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"character" Definitions
  1. [countable] a person or an animal in a book, play or film
  2. character actor/part/role, etc. a particular type of person in a play, film or TV show
  3. [countable, usually singular] all the qualities and features that make a person different from others
  4. [uncountable] (approving) strong personal qualities such as the ability to deal with difficult or dangerous situations
  5. [countable, usually singular, uncountable] the way that something is; a particular quality or feature that a thing, an event or a place has synonym nature
  6. [uncountable] (usually approving) the interesting or unusual quality that a place or a person has
  7. [countable] (informal) (used with an adjective) a person, particularly an unpleasant or strange one
  8. [countable] (informal) an interesting or unusual person
  9. [countable, uncountable] (formal) the opinion that people have of you, particularly of whether you can be trusted or relied on
  10. [countable] a letter, sign, mark or symbol used in writing, in printing or on computers

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"character" Synonyms
nature personality constitution make-up temperament cast disposition individuality attributes complexion persona stamp essence ethos identity mentality psyche psychology spirit tone reputation name position standing status credibility good name honor(US) honour(UK) image prestige repute stature acceptability cachet eminence fame mark note odor(US) letter symbol sign figure type device cypher(UK) cipher(US) hieroglyph rune icon ikon emblem glyph grapheme monogram number numeral logo part role protagonist lead person antagonist bit hero heroine impersonation personification portrayal villain dramatis personae appearance guise representation performance act integrity rectitude uprightness decency goodness honesty morality probity righteousness rightness virtue virtuousness moral fiber(US) moral fibre(UK) moral strength will power firmness of purpose backbone courage fortitude grit guts resolution bravery determination pluck resolve spine strength toughness dauntlessness gumption gutsiness bottle tenacity heart individual sort being man mortal party personage soul cookie creature customer fellow guy thing bod human being woman eccentric oddity original crank oddball card flake nut madcap case crackpot individualist kook nonconformist nutcase nutter one quiz screwball weirdo appeal charisma charm attractiveness atmosphere magnetism attraction likableness pleasantness dynamism presence force of personality strength of personality powers of attraction comedian comic joker jester wag humorist wit jokester clown droll gagster farceur buffoon prankster wisecracker gagman gagger fool funnyman ilk kind class variety order species genre category breed group style strain classification brand family description manner texture surface weave grain feel finish fabric consistency fiber(US) fibre(UK) quality warp woof composition feeling makeup structure touch balance celebrity somebody force leader luminary notability notable celeb megastar standout star actor trouper player performer thespian entertainer artiste artist actress thesp mummer Thespian theatrical extra ham histrionic luvvy heavyweight bigwig honcho biggie heavy kingpin kahuna nob kingfish nabob nawab big nibs wheel bigfoot dignitary VIP principal agonist combatant leading role leading lady main character leading man title role central character principal character central participant chief character chief participant situation circumstances state condition plight standpoint place scenario scene affairs ballgame instance mode posture sitch stage tribute testimonial recommendation reference commendation credential endorsement certificate character reference letter of recommendation credentials certification good word certificate of competence backing defence(UK) defense(US) papers warrant pictograph drawing picture primitive writing pictogram ideogram hieroglyphic strong-mindedness certainty clarity confidence decisiveness independence intelligence strength of character compassion sympathy humanity tenderness understanding kindness empathy pity benevolence charity kindliness love affection concern feelings goodwill humanitarianism mercy extrovert socializer mingler socialite befriender mixer backslapper sociable person gregarious person glad-hander party animal social butterfly live one live wire outgoing person life of the party life and soul of the party assertive person people person social adept curiosity curio rarity novelty phenomenon wonder marvel maverick peculiarity abnormality exotic misfit objet oddment quirk sight spectacle mystique fascination allure magic glamour(UK) mystery mysteriousness enchantment spell glamor(US) aura romance awe secretiveness attitude air of mystery air of secrecy and sign and ampersand dignity decorum majesty courtliness grandeur stateliness grace loftiness nobleness propriety respectability solemnity composure formality impressiveness poise regality regalness regard instinct intuition insight sense inclination tendency predisposition proclivity impulse propensity nose faculty urge leaning penchant savvy aptitude knack proneness values principles virtues tenets moral principles ethics standards morals ideals beliefs code mores credo moral code moral values code of behavior(US) code of behaviour(UK) code of conduct upbringing rearing breeding care education raising training nurture cultivation tending background childhood fostering teaching upkeep bringing up bringing-up paideia early life breast core bones bosom gut belly heartstrings blood inside quick emotions sentiments thoughts mind freethinker free spirit independent rebel sceptic(UK) skeptic(US) outsider radical dissenter dissident heretic nonbeliever renegade beatnik bohemian will drive commitment self-control self-discipline self-restraint self-mastery single-mindedness aim dedication doggedness purpose purposefulness resoluteness characterise(UK) characterize(US) describe depict portray define represent paint designate present illustrate sketch show render delineate express draw More
"character" Antonyms
notoriety infamy ignominy ingloriousness disesteem ill repute disrepute disrespect dishonor(US) dishonour(UK) discredit stigma disfavor(US) disfavour(UK) shame bad name bad reputation unimportance disapproval disregard word term expression setting environment scene backdrop environs context set surrounds ambient circumstances landscape deceit immorality wickedness crookedness crookery deceitfulness deception dishonesty iniquity corruption evil dishonourableness badness decadence improbity unscrupulousness deceptiveness evildoing underhandedness cozenage cowardice fear spinelessness cowardliness cravenness poltroonery meekness fearfulness gutlessness dastardliness spiritlessness timorousness timidity wimpiness wimpishness cowardness recreancy mousiness faintheartedness softness android cyborg robot bot humanoid droid machine computer automaton automation bionic person mechanical device mechanical person average joe revoltingness foulness grossness offensiveness repugnance abhorrence repulsiveness vileness hideousness unpleasantness animal plant nonhuman beast creature abstract inanimate non-anthropoid wild thing lower animal sane person body happiness upset wrath physicality conformity likeness normality sameness similarity usualness standard dislike hatred hate uniformity regularity inability whole abnormality conformist humiliation scar stain odium reproach besmirchment black mark disgrace lost face mark onus slur taint other nonself normal normal person normal guy normal girl number speech usual regular typical norm disadvantage weakness incompetence lowliness inadequacy ineptness impotence lack collectivism statism opposition outside exterior surface appearance front exteriority top bass blockage reality being ignorance contrary opposite converse inverse antithesis quiet silence bird sheila nonfeature missing element nobody noncelebrity commoner letter immortal god deity divinity goddess avatar daemon numen celestial celestial being demigoddess divine being supreme being nonactor audience fan one part individual figment fabrication concept manifestation notion imagining personification instantiation image nonentity commonality parallel resemblance commonalty similitude lightweight nothing shrimp twerp whippersnapper zero zilch unknown bore drip misery nudnik drag snooze snore annoyance bother pain waste of time yawn alien extraterrestrial space invader mess hodgepodge jumble disarrangement clutter disorganisation(UK) disorganization(US) mishmash muddle minor character defeatism despair despondency fatalism negativity pessimism resignation cynicism dejection dubiousness indifference nihilism disbelief dispiritedness doubt unwillingness depression discouragement negativeness absence nonexistence misrepresentation killjoy grouch grinch sourpuss pessimist moaner mope miserabilist party-pooper prude damper party pooper vulnerability sensitivity vulnerableness liability helplessness susceptibility defenselessness inaptitude incapability incapableness incapacity defensiveness hypersensitivity oversensitivity susceptibleness touchiness nothingness void emptiness nihility nullity blankness object entity thing substance matter mass blank written account written record inhumanity heartlessness barbarism inhumanness coldheartedness ruthlessness mercilessness sadism pitilessness savagery barbarity malevolence barbarousness callousness cruelness savageness bloodthirstiness hardheartedness harshness cold-bloodedness introvert wallflower shrinking violet back leaving rear presence spirit conscience essence existence actuality subsistence pneuma subconscious criticism disapprobation censure deprecation volume ordinariness commonness conventionality habitualness naturalness typicality commonplaceness standardness normalcy unremarkableness honesty personality simplicity truth experience development education exposure insight practice training expertise hindsight involvement knowledge skill skills learning proficiency wisdom brain detachment impartiality neutrality objectivity disinclination reason generalize(US) generalise(UK) make a sweeping statement take a broad view distort confuse bend twist manipulate misrepresent obscure hide alter skew spin warp misconstrue mix up decategorize declassify decompartmentalize disband disorganize copy duplicate plagiarise(UK) plagiarize(US) replicate reproduce copycat imitate mimic mirror simulate clone counterfeit photocopy trace parrot

535 Sentences With "character"

How to use character in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "character" and check conjugation/comparative form for "character". Mastering all the usages of "character" from sentence examples published by news publications.

A flawed character, a magnificent character, a genuine character, you name it.
"When they don't, it's because we don't begin with character, character, character," he said.
It is all about character: Mr. Trump's character (or lack thereof), and the character of our nation.
And you'll see a developed character — or at least a developing character — that's showing some complex character traits.
"I play a character on MOM, I play a character in movies, but I also play a public character," Faris said.
It could be where a character is heading or the direction of a character or the way a character is behaving.
"I play a character on Mom, I play a character in movies, but I also play a public character," she said.
"I play a character on MOM, I play a character in movies, but I also play a public character," Faris said.
Additionally, Rauch's character recently had a baby with Helberg's character.
Kim: Tiffany's character was kind of the most sensible character.
It doesn't make her character less artistic than his character.
Could it be that Erik's character is actually a character?
The character I created, not the character of a man.
To have her character, not just her character in the movie, but her character missing from that very small unit is a tragedy.
"High Maintenance," on the other hand, ambles from character to character.
CHARACTER 2: I did [the thing character 1 is talking about].
Then again, I didn't know what his non-character character was.
It's tough to build a character study around an unconvincing character.
But we don't know her character, we don't know his character.
It is not about a political character but our national character.
"I created a character, it's a fictional character," Mr. Meklat said.
They don't make the connection between personal character and public character.
Caitlyn Jenner's character in Amazon's Transparent isn't really a character at all!
For Govan, layering politics into the film was done character by character.
Let's look at season three, character by character — and beware, spoilers follow.
Also, Kaitlyn's character is not the only gay character in the film.
Efron's character is named Phillip Carlyle, and Zendaya's character is Anne Wheeler.
It was the character Elyse, not the character played by Ellen Barkin.
The play's title character is indeed a character – that is, a letter.
It's a great character builder but more importantly, a great character revealer.
Mr. Macy's character markets the device and makes Mr. Martin's character rich.
Personal character was no longer considered a meaningful indicator of political character.
According to nachorykaart's infographic, GOT features six more main-character deaths than TWD, nine more side-character deaths, and even 385 more background-character deaths.
Barry is a character study before it's anything else, and character studies eventually reach a point where there's nothing left in the character to study.
A one-minute monologue is character A, whoever you want character A to be, it can be an impersonation, it can be a character you created.
You're this epic character, but you're an epic character in a losing battle.
It all comprises what he calls "a psychological character study," himself the character.
That means in four episodes, this character will catch up with that character.
Your character and Christina Hendricks' character have such different notions about being parents.
The character -- a version of the character from "Billions," not quite that successful.
And though I was lauded for not breaking character, my character was broken.
And also in using nature as a character, using setting as a character.
Uzo Aduba's character feels like the only fully adult character in the film.
If they hit a character in the right spot, the character will fall.
It meant the unity of story with character, of character with star persona.
For example, he created the Drunk Salesman character and the character Gary MacDonald.
The character became Detective Munch's partner after Michele Hurd's character left the show.   
"I'm not questioning your character, you're questioning my father's character," Don Jr. replied.
She added a character and dropped a significant character from the earlier version.
Strength in and of itself typically isn't a character but a character trait.
That doesn't mean we're judging the character; I have to humanize the character.
Each city has its own character, and I try to follow its character.
A bizarro character is an explicit "take" on a character we already know.
Say there was a character in Game of Thrones — a character who got lots of kills, a character who even made that rare "coming back from the dead" score, a character who has taken up plenty of screen time this year.
That's the mark of a great character, whether that character is a real person or a fictional one, and as a character study, What Happened, Miss Simone?
"There's two sides to Trump's character, at least his pre-presidential character," Fahrenthold said.
" Reines: "True" Halperin: "we could make you the kennedy character or the mills character.
Can you say anything about how your character, Jane, interacts with Meryl Streep's character?
Recent work on the character hasn't shied away from the contradictions of Batman's character.
If a writer loathes their character, I don't think the character is very interesting.
Your character is not the main character — but you still have your own arc.
A good character has imperfections, but a great character is not defined by them.
Any time a mentally ill character is not attractive, when is that character saved?
The character Ryan, who's played wonderfully by Zach Mendez, is not a perfect character.
Her character was a love interest of the character Chachi, played by Scott Baio.
You know, we knew that people loved that character, [and] we love that character.
"The character of a nation is not the character of its president," Warren said.
Relevance to character: Does the scene reinforce or reveal anything specific about the character?
"When there is a black character, it's clearly a black character," Mr. McNeil said.
But we lost a big character — a female character — how do we honor it?
Jim Rash's character makes a quip about his ex-wife, not David Koechner's character.
"Your set feels just like a character—a living, breathing character," Krakowski told Rockwell.
One character will be one color and another character will be a different color.
I guess it can fit the character but– Austin: It could fit the character!
This led to the birth of Unicode, which allows for more bits per character, and makes room for thousands more character (including emoji) represented as a single character.
The Doctor is a beacon of goodness, and that's why he can survive all these different permutations — an abrasive character or an avuncular character or a strange character.
"We call it character," Mr. Hammel said, noting that options include "clear" (no knots), "light character" (a few smaller knots) and "character-grade" (the most, and largest, knots).
"You're spending two-and-a-half hours with this many characters, so then adding in some character that the audience has no relationship to, having to explain the backstory of that character, making you care about that character, making Thanos care about that character, making that character interesting to the other characters … " He trailed off, shaking his head.
"He wouldn't talk to me because my in-game character was not the right race, and his in-game character was racist against my in-game character," Groen says.
His character Khal Drogo was a prominent character when the HBO show premiered that year.
"Isla's character, as the wife of the inside story, represents Amy's character," the director says.
Warburton's character on the sitcom was the sometimes boyfriend of Julia Louis-Dreyfus' character Elaine.
Benny is in character freaking out and I'm in character too and I slapped him.
We're all in agreement that any character Keanu Reeves plays is an aspirational character, right?
The character knowledge of the previous game pollutes the character knowledge of the next one.
But that's not how character works — or, at least, that's not how character should work.
Choosing "easy" meant your character was white, while "very difficult" meant your character was black.
On character trait after character trait, large majorities of the public gave Trump poor ratings.
The resulting tornado of psychological carnage moves from character to character like a biblical plague.
If your character kills off a Tier 5 character, you have a higher multiplier vs.
They've been touting their first openly gay character and applauding Belle as a feminist character.
The situation brought the character along, and the character defined what it could do best.
Mainframe is also "an alternate character" stemming from another Marvel character, Vision, according to
I'm a character actor, so I need character traits until I'm actually playing a robot.
He's a complicated character and he's not necessarily a benign character but he was fun.
Don't play the five roles in front of the character, just play that actual character.
"I really needed to understand the character better to perform the character properly," Chen said.
Ms. Howard's character has been given a cliché-book upgrade to generic Strong Female Character.
They defined our national character and the forces at play that create that national character.
Very much so — a different character completely because we reshot the pilot with this character.
"What does character development even mean if a viewer is modifying the character?" he said.
The character interactions were as fun as you'd think but there wasn't enough character development.
Very much so — a different character completely because we reshot the pilot with this character.
The laboratory's character network visualization software is able to tease out each individual character interaction.
I wrote a bisexual character, I wrote about ... a lesbian character, I had gay characters.
Ten years later, Bardem's character finds Theron's character to try to rekindle their lost love.
Of course, Odysseus is not the only character, and also not the only character that the narrator seems to care about, not the only character with a very distinctive voice, a very distinctive perspective, not the only character who has some kind of journey.
When I read a character like Frodo Baggins, I just can't get lost in that chapter, or love that character or believe in that character, because what's Frodo's biggest flaw?
Like changing the lead character from Selina Kyle, a beloved character from comics, film, and TV, to Patience Phillips, an entirely new and unrelated character invented just for this movie.
The difficulty with a character like Fred Rogers is he's in many ways a quintessential two-dimensional character, in the popular conception, with no dramatic tension and no character development.
It shows the Trump character smiling and easily holding the Bloomberg character at arm's length as the diminutive Bloomberg character desperately tries to swipe at him with a light sabre.
His character in License to Wed, Reverend Frank, is essentially that character in feature film form.
In Our Souls at Night, the dynamic of my character to his character was somewhat similar.
The main character is Kylie, and the main supporting character is her bestie, model Jordyn Woods.
I tried to design every character like they were the main character in their own book.
It was "about the character of our state and the character of our people," he said.
She was accused of whitewashing the character, which was based off of a Japanese manga character.
"She's not this stoic, perfect, one-dimensional female character," Deutch told Teen Vogue of her character.
Ironically, Weil's HTGAWM character Bonnie has actually had a complicated romantic storyline with Weber's character Frank.
It's such a sophisticated, three-dimensional character and what the character goes through is so amazing.
It's a good juxtaposition of a Jesse character or a Jimmy character, bachelor, a sweet kid.
"We are the main character even if we're not critically embodying the main character," Unseld said.
Sports Illustrated regular Kelly Rohrbach plays the Pamela Anderson character, though "character" is a generous description.
Why is this character so special, or that character so driven to do something so difficult?
Even if another character casts a spell on your character, you decide what effect it has.
Update: Edited to reflect that Ian McShane's character was undrafted character Septon Ray, not Septon Meribald.
This time, the modern character who's always troubled him is joined by a character from 2019.
During the scene, C.K.'s character kisses Adlon's character, an advance she doesn't seem to want.
My character had actually been quite popular, what we call in show business a breakout character.
Aniston plays a character named Debbie who is a doctor and friends with Tripplehorn's character, Gwen.
Even if another character casts a spell on your character, you decide what effect it has.
The tech behind each character is as important as their costumes for filling out their character.
I just wanted to look like a videogame character or an anime character or some shit.
The actor Ping Chong's character that we worked on was really like a composite dictator character.
"I've became much more interested in character, especially the malleable character of young people," he said.
Whatever character you are, you can kinda mold your reaction to what that character would do.
Héloïse's character is much more restrained, even though she is an aristocratic woman, than Marianne's character.
" On another occasion, he explained that José was "not a Latin character" but "a universal character.
That's not just Cruz's character — it's part of the character of the conservative Republicanism he represents.
I had a character — Gary in the story; Ian Donnelly, Jeremy Renner's character in the film.
He became a supporting character in a failed spin-off about a more interesting supporting character.
If you are more interested in the arts, the Character Art School: Complete Character Drawing and Character Art School: Complete Coloring and Painting classes could help you realize your artistic potential.
"We are adding a character boost at the character screen [that lets you start a new character right at the level cap]," Taylor said, echoing the original Destiny's "Spark of Light" consumable.
But the power of that empathy is also part of his character, and why his character is destined to play a role in the world that no other character could possibly play.
Jon was clearly the main character, the true main character along with Daenerys, after Ned is killed.
Character assassination As we saw in 2020, character assassination will be at the heart of Trump's enterprise.
"I actually got really lucky because my character is kind of a new character," the actor said.
In "Sense8", empathy involves more than just one character momentarily doing the things another character normally does.
That, I think, told her as much about the character as the script or the character backstory.
So let's break this finale down character by character, saving the best, Midge Maisel, naturally, for last.
She had too often been a character who was acted upon, rather than a character who acted.
Marlon Brando's character, Paul, rapes actress Maria Schneider's character, Jeanne, using a stick of butter as lubricant.
We see a character, cut to what the character sees, then back to see the character's reaction.
I can sing, I can sing in character, I can read music, I can create character voices.
My problem with the Ofelia character is that she hasn't been allowed to be an actual character.
Word is, they play Stormtroopers who appear alongside Tom Hardy's character while guarding John Boyega's character, Finn.
How has it been to see your character do these out of character things in season 3?
Adversity supposedly reveals character, but David Stern's character is best revealed by his endless list of adversaries.
But the most important addition is making Link a playable character, a character with transformative gameplay mechanics.
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend refuses to sacrifice a character for a joke or a character for a song.
To give a character PTSD is inherently tragic, especially when it's a "golden boy" character like Thor.
We saw the sales of any character that was diverse, any character that was new, our female characters, anything that was not a core Marvel character, people were turning their nose up against.
"The arc that the character goes through," she said when asked what she loved most about the character.
The character is named Mini-Maui, after Johnson's demigod character Maui, and he's a tattoo — an animated tattoo.
The character she's interacting with is a meme character called ISIS-chan, who is usually drawn eating melon.
The character that Glenn Close plays reminded me a little of the character Tilda Swinton plays in Okja.
Lena Headey's character was voted both extremely evil and extremely beautiful; a character that upended the usual correlation.
New employee is like your perspective character, new employee is like the player character in a way, right?
Each character he meets shares an anecdote about Early College Troy, a character we didn't meet last season.
I become the character and as the character I visit the locations of the story many, many times.
And, yes, Callis played a major character in 12 Monkeys's third season and is back as said character.
" Character is key: "People follow people they respect... you must aspire to be men and women of character.
I also really connected to my character, she was really different from any character I've ever played before.
GT: That character started to develop, we knew we wanted to do a Pied Piper-type of character.
The peripheral character, often slightly quirkier than the protagonist, has a freedom that the main character can't afford.
In the sequel, Shum character will have an expanded role as the love interest of a major character.
She was a supporting character in Gotham and now that she's in Coney Island she's her own character.
"Donald Trump really has the character of God" -- Trump supporters defend their candidate and his character https://t.
He went through the story character by character and narrated what he imagined each one to be thinking.
I've photographed a lot of actors who develop a character internally and externally, and they are that character.
ZEES don't indicate a cartoon character nodding yes; they indicate a character nodding off, as in sleeping (Zzzz).
Ducournau demonizes neither character — even when Justine starts sampling human flesh — or any other character in her film.
Few could conceive that a character who lacks character would get the chance to sit in that seat.
Diaz's character Amanda moves into Winslet's character Iris' Cotswolds cottage, while Iris moves into Amanda's Los Angeles mansion.
Once they've invented or designed their character, that character will tell them what he can and cannot do.
Eventually, Reynolds&apos character, named Guy, realizes that he&aposs a non-player character in a video game.
With grace and finesse, Rieger (whose previous novel was "The Divorce Papers") swings effortlessly from character to character.
" CHANGES "There is no Grace Kelly character, and the character in the wheelchair is a completely different creation.
In the trailer, however, her character serves to defend Reynolds' character, who can't fight to save his life.
"A character assassination based solely on innuendo was launched against me attacking my credentials and character," she said.
Since the character Okja is a computer generated character, what was the stand-in for her on set?
On the episode titled "The One With the Rumor," Pitt&aposs character hates Aniston&aposs character, Rachel Green.
Combining the character of one place with the character of another, is fundamental to a lot of art.
It's doesn't have much character to it, but that in and of itself has a lot of character.
For two seasons, I kept forgetting that the twins were played by one person, let alone one person acting like one character pretending to be the other character pretending to be the first character.
He's a very big character for Rick, a very big character for Carl, even in the premiere, obviously ... He's loosely based on a smaller character from the comic that people might eventually figure out.
The character who reads generally feels themselves to be inferior to the political character — but there's also a sense that the political character is naive and will have to learn to temper their expectations.
An episode on deaths in sitcoms focuses on three types of death: the death of love for a character, a change of actor playing a character and the death of a character within the plot.
The machine is built around glyphs, or a specific instance of a character, and can recognize a person's specific character choices, texture, the inter-character ligatures (the joining-up between letters), and vertical and spacing.
There's [a secondary character on] "The Bold Type," there's a queer Muslim character on "American Gods," but as a lead character who is number one on the call sheet — that's what I want to see.
He was the adolescent version of Don Ameche's character in "Sins of Man" (19834), and of Ricardo Cortez's character in "The Californian" (21951), and of Tyrone Powers's character in "In Old Chicago" (21945), among others.
Interestingly, Harbour's character in Stranger Things 3 butted heads quite a bit with an ill-fated character named Alexei.
We have your definitive, character-by-character guide to the best and worst looks from Naboo to Starkiller Base.
Coincidentally, Carrey's character — Jeff Pickles, the host of an iconic children's TV series — dates Gonzaga's character on the show.
The Chinese character for "gold" on the restaurant sign was the same character used to depict the word Kim.
A character using a they pronoun doesn't just have access to every gender portrait, but every character trait, too.
Every character interaction is slow, deliberate, and experienced—complex character arcs are actually given the time to feel complex.
But your character is 13 and Timothy Hutton's character, who is in his twenties, falls in love with you!
Once you make a character for Online, you can't change their appearance unless you make an entirely new character.
Fallon's character is singing to win Strong's character back after he dragged an innocent man off a United flight.
When any kind of transformation happens in terms of a character, your face starts to morph into that character.
Munn says his short scene in the film — one where his character hits on Munn's character — was eventually cut.
I thought that the main character in that is a character you don't get to see a lot of.
We wrote the jungle like a female character, in part because there wasn't a female character in the film.
Half of Efron's character is a running physical gag revolving around character reactions to his muscular, frequently shirtless body.
Maggie Wheeler, who played the iconic character Janice Litman on Friends, doesn't sound anything like her comedy series character.
"Imagine if, in our office, the trash can has a character or the printer has a character," Yun says.
"It's nice to have a character that is a strong, interesting character and also be a woman," he said.
Ms. Swinton will play a character that was originally male, and Chiwetel Ejiofor a character that was originally white.
Huddleston's character was millionaire Jeffrey Lebowski -- same name but very different lifestyle from Bridges' character, Jeff "The Dude" Lebowski.
But test audiences reacted poorly to the character, finding her too harsh, and the character was recast and softened.
Joe: How much does, when designing this, did Zach's actual character of his face play into making the character?
In "Orange is the New Black," for example, the character Pennsatucky is basically the only white working-class character.
To get the character in the story, director Gareth Edwards hired English actor Guy Henry to voice the character.
In it, MacKay's character Lutz calls out for Stendberg's character, Leyna, who is a prisoner in a concentration camp.
For Cortana (initially a video-game character in Halo), Microsoft asked the game studio to help define her character.
At one point, for example, Cube's character yells "Fuck The Police" at Adam Scott's character, breaking the fourth wall.
The "Kingdom of Long Beach," as you would say, is almost as much of a character as any character.
"Naomi is coming, and the good thing is she has a good character, a very cute character," Matsuoka said.
He's the one character whose present-day storyline has plenty of room for both plot development and character growth.
Since the premiere, we've seen character after character weigh in on whether technology is enhancing or destroying modern life.
The book fans; the comics fans; the plot sticklers; the explanation-wanters; Team This Character and Team That Character.
His character falls in love with a female character, Champa, first on Page 3 and repeatedly until Page 343.
A "likable" character — and her stepsister, a "relatable" character — is, for some readers, a sine qua non of enjoyability.
A page of his character sketches shows the evolution of Alley Oop and his approach to drawing the character.
The Ukraine mess would have been out of character for Obama, while it is entirely in character for Trump.
Sanders believes that money distorts a politician's character; Clinton experiences this view as an attack on her particular character.
Never have I wanted to reach out and hug a character more than I did the main character, Jude.
And also, DJ, the character that they met, for the purposes of Finn's character, had to be a morally ambiguous character that you're not sure about, that you're guessing about, and we already know that we love the character of Lando so it just wouldn't have played in that part story-wise.
At the end of the show's cold open on Saturday, Alec Baldwin broke character as Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump character to apologize to Kate McKinnon, who was in character as Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.
Ross was 8 years old when he played Jonah the matchmaker between Tom's character, Sam, and Meg Ryan's character, Annie.
"A character death is the redemption of a ticket that you bought when you created the character," says Grillo-Marxuach.
Imagine hopping from character to character, the reactions and thoughts coming hot and heavy as they move through the action.
So here's Nintendo's A-team producing a game with its biggest character in the genre that character is known for.
Actor Josh Gad's character in the film, LeFou, briefly dances with another male character at the end of the movie.
The character was heavily inspired by Bowie's character Thomas Jerome Newton in the film The Man Who Fell to Earth.
Billed as a game management tool, D&D Beyond has an official rules compendium, a character builder and character sheet.
Her character Dina is brash, bold, rude, and messy, and Haddish commits to the character every step of the way.
He points to character of Dexter Deshawn from the demo, a gangster kind of character who gives you a job.
Fittingly, the Chinese character for such shells, once used as currency in ancient China, appears in the character for treasure.
"There's no character out there quite like Venom; he's the most awesome character in Marvel history," said director Ruben Fleischer.
You spoke at New York Comic Con about how Jazz was initially a side character, but became the main character.
Cole Sprouse knows his character can be insufferable — and he thinks that makes him more relatable as a teen character.
In Mortal Engines, a CG character named Shrike seems like a likely candidate for the same approach to character generation.
But it's also this comedic character that I've been developing for the last four years, this character of an alien.
So is it safe to say that you were once a white hat character that became a black hat character?
Trivia: Fanning's character is the grandson of a character played by Susan Sarandon, who was also a spokeswoman for L'Oreal.
Though the character Major is a robot, the original manga and anime both used a Japanese character for the role.
Passed carefully from character to character, this information will no doubt become even more important in the final three episodes!
"I was the only character who got to do that," Westwick said of his character getting a fulfilling story arc.
After all, Martin Freeman's character makes a great analogue to Macy's, and Allison Tolman's character lines up nicely with McDormand's.
"This is a man of extraordinary character in a moment when we need more character, and incredible courage," Biden said.
From there, he wrote code that organizes dialogue by character and then ranks each character by number of words spoken.
As fans of "Hamilton" know, this character does some ferocious rhyming as a friend and ally of the title character.
He was a popular TV character, and it's pro wrestling and it's not the policy, it's him as a character.
Into this setting comes the novel's title character, although whether he is a character or not isn't clear at first.
Your character just wants a normal life—but that is the only thing under heaven that your character cannot have.
I thought it was not only an interesting female character, but I thought Paul Rust's character was really fascinating too.
No matter which character became the default character, they'd be doing the same things, and they would probably be hated.
In the movie, the home belonged to Cameron Diaz's character, who swapped houses with Kate Winslet's character for Christmas vacation.
That's Main Character's Sister, and that's Character Whom Main Character Used to Date Years Ago but Now They Work Together.
They might be asked to role-play, picking a character out of a hat and leading an auction in character.
Indeed, the old character men, the great noble everymen, have been replaced by character women who are also undeniable stars.
It taught me that getting a reader to love a character and hate a character are both huge, worthy tasks.
And the character flaws of the party end up being echoed by the character flaws of its most prominent members.
As a writer, I know that I write about a minor character differently from how I do my main character.
Although her character, Winnie, has most of the dialogue, there is another character; it is not a "one-woman play."
You know you have a character that's working when the crew can't wait till the character gets on the set.
Her character Magda was employed as a housekeeper and a nanny by the character Miranda Hobbes, played by Cynthia Nixon.
Whitehall can play whatever character he wants, although this may not be the gay character that anyone should deem groundbreaking.
It popped her to be that manga character, but to be able to sit next to a live-action character.
While the character&aposs disability is not skirted around, it&aposs also not the beginning and end of his character.
"He's a mystery character, he's a magical character, he has no background, and then he goes," Lucas said of Yoda.
It showed the character Wun Wun, played by Ian Whyte — not Mag the Mighty, the character played by Mr. Fingleton.
And then the main character of "Split" is the kinetic, pyrotechnic character that's violent, scary, funny and weird — and threatening.
Since Ms. Roberts's character is constantly worrying about her son, it's a wonder Mr. Wilson's character is always so carefree.
It's great talk, but the plots, he'll introduce a character on page 290 who will suddenly become the main character.
"This is a rather unique character hack," wrote Sonic Retro as it deliberated the Knuckles Trophy for Best New Character.
It's really tempting, but at the same time the character is established, and that character is not Trump, you know?
"[Being gay] is not the main thing that defines her character," Mackie told the BBC of her character, Bill Potts.
The 20-odd corny, zany, iodized salt-of-the-earth townsfolk are all played by Mr. Heller and Mr. Souhrada, though really mostly by Mr. Souhrada, whose ability to veer from character to character to character risks whiplash.
In the exclusive clip above, Spencer's character Zelda and Hawkins' character Eliza Esposito, go about their daily work cleaning the facility.
Each character has a light, medium and heavy punch and kick, and they vary whether your character is standing or crouching.
A meme depicting Disney's Aladdin character saying, "You're free now, Genie," in reference to the Williams-voiced Genie character, went viral.
Content of the character Twitter's stretching its 140-character limit, giving us all more room for those "Game of Thrones" spoilers.
Fans are understandably upset that Disney is adding a new character into the mix, and that the new character is white.
For clarity, I'm going to move character by character, marking how each member of Winchester's community made it through the season.
Ahsoka became a favorite character among Diamond Select's employees and so, they decided to create their own version of the character.
I really wanted to get that into her character, and her commitment to being the better, smarter, scarier character of Tag.
How much do you find yourself changing the way you write a character based on an actor's portrayal of that character?
The character is mysterious and he's dark and he's sort of a fringe character, he's very different from who I am.
The new teaser shows Bana in character as Meehan, as Meehan attempts to get into character as a loving, romantic boyfriend.
It's great to be able to play a character that's not an offspring of a male character, if that makes sense.
He has so much depth, and really great character development, especially when compared to Anakin's character arc in the prequel trilogies.
A lot of the time I work from the inside out, like you think about the character and become the character.
GLAAD counted just one character (in "Zoolander 2") in its 2016 report, and said that character existed solely as a punchline.
The TV show's Laura is specifically a Bryan Fuller character, while its Shadow is Bryan Fuller interpreting a Neil Gaiman character.
What's fun about the character this time around is she's in control of what character she slips in and out of.
So if your first character in the sim takes too long escaping, the second character will inherit a much tougher challenge.
So maybe that's why my character—a fresh character—maybe probably didn't step out to the game on the Snatch Game.
It was just the death of a supporting character, a supporting character who hadn't even had a good storyline in years.
Reiser told EW that his character will seem "nebulous" to viewers — you don't know whether or not he's a good character.
Not only does this family sitcom have a gender creative character, that character is deeply loved by his working class family.
I love the way Mike works to create a character very meticulously, over months, so that you really embody this character.
In 85033, the show debuted its first autistic character, Julia, and in 2018 introduced Lily, a character who struggled with homelessness.
This is what character is all about, and nights like tonight are true testaments to the character of this ball club.
Also, my character swears more than any other character, which I think is funny because she's the mother of four children.
Relatedly, people think it's possible that Golding's character was an organ donor and Clarke's character got his heart in a transplant.
Ms. Kroll's team produced 11 more character ads, another 11 special designs for last month's Comic-Con and 11 character videos.
You're not going to see a character in the same way that I see that character because our experiences are different.
Every character—be it a unit type, random NPC, or a named character, is larger than life and bursting with personality.
Do you want a small character with zippy acceleration, or do you want a big character with a higher top speed?
After that, you check character after character—because my Japanese is not great—for a possible translation, based on that context.
If they devote one scene to atmosphere it's a scene lost to character; a scene solely about character may shortchange plot.
Unfortunately, Andrew left out character-on-character collision, so enemies piled onto each other, sprites overlapping like a folded paper doll.
Ambiguity has to come from the inability of the character to know — and the alignment of the audience with that character.
"That's another thing that's really wonderful about being a principal character in this genre and not a supporting character," Goldsberry begins.
At a time when traditional values appeared to be in retreat, character trumped political outlook, and character Lee had in spades.
Belgravia is where Hudgens' character gets married to royalty in A Princess Switch — the same character who watches A Christmas Prince.
"An injury like this is a test of character for anyone, but character is something Luke has plenty of," Ellingworth said.
It seems to focus not on how the character interacts with the world and vice versa, but just on the character.
I have thoroughly enjoyed having seven years to explore who a character is, and it's just quite overwhelming to realize that these are the final throes of your character, and also to see a different side of your character.
" She added, "In a way, character drives plot, because there are some things that a character cannot do, that it would be impossible for them to do, and you realize that when you get to know the character better.
The idea of doing a franchise was exciting — being able to play a character over many installments, the challenge of playing a character who had a built-in fan base, and trying to put my stamp on that character.
What's so beautiful about her character is her seriousness — she doesn't have to be silly — there's a real depth to the character.
The minute things start looking good for a fan-favorite character is the minute fans have to start worrying about that character.
That character would be so violent and so evil that I think it would make the character two-dimensional to do that.
But he will be back in flashbacks, memories and dreams for Nicole Kidman's character Celeste Wright, who was married to Skarsgård's character.
The cast makes my character seem more vulnerable, which maybe makes it funnier that his character is not very gentle toward her.
A character walks onstage, as present as everyone else, and yet he's embodying what's going on in the mind of another character.
When it comes to player characters, I always, always choose to hear the scripted character over the real person piloting the character.
Not every character can be three-dimensional, and a two-dimensional character who does interesting things can be a lot of fun.
World also offers character meals at their Starlight Restaurant, where you're likely to spot your favorite superhero or cartoon character roaming around.
"We wanted to paint the character with an air of mystery so the player could inject morality into the character," Ansell said.
Josie is the name of Turner's character, which means she'll be playing the titular character — a huge boost in visibility for Turner.
Siegel's character is based on Eleanor, but doesn't follow her character arc; she is trapped by the house in different, scarier ways.
The 25-character headline is getting expanded to 30 characters and the 35-character description line is getting upgraded to 80 characters.
In fact, most of Christopher Nolan's films involve a female character being gruesomely killed to further a man's grief-stricken character arc.
Sitting at a typewriter, we are always in the present moment as the carriage trundles forward character by character, line by line.
Midway through Stranger Things 2, returning character Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) actually explains the plot of the first season to a new character.
He relates to his character Just like his voiced-character Miguel, Gonzalez has had dreams of pursuing music since he was young.
Perhaps its most beloved character is Onkel Reje ("Uncle Shrimp"), a sailor-themed character in a red suit with a scruffy beard.
The character looks like an anime doll come to life, or like a Disney character that's just a hair off from normal.
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had called the original 140-character limit an arbitrary result of the 160-character limit for text messaging.
While the character of the country may be on the ballot, though, the character of its politics aren't changing any time soon.
A documentary made by Indian-American filmmaker Hari Kondabolu focusing on Apu's character argued that the character is based on racial stereotypes.
Mr. Dillon also worked on the character Judge Dredd for the British comic book 2000 AD and the Marvel character the Punisher.
During a routine, the game displays a character in the corner modeling the move, while the in-game character reflects your movements.
But if the character of the candidates is an issue in every election, this time is about the character of the country.
A good character, Giles said, has one of two narrative ARCs: It's either A Relatable Character, or it has A Relatable Conflict.
He often seems to understand his presidency as the Donald Trump Show, where he is the main character, perhaps the only character.
I keep shoving that back in people's faces: physical attributes versus character, and hiring a person that's best to play that character.
In Bethesda games, I loved creating my own character—to feel the ownership over what that character will do and eventually become.
"Sharpay was such an awesome character, but at the end of the day it was a character; it wasn't me," Tisdale said.
The dress was worn during the scene in which Kate Winslet's character, Rose, meets Leonardo DiCaprio's character, Jack, for the first time.
"A character assassination based solely on innuendo was launched against me attacking my credentials and character," she said in her resignation letter.
This isn't Witherspoon's most lauded character by any means, but the spirit she intended to capture within the character was beautifully done.
Imbuing that unsavory character with the dopiest of gangster mannerisms, Mr. Depp may remind you of Matt LeBlanc's "Friends" character, Joey Tribbiani.
He broke ground with his character Madea The making of the character Madea helped make Perry the successful mogul he is today.
"I talked to them again about character and what character means," he told me and other reporters following a City Council hearing.
No character who wasn't from those three Great Houses (or who's not a point-of-view character in that first novel) mattered.
The protagonist of "Operation Shylock" is a character named Philip Roth, who is being impersonated by another character, who stole Roth's identity.
While Craig will still portray the titular character, Lynch&aposs character has taken over the iconic number 007 after Bond&aposs retirement.
In creating a character the actress also had to create a back story of her own — for the character that she's playing.
In creating a character the actress also had to create a back story of her own — for the character that she's playing.
Despite Lydia's being a big and broad character, you're careful to keep her from becoming a one-note character or a trope.
Because the character is in the public domain, Sherlock Holmes has inspired numerous works that explore his eccentric and sometimes dark character.
The actor has suggested that the character of Rose in "Titanic" should have ended up with his character, Cal, in the blockbuster film.
Instead of the jarring feeling of a character breaking the fourth wall, the gesture places you within the story as a central character.
The superhero itself made history as the first series about an out gay superhero character with an out character donning the famous costume.
The new service, dubbed D&D Beyond, will feature "a rules compendium, character builder, digital character sheets, and more," according to Wizards' announcement.
Hercules is rumored to be the main character and, if so, would be the first openly gay character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Coach is arguably the best character on the show in the first two seasons, maybe the most purely funny character on the show.
If I couldn't be the hot or smart Asian character or the one-dimensional trans character, then I wouldn't be working at all.
Granted, being power-hungry isn't necessarily in Arya's character, but is Daenerys' suddenly immolating her progress toward the Iron Throne in her character?
Bruly Bouabré's writing system was a 448-character syllabary; each character represents a syllable, as opposed to a letter or words and phrases.
Does it take away from the accomplishment of you know, like portraying a gay character if a straight character is in the roll?
Smith has always been upfront about how his version of the character would differ from Robin Williams', who voiced the character in 1994.
But Jean isn't a character so much as a cosmic ping-pong ball, which is an odd choice for any film's eponymous character.
Tammé (Kia Stevens), who has to continue embodying the racist character of Welfare Queen, sells dolls of her character during a commercial break.
It's when actors transform into their character and react as their character would to certain situations that you get some truly hilarious stuff.
It's almost like the same voice as the "Big Wheel" character, even though the "Big Wheel" character is even more solipsistic, you know?
"Noomi got to soak up Jacqui's personality and her character tics and we were able to put that into Sam's character," Jewson said.
I've seen some people wondering how the film handles a main character who, you know, is not exactly of the finest moral character.
He also thanked actor Ahmed Best for portraying the character while also overcoming strong fan backlash due to their dislike of the character.
I do not think of Sierra as a perfect character or even a likable character in a lot of parts of the movie.
And then you're not bringing in any baggage, any stuff that's gonna make this character the same as the last character you played.
The character of Meg is the main character and her best friend Christine is hopelessly straight and constantly abused by cis straight men.
That's why a character-by-character refresher course ahead of House Of Cards' upcoming final season, premiering on Friday, November 2, is futile.
It's a character, so I don't mind creating this imaginary Nuyorican character — after all, I'm Dominican, but Flaca on OITNB is from Mexico.
Character study Twitter's looking into raising its character limit to 10,000, So you'll have even more room to rail about your slacktivist causes.
Ingold described one character as a cross between, "a Bollywood actress and Hillary Clinton," which, if handled appropriately, could be a stellar character.
While item drops and enemy placements are reset after you've either escaped or perished with your last character, your character upgrades are persistent.
In the past, that character could have been placed next to the main character, you know, saying something sardonic every once in awhile.
In an earlier era, Ilana would have been drawn as either a purely straight main character or a purely gay "sassy" side character.
Perhaps they're just playing in-character, but they're playing a character in a very selfish way and it tends to annoy other players.
Pam Ferris stayed in character as Miss Trunchbull throughout filming She wanted to ensure the children's onscreen reactions to her character were genuine.
They write him like a character they feel they have to instead of like a character they feel is essential to the story.
I can't force a writers' room to be interested in a character just because I am interested in that character as a fan.
Take a look as I do about 20 minutes of that character browsing live on stream: Once you pick a character, that's it.
Over the course of about four years, starting in 1985, it took many animators and character designers to bring the character to life.
Addiction and alcoholism are stigmatized as character flaws, but in reality, one's need to use or drink has nothing to do with character.
"If someone decides to morph John Goodman's character into a dramatic lead, a la Ed Asner's character, you might have something, " he said.
It's an order-of-operations tactics game where one side moves a character, and then the other side gets to move a character.
If a character is essential, you must show her journey more completely than if the character exists in the shadow of a man.
And if you need a quick road map ahead of the season premiere, this character-by-character guide should get you caught up.
As Mr. Brooks points out, Harvard stresses "moral character" in its standards, and Mr. Kashuv seems to be demonstrating the highest moral character.
According to Hamilton's research, he was able to register dozens of names using Latin homoglyphs, basically a character that looks like another character.
Now that you have a list of character and personality traits, think more analytically: What purpose does the character serve on the show?
Because to me, if the character of the candidates is always an issue, this time, this time it's the character of the country.
If you thought this was very out of character for Kylo Ren, it was because it was more in character for Han Solo.
He's also deft at musical character sketches: a growling Mussorgsky-like aria for a Russian character, a glistening Impressionist air for a Frenchman.
The game's "Lord" character, or once they started to appear the player-created main character, gets the lion's share of the narrative focus.
Yes, there's a scene where one character asks, "Aren't you gaslighting your friend?" and the other character essentially admits that's what they're doing.
The catch is that Bates Motel's main character wasn't Norman, though Freddie Highmore's work as the character has been surprisingly nuanced and terrifying.
Saunders is a composite character, but nearly every other character in the film — from police commissioner Ed Davis (John Goodman) and Massachusetts Gov.
"So much of it really was about this character, the Tayla character: the pink tutu, the purple hair, the funky energy," Morgan said.
This kind of character growth — where a character we trust is shown to have changed their mind about a different character — usually means we, in the audience, are supposed to at least somewhat seriously consider what caused them to change their mind.
For her Civil War drama The Beguiled, Coppola defended her decision to nix the black character who had played a major part in the source novel by explaining she didn't want to include a token slave character without properly fleshing the character out.
"There's something a little self-deprecating about the Punk character, and about my character too," says James Rolfe, a 37-year-old godfather of YouTube gamers who plays a character named the Angry Video Game Nerd and is a collaborator of Contri's.
"I can, in the same year, be the same age and playing a very sexualized character, a very maternal character, a very heroic character, a bitch, and there's nothing saying, 'Oh, now that you're this age, we're gonna define you,' " she said.
Blissfully absent from the movie are the usual characters queer audiences have come to expect in stories about our lives, like the character who can't handle being gay, the character who was basically straight anyway, or the character who winds up dead.
What artist would want to make a film with a prominent Muslim character, knowing that character could be filtered out by an Islamophobic viewer?
It wasn't in my mind having a "comedian" play this character, it's just that Patton understands this character on such a deep, deep level.
She enters the story as a supporting character to her sister, becomes a supporting character to her husband, but exits it as the protagonist.
On Tuesday, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced the platform's new 22017-character limit for tweets just as you'd expect—in a 249-character tweet.
If you've watched some of the episodes then you know that Lili Taylor's character [Ruth] and Matt Rogers character [Evan] are Ben's best friends.
Brosnan is stuck playing the character description of "fading legend" more than he plays an actual character, but has some fun with the role.
It's the first time I was able to express a nihilist character, this character that believes the values as they stand are completely ridiculous.
"She believes these allegations obviously bear on his character and his fitness, and the denials also bear on his character and fitness," Katz said.
"I think what the story in the film is doing — instead of center a cis, straight, white character — is destabilizing that character," Ernst argued.
Opting to get rid of a character — and the main character, at that — sooner than telegraphed is something the old show would never do.
It was like establishing this additional character in the narrative, rather than having the score playing themes for each character and things like that.
These Jenji Kohan-produced shows are both billed as inclusive, character-driven celebrations of women, but it's the men who received dynamic character arcs.
Agent Cooper – the sympathetic point of view character of character of the original series – didn't drive into town until 30 minutes into the thing.
The character is a re-conceived and expanded version of the character of Doc, the owner of the corner store in which Tony works.
You character is inspiring think pieces about how he's redefining the stoner character as someone who isn't lazy, but much more erudite and deeper.
The character is slightly more dignified, and certainly more credibly sinister, than, say, Danny McBride's character in the cringe comedy The Foot Fist Way.
As a result, people can still recognize the character, but they don't know the exact strokes anymore, especially if the character is more complicated.
First of all, the weight of the character Sekiro feels much lighter than the typical Souls character and his movement feels much more free.
Even if your character wasn't born yet, or died before whatever scene your friends are talking about, steer it back to your character anyway.
She taught me about character and so much growing up and I just feel like I don't respect the character that she's showing now.
"Your character is your character, whether you're working or not," says Patricia Napier-Fitzpatrick, founder and president of the etiquette school of New York.
Every time your character dies, they "age" by a year, their stiff video-game-character hair slowly graying and flinty face webbing with wrinkles.
Jackman's work in the fight scenes is smooth but also character-driven in that Wolverine's style reflects the no-nonsense approach of the character.
Also, Chris Evans portrays Captain America as a troubled "fish out of water" character, going beyond the typical requirements of a super hero character.
The scene is a political rally where Evan Peters' character is giving a campaign speech when the character played by Sarah Paulson begins firing.
The show spent three years developing Julia's character, according to NPR, and she's been a character in the books and online since last year.
"The city has a character arc just like any of the other character," creative director of the studio, Bryan Intihar, told us at E3.
"As V-Skills are much more character-focused and unique, we can ensure that all V-Skills are useful for each character," says Rosas.
My thing is, people watch Taxi Driver, and they all say they love the character of Travis Bickle, even though he's an unlikable character.
BIG LITTLE LIES season 2 spoiler: There's apparently a scene in which Reese Witherspoon's character throws an ice cream cone at Meryl Streep's character.
It was similar to how her character in Trainwreck might behave, because as Seacrest pointed out, her character in the film was semi-autobiographical.
" When Babu Bhatt, a Pakistani character from Seinfeld's early seasons is mentioned, Kondabolu doesn't mince words, either, calling it a "one-dimensional shit character.
Gameplay-wise, Sombra is classified as an Offense character, with abilities that fall right in line with the stealthy hacking motif of the character.
I think about how he's evolved from a character whose duty was to serve his country into a character whose country let him down.
This man never broke character, so him being my interviewer made it that much easier for all of us to stay in this character.
The film also explores the unrequited love Phoenix's character, a gay man, has for Reeves's character, a man who's more ambivalent about his sexuality. 
A new character is at the forefront, introduced during a short trailer — her name is Kait, who previously debuted as a supporting "Gears" character.
The Cosmopolitan was made famous in the 1990s by HBO's "Sex and the City" — it was the signature character of main character Carrie Bradshaw.
In an obvious reference to Eddie Fisher, Ms. Taylor's character tells Ms. Reynolds's character how much she regrets stealing her husband 40 years ago.
Her lines are voiced instead by an interpolated character, identified in the program as Shadow, a character whose symbolic significance remains fuzzy at best.
Anthony Anderson's character, Dre, plans an ad campaign to hype Youngsta, but Tracee Ellis Ross's character, Bow, cautions the campaign plays into negative stereotypes.
It picks up around the fourth episode, after they kill off Secondary Character You'd Kind of Thought Was Going to Be a Main Character.
So I had the idea to turn her into the primary character, to make her the icon, and give agency back to this character.
It is about a civil duty to examine the character of the commander and to move for removal if that character is found wanting.
This gets at what I said in my first response about the movie as a kind of character study, or even a character mystery.
Another villain character who is supposed to resemble a gay man (yes, Divine was a female character, but was played by a gay man).
Last year, Twitter tried extending its character count by allowing people to post photos and GIFs without counting them against the overall character limit.
Liam Hemsworth's lead character felt like he was just basically there for eye candy and to get in a fight with another main character.
Pugh played her as an entirely different character than previous versions of the character, including the Amy we know from Alcott's original 1869 novel.
These compendiums (now called "battle passes") give players access to unique character items and other cosmetic goodies, like character taunts, emoticons, music and more.
It pays to have good character KRW International, a leadership consulting firm, conducted a long-term study of 84 companies to assess leaders' character.
The toxic romance between the Elliot character and the Harley character in that movie was a huge part of an earlier draft of Gems.
If the camera followed the character like it normally would, the camera would turn upside-down with the character, which would be nauseatingly disorienting.
For instance, while you can sprint, an AI character never will, so it's a dead giveaway when a character suddenly bolts through the crowd.
Outlander It's always risky to bring a character back after a long time away and then immediately turn that character into a worthy foe.
The problem is that having a character remain silent puts a lot of the weight on the abilities of the actors surrounding that character.
The two prison escapees are a kind of taciturn Charles Bronson-movie character named Vincent and a jangly, nervous Pacino-like character in Leo.
This is my character, Bowser Jr., collecting a star like a boss This is my character, Bowser Jr., collecting a star like a boss To collect these stars, you roll one of two dice — a standard one or one that's unique to your character.
He had a particularly rough season as fan-favorite character Tyrion Lannister on Game of Thrones this year, with his character constantly defanged and demoralized.
Twitter said today that it has started testing 2280-character tweets, doubling the previous character limit, in an effort to help users be more expressive.
Telly was a minor character in Salute Your Shorts, forgotten by anyone who wasn't teen and gay and madly in love with a fictional character.
"Destiny" lets you create a character from one of three different classes — hunter, titan, or warlock — but your character can't switch freely between those classes.
Then, later this year, consumers will meet Z Yang, a Korean-American character featured on the company's YouTube page, and Nanea, a historical Hawaiian character.
Sometimes that person was a recurring character put in a complicating position, but more often, it was a one episode character with a great story.
Samuel L. Jackson's character, Jules, from Pulp Fiction became an angry dog and Al Pacino's Tony Montana character from Scarface became an aggressive animated monkey.
Yeah. Well, a lot of your Republicans colleagues — I have a character flaw — and my character flaw is that I tend to tell the truth.
Indeed, this episode includes the biggest death of a recurring character this season, and it's Tatiana (the wonderful Vera Cherny), not a more prominent character.
Alex's character missing from the trailer is slightly alarming, as some have theorized that the character died by suicide at the end of season 1.
I'm such a sucker for character, and I think our character journeys are going to make people squirm and scream — not just our protagonists, either!
Yet, while hardcore comic fans scorned the show for its lighter tone, Batman helped define the character for the character for a generation of viewers.
The tarot character of the Fool appears to her on mountain walks, as a character in her own book and as the man she loves.
"The first mock-up of the character that I saw in the costume department — they had pictures of the character with straight hair," she says.
From there, we take it case by case and character by character what kind of story we get to tell using magic as a metaphor.
In this exclusive clip from Misconduct, Duhamel's character, Ben, opens up to Akerman's character, Emily, about the state of his marriage – and it isn't good.
She's witty, she's got a sharp sense of humor, she's not just a character who we the audience look at and find the character funny.
McGowan claims he used his knowledge against her by including a scene in which Quentin Tarantino, playing a character in his film, attacks McGowan's character.
And it gets its strongest character work by significantly deepening the character of Halliday, the tragic games designer whose obsessions define protagonist Wade Watt's world.
Choi's initial version of the character is a highly stylized, melancholy version that she says was directly inspired by the initial backlash against the character.
First of all, Cohen says that his fake anti-terror expert character, Erran Morad, was a "reverse character creation" built to appeal specifically to Cheney.
Like Topher Grace's version of the character from the clusterfuck that was Spider-Man 3, Hardy's Venom stays pretty faithful to the original character design.
While receiving the Robert D. Ray Pillar of Character Award in April, Kutcher credited some of his not-so-pretty moments for his good character.
In other words, Homecoming withholds an important character detail just to withhold an important character detail, not to make a moment land with more impact.
Johnny Galecki is set to reprise his Roseanne character David Healy, who is the on-again, off-again beau of Sara Gilbert's character Darlene Conner.
Hemsworth demonstrated his Asgardian strength while pouring his heart out about his character, Thor, and Mark Ruffalo's character, Hulk, being left out of the movie.
It all is influenced by this archetype of a character and us trying to find the beaten, broken-down, modern times version of that character.
Though Payne's character was killed off "TWD," his character was still alive and kicking in the long-running comic from Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard.
It's also not the first character-creation tool to eschew hard-coded gender — The Sims, for one, opened up its character options earlier this year.
"If you're a loser or you don't have character, you collapse, and if you're loaded with character like we are, you come together," Krueger said.
But Cochrane is such a "bad" character and a bad character that when Kirkman fires him, it feels like a double victory for the viewer.
I'm dying to hear what you thought of Recent Episode, when Main Character and Secondary Character Who Knows Main Character's Secret finally have it out.
He introduces character after character — goalies and oilmen and comely academics, the heartbroken, the disinherited and the excluded — each of whom blooms in the mind.
All this can plausibly be described as a mostly symbolic codification of Israel's Jewish character in the face of persistent efforts to deny that character.
"There's a flaw in commercial film where the strong character, the active character, has to give big speeches and make big disclosures," Cuarón told me.
The clue is "How Pee-wee Herman often appears to fans," but Pee-wee Herman is the character, so wouldn't he always be IN CHARACTER?
And Amp recently launched a superhero character, Zapp, who's played by an unidentified actor and remains in-character in videos on on TikTok and Instagram.
In general, the character of the party that controls the government has a much greater impact on people's lives than the character of individual representatives.
Gradually, the two become friends, of a sort, and toward the end of the film Poitier's character sacrifices his own freedom to help Curtis's character.
Moreover, they know they are more "marketable" as a perceived straight man playing a gay character than as a gay actor playing a gay character.
From her taste, voice, and the stories she selects, the reader can infer a character, but the character is not explicitly constructed with any backstory.
"He's a challenging character to make relevant in today's increasingly complex society and pop culture while still honoring the spirit of his character," Robbins said.
I was hopping back and forth between Episode 9 and Episode 10 and Episode 8, playing the same character but different variations on that character.
When the voice actor of the Overwatch character Lúcio received a body pillow of the Overwatch character D.Va, he reacted in the best way possible.
Austin: It's just not particularly moving storytelling when you fridge- when you kill a character to motivate another character at the start of your story.

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