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"close" Definitions
  1. the end of a period of time or an activity
  2. the fact of something shutting, especially a door
"close" Synonyms
near nearby proximate adjacent neighbouring(UK) nigh adjoining abutting handy immediate imminent impending neighboring(US) accessible alongside approaching contiguous convenient walkable local compact crowded dense tight packed solid cramped thick compressed concentrated congested jam-packed short close-packed condensed crammed cropped serried crushed impenetrable intimate inseparable attached loving bosom chummy dear devoted familiar friendly constant faithful special best cherished close-knit especial fast firm stifling stuffy suffocating humid muggy oppressive airless heavy unventilated confined fuggy stale sticky sultry breathless clammy steamy sweltering sweltry frowsty secretive reticent uncommunicative private unforthcoming quiet tight-lipped close-lipped closemouthed dark tight-mouthed close-mouthed evasive guarded on the QT taciturn hidden hush-hush mum(UK) mom(US) miserly parsimonious stingy mean ungenerous illiberal mingy cheap penny-pinching penurious tightfisted tight-fisted uncharitable grudging sparing stinting chintzy closefisted skimpy even level narrow equally balanced evenly matched hairbreadth hard-fought well matched down-to-the-wire fifty-fifty neck and neck sharply contested even-steven even-stevens nose to nose nip and tuck side by side with nothing to choose between them tied bordering on verging on in danger of on the verge of on the brink of on the point of within an ace of on the threshold of careful detailed rigorous thorough assiduous attentive conscientious diligent meticulous painstaking searching focussed(UK) focused(US) intent minute alert intense keen methodical vigilant watchful wary distinct marked noticeable pronounced strong fierce acute extreme great severe profound deep harsh powerful serious intensive exquisite exceptional supreme accurate exact strict delicate fine literal mathematical pinpoint precise refined hairline verbatim definite lifelike similar resembling spot-on word for word confidential secret classified inside privy hushed privileged protected closed closet nonpublic undisclosed direct forthcoming coming upcoming on the way about to happen in the offing pending at hand in the wind on the horizon nearing looming oncoming religious scrupulous punctilious fussy sedulous fastidious finicky pedantic zealous finical nitpicking rigid unswerving equivalent corresponding comparable like identical alike equal parallel correspondent analogous same commensurate indistinguishable akin interchangeable duplicate proportionate ditto synonymous beloved personal significant endeared respected memorable valuable valued admired adored appreciated esteemed preferred prized relished revered limited restricted confining constricted meagre(UK) squeezed choked circumscribed incapacious pinched scanty small bounded amicable congenial cordial pleasant good-natured easy casual informal unceremonious comradely civil peaceable agreeable amical calm genial hard stiff robust stout sturdy adamantine hardened tough impermeable massed unmalleable unyielding fixed husky solidified steely taut kindred related matching cognate connate allied connected kin associated homogeneous agnate affiliated dependable loyal patriotic staunch dutiful steadfast true ardent fanatical impervious steady unfaltering emphatic fervent stalwart trusted screened sequestered cloistered segregated secluded retired remote covert removed solitary deserted reclusive unfrequented blockaded lonely quarantined approximate loose rough estimated imprecise inexact general ballpark vague hazy amorphous approximative broad coarse-grained inaccurate indefinite sketchy squishy fuzzy terse concise succinct curt brief pithy crisp laconic epigrammatic compendious aphoristic summary thumbnail monosyllabic apothegmatic elliptical sententious crabbed indecipherable labored(US) laboured(UK) scribbled shaky illegible irregular unreadable tightly packed bad spidery awkward hieroglyphical clannish cliquish cliquey exclusive insular unfriendly parochial sectarian select aloof associative clanny exclusionary provincial huggermugger backdoor backstairs camouflaged clandestine cloak-and-dagger cryptic discreet disguised dissembled dissimulated furtive in ambush incognito affectionate tender fond warm adoring caring doting kind benevolent gentle nurturing supportive amatory considerate snug skintight clingy sheathlike slinky close-fitting figure-hugging form-fitting sprayed on tight-fitting fitted clinging body-hugging constricting well-fitting tightfitting sheath-like formfitting contoured chosen discriminating discriminative elect elite exclusory noninclusive restrictive uninclusive peaceful placid serene still stilly tranquil arcadian halcyon lown restful untroubled low low-pitched soft subdued bashful checked shut secure bolt fasten bar latch lock slam padlock draw to pull to push to screen shutter put up the shutter seal lock up chain close up make fast block cork plug stopper blockade clog fill obstruct stuff bung choke pack seal off dam occlude stopple caulk congest deactivate stop disable kill cut extinguish halt trip switch off turn off shut off cut out unplug shut down disconnect detach from a power supply de-energize cut off douse end conclude finish terminate discontinue wind up suspend adjourn break off cease complete dead-end determine die dissolve elapse expire lapse pass close down collapse crash fail cease activity cease production flop fold be closed be closed down become insolvent be shut be shut down be wound up cease operating cease trading be liquidated come to a halt clap clench clasp clutch grasp grip grapple hold seize cling to grasp hold of close around close over approach catch up close in come near come nearer come up draw close draw near draw nearer get near get nearer belly up come close come closer creep up draw closer draw on gain on contract diminish lessen reduce shrink constrict dwindle straiten make narrower make smaller become narrower become smaller get narrower grow smaller wane decrease moderate subside ebb settle clinch finalise(UK) finalize(US) confirm guarantee agree establish fix transact bring about bring off pull off wrap up set the seal on shake hands on cordon off isolate segregate enclose encircle surround barricade quarantine rope close off fence off tape off block off rope off partition off join connect bind attach tie couple link unite yoke stick bond interconnect glue concatenate knit weld clamp interlink droop fall purse pucker wrinkle crease cockle tighten ruffle compress pout squeeze press screw up press together constringe squinch draw in draw open part lower raise fling open pull shut pull together pull back pull open shut out exclude ban debar except eliminate ostracise(UK) ostracize(US) refuse evict cover conceal hide mask veil shroud seclude beleaguer log out exit leave log off sign off suture stitch sew darn sew up stitch up tack baste seam hem patch mend repair tailor patch up clout embroider cauterize(US) fling shut shut noisily close noisily close with a bang close with a crash close with force shut with a crash shut with force shut with a bang founder bomb miscarry tank misfire flunk crater flatline miss backfire flummox nosedive bellyflop fall flat be unsuccessful sum up summarise(UK) summarize(US) epitomise(UK) epitomize(US) encapsulate synopsize digest recap condense recapitulate abridge review examine sum inventory estimate total put in a nutshell squeeze together clump cluster crowd huddle force together join together button zip belt up button up do up hook up lace up zip up fence circumscribe encompass bound circle compass engird gird girdle form a ring round form a barrier around confine envelop environ border embrace inclose satisfy recompense compensate indemnify meet pay remunerate repay requite balance clear discharge equalise(UK) equalize(US) foot recoup reimburse square disburse conclusion cessation finale termination adjournment closure ending stoppage completion culmination arrest arrestment consummation discontinuance discontinuation windup courtyard enclosure quadrangle court patio road street yard cul-de-sac inclosure piazza quad plaza cloister precinct arcade corral lapa esplanade fruition fulfilment(UK) fulfillment(US) achievement attainment realisation(UK) realization(US) accomplishment actualization success execution actuality effecting implementation effectuation way avenue roadway thoroughfare route highway boulevard drive expressway freeway artery turnpike row drag arterial trace carriageway evening autumn afterlife afternoon age last part latter part latter stage declining years later years elderliness maturity oldness agedness ancientness senility dotage senescence seniority place centre(UK) center(US) forum galleria mall marketplace area common green parade field ground ring park rink alley arena track stadium playing area terrain sports field field of play playing field pitch turf hasp fastener catch fastening hook clip buckle pin fibula hook and eye gloaming twilight dusk eventide nightfall crepuscule eve sundown sunset crepuscle evenfall night half-light dawn decline dim duskiness vespers by around in close by close at hand within reach not far away at close quarters in the neighbourhood in the vicinity near-at-hand on your doorstep near at hand not far off about here closer hither nearer over here to here to this location to this place to this spot in this direction toward closely next subsequently afterward afterwards thereafter thereupon after ensuingly then later after this after that after that time before long soon after within a short period of time firmly tightly determinedly devotedly doggedly earnestly indefatigably loyally obstinately resolutely staunchly stubbornly tenaciously unflinchingly unrelentingly unwaveringly cheek by jowl arm in arm beside one another by the side of cheek to cheek close together hand in glove hand in hand on one side shoulder to shoulder very intimate yardarm to yardarm nearly together narrowly barely just scarcely hardly marginally slightly only just almost by a nose by a hair by a whisker by narrow margin by a very small margin by the skin of one's teeth by the narrowest of margins at a push only almost not immediately dead right directly exactly plumb bang precisely squarely slap bang smack-dab smack slap slap-bang diametrically plump slam bang beside round close to near to right by adjacent to a short distance from a step away from in the neighbourhood of in the vicinity of on the doorstep of round the corner from a stone's throw from More
"close" Antonyms
distant far remote abroad away deep faraway far-off removed far-flung outlying out of the way far away far off farthest furthest loose sparse open scattered dispersed sporadic penetrable porous thinly distributed airy spacious relaxed lax loosened slackened insecure unsecured uncrowded roomy uncongested clear available free unoccupied accessible bare empty unfilled vacant uncramped estranged alienated detached unfriendly antagonised(UK) antagonized(US) apart disconnected disengaged divided indifferent parted separated severed standoffish unattached unconnected uncoupled breezy unstuffy ventilated atmospheric blowy cool drafty(US) draughty(UK) dry fresh windy exposed lofty well-ventilated out-of-doors refreshing communicative forthright honest outspoken straightforward candid direct forthcoming uninhibited unreserved upfront blunt free-spoken genuine sincere straight truthful unguarded freehearted generous charitable liberal freehanded giving munificent unstinting magnanimous openhanded unsparing bounteous bountiful extravagant lavish spendthrift prodigal wasteful unselfish profligate squandering one-sided lopsided unbalanced uneven unequal ill-matched miles ages ages away cursory brief casual perfunctory careless haphazard hasty hurried rushed uncritical desultory fleeting inattentive passing quick random rapid rash sketchy sloppy cavalier incautious inconsiderate irresponsible neglectful neglecting negligent oblivious thoughtless unobservant unwary absent-minded injudicious mindless reckless scatterbrained slight little minor small subtle trifling trivial imperceptible inappreciable inconsequential inconsiderable insignificant marginal minimal negligible superficial vague minute modest fallacious false unfaithful untrue counterfactual erroneous flawed imprecise inaccurate incorrect inexact mistaken unsound untruthful wrong coarse discrepant distorted falsified faulty common public unconcealed unhidden publicised(UK) publicized(US) published shared transparent uncovered attainable disclosed obtainable overt recognised(UK) recognized(US) late recent never later past gone delayed unlikely avoidable doubtful escapable future blabby chatty conversational gabby garrulous loquacious motormouthed mouthy outgoing talkative talky ardent demonstrative forward sociable warm multiloquent multiloquous voluble bombastic verbose babbling chattering gossipy blathering chattery arid cold dehydrated sunny torrid different dissimilar incomparable unlike changeable mismatched opposite irrelevant meaningless pointless unbeloved worthless execrated hated unimportant abhorred despised detested disdained disfavored disliked forgotten loathed abandoned broad wide ample big expansive fat immense large outspread sizeable capacious comfortable commodious extensive huge sizable hostile antagonistic bitter acrimonious contentious spiteful aggressive angry belligerent combative competitive uncompromising argumentative bellicose disagreeable fierce harsh quarrelsome unsociable bone-dry dusty parched scorched desert unclose unlatch unlock release pop unbar unbolt undo unfasten uncover unlace unravel unseal unstrap untie unwrap start loosen unblock unclog unplug unstop ameliorate disengage extricate liberate unburden unload unloose permit activate operate run trigger function work put on start up switch on turn on begin commence initiate launch inaugurate kick off continue persist hang on carry on join go restart combine mend live breathe reopen resume recommence introduce accept pick up go on neglect unsettle start off drop unloosen disconnect lose separate surrender unclasp unhitch yield uncork unhand let go retreat recede withdraw retire backtrack flee recoil fall back move away move back pull out back away back up widen broaden expand extend increase multiply dilate distend enlarge fatten stretch swell prolongate protract drag lengthen prolong stall delay perpetuate drag on drag out draw out thrive burgeon boom shine blossom develop improve grow profit achieve succeed win accomplish bourgeon flourish reach bloom earn prosper appear emerge proceed actualize form happen materialise(UK) materialize(US) occur transpire arrive unfold arise opening beginning introduction prelude commencement genesis inception incipience incipiency preface birth dawn dawning initiation kickoff opener origin nascence continuance continuation abidance continuity continuousness maintenance ceaselessness constancy permanence perpetuation preservation persistence longevity resumption prolongation protraction continuing extension endurance furtherance acceleration encouragement precipitation promotion quickening activation advance aid assistance freedom help liberation letting go naught nonfulfillment nought disappointment dissatisfaction failure frustration imperfection loss need sorrow unfulfillment unhappiness want further farther more distant at a greater distance

866 Sentences With "close"

How to use close in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "close" and check conjugation/comparative form for "close". Mastering all the usages of "close" from sentence examples published by news publications.

"Close the door, close the door, close the door," Nigro said.
"I'm so close, so close, so close and yet so far away," Williams told reporters.
The U.S. needs to "[close] businesses, close large gatherings, close theaters, cancel events," Gottlieb said.
"Close the door, close the door, close the door," New York City Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro said.
Suicide Squad's numbing sameness extends well beyond its master-close-up, close-up, close-up shot sequences.
This is why I am here today, close to Yugoslavia, close to Serbia, close to Slobodan Milosevic.
This is why I am here today, close to Yugoslvia, close to Serbia, close to Slobodan Milosevic.
This is why I am here today, close to Yugoslavia, close to Serbia, close to Slobodan Milošević.
This is why I am here today, close to Yugoslavia, close to Serbia, close to Slobodan Miloševic.
And finally, getting close — really close — to wildlife.
Below we'll be tracking the Dow's movements throughout the day: 9:30am: 24,6673 (down 61 points from Monday's close of 24,601) 9:35am: 24,486 (down 115 points from Monday's close) 9:663am: 24,457 (down 144 points from Monday's close) 10:25am: 24,553 (down 48 points from Monday's close) 10:43am: 24,461 (down 140 points from Monday's close) 10:50am: 24,566 (down 35 points from Monday's close) 11:003am: 24,498 (down 103 points from Monday's close) 21:240am: 224,2667 (down 266 points from Monday's close) 24:4am: 224,2640 (down 239 points from Monday's close) 12:15pm: 24,536 (down 65 points from Monday's close) 12:6403pm: 24,478 (down 123 points from Monday's close) 1:40pm: 24,667 (up 66 points from Monday's close) 4:00pm: 24,640 (up 39 points from Monday's close)
"I'm so close, so close, so close and yet so far away," Williams continued in her post-match press conference.
We knew we were close — but not close enough.
Comparatively, my first fund took 9 months from announcement to first close, and 15 months from first close to last close.
I have to close the film, and close it cinematically.
"It's close to home, but not too close," Deontre says.
Up close — very up close — he even has baby teeth.
Incredible creature up close, but still too close for me!
"We're close friends and our families are close," Richard said.
We have to learn how to close out close games.
Tap "Close" to close the Participants window when you're done.
Australia's Toughest Question: How Close Is Too Close to China?
First, states can close loopholes that Congress refuses to close.
There are close calls and then there are close calls.
"Close the door, close the door, close the door," the fire commissioner, Daniel A. Nigro, said at a news conference on Friday.
"It's close, but it's probably close to like 60-40 [ratio]."
It's not a close election — not even a little bit close.
We now have a number that's close, but not close enough.
Posting to the "Close Friends Story" is visible to Close Friends.
The vote was 13-10; a close call — far too close.
" Asked how close the explosions were, Denise Brandt responded: "Too close!
She knows she is close, but has no idea how close.
You were close to the audience, very close to the audience.
Close ties Saudi Arabia has historically had close relations with Pakistan.
He wants to close mosques and close borders to asylum seekers.
I mean, really and truly, this is a close, close race.
Nikkei -0.05 pct at close, Shanghai stocks -1.69 pct at close.
The only other actress who could come close is Glenn Close.
The roads are signed, with names like Hallelujah Close and Praise Close.
Not only are we all really close but our families are close.
People don't know which deal will close and when it will close.
"A close race and a close poll focuses the mind," Feingold said.
"They're close, she's close with all of her siblings," the source says.
Snap was up close to 2 percent Monday, ahead of market close.
A celebrity is a Chuck Close painting: Up close, it's all dots.
You know, they were very close, Elon and Steve were very close.
"He was getting close to her, a father-daughter close," she said.
"They are really close — she's close to both of them," Williams said.
Meaning, BATS Market Close is challenging the primary, stronghold on the close.
We keep hearing this word "close," but we heard "close" months ago.
With Trump, these analogies are tantalizingly close but probably not close enough.
Visitors can get close — but not too close — to bears hunting salmon.
You could tell that those he held close, he held very close.
I felt like I was close on some, but not close enough.
"They've become very close," one source close to the vice president said.
We need to close the online loophole, close the gun show loophole.
Her work is not ingratiating, and a lot of that is due to her refusal to "close": to close forms with contours, to close paintings.
Here's what is at stake in each state: Maine 24 delegates Polls close at 237:27 pm EST Massachusetts 2228 delegates Polls close at 27:267 pm EST Vermont 27 delegates Polls close at 83:28 pm EST North Carolina 2415 delegates Polls close at 28:30pm EST Virginia 99 delegates Polls close at 7:00 pm EST Tennessee 64 delegates Poll close time varies.
The Close Guantanamo campaign has set up the "Countdown to Close Guantanamo" initiative to mark how many days the President has left to close the facility.
The players were close; and when I say close, I mean hold-out-your-arm-straight-in-front-of-you-and-you-could-touch-them close.
Unlike many other show-business duos, these boys were close when they were young, stayed close throughout their rise to stardom, and remain close today. 3.
You have to get in close—intimately close—for that kind of thing.
Buffett: Yeah, it'd be very close, but— Quick: Very close to Coca-Cola?
Tesla wanted to close its showrooms before it didn't want to close them.
Some of my close, close, closest friends have been seated at this table.
A close at these levels would be its highest close since May 2.
The source is close… so close it could be sitting on my lap.
Delta ordered close to 600 pies for Atlanta and other airports close by.
I do, I feel oddly close to them even though I'm not close.
We've been close a few times and not so close on other nights.
Wage policies: how close state minimum wages are close to the livable wage2.
It's close enough for materials research, though, and it's close enough for me.
It reached a final close today, having hit an early close in January.
The close quarters combined with close friendships and artistic relationships can be trying.
In a close election, there are a million reasons "why" it was close.
Insiders whispered that a deal was close, then far away, then close again.
If I can get close to it, I'll be close to the green.
The crop will be bound for a close-by destination — extremely close by.
"Close the door, close the door, close the door," he said, echoing a public service announcement that the New York City Fire Department contributed to in 2005.
Facebook's share price slid share close to 9 percent from its close on Nov.
It will be close to impossible for him to close down all three cases.
But it has cut close to him, given his close relationship with Mr. Burke.
Keeping close trade ties with them will mean sticking close to the EU too.
"We were able to close out a close game, even with a couple mistakes."
Close to due date The mother was close to full-term in her pregnancy.
Sidney Blumenthal works for the campaign and close—very close friend of Secretary Clinton.
Carrier's original plan was to close the entire factory, eliminating close to 1,400 jobs.
I think we know now how to close and where we're going to close.
"I like to stay close to people, and close to my culture," he explains.
The two grew close, and have remained close, despite differences of temperament and politics.
"My dad and my little brother are really close, like super close," Kelly said.
Sidney Blumenthal works for the campaign and close — very close friend of Secretary Clinton.
Investors will keep a close watch on Apple Inc results, due after markets close.
"You literally can't close down a city to close down a microbe," he says.
" But Bevin isn't accepting the results just yet, calling it a "close, close race.
"We're very close to getting it done, we're very close to voting," he said.
The polls showed a close race, and the final vote was, in fact, close.
The only way to close the window to is to force-close the entire browser using either the Windows task manager or the Force Close function in macOS.
" Gottlieb said some cities will have to "shut down their economy" to slow the spread of the virus, meaning "close businesses, close large gatherings, close theaters, cancel events.
Below we'll be tracking the Dow's jumps from open to close: 9:35am (ET): 24,00 (up 294 points from Friday's close of 24,190) 224:2712am: 286,2522 (down another 24 points, up 200 points from Friday's close) 6003:2600am: 2112,2410 (up another 138 points, up 278 points from Friday's close) 12:15pm: 24,626 (up another 1123 points, up 436 points from Friday's close) 2:00pm: 24,712 (up 86 points, up 522 points from Friday's close) 4:00 pm: 24,600 (down 112 points, up 410 points from Friday's close)
The S&P 500 rose 111.083 percent to close at 2,874.69 while the Nasdaq Composite climbed 0.9 percent to close at 7,975.98, a record high close for both indexes.
Come festival season over here, we were all really close and just became close mates.
WARREN BUFFETT: Yeah, it'd be very close, but— BECKY QUICK: Very close to Coca-Cola?
Prince Harry has a close bond with Invictus Games athletes — but perhaps not this close!
Close. Close. Everything to the right of the camera that is not your friend content.
Norma Desmond may be ready for her close up, but Glenn Close wasn't on Wednesday.
Friendships that are not as close, but your close friends will know about your finsta.
Me and Dolly's close, we're just about as close as I'm gonna get to her.
And just like the polls in Ohio, the booths are pretty close -- maybe too close.
For Jade, having two little ones close in age means they'll potentially be close pals.
And in Stromborn, she gets close—oh, so close—to Sand Snake matriarch Ellaria Sand.
DJI ended up 21 percent to close at 2500,256, its sixth straight record-high close.
In other words, Democrats are making things close lots of places that shouldn't be close.
"I'm trying to get close to God rather than close to these streets," he said.
Although we hadn't been crazy close in England, we became super close in New York.
"Sometimes that last issue is hard to close, But we're getting pretty close," he said.
His books include "Close Reading: Chuck Close and the Art of the Self-Portrait" (2005).
"It's a close relationship in some aspects and not so close in others," he said.
The company lost $1.03 between Wednesday's close and Thursday's close, falling from $86.89 to $85.86.
Close parenting also means close monitoring of your children's communications (yes, this is your job).
The three states agreed to close casinos, gyms and movies will close at 8 p.m.
When their doors close, they close, with a bang, and no one would dare interfere.
Sidney Blumenthal works for the campaign and close are, very close friend of secretary Clinton.
It's not even close to AI. It's not even close to what human intelligence is.
People thought he had a chance, and on election night things were close, very close.
The climbed 0.16 percent to close at 2093,480.91, its first record close since July 26.
In helpless longing to get close to you he must destroy what's close to you.
There aren't many justifications for letting a few close states decide a close national election.
Rookie Brandon Clarke, Valanciunas and Tyus Jones converted from in close to close the quarter.
Slipping beneath the skin, slicing the facade, close to the bone, too close for comfort.
The most important development here is that Grinch and Cindy Lou got close — very close.
"A person close to Clinton told Business Insider that she and her husband knew Maxwell through a close family friend, Ted Waitt, and that Clinton and Maxwell were never "close.
Tuesday's special election in a traditionally conservative congressional district of Pennsylvania is surprisingly close — too close for comfort for Republicans, and just close enough for a possible upset for Democrats.
The close election merely underlines the need to find an approach that reflects the close referendum.
Given the fine line separating the two, an important question arises: How close is too close?
Netflix shares gained 21% to close at $2871.15 and Facebook gained 3.1% to close at $186.27.
Austria in turn could close its border with Italy, and Rome might then close its ports.
Stepped too close to her, Sunshine Woman said, and brushed up against her real close-like.
Netflix shares gained 2.7% to close at $354.99 and Facebook gained 3.1% to close at $186.27.
Walter says no, and explains what's really like to be close to someone, like really close.
Don't feel too bad for Zuckerberg — heading into Friday's close, shares were already close to $121.
For Roper, having two little ones close in age means that they'll also be close pals.
When it comes to an overlap of theme, plot or character, how close is too close?
From that Monday close to the following Monday's close, the SPY ETF added an average 2%.
"Close to Me" singer Ellie Goulding has revealed that she once came close to quitting music.
I was close to this woman, and remained close, even after she said what she said.
I think that it's close, but even the fact that it's close is… It's mind-blowing.
However, the remained close and continued to remain close with Williams and Matilda throughout the years.
Kentucky is currently too close to call, and Oregon polls don't close until much later tonight.
It's expecting a first close as soon as May, and a final close later this year.
But this year in the Empire State, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are close—very close.
Your father wasn't perfect either, but he was pretty damn close; as close as they come.
Close your eyes, press play, and just imagine your body up close next to scruffy Pitt's.
"It was so close to being foul and so close to finding his glove," Burns said.
Remember sitting up close to your parents' TV to see how the pictures worked up close?
"Technically, if they didn't close, the police would come and close them down," Sanger told me.
Because we decided to stay in, we had to tell some close family and close friends.
They think Venus is so close to the Sun but Earth is not that much close.
While two of Trump's close friends said, 'Please don't refer to us as Trump's close friends.
It was tennis, because it was summer, close to the water and close to our house.
If those counts are anywhere close to accurate, this effort won't even come close to succeeding.
Trump affects something close to a regal pout, close enough anyway to be perfected through Botox.
But the truth is, we need quality first, and we need sustainability a close, close second.
But benchmark contracts were on track to close the week with gains close to 21.3 percent.
At the close, the Dubai Financial Market General Index was down 0.19 percent at the close.
It's close to payday, so close to when we'll really be noticing what the furlough costs.
Meanwhile, Macy's provided a list of 68 stores it has close or will close by the middle of this year as part of a previously announced plan to close 100 stores.
Three individuals — one close to Flynn, a second close to Kushner, and a third close to Bannon — denied that the nuclear deal came up in the meeting with the Jordanian king.
The Razer Game Store will close on February 28 The Razer Game Store will close on February 28 The Razer Game Store will close its doors at 1am PST February 28.
"Because if we fail to do that, if we close our eyes, if we close our lips, we close our ears, what will be the role of the Church?" he said.
If Trump can be said to have close friends -- and I am not sure that he is truly close to anyone outside of his immediate family -- then Ruddy is a close friend.
That left share prices close to a record high, and gilt yields close to a record low.
Made of polyester fleece, these machine-washable boxers will ensure you're close to him—really, really close.
Copper's close presence helps Connor stay calm and ride out his attacks with a friend close by.
We're gonna close down mosques, we're gonna close down diners where we think radical thinking's (ph) occurring?
For years I described myself as someone easy to feel close to without actually being close to.
But, because she was so close with her sister, she instantly felt close to her sister's kids.
Q4 results due after market close Dow Jones +0.5%, S&P 500 +0.7%, Nasdaq +1.3% at close.
For Roper, having two little ones close in age means that they'll also be close pals — hopefully.
Well it does close out with a close-up crotch shot, so it's not exactly aiming high.
Some of the middle group are close to being good credits; others are close to being bad.
But a close review of Jones' posts to social networks was never going to withstand close scrutiny.
SoftBank is close to finalizing an investment in WeWork, a source close to the transaction tells CNBC.
First, develop close personal relationships with those in power or, alternatively, their family members and close advisers.
There were a lot of games where we didn't close a game out or make close plays.
A source very close to the company says $275 million was just a little high, but close.
"This should not be a close race, but it's going to be a close race," Obama said.
But close observers of the process said they could see no sign that a deal was close.
Saudi Arabia's index shed 0.4 percent to close at 7,711 points, its lowest close since Oct 5713.
But Ms. Hadid had many close friends, and fostered a warm, close-knit relationship with her employees.
Rebuttal: Hannah wasn't close to Tony, but her tragic story shows she wasn't really close to anyone.
By the close of Election Day, two days after Christmas, the vote was too close to call.
Justin's family was very close to Stephanie's (Jay's girlfriend) family, and Stephanie was very close to Adnan.
ET close, it wasn't clear if the prices reported for the indexes at the close were correct.
The rupee gained 0.24 percent to close at 143.90/144.00, rising from Tuesday's close of 13/45.
The Guild is close — walking distance close — to anything you want to do in downtown San Diego.
Diseases spread faster among people in close quarters, a factor that often drives decisions to close schools.
It's very important that we should have a close friendship, a close partnership with the United States.
"We are close to China, and we are getting more close," he said in a later interview.
Uruguay is happy to sit back and close them down if they get too close to goal.
Over the last 10 years, Texas saw 20 rural hospitals close and Tennessee saw 12 hospitals close.
The country's founding document is seen close up, suggesting the importance and close examination of the text.
De Niro is in nearly every scene, with his close friend in the movie, Pesci, close behind.
"Not because they close the show that I work in — it's that they close history," he said.
There usually aren't phones; we are sitting close; we are paying close attention to something around us.
Kroger trimmed losses to close 0.1 percent lower, while Costco recovered losses to close 0.07 percent higher.
At the close of business on Friday, The New York Times Index will close after 104 years.
"They literally just have to think 'close my hand,' and they close their (prosthetic) hand," Gaston said.
Terry McAuliffe, a close friend of Clinton -- which Trump claimed showed close ties between McCabe and Clinton.
Those who run the barrier said it was a close call whether to close it that day.
The cousin would stand close to him, sometimes too close, or want to be around him frequently.
His sudden move had come as a shock even to close associates, another source close to Khan said, while a source close to Thiam said they did not know what he planned next.
It was important to photograph them really close—visually really close—just to observe it as it is.
Polanski and Tate were also close to the group's married members, John and Michelle Phillips — perhaps too close.
The flash estimate comes close to theEuropean Central Bank's target of putting inflation close but below 2 percent.
Remote desktop sessions are encrypted by default, and you can just close the window to close a session.
But the very fact that the race is close today suggests that it won't remain close for long.
At the close, the benchmark index had gained 27 percent, to 13,21, its best close since March 214.
Trump's close adviser Roger Stone is a close friend of Jones's and a frequent guest on his show.
A source close to the two companies tells us that the acquisition price was close to $90 million.
I'm here with someone who I used to be very close with who I'm not close with anymore.
"They're close; she's close with all of her siblings," a source told PEOPLE of Dion, 47, and Daniel.
The Nasdaq Composite added 0.7% to close at 8,170.23, while the also gained 0.7% to close at 1.153,995.82.
Najimy, a close friend of Cagle, and Amanda Armstrong, a close friend of Whitney's, spoke at the wedding.
A source close to Bitmain'S IPO said the company was aware about the potential for close regulatory scrutiny.
Exelon said Clinton will close on June 1, 2017, and Quad Cities will close on June 19873, 2018.
You want your subjects to be relatively close, but not so close that the stitching becomes really noticeable.
The songwriting here cleaves as close to the bone as Swift ever gets, which is generally pretty close!
China and Australia have close economic ties, but Beijing is suspicious of Canberra's close military relationship with Washington.
This day is close to my heart because he is close to my heart, and always will be.
My view it was a close to a wash, but Trump needed a win and didn't come close.
I think we need comprehensive background checks, need to close the online loophole, close the gun show loophole.
If we close fabric then we pretty much have to close every bar and club in the country.
Shares of Facebook have declined more than 17 percent from the close on March 16 through Tuesday's close.
One source close to both women said Abedin is consulting a close group of confidants and her lawyers.
"Keep close relations?" could mean to stay close to someone, or it could be a pun on INBREEDing.
But it's risky to count on a lot of close wins, which can easily flip to close losses.
If the race is close, it could be a long night  The Western states, including California, close late.
Mr. Kushner has grown close to Ron Dermer, the Israeli ambassador and a close confidant of Mr. Netanyahu's.
However, things got close late, with Louisville coming as close as one point away with 2:04 remaining.
Nevertheless, Trump drew Bannon close and kept him close until he started to upstage him in press interviews.
The fell by 0.31 percent to close around 23,203 while the fell 294.688 percent to close at 2111.21,20.44.
"Shooting, moving, communicating — our mission is to close with and destroy the enemy in close combat," Brig. Gen.
But how close is too close for comfort when it comes to Hillary Clinton and America's largest corporations?
A source close to Thiam said they did not know what Khan had planned next, while a source close to Khan said the sudden move had come as a surprise even for close associates.
This past summer, as Cohen felt close to death and Marianne herself was close to death, he wrote to his muse once again: She died the next day, and Marianne's close friend responded to Cohen.
Close Guantanamo Bay While presidential candidate Obama pledged to close the US detention camp, the prison is still open.
"They have been very close for the past few months," a source close to Cyrus told PEOPLE in January.
"I never believed it, I always thought it would be a close election because our elections are always close."
A source close to the couple recently told PEOPLE exclusively that Shelton, 40, is close to proposing to Stefani.
Mike DeWine has been trying to walk the fine line of appearing close with Trump, but not too close.
"Three ladies-in-waiting, a couple of relatives, a very close relative and some really close friends," she said.
Although if a new Safe Harbor deal really is close the current legal limbo may close up soon enough.
If Sarah was criticized for being too close to the players, Brad was castigated for not being close enough.
Resigned to his fate, he chose to close the night, and close the season, by speaking from the heart.
"He was killed very close to the northeast, very close to the Euphrates River, near Jarablus," the official said.
We want our kids to be close in age so they're close siblings, and I'm not getting any younger.
As of Tuesday's close, the Shanghai composite has skyrocketed more than 30 percent since its last close in 20183.
"They're close, she's close with all of her siblings," a source previously told PEOPLE of Céline, 47, and Daniel.
Mars' close approach occurs (just like it sounds) when Mars' and Earth's orbits bring the two planets unusually close.
To do that, Samantha would need to have accurate close dates of when she thinks her deals will close.
We want our kids to be close in age so they're close siblings, and I'm not getting any younger.
"We're close, and moving in the right direction, but not close enough to risk it," the aide told CNN.
When the announcer talked about it getting "close to the cart path," apparently he didn't realize just how close.
SSEC fell as much as 3.1% before recovering somewhat to close 1.6% lower - still its lowest close since February.
I wouldn't have expected the stock to be very close to 70 rather than very close to a 64.
Her platform is suicide prevention – a topic close to her heart, as a close high school friend committed suicide.
As of the close Monday, the Dow and S&P 500 were on pace to close higher for February.
I close the book and close my eyes, and wonder why I don't go to church as often anymore.
Alas, its stock is up close to 6 percent at market close, adding some $40 billion to its value.
Alphabet picked up $1.08793, or 1.4 percent, to close at $835.74 and Apple added $1.05 to close at $25.67.
The Dow Jones industrial average rose 22.79 points to close at 23,580.78 points higher, just missing a record close.
Words matter Actress Glenn Close described the jarring moment her sister, Jessie Close, opened up about having suicidal thoughts.
Runge and The Wife's cinematographer, Ulf Brantas, make frequent and telling use of close-ups, especially of Glenn Close.
It is not even a close call on the merits, nor is it a close call on the politics.
The Time Warner-AT&T merger could close within 60 days, sources close to the deal told CNBC Thursday.
The park is located close to the Wells Fargo Center, putting it in close proximity to the convention's epicenter.
The Nikkei 225 fell 23 percent, or 300.43 points, to close at 22,380.99 — its lowest close since October 31.
The director of photography, Paul Atkins, and his team got close to the volcano, perhaps a little too close.
The index on Monday briefly dipped below its close on Election Day 2016, but recovered slightly before the close.
Ron DeSantis ordered all restaurants to close down except for delivery, and all gyms and fitness centers to close.
"In close games, we've learned to be comfortable, and there are going to be close games in the playoffs."
The pan-European STOXX 600 is expected to close the year at 380, just 1.7% higher than Tuesday's close.
Close congressional districts are close because they contain an even mix of people from both sides of the aisle.
The boats tacked from side to side, coming close but not close enough to push the hat to shore.
"This whole thing is baffling to us because we are close, we are a close-knit family," he said.
The slipped 0.15 percent to close at 3,33 and the Shenzhen Composite shed 0.342 percent to close at 1,988.5891.
The bonds were up 3 basis points from Tuesday's close, and up 57 basis points since last Thursday's close.
Poll stations close at 222 (225 GMT), except for the main cities where they close at 227 (225 GMT).
Maggie took some classes, and the two women became close—so close that Nelson is now Myles's literary executor.
I advised my readers to focus on close Senate races in states where the presidential race was also close.
A lot of people think they're close to him, but how many people would he describe as close friends?
"We're very close to getting it done; we're very close to voting," Mr. Trump said of the tax bill.
The game will undoubtedly be close — the Patriots always seem to make it close — but the Rams should win.
You can make it close, you can add it up and you can do it, but it wasn't close.
JFK's election was extraordinarily close — so close that he won only three more electoral votes than Donald Trump has.
McKinnon, the master of impressions, is a method acting Close one moment and a warm and conversational Close the next.
She is due in February — close to the same time as Khloé, according to an insider close to the family.
The two are perilously close to touching — deliciously close to touching — before Hap (Jason Isaacs), their captor, unfurls a shotgun.
The Dow on Monday grabbed 287.97 points to close at 25,826.43 and the gained 2503 points to close at 2,790.37.
Living in Alaska means you have to be extremely close with nature, but sometimes nature gets a little too close.
The burning objects are close enough so as not to appear remote, but not so close as to appear threatening.
Jennifer Aniston's keeping her friends close and her exes damn near as close these days ... this time it's John Mayer.
" On Wednesday's episode, Frankel stressed that as close as they were, "it was not even close to a perfect relationship.
Throughout, we remained convinced of the close strategic fit and both sides had every expectation that the transaction would close.
If you want to add a Close Friends post to your Highlights, it will remain viewable by Close Friends only.
She is due in February — close to the same time as Kardashian, according to an insider close to the family.
"Brody was never very close to Kim, Kourtney, Khloé and Rob [Kardashian]," a source close to Brody, 34, tells PEOPLE.
Frank leaned back again—the other man was close, too close—and tried to guess what all this was about.
Patrick, 62, has told close allies, staff and advisers of his decision, Politico reported, citing sources close to the governor.
But he did have certainly people that were reasonably close to him and close to him that were probably involved.
Although Holzhauer still isn't quite close to eclipsing Jennings's record, the gap continues to close with each game he plays.
And the cultural translation for the word "close" varies dramatically by region: never trust strangers who say things are close.
"We are all so close in the water and all have made very close friendships over the years," Bella says.
Close your mouth, open your eyes, no, wait—close your eyes, open your mouth, you'll see, it'll go down easier.
That's from close of the markets Friday to close Monday, so any effect of the clock shift would be captured.
Market-on-close and limit-on-close orders were canceled and will have to be submitted again, the NYSE said.
I don't want to get too close but want to be close enough to see a little bit of detail.
Ostensibly for convenience, Google doesn't close private searches when you leave its app — you have to manually close them yourself.
Museum models show them stabbing or thrusting with spears at close range to their prey, causing close confrontations during hunting.
Australia and China have close economic ties but China is suspicious of Australia's close military relationship with the United States.
But privately, there are few legal experts or even close allies of Trump who believe Mueller is close to finished.
The plant is at least the fifth one in Texas to close, or to announce plans to close, this year.
After a close flyby, the Juno spacecraft has sent back the first close-up images of what planet's southern lights?
The plant is at least the fifth one in Texas to close, or to announce plans to close, this year.
As of Wednesday's close, CBS stock had risen by more than 120 percent from a close of $24.04 on Dec.
A first close is expected to come over the next month or two, with a final close likely next year.
But, once you win, that close connection -- or even a not-so-close connection -- can doom you among swing voters.
That could be important in a close race (and this race now looks close!), but a massive change is unlikely.
Polls close: Starting at 7 pm Central time, but some won't close until 9 pm North Dakota's incumbent Democratic Sen.
The benchmark index is set to close out the week more than 14% below its record close on Feb. 19.
The party also came close to winning the governorship when Stacey Abrams lost in a close race to Republican Gov.
Gilead shares climbed almost 9% between Thursday's close and Monday's close, though the stock declined 3.8% to $70.10 on Tuesday.
Nonetheless, in a close election — and 22019 may well be a close election — every vote in a battleground state matters.
The main stock index fell 2.33 percent, or 22.3 points, to close at 21,7.50.9000, its lowest close since Dec. 14.
That would represent about a 230% gain over 2342's close and an 20193% gain from Tuesday's close of 22019,227.
"Maybe it surprised people that Kobe and I were very close friends, but we were very close friends," Jordan said.
"Three ladies-in-waiting, a couple of relatives, a very close relative and some really close friends," the actress said.
In each successive close national contest since 2628, the number of truly competitive states has decreased, even in close elections.
Japan's edged up 0.05 percent, or 11.08 points, to close at 20,310.46 after surging close to 2 percent on Tuesday.
It can be a close friend or someone you used to be close with, but have since lost touch with.
Close trading partner China is Saudi Arabia's largest trade partner, outstripping nearby European nations and close ally the United States.
Japan's was up 1.08 percent to close at 23,672.52, and the Topix index added 1.46 percent to close at 1,785.66.
In one of those districts, the 94th District, the vote was really, really closeclose enough to trigger a recount.
At the time she was a star teenage athlete ... they grew close and he became close with her entire family.
The Dow fell 103 points, or just under 1%, to close at 25,864.78, while the S&P stumbled 51.57 points, or 1.7%, to close at 2,972.37 while the Nasdaq slid 1.8%, or 162.98 to close at 8,575.62.
The Ukraine debacle has also revealed that there are numerous non-government actors close to Trump — or close to people close to Trump — who can now be targeted by foreign spies for surveillance, direct pressure or recruitment.
"They have been very close for the past few months," a source close to the singer told PEOPLE at the time.
At the end of last year, AT&T had close to 135 million subscribers and Verizon had close to 146 million.
One of the virtues of being a therapist is witnessing human beings up close, or as close as intimate conversation allows.
Lohan has reportedly earned close to $28 million for her film career, and yet she was close to bankruptcy in 2010.
"You're close to the beach, close to major cities and you've got the best education in the state," said Weissman, 60.
The controller is regular-sized, though, and feels, oh, about 99 percent close to the real thing, which is close enough.
While still not a close-close race, that's definitely closer than a normal Senate race in Alabama for an off year.
The Vision Fund announced an initial $93 billion close in May, but SoftBank is targeting a total close of $100 billion.
A source close to the company also tells us that the deal is expected to close by the end of June.
Schneider-Ammann said the government was keeping a close eye on the franc and was in close contact with the SNB.
There's also a macro mode for close-ups as close as nearly 12 inches, and a landscape mode for capturing scenery.
"It's been something close to my heart," Florida-based Anderson, whose coach Brad Stine lives close to the affected areas, said.
"Last year I was close to it, really close to it," Springfield told host Lori Majewski about nearly ending his life.
Deere's share price dropped 1.4 percent to close at $84.55 on Wednesday, while Monsanto slipped 0.9 percent to close at $106.50.
And that's why, I think, this is such a huge tragedy too — it's some very close friends, with very close relationships.
The yuan was trading at 6.8930 on the dollar, flat versus Tuesday's close, and remains close to levels of June, 2008.
The latest: Dressbarn plans to close all 650 of its stores, and Payless ShoeSource will close its 2,600 stores by July.
Alabama voters head to the polls on Tuesday to close out what has been an unexpectedly close — and closely watched — race.
That's close to, to put it in context, close to 10 percent of our top line is going into that space.
And the conventional thinking among 2020 presidential candidates at the moment is to get close—but not too close—to Trump.
The main stock index fell 0.39 percent, or 26.88 points, to close at 6,867.62, slipping from its highest close since Dec.
Perform paid close to 600 million euros ($698 million) for the three seasons, a source close to the matter told Reuters.
Close one eye, and your finger is in one spot, close the other eye and your finger is in another spot.
That legislation ensure Iran does not come close to possessing a nuclear weapon, with close to a 1-year breakout timeline.
The major indexes turned lower as the close neared, similar to Friday's sharp pullback from intraday highs to close mildly higher.
Charter gained about 5 percent to close at $207.01 On Monday and Time Warner rose 4.1 percent to close at $209.63.
Sources close to the model said it was for as much as $70k, but sources close to Brown heavily disputed that.
Sources close to the celebrity chef say the relationship hasn't been hot for quite some time now ... but they remain close.
But take a close look at the pages of Breitbart right now and you'll see that's not happening, not even close.
"Remember that we close on health care and corruption and they can close with whatever toxic racist stew they want," Sen.
Its shares fell 0.79 percent in Tuesday's session to close at 18.95 shillings ($0.1836) each, from Monday's close of 19.10 shillings.
As of Thursday's close, the stock was still down 26% from its close on the day it posted earnings in July.
One-week forwards were at 152.90/153.00 at the close of trade, compared with the previous session's close of 153.00/10.
Sources close to the National Security Council have for weeks expected that Schadlow, who was a close adviser to Lt. Gen.
And I could see his nostrils like very up close, because he was holding the FaceTime so close to his nose.
I'm close to grass roots, I'll have over $28500 million [in the bank] and I'm very close to cops and firemen.
The deal, which is expected to close in the middle of 214, represents a 7.5% premium from Friday's close of $125.51.
"We have to respect the rules," said Anna Burro, 56, as she stood close, but not too close, to her friend.
Most other girls never got too close to her, but now she has the chance to get close to another girl.
The index later moved off its session lows to close at 18,591.93, 259 points above its close on Election Night 2016.
It's been close to 27 years since John Sculley left Apple but he still holds that lesson close to his heart.
"When you close your dreamy eyes/Are they even close to dreaming of mine?" she sings on "Apathy," a bruising highlight.
They keep a close eye on their clients, but in many places, no one is keeping a close eye on them.
But this meant that a single bad (if close) loss or good (if close) victory could disproportionately sway a team's rating.
McDonald's announced on Monday that company-owned stores would close all seating areas, effective at the close of business that day.
Sanders, came nowhere close to replicating those results, having lost in Idaho, with the other states remaining too close to call.
Drawing is usually an immediate act — something everyday and close to the hand; it's sensitive to texture and encourages close looking.
Many local businesses have been forced to close indefinitely, while others will likely opt to close altogether as the economy falters.
The awards ranged from about $10,000 to close to $40 million, not from about $10 million to close to $40 million.
And you had 230 Democrats who voted to close government," he said, "and they'll say Trump wanted to close the government.
Winning close races in these districts is not a sign that Republicans will keep winning close races in less favorable places.
The awards ranged from about $13,000 to close to $40 million, not from about $10 million to close to $23622 million.
Global oil demand growth has been close to 2 million barrels per day, and supplies aren't growing anywhere close to that.
The risks were slightly higher among young people living in close quarters, such as small towns or close-knit university communities.
Bankers close to the deal were putting the new issue concession nearer to 15bp after watching books reach close to 2.5bn.
The advanced by 277.61 percent to close at 20.41,268.63 while the Shenzhen composite climbed by 1.976 percent to close at 1,404.15.
Unlike many close decisions in boxing, though, there was no huge outcry, largely because the fight seemed too close to call.
Started in 2012, Close to Home was founded on the premise that being close to family anchors can help with rehabilitation.
That Oscar wouldn't make Close any more essential to our ideas of risk in American movie acting than Close already is.
He has always kept close watch over who comes and goes, and pays close attention to those in the latter category.
CVS shares fell 4.6 percent to close at $71.69 on Monday and Aetna shares fell 1.4 percent to close at $178.70.
Other features in the core product include email sentiment (looking for indications that a deal could be in danger of falling through), estimated close date (alerting you when a close date could be different from what you thought) and likelihood to close, which uses an algorithm to determine how likely it is you'll close the deal.
The dunes and ponds and rolling hills of Aquinnah gave her the chance to create a world where she could be so close to nature, close to her family and friends, and, most importantly, close to her beloved books.
The Dow's Friday close was its lowest since July 3, with the S&P 85 posting its lowest close since May 3.
The youngest KarJenner is due in February — close to the same time as Kardashian, according to an insider close to the family.
It ended at 6.4743 by the official close of domestic trading in the late afternoon, the weakest such close since Jan.11.
Japan very close to North Korea—close enough for a missile strike—so shelter companies are getting calls from them as well.
Rapper YFN Lucci was apparently too much of a crowd pleaser, because an adoring fan hopped onstage to get close ... too close.
The spot yuan was at 6.8735 per dollar at the close of onshore trading, 347 pips weaker than the previous day's close.
Around every six years, it comes relatively close to the Earth ("close" in cosmic terms, but very far by any other measure).
And he says he got really closeclose enough that he can get by until they bring one to the East Coast.
Malcolm X's eldest daughter, Attallah Shabazz, came close to tears recalling the man who was the last close connection to her father.
It's time to make them more about close relationships and add useful features to talk with your best friends and close ones.
Overnight on Wall Street, the S&P 28 added 250 percent to close at 20.6,274.06 — besting its previous record close of 20.68,265.85.
I had watched him flirt with a fish, coming close then backing away, then coming close again, until he earned its trust.
Of eight outlets in the rebel-held north, only one has had to close, because it lies close to a military base.
A source close to Powell said she and Trump remain close, and that she told him she would remain a strong supporter.
I was never close to David Letterman... I don't think David Letterman is close to many people to be frank with you.
For the Republicans, that means that either Trump is going to lose a close election or he will win a close election.
He's close to Donald Trump Jr. Scaramucci also has a close relationship with the president's eldest son, The New York Times reports.
"We want our kids to be close in age so they're close siblings, and I'm not getting any younger," Roper admitted laughing.
The Shanghai Composite Index fell as much as 3.1% before recovering somewhat to close 1.6% lower - still its lowest close since February.
The French actress parted with close to 130 one-of-a-kind styles crafted for her by close friend Yves Saint Laurent.
For one, it could help us better predict which asteroids are going to come close to us, and how close they'll get.
Vale's ADR fell 4.6 percent on Friday and 18 percent on Monday, to close at $11.20, the lowest close since December 2017.
If you're close enough to an animal to take a selfie with it, you are too close, and you should back away.
Close unprofitable stores: Sears announced it will close an additional 33711 non-profitable stores, comprised of 3371212 Kmart and 3371908 Sears stores.
The yuan opened at 6.6512 per dollar in early trade, up from Monday's close of 6.6585 - the lowest close since December 2010.
But close by - so close, in fact, that some of the roof's support posts are teetering - lies a four-metre-deep pit.
"Too close to call" means the final result will be very close and that the CNN analysts may not know who won.
Another Instagram user, Bj Edwards, also got close — but not too close — to the strange visitor, snapping a few photos for later.
She walked back down to the beach proper, and went as close to the tideline as she dared, but not close enough.
I had so many close calls, so many putts that I hit close that just didn't go in, it's just incredibly frustrating.
He's come close in the past, agonizingly close, and when it didn't happen he was so crushed he couldn't even stand up.
A source close to the situation says a final close is imminent, with most of the commitments coming from existing limited partners.
Nonetheless, the Dow did close at its 50th record high of 2017 and the S&P 423 also posted a record close.
He calls the celebrities in his orbit the Balmain Army, but he's always close by when the close-cut dresses are on.
In national polling, his ceiling is close to Hillary's floor — he peaks in the low 22012s, she peaks close to 244 percent.
Silver gained 9 cents to close at $19.74 an ounce, and copper picked up 2 cents to close at $2.17 a pound.
Bennu is relatively close to Earth, and its orbit even crosses that of our planet, making a close approach every six years.
Politically, she is a two-term governor with international experience, and she has the perfect Trump pedigree: Close, but not too close.
But I believe there should be comprehensive background checks, and we should close the gun show loophole, and close the online loophole.
Based on Digital Realty's Thursday close, the offer is worth $63.60 per share, a premium of 14.9 percent to DuPont Fabros' close.
He was given broad say over economic policy and has a number of close allies, especially those close to Ivanka and Kushner.
If schools close, child care programs will likely close too and working parents may have to stay home to watch their children.
If he can play and is anything close to his normal self, this should be a close battle between two good teams.
They were both dehumanized because of their eunuch status and also close to divine because of their close relationship with the goddess.
We will be highly uncertain in close races until some votes have been counted, well after polls close in those races. Sure.
More nights spent standing at the back of the theater, so close to the honey, so close to the heat, just watching.
One source close to the talks says he wouldn't be surprised if SVF2 isn't ultimately sized close to the original's $100 billion.
But despite being so close to they action, the seats also face individual television screens for re-plays and close up shots.
" Another, under a painting on the wall, indicated that the bar "didn't close under the bombings, should it close for collective hysteria?
The officials said an additional 13 people who have come into close contact with the infected have been placed under close observation.
Sources close to the president said it's unlikely Trump will get involved in the race, despite his close working relationship with Collins.
It has requested approval to close up to 178 U.S. stores, with decisions as to which outlets it will close still pending.
Shares of Facebook have declined about 13.5 percent from the close on Friday, March 16, to the close on Monday, March 26.
Ms. Trump has never been close to Mr. Bannon, although she appreciated the ferocity of his work, people close to her said.
Copper prices have fallen close to 19 percent this year, putting the commodity into a correction and close to a bear market.
"Upon close analysis, we believe it's unlikely that savings are anywhere close to 6% of revenue," Johnson writes in his downgrade note.
On the mainland, the slipped 0.08 percent to close at 3,360.9959 while the Shenzhen Composite gained 7.483 percent to close at 1,944.9391.
Iles wrote that the company entered the sale expecting to close "several large buyers" in addition to ConsenSys to close its gap.
Based on Digital Realty's Thursday close, the offer is worth $63.60 per share, a premium of 14.9 percent to DuPont Fabros's close.
Hackett is close with the founder of IDEO, David Kelley — so close they watch each other's desks throughout the day on camera.
The stock fell 4% on Wednesday to close at $21.66, down more than 40% from its first-day close on June 20.
There are no perfect partners; all relevant countries are either too close to the Maduro government or too close to the opposition.
The broader index declined 0.59 percent, or 33.961 points, to close at 5,709.9 as reporting season draws to a close this week.
Apple should do something to make it easy, that you have one so you can close it, but you can't close it.
But I believe there should be comprehensive background checks and we should close the gun show loophole and close the online loophole.
"The dunes and ponds and rolling hills of Aquinnah gave her the chance to create a world where she could be so close to nature, close to her family and friends, and, most importantly, close to her beloved books," she continued.
According to one person close to Mulvaney, White House doctors advised against having him travel in such close proximity to the President and the first lady, but Trump was also uncomfortable being in such close proximity with someone who was ill.
The puffins' burrows are close to the path, so we can get extremely close — some are only a few feet away from us!
Lisa and I filmed a movie together 5 years ago and became very close on set and remained close friends after filming ended.
That's close enough to capture swimmers, diving boards, water slides and umbrellas in sharp detail, but not so close it freaks people out.
The Nikkei, which earlier hit its highest level since January, edged back to close 248.58 percent above Thursday's close as the dollar moderated.
NR: We had 55 deals led by 2000 leads close in June; we had 21 deals led by 22.5 leads close in July.
This "safe" path avoided Imperial blockades by skirting close to the Maw, a dangerous cluster of black holes situated close to the planet.
"You want to either close it out and close it out with a stemwinder and knock it out of the park," Paul said.
So while baby bonds nearly close the young adult wealth gap, they probably won't do as much to close the overall wealth gap.
In tactical terms the rules of Supremacy encourage close-quarters combat, since you want to be close to those crests when they drop.
The deal is now expected to close in the first half of 2017, compared with their previous expectation of a first-quarter close.
Many Americans worry that Trump will be too close to Moscow; many in Moscow appear to worry that he won't be close enough.
A source close to 5-Star told Reuters on Thursday he believed they might need "a few more days" to close a deal.
Energy was one of the only sectors to close higher, with Tullow Oil, Subsea 7 and Shell posting strong gains by the close.
The S&P 22023 on Tuesday set its first record close since September, while the Nasdaq posted its first record close since August.
It turns out you can get broadband speeds from GCI for $74.99 per month, which is close, but not close enough to count.
It's not really close to work or to my house, but when you live in the middle of nowhere, nothing is close by.
A source close to Usmanov, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Reuters that the magnate had close ties to ruling circles in Uzbekistan.
Once you make your Close Friends list, whenever you post a story, you'll have the option to make it for Close Friends only.
While all these stories are nice, they do put a lot of pressure on Meghan and Kate to be close — and stay close.
Wall Street's "fear gauge" of implied equity market volatility held close to Monday's close at its lowest since before the global financial crisis.
"Harry has always kept in close touch with the Spencers and they have all received invitations," a close family friend told the magazine.
According to the Guardian, the Queen Mother, who was very close to her grandchildren, left close to $24 million in trusts for them.
She's close with her family "As I've gotten older, I've realized how important having your family close to you really is," she posted.
"The great thing about D&D is that we've developed such a close working relationship but a close friendship as well," he said.
We knew at the end of the game it would be close, and if it were close enough, maybe we could steal one.
We chat with a few previous guests and our own close friends to figure out how Close Friends has changed their Instagram experience.
Look for a close, a clear close, out above $325 for a breakout and you could see another 15 to 30 percent upside.
Family sources tell us Smith was a very close longtime friend of John's -- so close, John commonly referred to him as his cousin.
On Monday, the QQQ ETF, which tracks the big-tech-heavy Nasdaq 100 index, came close to recording a historic run ... very close.
After a few close calls/negotiating a few extra minutes with upset Mom, Dad recommends I call him if I'm cutting it close.
Amazon has dropped 12% from its highest close in September 2018, and Facebook is 12% off its record close from two months prior.
The largest component in both the and the Nasdaq 100, Apple fell by more than 2145 percent from Thursday's close to Monday's close.
Now, just as papi's music kept a part of Puerto Rico close to him, it now keeps part of him close to me.
However, at the close of trading of that session, Dow futures had reversed the drop to close up nearly 250 points, above 18,500.
If it's still frozen, exit the game again and press X to close the game, then confirm that you want to close it.
You can't send everyone in your contacts a reminder to do something—just people you're close with or live in close quarters with.
Secure, don't close, the southern border It is unclear what legal authority -- or resources -- the administration could use to close the southern border.
According to the Guardian , the Queen Mother, who was very close to her grandchildren, left close to $24 million in trusts for them.
Shares of Facebook have declined more than 17 percent from the close on Friday, March 16, to the close on Wednesday, March 28.
But a close examination of internal Soros organization documents show a close alignment of his political, business and philanthropic interests, especially in 28503.
Sources close to the couple tell TMZ ... they're eyeing a date in September for close friends and family to help celebrate their marriage.
"You have to close the windows, close the curtains at a certain point and be, like, O.K., now it's home time," she said.
President Trump promised to close it during the 2016 campaign, and he promised to close it as part of his 2017 tax bill.
But our close review of video from the protest shows the military opening fire on unarmed demonstrators, sometimes shooting indiscriminately at close range.
Of course, the bigger issue is Brady and Trump -- who used to be close (REALLY close) until their friendship suddenly went way south.
Andrew Cuomo said he plans to close some streets in the city and may close playgrounds and parks to contain the coronavirus outbreak.
Wait, no, that's too close, give me some space it's a big country, there's plenty of room, don't sit so close to me.
John Lewis Partnership said on Saturday it will temporarily close its 50 John Lewis department stores at the close of business on Monday.
The benchmark S&P 28.3 looked set to close out the week more than 10% below its record-high close on Feb. 19.
"I have a very close relationship with Bernie; I have a very close relationship with Warren that is newer," Jayapal told The Hill.
Its implied move is around 4 percent, in line with Apple's swings on a close-to-close basis over its previous four quarters.
Close cuts are used to foster intimacy, and if a camera never truly gets close to anyone, then we aren't likely to either.
The analyst firm estimates close to 24,24 24K TV panels will be shipped this year, rising to close to 28 million by 28.
If they didn't merge with somebody else – DAVID FABER: They were close to -- I mean, CBS before the Viacom deal was pretty close.
"In 2017, Argentina grew close to 3 percent and we think that this year we'll be growing close to 3.5 percent," he said.
The VIX then quickly popped back up to close at 9.6, above its record close but below 10 for a tenth-straight day.
"We're very close to historic peace, but we also are very close to war," Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said on Fox News Sunday.
The Los Angeles estate is close to the Hotel Bel-Air, and is in close proximity to Brentwood, Beverly Hills and West Hollywood.
Based on the "2000" part of the clue, "Feature of the 1876 or 2000 presidential election," I knew it had to do with being CLOSE, but I wanted it to be CLOSE CALL because CLOSE VOTE seemed kind of random to my ears.
City officials in Panama City originally said they had no plans to close the beaches there, but decided on Friday to close the beaches until March 26 — among the last in Florida to close its beaches, according to Elisha Fieldstadt for NBC News.
The Saints have close ties to the archdiocese, and New Orleans Archbishop Gregory Aymond is close a close friend of team owner Gayle Benson, who inherited the Saints and the New Orleans Pelicans basketball team when her husband, Tom Benson, died in 2018.
He had become close friends with Nathanial Hawthorne—so close, in fact, that he dedicated Moby-Dick to his fellow writer and early reader.
Sears needs to close 44 percent of its stores to reach 2006 productivity levels, and Penney's needs to close 32 percent of its locations.
Immigrants comprise close to 41 percent of the construction workforce in California and close to 40 percent in Texas, according to the homebuilders group.
There is nothing positive gained from having them so close to us It's a burden and a liability having them so close to us.
Even as the U.S. indices have notched record close after record close, some investors are cautious that markets could have run ahead of themselves.
Two of the newly discovered moons orbit close to Jupiter—thought not as close as the large, Galilean moons: Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto.
Deloitte which earlier this month said that 145 stores would close, issued a statement saying all Poundworld's 335 outlets would close by Aug. 10.
Shayk is close friends with Chrissy Teigen After starring in their first SI Swimsuit Issue together, the duo remained close friends over the years.
This meant that he struggled to actually close the distance if his man didn't wade in and close it while trying to punch him.
The long right served perfectly to close the distance and he was able to weave up and connect the left hook from in close.
According to a review on Balding Beards, this guy gives a pretty close shave, but not too close that it's going to nick you.
At the close of markets on Wednesday, Bill Gates held a fortune of $90 billion, and Bezos was a close second with $89 billion.
Tesla tumbled 2000 percent, or $22018 a share, to close at $23, the lowest close in almost a year, after news of the investigation.
" In February 2018, a source close to the two told PEOPLE they were "super, super close and have a crazy love for each other.
On a Mac, you can close every window but still be running every program, and turning off your computer doesn't mean they close either.
Close behind is former South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg, who ran close to him in both states and has even more delegates, at 23.
Ibrahimovic could have made the margin even bigger in the 90th minute, but Courtois blocked his effort from close-range to keep Chelsea close.
While Salesforce shares are up close to 9% for the year, as of Tuesday's close, the stock is well off its high from April.
And you know, I never believed that, I always thought it was going to be a close election because our elections are always close.
Elsewhere, Japan's Nikkei 2108.55 close 2108.34% higher to close at 20.6958,20.7000, while the Topix index added 62.673% to finish its trading day at 262.67,21.09.
Family Dollar will close 359 stores this year, while Signet Jewelers, the parent company of mall stalwarts Kay, Jared and Zales, will close 6413.
It was a close race against Republican Martha McSally — almost as close as the Florida Senate election between Republican Rick Scott and Democratic Sen.
"I never believed it, I always thought it would be a close election because our elections are always close," the former first lady said.
The broader NSE index ended 0.56 percent lower while the benchmark BSE index fell 0.68 percent at close, marking their lowest close since Dec.
That one is [close to my heart] because it's close to home, but I think all the hashtags are important in their own right.
SNL's always at its best when it hits close to home, but this time, it seemed a little too close to reality for Safelite.
She is close pals with Ryan Adams, which I don't love, but she is also close pals with Conor Oberst, which I do love.
The jobs beat saw major U.S. indexes close sharply higher on Friday, with the S&P and the Nasdaq posting their strongest close ever.
The government does not want to close down such NGOs, but to close the "legal loopholes" around them, said Zoltan Kovacs, a government spokesman.
Blair and Clinton were close but not nearly as close as Blair was with George W. Bush, who slipped into the presidency in 2001.
The slid 20.73 percent or 21 points to close at 2206.00,21 but the Shenzhen fell 27.3.46 percent or 195.703 points to close at 2195.70,2101.4.
DuPont said its merger with Dow, which was expected to close in the first half of 2017, is now anticipated to close between Aug.
Despite the Nasdaq registering a record-high close in the previous session, Wall Street traded lower at the close of European trade on Wednesday.
And JCPenney plans to close up to 2628 stores, Abercrombie will close 28503, Sears and Kmart 22019, Macy's 68, Golfsmith 59, and Crocs 160.
"They had to be taken by someone who had clearance to get close to the Fuehrer and close to that inner circle," Harper said.
To succeed, cam models walk a near impossible line: bringing voyeurs close enough to feel special, but not close enough so that they're dangerous.
Following the email, experts recommend signing an email with some close of close like "Best Regards, Katie" to signal the end of the message.
I find a spot as close to the water as I can reach and close my eyes, listening to the waves hit the concrete.
So a brand new app intends to speak to these confident, young women who like to keep their friends close, but not too close.
"Let's get too close to a polar bear in its natural environment and then kill it if it gets too close". Morons. https://t.
Sharing a room can be a new experience for a lot of people, as is living in close contact with close to 100 people.
Some say it will leave Britain too close to the bloc while others argue her proposal offers a relationship that is not close enough.
Kasich made it a close race with Trump in Vermont, while Rubio won Minnesota and kept close to the real estate mogul in Virginia.
Mainland markets, meanwhile, finished lower: The lost 0.79 percent to close at 3,402.54 and the Shenzhen Composite lost 1 percent to close at 2,93.8233.
If we begin to close our doors to young foreign students, American scientists could find doors in other countries beginning to close, as well.
It seems like Deckard and Brixton were really close at one time — perhaps even so close that they were like brothers to each other.
There were also protests reported close to the northern city of Thesaloniki on Sunday, and rival protests in Pireaus close to Athens on Monday.
At one point, she came close to hitting one of the balconies at the resort -- so close that she could hear the people screaming.
Would-be travelers are also asking how close family members need to be, and whether traveling to see close friends in America might qualify.
As of Tuesday's close, Wal-Mart has climbed nearly 5 percent over the past 12 months, while Amazon has risen close to 55 percent.
On the mainland, the inched higher by 0.06 percent to close at 23,218 and the Shenzhen Composite advanced 29.74 percent to close at 20.33,258.63.
It's close, sure, and way better than the devices I've seen before, but as they say, close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.
Sucking them in can be quite hard, because sometimes the enemies aren't close enough and I don't want to get too close to them.
There are a lot of close races, but these ones are especially close, and some haven't gotten the attention that analysts say they deserve.
Waiver on close-in booking fees won't matterHaving the United Club Card currently exempts the cardholder from the $22020 close-in award-booking fee.
Meanwhile, the six-month downtrend remains intact until a close above $11,300, and the near-term downtrend remains intact until a close above $8,500.
Not even close The law's insurance marketplaces never came close to hitting the projection from the nonpartisan number-crunchers at the Congressional Budget Office.
The Karolyi era in United States Gymnastics is coming to a close, but more notably, the Martha Karolyi era is coming to a close.
Even if you don't have a lot to pack, it's easiest to expand the bag, close everything up, and then close the expansion zipper.
Some sources close to Mueller have indicated that his investigation is close to concluding, but no official word has been given to the public.
When Medicare-for-all is passed, it's not going to happen in a way that causes hospitals to close, or close down certain wings.
" Nonessential retail businesses also "must close storefront and/or brick-and-mortar premises," while "all recreational and entertainment businesses must close to the public.
Looking ahead, he wants to have his own house "close to the city but not too close" — somewhere in Yonkers sounds appealing, he said.
Deval Patrick is calling close allies and informing them he is not running for president in 2020, sources close to the governor tell POLITICO.
Our sources close to Kris say the conversation those close to Chyna alleged the two had to smooth things over never even took place.
McCarthy, who has been the House majority leader since 2014, is both close to Ryan in leadership and a close ally of the president.
"So after watching 45 (President Trump) ramble on about the vote, and blah blah blah, he says, 'We were close very close, maybe 10, 15 votes from winning,' how will the American people EVER know how close the vote would have been," Chipley wrote.
Each time the moon orbits the Earth, every 29.5 days, it will reach a close point to the Earth (perigee), and a far point (apogee), and occasionally, the close point will be close to the date of the full moon or new moon, a supermoon.
The coming Sanders-Warren party will advocate proposals that help communities with early education programs and the like, but that party will close off trade, withdraw from the world, close off integration with hyper-race-conscious categories and close off debate with political correctness.
And after this movie (and Close especially) received warm reviews at the 2017 Toronto Film Festival — then saw its release delayed to this year, rather than have Close compete in the ultra-competitive 2017 lineup — it seems Close is in it to win it.
If Clinton is still close to Trump among white women and college-educated whites overall, the outcome in November is not likely to be close.
Despite earlier wins by Walker and Trump and the close partisan divide in the state, Vukmir never really managed to make this a close one.
By the time it's close to the surface, it might be moving close to 300 to 600 meters per second … over ~1,000 kilometers per hour!
"Despite the bitter breakup between Peter and Christie, Sailor has a very close relationship with her dad," a source close to the situation tells PEOPLE.
The United Arab Emirates set up a meeting between a military contractor close to the Trump administration and a Russian close to President Vladimir Putin.
I also coveted a close-up shot of engine fire set against the darkness, taken close to the landing pad at the moment of liftoff.
The company's stock price has stayed close to that price ever since, fluctuating as stocks do, but sitting at $23.79 at close of business yesterday.
"It is a little bit disturbing for us because again, they are so close to us and we are so close to them," he says.
But in an era of strained relations and suspicion, the equidistance is hard to maintain: just close enough to power looks too close to some.
With about half an hour to the close, the Dow briefly added more than 300 points and was tracking to close at a record high.
As far as stress-inducing outfits go, this summer-puffer situation isn't exactly on par with RiRi's close-call stilettos — but it certainly comes close.
At the time it was expecting the acquisition to close in Q3 but it has now confirmed the close of the transaction ahead of schedule.
The Bucks hung with the Golden State Warriors and Toronto Raptors while losing close games recently and felt like they were close to breaking through.
Indeed, Praet called for "close monitoring" of the exchange rate, a stronger phrase than was eventually accepted, with policymakers agreeing to drop the word "close".
"They are a close-knit family with a special bond with their mom, who tied it all together," a source close to Depp tells PEOPLE.
The gained 0.19 percent or 5.872 points to close at 3,135.4032 while the Shenzhen Composite added 13 points or 9.4846 points to close at 1,882.858.
Since then, he's praised and defended the president-elect; though sources close to both Trump and Cruz say the two will probably never be close.
A close above would be considered a positive for the market, just as a close below it is a negative sign, according to technical analysts.
When asked by the channel if the valuation was close to the value of Emaar Malls, Alabbar said he expected the numbers to be close.
Sources close to the jeweler tell us the emerald cut rock is a type IIa diamond, which means it's pretty rare and close to flawless.
Obama added that "history will cast a harsh judgment" on the failure to close the facility and encouraged Congress one last time to close it.
It's transmitted from person to person, usually in close contact, such as kissing, sneezing or coughing, or living in close quarters with an infected person.
The euro had earlier traded at a five-month high of close to $1.0935 against the dollar, compared to Friday's close around the $1.072 handle.
Armed with knives and close-range tasers (with a special 30-second recharge), players run around Safehouse trying to get up-close-and-personal kills.
The princes also met with Cadet of the Year, Nabil Laasid, 17, who lives close to Grenfell and lost a close friend in the fire.
Gisele grew up with five sisters and they are all very close and I grew up with three sisters and we are all very close.
The sense of peace one gets so close to the water — and yet so close to the city — seems to me a kind of paradise.
At the close of business Friday, Bezos' net worth was $108.7 billion ... close but no cigar next to Gates, who came in at $110 bil.
With the equity portion, Remitly's valuation is now close to $1003 billion (specifically between $950 million and $1 billion), sources close to the company say.
Too close for comfort Video shows a Russian fighter jet flying incredibly close to a US Navy EP-3 military aircraft over the Black Sea.
Two financial market sources said the books on the Alrosa share placement were expected to close on July 8 but that they could close earlier.
You can share your progress as you close the rings throughout the day, and see how close your friends are to doing the same thing.
"I'm really quite close, very close to the cutting edge in AI. It scares the hell out of me," Musk said at SXSW in 2018.
That inevitable development will come some time after the first polls close on the East Coast and the last polls close on the West Coast.
Japan's fell 0.44 percent, or 87.57 points, to close at 5,758.8 while the Kospi edged down 63 percent, or 0.54 point, to close at 2,387.81.
Marvell's offer of $84.15- based on the stock's close on Friday — represents a premium of 11 percent to Cavium's close, according to a Reuters calculation.
When you're ready to buckle down and work, keep the phone off, close distracting web browsers, don't attend pointless meetings, and close your office door.
The document, published in full by BuzzFeed, also claimed that people close to Trump remained in close contact with Moscow during the 2016 presidential race.
As we reported, Megan and Brian have been close even after she filed her legal docs last August ... and now we know just how close.
The Pistons logo was close enough for Steph to let it rip and start backing up before it even got close to the rim. 4.
The facilities were operating on Thursday, Buckeye said, but sources close to BORCO in Bahamas said it could close at the end of the day.
Nothing close to "comprehensive" immigration reform — conservatives don't like the sound of "comprehensive anything," one congressional aide close to the conservative House Freedom Caucus said.
That he is being brought this close to the presidency — that he is as close as he is to winning it — should scare us all.
At one point, I almost got too close — I stumbled on a sharp rock, lost my balance and fell close to one of the potholes.
Those with the highest ranking (close to 100) are most recession-resistant, while those with the lowest average ranking (close to 0) are the least.
Jackson came close, so close, to the moment where all things start to fall in place, where winning begets winning, and the nomination takes hold.
Straphangers scowl, armpits loom too close to heads, and what is that fellow in the back doing with his finger so close to his nose?
" Non-essential retail businesses also "must close storefront and/or brick-and-mortar premises," while "all recreational and entertainment businesses must close to the public.
"The virus can spread rapidly through the close interactions New Yorkers have in restaurants, bars and places where we sit close together," de Blasio said.
Britch recalls multiple close calls with incoming mortars, but one particular explosion at close range shortly before he was due home changed his life forever.
With the stock markets notching record close after record close, investors are expecting robust earnings growth this quarter from the tech, financials and energy sector.
The UK general election result could be incredibly close with up to 100 seats across the country too close to call according to some polls.
It was like the Wild West, and you just built housing subdivision after housing subdivision up close to the bayous, up close to the channels.
Energy stocks dropped 2.4% to their lowest close since August 2019, with Woodside Petroleum shedding 3% to close at its lowest in nearly two years.
The storm struck at the heart of the country's oil and gas industry, forcing operators to close several refineries and evacuate and close offshore platforms.
But his US promoter Bob Arum told Business Insider he expects Fury to close the distance, attack Wilder's ribs, and punch him from close range.
A one point lead is keeping the already too-close-for-comfort race way too close, meaning we'll have to wait until after 8 p.m.
The extender needs to be close enough to the router to extend its signal and close enough to the dead zone to make a difference.
And as 2019 comes to a close, California is indeed home to the world's largest cannabis market, totaling close to $12 billion in estimated sales.
And I also noticed, if you get up close, let&aposs get up close, this is where that huge chunk of eye shadow is missing.
"I am really quite close, I am very close, to the cutting edge in AI and it scares the hell out of me," said Musk.
"If AWS keeps executing as it is doing presently, it will be close to impossible for competitors to close the gap with them," Cordwell said.
"He was not happy about being impeached, but he wasn't down about it - not even close," said a close confidant who recently spoke to Trump.
Yes, but: The AfD came in a close second, with almost a third of the vote in Saxony and close to a quarter in Brandenburg.
A store in Bedford, New Hampshire, is expected to close in June, and another in Big Stone Gap, Virginia, is expected to close in July.
"They have been close friends for years and decided to give it a try [with dating]," a source close to the couple revealed at the time.
If the S&P 500 fails to close this week's trading above last Friday's close, history-conscious investors might feel a sinking sense of deja vu.
The new offer is valued at about $21.84 based on Cadence's Friday close and represents a 7.3 percent premium to State Bank's close on the day.
S manages to find a spot where the adorable Icelandic horses are close to the fence line and we stop for some close-ups and selfies.
The acquisition is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2017, though the company has recently stated it could close in the third quarter 2017.
While I have a lot of acquaintances, I don't count a lot of people as close friends and I feel like we could be close friends.
This isolation is not complete—I have my close friends, a wider circle of less-close friends, my family—but it is the absence of intimacy.
Meanwhile in Japan, the Nikkei 225 fell 0.34 percent to close at 21,148.02 percent while the Topix index declined by 96.43 percent to close at 1,575.31.
Erekat — we have heard your voice for decades and it has not achieved anything close to Palestinian aspirations or anything close to a comprehensive peace agreement.
When asked how close she is with the rapper in an interview with The Daily Mail, Scott replied without hesitation, "Of course, we are very close."
The team whose picks perform the best from the close on April 25, 2019 to the close on Friday January 31, 2020 will be the winner.
" The view from Trumpworld: "I've talked to several sources close to the process, both at the senior level of the White House and close outside advisers.
But polls will close for nearly all of the state at 7 pm Eastern, and a few straggler polling places will close at 8 pm Eastern.
You need two or three people getting really close to the end, so close to that elusive immunity… and then having it all come crashing down.
Mainland Chinese stocks mostly declined by the close, with the Shanghai composite slipping 0.16% to close at 2,914.70, and the Shenzhen component falling 0.28% to 9,010.36.
Opinion polls have been close throughout the campaign and remain too close to call with a significant number of voters undecided up to the last-minute.
The major indexes rallied into the close, with the S&P 500 above the psychologically key 2,100 level and posting its highest close since June 9.
The new Everton stadium, at Bramley-Moore Dock, close to the city center, would host athletics events and would also have the Athletes Village close by.
The next time this happens in April, in 22029, promises to coincide with the frighteningly close, but not too close, passage of the huge asteroid Apophis.
We're close enough to the end — and Stan is close enough to finding out Philip and Elizabeth's secret — that I feel fairly confident he will, eventually.
" He continued, "People close to him say he is mentally unfit, people close to him during the campaign told me he had early stages of dementia.
If premarket gains were to hold by Monday's close, the S&P 0003 would beat its previous record close and its previous all-time intraday high.
Bankers close to the deal were putting the new issue concession on the euro trade nearer 202.25bp after watching books reach close to EUR22025bn earlier Tuesday.
The exes have remained close, so close in fact, that it was Penny who walked Lord Ivar down the aisle at the suggestion of their daughters.
The gained 59.31 points, or 0.31 percent, to close at 19,083.18, while the S&P 500 rose 1.78 points, or 0.08 percent, to close at 2,204.72.
Tesla said Sunday it will only close half as many stores as originally announced, walking back a plan to close all of its 378 stores worldwide.
All I can tell you is that I saw the product, Phil and I are friends, we live close by, our our headquarters are close by.
Over in Australia, the added 271.69% to close at 21.06,262.46.. Overnight on Wall Street, the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 197.43 points to close at 25,877.33.
By 0808 GMT, Milan-listed shares in Ferrari stood at 42.3 euros, compared with a close of $48 in their last Wall Street close on Thursday.
Up more than 2.5 percent at Europe's close, Brent hovered around $53.35, while U.S. WTI jumped 2.333 percent at Europe's close, trading at $51.36 per barrel.
The backlash from people who were either close to Tupac or close to the project has already bubbled up since All Eyez On Me was released.
Their faces come close, close enough to kiss, teasing and tempting one another in a way that instantly tells you how they interact when they're alone.
A few weeks later, a popular Cape Cod beach was forced to close after several sharks were photographed swimming close to shore, CNN affiliate WHDH reported.
DuPont's $130 billion merger with Dow Chemical Co, which was expected to close in the first half of 2017, is now expected to close between Aug.
First, Bloomberg is about as close to a movement progressive as Trump is to a movement conservative — which is to say, not very close at all.
The Idemitsu family has argued that the company's close connection to Iran made a merger with Showa Shell, which has close ties to Saudi Arabia, difficult.
The was up 0.08 percent or 2.3794 points to close at 0.393,154.5663 and the Shenzhen Composite gained 0.362 percent or 6.8813 points to close at 21,249.47.
Shares of Juno fell nearly 11 percent to close at $5003 on the Nasdaq exchange, while shares of Kite fell 2.5 percent to close at $73.61.
The first round of short-listing is expected to close by the end of this week and the process may close by December, the report said.
"Last year the Argentine economy grew close to 2.8 percent and we project higher growth this year, close to 3.5 percent," said Sandleris in Buenos Aires.
Posthumous documentaries often pose the questions of how soon is too soon, or how close is too close, regardless of how involved the artists' estate is.
Apparently the President's close friend and chairman of his inauguration committee, Thomas Barrack, a man with close ties to the Saudis, is part of the action.
He knew his parents wanted to be "close to the center but not so close that it would be so loud I couldn't sleep," Leo said.
A spokesman for Oger could not be reached for comment, while a source close to the company said there was no decision to close it down.
"We first want to close our financial problem, in order to do that we still have to close out this new issue in euros," Caputo said.
Washington (CNN)Can Republicans win tough races by getting close -- but not too close -- to President Donald Trump, adopting his tactics without actually campaigning with him?
"I've never come out publicly before, I had to — only my close relatives and my close friends, not even all of my family knew," he explained.
The Dow Jones industrial average is forecast at 20.1,22016 by year end, up 16.83 percent from 216.8's close but slightly below Monday's close of 214.7,21.
Gregory said the agency is working to reduce the need to close security checkpoints and lanes but acknowledges more could close as the government shutdown continues.
The S&P/ASX 22 index rose 22.7% or 32.4 points to 6,825.80 at the close of trade, 3 points short of its highest ever close.
I was only a child, but I was very close to my mother, so close that I couldn't help hearing the smug note in her voice.
This is a first close, not a final close, but with $115 million we can fully fund all six sites for three years, which is great.
He bristled at Barr's description of the close relationship, complaining to aides he didn't realize how much their work overlapped or that they were so close.
States close nonessential businesses or issue quarantines Several states have ordered all nonessential businesses to close but stopped short of issuing official stay-at-home orders.
Mr. Lusk's collection includes paintings, photographs and sculptures, and he takes pride in having a close relationship with the close to three dozen artists he sells.
Shanna: My midwife told me I needed to be careful with high temperatures close to my stomach, so I couldn't stand too close to hot equipment.
In North Carolina, the presidential, gubernatorial, and US Senate races are all pretty close — so close that any change in voter turnout could make the difference.
Orban also announced that Hungary will close its borders for international passengers, close cultural and sports events and establishments and limit the opening hours of restaurants.
This friend and his family have been very close to our family throughout my life, so much so that his daughter and I are very close.
Ms. Hicks is close to the president, and also close with Mr. Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner, and Mr. Trump's daughter Ivanka.
The September contract rose to 16,595, up 0.6 percent from its U.S. close and 2.6 percent above the Japan-listed Nikkei futures' close the previous day.
On Thursday, the VIX surged 44 percent from its historically low levels to close the day at 16.04, its highest close since Election Day in November.
In South Korea, any kind of ambitious social reform is inevitably seen as too close to communism, too close to North Korean-ness, an enemy condition.
Over in Seoul, the Kospi declined 1.17 percent to close at 2,567.74 after rising nearly 68.973 percent and notching a record close in the previous session.
This beautifully shot series follows the majestic beasts' migration and the professional guides whose mission is to get their human clients close, but not too close.
Mainland markets, meanwhile, were narrowly mixed: The edged up 0.12 percent to close at 3,429.32 and the Shenzhen composite shed 63.503 percent to close at 1,948.93.
Just the food and beverages and household goods sectors managed a positive close although they still remained close to the flat line, both up 0.07 percent.
"   British comedian Ricky Gervais tweeted: "'Let's get too close to a polar bear in its natural environment and then kill it if it gets too close.
SPX five-month rolling close-to-close volatility in mid-May hit a 21-1/2 year low of 6.42 before ending the month at 6.98.
While the French and German bourses ended Wednesday's trade close to the flat line, the U.K. FTSE dropped in afternoon trade to close 0.72 percent lower.
In New York City, where space is at a premium, there are strict, unspoken codes of privacy and proximity: you can stand this close in a subway car and this close in an elevator and this close while waiting in line for an egg and cheese.
"So that is not in any way close to what the election was about, close to what we've campaigned on, close to what we told the American people we were going to accomplish when they gave us the privilege to serve and be in power," Jordan said.
In the regular season and playoffs, the Broncos appeared in 15 close games — victory margin a touchdown or less — while the Panthers appeared in eight close games.
"As for all of those who are still deciding, still shopping, I hope I can close the deal between now and the time polls close," she said.
CLOSE COOPERATION WITH ISRAEL Israel and Russia maintain a close, if sometimes uneasy, relationship on regional issues — particularly when it comes to the war in neighboring Syria.
When you close the lid on your backyard grill, it's pretty close to being an oven, particularly if you're using a grill that has a temperature gauge.
The September contract NIYU6 rose to 16,595, up 0.6 percent from its U.S. close and 2.6 percent above the Japan-listed Nikkei futures' close the previous day.
Tip: hug Lulla close to your body for a few minutes before placing her inside or close to your child's crib – your scent provides even more comfort.
"This is a guy who knows how to close a deal, and he thinks we are at the point were we need to close," the source said.
French largest listed bank BNP Paribas will close its proprietary trading desk unit, Opera, within the next three months, a source close to the matter said Friday.
The fact that women, from the second we're born, are taught, 'Close your mouth, nod along, close your legs,' is a really horrible way to go around.
"The resident replied that SpaceX's offer "would not even come close to allowing us to purchase another property anywhere else close enough to the beach for us.
But when we're close to zero, at the policy rate level, close to zero, our options are more limited than if the policy rate is set higher.
The S&P 33 is still just 1% away from its July record close despite sliding Tuesday, while the Dow is 2% below its own record close.
Donald Trump's previously close relationship with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson looks close to collapse, following new revelations that the president slammed down the phone on him.
" "It felt muffled, so I knew that we were not really close to it but that we were close enough that it reverberated through our entire bodies.
Not only are their valuations very close to what the S&P already offers, they're pretty much all close to their target prices on the underlying stocks.
"It was just a very special experience because of Amir, and we became very close in the way that people become close in trench warfare," Ciporin said.
Shares of OCBC declined by close to 2 percent in Friday trading, while UOB fell by nearly 2 percent and DBS inched up close to 1 percent.
That is a line close to Sarkozy's, and on Thursday, Fillon appointed Francois Baroin, a close Sarkozy ally, to the special role of unifying the Republicans party.
As of midday trading, Tuesday is set to be the 11th-straight day that the will close less than 1 percent above or below its prior close.
But Cuomo has long pushed to close this reactor due to concerns that it could be a target for attacks and is so close to the city.
Because the Market-Garden campaign is the rare battle where the up-close and personal style of the Close Combat matches the scale of the battle itself.
Since the test flight will take the Orion close to the Moon, many of the probes are designed to do close-up analysis of the lunar surface.