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"drive" Definitions
  1. [countable] a journey in a car or other vehicle
  2. [countable, uncountable] the equipment in a vehicle that takes power from the engine to the wheels
  3. (also driveway) [countable] a wide hard path or a private road that leads from the street to a house
  4. [countable] an organized effort by a group of people to achieve something
  5. [countable, uncountable] a strong desire or need in people
  6. [uncountable] (approving) a strong desire to do things and achieve something; great energy
  7. [countable] a long hard hit or kick
  8. [countable] a type of computer storage that stores large amounts of data on a spinning (= turning) disk
  9. [countable] (British English) a social occasion when a lot of people compete in a game such as whist or bingo
  10. [countable] an act of going after animals or the enemy and making them go into a smaller area, especially in order to kill or capture them
  11. Drive (abbreviation Dr) used in the names of roads

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"drive" Synonyms
motor steer direct manage pilot guide handle move navigate operate ride tool roll advance automobile coast cruise drag lead mobilise(UK) compel press coerce oblige prompt spur inspire make prod propel actuate encourage goad instigate motivate impress incentivise(UK) incentivize(US) induce push hammer sink plunge pound ram thrust send stab bang dig knock punch screw beat belt buffet drum lash power throw impel shove cause to move set in motion put in motion force shoot bulldoze heave jam fling run take bring chauffeur transport convey ferry carry give a lift give a lift to bear haul ship transmit lug cart tote transfer pack spin go by car bowl along ride by car tool along travel by car travel on wheels travel journey proceed glide herd shepherd urge round-up get going round up channel usher corral drove work exert overburden overwork tax overtax flog strain strive struggle try oppress punish endeavour(UK) overexert endeavor(US) work hard kill oneself apply oneself bolt blast rush speed barrel blow breeze careen fly hurry hurtle jet race scurry zoom blaze bowl bundle activate trigger start catapult precipitate spark crank up power up set off turn on touch off initiate energize(US) pressure harass obligate constrain dragoon hound muscle provoke railroad sandbag steamroll worry helm control con maneuver(US) manoeuvre(UK) conn sail aviate conduct coxswain cox be at the wheel of be in the driver's seat facilitate ease accelerate expedite forward further hasten promote quicken simplify smooth stimulate aid result in cause bring on bring about give rise to produce effect create engender generate be conducive to contribute to smack hit strike thump wallop bash slap whack clout sock clobber thwack bop swat gash pierce impale puncture spike spear stick gore lance skewer jab perforate transfix prick penetrate harpoon cut spit transpierce drill instil(UK) ingrain imbue infuse suffuse instill(US) steep inseminate enroot infix engrain drive home inculcate din implant indoctrinate brainwash labor(US) toil labour(UK) drudge slave slog sweat moil travail plod grind hustle plough(UK) plow(US) grub draw come go progress continue drift forge get pass crawl creep inch nose inject insert introduce interpose interpolate intersperse insinuate interject intercalate add include place feed pump impregnate use employ ply utilise(UK) utilize(US) wield apply exercise exploit harness manipulate exhaust extend stretch tire burden encumber overextend overreach overtask charge load rack flush chase expel clear eject send away drive out drive off put to flight scare off drive away send packing maintain keep own possess have test-drive put something through its paces take for a spin test try out evolve develop unfold expand grow mature enlarge change elaborate improve unroll alter emerge metamorphose spread put slip position slide slot wedge fit set instal(UK) install(US) lodge pop tuck voyage tour peregrinate steam gallivant globetrot pilgrimage trek trip do itinerate go on a trip knock about knock around go on an excursion embed intrench bed bury entrench fix inlay plant root lobby demand call crusade campaign champion advocate ask clamour(UK) clamor(US) recommend speak hype plug kick boot punt blooter calcitrate welly dribble dropkick hack placekick strike with the foot give the foot kick off put the boot into put the boot in tap group accumulate amass assemble collect concentrate congregate constellate gather lump cluster marshall(US) marshal(UK) muster rally bring together gather together drain siphon(US) extract milk withdraw syphon(UK) bleed empty draught(UK) draft(US) suck pour draw off agitate battle fight protest demonstrate wrangle cry out raise a fuss stir up opinion demolish flatten level raze destroy fell knock down pull down tear down lay waste to raze to the ground wreck ruin devastate smash commute shuttle take the bus/subway/train come and go take the bus take the subway take the train travel back and forth travel to and fro go back and forth travel to and from work travel regularly go regularly make a regular journey make regular journeys ride herd on keep watch punch cattle submerse deluge drown engulf flood gulf inundate overflow overwhelm submerge swamp bore capsize couch decline demit depress descend disappear command head govern rule boss dominate supervise captain superintend front overlook oversee stalk hunt follow shadow trail course dog pursue tail ambush approach be after creep up on go after haunt lurk menace pace perfect hone polish refine cultivate sharpen ameliorate augment better amplify appreciate boost build consolidate elevate endow enhance stamp mark print brand engrave imprint inscribe emboss etch identify label carve deboss frank cast pitch rock flounder lurch toss buck keel sway reel teeter dive seesaw wabble wobble pitchpole sound travel on catch go via journey on travel by journey by journey in make use of travel in take advantage of go with make your way through piggyback on proceed on paddle row oar scull pull boat sweep row gently cut water run rapids sky an oar canoe benefit assist advantage favor(US) favour(UK) profit serve help foster excursion jaunt outing turn hurl joyride expedition whirl airing hitch lift pickup ramble ambition initiative enterprise energy motivation pep get-up-and-go verve vigor(US) vitality zip aggressiveness determination enthusiasm spirit vim aggression commitment appeal effort movement surge action bandwagon blitz juggernaut fundraiser offensive assault attack onslaught desire appetite instinct need appetency craving hankering hunger itch jones letch longing lust passion pining thirst thirstiness yearning yen avenue driveway road roadway arterial artery boulevard carriageway expressway freeway highway pike route street thoroughfare thruway disk drive storage device microdrive flash drive pen drive thumb drive USB drive USB key key drive keyring drive competition contest event match tournament clash duel contention stakes heat grapple engagement head-to-head championship bout game persistence perseverance doggedness tenacity resolution resolve resoluteness obstinacy grit diligence dedication pertinacity purposefulness steadfastness indefatigability stubbornness purpose application precipitance urgency hastiness swiftness precipitation scramble dispatch quickness celerity rapidity bustle flurry hurriedness fleetness scuttle velocity rapidness inspiration influence catalyst impetus reason stimulant stimulus encouragement example model stimulation incentive instigation muse impulse incitement morale mood spirits temper disposition attitude humor(US) humour(UK) heart confidence mettle optimism assurance esprit hope hopefulness outlook pursuit exertion industry pains road test test drive trial tryout trial run examination assessment check analysis inquiry(US) evaluation exploration research try-out dry run enquiry(UK) study request bid market bidding exigency want run on rush on ultimatum intuition insight sense inclination tendency predisposition proclivity propensity faculty leaning penchant savvy aptitude knack proneness entrance door doorway gate entry access opening gateway ingress portal passage entryway passageway port gangway mouth path lunge barge bump butt jolt forward movement poke spring leap jump right stuff abilities bravery courage credentials dependability essential qualities experience guts knowledge qualifications self-confidence skills talent the goods the makings the stuff whatever it takes what it takes prime mover instigator motivator mover author creator first cause first mover initial force motive force power source primum mobile hard disk disc drive floppy disk drive hard disk drive removable drive tape drive Winchester drive Zip drive engine machine dynamo generator mechanism transformer turbine gears piston cylinder gear what's under the hood electric motor internal combustion engine power train apparatus system equipment locomotion motion moving mobility travelling(UK) progression transit headway shifting ambulation motility perambulation running walking kinesis mobileness moneymaker telethon radiothon flag day fun run tag day appeal for funds charity event charity sale philanthropic enterprise pledge drive pledge campaign sale charity drive bake sale trend direction bias tide current gravitation heading orientation shift swing turning wind More
"drive" Antonyms
crawl creep cut deactivate kill poke check curb cut out discourage dissuade halt hold keep mismanage neglect remain repress retard shut off calm dally delay depress hinder impede please prevent procrastinate pull rest slow wait leave alone let go help lose suppress stop separate obey scatter disperse divide persuade allow release encourage assist free aid walk amble dawdle stroll saunter decelerate fix sew stay idle drag jerk tow haul tug yank draw heave wrench lug wrest carry move pluck get take shift trail schlepp disincline indispose deter divert put off dishearten inhibit block avert ward off hold back hamper handicap interfere intermit obstruct prorogue protract restrict stall table tarry temporise(UK) temporize(US) arrest cure heal increase rise unite forget get lost inertia lethargy listlessness sluggishness torpidity apathy cowardice discouragement enervation hindrance idleness inactivity laziness phlegm sloth lack of motivation languor torpor indolence dullness clumsiness mediocrity chastity disenchantment disgust dislike distaste hate hatred indifference satisfaction aversion abhorrence disregard unconcern revulsion antipathy loathing fullness fill hesitation indecision indecisiveness irresoluteness irresolution vacillation aimlessness flexibility question spinelessness unimportance weakness reluctance unwillingness disinclination hesitancy hesitance disinterest callousness insouciance heedlessness nonchalance obliviousness dispassionateness dispiritedness detachment dispassion disinterestedness incuriosity coldness ennui dismissiveness self-indulgence deterrent baggage burden holdback impedance impediment setback cumbrance drawback hampering hazard hitch hurdle inconvenience inhibition interference stoppage retreat withdrawal departure surrender evacuation backdown pullback pullout recession retraction submission flight

586 Sentences With "drive"

How to use drive in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "drive" and check conjugation/comparative form for "drive". Mastering all the usages of "drive" from sentence examples published by news publications.

"I drive and I drive and I drive," he said.
Meaning you can use the M.2 solid state drive as a boot drive and the traditional hard drive as a data drive.
We look at whether articles drive new subscribers, drive deep engagement, drive comments, etc.
"We know that that money will get invested right back in the economy and drive jobs, drive economic growth, drive wages and drive prosperity."
Drive them out of your places of worship, drive them out of your communities, drive them out of your holy land and drive them out of this Earth.
Instead, I'd drive — and drive and drive — across Iowa, Indiana or somewhere in the South, visiting flea markets.
Types of garage door openersBelt Drive: Chain Drive: Direct Drive: Screw Drive: Key features for garage door openersAutomatic Close: Battery Backup: Controls: Horsepower: Security Code: Security Lights: Smartphone Control:
In some cases, they drive themselves, in some cases, they drive other people, in some cases, they drive goods.
Each had been corrupted or vanished in years of transfers from hard drive to hard drive to hard drive.
"You can drive for Lyft, you can drive for Uber ... drive for delivery services like Grubhub and Instacart," she said.
But if you have to drive, you have to drive.
Because as Freud pointed out, we do have a death drive—a drive for destruction, as well as a drive for self-preservation.
Now you can blast "Shut Up and Drive" on Rihanna Drive!
The Drive AutoPilot system is part of Nvidia's broader Drive platform.
" He added: "It's not women must drive, it's women can drive.
" He added: "It's not women must drive, it's women can drive.
"It would drive costs down and drive quality up," she said.
The new 5TB external drive uses the same technology as Seagate's recently released 53TB BarraCuda hard drive — the world's highest capacity 2.5-inch drive — in order to fit that much storage space into a portable drive.
"There is constant conflict between the primal drives: the drive to procreate, the drive to survive, and the drive to have status," says Brand.
The homeowners here on Adams Drive know the drill: Drive slowly to keep the splash down, or drive quickly and risk ruining your car.
We'd rather a stranger drive us around than drive a stranger's car.
Say you drive to the store, buy a soda, and drive home.
I tested a rear-drive car, though all-wheel drive is available.
The Stinger is available in rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive.
It even knows where I want to drive to before I drive.
Every hard drive, floppy, or thumb drive you use is persistent memory.
Like water, electricity, being able to drive where you need to drive.
"I don't want to drive just to drive," said Rehab Alhuwaider, 21.
On the rare occasions that we do drive, we drive a Prius.
And the president is going to drive ones he wants to drive.
" He encouraged the leaders repeatedly to "drive out" extremists: "Drive them out.
The home is about a 33-minute drive to Santa Monica State Beach and Venice Beach, and famed Rodeo Drive is a 12-minute drive.
Western Digital 10-TB External Hard Drive + 32-GB Flash Drive for $43 ($140 off): An amazing deal on a bundle that includes a hard drive and a flash drive and is compatible with both Macs and PCs.
The EM drive would travel pretty slowly, and certainly isn't a faster-than-light warp drive like another much-blogged-about theoretical system, the Albucierre drive.
Death of the disk drive With the 1998 release of the iMac, Apple did away with the floppy disk drive, leaving only a rewritable CD drive.
There's not this drive ... There's a drive for greatness to a certain point.
I don't drive more than 150 miles a day, but I drive everyday.
It was almost a 20 minute drive and not once during that drive.
They'll come rear-wheel drive, but both will have all-wheel drive options.
Margaret responded with "drive, drive on, Janey," and told Stevens not to worry.
Those values will drive this process as they drive our work every day.
Who wants to drive a Honda when you used to drive a Mercedes?
"Global Markets doesn't drive our economics and won't drive our economics," he said.
"It's not like a car where if you drive, you drive," said Michaels.
How you drive, not what you drive, may prove of greater moral weight.
You can also install it from a USB thumb drive or hard drive.
When I drive into Virginia, I drive on highways named for Confederate leaders.
You have to be short to drive, or short-ish to drive. Okay.
Mid-drive bikes have a few advantages over hub drive versions, as well.
Good polling numbers drive trend stories in the media that drive good polls.
You can't drive to Governors Island because you can't drive on Governors Island.
And when you put a broken disk inside of a working drive, it was a great way to misalign the drive head of the previously-working drive.
Microsoft is also sticking to a 4K Blu-ray drive for the optical drive.
Grossman then ripped a line drive to right field to drive in two runs.
Fewer buyers drive prices down — and drive yields up — in the fixed income market.
Drive them out of your holy land and drive them out of this Earth.
The Escape is available in either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive configurations.
It's a front-wheel drive dynamic generally not found on all-wheel drive vehicles.
But she can't drive any of them because she doesn't know how to drive.
So we believe that things that will drive change actually can also drive returns.
Drive them out of your holy land, and drive them out of this earth.
Then, when the test drive was over, she'd just drive away with the car.
Those with four-wheel drive vehicles can drive to the top and look around.
When data is stored on a flash drive, it is scattered across the drive.
Check your hard drive capacityYour computer needs free hard drive space to install updates.
Problem is, Facebook's id — its most basic, instinctual drive — is the drive for scale.
The F-Type is available in rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions.
His sister will drive us to Washington and drive him back out this way.
But the vehicles we drive are changing, as is the way we drive them.
Tesla is offering three configuration options: a single-motor rear-wheel drive version, a dual-motor all-wheel drive edition, and a tri-motor all-wheel-drive variant.
"If the Democratic nominee is Hillary, and she's mushy at all on the trade issue, Trump will take that issue and drive it and drive it and drive it."
Our suburban experience — drive 30 minutes to work, drive to Target, drive to the gym, shut the door tight against the coming night — is the exact opposite of that.
The Jets committed the same infraction on the second play of the first drive, the first play of the second drive and the third play of the third drive.
The single-motor rear-wheel drive option starts at $2503,900, the dual-motor all wheel drive model is $49,900 and a tri-motor all-wheel drive edition fetches $69,900.
I drive a very boring vehicle (2013 Nissan Rogue), and I drive it very boringly.
" Statement from the Drive: "The Drive family is mourning the tragic loss of Zeke Upshaw.
Meanwhile, Bertha Benz had proven both that cars could drive and women would drive them.
Everyone knew At The Drive-In—except this was a new At the Drive-In.
"It's not like I want to drive just because I want to drive," she said.
You can drive alongside it (take Paisano Drive) and walk up to it in places.
In an age of ubiquitous all-wheel drive, the M2 is rear-wheel drive only.
Lastly there's Engine Drive, which locks up the drive electric motor and the gasoline engine.
"We drive through these little drive-through restaurants," Parton told Parade of the RV adventures.
Drive is then routed to all four wheels via a mechanical all-wheel-drive system.
So people might drive a Ferrari to the coast, but not drive themselves to work.
Front-drive models start at $42,850 (my all-wheel-drive model was $58,575 as tested).
My truck doesn't fit through the drive-through so I stood in the drive-through.
You STEER to drive, and part of a cattle drive is a STEER or cow.
An external hard drive can save regular, time-stamped backups of your entire hard drive.
Two, if for some reason you must drive to the hospital, let someone else drive.
I can drive this thing and I have no idea how to drive a semi.
I mean, how would the elderly who can't safely drive anymore benefit from a car that won't drive itself in urban environments and requires them to drive in the city?
"The drive is like the Disney country drive," said the local restaurateur and mixologist Jim German.
B will drive C. C will drive D. So you got to get the logic right.
"In those situations, I drive the entire neighborhood, and I drive outside the neighborhood, " says Torres.
Amazon DriveFormerly known as Cloud Drive, Amazon Drive is a cloud storage application managed by Amazon.
Between Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and iCloud Drive, consumer cloud storage is a crowded space.
Insert the thumb drive into your computer and create a folder on the drive called retropie.
Then they got to work introducing the gene drive and its reversal drive into their yeast.
While files from Drive can be downloaded to a computer using the Amazon Drive Desktop Application.
For the same reasons, the LC will be rear-wheel drive rather than all-wheel drive.
After the Herd's ensuing drive stalled, the Rams went on an eight-play, 85-yard drive.
It's easy to upload photos to Google Drive from your iPhone through the Google Drive app.
Recessions drive up unemployment, which increases budget deficits that drive up the debt-to-GDP ratio.
"In those situations, I drive the entire neighborhood and I drive outside the neighborhood, " says Torres.
The Patriots' offense was hopelessly out of sync as drive after drive stalled short of scoring.
It's a three-hour drive from Boston and a 523-hour drive from New York City.
Live games drive television distribution, he said, and highlights drive more social media traffic than chatter.
We will judge how they drive it but we won't tell them how to drive it.
In high school my mom would drive me to all my gigs because I couldn't drive.
If I don't drive this week, it doesn't mean I will drive twice more next week.
My all-wheel-drive tester (the model is normally rear-wheel drive) tops out at $803,800.
Many drive with excessive speed and some drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
It operates with a belt-drive motor to produce a cleaner sound that direct-drive players.
I have Google Drive, I have Dropbox, I have iCloud Drive and I have Microsoft OneDrive.
So why would you ever choose to drive an Uber if you could drive a Via?
It works a little like a as a gene drive for gene drive, a way of overwriting a gene drive and removing it from a wild population if something goes awry.
The SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive USB Type-C flash drive features USB-C and USB-A connectors, which can be accessed by using the slider on the side of the drive.
The pending federal AV legislation embodies reasonable policies that can pave the way for the measured deployment of safe autonomous vehicles that don't drive impaired, don't drive tired, and don't drive distracted.
Not to mention that 75 percent of all new restaurants will have a drive-thru lane, as restaurants with drive-thrus have 40 percent higher sales volume than non-drive-thru locations.
"I can drive this thing and I have no idea how to drive a semi," said Musk.
For example, "In Boston, people drive completely different[ly] than when they drive in California," Shashua said.
"I said, I don't care what you drive, as long as you drive in runs," Piazza said.
The motorcade carrying her body traversed George Bush Drive and Barbara Bush Drive on its way there.
The rear-wheel-drive 218 starts at $23,23, while the all-wheel drive 23D starts at $603,260.
Go To A Drive-InYes, drive-in theaters still exist, and yes, they do show modern movies.
There's a phenomenon there called the drive in, and then you just drive around and look cool.
BMW, revered for its rear-wheel-drive dynamics, has built the X2370 on front-wheel-drive architecture.
The car is a rear-wheel-drive version of the Lamborghini 4-wheel-drive LP 610-6103.
We love to drive Here's the big issue with self-driving cars: People really like to drive.
Choose between front-wheel drive and a $103,210 automatic all-wheel-drive system with lockable center differential.
Last week, I drove by for a pastrami sandwich at Rick's Drive In & Out on Fletcher Drive.
It's about an hour drive east of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and two-hour drive north of Chicago, Illinois.
At the Superdome on Sunday, it changed from quarter to quarter, drive to drive, snap to snap.
It's hard to walk or drive down Kasbah Drive or Minzah Way without being waved at, repeatedly.
"If you start telling people you can't drive, then you won't force yourself to drive," he says.
Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang revealed a forthcoming generation of the company's self-driving Drive PX supercomputers for use in vehicles – the successor to the current Drive Pegasus, which will be called the Drive Orin and which will use essentially two Drive Pegasus computers combined into one, much smaller packages.
" She said, "Well, you can drive a car, drive me around Hollywood, and I'll teach you about portraiture.
It will also feature all-wheel-drive, rather than the rear-wheel-drive system in the base model.
It's about a 45-minute drive from Montana's largest city, Billings, and a two-hour drive from Bozeman.
This might seem trivial, since you're shopping for an external drive, not a replacement for your internal drive.
Google's iOS Drive app, for example, is listed on the App Store as "Google Drive — free online storage."
Just like they say, you don't let friends drive drunk; you don't let friends drive while texting, either.
Since this is a SATA drive, the drive is mostly capped by SATA speeds in the real world.
Seagate has announced a new hard drive specifically designed for drone users, the DJI Fly Drive, via SlashGear.
This little $70 chip makes a cheap hard disk drive run as fast as a solid state drive.
Google Photos can also integrate neatly with Google Drive, so you can use the Drive desktop clients instead.
To add a drive you simply pull out a carriage and snap the drive into place without tools.
"Compare learning to drive in a simulator and learning to drive on the street," one officer told me.
In a perfect "global" gene drive, 23 percent of offspring have the gene drive carrying the desired trait.
A better future is only possible if your nations drive out the terrorists and drive out the extremists.
You'll also finally be able to plug a thumb drive, external hard drive, or camera into an iPad.
A better future is only possible if your nations drive out the terrorists and extremists. Drive. Them. Out.
Correction: Seagate's 2TB BarraCuda ST2000LM015 drive will cost $99, while the 5TB BarraCuda ST5000 drive will cost $226.
Floether sees two sides to the Rajneesh story: a drive for financial power and a drive toward extinction.
But it does have four-wheel drive, one locking differential, and a drive mode selector for different terrain.
The dude ranch is a 50-minute drive from Jackson, instead of a 10-minute drive, like Amangani.
If you have a bootable USB drive, you can boot your Windows 10 computer from the USB drive.
Jason: He probably carries a flash drive with Kali installed on that and only trusts the flash drive.
They can make rear-wheel-drive vehicles and all-wheel-drive vehicles on the same equipment, for example.
UCLA scored on its opening drive when Joshua Kelley went five yards to cap a 41-yard drive.
It means I'm condemned to living in a drive-in, drive-out suburb if I want a backyard.
The international airport in Shannon is an hour's drive, and Dublin Airport is about a two-hour drive.
The F-150 seems to be a rear-wheel drive model while the Cybertruck is all-wheel drive.
Democratic politics drive, and should drive, efforts to care for all the people, not just a favored few.
I still drive a 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid, and I continue to drive it because it's a hybrid.
It has a 5.3-liter V8 engine and can shift between two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive.
However, Microsoft's web of proprietary drive formats and partitioning makes replacing it impossible to replace the drive without the use of scripts and / or a deep understanding of hard drive file formats and partitioning.
Running the OS via a USB drive means it can only be as fast as the USB drive itself, which means it will be slower than running directly for your hard drive or SSD.
You have to innovate, you have to drive change, you have to drive additional value each and every day.
Plus, with torque-vectoring all-wheel drive and a quick 10-speed transmission, the RDX is enjoyable to drive.
I drive her up there and we have a great conversation before I drop her off and drive home.
He led a 54-yard drive that ended in a missed field goal and a 33-yard touchdown drive.
The property is a 25-minute drive from downtown and a 40-minute drive from Los Angeles International Airport.
Called the LaCie Porsche Design Desktop Drive, the drive has a single USB-C port and a power port.
Now, boot your computer with the USB drive in and (if you bought it) an external SSD drive connected.
Another example would be when they got rid of the CD drive and DVD drive in the laptops — remember?
Further, you can connect the drive to Amazon S3, Google Drive, and Dropbox and sync folders back and forth.
The clip doesn't end well for the guy, but it's the start of a new drive—the Epstein drive.
The factors that drive demand for imports are the same as those that drive overall demand, and thus jobs.
FUND-RAISING DRIVE Belykh launched his fund-raising drive on April 21 this year at the "Vyatka" banqueting hall.
Consumer Reports says how you get car insurance isn't just about how you drive; it's about where you drive.
"We just want to drive excitement for the brand drive, awareness and sales for this new product," she said.
Gene drive technologies alter DNA and drive self-sustaining genetic changes through multiple generations by overriding normal biological processes.
Western Digital Easystore Flash Drive for $15 ($25 off): This slim, compact flash drive has 242 gigabytes of storage.
The first chapter of autonomous drive technology development was focused on the purely technical challenge of making computers drive.
If you buy an external hard drive or networked drive, it will often come with a backup program included.
Volvo is already using the Drive PX for the self-driving cars in its "Drive Me" autonomous pilot program.
It also means that two-wheel-drive Ridgelines are front-drive, the only modern pickup to go that route.
Locate the Word file on your computer's hard drive and double-click it to upload it to Google Drive
The drive is this long because you have to drive north of the rim and then down to it.
Police activity in the 200 block of Jefferson Drive/Constitution Drive in Menlo Park due to a bomb threat.
Gift the Penguin USB 2.0 Flash Drive, $13.99A cute and funny flash drive can instantly make work more fun.
A drive-in menu (food, presumably?) will come up automatically when you pull into the drive in, Musk says.
Mr. Crabtree uses a flash drive for his personal returns in addition to saving on a backed-up drive.
Metropolitan Areas Within a Four-Hour Drive: Most locations are within a four-hour drive from major metropolitan areas.
"If you can successfully drive autonomously in Jerusalem, you can drive almost anywhere in the world," Mr. Shashua said.
They took their right to drive for granted and found the idea of not being allowed to drive unsettling.
New amenities plus new luxury housing drive up local housing prices, which drive out working-class and poorer residents.
More drivers (19%) drive zero hours in any given week than drive more than 30 hours per week (18%).
The Eagles failed to take advantage of a late drive as their drive stalled at Oakland's 22005-yard line.
" "Drive them out of your places of worship," Trump said of extremists, "drive them out of your holy land.
If your video file is already uploaded to Google Drive, locate it in your Drive&aposs file list. 3.
Every Jag I've sampled lately invites you to drive and drive hard, without pushing the hard driving on you.
Don't drive Poor, middle class, or rich, you're all the same if you drive anything above a Ford Pinto.
All-wheel drive instead of four-wheel drive is important to note, as there was hopes of a true four-wheel-system returning with this next-gen Explorer given its new rear-wheel-drive based platform.
While we've seen similar and even dramatically bigger SSDs (Seagate has a 60TB solid state drive), the 16TB hard drive would be the single largest magnetic disk drive ever if it actually makes it to market.
By all appearances, it would be the least tech-intensive car in the portfolio: a derivation of the all-wheel-drive Huracán, it is unapologetically rear-wheel drive in an era of all-wheel-drive supercars.
BMW purists flinch upon hearing that the X2 is available as a front-wheel-drive vehicle, but the all-wheel drive xDrive version resolves those objections by giving the car a more rear-wheel-drive dynamic.
"The drive for citizenship and the drive for a permanent home is a pretty powerful drive," said Paul Hagstrom, a professor of economics at Hamilton College, who has studied the impact of refugees on upstate cities.
Today's drive is the longest to date: six hours navigating the very green drive through Massachusetts to central New York.
The E-Pace is based on front-wheel drive underpinnings, while the F-Pace is a rear-wheel-drive purebred.
Content installed on the external drive will show up in the PlayStation 4 software alongside anything on the internal drive.
If you're one of those folks who actually enjoys "Rainbow Road," Drive takes that feeling and essentially triples it. Drive!
Facebook and other big platforms, but really Facebook can drive these big audiences, can drive people to sample your stuff.
Outside, space is added for Drive Up customers who shop online then later drive to the store for curbside service.
In positioning wars you're not only trying to drive up your own assets, you must drive up your opponent's liabilities.
Box Drive is similar to both Dropbox's SmartSync and Google's Drive File Stream, part of Google's suite of productivity tools.
They'll drive him to his halfway house in Long Beach and then drive the hour home to San Bernardino County.
In Tripoli, I thought of Homs, which is an hour's drive away, only an hour's drive, which Death now visits.
These kinds of efforts will help drive down costs and create the inflection point VR needs to drive mass adoption.
There is no language in the regulations about drivers who drive for safety instead of refusing to drive for safety.
The game-winning drive began at the Bulls 25-yard line and Flowers had a hand in the entire drive.
She was carrying four cellphones, a laptop, an external hard drive and a thumb drive containing malware, but no swimsuit.
It is critically important to know that it is no safer to drive high than it is to drive drunk.
I wanted to expose that, and started taking out some of the drive, although there's still lots of drive there.
"Then the animators test-drive these models the way a racecar driver would test-drive a Ferrari," Mr. Bird said.
Creating an album that you can store on a hard drive, or even a thumb drive, solves the practical dilemma.
"How well you drive and how much you drive" should be the main factors considered in setting premiums, he said.
I used to drive a Prius, but I drive an Outback now and I pay twice as much for gas.
It shares with the A-Class a front-wheel-drive platform, distinguishing it from the rear-drive-based C-Class.
Nimbus Data has now shattered the previous 60TB 3.5-inch SSD drive record with the world's first 173 terabyte drive.
Then I got my C.D.L. Susan: I'll drive eight hours and he'll drive eight hours, and then we shut down.
First, hub drive bikes have the motor in the hub whereas mid-drive bikes house the motor in its frame.
The CD drive didn't make it's reassuring whirring-grinding noise, the hard drive didn't make any of its noisy ticks.
Both have all-wheel drive (a rear-drive version of the GTC4 with a turbocharged V8 is scheduled for 2018).
At the time of her arrest, Zhang had four cellphones, a flash drive, a laptop and an external hard drive.
Agents found four cell phones, a laptop, an "external hard drive type device" and a thumb drive in Zhang's possession.
Every hard drive has at least one partition, usually called "C:," but you can make more on a single drive.
Go on drive-bys and spill all of their blood, or rent a big truck and drive all over them.
Agents later searched her belongings and found four cellphones, a hard drive, a laptop, and a malware-infected USB drive.
You have to actually crack open your computer and install the additional drive, as well as much around in the BIOS for your motherboard to confirm the drive is installed correctly to function as a boot drive.
It has 16 GB of RAM, a 8th-generation Intel Core i7 processor, a Nvidia GeForce 463 Ti graphics card, and a 256 GB solid-state drive drive with a 1-terabyte SATA drive for extra storage.
This is weird and wacky B-movie stuff, and would be ideal for drive-ins if we still had drive-ins.
Agents also found four cell phones, a laptop, an "external hard drive type device" and a thumb drive in Zhang's possession.
Park officials told tourists to use the Southside Drive to exit the valley, as the rockslide had closed down Northside Drive.
The SSD (solid-state drive) portable and compact storage drive is lightweight at only 23 ounces, while it's also blazing fast.
" He and his wife made the 45 minute drive from Kissimee, Florida, which he says "felt like a three day drive.
"He gave me the chance to drive, but he's a very good athlete, so he closed out the drive," Gallinari said.
Whether your computer uses a hard drive or an older solid-state drive (or SSD) it's probably time to upgrade it.
Randall's surprised to learn that William never learned to drive so he teaches his dad to drive in a parking lot.
By continuing to do that, we'll drive the install base of both systems, and continue to drive the overall Nintendo business.
All three versions of the car saw the same price reduction, including rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, and performance models.
"I said, 'I'll be in it, but only if I'm allowed to drive if I do drive in it,' " Mirren said.
You'll need to download the OS from the App Store, grab a USB drive, and then build your own boot drive.
It's easy to remove the computer's CD drive and replace it with an SSD drive that will make it much faster.
Bumped down a few spots on my list for its thin "drive away, drive back" storyline, but that's not a knock.
They want everyone to have this ability: they're fun to drive, they're cheaper to drive, and they're better for the environment.
That drive should give you all the impressive speed boosts of Optane memory, coupled with an already speedy SSD storage drive.
Though being vocal at blood drive events can help drive awareness, change will only happen if the FDA deems it safe.
There is not enough space left in your hard drive to give you the drive you need in the outside world.
To drive this car is to drive with no forgiveness, the near-perfect chassis displaying your flaws and magnifying your heroics.
Body style/layout: The Jeep Compass is a midsize SUV available in front-wheel-drive with an all-wheel-drive option.
Now that you can use iCloud Drive to sync your Desktop and Documents folder, you might want to use iCloud Drive.
The property is about a 30-minute drive to the international airport and about a 25-minute drive to Warsaw's center.
On the next drive, Quincy Enunwa's fumble gave Indianapolis a second straight drive starting on the Jets' side of the field.
But The Big Idea is less about the stories that drive today than the policies and philosophies that should drive tomorrow.
A rising capital stock would drive pre-tax returns on capital down and, by increasing competition for labor, drive wages up.
So we looked at each drive zone and said, 'What would it take to get the drive zone back into play?
"The mission is to drive that ease of use into the platform and drive that engagement very naturally with our clients."
We drive out of the city and get on the I-26 toward Washington, D.C. It's about a four-hour drive.
" But Cohn also said, "we have to do what we need to do to drive job creation and drive the economy.
Ayer fears that Barr has combined a Reagan-era drive to dismantle government with a Trump-era drive to politicize it.
Tightening Japanese monetary policy would drive up yields on the country's government bonds, which in turn would drive up Treasury yields.
"To continue to drive usage on cards and maintain what are still healthy revenues and margins, you have to drive rewards."
Lykes missed a drive, but made up for it when he stepped in front of Dosunmu's drive with 2.7 seconds left.
The drive had been stopped around midfield, but a roughness penalty — Spence was ejected on the play — kept the drive alive.
Shaffer handed Dalke the two pizzas, and got ready to drive back to Michigan -- another three-and-a-half-hour drive.
" She added, "The goal is to make everyone aware that if you drink, don't drive, and if you drive, don't drink.
For starters, its Drive Pilot feature enables it to drive itself at speeds of up to 130 mph on the highway.
Then there's Hybrid Drive that uses the drive electric motor to turn the front wheels while the gasoline engine runs, which in turn drives the other electric motor that generates electricity to supplant the spinning of the drive motor.
The Tigers opened the game with a 10-play 19863-yard drive, with freshman running back Travis Etienne capping the drive with a 4-yard line for Clemson's eighth touchdown on an opening drive in 13 games this season.
"9003k Cybertruck orders so far, with 42% choosing dual, 41% tri & 17% single motor," Musk tweeted, referring to the three different configurations available: single-motor rear-wheel-drive, dual-motor all-wheel-drive, and tri-motor all-wheel drive.
Only 5% to 10% of drive-ins throughout the U.S. are actually benefiting from the coronavirus, stressed Jim Kopp, the administrative secretary for the United Drive-In Theatre Owners Association, and owner of the Family Drive-In, in Virginia.
"I drive my daughter to her bus stop and he would be pulling out of the drive going to work," says Block.
After driving through the death trap that is Mulholland Drive, my ex volunteered to tackle the drive down back to our hotel.
But other China hawks say the drive by Chinese companies to abandon U.S. technology is inevitable given Beijing's drive to advance technologically.
We don't tell the car how to drive, rather it learns to drive from experience, example and feedback, just like a human.
That technology is known as a gene drive, so called because it uses genetic engineering to drive certain traits through a population.
Rivero: Right now I'm driving full-time, so I drive about eight to nine hours and I try to drive every day.
The drive home was just the drive home, not a chance to make three work calls or find the perfect Spotify playlist.
We focus on continuing to improve that experience, drive down the time it takes to enroll, drive up the speed of verification.
And while you can back up in the Cloud through Google Photos and iCloud Drive, a physical drive is an excellent investment.
Files shared in Slack will be uploaded automatically to the Team Drive, and Team Drive updates are also shared back to Slack.
Small $30 amps like from Lepy or Pyle can drive a set of speakers — that's what I use to drive outdoor speakers.
It has an Intel Core i7 CPU, 8GB RAM, Windows 10 Pro, Intel GPU, 1TB hard drive, and a DVD-RW drive.
Even if Apple does launch a streaming service, will that necessarily drive Apple hardware sales, which drive the majority of their revenues?
He also was troubled she was carrying four cellphones, a laptop computer, an external hard drive and a thumb drive when arrested.
Both Drive and Google Classroom were suffering outages this morning – the latter likely related to its use of Drive for saving attachments.
Women drive the health care industry, yet lack the opportunities to assume leadership roles and drive consistent change at the top level.
Being able to have that flexibility and being able to drive how I want to drive really helps me and my family.
Zhang had four cellphones, a thumb drive, an external hard drive and a laptop at the time of her arrest, authorities alleged.
But it also includes 1TB of storage in a hard drive disk and an extra 256GB on a faster solid state drive.
Sometimes, he'd drive all the way, put in a 217-hour shift at the restaurant, then drive the 300-plus miles home.
"My market is a market that I can drive to my customer and my customer can drive to me," Mr. Lebel said.
To drive home his anti-corruption drive, Xi has frowned upon party cadres playing the game, hurting membership at many golf courses.
So I could drive two hours to Big Bear and jump in the water but it's easier to drive down the street.
If you drive long distances to go to a favorite place — like Austinites who drive more than 30 miles to Lockhart, Tex.
"The people who have moved in don't drive vintage cars, they push expensive strollers and drive brand new Audis," Mr. Ljungkvist complained.
And most of those companies understand that as they want to drive content, they want to drive it with the ESPN brand.
But he had a 48-yard catch on the next drive, and then finished the drive with a 3-yard touchdown catch.
Even those materials costs can be reduced if you drive the right volume and drive purchasing power into how you're buying them.
There's a solid-state drive on board with 1TB of storage, coupled with 16GB of RAM and a 4K Blu-ray drive.
It's like you know how to drive, but if you don't drive very often, you lose the sense of where you are.
They can drive prices down, purchasing at a lower cost and use their refueling station to drive foot traffic into the stores.
The tech behemoth's planned headquarters would have helped drive up rents and drive longtime Queens residents out of their homes, she said.
I drive to the nearest McDonald's drive-thru window, grab a snack-size Oreo McFlurry, and happily indulge in the parking lot.
"He's proven that he can drive the news cycle, but drive it for good," said Barry Bennett, a former Trump campaign adviser.
You can add Google Drive to the desktop on your Mac and essentially bring a synced Google Drive folder to your computer.
When she was arrested, Sherwin said, Zhang had four phones, a laptop computer, a hard drive and a thumb drive with her.
ROMs can be moved over from Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud Drive, and can also be transferred with a USB cable using iTunes.
I tell people it's like switching from knowing how to drive a small truck to knowing how to drive a big truck.
But if you're loading off a hard disk drive as opposed to a solid state drive, your games were already loading slowly.
The Game Drive for Xbox SSD is a 512GB solid-state drive that should offer faster install and load performance than the Xbox's stock 5400rpm hard drive, while coming in a black-and-green enclosure complete with an Xbox logo.
If that DVD drive doesn't matter to you, you can rip it out and put another hard drive in: "Most folks replace their optical drive with an SSD," Kyle Wiens, CEO of iFixIt, which we profiled in November, told me.
There's just one problem: the team was supposed to tear down a building one block over at 7601 Cousteau Drive, not Calypso Drive.
You essentially run Linux from a USB drive or a CD or a DVD, without touching your main hard drive or operating system.
For storage, it's got a 1TB hard drive and can be customized with a 1TB Fusion Drive or 256GB/512GB/1TB of SSD.
Claborn says the customer witnessing the holdup fired several times at the robber, shattering the drive-thru window of Cozy Corner Drive-In.
Boston's Storrow Drive, which includes the Storrow Drive Tunnel, received the worst rating possible: a zero on a scale of zero to 100.
Front-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive versions will be offered, the latter aimed at providing all-weather more than all-terrain capability.
New study reveals the fast food restaurants with the speediest drive-thrus Ah, the drive-thru: where a minute feels like an hour.
Most significant change in past few years was to use high efficiency Model 3 rear drive unit as S/X front drive unit.
You can find Drive Wiper in the Tools sectionIf you do have a solid-state drive, then encryption is probably a better option.
I drive home, pack up, and get ready to drive back to PA. I stop for gas at Costco on the way ($27.89).
You have to format the drive first, so if there are already files on the drive you're using, put them somewhere else temporarily.
Instead of using your social connections to drive more in-person interaction, Go is using in-person interaction to drive more social connections.
It also notes that users can already download a Drive plug-in to make it easier to insert Drive files into Outlook emails.
Franchise drive-ins saw a decrease of 573 percent, while company drive-ins saw a decrease of 3 percent in same-store sales.
He can manage an offense on a drive-by-drive basis, especially if he's given a weapon like Hopkins to bail him out.
Drive modes include Quiet, Sport, Sport+ and Track I ran into another NSX on the drive and it happened to be at sunset.
Investigators said a laptop, hard drive, and USB flash drive seized from his residence contained thousands of images and videos depicting child pornography.
Following last year's Drive CX, Nvidia just announced an updated version of its computing platform for self-driving cars, the Drive PX 2100.
The savings households make on cars, will drive higher consumer spending in the U.S., which in turn will drive business and job growth.
Among the benefits of the move to direct drive is the abandonment of the belt drive, promising more accurate sound and playback speeds.
Still, if you don't want to die, use some common sense: wear your seat belt, don't drink and drive, or text and drive.
The Trump campaign used Facebook mostly to drive direct-response fundraising efforts, while the Clinton campaign used Facebook mostly to drive persuasion messaging.
Still, the firm wants Monzo to prove that each customer can drive more revenue than they drive cost within a year or so.
But she knows it fueled her drive, a drive that has now pushed her to be a leading Democratic candidate for Georgia governor.
You can drive for miles without seeing another human or even a building; people's homes can be about a 10-minute drive apart.
Volkswagen makes three rows of seats standard in front-wheel-drive versions, but only two rows come standard in all-wheel-drive models.
To get to town, fly into Palm Springs, or make the two-hour drive from Los Angeles, or one-hour drive from Ontario.
I'd choose an SSD over a hard drive any day just because I know it's more durable than a platter-based hard drive.
Another widely discredited hypothesis, the "behavioral difference," suggests that police disproportionately stop minority motorists because they don't drive very well or drive differently.
More than 80% of the new locations Starbucks opened in fiscal 2018 had drive-thrus, with these models outperforming locations without drive-thrus.
Visitors must drive along a rural road and then locate an unmarked, 330-yard tree-lined drive that leads to a main gate.
SUNDAY DRIVE One of my favorite family times on Sunday is actually running errands because it's also our version of a Sunday drive.
Global health Burrowing skin mites drive victims mad with itching, but distribution of a few pills can drive the infestation from entire communities.
In an age of drive-thrus, a sandwich is practical in a way a bucket isn't: You can eat it while you drive.
I drive back to my place and pick up my friend, then we start the drive down to Virginia to enjoy the outdoors.
Truck drivers are supposed to only drive eight hours a day, but they would often drive day and night to get things done.
One of the arresting agents suggested that Salahi drive his own car to the station, so that he could drive himself home afterward.
Authorities said that they received 911 calls of reported gunfire in the area of Sherman Drive and Colgate Drive at 1:26 a.m.
It asks you who you're traveling with, what kind of a car you drive, and what your "drive vibe" is (whatever that means).
Apple also famously moved away from the floppy-disk drive with its iMac G3 in 1998, in favor of the CD-ROM drive.
If you drive a lot for charity, moving, or medical reasons, you can also take a small deduction for every mile you drive.
How to permanently delete files from Google Drive on AndroidWhen you remove a file it is sent to your Google Drive trash can.
Yet, as 6900 percent of Americans drive to work (including 2628 percent who drive to work solo), they won't really have a choice.
The storage (hard disk drive or HDD, or solid-state drive or SSD) will determine how much space for files the laptop has.
You can partition a hard drive in Windows 10 to create dedicated portions of the hard drive that your computer will recognize separately.
The Utes then forced USC to punt on its ensuing drive and that set up Utah's game-winning 15-play, 235-yard drive.
Roughly 1.7 million Americans drive long-haul trucks for a living, and another 1.7 million people drive taxis, buses and other commercial vehicles.
Drive Home is exactly what it sounds like: A Luxe valet will drive your car back to you when you're ready to leave.
But even if you love to drive fast, it's likely you'll never drive a Tesla Roadster, either — the new base model costs $200,000.
WD 210 TB Elements Portable External USB 103 Hard Drive for $210 ($210 off): Having a big portable hard drive is essential if you produce any kind of digital content, especially as a back-up drive in case of a tech emergency.
I experimented with the newest update of the second-generation AutoPilot, powered by a version of Nvidia's Drive PX2, in spurts throughout the drive.
They can only hope that what happens next won't drive up costs, drive down sales and deliver an even bigger hit to their earnings.
It's where I learned to drive, because it had a private driveway, so my father let me drive when I was 12 or 14.
The irony of that is the best way to program those robots to drive may be to program them to drive more like humans.
YouTuber Terrormink upcycled an old scanner, hard drive, and CD-ROM drive with some Meccano parts and an Arduino to run the whole thing.
Two versions of the new CLA were announced in Las Vegas, the front-wheel-drive CLA 0.93 and all-wheel-drive CLA 250 4Matic.
Should your hard drive fail, BackBlaze will send you a 4TB hard drive with all your data on it via FedEx next day delivery.
They live in Stockton or other lower-cost cities, drive to the Bay Area on Monday, work in construction and drive home on Friday.
Adjustable drive modes change a number of settings on the car, helping it drive more economically (right...), or adjust to slippery or snowy conditions.
It argues that the animal's subjective experience — not just external forces — can drive pleasure and can drive the evolution of ornament all by itself.
If you have a SATA drive (as many Windows laptops do), it may have a hard time keeping up with a fast external drive.
It's not clear how much cheaper this model will be, but the removal of a Blu-ray drive will definitely drive down the price.
Simply take an external drive (see above), plug it into your computer, and open up Time Machine to configure it as a backup drive.
Driving enthusiasts will go crazy for the rear-wheel drive option, but in this Detroit wintery weather, all-wheel drive certainly has its appeal.
My games played just fine on the system, but only from the USB thumb drive; if I removed the drive, the games stopped working.
It even integrates with cloud services, so you can access and sync all your data on Drive, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and more.
Dutch driver Max Verstappen was forced to drive carefully around the creature when it scuttled onto the track in the middle of his drive.
The drive part of it, I think it was just cultivated over the years with the natural drive and competitiveness that I've already had.
This one was complicated because a friend offered to drive me and my boxes to my office (I had not yet learned to drive).
There's already a 3D Xpoint storage drive available, taking advantage of the technology's incredible speed, but that drive is 375GB and retails for $1,500.
Sony makes it fairly simple to remove and replace your stock hard drive, as well as restore your data to a new hard drive.
M. was supposed to drive us home, but he just smoked a joint and is feeling even sleepier than I am, so I drive.
However, since there aren't any discs that would fit in a drive that small, Madmorda's mini Gamecube understandably doesn't feature a working disc drive.
They estimated a termination of NAFTA could drive the peso to 20.06 to the dollar, while an Obrador victory would drive it to 3.333.
The big upgrades in this model are double the RAM at 5003GB and a 2500GB solid-state drive instead of a 220TB hard drive.
The project, which was announced in May 2015, occupies approximately 20 acres near World Drive and Epcot Center Drive at Walt Disney World Resort.
Put any data you need to keep on a thumb drive or a small external hard drive that you can carry on with you.
My whole life has been about if people land in a place and drive to the right, I want to drive to the left.
"We work closely with those clubs to identify best practices, and to identify ways to make it drive awareness and drive attendance," Edwards said.
With permanent all-wheel drive, one of the world's best all-wheel-drive systems, it can move you through snow, mud or heavy rainfalls.
All of the base's streets are named for generals: Pershing Loop, for John Pershing; Marshall Drive, for George Marshall; Washington Drive, for George Washington.
Once you tap on an item (you can browse iCloud Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and other connected services), it will attach to the event. 
No four-wheel-drive here, but an all-wheel-drive system that should be able to handle moderately foul weather and the odd snowstorm.
The standard MacBook Pro is the only computer that Apple sells that still has a DVD drive or optical disc drive of any sort.
If you'd prefer Google Drive only sync files when you absolutely need them you can sync using the Google Drive File Stream app instead.
The Solid-State Hybrid Drive storage coupled with a hard drive capacity of 1TB ensures that you won't run out of space anytime soon.
Players would turn around, drive back a few yards to hit a checkpoint, then pull a U-turn and drive to the finish line.
This unrivaled experience will drive listeners to Pandora and drive awareness for Premium, while also creating new opportunities for artists, labels, publishers and advertisers.
And then right down the street from my house is a place called Kentone's that's a drive-in, an old school little drive-in.
Depending on the apps and accounts used with the iPad, choices may include online storage sites like iCloud Drive, Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox.
Where: Faculty House, 64 Morningside Drive (enter on 116th Street between Amsterdam and Morningside Drive), New York, N.Y. 10027 You may purchase tickets here.
Ms. Zhang had entered the property with four cellphones, a hard drive and a thumb drive infected with malware, according to federal court records.
That's largely due to the use of a solid state drive — an "SSD" — that runs much faster than a traditional hard disc drive (HDD).
Rent a car to drive through the Sawtooth Mountain range (a roughly three-hour picturesque drive) for an overnight in the Sun Valley wilderness.
Located on the northwestern edge of town, just above West Vista Chino and North Palm Canyon Drive, it is well worth a leisurely drive.
To use Google Drive with Slack, you first need to connect the app to Slack or access your Google Drive account in your browser.
Since their trucks do not fit through drive-thru lanes, restaurants' shift towards drive-thru and delivery could eliminate even more of their options.
Truck drivers cannot maneuver rigs through drive-thru lanes and are banned from walking to order at the drive-thru, due to safety concerns. 
Central Johannesburg is about 14 miles away, or about a 30-minute drive, and O.R. Tambo International Airport is about a 35-minute drive.
Drive to spectacular hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park or Estes Park, or take a drive on the Peak to Peak highway above Boulder.
He has invested an unlikely mystique in the stretch of Mulholland Drive that meets Woodrow Wilson Drive in Los Angeles, because Harry lives nearby.
"Go on drive-bys and spill all of their blood, or rent a big truck and drive all over them," she wrote that March.
And this happened over several days, so every watch team got to drive circles, drive straight lines and measure out how the ship responded.
Further, BTIG&aposs Saleh says, sales at locations with drive-thru lanes tend to be 30% to 40% higher than locations without drive-thrus.
Warren finished off a nine-play, 22-yard drive by dashing in from 241 yards out on a scoring drive that took 2:13.
The moneyed classes drive the middle classes from their neighborhoods, and then the middle classes, or their children, drive the working classes from theirs.
A gene drive is very powerful: Instead of leaving inheritance up to chance, a gene drive system ensures that particular DNA is passed along.
The Hard Drive Stats survey can get a bit technical, but it does provide a snapshot of drive failure rates over a period of several years — if you want to see one attempt to collect information about the life of the average hard drive.
Altadena is a 10-minute drive from Pasadena; the 30- to 40-minute drive to Downtown Los Angeles can take up to 90 minutes in traffic; Los Angeles International Airport is 40 minutes away, though with traffic the drive can take up to two hours.
You drive as much as you can through their businesses, and then you drive as much as you can on a direct basis as well.
We had to drive 23 miles out of our way over a mountain pass on this busted muddy four-wheel drive road in a storm.
I keep my notes folder in iCloud Drive (Dropbox or Google Drive work just as well) so they're accessible from anywhere and from any app.
The Crafter HyMotion with a fuel cell drive is absolutely a beneficial addition to our drive portfolio of petrol, diesel, natural gas and electric motors.
On top of that you'll blaze through the competition with 16GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive with an additional 256GB solid state drive.
Once you drive into the designated Drive Up parking area, Target staff will come outside with your order reportedly within an average of two minutes.
At CES 2019, SanDisk has the biggest flash drive ever: an absolutely massive 4TB prototype USB-C drive that can still fit in your pocket.
"We live in the neighborhoods where we sell to, we drive the cars our clients drive, we wear the watches our clients wear," Altman said.
Plugless' Tesla Model S charger currently is only compatible with rear-wheel drive Model S cars — all-wheel drive model compatibility is in the works.
In Canada, there was something called Pirate Joe's, where a guy would drive to the Sates and buy shit and drive it back to Canada.
Currently, Plugless' Tesla Model S charger is only compatible with rear-wheel drive Model S cars — all-wheel drive model compatibility is in the works.
Demand will rise for subsidized housing, which will in turn drive up demand and costs for higher end rentals and ultimately drive up purchasing prices.
People are free to drive, but they do not have permission to drive 150 miles per hour — that's reckless driving and it's a criminal offense.
Google today announced the launch of new desktop application for Google Drive users, called Drive File Stream, which is now available to G Suite customers.
On an eight-play, 78-yard drive, he touched the ball eight times, six runs for 43 yards and a drive-defining 29-yard reception.
Mind. Blown.  BTW, the ginormous 1TB hard drive and Intel Celeron G4900T processor are included, plus a privacy webcam and re-writable optical DVD drive.
On the Chargers' next drive, an untouched Travis Benjamin threw the ball on the ground to allow the Saints to drive for the winning score.
He says that while almost all mammals have an intense basic drive to eat the afterbirth, humans do not seem to have the same drive.
They drive and kick and drive and kick and belabor sequences in search of a perfect opportunity instead of striking while the iron is hot.
It's pretty much like the old iCloud Drive app, except that it also integrates with third-party cloud services, such as Dropbox and Google Drive.
One of things that has been reported in the research is that people who [get high and drive] tend to slow down, or drive slower.
In 2019, the average drive-thru time at McDonald's was 284 seconds, or almost five minutes, according to QSR Magazine's annual Drive-Thru Performance Study.
Turkish troops had entered the region to drive out Kurdish forces, with whom the US had partnered to drive out ISIS militants in the region.
In fact, for a drive-by view of the plant, you need only travel along the Belt Parkway or Beach Channel Drive, in the Rockaways.
Congestion pricing asks people to pay to drive on roads they used to drive on without charge, so the politics won't get easier anytime soon.
They expect that ending subsidies would drive up the cost of silver plans but, for subsidized Obamacare enrollees, drive down the cost of other options.
And to my listeners in the Midwest, you can still drive your frigging car or your truck or whatever you want to drive, your SUV.
For a person in an 80,000 pound 18-wheeler, drive-thrus aren't an option — and some have failed to just walk through the drive-thru.
The plan, which he calls a daisy drive, separates the components of any gene drive into discrete parts—a genetic version of a multistage rocket.
To be extra safe from hackers, after backing up your data onto an external drive, unplug the drive from the computer and put it away.
Visitors to the 100-acre drive-thru park can feed several animals on their drive, including giraffes, zebras and bison, according to the park's website.
" Dashon Burton, the opera's Moses, was struggling to enunciate his character's decree to "Drive the first stake," which kept sounding like "Drive the first take.
Sales at locations with drive-thru lanes tend to be 30% to 40% higher than locations without drive-thrus, according to BTIG analyst Peter Saleh. 
"This was the last car that you could park in your garage, drive to the track, win the race, and then drive home," Myers added.
Some people want an SUV because they believe that an all-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive option will make them safer in bad weather.
But if we're in the game in a very substantive way, we will help drive the competition, which will drive down the cost of gas.
I don't enjoy walking like a penguin, or how difficult it is to drive a stick shift car right now (when I drive at all).
I believe that market forces are really important to drive wealth creation, not for the few but for the many, to drive middle-class growth.
Trump unveiled a limited plan in late October designed to drive down some Medicare drug costs by permitting the government to test-drive price changes.
Still, McCarron guided an impressive 15-play, 75-yard touchdown drive to start the game — the team's first TD on an opening drive this year.
Veterans, Patriot, Memorial etc Day parades..go on drive by's + spill all of their blood or rent a big truck n drive all over them.
Business users of G Suite are recommended to keep using Google Drive until a business-focused solution called Drive File Stream comes out later this year.
The Columbia class is to be equipped with an electric-drive propulsion train, as opposed to the mechanical-drive propulsion train used on other Navy submarines.
Older laptops and nearly all desktops will work with a 2.5mm SATA drive, while newer laptops will probably use a M.2 SATA or NVMe drive.
The ultra-durability of the components really starts with the Gates Carbon Drive belt drive, which replaces the metal chain you'd find on a typical bike.
And that has an unfortunate distributional effect, because young people drive a little less than the middle-aged and the poor drive less than the rich.
Back to Mulholland Drive is the written expansion of the 2017 art exhibition Retour sur Mulholland Drive, which Bourriaud curated in the sunny city of Montpellier.
Also, the dual-motor all-wheel drive option is now restricted to the long range option, with the mid-range option getting rear-wheel drive only.
Typically, this will be on your USB drive, though as we've mentioned you can install these apps anywhere you like, even somewhere on your hard drive.
Yesterday at Sega Fes 2018, It announced that it will release the the Mega Drive Mini, a miniature version of the Mega Drive, sometime in 2018.
Investigators said the laptop, a hard drive, and a USB flash drive seized from Salling's residence allegedly contained thousands of images and videos depicting child pornography.
The Crazy Cart Shift also does away with a chain drive connecting the drive wheel to the motor, so there's less parts to fail or break.
McDonald's added it to drive thrus in Australia this month and plans to have it in 8,000 drive thrus in U.S. in the next two weeks.
The current version works with rear-wheel drive Tesla S models only, with plans to introduce support for all-wheel drive versions beginning later this year.
To get started with ReadyBoost, pop your USB drive into a Windows computer, then open up File Explorer, right-click on the drive, and choose Properties.
Investigators said a laptop, a hard drive and a USB flash drive seized from Salling's residence allegedly contained thousands of images and videos depicting child pornography.
This 378 car offered well-to-do Frenchies rack and pinion steering and a drive shaft instead of a chain drive, modern features for the period.
The trucks can drive autonomously on the highway, but still need a person behind the wheel to monitor the operation and drive the truck on streets.
Inbox also now integrates with your Google Drive account, so you can insert Drive links, edit file permissions, and save email attachments from within the app.
If you have not activated iCloud Drive, you must do so first – the drive will allow you to share and access files across all your devices.
The new initiatives could shift some 20 percent of drive-thru orders to curbside delivery and another 20 percent to drive-thru pickup only, executives said.
The drive also comes with a sweetener: an enclosure for the old SSD, which lets you turn it into a beautiful (and blazingly fast) external drive.
It can also be a bit of a drive from Los Angeles since it's situated in Buena Park, California, about an hour drive outside the city.
It also offers an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card, along with two hard drives — including a 128GB solid-state drive and a 1TB hard drive.
McDonald's began testing the technology at drive-thrus in 2018 and plans to roll out the tech at drive-thrus by the end of the year.
While Gros Ventre is nearly an hour's drive from the town of Jackson, the hub of Jackson Hole, Amangani is less than a 10-minute drive.
"We think we can drive a lot of business back to America, we can drive jobs back to America, we can make ourselves very competitive," he .
As a top player Scoggins is a low passer, attempting to stuff a butterfly hook and drive to half guard, then drive to mount from there.
This will not just drive people to live in the surrounding cities and commute in, it will drive companies to set up offices out of state.
The base 22019 Tucson SE front-wheel-drive starts at $22019,223 while the top-of-the-line Ultimate trim with front-wheel drive starts at $2200,231.
Officials said the first bombing, on Haverford Drive on March 2, and two more on March 12, on Oldfort Hill Drive and Galindo Street, were connected.
The regional airport in Karlsruhe is about a 25-minute drive; the Frankfurt international airport is a two-hour drive or a 218-minute train ride.
She noted, too, that many Googlers had been hired for their work-endless-hours drive; now that drive was marshaled in the service of a movement.
The easiest way to connect Google Drive and Slack is to add a Google Drive link to a message, then follow the prompts to connect them.
" A Google spokeswoman said, "Every month, Google News and Google Search drive over 24 billion visits to publishers' websites, which drive subscriptions and significant ad revenue.
Depending on the trim, the range can vary from 210 miles (Select with all-wheel drive) to 300 miles (California Rt. 1 with rear-wheel drive).
While those SUVs are built around what is essentially front-wheel-drive engineering, the GV80 is based on real-wheel drive engineering, like the Genesis sedans.
Then, in the first meeting this year, Carr led a touchdown drive to open the game before being intercepted by Marcus Peters on the second drive.
I pick up T. on the way and we drive to our other friend, K.'s, house, so she can drive the rest of the way.
"Originals are your opportunity to define your brand and, for us, to drive must-have listening and to drive people to the site exclusively," Gateley said.
The current generation of partial automation is not part of a drive to safety; it's a drive to get to market first with little-tested technologies.
If you do have to drive, watch for fallen objects in the road, and don't drive through floodwater; it could contain debris as well as germs.
Guymon is about a five-hour drive west from Tulsa, and the trip to Oklahoma City is about a four-and-a-half-hour drive southeast.
This means if there's low demand, you may have to drive to busier areas or wait to go online and drive once demand picks back up.
It's still a plug-and-play affair on macOS, but Windows 10 won't recognize this drive once connected; you'll have to install a partition on it and assign it a drive letter in the Disk Management setting before it can be used like a portable drive.
The arms race for the biggest hard drive is constantly escalating: last year saw Seagate announce a 0003TB hard drive, and now the company is back with an announcement that an even large 16TB drive is in the pipeline for release in 2018, according to
But a handful of signs — Saigon Drive, My-Viet Drive, Tu-Do Drive — in Village de l'Est, a neighborhood at the city's eastern edge, some 19753 miles from the French Quarter, hint at an immigrant community that, in many respects, has existed only on the margins.
Audio-Technica AT-LP12003X-USB Direct Drive Professional USB Turntable Audio-Technica AT-LP60X Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable Steinberg says this lower-priced Audio Technica model, which features a belt drive, is a perennial bestseller at B&H and the first one he shows people.
"Staff was unable to obtain any 4G LTE signal for 38% of drive tests on U.S. Cellular's network, 21.3% of drive tests on T-Mobile's network, and 16.2% of drive tests on Verizon's network, despite each provider reporting coverage in the relevant area," the agency said.
It features 2TB of Ultra Speed Seagate Firecuda Gaming SSHD (the fastest hard drive specially made for gaming) and provides all the essentials you need to backup files, install new components, reuse the original hard drive, and convert your PS4's drive into a new portable one.
The other problem was that the winery was a 90-minute drive from my apartment in Brooklyn and you have to drive through Manhattan, which I hate.
It is powered by its connection to your PC or Mac - there's no external power source needed to power the drive... I'm very pleased with this drive.
It's very hard for those folks to understand what happens when you drive across America, 90 percent of the territory you drive across will be Trump territory.
While we compete on a content basis with many of those companies, they are also our partners, and we drive their business, they help drive our business.
The Thunderbolt 3 drive suffered the biggest hit from the limitations imposed by the Razer's SATA drive, though the non-Thunderbolt drives performed similarly on both systems.
As in Robocop, the police department in Blood Drive serves the corporate overlords — specifically, the mysterious, omnipotent conglomerate Heart, which also, surreptitiously, runs the Blood Drive race.
The FF was famously the Ferrari you could drive on rough terrain and take up mountains for a ski trip, thanks to its all-wheel drive system.
According to investigators, the laptop, a hard drive, and a USB flash drive seized from Salling's residence allegedly contained thousands of images and videos depicting child pornography.
I've already put my name on the list for a more extensive test drive, but even with less than 30 minutes of drive time, I noticed differences.
Instead, Zhang was found to be carrying a host of electronic devices, including four cellphones, an external hard drive, a laptop, and a thumb drive containing malware.
The beta test, dubbed the "Google Drive Offline for Binary Content Beta," is only open to admins of G Suite domains who have Drive File Stream enabled.
A gene drive is so named for its ability to "drive" certain lab-selected traits into every offspring of an engineered species, eliminating competition with natural selection.
"Humans are notoriously bad at risk assessments: we drink and drive, we text and drive, we go way over the speed limit, and so on," he said.
According to Honda, front-wheel-drive Passports will be able to tow up to 3,500 pounds, while all-wheel-drive models can pull up to 5,000 pounds.
For both Dropbox and Google Drive, you need to fork over $9.99 a month for 1TB of storage, though Google Drive offers tiers above and below that.
The laptop, a hard drive and a USB flash drive seized from Salling's residence allegedly contained thousands of images and videos depicting child pornography, according to investigators.
"I think that's fully reflective of household formation, this sort of emerging millennial generation that is continuing to drive and will drive the next generation of housing."
All images: IntelFor a decade now, one of the biggest factors in choosing a computer has been the choice between traditional hard drive and solid state drive.
Owners first must configure a USB flash drive in Windows or MS-DOS file architecture and add a base-level folder in the flash drive called TeslaCam.
If you're new to the Drive service, Seagate claims you'll get a year of unlimited storage just for buying the hard drive, which normally costs $59.99 annually.
Bosch, another automotive supplier, would also adopt the Nvidia Drive computer, Hsun said, as well as working with Audi to build cars powered by Nvidia's Drive computer.
If you need everything as quickly as possible, the company can send you a USB flash drive or even an external hard drive for an additional fee.
And so it's literally all my travels are people land in a city, they drive to the right, I take a car and drive to the left.
The top-of-the-line model I've been testing has a 21GHz Intel Core i2249 processor, a 2360GB solid state drive, and a one-terabyte hard drive.
"It's not the most efficient way to drive a car, and it's not the fastest way to drive a car," says Porsche powertrain project leader Heiko Mayer.
While measuring personal success against the success of another is like comparing apples and oranges, we can measure our drive with the drive of other relentless workers.
All three are good, but the Animal andAbsolute come with a miniature motorized tool and a more powerful torque drive as opposed to the Motorhead's direct drive.
"You can build the fastest race car on the planet, but if people don't know how to drive or don't want to drive, it's worthless," he said.
In 2003, the biologist Austin Burt proposed that a gene drive could be used to stop malaria, but actually creating a gene drive was expensive and difficult.
Burt was right—a gene drive could, theoretically, be used to eradicate malaria, but that was only the beginning of what a CRISPR gene drive could do.
When they did make a drive for the first time in 2015, in yeast, they simultaneously built a second drive that overwrote the first and restored it.
Then, you'd have to drive hours to the school in a rental car, drive back to the airport, and get the next flight to your next school.
What about speech that's designed to drive a woman out of her workplace or to bully a teenager into suicide or to drive a democracy toward totalitarianism?
Make no mistake, open-source software is a brilliant delivery model to drive user adoption, and it's poised to drive increasing market value in the coming years.
Health experts worry that such policies drive may drive pregnant women away from health care providers or lead them to conceal their drug use from their doctors.
One could say it's a sex drive, but what I took from it was more a drive to be noticed, needed, recognized, that gets out of proportion.
When he doubled in the fifth inning to drive in the Dodgers' first run, he flipped his bat, perhaps thinking the line drive would leave the stadium.
The Giants scored a touchdown on their opening drive and mustered another impressive scoring drive late in the fourth quarter that narrowed the deficit to 29-18.
Secret Service agents recovered a laptop, four cell phones, an external hard drive, and a thumb drive with malicious malware from her bag, according to the complaint.
Verdict: It may be time to update the old saying — what happens within a half-hour drive of Vegas stays within a half-hour drive of Vegas.
At the same time that the government permitted women to drive, female right-to-drive activists, such as Loujain al-Hathloul and Eman al-Nafjan, were imprisoned.
Border patrol station or port of entry... ... without a hospital within an hour's drive ... with only one hospital within an hour's drive NEW MEXICO ARIZONA TEXAS CALIF.
Dunkin' Donuts unveiled its first dual-lane drive-thru system in 2018, and Chipotle rolled out its version of the drive-thru called Chipotlanes in early 2019.
And as if to drive the point home, TYT co-founder Cenk Uygur went out of his way to discourage the union drive during a staff meeting.
But far more plentiful are the houses built in a score of subdivisions since the late 1980s, including at Moffat Ridge, Woodfield Drive and New Castle Drive.
Our original plan was to drive up the coast to Kennebunkport, ME but we're both not sure we want to drive three hours there and hours back.
There was the 1998 release of the iMac that — to some customers' horror — did away with the floppy disk drive, featuring only a re-writable CD drive.
Like the Rev, it has two motors, but this one lets me toggle between single-drive mode to save battery and dual-drive mode to tackle hills.
She was found to be carrying four mobile phones, a laptop computer, an external hard drive, and a thumb drive that "contained malicious software," the complaint said.
After she was detained, agents found she had multiple electronic devices including four cellphones, a laptop computer, an external "hard drive type" device and a thumb drive.
That has frustrated some GOP lawmakers, who say it's a sign of the White House's inability to drive a consistent policy message and drive the president's agenda.
The ransomware deletes -- not encrypts -- the critical first few sectors of a hard drive called the master boot record (MBR), which is critical for hard drive function.
Soon, I got my own Mac — a beige Mac Plus with no hard drive, requiring me to constantly swap floppies in and out of the disk drive.
One cleric claimed women were not smart enough to drive, while another warned that those who drive risk damaging their ovaries and bearing children with clinical problems.
He rediscovers it when given a chance to drive a super-fast Audi, because who doesn't want to drive at 205 miles per hour at least once?
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That slow, uncertain         drive down Shadow Road.

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