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"accept" Definitions
  1. [intransitive, transitive] to take willingly something that is offered; to say ‘yes’ to an offer, invitation, etc.
  2. [transitive] to agree to or approve of something
  3. [transitive] accept something to take payment in a particular form
  4. [transitive] accept something to admit that you are responsible or to blame for something
  5. [transitive] to continue in a difficult situation without complaining, because you realize that you cannot change it
  6. [transitive] to make somebody feel welcome and part of a group
  7. [transitive] to believe that something is true
  8. [transitive] to allow somebody to join an organization, attend an institution, use a service, etc.

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"accept" Synonyms
receive acquire gain get obtain take attain collect come by secure bag earn land nab net procure score snag win be awarded assume bear shoulder take on take up tackle undertake handle manage meet take responsibility for approach attack attempt begin be responsible for commence commit to embark on embrace say yes to consent to reply in the affirmative agree to approve of check out endorse give the nod rubber-stamp say you will take one up on thumbs up agree to take give a positive response give stamp of approval give the go-ahead give the green light say yes sign off on welcome admit adopt integrate accommodate greet introduce allow hail bring in invite in let in take in offer friendship to receive favourably receive gladly say hello to usher in believe trust buy credit fall for swallow accredit affirm buy into count on depend on favor(US) favour(UK) go for lap up rely on accept as true assent to attach weight to respect follow go along with abide by acknowledge comply with heed recognise(UK) recognize(US) accede to adhere to conform to honor(US) honour(UK) observe endure tolerate suffer put up with stand allow for concede face up to stomach undergo wear adjust to bear with bide brook concede to understand consider expect gather surmise conclude deduce guess imagine infer learn presume reckon suppose extrapolate hear reason support grab seize back champion drink in eat up receive wholeheartedly make use of receive enthusiastically avail yourself of deal with agree settle decide arrange compromise contract accede acquiesce arrive at confirm decide on determine negotiate establish bargain covenant end set hammer out pardon acquit absolve exonerate forgive reprieve clear excuse condone discount exculpate free justify whitewash amnesty liberate overlook release remit be merciful to slot in fit in schedule see squeeze in leap at clutch jump at act on take advantage of capitalize on use exploit snatch grasp pursue make the most of act upon maximize(US) catch concur be in sympathy be in accord be in agreement see eye to eye be in harmony go along be of one mind be of the same mind be of the same opinion fall in be in accordance be together shake on be consonant with sympathize(US) sympathise(UK) naturalize(US) absorb assimilate incorporate acculturate homogenise(UK) homogenize(US) accustom adapt conform choose pick select nominate designate elect name appoint handpick opt for pick out settle on cherry-pick hand-pick co-opt connaturalize convert encompass enfold homologize include draw in take over bring into line make one's own bring into the fold fancy like love desire prefer enjoy admire want wish crave espouse approbate approve process ponder reflect on weigh contemplate on deliberate on digest make sense of mull over muse over register ruminate stew over chew over clarify meditate on reflect proselytize(US) evangelise(UK) evangelize(US) preach propagandise(UK) propagandize(US) proselyte brainwash recruit agitate cajole convince defend make converts persuade seek converts More
"accept" Antonyms
refuse decline reject dismiss rebuff turn down deny renounce repudiate bypass eschew pass up pass on refuse to receive say no to set aside turn away turn back on turn from abstain from relinquish abdicate abandon cease cede conclude discontinue drop forgo forsake leave release suspend waive desist disavow disclaim give up halt snub shun spurn scorn coldshoulder discountenance disdain disfavor(US) disfavour(UK) brush off disallow disown disregard ostracise(UK) ostracize(US) stop disbelieve distrust doubt question discount discredit mistrust suspect be suspicious of call in question have doubts about have reservations on misbelieve misdoubt not accept not buy skepticize unbelieve defy challenge oppose protest dispute resist blackball condemn contest contradict counter fight query undermine contend controvert demur disagree with disapprove of be in denial be deluded be in a state of self-deceit be in a state of self-deception be in a state of self-delusion be in a state of self-denial have false hope have wishful thinking have foolish expectations have unrealistic hope constrain enjoin forbid prevent ban debar prohibit banish bar black block criminalise(UK) criminalize(US) disqualify exclude interdict outlaw preclude give present offer grant hand proffer lend provide award vouchsafe pledge gift donate contribute give up on send deliver dispatch forward post advance expedite ship ignore disobey flout neglect overlook forget misunderstand tune out be inattentive to not get turn a deaf ear to omit skip look past pay no heed to hesitate wonder wonder at fear be puzzled be uncertain harbor suspicion have doubts have reservations be apprehensive of be curious be dubious be in a quandary be ignorant miss be inaccurate miscalculate misconjecture misestimate misjudge know comprehend recognise(UK) recognize(US) understand get grasp realise(UK) realize(US) learn perceive see conceive grok cognize discern sense fathom of be aware of be conscious of abhor disapprove dislike despise detest abominate decry deplore execrate hate object reprehend denounce deprecate discommend break breach contravene violate infringe offend infract overstep transgress cross go against be in breach of encroach on fall foul of go counter to avoid evade dodge escape sidestep skirt elude dance around keep away from keep clear of stay away from steer clear of circumvent circumnavigate shirk shift punish discipline chasten chastise penalise(UK) penalize(US) admonish castigate censure reprimand reprove correct abuse beat cane lash mete out punishment to fail blunder flop fall bomb fizzle flounder fold slip fluff flunk founder be unsuccessful fall flat fall short lose out miss the mark yield surrender submit relent succumb concede bend capitulate bow defer buckle budge resign quit give in be overcome by cave in resent blame disagree clash contrast wrangle nonconcur be at odds be at variance be incompatible be of a different opinion come into conflict fail to agree not agree take issue misapprehend miscomprehend misconceive misconstrue misinterpret confound confuse misread distort pervert misknow misreckon mistake not register get the wrong end of the stick get the wrong idea

944 Sentences With "accept"

How to use accept in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "accept" and check conjugation/comparative form for "accept". Mastering all the usages of "accept" from sentence examples published by news publications.

If you're preaching acceptance, accept immigrants, accept Muslims, accept everybody.
If you're preaching acceptance, accept immigrants, accept Muslims, accept everybody.
"If you're preaching acceptance, accept immigrants, accept Muslims, accept everybody," she added.
To accept this is to accept the possibility of failure, but also to accept the possibility of true enlightenment.
Once we accept that, it doesn't entail that we should accept the status quo or accept how animals are treated.
If you accept the glory, be willing to accept blame.
Some states accept only photo IDs, while others accept alternatives.
"The Muslim doesn't accept it, the Christianity doesn't accept it and even the Jews, they don't accept it," the 64-year-old says.
They accept everybody and don't accept them at the same time.
To accept and receive the money they sent, simply tap "Accept."
How will a middle-class guy accept [you] if you accept money?
If you accept the pardon, then you accept that you were guilty.
That's up to President Trump and what he can accept and not accept.
The government in Westminster will not accept it, we will not accept it.
Most people go into debt and accept that responsibility when they accept loans.
It's not just do you accept 2018 — do you accept the whole year.
Of the 112 active surgeons who responded fully, 49% did not accept Medicaid, 38% did not accept Medicare, and 26% did not accept any form of insurance.
" "If someone does not accept basic climate science, what other science don't they accept?
It is what we make of it — what we accept and refuse to accept.
Under the rules, companies that only accept cash could continue to accept cash tips.
I don't accept that we should just accept we're all going to get cancer.
Didi wouldn't accept my Chase card, but did accept one from my credit union.
I accept full responsibility for these actions and accept the consequences for my actions.
So the battle isn't whether wrestling can accept comedy, but whether comedy can accept wrestling.
You just accept that, but I think now women are starting to not accept that.
Some will only accept a score of 4, or only accept a 5, Weinstein said.
"If I'm going to accept the positive, I have to accept the negative," she said.
Because I think people do accept ... you know, they accept, especially because they're enormous companies.
Accepting parts of Josh taught me to accept parts I could not accept in myself.
I accept the dips like I accept the highs; both are part of the ride.
NT: OK, so let's accept that premise; and I do very much accept that premise.
Accept an offerNow is the time to accept the loan offer that you're happy with.
"We do not accept the fall of the presidency nor do we accept the government's resignation and we do not accept, amid these conditions, holding early parliamentary elections," said Nasrallah.
Now when I accept an award, I accept it with pride because I know I tried.
However, not all doctors and hospitals accept Medicare Advantage plans, while most do accept traditional Medicare.
As I said, he sounds like Hitler, I cannot accept it and I don't accept [it].
"We are not going to accept it because we don't have to accept it," Videgaray said.
She wouldn't accept it in a glass jar, but would accept it in a wooden box.
"How will a middle-class guy accept you if you accept [super PAC] money?" he said.
"I accept that he is the Messiah, but I don't accept the package that surrounds it."
"The lesson of John Sorensen was that to accept death was to accept life, and to accept life was to live in joy, however dire the circumstances around you," the book explains.
"People will accept concessions, but they are not going to accept an emirate," says one Western official.
When you accept yourself, people are almost forced to accept you because that energy resonates through you.
We wouldn't accept that argument for electricity service or phone service; why accept it for internet service?
I believed that if my body was skinny, people would accept me — and I could accept myself.
Some merchants (such as marijuana dispensaries) don't accept credit cards, but do accept cash and debit cards.
To accept the vulnerability of a new relationship is to accept the inevitability of change and death.
Mercenaries can accept contracts on Kassandra the same way that Kassandra can accept contracts on anyone else.
"That's something that I would accept if they would accept among themselves," Minister Gaetan Barrette told CNN.
As I've grown to accept myself as a man, I'm also starting to accept my sexuality too.
We don't accept such incompetence in Silicon Valley and we must not accept it from our government.
"We accept responsibility, I accept responsibility, for the work that is left to be done," the mayor added.
The president of the United States, will you accept the call, and typically they all accept the call.
In other words, male drivers can only accept male passengers, while female drivers can only accept female passengers.
"We don't accept bad treatment … We made them a counter-offer, which they did not accept," he added.
But so long as other shops accept cash, an individual shopkeeper has little incentive to accept electronic payments.
The Germans won't accept freeriding, the easterners won't accept a collective response, and the migrants will keep coming.
Both firms' deals enable Japanese merchants that accept their payments to also accept payments from their partners' users.
It's when we accept the uniform, we accept what we're told without question, we just buy into shit.
I guess that's the way I was raised: You accept your responsibility, and I wanted to accept mine.
Jeff tells PEOPLE that he learned to accept his condition and believe that others will accept him as well.
One person's willingness to accept dollars from another depends on a third person's readiness to accept dollars from them.
"As a human being I accept him, the same as I would accept any other human being," she says.
"I came here to accept criticism and learn from professionals like you, and I accept your opinion," she said.
So she learned to accept it, and after she did accept it, she and I became very, very close.
"But as prime minister, you have other responsibilities, and I accept that and I accept the criticism," he added.
Be realistic and accept limitationsWhen I say that I embrace the chaos, I also mean that I accept limitations.
Accept the loan After reviewing offers, accept the loan with the best offer and repayment terms for your situation.
"Hopefully we adjust and we accept everyone for who they are, and, so, Donald Trump, I accept you," she said.
Phones that were not set to automatically accept files from unknown sources were prompted to accept the installation, Avast said.
First accept that users will generally suspend disbelief and accept the AR experience as being digital content in the world.
She wants to keep the child, but the family doesn't accept it -- they accept her back but not the child.
But to accept myself, and also have someone else accept me and not look at it as anything, is great.
"If you don't accept this, you are disobedient, as you would be if you didn't accept other teachings," he said.
"To me, once you vote, that's it — you either accept it, or if you don't accept it, democracy means nothing."
"That's what happens when you accept all cultures and you refuse to force people to accept certain norms," Jacques said.
In both states, candidates can only accept the coupons if they agree to limits on the private donations they accept.
As a society, we have agreed to (mostly) accept virtual things, and once we accept those things, they become reality.
You will get to 'accept or reject' apologies from a friend (kept private between you and your friend) or 'accept or reject' apologies of public figures which we ALL get to see and vote to accept or reject.
The "body-positivity movement", which encourages people to accept their body whatever its size, is pushing brands to accept this, too.
I accept the loss of these intimacies with the same quiet resignation that I accept the loss of my hearing itself.
" She continues: "I'm happy I got the chance to accept myself and I want to help you guys accept yourselves too.
Why should I be under my wife?" he said, before adding, "That's life, I accept it – No, I don't accept it!
If we accept private inheritance, we should accept social inheritance, regarding a BI as a "social dividend" on our collective wealth.
But we cannot accept the way Tunisian women are treated and don't accept what has happened to Tunisian women at airports.
Accept and Move OnThe first thing you've got to do is accept that you are a woman in a man's world.
" Trump later remarked that he would accept the results "if I win," then said he would accept a "clear election result.
Pick a loan you were approved for, and accept the offerOnce you've found a loan you're happy with, accept that offer.
In effect, to accept help in getting out of the suit is to accept that we're in the suit for life.
The "best" systems are the ones that have provisions to accept change and are willing to accept a lot of moving targets.
I've found it's best to recognize and accept the things I miss about drinking—to accept I may never stop missing them.
If we taught kids early on to love and accept themselves, it would be easier for them to love and accept others.
So, I feel like a hypocrite writing something that is supposed to tell others to accept themselves when I don't accept myself.
This requires an almost religious faith in fate, and that can be hard for some to accept, but accept it we must.
CAROL Your friend's inability to accept a hostess gift is second cousin to the more common inability of people to accept compliments.
But before you accept and pop the champagne, you'll need to think through whether the promotion is one you'll want to accept.
But we soon came to accept that Aaron would have Down syndrome, and to accept him as a member of our family.
We would never accept that in our medical health care system, and we shouldn't accept that in our mental health care system.
Trump may soon ask them to accept his firing of Robert Mueller, and yes, after some sighing, they will accept that, too.
There are marketplaces that will not accept listings for weapons and explosives—those are the ones that will not accept listings for fentanyl.
There are very few retailers and online services that accept Bitcoin as a method of payment, and even fewer that accept other cryptocurrencies.
Because I still find that it's quite tricky to understand what it is that you accept when you accept your terms and conditions.
To accept that is to accept the terms set out by ISIS, al Qaeda and some of the far-right of Western politics.
It's not immediately clear whether Boeing will accept the cancellation or if their contract will force either side to accept a different arrangement.
The issue could be solved if Palestinian leaders were prepared to accept the "painful compromises" that Israeli leaders have already agreed to accept.
We cannot accept anything that threatens the integrity of our union, just as they cannot accept anything that threatens the integrity of theirs.
Because of this bond, a dragon will accept only one rider, although it will accept a new one after the original rider dies.
My father says she will not accept any responsibility, and it is my responsibility to start the conversation and to accept the blame.
So instead of just having to accept cat sex workers, we have to accept an entire feline underground of sex and drug trafficking.
" Though he doesn't accept climate science, Cramer does accept "the reality that we're heading toward or our goal is a more carbon-constrained world.
As you know, we accept advertisements from both republican and democratic candidates and we were pleased to accept this advertising order from the RNC.
While they are allowed to accept certain types of gifts, the royals aren't allowed to accept gifts intended for commercial gain, which includes clothing.
Consumers wouldn't accept the corrosion of steel made by these plants; we as citizens shouldn't accept the corrosion of the communities they were in.
Putting aside that you do not "accept" pardons any more than you accept convictions, Cohen was positioning himself in the increasingly crowded witness market.
If they don't want to accept us by choice, they will be forced to accept us because we have more strength than any man.
"I accept the fact that people can make mistakes in the past and can own up to that and accept that," Mr. Scheer said.
Although most devices accept the SDXC standard for microSD cards with 32GB or more, some devices still only accept lower capacity SDHC microSD cards.
If the British public is willing to accept that, then we probably shouldn't be surprised that they'll accept a few swan bites as well.
As for my relationship with my own mother, for now we accept each other as best we can, even as we struggle to accept ourselves.
MeterFeeder – Lets old parking meters accept credit cards: There are 4.5 million parking meters in the U.S. and 90 percent of them only accept coins.
BARACK OBAMA, FORMER PRESIDENT: If you accept the support of Klan sympathizers before you are president, you will accept their support after you&aposre president.
Fifty-two percent of Republicans, in fact, don't accept this fact, and they don't accept it because they don't have to in their echo chamber.
You may not be accepted by your own family, but you can find friends who will accept you, and you can choose to accept yourself.
Young earthers accept the notion that nature makes small adaptations over time — but do not accept that humans and chimpanzees descended from a common ancestor.
Uber doesn't pressure me to accept rides I don't want to accept, while I get several notifications and messages from Lyft if I decline rides.
We must never accept terrorists being successful, we must never accept that terrorists can destroy our life or destroy the way we lead our lives.
"We'll accept a fair result, but we're not going to accept something when they say, 'We've been doing this for 50 years,'" Trump Jr. said.
Ultimately, Melissa refused to accept payment of over half of the money still owed to her, stating that she could no longer accept the money.
If they do not, but insist on bashing America, no American should accept that, any more than the bashers would accept insults to their country.
In exchange, hospitals would have to accept spending cuts and the health care industry would have to accept new taxes to pay for the legislation.
I can accept mistakes if I'm trying and it's not a mental error or I haven't got into places, so I can accept some mistakes.
They must use that corporation's feed and livestock, they must accept that corporation's costs, and they must accept that corporation's lower and lower payment rates.
And because not all merchants accept the Apple Pay service necessary to accept Square Cash virtual cards, a physical card would be needed for broader adoption.
I'd been saying accept me for who I am, accept me for who I am, and I realized, I wasn't accepting her for who she was.
Mr Trudeau's unwillingness to accept a hard sunset clause for NAFTA, or to accept American tariffs on steel and aluminium without retaliation, were also already clear.
To me a populist is somebody who doesn't accept that people's different political points of view are legitimate, who doesn't accept that the world is complex.
"When you accept a ride from a ride-hail app, you also accept the risks that come with it," Ms. Anderson says in a voice-over.
I accept the overall message of the Bible as true, and also accept miracles described in the New Testament, including the virgin birth and the Resurrection.
"If you accept the idea that these devices are harmful, then you accept the idea that all these medical agencies are lying to you," Grimes said.
"We live in a better world if we accept people's clarifications and we accept their apologies, no matter whether we think—internally—it's insincere," he says.
And there's some level that you will accept and some level that you won't accept, and maybe you're just constantly sort of moving that line around.
Patients have to agree to accept one of these organs, and though they might be reluctant to accept an organ labeled "high risk," studies show that most of these organs function just fine, and patients who accept them fare much better than those who keep waiting.
"This form of interference on the French democratic life is unacceptable ... France will not accept, the French will not accept to have their choices dictated," Ayrault said.
The government of Zimbabwe ordered banks to accept livestock as collateral for loans and schools to accept goats as payment amid a deepening economic and currency crisis.
Learning how to accept it and accept that lots of people think they know me is ultimately what led me to seek out such a spiritual perspective.
Because the real point of the movie and the love story is, she has to accept and love herself before she can love and accept anyone else.
The funny thing about editing babies is that, once you accept that we're going to do that, you accept the proposition that you become ever more obsolete.
"To accept or not accept, it is up to their policies and whether I am OK with them," Prayuth said in his speech, referring to the party.
This is something the older generations cannot accept, just like their forebears could not accept the tumult of the sixties, when the baby boomers disconnected from them.
If you accept that you are a being capable of "thought," then you accept that you are a being responsible for the social consequences of your actions.
Accept the offer within the 30-day time limit — once you accept, it will automatically be added to your Wallet app (to decline, simply tap "No Thanks").
Most of the new terminals that accept the chip-enabled cards are also equipped with the technology to accept contactless payments, like Apple Pay or Android Pay.
If you accept the science that demonstrates the power of intuition, it's not much of a leap to accept that our dreams are often manifestations of intuition.
"I am sorry we lost the referendum but you have to accept the result of the British people, you have to accept the verdict," he told reporters.
The explanation field can be something as simple as "Merchant does not accept returns after 30 days" or 'merchant does not accept returns on sale items'10.
"The guidelines change because people are more willing to accept things that they might not have been willing to accept even a day ago," says Jones-Davis.
Requiring platforms to make it a neutral process for users to accept or deny consent terms — meaning accept and decline boxes would have to look the same.
To accept the raw power that results in Westbrook's 50-point triple-double against the Suns, you have to accept the abandon that leads to 10 turnovers against the Clippers, and then accept that the same recklessness led to game-saving defensive plays and drives in both games.
When I&aposm talking about -- I&aposm saying that I&aposm willing to accept an apology even though no one will ever, ever accept ours, as we see.
Harward's decision not to accept the job also raised eyebrows because of the unspoken military code that when a President calls, service personnel salute and accept the mission.
They're unable to accept the other's mental gymnastics as fundamentally sound, unable to accept that the other might be doing "the right thing" from their point of view.
But to accept that view no matter how sincerely held, is to accept a President as a dictator and to change the form of government in this country.
No other major airline in America, including budget carriers, encourages flight attendants to accept tips, though staff at Southwest may accept them "if a customer were to insist".
If the GOP is cynical enough to accept the Laffer Curve for purely political reasons, it can convince itself to accept any policy idea, no matter how ruinous.
How to accept a LinkedIn endorsement for yourself LinkedIn endorsements do not automatically appear on your profile after someone makes the endorsement; you have to accept them yourself.
The administration also proposed requiring states that accept federal funds for infrastructure projects would have to accept workers with out-of-state skilled-trades licenses on those projects.
We cannot accept anything that does not respect the result of the referendum, just as they cannot accept anything that is not in the interest of their citizens.
They accept some Central American migrants to stay in Mexico to wait for their US court cases — and the US is now insisting that they accept many more.
"He wrote: "Overall I hoped this post would encourage my coworkers to continue to accept criticism with grace as we accept the responsibility we have overseeing our platform.
We shouldn't accept such concessions to the bland in how we look or dress, or what we eat — and nor should we accept it in how we live.
"Overall I hoped this post would encourage my coworkers to continue to accept criticism with grace as we accept the responsibility we have overseeing our platform," wrote Bosworth.
We don't want to accept this, because we cannot accept that the people, at least in the long run of things, can be wrong in our American democracy.
Additionally, there are feature redesigns such as auto-accept, which lets drivers toggle it on and not have to manually accept the next ride if they're on a roll.
"We will not accept that," council spokesman Sharfan Darwish told Reuters in response to the question whether the council would accept a Turkish military presence in the Manbij area.
"From my own mom to some of my best friends — those who are raising young women to accept themselves and those who are raising young men to accept women."
Not everyone became more willing to accept different people or less willing to accept hate directed towards those disagreed with, but it was abundantly clear societal attitudes were changing.
Bitcoin For Business: How To Accept Bitcoin Bitcoin has its pros and cons, so not all businesses will accept it, especially if it's not entirely legal in certain countries.
At a rally earlier this month, the GOP nominee declared he would accept the result of the election if he wins, adding later he'd accept a "clear" election result.
I personally accept almost all ride requests (how else am I going to make money if I don't accept rides?) but a passenger's rating might sometimes sway my decision.
"We cannot accept that Vonovia, despite numerous confirmations, is not willing to accept the vote of Deutsche Wohnen shareholders," Deutsche Wohnen Chief Executive Michael Zahn said in a statement.
He was willing to accept (as some others have yet to accept) that remaining in the race could take votes from candidates who have a viable path to nomination.
Right from that first session, I realized, he's not going to accept me phoning it in, he's not going to accept anything less than the best that I got.
She trusts you to show up and give her money, which she will accept only because she expects her landlord to accept it in exchange for occupying his building.
As a Shi'ite, I cannot accept that the Shi'ite side does this to the Christian side, and I cannot accept the Christian side does this to the Shi'ite side.
"At the time, the frame of mind is as an athlete and as myself, I don't accept limitations, so it took a while to accept some limitations," she said.
It will propose as well that states which accept federal funds for infrastructure projects would have to accept workers with out-of-state skilled-trades licenses on those projects.
It will propose as well that states that accept federal funds for infrastructure projects would have to accept workers with out-of-state skilled-trades licenses on those projects.
" - Terry, 25 "Don't accept that graduate school offer.
It also includes semiautomatic rifles with the capacity to accept more than 10 rounds, or those that can accept a detachable magazine plus any one of the following enhancements: a pistol grip, forward grip, folding/telescoping/detachable stock, grenade launcher, barrel shroud, or threaded barrel; semiautomatic pistols with the capacity to accept more than 10 rounds, or those that can accept a detachable magazine plus any one of the following enhancements: a threaded barrel, second pistol grip, barrel shroud, the capacity to accept a detachable magazine outside the pistol grip, a manufactured weight above 50 ounces when unloaded, or a stabilizing brace; semiautomatic shotguns with any of the following: a folding/telescoping/detachable stock, pistol grip, the capacity to accept more than five rounds, the capacity to accept a detached magazine, forward grip, or a grenade launcher.
"This means that all our merchants can accept or install Alipay as a payment type to accept payments from its billion users," Flutterwave CEO Olugbenga Agboola — aka GB — told TechCrunch.
Accept that others won't understand They don't and they won't so get over it and accept the fact that no one has a clue how sad and lonely you are.
The company would be delisted if 75 percent of its shareholders accept the offer, with those who do not accept the offer remaining holders of shares in an unlisted company.
"The Palestinians are the ones who have the ultimate decision in this, because it's their issue and so whatever the Palestinians accept I believe everybody else will accept," he added.
And Israel has said -- and we are clear on this -- that Israel will not accept an Iranian military presence in Syria and will not accept (Iran's) creeping presence in Syria.
For OneWeb to acquire Intelsat, Intelsat's bondholders must accept about $3.6 billion less than face value on their debt holdings, a condition they have so far been unwilling to accept.
Even in states where statutes require banks to accept a durable power of attorney, or waive their liability when they do accept it, elder-law attorneys have seen some balk.
Joy St. John, Wellesley's dean of admission, said the employee didn't accept a cash payment, because "we're doing work that's related to our profession," but did accept business-class airfare.
" At the final presidential debate, he refused to say he would accept the election's outcome, and later joked at a rally that he would accept the results "if I win.
The antitrust staff, which included holdovers from the Obama administration, presented Mr. Delrahim with three options: Accept the deal with conditions, accept the deal with divestitures, or block it altogether.
" He went on to state that the museum and its officials could not "afford to accept decorations any more than they could afford to accept them from Stalin or Hitler.
The real problem with it being so big, you can accept that a phone is big but you can't accept that it's very difficult to just unlock the damn thing.
" Still, Ms. Winner-Davis said of her daughter's willingness to plead guilty, "She wouldn't have made this decision if she wasn't ready to accept the consequences and to accept responsibility.
"It is either to accept Russia, or to accept the Germans," Rae's fellow survivor Jack Kagan, the son of a saddle maker who resettled in London, said in his testimony.
And Israel has said -- and we are clear on this -- that Israel will not accept an Iranian military presence in Syria, and will not accept (Iran's) creeping presence in Syria.
I just have to accept that I have that guilt and accept that I'm doing damage to the environment by living in a space that's bigger than what I need.
The Trump administration is also proposing that states that accept federal funds for infrastructure projects would have to accept workers with out-of-state skilled-trades licenses on those projects.
Later in the show, Dorfman, 32, played a round of "Accept Their Rose or Totally Oppose," where she revealed which celebrities and Bachelor stars she would accept a rose from.
"We will not accept anything the United States may try to impose on us and we will not accept its mediation following that crime," said Abbas, referring to Trump's Jerusalem decision.
It also said it would change the opt-out language to "accept/decline" rather than "accept/settings," so that users could more clearly decline to have their data tracked if desired.
At present there is no consensus on what level and distribution of risk humankind is willing to accept from such technologies, nor what loss of wildness it is willing to accept.
There is this reality that people need to accept loss and accept it in a graceful way that they can move on from, and it shouldn't diminish things that come after.
America has a political problem that goes deeper than Trump: The Republican Party refuses to accept the fundamental idea that when it loses an election, it has to accept the results.
The hardest thing for those of us on the "please tell me" side to accept is that when someone absolutely shuts down, like in a breakup, we have to accept it.
But there is one man who refuses to accept these limits; who pushes on, against the current of what we accept as our intellectual lot, into something further past general understanding.
"It looks like there was a level of specificity that China wasn't willing to accept and a level of ambiguity that the Trump administration wasn't willing to accept," Ms. Lovely said.
DAVID SOLOMON: Well, I think -- look, our job is not to be the rule maker for what the public markets accept or don't accept in terms of governance, value, et cetera.
Today we are standing up – we do not accept the status quo; we do not accept the risk posed by dangerous armed individuals who have articulated their desire to cause harm.
The Trump administration clearly will not accept language that commits the Group of 20 nations to the Paris agreement, but France and Germany are indicating they will not accept anything less.
Or more precisely, I believe that if they are going to accept blood money ... or the money from people convicted of a crime ..., they should only ever accept that money anonymously.
I asked Lyla if these options sounded good, and she said yes, but I couldn't accept her responses the same way I would accept a tried-and-true friend's honest opinion.
" He said the court would not accept "contrived reasons.
Will you accept this rose — at a later date?
TRUMP: Well, I'd accept — I mean, he's an expert.
CLINTON: Well, I — I don't accept that premise, Chuck.
" "He's not going to accept mediocrity in those positions.
Moore, of course, didn't -- and doesn't -- accept that fact.
" "You cannot choose history; you have to accept it.
Perhaps all sides could accept a Klobuchar / Booker ticket?
" Heard from Stephanopoulos: "Do you accept that's not true?
After a Hungary-led Central European bloc again refused to accept compulsory refugee quotas, the summit agreed that no country would be forced to accept relocation of refugees from the controlled centres.
Given the choice, why should a restaurant settle for paying an extra twice as much to accept credit-card fees when it too can block premium cards and accept only basic ones?
When you accept money as payment, you are giving the government credit for their claim that the money you accept can be redeemed for (about) the same value at a later date.
A president pardoning herself would be engaging in a massive conflict of interest that the public would never accept, just as it didn't accept Nixon's firing of the special prosecutor Archibald Cox.
AOC "does not intend to accept the offer", PNE said in its reasoned opinion on the offer, in which it comes out in favour of the bid and recommends shareholders accept it.
"If they don't accept what we send over, I don't know why we would be obligated to automatically accept what they send back," Cole said of negotiations between the House and Senate.
Maria has to accept Scott's poor money-management skills and trust that he's not robbing her; he has to accept her wild-animal household habits and trust that she's taking her meds.
In order to accept democracy vouchers, candidates needed to agree to a low campaign contribution limit ($250, rather than the $500 donations they could accept if they didn't participate in the program).
President Hollande called the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, to demand that the U.K. accept them all; May refused to accept any of them without conducting preliminary background checks on French soil.
" Cyrus posted a teary video a day after the election, telling her Instagram followers, "Hopefully we adjust and we accept everyone for who they are, and, so, Donald Trump, I accept you.
"I know this is not easy for you to accept this reality, let alone me, but I have learned to forgive and accept all this," the former governor said in the letter.
It's not clear how many merchants in Canada will be able to accept QuickPass at launch, but UnionPay says that over 70,000 merchants in the country accept UnionPay, and Canada's payment infrastructure means that a good percentage of merchants are already equipped to accept contactless payments, so the number could be a decent percentage of that 70,000.
Basically, we'd be lucky if any of these women became the next Bachelorette, so if one of them doesn't accept Colton's proposal, let's hope at least they'll be willing to accept this opportunity.
And have those states become so willful, stable and risk-ready that they will accept Netanyahu's Palestinian state and compel the Palestinians to accept some downsized polity that leaves Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty?
Although Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has yet to officially accept the chief executive officer position at Uber, Expedia Chairman Barry Diller believes "it is his intention to accept," according to an SEC filing.
For newcomers, this sort of approach is impractical, as most retailers that accept BTC also accept regular old cash, so converting your money to BTC just to buy something doesn't make much sense.
Amazon is by far the largest buyer of books in the world, all publishers need to sell to Amazon, and Amazon forces them to accept terms they would never accept from anybody else.
" He said: "On the issue of territory and disputes over maritime delineation, China does not accept any dispute resolution from a third party and does not accept any dispute resolution forced on China.
And for luxury performance makers, such as Ferrari and Lamborghini, "it's also about having  a sense of what their buyers will accept, and won't accept," said Brinley of the jump to all electric.
We have ancient English laws that date back to 1677 that allow someone selling a house to accept an offer on a property and then immediately accept a higher bid from someone else.
So I think, yes, there's an element that says country people will accept someone in a cowboy hat and cowboy boots rapping before they would accept somebody with gold teeth and baseball caps.
You can choose to accept students with good test scores who are more likely to have higher incomes, or you can choose to accept lower-scoring students who tend to have lower incomes.
But what we do know, is that a lot of people in China accept the system, and the reason they accept it is that they live in a society where nothing is trustworthy.
In normal life, people don't worry about where the value of green pieces of paper bearing portraits of dead presidents comes from: we accept dollar notes because other people will accept dollar notes.
It may sound odd that the DNC will accept poll results from some organizations and not others, but the organization had to draw the line somewhere rather than accept any shady random poll.
"We do not accept the attack of journalists which are doing their duty to cover events and developments, nor do we accept the attack of security forces which are maintaining security," Hassan said.
"We do not accept the attack of journalists which are doing their duty to cover events and developments, nor do we accept the attack of security forces which are maintaining security," Hassan said.
It would be separate from Medicare and Medicaid but administered by the same agency, and medical providers who accept Medicare and Medicaid would be required to accept the public option as well. Gov.
Once you accept that we need policies to protect the environment, you're more likely to accept the idea that we should have policies to ensure access to health care, child care, and more.
And just as it was understood that audiences would accept an all-white Manhattan, it was also believed that they would not (and should not be asked to) accept a Jewish leading lady.
She taught him the ways in which empathy and people's own experiences of childhood could enable them to accept and help children accept themselves, not as an end, but as a starting place.
"I have just learned how to accept it," she said.
In the long run, pluralist societies will accept more pluralism.
It taught me to accept challenges and take the initiative.
He refused, however, to accept any money, which amazed King.
Myanmar's government still does not accept the Rohingyas as citizens.
I work to accept our relationship for what it is.
"I was reluctant [to accept] is the truth," Bosworth said.
But on the other hand, anybody would accept that information.
We have to accept that she knew that going in.
Let's accept the capital levels we have and are sufficient.
Whatever standard we accept now will become the new norm.
But I'll never accept that changing minds is not disruptive.
Donohoe said he would accept the bill with "significant" amendments.
But I will also accept responsibility for what went wrong.
As her lead widened, Sanders seemed to accept her inevitability.
Maybe I will be less famous but I accept that.
Next time someone gives you a compliment, accept it graciously.
You just have to accept it and roll with it.
TERRELL: The Democrats can accept Donald Trump as the president.
The European Union may be willing to accept higher costs.
Here's hoping (for them, at least) their lawyers accept bitcoin. 
Not all consumers will accept a battery electric vehicle solution.
It's time that we accept that position and move on.
I happily accept and get to work on her spread!
Some seem willing to accept that he made a mistake.
"Consumers are going to have to accept responsibility," he said.
Quinn is ready to accept his fate, but Huck isn't.
Those are their fates, whether they accept them or not.
Why do people accept such autocratic leadership in a church?
Refugees state their preference; the countries decide whether they'll accept.
So, she calls Ben and Nancy to accept their offer.
The Transportation Department will accept public comments until May 6.
Many overseas banks accept direct deposit of Social Security checks.
We don't accept hatred as the norm in our communities.
They key is to learn to love and accept themselves.
But recently I started to accept myself, to love myself.
But to the Sharks' surprise, the entrepreneurs didn't immediately accept.
Just accept the fact that there is room for everyone.
"Hopefully, he would accept an invitation to come," Pelosi said.
We accept whatever people give us and cremate everybody respectfully.
You don't accept it; you report it to the FBI.
Does he accept it, or does it make him miserable?
She was willing to buy, trade or accept a donation.
Sansa Stark, the Lady of Winterfell, couldn't accept Dany's power.
Take a listen to see if you want to accept.
My mom offers me a Truly drink, and I accept.
Today, Square lets any business accept debit or credit cards.
Will she accept the opportunity from her dear old dad?
It was difficult to accept that it must be true.
As a child, she struggled to accept her changing figure.
But should you accept stock options in lieu of salary?
The marketplace will accept AIR tokens to buy more skills.
Most presidential candidates now accept that pensions need to change.
The United States has so far been reluctant to accept.
If you're even a little unsure, don't accept the request.
McGlockton's father, Michael McGlockton, told reporters he'll accept the sentence.
We've come to accept nonchronological feeds in our social media.
The majority of voters accept that climate change is happening.
Accept the status quo of struggle and rot and addiction.
We're paid on how little we're desperate enough to accept.
Cambodia had declined to accept him and he was released.
There is no way we will accept the new bill.
Spoiler alert: Sam eventually does accept her attraction to women.
"We, as before, do not accept such allegations," Peskov said.
"Can we just accept the letter and say thank you?"
It's unclear if North Korean negotiators will accept this offer.
I need you to accept and also constantly imagine that.
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick refuses to accept defeat in China.
Approximately 19 states accept infants up to 1 month old.
Telecom Egypt was the first company to accept the terms.
The board of Okmetic unanimously recommended shareholders accept the offer.
" She added, mockingly: "Will you ever accept the election results?
"They weren't ready to accept that," says the legal source.
It may take some work to fully accept this, Jealous.
She is profoundly honored to accept it on his behalf.
" But right now asylum officers don't simply "accept what's said.
We refuse to accept that pointing at problems is enough.
You need to accept 'no,' as your new best friend.
Last November, in Vietnam, Trump appeared to accept Putin's denial.
If they want to accept our values and our laws.
I immediately accept and schedule it for tomorrow at lunch.
He cannot accept the plea and will go to trial.
"It was difficult for my family to accept," she says.
Royals do not accept designer clothes for free, reports People.
DuPont's continuing refusal to accept responsibility is maddening to Bilott.
Vast majorities of people of all religions would accept that.
But should investors be so quick to accept the data?
Still, Mr Trump may choose to accept this dubious story.
The second manager told Hudson they couldn't accept the coupon.
Experimentation in this area is something he will not accept.
Would they stand on the same podium to accept it?
Whether the CSU will accept a compromise is anyone's guess.
"I am not willing to accept this cut," Goder said.
Better not accept one from the school as a gift.
Candappa refused to accept her decision, according to the complaint.
Janet Jackson will be present to accept the Icon Award.
The lawmakers said they would accept the official results, however.
She has said that she did not accept the deal.
Overstock, Steam, and Microsoft all accept Bitcoin in some capacity.
Visioncamp will accept six to ten companies into the program.
" He later apologized and said, "We fully accept the violation.
I am, maybe wrongly, not ready to accept any apologies.
Do you not accept impersonations, parodies, or freedom of expression?
"I'm excited to accept every single curve," the star said.
Nixon's campaign site emphasizes that she doesn't accept corporate contributions.
But we can't just accept how it's always been done.
Last week the miners grudgingly voted to accept the deal.
Accept that it's not about you, and watch them scream.
So no, I will not accept any slander against Chicago.
Will Britain finally accept spanking as its actual national sport?
We will accept anybody who wants to talk to us.
The commission is required to accept and review public input.
"I have just learned how to accept it," she says.
I accept what life throws me and run with it.
Although I packed a lunch today, I accept the invite.
I have no excuse, and accept responsibility for my actions.
"Who the f— wouldn't" accept such an offer, he said.
"You're the first person today to accept," she told me.
Then, he refused to say he'd accept the election's results.
"Inequality has grown and people don't accept it," Bersani said.
But I accept that there is a strong feedback loop.
Stripping the HLAs will help transplant patients accept foreign tissue.
State Department ethics policy allowed Abedin to accept the travel.
What they won't accept is a world dominated by Beijing.
But "we will humbly accept money donations," the post continues.
In the U.S., 70 percent of businesses accept Apple Pay.
Mauskopf did not decide Tuesday whether to accept that agreement.
OK, fine, maybe it's time for me to accept that.
Farming teaches people to accept inequality and to valorise work.
Is that something congressional Republicans would be willing to accept?
Rising murder rates persuaded Guatemalan politicians to accept their help.
Future in-laws arrive with pie — and surprisingly accept wine.
Why should we accept a system that clearly isn't working?
We cannot accept no more insults for my Latin community.
But he can't seem accept that she intentionally killed herself.
The move doesn't mean that the site can't accept cryptocurrencies.
If the bubble bursts, ... I will accept whatever is there.
Next year, the U.S. will accept 100,000 refugees — or more.
Her compassion allowed them to accept life's gift once again.
Myth No. 7: You Just Have to Accept Jet Lag.
So did any women accept one of my freebie compliments?
You have to accept that, with its qualities and faults.
How do you accept that maybe there is no goal?
They are also more willing to accept and integrate immigrants.
It's time to accept that superheroes aren't having a moment.
Those who accept will receive severance beginning February 1, 203.
So let's accept that string theory is a musical theory.
Whether "acknowledge" will ever translate into "accept" is another question.
My parents didn't accept my career choice at the beginning.
We can either accept that change or fight against it.
"Not a lot of people will accept that," he says.
You'll accept a fake award breathlessly & affect no real chance.
Maybe he will accept that couch fans raised money for.
He asked people to rebel and refuse to accept it.
Like everyone else, though, I've learned to accept the phablet.
GUTFELD: Who also accept a gay marriage before Obama did.
"I had to accept it, for Clare's sake," he said.
We accept you as you are -- as a human being.
It's possible Ivey will not accept some resignations, Jones said.
But also accept that digital communication is here to stay.
"If you won't accept them then you should not engage."
But I accept that a lot of people like it.
Putnal was remorseful and was willing to accept his punishment.
There's a bank there that will accept parmesan as collateral.
The plaintiffs still have to formally accept the reduced awards.
Some accept anyone who lives in a certain geographical area.
I never thought -- HANNITY: Do we have to accept that?
Instead you press "accept" or "pass" on whoever LinkedIn recommends.
" Bea asked, adding, "Humor me, accept that as a premise.
He explains to still love your children and accept differences.
Let's just accept Carly Rae as our queen, kk thanks.
Or "phone," if you refuse to accept the phablet revolution.
Mr Pastrana, a largely forgotten figure, was quick to accept.
Clearly there is no authority that some people will accept.
You close your eyes and prepare to accept your fate.
She had learned to accept what she could not control.
Guichon said in a statement she will accept Clark's resignation.
I've got to be able to accept my gubernatorial salary.
Under the deal, Australia will accept refugees from Central America.
Eventually, though, he said they came around to accept it.
I cannot accept that the two of you are gone.
Iran and Russia will not accept the Damascus government falling.
We must accept this result and look to the future.
It was very difficult for the older generation to accept.
Accept that debates are not intellectual exercises but political theater.
The plaintiffs still have to formally accept the reduced award.
"I had to overcome and accept quite lot," he says.
I learned to accept it where I am right now.
Follow Alex Zaragoza, who will accept hate cookies, on Twitter.
The goal is to identify and accept your negative behaviors.
Thank you for taking the time to accept my donation.
Nearly all Clinton supporters said candidates should accept election results.
The whole thing is on me, and I accept that.
We are hackers for accept our apology for amateur mixing!
It's a sad realisation that often takes time to accept.
But the time has come to accept that they are.
No, but goodness, man, accept a trade to a contender.
You have to click "Accept Money" to receive your funds.
His government could not accept that public expenditure, he said.
She won't stop anyway, never mind how much I accept.
BHP would not accept the offer either, said a spokeswoman.
Ice Cube told Maher, "I accept your apology" to cheers.
Now it's time to accept responsibility and all do better.
If a person considers himself a minority, we accept it.
France cannot accept any decline in direct income for farmers.
I accept all of the criticism and I'll get better.
"It does not affect ability to accept claims," Wright said.
For purposes of this piece, I will accept both judgments.
We have only to accept the love he offers us.
Agree to accept the rules and format of the debate.
But is the legal system also willing to accept it?
First, the roots are bleached to accept the rainbow color.
The Leafs were blindfolded and prepared to accept their fate.
Congress is unlikely to accept most of the Trump proposals.
Uber, by comparison, took longer to accept cash, for example.
Better Way would require insurance plans to accept all customers.
But Diana being Diana, she refuses to accept these justifications.
Somehow, we accept it and say nothing when someone offends.
The DHS will accept applications to participate until March 3.
I didn't know how people were going to accept it.
We will not accept white supremacy in the White House!
John Kasich (R) opted to accept federal Medicaid expansion funding.
She's never just going to accept something that bothers her.
I accept me, and I'm going to live out loud.
They can also gesture to accept or ignore phone calls.
We thought he'd accept 30,000 pesos but he said no.
Do you think it is ready to accept that intersectionality?
"#NoTearsLeftToCry is gayer than me and I ACCEPT," he wrote.
The source said they would have to accept British judges.
And we just have to understand that and accept it.
But young people no longer accept karma, argues Ms Sengupta.
Whether consumers will accept genome editing remains to be seen.
We accept that because that's the only choice we had.
This set up was easier for straight people to accept.
Restaurant owners would refuse to accept money for her bill.
Accept as many invites as possible over the next month!
For others, though, it may be more difficult to accept.
After that, the campaign can only accept checks of $2,700.
Graham said on Fox that he would accept the apology.
I would never ever accept someone's work as purely formal.
Japan, however, has allowed companies to accept bitcoin as payments.
That's its gift, and we accept it thoughtlessly, ungratefully, unknowingly.
Germany has not said how many refugees it might accept.
After that, foreign governments do not generally accept superseding charges.
The voters would not accept anything that harmed their interests.
Kelly has made clear he wouldn't accept such an offer.
" Her husband appropriately replies, "Will you accept this flower crown?
Everything is pictorial accept for a collection of common symbols.
Will they accept and engage in that behavior as normal?
Major politicians accept the need to play by democratic rules.
Trump didn't accept #thewallagainstwalls – so it's going to the border.
When you settle, you accept less than you're capable of.
This is not OK and we must not accept it.
When it became clear that Parliament would not accept Mrs.
It behooves us to accept this paradox and understand it.
We accept the status quo of each of these systems.
God just makes a way for you to accept it.
Until, at some point, they won't accept them any more.
The more centrist unions, which are increasingly powerful, accept it.
You can accept it, but honestly, you'll never love it.
"We lost and we have to accept it," he said.
They could not accept this and want to ruin it.
"I don't accept that from everybody, you know," Schrager said.
Lopez couldn't accept the relationship was over, her father said.
Pompeo would accept this elevation without hesitation, this source says.
But don't just accept the penalty, say personal financial advisors.
The government announces the death penalty and we accept it.
Moscow had yet to accept before the delay was announced.
When you travel, you learn to respect and accept differences.
As a lawyer, you just have to accept the humiliation.
Because make no mistake, Washington will not readily accept change.
What kind of compromise, if any, will these employers accept?
But he added that he would accept donations from workers.
"People have strong feelings, I totally accept that," she said.
She loved him, so she was willing to accept it.
Whether the court will accept the standard is anyone's guess.
He has until Saturday to accept or refuse the assignment.
We're not asking for, and we wouldn't accept, a handout.
"   "Are you continuing to accept responsibility for his false statements?
Chris Christie, the state agreed to accept just $26 million.
"I accept the Fake News apologies," Trump tweeted on Wednesday.
Osagie does not accept the Museum's claim to the bronzes.
Hillary Clinton prepares to accept the Democratic nomination in Philadelphia.
The others don't really accept me as one of them.
"Those are ones you don't want to accept," Giordano said.
But all of his supporters are willing to accept it.
However, it does accept Visa cards like the Sapphire Preferred.
"We can't accept a fallacy, fiction and falsehoods," Chamisa said.
You better do it before then, otherwise accept your fate.
What Elkington wouldn't do was accept loans or outside money.
We can't simply accept the cliché that 'journalism is dying.
Women should not have to accept unwanted touching as normal.
This is a harsh reality gun control advocates must accept.
He later had to apologize and accept the bishop's resignation.
If you apologize, and are sincere, people will accept that.
If you don't accept change, change will leave you behind.
Would the audience accept an N.Y.C.B. run by two women?
We should not accept that level of participation as acceptable.
It means you accept that something is right, just, proper.
It's that Chinese policymakers appear unwilling to fully accept it.
Moon called on Park to publicly accept the court ruling.
Tyler Schlegel, also in the fourth grade, wouldn't accept it.
It is unclear which customers will accept the new terms.
But she does accept it as a fact of life.
Even Ambac seems to accept that it's a good idea.
Washington has now been forced to accept these Russian positions.
"Try to live in it" doesn't mean quietly accept it.
I've come to accept that we live alongside one another.
"I accept all this evidence," Mann said in his ruling.
We are unable to accept new submissions at the moment.
Perhaps he would accept the nomination and vote against himself?
I slowly started to accept the tinnitus a bit more.
Los Angeles has hinted it would accept the 2028 Olympics.
I think that everyone should have open arms and accept.
It's a definition of woman I am reluctant to accept.
It makes sense that I struggle to accept my body.
I think it's hard sometimes to accept what they're accepting.
We should simply accept what the universe has for us.
But maybe there's someone else whose resignation I will accept.
President Trump made the right decision to accept his resignation.
And more permanent than May's hardline Brexit supports would accept.
Will Sansa accept being relegated to the sidelines of Winterfell?
Drivers use an app to navigate maps and accept assignments.
We accept that everywhere girls are aborted, raped, and murdered.
My dad admits that he struggled to accept my diagnosis.
Which is odd, considering we accept them in other ways.
But you can still find places that accept returns forever.
Most Japanese are reluctant to accept children unrelated by blood.
He's nervous, understandably, about how the boy will accept him.
The joy comes from a cast glad to accept applause.
Select "Accept" to add that friend to your Friends List.
This depends on how much error you're willing to accept.
Amazon does not accept Venmo, which is owned by PayPal.
I had to accept that, and I said, 'Yeah, fine.
Either you accept responsibility for your actions or you don't.
Lawmakers voted by 329 to 302 to accept the amendment.
As expected, Bob Dylan was not there to accept it.
President Trump appeared to accept Saudi Arabia's explanation on Friday.
To accept, love and cherish someone no matter their past.
Knowing this song exists helps me understand and accept myself.
In January, the organization announced it would accept transgender members.
Of course, not all schools or parents accept these changes.
"I just wouldn't accept that girls were weak," she said.
We need to accept that this is a TV event.
It said it will not accept reservations before May 1.
It's a risk we accept so we can move about.
Peter says he hopes his family can accept his decisions.
If he offered the job, he asked, would I accept?
And it happens only after we accept that it can.
"Good opinions or bad opinions — I accept both," he said.
They will have to click on "Accept" to start it.
But don't accept their help, the US State Department says.
She declined to comment on whether automakers accept climate science.
Once you really accept and internalize it, then you're free.
Buy the plane ticket, find housing, accept the offer. 4.
I know I need to accept that, but I'm struggling.
Even now, she won't accept my friend request on Facebook.
I could not digest or accept any of this information.
I am going to accept any voter with open hands.
The courts started to accept these arguments in the 1970s.
Mr. Trump gave Mexico 10 days to accept these terms.
"We cannot accept that from our elected leaders," she says.
People just need to accept that and deal with it.
Also, before 2011, women would accept being in abusive relationships.
Success or disappointments only come if you accept big challenges.
"They just don't want to accept what happened," he said.
"We accept the democratic vote in May," Dr. Crowley said.
Are we willing to accept addressing those consequences or not?
Mr. Bons will accept the prize in Louisville in April.
Find out what sorts of items the charity will accept.
Just accept it and live through it 'cause that's life.
Why do you think it's so hard to accept that?
If she cannot persuade lawmakers to accept her plan, Mrs.
When you took Mjolnir, we accept that that movie happened.
The small community of 16,000 seemed to accept his past.
And let's accept that she is going to be drab.
Buck's ultimate goal is to help people accept their bodies.
They take input and decide whether to accept the request.
Do people make apologies or accept accountability for past transgressions?
He did not accept that he was going to die.
Why would we accept the aging image of our mothers?
"You have to accept that you fell short," she sneers.
However, the state's House was unwilling to accept this caveat.
"We welcome them if they accept Afghan law," he said.
But now they have to accept the opposite is true.
Why did we accept to be talked to like that?
Why did she accept the offer to be a judge?
And it's unfortunate if the president won't accept professional advice.
"Okay, you accept that they made the rules," he said.
You can choose to accept the suggestion by clicking it.
Such explanations, fans said, have become more difficult to accept.
To "stomach" something might mean to tolerate or ACCEPT it.
Why do audiences accept the inevitability of the Marschallin's resignation?
But in the end, he had to accept the delay.
Should they accept a generous offer from their father's girlfriend?
Netanyahu could be ousted if Jewish lawmakers accept Arab support.
To accept a case, at least four justices must agree.
Union leaders have urged drivers to accept the latest deal.
Couldn't we accept how good things actually were for us?
Where is the United States willing to accept calculated risks?
Message requests aren't marked as seen unless you accept it.
But Macau has been more willing to accept Beijing's authority.
Some environmental groups did not accept that explanation on Tuesday.
In New York, for example, farmers' markets accept food stamps.
If they're interested, they're welcome, but they must accept it.
They could accept if she was in the Chicago suburbs.
The surprise was that the investigator did not accept it.
"I accept your challenge because I love barbeque," she says.
But for parties to accept losing, two conditions must hold.
Do landlords accept guarantors who live outside the tristate area?
Only an ambitious toady would accept such an ugly assignment.
Ms. Coe, a historian, was eager to accept, but couldn't.
Just wait and understand and accept whatever happens next. 2.
Ms. Bryant then asked the children whom they would accept.
He said he would not accept money from those companies.
A: Rejectors are people whose bodies can't accept any nanomachines.
Opening like a mouth to accept the lift inside. INT.
"I accept the status of being a suspect," he said.
Huawei's leaders accept that the environment is becoming more hostile.
I won't accept that this actual thing that happened happened.
Some accept insurance, including Medicaid, while some charge modest fees.
It's always crazy in DC, I've learned to accept it.
Bureaucratic agencies must accept sensible restraints on their regulatory powers.
Asked if the GOP should accept a deal, Republican Sen.
"I neither ask for nor will accept amnesty," he said.
You can fight that, or accept it and appreciate it.
Initially, Guber assumed he should accept one of those offers.
But it's not guaranteed the courts will accept that argument.
Marquez said Mexico could not simply passively accept such measures.
Many more than I think investors are prepared to accept.
Only cosign if you are willing to accept that burden.
The judge doesn't have to accept the proposed settlement deal.
Still can't bring yourself to accept the iPhone X's notch?
"I accept completely my responsibility for my actions," he said.
We asked God to accept her with His great mercy.
Podcast host Arden Myrin of Will You Accept This Rose?
But Ms. Liebman questioned whether courts would accept that argument.
"We could not accept anyone in a wheelchair," she said.
"We cannot accept the government's argument," Judge Sri Srinivasan wrote.
Who among you will accept a similar state and conditions?
If you accept the proposed split, that's what you get.
"We shouldn't accept this," Barnes said during a press conference.
So far, it seems doubtful that they will accept it.
Mr. Trump said he would gladly accept the additional funds.
Amazon still doesn't accept PayPal as a direct payment option.
"How To" is another face: Laugh and accept life's paradoxes.
Can the men in our lives accept genuinely equal relationships?
I will not accept 'half a loaf' on these issues.
That's an abdication of power we should refuse to accept.
I hope people will accept his apology, as I have.
For example, some governments still do not accept paternity claims.
We accept responsibility for that and the ramifications of it.
But Sisi and his administration refused to accept this possibility.
I accept no novels by authors under fifteen years old.
So start with what every elected policymaker should accept now.
Then they must accept the responsibility to respect that limit.
So we click "accept" and sigh deeply and move on.
You can accept payments in more than 150 currencies. Checkout.
"But you have to accept that it's there, it exists."
But the court did not accept his version of events.
Reluctantly, he has come to accept that he likes it.
Can we just accept the letter and say thank you?
To willfully ignore something is to tacitly accept its existence.
It takes him a while to focus, to accept it.
Tap "Accept" to add PayPal to your Google Pay account.
Greg Abbott can now either accept or reject the recommendation.
But users do not have to simply accept these choices.
They take in refugees that the United States doesn't accept.
Accept that the idea was, perhaps, flawed from the start.
But the company would not accept fault for May 9.
Gym guy asks me out to lunch and I accept.
But Abdullah will not accept a tainted vote, he said.
Or should we just accept new products as new products?
That's not right, and I hope you accept my apology.
Thus we will not accept transformation to a multiethnic society.
Sadly, I have realized that I have to accept it.
Mr. Bloomberg has said he will not accept campaign contributions.
We won't be silent, nor will we accept alternative facts.
Would (Britain's parliament) accept that we leave without a deal?
He'd just accept the praise and go about his business.
Does he accept that just anyone can see your face?
But once we accept this apprehension, things get really interesting.
"Mostly, it says we have to accept people," he said.
"I did not accept this invitation," Cohen told The Post.
So why did so many people accept Trump's dark vision?
Now he's just going accept his fate as human popsicle?
But the hospital did not accept any of the offers.
They accept anyone with an above 95 percentile LSAT score.
Even if it passes, the Senate will never accept it.
Once you accept the review, you have to complete it!
This created a strong incentive for Republicans to accept one.
Discovering which apps accept Apple Pay, however, is a pain.
If some people don't understand or accept it, then tough.
All that may be hard for the union to accept.
Democrats appear unwilling to accept major restrictions on legal immigration.
In the United States, marijuana dispensaries can only accept cash.
Talk to the other and accept that they have rights.
You need to accept that failure is necessary for progress.
But one type of insurance it will not accept: ObamaCare.
Mexico should accept a strong treaty chapter on labor rights.
Now we have to accept it and just take it.
Calabresi then asks the students if they accept the deal.
But Book is no longer willing to accept the norm.
Virginia have pledged not to accept money from Dominion Energy.
Some may never accept information with roots they cannot see.
Wilkinson is not obliged to accept the European Parliament's invitation.
To accept your own helplessness before it's forced on you.
Pierce: I wouldn't accept that the president's unpopular in Britain.
Amazon Advertising does not accept political ads and never has.
Without that, it is hard to provide or accept truthfulness.
The federal government does not require retailers to accept cash.
The released prisoners promised they would accept the state's authority.
Four votes are needed to accept a case for argument.
"That's the day I'll accept that I'm healed," she says.
Will Mr. Trump accept this new bill or veto it?
Businesses are often reluctant to accept $50 and $100 bills.
You have to accept that that's the way it is.
I haven't yet heard one I can understand or accept.
Some anthropologists and archaeologists accept this analogy with gallows humor.
To accept it without sanction is ultimately to endorse it.
Research houses accept payments in the cryptocurrencies they are analyzing.
But I'll just accept that and not beat myself up.
That was one danger I knew we could never accept.
And it is Congress that must accept the apportionment results.
I insisted that I couldn't accept so extravagant a gift.
The adult will accept cash or other objects of value.
And China may just need to accept the new normal.
Democrats cannot accept right now an erosion of Obamacare politically.
Accept you might be in different places in your lives.
Some may not accept that humans are playing a role.
We must refuse to accept shootings in schools as normal.
Unclear if Kraft will accept the terms of the deal.
He is the one who got to accept Clinton's concession.
This was a rationale they could get behind and accept.
All because Trump refuses to accept failure on health care.
That's why today none of us can accept Bony's death.
And their base was too scared to simply accept that.
Accept it into your heart if you love wonderful shit.
Not all economic historians accept this story of the Panic.
They will sometimes accept less money to play for us.
Malta could accept some in the coming days, sources said.
But the Democratic Party claims to accept and understand it.
"I can accept not getting the money back," he added.
The US, for its part, seems to tacitly accept this.
You're just supposed to accept it and bow your head.
It's just taken some time for everyone to accept it.
He had to accept that feeling, uncomfortable as it was.
To accept Google's suggested correction, you just click and voila.
"Trump would have to accept policies that he is not so enthusiastic to accept," said Ilan Goldenberg, a former congressional aide and State Department official now at the Center for a New American Security.
"The economic and constitutional dislocation of a formal 'third country' customs border within our own country is something I will never accept and I believe no British Prime Minister could ever accept," May said.
Under the deal structure, the company would be de-listed if at least 75 percent of its shareholders accept the offer, with those who did not accept, being part owners of an unlisted entity.
British and Irish politics professor, Jon Tonge, told BBC Northern Irish radio Friday that it was clear the DUP must either accept the backstop and choose May's deal or accept a softer Brexit deal.
In all, more than three-quarters of likely voters, 28500 percent, say they'll accept the legitimacy of the result if Trump wins, and 6900 percent say they'll accept the election result if Clinton wins.
Mr. Dylan may yet accept the prize, but so far, his refusal to accept the authority of the Swedish Academy has been a wonderful demonstration of what real artistic and philosophical freedom looks like.
Yes, rational people who accept the scientific consensus about climate change are generally "alarmed" by it, just as they're alarmed that one of the two major parties in America refuses to accept that consensus.
And yet, that doesn't stop certain members of Michael Jackson's fanbase from refusing to accept his passing, just as fervently as they refuse to accept the many allegations of child sexual abuse against him.
"If we accept that sex between consenting and rational adults is morally acceptable, then we should also accept sex between consenting and rational adults that happen to be siblings," Petersen tells Broadly over email.
If you accept the methodology of case-control and cohort studies, from which many of the links between alcohol and cancer arise, you have to accept the results of similar studies of other diseases.
"Donald Trump will accept the results of the election because he will win the election, so they'll be easy to accept," Kellyanne Conway told CNN's Dana Bash following the the year's final presidential debate.
"We will not accept submitting to (imperialist) tools ... meaning we do not accept submitting to the International Monetary Fund to manage the crisis," Hezbollah's al-Manar news outlet cited Sheikh Naim Qassem as saying.
King Abdullah has expressed concern that the secret plan could push Jordan to accept a solution at his country's expense, forcing it to accept the permanent settlement of many of his subjects of Palestinian origin.
Whatever work Sam had to do to recognize and accept her attraction to women, and whatever work Frank might have done to accept Sam's sexuality, has all happened long before the events of the film.
Respondents were split by party on whether they would be willing to accept refugees from Syria in particular, with 61% of Republicans saying the U.S. should not accept Syrian refugees compared with 23% of Democrats.
If fund managers will accept it for a company whose founder died 116 years ago, then they'll accept it for tech unicorns whose founders are still in charge (no matter how much Paul Singer objects).
First of all, this comes at a time when people are being much more political in their decisions about what new stories they will accept and what they will not accept than in the past.
In a photoshoot and accompanying blog post, the mother opened up about her struggle to accept her post-pregnancy body, as well as why she wants to accept her scars for exactly what they are.
If we can accept that athletes must learn to work with the physical limitations of a human body, surely we can accept that they also have to work within the limitations of a human brain.
Under the revised deal structure the company would be delisted if 75 percent of its shareholders accept the offer, with those who do not accept the offer remaining holders of shares in an unlisted company.
"After asking Mr. Trump and his team a million times on the trail, 'Will HE accept the election results?' it turns out Team Hillary and their new BFF Jill Stein can't accept reality," Conway added.
Generally, you are supposed to accept the worst case scenario, accept that it could probably happen, and try to move on from there, devoting yourself to doing your best and hoping it turns out okay.
Al Gore's supporters in the 2000 presidential race were slightly less likely than Clinton's backers to accept the outcome of the election, with 68 percent saying they accept George W. Bush as the legitimate president.
Israeli settlers accept an invite to Trump's inauguration Israeli settlers accept an invite to Trump's inauguration Two delegations of Israeli settlers are headed to Washington, D.C. this week for the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump.
But I can't accept your contention that it's wrong to accept financial assistance — scarce funds to which one is entitled under the rules — if one could have obviated the need by making different career decisions.
Or more precisely, I believe that if they are going to accept blood money (type 4) or the money from people convicted of a crime (type 3), they should only ever accept that money anonymously.
Candidates can only accept the coupons if they agree to limits on the private donations they accept — $250 for legislative candidates and $500 for statewide candidates, and those contributions can only come from state residents.
I accept that there is no widespread appetite to re-think.
But the end of the day I have to accept it.
The undecided investors have until June 20 to accept the offer.
Often, they accept novel offerings only after eight to 15 attempts.
Mr. Ayers refused to accept two plea deals offered by prosecutors.
"The only thing is finding who will accept it," he said.
Puigdemont's announcement that he would accept the regional election on Dec.
Now he seems to accept a policing role for the army.
" "The U.S. is the only superpower and we accept that fact.
They accept us, no matter how mean or ugly we are.
Accept that things will not be perfect, and that is okay.
We usually accept less than 3 percent of the applicant pool.
I also have to accept that I used very poor judgment.
So I'm going to accept that tonight to manifest that energy.
And if you're willing to accept that, you will have grace.
They can review and accept and you get back your €20.
Tsipras says he had no other option but to accept it.
I refuse to accept that as truth, but Martha said it.
If he hasn't showed up this morning then just accept it.
Old enough to understand death, not old enough to accept it.
Karen didn't accept the doctor's prognosis, said Kimberly, her youngest sister.
However, reports say the antitrust regulators will not accept this concession.
After Malta refused, Spain stepped in and offered to accept them.
You can't help somebody that doesn't want to accept the help.
We cannot accept illicit use of personal data to manipulate elections.
Democrats accept that Republicans will hold onto the House of Representatives
It was a thrilling moment, but Guarini couldn't accept the role.
That's how I learned to accept myself for who I am.
Critics say: Are Americans ready to accept a message of love?
He would rather deny an oncoming hurricane than accept climate change.
For many Americans, Trump's victory is one they refuse to accept.
No buyers have thus far been willing to accept that price.
Sure, we would accept that in place of a full series.
It's a place where they're surrounded by people that accept them.
The administration has said it is ready to accept back refugees.
Kids accept the challenge to mow 50 lawns in their neighborhood.
The employer must accept that follow-up test, the law says.
But he has been clear on which scorekeepers he would accept.
Johnson says learning to accept himself has been an ongoing process.
We accept abridged freedom of speech and restricted freedom of movement.
"That's the kind of thing that's tough to accept," he said.
It was a prognosis she and her husband simply couldn't accept.
"Does this mean that I get to accept it every year?"
To the author's credit, she found a way to accept Glenn.
Over the years, I've come to accept these as childhood deceptions.
"We accept his apology and appreciate his outreach," the ADL said.
The iPhone is designed to only accept software updates from Apple.
Instead our leaders demand that you shut up and accept this.
Something even some of his fans are still grappling to accept.
His final decision was to accept three of Stinner's four requests.
House and Senate Democrats are prepared to accept Dr. Kogan's offer.
Now she has to persuade other EU leaders to accept it.
You can choose to automatically accept payments or not in settings.
And some of them are very difficult for me to accept.
"Kevin Hart, I accept your challenge," the "With You" singer said.
This is just the way nature is and we accept that.
Plans that comply with ACA regulations accept everyone, no questions asked.
People need to accept his decision to come to the Warriors.
"I did not accept any money from this post," he added.
"We won't accept that because we're not commercial aviation," says Muncy.
It's a bad piece of legalisation and people now accept that.
But that merely made the bill harder for moderates to accept.
Those who accept the offer can never work at Amazon again.
This leaves a grim choice: accept inequality or wish for disaster.
Sometimes you just have to accept that you cannot control everything.
Twitter recently announced that it would no longer accept political ads.
It just came with the job and I accept that responsibility.
No Doubt accept the award for Best Group Video on Sept.
Even fans of the idea accept that there are practical problems.
Many buyers expect their suppliers to accept payment months after delivery.
I accept that my to-do list has multiplied as expected.
He's the best clay court player, so I can accept that.
She has since opened up about learning to accept her body.
But I don't accept the media's idea of what we are.
Time is running out to accept an offer of admission elsewhere.
Officials denied the government was coercing people to accept the document.
There they accept low pay rather than toil in bleak offices.
I'm too annoyed to fight for a quarter and accept it.
So, I'm the first person to accept an out-there design.
To their surprise, the children arrived to accept the teddy bears.
Johnson might accept that in the hope of reversing it later.
True leaders know they cannot accept limitations based on past performance.
And there's no way he's going to accept or understand that.
Cuixart praised independence supporters' refusal to accept the sentences without protest.
HOW do people learn to accept what they once found unacceptable?
Each program will run for 12 weeks and accept 10 startups.
The U.S. government won't accept bitcoin for the payment of taxes.
A. In a city landscape, we are taught to accept cynicism.
That's the tradeoff you have to accept for the smaller size.
I accept that as a thing that exists in their world.
When the appeals have been completed, we will accept the result.
The big question is whether consumers will accept the new offerings.
They would — they would accept the responsibilities of full U.S. citizenship.
Buyers are not ready to accept the offers, the sources said.
It remains to be seen whether Huawei will accept the apology.
It's made it easier to accept it and to embrace it.
If society doesn't accept me, then I don't fucking need them.
We accept applications from early-stage hardware startups from any country.
Then in 53 the Red Cross announced they'd accept black blood.
It's just not one of my strengths, and I accept this.
I accept this technology will exist, but will it even matter?
I'm learning to accept that anxiety is a part of me.
WADA has yet to determine whether it will accept Russia's explanations.
But, will Mayfield finally accept this new olive branch from Cowherd?
Individuals, too, increasingly seem to accept the need for continuous rebooting.
Clinton will formally accept the nomination in a speech on Thursday.

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