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"praise" Definitions
  1. (also less frequent praises [plural]) words that show that you approve of and admire somebody/something
  2. the expression of thanks to or respect for God
"praise" Synonyms
commend acclaim compliment extol laud admire aggrandize celebrate endorse honor(US) honour(UK) applaud appreciate cheer congratulate eulogise(UK) eulogize(US) hail speak highly of accredit flatter adore adulate revere venerate elevate glorify inveigle lionise(UK) lionize(US) stroke bootlick cajole fawn over gush over rave over sweet-talk worship brownnose exalt deify esteem idolise(UK) idolize(US) reverence sanctify bless respect apotheosize fawn apple-polish be obsequious to be servile to be sycophantic to brown-nose crawl to creep to curry favor with(US) curry favour with(UK) fuss kowtow kowtow to play up to soft-soap encourage inspire motivate embolden buoy buoy up drive empower incentify stimulate strengthen enliven galvanise(UK) galvanize(US) envigorate(UK) invigorate(US) push reassure advertise advertize promote publicise(UK) publicize(US) tout bill hype market plug promulgate puff trumpet ballyhoo blazon boost declare flaunt flog admiration acclamation appreciation approval laudation accolade commendation estimation plaudit tribute validation approbation kudos recognition flattery adoration adulation compliments deference glorification puffery idolization ingratiation sycophancy veneration fawning wonder wonderment awe bootlicking cajolery exaltation glory devotion thanks beatification benediction grace gratitude homage supplication love affection devoutness faith passion commitment dedication faithfulness sanctity spirituality support adherence encore repetition repeat performance curtain call repeat additional performance cheers extra extra performance number plaudits reappearance replay reprise rerun response return impromptu item publicity extravagant commendation advertising promotion propaganda marketing pitch presentation boosting line patter spiel build-up sales talk rite ritual evensong service matins prayer vespers invocation offering religious observance religious rite church service prayer meeting religious act evening prayer morning prayer prayers supplications encouragement cheering inspiration rallying uplifting animation confidence emboldening enlivening fortification heartening envigorating(UK) invigorating(US) envigoration(UK) invigoration(US) motivation stimulation lift spurring More
"praise" Antonyms
criticise(UK) criticize(US) castigate condemn berate chastise denounce reprimand scold chasten disapprove excoriate rebuke denunciate fustigate lambast lambaste reprehend reproach reprobate insult belittle disparage mock ridicule deride humiliate libel offend provoke shame slander slur taunt vilify chide debase degrade slight snub blame accuse admonish censure critique curse decry impute nitpick impugn indict scrutinise(UK) scrutinize(US) complain to find fault with hold accountable hold responsible pass judgment on stick it to express disapprobation knock pan slam discourage disdain dishonor(US) dishonour(UK) dissuade dribble drip boo jeer hiss heckle blast diss put down denigrate depreciate malign defame besmirch abuse deprecate vituperate dismiss blacken disregard ignore overlook misheed overpass unheed unmind miss forget neglect be oblivious to close your eyes to pay no attention to shut eyes to tune out of tune out to turn a blind eye to turn blind eye to turn deaf ear to despise scorn spurn detest abhor dislike expostulate reject remonstrate contemn dispraise loathe dishearten uninspire debilitate demoralise(UK) demoralize(US) enfeeble hamstring intimidate psych out disincline hurt inhibit shake suppress brake constrain curb daunt conceal cover deceive decrease deny halt hide secret secrete withhold bottle up keep secret keep under wraps dehort disadvise deter detract prevent put off argue against disapprove of pull cancel abort scrap abandon drop ax(US) axe(UK) scratch postpone scrub turf nix call off condemnation castigation criticism denunciation denouncement disapproval damnation reprobation vitriol chastisement irreverence objection reproof opprobrium admonition critical remarks verbal disapproval denigration disparagement disrespect vilification pejorative affront aspersion derision invective cheap shot contumely discourtesy accusation culpability fault guilt responsibility accountability incrimination recrimination burden imputation inculpation indictment liability rap comdemnation disfavor(US) disfavour(UK) disgust aversion contempt disobedience hate hatred ignorance loathing melancholy pain sorrow disapprobation displeasure dissatisfaction denial disagreement opposition refusal rejection stricture veto disgrace disrepute infamy humiliation ignominy embarrassment indignity abashment abasement ill repute debasement decline depression lowliness misery unhappiness unimportance dissuasion discouragement caution deterrence disincentive determent deterrent warning expostulation remonstrance sarcasm blasphemy cursing cussing excoriation expletive malediction oath profanity swearing swearword commiserations condolences condolence consolation solace respects sympathy pity teardown ingratitude question request

864 Sentences With "praise"

How to use praise in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "praise" and check conjugation/comparative form for "praise". Mastering all the usages of "praise" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Now, you'll most likely just see praise on praise on praise.
Praise God in his sanctuary; praise him in his mighty heavens!
Yes, so praise me for that, I will take the praise!
"I didn't need praise, so I didn't understand people who need praise," Tzuo says.
Scott avoids the "feedback sandwich" — in which you praise, then criticize, and then praise again — but she says it's generally a good idea to offer more praise than criticism.
SANDERS: ... winning the praise of Henry Kissinger, I don't want Henry Kissinger's praise at all.
Does he still offer praise for Russian strongman Vladimir Putin, and value Putin's praise for him?
"I did not write this for anyone to get praise, nobody did it for the praise," she wrote.
And what to make of the similarity between Dr. Gus's praise of Bryan's commitment and Bobby's praise of Wendy's?
Praise where praise is due to the administration for lining it up and getting it have to happen rather quickly.
Rarity equals praise, and praise hushes—if only for a while—that inner voice screaming that you don't fit in.
" The liner notes of the album read: "DEAR LISTENER: ALL PRAISE BE TO GOD TO WHOM ALL PRAISE IS DUE.
We are outraged that any racists or Nazis could praise any American president, as some of them praise Trump today.
"The dogs who responded more strongly to praise in the first experiment were more disappointed for not getting praise," he explained.
"Money is a form of praise, and you're deflecting that praise," she said, summarizing the message she thinks women often receive.
But the video also mocks societal double standards like "dad praise" — when dads receive disproportionate praise for fulfilling basic parenting duties.
"You--criticize by-- just generally, but you praise by--" BECKY QUICK: "By category--" WARREN BUFFETT: "Criticize by category, praise by name," yeah.
The emoji of hands raised in praise also seems to get high praise from Tinder users, coming in at second on this list.
" Even though it's not your responsibility to praise someone for their workout, "fortunately, it doesn't cost very much to give somebody a little praise.
Germans praise less, but are much more open to criticism, while in the US, criticism is often much more subtle and hidden within praise.
Corker has won praise from Democrats and Republicans for his leadership in the chamber and his retirement sparked a flurry of bipartisan praise. Sen.
When it was finally Kaine's turn to speak, he began humbly and concentrated his praise on Clinton, only pivoting to praise for himself later.
A chorus of praise Since the pop star's death Thursday, the chorus of praise from fans, friends and protegees of the late musician hasn't stopped.
"We don't praise ourselves and we become stingy while giving praise to others" he said in a message in Chinese, which was translated by CNBC.
"You don't want to praise a guy too much, but you can't do other than praise him after the way he played," Erasmus told reporters.
He discovered that the reward centers in their brains responded to praise just as much as to food — and, more surprisingly, some dogs preferred praise.
Dogs heard praise words in praising intonation, praise words in neutral intonation, and also some neutral conjunction words, meaningless to them, in praising and neutral intonations.
The critical reactions to both have followed remarkably similar trajectories (breakout praise followed by respectful love followed by mild backlash followed by a return to praise).
The rapper continued to lay down praise for the movie, retweeting favorable praise from other Twitter users and disagreeing wholeheartedly when contrarians jumped in his mentions to argue.
They tried to make her one: if she wrote a poem in praise of the party and another in praise of Lenin, she could win her official laurels.
One survey found that 85% of American parents thought they should praise their children to bolster their self-esteem, but studies suggest that undeserved praise makes children complacent.
Twice a year, the Crouches held "Praise-a-thons," fund-raising drives in which they appealed for donations to keep programs like "Praise the Lord" on the air.
Praise is the key Prior research has consistently shown praise is the simplest classroom behavior strategy a teacher can use to both reinforce and acknowledge good student behavior.
The more praise the better Caldarella's new study defined praise as "a verbal indication of approval" after a student behaved properly, rather than merely acknowledging a correct response.
As Dr. Haimovitz pointed out to me, if you praise a kid for a school project he dashed off in five minutes, he'll know your praise is empty.
We still have a dynamic where you get a lot of praise where you announce something, and you get a lot of praise when you say you're doing something good.
Getting praise in my line of work is rare—the only praise you might get at the end of the day is that they think you're easy to work with.
Trump received a heaping of praise from Republican leaders Wednesday following the passage of the GOP tax bill, and some of the strongest praise came from Vice President Mike Pence.
He lashes out at the smallest perceived slight with ferocity, while praise of any kind is so intoxicating to him that he is blind to where that praise comes from.
The praise he offers Sisi fits with a decades-old pattern of praise for authoritarian leaders — a history of Trump fetishizing a leader's appearance of "strength" over basic democratic values.
Speaker Paul Ryan pivots and heaps praise on President-elect Trump Speaker Paul Ryan pivots and heaps praise on President-elect Trump House Speaker Paul Ryan repeatedly heaped praise on President-elect Donald Trump in a press conference in his hometown of Janesville, Wisconsin, the morning after the real estate mogul's stunning win.
Trump has also shown a pathological need for praise and attention: His love affair with Vladimir Putin seems to stem from some early (and likely mistranslated) praise from the Russian authoritarian.
Consider the following examples:Psychologists who analyzed over 30 years of studies on the effects of praise determined that praise can be a powerful motivating force if you are sincere and specific.
Isn't it disgraceful to watch some conservatives tolerate or support Trump's repeated praise of foreign dictators and his disgraceful praise and submission in Helsinki to the Russian dictator who attacks America?
Frankie hears Johnny's fulsome praise of her breasts, her hair, her everything as crazy or mocking or at least reflexively insincere; he hears her rejection of his praise as deliberately deflating.
Facebook said it removes all praise and support of banned groups even if the praise and support is of a group's non-violent activities and enforces that policy regardless of context.
" On Twitter, the praise continued: "Solange has blonde hair?!
Instead you were heaped with praise on Twitter — Twitter!
Let's be clear: His words of praise for the Russian president in recent months, and Putin's words of praise for Trump, are part of a pattern of Trump tweeting the words of the Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini and offering praise for the mass-murdering dictator of North Korea, whom Trump considers a strong leader.
Trump repeals consumer arbitration rule, wins banker praise: President Trump on Wednesday signed a repeal of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's rule on forced arbitration, winning praise from banking and business groups.
Earning praise on top of praise on top of even more praise for her wild and wonderful performance as Queen Anne in The Favourite, Colman has been scooping up best actress awards left, right and centre (the Golden Globe, a Critics Choice Award, and even an Oscar!) 2019 is already hers and we're here for it.
Republican leaders, defense hawks praise Trump's nominees In spite of being in the dark, several Republicans were quick to praise Pompeo, who is a former member of Congress, as well as Haspel. Sen.
Post to communicate, praise and learn — never to self-promote.
Some are kindergarten teachers, gentle in correction, indiscriminate in praise.
Melania does not deserve praise for doing the bare minimum.
Pine also heaped praise on Wonder Woman's director, Patty Jenkins.
His role in Barr's controversial review has earned bipartisan praise.
The letter was devoid of any praise of the President.
You shall call your walls salvation and your gates praise.
Tarkin has risen, praise the Dark Lord of the Sith.
They praise his creativity, sense of humor and inspiring speeches.
Razor company earns praise  for showing women with body hair .
And several of her clients have heaped praise onto Bero.
It was a day of praise, accomplishment, and yes, disappointments.
But the praise won't go to Carrasco's head anytime soon.
The Netflix star received praise on Twitter for her candor.
Let's give praise to the person that started this trend.
There are few words of higher praise within the genre.
Her effusive praise of Trump has at times drawn criticism.
In the meantime, here's more Inissia praise: Amazon user Antonia.
The positive message was met with praise and appreciation online.
That meant offering praise in equal doses to both candidates.
Mr Trump, after all, was full of praise for Brexit.
It rendered all their praise suspect: even compliments were infuriating.
He had won praise for overhauling Fresenius Medical Care (FMEG.DE).
And sure enough, the praise rained down on her Wednesday.
Still, he deserves a measure of respect, but no praise.
So sure, apply to publicly praise the Mall of America.
"It's humbling," said Odom of Prince's praise of the show.
And that is pretty high praise for a pilot. —K.
Praise with your voice and immediately offer them a treat.
Bassett is extremely skeptical of publishers' newfound praise for Facebook.
The favorable early ruling drew praise from Google on Sunday.
In this case, Tyrion tries to praise Jaime's military acumen.
Hungarian head coach Tamas Marcz heaped praise on their defense.
He didn't bother to offer Trump any praise, or thanks.
The optimism and praise, however, contrasted with sobering economic news.
I believe a woman should praise the man, the king.
Industry groups also expressed early praise for the FCC effort.
People who praise password manager software bring up three points.
A devout Hindu, Ponniah has nothing but praise for Cargills.
Praise of Sanders and his followers continued the positive message.
But praise for the new crop strains is not unanimous.
Graham's praise of the president marks a turnaround for him.
After their praise and encouragement, she founded Kyra's Shea Medleys.
Maybe she's trying to praise Jolie for her sex positivity.
The other feature worth praise is the Motion's build quality.
Though, so far, those networks' coverage has generally received praise.
Easing dress codes and increasing entertainment has won him praise.
Mason, as usual, was humble when asked about the praise.
To praise the Academy was to indulge in personal vanity.
He began to praise those who made him see red.
When Mr. Grassley did, Mr. Trump showered him with praise.
" Halep went on to praise Kate as being "very kind.
Praise for getting into the mind of Madoff, he joked.
David Kennedy, the current series editor, deserves the highest praise.
Yesterday, Dorsey won Sean Hannity's praise for the company's paralysis.
The new option received widespread praise on social media Wednesday.
There was also high praise for Trump: New York Rep.
The current movement is undoubtedly worth the praise it's earned.
And that deserves praise — during Black History Month and beyond.
In the clip, they praise one another and their music.
Most Senate Democrats responded to the strikes with cautious praise.
Alicia deserves praise for courageously standing up to Trump's attacks.
The new, fourth generation Apple TV has been winning praise.
Many took to social media to praise the officer's actions.
That speech, although subtly political, was met with high praise.
I also totally agree with his praise of John Bogle.
Trump's repeated, lavish praise of Putin, adds to the puzzle.
Trump has offered high praise for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.
Peter Phillips, the finance minister, has won praise for that.
Gingrich had previously offered praise for Mueller as special counsel.
But, heavier on policy than praise, to be honest. 220.
Booker's giving is certainly notable and worthy of some praise.
She received high praise on social media for her performance.
Trump beamed with approval and immediately stood to praise himself.
Why does the President need to hear so much praise?
The actress was quick to lavish praise on the performance.
There, you will be showered with praise from various people.
Conservative think tanks in Washington showered the proposal with praise.
Italy's establishment was swift to praise Borrelli's achievements on Saturday.
Check out the clip -- Faith was definitely feeling the praise.
"I do not post stretchies for the praise," she wrote.
That's high praise for a jet designed in the 1950s.
Brady had praise for Gordon on WEEI Radio Monday morning.
President Trump getting praise from BOTH sides of the aisle?
A child who stops spinning or rocking may earn praise.
Ma only had praise for his beaten team mate Zhang.
Trump had heaped praise on Bloomberg when he was mayor.
It's also difficult to, straightforwardly, praise Battlefield 21 for decorum.
He will also selectively praise it when it suits him.
Trump had nothing but praise for Manafort in the interview.
Some will read that as praise; others as a warning.
And he heaped praise on Apple for respecting people's privacy.
The military deserves some praise for learning on the job.
Rosenworcel had received praise from both sides of the aisle.
But reading Schultz's praise of Beto's centrism, I suddenly understood.
Other advocates offered mostly words of praise for the effort.
No president should praise foreign dictators and insult democratic allies.
His remarks and tone attracted praise even from some critics.
I wish I could let it go with that praise.
Perry definitely doesn't hold back her praise for other artists.
Silver medalist Sebastian Samuelsson had plenty of praise for Fourcade.
Collins's speech earned her praise from Trump and GOP colleagues.
They won competition after competition, and praise from the judges.
But she wasn't ready to heap on the praise yet.
Mutombo stayed to talk about Adams, spreading praise like salve.
Speaking to MSNBC's Chris Hayes, Waters offered praise for Sens.
So let's all get together and praise our first responders.
They aren't owed praise or sex for being decent humans.
The Joyful Organizer had nothing but praise for this drinkware.
In his brief remarks, Mr. Trump lavished praise on Mrs.
I really can't praise the Apple Card spending interface enough.
That Biden would praise rather than condemn Eastland is jarring.
Fans were full of praise for the candid nude shot.
"His compliments damn Israel with loud praise," Mr. Shalev wrote.
After a match, she said, she will offer unmitigated praise.
Despite the President's praise for Kim, progress has been stymied.
And not all environmental groups have high praise for Wallace.
Trump has in the past offered praise for Comey's actions.
Fiorentino drew both criticism and praise among investors on Thursday.
"All I can say is, praise the Lord," Sims said.
Kindness shares credit and offers enthusiastic praise for others' work.
Out in the parking lot, Mr. Strines seconded the praise.
Mattis offers not a single word of praise for Trump.
More recently, however, the praise and recognition have dried up.
But recently, the VA made a decision that deserves praise.
Praise becomes "a little bit like a drug," Durvasula said.
Americans too often praise the man while ignoring the message.
Ms. Fortnum's illustrations drew praise from critics and authors alike.
Which makes his praise of Arpaio all the more baffling.
Republican senators, however, used the hearing to lavishly praise Gottlieb.
And his boss did nothing but praise the latest figures.
Then, gradually, as Donald Trump ascended, Colbert began winning praise.
Celina Fire Chief Mark Metdker offered high praise for Needum.
She had earned the institute's "highest praise" for her work.
But he saves his praise for Trump the first baseman.
Starr has in the past offered praise for Mueller's investigation.
She believed in God, but she wasn't making praise music.
He heaped praise upon the first responders at the scene.
We'd get a snack, and he would praise attack helicopters.
So, Clevelanders fell to their knees to praise the King.
But Paul hasn't always offered praise to the Vermont senator.
Leaving Poland, he directed two films that drew critical praise.
Sanders's gesture drew glowing praise from supporters on social media.
Her work earned praise in both the colonies and Europe.
He peppered his emails with glowing praise of Mr. Cuomo.
Also, what kind of man demands praise from the mourning?
Though her work received praise, she trusted none of it.
As praise has flowed in, both men began to relax.
I'll pass the praise along or absorb the deafening impact.
Some of her frank themes generated criticism; others generated praise.
On the salty side, Angelyne gives much praise to pizza.
That part of the operation drew praise from former police.
And Mr. Trump has publicly showered Dr. Shulkin with praise.
Her performance has earned high praise from Variety and others.
So it's good politics to praise the value of compromise.
Now people all over creation will praise this illustrious dame.
When the work was complete, the businessman offered much praise.
He offered partial praise, though, for the expanded child credit.
They offer corrections, feedback on coverage or the occasional praise.
"The Parisian" has attracted a good deal of advance praise.
One possible explanation here is that the praise is strategic.
But we don't want to pay attention to praise, either.
Consumer activists praise the law as a public health service.
When they spoke of the Shabab, it was in praise.
All praise be to hallways, and their backbreaking tile floors.
Party officials praise his ability to connect with everyday Ohioans.
The film was met with praise from critics at TIFF.
Indeed, he apparently conflates praise of him with actual patriotism.
The ABC method of praise is a highly specific technique.
He doesn't look for accolades, he doesn't look for praise.
It received particular praise for its depiction of mental health.
People refuse to praise his minimal effort and minimal efficacy.
As they run, supporters trail them, singing and offering praise.
Roy McBride, has earned praise and renown, not always comfortably.
A sincere piece of praise for a job well done.
All praise (dance) goes to Laura Dern this awards season.
The plan won praise from some policy experts on Monday.
WHO officials on Wednesday also offered praise for China's efforts.
We praise women the less they seem to be moms.
After the game, the sports world showered Mahomes with praise.
Praise be to uncertain successes and to certain failures alike.
Instead, he is a fount of praise, respect and encouragement.
Praise was omnipresent, and critiques were few and far between.
Seaman has earned widespread praise for stopping the school shooting.
The book also drew praise for its edifying story line.
The praise, however, was for her warm remarks about Trump.
So I went backstage to meet him and praise him.
Mr. Alexander said he had embraced that praise as motivation.
The Broadway production closed quickly, but Mr. Conway drew praise.
The rollout was extremely effective, generating substantial praise and disdain.
Mr. Markowski began with praise for both sets of parents.
In Berlin, the film has won both praise and condemnation.
As Bruno wreaks havoc, Mr. Stricter showers him with praise.
Leaders know how to recognize and verbally praise good work.
Some ask for pictures and praise him for being brave.
Should we criticize them for doing so, or praise them?
But I come to praise Harris today, not dismiss her.
The Pentagon has taken pains to praise General Hyten. Col.
The Pentagon has taken pains to praise General Hyten. Col.
Fox heaped praise on Mr. O'Reilly in announcing his departure.
In his rally Saturday night, Trump heaped praise on Saccone.
He heaped lavish praise on his own performance and ideas.
He'd just accept the praise and go about his business.
In return, some policymakers gave their version of glowing praise.
The President also offered praise for the initiative last week.
"Very generous with his own praise and support" (Robert Smigel).
Virginia Beach's new position has generated mixed praise from environmentalists.
John Kelly, has also won praise from some GOP figures.
The New York Times was especially effusive in its praise.
President Donald Trump was quick with his praise on Twitter.
The plan has won some praise from Republicans, including Sen.
They praise the company for its professional management and productivity.
Smith quickly drew praise from colleagues and competitors on Twitter.
The moves garnered praise from security hawks in the Senate.
But it did not get the same praise by Russia.
So let's give him the praise and appreciation he deserves.
Singapore has won international praise for its virus containment efforts.
Viewed differently, though, Trump's praise for Sisi is more troubling.
But, instead, his insatiable thirst for praise makes him vulnerable.
The new rule has drawn praise from consumer advocates, Gov.
The Clinton campaign was not pleased with Koch's faint praise.
There are plenty of reasons to praise Belichick's work here.
The Praise for the Chicago Letter As soon as the Chicago letter started to circulated, it attracted praise -- primarily from people who have been concerned about what they perceive as limits on campus speech.
Word of the Day panegyric \ ˌpa-nə-ˈjir-ik , -ˈjī-rik \ adjective and noun adjective: formally expressing praise noun: a formal expression of praise _________ The word panegyric has appeared in six articles on nytimes.
You don't seek praise for your contribution … But as we approach Christmas, Catherine and I feel strongly that praise for your work and recognition of your sacrifices is exactly what is due to you all.
Schiff did patronizingly praise Amash for his "courage" albeit in much the same way that liberals had used to praise the late Senator John McCain for his "courage" every time he defied his own party.
As president, Mr. Trump has repeatedly used Twitter to praise authors who praise him, but he also has no qualms about delivering negative reviews about writers who do not cover him in a flattering light.
They will praise Clinton as well and talk about her agenda.
The move was widely applauded and even received praise from Sen.
Yet both of these books kept their praise somewhat in check.
All praise the giant Milo tin, when or if it comes.
Breslin was sparse with his praise, and generous with his criticism.
Republicans will praise Gorsuch, touting his judicial sobriety and personal decency.
Instead of bemoaning our deficiencies let us, instead, praise the other.
Hamilton in particular has earned praise for its commitment to diversity. 
It's hard to come up with new ways to praise Crosby.
And President Trump has really received wide praise for Neil Gorsuch.
WASHINGTON — Russian President Vladimir Putin offered President Donald Trump his praise.
He pledged not to praise a single one of Trump's comments.
A restaurant in New York got the praise of former Gov.
Chris Zylka has nothing but praise for his fiancée Paris Hilton.
So the praise and the backlash has been going on simultaneously.
"I was like, 'Oh my God, praise the Lord," Scott said.
Investment banks typically lavish praise on the companies that they advise.
Go so far as to praise people for being registered voters.
Because that is not my intention to get praise for it.
He also offered praise for private plans offered by labor unions.
This explains why Trump's Friday tweet included Chance in his praise.
Still, Trump won praise for some aspects of his budget proposal.
Lambert also took the opportunity to praise Michael's talent and generosity.
But, it's this praise that I'm having a hard time digesting.
Vladimir Putin declined to strike back, winning praise from Mr Trump.
It's the reaction every artist dreams of: instant, ecstatic, unqualified praise.
Pakistani social media lit up in praise for the duke's choice.
Ricardo Rosselló, has publicly heaped praise on the federal government's response.
At least he seems pleased with praise as a participant's trophy.
That care sometimes manifests itself in soothing praise of the patient.
She said she was trying to praise him for something else.
When I got there, my nieces were okay, praise the Lord.
We might after all praise her for holding her marriage together.
The sanitation commissioner, Kathryn Garcia, deserves praise for leading the reorganization.
After their moving performance, the judges were quick to praise Aranda.
Arthur: Can I praise him for just a tiny bit longer?
In it Mr Xi, in the starring role, gets fawning praise.
Other Republicans mainly had praise for Corker, despite his dissenting vote.
When they delivered on thoughtful product offerings, she offered her praise.
Not even in a production this smart and worthy of praise.
One main source of praise for the mogul was his father.
Praise the good behavior, says Kazdin, and be specific about it.
Sometimes we praise a fellow female's glowing skin or mermaid hair.
The move drew praise from conservative Christian activists and congressional Republicans.
That is about the vaguest way you could possibly praise someone.
Pence repeated his praise for Ryan two times in the interview.
People were quick to praise the fire department for its work.
Shelton started off the praise for the Fort Worth, Texas, singer.
The judges gave her praise – and a little instruction as well.
The common thread in all the complaints and praise is Japan.
He keeps himself insulated from others, even while craving their praise.
Mrs May deserved praise for pushing the Article 50 process forward.
In July, Xi visited Hong Kong and lavished praise on Macau.
Yet few politicians are willing to praise the merits of renting.
Bezos himself took to Twitter to thank Sanders for his praise.
The film had won praise from critics for its inclusive cast.
" He went on to praise Sarandon for her "courage" and "strength.
The Disaster Artist, out December 1, is already bathed in praise.
She earned a 20/230 and praise from the judges. 6.
Employers praise eastern European staff for their skills and work ethic.
Those leaders were among the first to praise the president-elect.
If only the 211th president was alive to hear their praise.
Aussies have, largely, baaaa-cked the campaign, with praise on Twitter.
And praise to Maher and Sanders for standing up against it.
Some people use it more freely to show praise and respect.
RELATED: Lawmakers praise Syria strike, want more consultation from White House
The Democrats are not only heaping praise on the Empire State,
But — drum roll, please — praise be for the micro bag trend.
Sure, people might praise this song for its weird, artistic uniqueness.
During their respective turns at the podium, the collaborators traded praise.
Throughout his campaign, Trump has offered praise for the Russian president.
But, this was WAY short on direct praise for the President.
Also, praise songs were a very big thing at the time.
Nikki Haley earned the businessman's praise on the stage Thursday night.
" He's reveling in the coverage, including lavish praise from "Morning Joe.
Meanwhile, Down had nothing but praise for both ladies on Instagram.
"She deserves all the praise," Brown said, according to WSB-TV.
At the time ... Dad didn't exactly have high praise for Colton.
And, praise the Amazon gods, we can order them in bulk.
The critical praise for Rick and Morty remains damn near unanimous.
Magic doesn't miss a beat ... heaping praise on the elder Ball.
She received an overwhelming amount of support and praise from readers.
McPhee took time to praise him in the post as well.
It's been met with a choir of critical praise so far.
In #Serbia, illiberal "pink washing" wins headlines and praise across Europe.
You might think you're always showering your co-workers in praise.
I suspect many of our readers will praise what Vizio's doing.
Both had won praise from the Senate though neither was confirmed.
The White House contenders opened the night with praise for Scalia.
Interesting .. Steve also had high praise for his replacement, Arnel Pineda.
I'm such an average, ordinary person that doesn't deserve the praise.
But he was fulsome in his praise for Kohl's life-work.
The iMac's design won praise in trade publications like PC Magazine.
Obituaries are meant to praise the dead and comfort the living.
He began the news conference unusually, with praise for some media.
Aaron Rodgers isn't afraid to shower praise on girlfriend Danica Patrick.
But fans on Twitter were quick to praise the photos, too.
Vladimir Putin is clearly pleased with Mr Trump's praise for him.
Snap also deserves some praise for the Spectacles carrying case, too.
The book was published on July 11, 1960, to high praise.
" The "Mom" star heaped praise on McCarthy's impersonation, calling it "genius.
At the time, the university showered praise on the decorated coach.
Ebell took to the cable news shows to praise the president.
I mean that less as praise—though I do think they're
He's also rewarded companies by tweeting praise for temporary price freezes.
Shortly after meeting her, he pivoted to lavish praise upon Rosselló.
He repeated his praise of the federal recovery operation on Monday.
After the Olympics, the praise directed at Dr. Rodchenkov was effusive.
Give a toddler boy a baby doll and praise his gentleness.
Before E Madison, it found glowing praise among those covering luxury.
The US president heaped praise on Theresa May's successor on Tuesday.
Mr. Modi responded with his own praise of the burgeoning partnership.
A biomass industry group offered praise for the measure on Wednesday.
Then she sets about mopping the floor, singing hymns of praise.
Below, Pence's five greatest hits, his pantheon of presidential praise. 27.
But Christie also showered praise on Trump's attorney general pick Sen.
He did, however, take the opportunity on Thursday to praise Nixon.
Kehoe: I would praise my department till the day I die.
Praise from that tyrannous quarter has damaged Herzen's reputation ever since.
Indeed, his advisers appeared to praise Sisi for his religious tolerance.
Trump tweeted his praise for the report at 8:52 a.m.
Rendon was quick to praise Strasburg for extending the Nationals' season.
One doctor exclaimed, "Praise God," and the nurses broke into applause.
Apple and other companies that donate to housing may deserve praise.
Former guests praise the clean, modern rooms and excellent customer service.
Great managers encourage their people by sharing sincere and specific praise.
Kaepernick's athletic style attracted praise, especially after the Super Bowl year.
The move drew praise from the coal and nuclear power industries.
In comments online, guests praise his warm welcome and engaging conversation.
In their place, Trump lavished saccharine praise on dictators and strongmen.
Does Tillerson agree with Trump's praise of Russian president Vladimir Putin?
"You talk people into anything," her fiancé tells her, as praise.
IN PRAISE OF FORGETTINGHistorical Memory and Its IroniesBy David Rieff145 pp.
Graham had praise for nearly every other GOP candidate, from Sen.
"Shazam!" earned praise as a fresh and exciting take on superheroes.
" They also offered praise for Comey, referring to him as "brilliant.
That became "Praise," which surrounds a harpist with electronics and percussion.
"Conservatives and Moderates Offer Rare Praise" was the headline in Newsweek.
Either way, Phelps deserves all the praise, even if it's sarcastic.
Children need praise to build a healthy sense of self-esteem.
Unfortunately, piling on the praise doesn't give them extra self-esteem.
Why did he routinely praise WikiLeaks during the summer of 2016?
And Trump, to counter this, might praise Putin even more effusively.
Then there is the political dumbness of Pence's praise of Arpaio.
Reporters praise Ms. Hicks for her poise amid a chaotic campaign.
Praise for Facebook from the government has been rare of late.
His praise of Upton is of a piece with all that.
That won praise from allies in Europe and from U.S. lawmakers.
At the time, he received generous praise from some Republican senators.
Celebrities praise her and grovel in her presence left and right.
Praise, of course, is an essential part of The Wire too.
He repeats his bizarre praise for the authoritarian monarch for Jordan.
Selena retweeted Katy's tweet adding the raised hands, or praise, emoji.
I am here to bury the headphone jack, not praise Apple.
The original Super Nintendo was, of course, incredible, and deserves praise.
But that doesn't mean that we shouldn't praise him for it.
Everyone can praise and worship at Beyoncé's holy church of slay.
Does praise from your peers offer a different kind of validation?
Sandwiches are worthy of our recognition, our thoughts, and our praise.
Professionally, he likes nothing better than to praise active government stewardship.
But it wasn't all praise for the budding designer growing up.
Her work earned praise in the colonies as well as Europe.
On Wednesday, Mr. Trump rolled out their appointments with unstinting praise.
No one ever felt moved to praise Jesus loudly at Battell.
Instead they confer a mortal integrity upon his exclamation of praise.
Parents have even reached out on LinkedIn to praise her bot.
There also was Trump's praise for American humanitarian aid to Yemen.
Until now, Russian officials had been full of praise for Greece.
One Republican governor, Larry Hogan of Maryland, mixed criticism and praise.
Resisting the impulse to feed yourself is an accomplishment we praise.
Friedman's lectures in praise of free markets were met with bewilderment.
He was often quoted in interviews lavishing praise on his boss.
We can create "The Square," understand it and praise its value.
Mr. Peters, in contrast, has often received praise from Council members.
The prime minister has drawn praise for paring India's legendary bureaucracy.
They have learned to praise him in order to steady him.
Foreign leaders are acutely aware that Trump craves praise about himself.
If anything, you just hear admiration and praise from current players.
When Nietzsche mentioned Jews, it was most often to praise them.
There will be no morning news shows to praise their courage.
Only a hypocrite would praise the short installment at great length.
The governor went on to praise the mayor's new ferry system.
Originally, praise houses were used as houses of worship for slaves.
To say that it does Mr. Armajani justice is high praise.
But to get there, Torres had deservedly earned his teammate's praise.
She spoke endlessly to the mute girl, offering encouragement and praise.
Praise, too, is part of any whole artistic and existential vision.
He regularly shares his praise of Alfonso's on his radio show.
Spots highlighting former President Barack Obama's praise of him are in.
His questioning also captured the attention and praise of the president.
This book doesn't get nearly as much praise as it deserves.
But I come to you today to praise rather than complain.
I said I wanted his opinion; I was really expecting praise.
Members of the committee took the opportunity to praise Ms. Yellen.
He had enthusiastic praise for the senator's work on tribal issues.
His praise for Trump's handling of the crisis is not surprising.
The Nigerian-born defensive end earned high praise from his teammates.
It makes the kid notice the praise that accompanies correct behavior.
Praise for her was trending on Twitter right after the exchange.
Warren's fans often praise her intelligence, which I think is undeniable.
Reviewers praise the exquisite views, attentive housekeepers, and on-site restaurants.
Mr. Harrison deflected most of the praise with humor and humility.
Thanks and praise for his skilled actions are due Jack Wilson.
On leaving Managua, Mr. Pezzullo drew praise from the revolutionary junta.
High praise when you're in a family that includes Chris Rock.
The news drew widespread attention and praise for the tech giant.
More than 27 commuters responded — with praise, gripes and, sometimes, both.
To say an opera is well-made may seem faint praise.
And suddenly — praise be — Aunt Lydia (Ann Dowd) couldn't be kinder.
My first way in is to praise, so people feel safer.
Some once like-minded academics now praise Mr. Xi's authoritarian ways.
He's been stunned by the praise that the novel has received.
She clapped and danced to the songs of praise at church.
Trump's Putin praise seems to have particularly gotten under Obama's skin.
But her announcement drew praise from at least one Republican lawmaker.
Marshall, a conservative, heaped praise on McGovern and touted their friendship.
Or tweet praise for them on Sunday morning, the day after?
Some posts also appeared to praise officers in police-involved shootings.
American Dirt also garnered effusive praise leading up to its release.
On one hand, Trump showers praise on North Korea's authoritarian leader.
I'm not suggesting that journalists lather the wealth tax with praise.
Tell them they matter by giving praise when it&aposs deserved.
But Haspel has also garnered praise from some Democrats, including Sen.
And beyond all of that — which I really wasn't into — praise.
But we also should praise them when they get things right.
Phil Bryant tweeted praise to the authorities involved in the captures.
She retired in December to words of praise from the firm.
Tracking waste Kroger's program has received praise from corporate responsibility watchers.
You are going to praise me, you son of a bitch!
Stone received high praise for her portrayal of a struggling actress.
But both leaders have denied calling the president to praise him.
President Donald Trump tweeted praise for the budget deal on Wednesday.
"Harriet" has received a lot of praise for Cynthia Erivo's performance.
The plan has received praise from Republican lawmakers and conservative groups.
Fishers Island Lemonade received praise for its lemon and honey flavors.
New Yorkers reflected on his New York values, some with praise.
And actually the country got a lot of praise for that.
"Nothing but praise for my team," Arena said after the match.
Blade Runner won praise for capturing the original game's cinematic atmosphere.
Despite the detractors, LaPera does receive overwhelming praise from her #selfhealers.
Margrethe Vestager won praise for her oversight of the tech industry.
Tech companies offered quick praise for the bill after its release.
President Donald Trump early Tuesday tweeted words of praise for Rep.
The university even tweeted praise for Schneider's dedication to his students.
The praise was in some ways exciting, and it offered protection.
Todd drew praise for his aggressive handling of the Johnson interview.
Twitter lit up over the weekend with praise for Mr. Mendez.
Lisa Murkowski on opioid funding, earning unexpected praise from conservative colleagues.
He doesn't deserve to be lionized, but he does deserve praise.
On Twitter, fans poured praise on Heath for her flashy move.
Trump himself heaps praise on Putin and embrace pro-Russian policies.
But Ryan proved more interested in the praise than the policy.
You've come to praise a new kind of occult: the hybrid.
We can praise Black women without turning them into caretaker caricatures.
Also to its credit, the novel doesn't praise its subject wholeheartedly.
Another study by Dweck and her colleagues found that children who received specific praise (''You did a good job drawing'') were more resilient to criticism than those who received more general praise ("You are a good drawer").
Past guests praise the amazing rooms, incredible views, and unmatched spa experience.
Mark Wetmore, Simpson's coach, was full of praise for the star runner.
"I couldn't believe it," Brown told PEOPLE of the praise she received.
Its pilots and technicians deserve much praise for this stellar safety record.
Don't let this praise take away from the site's real purpose: Sex.
The roads are signed, with names like Hallelujah Close and Praise Close.
Gosling, too, deserves praise for his commitment to playing jazz musician Sebastian.
He never talks about domestic policy within Russia, except to praise Putin.
The US official gave special praise to close allies UK and France.
Two years later, Google, Tesla and eBay received praise in Obama's speech.
Trump will likely have stung May further by continuing to praise Johnson.
At least this time Boogie's outburst came in praise of a teammate.
She saw a big 10 point jump after winning near universal praise.
Reviewers praise the idea behind the Pixel Buds, but not every feature.
Praise be to 'Ye and Coachella for making this happen so quickly.
When I listened to the baker praise my purchase, I heard Shalidor.
On Friday, the move drew swift praise from Republicans on Capitol Hill.
The people filming him can be heard heaping praise on the guy.
President Donald Trump is heaping praise on crude oil's massive sell-off.
You know, when I first hit menopause, I was like—praise Jesus!
I don&apost hear praise of God every day from Jesse. Right?
Environmental groups were guarded in their praise for the new methane rules.
Mister President, that doesn&apost mean you need to constantly praise us.
His food has won praise from Mario Batali, Skrillex, and Jonathan Gold.
Every now and then, though, it's their owners that deserve the praise.
At the start of their breakfast, Trump lavished praise on the prince.
The church of Songs of Praise, weak milky tea, and shit biscuits.
It was nothing unusual, save for the high praise in those quotes.
Trump's nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court earned uniform praise.
He in turn ridiculed her praise of Britain's Brexit decision as "formidable".
Her latest novel, Praise Song for the Butterflies, is out Aug. 28.
It's powerful work, one that Bush definitely deserves credit and praise for.
Amid fulsome praise of the technology's potential—five times faster internet speeds!
Yet, among those who know Mrs Clinton, even critics praise her integrity.
After all, I can't praise the blade Stealth for what it isn't!
Praise activates dogs' reward center only when both words and intonation match.
Durham has also won praise from Democrats for being a straight-shooter.
Take simple approaches like offering praise and constructive criticism in equal amounts.
It has also won praise from groups like the Family Research Council.
But it was Krasinski who was full of praise for his wife.
And then, because she's Adele, she throws up her hands in praise.
Ad nauseam, the Straits Times and others praise his propensity to "listen".
In the end, Cowell had nothing but praise for Lukas and Falco.
Elizabeth Warren only just started running ads with Obama's praise for her.
Several of Russia's most powerful business leaders did, however, praise Putin's speech.
Hill took to Twitter to effusively praise his younger sister's acclaimed performance.
But instead of capitalizing on it, Trump decided to praise Saddam Hussein.
Well, it's time to give Universal Standard the praise it rightfully deserves.
Don't get us wrong — all of the above definitely deserve major praise.
The idea garnered some praise but hardly set the world on fire.
I was more used to criticism than praise in my old position.
Azalea isn't the only musician to recently praise the youngest Stark sister.
We are here to bury our first idea, not to praise it.
Following their homecoming, the women were greeted by both praise and controversy.
"Praise God, I am finally able to cover my genitals," he thought.
"She uses her celebrity to praise the common person," says Dr. Stuckey.
KS: Tony, they only do that when they want to praise themselves.
Call the Emmys, because Nietzchean TV shows never get enough critical praise.
To anyone who's ever struggled with getting good sleep, that's enormous praise.
They earned praise for the transparency, but scrutiny for the disappointing numbers.
Douglas used his time on stage to praise his daughter-in-law.
Why are solely bad or good emotions deserving of so much praise?
Speaking as a human, which would you rather have: Food or praise?
The Essential LeggingFew legging brands see as much public praise as Zella.
Experts were quick to praise the firm's quick technical response and communication.
Gregg is joining them with his praise of the Paxton's loving demeanor.
The presumptive GOP nominee had high praise for the freshman Iowa senator.
The films have also received high praise from critics and audiences alike.
But he has also embraced praise from institutions that conservatives typically distrust.
That praise did not come in an endorsement of Mr. Sanders, however.
But Martin has only heaped praise upon Tolkien, while decrying Tolkien's imitators.
His fiercest rivals heaped praise on him as a visionary and perfectionist.
Outside the palace, a car trundles past with loudspeakers singing presidential praise.
Fortunately, that doesn't mean we can't praise those who were unjustly overlooked.
When things go right, you praise the players for jobs well done.
Lots of people praise him, but forget that it was a tyranny.
Many of the comments praise the man for doing the right thing.
That doesn't mean we should uncritically praise the ad or its message.
That approach won Kurz widespread praise and worked, up to a point.
It can play fetch, do tricks, and respond to petting and praise.
"Must be a union issue…" Followers online were quick to praise Siltala.
In the earlier Disney films, character praise was usually focused on looks.
Sure, Bey and Jay are giving us two more Carters — praise be!
And they sort of gave me grudging praise or whatever, you know?
The film, which is already receiving critical praise, hits theaters Dec. 25.
But the show she had the most praise for was Derry Girls.
" Cameron had nothing but praise for Gomez, who she calls an "angel.
Saudi royals and Western diplomats praise him as serious and hard-working.
G-Eazy has nothing but praise for his on-again girlfriend Halsey.
Castro's plan has received early praise from criminal justice and policing experts.
But an announcement yesterday was getting high praise from well-connected Republicans.
Her pushback during cross-examination by Mueller's attorney also won widespread praise.
They'll heap praise on him for not interrupting and not name-calling.
Be generous with your praise, and you'll get it back in spades.
Those setbacks weren't noted Monday as Trump's inner-circle offered their praise.
It's high, and hysterical, praise from Leo's pal and former co-star.
They should avert the crisis and take the praise for doing so.
But no praise is universal — even the best restaurants still have haters.
But in general, both praise and criticisms of the law are accurate.
Egyptian media, which once showered him with praise, have been critical lately.
Kris also got plenty of praise from her family for her cameo.
What won't spoil the film is my spewing praise for Lane's craft.
Her team quickly cut an ad featuring Obama heaping praise upon her.
During her confirmation hearing, she received praise from both sides of aisle.
The move drew praise from fossil fuel groups but criticism from others.
I will heap praise on the 700 headphones' noise cancellation gradient feature.
Indeed that is what earned "Insecure" critical praise in its first season.
Mr Sebestyen deserves praise for illuminating a low point in modern history.
Another source close to Romney's plans said he's expected to praise Sens.
For most players, such a career arc might inspire envy, not praise.
In the film, Nichols is generous with praise and honest with criticism.
Alec Guinness drew his fair share of praise for playing Ben Kenobi.
Chael should instead be receiving the praise instead of her, they believed.
Praise has focused on the game's strategic elements and simplicity to play.
Ojeda-Brown said she's holding her praise until she sees real results.
A group of online heroes has gathered together to praise Trebek's rapping.
Idris Elba is receiving praise for his support of the #MeToo movement.
McDonough also lavished praise on Garland, and pointed to his bipartisan appeal.
Henson's fans were quick to praise the photo on Instagram and Twitter.
"We're just glad you're here," an excited Collins responded to Lauper's praise.
Silverman's jokes were spot on, while Alley's praise for Trump was vague.
Perry's requests regarding Yucca and interim waste sites garnered praise from lawmakers.
In 2009, he interrupted Taylor Swift to praise Beyonce on live television.
This time around, there was nothing but praise for the bug finders.
Riders can praise their driver's car, choice in music, or conversation skills.
Just as mysteriously as the artist appeared and earned praise, they vanished.
Some unexpected praise for your excellent work could come your way today.
Fans were quick to praise Anderson for speaking out about the inequality.
His actors praise his kindness, friendliness, and accessibility for their every inquiry.
All praise Marc Benioff, the beneficent, the wise, the creator of Salesforce.
The show mixed patriotism with anthems to inclusion, and drew widespread praise.
The EU's move received praise from human rights groups, including Amnesty International.
"I don't usually come to CAP to praise Jamie Dimon," he said.
Instagram users flooded her feed with praise over the dramatic switch-up.
The tweets are all about support, praise, and sympathy for other people.
Props to Miley for continuing to #resist even during moments of praise.
To the president's credit, he nominated Barr despite that praise of Mueller.
Nobody, not even she, can be a praise poet all the time.
"I strongly disassociate myself from tonight's praise of Brett Kavanaugh," Bazelon wrote.
He did, however, praise Trump's tax policy, regulatory changes and judicial nominations.
Praise and recognition are the ways to ensure employees feel their value.
Hopkins, however, is not quite ready to heap praise on the rookie.
Trump has received bipartisan praise for his administration's response to the storms.
The tweet has gone viral and has drawn both condemnation and praise.
Jones had particular praise on Wednesday for the 29-year-old Moore.
"When it comes to dictators, President Trump is all praise," Cooper said.
His praise for Vladimir Putin, who "has an 82 percent approval rating"?
Reviewers love that it comes with the grinder and praise its quality.
Himes went on to praise Pelosi's "operational capability" and ability to fundraise.
Conservative groups rushed to his defense and have showered him with praise.
Some observers rushed to praise Romney for his perceived declaration of independence.
It did not contain a whiff of praise for the President. Rep.
For that, I can't praise ZENNI and their Blokz Blue Blockers enough.
Bercow received praise for his time as speaker from across the House.
Two American presidents -- Harry Truman and Ronald Reagan -- would publicly praise both.
Instead, Trump tweeted condolences to McCain's family, avoiding praise of the senator.
Do not be surprised when celebrities normalize and praise Donald Trump pic.twitter.
If that sounds like faint praise, well, it is and it isn't.
Legler went on to praise Doncic, comparing him to all-time greats.
Looks like they charged it, al hamdulillah [all praise be to God].
Customers often praise the grocery store's prices, wide selection and friendly employees.
Even as she sought to use her closing comments to praise Mrs.
Trump's praise of Kim Jong Un will be interpreted as negotiating weakness.
You can't fault them, but you can't praise them too highly, either.
""So give us luck and praise us for doing what we're doing.
Scott's tone has changed, for the most part, to commendation and praise.
Now society owes him due praise and the minds of its young.
Fiorina even managed to praise the senator using a favored Trump phrase.
President Donald Trump stood at a podium, heaping praise on his wife.
Melcher said, "Praise God, he made it," and the women all nodded.
" A song that was played at one of Asylum's monthly "praise parties.
But he singles out former WWE Superstar Mike "Mikey" Mondo for praise.
The Center for Democracy and Technology offered measured praise for the bill.
Praise be to the war council, for the war council is eternal.
Bezos has also drawn praise from longtime Berkshire Vice Chairman Charlie Munger.
So how do you, dear reader, decide what's worthy of your praise?
To hear such praise from such a good goalkeeper, I had goosebumps.
Mr. Saumarez Smith has received much praise today from critics and colleagues.
The officer's performance attracted widespread praise, including from Vice President Mike Pence.
" Neymar was cryptic: "I don't much care for criticism, not even praise.
Ms. Wilkinson's move drew praise from leading women across the media industry.
But he also went out of his way to praise Mrs. May.
Along the way, he earned rapturous praise from the hip-hop elite.
Missouri's Democratic senator, Claire McCaskill, even called Ms. Barry to praise her.
They also praise Mr. Hawkins for his willingness to think so broadly.
The most important one was his calculated praise for United States v.
His inbox is mostly full of praise: "Keep going" one message read.
Praise should not be given out to those who simply acknowledge women.
That's not to heap too much praise on the network hosts, though.
There's no amount of attention and praise that can fix that problem.
But I got an equal or greater amount of laud and praise.
And that was the basis on which Republicans tended to praise it.
Alonso has nothing but praise for his soon-to-be former colleagues.
Since it hit the market, the Snoo has been showered with praise.
Both Mr. Mandela and Mr. Mbeki publicly showered the Guptas with praise.
Trump's brattiness," you proceed to praise Nancy Pelosi's "chops to manage it.
Mr. Greenberg won praise from those inside the science establishment as well.
"Let Us Now Praise Famous Men," by James Agee and Walker Evans.
The most distinct voices in the chorus of praise, however, were female.
In September, he tweeted and deleted praise for himself speaking with Mueller.
So you praise, while the world watches, and the web gets tighter.
You use his language, praise his leadership, tout his commitment to values.
Mr. Yiannopoulos had also signaled praise for Mr. McInnes earlier this year.
Sachs, and the site grew quickly as Ivandjiiski won praise for calling
Former bosses and colleagues from both parties praise her leadership and professionalism.
Now, about 20 percent had stronger responses to praise than to food.
Buyers lavished praise on the $150 headboard, lauding its solid, sturdy construction.
Mr. Kim recently has singled out Abraaj and Mr. Naqvi for praise.
Later Wednesday, he continued to slam the territory's government and praise himself.
Mr. de Blasio's praise of the governor's achievements, too, occasionally seemed tepid.
Clinton and seemed to praise Republicans for starting the new congressional investigations.
Many of Ms. Merkel's decisions have garnered as much criticism as praise.
Praise doesn't have to happen every day and it cannot be generic.
If that means publicly [Tedros] has to praise China, I understand it.
Does any particular piece of criticism or praise stick out to you?
And Republicans emerging from the deposition were focusing on his praise. Rep.
So we stood in line to see whether the praise was justified.
IN PRAISE OF FORGETTING: Historical Memory and Its Ironies, by David Rieff.
Praise has been building for Mayor Mitch Landrieu's speech about the removals.
Trump has an insatiable appetite for praise, an unquenchable thirst for flattery.
Praise for Mr. Slimane's talent flew thick and fast from the boardroom.
The site went viral and received praise from (legitimate) cryptocurrency industry leaders.
Republicans in Congress heaped on the praise, though Dems were not impressed.
But Spurs coach Gregg Popovich had nothing but praise for the Grizzlies.
But the alleged attacker isn't the only white nationalist to praise Trump.
He has earned broad praise from members of Congress from both parties.
The announcement led to both praise and complaints from various online corners.
And they point to Sanders' past praise of Biden as a retort.
" Stern, 85033, heaped praise on the billionaire, calling him a "phenomenal mayor.
The startup has received praise from global companies, including Walmart and Facebook.
He also tweeted praise of Ryan's primary opponent, Paul Nehlen, on Monday.
Too often, we precisely monitor the former and profligately praise the latter.
Be lavish with praise, but only in a genuine way, he advised.
Dantas went on to praise Bolsonaro's neoliberal economic agenda and to question
Kemp deserved all the high praise and commendation he got from colleagues.
The co-worker who's always fishing for the boss's praise is thirsty.
HGTV's "Boise Boys" received praise for being entertaining and having delightful hosts.
Other Republican lawmakers also offered grudging praise of the Democrats&apos performance.Sen.
All told, Mr. Trump sent 4,876 tweets that expressed approval or praise.
He went on to praise the student survivors from the Parkland, Fla.
The bill has earned him praise from Democratic senators and outside groups.
I would not bury a man without offering a dollop of praise.
Paul's office blasted out praise of his tactics in the February standoff.
Investors and the press have been quick to praise CEO Satya Nadella.
But there was plenty of praise for the news-jacking campaign too.
Huntsman, a former presidential candidate, also won praise from Democrats, including Sen.
He also won high praise for his performances of Schubert and Schumann.
Typically a publisher will promote advance reviews or praise from fellow authors.
The move drew swift praise from Russia hawks in Congress, including Sen.
The post's comments section was quickly flooded with praise for the men.
The powerful moment was met with an outpouring of praise by viewers.
And all praise goes to the movie&aposs scene stealer ... a horse!
I now get why people don't just praise Rez but worship it.
Mickelson oozed praise about the course and the options it provided players.
The latter earned praise from Koetter on Monday for his quick progress.
Klobuchar took Kavanaugh's praise in stride and quickly got down to business.
For their part, Republicans have voiced nothing but praise for the nominee.
They are today's praise words for a certain kind of human being.
And his praise extended to several of Montreal's chefs, including Mr. Laprise.
Despite all the praise, Huang was denied the promotion without any explanation.
The impact of their efforts must be recognized with more than praise.
In addition to posting praise, she wrote, employees should "dislike" negative reviews.
On Monday, Trump he also took to Twitter to praise the senator.
Rinna's friends flocked to the comments section to praise her dancing video.
In fact, they had come to praise Graham, not to bury him.
Corker was quick to follow his more skeptical-sounding remarks with praise.
Kam Buckner was among those to praise Blagojevich's release while slamming Trump.
She continued to work — critical praise mounted, and so did her appeal.
Praise your child for practicing responsible behavior and showing respect for fire.
For her coq au Riesling alone, you'll be shouting praise and thanks.
He looked at me and smiled and said "Alhamdulillah" ["Praise to God"].
If Mr. Price's books never became blockbusters, they did garner critical praise.
Last Man Standing is never a show I want to over-praise.
I come not to praise Tuesday's census report but to bury it.
Do you think it's meant to degrade or to praise young moms?
But despite the outside praise, the lieutenant faces a long road internally.
When it does, the inner workings of that decision will most likely remain behind a veil of praise for whatever city it chooses: praise for its commitment to sustainability, perhaps; its transportation infrastructure; its diverse and talented workforce.
In Praise of Difficult Women: Life Lessons From 29 Heroines Who Dared to Break the Rules  Karen Karbo Karen Karbo's In Praise of Difficult Women is the book to read whenever you're looking for encouragement to take a risk.
According to slides recreated by Motherboard, Facebook asserts that "we don't allow praise, support and representation of white supremacy as an ideology" but stipulates that it does "allow praise, support and representation" for both white nationalism and white separatism.
Politicians praise small businesses as habitually as they laud veterans and first responders.
All praise the musical gods: Cher is set to star in Mamma Mia!
He used that interview to praise all three finalists: Pence, Gingrich and Christie.
There are certain ones, though, that seem to attract more praise than others.
But something about hearing them actually praise Lucifer was too much for me.
The English singer took to Twitter on Monday to praise the benefit gig.
If only some of his other, more ambitious ideas warranted the same praise.
After her first night back on stage, Miles received an abundance of praise.
I like to go the other way and spread the praise and recognition.
There might be a way to talk without being so effusive in praise.
Offering her heartfelt congratulations, Kotb went on to praise her new co-host.
In some cases, Trump even singled out people in the group for praise.
Administration officials, for their part, have been quick to praise Huntsman's diplomatic chops.
Brosnan has been effusive in his praise of his wife in the past.
Clinton's effusive and controversial praise of Nancy Reagan seems part of this strategy.
Since launching in 2016, Carcel has received near-universal praise in fashion circles.
Reginae Carter was gushing with love and praise for the album on Friday.
Schumer and his staff decided to hold their own little ceremony of praise.
Based on critical praise, Germany's "Toni Erdmann" would be the odds-on favorite.
Laviolette deserves so much praise for committing to this idea in Game 303.
Capering about in anything creative and decidedly Philadelphian usually garners the loudest praise.
Some praise its idiosyncratic vision, others decry its lack of coherence or substance.
That seems worthy of praise, no matter how tacky you think the outcome.
In fact, he's got all sorts of praise for company CEO Tim Cook.
Producer Marc Platt also adds his praise for the stars of the film.
More praise came from Julia Michaels, Teddy Geiger, and OneRepublic singer Ryan Tedder.
Her breakup with country music was gradual, undramatic, and met with worldwide praise.
The praise Once Saent did hit the market, it was a huge success.
But the President-elect appears to be comfortable only with praise and adulation.
His hunger for praise is even more powerful than his intolerance of criticism.
The getup was so ssssmokin', even Katy Perry couldn't resist sending some praise.
He basked in the praise of several executives, who applauded his tax cuts.
Unfortunately for Dany, Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) takes Tormund's praise a step further.
Or is the praise surrounding it merely a "bit of sentimental hungover tosh"?
However, Teigen wants you to know she didn't post the photo for praise.
It was not, let's be clear, in any way praise for the President.
But his art, he said, doesn't feed a hunger for glory or praise.
I'd expected him to praise me for having done something delicate and difficult.
Kanye cruises a bit before making another ollie attempt ... getting praise from onlookers.
Janet Jackson had nothing but praise for her father, Joe Jackson, on Friday.
Swift returned the praise for her friend during a 2019 "Beats 1" interview.
Impressive praise from one of the greatest defensemen to ever play the game.
Later political leaders receive praise for investments in infrastructure that enabled rapid growth.
But not all of Obama's decisions for NASA have been met with praise.
IT IS rare for the government to shower praise on just one startup.
Another commented, "Fake photo but here for it" with a praise hands emoji.
Bujalski emailed Strouse about Hall, and he had nothing but praise for her.
Poor Alvin, whose tangible relief at getting unequivocally positive praise doesn't last long.
Jamie Foxx also dropped a response, leaving a string of praise hand emojis.
Many of the new emojis are receiving widespread praise because of their inclusivity.

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