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My wrist hurts.

Welcome to RandomSentenceGen.com – your #1 resource for randomly generated complete sentences. Turn to us whenever traditional writing techniques are not cutting it. Or, stop by our site when you need a little bit of creative inspiration. Our advanced random sentence writing tool allows you to input your wording framework and create helpful sentences and phrases of up to 50 words.

Just plug in a few simple pieces of information and our helpful sentence-generating tool will populate one of 100 million sentences to get you started. The process is easy:

  • Input the word or phrase you would like your random sentence to focus on.
  • Choose a level of formality, either formal from news publications or general.
  • Decide if your sentence should be declarative (.), interrogative (?), or exclamative (!).
  • Select from four types of sentence structures: simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex.
  • Pick a sentence length of up to 50 words.
  • Then allow our tool to generate a random sentence that expertly uses all your parameters. Simply keep generating until a sentence catches your attention.

Once your random sentence has been generated it is yours to use as you like. Save it into your document, copy and paste it into your social media post, or simply archive it for inspiration! The uses are limitless but do not stop with just one random sentence; feel free to keep generating any time you need an idea.

In addition to the 100 million sentences we collected from well-known news publications, we have also integrated the most advanced AI, which we call AI Sentence Robot. Although we have 100 million sentences, when you input two or three irrelevant words (phrases), you still can't find the sentences containing these words (phrases) at the same time. We know this well, so we created the AI sentence robot, which can generate sentences according to any words you input. These sentences generated by the robot are not crude, but are generated after understanding the meaning and usage of the words. In other words, it is no different from the sentences written by humans.

As an added benefit, the generator will include helpful definitions, synonyms, and antonyms of basic words. See another word or phrase you like? Simply click anything from the list and your new randomly generated sentence list will populate! Our free random sentence generator tool will soon be your favorite go-to writing resource.

Endless Random Sentence Possibilities

Writer’s block happens frequently. Use our random sentence generator to give your brain a boost! Stop searching for inspiration to start your work, let our tool think of it for you. You can use the random sentence generator in so many ways. Consider the following ideas:

1. Inspiration for introductions, body copy, and conclusions

Stimulating your creative writing juices has never been easier than with the help of randomsentencegen.com. Generate a list of random sentences to help your imagination when opening or closing your writing pieces. Or, get a productivity boost when you are stuck in the middle of writing a passage. Maybe you are a daily blogger and just cannot think of today’s topic – our tool can help! Simply set your criteria, generate random sentences, and your mind will come alive with ideas.

2. Marketing, social media, and branding

Are you looking for brand names, domains, or slogans? Try generating random sentences during your ideation phase of a start-up. This online writing tool can suggest names, places, and concepts you have never considered before. Wanting to shake up your brand’s social media account? Try posting a random sentence to gain reactions from your followers.

3. Creative games for children

Children are just learning about the world and love fun word games. Randomsentencegen.com allows you to build Jeopardy questions, BINGO games, and more from our 100 million sentences and phrases. Kids will enjoy building their knowledge of the English language through your use of the tool’s helpful parameters. Easily teach them about sentence structure by comparing declarative, interrogative, and exclamatory sentences.

4. Diary and journal prompts

Writing in your diary every day is a wonderful activity, but getting started can be frustrating. It is easy to stare at your blank journal page and have nothing come to mind. Drop by randomsentencegen.com and prompt your diary or journal entries whenever you need that creative spark. A random sentence can remind you of a fun memory or an interesting debate you would like to have. The possibilities are endless.

5. Test questions

Writing test questions can be challenging, but with the help of our random sentence generator, your productivity will increase. We know you are the expert and understand how test questions should be structured, but sometimes you need to add a bit of context to them. That is where our state-of-the-art online sentence generator tool comes in. Set up your parameters to meet the needs of your test question, like subject, sentence formality, and length. The writing tool will generate helpful options that can add color to your test question design and get you back to work.

6. Learn and teach new words and phrases

If English is not your first language, you might be looking for a simple way to learn new words and phrases. Generating random sentences can be an excellent free tool to help you master the English language! Discovering fresh topics from news publications and generally spoken phrases is a great way to be exposed to everyday language. If you are teaching English to non-English speakers, consider randomsentencegen.com when creating sentences for your curriculum. Your students will love the variety!

Regardless of how you choose to use the random sentences you create here at randomsentencegen.com, your creativity and productivity will skyrocket. Our site is free to use and allows you to save your favorite sentences for easy access right on your screen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I copy and paste what I generate from your site?

Yes! Feel free to use any random sentence you create on our site. Please copy and paste them into projects, save them to files, or post them to social media. The uses are endless.

What is a complete sentence?

A complete sentence must have a subject and a predicate. For a simple example, “The apple fell.” The apple is the subject and the fell is the predicate. The subject is acting therefore it is complete. A more complex example would be, “Mother needs a car.” There, we see three elements of a complete sentence; Mother is the subject, needs is the verb, and the car is the object. Together, the verb and the object create the predicate.

How are random sentences created?

Our writing tool was not created by a computer program. Rather, they are retrieved from a database of fifty million different random sentences based on the defined length, structure, type, and formality you set.

Is every English word and phrase available in your random sentence generator?

No, unfortunately, it would not make sense to include every word and phrase in the tool. The average person does not know or use that many words or phrases. We have finely tuned the online random sentence generation tool to be helpful to the most amount of people possible.

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