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"appreciate" Definitions
  1. [transitive] (not used in the progressive tenses) appreciate somebody/something to recognize the good qualities of somebody/something
  2. [transitive] (not usually used in the progressive tenses) to be grateful for something that somebody has done; to welcome something
  3. [transitive] (not used in the progressive tenses) to understand that something is true synonym realize
  4. [intransitive] to increase in value over a period of time
"appreciate" Synonyms
cherish treasure welcome value recognise(UK) recognize(US) credit acknowledge prize be grateful for be thankful for give thanks for be indebted for be glad about be pleased about be obliged for be beholden for be in debt for be appreciative of hold dear enjoy like love dig embrace fancy favor(US) favour(UK) adore relish savor(US) savour(UK) rate take an interest in take to thoroughly enjoy take satisfaction in delight in derive pleasure from revel in respect admire consider esteem regard hail laud commend applaud extol praise hold in esteem hold in high regard rate highly think highly of realise(UK) realize(US) understand grasp apprehend cognize discern sense comprehend get know perceive fathom grok read savvy be aware of increase grow rise inflate escalate soar rocket improve enhance amplify build increment magnify pump pump up skyrocket up enlarge develop boost venerate revere honour(UK) worship glorify exalt honor(US) reverence idolise(UK) idolize(US) adulate deify heed show consideration for observe show regard for take into consideration pay heed to accommodate have due regard for be mindful of mind take into account bear in mind be heedful of pay attention to remember care worry bother be bothered be concerned be interested be interested in burden oneself with concern oneself concern oneself with get worked up give a hang give a hoot give a monkey's give a rap give a tinker's curse taste experience encounter undergo feel see witness have meet sample sustain try endure pass preview suffer accept accept gladly approve of express pleasure express pleasure at express satisfaction at take pleasure in jump at be pleased by receive gladly give the thumbs up to embellish enrich aggrandize lift ameliorate better uplift vitalize advantage aid endow inspirit envigorate(UK) invigorate(US) thank bless express gratitude for be grateful be indebted be obligated be obliged express gratitude express thanks give thanks show appreciation show courtesy show gratitude extend thanks to offer thanks to ratiocinate cogitate deliberate reflect ponder cerebrate reason intellectualise(UK) intellectualize(US) analyse(UK) analyze(US) conceive estimate evaluate rationalise(UK) rationalize(US) ruminate logicalize appraise sympathize(US) empathise(UK) empathize(US) pity commiserate emphathize identify bleed empathize with identify with feel for feel sorry for grieve for show concern weep for bleed for relate to be sorry for marvel wonder gape goggle stare be amazed be surprised gaze be astonished be awed stand in awe be dumbfounded be filled with amazement be flabbergasted be full of wonder follow support back be a supporter of be a fan of be a devotee of be a fanatic of be a follower of be devoted to be an admirer of be keen on cultivate an interest in More
"appreciate" Antonyms

994 Sentences With "appreciate"

How to use appreciate in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "appreciate" and check conjugation/comparative form for "appreciate". Mastering all the usages of "appreciate" from sentence examples published by news publications.

"I appreciate all the support, I appreciate love, I appreciate the kind things," he told fans.
"I appreciate all the support, I appreciate love, I appreciate the kind things," Bieber said during Sunday night's show.
And I appreciate it -- Jim, Kanye, I appreciate it.
Just to have that sort of sense that it's a shift, and I can appreciate [Brown] and I can appreciate Michael and I can appreciate David [Oyelowo] and I can appreciate ... Idris and appreciate their work and love their work and not feel this competition.
We appreciate it very much and we appreciate your support.
It will help you appreciate, truly appreciate, what you have.
"People who appreciate cannabis appreciate nature," the founder, Suzanna Cameron, said.
I appreciate it very much, and appreciate CNBC for having me.
"My fellow nominees thank you, appreciate you, appreciate your work," Ali said.
I didn't appreciate it and I don't appreciate it for Sen. Hawley.
I appreciate that very much – you have no idea how much I appreciate it.
Tell them specifically what you appreciate about their work, and why you appreciate it.
I appreciate that very much — you have no idea how much I appreciate it.
He's Tavon's guardian angel and I appreciate him, and I appreciate the Chicago Police Department.
I appreciate that moment, and I appreciate Drake indulging his more niche interests to a point.
I said, Tucker will appreciate this, Tucker will appreciate seeing Linda -- Jerry Brown and Linda Ronstadt.
As a Jew, I really don't appreciate this phrasing, nor do I appreciate this plotline, actually.
He's been very intense and very intentional, but I appreciate that, and I appreciate the input.
I really do appreciate you coming in and I really do appreciate you coming in as well.
"We really appreciate confidence but also we appreciate people who have a sense of humility," says Menendez.
Not only do we love and appreciate art, but we love and appreciate it in new ways.
Maybe today, you will appreciate joke X but two days from now, you won't appreciate it anymore.
It's hard to appreciate the genius of Einstein, but one can easily appreciate the beauty of Messi.
I appreciate that young viewers have spoken back with this category to say: We appreciate complex stories and identities.
I think they have — I heard lower than Congress, but honestly, the public would appreciate it, I'd appreciate it.
If you only appreciate artists who have been good people, who's going to be left for us to appreciate?
Generally, you appreciate discussions grounded in reality rather than hypotheticals, and appreciate real-world examples when learning something new.
" After making the pledge to their children, Combs concluded, "And we just love y'all, we appreciate y'all, appreciate the family.
I'm VICE's art editor, but I don't only appreciate visual beauty, I appreciate the beauty of the culinary arts too.
You appreciate the importance of minimalism, but can't abide its froideur; you appreciate the importance of performance art, but find it indulgent or inscrutable; you appreciate the importance of fiber art, but wonder if it's really just craft.
Maria taught us to appreciate the things we didn't appreciate before and to realize that material things don't really fulfill you.
"I appreciate everything they've done for me with my weight loss journey, and I will never not appreciate it," she says.
I really appreciate it, and I really appreciate people supporting me, spending their hard-earned money to see something I'm in.
"I appreciate the fact that you're respecting the rule of law, and I appreciate the good work of this administration," Rep.
We appreciate you being here today, and we appreciate the work that you do for the people in telling the truth.
I know other members will get to that, but I really appreciate your testimony and appreciate your service to our nation.
SS: Frans, all way too short, but very nice to see you, and I really appreciate-, FH: Absolutely, I appreciate it.
And while big-name brands and small producers alike would surely appreciate the additional information, it's Twitter that would appreciate the cash.
I appreciate things better, and appreciate having an opportunity at age 65 to come back and do what I love to do.
But I've learned to appreciate and I'm thankful to be doing to what I'm doing, and I appreciate the time [reporters] are taking.
Smerconish: Well I appreciate the questions that you were able to answer, and I appreciate you doing it on Sirius XM POTUS channel.
They respect and appreciate what you're doing for this country, and they respect and appreciate what you're doing for them as a family.
As readers who respect and appreciate data, you can also appreciate its absence, and what can (and cannot) be said as a result.
Perhaps before we Homo sapiens can truly appreciate the emotions of other sentient creatures, we will have to learn to appreciate our own.
Given how much we all appreciate the Pokémon Center's ability to heal all our Pokémon to full health, we should all appreciate Chansey.
"I'm excited and I appreciate everyone that did donate and help me, I appreciate that and their money isn't gonna be wasted," Davis said.
"If you look at this game and you try to appreciate it in the way that you'd appreciate chess, it's really bad," says Gage.
I'd rather go somewhere where the people know me and appreciate my business, and I appreciate the service, and we have a mutual understanding.
It's hard to even appreciate how hard this is for robots to do, because it's hard to appreciate how difficult walking still is for humanoids.
What we want to do is not have everybody be an engineer or scientist, but have everybody appreciate it, appreciate the great value of science.
If you know golf well enough to appreciate "'86," you might also appreciate its demented opposite, Friday on Adult Swim, the late-night comedy block.
These authors know and appreciate their bodies as deeply as I hope to know and appreciate my own one day, regardless of my level of wellness.
But Jimmy soon finds a way to appreciate them anyway, namely giving them household tasks to do by insisting that their wives would really appreciate it.
Or would she appreciate my apology, appreciate that the #MeToo movement made me reflect on my own behavior and its impact on those I care about.
"I appreciate our meeting together, and I appreciate how you handled the prior hearing, and I have a lot of respect for you," Kavanaugh told Klobuchar.
It also helped me appreciate something that people who haven't lived outside of the United States often don't appreciate, which is just how fortunate we are here.
"I didn't appreciate it then, I don't appreciate it now," the former president said in a segment with Today Show that aired five years after the telethon.
Here's what he told Simmons: OBAMA: What I didn't fully appreciate, and nobody can appreciate until they're in the position, is how decentralized power is in this system.
And for the most part, people deeply appreciate the personal quality to these donations in precisely the same way they appreciate a gift selected perfectly for their temperament.
I appreciate that the editor of the New York Times reached out to me, I appreciate that Brian Stelter had me on his show for the first time.
The awful motion blur is a distraction, sure—but stop and appreciate the scenery for a second, and you'll appreciate how this game gets its location so very right.
You can appreciate the threats, worry about the threats, try to fight back against the threats at the same time that you appreciate the progress that we have made.
And some people -- even atheists -- appreciate our efforts.
Um yeah I really appreciate it, like the heads up is so nice... Even asking or seeing if I would be okay with it and I just really appreciate it.
Their fans will appreciate the music, while those who didn't particularly care for it the first time around will appreciate the songs offering voyeuristic looks into their high-profile romances.
Definitely; I really, really appreciate people with different bodies, of different skin tones, of different nations, religions — I appreciate the light that they get, especially the beauty spotlight that they get.
One of my favorite things about Sherman's Showcase is that, if you like comedy you'll appreciate it, but if you're a music nerd, you'll appreciate it on a whole other level.
When you teach people how to appreciate alcohol in this way, they will most likely appreciate the subtleties in a bottle of liquor and not just down it to get drunk.
"The guys like McNamara and R. J. Allen appreciate the fans just as much as the fans appreciate them," said Ben Glidden, a member of N.Y.C.F.C.'s Third Rail supporters group.
" She added: "I love you and appreciate you, beautiful.
" She captioned this video, "I appreciate all the love!
"I appreciate ur understanding & I apologise," the rocker wrote.
I appreciate your well wishes and understanding + I'm sorry.
I appreciate what you said & how you said it.
He'll just continue to watch ... and appreciate their art.
So, the use of it … I appreciate the clarification.
Faux or not ... they don't appreciate her flaunting fur.
John McCain ... and we very much appreciate everything Sen.
I really appreciate your restraint if you ... Yeah. Yeah.
I have ... Say, "Thanks a lot, I appreciate it"?
"So, thanks, mom and dad -- appreciate 'ya," Harper said.
Thank you -- my great pleasure, Jimmy, appreciate it, fellas.
If you thought Larry would appreciate the humor -- wrong!
At least he seems to appreciate his good fortune.   
" Continues Hyland: "I just appreciate everything even more now.
R eyna : O.K., sir, I appreciate it, thank you.
" Mr. Coons said, "I appreciate that, but I can't.
As before, an increase in the FFR would appreciate the dollar against the euro and the yen (and of course other floating exchange rate currencies), which, in turn, would appreciate China's basket.
But honestly, the public would appreciate it, I'd appreciate it -- again, I don't mind bad stories when it's true but we have an administration where the Democrats are making it very difficult.
I can kind of see his logic—I appreciate a great breast augmentation far more than I appreciate great breasts—but the great doctor is missing a fundamental point: Love is pain!
"I appreciate that all of my Republican colleagues appreciate the risk to the rule of law that an inappropriate, abrupt firing of the special counsel by the President would create," Coons said.
And you do see the level of genius unfolding in a room that I could never appreciate, just like I couldn't appreciate ... Yeah, he's a pretty good player, from what I'm told.
But honestly, the public would appreciate it, I'd appreciate it — again, I don't mind bad stories when it's true but we have an administration where the Democrats are making it very difficult.
"Like I said the whole time, I've got 60,000 fans up in Philly that appreciate me as a player and appreciate me as an individual and my family, as well," he said.
I don't appreciate dirty talk that pins me as anything less than equal to you, and I definitely don't appreciate the pleasure certain men have derived from knowing their dick bruised my cervix.
As a girl I didn't appreciate what I most fully appreciate now; how he suffered and how he bore it with a stoic silence that was once the mark of an American man.
As a girl, I didn't appreciate what I most fully appreciate now, how he suffered and how he bore it with a stoic silence that was once the mark of an American man.
You see the joy, how they appreciate that you listen.
We sincerely appreciate all of your concern and well wishes.
Future Dropbox investors will appreciate Dropbox's independence on this front.
I only hope her kids appreciate this level of craftsmanship.
True pie aficionados will appreciate, Goldbelly's approach to Pi Day.
INGRAHAM: Thank you so much, appreciate you coming into night.
We appreciate the perspective that they add to our platform.
BARTIROMO: We appreciate you joining us, Congressman Steve Scalise there.
I appreciate every opportunity that has been given our way.
We appreciate more music now than when we were younger.
Thank you gentlemen all for being here, I appreciate it.
Showing him how much I appreciate him, it's been amazing.
"We appreciate your patience as we navigate the transition process."
But we super appreciate all the well wishes n stuff.
I appreciate my wife and her family for supporting me.
In six months she will likely appreciate the medal more.
We also appreciate it just for the sake of change.
We appreciate our customers' patience and understanding during this time.
They appreciate all of their fans and their continued support.
To appreciate the significance of this event, consider the specifics.
You still appreciate humor, you are still a whole person.
It's easy to appreciate your parents once you move out.
As a generally sweaty guy myself, I appreciate his candor!
But we certainly appreciate your support as we get there.
But I'm sure these new FL voters appreciate your comments!
Others appreciate the term "plus size" and find it convenient.
Turns out, Aries women appreciate tulips, while Geminis dig lavender.
We can see and appreciate how those characters grew up.
GUILFOYLE: Oh, I appreciate that on behalf of my people.
But you don't need to game to appreciate the screen.
I just really appreciate that we can all have discussions.
Even billionaire business magnates appreciate the routine moments with family.
I think people are starting to fully appreciate this fact.
I very much appreciate and applaud him for his leadership.
We really appreciate it, thanks so much, and great stuff.
"They appreciate that stability and seeing the benefit," Kiernan said.
" She adds: "And it's really comfortable too which I appreciate.
Who doesn't appreciate a helping hand on their wedding day?
They also make very nice neutral clothing, which I appreciate.
Let's take a moment to appreciate Hillary Clinton's grace today.
Since last week was very chaotic, I appreciate this reprieve.
I also appreciate the other hardware improvements Motorola made here.
"I really appreciate the architecture of the storytelling," Wright added.
I'm glad that they're taking a moment to appreciate pride.
Let's take a moment to thoroughly appreciate this flawless recreation.
Well, anyway, I appreciate you for coming on the show.
"We appreciate people expressing solidarity to the victims," Oliver said.
"But we certainly appreciate the governor's help for Rick's campaign."
She's generous, sensitive … I just appreciate her on every level.
But I want to appreciate those small movements toward solutions.
We're consistently improving the user experience and appreciate the feedback.
And I understand and I appreciate this line of questioning.
He slows my city pace down, and I appreciate that.
And it's something that I actually learn to really appreciate.
"I appreciate Bill Clinton being my psychoanalyst," Sanders told Tapper.
I appreciate everyone's comments of love and support and outrage.
I really appreciate you sitting down to talk to me.
We appreciate all the support from all around the world.
Life is a gift, appreciate the moments in each day.
"Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism…"
LeVar Burton: Oh man, I really appreciate hearing that brother.
I appreciate they are using their brains and common sense.
"I appreciate all of the prayers and thoughts," she wrote.
"[Mall owners] appreciate we are making these investments," Horowitz said.
The yen may appreciate even further, according to some analysts.
When people say 'yes' to you, we really appreciate it.
As a kid, I was too dumb to even appreciate.
I appreciate that you gave them the medal of freedom.
There's two sides, I'm just trying to appreciate the culture.
DAVID FABER: Well, we appreciate your joining us this morning.
STEWART: Oh. Yeah, I don't... AXELROD: We appreciate your question.
"We appreciate all the prayers, all the donations," she said.
Scully seems to appreciate Miller's empathy for the young bomber.
China's equivalent of the Gestapo might not appreciate this parallel.
Kids appreciate things differently and aren't burdened by outside influences.
This gives them a worldliness that aspirational young Muslims appreciate.
It takes me away from overthinking, and I appreciate that.
First, let's just appreciate how incredibly goofy these pictures are.
For now, we'll just appreciate knowing things are going well.
And as a photographer, I appreciate that attention to detail.
I learned to appreciate freedom when I didn't have any.
"  Let's also just appreciate Banks calling Musk a "wild thornberry.
We appreciate it much more than we could ever express.
I knew Garrett would appreciate it since he loved adventure.
I've grown to appreciate the quirkiness of both these displays.
And I appreciate the fact that that's the real her.
Another thing that helped Hathaway learn to appreciate her body?
Hi loves, wanted you to know that I appreciate you!
Employees appreciate working for a company with a humanitarian goal.
All of us in the Management Board highly appreciate it.
I grew to appreciate moments of quiet, rather than chaos.
Wait, can we just take a moment to appreciate Jangar?
Cinephiles everywhere will appreciate this touching tribute to the greats.
I appreciate that my disability is temporary; health is everything!
Mr. Mayor, we always appreciate you for being with us.
Everyone has been really sweet about this & I appreciate it.
Another said clients appreciate Amazon is a seamless shopping experience.
MACCALLUM: Yes, good to have you back, I appreciate it.
I appreciate that you notice I didn't use those words!
We want people who really appreciate technology, fit and finish.
Even Chrysler executives could not fully appreciate the minivan's popularity.
So I hope people appreciate that and stick with him.
"Well, I appreciate that, Gayle!" responded Guthrie with a laugh.
Trey: I've learned to appreciate cats the older I get.
I appreciate how the derisiveness occasionally hides in plain sight.
I really appreciate your time on a day like this.
Trey: I really appreciate the genuine joy on display here.
I appreciate it much more now than 20 years ago.
And the taxpayers of Freedonia might appreciate a public park.
We appreciate the fact that he really kicked it off.
Those in the know will know and appreciate the effort.
Typically dogs don't really appreciate people blowing air their faces.
I think to appreciate that makes songs even more miraculous.
I think breaking my neck made me appreciate that more.
Get to the point and people will appreciate your brevity.
Dr. Lee's version slides on clear, which we seriously appreciate.
We really appreciate it and thank you for doing this.
I truly appreciate, and love each and everyone of you.
So, I appreciate your sentiment, but I reject your idea.
To appreciate that, consider why it has proved so alluring.
We appreciate Check Point's work to help keep users safe.
What did you appreciate about having him in your corner?
Appreciate the report, this is something we're actively working on.
Then take time to appreciate each accomplishment along the way.
Festivalgoers seem to appreciate the dance between fields as well.
Let's unpack it a bit, to better appreciate the significance.
She offers me her corporate credit card which I appreciate.
Jay: Again, and I appreciate Issac wanting to be transparent.
I'm going to appreciate every singly day that is here.
Can we just take a second to accurately appreciate that?
Rudy Giuliani, I really appreciate your coming on this Sunday.
QUESTION: I appreciate you taking the time to come here.
DAVID FABER: Alright, well we appreciate you guys stopping by.
I appreciate the empathy but I need more than that.
I'm going to appreciate every single day that I'm here.
We're just not sure she'll appreciate the shade at Solange.
I think sometimes for whites it's difficult to appreciate that.
Equifax failed to fully appreciate and mitigate its cybersecurity risks.
We also appreciate Michael Rakowitz's decision to boycott the Biennial.
Penguins may not have Twitter, but they'll appreciate the thought.
Someone well known to appreciate obsequious displays of fealty, perhaps.
The dog in the background, however, clearly doesn't appreciate bluegrass.
They might also appreciate a second glass of the bubbly.
FABER: Larry, very much appreciate you having us in today.
"I would appreciate it if it was scuttled," he said.
Shapiro said he expects Silicon Valley to appreciate that upside.
I really appreciate its customizable looks, from decals to detailing.
"I appreciate the genuineness of Sanders' campaign," she told CNN.
Let's appreciate how precious they are together for a minute.
It's an expensive accessory but one Galaxy fans will appreciate.
As I've gone along, I've really come to appreciate you.
I appreciate all of the support from the Louisville fans.
It's a nice thing to do, and we appreciate it.
Saldana says that eating healthfully helps her appreciate her food.
Boston did NOT appreciate Lio Rush's shot at Gronk pic.twitter.
Can we just take a moment to appreciate those lashes?
As much as we appreciate the work, that's just cold.
Crosby has reached the "we appreciate and cherish this" phase.
It makes me appreciate so much from my Mexican roots.
Thank you very much for your time, I appreciate it.
We apologize & appreciate your patience while we work to fix.
That's what I really appreciate is it wasn't an attack.
Not that there isn't anything to appreciate in the film.
I appreciate all the amazing woman in my life. pic.twitter.
I appreciate that Farm Sanctuary meets people where they are.
"Well, I appreciate someone that comes with references," he said.
I think we just appreciate the quietness of this lifestyle.
American palates now appreciate kale, hoppy IPAs, and herbal Amaro.
That doesn't mean the girls don't appreciate St. Nick, though.
He's selling so other people can appreciate and drive them.
But, I appreciate it Sam, and thank you so much.
We all appreciate you standing side by side with us.
I am pretty femme, but I do appreciate my masculinity.
"I appreciate your comments regarding interim storage sites," said Rep.
Morgane & the boys are doing great & we appreciate everyone's support!
They will appreciate knowing they have support in their fight.
I appreciate when people compliment you and let you know.
You appreciate and value memories more once they start fading.
"And we don't appreciate them telling us how to vote."
I worry that people don't appreciate how weird this is.
Which I appreciate is the opposite approach to many players.
Now, that sounds like something the beverage's muse could appreciate.
But what a job you've done, and we appreciate it.
Just admit that you were wrong and people appreciate that.
Frost said she has some constituents who appreciate her language.
You have to still value and appreciate the other person.
"I just appreciate so many types of music," she says.
It's hard to fully appreciate the danger commandos are in.
And so I appreciate that they did that so swiftly.
You have to be a food scientist to appreciate that.
I just appreciate having vivid record of feelings I had.
How does this help you understand and appreciate the review?
I appreciate their dilemma and the strain of their duty.
"Thank you so much, I appreciate you all," Harmon said.
And to appreciate how much he brings to the equation.
I appreciate my body way more than I used to.
It's taken me years to appreciate and honor my life.
Some days the president's style makes him hard to appreciate.
If the answer is yes, you'll appreciate today's Google Doodle.
People also appreciate escaping long commutes and avoiding office distractions.
Nonetheless, we should appreciate the concrete achievements made so far.
Apparently, some landlords do not appreciate getting even good grades.
It's not surprising that Trump fails to appreciate the irony.
The older I get, the more I appreciate each opportunity.
And I'm sure the Finns would greatly appreciate getting it.
Environmentalists are slow to appreciate that climate protection imposes costs.
"Public shareholders appreciate simplicity, transparency and clarity," Mr. Crate said.
We all appreciate his service and sincerely wish him well.
I really appreciate the open and honest feedback I received.
If they have a record collection, they'll appreciate this turntable.
"I appreciate the way Terry has handled me," Bruce said.
"The farms we work with do appreciate it," she said.
I began to appreciate these luxuries more than any others.
What I really appreciate about her is she gets that.
"I appreciate all the media attention we're getting," Howard said.
What I appreciate most about it is its longer line.
It's common to appreciate modernity while fearing its destructive potential.
"They may not appreciate the pragmatic concerns," Cornyn said. Sen.
The actor has come to appreciate his character's vintage style.
LEON COOPERMAN: And I appreciate the time you've given me.
We deeply appreciate our partnership and the covenant between us.
"I really appreciate him coming to the school," she says.
It is a prescription that investors are likely to appreciate.
" Trump added that he "appreciate[s] his service very much.
We appreciate your perspective and take your points very seriously.
We may disagree, but I sincerely appreciate the good faith.
But we appreciate your willingness to lend us your money.
I feel like that's how you appreciate the view more.
Unless it's someone I really appreciate and want to catch.
They appreciate your dedication more than thinking you look nice.
And they appreciate that they are being given the truth.
We're very sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate everyone's patience.
My parents raised me to appreciate that way of life.
And they appreciate both the urban renewal and the grit.
He came to appreciate solitude because it was so unavailable.
Can't we appreciate the horse and buggy without romanticizing it?
I love the challenge, and I truly appreciate the art.
I'm so blessed to be able to appreciate another's culture.
We really appreciate the support from our photography community. pic.twitter.
You have to like IPAs to appreciate Pliny the Elder.
You won't appreciate the Sky much when you're in it.
Foreign countries, however, do not always appreciate the cash influx.
We appreciate the guy most when we aren't expecting it.
Scroll on for gift recommendations that any photographer can appreciate.
I appreciate the clarification there it was not the intent.
" Robinson continued: "I appreciate everything Minnesota brings off the bench.
Place a candle in your pumpkin and appreciate your work.
If you're sensitive to sound, you may not appreciate that.
We hardly need research to appreciate the difficulties this poses.
The justices seem to appreciate having the solicitor general's perspective.
I am surrounded by people that love and appreciate me.
" — Norina "I'm a newcomer to NYC and appreciate this newsletter.
The president must appreciate that Russia is not our ally.
"Appreciate the well wishes," Payton wrote on his Twitter page.
It's about 23 minutes of effort, which I really appreciate.
"That's because they appreciate it as much as I do."
Doctors did not fully appreciate the risks these drugs posed.
I really appreciate people being intentional about what they bring.
Appreciate the incredible work the people around you are doing.
MacCarthy doesn't seem to appreciate the importance of collective innovation.
There are always a few entries I don't fully appreciate.
I really appreciate it, this has been a fascinating conversation.
And they're watching and they're following, and I appreciate that.
I wasn't always able to appreciate him; and he, me.
Finally, Iranians usually appreciate that Trump is not Hillary Clinton.
We appreciate the attention your paper (occasionally) pays to poetry.
I mean, that's a lovely sentiment, and I appreciate that.
Animals, he believed, could appreciate beauty for its own sake.
"I appreciate it more than I can say," he wrote.
And we really appreciate all that you've done for us.
And I certainly appreciate Penn Station a whole lot more!
"You need to watch them unfold to appreciate the beauty."
You need distance to appreciate what something is really like.
Take a moment to appreciate it before you dig in.
And we appreciate you, Ben, in joining us this morning.
PR: Well, thank you Louie, I appreciate you hosting me.
"I say, appreciate whatever kind of orgasms come your way."
Jimmy, thanks for coming to New York, I appreciate it.
We are trying to train our eyes to appreciate that.
I appreciate your motives: Good sex is a great thing.
It's as if she's perfectly matched to appreciate George Washington.
America needs more like you, and we really appreciate it.
The light that we appreciate in paintings is depicted light.
Perhaps, Ms. Herring suggested, Mr. Trump would appreciate the scene.
If you're a fan of Harley, you may appreciate this.
I'm interested in reading this novel and appreciate his insight.
And voters in New Hampshire appreciate candidates who work hard.
They'll appreciate using them for the rest of the season. 
"I didn't appreciate it, probably, during the run," Pettitte said.
I appreciate General Berry and ANG soldiers for their service.
Would they appreciate the complications of our life under occupation?
Better to implant spikes in dashboards so they appreciate consequences!
If you appreciate the effort, maybe you would consider subscribing?
I appreciate that some pieces overwhelm, and this is one.
Do they appreciate our efforts to scoop their digestive output?
His aim was a condominium likely to appreciate in value.
A lot of people are slowly starting to appreciate that.
"I appreciate that," said Bernstein analyst Toni Sacconaghi, in response.
You can fight that, or accept it and appreciate it.
" Ford answered: "I just appreciate that you did offer that.
Asked how his patients reacted, he said, "They appreciate it."
Isaac Reynolds: Thank you for asking that, I appreciate that.
Michael O'Grady (Michael): Thank you for having me, appreciate it.
This is the kind of understated elegance anyone can appreciate.
"People in Louisiana enjoy and appreciate the humor," he said.
"I just appreciate that the misquote was corrected," he said.
For now, make sure he knows you appreciate his gift.
Today, he's back to teach us to appreciate what's important.
All of us appreciate government actions to keep us safe.
I also really appreciate how personal StockX is for users.
"Most people don't appreciate how stupid Watergate was," he said.
I appreciate how the elegant and tasteful the imagery is.
I appreciate most the technology that is years old now.
I appreciate how easily the formula melts into the skin.
I may not use it, but I certainly appreciate it.
It does not appreciate the long path he has traveled.
We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate our guests' patience.
But, while I appreciate the solidarity, their outrage is misplaced.
You know, they appreciate the craft that goes into them.
Even under the circumstances, you have to appreciate good engineering.
If anyone doesn't appreciate life in the moment, it's them.
We appreciate your patience and respect during this challenging time.
They'll appreciate that this iPad works with the Apple Pencil.
Once for laughs, and once more to appreciate the craft.
Let's take a moment to appreciate how amazing that is.
And I think the customers appreciate that discretion as well.
They force cats into situations cats don't tend to appreciate.
Wasserman said, "Only then can you appreciate the early stages."
We had to appreciate the concerns that other people had.
His teammates, who know him as Mac, appreciate his approach.
In their letter, the senators said they appreciate Dunford's announcement.
We appreciate his voluntary willingness to come and testify today.
I now appreciate applying this to other areas of life.
It seems she is yet to fully appreciate that lesson.
Hayward paged through the book, pausing to appreciate certain cats.
You'll save money and might even appreciate your latte more.
As a person with ADHD, I deeply appreciate this approach.
But that doesn't mean he doesn't appreciate learning from others.
In North Salem, change is slow, and residents appreciate that.
If you are a cook, you'll appreciate the royal kitchen.
First of all, it didn't take -- I appreciate your words.
We would appreciate if these people would leave us alone.
The thing I appreciate about them is they play together.
He said that they appreciate the efforts of all involved.
"I really appreciate everyone's effort in the search for her."
I appreciate the opportunity to provide some facts and context.
" He added: "I hope we all can really appreciate it.
It's still hard to appreciate how vast the change was.
Apparently he did not appreciate my intense video game discourse.
"A lot of my followers appreciate the disclosures," he said.
"I appreciate you coming out and supporting me," he said.
Most people probably don't appreciate this because it isn't true.
I appreciate all the people who shop in the bookstore.
Well, I appreciate that you're having me on your show.
I really appreciate Frances Frei for coming here from Uber.
What do you most appreciate in a work of literature?
Going to work with us, and I appreciate that commitment.
But I appreciate the way you fly fisherpeople stick together.
People appreciate that nonhuman animals deserve our moral consideration too.
Does the article make you appreciate the work of paleontologists?
Yet I appreciate that they have a code of sorts.
Please know I appreciate that you are rare human beings.
We appreciate gifts, but free, unconditional, and without ulterior motives.
What is it specifically about that concept do you appreciate?
The president must appreciate that Russia is not our ally.
Artlery is also focused on the people that appreciate art.
Mom might appreciate it if she's known for busy mornings.
We didn't get through everything, but I do appreciate it.
Scott Galloway: Thanks for having me Kara, I appreciate this.
I really do appreciate everything that she did for me.
Or to fully appreciate how people expected him to behave.
I didn't really appreciate it but I shrugged it off.
GOWDY: I don&apost give a dam what you appreciate, Agent Strzok, I don&apost appreciate having an FBI agent with an unprecedented level of animus work on two major investigations here in 2016.
As a girl I did not appreciate what I most fully appreciate now, how he suffered and how he bore it with the stoic silence which was once the mark of an American man.
As a girl I did not fully appreciate what I fully appreciate now: how he suffered, and how he wore it with this stoic silence that was once the mark of an American man.
From duck decoys and hood ornaments to limited-edition sneakers and Pez candy dispensers, offbeat collectibles attract the eye of investors who crave tangible assets they can appreciate and that ... well, appreciate in value.
They said, I know you used to not really appreciate Lisa Simpson and used to discount it — to your point a few minutes ago about "The Simpsons" was blowing up and didn't you appreciate that?
But just as many critics don't appreciate the ways in which Jones' film honors the spirit of the games, they don't appreciate the huge presence World of Warcraft has attained in China over the years.
In the same way that I appreciate the universal equivalence of how things work in Spelunky, I appreciate that the mercenaries of Odyssey don't break from their job when it comes to the player character.
I appreciate what they do as musicians, I appreciate what they do as artists and their point of view and perspective is just so interesting, and it highlights my music in a really nice way.
She added, "As a girl, I didn't appreciate what I most fully appreciate now -- how he suffered and how he bore it with a stoic silence that was once the mark of an American man."
It takes hours rather than seconds to appreciate this procedural violence.
We really appreciate it, and we&aposll talk to you soon.
We laugh at this today, or appreciate its artistry as satire.
Even the Monmouth bench can appreciate the creativity at work, here.
Well, I appreciate your thought process involved into making these cocktails.
I really appreciate that she takes the time to do this.
I appreciate your kindness and your generosity—I love you Vegas.
Mark Wahlberg did not appreciate getting these photos from Justin Bieber.
Apple announced a few software feature bumps regular consumers can appreciate.
You have all been very supportive, but I really appreciate that.
I really appreciate that they're opening the conversation to their contributors.
We appreciate the exploration of new angles to create shareholder value.
" She continues: "So, I will always really appreciate a good underwear.
Would appreciate if FCC can take prompt action in this regard.
There are endless reasons to appreciate the existence of Drag Race.
I appreciate the thoughtfulness, but still would love the extra help.
And on the level of, like, psychological realism, I appreciate that.
And not just to appreciate the beauty of the molecular world.
"We accept his apology and appreciate his outreach," the ADL said.
Don't just appropriate, Appreciate the people you are imitating #emmahallberg pic.twitter.
"The euro should appreciate massively once financial flows normalize," Deluard said.
There's very little that we can't do that people wouldn't appreciate.
I do love and appreciate a lot of different design styles.
Thanks again for being Extra Crunch subscribers, we really appreciate it.
Twitter users also seemed to appreciate finally knowing their dog twin.
I appreciate that you disagree with my judgment on these issues.
I appreciate Grey's Anatomy always ending with some words of wisdom.
Yes, the moral of this article is to appreciate your mother.
Secondly the yuan was under pressure to appreciate at that time.
"We just appreciate everybody's help and outpouring," Bradner told CBS 6.
"We should always appreciate the audience's intelligence," Badgley told the outlet.
"Which is important, because I appreciate my potty time," Stephanie jokes.
One generally approaches Leica as something to appreciate more than afford.
You basically let me know, 'I don't really appreciate your tone.
I never get to appreciate what I am a part of.
Their behavior has demonstrated that as well, and we appreciate that.
Most '90s babies can appreciate the significance of Disney's animated films.
Jennifer, this has been a fantastic podcast, we really appreciate it.
Complaining that fans just don't appreciate Rigondeaux's style is old hat.
Kyle Bass from Hayman Capital, as always we appreciate your time.
Get the photos and appreciate the masters who came before me.
We&aposre going to leave it right there, I appreciate that.
I so appreciate Lauren's Christlike character and tender heart toward others.
The next guest to crash on your couch will appreciate it.
Others "don't appreciate the longterm ramifications of orthodontic treatment," Blodgett explains.
So tell your partner that you appreciate their love for you.
"We appreciate the court's consideration on this matter," a spokesperson said.
"Now I've come to appreciate the fact that I'm an athlete."
And, yes, women can appreciate and take part in absurdist humor.
The home team seemed to appreciate the support of the crowd.
You don't have to agree with her politics to appreciate Barr.
He's not the greatest of cooks, but I appreciate the effort.
For those who can appreciate it, this is an unquestionable masterpiece.
We are working hard to resolve this and appreciate your patience.
Graham added that it failed to appreciate Pitlyk's "non-traditional practice."
Still, we can't help but appreciate this boy's wheelchair-friendly costumes.
Just get them a nice card, though; they'll appreciate the thought.
As you get older, has it gotten harder to appreciate things?
Let us all appreciate the peace that we have at present.
Those impacted by the storm will appreciate and notice your actions.
I start sneezing; my hay fever doesn't appreciate contemporary art, apparently.
It's not all great, but I appreciate the honesty in it.
Engineering nerds of any age will appreciate a badass Lego set.
In countries whose leaders are dismantling democracy, citizens appreciate it more.
It's been a great spirited conversation and American people appreciate it.
I came to appreciate it when he demanded it of me.
This experience really made me appreciate my family and our health.
People don't appreciate how hard that piece is, alongside the data.
We appreciate that the attorney general made the report largely public.
The things we notice, appreciate, or get annoyed by will shift.
On any other gadget, I would appreciate the sleek, metal look.
I did appreciate some of the other points you brought up.
I see your work and I really... I so appreciate it.
Parkland babies really know how to appreciate a good sandwich spread.
Appreciate what you learn and how you grow in this world.
If we don't do it, the baht will appreciate too rapidly.
Whether they appreciate the scale of the solution is less clear.
Anyway, thank you so much, I really appreciate you coming by.
Commodities: Gold will appreciate even if it doesn't surge, Ruskin said.
CARL QUINTANILLA: We always appreciate your time and your candor, Kevin.
"I appreciate the cookie; my compliments to the chef," he said.
Are we even wired to appreciate the artistry and the skill?
DAVID FABER: Jeff, always appreciate you're taking a little time here.
Moreover, I don't particularly appreciate the way those claims are made.
"I appreciate the enthusiasm of the New York delegation," he said.
I'm visiting my grandparents tomorrow, and they'll appreciate the little surprise.
We so appreciate their support when we have special needs animals.
If we appreciate power, how do we feel about the system?
I don't care if it's positive or negative, I appreciate you.
Fans love homers, and even pitchers would likely appreciate the transparency.
"We appreciate the list of friends you have provided," he wrote.
My family and I would appreciate some privacy at this time.
"You're able to appreciate things on their own merits," he says.
Quite frankly, Obama had to learn to appreciate this as well.
But we also appreciate that those convictions stand in direct opposition.
Notice and appreciate the deep pleasure that only exercise can bring.
Either way, we appreciate his candor and commitment to the task.
We appreciate that the Attorney General made the report largely public.
Yes, I appreciate the compliment; I'm honored to be called beautiful.
The former group made me appreciate what this work can do.
Don't waste your time on people who don't appreciate you, Leo.
It's made me appreciate and love my family so much more.
I want to appreciate all the little things that I have.
I really appreciate that he does this for me every morning.
I appreciate the frames, but we need the pride flag response.
At the same time, people seem to appreciate the company's updates.
So, currently, you have to appreciate the scale of our business.
"Makes you appreciate your life one million times more," Limehouse said.
"You come to appreciate when life is really good," he says.
" West answered, "I love you John and I appreciate your thoughts.
I really appreciate you using your visions to get Littlefinger executed.
" "These are our closest allies and we really appreciate their support.
We appreciate the love, donations, and prayers that we have received.
I truly appreciate your understanding and sense of humor about this!
That's a level of thriftiness the Firefly crew would certainly appreciate.
We appreciate the president's receptive and comprehensive approach to this discussion.
"The more you learn about something, the more you appreciate it."
Thanks again for sticking around an extra day we appreciate ya!
I appreciate him for being direct and not sugar coating anything.
Headphones are a gadget that people often fail to fully appreciate.
But I appreciate the state for including it on its page.
But I appreciate that my father was trying to protect me.
We love you guys and so appreciate your love and support.
"We've given billions to Baltimore they appreciate it," the president said.
Parents seem to appreciate having an extra day for doctors' appointments.
If anything, I appreciate – even though those times were existential times.
Leica is a brand I respect and appreciate but don't support.
It seems like they must appreciate someone paying attention to them.
Every female Muslim appreciate this, and I can't thank you enough.
Still, you have to appreciate the candid nature of this picture.
I really appreciate the people all around who've had my back.
It's something I certainly failed to appreciate before meeting Alex Barron.
I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to take part in today's discussion.
Alan is a stickler for the finer points, which I appreciate.
"I appreciate your candor," Gosling said as he burst into laughter.
I am sure they would appreciate some champagne and canapés too.
So on behalf of all of us... OBAMA: I appreciate that.
We appreciate their support and welcome investments in our company's stock.
Thank you so much for that, I really appreciate it, Tidjane.
Nonetheless, I appreciate the sentimental value they most hold for others.
I appreciate good lyricism but I don't relate to this shit.
We appreciate the Commission's hard work on this important interim report.
I appreciate you for fixing the typo in your tweet though.
Thanks again for sticking around an extra day — we appreciate ya!
He lambasted me for being drunk, which I did not appreciate.
"I think our patrons appreciate our cell phone policy," said Ridley.
Bernie: Ok, it's always nice talking to you, appreciate your time.
For (Farrell) to stick with me there, I definitely appreciate it.
"I appreciate the 'you're hired, you're fired' thing, senator," Pence joked.
" He then bro'd out with Allen, saying ..."I appreciate you pooh.
"Grammys, I appreciate it, the Academy I love you," she said.
After having children, Cooper began to appreciate her body much more.
When other people say it, it's nice, I appreciate the compliment.
People never get around to saying how much they appreciate someone.
"I truly appreciate the fact that we have more time," Sen.
But maybe more than anything, we appreciate the man's sensitive soul.
When I talk to them, they appreciate that I've been there.
"We appreciate the first responders who worked urgently to provide support."
I had to learn to recognize and appreciate people's different talents.
" The actress added, "They're actually really good and I appreciate it.
So c'mon, y'all: Appreciate the fun art Adult Swim is funding.
She chose a guy over me and I didn't appreciate that.
We appreciate adaptive cruise control, but there's no semi-autonomous system.
For any first time visitor, it's hard to appreciate Bajandra's reality.
I really appreciate the overwhelmingly positive response that we've been receiving.
Appreciate the support from family, friends, and fans around the world.
" West replied: "I love you John and I appreciate your thoughts.
Check out the video -- even Alabama can appreciate the cuteness ... maybe.
Again, we apologize for this, and appreciate your patience and understanding.
They escape with a magical flair that any Potterhead would appreciate.
We appreciate the transparency and the liquidity of the public markets.
I so much appreciate paying attention to the little inner voice.
"I appreciate him leaving me in in that situation," Price said.
We appreciate the wide selection of controls given the compact size.
"All you did was make us appreciate every day," he posted.
There's a special kind of weirdo who's going to appreciate it.
They genuinely appreciate the fans and the support of the community.
He's accomplished more than many care to appreciate under impossible circumstances.
I have one friend who does them, I appreciate his aesthetic.
Don't try to understand them, just appreciate them and move on.
That spirit makes you really appreciate the good in the world.
"I didn't appreciate it fully until the third movie," she says.
I find it hard not to appreciate the beauty in everybody.
The users tell us that they appreciate the peace and quiet.
I was being frugal and trying to appreciate the warmish weather.
Don't expect anyone born after 1995 to appreciate it in full.
I really appreciate you and I really see myself in you.
People are starting to appreciate that authenticity that bands once had.
It's hard to appreciate that kind of work on your MacBook.
And they won't even need to be high to appreciate it.
And now, of course, I appreciate so much that I did.
"We appreciate very much his cooperation," he added, referring to Cohen.
Knicks fans are very loyal and we appreciate that so much.
I appreciate a solid demo, basically, and Resident Evil 2 delivered.
" HP: "It's important to stay grounded and appreciate everything you have.
I appreciate the show, but the adaptation doesn't concern me personally.
The numbers speak to themselves, they can appreciate the unusual combination.
I really appreciate the time I have out on the court.
"I appreciate the fans that stayed," Nebraska quarterback Tanner Lee said.
I appreciate it -- but I'm on the edge of the stage.
And the devices' design mimics the trendy tech that teenagers appreciate.
"I appreciate everything Lionel has done for my daughter," she said.
If anything, Japanese Yen, from time to time, appreciate too much.
I would appreciate it if you would contribute something since then.
We appreciate all of the support we have received to date.
This makes you slow down and appreciate the in-between moments.
" "And I really appreciate that from my boss, from the President.
We appreciate everyone who has sent good wishes, thoughts and prayers
The Handmaid's Tale is a difficult show to appreciate right now.
"I appreciate the fact that they wanted to win," Snyder said.
And you don't have to watch the show to appreciate that.
I appreciate her passion, hard work, and commitment to public service.
Postwar European society did not appreciate such a display of wealth.
It's a retail experience I appreciate and one that I love.
And he didn't appreciate the genius of my taco bowl tweet.
If someone doesn't appreciate a cozy robe, can you trust them?
They're going to work with us, and I appreciate that commitment.
Expats also appreciate the relatively low cost of living in Portugal.
They'll also make the rest of us regularly appreciate our eyesight.
It seems we are wired to appreciate similarity and dislike difference.
Something I appreciate about Popeyes: the soda dispenser is self-serve.
Most Canadians would appreciate Trudeau standing up to Trump, he said.
I always appreciate toys that challenge Bucky and keep him engaged.
"I appreciate the fairness of the trial you conducted," he said.
When others admit fault, we sometimes fail to appreciate their actions.
Right now, we appreciate our privacy as we reconnect with Sam.
We appreciate the President's receptive and comprehensive approach to this discussion.
But what I appreciate most is the idea behind the brand.
I think if he were here, he would appreciate that too.
We appreciate all your loving support and care to our kids.
Rather, she says it's that rich, married men appreciate her more.
I appreciate that Parker separated Mallory's misdeeds from his bipolar disorder.
Couples who appreciate each other are more likely to stay together.
No matter the circumstance, acknowledge and appreciate a job well done.
But at the end of the day, I always appreciate Cliff.
"It's made us appreciate how we normally work," Ms. Mangini said.
Some do, and they have loyal customers who appreciate those styles.
Let us take a moment to appreciate the nailing of fundamentals.
They do not appreciate heavy-handed Iranian meddling in Iraqi affairs.
She is trying to make an effort and I appreciate that.
I trust them, I appreciate them and I know we're compatible.
So, though I really appreciate and respect the argument, I do.
Few people appreciate a lecture on soil types or wine chemistry.
I also appreciate the fact that the design of the Boy.
To appreciate "9 Evenings," you had to have not been there.
" The two congressmen said they "appreciate Mr. Zuckerberg's willingness to testify.
Would also appreciate any exploration in Goins hitting track record w.
Thank you for putting up with me, I really appreciate it.
"I appreciate your sending thigs (sic) to me," Clinton told Blumenthal.
For now, no matter what comes next, they appreciate the journey.
Better yet, who doesn't appreciate an adorable animal that can talk?
We gotta feeling that George R.R. Martin may not appreciate Will.i.
As the sign of balance, this is something you always appreciate.
So I really appreciate how people are online and they're desperate.
We appreciate his years of dedicated service to the State Department.
However, I do appreciate the amount of support I have received.
I appreciate people who use it to not feel that way.
He and his method acting—he didn't appreciate it at all.
Things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right.
Subconsciously, I think we really came to appreciate that rawer sound.
Anecdotal evidence suggests his supporters appreciate this sort of fighting spirit.
Yeah, I appreciate that you ask that because I can clarify.
I think my primary message would be learn to appreciate evidence.
I always wanted people to appreciate my art and see it.
This work has moxie, a quality many collectors seem to appreciate.
I certainly appreciate it, but I'm not one of those people.
He wanted to make me appreciate the game that he loved.
Even local authorities could appreciate the group's sheer determination and craftsmanship.
So I actually appreciate the Trump Administration getting tough with China.
Despite common belief, billionaires really appreciate the simple things of life.
Even a Texan can appreciate and be humbled by its vastness.
Just about anyone would appreciate these luxury soaps from La Chatelaine.
People of all ages can appreciate Maya J's elegant Eternity Rings.
"The scope of what I appreciate has widened enormously," he said.
However, I really appreciate the quirky shade names of each shadow.
We fully appreciate all that he has contributed to our Commonwealth.
"I appreciate we have reached a very significant milestone," Koike said.
And even as programming clichés irk, there are surprises to appreciate.
I really really appreciate the division of household tasks we've established.
That said, there are standout moments audiences will appreciate receiving now.
To appreciate this culture, why not go straight to the source?
We appreciate the feedback and know that we can do better.
When it does, we will likely appreciate it so much more.
I also really appreciate the zippered front pockets and interior pocket.
I'm sorry about your team, but I appreciate you coming onstage.
"They appreciate a warm, humid environment and prefer bright indirect light."
I always appreciate the skill it takes to craft these tricks!
They may also just appreciate the vitality of mixed-use areas.
Why has it taken us so long to appreciate Kathleen Collins?
There are several features that even a novice user can appreciate.
Or come to appreciate a more nuanced way of evaluating results?
The managers appreciate my skills, and there is opportunity for growth.
"I wanted it to go to someone who would appreciate it."
I really appreciate you listening and taking the time to respond.
This is one reason we don't appreciate this depth of complexity.
But after everything McConnell has done, I can appreciate the argument.
Now I really appreciate it on some level I can't explain.
Anyway, I really appreciate your app, I have to tell you.
I appreciate this thoughtful analysis of the difficulties facing rural America.
I appreciate you coming out and supporting me, I really do.
Mr. Hall believed Golub's work was undervalued and due to appreciate.
" As Solomon puts it, they can appreciate the "shades of gray.
Thank you so much for having me, Peter, I appreciate it.
I appreciate everyone's support and effort in raising awareness on this!
My guess is many liberals wouldn't appreciate Fox News doing this.
"I appreciate your vote, but I disagree," said Kerry Schmidt, 62.
This one says you appreciate practical sun protection—and French fries.
Thank you for coming on the show, I really appreciate it.
Still, Ashlee doesn't seem to appreciate Caitlyn's presence here at all.
Airlines that use several variants of the aircraft appreciate that flexibility.
I also appreciate the level of customization available in the box.
But now, those same people say they appreciate her vigilant efforts.
This forces me to slow down and appreciate what I'm seeing.
"I appreciate your keeping an eye on me, sweetie," he said.
Certain styles have proved difficult for me to appreciate with meals.
Say, 'I'd really appreciate it if you didn't bring cookies home.
I appreciate the innovation and the attempt to do it right.
I was fortunate enough to hold on and appreciate all things.
Sad to leave this way from events I deeply appreciate. pic.twitter.
That's a great question and I appreciate you bringing that up.
If you don't appreciate dancing, these things aren't possible to create.
If it comes as a world record, I would appreciate it.
One might better appreciate Phillips's position by considering a second case.
If you've got a good thing that you appreciate, keep it.
I really appreciate you saying yes after Dwayne Johnson said no.
And I think everybody in this country should appreciate the answer.
That they might appreciate it only long after you were dead.
"We appreciate the efforts to provide more transparency and more certainty."
I do appreciate the changes, though; solid work, Will and team!
If you have ears, you can appreciate music, it's that simple.
And, let me tell you, I always appreciate a good sale.
I also appreciate the fact that my potatoes weren't plastic-wrapped.
Obviously I wasn't involved in this decision, but I appreciate it.
They're encouraged to pick up every coin and appreciate its value.
"Appreciate the #ReadyPlayerOne love but this is not approved," Warner Bros.
They withstand a little abuse but really appreciate being coddled, too.
A former Trump aide noted that his supporters appreciate his pugilism.
It's not something you need a higher art knowledge to appreciate.
"I appreciate President @realDonaldTrump's bold action against Iranian aggression," GOP Sen.
These mugs can make just about anyone appreciate a monogrammed gift.
Effective managers likely appreciate the diversity of their team's personality types.
Musicals have gotten psychologically complex lately, and I appreciate those, too.
They also appreciate the way coaches, through tough love, teach accountability.
I appreciate his support and I look forward to campaign ahead.
You don't need to own a Switch to appreciate it, though.
I deeply appreciate the organizers' understanding of the situation in Tallahassee.
"Here's one I have a feeling you'll appreciate," he told Steed.
"I appreciate that question," Brown replied when asked about the subject.
Because people are so good at that, they don't appreciate it.
"We appreciate our friendship with Moschino," said Ms. Foster, to God.
M.B.: Derek, Thank you very, very much I really appreciate that.
Linda LeeRockville, Md. To the Editor: Joseph Heller would appreciate this.
She should appreciate his value if she wants him to stay.
We all feel for his family and appreciate everything he did.
Ownership brings responsibility, and investors increasingly appreciate their need to act.
I am proud of President Trump's leadership and appreciate his support.
I appreciate it so much because, like I said, we struggle.
Did Schauffele appreciate being a thorn in Thomas's side once more?
Name Withheld, Richmond, Va. I appreciate your concern for this child.
I appreciate being outdoors surrounded by nature and using my body.
"People appreciate us, and that makes a huge difference," he said.
We appreciate what you're doing, we know what you're dealing with.
I also appreciate the easy access to non-China country data.
There are a few apartment features that humans can appreciate, too.
Crew members really appreciate it when you pitch in at checkout
KELLY EVANS: Deirdre, thanks and Dara, really appreciate you being here.
And then you tend to appreciate things a little bit more.
You've done a great job for me and I appreciate it.
"I appreciate the fact that you guys are heartbroken," he said.
"  She then added: "I would greatly appreciate reconnecting at this time.
I always do, but I appreciate her looking out as well.
A DIY kit cheese-making kit any lactose lover will appreciate
I appreciate that this fact is far from a fresh insight.
We appreciate the [Commerce] Department's action in response to our request.
Because we appreciate whiskey chip content in all its forms here.
It made me appreciate my own home when I saw that!
Trump Jr. responded on June 3: Thanks Rob I appreciate that.
I appreciate seeing that here at the end of your response.
It's really something you have to see in person to appreciate.
I really appreciate everyone's ideas on Twitter, but we tried everything.
Older toddlers, especially, will appreciate all the different items to color.
The President must appreciate the anger and resentment he has caused.
"All should appreciate the FBI speaking up," Comey wrote Thursday evening.
I am closing my DM's but I appreciate everyone contacting me.
Unfortunately, Fed officials did not appreciate the magnitude of the problem.
"Appreciate everyone's concern," Nadler wrote on Twitter at about 1 p.m.
Others may be grieving, too, and they will appreciate being included.
" He added, "It's an arrogant taste but I appreciate its audacity.
Recently, US dollars appreciate strongly, causing many emerging markets currencies declined.
We appreciate Hutton's attempt to hop on the pom-pom train.
But she makes you appreciate why its first audiences cherished it.
"I so appreciate the diversity in North Park," Ms. Landsberg said.
I think that will happen and we'll appreciate it very much.
Our daughter Lily doesn't yet appreciate the nuances of smelt migration.
Above all, travel will make you appreciate the familiarity of home.
"I do appreciate the tremendous spirit of the press," Trump said.
"I always appreciate it when someone is cracking up," she said.
And that's why I so appreciate Roberts's quiet pushback so much.
It was the kind of spectacle that Mr. Trump would appreciate.
There are a few apartment features that humans can appreciate, too.
Did Schauffele appreciate being a thorn in Thomas's side once more?
I appreciate Will and Joel's patience and advice throughout the process.
Some are new to dating entirely and appreciate the hand-holding.
For some reason, she didn't appreciate Cannon repeating it to her.
"They all appreciate the importance of independent monetary policy," Verret said.
And who better would appreciate an outdated delight than a dad?
They do not appreciate the important ideological reasons for a monarchy.
This should be followed with taking children outside to appreciate nature.
I also appreciate the diligence with featuring a range of voices.
And I think that's what made us appreciate it even more.
Perhaps that's why we don't appreciate Clinton's strengths as a candidate.
When he's no longer here I think they'll appreciate him more.
You don't have to be an astronomer to appreciate the stars.
I really appreciate it, we talked about a lot of things.
" He added, sarcastically: "I really do appreciate his concern for me.
Fans of the original anime may appreciate it more than others.
"When working with the energy of the earth, it's important to appreciate the gift we're being given—and you can't appreciate that gift if you're abusing it," reads the sourcing section on the Energy Muse site.
Do Good Men's T-Shirt, available on Cotopaxi, $30Whether he's into the outdoors, volunteering, or might appreciate an introduction to a cool new startup he hasn't heard of, he'll appreciate a soft, unique T-shirt from Cotopaxi. 
"The first time I went to America, I had the opportunity to fight here and people really appreciate my work and appreciate my sport," Justino told CBS Los Angeles as she waited in line during the ceremony.
I appreciate that, and I appreciate that they're trying to do their part to make sure the shop stays afloat, but I think if economic relief packages [were] in place, we wouldn't have to have these conversations.
Mr. Harrison said he learned from his father, who was also a carpenter, to appreciate how things were built, and from his mother — and Mother Nature — to appreciate design in flowers and plants or even a streambed.
I mean, I appreciate that everyone's interested in the project and has ideas about it, just as I appreciate that the coronavirus is a global public health emergency, and people should be paying close attention to it.
We've seen this sentiment from him before, most infamously when he wrote "appreciate the congrats" after the Orlando attack: Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism, I don't want congrats, I want toughness & vigilance.
I really appreciate that our office has such healthy and delicious options!
I appreciate all your love and thank you again for your support.
If you can appreciate someone's confidence, that speaks well of you both.
You're allowed to silently appreciate it, but you have to be cool.
They didn't appreciate employees using their private accounts to share company business.
I love you and Dream so much and Appreciate both of you.
" She says, "I'm able to appreciate what true happiness is all about.
"After you've been through trauma, it makes you appreciate peace even more."
I appreciate also that she knows the journey is never crystal clear.
GOWY: I don&apost give a damn what you appreciate, Agent Strzok.
That's something that I really appreciate about the guys in my band.
Every day my patients say they appreciate what we do for them.
It does provide a little bit of levity, which I can appreciate.
Why didn't my boss appreciate all the extra hours I put in?
His neighbors do not appreciate the cops showing up to intimidate him.
"We appreciate their effort," Azar said Monday with a hint of sarcasm.
We appreciate to your situation, but we have problems of our own.
A surprising number, like self-made millionaire Marcus Lemonis, even appreciate it.
But to truly appreciate them, take a look at Waldo Nell's photographs.
I can appreciate where your uncertainty stems from, and you have reason….
"Unfortunately, that toy is not going to appreciate in value," she said.
The luckiest of us appreciate water for the little things it does.
On rare occasions, the tip is really generous, and I appreciate it.
I appreciate the way that Murphy, and every character, is broken down.
Anyway, so I appreciate ... Loren, thank you so much for coming on.
She's gonna love everything when she's older and can appreciate quality brands.
I'm team Pork Roast always, and particularly appreciate the crispy pork skins.
Give them a follow and let them know you appreciate their work.
We really appreciate you joining us, staying up late after the rally.
The Unicorn is a bike that both geeks and jocks can appreciate.
And we appreciate that the attorney general made the report largely public.
The audience appeared to appreciate the surprise, applauding and whooping in response.
But you're unlikely to appreciate one key feature until it's gone: silence.
"We always appreciate when people take responsibility for their actions," he said.
We appreciate New York Magazine for bringing the issue to our attention.
Perhaps back in the earlier days it was just harder to appreciate.
" While, West replied: "I love you John and I appreciate your thoughts.
"Hi loves, wanted you to know that I appreciate you!" she wrote.
"It gives her life meaning, and I so appreciate it," O'Connor added.
Appreciate them now, because next year is just going to be worse.
We can appreciate that purity, as we too are dance music aficionados.
They love America and appreciate the opportunity this country has given them.
But folks like Defense Secretary Mattis appreciate the value of soft power.
GOWDY: I don&apost give a damn what you appreciate Agent Strzok.
Cinematic liberties only help if people appreciate the person's life even more.
"Hopefully he's calmed down now and can appreciate the banter," she said.
I appreciate everyone's kind words, and it means the world to me.
I appreciate all who support me very much ❤️ #90dayfiance #tlc #healthcomesfirst.
HEGSETH: Gentlemen thank you for service all of you, we appreciate it.
I appreciate both of you, it&aposs awesome to have you on.
There's a quality and a playfulness that as an artist I appreciate.
And it makes me appreciate my life now and value the peacefulness.
That's why it's hard for a lot of people to appreciate it.
Analysts noted that the markets didn't seem to appreciate the dovish bent.
We appreciate John's candor and sincere apology and fully support his sabbatical.
Please don't assume that I fail to appreciate the value of protest.
It's no surprise that fans appreciate seeing Edwards on their TV screens.
Eddie Murphy's Rudy Ray Moore biopic invites viewers to just appreciate it.
I appreciate the outpouring of love, empathy, and understanding from my supporters.
Perhaps you can appreciate more of the detail in this vertical crop.
Visual learners will appreciate the immersion and optic stimuli of mixed reality.
Yeah, he had some very nice things to say, I appreciate that.
You'll start to appreciate people's more enduring qualities, like loyalty and attentiveness.
And in order to appreciate that, you have to join the dance.
"This reflects the population a bit more, which I appreciate," he said.
Like the Pickards, they appreciate the natural surroundings and the reasonable commute.
JOE KERNEN: Mr. Vice President, I appreciate it very much, thank you.
The kiddies might not appreciate the artistry, but grown-ups certainly will.
I appreciate your dumping your (inaudible) research folder on the debate stage.
You want a fighter, you want a winner, I'd appreciate your vote.
Our bonds appreciate or depreciate based on the fidelity of our word.
I now appreciate the short hair that's returning to my left underarm.

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