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"encourage" Definitions
  1. to give somebody support, courage or hope
  2. to persuade somebody to do something by making it easier for them and making them believe it is a good thing to do
  3. to make something more likely to happen or develop
"encourage" Synonyms
inspire motivate embolden buoy buoy up cheer drive empower incentify stimulate strengthen applaud enliven galvanise(UK) galvanize(US) envigorate(UK) invigorate(US) push reassure spur champion endorse advocate back support favor(US) sanction favour(UK) espouse uphold countenance commend sustain second indorse patronise(UK) patronize(US) embrace tout affirm promote further help assist advance aid boost foster forward nurture cultivate develop nourish nurse abet bolster reinforce fuel advise recommend urge persuade suggest caution propose counsel exhort forewarn instruct admonish guide prescribe enjoin entreat prompt ask request demand implore appeal beg beseech bid cajole coax direct importune insist petition order require pressurise(UK) pressurize(US) pressure influence press coerce compel force impel make get inveigle lead prod tempt put the heat on put the screws on wheedle entice lure induce beguile seduce allure charm blarney blandish flatter woo advertise hype publicise(UK) publicize(US) plug sell market broadcast peddle publish annunciate flack inform proclaim deepen intensify grow enhance heighten increase magnify amplify escalate aggravate augment mushroom snowball accentuate consolidate fish for be after look for angle angle for elicit hope for hunt for invite search for seek solicit try to evoke cast about for aim for try to get scheme maneuver(US) strive plot take the side of back up be supportive of side with stand by stand up for stick up for take the part of ally oneself with ally with associate oneself with be loyal to defend sympathize with aid and abet bear up cope endure hearten inspirit manage persevere steel buck up carry on cheer up chirk up get along get by get on get through muddle along praise acclaim laud salute celebrate extol hail admire accredit approve clap compliment welcome eulogise(UK) disinhibit unbridle unconstrain uncurb unfetter unshackle unthwart court chase pursue spark romance run after address ask for caress chase after date flirt with value appreciate rate esteem rate highly hold in high esteem hold in high regard hold dear have a high opinion of think highly of think much of set store by set great store by attach importance to extol the virtues of respect prize cherish More
"encourage" Antonyms
discourage dishearten uninspire debilitate demoralise(UK) demoralize(US) enfeeble hamstring intimidate psych out disincline dissuade hurt inhibit shake suppress brake constrain curb daunt oppose disapprove protest reject condemn contest controvert defy deny disagree with dispute dissent gainsay resist undermine contend with counter fight outlaw prohibit hinder impede halt ignore prevent obstruct stifle stop thwart neutralise(UK) neutralize(US) reverse arrest ban bar check encumber enjoin fetter deter scare throw cold water on disadvise lean on persuade not to pour cold water on put off throw a wet blanket on throw off turn off urge not to caution avert divert distress worry concern disturb upset bother trouble unnerve alarm perturb agitate stress irritate torment annoy dispirit disquiet fret abate calm decrease defuse lessen diminish ease subside remit de-escalate lower attenuate subdue reduce relieve alleviate mitigate allay assuage mollify bully force threaten allow browbeat coerce disenchant disgust harass please pressurise(UK) pressurize(US) repel repulse not care pull eliminate remove strip end drop expunge purge abolish extract ax(US) axe(UK) discharge defenestrate expel clear destroy discommend object demur remonstrate disavow discountenance grouse argue against disapprove of express disagreement with express disapproval of express objections to lodge a protest against raise objections take issue with build down betray deceive delude fool lie neglect pretend trick keep quiet keep secret moderate decline fall fill lighten pale quieten slump soften soothe subtract weaken turn against ostracise(UK) ostracize(US) shun exclude banish excommunicate avoid exile snub blackball blacklist cast out cold-shoulder finish discontinue break terminate cease resolve scrap can close cancel conclude break off break up call off criticise(UK) criticize(US) pan blast knock slam boo censure decry deprecate deride disparage diss excoriate flame hiss lambaste ridicule vilify overturn change overrule override quash alter annul invalidate repeal rescind countermand overthrow negate void attack slander defame smear badmouth besmirch libel traduce calumniate disgrace disrepute taint tarnish asperse denigrate malign misrepresent blacken

981 Sentences With "encourage"

How to use encourage in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "encourage" and check conjugation/comparative form for "encourage". Mastering all the usages of "encourage" from sentence examples published by news publications.

I always encourage empathy, I encourage growth, but most importantly I encourage everybody to be exactly who they want to be.
But I want to really encourage new palettes; I really encourage variety in your sportswear.
"How can we encourage capital formation and how can we encourage job creation?" says Ganesan.
Skip also would publish data about its customers, to encourage transparency and to encourage accessibility.
There are many ways to encourage such cost-cutting—to encourage technological and managerial innovation.
What I'm doing, maybe it will encourage other businesses owners and encourage the electric car business.
More specifically, the study rates countries favorably if their efforts to encourage innovation internally also encourage global innovation.
"It's supposed to encourage feasible ways for galleries to exhibit their artists abroad that encourage experimentation," said Carlos.
"We don't encourage them to be themselves, we just encourage whoever they are," said the 90210 star, 46.
She pushed me to seek a divorce; she told me my husband wasn't good enough for me, that I deserved someone who would encourage my writing, encourage my independence and encourage me to be me.
They also wanted to encourage closed primaries, and they tried to get rules changes that would encourage that for 2020.
Advisers don't encourage good investment practice, as Litan and Singer assert (based on evidence provided by … investment advisers); they encourage bad habits.
"We encourage fintech and we encourage innovation, but we want to make sure all of our financial markets are safe," Mnuchin said.
What to watch: In addition to LED deployment, cities are exploring other tactics to encourage reduce light pollution and encourage energy efficiency.
I encourage consent cards, and still ask for consent when in doubtI strongly encourage students to use the consent cards the studio provides.
The imminent and critical need to encourage conservation — not to mention congressional intent to encourage private citizens to conserve land for future generations.
I encourage my employees to conduct personal brainstorms often in order to generate creative thinking, encourage development and open the door to inspiration.
The sample police comments encourage users to share camera footage with police, call and email police officers, and encourage friends to download Neighbors.
In a vote of encourage, no opinion or discourage for each potential candidate, Guterres received 13 encourage votes and two no opinion votes.
First, It would encourage broader understanding of the world's most popular sport by USG personnel serving abroad, helping to encourage cultural understanding and immersion.
According to the results, Guterres received 12 encourage, no discourage and three no opinion; Turk got 11 encourage, two discourage and two no opinion.
Encourage open conversations about the topic Encourage open conversations about the topic during which men and women can share articles, posts and personal experiences.
Based on the survey, pet lovers want shelters that encourage open play and enrichment, offer exciting volunteer opportunities and have events that encourage adoption.
Traditionally masculine toys like blocks and puzzles, Dr. Spinner said, encourage visual and spatial skills, while traditionally feminine toys encourage communication and social skills.
In the same way that automatic queuing on Netflix appears to encourage binge-watching, this feature appears to encourage a kind of binge-driving.
In addition to providing information, McDonald said the website should encourage companies to ask questions of their suppliers, which could encourage them to stop abuses.
NIRPs are meant to encourage banks to shy away from holding onto cash and instead lend it out to the real economy to encourage growth.
I encourage everyone to download … I think we have to encourage that if there's going to be any kind of education for cinema at all.
The current incentives in our national political system do not encourage civil behavior, and there are too few role models and validators who encourage it.
I encourage any woman moved by Kimberly Probolus's letter to seek out the Op-Ed Project, and I encourage established writers to serve as mentors.
The debate highlights an interesting conflict where two movements are at loggerheads: People in the food world encourage eating locally, while technology companies encourage thinking globally.
With that in mind, games that encourage pattern matching but don't depend on numbers or words are a great way to encourage logical thinking among toddlers.
"We also encourage Ames to continue to do everything it can to support, encourage and celebrate diversity in our community," it said, "including painting more crosswalks."
More damningly, many activists had pleaded with the EPA to work on power plant regulations specifically to encourage Congress to encourage a more market-oriented approach.
Like virtually every other business, including the New York Times, he used operating laws, a tax code that actually is designed to encourage opportune ownership — encourage entrepreneurship.
Government policies that encourage imitation, like tax breaks with attract FDI or subsidised electricity prices for big manufacturers, are not the same as ones that encourage innovation.
"We have chosen to have a particular approach to operating, which is the same openness we encourage on our platform, we encourage internally as well," Williams said.
"How do I make investments that are responsible, that are fossil-fuel free, and that try to encourage sustainability and encourage action on climate change?" asks Reich.
"We all remember Joe Camel being used to encourage kids to smoke cigarettes – we shouldn't let Star Wars be used to encourage kids to gamble," he said.
It could also be that the same families that encourage girls to be athletes encourage women to be competitive and successful at work and at everything they do.
A sub-department of the Treasury charged with collecting taxes is used to regulate political speech, encourage virtuous behavior, encourage investments thought desirable and, yes, provide welfare payments.
"We use [tax policy] to incentivize people to go to college, to encourage employers to provide health insurance and to encourage people to save for retirement," he said.
They argued that this would encourage companies to fire workers, or that it would encourage workers to stop working, or that it would discourage people from seeking work.
Hotels are ways to create those experiences and a way to encourage travel, to encourage people to come and understand the city and the culture of that community.
While everybody wants to encourage small business and at least some of us want to encourage the U.N., neither of those would be regarded as exactly superpower positions.
What I'm talking about specifically is the culture of Hollywood, the way that women are encourage to present themselves, and the way that men encourage women to present themselves.
I'm still-- more laissez-faire, where beyond privacy, privacy's a separate issue, but beyond privacy, we need to just encourage development and we need to encourage innovation like Node.
The NEA said in the notice that it would encourage financial institutions to increase credit available to renewable energy developers, and would also encourage the issuing of green bonds.
In some cases, healthcare providers encourage parents to "wait it out" when a child misses developmental milestones, yet we need to encourage earlier detection and treatment for maximum benefits.
It's a challenging thing, I know that on the show they certainly encourage people to honor the spirit of the people they're playing but don't encourage straight-up mimicry.
The question is whether the government has enough levers to encourage more private companies to rework their supply chains, or encourage new manufacturing start-ups in the United States.
But all of these things do encourage that, they encourage too much selection, too much choice, too much everything, and then you feel dehumanized in a lot of ways.
Many ideas from Chinese culture encourage people to give more, have more and also encourage people in that if you do a good thing, you will have a good result.
As the current CTO and EVP of Products at HyTrust, I work to encourage women to develop their own personal compass (which I also encourage for male employees, as well).
The purpose of the campaign was to encourage children to exercise, which fell in line with the chain's latest efforts to encourage healthier living and eating habits amongst its customers.
Budget resolutions encourage thoughtful long-term planning; we should be seeking ways to encourage Congress to undertake this process, not creating another set of unappealing political consequences for doing so.
So that encourage people to have more innovation kind of activities and so they encourage people to have startup companies, to have all these great ideas, different kinds of things.
The NEA said in the notice that it would encourage financial institutions to increase the credit available to renewable energy developers, and would also encourage the issuing of green bonds.
"We encourage pet owners to practice safe flea control and encourage all cities in the county to ensure maintenance of their trash clean-up and rodent control activities," he said.
And so what we do is reinforce with the way we encourage our business partners to act with the way that we encourage, if you will, the community that we touch.
However, we can continue to offer students advice and we can actively encourage lawmakers to support new tools for all universities to better address student loan debt and encourage responsible borrowing.
"Though many parents encourage their daughters to aspire to traditionally male occupations, few encourage their sons to consider traditionally female ones, like nursing, elementary education or social work," Dr. Kane said.
Your care and concern means the world to us, and the best way we can thank you is to encourage you the way you encourage us because... Hope always lives here.
" She went on, "You can encourage a loving relationship.
But if we're going to encourage kids to write letters every Christmas, if we're going to ask them to believe in something, let's encourage them to put their faith in Gucci Mane.
Former Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic came in second with eight encourage, six discourage and one no opinion, while Slovakia's Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajcak was third with eight encourage and seven discourage.
What they didn't tell you was that they did not encourage agencies to use carry forward funds, funds that they were sitting on, nor did they encourage agencies to use transfer authority.
Aside from its patronizing nature, such a position conflates the role of the critic, whose aim is to encourage judgment and discernment, with an industry mouthpiece, whose role is to encourage sales.
We should help Turkey with its refugee load, encourage more Kurdish economic development, continue to protect Jordan, encourage closer Saudi-Israeli-Egyptian cooperation, and work to settle the destructive conflict in Yemen.
So I think it's really important to encourage each other — and encourage other women — to stand up and be strong and know that we will be okay and we have each other's backs.
But there's also, especially in this time, a real opportunity to carve out space to encourage the process of evolution, to encourage the process of us maturing and growing up as a culture.
We should once again encourage experimentation in technology deployments and business models, like free data, which can encourage a virtuous circle of investment and innovation across this huge and diverse new wireless economy.
His visit is expected to encourage nationalists throughout eastern Europe.
One, he says, they encourage discussion but not necessarily action.
" Hiut uses organic denim and encourage "a no-wash club.
I encourage everyone to check out what Plum is doing.
They didn't think she fit so they didn't encourage her.
I encourage you to donate blood to save lives too!
I encourage people to get organized and get active now.
Show it to your kids to encourage good work ethic.
Activists don't see those outlets as places to encourage change.
You should encourage all your colleagues to behave that way.
Tech companies can use incentives to encourage consumers' healthy habits.
Mowafi argues that these subsidies help encourage unhealthy food choices.
And if robust democracies seek to respect and encourage a
We embrace and encourage people to apply for legal citizenship.
There are some efforts to use WhatsApp to encourage those.
"We encourage the use of first names only," he said.
End dates encourage us to view our efforts as deprivation.
Again, Bamji wanted to encourage bad habits in some mice.
I encourage you to give them a try in 2017.
And I encourage all of you to do the same.
Trump loves to encourage large corporations to fall in line.
"I don't encourage people to go after [trolls]," she said.
Rand Paul to encourage the replacement of the bail system.
Continue to encourage all Americans to sign up for coverage.
What else can we do to encourage more women leaders?
I try and just encourage players to take up tennis.
Peer pressure may then encourage them to graduate to smoking.
It was remarkable, and I encourage everyone to read it.
Amazon's business model will also encourage regulators to think differently.
Encourage states and municipalities to decriminalize all commercial sex work.
Being slapped with this label only helps to encourage extremists.
Throw 'em in the wash to encourage a nice fray.
"We want to encourage people to be involved," Zhu said.
Those policies encourage storage without reference to timing or location.
"We've worked hard to encourage women to apply," Sculley said.
But they are not sure how best to encourage it.
Easing burdens could also encourage more banks to lend more.
Difficulty settings are also customizable to encourage repeat game play.
"I didn't encourage Pauly," she told The Times in 1994.
Encourage him to talk with his brother about this situation.
All of these modes and features encourage different play styles.
Ticket prices will be "modest," Stillitano said, to encourage attendance.
Their leaders tolerate the practice, but do not encourage it.
Readers, I encourage you to embrace big animal body positivity.
I would absolutely encourage them to build beginning with that.
"I encourage people to reach out to us," he says.
Holyrood is set up to encourage parties to work together.
Encourage someone to step outside of their comfort zone. 20.
It can encourage other kids to do the same thing.
It would encourage Chinese expansion in the South China Sea.
They find ways to steer some conflict or encourage disagreement.
Introduced in 2010, jungle primaries were intended to encourage moderation.
Life insurance can encourage healthier lifestyle choices with financial incentives.
I'd also encourage people to get outside their comfort zones.
The app is also designed to encourage more shared rides.
Such centers encourage pregnant women not to have an abortion.
"Lucas and I encourage each other at work," she says.
Newish regulations encourage banks not to lend irresponsibly to homebuyers.
Such things do not encourage people to travel to America.
Several special economic zones were set up to encourage investment.
Those tools, in turn, encourage more people to get involved.
Encourage your children to trade a toy with a friend.
The move by Fidelity may encourage more to do so.
Higher prices will encourage US frackers to ramp up production.
She also tries to encourage positivity on her Instagram account.
Still, will these upgrades encourage anyone else to use Bixby?
It also proposed new rules to encourage care at home.
"I would encourage people to recalibrate their palates," Brown said.
Cheonggyecheon, SeoulThe freeway was a misguided attempt to encourage development.
This would encourage corporations to work hard to prevent it.
I would encourage young people to do everything they can.
Some took the tweet to seemingly encourage violence against reporters.
We encourage you to read last year's winning essays here.
We're gonna encourage this, but we're not gonna require this.
What can we do to encourage more women to run?
On National #ReadABookDay I encourage everyone to read a book.
Critics fear that forgiving corruption will encourage more of it.
"Of course I would never encourage this!" she tells PEOPLE.
It's hard to encourage productive investment in such an environment.
The credits are intended to encourage exploration and spur development.
To encourage more Black men to become certified yoga instructors.
And I encourage people that are curious to do that.
In some cases, journals encourage authors to suggest reviewers' names.
To encourage others to reply, utilize the best practices below.
We encourage everyone to give whatever they can to help.
Do you encourage them to participate in public life nonetheless?
Michelle Obama also chimed in to encourage supporting the fund.
It's how we control and harass and encourage one another.
Did Donald Trump really encourage his supporters to vote twice?
W: My foundation works to encourage and empower the forgotten.
It could encourage the parties to stay out of negotiations.
In fact, you should encourage the FCC to be involved.
"We encourage our patrons to exhibit proper decorum," said Ridley.
A third policy is to encourage consolidation among state firms.
Very low interest rates encourage investors to search for yield.
"Of course I would never encourage this!" she told PEOPLE.
That may encourage procrastination and make the transition more hazardous.
Other clinical researchers wouldn't hesitate to encourage people to volunteer.
Democrats have pushed policies that encourage farmers not to overproduce.
We encourage all congressmen and senators to read this report.
We encourage all sorts of things through the tax code.
Personally I would never encourage someone to have an abortion.
We encourage people to come out, protest, and be engaged.
To encourage their development, she should lead on these initiatives.
I want to encourage everyone out there to KEEP DREAMING.
This will encourage some very exciting conversations in your relationships.
I encourage you to explore all the details in full.
He is also trying to encourage others to come home.
Just want to encourage you that this can be done.
The brass ... went out of its way to encourage me.
Some brave souls are, nevertheless, trying to encourage this change.
As Wells Fargo shows, it can also encourage outright fraud.
And I encourage my fellow Americans to do the same.
Perhaps governments need to encourage more training in the workplace.
The use of smaller plates can actually encourage such behaviour.
To encourage everyone to exhibit kindness, bravery, and acceptance, everyday.
In 1982 he set up Holy Fools, to encourage others.
As a result, they have less reason to encourage collusion.
"I encourage you to see the film," Bryant, 30, wrote.
It can cajole and encourage Arab rulers to enact reforms.
Neiman aims to encourage American efforts at a grim time.
PAWS hopes to encourage Filipinos to adopt, rather than buy.
Higher prices encourage U.S. oil companies to crank up output.
I encourage them to vote yes for progress for #Kosovo.
To encourage collaboration, they said, they are eliminating origination credits.
He did not elaborate on how he would encourage consolidation.
Whatever the source, this was thinking I wanted to encourage.
But stories will go further to encourage sharing, Systrom said.
"In effect, they coddle it and encourage it," Sessions said.
I can only encourage us East Germans to do that.
Tech should encourage kids to go outside, explore, and learn.
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has appeared to encourage that.
"It's not going to encourage them to run," she said.
The Republican tax proposal would encourage them to save less.
Because you encourage the next guys to have a go.
In Screenslaver's world, both tech devices and superheroes encourage complacency.
We encourage people to keep their most private information private.
Critics like Bernal encourage a historiographical awareness around all scholarship.
We encourage anyone who receives them to contact an attorney.
By offering different characters' viewpoints, stories encourage us to empathise.
Fourth, the process should encourage compromise rather than holdout behavior.
"We will encourage people not to be afraid," he said.
And we will encourage reform at every at every turn.
We encourage senators to include these agencies in the legislation.
These deductions encourage energy companies to grow and create jobs.
He argues that although not the only society to encourage
And they encourage anyone who has questions to contact them.
Studies show weight loss competitions don't necessarily encourage healthy habits.
I encourage you to do what I did: get lost.
Doing so will encourage ISPs to detect and disable malware.
"I encourage them that they'll get through this," Barrow said.
Everything in our tax plan is meant to encourage investment.
Ideally, increased pay transparency would encourage women to negotiate harder.
And lack of diversity tends to encourage lack of diversity.
The laws of flotation allow for comfort and encourage excess.
So how can companies encourage people to ask more questions?
You need trigger elements that educate people, encourage their participation.
How can I encourage people to act with more respect?
Professional credentials can reduce hiring costs and encourage higher wages.
If you are able, we encourage you to call 28503.
We encourage them and recommend aid agencies to help them.
It creates incentives to encourage the hiring of American workers.
Even if true, I respectfully encourage him to try harder.
Do they not encourage people, or something in between that?
Why would you encourage others to adopt from a shelter?
"We encourage everyone to review and comment on this proposal."
Those who deny the Holocaust aim to encourage another one.
President Trump should encourage Congress to move this bill forward.
All these policies will encourage Americans to have more children.
The map is designed to encourage Londoners to get walking.
I encourage all of my colleagues to support these provisions.
Republicans think transparency will encourage competition, which will lower prices.
One way would be to encourage more competition, not less.
I encourage you all to organize and attend talent shows.
And it's important to recognize it, to encourage similar behavior.
It plays sounds that encourage toddlers to help other people.
The government has a monetary incentive to encourage community sentences.
I encourage my clients to create space and slow down.
We do not make products that promote or encourage violence.
Don't encourage them to come closer to your home, either.
This is meant to encourage regular engagement with the app.
Is there anything Washington can do to encourage transformative reforms?
I encourage you to read about these announcements on AppleWeb.
One objective of terrorism is to encourage others to action.
We encourage all senators and House members to join them.
This full moon will encourage you to do just that!
We should encourage developers to experiment with the status quo.
These summaries of vast subjects provoke and encourage such efforts.
We encourage other investors to set up similar reporting systems.
Our society doesn't encourage women in general to be doctors.
Day 24: Allow — and even encourage — your employees to fail...
Roy Cooper (D) called candidates to encourage them to run.
The rapper does, however, publicly encourage people to value education.
Questions like: Did he just encourage violence against his opponent?
At least that's what vanquished candidates are supposed to encourage.
We encourage you to share any concerns through our Helpline.
"I'd like to really encourage a dialogue now," he said.
So, here's how to encourage your employees to speak up.
In Alabama, we encourage success, not deride or belittle it.
Pando's genetics may encourage its fast growth in new areas.
Like Steve, I encourage you to examine that more deeply.
Mr. Johnston will then encourage her to put it down.
Its olive branches to encourage trade negotiations are another indication.
They encourage those who feel isolated to join their team.
Policies that encourage parents to share child care help, too.
Employers should encourage people to work from home where possible.
That's something the president should encourage, not seek to destroy.
Mr. Xi's latest comments appeared likely to encourage that view.
The latter also happen to be designed to encourage overeating.
She wants to encourage more people to shop in Mexico.
Senators in May introduced legislation to encourage the sector's development.
Instead, we encourage sprawl, outlaw density and design around cars.
Posters on the wall encourage people to have a drink.
Managers and bosses should encourage it and even exemplify it.
They're trying to encourage migrants to go to rural areas.
Rustam may seem an unlikely place to encourage collegiate dreams.
There are different ways to encourage everyone to speak up.
Trump himself seemed to encourage Russian involvement in the election.
And he said the industry wanted to encourage good journalism.
After the loss, Bryant reached out directly to encourage her.
They all have a different tone because we encourage that.
Let me ... Let that encourage me to do my best.
Our parents don't encourage us to take risks, to rebel.
A federal plan could encourage housing in places like this.
Companies use colors to encourage subconscious decisions, Mr. Ramsoy said.
He plans to use the space to encourage civic engagement.
So what can we do to encourage more of it?
This will encourage innovation and competition within the United States.
Instructors show videos and encourage students to contemplate varied scenarios.
We encourage our community to report to us when appropriate.
Encourage students to try to agree on one united policy.
Many Israelis say the stipends encourage violence and reward terrorism.
Moore's success is bound to encourage more candidates like him.
"We encourage our players to speak their minds," he said.
The French are trying to encourage interest in the sport.
They are meant as a financial incentive to encourage recycling.
We develop flu vaccines and encourage everyone to obtain them.
Would it encourage parents not to work outside the home?
He seemed to encourage the donors to share their concerns.
That threat works well to encourage adults to quit smoking.
For now, we can only encourage and support Venezuelan artists.
I forgive you, and I encourage others to as well.
That could encourage some consolidation in the sector, Anderson added.
I encourage both parties to negotiate to end this conflict.
How can we encourage success if we don't celebrate it?
He should encourage them to quickly find a peaceful solution.
Encourage regular exercise, healthy eating habits and regular, quality sleep.
Here are a few: Encourage them to take small steps.
The Internet will kill you; but it may encourage you.
But I do encourage them to pray for our country.
Small grants to encourage bold approaches and applications will help.
I hope this will encourage other women to come forward.
Please let me encourage you to read the full version.
I tried to encourage him to find a new purpose.
And you can help encourage the transition to green energy.
Typically his music moves slowly enough to encourage getting lost.
I'd like to encourage other colleges to follow Vanderbilt's lead.
Jumah is offered as an incentive to encourage good behavior.
Does your community or school encourage and support military service?
Does it encourage students to take the military's aptitude exam?
And so, we're trying to find ways to encourage that.
Research show that credit cards encourage people to spend more.
Plus, it might encourage other friends to do the same.
So what has changed to encourage another bout of optimism?
Her response to the protesters on Friday could encourage more.
Design features that encourage social validation should also be removed.
That should encourage Russia to enter the process, he said.
They also encourage caucus states to switch over to primaries.
I'm going to encourage them every step of the way.
He said they simply encourage him to buy local products.
Warmer water temperatures will encourage the growth of invasive species.
They worry that the new guidelines will encourage those stigmas.
To encourage autonomy, consider delegating tasks you've traditionally done yourself.
And low rates encourage investors to gamble on riskier companies.
And such rhetoric may encourage more violence against LGBTQ people.
Those who deny the holocaust aim to encourage another one.
We encourage Congress to act quickly on this bipartisan initiative.
"I try to encourage people not to yell," she says.
Netflix tweaked the meme to encourage other companies to respond.
This would encourage competition where there are now natural monopolies.
The threat of expiration will encourage campaign contributions to lawmakers.
"They encourage others to follow in his footsteps," he said.
It's not something I want to encourage others to do.
The goal is to encourage camaraderie and share best practices.
And that might encourage Americans to finally make the jump.
They can empower cities to encourage density and multimodal transportation.
This would also encourage other countries to adopt a tax.
And I encourage governments everywhere else to adopt similar processes.
And the festival's physical layout is designed to encourage discoveries.
Yet their examples should and do endure, entertain, and encourage.
The new "photo carousels" are meant to encourage more posting.
Exceptionalism on the sports field can encourage exceptionalism off it.
This isn't something that "just happened" that he didn't encourage.
It would encourage greater turnout in a couple of ways.
" Mehlman added: "California's position seems to be that they're going to continue to encourage people to come illegally and dream up new programs to encourage people, to the detriment of everyone else in California.
It's designed to get people to encourage other people to encourage other people to walk into a conversation between two other people, scream something, and walk out, on the shoulders of their knuckledragging enablers.
The goal of the bill was to encourage three-day weekends on four national holidays that would fall on Mondays (Washington's birthday, Memorial Day, Veterans Day and Columbus Day) to encourage travel and recreation.
But to effect a real change in Singaporean workers' mindset and encourage couples to take up parenting, Lee believes it will take more corporate participation and similar start-ups that encourage working while parenting.
Interestingly, however, he believes the latest technological advances and new systems will encourage systems that augment our own intelligence instead of creating an overarching vision of AI. I encourage you to check it out.
"I encourage all residents to be mindful of the storm and encourage employers to take the weather into consideration, which will mostly impact the coastal areas of our city," Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said.
And the role that I'm trying to play now is to do everything I can to encourage the president, encourage the administration to enact positive policy proposals and not to go in a negative direction.
" The foreign exchange regulator also said it would encourage domestic companies with the capability of investing overseas to pursue "authentic and legitimate foreign deals, and encourage domestic banks to exercise prudence when offering financing services.
"We encourage our customers to be careful when adding channels to their Roku accounts, and we do not recommend, promote or encourage use of any channels not found in the Roku Channel Store," she said.
For many more extreme metalheads, to deny the keyboards was to encourage something more raw—although I would encourage anyone to listen to the first Abruptum seven-inch, Evil, and find me something more primal.
If cities want to encourage safe scooter riding — and they should, given the benefits they have for congestion and environmental health — they should create protected scooter lanes and encourage drivers to give them more room.
The U.S. was a dominant power coming after World War II and it had trade policies to encourage the rebuilding of developed markets like Europe and Japan and to encourage developing markets to further develop.
"Religions didn't encourage football in Saudi Arabia," says Ali al-Ahmed.
Maduro's critics also hope to encourage similar moves by European countries.
We encourage a safe space to get in touch with nature.
Encourage HR to create a group for queer employees to connect.
And we would encourage you to tune in for specific questions.
It is powerful to hear her encourage participation in civil liberties.
New laws and financing should encourage data sharing, the experts say.
The rest of the game is engineered to encourage bedlam, too.
Our tax system should encourage, not destroy, free exchange and trade.
I would encourage all of you to read Senator McCain's response.
Events, deals and photo-filled posts designed to encourage foot traffic?
I would encourage America and the world to do the same.
EU supporters and what messages would encourage them to do so?
Some health experts encourage interventions that don&apost involve blue lights.
For those in New England, I encourage you to visit www.glad.
As always, we encourage readers to examine corporate earnings reports carefully.
BARTIROMO: Did our first lady, Melania, encourage you to do that?
This is precisely what some of our adversaries seek to encourage.
Did Flynn have a role in or encourage that unusual decision?
And I'd encourage you, as Zuckerberg does, to do the same.
These types of perks encourage shoppers to stay loyal to Amazon.
Over time, this could encourage drug trafficking groups to avoid violence.
"I encourage my fellow designers to do the same," she concludes.
For some people we don't encourage people directly to drop out.
And that's what I encourage people to be a part of.
I want to encourage him, and be positive, and have fun.
But Marston's goal was to encourage children not to be repressed.
We encourage yall to check us as needed Again, thank you!
Giving way to bullying, after all, only tends to encourage it.
I want to encourage everyone out there to do the same.
We encourage yall to check us as needed  Again, thank you!
We encourage and welcome others to join us in these efforts.
Seah's post didn't encourage or condone harassment, but the onslaught began.
Other cities and states have been keen to encourage their use.
This "growth mindset" is what the firm is trying to encourage.
In June, Lyft revamped its rider app to encourage shared rides.
But they do not encourage any kind of assistance with suicide.
It has tended to encourage companies to take on more debt.
Moderator will delete contents that "solicit, promote, or encourage criminal activity".
Sex robots could encourage sexual objectification of women, the report says.
Haider said Periscope needs to encourage users to broadcast more regularly.
How to encourage your puppy to go on an indoor potty
The deal might encourage some firms to relocate to Northern Ireland.
An Ohio company is trying to encourage a zero-waste lifestyle.
Mr Arafat often seemed to tolerate, or even encourage, the militants.
His aim is to encourage people to get back to work.
Encourage focused reading time, either for independent reading or reading aloud.
Activists have tried hard to encourage Arab women to assert themselves.
Here's a few to encourage more from where that came from.
We encourage all people of good will to do the same.
Prices seem to have climbed high enough to encourage new supply.
Hampton hopes his stunt will encourage Facebook to change its policy.
So I'd just encourage people to stay positive and be open.
Mardini hopes to encourage refugees and make them proud of her.
I was told something needed to be done to encourage integration.
Typical algorithms tend to exploit known preferences more than encourage exploration.
We do encourage everybody to bring their whole selves to work.
It can encourage the formation of new neurons in mouse brains.
Some argue that the success of CrowdJustice might encourage further cuts.
And in exchange, organizers won't encourage labor strikes against the company.
If you fit the bill, we totally encourage you to apply.
"To be clear, we did not encourage this," one aide said.
Yet these new rules are weak and may encourage perverse outcomes.
But a congressional majority for his party might equally encourage radicalism.
Q: I would encourage you to price this very, very high.
On the other hand, there are passages that encourage peaceful coexistence.
This, he hopes, will encourage others to create their own versions.
The ruling is likely to encourage Venezuelans who ply other trades.
It is a trend the Polish government is keen to encourage.
Critics say this would encourage surrogacy, which is outlawed in Italy.
"And then surround yourself with those people who will encourage you."
A weaker currency in the top grower can encourage producer selling.
A benefit to fintech is that it can encourage client involvement.
That would encourage people to spend, rather than hold onto it.
"I'm totally OK with testing and I encourage it," she said.
I encourage you to watch the video of her speech below.
Public ownership may also encourage excessive pay demands from trade unions.
They encourage people to loosen up and put themselves out there.
FEMA guidelines likely wouldn't encourage this type of rebuilding efforts, either.
In the NFL, they encourage the teams to build new stadiums.
She went on to encourage the audience to remain politically active.
Some of them, in fact, encourage gas generation or coal generation.
Mr Corbyn has promised that his alternative system will encourage creativity.
The first is to encourage more women to do paid work.
The card was designed to encourage responsible use, this person added.
It is also thought to encourage growth, reflection, peace, and balance.
To encourage new supply, gas and power prices will inevitably rise.
Some worry that the tightness of the race will encourage rigging.
All that may encourage other performers to deviate from traditional values.
The game is supposed to encourage camaraderie and show patriotism. Wow.
So. I want to encourage you all to donate to GLAAD.
It's an annual tradition to encourage people to register their dogs.
There's something for everyone to encourage maximum life-saving CPR attempts.
Their aim is to encourage "common sense protections" against gun violence.
I always tried to encourage his worst impulses in those directions.
I encourage you to read through some of the linked options.
Ms. Turner said she feared the governor's directive would encourage harassment.
How best to encourage more maintenance or to raise asset yields?
Encourage imagery with detail: Are you standing, kneeling, or bending over?
And in some respects, the industry does encourage such a mindset.
Encourage Mark Benioff don't build shelters in San Francisco, build homes.
Cai hopes to encourage others through the group's acts of kindness.
In theory, standards encourage trade, by building trust for foreign products.
Then I thought about how I always encourage people to negotiate.
That will encourage outflows and complicate efforts to support economic growth.
So as an entrepreneur, I would encourage you to pick one.
I don&apost think that we should encourage any of this.
That's why negotiators encourage countries to boost their pledges over time.
But Ryan did encourage members to keep talking about health care.
My parents encourage me to dress and look however I want.
Why do sites that apparently condone drug injection actually encourage recovery?
It could both encourage and help you to stay on track.
They encourage people to enroll in groups as opposed to individually.
Trump's new approach will reduce friction and potentially encourage offensive action.
First, do not encourage the concept of a "first choice" school.
We have to encourage their participation in city planning and management.
We have to encourage their participation in city planning and management.
That what happened here might encourage him to seek further interference?
Part of it, it's a good environment they want to encourage.
Index inclusion is expected to encourage further inflows from foreign investors.
Many Catholics and conservatives feared the provision would encourage surrogate births.
The cosmos definitely encourage variety, and you'll perfect your dating game.
It seems that whimsical, adorable products might encourage more indulgent behavior.
I'm going to encourage you to not get the smart watch.
The author hopes that the new data will encourage more vaccinations.
A government initiative to encourage collaboration would go a long way.
As for sentences, we encourage children to go through a story.
We encourage you to share your own stories in the comments.
HHS can encourage states to ask for waivers to the law.
I encourage other trans students to not sit on the sidelines.
It looks for Washington to encourage Beijing to work with Taiwan.
EC: I'd want to encourage people to think outside the box.
But China will continue to encourage higher-value production, he said.
This holiday season, encourage your favorite feminist with an empowering gift.
I would encourage that person not to forget about Airbnb's cut.
""Climate alarmists tend to ignore scientific evidence and encourage media hype.
"Let's continue to encourage each other on our journeys," Carey continued.
Implicit guarantees distort capital flows and encourage investors to underprice risk.
The verses that permit and encourage fighting have a specific application.
Facilitate telemedicine and encourage use of wireless devices to maintain health.
"She will reach people, educate them and encourage them," he said.
Foreign aid helps countries reduce unemployment levels and encourage GDP growth.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says paying ransom could encourage more kidnappings.
More importantly, encourage your friends and family to do the same.
It's something I encourage so many others to try and do.
I just want to encourage people to be suspicious by default.
Second, Trump should encourage Congress to pass legislation supported by Sen.
We need to encourage more women to get involved in football.
The Fed's responsibility is to encourage stable, healthy growth in demand.
We do not encourage any 'petting' of the young at all.
"As always, we encourage users to think before sharing," Monje said.
""I'm hoping to encourage and inspire world leaders to take action.
Subsidies aim to encourage Egyptian farmers to grow more of it.
However, higher prices could encourage U.S. shale operators to increase drilling.
Most Canadians, I think, would encourage America to do the same.
We encourage applications from any type of early-stage tech startup.
That's one way to encourage people to shop with their voice.
That is the fourth reason we encourage joining the Foreign Service.
They will encourage us to ban our bombs, but keep theirs.
That means strong intellectual property laws that encourage innovation and investment.
HUD Act, the government provided mortgage insurance to lenders to encourage
In other words, books that encourage them to think for themselves.
The idea is to encourage states to copy the federal measure.
The point is not to encourage self-flagellation in White viewers.
Trump appeared to encourage a boycott against AT&T in June.
Showers and lockers will be meant to encourage biking to work.
The Saudi government wants to encourage female participation in the workforce.
Houston cut off power to homes on Sunday to encourage evacuations.
I am hoping to encourage CEOs to take the long view.
We also encourage you to chat in #vcorp: our IRC channel.
Share The Hill's reporting and newsletters, and encourage others to SUBSCRIBE.
Work hard to encourage the next generation of women who follow!
Work hard to encourage the next generation of women who follow!
"We encourage people to watch the film and decide for themselves."
This would encourage competition in sales markets, keeping consumers' prices low.
Hosts can also encourage meaningful talk in ways that respect others.
The absence of predictions would encourage individuals to vote their consciences.
He said it could help encourage acceptance of the LGBTQ community.
Encourage AIDS and HIV patients to stick with their medical protocols.
We need public policies that encourage all sectors to work together.
Providing buffets is a Belarus tradition to encourage citizens to vote.
And I think that we encourage people to use that stuff.
And some potential candidates are making moves that encourage that speculation.
The deal would encourage foreign investment in local research and development.
After his election in 1932, President Roosevelt battled to encourage spending.
To get reactivated, Uber encourage drivers to take costly improvement courses.
"We encourage everyone to use them and send through their feedback."
For instance, trained journalists encourage silence through publishing carefully curated pieces.
Great managers encourage their people by sharing sincere and specific praise.
We would encourage customers to leverage this benefit for their convenience.
What steps would your administration take to encourage innovation and investment?
Part of America's political heritage is to encourage transparency with tolerance.
Weak leaders, in Trump's view, encourage adversaries to defy American authority.
These vouchers encourage the development of therapies for kids like Eliza.
Another is to dispense compensation that does not encourage bad behavior.
To encourage unconventional thinking, his early instruments deliberately omitted a keyboard.
"I would encourage them to be nice and easy," he said.
When her daughter complained, Sims tried to encourage her at first.
But Kerala has launched initiatives to encourage inclusivity for transgender people.
But Hoyer said Thursday that Trump's decision will only encourage ISIS.
This is my little way to encourage you to make something!
Finally, I would encourage all members of HVAC to show up.
Earmarks are a vital incentive to encourage lawmakers to support legislation.
Some stores have also used tax-free holidays to encourage shopping.
"I encourage my fellow designers to do the same," she added.
The Democrats are only more than happy to encourage the blowback.
Both programs encourage breastfeeding, but allow moms to decide for themselves.
The new memo is meant to encourage more states to apply.
These standards don't just forgive elegantly shouted singing, they encourage it.
And we encourage them to "go dark" on email during vacations.
The WHO hopes approving generics will encourage competition and lower prices.
I encourage you to read the scientists' climate letter in full.
He periodically texted the couple to encourage them to buy it.
Reduced lending rates could encourage stronger credit growth, supporting the economy.
And encourage your friends and family to make a plan, too.
It comes from WITHIN, so let's cultivate spaces that encourage that.
This is why we always encourage you to check our citations.
And living with purpose will encourage other behavior that promotes longevity.
How can we encourage them to participate more and gain more?
And I encourage any and all to share this post #watchthisspace.
The government also subsidizes locally produced oil to encourage domestic production.
We want to encourage women to consider this as an option.
"We encourage countries to support this very important work," she said.
For one thing, our consumer culture is designed to encourage spending.
You can encourage someone to support you, and I mean emotionally.
This in turn would encourage secessionist movements like Catalonia's in Spain.
It could also encourage companies, the largest issuers of green debt.
And finally, of course, I want to encourage cooperation and trust.
We should encourage states to allow residents to buy into Medicaid.
Here's how you can encourage your mayor to make a difference.
I encourage people to actually put some thought into their tattoo.
I ask her if she thinks apps can encourage competitive dieting.
Could Apple be doing more to encourage pre-release bug hunting?
We encourage people not to make assumptions on other people's identities.
Did he encourage you when he realized that you could play?
We encourage our members to report any inappropriate content or behavior.
The passing of time is not something Vegas chooses to encourage.
"We really encourage patients to also do talking therapy," Mandel says.
He believes this will encourage Indian founders to broaden their horizons.
Less dominant trees are selected for harvesting to encourage forest diversity.
The incident should not encourage reprisals against the animals, he said.
We were trying to encourage them to have a second baby.
The space was open, meant to encourage guests to meander freely.
"I encourage you to be strong," he said, and people clapped.
"We encourage them to remain engaged in this process," Jabara said.
The allegations could also encourage more men to report sexual abuse.
They've launched the #BlackPantherChallenge to encourage similar drives in other communities.
Some have historically appealed to Republicans, like those that encourage marriage.
Perhaps one answer is to encourage the geographic redistribution of jobs.
It will encourage resentment and fear between Americans of different faiths.
I encourage the couple to remember why you fell in love.
Officials encourage beneficiaries to consider the ratings when selecting a plan.
In reality, the letter was the mayor's initiative to encourage voting.
The legislation is intended to lower premiums and encourage insurer participation.
Spending differently to encourage different forms of innovation is another approach.
It would streamline the process to encourage more lenders to participate.
The new buildings will have more open spaces to encourage collaboration.
CS: I encourage you to continue being honest with your mother.
Others say the government should not act to encourage drug use.
The U.S. must also encourage other countries to take similar action.
It could also encourage more insurers to bow out of Obamacare.
"I encourage it," he mockingly said of the Green New Deal.
It's not easy to encourage the ethical use of artificial intelligence.
To flatter him is to sanitize and encourage all of that.
The state is partnering with some community organizations to encourage participation.
And do we not encourage people to donate organs after death?
She would like to encourage us to be the same way.
Section 230 was intended to spur innovation and encourage start-ups.
Such gulfs between "primary" and "secondary" market prices inevitably encourage speculation.
Second, they carry out practices that encourage and advance those employees.
You can encourage them also to be on Wi-Fi more.
" The policy, it was later revealed, was to encourage "herd immunity.
This could encourage prospective procedures like contact tracing and symptom monitoring.
Both writers encourage engaging regularly with your tasks, projects and thoughts.
My main objective is to encourage students to tell their stories.
The goal is to encourage more students to learn to code.
They promote nonrenewable resources and encourage the cleaning of the Earth.
"I would just encourage investors to always be engaged," Liersch said.
San Francisco continued to encourage conferences after the declaration of emergency.
The program may also encourage providers to use more expensive drugs.
Prompts like "How Do You Feel?" encourage checking in with oneself.
Higher prices encourage many potential customers to opt for the subways.
Encourage news outlets to send their medical correspondents to these pressers.
But I encourage you to watch a few of their speeches.
It would encourage other states and countries to follow California's lead.
My job is to encourage hesitant lovers to take the risk.
We encourage them to do so, because these accusations are false.
Companies are incorporating a wide range of tools to encourage collaboration.
And we can encourage our loved ones to do the same.
But the program does not encourage the boys to run amok.
To encourage change, she always left coffee supplies on her counter.
In all of our restaurants, we encourage responsible service of alcohol.
We encourage Congress to act quickly to block the regulation's implementation.
You can use technology to try to gamify and encourage activity.
It's a venerable principle that lower tax rates encourage corporate investment.
Like Bacon's hashtag, many coronavirus memes encourage people to self-quarantine.
There aren't signs that additional steps to encourage financing will follow.
Recent tax cuts might encourage businesses and consumers to spend more.
Yes. Those are there to encourage the horse to go sometimes.
Encourage young people to ask questions and look up information together.
"I would just encourage everybody to step back," Mr. Mnuchin said.
Conservatories, Mr. Greilsammer said, should encourage students to take dance classes.
Trade deals can encourage corporations to export both jobs and pollution.
They warned that it could encourage other countries to follow suit.
Browsing and navigation on the site encourage discovery rather than deals.
"I would never encourage the president to do anything," she said.
The academy's fellowships are also designed to encourage their creative output.
Now we have flings, plural, because that's what dating apps encourage.
Unless real evidence emerges, I'd encourage you to ignore this theory.
Companies are also doing everything they can to encourage remote work.
So I would encourage influencers to focus instead on being themselves.
There's absolutely no shame in that; in fact, we encourage it.
His parents, both farmers in the village, tried to encourage him.
But there has to be more done to encourage information sharing.
Encourage Innovation: Patents play an important role in protecting many inventions.
And there is a lot we can do to encourage it.
That, Zalatimo says, will help encourage people to post quality content.
All of his Aussie buddies had come in to encourage him.
There are other people saying this would just encourage rapists more.
But it's pretty rapid growth that has to encourage Bloomberg's team.
Jones said he hoped to encourage dialogue with the new resolution.
McElroy often uses his story to encourage patients like John Hargreaves.
And then encourage them to make mistakes and talk about them.
The record-breaking Saudi Aramco offering may also encourage other IPOs.
In fact, I'd encourage your husband to send the stupid texts.
Why not encourage a similar mind-set in these fractious times?
The tax plans under consideration would encourage businesses to invest more.
Encourage her to get her ideas down with a new laptop.
And they encourage a work culture that embraces women's leadership styles.
"We encourage them to invest in what they know," said Freeman.
"But they say it in a good way, to encourage me."
What do you encourage readers to think about as they're reading?
The W.H.O. hopes countries will consider ways to encourage more research.
Repealing these rules will "encourage freedom in our schools," Trump said.
Regulations on liquidity and capital encourage banks to hold sovereign debt.
"It might encourage more people to go into the private sector."
Small Business Saturday aims to encourage shoppers to support local vendors.
We want to encourage people to start early and fail forward.
I would encourage the president to reject this course of action.
It was never to encourage a different sort of closed-mindedness.
But the right kind of tax reform could encourage even more.
The study "should encourage further research to investigate this," he added.
"We encourage at least 20 minutes per meal," Al Bochi said.
I hope the citizens of Texas will encourage them to reconsider.
Sanctuary cities encourage local authorities not to implement federal immigration law.
Your note should encourage men to have any breast lumps checked.
Next time, I encourage the district attorney to do his homework.
I encourage anyone who cares about children to send a message.
They both encourage a cult of personality and demand absolute loyalty.
Bunge said it does not encourage traders to take more risks.
"I encourage students to self-reflect on their preferences," says Sutton.
We encourage other news and media organizations to do the same.
People mean well when they encourage switching from beef to chicken.
Republicans could also seek changes to encourage innovation or household savings.
The idea was to encourage the settlement of the American West.
Many government entities are engaged in pilots to encourage technological innovation.
We'll encourage other countries to adopt their own price on carbon.
Other billionaires encourage their billionaire buddies to jump into the race.
Encourage them to share their experiences, their ideas, and their solutions.
"I encourage my fellow designers to do the same," she continued.
Late-night meditation can clear your mind and encourage deeper sleep.
The other thing all these upgrades and options encourage is replay.
Ms. Merrill also insisted she was not trying to encourage censorship.
In addition, isn't the point of professional sports to encourage health?
It's to champion housing and education policies that encourage racial integration.
Passing this commonsense legislation will encourage other nations to follow suit.
But I encourage everybody to go there as fast as possible.
We encourage the lying because we are dissatisfied with the mundane.
Often it's family or other close relationships that encourage an exit.
"Local governments are eager to encourage innovation and investment," he said.
And that is highly ambitious behavior that you want to encourage.
Participating companies are taking a range of actions to encourage voting.
They actively encourage even worse thinking about America's role in Iraq.
You'd probably encourage your prospective customer to sit in the chair.
And he actually seemed to encourage Russian involvement in the election.
What Trump did instead was encourage his followers to be afraid.
We want to encourage more Ugandans to tell their own stories.
Swift does consistently encourage other women to stand up for themselves.
Do you agree that a popular vote would encourage greater turnout?
He seems to believe that such contacts encourage opponents; in 2011 he blamed then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for giving a "signal" to encourage anti-Kremlin protesters after reports of fraud in Russia's parliamentary elections.
If the United States did as much to encourage high-IQ women to have babies as it now does to encourage low-IQ women, it would rightly be described as engaging in aggressive manipulation of fertility.
And I encourage and challenge people like myself to do the same, but more importantly, I want to encourage young people growing up in that situation first and foremost to avoid the mistakes that I made.
The goal of the loan program is to encourage companies to build more charging stations, which in turn would encourage people to buy more electric cars and reduce their dependency on those that burn fossil fuels.
Not only did he encourage me to pretend as though nothing bad had happened between us, but he also made it abundantly clear that he would trade on his privilege to encourage me to stay silent.
But with inflation restrained, there's reason to hope that pro-growth monetary policy would encourage more of those workers off the sidelines — or encourage employers to adopt training and recruiting strategies that get them off the sidelines.
"He did not confirm whether 'all efforts' are being made by the Treasury to encourage as diverse a range of candidates as possible," she added, saying the finance ministry only "seeks to encourage" diversity in its appointments.
"We encourage all users to check the facts online before sharing messages that have been forwarded to them, and we encourage users to engage directly with trusted and official sources for important information," a company spokesperson added.
The existing pilot program, for Harvard juniors, was started in 2014 to encourage students to gain work experience before entering law school and to encourage those studying science, technology, engineering or math to pursue the legal profession.
Just last month, her administration also created an initiative to encourage educators to open and expand quality public charter schools in economically-distressed Opportunity Zone communities, where the federal government has provided tax credits to encourage investment.
This could also encourage more consumers to consider buying an Apple Watch.
I encourage anyone who sees something around them to point it out.
Of course we need to educate people, eliminate stigma, and encourage breastfeeding.
The whole point of the LittleBits modular system is to encourage experimentation.
"This will help create jobs for women and encourage them," he said.
ASX benefits from buoyant sharemarkets because they encourage more companies to list.
On the plus side, that will encourage some households to save more.
Run for office and encourage others to do so, as well.8.
She went on to encourage people to confront officials in public places.
And I would encourage them to be part of the cleanup crew.
But worse is that Interpol's own guidelines encourage the criminalization of speech.
If so, wouldn't that encourage Democratic lawmakers to take up the call?
"I want to encourage women to enjoy what they're wearing," she said.
I would encourage myself and list things that were good about me.
They encourage artists invested in creating a more equitable future to apply.
He was the first to encourage me and music became my passion.
TED's amphitheater is designed to encourage this experience by exposing its audience.
So you can feel free to encourage your kids to read digitally.
What it is hoping to encourage, however, is more truth in advertising.
" She continued: "Please know, I would never encourage that toward any person.
Health financing systems, private or public, will want to encourage its use.
You've got to be able to meet people, encourage them to come.
CNN: You also encourage and help others to take on TNR projects.
Yet that's not the only way art can encourage us to engage.
Don't encourage this style of 21st-century laziness with frivolous stopgap technology.
She credits her husband with helping encourage her newfound passion for books.
He claimed that the move will also encourage clubs to increase attendances.
I want to encourage people to open the doors to taboo conversations.
The return of the kids' meal could encourage parents to choose Hardee's.
Studio Mode, is also an effort to encourage more Surface Pen use.
We strongly encourage any interested technologists to consider joining us at Ragtag.
"I encourage the vice president to read our legislation," she told CNN.
"We encourage them to adopt a patient and responsible behavior," he said.
I think we need to be sure to encourage highly skilled immigration.
"We encourage them to focus and process what comes up," Ot'alora says.
We encourage everyone participating to commit to non-violence and peaceful protest.
The primary goal, at least to MITRE, is to encourage product improvement.
"I came here today to encourage Sophia,"  the KKW Beauty maven said.
Its chemical contents also encourage sperm storage for fertilizing the eggs later.
It's almost as if she's wanted to encourage the celesbian rumor mill.
I always encourage people to turn around, have your back to them.
They inspire me to explore my creativity and encourage my thought processes.
The international community had hoped the battle against IS would encourage unity.
Would organizers encourage participants to use encrypted messaging services to protect themselves?
We don't encourage it, but we try and help them keep safe.
"Your goal is to encourage the creative and helpful thinking," said McIntyre.
SUPERMARKETS encourage shoppers to buy products through clever layouts and cunning promotions.
The outside world had hoped the battle against IS would encourage unity.
Some wanted the Mount Eitan project to lift morale and encourage service.
If you are on the fence, I encourage you to try it.
This month the Irish government revealed plans to encourage more foreign students.
For adult cats, opt for a toy that will encourage interactive play.
If you haven't tried Clips, I encourage you to check it out.
RUBIO: Yeah, I would encourage people to go on my website, marcorubio.
He denied that the exchange would encourage more Americans to be taken.
We must start earlier and encourage young people to use their voice.
True, the City does encourage foreign investment in British firms and property.
In some cases they debunked stereotypes as a means to encourage investment.
Low interest rates encourage borrowing and risk-taking, contributing to faster growth.
In rich countries, government policy will encourage a shift towards such substitutes.
He also appears to encourage those harassing the accusers of Mr Kavanaugh.
The slightest red flag can encourage investors to take their business elsewhere.
We will, for once, actively encourage our friends to download the app.
To encourage kids to save, you could match by an equal amount.
Countries that encourage the development of wind farms will reap the benefits.
Critics say this would encourage surrogacy parenting, which is illegal in Italy.
That said, I encourage you to still admire the Chiron from afar.
Growing up, Liu says, her parents didn't encourage art in their home.
We encourage you to not click through, & report as phishing within Gmail.
I'm trying to encourage pain researchers to study the effect of psychedelics.
To encourage such ambition, it helps to bear three mantras in mind.
A priority for the Warrens is to encourage and mentor other children.
She is surrounded by the same girls who encourage her bullying behavior.
The idea is to encourage more healthy young people into the market.
"Please know, I would never encourage that toward any person," she said.
Experts often encourage talking about finances with others, like friends or family.
And like Wikipedia, it should encourage a reliance on sources and facts.
Such competition for new deals could encourage governments to issue more bonds.
Such low rates encourage large speculation schemes by Wall Street investment houses.
"Demonstrations and protests help raise awareness about human rights and encourage dialogue."
Wall Street firms should expect and encourage their bankers to become soldiers.
They themselves won&apost do it but they&aposll encourage everyone else.
I encourage people to invest themselves and move into a 401(k).
A third reason for optimism is that automation should also encourage demand.
Even Snapchat and Google have updates to encourage you to go vote!
How do we encourage those users to share and spread the product?
Or else to flash them with relevant talent and encourage an acquihire.
Sometimes it's innocuous and harmless and can even encourage a public dialogue.
"I always encourage clients to get veggies in at breakfast," says Glassman.
The full moon in Cancer isn't all that will encourage emotional release.
The company is deleting reviews that encourage people to eat Tide Pods.
China's deputy foreign minister Liu Zhenmin said this would "greatly encourage" tourists.
Yeah, and I think it should be ... I would encourage it everywhere.
That threat might encourage the USSF to pay female players more equitably.
The Republican approach would encourage enrollment in "catastrophic" plans with high deductibles.
The government wants to encourage Russian companies to transact in other currencies.
We will continue to encourage and support each other personally and professionally.
But no government is keen to encourage separatism, in Spain or elsewhere.
Some are staffed by defectors who hope to encourage others to flee.
A plethora of programmes and campaigns encourage girls into science and engineering.
She blogs and mentors young people with health problems to encourage them.
The rankings, which give marks for international co-authorship, encourage this trend.
That suggests the need for different working spaces, which encourage independent thought.
"I really encourage everybody to listen to that full audio," Mook said.
The jungle-primary system, introduced in 2010, was supposed to encourage moderation.
There are some I don't believe actually encourage the development of transmission.
A high share price can reduce trading and encourage long-term ownership.
The Europas "Diversity Pass" We'd like to encourage more diversity in tech!
Here's Cotlar's argument, which I encourage you to read in full: 1.
The Parker Institute will encourage scientists to borrow from each other's labs.
"We encourage companies to do so and are ready to support them."
I encourage you to try making your own fresh tomato bloody mary.
"I do encourage them to lose weight, but they're teenagers," Shannon said.
I try to encourage folks to not put themselves in bad positions.
Ephemerality can also encourage sharing by making people feel less self-conscious.
It's raucous - that type of national pride we really want to encourage.
GUTFELD: All right, Tyrus, do you encourage your kids to go outside?
"We can encourage our employees to learn from their parents," she said.
You know, trying to encourage and entice them into the international system.
Ocasio-Cortez's comments differ from Democratic leadership opting not to encourage impeachment.
"I encourage you: be mindful of your choices on the road ahead."
Officials say the move would encourage greater turnover in congested parking districts.
The idea is to encourage job mobility and, implicitly, to delay retirement.
"We only want to encourage people to go back, and help them."
Washington (CNN)Democrats in Washington have begun discussing how to encourage Sen.
"I highly encourage the hotels to install those software fixes," Hirvonen said.
One way we encourage this is with an exercise called Crazy Eights.
Some investors hope that the international agencies will encourage greater ratings transparency.
How do we encourage entrepreneurs to tackle some of society's biggest problems?
Their games of Fantasy Inmate and ploys to encourage prisoners to fight?
"We encourage people to bring knitting or books to read," he says.
Surround yourself with people who will encourage you and enrich your life.
A kratom user himself, he's dramatically reduced his prices to encourage sales.
More importantly, you can encourage your representatives to do something about Yemen.
Governments should encourage that—but spread the benefits as widely as possible.
Or to encourage liberal administrators to impose their orthodoxy on their faculty.
The optical illusions are supposed to encourage drivers to slow down automatically.
"We don't want to encourage other people to do the same thing."
Wouldn't that encourage more Orthodox Jews to get out of the house?
" He then openly admits, "We want to encourage downloads of the app.
She said auction terms could be changed to encourage more exploration activity.
But this episode seems likely to encourage further caution from China's tycoons.
The positioning does not encourage this, which is a major model flaw.
This was part of Twitter&aposs plan to encourage a healthy conversation.
But we can sincerely encourage the president to reach for the stars.
Create a tax credit to encourage companies to share profits with workers.
Her MIT creators encourage Twitter users to interact with the hell-bot.
That's not stopping Amazon from continuing to encourage voice-based shopping, though.
This is because the exchange is set up to encourage shopping around.
I encourage you to read this BBC story by journalist Rachel Nuwer.
"We encourage everybody out there to speak out against it," Legend said.
It'll encourage you to reflect your inner shine on the surface, too.
We encourage anyone to compare Amazon's pay and benefits to other retailers.
"We encourage everyone to apply for our funding opportunities," the statement continued.
"The new policies will encourage more to venture into business," he said.
She said she hopes to encourage underrepresented students to continue their education.
"In the future we really encourage American manufactures to participate," he added.
A handful of other investment firms encourage buying pharmacy benefit managers' stocks.
Overall, 22019 percent support the government providing tax incentives to encourage homeownership.
But it should at least encourage gold bulls to curb their enthusiasm.
Firms shove their staff into open-plan offices to encourage serendipitous encounters.
If they want to explore that kind of thing, we'd encourage them.
This could encourage more trading in Venezuela sovereign debt, said one investor.
I want to encourage families and individuals to do more of that.
I'd encourage anyone to upgrade just to get the latest security updates.
It's how to encourage renewed usage of LME warranting that's now required.
So the price has to be high enough to encourage that investment.
It will also encourage investment by reducing regulatory uncertainty and development cost.
Firstly, governments must create the right conditions to encourage broader employee ownership.
Federal income tax deductions on retirement contributions aim to encourage more saving.
We encourage you to not click through & report as phishing within Gmail .
Mayor Giuliani is expected to convene cybersecurity experts and encourage overall communication.
Partner up with them and pitch acts that encourage kindness and inclusion.
Mr Cameron has long wanted to encourage a "Big Society" of volunteers.
The outcome could encourage them to keep searching for vulnerabilities to exploit.
Businesses usually like early payment, and sometimes offer discounts to encourage it.
It is meant to encourage consumers and businesses to buy those products.
We encourage Congress and the Trump administration to seriously consider our proposal.
Deletion should be reserved for those that blatantly encourage acts of violence.
Goal: Encourage writers to focus on diversity and inclusion issues in tech.
As always, we encourage consumers to do additional research outside of TripAdvisor.
This move should encourage investors to form much-needed new community banks.
"It's massively interesting and we encourage that kind of activity," Schott said.
Please encourage all Americans to protect and watch out for one another.
The ads will encourage users to check out curated mixtapes, says Pandora.
Encourage your audience to use their hands and fingers on their devices.
Encourage them to persevere against obstacles and to have compassion for others.
It really doesn't encourage you to go anywhere but the main feed.
"We encourage you to not click through, & report as phishing within Gmail."
Publishers need a way to monetize content and encourage audiences to visit.
So, given that, do we need to encourage people to code more?
It'll also block Flash by default to encourage the use of HTML5.
Kendall Jenner will also appear to encourage millennials to register to vote.
Performances like Britain's encourage those who see a role for state planners.
Guterres received 12 encourage, two discourage and one no opinion, diplomats said.
The most commonly-heard justification is that doing so will encourage work.
" He said the third concern was the "elements that encourage sedentary lifestyle.
I strongly encourage the senator to please vote 'no' on this bill.
We also need to reform public benefit programs to encourage more work.
I would definitely encourage people to rethink of getting points out there.
Wouldn't you want to encourage students to be obsessive about worthy things?
Would market forces encourage institutions to eliminate or redesign low-return programs?
What life lessons and sportsmanship would you want to instill and encourage?
And I encourage every single one of you to do the same.
The move to digital Saturdays, Mr. Forman said, may encourage digital subscriptions.
The so-called "fee for service" model they employ doesn't encourage innovation.
He also wanted to encourage other lone wolves to do the same.
To encourage the transition to chip-enabled cards, they developed the Oct.
Tourism guidelines encourage visitors to take photos of the student-exercise groups.