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"scrap" Definitions
  1. [countable] a small piece of something, especially paper, cloth, etc.
  2. [singular] (usually with a negative) a small amount of something synonym bit
  3. scraps [plural] food left after a meal
  4. [uncountable] things that are not wanted or cannot be used for their original purpose, but which have some value for the material they are made of
  5. [countable] (informal) a short fight or argument synonym squabble (1), scuffle (1)

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"scrap" Synonyms
bit particle speck crumb grain atom fragment morsel shred trace piece mite scruple iota tittle jot smidgen scintilla snippet spot remnant stub remainder end oddment remains leftover butt leavings residue leftovers stump dregs remnants offcut vestige bits crumbs debris rubbish waste refuse litter junk garbage trash dross dreck chaff effluvium effluvia deadwood truck riffraff detritus offal offscouring dust fight brawl fracas clash scuffle tussle fray melee affray skirmish battle scrimmage ruckus broil rumpus riot ruction shindy wrangle fisticuffs dispute argument quarrel row squabble disagreement altercation tiff spat contretemps misunderstanding donnybrook controversy hassle rhubarb bicker argumentation debate granule molecule dot mote flake fleck nugget antiquity artifact(US) antique fossil curio archaism artefact(UK) relic bygone treasure ruin museum piece period piece historical object archaeological find old object ancient object heirloom cull rejection discard reject castoff second throwaway flotsam hand-me-down clunker substandard article substandard goods cast-off cast out remove recuse scrap metal waste metal metal debris metal scraps wisp strand thread twist lock tendril curl shock string tuft ringlet sliver chip tress splinter tat bric-a-brac jumble seconds pittance peanuts chicken feed dime drop hay modicum shoestring slave wages song trifle allowance chump change dribble inadequacy insufficiency nothing pension tidbit news latest gossip scandal info testimonial dispatch documents findings revelation drum briefing tale score publication tattle details communication dump ditch jettison chuck shed unload lose cashier toss exorcise(UK) exorcize(US) pitch bin eject eliminate cancel abandon scrub abort revoke repeal rescind ax(US) axe(UK) abolish stop withdraw cut recall call waive call off give up spar wrestle box grapple have a fight come to blows exchange blows struggle combat contend feud argue altercate quibble argufy controvert disagree jar contest conflict duel compete vie fight over take on battle for challenge for compete for contend for claw scratch graze scrape tear maul rip lacerate rake scrabble dig slash clapperclaw paw dig into scrabble at pick tear at claw at mangle inutile futile unproductive fruitless vain unavailing ineffective profitless ineffectual pointless unprofitable bootless worthless abortive valueless meaningless purposeless inept feckless hopeless unused unwanted useless excess superfluous extra unusable supernumerary discarded remaining spare surplus left over excessive uneaten inoperable broken defective faulty malfunctioning nonfunctional damaged inoperative unavailable busted down out unfunctional unsound disabled kaput More
"scrap" Antonyms
load lot whole entirety total glob totality entireness fullness absoluteness completeness object wholeness sum collectivity full mass bulk agreement calm harmony order peace reconciliation truce accord quiet surrender tranquillity(UK) tranquility(US) concord retreat concurrence calmness sameness likeness similarity armistice possessions property truth assets sense valuables treasure fortune riches cleanliness purity neatness appurtenances belongings things singularity core base precious effects main meal resource material indispensability asset need essentiality necessity world mountain pile tonne(UK) ton(US) bunch abundance heap profusion plenitude plentitude slew stack bundle fistful raft wealth barrel fair amount artefact(UK) artifact(US) catch find prize recyclable valuable conciliation pacification amity ceasefire cordiality goodwill pacifism placation propitiation rapprochement reconcilement unity amicability appeasement convention modernity newness now keep continue preserve recall re-establish reinstall reinstate restore return accept adopt hoard save store bring back agree concur harmonise(UK) harmonize(US) make peace make up give in yield get on give up compliment praise sanction ignore endorse approve cooperate confirm enact maintain ratify acknowledge admit affirm allow authorise(UK) authorize(US) build claim construct corroborate create collect conceal gather hide receive refrain take withhold acquire buy get obtain attain gain purchase access procure secure appropriate amass hook nab bag have net score face meet tell truth accede assent consent acquiesce comply recognize(US) recognise(UK) retain stow reposit reserve cache shelve stash accumulate retain possession of stash away hang onto hold onto persevere pursue perdure stay stick persist proceed progress carry on keep on keep up press on push on drag on soldier on go on never cease conciliate reconcile mollify placate resolve bury the hatchet pacify allay appease defuse settle alleviate mitigate ease steady contain relieve control quell gel relate associate bond click connect couple get along cope identify coexist fare link live work well be compatible

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How to use scrap in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "scrap" and check conjugation/comparative form for "scrap". Mastering all the usages of "scrap" from sentence examples published by news publications.

SCRAP: China issued a fresh batch of import quotas for newly restricted high-grade copper scrap and aluminum scrap.
SCRAP: China issued a fresh batch of import quotas for newly restricted high-grade copper scrap and aluminium scrap.
CHINA SCRAP: China issued a sixth batch of quotas for imports of restricted types of scrap metal, including for 11,110 tonnes of high-grade copper scrap.
It poses a serious headache for China's scrap buyers: the United States is a major source of scrap metal for China and top supplier of scrap copper.
CHINA SCRAP: China issued a third batch of quotas for imports of recently restricted types of scrap metals, including another 0.23,20.2 tonnes of high-grade copper scrap.
CHINA SCRAP: China issued a third batch of quotas for imports of recently restricted types of scrap metals, including another 2034.50,217 tonnes of high-grade copper scrap.
CHINA SCRAP: China provided the first detail of a ban on scrap imports, saying it would still allow imports of some kinds of steel and non-ferrous scrap.
You can't scrap the Medicaid expansion, and you can't scrap the payment reforms to Medicare.
He has said he would scrap trade deals; his voters will demand he scrap trade deals.
The total volumes for aluminium scrap and steel scrap are 473,965 tonnes and 22,418 tonnes, respectively.
CHINA SCRAP: China's imports of scrap metal in May rose 218% from the previous month to 2920,000 tonnes, customs data showed on Sunday, with scrap aluminium imports were the highest since March 2018.
COPPER SCRAP: The effect of Chinese curbs on scrap metal imports introduced this year will be blunted by a rise in domestic scrap production, Wood Mackenzie consultants Yanting Zhou and Sifang Liu said.
Propane, cotton, aluminium scrap, copper scrap and rare earth magnets were all set for an additional 20183% duty.
Chinese copper scrap importer HKM expects China's scrap imports to fall by 40% to 50% in May and June.
Low scrap values and freight rates higher than operating costs mean there is little incentive for owners to scrap.
CHINA SCRAP: New Chinese standards for high-grade copper and aluminum scrap will come into force from July 1.
CHINA SCRAP: New Chinese standards for high-grade copper and aluminium scrap will come into force from July 1.
Scrap metal An additional duty of 5% on U.S. aluminum scrap, which was to go into effect on Dec.
SCRAP: China's scrap metal importers expect disruption to shipments to start this month because of uncertainty surrounding new scrap restrictions starting in July, depriving the world's biggest copper consumer of a crucial source of the metal.
China's steel scrap generation should rise to 2140 million tonnes by 2020, the China Association of Metal Scrap Utilization said.
China's crackdown on scrap metal imports has interrupted the flow of scrap copper from its largest supplier, the United States.
China on Tuesday granted tariff exemptions on duties of 25% tariffs on U.S. copper scrap and 50% on aluminium scrap.
Some medical devices and metals including copper ore and concentrates, copper scrap and aluminium scrap are also subject to exemption.
China's steel scrap generation should rise to 53 million tons by 25, the China Association of Metal Scrap Utilization said.
From July 1, China will restrict high-grade Category 6 copper scrap, as well as aluminum and steel scrap, an extension of an earlier ban that started this year on Category 7 scrap, which has less metal content.
SCRAP: China has issued a seventh batch of import quotas for scrap metal, including 2120 quotas for a total of 7,970 tonnes of high-grade copper scrap, according to a notice from a unit of the environment ministry.
These were set at 1 percent for nonferrous metal scrap like scrap copper and 0.5 percent for paper and ferrous metals.
CHINA SCRAP: China's imports of scrap metal in November rose by 21.4% from the previous month to 21,0.33 tonnes, data showed.
CHINA SCRAP: China's imports of scrap metal in November rose by 214% from the previous month to 2350,21.1 tonnes, data showed.
China will restrict imports of high-grade Category 6 copper scrap from July, as well as aluminium and steel scrap, an extension of an earlier ban that started this year on Category 7 scrap, which has less metal content.
Starting on July 1, China will restrict high-grade Category 6 copper scrap, as well as aluminum and steel scrap, an extension of an earlier ban that started this year on Category 7 scrap, which has less metal content.
China will restrict imports of high-grade Category 6 copper scrap from July, as well as aluminum and steel scrap, an extension of an earlier ban that started this year on Category 7 scrap, which has less metal content.
FUNDAMENTALS * CHINA SCRAP: China's market regulator published new standards for high-grade copper scrap and aluminium scrap metal on Sunday, shedding some light on what material will be allowed into the country from the second half of this year.
Last year, China imported a total of 5.74 million tonnes of scrap metal, mainly scrap copper and aluminum, according to official data.
And the social-realist "Scrap or Die" gives us the dirt on the hood's heaviest junk—scrap metal stripped from condemned buildings.
However, the scrap industry is lobbying for a recategorisation of high-quality scrap from "solid waste" to "resource" to ensure continued supply.
CHINA SCRAP IMPORTS: China's October scrap metal imports fell to their lowest since at least 2014 amid tightening regulations on waste imports.
The new standards set minimum copper contents ranging from 99.9% for types of scrap including bare bright copper wire, commonly known as "barley" under Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) specifications, down to 94% for No. 3 copper scrap nodules.
BEIJING (Reuters) - China will impose an extra 5% tariff on imports of copper scrap and aluminum scrap from the United States from Dec.
"The market is reacting to the news about China banning scrap cables, scrap motor and other scrap metals from the end of next year, which could block a lot of copper supply into China," said analyst Li Chunlan at consultancy CRU in Beijing.
China also said it will impose an extra 28% tariff on imports of copper scrap and aluminium scrap from the United States from Dec.
China also said it will impose an extra 21% tariff on imports of copper scrap and aluminium scrap from the United States from Dec.
China also said it will impose an extra 20800% tariff on imports of copper scrap and aluminium scrap from the United States from Dec.
CHINA SCRAP: China's scrap metal imports in 22.1 fell 213% from the previous year, with the December intake sinking by 2.33%, customs data showed.
SCRAP METAL Shipments of U.S. aluminum scrap to China were down only 210% year-on-year in the first 11 months of 2019, but those of U.S. scrap copper, subject to a 25% tariff since August 2018, crashed by 75.7% over the same period.
"We've decided for scrap metal, we will relax their imports ... because we can see the need for scrap metal in the domestic market," Kartasasmita said.
Aurore started her operational career as a scrap dealer in Stena Metall Group where she was managing director for the Czech and Italian scrap yards.
BEIJING, Aug 24 (Reuters) - * China will impose an extra 5% tariff on imports of copper scrap and aluminum scrap from the United States from Dec.
CHINA SCRAP: China's imports of scrap metal in July dived by 27.5% from the previous month to 2543,000 tonnes, the lowest monthly total since March.
BEIJING, Aug 24 (Reuters) - * China will impose an extra 5% tariff on imports of copper scrap and aluminium scrap from the United States from Dec.
Plastic scrap -- an international commodity For the past quarter century, much of the plastic scrap collected in the US was shipped to China for recycling.
Together with finite amounts of hoarded scrap, that should mean the scrap effect fades over time as the supply bulge moves down the supply chain.
"We've decided for scrap metal, we will relax their imports ... because we can see the need for scrap metal in the domestic market," Kartasasmita said.
CHINA SCRAP IMPORTS: China's scrap metal imports in 22 fell 2379.50% from a year ago, with the December intake sinking by 21.9%, customs data showed.
The follow-through inference is that Chinese consumers built stocks of both refined and scrap copper to cushion the impact of the scrap rule changes.
China, which is the world's biggest scrap importer, stopped accepting virtually any recycled plastic and unsorted scrap paper from abroad, and severely curbed imports of cardboard.
COPPER SCRAP: China's imports of copper scrap rose 70% from March to 170,000 tonnes in April while alumina imports doubled to 60,000 tonnes, customs data showed.
According to a trade group called the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), the U.S. recycles 150 million metric tons of scrap materials every year altogether.
And, in a more immediate development, traders in China now find themselves unable to import scrap copper if they cannot show they are scrap end-users.
Besides HRC and lithium, the LME is also looking at launching an aluminium scrap contract, as well as Asian and U.S. steel scrap contracts, Chamberlain said.
HONG KONG — When the street value of scrap cardboard here fell by nearly a third this summer, Leung Siu-Guen, a scrap collector, started to worry.
Arrivals of scrap copper last month fell to 2949,22.4 tonnes from 22,2519 tonnes in September and scrap aluminium imports fell to 21.3,21 tonnes from 2.33,22.3 tonnes.
Scrap imports are filling any supply gap, rising 16 percent at 2.1 million tonnes (bulk weight) with little sign of the "scrap surge" fading just yet.
The U.S. Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries said at the time of the ban that U.S. exports of scrap to China were worth $5.6 billion in 2016.
This is a major headache for China's domestic copper sector; both refiners who use scrap as raw material input and manufacturers who blend scrap into their products.
However, China has boosted its imports of lower-priced copper scrap this year, part of a flood of scrap into global markets as prices climbed in February.
Every year, Britain sends China enough recyclables to fill up 10,000 Olympic-size swimming pools, according to Greenpeace U.K. The United States exports more than 13.2 million tons of scrap paper and 1.42 million tons of scrap plastics annually to China, the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries has reported.
By automatically generating scrap for Armor Packs, Torbjörn can stay back and easily throw his teammates armor boosts without needing to collect scrap from the middle of fights.
Spokesman Michael Touhill noted Novelis is one of the largest scrap aluminum recyclers in the world and 55 percent of its supply is from scrap, giving it some flexibility.
Copper scrap imports from the United States were 89,287 tonnes in 2019, a six-fold decline from 2017, while aluminium scrap fell 38% during the period, China's customs data showed.
China this year tightened thresholds on impurities in scrap metal imports and slapped a 25-percent tariff on scrap material from the United States, one of its top suppliers, in August.
TASHKENT, July 28 (Reuters) - Uzbekistan will scrap from Aug.
BEIJING, Feb 6 (Reuters) - China issued import quotas for another 4,620 tonnes of high-grade copper scrap and 1,440 tonnes of aluminium scrap for use in 2020, according to a government notice.
Malaysia last year became the leading alternative destination for plastic scrap after China banned imports of such waste, disrupting the flow of more than 7 million tonnes of plastic scrap a year.
The state pays recycling centers subsidies meant to lessen the shock of falling scrap prices, and CalRecycle bases the subsidies on a 12-month average of scrap prices, according to state law.
The fall comes as China imposes tighter restrictions on imports of scrap copper from July 1, with industry sources expecting a sharp slowdown in arrivals of scrap cargoes ahead of that date.
SCRAP: Chinese copper buyers are hunting for alternative sources of the metal as beefed up restrictions on imports of high-grade copper scrap kick in on Monday in the world's top consumer.
S. trade war * China hit U.S. scrap with 25 pct import tariff in Aug BEIJING, Jan 25 (Reuters) - China's imports of scrap copper from the United States rose in December from the previous month, customs data showed, snapping six straight months of decline as buyers scooped up cargoes before tighter restrictions on scrap took effect for 2019.
The Dutch parliament is also debating a government proposal to scrap its 15% dividend withholding tax, another draw; Shell has already promised to scrap its dual share structure if the cut goes ahead.
A source at one scrap recycler in Malaysia said more Chinese companies had been setting up plants in the country over the past couple of years, importing scrap copper from around the world.
SHANGHAI, Nov 20 (Reuters) - The head of China's scrap metal body said on Wednesday his organisation is working with the Shanghai Futures Exchange (ShFE) to have scrap copper listed as a tradable product.
They scrap so hard they end up in the ditch.
Poor yield rates could push Apple to scrap the feature.
The next of how many more, before the scrap heap.
During the campaign, Trump said he would scrap the agreement.
Scrap the retail price and choose an affordable, refurbished smartphone.
Members will include scrap importers, traders and smelters, he said.
Britain has a surplus of scrap but imports galvanised steel.
Trump has so far shown reluctance to scrap the tariffs.
She's a news junkie, ex-scrap dealer, speechwriter & aubergine lover.
He would also, over five years, scrap 500,000 government posts.
Hope - Scrap over-reliance on fiscal spending and monetary easing.
They want legislators to scrap the bill and start over.
" A series of scrap notes blare: "ART DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING.
On August 1st Mr Bolsonaro agreed to scrap the agreement.
But China stopped buying plastic scrap in January of 2018.
It is also preparing to scrap tough foreign exchange controls.
The bill does scrap one crucial regulation: the individual mandate.
Much depends on what sort of scrap we're talking about.
Moreover, two factors are likely to mitigate any "scrap shock".
Still, the White House seems determined to scrap the deal.
France's Jupiterian president loves a good scrap, and it showed.
He urged the EU to scrap the proposals with Turkey.
But Mr Gove's plan to scrap VAT is a bogey.
Related: Hong Kong Bookstores Scrap Banned Books After Bookseller Disappearances
Only China classifies copper scrap as Category 6 and 7.
Personally, I'd vote to scrap the 6 and 7 lines.
The remains of a bunker in Shëngjin destroyed for scrap.
And many smaller lines cannot afford to scrap their ships.
Scrap both at the same time, and bet on openness.
Instead, the scrap metal was used to build Qassam rockets.
That question persisted right until the last scrap of parchment.
Other Republicans are rooting for Trump to scrap the deal.
Trump has threatened to scrap it if revisions aren't made.
Under Kraninger, the CFPB has decided to scrap this requirement.
A new administration could modify, rework or scrap the guidelines.
The majority of the parts will be melted for scrap.
Earlier this month, it forced Philips to scrap a $3.3.
At Kokmak Village, the scrap trade has claimed three lives.
That's not to say Pickett doesn't enjoy a good scrap.
Talk me through the last time you had a scrap.
Graphic on China's imports of copper concentrates and scrap: tmsnrt.
Having to scrap the Galaxy Note 7 will be costly.
News organizations always scrap for exclusive interviews with prominent politicians.
Scrap that awful trophy while you still have the chance.
The Trump White House now wants to scrap it altogether.
His original intention, he said, was to scrap the bank.
President Trump has threatened to scrap the deal this month.
No changes to duties on scrap metal on Jan 15.
He started out determined to scrap the notorious Irish backstop.
They are getting a decent amount of supplies from scrap.
Its solution: Let's not scrap the old ways just yet.
Restrictions on importing plastic scrap have been resisted by some.
I think you need to scrap it and start again.
Should he, or shouldn't he, scrap the Iran nuclear accord?
There is another equally important side to this scrap story.
There is another equally important side to this scrap story.
In March, the organization threatened to scrap its contract altogether.
It's a public park, not a repository for scrap metal.
Palestinians tore down the abandoned buildings and infrastructure for scrap.
Slight malformations on a tree usually mean the scrap pile.
Toomey said the senate banking committee would scrap that rule.
It also helps that they're always up for a scrap.
It seems likely that a President Trump would scrap it.
As domestic scrap prices ST-SCCNDHV-MB tumbled 20 percent in May from this year's peak, mills increased scrap use in these furnaces to 20 percent from 8 percent, Chinese traders and mills said.
That is because the type of scrap affected by the ban only accounted for about 300,000 tonnes of China's total 3.35 million tonnes of scrap copper imports in 2016, it said in a report.
The North American unit of a Chinese customs inspection firm said it would suspend checks on cargoes of scrap metal from the United States for a month, effectively halting all imports of U.S. scrap.
In blocking what it now considers trash from entering its borders, China has also kept out "scrap commodities" — previously processed materials used again by manufacturers, noted the Washington-based Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries.
Scrap metal Aluminum scrap has been targeted three times by China's tariffs, with an initial 2018% in April 2018, another 25% in August 2018 and a further 5% from December in the latest round.
As domestic scrap prices ST-SCCNDHV-MB tumbled 22 percent in May from this year's peak, mills increased scrap use in these furnaces to 27 percent from 8 percent, Chinese traders and mills said.
Valuable scrap metal Academics and workers in the Indonesian ship salvage industry tell CNN that the precious and scrap metals that can be scavenged from a shipwreck can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Unwrought copper imports have been supported by demand from scrap consumers seeking other forms of the metal after China cracked down on scrap copper imports as part of a campaign to clean up the environment.
Meanwhile, China's ban on low-grade scrap copper from the start of this year, which has led to higher refined copper imports, is due to be extended to all scrap by the end of 2020.
China, which further tightened restrictions on scrap metal imports in July, imported 150,000 tonnes of copper scrap in September 2019, down 21% from a year earlier, but still the highest since June, customs data showed.
The LME is also likely to launch its lithium contract in the second quarter of 2020, and is looking at launching several steel scrap and aluminium scrap contracts, Matthew Chamberlain told Reuters in an interview.
Protesters demand that the new government scrap the current tax proposal.
Evidence of the Armillaria gallica fungus on a scrap of wood.
And if they're not then we'll scrap it and come back.
I'm trying to scribble something down on a scrap of paper.
I read every article and scrap of information I could find.
Raw materials came from cannibalizing steel pipe and melting down scrap.
That scrap surge is still in effect, albeit with fading momentum.
At that point, they're worth more as scrap metal and salvage.
But protests have not stopped, amid calls to scrap it completely.
The United States is one of China's biggest copper scrap suppliers.
China used to import a significant portion of the world's scrap.
The European Union wants to scrap the time shifts by 2021.
So bust out your highlighters and scrap paper to take notes.
One casualty of the scrap may be those juicy European subsidies.
It may well lead firms to scrap those of marginal benefit.
Better quality translated into less scrap, or waste, in the factory.
Then the company closes its doors or gets sold for scrap.
There are also no plans to scrap the popular jackpot game.
The company was also forced to scrap a planning laptop launch.
However, she stopped short of activists' demands to scrap it altogether.
It has pledged to scrap limits on foreign ownership of carmakers.
His daughters got into a scrap with some other young people.
Who knows what game the kids have invented with scrap metal.
However, SpaceX ultimately decided to scrap the Falcon Heavy Moon mission.
Scrap all co-op play in the main Resi series. Cool?
The United States also called on Kurdistan to scrap the vote.
Mr Piñera is likely to tweak rather than scrap these changes.
Even so, some A380s are likely to be heading for scrap.
Should you scrap everything and go back to the drawing board?
Every scrap of Fenty-branded fabric was gone two weeks later.
Some financial advisors recommend people scrap the 270 percent rule altogether.
Scrap sales more than doubled, meanwhile, to their highest since 1999.
The scrap link in the aluminium supply chain is partly broken.
But Gentry didn't scrap the idea when Cousins tore his Achilles.
Two decades ago, China saved Buick from the GM scrap heap.
Trump vowed to scrap the TPP several times during his campaign.
And yet, it's been relegated to the scrap heap of history.
The best solution would be to just scrap the ceiling altogether.
Every's work consists of scrap metal he's collected over the years.
Trump vowed frequently during the 2016 election campaign to scrap it.
Scrap a policy that shames a nation with its pointless cruelty.
He went to great lengths to preserve pieces of scrap paper.
Trump has vowed to scrap NAFTA if he cannot renegotiate it.
At the factory, they stitch their boyfriends' names on scrap fabric.
Last week, Pompeo implored Iran to scrap its planned satellite launches.
The opposition says it will scrap the GST if it wins.
In the scrap for lamentation, everyone wants to be top dog.
Moments later, a second explosion and another tearing of scrap metal.
Carlos Condit is floating somewhere between retirement and one more scrap.
Thirty-eight percent of people would vote to scrap the law.
Sam: If something's giving you trouble then you just scrap it.
Scrap the bottom of the pan to obtain a savoury sauce.
The company also makes money by recycling the resulting scrap steel.
During the same conference, Trump said he wouldn't scrap negotiation altogether.
O) is planning to scrap its bid for Qualcomm Inc (QCOM.
Mobile homes were not just destroyed, they were shredded to scrap.
It collapsed and joined the scrap heap of football leagues past.
This includes waste and scrap and totaled $22.8 million last year.
The answer is that they scrap like rats in a sack.
On August 1st Mr Bolsonaro agreed to scrap the secret deal.
Finally, Trump has said he would like to scrap the lottery.
Most people in town expected it to be sold for scrap.
She plans to scrap a plan to privatize French hydropower stations.
In 85033, it applied for Missouri's scrap tire grant reimbursement program.
It's time to scrap religious discrimination and make play fair again.
The scrap disruption effect is only going to intensify this year.
"Political correctness belongs to the scrap heap of history," she added.
But it saved the DMC from the scrap-heap of history.
His father was a scrap metal dealer, his mother a housekeeper.
O) to scrap a plan to buy Rite Aid Corp (RAD.
He's going to say, "Bring it," and get ready to scrap.
Other Republican lawmakers praised DeVos's move to scrap her original plan.
One scrap stood out: a partial jawbone, still wearing its teeth.
Delta's chief executive, Ed Bastian, quickly decided to scrap the partnership.
That's exactly why we should scrap them as soon as possible.
Rebar volumes have failed to match those of scrap, suggesting that steel producers are much more willing to use futures markets to hedge inputs such as scrap and iron ore than their outputs such as rebar.
China's market regulator published new standards for high-grade copper scrap and aluminium scrap metal in January, shedding some light on what material will be allowed into the country from the second half of this year.
China, the world's biggest metals consumer, is restricting imports of eight types of scrap metal, including high-grade copper scrap, from July 1 in a crackdown on foreign solid waste to reduce pollution in the country.
Mr. Katrakis dismissed China's claims that all imported scrap waste contained high levels of contaminants, and said that Beijing's thresholds for most types of scrap were "far more demanding" than in Europe or the United States.
Given this lift in activity has coincided with the fast growth in the LME's scrap contract, the inference is that an arbitrage trade between the U.S. Midwest (CME) and the Black Sea (LME) scrap markets is evolving.
Antaike said in a note on Tuesday that U.S. scrap aluminium imports would fall by 450,000 tonnes in 2018 from last year's total of almost 620,000 tonnes, with a 25 percent tariff on U.S. scrap from Aug.
Beijing had already levied a 25% tariff on copper scrap from the United States, one of its biggest suppliers, in a previous round of duties and twice hit U.S. scrap aluminum with a 25% tariff in 2018.
BEIJING (Reuters) - China's scrap metal importers expect disruptions in shipments to start this month because of uncertainty surrounding new scrap restrictions starting in July, depriving the world's biggest copper consumer of a crucial source of the metal.
The North American unit of a Chinese customs inspection firm said on May 4 it would suspend checks on cargoes of scrap metal from the United States for a month, effectively halting all imports of U.S. scrap.
And Aurubis itself, which is one of Europe's biggest copper scrap processors, told analysts on its Q4 2016 conference call that it is filled up with scrap until the end of the second quarter of this year.
Not one to miss an opportunity, Lustig devised a plan to convince the city's biggest scrap-metal dealers that he was a government director charged with the discreet task of selling off the Eiffel Tower's scrap metal.
China Solid Waste and Chemicals Management Bureau, a unit of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, also granted 16 quotas for aluminium scrap totalling 9,844 tonnes, and 170 tonnes of steel scrap, said a notice dated Tuesday.
Slabs of chrome-colored scrap metal hang from the ceiling, like streamers.
And your scrap paper did not hasten the end of the world.
That's because his administration is backing a lawsuit that would scrap it.
Many experts expect his administration to scrap the employer mandate as well.
Lovullo's decision to scrap batting practice in 22008-degree heat paid off.
It also tightened its restrictions on accepting other materials, like scrap metal.
Malaysia has emerged as one of the alternative destinations for scrap players.
Bulky scrap shipments to Chinese ports were only affordable thanks to "backhauling".
Scrap Monster, a platform for trading recovered metal, has 50,000 registered users.
Robert Lighthizer, the United States Trade Representative (USTR), wants to scrap it.
With this scrap-to-anode pipeline, Girau believes he has a solution.
Or maybe scrap this whole stationary bike thing and just play outside.
The purpose of this is to recycle battlefield scrap into new equipment.
Yet in a back and forth scrap, Belingon edged the split decision.
Ms. Schmidt always keeps customer notes, either on scrap paper or mentally.
That's critical, as Roadhog's Scrap Gun can make quick work of Zenyatta.
If it sounds worse, I scrap the vocal and start to again.
Congressional Republicans used the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to scrap the guidance.
If it doesn't work out, Instagram could still scrap the Stories feature.
Firms may pause planned hiring and investment plans or scrap them altogether.
The White House will not scrap those tariffs under the new agreement.
Khalil and Spyder scrap the song altogether, and Daniel pouts some more.
When making my work I am pulling from my own material scrap.
Just three words, scrawled on a scrap of paper: I get enough.
Airbus Helicopters has said it has no plans to scrap the model.
In 2015 scrap supplies totalled 80.2 tonnes, according to the WGC data.
Nonferrous scrap prices decreased 8.7 percent, the largest decline since January 2009.
Unless, that is, China's policymakers can be persuaded that scrap isn't waste.
Shipments from low-grade scrap suppliers such as the Philippines almost disappeared.
Any remaining locks will be melted down and sold for scrap metal.
Others just go with a candidate's name on a scrap of paper.
Subsequent salvaging removed the engines, paddle wheels and other parts for scrap.
With time the camp became more permanent, tarps replaced with scrap metal.
Polls: Clinton dominates South; Trump, Cruz scrap for Super Tuesday edge Sen.
You're not going to get into a real scrap, a real fight.
Twelve Western nations urged Bucharest earlier this month to scrap the decrees.
Supply chains might change but the scrap itself is not going away.
Certainly, officials say, there is a reluctance to scrap the TPP entirely.
Companies develop and scrap ideas without publicly revealing them all the time.
He has vowed to renegotiate the treaty, or possibly even scrap it.
" The Senate says it intends to scrap the AHCA and "start over.
Or scrap it, relying instead on private markets or "Medicare for All"?
There you will find the "world's largest scrap metal sculpture," dubbed Forevertron.
The final vote tally was 332-95-1 to scrap the resolution.
He is thought to want to scrap competitive bidding for infrastructure contracts.
Mulvaney has previously shot down requests to scrap the CFPB organizational overhaul.
We have to fight and scrap for every win we can get.
Macron will not scrap the controversial 35-hour workweek, as Fillon promised.
Mr. Johnson wants to scrap the Dodd-Frank law regulating Wall Street.
If a tire has a small leak, you don't scrap the bike.
In February, he had to scrap plans to overhaul the electoral system.
Pelosi is also a big city politician who doesn't mind a scrap.
The White House said the decision to scrap the meeting was mutual.
My doctor spent about three hours removing every scrap of endometrial tissue.
Some tables are operated by local strongmen who've salvaged them from scrap.
The demonstrations lasted for days until Zuma agreed to scrap the plan.
A shitty drawing on a scrap of paper is suddenly worth $30,000.
Roughly 15 percent of U.S. cobalt consumption is from recycled scrap today.
No scrap or shred of space was left unused by the management.
Just two of the many questions that make this prospective scrap interesting.
Across the river you can see the Sims Metal Management scrap yard.
I wrote down my name and number on a scrap of paper.
But, ya gotta wonder ... could Daniel possibly fight Jones after that scrap?
Advance tickets sold out, but head down and scrap for standby tickets.
With Monday just days away, importers report congestion at key scrap ports.
As themeless revisions often go, I had to scrap the entire puzzle.
Many of the emblematic kiosks are being rescued from the scrap heap.
Mr. Trump repeatedly assailed his counterparts and threatened to scrap Nafta altogether.
Over two dozen Indian petitioners asked the court to scrap the law.
Some scrap yards still sell lead for about 75 cents a pound.
Her administration later threatened to scrap British orders for Boeing military wares.
They scrap the car for cash and leave you on the road.
But he stopped short of saying he wanted to scrap the agreement.
She also wants the Fed to scrap a key rate-setting tool.
MISSING COPPER There is another equally important side to this scrap story.
The Mayflower is believed to have been broken down here for scrap.
The scrap may not be over, but there's already plenty to discuss.
For Sheppard, meanwhile, it was reportedly his fifth scrap of the year.
Soon after Mr. Trump took office, his administration moved to scrap it.
Congress also agreed to scrap three taxes intended to pay for Obamacare.
"Knuckledusters, lead pipes; 8 arrests", reported the Daily Mail after one scrap.
He took out his wallet and handed me a scrap of paper.
Scrap, a significant component of overall supply, is a statistical black hole.
As a result, it would scrap fixed income as a distinct business.
Decency: The senator could scrap, but he avoided the lowest of blows.
This process cannot be used as an excuse to scrap the deal.
Today, Palestinians use the ruined concrete and scrap metal for construction materials.
Come to think of it, perhaps we should scrap them for good.
He wants to build on Obamacare and not scrap existing coverage programs.
It was not the first time Trump has threatened to scrap NAFTA.
In both cases the targeted export codes cover unwrought metal and scrap.
Many Conservative Party critics want to scrap an important part of Mrs.
Officials in Pyongyang have demanded that Washington scrap sanctions before denuclearization proceeds.
Conor obviously wants to have a scrap with everybody, so that's useful.
Juice WRLD was handed a pen and a scrap of yellow paper.
A scrap with Jung would give him the opportunity to change this.
They later exploded when handled by scrap-metal scavengers and unsuspecting children.
Some items survive today in private collections; others were repurposed as scrap.
China's state research house Antaike has estimated that while Category 7 scrap might have accounted for 60-70 percent of the 3.35 million tonnes of total scrap imports last year, the copper equivalent contained was just 300,000 tonnes.
China continued to import more copper scrap, with imports in the first four months of the year up 18 percent, after a surge in prices late last year encouraged a flood of scrap metal back into the market.
They took it home and dismantled it further, exposing themselves to more radiation before selling it to a scrap yard, which sold it to another scrap yard, whose owner in turn brought the radiotherapy source into his house.
TRADE DEALS & SCRAP SUPPLIES Other hot topics set for discussion include whether the U.S. and China will ever emerge from their trade dispute, and how China's increasingly strict stance on waste imports is transforming the country's scrap industry.
Some 4.9 million tonnes of scrap and 544,000 tonnes of rebar were traded on the LME last year, versus some 3 million tonnes of scrap and 644,000 tonnes of rebar traded in 2017, according to Refinitiv Eikon data.
OLYMPICS-2026/CALGARY Calgary Olympic committee recommends city scrap 2026 Winter Games bid Calgary's Olympic assessment committee on Tuesday recommended the city scrap a bid for the 2026 Winter Games after a funding row with the Canadian government.
BEIJING (Reuters) - China's market regulator published new standards for high-grade copper scrap and aluminum scrap metal on Sunday, shedding some light on what material will be allowed into the country from the second half of this year.
"Much of the volume in coins was coming from China as a result of the natural global trade of scrap materials," Billy Johnson, the chief lobbyist for the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, told me in an email.
The recent abundance of scrap in China followed Beijing's decision to shut mills churning out low-quality steel from induction furnaces - typically big users of scrap - as part of its drive against pollution and a glut in steel supply.
The imports restriction in China, the world's top metal consumer, has disrupted the recycling industry, prompting some scrap players to send materials to Malaysia to process scrap into a form that will still be accepted for exports to China.
BEIJING, May 19 (Reuters) - China's scrap metal importers expect disruptions in shipments to start this month because of uncertainty surrounding new scrap restrictions starting in July, depriving the world's biggest copper consumer of a crucial source of the metal.
That longer-term trend is one reason why the country's imports of copper scrap have been steadily falling over recent years, a structural shift that has only been temporarily halted by the cyclical release of more scrap this year.
BEIJING/MELBOURNE (Reuters) - The North American unit of a Chinese customs inspection firm said it would suspend checks on cargoes of scrap metal from the United States for a month from Friday, effectively halting all imports of U.S. scrap.
It's worth noting that scrap imports in the January to May period were 1.51 million tonnes, while refined imports were 1.27 million tonnes, a reversal from 2016, when refined metal imports were 3.7 percent higher than those of scrap.
SCRAP: The port of Sanshan in southern China's Guangdong province stopped accepting scrap metal shipments on Thursday after an excessive build-up of stockpiles caused by importers racing to bring in cargoes ahead of new rules starting next week.
But American scrap exports to China fell by about 35 percent in the first two months of this year, after the ban was implemented, said Joseph Pickard, chief economist for the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, a trade group.
Now, lawmakers have introduced a third bill intended to scrap the whole mess.
And it all started with an eight-foot statue made from scrap wood.
Republicans did scrap the 60-vote threshold for Supreme Court justices last year.
She attempted, unsuccessfully, to scrap Papadopoulos' plea deal with Mueller on that basis.
Use a spatula to scrap them off the cookie sheet and let cool.
They whittle out the hull and mast and then attach scrap-plastic sails.
Blas suggests we scrap the whole thing and find some electro-queer enlightenment.
So do not expect either woman to take this UFC 196 scrap lightly.
Starting in the 1990s, China accepted most of the U.S.'s plastic scrap.
I liked reading books, doing homework, and solving math equations on scrap newspaper.
Crystal Palace briefly looked like being dragged into the scrap last least season.
Hey, maybe you could even scrap the DJ to save a few bucks!
When will a scrap between two women no longer be called a "catfight"?
The company can't be expected to stop every single scrap of fake news.
Before the election in 2010, his party had promised to scrap tuition fees.
All in all, only 9 percent of the world's plastic scrap gets recycled.
The ruling party is seeking to scrap the cap, with the president's backing.
Mr Trump wants to scrap trade deals and is impatient with encumbering alliances.
America and Canada did not scrap their Chinese exclusion laws until the 1940s.
There was a scrap of newspaper on the sidewalk, torn from The Times.
Republican FCC commissioners have urged the agency to scrap the cross-ownership limits.
We're already seeing dockless bikes piling up in scrap yards as companies fold.
Among other things, Nehlen wants to scrap the TPP (which Ryan has supported).
It would appear from Duterte's comments that he wants to scrap these agreements.
"When you scrap the five-year term you remove this shield," he said.
If it isn't working, don't cut and paste – scrap it and begin again.
A ban on scrap could mean that it must import more refined copper.
She boxes for fun, so we're prepared to see her scrap with mercenaries.
I eat a small square of his chocolate cake scrap while I'm there.
Until late 2017 China was the world's biggest importer of scrap by far.
To make his deregulatory onslaught stick, Mr Pruitt would need to scrap that.
Orrin Hatch have also urged Trump not to scrap the program, while Rep.
M5S backs an unaffordable universal basic income and wants to scrap pension reforms.
Industry analysts have said the use of scrap will increase in coming years.
He's also said the company produced and mishandled an abundance of scrap material.
But Trump pledged on the campaign trail to scrap the Obama-era initiative.
They should scrap restrictions on domestic migration and allow more cross-border movement.
"It's a fair fight," he said, comparing it to that first-ever scrap.
Some of Cajal's images are rough, as if erratically squiggled on scrap paper.
Australia has just made a landmark decision to scrap its controversial tampon tax.
This month AT&T had to scrap a plan to sell Huawei phones.
Trump has said he would renegotiate or scrap a trade deal with Mexico.
Similar scrap-metal statues of objects and animals are scattered throughout the kibbutz.
The wire has long been stolen and sold on to scrap metal dealers.
Trump didn't scrap Obama's fuel economy standards — he ordered a review of them.
The inspiration came from Danny's uncle, who was something of a scrap savant.
He said during his election campaign that he would scrap the nuclear agreement.
Trump thanked Ford on Twitter for its decision to scrap the Mexican plant.
Drivers who scrap such cars will also be given subsidies for new ones.
The House voted 235-180, overwhelmingly along party lines, to scrap the law.
Some collect metal junk and aluminum cans and sell them to scrap dealers.
This is how large parts of the scrap sector "hedge" their price exposure.
Scrap supplies have improved significantly, meanwhile, reducing demand from banks, the dealer said.
But incoming presidents and lawmakers often scrap the previous leader's space-exploration priorities.
But then another scrap of tape—the tapes that had been recording incriminating
I will scrap them if he says something that is ludicrous to me.
The move has raised expectations the tech giant will scrap the flagship device.
"At Novelis, we have not experienced a shortage of scrap availability," he said.
By 2019, it would scrap old diesel vehicles which were launched before 2005.
The FCC will vote to scrap the Obama-era consumer protections on Thursday.
After roughly ten hours of play this weekend, I had collected 20163 scrap.
He wrote some notes on a piece of scrap paper, then looked up.
Johny Hendricks is scheduled for a scrap with Kelvin Gastelum at UFC 200.
As part of the overhaul, the bank will scrap its global equities business.
More recently, Australia's government decided to scrap its taxpayer-funded "Clean Energy Target".
City authorities have launched a drive to seize and scrap ageing diesel vehicles.
SNPPromise to build a coalition of support to scrap the Trident nuclear deterrent.
Irish Travellers know what it's like to scrap for living as well -- literally.
Scrap your powdered creamer and opt for some vanilla-flavored protein powder instead.
I try to build out an idea with bits and pieces of scrap.
The company also plans to scrap up to four older vessels, it added.
The furniture is all ruined; the van was sold as scrap for $200.
And so he did: scrap what he disliked, put up what he liked.
HSBC will also scrap $100 billion in assets by the end of 2022.
Out of fallen trees or scrap wood, he carved hulls and built planks.
Pai is on the verge of finalizing his plan to scrap the rules.
There were also decreases in the prices of meat, oilseeds and nonferrous scrap.
But we both agree: it's long past time to scrap this ridiculous loophole.
Which is why the decision to scrap Jackson-Lee Day is so fitting.
"Import requirement has been falling due to the scrap supplies," the dealer said.
Most ended up sold for scrap metal but some were donated for art.
Or maybe I'll scrap all that and just do some more Uber coverage.
They had, it seemed, thought of every conceivable way to mine big scrap.
Front Burner D'Artagnan now sells a free-range turkey raised on scrap vegetables.
But Trump said he has not agreed to scrap tariffs on Chinese goods.
A step-change in the sort of scrap entering China quickly became evident.
In those cases, looters are suspected of tearing the ships apart for scrap.
Democrats in Congress have tried, unsuccessfully, to pass legislation to scrap the policy.
There's also $5.5 billion of "waste and scrap" that America sells to China.
Still, he does not support the president's move to scrap the pay increases.
Additionally, after a brief rebound, steel and scrap prices are now heading lower.
"Freeman plays a coach's assistant, Eddie "Scrap-Iron" Dupris, in "Million Dollar Baby.
Republicans in Congress have consistently tried to scrap this part of the law.
They had, it seemed, thought of every conceivable way to mine big scrap.
Other furniture — chairs, a table, shelves — had to be constructed from scrap lumber.
Some interstellar items seen by others as mere scrap metal are historically significant.
The clip was one scrap of a Cubist collage, one rectangle among many.
It displayed a scrap of purple knitting, needle still stuck in the top.
U.S. President Donald Trump repeated his call to scrap the Paris climate pact.
For another, they want to scrap the state's low-carbon fuel standard (LCFS).
But their post-scrap debate on the subject of conceptual mathematics was fantastic.
Lewis deployed as an exchange pilot aboard the British carrier HMS Invincible, which was sold for scrap in 2010, and while on the USS Harry S. Truman, he sailed with the carrier HMS Illustrious, which was sold for scrap in 2016.
The tariffs saw China's copper scrap imports from the United States fall by 80% year-on-year in the first half of 2019 to around 52,022 tonnes, customs data show, while aluminum scrap imports were down 16% to 229,837 tonnes.
Scrap workers can get burned by the blowtorches they use to separate materials; cut by the jagged edges of metal pieces; or hit by the two-story, arcade-claw-like machines used to move piles of scrap around the yard.
The 34-year-old scavenger has had to work longer and harder over the past year, underlining how a drastic decline in scrap metal and commodity prices has hurt even the poor who collect discarded metal to sell to scrap yards.
In December, Beijing also vowed to ban imports of more varieties of scrap steel, copper and aluminium starting from July, and the veto will be extended to products such as scrap stainless steel and titanium at the end of this year.
It said in December that it would also ban imports of more varieties of scrap steel, copper and aluminum from July, and another 16 products - including scrap stainless steel and titanium - will be blocked at the end of the year.
Some 4.2 million tonnes of scrap and 500,000 tonnes of rebar have been traded on the LME in the year to date, versus 3 million tonnes of scrap and 644,000 tonnes of rebar traded last year, according to Refinitiv Eikon data.
In December, Beijing also vowed to ban imports of more varieties of scrap steel, copper and aluminum starting from July, and the veto will be extended to products such as scrap stainless steel and titanium at the end of this year.
Shipments of aluminum scrap to China were down only 19.7% year-on-year in the first 11 months of 2019, but those of U.S. scrap copper, subject to a 25% tariff since August 2018, crashed by 75.7% over the same period.
China has imported less refined copper this year amid tough restrictions on dollar-denominated credit, and as buyers turned instead to cheaper scrap metal after a recovery in copper prices prompted a flood of scrap into the market earlier this year.
Quotas for 7,544 tonnes of aluminium scrap and 3,180 tonnes of steel scrap imports were also awarded in a list published by the China Solid Waste and Chemicals Management Bureau, which is part of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment.
BEIJING, Dec 4 (Reuters) - China has issued a seventh batch of import quotas for scrap metal, including 17 quotas for a total of 7,965 tonnes of high-grade copper scrap, according to a notice from a unit of the environment ministry.
As the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) — a U.S. trade group — said in its formal response to the Chinese proposals, there are more than 150 specifications for non-ferrous scrap, with impurity thresholds ranging from zero to 4 percent.
BEIJING (Reuters) - China's imports of scrap copper from the United States rose in December from the previous month, customs data showed, snapping six straight months of decline as buyers scooped up cargoes before tighter restrictions on scrap took effect for 2019.
SINGAPORE (Reuters) - The shipping industry will this year scrap the largest number of oil tankers in over half-a-decade, driven by weak earnings, firm prices for scrap steel and the need to prepare fleets for strict new environmental regulations.
Addition, which deposits metal only where it is needed, generates less scrap than subtraction.
Matter In 2100, scientists found the first scrap of Neanderthal DNA in a fossil.
But as demand picked up in June, some scrap traders say profits have doubled.
That means you either have to change the terms of NAFTA or scrap NAFTA.
From the start of 2018, traders will not be allowed to import scrap copper.
The stretch of barrier is currently made out of scrap metal, the CBP said.
Don't expect firms to scrap those updates, even if the rule is thrown out.
She snatches the scrap, without ever actually really looking at it, or at Tandy.
More recent events follow an eerily similar script: abandoned machine, unsuspecting scrap metal collector.
Syed operated on the periphery of the polysilicon industry as a trader in scrap.
On a piece of scrap paper, I pooled a few drops of Nails Inc.
But last month a ruling party lawmaker introduced a bill to scrap the rule.
Now, we've got to find a way to scrap our way into some wins.
Around half of aluminium sold in North America each year is derived from scrap.
Trade tiffs can dampen legitimate exchange of scrap (as recycled waste is also known).
Their bounty is divided meticulously and sold on to scrap dealers or reprocessing facilities.
It is unclear if the government will scrap its annual growth target from 2021.
It has yet to scrap controversial tax rebates for all its steel exports, however.
The book collects, essentially, a bunch of scrap material lying around in Hertzfeldt's brain.
The original, made of scrap metal and other material, went up in the 1990s.
The administration is currently promoting a lawsuit to scrap the ACA in its entirely.
Smaller firms could be forced to scrap older ships, says Basil Karatzas, a consultant.
It would be wasteful to scrap that, especially when new batteries are so expensive.
The turbulence in the global scrap markets is reverberating through U.S. towns and cities.
It may also have to scrap the deep discounts it uses to lure tenants.
Unfortunately, with an election due in October, a new government could scrap the scheme.
Unofficial supply chains, particularly those secondary operators using scrap as feed, have been closed.
Key fundamental shifts tend to be obscured in the physical, particularly scrap, market shadows.
CHOKED PORTS With Monday just days away, importers report congestion at key scrap ports.
The undetailed plan to scrap freedom of movement fits in neatly with this strategy.
For this week's Cash Diet challenge, not one takeout scrap would be left behind.
Canada has threatened to scrap plans to buy Boeing fighter jets over the dispute.
That is just as well, because the government is unlikely to scrap the scheme.
Pressed for her view of private medical insurance, Ms Harris said she'd scrap it.
In the case of copper, scrap affects the broader market in two different ways.
Still, it's not a good look to scrap a barely used mobile launch platform.
They must be destroyed by the owning Postal Service entity and sold as scrap.
Simply yank her out of position and unload your Scrap Gun into her face.
Aloy's pretty handy when it comes to a scrap, but she's certainly not invincible.
The country was the sixth-largest source of China's copper scrap imports in 27.
One is wielding grievances to seek every scrap of advantage from interactions with others.
A local samosa seller, Dauda Bisaso, forges guns and camera tripods from scrap metal.
It may not be wise to get into a scrap with a coconut crab.
He could even scrap them altogether, but for now ... these are his top options.
The International Monetary Fund has long called for Nigeria to scrap its multiple rates.
Before this year, the law had only been used once to scrap a regulation.
The Sunset the CRA and Restore American Protections (SCRAP) Act introduced Tuesday by Sens.
The Labor Department is seeking comments on whether to scrap or amend the rule.
CHINA SCRAP: China aims to cut solid waste imports to zero by next year.
That fight was a welterweight scrap between Sean Spencer and former lightweight Yancy Medeiros.
The smartest thing might be to scrap high-denomination banknotes rather than renewing them.
At his hearing today, Perry plans on repudiating his call to scrap the DoE.
This has raised questions about whether Verizon would scrap the deal or renegotiate it.
Some of its alumni think this ought to be sufficient to scrap tuition fees.
Tokyo was forced to scrap the first stadium design because it was too expensive.
Trump and congressional Republicans campaigned on a promise to scrap the 2010 healthcare law.
France's Total said it will scrap the discount offered for scrip shares in 250.
Scrap impacts the supply chain in two ways, both negative for refined metal demand.
In a best case, the rocky shore would churn the boat into scrap metal.
When they arrived three weeks ago, the scrap of land was also a junkyard.
Deadly payloads are often confused with metal scrap or rocks with high metal content.
The bill includes several provisions to scrap rules for community banks and credit unions.
He could choose to scrap the rules or significantly strengthen them once in office.
This is not to say that the United States should scrap our refugee program.
During this time, Trump has threatened to scrap the 24-year-old trade agreement.
The FCC voted 3-2 along party lines last year to scrap the rules.
"Morning Joe" host rips Ivanka for letting Trump scrap equal-pay rule https://t.
Some carry plastic bags with snacks, plastic water bottles, an extra scrap of clothing.
Aluminium scrap imports continued their sharp decline for the same regulatory reasons as copper.
Razzaz replaces Hani Mulki, who resigned after refusing to scrap the tax reform bill.
House GOP leaders opted to scrap the plan after it encountered too much controversy.
Now many of the mills are empty, their machines auctioned off for scrap metal.
The European Commission can unilaterally scrap an equivalence decision by giving a month's notice.
Elliott Advisors is urging BHP Billiton (BHP) to scrap its London Stock Exchange listing.
Still, there's not enough information on trigger warnings and their effects to scrap them.
And/or by this afternoon, he could change the deal or scrap it entirely.
The Scrap Army, this music is made from the scraps of East and West.
"We've had to scrap a lot, especially with our first couple games," Murrell said.
The two are scheduled for a prelim scrap at UFC 196 on February 6.
They had rebuilt their home with scrap metal from the wreckage of the warehouse.
This would, if successful, overturn the FCC's decision to scrap federal net neutrality rules.
Trump has sought to scrap Obamacare, but Republicans in Congress failed to overturn it.
Despite the current administration's attempt to scrap it, the ACA still stands – for now.
Graphite electrodes are used in electric arc furnaces that recycle scrap metal into steel.
Aluminum scrap imports continued their sharp decline for the same regulatory reasons as copper.
Existing diesel engines will not be immediately relegated to the scrap heap, of course.
Also of note was the Federal Communications Commission's decision to scrap net neutrality regulations.
I learned from her how to go to flea markets to buy scrap materials.
Some of this import strength may be down to reduced availability of copper scrap.
Scrap Universal Credit and bring in a "real living wage" of £10 an hour.
However, recyclable scrap materials were still being collected, so the industry started to adapt.
Using scrap materials and science textbooks, he attempts to construct his own wind turbine.
From Monday, only firms with import quotas can bring in scrap copper from overseas.
That must be changed, Mr. Trump said, or he would scrap the deal altogether.
Ms. Fowler publicly challenged Mr. Khosrowshahi to scrap the forced arbitration agreements on Twitter.
That's why it is time to scrap the INF Treaty and try something new.
The scrap for the ball ended one player's season after he separated his shoulder.
Trump has threatened to scrap NAFTA if he cannot rework it to his advantage.
This is where things could still yet fall apart and scrap any potential meeting.
So we scrap that and find a scenic drive up the Massachussetts coast instead.
Instead, the scrap winds up in landfills, burned in incinerators, or in the oceans.
How did that scrap of knitting turn into a full sweater without our noticing?
It's not as if you can just drag it to the local scrap yard.
The bill would also scrap the per-country cap on employment-based green cards.
He would scrap the 50 percent nuclear target, which he has described as absurd.
In addition, grant recipients have to pay for the scrap tire material up front.
"There was scrap metal still in her because he used exploding bullets," Sarvela explained.
Scrap has a double impact on the refined metal segment of the copper market.
Scrap is once again the known unknown in the bigger Chinese copper import picture.
The bill would also scrap the per-country cap on employment-based green cards.
A specific concern for GAC is scrap metal containing what it terms "powdery substances".
Graphic on China's copper scrap imports, in gross weight and with implied content: tmsnrt.
Bains declined to answer when asked whether Ottawa wanted Bombardier to scrap the structure.
They broke down the scrap — known as e-waste — with hammers and raw hands.
Not a scrap of experience from the corporate world has prepared you for this.
Some truss pieces are destined for scrap yards in Clermont, N.J., near Cape May.
Every now and then she'd note a scrap of plastic as she swam through.
The ensuing public fervor stoked talk of a total electronics scrap ban in Thailand.
I wrote it on a scrap piece of paper and I thought, 'That's it.
And if that's the case, he might just scrap his plans at featherweight altogether.
"The rising imports came after China tightened restrictions on steel scrap imports," said Zhuo Guiqiu, an analyst with Jinrui Futures, noting that some countries in East and Southeast Asia had to process steel scrap into semi-finished products to keep selling into China.
Traders and other scrap metal importers will have to show they have the capacity to manufacture scrap into refined metal or semi-finished products such as copper cathode or rods to receive licences and quotas from the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE).
Shipments of U.S. aluminum scrap to China were down only 19.7% year-on-year in the first 11 months of 2019, but those of U.S. scrap copper, subject to a 25% tariff since August 2018, crashed by 75.7% over the same period.
This looks like a re-run of what happened to Category 7 scrap, another tightening of the import rules pre-empting a complete ban as Beijing works towards an end-2020 goal of restricting all imports of metallic scrap below 99 percent purity.
Shi'ite Muslim paramilitaries that helped Iraqi forces drive the Sunni IS out of its last strongholds in Iraq have taken control of the thriving trade in scrap metal retrieved from the battlefield, according to scrap dealers and others familiar with the trade.
Traders and other scrap metal importers will have to show they have the capacity to manufacture scrap into refined metal or semi-finished products such as copper cathode or rods to receive licenses and quotas from the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE).
But a steep drop in scrap-metal prices in Laos (to less than 20 percent of its peak), coupled with provincial laws banning the war-scrap trade, has left the Lao living on the trail worse off than they've been in years.
China classes scrap metal as solid waste but changes will be introduced this year that will see high-grade copper and aluminium scrap meeting new standards reclassified as a resource, the recycling branch of the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association said in November.
The US wants to scrap it, but Canada says it's necessary to protect its industries.
Ballooning costs prompted Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to scrap the first stadium design in 2015.
It has mooted a universal basic income and hinted that it would scrap universal credit.
He has called for protests and may seek a new referendum to scrap the accord.
They open every drawer, pick up every circuit board, kick scrap, remove papers, turn handles.
It lays bare the hypocrisy of the government and pressures the state to scrap it.
Buckets of slop sit outside every house -- not a scrap of water is wasted here.
Independents said he should scrap his account by a 65 percent to 31 percent margin.
Piers, scrap yards, shipping centers, stores, and gas stations, are shown slowly falling into oblivion.
Plenty of metal scrap went there too, especially copper to wire cities or manufacture electronics.
Nor should lawmakers scrap a vital military-intelligence-sharing deal with Japan, approved last month.
Though some parts are destined for recycling centers and scrap yards, others are being repurposed.
But, Chookagian ain't scared -- saying if Nunes is still the champ, she's down to scrap.
Though he would not scrap France's wealth tax, he would exclude financial assets from it.
The prohibition is not the only way in which China is affecting the scrap trade.
And Donald Trump is, has said that he's willing to scrap our alliance with NATO.
If he does ... it won't be cause Bagel Boss ain't training hard for the scrap.
He used scrap wood from the instruments as flooring in a room off the kitchen.
Instead, there was just this dull, flat scrap of language: You are go for TLI.
Get into the habit of tossing out Armor Packs as you build up your Scrap.
The main event of this card will feature a dynamite scrap for WSOF's heavyweight crown.
Most sellers scrap their ships in South Asia because they get better prices for them.
GOVERNOR GARY JOHNSON: Well, I would love to scrap it and get rid of it.
If you had plans to coast through this month, you might need to scrap them.
He insisted that he will not reverse an early decision to scrap France's wealth tax.
His administration has its hands full renegotiating NAFTA and managing an escalating scrap with China.
The firm blamed manipulation by unnamed actors and had to briefly scrap its search function.
The government would scrap those requirements and have applicants "self-declare" their gender identity instead.
He and Ronald Reagan agreed to scrap all such land-based missiles, conventional and nuclear.
In exchange, the United States backed off efforts to force Canada to scrap supply management.
In February Airbus took the tough decision to scrap its loss-making A380 super-jumbo.
If it doesn't, it'll likely join a number of other startups on the scrap heap.
Go deeper: Texas agrees to scrap plan to purge supposed non-citizens from voter rolls
Graphite electrodes are used to melt scrap in electric arc furnaces to produce new steel.
The emperor had endorsed the government&aposs decision to scrap diplomatic options at a Dec.
Since 1998, these skilled artist-engineers have been transforming steel and scrap into groundbreaking art.
Maybe she would start a business selling jewelry made from scavenged scrap, she had ventured.
Scrap supply can respond, both to higher and lower prices, in a matter of months.
Trumpcare would allow the states to seek waivers to scrap this requirement for their citizens.
Intel CEO Brian Krzanich was forced to scrap a Trump fundraiser in the 11th hour.
Our football was marked by violence for decades, our rugby is still an organised scrap.
Refiners are buying more scrap gold but are not seeing higher sales of bullion bars.
The illness forced Knowles to scrap a planned New Year's Eve performance in South Africa.
The farmer intends to focus on scrap metal as his main business, the release said.
At this rate, the golden years of many workers will look more like scrap metal.
"Someone might take away the turnstile and sell it for scrap metal," another user joked.
Scrap-heap guards Kasey Studdard and Chris White didn't integrate well into the Kubiak system.
An independent review wants to scrap the FRC and install a new, more powerful regulator.
I tasted a few of the scrap ham slices for science, and it tastes terrible.
She wants to scrap Peru's 1993 constitution and opposes the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement.
The idea is to scrap the PSLF program altogether — in the name of saving money.
Triumph was saved from the scrap-heap in 1983 by a property developer, John Bloor.
Space is a rare commodity, and any scrap contains a treadmill or a bench press.
He reaffirmed plans to cut corporate tax and scrap a wealth tax on the rich.
We still gonna have time to scrap and bump up we better move him now.
As a result, most of the scrap needed by steelmakers and other industries is imported.
Le Pen has promised a crackdown on illegal immigration and wants to scrap the euro.
Only after their wedding engagement fell through did Pishevar heed advice to scrap her contract.
For decades, other countries shipped containers full of scrap and waste to China for recycling.
Iran-watchers said the press conference appeared calculated to embolden Trump to scrap the accord.
Lawmakers and traders said the PMF sometimes transported scrap more openly in their own trucks.
Its latest legal challenge seeks to force the United States to scrap the tariffs entirely.
The end of a holiday weekend, it was a fruitful day to scrap for cans.
European Union lawmakers voted Tuesday to scrap daylight saving time starting in 85033, Reuters reported.
Only in 2014, after Kenya made exporting scrap metal illegal did the factory permanently close.
The small and fractured nature of the scrap supply chain mitigates against sophisticated price hedging.
They include plans to scrap its global equities business and scale back its investment bank.
Kim did not promise to completely, verifiably and irreversibly scrap North Korea's nuclear weapons program.
With those taxes in there, no damn politician can ever scrap my social security program.
In theory, Congress could try to curb qualified immunity's scope or even scrap it altogether.
"The more scrap they give to us, the less they have to pay," he said.
The Mets could keep bashing homers and scrap their way into the wild-card game.
North Korea has been urging the U.S. and South Korea to scrap their military drills.
David Best built his first temple out of scrap wood at Burning Man in 2000.
One is a dim image of cosmological creatures sketched on a scrap of tomb fresco.
Several EU states, including Germany, France and Italy, have repeatedly urged to scrap this discrimination.
The regulation would scrap ObamaCare's definition of "sex discrimination" to remove protections for gender identity.
If you're prohibited and answer truthfully, a gun dealer is supposed to scrap the sale.
In part that was due to strong imports of both copper scrap and mine concentrates.
Trump has praised Pruitt's relentless efforts to scrap, delay or rewrite Obama-era environmental regulations.
Hundreds of thousands have signed an online petition demanding that the government scrap its plan.
But the newfound media interest in Khan's Scrap Army is also not lost on her.
Jingliang Snuffs Zafir in One The action began with an intriguing scrap between international welterweights.
Maybe we should scrap the whole thing and go back to seeding 1 through 8.
Unfortunately the only element of the original they didn't decide to scrap was the rapping.
But, due to inclement weather conditions, the Pentagon had to scrap that plan too. Sad!
Part of the answer to that conundrum comes from the decline in imports of scrap.
And also collected [scrap] cardboard because I found out that it was worth some money.
What the industry does: Buy and sell scrap material and waste for disposal or reuse.
She slipped into the lab and found the scrap of steel archived in a drawer.
Derek Campos and Derek Anderson had themselves an entertaining scrap to open the main card.
Do you think the new sanctions will convince North Korea to scrap its nuclear program?
The debate comes as the top contenders consolidate support and more Democrats scrap their campaigns.
In the Baltimore episode, we follow a tattoo artist who's also picking up scrap metal.
I still have a scrap of pink paper with "inflagranti" and "negližé" written on it.
There's not simply, Do you like the ACA or do you want to scrap Medicaid?
Moscow may therefore realize that making this weapon is too hard and scrap the program.
The shapes evoke comparison to jigsaw puzzle parts and irregularly cut pieces of scrap metal.
He built a workbench and furniture out of scrap materials he found in the yard.
Should I go forward with the gift, skip the boyfriend or scrap the whole idea?
For years, Mr. Zhang and his wife bought plastic scrap and ground it into chips.
The president's ban is forcing carriers like Nemont, which serves Opheim, to scrap expansion plans.
Both enjoyed a boisterous scrap on the Senate floor and could laugh about it afterward.
In June, after years of inaction, Mr. de Blasio announced plans to scrap the test.
In Port Moresby, many settlers live in shacks made of scrap wood and plastic tarps.
Like Biden, he decided to scrap an election night rally in Cleveland over coronavirus fears.
And a scrap pile fire broke out at his car factory but caused little damage.
But some lawmakers are still calling for the administration to scrap the conference, including Rep.
Seven thousand miles was a long way to go for a tiny scrap of paper.
It also plans to scrap about $100 billion in assets by the end of 2022.
Asia Kate Dillon of "Billions" is calling on the Television Academy to scrap gendered categories.
Their promise to scrap the carbon tax combines this "affordability" agenda with enthusiasm for oil.
It was eventually retired in 2008 and sent to an airplane scrap yard in California.
China is considering banning imports of scrap metal starting at the end of next year.
Carter also defended the Iran nuclear deal, which Trump has said he wants to scrap.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi decided to scrap 500-rupee and 1,000-rupee banknotes on Nov.
I'm not arguing for rewriting Twain or for consigning "Big River" to the scrap heap.
The son was leaving scrap metal and cans in the alley that divides our properties.
Diplomats told us that he appeared inclined to scrap it and reimpose sanctions on Iran.
Using rail, which was relatively cheap, they began sending scrap to Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Syracuse.
"Let's scrap the word diversity entirely and replace it with authenticity and realism," she posted.
The treaty of alliance between China and North Korea became a piece of scrap paper.
A scrap of inauthentic evidence could be poison for the truth of the Holocaust's occurrence.
China's scrap copper imports accounted for about 10% of its total copper consumption last year.
My father salvaged everything from the demolition jobs: claw-foot tubs, scrap metal, lumber, sinks.
Romania's prime minister said on Saturday he was would scrap the decree following mass protests.
Brian Kemp (R) to scrap plans to appoint businesswoman Kelly Loeffler to fill outgoing Sen.
They also adopted a resolution demanding the central government to immediately scrap the relocation plan.
Which both serve to inject further uncertainty into what happens to scrap flows this year.
The courtyard was a cross between a playground for giant Nanas and a scrap yard.
So, we asked Kamaru about a possible scrap with McGregor -- and Usman didn't hold back.
At what point did you just scrap the idea to do it all with prosthetics?
He thought little of the find at first, and threw it in his scrap pile.
Porritt also lamented that the company might have to scrap $90,000 worth of defective parts.
Using rail, which was relatively cheap, they began sending scrap to Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Syracuse.
One scrap gives a glimpse of a storm-tossed ship reminiscent of Albert Pinkham Ryder.
WASHINGTON — Speaker Nancy Pelosi asked President Trump on Wednesday to scrap or delay his Jan.
Natasha rolls out the scrap tart dough they brought with them into an amorphous shape.
Here's the play: Safe to say Seattle will likely scrap that play from the playbook.
It's perhaps no surprise that Zimmermann supports Apple's position in its scrap with the FBI.
And the move to scrap Mercantile and Nevereven is a direct reversal of his decisions.
SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Malaysia's non-ferrous metals players are joining forces to promote their scrap processing business as clean amid growing environmental alarm over recycling, seeking to cling on to a trade that has grown fast as China's import curbs divert more scrap toward Southeast Asia.
"In mature economies, like the U.S., there's a lot of scrap, particularly from redundant automobiles but we know that China and Asia won't have the same population of cars that the U.S. has so there won't be the same amount of scrap," he explained.
The relocation of battery manufacturers is similar to China's scrap copper sector, where new restrictions on imports of solid waste and a need for importers to prove they are end-users of the material, prompted scrap companies to set base in South or Southeast Asia.
Lindsey-Hall remembered opening an envelope containing only a small scrap of faded cotton fabric and a note explaining that the fabric scrap came from the sender's favorite childhood blanket, which remained on their bed well into their teen years during their first sexual experiences.
The headline drop in bulk tonnage may mask an increase in the copper content of the scrap, but further disruption will come in the form of China's tariffs on scrap from the United States, the biggest supplier of high-grade material to the Chinese market.
BEIJING, May 2000 (Reuters) - * China's April scrap aluminium imports fell by 299.5 percent from March to 210,2000 tonnes, after the country slapped a 1.193 percent import tariff on aluminium scrap from the United States, its biggest supplier of the material, with effect from Apr.
Just months earlier, preservationists almost had to scrap the Titanic-size vessel as their funds dwindled.
He could scrap the constituent assembly, restore the legislature's powers and call off Ms Ortega's trial.
Crude steel output still rose, suggesting mills produced more from electric furnaces that consume scrap metal.
I grew up in California in a family of scrap metal recyclers, and I've always recycled.
But even if the court rules in its favor, Trump has threatened to scrap the plan.
While Chile will gradually scrap tariffs on 7,669 Indonesian products including palm oil, automotive and footwear.
Further, one of Trump's advisors said last month that the new administration would scrap the rule.
Another lav, another scrap, split from continuity by the peaks and chasms of highs and withdrawal.
Nebraska Democrats last week voted to advance a resolution that would scrap its caucuses in 0003.
In the latest incident, a batch of scrap metal at the plant was found on Oct.
"Every scrap of earth that can be used to grow something is being used," he said.
If the FCC does vote to scrap net neutrality, it could be a very unpopular decision.
The company will also scrap chief customer officer, corporate administration executive and chief development officer positions.
When doctors gave the Belgian fighter the green light, however, the scrap went ahead as planned.
Their homes are piecemeal, built out of scrap parts — some missing a roof and lacking electricity.
Until that time, here's some footage of Lombardi's scrap with the fans to keep you occupied.
Expectations have been buoyed by the success of the LME's steel scrap contract, launched in 2220.
But on Wednesday, the California Supreme Court unanimously decided to scrap the plan from the ballot.
Global beer and spirits maker Diageo is to scrap plastic packaging from its multipacks of beer.
Copper and aluminium scrap imports also bucked the trend as Beijing's purity thresholds strangled inbound flows.
Kering had no compost heap, solar panel rooftop, nor office furniture made from scavenged scrap lumber.
Every day is a new discovery, a little scrap of extraordinary fueled by this boundless curiosity.
But behind the scenes, at least one Republican has asked her to scrap it altogether. Sen.
The streaming service's decision to scrap that policy comes after massive blowback from the music industry.
Living quarters with narrow, winding halls were built from scrap materials, including highly flammable wooden pallets.
Last year 71% of French voters told IFOP, a pollster, that they wanted to scrap Schengen.
In August, the Democratic National Committee recommended Iowa and Nevada scrap the mobile-based vote process.
Copper and aluminium scrap imports also bucked the trend as Beijing's purity thresholds strangled inbound flows.
He's willing to scrap our ... alliances in the Pacific with Japan and Korea and South Korea.
Lord Grocott, a Labour peer and former MP, has proposed a bill to scrap by-elections.
Pro-democracy lawmaker Claudia Mo said protests would continue if Lam does not scrap the bill.
Instead, I always go to scrap yards to see if I can find cheap car parts.
Clinton said Mr. Sanders wanted to scrap the Affordable Care Act and start all over again.
Using the bottom of a wine glass, trace circles onto various pieces of scrap paper.2.
The country's parliament voted in June to scrap that limit in a non-binding consultative vote.
People are trying to light and heat their homes with candles or by burning scrap wood.
Compared with sorting out the Brexit mess, this week's scrap with anonymous civil servants provided relief.
Syria's security forces dug up parts of the line to sell as scrap metal in Pakistan.
We'll have to see how it thinks $1 billion will be best spent in the scrap.
Pro-democracy lawmaker Claudia Mo said protests would continue if Lam did not scrap the bill.
During a meeting earlier this month, fund managers asked officials to scrap the share capital requirement.
Driving the news: Bill Ackman is urging United Technologies to scrap its mega-merger with Raytheon.
As a roar echoes across a gargantuan hall, a pile of scrap slides into the mixture.
The move to scrap the baggage fee disclosure rule will not just affect domestic American flyers.
But after having to scrap one official logo, the event's organizer's have revealed this new one.
In the meantime, we'll be hanging on to every scrap of news emerging from the set.
When groups compete for scarce resources, they must circle the wagons and scrap for their side.
He makes an average of 300 rupees a day from a middleman who buys the scrap.
But to get the full payment, they have to take their boat to the scrap yard.
It has prompted Poland's government to completely scrap income taxes for approximately 2 million young workers.
One small scrap of good news: the data doesn't contain any payment or credit card details.
Meanwhile, another group of opposition deputies seeks to scrap the measure completely, deeming it too vague.
Near Ratchett's body, Poirot uncovers a scrap of paper that mentions a girl named Daisy Armstrong.
"At that time I built all my stuff out of scrap and found objects," says Walker.
But customs data also point to a booming copper scrap trade between China and Southeast Asia.
The scrap yard employs around 30 people on an average day; not surprisingly, turnover is high.
Residents on Sunday were pulling pieces from the still-smoldering wreckage to sell as scrap metal.
They also must register their car as a commercial vehicle and scrap it after eight years.
But what about China's steel needs, which are greater than whatever scrap is lying around Europe?
Government officials have previously said the government may scrap plans for further pension cuts next year.
However, a 7733 percent duty on Chinese imports of U.S. copper scrap imposed since from Aug.
They are not officially frozen, despite calls from Austria to formally scrap Turkey's EU membership program.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - It may not be wise to get into a scrap with a coconut crab.
The tax plan House Republicans released last year similarly would scrap the state and local deduction.
Trump thanked Ford on Twitter for its decision to scrap the Mexican plant:
How easy is it for you to scrap your work, whether it's lyrics or entire songs?
Most of his robots were made from scrap, or low-cost metal from a nearby steelworks.
Let's scrap this budget and rebuild the nation from the bottom up, not the top down.
Firms must now decide whether to continue preparing or to scrap their new programs, Hoffman said.
Total waste and scrap imports reached 9.98 million tonnes over the six month period, Xinhua said.
In May, 55 US senators said they supported a bill to scrap the travel ban altogether.
You knew Wiz Khalifa could scrap in MMA ... but did you know he could box too???
By even the most conservative estimates, we export nearly 800,000 tons of e-scrap each year.
What about leaning on France to scrap the European Parliament's much-hated second seat in Strasbourg?
Eddie Wineland—while the undercard features a good middleweight scrap between Thales Leites and Sam Alvey.
They're yesterday's beautiful memories, tomorrow's scrap heap (and lord knows we need to save the earth).

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