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"halt" Definitions
  1. [singular] an act of stopping the movement or progress of somebody/something
  2. [countable] (British English) a small train station in the country that has a platform but no buildings
"halt" Synonyms
stoppage cessation stop end discontinuation termination finish ending close pause conclusion discontinuance arrest break suspension closure stay shutdown standstill interruption obviation deterrence thwarting forestalling prevention preclusion avoidance determent obstruction blockage hindrance impediment interception prohibition forestallment deterence restraint inhibition collapse breakdown failure disintegration foundering malfunction miscarriage undoing crash decline degradation deterioration disruption downfall slump disorganisation(UK) disorganization(US) station terminal terminus depot stage station stop stopping place way station bus station coach station passenger station railway station train station bus stop fare stage end of the line last stop garage stopping point rest motionlessness idleness immobility inactivity inertia stasis still immovability inertness stagnancy stationary stillness fixity a halt a standstill a stop absence of movement check stall catch freeze immobilise(UK) immobilize(US) hold up draw up pull up bring up come to a halt come to a stop bring to a standstill fetch up come to a standstill come to rest cease terminate discontinue conclude lapse pass elapse determine expire go die adjourn dead-end let up wink out come to an end quit drop suspend can block interrupt curb obstruct impede stem bar thwart foil forestall circumvent counter derail oppose prevent stymie defeat evade prohibit balk(US) baulk(UK) circumnavigate counteract hinder hesitate waver vacillate dither falter teeter stagger scruple wobble wabble balance shilly-shally hang back fluctuate swither dilly-dally be indecisive haver shillyshally suppress repress subdue quash quell squash crush squelch extinguish silence overcome kill destroy inhibit abolish disable deactivate cripple incapacitate paralyse(UK) paralyze(US) disenable disarm jam hamstring inactivate debilitate impair kibosh make inoperative render inoperative render inactive forbid ban interdict disallow proscribe veto debar exclude outlaw preclude embargo restrict obviate taboo buttonhole accost approach waylay detain importune collar confront grab hail nobble intercept solicit ambush corner take aside shout to call to save defend protect avert guard safeguard salvage reclaim retain retrieve fortify garrison preserve rescue shelter shield barricade fail bomb bust vitiate idle spoil compromise damage endamage weaken hobble limp shuffle dodder shamble stumble totter hirple lurch reel clump hitch hop move unsteadily scuff walk haltingly walk lamely walk unevenly stun numb stupefy anesthetize(US) anaesthetize(UK) benumb gorgonize transfix go rigid render motionless stand still stop dead stop in your tracks stop suddenly become motionless become paralysed wean detach deter discourage dissuade remove unaccustom resist defy challenge combat contest dispute fight frustrate protest restrain curtail reduce cut decrease lessen diminish shorten trim truncate abridge abbreviate shrink contract dock clip slash downsize crop limit stutter stammer splutter flounder blunder dribble mumble speak falteringly sputter speak haltingly trip over your tongue fumble for words stumble over your words mammer hum and haw hem and haw remain wait linger bide tarry abide loiter stand dwell hover settle stick await dally hang reside crippled paralysed(UK) incapacitated paralyzed(US) disabled handicapped lame injured maimed immobilised(UK) immobilized(US) debilitated weakened impaired paraplegic quadriplegic hamstrung tetraplegic damaged bedridden whoa hoe More
"halt" Antonyms
continuation continuance resumption prolongation perpetuation continuing continuity protraction ceaselessness maintenance extension persistence preservation endurance furtherance follow-on perpetuating prolonging protracting recommencement expedition agility haste speed quickness rapidity rapidness promptness swiftness expeditiousness hastiness fastness hurriedness speediness alacrity urgency velocity briskness hastening hurry acceleration encouragement precipitation promotion quickening activation advance aid assistance beginning commencement freedom go help liberation release start letting go agreement breakthrough motion movement progress headway solution advantage good fortune initiation birth inauguration kickoff onset opening outset startup commencing dawn dawning launch arrival genesis creation establishment foundation seamlessness uninterruption uninterruptedness continuousness flow continue persist resume recommence maintain pick up restart reopen take up return to begin commence carry on begin again start again hang on keep encourage persevere expedite hasten rush forward press accelerate facilitate precipitate quicken boost further push fast track fast-track speed up assist abet favor(US) favour(UK) promote support allow liberate open permit do undertake carry out engage in initiate tackle embark on get cracking on get down to get to introduce kick off set to begin undertaking cause enter decide hold remain stay dive in plunge in keep on keep going press on keep up go on jump at the chance stick sustain turn to animate assuage benefit build create cure fix grow heal improve increase envigorate(UK) invigorate(US) mend mobilise(UK) mobilize(US) appear emerge materialise(UK) materialize(US) issue develop unfold pop come into view become visible come into sight pop up reveal itself come to light bob up be within view expose itself heave into view hove into view take shape effect produce provoke trigger elicit induce instigate occasion spawn affect effectuate generate beget lose abandon forfeit give up surrender waive forego forgo concede disregard dismiss miss let go let slip write off activate actuate drive move propel run spark turn on appeal cheer crank up delight enchant fascinate set off touch off work perform operate respond function start up be effective get a move on come into effect get going be running get underway carry on with go on with keep at proceed with stick with keep on with persevere in persevere with persist in persist with press on with push on push on with stick at able-bodied able capable fixed healthy noncrippled OK perfect unbroken uncrippled walking working

666 Sentences With "halt"

How to use halt in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "halt" and check conjugation/comparative form for "halt". Mastering all the usages of "halt" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Trump attempted to halt the book's publication, threatening Wolff and publisher Henry Halt with a lawsuit.
Our people could no more halt the Queen's abhorrent procession than a fish could halt the tide.
When snow falls, everything crawls to a halt, with exploration and economic progress ground to a halt.
Leshi said it would extend a trading halt on its stock but the halt would not exceed 10 days.
Ms. Mastropietro explained that a halt to refugee arrivals meant a halt to some federal funding, which meant budget cuts.
UN chief urges halt to war UN Secretary-General Guterres called for an immediate halt to hostilities in Eastern Ghouta.
The order also placed a 120-day halt on admitting refugees and an indefinite halt on admitting refugees from war-torn Syria.
And they allow officials to halt trains, shut off valves in chemical plants, halt delicate medical procedures and take other protective actions.
The order also imposed a 120-day halt on admitting refugees and an indefinite halt on admitting refugees from war-torn Syria.
The order also called for a 120-day halt on admitting refugees and an indefinite halt on admitting refugees from war-torn Syria.
It's unclear how long the production halt will last, and Boeing says it doesn't expect the halt to result in layoffs or furloughs.
Meade's article and the wider halt-for- futility literature make clear that such a halt should be a scientific decision, not a business decision.
Trading halt: Technical problems forced the world's biggest exchange operator to halt trading for over three hours on Tuesday evening in the United States.
Democrats are contemplating legal action to halt the administration's decision to halt the Clean Power Plan, an Obama-era environmental rule meant to limit greenhouse emissions.
Washington state — the only state to secure a nationwide halt of Trump's first executive order — asked a judge Thurday to apply that halt to the revised version.
Trump removed a call to halt Muslim immigration from his campaign website Trump removed a call to halt Muslim immigration from his campaign website Update 251:2100 p.m.
After Saudi's decision to halt shipments, Yemen's Houthi group said on July 31 it would halt attacks in the Red Sea for two weeks to support peace efforts.
Just as the United States has demanded that Mexico halt the flow of drugs north, Mexico has long been asking the United States to halt the flow of guns south.
NS) products as early as 2008, but waited until two months ago to halt sales of its mislabeled Egyptian cotton bed linens, following a similar halt by Target Corp (TGT.
I would prefer a halt to the flow of corrupt international bank transfers over a halt to the flow of people, since the former has more power than the latter.
IDX tightened its trading halt mechanism earlier this month to protect the market against volatility, triggering a 30-minute halt if the main index dropped more than 5%, from 10% previously.
MARGARET LYONS 'Halt and Catch Fire' (AMC) Set at a fledgling internet company, Mutiny, in the early days of personal computing, "Halt" can't rely on the usual tricks of serial drama.
But that came to a halt in 2011, when .
It isn't a milestone year, but the homage may just be a reference to Donald Trump's "Muslim ban," which put a 120-day halt on the entry to the U.S. of any refugees, a 90-day halt for all citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries, and an indefinite halt on all refugees from Syria.
Beijing has floated the idea of a freeze-for-a-freeze, whereby the US and South Korea would halt its joint military exercises in exchange for a halt in Pyongyang's missile tests.
The F.T.C. took similar action to halt the merger of two hospitals in West Virginia last November and joined state authorities to try to halt a deal in Pennsylvania in last December.
COURT REJECTS NEW ATTEMPT TO HALT KIDS' CLIMATE SUIT: A federal appeals court blocked the Trump administration's second attempt to halt a lawsuit filed by a group of children over climate change.
The Obama and Trump administrations repeatedly asked lower courts to halt the lawsuit in the following years but in November the Supreme Court ruled against the Trump administration's request to halt the suit.
The Gresik smelter was forced to halt operations on Jan.
South Korea's export growth came to a halt in June.
The "thing" isn't what matters on Halt and Catch Fire.
Halt and Catch Fire is full of moments like that.
But it didn't put a halt to research in Antarctica.
Older workers have seen their wages come to a halt.
Airbus may halt the planned delivery of 100 passenger jets.
That makes it far more challenging to halt its spread.
An ordinary Sunday morning instantly came to a grinding halt.
This is the second reason for the halt in convergence.
Departments devoted to cybersecurity policies will grind to a halt.
That section of the city effectively comes to a halt.
Protestors are blocking the van to halt her deportation pic.twitter.
The rail company placed a halt on deliveries on Sept.
The suit filed Thursday also seeks to halt this system.
The central bank's frantic efforts to halt the slide failed.
Will the new monitoring process halt discrimination on the platform?
All of this led to a complete halt in testing.
But these temporary events can't halt a relentless warming trend.
Strictly speaking, a truce is an informal halt in fighting.
This had forced Careem to halt services there, he said.
New orders for the planes have ground to a halt.
But not all scientific progress has ground to a halt.
We're asking the court to halt this path of destruction.
But the coverage came to an abrupt halt last year.
Diplomats may yet find a way to halt the offensive.
But that all came to a crashing halt in Dec.
Mashable reached out to the Halt Action Group for comment.
The van then came to a halt outside Southwark Cathedral.
Strikes broke out after ICA's work ground to a halt.
Expansion slows to a near halt for the two chains.
Recession will halt that, or even begin to reverse it.
But, his career came to a screeching halt in Sept.
Puerto Rico's economy ground to a halt in the storm.
Halt and Catch Fire knows its characters backward and forward.
Of course, we cannot grind technological change to a halt.
How does grinding policymaking to a halt hold Trump accountable?
And why did the show halt production if nothing happened?
Several bills would halt all arms sales to the Saudis.
And yet progress has ground almost to a halt. Why?
If it collapsed suddenly, some carmakers' assembly lines would halt.
Unfortunately, however, politics in Washington threatens to halt the progress.
The incident caused a temporary halt to Uber's development programme.
Dozier did not make legal challenges to halt his execution.
Trump could drop the appeal, which could halt the payments.
The halt was put in place just after 2628 a.m.
Both want to halt further proliferation and avoid military confrontation.
"You cannot halt things, keep them children," Kittay told me.
Some analysts doubted the trading halt would check speculative interest.
The incident caused a temporary halt to Uber's development program.
Release the trigger to put a halt to the spinning.
Bring it to a halt, and the problems spread instantly.
All of that came to a halt earlier this month.
This monitoring tool can halt an experiment at any time.
The share halt began Monday and runs through Jan. 22.
You ask them to tell you whether it will halt.
Public life in America has methodically ground to a halt.
The New York Stock Exchange had to briefly halt trading.
That includes his decision to halt most travel from China.
"Wow," he said when I came to a clattering halt.
"We're not going to just halt the investigation," he said.
Even the country's unrelenting construction has come to a halt.
Andrew M. Cuomo directed the department to halt the program.
"My life is ground to a halt," Ms. Catlin said.
But that doesn't mean the full public accounting should halt.
Neighborhood groups sued to halt implementation at the last minute.
We need a zero tolerance approach to halt the slide.
Spring break has come to screeching halt in Miami Beach.
U.S. sanctions against Venezuela led to a halt of operations.
U.S. sanctions against Venezuela led to a halt of operations.
But above all, "Halt and Catch Fire" was about failure.
Several previous attempts to halt the civil war have failed.
Unfortunately, that relationship came to a screeching halt in 2019.
It could seek to halt WeWork's expansion to reduce expenses.
But an eruption might bring that to an alarming halt.
But we must also halt speech that bullies and torments.
Germany's economic growth ground to a halt late last year.
A strike won't cause entertainment to screech to a halt.
Gregg Abbott to halt a death row inmate's scheduled execution.
The investigation, still in its infancy, ground to a halt.
A reward is that maybe you do halt the escalation.
But growth there came to a halt during the recession.
Her injury forced her to halt her studies, she said.
Now that strategy could be hampered by this production halt.
Our businesses will come to a halt in many cases.
He knew it had been terrible enough to halt him.
For many across the region, life ground to a halt.
But the halt of those plans could have widespread impact.
An unprecedented general strike briefly brought Seattle to a halt.
And it was threatening to halt the whole peace process.
They will bring the booming economy to a screeching halt.
Disguising their identities, though, didn't halt the discrimination they faced.
ZTE's factories ground to a halt, spurring anger from Beijing.
The pace ground to a halt, riddled with foul calls.
TA also said they would halt matches at the Jan.
Now it's down to zero, skidding to a screeching halt.
Boeing announced in December that it would halt further production.
Months later, their efforts were suddenly brought to a halt.
And that kind of halt would last for 219 minutes.
She called on Republicans to halt consideration of the nomination.
First, Farook would halt the eastbound traffic with pipe bombs.
It seemed his career had come to another abrupt halt.
Are you a Boeing employee concerned about the production halt?
Laser technology brings it to a halt when obstacles loom.
The junk bond market ground to a halt in December.
Now, officials hope to all but halt the mounting deaths.
Coronavirus doesn't necessarily have to halt your dating life, though.
Life as we know it would grind to a halt.
It came to a halt after hitting a traffic sign.
It (the demonetization programme) brought it to a complete halt.
This bill would put a halt to all of that.
It would bring the conservative legislative agenda to a halt.
Isolated from the world, time seems to halt, former detainees say.
But last month the Israeli government decided to halt its implementation.
Alcon confirmed that the decision to halt the project was mutual.
With this shocking win, McGregor-Mania comes to a skittering halt.
They call on Putin to order a halt to the activities.
Wintry weather forced the airport to halt all flights early Saturday.
They asked the court to halt it, saying it was unconstitutional.
The justices placed a temporary halt on the deposition in October.
Headlines Glencore to halt production at world's largest cobalt mine on.ft.
As time passes, however, star formation eventually grinds to a halt.
Other left-leaning groups are similarly trying to halt Republican actions.
Halt and Catch Fire's third season is available on AMC's website.
It also included an indefinite halt on all refugees from Syria.
Then finally, almost too late, the truck screeched to a halt.
Hillary Clinton has the chance to halt the Bernie Sanders insurgency.
But in 270, all manufacturing and sales came to a halt.
Faced with such risks, some want simply to call a halt.
The circuit breaker kicked in Monday, setting off a temporary halt.
UMC said it would halt all research co-operation with Jinhua.
She told Goodell the steps should halt any chance of recurrence.
Jimenez said he has since implemented measures to halt inappropriate behavior.
Without the internet, our world would come grinding to a halt.
As production ground to a halt, customers scrambled to find alternatives.
Notably, he was also Gordon Clark in Halt and Catch Fire.
Once he found out, "things came to a halt," says Booth.
The stock fell 2.5 percent in intraday trade before the halt.
Messrs Putin and Erdogan would both like to halt the fighting.
A chase ensued before the van was brought to a halt.
Sometimes it was gentle, sometimes it came to a lurching halt.
Trump has, for example, pledged to halt US participation in TPP.
The four men have denied any attempt to halt the probe.
The Fed also called an early halt to that on Wednesday.
It's not realistic to expect everything to grind to a halt.
And on Thursday, MoviePass's sustainability abruptly came to a brief halt.
Coinbase has previously shown a willingness to halt trading during slumps.
Rebels say Iranian militia groups brought earlier evacuations to a halt.
Research ground to a halt, but illegal recreational use carried on.
The shakeup has apparently ground the staffing process to a halt.
WH wants to "halt the downward spiral" between U.S. and Russia.
The spokeswoman said LeShi's trading halt was not connected to LeSports.
It has been on its current trading halt since Dec. 6.
Without reliable water service, America's economy would grind to a halt.
The party has tried to make government grind to a halt.
France also called on Sunday for Turkey to halt the bombardment.
Her plans to become a doctor came to an abrupt halt.
Christian conservatives were the last best hope to halt Trump's momentum.
Peterson drew his own (real) gun and ordered Collins to halt.
It wasn't something that immediately ground the city to a halt.
I was shocked enough to halt my flurried walk to class.
Sky Network shares are on a trading halt pending more detail.
And there, for a moment, the universe screeches to a halt.
Conversations about Israel-Palestinian final status negotiations ground to a halt.
They zoned in ways to halt fire spread and ensure egress.
The convergence between west and east eventually ground to a halt.
Trump has since signed an executive order to halt the separations.
REQUEST FOR TRADING HALT Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage:
The exchanges could grind to a halt like a rusting factory.
He or she has wide powers to launch and halt investigations.
PHILADELPHIA — Every Thursday, Reece Whitley's busy life screeches to a halt.
Americans should applaud the CFPB's assurance to halt regulation by enforcement.
This would, they argue, stabilize the ice and halt the retreat.
Those gains came to an abrupt halt, however, in late 2016.
Computer disruptions do more than simply grind businesses to a halt.
There was no progress on diplomatic efforts to halt the bloodshed.
Mr. Netanyahu, however, feels no real pressure to halt the construction.
And the company's global expansion has come to a screeching halt.
The Justice Department has moved to halt the case from proceeding.
Watch "Halt and Catch Fire," Season 83 premiere, Tuesday, 9 p.m.
DE is likely halt its remaining long-haul flights from Oct.
A battering in 2018 would effectively halt the broader Republican agenda.
Trump agreed to halt the exercises during his summit with Kim.
Every effort must be undertaken to halt this inhumanity without delay.
She included a request to halt ministerial infighting and counter-briefing.
Republicans are also eyeing new legislation to halt the president's actions.
Dianne Feinstein about backing her bill to halt the family separations.
Its process for issuing new rules has virtually ground to halt.
Halt the sale of firearms and ammunition at your stores nationwide.
Photosynthesis ground to a halt, which meant no more plant growth.
Endo agreed to halt shipments of Opana ER starting September 1.
Several attempts by the company to halt the leak have failed.
It also imposes a 120-day halt on admitting all refugees.
However, the approach failed to halt North Korea's nuclear weapons program.
After the 2008 financial crisis, bank mergers ground to a halt.
"Halt" lets you see them as the cusp of bracing change.
Dozier, 47, is not making legal challenges to halt his execution.
But on August 3, 2014, these dreams ground to a halt.
Trump subsequently signed an executive order to halt the family separations.
State officials did nothing to halt the violence at the time.
We can nonviolently block and obstruct halt the damage he's doing.
It is time to call a halt to the MOX effort.
It is designed to protect privacy and halt other online threats.
The sanctions strangled ZTE and prompted the firm to halt operations.
Yet, instead of screeching to a halt, the traffic cruises on.
The U.S. broker expects sterling's appreciation against the dollar to halt.
A major fuel shortage brought the economy grinding to a halt.
Framing it so seeks to divide and ultimately to halt progress.
President Trump's hiring freeze will halt, if not reverse, this progress.
The bureau also ordered the companies to temporarily halt their operations.
But the coronavirus outbreak has brought business to a screeching halt
Spring break has come to a screeching halt in some cities.
Construction activity will also be on a halt during this period.
Eventually, years later, they come to a halt in New York.
You're making small talk when the elevator jars to a halt.
Arizona State's physical defense brought the Red Storm to a halt.
Air travel in the UK would grind to an immediate halt.
The company threatened to halt construction on a new high-rise.
Last March, Patrascu started an online petition to halt the changes.
But high-profile holdouts have threatened to halt the effort's progress.
Amid the chaos, Libya's economy has basically ground to a halt.
Both leagues decided to halt operations due to the coronavirus outbreak.
That's all coming to a temporary halt, for now, it seems.
Yet, exhausted and intimidated, the mothers called a halt in 1999.
The plant, like the others, will halt production through March 30.
The idea was less of a reversal, really, than a halt.
The spirit of live music just came to a screeching halt.
A station supervisor asked Welles to halt the broadcast; Welles refused.
It could halt the in-flight refueling of the coalition's aircraft.
The investigation into DeVry ground to a halt early last year.
It had said last week it would halt drilling in 2020.
But on Saturday, the raucous races came to an abrupt halt.
Eric came to a crashing halt, thankfully missing the revolving door.
Topuz's arrest prompted the two countries to halt visa processes temporarily.
If the pumps fail, then those functions come to a halt.
Fact is, if stars get sick ... production grinds to a halt.
Mr. McCain was instrumental in putting such interrogations to a halt.
India responded by sending troops and equipment to halt the construction.
The outbreak prompted five cities in China to halt all transportation.
CHICAGO — Road construction and bridge repairs may come to a halt.
The legal fights have essentially ground the program to a halt.
Regulators can slow down its diffusion but not indefinitely halt it.
Storms may halt other sporting events, but not the Rolex 24.
China pledged to halt its growth in carbon emissions by 21625.
Constitutional structures do not grind to a halt when Congress does.
Daptomycin could no longer attach and halt the bacteria's cell division.
And that kind of halt would have lasted for 219 minutes.
They should halt plans immediately to shift the Terrain to Mexico.
In turn, Turkey has agreed to halt further immigration to Europe.
Being deactivated can limit or halt drivers' ability to earn income.
All have come to a halt during the current government shutdown.
Details: India has historically resisted global calls to halt coal expansion.
Finally, fast-acting therapies can halt active attacks in their tracks.
"While this ... does not violate Pyongyang's promise to halt longer-range tests, North Korea has now made it clear it will not halt developing other parts of its military capabilities that threaten the region," he said.
That is broadly on par with output levels in 2217, as the struggle to pay providers has led some services companies to halt work and oil suppliers to delay or halt deliveries of fuel and crude.
The production halt at its three plants in the Barcelona area will affect 10,500 workers, 3,500 more than announced on Friday when the company said it would halt the output at its main plant in Martorell.
Beijing has proposed a so-called "freeze for freeze," in which North Korea would halt its illegal testing in exchange for a halt to major military exercises conducted annually by the United States and South Korea.
Frank Bruni Did Marco Rubio's momentum just come to a screeching halt?
Soon afterwards NATO jets pounded Belgrade to halt Serbian atrocities in Kosovo.
As president, Trump can use an executive order to halt refugee processing.
He hobbled to a halt before falling to the ground in agony.
Last year, she lobbied unsuccessfully to have Texas lawmakers halt campus carry.
Modern life would grind to a halt if they all suddenly disappeared.
Just the financial impact alone should be enough to cause a halt.
The financial woes could delay — and at worst halt altogether — those projects.
Fletcher requested and received a trading halt on Tuesday morning until Friday.
And sometimes, an entire village has to intervene to halt the juggernaut.
Lisa Murkowski, who broke with Republicans by moving to halt Kavanaugh's nomination.
GM will halt the third shift at the Lordstown plant on Jan.
The solution to increased globalization is not to attempt to halt it.
That eight-game win streak came to a halt Sunday in Atlanta.
THE SWAMP Pentagon confirms  halt of August war games with South Korea .
Wanda Cinema's shares will remain suspended since a halt on February 24.
According to People, Halt and Catch Fire actress Lisa Sheridan has died.
But his plans came to a screeching halt in March of 2010.
The sanctions should halt the flow of oil imports into the North.
Three years later his addiction came to a screeching halt, he said.
She promised secure national borders and an almost total halt to immigration.
The SUV screeched to a halt and he fired through the windshield.
Even so, the Senate ground to a halt Thursday when Republican Sen.
After a week of fighting, the weather had caused a brief halt.
And his cautious economic progress has now almost ground to a halt.
DE will halt the deal, its chief commercial officer said on Tuesday.
Mr. Golshiri makes it his job to halt and reverse such obliteration.
Yet Republicans want to bring this kind of oversight to a halt.
The moment the officer says, "Halt, stop, don't move!" you are seized.
Israel should voluntarily halt all settlements, at least beyond its security barrier.
Yet negotiations with Russia over the mandate have ground to a halt.
You can blame NASA for the halt of the Apollo moon landings.
China's crude oil imports from the U.S. had ground to a halt.
Have a good summer (of catching up on Halt and Catch Fire).
Will Dany and Jon halt their romance when they learn they're related?
Go deeper: Walgreens, Kroger become latest retailers to halt e-cigarette sales
The city seemed to both come alive and grind to a halt.
It did not give any explanation for the halt in Iranian credit.
Best Buy turned to Joly, a hospitality executive, to halt its slump.
My loyal pawn Alessandra comes skidding to a halt next to me.
And the Affordable Care Act is not expected to halt those trends.
The Supreme Court denied a last-minute appeal to halt the execution.
Any information exchange between inmates and officers came to an abrupt halt.
Without such access, some investigations may grind to halt, the agency claims.
Acacia has been forced to halt exports and has cut back production.
After he announced the temporary halt to the extrajudicial killings, on Feb.
She is seeking damages and a halt to the alleged copyright infringement.
When the team bus lurched to a halt around 9:15 p.m.
So Yong Kim tackled American Crime, Transparent, and Halt and Catch Fire.
Episode 7: Nothing Shattered The match comes to a screeching halt — literally.
But the rate of new discoveries has slowed to a near halt.
The Donkey Sanctuary, a charity, wants an immediate halt to the trade.
In response, CVS offered to halt some integration of the two companies.
Governing by crisis Congress has often fumbled and ground to a halt.
The current halt on executions was put in place in October 2015.
In the meantime, business in the UK isn't grinding to a halt.
Earlier on Tuesday, Nasdaq Stockholm decided to halt trading in Fingerprint stock.
In August, information technology issues forced a nationwide halt to Delta's system.
The state could also halt construction and begin to heal historic rifts.
Halt and Catch Fire airs Saturdays at 9 pm Eastern on AMC.
Economic sanctions were used against Iran to halt its nuclear weapons program.
Mueller will not have the authority to demand Congress halt a probe.
And then, a few days ago, everything came screeching to a halt.
Rebels say they will not attend without a halt to the bombing.
The Chinese agency's plan is to halt domestic VPN providers by 22019.
"It's potentially significant," one of the delegates said of the pipeline halt.
Analysts and traders have argued since about the reasons for the halt.
Economic growth of 7.5 percent in 2010 steadily ground to a halt.
The cast of Halt and Catch Fire are more than just friendly.
Halt and Catch Fire airs Tuesdays at 10 pm Eastern on AMC.
The halt order will be effective until a hearing scheduled on Aug.
Sydney-listed Virgin Australia's shares were in a trading halt on Wednesday.
Halt and Catch Fire airs Tuesdays on AMC at 10 pm Eastern.
In order to halt the crash, officials were forced to suspend IPO's.
Once, conservative exiles could halt Miami traffic with vast anti-Castro protests.
Some ran into packed Broadway theaters which brought productions to a halt.
The lawsuit seeks a halt to the alleged infringement and unspecified damages.
Curtis Solsvig, uBiome's interim CEO, confirmed the temporary halt to Business Insider.
Since then, however, Coca-Cola's deal activity has ground to a halt.
But the systemwide halt was only triggered on that one day—Oct.
They must now halt biodiversity loss, go net #ZeroCarbon2025 & create a #CitizensAssembly.
But what made the crime wave happen and what made it halt?
The previous long-running downtrend has been brought to an abrupt halt.
Egypt hopes to halt gas imports by 2019 and achieve self-sufficiency.
Trump has now ordered a temporary halt to the family separation policy.
The paro cívico (civic strike) has brought normal life to a halt.
And when those norms break down, the machinery grinds to a halt.
Citizen action to halt climate change has meaningfully impacted national government action.
However, despite this turmoil, the relationship hasn't exactly ground to a halt.
Across Lebanon, banks are closed and business is grinding to a halt.
Across Lebanon, banks are closed and business is grinding to a halt.
The provision would bring enforcement of the Johnson Amendment to a halt.
But that came to an abrupt halt in the last two weeks.
Republicans, however, are under pressure from outside groups to halt nomination votes.
A banker said that Wall Street had come to a grinding halt.
A stock's outsized move in a short time triggers a volatility halt.
The action, initially zipping at an antic clip, grinds to a halt.
"Halt and Catch Fire" forsakes Texas for Silicon Valley in Season 3.
That effort was a success, and the process came to a halt.
And will the GOP South Carolina firewall halt Trump in his tracks?
Jonathon Whitton, 36, is working to halt hearing loss with gene therapy.
American car sales came to a near halt, sending a reaction through
But during the shutdown, much of that work came to a halt.
And "Halt" would have been as well, had it not rebooted itself.
But Sanders might need a way to halt Big Joe's big mo.
Even with the government-ordered halt, the pipeline's progress never really stopped.
The halt came after the Australian Financial Review reported that Australia's no.
Tewolde said he supported the decision to halt flights of the plane.
The decision to halt investment was first reported earlier Thursday by Reuters.
Binzhou authorities will temporarily halt poultry markets in three of its districts.
However, the approach ultimately failed to halt North Korea's nuclear weapons program.
The halt to this pricing strategy would seem to explain Valeant's decline.
As he tries to halt the momentum of Donald J. Trump, Gov.
Only one market-wide halt has been triggered since then, in 22015.
Otherwise, "the whole operation could come to a screeching halt," he said.
When the DRA was shut recently Aden's repatriation ground to a halt.
Can Pettis put a sudden halt to his first ever losing streak?
Israel signaled it would halt its strikes if the rocket barrages stopped.
The abrupt end to the plan won't halt concerns about Musk's judgement.
Banning deficit spending, they say, would bring the economy to a halt.
Then a diesel locomotive, headed north, slowed and screeched to a halt.
The status of the aid and reason for its halt remain unclear.
This ground to a halt when the Depression hit France in 1932.
That prompted Uber to halt testing of self-driving cars in Arizona.
The shortage could bring factories around the world to a grinding halt.
They're joining forces to try to halt the momentum of Bernie Sanders.
Meanwhile, Silicon Valley has come to a grinding halt during the outbreak.
The coronavirus has all but ground the US economy to a halt.
Philippine Airlines said it will halt its international flights starting March 20.
Plans to decarbonize developed economies ground to a halt in many countries.
In concert with Democrats, they could conceivably halt a third Trump nominee.
The business community began pressing for a halt to the extradition bill.
Government data shows that the reorganization coincided with a halt in approvals.
If one did, they were to halt their missions and turn back.
At that point, our world had not yet ground to a halt.
A sign that social life has indeed come to a total halt?
The national halt in productions affected all seven of her other housemates.
But swine fever looks set to halt, or even reverse, the trend.
So students in that market can take some relief in the halt.
Matter In September 33, trains in the Netherlands ground to a halt.
ET. There will be no halt if the drop happens after that.
The order to halt investigations into Mr. Manafort came in early April.
By midday, Google said it would work harder to halt offensive ads.
It agreed to halt plutonium production with the Clinton administration in 1994.
I never thought there would be a global halt of all travel.
Iran can't afford to halt its economy and enforce a complete lockdown.
To halt the decline it merged with the neighboring town of Neugersdorf.
Of course time itself can't be made to grind to a halt.
One group of employees circulated a petition to halt the ICE contract.
So the command to halt production in Fremont is a rough one.
In less than 24 hours, their plans came to a grinding halt.
Duterte ordered a halt on loans from the 18 countries on Aug.
The economy has ground to a halt after years of high growth.
Harrison said he would halt the program if it doesn't show results.
So how can we bring a halt to this march toward war?
On Friday, U.S. airlines announced they would halt their mainland China service.
These regulations, however strictly enforced, are unlikely to halt Chinese fentanyl exports.
But the judge said he couldn't do anything to halt the deportation.
Meanwhile, new startups in the space have ground nearly to a halt.
But the love story of my laptop came clamoring to a halt.
Zhou then ordered an immediate halt to the riot in Hong Kong.
Chief Justice Roberts provided the fifth vote needed to halt the execution.
But the revised ban removes the indefinite halt on admitting Syrian refugees.
Would you halt the flow of guns into Mexico from the U.S.?
But the governor, Kay Ivey, refused the request to halt the execution.
Without helium, a lot of scientific research would come to a halt.
Without him, the Hawkeyes' offense more or less ground to a halt.
Can it put, at a halt, everything that happens in downtown Selma?
Many suppliers have been forced to halt or scale back some operations.
It was one of two federal courts to temporarily halt the ban.
In the past two weeks, everyday business has come to a halt.
The report stirred popular outrage and forced the factory to halt production.
Perhaps its next manager will be the one to halt the decline.
Eldorado warned on Monday that it would halt new investment starting Sept.
Shares in Tabcorp and Tatts were in a trading halt on Wednesday.
Source: CoinMarketCap That excessive speculation appears to have come to a halt.
But Congress' work on Capitol Hill has not ground to a halt.
Amazon had to halt its Washington tests in February following heavy snowfall.
The European Union called this week for a halt to "judicial harassment".
Halt and Catch Fire: "Goodwill" (Season 4, Episode 8) First aired: Oct.
It will all come to a crashing halt if Democrats are elected.
On Thursday, the senator asked the Supreme Court to halt the investigation.
The supreme attorney may still override the decision to halt the case.
The orders also would halt the process for clearing detainees for transfer.
Two tribes earlier this month lost a legal bid to halt construction.
Jerebko answered with a 3-pointer to halt Detroit's would-be run.
Sterling's recent rally came to a halt after the latest polling data.
A political culture defined by mutual disbelief grinds discourse to a halt.
Months later, the state's Proposition 8 would pass and halt further marriages.
"We should ... halt all military sales, aid and cooperation immediately," Paul tweeted.
Invoking national security, his administration demanded a halt to the papers' publication.
Sleep apnea can cause drowsiness as well as halt breathing while sleeping.
Still, the frantic shopping for others needed to come to a halt.
Boeing first suggested it might halt production of the Max in July.
Offshore and onshore exploration ground to a halt when global prices slumped.
And the car will come to a halt at the first intersection.
" "We are recommending to China if this practice exists, to halt it.
Growing income disparity will be extremely difficult to halt, much less reverse.
While he moved on almost effortlessly, my life came to a halt.
Overall, however, fighting came to a halt in much of the country.
That project too faces opposition from environmentalists trying to halt industry expansion.
In prison, a medical emergency brings all inmate movement to a halt.
Let's move this along without grinding the whole column to a halt.
The United States made clear on Friday that it would not, at least for now, carry through on the threat it made on Wednesday to halt the diplomacy if Russia did not take immediate steps to halt the violence.
The Japanese slowed, coming to a halt as Porsche celebrated their 18th victory.
Analysts wondered whether the companies' global shopping spree would screech to a halt.
Humanitarian groups have repeatedly called for a halt to strikes on medical facilities.
The National Restaurant Association had sought a preliminary injunction to halt the measure.
After several hours of running, though, the mother ship drifted to a halt.
However, on January 1 Russia amended its tax code to halt those subsidies.
Germany announced it would halt new weapons sales to Saudi Arabia on Monday.
Halt and Catch Fire's final season frequently makes direct reference to the pilot.
The central government has demanded a halt to all independent Kurdish oil sales.
Last week, a British judge refused to halt legal proceedings against Assange, 46.
They were up 6.8 percent at C$12.04 coming off the trading halt.
On Friday, workers at three Total refineries voted to halt output by Tuesday.
People in Halt and Catch Fire are so bruising with each other sometimes.
But in recent years, new FiOS investments have practically ground to a halt.
Season three of AMC's tech drama Halt and Catch Fire shouldn't have happened.
The Chinese Basketball Association said it would halt all cooperation with the team.
India's National Aluminium Co Ltd said there was no need to halt operations.
But they secured a halt of all missiles and of all nuclear tests.
To halt this decline, the Church of England has launched an evangelism drive.
Investa had requested a trading halt in its shares ahead of the announcement.
The Chittagong seaport, the country's largest, came to a complete halt on Saturday.
Or it could pick the simplest option, which is to halt reinvestments altogether.
The data indicates that China's halt of North Korean coal imports on Feb.
It implies a halt to—and perhaps even the reversal of—economic integration.
In 2017, Qualcomm also sought to halt all manufacturing of iPhones in China.
Macri negotiated the pact to halt a run on the peso last year.
It can even come to a complete halt in stop-and-go traffic.
Shanghai's Medical Products Administration said it had ordered the manufacturer to halt production.
When the government is shut down, it doesn't come to a complete halt.
A federal appeals court denied the Trump administration's request to halt a Jan.
America's major leagues at first sought to halt Mr Christie's plan in court.
To halt global warming, we need to bring that number down to zero.
Kerry Bishé has always been Halt and Catch Fire's not-so-secret weapon.
Somehow, all of this will halt the time-bending effects of the cave.
The temporary production halt was caused by a lack of components, it added.
They also called on all forces to de-escalate and halt military activity.
This will not end the horrors of war, or even halt autonomous weapons.
The car came to a halt when it rolled into a concrete pillar.
Goodyear, a tyremaker, said it would halt production in Venezuela, blaming economic conditions.
Another quick option is to halt any rulemaking that has not been finalized.
And so was infrastructure—the city ground to a halt under strict curfew.
Yet three weeks later, the Yemen vaccination plan came to an abrupt halt.
Others have created a petition, which has over 7,300 signatures, to halt development.
New Zealand's not the only country to halt oil and gas like this.
On the aftershow, though, Kamil and Annaliese's relationship comes to a screeching halt.
Job One for Conway will be to halt the slide among Republican women.
Global production of aluminum may have ground to a halt but consumption hasn't.
The halt follows a burst dam that likely killed more than 300 people.
Military prosecutors appealed the judge's decision to halt the case on Feb 21.
Oil exports, the lifeblood of the OPEC nation's economy, ground to a halt.
The Lebanese government must halt all further deportations of refugees from Syria immediately.
Their continued work to halt Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, comes as Rep.
The halt is likely related to changing dynamics in the country's shared rides.
The U.S. decision could even prompt suppliers to halt sales of non-U.
The Danish referendum brought the process of European integration to an abrupt halt.
That would help to halt the flow of people out of the country.
Despite all this, Fenn insists it would be wrong to halt the hunt.
The price plunge spurred a trading halt during the afternoon session in China.
They petitioned to parliament to bring the installation of machines to a halt.
The magical run came to an abrupt halt over the final two games.
The same probably should have been true of AMC's Halt and Catch Fire.
This is what Halt and Catch Fire does so skillfully at its best.
The response is slowed to a halt, threatening national security in the process.
Lindsey Graham suggested Tuesday using military options to halt threats from the country.
The only catch is that a new president could unilaterally halt the process.
As a result, much of Spain's transport infrastructure has ground to a halt.
The latest production shut down comes after a three-day halt in October.
Aung San Suu Kyi has come under international pressure to halt the violence.
The Affordable Care Act's benefits for Kentucky didn't halt the state's rightward slide.
More intrigue: Aramco asked FTI Consulting to halt investor relations work, per Reuters.
Egypt became the latest country to halt imports of Brazilian meat on Thursday.
The latest production halt would cut output by around 30,000 vehicles, Okada said.
Washington has told countries they must halt imports of Iranian oil from Nov.
The refinery, which is owned by SOCAR, will halt production from Oct 2000.
Enter our protagonist, Yorkie, played by Mackenzie Davis from "Halt and Catch Fire."
In an attempt to halt an independent investigation, the president invites further inquiry.
Hunter's bill would go further, bringing the entire regulatory process to a halt.
"Things are definitely grinding to a halt today," an EPA official told CNN.
Google said at the time they would halt the practice by November 2017.
So what should the EU do to halt this cascade of democratic backsliding?
The stock was on a trading halt for a $1.73 billion capital raising.
Mexico is currently trying to do just that to halt massive gasoline thefts.
Many a great tennis champion has skidded to a halt at Roland Garros.
Colgate (211-211) saw its two-game winning streak come to a halt.
At one point, our driver screeches to a halt—at a green light.
In the meantime, credit to industry has all but ground to a halt.
Fletcher shares were in a trading halt on Thursday pending the Monday review.
In response, British Columbia threatened to halt exports of U.S. coal through Canada.
Bankruptcy would halt the lawsuits and allow the organization to negotiate with plaintiffs.
And that, Earnings Peakers say, will be enough to halt the market advance.
Gach spun around three defenders for a layup to initially halt the run.
Egypt said previously that it would halt imports by the start of 2019.
He implemented a controversial pension reform resolution intended to halt the growing deficit.
She especially likes Trump's pledges to halt illegal immigration and speed up deportations.
But Democrats are anxious that the dizzying developments could suddenly halt their progress.
Go deeper: Rite Aid to halt sale of e-cigarettes and vaping products
Even after resuming following that halt, it never fully recovered to those levels.
Cellphone-armed citizens certainly have not put a halt to abuses of authority.
Meanwhile, the once-booming junk bond market has slowed to a near-halt.
His administration has demanded that North Korea halt ballistic missile and nuclear tests.
Mr. Trump would immediately halt the crush of new federal regulations on business.
Google said in a statement they would halt the practice by November 2017.
That unfair burden would grind much personal and economic activity to a halt.
The administration said construction would halt until it can do more environmental assessments.
The EU's reform process has ground to a virtual halt with Germany sidelined.
Major parts of the US immigration enforcement system have ground to a halt.
Trump has often suggested Mexico should help the U.S. halt Central American migration.
He demanded that the United States halt its bombing in Syria and Iraq.
Washington (CNN)A little snow will bring Washington, DC, to a grinding halt.
Russia's Energy Minister Alexander Novak played down the potential consequences of a halt.
Many Democrats have already called for the company to halt its plans entirely.
How many production lines around the world would suddenly grind to a halt?
It called on Dakota Access to halt work on other land, as well.
Before Robbins took the helm, Cisco's revenue growth had ground to a halt.
That toxin, scientists have found, can bring a fungal outbreak to a halt.
Would passage of the Taylor Force Act halt or add to terrorist activities?
The second approach is to bring a preliminary injunction to halt the deal.
The cabin quickly filled with smoke when the plane came to a halt.
It has told countries they must halt imports of Iranian oil from Nov.
Last week, however, "our business pretty much ground to a halt," he said.
A court threw out challenges filed by the operators to halt the auction.
By issuing a nationwide injunction, a single federal judge can halt federal policy.
Sessions came to a halt and Congress emptied when Cunha's arrest was reported.
It also said the halt in night trading may have had an impact.
The shortage has caused Ohio to halt executions until at least next year.
But he did not say what Washington could do to halt the bombing.
The halt to financial trading will not result in job losses, he added.
They try to halt it, and Arizona runs out in search of April.
OceanaGold's shares last traded at A$4.00 before a trading halt on Wednesday.
Cardi has put a halt on her live performances till after the birth.
AMC's Halt and Catch Fire just finished up its fourth and final season.
But now it's facing calls to halt or at least slow the project.
Bob Corker (R-TN), who has committed to working to halt Trump's tariffs.
The funding and program implementation behind SECURE has now ground to a halt.
ME: Would you halt the flow of guns into Mexico from the USA?
But construction came to a halt after the Asian financial crisis in 1997.
Earlier, the futures triggered a two-minute trading halt at 5:37 a.m.
San Francisco and San Jose are considering legislation that would temporarily halt them.
Any outcome of this magnitude will grind the domestic economy to a halt.
As of Wednesday, Tesla had not announced any intentions to halt its operations.
The halt was currently planned to last until March 28, the carrier said.
At some times of the day it slowed down to a downright halt.
On Saturday, in fact, Mr. Kim announced that he would halt nuclear tests.
If Kim will halt testing, maybe there's a grand bargain to be achieved.
She is hoping Mr. Trump will halt the threatened closing of the plant.
This approach would probably slow, but not halt, the progress of the Taliban.
The crash shut down the airport, with all operations grinding to a halt.
If Democrats start objecting, it could grind the Senate's work to a halt.
His sentences halt in strange spots, like he's relaying news of a tragedy.
The lights came on, and 225 skaters brought their wheels to a halt.
Exploration: How do we talk about travel when it's grinding to a halt?
Question: How do we talk about travel when it's grinding to a halt?
Instead, he gave Mexico a "one-year warning," to halt all illegal immigration.
In December, he got an injunction to halt Mr. Trump's birth control rollback.
An earlier version of this story misstated the extent of the production halt.
Tesla may need to halt operations at its only US factory after all.
But as economies grew again, governments proved unable to halt an emissions rebound.
" REPORTER: "Why did you offer to halt the military exercises with South Korea?
Modern economies halt for no disease—at least not in the long term.
ESPN has been a part of an effective halt on pick tipping before.
He has given no indication how he plans to halt the economic meltdown.
It slid 7% early Monday, instituting a temporary 15 minute halt in trading.
But as economies grew again, governments proved unable to halt an emissions rebound.
The lawsuit she filed seeks a temporary injunction to halt Mr. Mulvaney's appointment.
But tourism has ground to a halt — gutting hotels, taxis and tour companies.
The move brought the campaign as Americans knew it to a screeching halt.
And all of them should halt nuclear modernization efforts while those talks continue.
The worst part: There's no way to halt or reverse a Bitcoin transfer.
This all came to an abrupt halt when he took his own life.
The halt was the fourth emergency pause on Wall Street in six days.
Companies buy insurance that usually pays out when they have to halt operations.
Last October, about 1,500 cabs brought traffic in downtown Montreal to a halt.
More in Tesla news: Why didn't Nasdaq halt trading sooner after the tweet?
"You have people getting sick, so manufacturing comes to a halt," she said.
" To the Editor: Re "Trump Says Halt Trade With North Korea's Business Allies.

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