 707 percentHousehold income change: 95 percentHigher education change: 857 percent ZIP code: 20001Home value change: 207 percentHousehold income change: 163 percentHigher education change: 212 percent ZIP code: 77003Home value change: 284 percentHousehold income change: 20163 percentHigher education change: 443 percent ZIP code: 19123Home value change: 203 percentHousehold income change: 95 percentHigher education change: 230 percent ZIP code: 10039Home value change: 356 percentHousehold income change: 32 percentHigher education change: 168 percent ZIP code: 900143Home value change: 323 percentHousehold income change: 103 percentHigher education change: 122 percent ZIP code: 11211Home value change: 167 percentHousehold income change: 79 percentHigher education change: 95 percent ZIP code: 19146Home value change: 404 percentHousehold income change: 953 percentHigher education change: 106 percent ZIP code: 11222Home value change: 116 percentHousehold income change: 2000 percentHigher education change: 22000 percent ZIP code: 297Home value change: 2000 percentHousehold income change: 22016 percentHigher education change: 290014 percent Although gentrification is changing most every major city, "the really spectacular cases seem to be limited to relatively few," the study notes.
Fortunes change even when leaders don't change — and sometimes fortunes change because leaders don't change.
And I've seen one person change a room, change a city, change a state, change a country.
Formats change, time slots change and, most of all, people change.
"A cultural change, a mental change, a physical change," Bam said.
Breaking a vicious cycle requires change, and change needs a change leader.
When you change your perception, you change the emotional response, you change the behavioral response, and you change the physical response.
We can change Washington, we must change Washington, we will change Washington together.
"People change and cities change, and systems sometimes need to change," he said.
"If the leaders won't change and the doctrine won't change, the people need to change, the culture needs to change," Reynolds said.
"Technology will change, will change us, so we should change as well," she said.
So, it is incremental change, but it's change, and it's change for the better.
Not just change the tax system, but change our politics, and change our democracy.
"As we all know, generations change, technologies change, labor markets change," Mr. Carter said.
Because laws can change behavior, and must change behavior, but laws don't change hearts.
"Climate change will also change wind patterns which will change surface energetic mixing," he said.
But the people that are getting the $3.4 trillion are not screaming, 'Change, change, change!
Our bodies change over time — our hormones change; we lose muscle mass; our brains change.
That's how profound the change would be for them to change their minds about climate change.
Americans want to change, but I think they don't want revolutionary change — they want evolutionary change.
Change. Feeling oppressed by change or lack of change; it's a tale as old as time.
I believe you change laws, you change allocation of resources, you change the way systems operate.
We need a Green New Deal for the digital age, in which policy change dovetails with economic change dovetails with educational change dovetails with behavioral change.
So talk about ... When you think about that ... Because it just doesn't change; it doesn't change here in Silicon Valley, it doesn't change ... Why doesn't it change?
Season 3 is about change, the inevitably of changechange is coming for Hawkins, and change is coming for these characters, whether they like it or not.
Successful people don't change their approach unless it doesn't work — they only change to change with conditions.
Because I assure you, in American healthcare, change is possible, change is necessary, and change is coming.
In short, to change how Republicans view climate change, you gotta change how Republican elites treat it.
There, click "Update" to change your payment method, or click "Change Plan" to change your payment plan.
They still have to change their life, change what they eat; they have to change their mindset.
Circumstances change and people change and relationships change, but that doesn't make what happened any less wonderful.
All the digital assets have to change, the uniforms have to change, contracts will have to change.
No change, we are unlikely to change, and if there is any change it will be very limited.
Not just have newspaper articles about things that happened, but actually change attitudes, change laws, change people's behavior.
I believe you change laws, you change allocation of resources…You are not going to change every heart.
But it's change on change on change, and this is the kind of thing that people run away from.
If you don't change your thought process, you won't change your verbal process, and you won't change your actions.
The farther from zero the absolute change or percentage change is the greater the change from the baseline value.
Joe Goldberg can change his name and he can change his city, but he certainly can't change his ways.
That creates a quick turnaround, so we've adjusted some things with out own schedule to accommodate that change — the change in cities, the change in venues, the change in lineups.
As we usher in 85033, Americans are looking for changechange in our political landscape, change in the way the country approaches its problems, and change in our own lives.
ABSOLUTE CHANGE and PERCENTAGE CHANGE FROM A BASELINE Absolute change and percentage change from a baseline or initial value are calculated when we are interested in comparing values over time.
Read more about the impacts of climate change we're tracking: Climate change's crucial moment Pressure grows around U.N. climate-change summit Fed to host its first conference dedicated to climate change Climate change arrives in Democratic politics TV news' climate change bias
I guess what I'm trying to say, is that if I can change, and you can change, everybody can change!
"The education system may not change, schools may not change and teachers may not change, but parents can," Tsang says.
Yasmeen Hassan, Global Director for Equality Now, told CNNToday judicial change and legal change could lead to change in society.
If you're going to change it, change it in a big way, and make sure everyone knows it's a change.
"The kind of change that we're experiencing, that kind of change is really different from change as usual," he said.
When voters selected Trump, they did so because he promised changechange to Washington and change to the Republican Party.
"The background changes, the music can change, the options change — even the type of exercise can change," Shepphird told Recode.
"No matter how other countries' policies on climate change change, as a responsible large developing country, China's resolve, aims and policy moves in dealing with climate change will not change," he added.
"If we change a life, if we change a history, we change a generation," the Oscar-winner said during his masterclass.
An Inconvenient Sequel isn't so much about climate change as it is inspiring people to change their approach to climate change.
Climate change: Bennet has been consistent on the issue of climate change, working toward a comprehensive approach to combat climate change.
In order to change the outcome, we need to change the narrative, which will then change the entire structure and approach.
Just three things create lasting change: "Have an epiphany, change our environment or change our habits in tiny ways," Fogg said.
Read more about the impacts of climate change we're tracking: Pressure grows around U.N. climate-change summit Fed to host its first conference dedicated to climate change Climate change arrives in Democratic politics Retail's climate cost is going up TV news' climate change bias
It doesn't matter whether economic change begets spiritual change or spiritual change begets cultural change: The point is that at some point everything changed, and now it is more or less not changing.
It's not should we change, it's how do we change.
As our consumer demands change, we can change with them.
But change is happening — even though often...change means sacrifice.
And how you respond to that change can change you.
Every change make some other change that you can't see.
When you change a part, you simultaneously change the whole.
Implied: we'll change ours, if or when others change theirs.
They'll change today, they'll change in five years, 10 years.
We lose we shouldn't change, we win, we shouldn't change.
If you change your body, do you really change yourself?
Once you change your thought pattern, you change your attitude.
It's a moment for change, and the change isn't happening.
PREPA needs to change and it needs to change fast.
But when the facts change, nimble forecasters change their minds.
The drumbeat for change, real change, will ring loudly now.
I was passionately interested in change, and change was needed.
I can change my body, what else can I change?
If you change your mind, you can change your life.
But if these external influences change, we can change too.
There is no change and there will be no change.
We can't make a change if you all don't change.
I need to change my actions, or change the situation.
Change when you want to change, on your own time.
The company still requires a lot of change, cultural change.
If we change as a culture, do we change ourselves?
We need to change the way we fight climate change.
I'm looking for a change, but there is no change.
But there was also a groundswell for change, radical change.
We absolutely need to have systemic change and legislative change.
If you don't accept change, change will leave you behind.
But the political calculus will change as the facts change.
If He can change my mind, He can change anyone's.
"If I can change Kurowko, Poland can change," he said.
It should change in 2018, and it should change thereafter.
Police officers are often unaccepting of change — even good change.
A change in leadership is required to change these outcomes.
Over the last five -- JIM CRAMER: Big change, big change.
You cannot change Washington if you do not change Washington.
The main takeaway is this: Climate change is ocean change.
"If we don't change those, nothing will change," he said.
The goal is to change hearts, not to change cultures.
As for change, yes, The Times will continue to change.
If they want to change it, they can change it.
"'We can't change the world unless we change,'" she recited.
Cars change from year to year as technical regulations change.
But the last-minute change to the timeline for Nicaragua shows not just a change in process but a change in outcome.
"I'm one for change, but there's places to do change and there's places not to do change," Mr. Rashid, the designer, said.
I was told that I needed to change the way I sounded, change the way I looked, change my positions, and more.
We are convinced that the models are really clear, people will change their behavior, businesses will change their behavior if taxes change.
That needs to change, and it especially needs to change with the people who actually hold the power to enact systemic change.
You can change the name, you can change the description, you can change the terms of service — and you just save changes.
"In football, if you can change results, if you change the game, change something just to improve, you do it," he said.
TV is an exploration of change, and how change affects people, and how the ways those people are affected breed further change.
David Bowers says it is the "second derivative" that often drives markets—not the change, but the change in the rate of change.
The lawmakers will also send information on climate change from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the U.S. Global Change Research Program.
"You might do like I have done ... is you started saying, 'Well, I can make this change and this change and this change."
The tech world embraces change, especially ever-accelerating change; to the rest of the world, change means uncertainty, which means anxiety and fear.
In that time period, glaciers have brought the most stress and change to habitat there; now, the biggest change agent is climate change.
This is a real and important change, and whenever real and important change happens, you would expect some people to dislike the change.
Power (P ) equals the change in energy (𝚫E) divided by the change in time (𝚫t): How do we estimate the change in energy?
There was no relationship between the change in Democratic support and the change in turnout, or the change in turnout and Democratic strength.
Any meaningful change A year later, there is one cosmetic change.
"We are hoping to change hearts -- to change minds," Rosen said.
We can change it tonight, we can change it right now.
You can't change the beginning but I can change the ending.
Not to change their views, but to change their behavior. 4.
No one's standard of living will change, nothing would fundamentally change.
The change in color and the change in sensation happens simultaneously.
Jamba's name change follows Dunkin Donuts' change to Dunkin' last year.
It doesn't change, for me it doesn't change that at all.
I think things change only because people are told things change.
But we need change, and young people are desperate for change.
Then again, perhaps a name change is just a name change.
"I want to change our relationship with climate change," she says.
You won't have to change, you'll just have to change clothes.
Lots of change, which is why many Germans today hate change.
Will we change our standards or will we change our President?
Our change shouldn't be defined by another change in another place.
This mentality has to change and it has to change fast.
We are not forcing change and we are not encouraging change.
I see the capability to change the world, to change lives.
The Economist: Does culture have to change before politics can change?
They want change, and they see him as their change-maker.
She might even change your mind, or you might change hers.
Change Your HabitsIf all else fails, you could change your habits.
This will change what we design, and change our product strategy.
It's just that it had to change and it didn't change.
Change can happen the moment you decide that change must happen.
Why do we always have to change, and then change again?
Will the presidency change Trump or will Trump change the presidency?
Climate change is real; climate change is caused by human activity.
To change perception, to change the way we treat each other.
"Almost always change – any change – starts on the fringes," he said.
As threats change daily, protection against them must change as frequently.
Change the people you tell it to, don't change the story.
Shay: It has been a huge change and the best change.
"The institution can change, but the person can't change," McCormick said.
We can change our minds, and we can change our behavior.
It's not going to change fashion, but it might change SoulCycle.
We can change this, and the time for change is now.
You change allocation of resources, you change the way systems operate.
People want change and that change we are ready to deliver.
I can change my reaction, but I can't change the outcome.
Things might change and line-ups change but family is eternal.
It doesn't change the music; it doesn't change the ear functioning.
The books we love change over time, because readers change too.
We can't change the past, but we can change the present.
"Something can change, something should change," Napier said five years ago.
I was ready for a change, and she was that change.
Climate change is just that, climate change, it's not global warming.
So I did nothing to change something, to change the rhythm.
Political systems only change when enough people want them to change.
I understood the metaphor: Change your perspective to change your life.
If we can change the rules, we can change the game.
Change your floors, and you change the character of your home.
Poland must change more, and it must change for the better.
Since it's going to change, what's it going to change into?
But if you don't change the rules they will never change.
When it comes to change, change isn't always a bad thing.
"You will change the world and the world will change you."
"We don't change things just to change things," she tells me.
I can change my change my gender, my age, my race.
There's only change and resistance to it and then more change.
Maybe that will change, that balance will change when I'm retired.
Combine a change in tax law with a corresponding change in interest rates and the internal corporate hurdle rates for M&A change drastically.
What we call progress is marginal change, at best, and that marginal change only comes because women fight tirelessly, to bring about that change.
I saw his whole life change—his body change, his face change—everything changed when he got addicted to opiates, and that was hard.
Underwater, a change in depth can correlate to a change in temperature, and that in turn may change the species that can survive there.
They will bring real change to Washington because they are change, change from the Washington way that we have not seen since the 1980s.
But change we must, and our next leaders will not only to prioritize sustainability and climate change, but also be experts in change management.
In nearly every corner of the N.B.A. universe, stubborn resistance to the supposedly inevitable ending June holds brought about heaps of change, change, change.
Biblical literalism isn't going to change the scientific consensus on climate change.
" No belief here in "When the facts change, I change my mind.
Circumstances also can change dramatically, and presidents have to change with them.
Making good change easier It's true: as humans, we're terrible at change.
And if your needs ever change, the car can change with them.
And the reality is if we change Georgia, we change the South.
"CO2 affects climate change, but also climate change affects CO2," Denning says.
But this is going to take a mind change, a social change.
That change suggests that further change can happen, that nothing is indestructible.
And if you change the inputs, you're going to change the outputs.
Our goal is to change the culture and change the legal structures.
It's not just a change in environment; it's a change in mindset.
But right now people want to change oppression and to change poverty.
While institutional change is typically gradual, resistance to any change is common.
KASICH: When you talk about regime change, Wolf, it means regime change.
So something dramatic we would have to change to change that scenario.
Now he becomes part of the change and elements of the change.
Change your words into truth and then change that truth into love.
Is that a change in you or a change in the city?
Those numbers need to change, and Shatterbox hopes to propel that change.
And if it can change a room, it can change a city.
And if it can change a city, it can change a state.
And if it can change a state, it can change a nation.
And if it can change a nation, it can change the world.
Obviously with change, you have to change your offseason program, as well.
This change will only effect progression starting when the change is implemented.
Legislation cannot change attitudes, but it can change the composition of boards.
It would also eliminate climate change research and international climate change programs.
It's going to have to change, and it will change a lot.
I want radical change and Hillary Clinton doesn't talk passionately about change.
Mr Griesa's change of heart stems from a change in Argentina's government.
How prepared is the President to embrace change and change his behavior?
Like Keynes, central bankers can change their minds when the facts change.
"Statutes change all the time, prices change all the time," says Ivestei.
Change was needed and this change – this disruption – is a welcome one.
We are in the mood to change the climate, to change everything.
You can't single-handedly change the country, but you can change yourself.
If they can change all these things, they can change this too.
To change gun laws, you need to change or weaken Fox News.
Demand patterns change, and geopolitical conditions change even more quickly and unpredictably.
There was no change to the charges and no change in bond.
Rather than change their timetable, Republicans opted to change the process itself.
Arctic climate change, in turn, amplifies global climate change in multiple ways.
It is what's needed to make a change election really change things.
Three: This is a change election The Democratic primary electorate wants change.
"There's been a social change and a cultural change," Dr. Celello says.
You can't change that, but you can change your orientation to it.
If you want to effect change, you have to change public policy.
I decided to change my body because I couldn't change my life.
If you want to change your life, you have to change yourself.
When you change a part of any system, you change the whole.
In other words, will they change Washington, or will Washington change them?
Policymakers can shake that change, but they can't make things not change.
Food companies had time to change their products, and change they did.
If you could change anything about food shopping, what would you change?
When the weather, sports data etc change the videos update and change.
Any major change in history came with a change in the arts.
That is all about to change – and it's about to change soon.
Llamalo offers one answer: Change yourself and you can change the world.
Either change the situation, or change how you respond to the situation.
The superdelegate change really is not much of a change at all.
Searches for "change early voting" and "change my vote" peaked on Nov.
Then and only then will things change and change for the better.
"Algerians are calling for radical change, a change in leadership," Ghanem added.
Change the incentives, and there is no need to change the people.
Change is treatment for the soul, and therapists are doctors for change.
We need to change the cabinet, change the structure of the government.
Of course, perceived change is not the same thing as actual change.
Mourinho is unlikely to change; really, he has no incentive to change.
If you want to change it, that's a way to change it.
YES was the constitutional change even but NO was for real change.
To change that dynamic, it probably needs to change its digital fundamentals.
And that's a military change, a technology change, with intent, by Russia.
You can, with art, change your vision, but also change the reality.
Americans change churches like home owners change air filters – throw a little dirt or time in a certain direction and it's time for a change.
" Levin didn't stop there: "Now I don't know how we're going to get change in this country, when Mr. Change is not for Mr. Change.
"The folks who really deserve change—and voted for Trump to get change—aren't going to get the kind of change they want," he said.
"The question is, how much do you plan for change and roll with the change, and how much do you try to resist the change?"
"Flirting with radical change, dramatic change, how we run these systems, I personally — my vote will be not to make a radical change," he said.
If you want to change your physical appearance, or if you want to change the state of your health, THEN IT'S GOING TO TAKE CHANGE.
"(Climate change) is going to have huge human impact and there will have to be a change of occupations, a change of domiciles," Thomson warned.
"Anyone willing to change will always be considered a traitor by those who cannot change and are scared to death of change and don't understand it and loathe change," he told me when I interviewed him in 2016.
"No matter how other countries' policies on climate change change, as a responsible large developing country, China's resolve, aims and policy moves in dealing with climate change will not change," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said this week.
More than any other environmental policy change, the Paris Agreement represents a dramatic change in direction from the past decade of international discussions on climate change.
If you tell a story, it just helps people understand, and I think that's what can really change things and change people and change their perspective.
This particular change follows the recent finding that a quarter of all tweets about climate change were coming from bots posting messages of climate change denialism.
He was a letter writer and I saw him change things, change happened.
In short, will Trump change the presidency, or will the presidency change him?
On climate change, 59% opposed Trump removing regulations intended to fight climate change.
I'm here because I believe that change is hard, but change is possible.
Your circumstances can change, but your views on those matters rarely change dramatically.
You can change your flashlight's brightness, set timers, change music volume, and more. 
Change your path and the songs and sounds change into something completely different.
Community's fifth and sixth seasons are marked by cast change after cast change.
We have to be the people calling for change and demanding a change.
But in order for things to meaningfully change, they need to change unequivocally.
"[If] we see something change, we're going to change with it," Stockton said.
Climate change The news about climate change just seems to be getting worse.
On Saturday, change-making Uranus trines Venus, the planet of beauty and change.
Any form of trauma can change the brain, and thus change the child.
"We can't let evil change our life and change our schedule," he said.
We need those rules to change and the government needs to change them.
Acceleration is simply change in velocity over change in time, as shown below.
Radical change for the sake of radical change is generally ill-thought out.
If we want change, we have to give people the room to change.
Our desires do change across the cycle, and our attractiveness does change too.
I love to say, 'When you change the visibility, you change the possibility.
But if we can't change our behaviors, maybe we can change our devices.
The change in name, then, reflects a change in direction for the company.
Temperamentally conservative, wary of change, he governs as if Israel needs no change.
I think that will change the world and change their life into heaven.
Go deeper: Earth's climate-change liposuction The oily path to tackling climate change
Leiserowitz is hopeful that the public perception of climate change will soon change.
Pending Shareholding Change: Fitch treats a pending shareholder change as an event risk.
Can a change in leadership, if it comes, change the company's overall culture?
You can't change the past, but you can change right now and listen.
Lots of other things will change with Apple, but that will never change.
" Gosher believes that "people aren't going to change unless they're forced to change.
We can change our behavior, or we can change our beliefs and values.
If you had to change your name what would you change it to?
BILL ROGERS: I would say the business has been change and will change.
Not only to change wage labor values, but to also effect political change.
Research on social behavior suggests lifestyle change can build momentum for systemic change.
They've changed, and it has not been change for the sake of change.
"We won't change the world, we won't change the shipping industry," Bockermann said.
"Customers should be forced to change passwords and change them often," he adds.
Their views didn't change with Trump's election, and probably won't change going forward.
"It isn't clear what change we want, but we want change," he said.
The new rules created change, but not enough change to transform an industry.
When you change the way you see things, the things you see change.
Things need to change, and they need to change in 4 important ways.
In the first instance, this change will reflect a change in economic relationships.
Millions of voters chose Trump because they thought he signaled change — actual change.
If you had to change your name, what would you change it to?
For example cognitive therapy produces behavior change and behavior therapy produces cognitive change.
If we want to change that dynamic, we need to change federal law.
I want to see change on July 30, that's when change will come.
"We're trying to manage that change and people don't like change," she said.
" The flight attendant also characterized United's change of heart as "change for good.
In another change, state news agency APS said protesters had demanded "regime change".
If I want to see some change, I need to be that change.
And the way that's gonna change is a sea change in public awareness.
I can't change the rules, but I can change how I live it.
I can't change the media industry, but I can change how I act.
"When you want to change something, you can change it," Mr. Monteiro said.
Trade brings about change, and too much change too quickly can be frightening.
The midterms gave voters two opportunities to change America's course on climate change.
Deteriorating air quality could force officials to suddenly change re-entry change plans.
If you want to change the world, you have to be that change.
And a change to the C.E.O. is probably the easiest change to make.
If you really want to change the world, change kids when they're 2.
It is the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, not the Democratic Change Campaign Committee.
Does Trump want regime change in Iran or just a change of behavior?
Give an example of a significant change in sources and a minimal change.
Paradoxically, in an industry predicated on change, the more internal change, the worse.
I don't know that you're going to change that until you change leadership.
"The upcoming change in format doesn't change the equation for us," Courier said.
Climate change -- Every Democrat recognizes climate change is happening and that humans contribute.
"You can't change things that were, you can't change the outcome," he said.
He needed to change, but he needed his environment to support that change.
K., we'll change it — but if we change it, nobody will recognize it.
"WikiLeaks didn't just seek to induce change, it did induce change," he said.
"Digitalization will change our industry, it will change our company," Appel told CNBC.
It is to be open to change even radical change, when called for.
If market conditions change, Son could change his strategy again, said the person.
The climate change – Paris climate change agreement – would be one negative I suppose.
Without question, change and transition are always difficult, if that change is real.
But I didn't change the text to reflect any change in current events.
Apart from what's gone because of physiological change, there's a change of spirit.
Kierkegaard observed that you don't change God when you pray, you change yourself.
Those levels can change because of weather events or because of climate change.
From TAKE THE LEAP: Change Your Career, Change Your Life by Sara Bliss.
But it is certainly a sign of change — and welcome change, at that.
A change in market structure will not, in and of itself, change distribution.
I see change, and I would like to be part of that change.
But, the assumption that all change is good change is a mistaken one.
I will change my behavior going forward but that doesn't change the past.
Clearly the-, the winds of change-, the winds of change are blowing here.
"It takes incremental change to make fundamental long-term change," Mr. Banks said.
Following are suggestions for how to change the conversation and change the behavior.
"I'm going to change my underwear and change my race suit," Vonn said.
But the system will not change if someone does not initiate the change.
It's said that you can't change others, but that you can change yourself.
"During 'Screaming For Change,' we all threw change at the stage," says Bonner.
Like, come on, you're screaming for change and getting pelted with pocket change.
We should look on change for exactly what it is: change, not loss.
But yes, of course I do, because just that change in your body, that change in your hormones, that change in the ecosystem in your body is going to rock you and change you in ways you couldn't have imagined.
Twenty-seven percent said they change them several times a year, 12 percent change them once a month, and 8 percent change them several times a month.
As the program goes longer and longer, what happens is priorities change, budgets change, administrations change, and each one of these things result in additional political risk.
This is not a testament to me, but a testament to all of the people who believed real change — not Obama change — but real change, is possible.
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"Change may impose additional costs, as managers may not be well incentivized to make the change, while fearing the cost if a change backfires," wrote the team.
ISIS is going to change, foreign policy against ISIS is going to change, all the political elements of this story is going to change or be obsolete.
If you want to change it more than once, you'll be charged a fee in order to change the gamertag — $9.99 (in US dollars) for one change.
"We're trying to change behaviors in addition to changing attitudes on climate change, and from that, to change the whole society," Mr. Morishita said in an interview.
The accuracy of risk scores can also change over time as our environments change.
If people believe they can change, then shame might help bring that change about.
And Larry and Sergey, don't want to change, they're not going to change. Right.
My message is that thing have to change — and they have to change now.
The can's overall aesthetic isn't set to change much, aside from the word change.
That could change if higher prices lead more Americans to change their buying patterns.
But the same change in momentum does not mean the same change in velocity.
The reaction, and how to change them because political ads, you could change overnight.
They want to change the culture because they want to change the power structure.
In other words, the climate change study has been rendered unsafe by climate change.
Trump may "pledge a personality change" as president, but personalities do not change overnight.
Bodies change, lives change, and it's all part of the adventure we call life.
To change biology, you have to change the kinds of foods you're eating. Related:
"We have brought about change and it's change that is very viable," said Coe.
Citizens of the emerging world will change the web and it will change them.
Demographic change is perhaps most likely bring the greatest change in the Democrats' favour.
The enemy makes a change, and all of a sudden you have to change.
When nobody was talking about climate change, an Inuit was talking about climate change.
So we really hope that this is sign of change — real change — from Facebook.
Now that it's been flagged, I predict that it will change and change fast.
Climate change: 60% of Democrats said they are "very worried" about climate change, vs.
"No change in the constitution, no change in the Reserve Bank Act," he said.
Astrologers say that Tauruses hate change—but at this time, you are the change!
Climate change: Bullock has taken a business approach to climate change and clean energy.
For Facebook to change in any meaningful way, Congress will have to change too.
As their go-to evil, the media has replaced climate change with Trump change.
Why don't we do a moment of change, why don't we change what's happening?
But a new innovation costing mere pocket change has the potential to change that.
Don't change your face; maybe just change a wrinkle or two that's bothering you.
The game, without a doubt, would change, but would it change for the better?
I believe you want to change, but I don't know if you can change.
They can't change the composition of the board, they can't change the management team.
Not only will it change what people do, it will change who they are.
I'd like to create change and use code to create change and solve issues.
There is change on the horizon for the Dons, and momentous change at that.
We need people to step up and talk about change, and spark that change.
"Just because you change gender doesn't mean you change your core beliefs," he said.
" Assange said it could be "change for the worse and change for the better.
But Apple would argue that it's not quite change for the sake of change.
It's about realizing we need to make change, and make change despite being bureaucratic.
Things change, of course, and in the information age they change faster than ever.
We just gave you a major change, and now you want another major change?
The business environment thrives on stability — change, especially substantial and immediate change, equals risk.
I think people will have to change themselves in order to change their work.
Having seen so many change situations in my career, change often starts with ourselves.
Why don't we do a moment of change, why don't we change what's happening?
Remember, the first rule of regime change is you don't talk about regime change.
The internet didn't change campaign ads themselves, so much as change how they're distributed.
What's more, climate change will probably change their power and seasonality in unforeseen ways.
If they want a change in the rules, they should ask for a change.
We need to bring a change from the base...The system has to change.
Some candidates have underplayed climate change thus far, though that is starting to change.
"Any change—even good change—creates a certain amount of associated stress," she explained.
Climate change includes global warming; global warming is just one part of climate change.
It was also about how change is made and who gets to make change.
Elon Musk clearly thinks that's going to change, or that he can change it.
I didn't really change those things that people told me I had to change.
We want Bouteflika to go, enough, we want change and we want change peacefully.
A philosophy once merely suspicious of change became one that resented and resisted change.
No. If you had to change your name, what would you change it to?
This one variance, the change of scenery, has caused him to change things up.
Let's run down how things are likely to change — and not change — under Wheeler.
It is really hard to make change unless your C.E.O. wants to make change.
He is ready to offer society generational change as a substitute for political change.
Finally I forced for change, but I was the one who had to change.
Change It Up: Every workout, we change the order and maybe add something different.
Some things do not change, or at least they do not change that quickly.
But the change in congressional power could effect climate change policy and environmental law.
There's no evidence to date of their desire to change to change their behavior.
Son's 'radical change in strategy' For Son, it is a surprising change of tack.
There is no reason to fight the change: Change must be embraced and welcomed.
The change in policy may have to do with AppNexus' recent change in ownership.
"Perhaps they're hoping for a change of administrations, a change of priorities," Kennedy said.
JOSHUA BARONE Ashley Fure's recent work about climate change wasn't exactly about climate change.
The Bermuda-based company stood to benefit from a change in climate change policy.
"Just because you change gender doesn't mean you change your core beliefs," Jenner said.
A dramatic hair change often follows a major life change — even for Gwen Stefani.
We are the change and change is coming whether they like it or not.
After 50 years of collecting, you change; the artwork changes and you change, too.
I never change, I'm too stuck in my ways, I never change the line.
Not a change of scene, not a change of topic, but a sexual adventure.
Jane was demonstrating with the group Oil Change International over the climate change crisis.
What do you think has to change about the technology to change that ratio?
And this will not change until this or another Congress and president change it.
However, the change in criteria has not resulted in any change in the rating.
"If you can change one mind, you can change the world," he tells her.
Change mastery: Disruptive change is one of the most common challenges of a recession.
Workforce opportunities continue to change, and education and skills programs need to change too.
" The person added: "The campaign of big structural change needs some big structural change.
" POURFAR Kellie, do you remember Tracy saying, "A small change is still a change.
If you can change the culture, you can change behavior on a large scale.
Behavior change is tough, even when the benefits of such a change are clear.
Once feedbacks take over, the climate can change quickly, and it can change radically.
The attempted solutions to the problem change over time, just as financial fashions change.
It should never close itself off to change or pretend change can be reversed.
A dancer can change, just as she did, and City Ballet will change, too.
You can see who made the change, and read a description of the change.
It still seems continually, and where does that change, and how does that change?
Climate change does not cause things, because climate change is not a causal agent.
But if I get in there, it will change and it will change quickly.
A change in the way you see means change in your means of seeing.
The big challenge is, can they change as the needs of the organization change?
Obviously and hopefully your values change and evolve, so that will change the music.
Effects of climate change But coral bleaching is also "the most widespread and conspicuous impact of climate change," according to the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
Throughout my business career of some 60 years, I have always been fascinated by change — the dynamics of change and how businesses, governments and people respond to change.
Go deeper: A tipping point on climate change Where climate change will hit the U.S. the hardest Record number of Americans see climate change as a current threat
When editing a photo, you can insert text boxes, change the font, change the colors of that font, change the text box color, add stickers, and add borders.
Plain and simple: Climate Change: The Facts The aptly titled documentary, Climate Change: The Facts, takes you through what scientists already know about climate change in today's world.
"That will change our foreign policy viewpoint, it will change our military viewpoint … It's going to change how we look at our place in the world," Kaufman said.
An absolute change and a percentage change are positive if the values are increasing over time, negative if they are decreasing, and zero if there is no change.
To change your flight, contact airline reservations at 800-433-7300, or make the change online yourself by clicking "change trip" when you pull up your flight details. 
"Food security will be increasingly affected by projected future climate change," the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned in a 2019 special report on Climate Change and Land.
"What climate change does is change probabilities, so if we see an increasing probability of large losses from wildfires that indicates that climate change is contributing," added Rauch.
Plans change, people change, and seasons change, and there's no way to anticipate the thousands of ways in which things could go wrong for you every single day.
Mth/mth pct change (adjusted) -0.6 0.4r 0.0 Yr/yr pct change (adjusted) -0.6 1.8 0.5 Yr/yr pct change (unadjusted) 5.7 -0.3 -0.5 (r) indicates revised figures.
But I think that if I can change at least one person then that person can change another and so on and then, we can change the world.
Read more about the impacts of climate change we're tracking: Climate change's crucial moment Pressure grows around U.N. climate-change summit Fed to host its first conference dedicated to climate change Climate change arrives in Democratic politics Retail's climate cost is going up
All of that sums into one easy equation: The rate of change in the Caspian's mean sea level over time is just the rate of change of precipitation plus the rate of change of river discharge, minus the rate of change of evaporation.
Read more about the impacts of climate change we're tracking: Climate change's crucial moment Pressure grows around U.N. climate-change summit Fed to host its first conference dedicated to climate change Retail's climate cost is going up TV news' climate change bias
"The result of a decision the president would make is so grotesquely horrible -- it would change the face of the earth, it would change humanity, it would change mankind."
Go deeper: Where climate change will hit the U.S. hardest Climate change visualized: How Earth's temperature has changed since 1970 USDA not publicizing studies on climate change effects: Report
"If you're not willing to change, change, change, you are not going to be successful in this world today, because it is such a fast-moving world," Fertitta said.
"If you're not willing to change, change, change, you are not going to be successful in this world today, because it is such a fast-moving world," he said.
"We're talking about massive change in Hong Kong policy over the next few years, we're only really at the verge … of meaningful change, a very meaningful change," Cui said.
"Importantly, this change is not based on a change in our macro forecast: 'no-change' remains the only policy action consistent with our growth and inflation outlook," they wrote.
The "Waltz of the Flowers" is the peak dance moment of the Balanchine "Nutcracker": Its change, change and change again takes us into the center of the choreographic art.
It shows that [there's] not only the change in society and the change in the industry, but that these major movers in the fashion community believe in the change.
I'm expecting serious arguments and bad patches because people change and I'm expecting to change again, and I have to get to know myself again and accept that change.
The climate change page is gone, as are a number of links referencing climate change.
AI is going to change the landscape completely, 5G is going to change the landscape.
The political crisis and change in leadership could ultimately result in a change in policy.
The change was inspired by 15-year-old Connor McLeod, who set up a Change.
So, if you want to change the policies you have to change the politician, right?
He had to change his game; he had to change his perspective a little bit.
Slow change In an atmosphere where western ideals of beauty prevail, change can be slow.
The EU has said that a change in U.K. leadership would not change its stance.
I didn't know how to change their opinions, especially when they don't want to change.
Things might change, but in my experience it's unlikely the results will change very much.
And we are the change and change is coming whether you like it or not.
Song says humans must change their behavior by reducing carbon emissions to mitigate climate change.
When I wrote about this change last week, I argued in favor of this change.
But sexual harassment and sexism in the industry did not change with the title change.
It's actually harder to change them than companies that are losing that have to change.
We studied the subset that talked about climate change between change between 1989 and 2004.
But someday, that attitude will have to change because the world itself continues to change.
"If the banks don't change, we will change the banks," Mr Ma said in 2008.
The second avenue of change is foreign policy, and foreign policy can change the fastest.
The change in environment is accompanied by a change in the Goldman kind of person.
Tech must change, and more people like the Kapors must stand up for that change.
A lot can change in three years, and even more can change in a decade.
Apple's asking users to change a decade's worth of habits, which is a big change.
While the change will be gradual — most change is — all businesses must get prepared now.
If you receive an email from Instagram, click "revert this change" and change your password.
I want to see the world change, and I know I can impact that change.
Experts aren't certain that climate change is to blame but, yeah, it's probably climate change.
To change perception, to change the way we treat each other, especially people of color.
Sometimes communications were bad, sometimes the demands would change, the dates, the deadlines would change.
I do think there is change, but it's not identical [to the approve/disapprove change].
The only way that people change is through the desire and wherewithal to change themselves.
One punch is not gonna change that, or one knockdown is not gonna change that.
In 2012, Chambers published a book, Things Done Change, which examines this change in fortunes.
But even when there's a question on climate change, it's not always about climate change.
But the whole point of patching is to enable products to change, and change quickly.
What do you think is going to change in venture capital that has to change?
"As gamers change over time, I think you have to change with them," Gilbert says.
Shout For Good is an app that gives turns your literal change into social change.
This needs to change because voting is a necessity if we want to bring change.
Change the TCR, and you might be able to change what that T cell targets.
When you are up for change, you have to start embracing change in small ways.
We can speak openly, without the 'You will change us or I will change you.
Lillian heads back to Artie and admits that change, his kind of change, is okay.
" Note the obvious confusion of his political messaging: "I don't change, well, I do change.
However, the change in Manhattan may be a harbinger of change in the other boroughs.
Change pushed by the opposition is a possibility; change pushed from within government, a certainty.
"Nothing's going to change for me, but it might change for other people," she said.
The aesthetic of what I'm creating is less important and will change as I change.
"I don't think a change in the commissioner's office will change" that behavior, he added.
"We need to change whose at the table, so we change the discussion," she said.
Sharing info about climate change Katharine Hayhoe is an atmospheric scientist who studies climate change.
If you manually edit the hostname, it won't change when you change your computer name.
In fact, I used to use a change purse because I had so much change.
We need to change China, and who we can link up with to change China?
If you do not change of your own accord we will impose change on you.
My message is that things have to change — and they have to change right now.
They are the one who will change the world positively or positively change someone's world.
Any change is a big change, and you'll see that play out across the South.
And if we're going into a period where change is needed, change will be valued.
I want society to change and not for people to feel they have to change.
It happened and we can't change it, but we can change what we do now.
The change indicates that information related climate change is not being "updated," but removed entirely.
The dispute centres around proposals to change shift patterns and a change in pay structure.
What happens is not only do the problems change, but people grow up and change.
"Italian citizens want to change government, and want to change European views … and Renzi failed."
It doesn't change what WHO is doing, and it doesn't change what countries should do.
We can't change someone's genes, but we can try to change how she grows up.
But, and I have to underline 'but,' this could change, and it could change rapidly.
"It is reasonable to say both models have to change and will change," he said.
Something had to change and I knew it fell to me to initiate that change.
It is the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, not the International Panel for Climate Change.
" She ticked off from the checklist of societal change: "The internet, demographic shifts, climate change.
Something needed to change in my life, or I needed to change in some way.
My message is that things have to change and they have to change right now.
It's time to make a change, and as consumers, we have to demand that change.
But as soon as you just change the channel, you change it and it's gone.
"The way to change politics in people's lives is to change state legislatures," he said.
Annie Cote from Massachusetts said change is unexpected and outside our control: Change is inevitable.
You could feel the change, but you didn't know what the change was gonna be.
This pandemic will change us, change our economy, our culture, our priorities, our personal lives.
The circumstances under which they do so may change frequently, as the perceived threats change.
On the next page, hover your cursor over "Change Password," and below it click "Change."
If you later change your mind, you can change to another color at any time.
"The tennis world doesn't like change but then says we have to change," Haggerty said.
This should be a change election, but maybe Trump was too much of a change?
"There will always be change, and I think you want to see change," Trump said.
To change this, the United States Olympic Committee has to change its approach to sports.
The forces that created climate change are now selling us palliative care for climate change.
But the change was notable, in part, simply because it was a change at all.
Experts say climate change is a factor Experts say climate change has exacerbated the fires.
As with any "pivot," a change in stance is not necessarily a change in direction.
Managing the investment risk of climate change, in short, does not mean fighting climate change.
Mr. Trump nullified his predecessor's climate change efforts, turning climate change denial into national policy.
My message is that things have to change – and they have to change right now.
It can change from good to bad, and it can change from bad to good.
" UK: STRUCTURAL CHANGE AHEAD "The UK is entering a decade of potentially profound structural change.
The first change is to deregulation; the second change is an expansion of the rules.
This behavior may be because of a change of heart or a change of circumstances.
Any change in the IDR will have a similar change on the proposed notes' rating.
But I was, like, if I don't make a change, I'll never make a change.
If we are to change the world, we must first manifest that change within ourselves.
So you don't want to change their schooling, but you want to change their attack.
Effect of climate change Michael's strength may reflect the effect of climate change on storms.
I always say it's more important to change your leaders than to change your lightbulbs.
The effects of climate change can create new hurdles to the fight against climate change.
They're the ones who are going to create the change that will change our country.
As executive roles change, companies should change their approaches to training those executives, Kibbey said.
Or they can — in the trickiest form of change — directly influence policy and political change.
Kipnis: I really want to change the culture, and I really want to change men.
There is always the potential for change, and politics is the way to that change.
How are you going to not change, continue to change the fabric of San Francisco?
The Senate never proposed any change, and there is no change in the final bill.
Their basic premise is plain: history doesn't change, we change, and we'd better start now.
It's possible Rouhani will change his mind — but things need to change in Iran first.
"Weddings represent change and usually human beings don't do well with change," Dr. Charnas said.
Maybe "the best way to change someone's heart is to change someone's mind," Bruneau says.
As time marches inexorably on, the seasons change, and so we must change with them.
The presence or absence of a cloud can change circulations around the cloud, which, as they change, will change slightly larger-sized circulations, which then change still-larger-sized circulations, and so you get this cascade of influence upscale from the very small scale.
Sara Bliss, author of "Take the Leap: Change Your Career, Change Your Life," said that Ms. Greenwood, Ms. Congdon and the other people in her book who did change careers shared a pragmatism about how to make the change, even if their reasons varied.
The antipathy toward climate change programs begins with the EPA, where funding cuts focus on President Obama's Clean Power Plan, climate change research, international climate change programs, and so forth.
In November, at the UN's climate change conference in Marrakech, it won the 2016 Momentum for Change Award, which focused on projects that are addressing climate change in innovative ways.
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Over the past couple of decades, technology has been a major driver of change and, although change can be scary or frightening, one thing is for sure: Change is inevitable.
Small satellite makers have promised to do a lot of things: change the way we communicate, change the way we see our planet, change the way we predict the weather.
The budget "discontinues" $6900 million in funding for several climate change programs within the agency, including enforcement for Obama-era climate rules, climate change research and international climate change support.
The agency's pages relating to climate change, climate science, the impacts of climate change and what readers can do about climate change have been removed from from the live site.
"The science (of climate change) is grim, I don't deny that," said Sarah Marchildon, head of the Momentum for Change initiative at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.
God, who made change, made change change, he made reason reason, bother bother, dust dust: then, lo, the mother bleeper goes and vanishes before he makes decrease decrease, limit limit.
Max Bergman from Wilmington, N.C., thinks every child deserves climate change education: YES climate change is real, and YES climate change should be taught in schools all across the country.
"We are both in the business of predicting price change, but we predict price change to protect orders, and they predict price change to feast on these orders," Stockland said.
"Through the passage of time allegiances change, alliances change, brotherhoods change," said Kenneth Mains, a former Pennsylvania detective who now works as a consultant to help solve cold-case crimes.
Cultural change is possible, but the CEO has to be part of the change rather than part of the resistance, and can't merely pay lip service to that change, either.
You can say "change the picture to..." or "change the text to..." or just start again.
Climate change The ocean's oxygen depletion, the study shows, is mostly a result of climate change.
It didn't change my perception of Paris, but it did change my perception of the world.
LOUIS: Senator Sanders, you've said that climate change is the greatest change to our nation's security.
That won't change anytime soon, but the car will undergo radical change—from the inside out.
I believe that the leadership can change and this is why Travis is going to change.
You might be in a situation that can't change, but can you change in the situation?
Women must change their entire perspective, and I have worked to mentor and champion that change.
Can you change genders during the game, since you can change so much else through RipperDocs?
The rapid pace of technological change provides a breathtaking opportunity to challenge and change the world.
Research on past extinctions provides data on how ecosystems change in response to severe climate change.
The Fab Five are always clear on that: You only change when you want to change.
So our film grammar and how we shoot it doesn't change, and the lighting doesn't change.
People can't change their sexuality any more than they can will their eye color to change.
"My opinion is that this moment is a moment of change, very strong change," Renzi said.
How do you think this format will change how people react to this climate change message?
To change your styling, open the Bitmoji app and go to settings and "change avatar style."
" On climate change: "The people are on our side when it comes to climate change. Why?
It was a change traveling alone but it wasn't a change of what I was doing.
Corporations should take direct action in order to effect change, or support others leading change efforts.
Social-media training is unlikely to change thinking, though policy may change superficially to satisfy critics.
I adjust, I change, I hit send and wish I could adjust and change some more.
A change in a creature's movement could inspire a change in the landscape, or vice versa.
But state officials warned that a change in the storm's direction or intensity could change that.
Image source: Pono Neil Young's "high resolution" music crusade is undergoing a change, an extreme change!!!!!!!
Being a feminist today means being open to change, realising your position can and will change.
"WHEN THE facts change, I change my mind," said—perhaps apocryphally—the economist John Maynard Keynes.
Big Tech will never change its invasive and anticompetitive ways until change is forced on them.
When the benefits and costs to investing in education change, parents tend to change their behavior.
If heading off that danger requires change that sounds radical, maybe radical change is in order.
"Change, real change, never takes place from the top on down," Sanders told the cheering crowd.
Do you change it to fit your story, or do change your story to include it?
Change lightbulbs Smelly dust can fuse onto lightbulbs as they get hot, so change them out.
So now the media has replaced climate change with Trump change as their apocalyptic wish fulfillment.
When a system change happens like the assassin update, items are bound to change with it.
We gotta change that and we gotta change it fast because people's lives are at stake.
They will have approached climate change from the perspective of personal virtue, not of systems change.
A change that voters are calling for, a change I have been working tirelessly to achieve.
"We believe the experience of learning music will change them, change who they are," she says.
You have a lot of people working to make change, to change laws, to reduce time.
This needs to change, and it will only change if we organize ourselves and fight back.
Former Justice Byron White famously said that you change the court when you change one justice.
A welcome change for gamers It's an important change that will mostly affect gamers and streamers.
"The only change that was made in this order was his housing change," the sheriff said.
"It's going to change, and under my administration it will change," Trump said of the agency.
"If you want to be a change-maker, you have to change the game," Roper says.
That saying, "you can't change others, but you can change yourself," will be particularly true today.
That isn't likely to change without an industry-wide effort to change how reservations are made.
Try to relax and accept the things that you can't change: Change is a beautiful thing!
The games will change, and I have a lot of ideas on how they will change.
Mike Huckabee has literally said 'you can't change the Bible but you can change the Constitution.
"There will always be change, and I think you want to see change," Trump said Thursday.
"When crime is low, any given absolute change will be a bigger percent change," Pfaff explained.
" But, he cautioned, "A change in tone is not the same as a change in position.
He might change his ideological orientation to suit Democrats, but he can't change his feckless character.
If it does, the change will be very, very tiny, but most change comes in increments.
"Parties change or evolve when they're forced to change," said Curbelo, a Miami-born Cuban-American.
Most CEO are not serious about change because it requires senior managers to change their behavior.
The International Panel on Climate Change has warned of increased storm severity due to climate change.
Have you recently gone through a big life change like marriage, divorce or a job change?
"Christianity that does not change us in our homes will never change the world," he said.
"Crime trends change and you have to change with them to maintain your relevancy," Harris said.
Let's invest in flying cars, let's change how people eat, let's change how people get around.
Will Republicans make good on their pledges that the policy needs to change -- and change now?
"We don't want a change of names, we want a change in policy," one banner read.
You could change the law but you couldn't change people and how they treated each other.
And while our capacity for change is elastic, this planet's provision for that change is finite.
Real change only occurs when the people organize, protest and force the establishment to make change.
Change for the sake of change can be counterproductive, and that will never be my approach.
"There is a chance they change something in Volcker, maybe they change it appreciably," Montag said.
OkCupid didn't send an email to confirm the address change — it just blindly accepted the change.
Climate change Glacier National Park in Montana might need to consider a name change one day.
Or even change it slightly as in change the threat to his people and nothing else.
Already, the Vatican has urged Trump to change course on dismantling President Obama's climate change policies.
If you could get a thousand people to agree to a change, you could change it.
If the embargo is lifted [this diversity] will change, but we need to change with it.
Dramatic change may be the only answer, and dramatic change is hard to imagine here, too.
There's nothing so human as longing for change — except, perhaps, for being frightened of that change.
" Trump added yesterday: "There will always be change, and I think you want to see change.
The change doesn't need to come from medicine anymore; the change needs to come from media.
But mocks don't just change in response to news; they change in response to each other.
It doesn't change and, within setup(), it can't change because it's just drawn the one time.
Change your look, change your music, kill your fan base, and try to start another one.
I remind myself that life is change, and that life in New York is definitely change.
How should things change physically — if they should change at all — for couples in monogamous relationships?
Think about Abraham Lincoln as a change leader who articulated the change over and over again.
To really change the conversation and change the idea of what wine is to the consumer.
"You can expect every president to change because the job requires you to change," he said.
We look at what's behind that change — and how the threat may change again next year.
"That's going to change attitudes, it's going to change racial animosity from all groups," Dobbin added.
This is a monumental change, and I think 9/11 was the beginning of that change.
"We need to change the meat, because we aren't going to change human nature," he said.
"We're here to ask for change and we're confident change will happen," said Noah Kaufman, 16.
Create a response team to deal with rapid change Adaptability is the key to overcoming change
Mr. Pompeo's change in tone about North Korea seemed to reflect his change in job title.
" Regarding the change in conservatorship, an insider previously told PEOPLE: "Nothing will change in Britney's life.
With enough online outrage, politicians will change policy, corporations will pull products, academics will change courses.
The world will change after this pandemic, but human ingenuity can change it for the better.
The charges "can and probably will change, especially as conditions change of the victims," Lewis said.
Before she can create change, she must know what change is needed in the first place.
"Moms always says 'change the law or change the people who make the law,'" said Penebaker.
" She went on, "What Tunisia has is not change but a chance to make a change.
"We're concerned but things are starting to change, our culture is starting to change," he said.
Montanans will make an appellate-level stink about chump change because that's the only available change.
For change come fast, and change come slow, but everything changes, and you got to go.
Even if they blame Neumann, it doesn't change the lack of change in their bank accounts.
They need to change politics, not have politics change them, and to govern as they are.
Here's the thing: If you want a professional change, your LinkedIn profile has to change, too.
TU: While I felt change would be forthcoming, the pace of change far exceeded our imaginations.
The good news is that while we can't change our genetics, we can change our environment.
VMRO-DPMNE is against any change of the constitution with an aim to change our name.
"The biggest change is the change everyone is going through — from print to digital," he said.
Are we pushing to change toxic systems, or asking women to change themselves to navigate them?
Change can and will come but only if we never stop fighting and marching for change.
But I wasn't — I was asking the industry to change, and it wasn't ready to change.
I think it's our obligation to a younger generation to create a change and change culture.
"The change does not signal any change in the likely path of policy," Powell told reporters.
We must change our shopping patterns in parallel with demanding that corporations change their business practices.
" "They have all these horrible laws that the Democrats won't change, they will not change them.
Because there's no solution to climate change that does not involve massive expenditure and infrastructure change.
He also started the Change KC movement, a group of Kansas City entrepreneurs bringing about change.
That's the de-facto change, but the de-jure change is that the primaries became binding.
But the key is to always make things better, not just change for change&aposs sake.
"Propaganda works not just to change your opinion, but to change how you behave," he said.
"It shows that the change is happening, the change I really want to see," she said.
"We don't want to change one night, we want to change every night," one told me.
The first is a sense of demographic and cultural change, particularly when that change feels uncontrolled.
"What rich people are able to do is to change the conversation about change," Giridharadas said.
Often Edgar will change level and jab to the body, or change level and jab upwards.
"Either you change the country, or you change the minister," he said in a video message.
The only way to change this is for fast fashion brands to change their business models.
Go deeper: New U.S. Arctic strategy omits climate change, takes aim at China, Russia We've reached the tipping point on climate change Climate change could force 13 million Americans to migrate
"The result of a decision the president would make is so grotesquely horrible -- it would change the face of the earth, it would change humanity, it would change mankind," he said.
The institute "altered​ ​climate change​ ​language,​ ​updated​ ​climate​ ​change​ ​references,​ ​and​ ​reduced​ ​access​ ​to​ ​a​ ​Web resource​ ​with​ ​information​ ​on​ ​climate​ ​change​ ​and​ ​human​ ​health​ ​across​ ​several webpages," the EDGI found.
Still, it's tempting to try to change someone who doesn't want to change, as if your sheer will and desire for them to improve will change them (as it has you).
" It consists of many vapid subheads, like "Change the mentality"; "Change the programs, connect the dots"; "Think long term and have a multicycle plan"; "Think global"; and "Change the playing style.
There are ways to actually change, like wear things that change your face so you don't get captured by the cameras, but I think that ... Wear things and change your face?
"No matter how other countries' policies on climate change, as a responsible large developing country China's resolve, aims and policy moves in dealing with climate change will not change," he said.
How to change your iPhone to military timeWhile your Apple Watch won't sync this time change with your iPhone, you may also want to change it there if you haven't already.
To the extent this becomes a long-term norm, it could gradually change minds on climate change, according to experts who have studied how people connect weather events and climate change.
"I think what can change is the people can change the government," he said on a podcast hosted by Mr. Morrell, in what appeared to be an endorsement of regime change.
"Change is hard, and change for the sake of change is something I don't get," said Stewart Palilonis, the former Democratic chair for the town and a supporter of Mr. DelVecchio.
"In fact, Boyd goes on to say, "This document is often worthless as time goes on because tax rates change with every administration, savings rates change with every career change and birth of a child, and investment return and inflation rates ... change with every economic cycle.
The budget proposes ending funding for international climate change programs, climate change research and the Clean Power Plan, a program meant to fight climate change proposed by President Barack Obama in 2015.
And among those who believe Trump's presidency will change how Washington works, 41 percent see it as the right kind of change, while 20 percent believe it will be the wrong change.
Though you can only use one reaction to respond to a post, you can also change to a different one if you change your mind afterward (Facebook will just change the count).
"Of course this is climate change, it's overwhelmingly climate change," said Corinne Le Quere, director of England's Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, who wasn't part of the NOAA or NASA teams.
Change for gender equality, change for survivors of harassment and abuse, and now change for a nation whose gun laws do not protect its most vulnerable in places they should feel safe.
And even though you are doing the same movement over and over, you can change your speed, you can change your stride, you can change all different things to keep yourself engaged.
The budget "discontinues" $6900 million in funding for several climate change programs within the agency, including enforcement for a major Obama-era climate regulation, climate change research and international climate change support.
You can tell your immediate family, but as soon as word gets out your life is gonna change, and you don't want your life to change unless you're ready for the change.
The scientific community is virtually unanimous in telling us that climate change is real, climate change is caused by human activity, and climate change is already causing devastating harm throughout the world.
The survey was conducted by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication and George Mason University's Center for Climate Change Communication, which together have tracked Americans' views on climate change since 2008.
I remember early on, when we launched Discord, we used to write these change logs — well, we still write change logs — we started writing these change logs when we updated the app.
When you look at change literature, we aren't finding that images are what compel people to change.
This change shouldn't change the percentage of tweets to people you do not follow in your timelines.
There is a core and then there's not wanting to change because you don't want to change.
Funding would also be cut for international climate change programs and climate change research and partnership programs.
You can&apost change individuals&apos actions, all you can change is your ability to defend yourself.
We can change the way we see government, change the way we see politics in this country.
"I really wouldn't change anything or go back and change anything or do anything differently," he said.
That's a structural change and in a structural change we think there is a long-term opportunity.
And though experts that warn you should change your passwords often, those nine digits will never change.
From experience, we have learned that change brings opportunities; however, change typically does not telegraph its arrival.
Go Deeper: Why climate change is so hard to tackle: The global problem Deep Dive - Climate Change
Some celebrities — ahem, Kylie, Beyoncé, Katy — change their hair nearly as often as they change their clothes.
My goal is not only to change these women's lives; the real change is for their children.
I try not to be one of those people who hates change for the sake of change.
The electric field is the negative of the change in potential divided by the change in position.
I'm also really keyed into what presence does to change a space, or to change an object.
If you change individually, but your company is not changed, you're not going to change the system.
Then when it comes time to make a change, you're going to make a much bigger change.
But I know in my lifetime I've seen things change that I didn't believe would ever change.
Most elected Republicans have ignored or dismissed climate change since then, but that's slowly starting to change.
Did your battle change your perspective on life or change you as a person in any way?
If we can change people's perception of street children, we can change the way they are treated.
The other notable change in the Sierra update is a change to the messaging around iCloud syncing.
To make the shift requires less a change in policy or legislation as a change in attitude.
"Change of CEO doesn't mean material change of strategy," the analysts wrote in a note to clients.
Luckey wants to change the real world in the same way he can change a VR world.
While a gravitational wave is a propagating change in gravity, this change never becomes repulsive (i.e. negative).
What will it change for women, feminism, and politics, and what are the limits of that change?
Unlike climate change, only about 1,000 people, among like five companies, need to change what they're doing.
Unlike climate change, only about 1,2000 people, among like five companies, need to change what they're doing.
Climate change Reality Check: Republicans and climate change By Kate Grise and Justin Gamble, CNN California Gov.
"I can see how they are going to change it, because it needed some change," Klum added.
"Either they change their perspective or they change their circumstances, or the depression just persists," she said.
"We need to change schools, we need to teach kids in schools, change their upbringing," she elaborated.
As Dr. Young puts it, "change your thoughts and behaviors, and over time the feelings will change."
How do you deal with situations like climate change, where you need really large-scale systemic change?
Even more interesting than the name change is what that change could mean for the smartwatch itself.
The change in all of their appearances is crazy, but the most drastic change is Gould's height.
The internet and digitalization forced the news media to change, but the change was reactive, not proactive.
She did change by the end of the movie, but the change was inward and for herself.
"Clearly the change of Spanish government has meant a change of style, climate and language," Puigdemont said.
The problem with outsourcing change to these economic winners is that you end up with fake change.
This guarantees that the offspring has the desired change, plus the instructions to make the desired change.
If she needed someone to change her air conditioner, they would come and change her air conditioner.
"I'm not sure if written policies will change, but the enforcement might change with time," Stankewicz said.
And he decides the best way to change policy in America is to actually change its government.
Turks narrowly backed a constitutional change last year to change the constitution and grant Erdogan sweeping powers.
While no change is expected to this language, the tone may change a bit to the upside.
"We could change your gender, we could change your ethnicity, we could turn you into almost anything."
"If we want to change it that's a big thing—how do we change stereotypes?" said Regev.
CARL QUINTANILLA: -- no name change – SARA EISEN: This a company that needs a new change, doesn't it?
Only in Trump's case, we are not talking a change in policy, but a change in persona.
If enacted, this and other policies [like it] would really change the system, and change the country.
Many protesters said the change meant the quality of social services would change, leaving them worse off.