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"bow" Definitions
  1. the act of bending your head or the upper part of your body forward in order to say hello or goodbye to somebody or to show respect
  2. (also bows [plural]) the front part of a boat or ship
"bow" Synonyms
crossbow longbow recurve Cupid's bow bow and arrow genuflection kowtow curtsy obeisance salutation namaskar nod reverence salaam bob dip kneeling prostration greeting inclination salute duck curtsey acknowledgment(US) homage curve arc bend angle crook curvature turn arch crescent inflexion(UK) inflection(US) wind flexure curvation flection round turning kink oxbow sweep knot lace ribbon loop bond link splice joint entanglement twist ligature tie interlacement join tangle snarl intertwinement hitch splicing bowsprit prow stem forepart front head nose ram rostrum beak beakhead cutwater fore fore-end sharp end stem-post face forefront foremost part anterior tip tilt list sag bowing bending nodding lowering angling end point nib pike cusp apex bonnet hood droop-snoot nose cone front end peak prong spike tine tooth spire gesticulation gesture motioning signaling(US) signalling(UK) signing waving gesturing indication mime pantomime sign signal signals signs wave action arm-waving beckoning curtain call applause ovation curtain debut launch introduction inauguration beginning launching premiere presentation initiation commencement inception entrée unveiling entrance opener admission appearance entree graduating graduation fiddlestick violin bow fiddle bow admiration awe worship adoration approbation approval deference honour(UK) veneration acclaim appreciation estimation praise respect devotion favor(US) favour(UK) love strip band slip stripe binding tape braid banderole filet(US) fillet(UK) bandeau cordon decoration length streamer stretch taper droop slack hang slackness sinking slump drooping sagging slumping stoop stooping sink sinkage looseness hunch give circle ring hoop ball sphere circlet disc(UK) globe orb cirque cycle eye roundel wheel zodiac annulus ringlet genuflect cower incline take a knee bend over drop a curtsy incline the head incline your body make a bow make an obeisance buckle distort flex deform give way contort misshape warp disfigure malform screw torture damage squinch gnarl maim mangle injure hook curl swerve trend fall off coil snake submit yield succumb surrender capitulate adhere assent accept acquiesce comply concede cave conform relent budge blink defer heed knuckle crouch kneel squat scooch cringe lean bend down hunker down bow down crouch down lean over squat down lean down hunch down prostrate oneself prostrate kneel down bend the knee fall to one's knees get down on knees go down on your knees bend low bow low make obeisance do obeisance grovel bow and scrape dangle flop drop sling loll flag swag drape lop slouch suspend settle hang down let down institute establish initiate start begin found introduce inaugurate originate constitute pioneer organise(UK) organize(US) commence innovate open enact cause generate crawl fawn toady truckle quail woo blandish bootlick creep flatter soft-soap greet hail address acknowledge accost welcome receive wave to call to make obeisance to present arms doff your cap to snap to attention take one's hat off to halloo undergo experience endure suffer bear sustain tolerate feel have weather encounter withstand stand brook taste know brave see support play strum blow sound drum fiddle finger pedal perform render execute fidget instrument operate work perform on make music on More
"bow" Antonyms
rise stand straight line stagnation advantage simplicity opening stern rear tail back rear end reverse rearward character personality bottom foot censure condemnation disdain dishonor(US) dishonour(UK) disloyalty disobedience disregard disrespect scorn treachery bad manners repose rest silence swansong closing conclusion end ending finale finish retirement shake wobble jiggle waggle joggle arise be upstanding stand up get to your feet straighten be on one's feet straighten up face meet beautify stretch smooth do correct even straighten out withstand endure bear resist tolerate brave weather take absorb sustain defy fight survive hold out against stand up to outlast hold off combat continue keep stay remain persist deny oppose retain hold refuse defend reject win hold out disobey flout outbrave spurn rebel challenge contravene contemn rebel against stick fast take on unbend uncurl condense shorten compress destroy hollow concentrate neglect ascend grow increase rise above bloom inflate improve strengthen complete be upright perk up harden advance free worry be unyielding remain firm give no quarter show no mercy stand firm aid assist assuage erect help please soothe decorate repair cure adorn embellish ornament fix confront encounter jump raise face up to take part in lift disagree disarrange dispute dissent expedite force forge forward hasten hurry protest cancel halt abandon abolish cease discontinue stop suspend terminate close close down conclude ignore phase out prevent clean praise purify upgrade value keep shape avoid shun commit disallow disapprove execute surrender veto let go listen be attentive give attention pay attention adjust align uncoil unfold untwist make straight

538 Sentences With "bow"

How to use bow in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "bow" and check conjugation/comparative form for "bow". Mastering all the usages of "bow" from sentence examples published by news publications.

The five weapon classes are: Bows: There are three types — Hunter Bow, War Bow, and Sharpshot Bow.
" Bow ties "I bring three, five, seven bow ties.
The musical bow had to proceed the bow and arrow.
All the novels are relationshipish, ranging from platonic to bow-chicka-bow-wow.
Bow-chicka-bow-wow, as they might have said if they'd had language.
"I won't bow to Pharaoh," Sharpton said, "and I won't bow to Donald Trump."
"I won both the traditional-bow category and the compound-bow category," he said.
Olympic archers are only allowed to use one type of projectile weapon—not the medieval long bow or the Rambo-style compound bow, but the elegant recurve bow.
"Some people think they need the biggest possible bow, and to them a giant bow is 2 feet, but to us, a giant bow is 15 feet," she says.
Toss in some yen and bow twice, clap twice, and bow again to complete the offering.
The proper way to bow to a royal is a neck bow, inclining just one's head.
The popular giant panda, Bow Bow, which was born at the National Zoo in Washington, is moving to China.
In grand style, the plane dubbed "The Panda Express" is taking off later Tuesday with Bow Bow on board.
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So what was the motivation of writing it from the perspective of Bow Johnson instead of just Bow Edwards-Barris?
The joke, which is rapidly spreading around Twitter, is named for rapper Shad Moss, aka Bow Wow, formerly Lil' Bow Wow.
Cape Breton fiddlers, meanwhile, move the bow faster, changing the direction of the bow for each note as much as possible.
Mott & Bow Wooster Dynamic Stretch Jeans, $118, available at Mott & BowGive the gift of good style with jeans from Mott & Bow.
A bow for the league championships and the F.A. Cups and the Invincibles; a bow for Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira and Dennis Bergkamp; a bow for the new stadium and the new training facility; a bow for how different the club he leaves is to the club he found, for all the things he has done.
So as long as you're not going to bow out of this conversation, I'm not going to bow out of this conversation.
"Mythological figure who takes a bow" is EROS, but not because EROS liked to bow (pronounced with the "ow" sound) to people.
Now that you know how to tie a bow tie, shop all bow ties at The Tie Bar for $19 and up.
With her right, she often changed the angle of her bow against the strings, and the grip of her hand on the bow.
Over the last few days, I've bounced from Switch Axe to Charge Blade, from Charge Blade to Bow, from Bow to Gun Lance.
Occasionally though, a dealership will only allow the buyer to take a photo with the bow on the car, before taking the bow back.
RELATED: MORE FATHER&aposS DAY GIFTS FOR THE OUTDOORSMAN Bear Approach Compound Bow It's no secret that flagship bow prices are getting a little crazy.
She captioned the mirror selfie "#salondays," along with a bevy of pink bow emojis to tie in with the rather large bow on Suri's head.
These four-inch heels are mismatched — one shoe features a bow on the back of its heel, while the other has a bow its strap.
The Bow Blouse Dress is inspired by the hugely popular Bow Blouse from her first capsule collection that sold out within minutes of the launch.
A bow-riddled maternity dress in the mid-'80s didn't look a whole lot different from a bow-riddled maternity dress in the mid-'50s.
After that, the Iranian boat turned its spotlight on the Bataan, "scanning the ship from bow to stern and stern to bow," the statement said.
I bow down to ABC for knowing that it's possible, I bow down for everyone that's come since and kicked the door in and killed it.
Don't fur-get to tip this cutie: Shamrocks are a delicacy to dogs: Planning a way to bow out of this bow: Hats off to Daisy!
Once the bow was made, she used a flat iron to straighten the two pieces hanging from the bow creating a sleek, chic and clean look.
"I called on my friend and designer Chris Wrobleski, who has a chic bow-tie company called Boutaugh, to help design Beau's Daily Bow Ties," she adds.
We created this bow wave and everyone is trying to surf in that bow wave behind us around the cloud, but it's not just the technology model.
Born in Brooklyn, Bow, then 21, Bow was Hollywood's prototypical flapper, the epitome of silent screen vivacity, known as the "It Girl" for her evident sex appeal.
"Early this morning the Bow Police received a call regarding a possible abandoned dog on Vaughn Road," said a Facebook post from the Bow Police Department that day.
There is bow and arrow combat, which requires aiming mechanics, but I don't mind sniping people with with a predator bow as long as it's, you know, quiet.
Shago, Bow Wow (2003-2006) Inspired by Diddy's Sean John, Bow Wow started his own clothing brand for lil' boys; it had three collections: Classic, Knight, and Racing.
Here are 5 popular bow tie shapes: The Butterfly (also known as the thistle): This is the classic bow tie (think Cary Grant/James Bond in a tux).
"I walked in the door, and our dog had a bow tie on, and I was like, 'My dog doesn't wear a bow tie,'" Bryant recalled on Late Night.
The Telenovela actress wore a fitted Georges Hobeika gown with rhinestone bow details at the neckline, embellished flowers on the hips, and a lurex bow belt at the waist.
I will not bow down in order to make a dollar as long as the athletes are allowed to bow down and disrespect the flag and country I love.
George Kent is wearing the same bow tie at today's hearing and in his State Department headshot, leading me to believe that this is his favorite bow tie pic.twitter.
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We researched all the recommended ways to tie a bow tie, and found that this simple 8-step process is the best method for tying a classic bow tie.
Find some sticks and stones, make a bow and some arrows to shoot things with, then use the spoils of the hunt to build a better bow or larger quiver.
"WISE and Spitzer have given us the best images of bow shocks so far," scientist Cintia Peri, who is involved in another search for bow shocks, said in a statement.
The combination of "cuts," shorter and faster bow strokes, and occasional crunching of the bow results in a choppier, coarser sound — what Cape Bretoners call the "dirt" in their fiddling.
Here's how to tie a bow tie in eight simple steps Hang the bow tie flat around your neck with the right side about 2 inches longer than the left.
Imagine tying, untying, and re-tying that bow in the mirror for 15 minutes because a true, perfect bow is low-key impossible to achieve without the help of a machine.
While Evans wore a pink-and-white striped shirt with a matching white bow for her childhood photo, Ensley sported a black-and-red plaid number with a bright red bow.
Dwight, the Phantom of the Backwoods, appeared to blast him at close range, flipping the script on the revenge-driven bow-slinger and probably reclaiming the bow from him to boot.
On Monday, the fans in the back fields of the complex cheered when he performed the simplest running drills, and they chanted, "Tee-bow, Tee-bow" when he walked past them.
"Since I can remember, people have always said, 'Don't go near Silver Bow Creek,'" said Ellen Crain, director of the Butte Silver Bow Public Archives, which chronicles the mining history here.
" Connie Britton has taken her final bow on "Nashville.
" Fox News: "American presidents do not bow to anyone.
"   "Romney's op-ed is a shot across the bow.
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Brace yourself: In a tweet also posted Today, Kardashian noted that North West is wearing a bow because she's obsessed with Jojo Siwa, the YouTube celebrity who is never without a bow.
I love that Santa Monica challenged her sister when she reminded Bow that being on Instagram and Snapchat were part of her job, so she technically works just as much as Bow.
Just as She-Ra doubts that she can trust Bow and Glimmer, two rebellion fighters tasked with rebuilding the princess alliance, Bow and Glimmer don't really know whether they can trust her.
At Brandon Maxwell, that meant the cupid's bow, where a thin line of metallic gloss topped with ultrafine glitter was traced along the cupid's bow to enhance the fullness of the lips.
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Melania's decision to wear a hot pink blouse with a bow at the throat — a style, yes, known as a "pussy bow" — seemed to many as though she was trolling her husband's detractors.
Egypt "would not bow to anyone but God", he declared.
The pic was taken after Mr. Bauer took a bow.
Now he has his own bow lab in his basement.
Men, it's time to stop and smell the bow ties.
But you bow your head and honor his remains anyway.
Rapper, actor and friend Bow Wow was also in attendance.
And they want it wrapped up with a nice bow.
ET. The final season of Scandal will bow Thursday, Oct.
Primark's limited edition bow heels are coming to the US!
The move was seen as a shot across the bow.
It's a tidy bow on top of a chaotic career.
" Yuskavage, ever mischievous, calls it "a shot across the bow.
Take the WonderWoof Bow Tie ($95), which clips onto collars.
Freud has spoken of the way we bow to grief.
"Everyone gets a bow", the company notes on its site.
It's a big, warm, happy bow on the entire story.
To paint, I like to start with the Cupid's bow.
She wouldn't bow to pressure or gravity on this day.
Bow Wow paid some "fans" to chase him in Charlotte.
All the players in Almost Famous bow to Rolling Stone.
Bow & Drape does not, unfortunately, have this particular design copyrighted.
It doesn't all tie up with a bow, with Deja.
It will bow out in over 100 countries this fall.
Sometimes nuance and chemistry must bow to irrepressible star power.
They claimed that it was not a 'bow' at all.
So I just bow down and I'm very, very grateful.
Will any of the No. 29 seeds bow out early?
Check out the clip ... and bow to your nerd overlords!!!
"Turn around and take a bow, Billy," Linda Boutilier said.
And to Congress, it's a substantial shot across the bow.
Clearly, there are many strings to these siblings' creative bow.
When they arrived, the woman claimed Bow Wow assaulted her.
Both Bow Wow and the woman sustained visible, minor injuries.
We cannot find any relationship between her and Bow Wow.
"It's a shot across the bow" for management, he said.
I bow my head to them, and their enduring narratives.
Before Samsung's Galaxy S212 takes its big bow on Feb.
Photographs of Clara Bow almost inspire everything that I do.
She asked him to teach her to pull the bow.
To be fair the idea behind Mott & Bow isn't new.
Trump is not indifferent to these shots across his bow.
It sounds like we're in the bow of a ship.
"Before them, we bow down with highest respect," he said.
Ballard wore a black tux with a matching bow tie.
By April, she's looking deadly AF with that massive bow.
Josh Groban is among the cast for this Broadway bow.
The letter to Pichai was a shot across the bow.
His final look is topped off with a bow tie.
Bow Street owns a 6.7 percent stake in the company.
She could sometimes be spotted in a bow tie, too.
Warren's bold leadership has been a shot across the bow.
Should we bow down to the judgment of these voters?
Pickett's final bow will be against Mexican bantamweight Henry Briones.
I was supposed to bow down before his every desire.
I… I show unerring accuracy with my arrow and bow!
I had dreams of being a Bow Wow, Lil Romeo.
"I wore the bow for the ceremony," Ms. Covington said.
"He pushed me forward to take a bow," she said.
He also wore a black bow tie and eschewed socks.
We think it's a shot across the bow against Netflix.
Peter, hearing this, makes his way back from the bow.
We never bow, we never break, when confronted with crisis.
You know China's not going to bow down to Hongkongers.
When Dany emerges from the flames, they all bow down.
This review will not be tied up with a bow.
We ordered his tuxedo and gold bow tie from Chewy.
"Consider this the shot across your proverbial bow," she announced.
The winner takes a bow on Thursday (The Associated Press).
But now younger Chinese collectors bow in front of it.
And whenever Elexia has enough hair, she adds a bow.
Eric Swalwell bow out of the race in recent weeks.
He was easy to spot with his trademark bow tie.
The composer himself took a bow on the first night.
Later on, the dark fae bow down to Maleficent, too.
Sagittarius is a centaur, symbolized by a bow and arrow!
Rugby sevens will make its Olympic bow at the Aug.
The people are queuing up to bow down to you.
This year, he had screens, a runway and no bow.
Age: 44 Occupation: Actor Are you wearing a pussy bow?
Woman in a mink stole and bow shoes, N.Y.C. 1956
Neubryne​ Charlotte White Sequin Bow Blouse, $4503, available at ​Neubryne.
It started with Bow Wow's original tweet at 1 p.m.
Bow Wow has since deleted his original tweet without explanation.
Reagan is wearing a bow of sorts around her neck.
You're the only person here tonight wearing a bow tie.
Let me make that GIF,' and bow — it's out there.
Their weapons included bow and arrows, catapults, and Molotov cocktails.
In it, I stare ahead, not smiling, and robotically bow.
"I forget I have this [expletive] bow on," she sighed.
He won, and the package came with an archery bow.
He also said the F.B.I. would not bow to intimidation.
But I believe now is the time to bow out.
Bow Wow's latest stop was Club Onyx in Dallas Wednesday.
Even so, the bow made it so much more special.
You're just supposed to accept it and bow your head.
In short, no one was caught outside ... how bow dah?!
Isa Arfen's Bow Wow dress is at the top of our wish list – a larger than life blue bow is the ultimate party starter – while Danish brand Rotate has made the sweetest fuchsia mini.
"Bow" is a duet for two men, Cheol-in Jeong and Jae-woo Jung, or a trio for them and a slim wooden bow, which they collaboratively string over the course of the piece.
In modern times, a bow tie is most often worn to add an element of your personal style to a look, and it's becoming more commonplace to see bow ties worn with casual attire.
And yes, that bow is a fashion statement in support of the presidential candidate: "Emma and her Don't Grab My Pussy Bow take Middleburg Film Fest #werewithher" Stone's longtime hairstylist Mara Roszak wrote on Instagram.
To create the bow controller, Rudeism spent hours and hours augmenting his purple toy bow with wires, bolts, tape and a Makey Makey board (similar to an Arduino) to make different actions do different things.
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The twin probes are now speeding through a region known as the "bow shock," where the plasma of interstellar space flows around the heliosphere, much like water flowing around the bow of a moving ship.
Bill Nye the Science Guy owns hundreds of goddamn bow ties.
The eclipse's bow wave was too slight to detect—until now.
And at least he didn&apost bow to the Saudi king.
Universal Standard for J.Crew Asymmetrical Bow Strap T-Shirt, $65; jcrew.
" For men, this means "a neck bow (from the head only).
Initially, Bow tries to deny that she's bothered by Megan's race.
Nice wet summer bow tie will keep me cool all day!
The bow and stern section were found about a mile away.
Caterpillar fired the first shot across the bow on Dec. 20183.
We definitely loved the big bow tie — that sealed the look.
This archer, this hunter holding the bow with a burning arrow.
Lila's already started learning how to shoot a bow and arrow.
I would love to drop dead on stage taking a bow.
It can bow to Putin's tactics while simultaneously selling out Ukraine.
The furry strap has been replaced by an oversized satin bow.
It's a lovely flower with stems tied together in a bow.
The song was "Bow to You," by Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda.
Deeply moved, the gorgeously robed ministers bow and clasp his hand.
Most bow and arrow sets can't kill with a single headshot.
Many quivered at the shadow cast by Legolas' bow and arrow.
"These are real things that happened to us," says Bow, 41.
Bryan Cranston is a man with many strings to his bow.
They both bow at the throne of their incredible mom, Tina.
Park Lane Wide Fit Bow Flat Sandal, $42 (orig $89); asos.
Instead, you get a bow and a knife and that's it.
Nashville is getting ready to take its final bow… in 2018.
Madden, 39, donned a suit and bow tie in all black.
" They had "puffed sleeves with one little bow in the centre.
Bow Wow then waded in, threatening to "pimp" Trump's wife, Melania.
And now he's added yet another string to his bow: philosopher.
So, an innocence-proving package tied with a neat little bow?
How often do they get cases wrapped up in a bow?
"These are real things that happened to us," said Bow, 41.
With Corduroy Takes A Bow, she's moving forward in that mission.
Giving us major #fitspiration with her Elle cover shoot Bow down!
" She even has a catchphrase, "Cash me ousside, how bow dah?
On one of the buns, she had affixed a black bow.
His pale blue tuxedo came complete with a matching bow tie.
Blue Apron and HelloFresh are refusing to bow to the pressure.
Her light brown locks were accessorized with a sweet blue bow.
Then, she adds a touch of highlighter on her cupid's bow.
Sao Paulo, Brazil, native Silva has many strings to his bow.
They struck a deal for bow ties for Nala's online store.
" Shot: "Press outlets have been conspicuously silent on Mr. Obama's bow.
Bow shocks left behind by runaway stars in the Milky Way.
Today, modeling is far from the only string to her bow.
Smith looked dashing in a mustard-colored jacket and bow tie.
Rainbow Johnson on "Black-ish" Bow and Dre Johnson are #relationshipgoals.
But we will never bow or bend to radical Islamic terror.
Right there, stand up guys, take a bow, there you go.
Bow down on your knees because I'm the real strawweight queen.
Hollywood loves to tie everything up in a neat little bow.
But we are America, we never bow, we never ever break.
"The bow shock is analogous to a sonic boom," said Kurth.
The city itself, ever falling apart and resurrecting, takes a bow.
We as a nation cannot cower or bow to environmental extortion.
Amnesty International said neighbors should not bow to Hun Sen's pressure.
Reporters – and their papers – must refuse to bow, to be intimidated.
It sends a very clear shot across the bow to Canada.
I thought Nissan would eventually bow out of the pickup market.
Bow Wow is scheduled to appear in court on Feb. 20.
Mom Kate also styled her hair with a matching navy bow.
"It's a bow to industry is all it is," Hatfield said.
From the bow, Lake Ontario looked like an endless silvery horizon.
Was this Trump's preferred choice or simply a bow to pressure?
How many times can you say pussy bow in one night.
We will not surrender nor bow, but our heads are bloodied.
My uncle bought me a clip-on bow tie to wear.
The electric sedan is a shot across the bow at Tesla.
In the end, they must bow to the sovereignty of politics.
We got it right, and we put a bow on it.
They also don't have to bow for their older relatives either.
Even the fanny pack got a redux as an oversize bow.
I chose the skirt, I just love how the bow looks!
The move will add another string to GoEuro's multi-modal bow.
Put a bow on it while still showing a little skin.
But Mr. Trump may be unlikely to bow to the backlash.
" So he did, in the poem "Harvest Bow" from "Field Work.
He refuses to bow down to the gods of political correctness.
Namaste, my good fellow, I bow to the divine in you.
"We have lace masks, rainbow suspenders, bow ties, sunglasses," she said.
They will always bow to the men they want to be.
An alligator with a pink bow around its neck wallowed outside.
He raised the violin to his chin and released his bow.
Then he placed it to his chin and released his bow.
Halogen x Atlantic-Pacific Bow Detail Fit & Flare Dress, $139;
It could also encourage more insurers to bow out of Obamacare.
Before its premiere, she said, she had never taken a bow.
As for next season, when Mr. Gordon takes his runway bow?
Last week, it was his turn to take a final bow.
"I bow to the 22 billion people of India," he said.
All eight men in the bow of the Pendleton were lost.
Her mom tied a pink bow or scrunchie in her hair.
Woodrow's checkered vest and bow tie were very stylish for 1983.
Taking a bow, Mr. Ramasar flashed his big smile in relief.
Is this a spectacularly tense marriage or a pussy-bow coup?
Even a slight nod or bow will get the job done.
I bow to you so deeply, you inspire me every day.
He and Mr. Fine, wearing a bow tie, were hardly intimidating.
Monday's move may have been a warning shot across America's bow.
It has many, many sympathetic strings, it's played with a bow.
Wave, bow or give an elbow bump, rather than shake hands.
He has been making bow ties as a hobby since 2010.
One carried pink arrows, and the other had a purple bow.
"The guy has the tastiest collection of bow ties," Stone says.
Will he bow out when the writing is on the wall?
Bow is an Ivy League graduate with a white hippie dad.
She put a shot right across the bow of the Clintons.
I carry on my shoulder a bow and arrow for protection.
There is, first off, the bow and arrow on the wall.
Franken: He didn't bow correctly when the lady entered the room.
Janine is forced to bow to Commander Warren Putnam and Naomi.
"We wholeheartedly disagree with that assertion," said Helen Bow, a spokeswoman.
While Kahl clearly has a sense of style — that leather bow?
Beard, bill cap, Buff around the neck, dog in the bow.
Airplane passengers used to fly in bow ties and fashionable hats.
"I'm just marvelling at you," Taplitz said, with a little bow.
This shirt features a bronze Minnie bow with a glitter logo.
"Yes, our dog was wearing a bow tie," Mr. Bentley said.
Baseball officials justify the new parsimony with a bow to analytics.
He carried a bow (pronounced with the "oh" sound) and arrow.
In a new interview, Bow Wow suggests he was just trolling.
She never had to bow down to any man to succeed.
So this is also me firing a shot across the bow.
Now, fold the longer end into the shape of a bow.
Why don't you take a bow in terms of locating there.
She didn't have the money, so she had to bow out.
Join us as we bow down to some serious kebab royalty.
His arm holding the bow is thrust forward at a diagonal.
There's a 1983 Yves Saint Laurent evening dress with an enormous pink bow and a 2017 Moschino dress made to look like a paper doll cutout, with an even more gigantic, two-dimensional trompe l'oeil bow.
Still, the four women's self-deprecating humor and vivacious performance style is hard to resist, and the bow-to-bow combat of their Vivaldi contest — here offered as an encore — is a masterpiece of classical comedy.
You actually stretch out your arms to nock, draw, and fire your bow and arrow You actually stretch out your arms to nock, draw, and fire your bow and arrow And you're not alone in Raw Data.
Altman says an early iteration was rejected because it wore a bow.
"I enjoy having lots of strings to my bow," Mr. Pipe said.
Come for the drifting, stay for Bow Wow's stirring performance as Twinkie.
Come for the drifting, stay for Bow Wow's stirring performance as Twinkie.
Amazon is, Jeff Bezos, I continue to bow down, just unbelievable. Yup.
And dealerships often throw the bow in for free during the holidays.
The grooms both wore white button downs with bow ties and slacks.
For us, we're not trying to put a bow on the show.
It was seen as a shot across the bow of traditional banks.
No doubt a Trump administration shot across the bow aimed at Beijing.
The chair then offered a prayer: Bow your heads with me please.
True, he did not always bow to the wisdom of the legislature.
With the Pack Bow you have a better chance of surviving it.
You could draw a bow tie and attach it to your avatar.
Jasper the Shih Tzu wears his hair up with a turquoise bow.
She asked the bow-tied barkeep, Bix, to bring me a gimlet.
Kate Spade New York "Sela" glitter bow peep toe pump, $298;
The Stella McCartney design featured a large bow tied around the waist.
LOOK by crewcuts Girls' 3/4 Sleeve Bow Shoulder Top, $18; amazon.
Meanwhile, Harry looked dapper in a black suit with a bow tie.
Out of Bow Wow's baller faux pas has risen Twitter's latest challenge.
We didn't bow to the pace that a record label would want.
Even Alexander Wang took his runway bow and called it a night.
And they walked hand-in-hand with Jones for his last bow.
Nicole Kidman is putting a bow on it – just like Kate Middleton!
From the sweetheart neckline and oversized bow — I just love it all.
Her husband looked dapper in a traditional black suit and bow tie.
Widowmaker: You don't bring a bow and arrows to a sniper duel.
The reality star also added a pink bow emoji to the announcement.
The latest copycat scuffle involves Forever 21 and indie brand Bow & Drape.
He dressed like a dandy in a colorful suit and bow tie.
As for Ohanian, he wore an Armani suit and classic bow-tie.
It seems to be wrapped up in to neat of a bow?
The performance seemed to tie Cudi's ordeal up into a neat bow.
Including Porter and an absolutely ecstatic little girl with a purple bow.
This ties the left-wing case against Clinton into a neat bow.
Some fans have insisted that Bowie meant 'Lazarus' as a parting bow.
Step 3: Using the excess fabric in the front, assemble a bow.
What you'll see this time around is her new "bow collection," i.e.
The bow collection is available in both baby pink and olive green.
"It's a shot across the bow -- it's a warning shot," he said.
My palms meet at the heart as I bow my head reverentially.
This year, he observed, the bow ties were replaced with Nazi haircuts.
Hopper wore a sleek navy blue suit with a black bow tie.
And storied and historical watchmakers will bow to the will of Cupertino.
It's always this kind of "the world should bow to me" bullshit.
He plays the musical bow, traditionally used for poetry, music, and communication.
Later, Bow Wow dated Joie Chavis and had a daughter with her.
But the film didn't bow in theaters or on a streaming service.
" He continued, "[You're] bowing down right now tellling me to bow down?
But I hope we have more strings to our bow than that.
We have to pull the bow at least three times a year.
It's a blue box and a tall fella in a bow tie!
FENTY Puma by Rihanna Bow SneakersAnything FENTY does basically turns to gold.
The Bow Creeper Sandal comes in three colors and retails for $180.
A mouth with a Cupid's bow—was that what it was called?
At the time, she appeared to perform "Like You" with Bow Wow.
Should I bow to the kidnappers' demands and give up my writing?
ROMEO: Soft, speak not of human follies when Cupid's bow aims true.
The bow shock is essentially the outer gate to Jupiter's magnetic field.
But you won't find anyone from the Spanish government taking a bow.
Prada herself wore a pair in chocolate satin for her final bow.
Once US farmers bow out of a market, other countries rush in.
My father's bow and arrows hung near the entrance of our hut.
Minnie, on the other hand, donned a bow shaped like bat wings. 
This $498 pussy-bow dress is one of Kate's more feminine looks.
B Darlin Bow-Back Skater Dress, $41.99 (originally $69) [You save $27.01]
It was a shot across the bow rather than a punitive measure.
He wrapped all this in a nice bow that read: America First.
Can I have another pound to buy a bow and arrow set?
He rushes between us: his ramen to Mike, his bow to Andrew.
Just another reason for the Dothraki to bow down to this Khaleesi.
On The Wound and the Bow, your sister, Antonia, wrote the lyrics.
They amble down Chinese streets in sweaters, bow ties and dinosaur costumes.
The bow tie is "classic Kent," said journalist Christopher Miller on Twitter.
George Kent's bow tie is representing the Foreign Service in fine style.
" — Socrates, Downtown Verona, N.J. "I'm sad to see Elizabeth Warren bow out.
Rooby also had a custom hair bow made by Breathe and Bark.
The black-and-white gown featured a black bow at the neckline.
Their number included Clara Bow, Joan Crawford, Mary Astor and Loretta Young.
I thought it was a diplomatic thing to do to bow out.
At least please tell me his penis was wearing a bow tie.
Mark + James by Badgley Mischka Bow Halter Neck Cocktail Dress, $199; nordstrom.
"Maybe the kids come out and bow to each other," Chiapparelli said.
His shirt features what's called a lavallière, or a pussy bow blouse.
I wanted to solve the problem and put a bow on it.
In the end, Mr. West did not appear to take his bow.
They tied the whole look up with a Jojo Siwa-like bow.
It was an attack or, at least, a shot across the bow.
Winners who submit correct answers will take a bow in Friday's newsletter.
Toby stood by their side, looking debonair in a black bow tie.
Chef Antoni Porowski rocked a perfectly tailored tux with a bow tie.
"The Dead Boatman of Bow Bridge is coming," the chorus has warned.
His dummy was a smart aleck in a suit and bow tie.
Bow down to the new queen and king of the red carpet.
Dre wants to host a baby shower that Bow will always remember.
He drank whiskey, raised cattle, played shaman and sold bow-and-arrows.
Then you can play with any bow that's used with string instruments.
A torpedo passed through the bow of another but did not detonate.
"The Theater of Disappearance" will take its final bow on Oct. 29.
Activists again tried to block a train headed for Bow on Dec.
When believers bow their heads in prayer they make themselves, intentionally, vulnerable.
Mr. Goldberg was also known for owning more than 100 bow ties.
It's all about the bow sleeve on Alyssa Bohm of Wisconsin's dress.
He taught her how to hunt with guns and with a bow.
Alessandro Michele of Gucci, bearded and bejeweled, has taken his runway bow.
Modern bow ties are available in all sorts of fabrics and patterns.
Even the way they talk, they sound how they do in Bow.
There are lots of companies that cater to bow-seekers like Eakins.
Also, it's worth pointing out that the "pluck" and "bow" trigger effects are completely different: to pluck a string, the trigger activates when you release the pad, whereas for "bow" it activates when you press on the pad.
I believe this little anecdote provides a perfectly reasonable explanation for why "Bow Chicka Bow Wow," one of the follow-up singles for "Cooler Than Me," feels like a totally unearned, self-satisfied victory lap of a song.
The bow tie on the side of the cake stands for their line of bow ties the couple created for which proceeds of the sales benefit Ferguson's charity Tie the Knot, which supports the fight for LGBTQ equality.
When sudden solar gusts shoved Earth&aposs bow shock closer to the planet&aposs surface, NASA&aposs satellites got an intimate look at the sun&aposs plasma stream before, during and after it collided with the bow shock.
"I think this is a shot into Assad's bow, not over Assad's bow, as Putin's way of saying that it is now up to you," said Cliff Kupchan, chairman of the Eurasia Group, a Washington-based consulting firm.
"I want to see a clean, restored and meandering Silver Bow Creek through town," said Fritz Daily, a former state legislator who once worked in the mines and is now head of the Silver Bow Creek Headwaters Coalition.
While Mollen wore a multicolored dress featuring a cut-out midsection and bow at the bust, Sid donned a light-blue striped suit over a pink, white and blue shirt, finishing the sweet look with a dark bow tie.
But as novice-friendly as the tournament is, Freund takes tradition seriously, and regularly makes competitors re-enter the ring after a match is over bow to each other if he thinks they didn't bow properly the first time.
A second source also said UniCredit was likely to bow to pressure eventually.
Charlotte, now missing an arm, plays the bow, while Lizzie works the strings.
When the argument changes who Jesus is, move away and bow out – quickly.
The elder Marsden is dressed in traditional fashion — white shirt, bow tie, etc.
Everyone else had to bow to her and address her as Your Majesty.
Can't we just use all this footage and I could just bow out?
Clad in a pink "pussy bow" blouse, Jenner spoke directly to the camera.
The super-skinny adjustable straps tie in a neat bow in the back.
Despite all the days of training, Mafee and Bill bow out with exhaustion.
Leaving Salisbury at approximately 4.10pm and arriving in Bow at approximately 83 pm.
Second, here's what you might have missed, all wrapped up with a bow.
I understood why Bow is immediately thrown off by Junior's new love interest.
It awaited him in their driveway with a giant blue bow on top.
Ford, 76, arrived sporting a black tux, bow tie and a new goatee.
To some small extent, this vindicated Trump's decision to bow out in advance.
"The bow and arrow is probably the first example of automation," he wrote.
But even he has had to bow to pressure to curb religious dress.
It was the kind of bow that accompanies the clash of a gong.
He styled his black tux and white shirt with a simple bow tie.
She turned heads at the awards show in a Balmain jumpsuit Bow down.
One person is the bow paddler, and the other is the stern paddler.
That means a black bow tie, vest or cummerbund, and patent leather shoes.
So I could see a bow bringing in $50,000 easily, they're that cool.
He doesn't learn to swing a sword or shoot a bow any better.
These include Thor's axe, Captain America's shield, Hawkeye's bow, and Iron Man's repulsors.
Calero resigned last week saying he refused to bow to Vieira Lima's pressure.
But should the US leave the deal, Russia will likely bow out, too.
He ran his fingers along its gold neckline and its tiny gold bow.
It was spyware, dressed up and neatly packaged with a Facebook-blue bow.
It feels like a nice bow on the wrapping paper of side one.
The girls wore white dresses, while the boys wore suspenders and bow ties.
Bow down to Beyoncé for giving fans a star-studded night to remember.
But for us Plebians, we simply bow and marvel at its computing greatness.
Everything is wrapped up with a fairly neat bow, and fade to credits.
After that election, Merkel is expected to bow out of German frontline politics.
"You bow in front and fart behind", as a local proverb has it.
At the end of the video, the group then took a united bow.
Durst was represented in-house by Tom Bow, Rocco Romeo and Tanya Grimaldo.
And we know that mates bow to each other, and it's really adorable.
The boat bucks like a rollercoaster as giant waves crash against the bow.
Let's bow our heads for six seconds of silence: Vine is closing down.
Junior's owner blames illegal bow hunters, who apparently stalk elk in the area.
Images: Alex Cranz/GizmodoLate last month, Microsoft fired a shot across Apple's bow.
Search traffic for the term "pussy bow" spiked on Google after the debate.
Atelier Bow-Wow's design is based on the look of a driving range.
It was the first day of New Jersey's bow hunt for black bears.
Safe to say that was the most art directed bow I've ever made.
If the BDP loses, it is assumed that it would graciously bow out.
Stevens' male relatives wore bow ties, echoing the late justice's signature sartorial preference.
Would you mind moving me to "bcc" so that I can bow out?
That's why some experts believe Prayut may eventually bow out of the race.
Trump's comments are an unmistakable and purposeful shot across the bow of Bannon.
In Mullen's case, it seems like the right time to take a bow.
Any new attempts to make Russia 'bow down' will be just as futile.
But when there are several strings to one's bow, that's almost a calamity.
The feeling of hitting the deck as pirates stream over the virtual bow?
Nicole Kidman wore a striking blue gown with an eye-catching, oversized bow.
Mel B & Stephen Belafonte Seek Marriage Counseling Bow Wow's Dirty 30 Birthday Bash!
Both times I've had to bow out early, gasping for air, and embarrassed.
Even the bickering between Bow and Ruby over Bow's parenting skills is uninspiring.
But the second the door closes behind them, Dre and Bow visibly wilt.
But Taylor's script doesn't just relate how Dre and Bow have drifted apart.
Since entering the Senate, De Falco has struggled to bow to party diktat.
So the Sharpshot Bow, for example, isn't Horizon's take on a sniper rifle.
That first shot across the bow came in the early morning hours Thursday.
You don't need to bow down to peer pressure or be comparing yourself.
"And we all, bow down," wrote Hannah Brown, current star of The Bachelorette.
Its bow sat deep in the water; its cargo could not be discerned.
I plan to practice archery and pull the bow until I physically can't.
We took our bow and we said, 'We've got to keep doing this.
And, of course, something neat in a box with a big, pretty bow?
A Moran tug preceded it, attached to the bow by a long rope.
All you can do is bow your head and say you are sorry.
I even had one ranged guard charge me directly with his bow drawn.
But on the whole, most people do curtsey or bow out of respect.
Trump criticized former President Obama for appearing to bow before the Saudi King.
Would you mind moving me to 'bcc' so that I can bow out?
We're detecting signs of a very bad idea just off the starboard bow.
Heads bow over plastic bags fogged with steam, cradled in blue gingham paper.
Mott & Bow Mercer Twill Denim, $108, available in 5 colors and three fits
The McCain collided with the tanker after crossing in front of its bow.
The bow of the cargo ship tore a hole in the Fitzgerald's side.
Carrigan paired the statement tuxedo with a striped shirt and black bow tie.
The dress featured long sleeves and a matching gold bow at the neck. 
She loved her mother's Cartier bow watch so much she borrowed it, permanently.
He even gives away a bike that belongs to Bow (Tracee Ellis Ross).
The U.S. diplomatic mission in Geneva said Wood will bow out entirely Tuesday.
McHenry, always impeccably dressed with a bow tie, is intensely loyal to Scalise.
Rather than wings, Lima wore a giant blue bow attached to her lingerie.
I mean, you do have a bow and arrow, perfect tools for battle.
My lodgings, a balcony cabin on the bow of the ship, were excellent.
The wind started up again and blew the bow of the canoe around.
The mini dress and its eye-catching bow were designed by Christian Siriano.
In the halls of the Capitol, neckties, not bow ties, are the norm.
That luggage consisted of a high-end hunting bow and a duffel bag.
Complex, flawed Katniss, with her bow and her braid and her tempered fury.
The second is a cynical bow to the forces of reaction against modernity.
I'll not bow to that and they cannot force me to do it.
Some called it "signaling" Russia, a sort of digital shot across the bow.
The one thing he hasn't done is bow to critics and apologize outright.
Pitchers of soda were brought to the tables by waiters in bow ties.
The studio is expecting a $60 million bow in North America this weekend.
All you could do was bow your head and take a deep breath.
But the nicer the bow, the less likely it is to come back.
Relentlessly pleasant, each Bunny wore a custom-tailored corset, bow-tie and heels.
From bow to stern, these guys are just a bunch of rock stars.
Did you think this was an "Indication to bow slowly" from the waist?
Upper Silver Bow, in east central Butte, has a long way to go.
He needed people ahead of him to request larger units, or bow out.
Then they try to play the same way, with the same bow strokes.
From the bow of our ship, Greenpeace's Esperanza, the water looks pristine, inviting.
Halfway across, I could barely see through the spray blowing over the bow.
He bent his torso back like the taut, tense bow of an archer.
"We will never be cowed, nor will we bow to terrorism," he added.
On Long Island, women have taken up gun and bow in record numbers.
Rihanna deserves to take a bow for her latest Insta-worthy fashion ensemble.
Some believe dog bow-tie collars are only for weddings or special occasions.

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