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"counter" Definitions
  1. counter to something in the opposite direction to something; in opposition to something
"counter" Synonyms
counterbalance counterweight balance equipoise counterpoise neutralizer counterforce corrective canceler canceller counteraction offset compensation ballast stabilizer(US) recompense makeweight countercheck equaliser(UK) equalizer(US) reverse opposite antithesis contrary negative antipode obverse converse inverse antipole contra flip side contradiction other side of the coin other extreme counterpole other side counterpart contrast contradictory countertop tabletop bench bar buffet table top worktable checkout surface worktop stand horizontal surface work surface workbench desk slab benchtop board secretary booth kiosk stall bookstall alcove gazebo hut belvedere cabin casino box summerhouse newsstand pavilion bandstand rotunda cubicle enclosure compartment token chip disk(US) disc(UK) piece jetton man marker check wafer coin substitute coin poker chip playing piece bit pawn security pledge hostage to fortune guarantee gage(US) guaranty bond assurance collateral forfeit gambit warrant earnest gauge(UK) surety warranty bail reply response answer comeback rejoinder reaction return retort replication retaliation riposte feedback acknowledgement(UK) reciprocation acknowledgment(US) take antiphon counterattack echo lip puppet instrument tool dupe stooge minion lackey pushover patsy gull creature victim flunkey schlemiel poodle servant hostage figurehead flunky sally quip joke witticism jest wisecrack gag crack pleasantry funny josh boffola laugh drollery rib jape boffo giggle waggery boff till drawer tray strongbox cashbox kitty safe treasury vault cash box sales register cash desk cash drawer cash register point of sale pay desk money box sales counter clock metre(UK) meter(US) milometer odometer speedometer taximeter dial regulator measure word counter word counting word count word numeral classifier breakfast bar shop store emporium boutique supermarket market outlet hypermarket reseller establishment mart parlor(US) parlour(UK) salon superstore warehouse concession mall megastore rack shelf bracket shelving mantelpiece mantelshelf mantle console ledge sill bookshelf predella retable cupboard bookstand bookrest windowsill window shelf window ledge furniture furnishings things movables equipment stuff paraphernalia appointments effects chattels goods moveables fixtures possessions fittings cabinetwork fitments units appliances appliance food court cafe café fast food food festival restaurant smorgasbord local inn pub tavern boozer hostelry saloon canteen lounge drinker taproom public house beer parlour beverage room watering hole wine bar alehouse taphouse howff platform support base frame stage dais tripod trivet mounting plinth podium rest rostrum tribune case grandstand rebut argue dispute refute respond backtalk confute controvert cross gainsay question contradict debate deflect challenge contest disconfirm disprove retaliate counteract reciprocate react hit back at counterwork parry fight back hit back return fire strike back requite avenge redress revenge venge repay take an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth combat fight oppose negate attack rebuff repel repulse resist tackle ward off battle fend off oppugn stave off beat contend with contravene defy fight off frustrate thwart foil block stop baffle defeat circumvent forestall dash nullify derail hinder impede obstruct quash scotch stymie rejoin acknowledge come back fling back hurl back say in response answer back come back with conflict clash differ disagree collide disaccord discord vary diverge jar mismatch be at odds be at variance be discordant be dissimilar be incompatible give in return match interchange exchange share give back do the same return the favor(US) return the favour(UK) respond in kind do the same in return return the compliment pay back correspond square cheek quibble sass argue with talk back be sassy to talk back to be cheeky to be impertinent to mouth off militate discourage prejudice affect count influence inspire weigh work cancel out go against tend to prevent work against act on operate against tell against count against backfire detract diminish hurt militate against weigh against move act push take action take steps do something get moving take measures make a move take the initiative proceed go ahead go for it begin start undertake react to reply to respond to retaliate against get back get even defend oneself against even the score strike back at get your own back complement harmonise(UK) harmonize(US) synergize set off balance out harmonize with work well with be a foil for against contrariwise conversely contrarily versus contrary to in opposition to at variance with in defiance of against the tide in contravention of in the opposite direction in the reverse direction in the wrong direction contrasting antithetical opposing conflicting opposed diametric different differing antipodal antipodean polar opposite incompatible clashing diametrical adverse hostile prejudicial unfriendly antagonistic inimical unfavorable(US) unsympathetic obstructive unfavourable(UK) untoward disadvantageous hindering impeding anti damaging bad harmful reversed inverted transposed retroverted back-to-front backward bottom-to-top changed flipped other reverted right-to-left turned turned over repugnant disgusting offensive repellent revolting foul sickening abhorrent loathsome nauseating repulsive vile abominable distasteful hateful nasty objectionable horrid nauseous obnoxious resisting agin con critical of disregarding hostile to opposed to antagonistic towards at odds with dead set against in contempt of in disagreement with in disobedience to inimical to More
"counter" Antonyms
advance cultivate encourage forward foster further nourish nurture promote support agree aid allow assist divide facilitate help permit separate develop endorse satisfy approve cooperate inspirit lose open release retreat surrender validate yield give up let go hasten champion progress expedite favor(US) confirm acknowledge admit concede avow own accept affirm recognise(UK) recognize(US) accede believe concur confess corroborate ask enquire(UK) inquire(US) question request take probe interrogate pry query pump grill quiz cross-examine deny refuse disagree keep flee recede retire withdraw fall back pull back pull out abet advocate back be in favor of defend approve of favour(UK) get behind sanction accelerate align coincide correspond harmonise(UK) harmonize(US) accord cohere comport conform correlate match equate overlap reconcile sync affiliate associate identify unbalance skew destabilise(UK) destabilize(US) alter angle bend change contort curve misshape slant slope tilt tip twist warp distort reinforce answer attract confront encounter face meet deal with take on complement emulate complete finish follow mirror parallel resemble supplement echo coordinate with fit with go together harmonize with synchronize with tie with bow fold relent succumb bend over buckle give submit capitulate crumple give in idle bum dally dawdle drone footle fritter laze loaf loiter loll lounge slack slouch waste do nothing turn the other cheek clash conflict jar contrast mismatch discord collide disharmonize be at odds be incompatible team ally pair up couple group equally same similarly in accordance with complementary agreeing concurring corresponding corroborating equal harmonious similar matching correspondent equivalent correlative compatible harmonising(UK) harmonizing(US) matched complementing companion advantageous favorable(US) favourable(UK) friendly positive sympathetic well-disposed amiable affable genial pleasant agreeable gracious nice kindly benevolent mellow sweet approving supportive noncontradictory identical like consistent consonant alike congruous congruent accordant appropriate concordant nonconflicting suitable reconcilable fitting aiding auspicious beneficial fortunate good happy helpful kind lucky propitious useful valuable constructive benefic fruitful in favor of regular normal standard usual customary typical accustomed traditional expected familiar established habitual recognised(UK) recognized(US) accepted conventional allied joined joint unified united aligned combined cooperating affiliated associated confederate connected leagued partnered enquiry(UK) inquiry(US) sympathy kindness failure chair bench couch seat rocker davenport settee cathedra armchair ottoman chesterfield recliner sofa forgiveness pardon similarity epitome nod tribute celebration acknowledgement(UK) acknowledgment(US) salute compliment appreciation recognition honor(US) respect honour(UK) salutation mark of respect coequal sameness resemblance likeness similitude comparability homogeneity closeness commonality comparison equivalency identicalness semblance alikeness indistinguishability for pro with behind backing supporting in favour of(UK) in support of on the side of rooting for supportive of all for in agreement of in furtherance of

796 Sentences With "counter"

How to use counter in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "counter" and check conjugation/comparative form for "counter". Mastering all the usages of "counter" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Adrian Nathan West has managed an impressive translation of Mr Goetz's voice—a relentless staccato that can border on the manic, such as when a patient obsessed with counting goes through endless thought-loops: "argument, then counter, then counter-counter, counter, counter-counter, counter-counter-counter".
If they counter, you may accept their counter, or you can counter their counter offer.
All of his techniques also include a counter, and a counter to the counter.
Ultimately, what it highlights is that drones, counter-drones, and counter-counter-drones (they exist) are the Wild West.
Counter by counter, basket by basket, I went through things.
And that's counter -- counter-intuitive and it might hurt production.
Counter-Strike modder "Zool" released a trailer for an upcoming mod called Counter-Strike: Classic Offensive, which takes the beloved Counter-Strike (version 1.6) and recreates it in 2012's Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
"They are doing it to counter terrorism, to counter drugs, to counter counterfeiting measures, so I think they are very sophisticated on those things," he said.
McCree: McCree's Tracer counter strategy is almost identical to his Reaper counter strategy.
The counter was always a little beneath us, but the counter is hilarious.
A specialized and targeted deployment of counter-terror and counter-insurgency is needed.
Anders fought on the counter—attempting to time Rafael Natal with counter left straights.
It's a counter-serve restaurant, so I work the front counter and manage everyone else.
The two men have also appeared at counter-jihadist events, accepted the endorsement of prominent counter-jihadists, and (in Bolton's case) penned a glowing foreword to a counter-jihadist book.
And so you start to build counter-narratives and counter-institutions to defend against this perception.
"Any information automatically generates counter-information, and any fake information generates counter-fake information," said Verniers.
"There are many zones of cooperation with Russia, including counter-narcotics, counter-terrorism, counter-piracy, the Arctic, arms control, trade, science, diplomacy – there are many ways we can cooperate," retired Adm.
Not only drawing a counter in order to counter it, but hooking off the jab as well?
Always, it should signal the stated or unstated promise of a counter-city ("counter value") nuclear reprisal.
The meetings in Ankara could very easily devolve into charge and counter-charge, complaint and counter-complaint.
Felder eats a counter on his first jab, throws out another on the exact same rhythm—which Ricci again attempts to counter—and on the third attempt shows the lead shoulder feint but spins into a back elbow: a gorgeous car crash of a counter-counter if it lands.
It's trying to combat hostile behavior or how do you counter radicalization or counter-terrorism, and so forth.
It's called Counter and it allows local retailers to store and hand you your order over the counter.
Reliable methods to assess counter messaging cannot and should not be separated from the counter messaging efforts themselves.
I went back up to the counter for four more pieces, and the woman behind the counter laughed.
The counter left hook is a favorite, along with the cross counter—an overhand across the top of the opponent's jab—and to deal with a wrestler the counter right uppercut works a treat.
They'll have played against teams who sit and counter before, and probably teams who sit and counter this well.
The takes, counter takes, and counters to the counter take are popping off like a movie theater concession stand.
Instead, use that microwaved-sized gap on your counter as space for plants or a counter-top spice rack.
Beijing has invested wisely in systems designed to counter those of the U.S. The Chinese know that any contest in Asia between China and an adversary will be first a matter of naval and air combat, and they have prepared accordingly by developing sophisticated counter-space, counter-air and counter-maritime capabilities.
On Thursday, Reynolds updated the world on his escapades, revealing that his counter-trolling efforts had been themselves counter-trolled.
"Our focus right now is not so much counter-UAS on a larger scale, but counter-small systems," Olson said.
Many Counter-Strike fans who had a bad experience at Buffalo Wild Wings shared it on the Counter-Strike subreddit.
These counter-protesters weren't counter-protesters at all; they were simply protesters, and structural racism is what they were protesting.
I learned how to do eyeliner at a Bobbi Brown counter, and how to do blush from the Benefit counter.
COUNTER-DEMONSTRATION The rally drew a counter-demonstration by dozens of liberal protesters, some carrying banners with crossed-out swastikas.
"While we did not agree on everything, we were able to advance cooperation in counter-piracy, counter-terrorism, and counter-narcotics," Stavridis, now the dean of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, told BuzzFeed.
So the Turkish invasion of Syria, sold as a counter-ISIS operation, was widely understood to be a counter-YPG intervention.
Social Blade's counter is just as recognizable as some top creators, and quite frankly, its counter is the most aesthetically pleasing.
This will enable Qatar to re-establish ties with other GCC States to promote counter-terrorism and counter-radicalization initiatives internationally.
Simply put, counter-institutions try to help realize a just world, while counter-power aims to fight against an unjust one.
But many of the great defensive counter fighters in combat sports excel in counter fighting from the end of the opponent's reach.
He doesn't pose traditionalism as a new counter-culture because Sasse doesn't have any interest in being part of a counter-culture.
He waltzes up to the counter to find the cash register open, a purse on the counter, and no attendant in sight.
Homes with limited counter space need appliances that can fit into the game of tetris that is fitting everything on the counter.
But as much as the uppercut is a counter to the leaning overhand, the overhand is a counter to the upright uppercut.
Many U.S. agencies did not favor this designation because of negative consequences for counter-terrorism policy, counter-narcotics cooperation and migration policy.
Eiji Ichimura, the Michelin-starred sushi chef at the omakase counter in the adjoining restaurant, Uchu, will take over the kaiseki counter.
So rushed was the carving out of what was then known as East Pakistan in 3.33 that many enclaves, counter-enclaves and even one counter-counter-enclave got trapped on the "wrong" side of the frontier like bubbles in amber.
Counter-terrorism strategy The US seeks increased levels of cooperation with Saudi Arabia on counter-terrorism and counter-radicalization, and President Trump's itinerary in Saudi Arabia reflected this, as he attended the opening of the Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology.
You have an all out swarmer with a habit for getting clipped on the counter, against a counter puncher who struggles under pressure.
I forgot the bottle of water on the counter and when I went back, the guy was putting it back under the counter.
A radiation counter from the 1950s and plans to counter the millennium bug provide reminders of physical and digital threats of the past.
Everyone will see a counter of different reactions on the message, and you can tap that counter to see exactly who reacted how.
A significant impediment to counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism operations in the south comes from the graft and corruption endemic within the military.
The social-media service this year announced a tool it calls "counter speech," encouraging activists to counter extremist views with posts promoting tolerance.
Thawing meats on the counter You never ever want to thaw a piece of meat by just leaving it right on your counter.
"I'd like to illuminate the idea that this 'counter culture' is not counter, but so much already a part of culture," Freckle says.
To prevent future attacks it is essential to have the support of all the Gulf States working towards counter-terrorism and counter-radicalization.
We need a robust counter-terrorism strategy that includes counter-narcotics and anti-money-laundering assistance from the U.S. to our southern neighbors.
On the Xinjiang issue the Central Asia countries understand and support China's position, and positively appraise China's counter-terrorism and counter-extremism measures.
Portland braces for alt-right rally and counter-protests Portland braces for alt-right rally and counter-protests Portland braced itself Sunday for a pro-Trump "free speech rally" and counter-protests that were set to confront each other on the city's streets.
However, if you no longer have to visit the Avis counter when renting a car (in supported markets), what happens to the counter associates?
But the counter to that counter is that Apple rival Spotify has grown even faster — without the benefit of an owned and operated platform.
One U.S. official said the administration was convinced that F-16s were the right platform to support Pakistan's counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency operations.
They were met by counter-protesters, and during the rally, Heather Heyer was killed when a car rammed into her and other counter-protesters.
If you take over-the-counter ranitidine products or nizatidine, antacid medications, the FDA recommends considering other over-the-counter products for their conditions.
Primarily, it buys you time to consider the offer, determine the appropriate counter offer, and begin building your case to support your counter offer.
Whether you are a high counter who thinks corn ethanol is terrible or a low counter who thinks it's great, it's here to stay.
After a briefing in March, Representative Max Rose, who chairs a subcommittee on intelligence and counter-terrorism, asked the four companies in an April 10 letter to disclose their budgets for counter-terrorism programs and number of people working solely on counter-terrorism programs.
"We are not afraid, we have our own counter actions prepared," said a customs official, without elaborating, standing at the Air Koryo check-in counter.
Checking the left kicks and parrying the left straights (often while on one leg) Emelianenko was razor sharp with his counter punches and counter combinations.
"They are the most capable counter-terrorism force on the ground in Yemen," said a U.S. counter-terrorism official familiar with Yemen, who requested anonymity.
I trust the gimmicky calorie counter as much as I trust it on the elliptical at my gym, and the step counter is utterly broken.
Der Spiegel said Maassen planned to restructure the agency divisions responsible for counter-espionage, Islamist extremism and counter-sabotage to keep up with expanding threats.
"Not only did employers counter women's already lower demands with stingier counter-offers, they responded less positively when women tried to self-promote," she writes.
When his man steps in to punch he looks for the cross counter over the top with his right hand, or the counter left hook.
It's this little bodega and if you walk back to where the meat counter is they have a little food counter where you order tacos.
The United States was fanatical about limiting the scope of this counter-ISIS campaign — in particular, making sure it never became a counter-Assad campaign.
Participants of the counter-demonstration 'Heart against Agitation' holding up a banner reading Participants of the counter-demonstration on Theatre Square in Dresden, Germany, Feb.
Current Android devices were never meant to run a game like Counter-Strike — yet here is Counter-Strike 1.6, running reasonably well on an Android tablet.
A master counter puncher works against the punches that opponents and sparring partners will flick out at him, knowing that he is a master counter puncher.
It's counter-intuitive and counter-conventional: most expect the only way forward in cybersecurity is to invent evermore complex new technologies to thwart highly skilled adversaries.
And it was counter-capitalism, it was counter to all these mechanisms that were harming queer people and making it illegal to exist as a person.
As soon as Shevchenko gets aggressive, look for the counter left hands and—probably more important in a southpaw versus southpaw engagement—counter jabs and hooks.
A Geiger counter measures ionizing radiation, which registers on the Geiger counter as a pulse of electricity and is used to measure radiation from a source.
It's a restaurant in the Edo (or old Tokyo) style, with an eight-seat counter for omakase ($300 including tip) and a six-seat private counter.
You'll recall last month Ice went ballistic at a Delta counter after he missed his plane, insisting the person working the counter didn't call the flight.
Changes regulation of over-the-counter drugs: Companies that create new over-the-counter drugs would get a new 18-month market exclusivity on their medicines.
Like most small kitchens, mine lacks sufficient counter space, so I prefer using magnetic strips for storing knives in lieu of large, counter-hogging knife blocks.
Generally against an opponent whose only desire is to push forward and close space, counter knees and elbows are considerably more useful than counter punches and kicks.
Several of the officers leading the effort were originally trained to counter Soviet operations, transferred to counter non-state actors, and now are returning to their roots.
There, on the counter, I saw it in a big pile — right there on the counter he'd stuck the dress and the suit and the framed photo.
The story of the McGregor – Alvarez bout was the same as every other in McGregor's career, the back-skipping counter left hand and the pull and counter.
A long telephone cord stretched from counter to counter as she pacified a frantic client calling from overseas who didn't get a room with the best view.
By day, there's counter service for bowls, pizza and rotisserie items; in the evening, the counter becomes an open kitchen for wood-roasted and grilled food. (Friday).
And so the karate man has two choices, he can allow the aggressor to fall short and then counter before he returns to position—a delayed counter, go-no-sen—or he can read the forward movement and step in to intercept—a simulteneous counter or sen-no-sen.
The companies said they would share technical solutions for quickly removing extremist content, commission research to inform their counter-speech efforts and work more with counter-terrorism experts.
Counter-demonstrators rally near Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park From the outset, counter-protesters outnumbered the right-wing activists by as much as 15 to 1.
Unlike gasoline stocks, which have shown an unusual counter-seasonal build up over the first part of the summer, distillate stocks have exhibited an unusual counter-seasonal drawdown.
The restaurant, styled in bare, polished wood with black accents, has a sweeping 24-seat counter with stools in the front half and another 12-seat counter beyond.
The white supremacists clashed with counter-protesters, and one white supremacist drove his car into a crowd of counter protesters, killing one and injuring more than a dozen others.
This policy change would, in the counter-jihadist imagination, set the stage for a massive federal inquisition into America's major Muslim organizations based on counter-jihadists' own conspiracy theories.
Basically, GPS devices measure date and time using a week counter, which is only able to count up to week 1,024, after which the counter resets back to zero.
The email address was spoofed to appear to come from South Korea's National Counter-Terrorism Council, which has hosted counter-terrorism drills in Pyeongchang in preparation for the Olympics.
The rally turned violent when protesters and counter-protesters clashed, resulting in the death of counter-protester Heather Heyer after a rally-goer drove his car into the crowd.
Abroad, too, counter-balancing is going on: The EU, Japan and India have all launched cross-regional infrastructure initiatives meant to counter China's massive Belt and Road infrastructure system.
Les Seules was one of the first women's Counter-Strike teams — actually one of the first Counter-Strike teams at all — to get noticed outside of the gaming world.
Just as the ancient Dan Henderson had managed to uncork a counter right hand in the wake of Bisping's jab, St-Pierre rattled the champion with a counter right.
Counter-protesters were at the scene, and as the two sides clashed, James Alex Fields Jr. allegedly rammed his car into the crowd of counter-protesters, killing Heather Heyer.
Called "Valorant," the new game is a tactical shooter like Valve's "Counter-Strike" series, which pits teams of terrorists and counter-terrorists against each other to complete certain objectives.
A cavernous indoor kitchen has beamed barrel ceiling, a dark-stained white cedar counter on the sink side and a counter with handcrafted tiles from Puebla surrounding the stove.
The lunch counter sit-ins that would change American history began with four teenagers who walked up to a Woolworth's lunch counter in Greensboro, N.C., and refused to leave.
On the other wall, a short, shallow counter with rounded edges sat awkwardly in the middle of the space, offering little in the way of storage or counter space.
Critics counter that thousands of legitimate voters should not be forced to leap through bureaucratic hoops to counter a threat of fraud that experts say is close to nonexistent.
The couple also gutted and expanded the 6-by-8-foot kitchen, adding counter-saving features like a pop-out microwave that emerges on sliders from under the counter.
The assistance included sniper rifles, rocket-propelled grenade launchers, counter-artillery radars, night vision and military medical treatment -- all of which Ukrainians could use to counter pro-Russian separatists.
Each "map" in a Counter-Strike tournament goes for 30 rounds, with each team playing 15 rounds from the Terrorist side and 15 rounds from the Counter-Terrorist side.
" - Peter, 21 "Left used tampons on the counter.
Other counter-terrorism programs and policies -- like suspicious activity reporting, watch lists, initiatives to counter violent extremism, and the Justice Department profiling guidelines -- routinely single them out as inherently suspect.
The measure will be part of a counter-terror initiative that also incorporates "counter-drone technology," Bloomberg reported Friday, noting there was no known credible threat ahead of Monday's event.
One interesting play off is the straight right counter that Miocic loves with the cross counter—the overhand across the top of the opponent's jab—which is Overeem's go-to.
The Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism builds on several existing initiatives, which are designed to scrub terrorist recruitment material from the internet and promote counter-narratives to potential recruits.
The nachraissen, attacking after, indicates the Germanic version of counter-punching in which a swordsman would invite an opponent to attack in order to follow up with a specific counter.
Amazon debuts counter pick-up at Rite Aid Amazon is introducing a new counter pick-up service for packages at stores in the U.S, starting with 100 Rite Aid locations.
Senior administration officials said they're working to build a framework in the Middle East to counter ISIS, counter Iran and provide a security blanket for America's allies in the region.
Indeed, the equipment set off the Geiger counter used to measure the radiation, with a maximum exposure rate of 7.5 mR per hour when the counter was touching the equipment.
The name changes and reorganizations commonly involve the invocation of counter-this and counter-that (drugs, terrorism, IEDs) while also hiding domestic intelligence gathering behind a fog of opaque terms.
The $300 million comes under the Coalition Support Fund (CSF), a U.S. Defense Department program to reimburse allies that have incurred costs in supporting counter-terrorist and counter-insurgency operations.
Pros: 1.28-inch screen, long battery life, step counter, calorie counter, sleep tracker, displays smartphone notifications, multiple colors available, dust- and water-resistantCons: Considering the price, there aren't any cons.
Rap one end of the egg against the counter or another hard surface to crack it, and then roll it a bit on the counter to further shatter the shell.
Recently, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube established the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism to share information and best practices about how to counter the threat of terrorist content online.
"The best strategy I tried initially seemed both counter-intuitive and counter-productive and that involved producing free books and linking them to my website and author newsletter," explained Nevill.
"The only thing that has really mattered from a U.S. policy perspective was fighting ISIS," said Charles Lister, Director of Counter-Extremism and Counter-Terrorism at the Middle East Institute.
"If they have concerns, they need to detail those concerns to us and if they have counter-proposals, let's hear the counter proposals and then we can discuss those," she said.
Counter-Strike exists on Valve's Steam service, which also includes a community marketplace where players can sell digital items from supported games — such as Counter-Strike weapon skins — to other players.
As important, in June it created a National Centre for Counter-Terrorism in the Elysée Palace, led by a well-respected ex-chief of counter-espionage, Pierre de Bousquet de Florian.
Witty stressed that nothing was planned in the near term for the unit, which sells Sensodyne toothpaste and a range of over-counter-counter remedies, including the painkillers Voltaren and Panadol.
The SPLC suggested the Portland rally could be "another Charlottesville," referring to a Virginia clash last year between "alt-right" white nationalists and counter-protesters that left one counter-protester dead.
Provided he doesn't eat a simultaneous right hand counter, a good kick could convince Johnson to come back swinging, and that would be the time to level change or counter punch.
I asked the guy behind the counter for a receipt and he tossed a small booklet and pen onto the counter: "Sure man, just put down whatever you want," he said.
Backlashes to the backlashes and counter-punches to the counter-punches culminated on Sunday in a tableau of on- and off-field protests, raised fists, fans booing protesters and threatened boycotts.
Not only are James' views counter to Google's stated values, but they are directly counter to the project of ensuring that the development and application of AI prioritizes justice over profit.
The Thunder counter with ... well, pretty much with Westbrook.
" Alabama counter: "Ok but u understand I'm a child?
The PEA was formed by commissioner Jason Katz and the owners of seven North American Counter-Strike teams — Team Liquid, Cloud9, Team SoloMid, Immortals, NRG Esports, CompLexity Gaming and Counter Logic Gaming.
There he sees a lone counter-protester holding up a picture of Heather Heyer, the demonstrator murdered at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, and Sam marvels at the counter-protester's bravery.
The man went and picked up a Coke and went to the counter, and the person behind the counter refused to sell him the Coke because it was a white man's drink.
If Namajunas wanted to mitigate the threat of counter shots and counter combinations, she could work on getting out the side door after she steps in with her one or two punches.
Furious about the Pentagon transferring counter-drug funds without congressional approval in defiance of long-standing procedure, Democrats included in the NDAA a prohibition on reprogramming funds into the counter-drug account.
Body shots on the counter are especially important because when an opponent is out of position their hands will almost always go up out of concern for counter punches to the head.
In a way, it wasn't so necessary to have a counter voice, because what I wanted to do is create a counter-voice to any sort of jingoistic nonsense that might occur.
"It was not controversial that Pakistan needs to modernize its air force and its counter insurgency and counter-terrorism activities, particularly in the mountainous territory of the border with Afghanistan," he said.
This sets in motion a counter-counter-operation plan, with Gus's dead-eyed henchman, Victor (welcome back, Jeremiah Bitsui), driving a black SUV that carries the tracking device that Mike is tracking.
With the acquisition of the 13-year-old Dignitas, the Sixers bought spots in the North American League of Legends Championship Series, ESL Counter-Strike Pro League and ELeague Counter-Strike Season 2.
"This hinching is getting addictive," one fan wrote in the caption of an image of her own cleaning supplies on a kitchen counter, as perfectly arranged as luxury makeup on a beauty counter.
Abbasi said much of the suspended aid was from the Coalition Support Fund (CSF), a U.S. Defence Department program to reimburse allies for the costs of supporting counter-terrorist and counter-insurgency operations.
One former senior Western counter-terrorism official told CNN there is worry the recent escalation in US counter-terrorism operations in Yemen, including January's Navy Seal raid, might lead to the group retaliating.
Scene girls and emo girls were a counter to the preppy, Juicy Couture look of the era (see: Paris Hilton) the way egirls may be a counter to the polished, Facetuned Instagram influencer.
So, we'll need less people behind the front counter, that means we can put more people in front of the front counter, actually interacting with customers in a much more meaningful way, actually.
He said then that security forces outside his control - including units reporting to two counter-terrorism agencies, two Defence Ministry directorates and regional security commands - overlap with his ministry's own counter-intelligence efforts.
The group clashed violently with counter protesters and an Ohio man protesting the statue's removal drove his car into a crowd of counter-protesters, killing one and injuring more than a dozen others.
Speaking on Downing Street Sunday morning, May called for a shakeup in counter-extremism and counter-terrorism efforts, suggesting that there would be a review of the current powers and laws in place.
The new National Centre for Counter-Terrorism, led by a former chief of counter-espionage, Pierre de Bousquet de Florian, is supposed to have made French officialdom more professional in dealing with threats.
But many Counter-Strike fans found that Buffalo Wild Wings managers and employees have never heard of eSports, and either refused or ridiculed the Counter-Strike fans for asking to put it on.
Other current sanctions include: Counter Narcotics Trafficking, Counter Terrorism, Cuba, Cyber-Related, Iran, Iraq-Related, Magnitsky, Non-Proliferation, North Korea, Rough Diamond Trade, Syria, Transnational Criminal Organizations, Ukraine-/Russia-Related Sanctions, and Venezuela.
Here's the same counter being demonstrated perfectly, oddly enough, on Dillashaw: With Ali's uppercut—long and beginning at the waist—the window was substantially longer in which to score these counter left hooks.
While Asda's pharmacy consisted of a counter and a few shelves of necessities, over in the US, Walmart's pharmacy section was large, and we found everything from over-the-counter remedies to toiletries.
"These airstrikes, while they're labeled as counter-terrorism airstrikes, are really counterinsurgency airstrikes," said Bill Roggio, a senior fellow at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, who tracks U.S. counter-terror operations.
The counter-march — planned for the same day as the traditional Pride demonstration, June 250 — will be perhaps the largest counter-demonstration to NYC Pride in history if organizers' projections come to pass.
The counter-march — planned for the same day as the traditional Pride demonstration, June 214 — will be perhaps the largest counter-demonstration to NYC Pride in history if organizers' projections come to pass.
The Afghan government believes it has commitments from the US to support additional Afghan air force elements, commandos, counter-terrorism units and police that would have a strong focus towards counter-terror operations.
The Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act of 2017, as the name implies, would make certain types of hearing aids available over the counter (OTC) to Americans with mild to moderate hearing impairment.
Most deep fryers are absolutely massive and take up a ton of valuable counter space, but this one is compact enough that we can keep it on our kitchen counter all the time.
About $550 million of the 2016 total came from the Coalition Support Fund (CSF), a U.S. Defence Department program to reimburse allies for the costs of supporting counter-terrorist and counter-insurgency operations.
Israel says its forces act lawfully to counter lethal threats.
Yes. Does she permit her students to counter her views?
Don't leave them out on the counter so you're tempted.
Chris Bond, spokesman for the chief GOP vote counter, Rep.
For gadgets, just bring them to the Customer Service counter.
But others counter the second quarter will bring more gains.
That seems to go counter to what physicists often say.
"Take the next guest!" she yelled down the checkout counter.
And he should support community efforts to counter violent extremism.
JIM CRAMER: Okay, here's -- let me give you the counter.
Kushner would counter by arranging a call with Rupert Murdoch.
They started this counter intelligence investigation with no evidence of.
So I threw the change across the counter at them.
That goes counter to what some people are expecting. Why?
The Metropolitan Police's Counter Terrorism Command is leading the investigation.
The Counter Extremism Project has something of a mixed record.
And the Democrats will have to try to counter that.
A lunch counter in a New York subway station, 1937.
It's a counter to the unpredictable, very stressful environment here.
But I definitely don't cower away from the beauty counter.
Huseyin Erdogan stands at the counter of his ceramics shop.
Mehmet Onlu stands at the counter of his jewelry store.  
The new set of Amazon Counter partners could similarly benefit.
The point of this approach, again, is to counter China.
Go deeper: StoryCorps aims to counter online platforms' "scary" polarization
But bad tends to run counter to a writer's instincts.
The question is: Did other things counter balance the spanking?
The plan is largely designed to counter China and Russia.
You generally can't buy an ECG device over the counter.
Counter strikes are the most powerful weapons a fighter has.
To counter this, I headed to an improv comedy class.
His department released the photo to counter "disinformation," he said.
It's entertaining, perhaps, but not enough to counter the cringe.
Can the US and EU still work to counter Russia?
"You're always holed up in the bedroom anyway," he'd counter.
A marble kitchen counter is sexy, thrilling … and cold, LOL.
Perhaps to counter that, what would be your last meal?
"Wicks emerges from behind a counter area," the statement reads.
It seems counter to what the Olympics is all about.
Mawston noted that there are ways to counter that problem.
This is counter to one of the roles of philanthropy.
Which makes a compelling counter narrative to the tech giants.
They try too hard to counter expectation and resist predictability.
There are, however, a few tricks to counter this dilemma.
Comparisons btwn white supremacists & counter protesters are beyond the pale.
Who needs more than a foot of counter space, anyways?
But the meat counter was the real center of attention.
I work at the fragrance counter at a department store.
Instead, she fought cautiously and made the counter fighter impatient.
Sami Kathim, commander of Iraqi Counter Terror Services, told CNN.
And only 27 retailers ran counter sales back in 2016.
But that's counter to everything the nomadic tribes stand for.
The government formed a council to counter terror and extremism.
He dropped the plates and glasses down on the counter.
However, the alleged behavior runs completely counter to Stanford's values.
To counter this trend, further integration, not fragmentation, is needed.
What would you say to counter people who say that?
He pretends to place an order at the service counter.
Which is especially convenient if you're tight on counter space.
Any claims that counter the published information are patently false.
Cool more stuff, on the same amount of counter space.
And if Trump goes full birther, how will Cruz counter?
Gains in consumer staples and telecommunications shares helped counter Apple.
How would The Human Torch and Iceman counter each other?
Fabre allegedly reached for the counter, grabbing a carving knife.
He is a famed -- by his own account -- counter-puncher.
The women behind the counter were very apologetic and kind.
That being said, not all counter space is created equal.
When he finished, he rose and returned to the counter.
Patrons order at the counter and tend to linger, drinking.
"It's very difficult to counter things like this," Soldatov said.
Some new facility to counter Russian expansion in the Arctic.
The man behind the counter barely flickered a nose hair.
Sticking to the jab and the occasional stiffer counter punch.
China on Thursday vowed to counter the latest U.S. tariffs.
He tossed it behind the counter, and the gunman fled.
Maybe the rules are in place to counter drug smuggling?
The guy behind the counter loudly and slowly asked, 'Can.
Cigarettes are sold behind the counter, and not to minors.
Tiga's No Fantasy Required is out now on Counter Records.
But egalitarianism is the great counter to Trump's false populism.
Better to use an emollient moisturizer to counter dry skin.
And it runs completely counter to most modern computing trends.
It said the company will counter increased costs through pricing.
India is trying to counter Pakistan on the international stage.
Unfortunately, Hamilton isn't around to help counter foolish debt phobia.
The menu was listed on a chalkboard behind the counter.
The matte black color also looks great on their counter.  
Later, he loaded the dishwasher, while Nina wiped the counter.
I walked up to a counter to ask for help.
Meanwhile, the FBI is working to counter foreign influence operations.
There was no one attending the counter by the firearms.
To counter this, standing desks have become all the rage.
" There have been efforts to counter the "blue wall of
"When the worst happens, we counter with our best selves."
Those practices run counter to Russian rules on religious freedom.
I grabbed my things, slammed the keys on the counter.
It features more counter space than my Brooklyn apartment does.
They called for a united front to counter Iranian interference.
Washington has yet to develop a strategy to counter Beijing.
The competition is executed as a Defensive Counter Air mission.
On the counter was a framed school picture of Darius.
"  "Democrats keep complaining about their counter-memo not being released.
And little has been done so far to counter it.
They run counter to the basic conviction that we learn
A marble kitchen counter is sexy, thrilling ... and cold, LOL.
He needs landslides to counter landslides; he doesn't have them.
The Haggler Ah, the car rental counter at the airport.
Turkish officials counter they are confronting an major internal threat.
Harvey, smiling behind the counter of his Castro Camera Store.
What is the biggest counter argument you come up against?
Those things run counter to punk's ideals, but they persist.
The latter is also available over the counter in Mexico.
It says the program is necessary to counter U.S. aggression.
Feinting scrambles the signal and slows slick counter fighters down.
The pull counter that O'Malley hit certainly helped that comparison.
Next, Disney is expected to issue its own counter offer.
It's imperative to counter its habit of violating int'l law.
This counter was old when your grandmother was in diapers.
Can't resist the chocolate bar resting on the kitchen counter?
Heads were banging for sure, mostly behind the deli counter.
It was Zabar's — he was needed at the lox counter.
Were Republicans able to counter with memes of their own?
But the counter is just as dirty, if not dirtier.
There was also a live plant atop the sink counter.
Jesse drops $125,000 on Ed's counter when he sees him.
Usage rose to counter rising popular demand for constitutional amendments.
But then I remembered the homemade cookies on my counter.
There's no plastic wrap or paper at the deli counter.
Did it have the first sushi counter in New York?
Or the kitchen counter or actually anywhere in your house.
"We never really had counter space before," Ms. Harari said.
One appeared in a Publix, taking down the deli counter.
I go to the counter and I get a matcha.
Every day, he stands behind the counter to help people.
Republicans counter that they are trying to prevent voter fraud.
It then avoids spy satellite tracking and military counter strikes.
What a splendid idea: Counter leftist simplification with rightist crudeness!
Sugar quotas even undermined American policy to counter narcotics trafficking.
The military hopes to counter the strike with targeted intimidation.
To counter that effort, the worm's creators upped the challenge.
I cracked, and Asaad smugly passed $350 across the counter.
We're expanding our scope to counter many forms of hate.
There is little to counter the information provided by smugglers.
We would need three people at the counter back then.
Terrorists strategically counter attempts to kick them off popular platforms.
Discriminatory border searches run counter to these very fundamental principles.
Psychologists are often touting the counter intuitiveness of their findings.
Were they used to counter the cult narrative at all?
Unlike knives, axes are sold over the counter, he said.
The Trump administration's populism ran counter to the Chamber's goals.
The Mets were never able to counter at the plate.
The specialty chemical stocks they are kind of counter cyclical.
Somehow, the washing machine ended up near the kitchen counter.
But, he added, art can counter public preconceptions about psychedelics.
I put it down at the end of the counter.
We'll have it behind the counter for those who ask.
The European Commission reportedly intends to counter this unjust reality.
"Just talk to the person behind the counter," he said.
Yeah, and it's harder to counter that than we thought.
Approaching misbehavior this way runs counter to many educators' instincts.
But a few dozen headed straight to the food counter.
This was the right thing to say to counter China.
They've also had some luck to counter rosy economic statistics.
After dinner, Ms. Delzer installed herself at her kitchen counter.
At the Echo Park counter, however, Seitz keeps it chunky.
Behind the counter are various members of the Rivas family.
"You jumped from your table to the counter," it continues.
He had leapt across the counter to attack the man.
The solitary genius, presiding over the counter with seven seats.
The president said the measures were necessary to counter terrorism.
We build balloons and airplanes and elevators to counter it.
Then I climbed onto the counter to get the Bowl.
No answer Make misoprostol and mifepristone available over the counter?
It saved its best counter arguments for its closing statement.
He tossed it behind the counter and the gunman fled.
The best cleaning products for your sink, mirror, and counter
Now, the manager standing behind the counter appeared super anxious.
It is an image that prosecutors have sought to counter.
Deadlock: The EU is trying to counter the U.S. pressure.
What argument could I use to counter my wife's position?
Iran has made some efforts to counter the outbreak, though.
Doing so would run counter to the rule of law.
Trump brilliantly launches the counter narrative with shock and awe.
Buttigieg launched counter attacks of his own on Thursday night.
His Tuesday comments appear to run counter to this statement.
Behind the counter, Mr. Oda works alone, morning to night.
Customers place orders and pay on iPads at the counter.
The daytime counter service won't start for a few weeks.
She walked behind the counter to get a coffee pot.
Her father had left the lighter on the kitchen counter.
Sinema has plenty in the bank to counter McSally's attacks.
Mitski took to Facebook to counter that line of thinking.
Efforts to counter violent extremism through persuasion are nothing new.
The account runs counter to the timeline Volkswagen has detailed.
Republicans counter that they are trying to secure the vote.
A roll of paper towel trembled gently on the counter.
But the issue runs counter to Trump's "America First" instincts.
Both chefs filed counter claims in response to the lawsuit.
Democratic legislators counter that they have legitimate goals in mind.
Activists counter that declining to divest is a political action.
Sanders said progressive have the support to counter their push.
This all runs counter to the principles of international law.
Seven say abortion pills should be available over the counter.
How do I counter an offer that undervalues my work?
We favor continued cooperation in counter terrorism and maintaining cybersecurity.
In Brazil, Takeda owns popular over the counter drug brands.
"You would learn so much at the counter," Hamilton said.
That may not be enough to counter the higher costs.
Nexus 21 hides appliances to give you more counter space.
She leaned over behind the counter and then stood up.
But Obama's appointees will remain to counter Trump's new ones.
To counter that, pharmaceutical companies could look to make acquisitions.
Set your "Days Without Comey News" counter back to zero.
Trump's real record leaves him little room to counter them.
And don't store it on the counter near your stove!
That's counter to how Uber has operated since its inception.
Tax havens are also counter to ideals of financial transparency.
Linares landed this counter very nicely against Lomachenko last weekend.
Washington says it is prepared to counter that with force.
"If the U.S.' counter-ISIS achievements can only be sustained by an open-ended, illegal presence in Syria, that is a sign that the U.S.'s counter-ISIS mission is gravely misconceived," he said.
Finally, the company will do more with counter-radicalization efforts by building off of its Creators for Change program, which will redirect users targeted by extremist groups such as ISIS to counter-extremist content.
After the attacks on America on September 11th 2001, counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency became the focus for the American intelligence agencies, says John Parachini, who heads intelligence policy for RAND, a think-tank.
Ely: The first time we were way off level, so we unscrewed everything and figured it out, and then the counter top guy came and said that the counter couldn't go on without cracking.
Related to that visit is a copy of a schedule for a briefing over lunch to discuss Iraq, Bosnia, Somalia, counter-intelligence, counter-narcotics and "CIS Ops," an apparent reference to former Soviet states.
CSGO Lounge, one of the many controversial Counter-Strike gambling sites to come under fire in recent months, is majority-owned by ESForce Holding, the same organization that owns top Counter-Strike team
Hunt's lead leg is almost always toed in and he has trouble with low kicks in mixed martial arts just because of the defensive adjustments he has made to counter wrestle and counter punch.
The Associate Press reports that evidence indicates that the Counter Threat Messaging Support Program was awarded to Northrop/Saatchi on the basis of personal connections rather than an ability to counter ISIS's communications machine.
"There are questions about whether he is experienced enough in intelligence, counter-terrorism, counter-narcotics, computer crimes, and issues like that," said one senior U.S. law enforcement official who asked not to be identified.
Or, get creative and just ask the person behind the counter to serve you your burger and fries, in all of their artery-clogging beauty, right there on the counter, straight from their hands.
Fitch also predicted governments could deliver more fiscal and monetary stimulus into the system to counter a slowing world economy, but would not be able to fully counter the fallout from the trade war.
They must prepare options beyond sanctions, which only generate Iranian counter-pressure — whether in the nuclear arena or in the Strait of Hormuz — without providing any options to deter or address that counter-pressure.
Gallagher's final chart captures roughly 6,000 tweets from before, during, and after the Charlottesville #UniteTheRight protests on August 12, in which white nationalists clashed with counter protesters, resulting in the death of one counter protester.
Iraqi counter-terrorism forces breached Islamic State defenses in east Mosul two weeks ago but have faced resistance from the militants, who have fought back with suicide car bombs, snipers and waves of counter-attacks.
Over the past few months the Tory party has been so convulsed by internal leadership struggles—by briefings and counter-briefings, rhetorical acid-attacks and counter-attacks—that it has sometimes seemed incapable of governing.
Gorka has been an outspoken advocate of tough U.S. anti-terrorism policies and in the past asserted that U.S. efforts to counter Islamic State and other jihadist propaganda were "pin-pricks and often counter-productive".
Congress has also announced the introduction of the Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act, a bipartisan bill that would make it possible for people to buy hearing health products over the counter without a prescription.
Deily's game is Counter-Strike, the notoriously difficult first-person shooter in which two teams, terrorists and counter-terrorists, take and rescue hostages, set and defuse bombs, and perform other acts of digital derring-do.
It meddled with Counter-Strike's competitive format, pushing players off v1.6 of the standard game and exclusively onto Counter-Strike Source, which then hobbled their chances of going back to v1.6 at a high level.
According to the history of ARPA, the first three primary research priorities focused on space technology (to counter Sputnik), ballistic missile defense (to counter the USSR) and solid propellants (to eventually power the Minuteman ICBM).
Given the vast scale of misinformation, it is important that there be a very active counter-movement to dispel myths, especially those that counter the well-being of citizens and scientifically sound public health principles.
Messengers to counter extremism must be authentic and local: While there are some universals in the tools to counter extremism, and investment in their development is critical, the work itself must be grassroots and local.
Gaethje's style of absorbing blows against his guard and using these as the cue to trigger his counter attacks is called "catch-and-pitch" and it is perhaps the most primitive form of counter striking.
"Many of the leading and credible voices that might counter ISIL lack the content-generation and social media prowess that would be required to counter ISIL online," according to the document obtained by Re/code.
The assistance, according to previous CNN reports, is for sniper rifles, rocket-propelled grenade launchers, counter-artillery radars, night vision and military medical treatment -- all of which Ukrainians could use to counter pro-Russian separatists.
Protected by Cuban counter-intelligence agents, Venezuela's government pounces on dissent.
" To which I'll counter, "Why would anyone not want a tail?
Many nights, the clutter on the counter was arranged quite neatly.
It appears the counter-protesters simply overwhelmed the TWP, he said.
In a few weeks, this display will become the retail counter.
The Saudis are actually a great counter-terrorism partner narrowly defined.
The Rose City Antifa  scheduled a counter-protest for 4 p.m.
The U.S. is fighting back with complaints about Chinese counter-tariffs.
The Rose City Antifa scheduled a counter-protest for 21972 p.m.
Sanford then had to go on the defensive to counter punch.
Some have suggested a counter-demonstration whenever the white supremacists assemble.
Are their any over the counter or internet products you recommend?
For him, it's a way to counter ignorance surrounding people's differences.
I'm not saying this is the only way to counter extremism.
A counter-petition by Mecum for attorney's fees was also denied.
And as a last resort, they're advised to counter the gunman.
Counter-terrorism investigators had been talking to the father and brothers.
He is currently senior diplomatic adviser to the Counter Extremism Project.
Fitch's warning, however, runs counter to most economic and investor surveys.
"I have two questions," I said as I approached the counter.
B does the dishes, wipes down the counter, and tidies up.
But turn the other cheek has become -- replaced by counter punching.
I head to the departures floor and find the United counter.
It stretches in the lobby and practices jumping on the counter.
Loaves of bread are still on the counter in the kitchen.
Check out the frame rate counter in the bottom left too.
In 2011, Barack Obama tried his hand at counter-messaging too.
There's usually quite a line, but the counter service is quick.
One of the best ways to counter dehumanization is by exposure.
Isn't that… sort of counter to the whole ethos of cryptocurrency?
French officials are stepping up efforts to counter violent extremism. One
They'll counter the size of Poeltl with a small, athletic lineup.
Over 200 million prescriptions are left at the counter each year.
Russia responded with counter-sanctions on European and U.S. food imports.
Walmart indeed offers a relatively inexpensive choice, essentially over the counter.
That's why I created the #SayHerName hashtag to counter this tendency.
Against spying and counter-spying, against the latest methods and technologies?
Free To Be is an online tool made to counter this.
"He's a counter-puncher, and that translates to the fight world."
So they share the counter-terrorism policies that we would pursue.
Any counter-protests have to be at least 100 metres away.
China's help on many global issues, including counter-terrorism, is essential.
Butcher Iain McGinley poses behind the counter with the meat rub.
But some state laws and religious customs run counter to it.
But they've also played off that tendency with a wicked counter.
Her husband shares a similar disdain for current counter-extremism programs.
Justin Merem put United on the scoresheet first via the counter.
Do you believe doing so would run counter to your recommendations?
Some governments have set up disinformation units to counter Russian propaganda.
Analysts said Iran would try different tactics to counter the protests.
She was also once head of the force's counter-terror operations.
A knife on the counter disappears along with a ventriloquist's dummy.
Perhaps counter-intuitively, wind is actually a form of solar energy.
Turkey is conducting a vicious counter-insurgency campaign against the PKK.
Nonetheless, PT loyalists counter that the judiciary is treating Lula unfairly.
Drugmakers are working on vaccines to counter the spreading Wuhan coronavirus.
He was, I believe, in Vietnam, working for the counter insurgency.
About two years ago, I noticed some bills on the counter.
I love a lot of counter space and very few appliances.
Set the "days without a Facebook privacy problem" counter to zero.
An official said national counter-terrorism investigators had not been involved.
The clerical regime organised counter-demonstrations that attracted tens of thousands.
Moreover, being able to make money doesn't run counter to learning.
The U.S. fund has filed a counter suit in New York.
A "time's up" message will display when the counter runs out.
Well no, everyone walks around with their Geiger counter, nobody's stupid.
I had asked for a $40,000 raise knowing they would counter.
Rapid fire Trump has prided himself on being a counter-puncher.
This may seem counter-intuitive; aren't we contributing money every month?
Nintendo is diversifying its operations to counter a shrinking console business.
A counter-bid for EDP from a European buyer is possible.
Airbus's counter-case may not be as strong as it claims.
I would figure something else out to counter the financial deficit.
Chief among them is getting more drugs available over the counter.
" But, "Doink" isn't truly about Midge's success as a "counter girl.
In order to counter this, we need to support one another.
California's poverty rate is high despite heavy investment to counter it.
Opposition supporters talk about a rebel counter-offensive emerging from Idlib.
WALLACE: Juan, let me take the counter side of the argument.
An IS counter-attack on Monday inflicted heavy casualties, monitors reported.
Arguments to counter this are simply ridiculous in the 21st century.
Google's big experiment in digital counter-terrorism begins rolling out today.
Maryland Democrats counter that First Amendment retaliation is an "untested theory".
At the same time, everyone's got their Vitamix on the counter.
Opponents counter that pipeline companies cannot be trusted to prevent leaks.
So, people have to do things that counter balance that stress.
Others counter that the meme is about mocking the slogan itself.
As you've probably already gathered, he is not a calorie counter.
Another is preparing a counter-offensive to the south and east.
At the time, Warner Brothers labeled her difficult and counter-sued.
However, Forrest offered some seemingly counter-intuitive advice for SXSW attendees.
I leaned over our kitchen counter, my butt facing my wife.
The findings support a key counter-argument made against these taxes.
In fact, hardcore Counter-Strike fans prefer watching the TBS broadcast.
He's going to be on their desk analyzing Counter-Strike matches.
Hate crime laws act as a counter-message to that bigotry.
The plan has developed amidst NATO threats to counter Russia's cyberattacks.
Jane walked over to the counter and placed the cookies down.
A duty to retreat, however, runs absolutely counter to our mandate.
The police units are losing men daily to ISIS's counter assault.
Fiat Chrysler's sales ran counter to the trend, dropping 14 percent.
So, Chris, how are you Democrats going to counter that one?
And so, he was the kind of counter balance to that.
But this time, I answered the woman behind the counter differently.
I was then steering the debate and suggesting little counter moves.
I think there was a copy of Rifleman on the counter.
All that makes it extremely difficult to counter, the report says.
"We are investing counter-cyclical to find more oil," Balhuizen said.
Baker said he'd counter by doing the same in his state.
That's the only thing we can do to counter the negativity.
Counter-terrorism officials have also been sent to help the investigation.
The government is also using TV to counter the militants' message.
Recently, someone managed to emulate Counter-Strike on an Android smartphone.
Civ V's hidden formulae for success ran counter to that idea.
"But she caught me on the counter (wasn't me)," Corden crooned.
China then swiftly said it will have to take counter measures.
In this case, Hilary will rotate counter-clockwise around Hurricane Irwin.
Fowler and others developed their own organization to counter these efforts.
The attackers targeted the police force's counter-narcotics wing, Khan said.
This allowed Vannata to set up counter strikes and kick catches.
The DSA raised $150,000 for a medical fund for counter protesters.
The local chapter of the NAACP also organized a counter-rally.
The three that Willie had licked still sat on the counter.
Some, such as Nevada, have made naloxone available over the counter.
Myanmar says its security forces mounted legitimate counter-insurgency clearance operations.
Both of these are valid points that I can't really counter.
Monday's move lower was explained by analysts as a counter-reaction.
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players are freaking out over fancy gloves.
But here, a counter: that's also a sign of being young.
Martin Snowden, the head of counter-terrorism policing in northeast England.
The show is being viewed by some as "Confederate" counter-programming.
Advocates counter that the rule will help investors on several fronts.
Perhaps for that reason, counter speech has become an industry buzzword.
He had recently been transferred to the department's counter-terrorism unit.
Things like exercise or seeing friends seem counter to your productivity.
A lot of counter protestors in all black, covering their faces.
So my counter is, let's try and make everyone come together.
The simple kitchen includes stainless steel appliances and ample counter space.
It's meant to sit on a kitchen counter and blend in.
War stops people from taking counter-measures, such as planting trees.
"Almost immediately, she began bemoaning her circumstances," the counter complaint states.
Outside, a counter-protester had arrived too late to get in.
That shift to streaming proved the ultimate counter to music piracy.
Western counter-terrorism experts tend to dismiss the move as cosmetic.
It says its weapons programs are necessary to counter U.S. aggression.
I think Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's weapons aesthetically kind of suck.
"You wouldn't normally use submarines for counter-piracy patrols," says one.
ET, with some counter-intuitive insights for a struggling family business.
Her allies intend to hold counter-protests on the same day.
Google has responded by counter-claiming that DuckDuckGo's research is "flawed".
Mrs Clinton needs a bold plan to counter this popular frustration.
Anything that smacked of revolt and the counter-culture was targeted.
There was already pending a counter-intelligence investigation under President Obama.
He also began a website, Speak Now, to counter Wahhabi teaching.
Critics accused Uber of trying to counter the strike. http://bit.
Transform your kitchen counter with this old-school toaster by Smeg.
"counter-majoritarian institution," the Supreme Court is rarely far outside the
In the first four loops, two are clockwise, two counter-clockwise.
Several thousand, mainly Americans, remain in training and counter-terrorism roles.
The guy behind the counter must think I'm a mad wino!
Chinese analysts counter that America, too, plays by its own rules.
So the stuffed bird on the counter seemed to be saying.
"You guys, we spoke to community organizers," one counter-protester shouted.
To counter declining freight volumes, railroad companies have been slashing costs.
I might have to explain them to the counter lady, though.
It was unclear if AcciaItalia's counter offer would preserve more jobs.
Germany could easily increase government spending to counter any consumer weakness.
China, the E.U., Mexico, Canada have imposed counter-tariffs in response.
To counter this, Seppälä recommends we learn how the brain works.
A small group of Trump supporters was staging a counter-protest.
The university's attempt to recruit Tebow to counter Richard Spencer's Oct.
He stood by the counter and scanned the shelves from there.
I greeted him and went to the counter to start working.
Mr. Bascaules runs counter to other bits of conventional Napa wisdom.
The university didn't have a plan for protecting the counter-protestors.
Call it unfashion, anti-fashion or a counter to the counterculture.
And President Reagan agreed to raise taxes to counter budget shortfalls.
Take Grisham's counter last month to comments made by Rudy Giuliani.
Both of these questions involve counter-factual conditionals of enormous complexity.
The gunman then laid the rifle on the counter and left.
It is a perfect counter-blast to Trump's record on women.
My father, though, knew how to counter the cattle rustlers' spells.
Facing the chef Andy Bennett's open kitchen is a chef's counter.
Long acquisition cycles mean using yesterday's technology to counter tomorrow's threats.
In contrast, efforts to counter and prevent domestic terrorism are scarce.
The recall comprises 16 models of Saddle bar and counter stools.
She included a request to halt ministerial infighting and counter-briefing.
But the threat has evolved into something much harder to counter.
The wave of retirements seemingly run counter to Tom Brady's stance.
Just look at the ticket window compared to the concession counter.
"It's nothing but paczki back there," said counter worker Maggie Giza.
The United States is right to counter DSTs around the world.
Customizable Killstreaks - AC130, Sentry Gun, Predator Missile, Counter-UAV, Care Package.
This would clearly run somewhat counter to the efforts of PSD2.
"Modern, with classics," he said recently, from behind the buying counter.
Many doctors believe birth control should be sold over the counter.
Israel, however, must live with and counter threats in the area.
It's counter to the interests of every country in the world.
Then there is the industrial-size margarita blender on the counter.
I also grabbed a pack of sugar cookies from the counter.
It's counter to the interest of every country in the world.
In Lansdale's counter-insurgency approach, soldiers were fighters but also salesmen.
Another witness said the jihadists had earlier mounted a counter attack.
"I will not have a good counter for that," he said.
NATO attempts to counter this decline by rattling its biggest saber.
The kitchen has stainless-steel appliances and thick wood counter tops.
The cash register is on a wide counter at the back.
I think he may well find that this is counter-productive.
Instead, he returned to Paris and led an immense counter-demonstration.
She places a hand delicately on the counter, near the bell.
There are a few counter-arguments to the murder conspiracy theory.
Thursday's press conference was a counter to Trump's lack of signaling.
Democrats tried to counter Republican attacks and defend the CFPB's integrity.
Obstagoon can use a move called Obstruct to counter incoming attacks.
Both are locked in a cycle of threat and counter threat.
And Trump, to counter this, might praise Putin even more effusively.
Do not clutter kitchen counter space with machines, tools and food.
Headlines German minister calls for fund to counter foreign takeovers on.ft.
All of these are counter-institutions, but none are explicitly anticapitalist.
But Cruz quickly busted out his Spanish to counter Rubio's point.
There was no constructive dialogue between the demonstrators and counter-demonstrators.
But neither strategy offers the right counter to fear and anger.
But, what happened in that case was you counter-sued her.
He has made public statements that run counter to that position.
A box of cereal was tucked into position on the counter.
A white nationalist beats a counter-protester with a Confederate flagpole.
There's a really small lunch counter in Toronto called Honest Weight.
There were no reports of an Israeli counter-attack in Gaza.
No Fantasy Required is out on March 4th via Counter Records.
Harvard came back with a "generous" counter-offer, it wasn't enough.
I sat down at the Clinique counter and had a consultation.
We couldn't leave food out on the counter—or anywhere, really.
Here's a nice counter jab that Silva hit along the fence.
You work at the ice-cream counter inside the gift shop.
After a couple minutes, we found seats at the formica counter.
Anzaldo offered a counter proposal: creating a documentary about Chyna's comeback.
I value my privacy, and streaming runs counter to this preference.
They also include crisis plans that run counter to the Constitution.
They have all been rolling out solutions to counter this problem.
The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competition also features a "female" category.
But you should get to know the person behind the counter!
Denying them that glory then becomes a form of counter-terrorism.
Lady storms in and slams a pizza down on the counter.
"As-salaamu alaikum," Jarallah said to the man at the counter.
And how terrible their bout was for the sport, I counter.
The Pentagon alone has requested $1.5 billion for counter-drone programs.
First, he puts a box of pocket schedules on the counter.
To exploit this, Whittaker feinted often, faking out the counter fighter.
Jiro, with only 10 counter seats, serves an omakase tasting menu.
Trump -- by his own admission -- sees himself as a counter-puncher.
Companies, meanwhile, are searching to a way to counter the tactic.
And counter-pressures are building in the country's vibrant civil society.
Many perfumes on the department store counter are eau de parfums.
The hostility could prove not only counter-productive, but also dangerous.
Then he went to the counter to claim his prize: $4.
There was a woman ahead of me at the deli counter.
It has a sobriety counter, the readings, and a meeting tracker.
Like a way to have a counter-voice on that platform.
"We will fight to counter the U.S. dumping allegation," he said.
But he was more like a card counter in a casino.
But tariffs are typically used to counter violations related to trade.
The man arrested on Thursday was questioned under counter-terrorism legislation.
At some point, a counter was installed on the beer tap.
I believe that adopting divisive attitudes runs counter to those interests.
There are 14 seats, with eight of them at a counter.
That runs counter to the view of the U.S. trade representative.
At home, the kitchen-counter radio was always tuned to KABC.
All a turkey does is sit: fridge, counter, oven, plate, stomach.
It's tantamount to denying a lunch counter to a black man.
I counter that by saying [national rates are] a blunt instrument.
But it runs counter to the consensus among demographers and economists.
" He urged Danes to counter them "with arguments — not with violence.
Myanmar says its troops are engaged in legitimate counter-insurgency operations.
"One cheese slice, please," he told the man behind the counter.
Additional protection would help to counter a threat from surging development.
It features noodles, dumplings and vegetable dishes, served from a counter.
To encourage change, she always left coffee supplies on her counter.
And then there's the credit card statement on the kitchen counter.
New, at this location, is a counter that specializes in charcuterie.
Facebook and the Brazilian government have scrambled to counter the disinformation.
The Brewers hoped to counter with their bullpen and pitching creativity.
There is, though, a counter argument that is no less compelling.
The rise of FIRE runs strikingly counter to that financial picture.
The correct response is to present counter arguments, not restrict speech.
It's the endless possibilities of that turkey carcass on the counter.
Beaming, he waved a hand at the butchers behind the counter.
Denmark is content to sit back, absorb the pressure and counter.
At one point, the deer even jumped over the meat counter.
First, let people buy some types of devices over the counter.
ALICE is an acronym for alert, lockdown, inform, counter and evacuate.
It is sold over the counter in many countries, including Mexico.
For counter messaging, the bill would call for a comprehensive strategy.
There will be a communal table, and counter service at lunchtime.
His defenders counter that his celebrity was commensurate with his brilliance.
Tables like this have no counter, no security, no itemized inventory.
This can be you if you just ignore that email counter.
Twitch, in many cases, has counter-offered, according to industry sources.
That would help counter the euro zone's economic slowdown, he said.
This, too, runs counter to medical ethics and basic human rights.
The whole Austin counter culture hippie community knew about it immediately.
SS: But I'm just trying to counter your optimism, as well.
ETFs had said that could run counter to their investment strategy.
Expect seatings at the counter around 6 and 00503:30 p.m.
This is counter to the Pilgrim-centric view so often presented.
"Sorry, we aren't open yet," the woman behind the counter said.
Demonstrators and counter-protesters clashed on the streets throughout the day.
Once they start breaking the counter, we don't have another one.
The violent march resulted in the death of a counter-protestor.
Beto O'Rourke leading a counter-rally just a few blocks away.
According to Reagan, doing otherwise would be counter to free expression.
John McCain were an attempt to counter-program the investigation's end.
Such examinations run counter to our current desire for affirmative representation.
The president and his supporters counter by blaming the news media.
The short video clip is filmed from behind a store counter.
Loose Ends Ms. Counter is a humor writer with a baby.
Putin's denial, however, runs counter to assessments by US intelligence agencies.
I realize this message is a bit counter to cultural beliefs.
Using a geiger counter, Trent tested the rings he'd ordered online.
The rise in ESG investments could help counter this, it said.
But I just ordered the old-fashioned way: at the counter.
Did your partner leave the empty yogurt container on the counter?
I'm sure you're just as diligent a counter when you're losing.
They also campaigned to make the pills available over the counter.
Other points that Democrats have cited to counter this particular argument?
I don't have a lot of counter space in my house.
Doby-Becht also added an additional coffee counter to the room.
The actions run counter to increasing public support for LGBT rights.
To counter higher funding costs, some banks are increasing lending rates.
David Ibsen is the executive director of the Counter Extremism Project.
Is the US in a position to counter China by sea?
"I spotted these white 'plastic' beads in the counter," he said.
That has not been the case with our counter-terrorism operations.
At the counter of the D.M.V., I looked to my left.
I wink at him and put the thousand on the counter.
With its generous capacity, it's also quite greedy with counter space.
There, you see, no Like counter even needed to feel inadequate.
On Wednesday, the Tokyo District Court judge dismissed his counter appeal.
Here's what they saw: Behind the counter was Akhil Samir, 103.
It's the best way to counter jet leg and travel tiredness.
But she does, however, land a role on the beauty counter.
These dishes, prepared at the counter, are available from 11 a.m.
It will include the Armed Forces, intelligence services and counter-terrorism.
There's an outlet behind the counter — just ask to use it.
This seems highly unlikely because it runs counter to economic opportunism.
It will include the Armed Forces, intelligence services and counter-terrorism.
Let's counter that narrative with some facts (no fake news here!).
Mahmoud Ceylan, whose cousin owns the restaurant, stood behind the counter.
Greater public engagement is needed to counter Trump's dangerous foreign policies.
The company says it's the first EKG available over the counter.
The parliament also passed a counter-terrorism bill in the evening.
But others counter that the rules do not say they can.
It runs counter to Republicans' allegiance to the free market system.
They take your groceries and put them on the kitchen counter.
It says its weapons programmes are needed to counter U.S. aggression.
The memo has sparked days worth of charges and counter-charges.
I stepped up to the counter happily and asked for one.
That's because the real motivation was rooted in counter-jihadist logic.
Critics counter that there is little historical evidence for that claim.
So cost at the pharmacy counter can't alone explain the differences.
Christie saw sports betting as a way to counter those losses.
Regulars are giggling and fist-bumping the guy behind the counter.
But for Ukraine it was a lifeline to counter Russian aggression.
One recent night I sat at Ferris's seven-seat kitchen counter.
The 23 Max was created to counter Airbus's latest A235 variant.
We also were tweaking Bastion to be a counter toward tanks.
In another attempt to counter the backlash to the president, Sen.
The Oakland police's decision runs counter to a broader nationwide trend.
Counter-terrorism police took control of the investigation on March 6.
Here's what Google could do: Google could make a counter offer.
A lenient sentence, and a cacophony of outrage and counter-outrage.
Their Christianity is "counter-cultural" precisely because it is not progressive.
I nod at the nun behind the counter as I leave.
I have something about sitting down at the counter for breakfast.

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