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"enhance" Definitions
  1. enhance something to increase or further improve the good quality, value or status of somebody/something
"enhance" Synonyms
increase add to intensify magnify amplify inflate strengthen build up augment boost upgrade raise lift escalate elevate exalt swell aggrandize enrich heighten improve complement ameliorate grow advance develop optimise(UK) optimize(US) better meliorate progress add value to build embellish further hone propel smarten adorn decorate beautify ornament trim grace deck garnish festoon array bedeck bedizen dress drape caparison blazon emblaze emboss confirm reaffirm assure establish secure fortify reassert reinforce reiterate bolster restate consolidate fuel renew glorify celebrate praise extol laud dignify ennoble eulogise(UK) eulogize(US) hymn lionise(UK) lionize(US) acclaim glamorise(UK) glamorize(US) amend change alter reform revise correct fix modify edit remedy repair rewrite update adapt adjust qualify rectify enliven leaven revitalise(UK) revitalize(US) vitalize season brighten up liven up wake up zhoosh add colour to ginger up make more exciting make more interesting perk up spice up add spice to give a boost to give a lift to colour(UK) color(US) embroider exaggerate disguise dramatise(UK) dramatize(US) falsify misrepresent overdo overdraw overstate varnish distort fudge garble hyperbolize manipulate misreport whet excite stimulate stir arouse rouse animate kindle quicken incite waken spark trigger activate awaken fan fire galvanise(UK) work with suit accompany match perfect go with harmonize with integrate with blend with chime with chord with synergize with function with marry with pair with combine well with flavour(UK) flavor(US) spice lace savor(US) savour(UK) pepper imbue infuse spike salt ginger impart add flavouring to add flavoring to endow grant give bestow confer award present gift bless invest favor(US) furnish accord endue favour(UK) provide enable donate indue More

918 Sentences With "enhance"

How to use enhance in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "enhance" and check conjugation/comparative form for "enhance". Mastering all the usages of "enhance" from sentence examples published by news publications.

"The businesses can enhance those stations, enhance maintenance, enhance security, enhance aesthetics," Mr. Cuomo said in a speech in Manhattan.
II. Enhance Board Oversight A. Enhance the Independence of the Board.
"When such access is provided it can enhance confidence, it can enhance transparency and credibility," he said.
You can destroy their kinesthetic energy or you can enhance it, and I try to enhance it.
Well, it depends on what we're looking to enhance and how dramatically we're looking to enhance it.
So it's going to enhance peace, it's going to enhance that cohesion that we've always aspired for, or to, as Africans.
But again I was after just a cropped detail — so I used Let's Enhance to upscale the crop to enhance its resolution.
For example, she's posted Instagram's about training with a BOSU ball, which can enhance moves like a plank to enhance stability and flexibility.
Alone, each one has the ability to enhance its wielder's powers (for instance, the Mind stone will enhance the telepathic abilities of telepaths).
The one that always seemed to push the medium a little bit is one called "Let's Enhance," where it's all zoom and enhance scenes.
"Zoom to enhance" Although the live feed is 1080p, that 123K sensor is what allows the camera to essentially make "zoom to enhance" a reality.
While the results can significantly enhance our lives, it also makes it easier than ever for companies to manipulate users to enhance their bottom lines.
But most conversations about what athletes put inside their bodies to enhance athletic performance wholly ignore what athletes put on their bodies to enhance athletic performance.
According to the planning department, it seems that SB 827 will actually enhance San Francisco's current program, but it's not clear that it would enhance LA's.
" The G20 will commit to enhance communication and cooperation on the issue and "take effective steps to address the challenges so as to enhance market function and encourage adjustment.
Climbing's combination of mental and physical challenges "reinforce those neural pathways that can enhance our movement, enhance our cognitive function and make it much easier to attain goals," Rohleder said.
If progressives generally believe in expanding government to enhance equality, and libertarians try to reduce government to expand freedom, Whigs seek to use limited but energetic government to enhance social mobility.
"Whether you're an entertainment firm or a law firm, what we hear consistently is that companies are trying to enhance collaboration and deliver a workplace that will enhance that," Mr. Zanetos said.
These two lenses enhance light absorption by utilising the extra light that comes into the mono lens, then fusing the B/W image with the color image to significantly enhance total light absorption.
To the extent those resources dedicated to as they say, "enhance the private market," actually support policies that enhance competition and increase access to affordable medicines, its engagement could be meaningful and productive.
How do we take that existing relationship and enhance it.
"Constantly enhance their sense of belonging to the Chinese nation."
"We want to enhance on the ability to drive impact."
Millions of people use VPNs to enhance their privacy online.
The department claims its expanded plan will enhance public safety.
How could the empowered edge be used to enhance privacy?
You can always enhance that experience by providing better data.
It's specially designed to enhance durability while providing tactile feedback.
I wanted it to enhance the music without overshadowing it.
I also add bacon bits to enhance the salty flavor.
The company has helped create and enhance ideological echo chambers.
These are like little winglets that can enhance aircraft control.
A few protests every now and again can enhance democracy.
Vocal IQ could enhance Siri natural language (read: conversational) prowess.
I thought giving everyone a gun was to enhance safety.
We continue to look at other ways to enhance curation.
Everyone just thought he was running to enhance his brand.
The trick is to figure out how to enhance contrast.
You can enhance your own care and everyone else's, too.
Paid maternity leave is proven to enhance productivity and profits.
Surprisingly, the moving seats enhance the slow moments very effectively.
What about the use of gene editing to enhance height?
We talked about innovative ways to enhance the shopping experience.
HP says the speakers are also designed to enhance bass.
His works enhance our sense of ourselves as specific presences.
And we can also enhance the efficiency of the business.
Our bill would enhance the program and make it permanent.
Forward deployed forces in Europe enhance U.S. power projection capabilities.
To enhance trust, transparency protocols should also be improved nationwide.
Some exist merely to enhance the prestige of their founders.
In this sense, NDAs undermine, rather than enhance, victim choice.
Socially and ethnically diverse groups enhance creativity, innovation and performance.
A great iPhone lens should enhance, not deteriorate, your images.
That largely precludes any thoughtful policymaking to enhance Medicare's value.
Here we may find commonalities that enhance other related agendas.
"  One of the objectives was to "enhance engagement with communities.
Their victories could certainly enhance Mr. Sanders's standing in Washington.
A set of flavored salt to enhance all their dishes
Paid sick leave may also enhance productivity and reduce turnover.
The bill "will enhance the penalties, by weight," Bates said.
Congress then tries to enhance whistleblower protections, with varying success.
We wanted to try to extend and enhance the community.
Monetary policy could also enhance the effect of fiscal policy.
Such donations to prolong or enhance someone's life are applauded.
Do you think videos enhance or detract from your memories?
What products should you be using to enhance your privacy?
By blocking the transporter, antidepressants prolong and enhance serotonin's effects.
To enhance biological memory, everybody consults external media and objects.
His policies will not enhance the lives of everyday Americans.
By working, am I missing opportunities to enhance my education?
There are agencies taking steps to enhance law enforcement reporting.
Most colleges are considering more incremental ways to enhance evaluations.
Can we just zoom in and enhance on that map?
That data should be used to enhance productivity, he says.
Beyond honey production, how do bees enhance our travel experience?
"Consumers love them and they enhance our security," he said.
Some even cast shadows that serendipitously enhance the black outlines.
Our job is to create shareholder value, enhance shareholder value.
Trump has also worked to enhance our allies' military capabilities.
Each pop along the way helps enhance the drink's aroma.
Some states enhance that rebate with rebates of their own.
Honoring your chronotype (and others) can significantly enhance your productivity.
Metals are traded in short, timed bursts to enhance liquidity.
The bill does almost nothing to actually enhance sportsmen's access.
You can also customize and enhance the sound your liking.
Establish or enhance a centralized data assessment and reporting resource.
These effects of alcohol on social cognition likely enhance sociability.
And a whole variety of good, positive options, available at the earliest stages of the process, works to enhance justice for an individual, and, at the same time, if done right, enhance public safety.
"All stimulants have a global effect on all areas of the brain to enhance function, so that would enhance the libidinal drive," says Tim Williams, the clinical director at Bristol Specialist Drugs and Alcohol Service.
The CCR5 gene has been shown in mice to enhance cognition and memory, and Regalado reports that scientists believe He may have gone after CCR5 in an attempt to enhance the brains of the babies.
Haley and Modi on Wednesday discussed ways to enhance India-U.
It sounds excellent and will enhance any movie or TV experience.
Continued reductions in direct operating debt enhance the province's budgetary flexibility.
The music just really had to enhance that anger in her.
Meanwhile, Pokémon Go purchases can enhance gameplay, but aren't necessarily required.
For instance, the soy in tofu may actually enhance iron absorption.
Some details enhance the reports' credibility and others detract from it.
Their research on e-cigarettes could enhance vapour products for pot.
Enhance your driving experience with Garmin DriveAssist for $239.95 at Amazon.
Along the way, it could vastly enhance our understanding of electricity.
The prize may not enhance Mr Santos's prestige among ordinary voters.
Performance-enhancing drugs that cripple the patient don't actually enhance performance.
But there are ways that shared rules can enhance national autonomy.
Amazon's Dave Limp introduced three new features designed to enhance Alexa.
You once said your sound never changes; you just enhance it.
Adding a symbol to text allows us to enhance our messaging.
Find the right filters to enhance what you have going on.
It's actually about weapon skins, cosmetic upgrades that don't enhance play.
The age of the patient will no doubt enhance patient care.
The company aims to enhance the stability of its underwriting businesses.
So these small stressors actually in a sense enhance our health.
The new details also enhance our understanding of climate as well.
Kind of like how food photographers have to enhance the food.
But more importantly, stronger productivity growth would enhance Americans' living standards.
Virtual reality didn't help or enhance the debate in any way.
His government has gerrymandered electoral boundaries to enhance the BN's chances.
Another area is for heat transport, to enhance condensation on surfaces.
"It could enhance our preparation for this kind of biological threat."
And luckily, Edge receives regular updates to help enhance that experience.
AI will also enhance customer-service agents' knowledge, performance and speed.
Step 63: Curl large sections of the hair to enhance texture.
It sounds excellent and will enhance any movie or TV experience.
Farmers hope these designations will promote tourism and enhance their brand.
Instead, choose tech to enhance the devices they're already comfortable using.
The Brooklyn-based programmer and technologist is the creator of ENHANCE.
Lyndsay: First we talked about using toys to enhance my pleasure.
But these features enhance the best part of FFXV: its characters.
The offer will enhance Noor Bank's Tier 1, or core, capital.
Acquiring Starwood will also enhance Marriott's position in advanced emerging markets.
It is thus necessary to enhance pressure at the political level.
The government's publicly-stated goal is to enhance nuclear attack capability.
One purpose of the NLRA is to enhance labor-management relations.
And why not use one form of hunger to enhance another?
The legislation even went further to enhance protections for adult consumers.
"The beauty is trying to enhance Uber loyalists' experience," he said.
"This did nothing to enhance school safety," attorney James Makowski said.
The purpose of the training is to enhance the ROK-U.
In short, Samsung is trying too hard to "enhance" your photos.
The new watch has a GPS sensor to enhance fitness tracking.
If you're an avid reader, this might enhance your reading experience.
One effect has been to enhance relations between prisoners and guards.
Why not enhance your view experience, with an Apple iPad Pro.
Drugs can enhance [the music] but it can also hinder it.
But we also anticipate some rules modifications to enhance player safety.
Does public criticism enhance or impede the Fed's independence, he asked.
Tree rings were added to each slab to enhance the effect.
Creative and delivery must get more scientific to enhance their efforts.
How do you think the subtle animated graphics enhance the film?
A recent analysis found that the latter seems to enhance absorption.
Enhance your cognitive abilities by raising your level of open-mindedness.
This helps enhance blood flow, reduce soreness, and speed up recovery.
The reorganization will "enhance international broadcasting capacity," according to the plan.
"I think it does not enhance our chances to get Amazon."
The intention was the same: to enhance their reputation in society.
The operatic trappings actually enhance the work's majestic and sublime qualities.
These new additions seem only to enhance the area's workaday character.
Friendly competition can expand the "win" pie and enhance your performance.
The programs it supports enhance security, improve governance and promote prosperity.
They may enhance the feeling of readiness by dint of style.
"We complement each other and enhance each other," Ms. Zawatsky said.
Crisis, we know, can enhance the credibility of emerging communication tools.
Some research suggests photos can enhance memory, but there's a cost.
Private companies, she said, have been working to enhance their defenses.
Lifelong learning and re-skilling programs can enhance productivity across generations.
It encompasses programs to conserve agricultural land and enhance agricultural productivity.
"Will it enhance it and make it even better?" he said.
His kinetic performance doesn't enhance the movie; it is the movie.
We talked one time about him having surgery to enhance himself.
Or to enhance the already dire threat of terminal nuclear war?
The other is to enhance the fiscal policies that aid growth.
Yes, it can be injected into wells to enhance oil recovery.
Fourth, diplomatic tone and style can either enhance or undercut leverage.
It's also been found to enhance feelings of power and control.
Instagram is also adding two new tools to enhance Story creation.
Could Amazon do more to protect and enhance the existing communities?
It could also enhance the efficacy of video conferencing, Li said.
From Adblock to Honey, extensions can certainly enhance the browsing experience.
Does this physical activity enhance the religious experience in some way?
The threat of criminal prosecution does not enhance anyone's medical care.
In iOS 11 on an iPhone 8, this takes you into the Edit mode, where the wand-shaped Enhance button in the upper-left corner can be used to brighten the image and enhance the color.
Guns enhance officers' sense of safety but not necessarily their actual safety.
This also seems to help to further enhance his super-strength powers.
Here's a list of devices and accessories to enhance your VR experience.
We need images to enhance kind of the ones and the zeros.
"Limiting one form of communication can greatly enhance other forms," says Alpert.
Google also used AI to enhance calling features on the Pixel 3.
The two decided to enhance their curves to boost their modeling careers.
Especially if there's a waterslide to enhance your entrance into the pool.
You have every opportunity to improve and enhance your way of thinking.
Something to enhance a convenient e-card or a classic flower bouquet.
If you'll enhance, you'll see that there's a ring on her finger.
In fact, music can enhance meditation, and make it easier for newbies.
With Ariana, the goal is to enhance content experiences without distracting them.
"Vyleesi does not enhance sexual performance," the FDA noted in its statement.
And that's good news, because they both help to enhance the experience.
"Things that enhance quality are imperiled when prices are down," Green said.
Vodafone Qatar is taking additional measures to enhance network resiliency, it said.
Stimulants also cause the release of norepinephrine and may enhance fear learning.
It could enhance your attractiveness at cocktail parties and dances or whatever.
In this case, doing the same will help enhance your job search.
"We're trying to enhance the value proposition for our customers," he said.
People are blown away by how much we continue to enhance it.
America's efforts to keep the peace have tended to enhance its power.
It's altering the fabric of reality to enhance, remove or augment it.
Party wear has the capacity to enhance our mood and our mindset.
Designers purposefully omitted one to reduce weight and enhance the engine's performance.
"We want it to enhance the experience for the user," Karnati said.
Facebook is using the group to enhance its investigations of foreign interference.
There are myriad lenses you can use to enhance your phone's abilities.
Digital assistants and bots undeniably enhance our work lives in myriad ways.
"Therefore, we think that it will enhance other research projects as well."
According to the British Medical Journal article, meldonium might enhance athletic performance.
The acquisition should help enhance the company's set of law enforcement products.
The drug is used to treat erectile dysfunction and enhance sexual performance.
Kegels can enhance sexual pleasure, make childbirth easier, and prevent urinary incontinence.
So the ring can both enhance instruments, but also be the instrument.Exactly.
Adding a touch of leather or suede can enhance any living space.
So how can you enhance account security without disrupting the user experience?
Enhance: Wait a minute ... Those DO NOT look like the same weights.
They also need commentators and analysts to enhance their live broadcast experience.
The move comes amid Deutsche Bank's wider push to enhance its technology.
Composting reduces greenhouse gas emissions and uses natural resources to enhance soil.
" She added that the department is working to enhance its "oversight capacity.
Sound has the capability to destroy flavours as well as enhance them.
Manufacturers also access Foobot's data processing expertise to enhance their hardware performance.
He wanted to enhance a lot of things, for instance, the infrastructure.
"We can enhance your success ... and your bottom line," the brochure states.
Russia has reciprocated the willingness to enhance its own military capability – terrifying.
But increased elevation may also enhance psychological problems, such as panic attacks.
S. Alliance's ability to defend the ROK and enhance interoperability and readiness.
Let technology enhance our lives, my thoughts, what I want to do.
"So no matter your figure type, they do enhance you," he said.
For the most part, though, they enhance scenes rather than steal them.
I could not see that execution did anything to enhance public safety.
Good health policy is meant to enhance the health of our citizens.
Advocates are working to enhance accessibility at the polls in New Hampshire.
"So I don't see how this particular program gets to enhance security."
Qualley's updo hairstyle and flushed makeup also helped enhance the elegant look.
AI is helping speed up and enhance the benefits of that transition.
The glitch has ultimately appeared to enhance Qiao Biluo's online career, however.
Plus, the chips' ridges help to catch and enhance the spicy seasonings.  
In fact, AI will enhance the role of the branch and humans.
Henry Cuellar (D-Texas),  "NAFTA 22019 done right could enhance deal" Feb.
They promised to "enhance public and private sector participation" in cutting emissions.
To enhance her color, Shorter lightened Howard's base to a chocolate brown.
Whether you are religiously spiritual or internally spiritual, embrace and enhance that.
We want to contribute meaningfully to Singapore's solutions to enhance urban liveability.
All of that aims to enhance a player's mental and physical health.
Getting high should enhance your life, not be an escape from it.
Solid-electrolyte batteries promise to enhance performance without the safety trade-off.
Sadness can also enhance empathy, compassion, connectedness and moral and aesthetic sensibility.
Each of the other proposals will enhance popular representation in American democracy.
Another person used the blue Yale plates to enhance their 'Calloween' costume.
It overstates the degree to which immigration reform will enhance border security.
Mr. Antonio's assignment is to enhance business ties between the two countries.
Well, as you said, enhance Hong Kong's connectivity to the mainland cities.
It's possible for fiscal policy to enhance the effect of monetary policy.
It wastes scarce municipal resources and does nothing to enhance public safety.
Mr. Levkovich recommended that investors prune their portfolios to enhance return prospects.
By repeating effective habits everyday, you can enhance your quality of life.
Hmm ... this is definitely one way to enhance her surgical enhancements. #GymsAreOverrated
Mr. Liu's closeness to Mr. Xi appears likely to enhance his influence.
Would you be surprised to learn you could substantially enhance your workflow?
The theatrical experience can greatly enhance your encounter with art like this.
It can enliven a seared duck breast and will enhance fresh fruit.
Sometimes circumstances, rather than years of friendship, enhance the connections between women.
This year, laws were proposed in several states to enhance financial education.
That time is not for wasting, but restlessness does not enhance it.
Complementing practice with inline hockey helped them enhance their vision and hands.
Trump is using the presidency to enhance the global standing of authoritarianism.
Enhance system monitoring to receive early detection and alerts on abnormal activity.
I applied warm compresses, not knowing this would enhance the milk production.
These spaces have been proved to reduce crime and enhance public health.
All of these features enhance teams' ability to communicate with each other.
Now, it serves as a tool to enhance, rather than to hide.
What else can you add to enhance what the team's already doing?
The government must quickly take action to fight corruption and enhance transparency.
Initiatives to enhance product offering and services support like-for-like sales.
Our selection is guaranteed to not harsh your vibe, but enhance it.
She just thinks it should enhance your creative output, not inhibit it.
His ideas, in many cases, would enhance benefits to developers like himself.
But it's also an easy and effective way to enhance home security.
I'm fine with rule changes that enhance the game for the future.
For Sadoff, there are three clear strategies to enhance limited water supplies.
There are lots of ways to enhance and support the local economy.
It would enhance the view that a December hike is more likely.
Looking for a way to enhance your lashes in a subtle way?
So there might be several ways to enhance gamma rhythms, he said.
"It's going to enhance every curve of the female physique," Thompson says.
We will be hoping to fill the gaps and enhance the service.
I'm not sure that convention is going to enhance any brand's image.
Both Standish and Abson have found that birds enhance their travel memories.
Ultimately, the guide should enhance the game rather than detract from it.
It would strengthen the Clean Power Plan; enhance energy efficiency across the residential, commercial and industrial sectors; set emissions standards for aircraft; tighten fuel economy standards for cars; reduce travel demand; and enhance uptake of carbon by vegetation.
Expert (human) insights across the network of hospital users are used to collectively enhance genomic diagnostics and push toward predictive analysis by feeding and training AI algorithms intended to enhance the reading and analysis of DNA sequencing data.
You can also use a special virtual reality viewer to enhance the experience.
The theater seats about 1,000, and its intimate acoustics keenly enhance the music.
Lohr said killing Clements would enhance his gang status, according to the report.
But, if designed right, it may also be used to enhance human cognition.
Certain features can enhance your driving experience – and the experience of your passengers.
Further Steps to Enhance the Integrity and Efficiency of the Existing Asylum System.
It also agreed to enhance its compliance program and retain a corporate monitor.
When he involves himself in low-level details it's to enhance execution speed.
Makeup like plastic surgery should enhance your beauty not change your whole face!!
The technology could hinder our ability to appreciate art rather than enhance it.
And, if you'll enhance, you'll notice that Mendes afforded Gosling a small shoutout.
It also provides technology to enable human financial advisors to enhance their services.
You're not trained at this, how is this going to enhance your life?
Meanwhile, CBP is working to enhance its own secure but agile communication networks.
China will also enhance the yuan's convertibility on the capital account, she said.
Also in the late '24s, DeLorean had plastic surgery to enhance his jaw.
" He went on: "That is not a threat -- that should enhance the debate.
He connected us with people who he thought would help enhance the project.
This product is also packed with soothing eucalyptus to further enhance these qualities.
Other animal studies suggest that Reishi mushrooms can enhance your body's immune response.
To enhance consumer welfare, the goal should be to expand access to credit.
With the new Enhance Details feature, Adobe is adding AI to the mix.
We continue to enhance the service, including by adding new reinforcement learning capabilities.
It announced a $300 million investment in 2013 to enhance the theme park.
You can also use it to auto-enhance your pictures and apply filters.
The first central banks were created to enhance the financial power of governments.
And consuming tiny doses of psychedelics to enhance productivity is fashionable these days.
Should they be used to enhance features that aren't necessary for our survival?
Here, winds flowing up and over the high terrain will enhance rainfall rates.
The question is whether AT&T's ambitions will enhance or diminish HBO's standing.
According to experts, being vulnerable can enhance your credibility and strengthen social bonds.
More importantly, how do we even define the morality these drugs should enhance?
You can use that to enhance a VR experience for your audience. Right.
If you put the electrodes in the right place, you can enhance endurance.
Do any of these supplemental content types even 'work' to enhance the experience??
Such funds have the potential to enhance the performance of a diversified portfolio.
" This thing even has gold in its solder "to enhance the signal flow.
They can enhance nipple play, massages, masturbation, couples' play — need we go on?
We see it as a complement, a way to enhance the personal experience.
More than day traders take advantage of market volatility to enhance their returns.
Implementing an open rewards model based on cryptocurrency principles can enhance all three.
The acquisition will enhance Cisco's optical systems portfolio, according to a press release.
A fog machine will enhance your living room theatrics, but it's not required.
Rocks and stones enhance feature plants as an attractive edging for garden beds.
There are still some who think she used meldonium to enhance her performance.
"I will dedicate my energy to enhance the future of Nissan," said Senard.
They can also enhance a wearer's vision, and allow them to survive underwater.
It will enhance national security, spur innovation, and create jobs, the VP added.
Both were unable to enhance the life conditions for most of the population.
Mobility will unlock more of their productive potential and enhance their social connections.
China also will enhance the yuan's convertibility on the capital account, she said.
The lowest and simplest level is to enhance basic skills in descriptive statistics.
We thus oppose new spending to enhance the use of biometrics by DHS.
And such destructive capability does little to enhance national security in outer space.
The next step might be to ask: How could we intentionally enhance synchrony?
There was also doping, or taking drugs in order to enhance athletic performance.
But human beings are not the only animals doped to enhance their performance.
"The aim is to enhance the operational aspect of securities lending," Liang said.
"Overall we expect that these measures will enhance collection of revenue," Banda said.
The company will also "continue to enhance corporate guidance," Kwon Oh-hyun said.
The company also attempted to enhance its biggest value proposition for drivers: Flexibility.
The ministry regularly conducts these auctions in an attempt to enhance market liquidity.
For some, it can enhance the exercise experience and make it more pleasurable.
"The aim is to enhance the operational aspect of securities lending," Liang said.
Instead, we must follow Europe's lead and do significantly more to enhance them.
LucidMood adds terpenes from other botanicals to enhance cannabis oil for its vapes.
Such fronts can enhance low level wind shear, elevating the threat for tornadoes.
This is to achieve synergies and savings and enhance their decision-making process.
In terms of the aesthetic shape, the images need to enhance that idea.
Delicious pumpkin, bell pepper, and garlic enhance this luscious and hearty seafood chowder.
It has to grow from the background noises and enhance them as well.
Manufacturers add sodium to help preserve food and enhance the flavor and texture.
With her experience and intellect, Condoleezza Rice would enhance any political science department.
More focused training could substantially enhance the human capital of the work force.
Each creature is built to enhance the story, but carefully recalls its origins.
And we're going to provide users with automated tools to enhance their videos.
Enhance public and professional education; Create informed demand for effective policies and interventions.
It has been used to enhance paintings and ornaments to increase their value.
More generous works of art serve to arouse, organize, and enhance that ability.
You enhance the chances of winning the bet by doing a confirmatory biopsy.
These carefully fashioned threats and processes are designed to enhance Israeli nuclear deterrence.
Both pathways are necessary in order to maintain and enhance our global position.
Riders are additional terms and conditions that enhance your coverage for specific situations.
Our mission is to enhance the cultural value of good writing in America.
Missing goals again is not likely to enhance Europeans' faith in the bloc.
Hommels highlighted that China has implemented a number of policies to enhance innovation.
They also add color, flavor, texture, and otherwise enhance the things we eat.
More global summits or UN reports will only enhance the perceptions of elitism.
Creating larger purchasing groups will enhance their negotiating power and drive down prices.
Brands around the world are using AI to enhance their human-resources departments.
It's unclear if Obsidian has plans to further enhance the game's text options.
Large investments nearing completion will further enhance the company's competitiveness in these areas.
But the bottle I'm carrying Shows how the past can enhance the present.
"We are continuing to take steps to enhance our cybersecurity program," Hagenbaugh said.
AI-powered software also helps enhance the sound so people's voices sound clearer.
He was probably the first artist to enhance the pale cognates with pastel.
The push to enhance the grid has gained urgency as renewables have spread.
Makeup trends like contouring give us the opportunity to enhance our features. Fine.
Looking to kick off a new fitness routine or enhance your current workout?
Trump has said he hopes to enhance U.S. surveillance to knock out terrorism.
New ground-based computer terminals enhance mission-planning and post-mission data analysis.
Congress must also act on my administration's other proposals to enhance domestic security.
Generally, educational toys claim to enhance intellectual, social, emotional, and/or physical development.
"All of the development needs to enhance the public space," Mr. Samuelian said.
He does not impose shapes with his chiseling so much as enhance them.
In your opinion, do these artistic liberties enhance or hinder the viewing experience?
He has come to believe that being a news consumer doesn't enhance society.
Yet what did covering it so often do aside from enhance its power?
On top of that, champagne can help enhance the quality of your skin.
And journals enhance their cachet by publishing exclusive, breakthrough studies by acclaimed researchers.
Weather does not enhance the enjoyment of sports; it stands in the way.
Dr. Topol believes that A.I. can do more than enhance diagnoses and treatments.
We ought to use reason and science to enhance human well-being. Yes.
A number of small studies have suggested garlic may enhance immune system function.
Some even enhance the Twitter experience, the company says, or provide useful information.
The company uses AI software to enhance imaging for stills, video and sensing.
"Such an obligation would undoubtedly enhance protection of the rights of children," Prof.
I'm not talking about subtle filters that lightly enhance, sharpen, or brighten images.
We enhance digital photographs, and we have voice-controlled gadgets in our kitchens.
The HPE patch is a regional achievement meant to further enhance that curriculum.
EU countries are urging the Commission to enhance defenses against cheap steel imports.
Enhance drowsiness by rocking or softly stroking the sleep-bound while you sing.
Can you enhance your narrative by arranging your artifacts in a specific way?
The two governments signed agreements to enhance cooperation, including on tourism and health.
In a statement, CVS said it continued to "refine and enhance" the program.
Some types of yeast will enhance the characteristics in the wine you prefer.
All of these can come in handy and help enhance your travel experience.
Sarissa Capital focuses on improving the strategies of companies to enhance shareholder value.
This will improve safety, boost the economy, increase U.S. competitiveness, and enhance lives.
Co-ops also leverage public-private partnerships to enhance the quality of life.
Shortly before Obama's speech, the House voted to enhance sanctions against North Korea.
But they did enhance the stadium's standing as a colossus of the sport.
The look involves using products in neutral tones to enhance your natural features.
It can enhance not only the effectiveness of accreditation, but also its accountability.
In humans, fasting seems to enhance the ability to counteract the disease process.
She recommends keeping acne medicine next to one's toothbrush to enhance its use.
A very light chill, a little under room temperature, will enhance the wine.
Research shows that athletes, for instance, enhance their performance when facing a rival.
Answers must also be relevant, add value, improve the experience, and enhance convenience.
"Even a temporary solution should involve provisions that would enhance border security," Rep.
The updates are largely used to add new features or enhance the performance.
But we are starting to understand that it might actually, save, help, enhance.
It's technology that is basically going to allow you to enhance your life.
They enhance freedom, enable free enterprise and bring about a broader embrace of progress.
Some insanely cool, hi-tech products to enhance your daily beauty routine, that's what.
People can crop them, assemble them into collages, and change or enhance the colors.
Most of these additions did not change the game but aimed to enhance it.
And the West, he says, helps enhance the illusion by overreacting to his provocations.
Liberum said the deal would enhance QinetiQ's position in global test and aviation sectors.
Dhiaa worked at the Agriculture Commission and wrote about ways to enhance modern farming.
Costs to enhance operational efficiencies could also feed through, such as investment in technology.
These facts should encourage advisors to enhance their retirement-planning services for women clients.
But I know that it will enhance my chances of staying out of trouble.
It can enhance your perception of yourself, how you project yourself in certain situations.
You'll also get to work on real designs so you can enhance your portfolio.
We do this to improve pickups, drop-offs, customer service, and to enhance safety.
It's squishy and podgy and surely designed to enhance the overall Kickstarter fundraising experience.
Celebrating Hopper helps enhance women's voices and recognize women's contributions to the technology field.
You can go minimal, and put on products that will enhance your natural glow.
A dot of highlighter on your Cupid's bow can help enhance this effect, too.
For example, research has shown that white noise can dull saltiness but enhance crunchiness.
These offerings are often pleasant to look at, but don't necessarily enhance the listening.
You can also use blocks, cushions, bands, and blankets to enhance your yoga experience.
The microfeathering technique is then implemented as a supplement to enhance a brow shape.
Anadarko has great assets, and those assets will enhance our dividend-plus-growth strategy.
Or that the underlying technology could be used to enhance already-existing surveillance techniques?
As you point out, it also requires spending to enhance and digitise electricity networks.
Advances in graphics simulations and, now, virtual reality could enhance these MOOCs even more.
"I hope that the developers would enhance face identification accuracy using these realistic masks."
The public is encouraged to download, enhance, and submit their new images to NASA.
That could help them enhance their surveillance capabilities, disrupt activism or hunt down dissidents.
Google has partnered with Disney to enhance story time reading with the Google Home.
Elliott also recommended changes to the board to improve governance and enhance shareholder returns.
Yep, I'm talking about using Game of Thrones' dialogue to enhance your Instagram photos.
But while sports lives may enhance a leader's appeal, they can also take away.
Baston often wore yellow contact lenses and gold fangs to enhance his bloodsucker persona.
It's been helping PC users customize, tweak, tailor, and enhance their desktops for years.
Connect applications and processes to enhance customer engagement across many industries or solve problems.
Click here to view original GIFSometimes slow motion is used to enhance action scenes.
It's also an encouraging peek at the ways virtual reality can enhance animated storytelling.
This isn't the first time Tinder has added functionality to enhance its chat experience.
So my advice is not to enhance those Pokémon that appear at low levels.
You can also grab some Anker computer accessories to enhance your computer set-up.
Fitch believes CSC's diversification will enhance internal cash flow and smooth out sales volatility.
Now, the team plans to enhance stacks more images of the surface of Mars.
Let's Enhance: Verdict… Overall — off screen — I was not overly wowed by the results.
The new technologies are designed not to enhance workers' capabilities but replace them altogether.
It's being used to enhance and to change the properties of the other materials.
Then we have found a great item for you which can enhance your experiences.
The capsules, which contain herbs like Bacopa monnieri, claim to enhance memory and stamina.
"We regularly introduce new ways to enhance the experience of our shoppers," he explained.
Nicotine exposure may enhance the level of pleasure experienced by subsequent drugs like marijuana.
Try to place your desk by a window because it will enhance the lighting.
Enhance your TV experience with the Vizio SmartCast on sale for $128 at Walmart.
Relying on free apps to enhance your MacBook's functionality isn't always the right move.
They destroy cancerous cells, reduce inflammation and pain in the gut, and enhance satiety.
Putin said last week that he would seek to enhance his country's nuclear capabilities.
I like how they have information for couples that will enhance their sex lives.
Derivatives, for example, help funds reduce risks, achieve efficiencies, enhance liquidity and lower costs.
Like with REVII, Here They Lie uses VR to enhance the horror game experience.
To him, these are not instruments that express US power and enhance American security.
To enhance my level of immersion, Samsung sent me a pair Level Bluetooth headphones.
There are optional heat settings, too, should you need to enhance the massage experience.
We need entitlement programs that invest in and enhance our human and natural resources.
FORIA is a company that creates cannabis products to enhance one's health and happiness.
She told us that you can enhance a DIY mask with a crushed vitamin.
Achieving greater economic openness and lower barriers to global trade will enhance these trends.
Our longstanding partnership with Kuwait and Bahrain continue to enhance security in the region.
"It'll increase your endurance and stamina, and can even enhance sprint performance," she adds.
Cargill had no immediate comment on Thursday on Bunge's plans to enhance its offerings.
GE will use the firms' technologies to enhance its business in printing aircraft parts.
Humans have always been trying to enhance their sex drive and performance with food.
That app can filter out different noises — or enhance others — based on your settings.
Whether it was business or religion, the goal was always to enhance family prestige.
U.S. withdrawal from East Asia would, of course, enhance China's power in the region.
Virtual reality was used by NBC to enhance the 2016 Rio Olympics viewing experience.
By doing so, it's supposed to enhance cell vitality and circulation while you're resting.
"[We want] to enhance the human touch rather than to replace it," Putnam said.
A more unified approach could enhance regulatory oversight and help to limit contagion risks.
The move follows pressure from activist investors to seek ways to enhance shareholder value.
He said the Fed's efforts to enhance growth would lead to a market meltdown.
Last year, Congress also included significant funding for projects to enhance European defense capabilities.
Samsung appears too eager to enhance your photos, resulting in an overly processed look.
Let us not enhance the possibility of this nightmare taking place by deriding Mrs.
Gun violence prevention advocates cheered the new laws, which they said would enhance safety.
Baumann said he would unveil "measures to enhance group performance" at the group's Dec.
Advances in technology can enhance health, safety, and environmental protection—goals shared by regulators.
North Korea and Iran have colluded for years to enhance each other's missile capabilities.
Mr. Putin's aim is to enhance Russia's power by undermining and destabilizing Western democracies.
Netanyahu noted his hope that the summit would enhance stability in the Middle East.
And increasing or decreasing the Enhance filter now shows how that affects other adjustments.
Ask yourself: "Is this purchase actually going to enhance my social relationships?" he said.
We then did overdubs at some of the transition points to enhance the continuity.
This year, Bailey will enhance his augmented reality explorations beginning with an upcoming show.
And if you'll just enhance, we can guess that that guy is Jon Snow.
What's your POV on women choosing to enhance their appearance through surgery or otherwise?
Back then, makeup wasn't something she did for fun or to enhance her features.
It says its aim is to enhance users' browsing experience by blocking "intrusive advertising".
The new subsidiaries enhance what the company sees as its broader mission, Kimel said.
Instead of hiding behind technology, Petkus uses it to enhance a much-needed conversation.
If you zoom and enhance, you can see that the pair are holding hands.
In the meantime, we've on-shored our customer call center to enhance customer experience.
The acquisition is expected to help enhance Temenos' front office banking product, Temenos Infinity.
It can enhance public safety, while improving the fairness of the criminal justice system.
A lot of it stems from the little details that enhance the store experience.
The product and technology will enhance our existing residential and commercial kitchen appliance portfolio.
He explained that the US is providing capabilities to enhance air and missile defense.
Mr. Smith said that, if anything, this industrialization should enhance the ice cream's texture.
Strength-training will not only make you stronger, it may also enhance bone density.
So the main argument behind Proposition 112 is that it would enhance public safety.
Uber should take steps to enhance its internal controls with respect to policy compliance.
Another growth factor, BDNF, promotes neurogenesis in animals and may enhance resilience in humans.
A heavy-handed military approach, with little transparency or accountability, doesn't enhance our security.
Some works are bejeweled and beautiful, designed to enhance the aesthetic of the wearer.
It's being used to 'enhance your experience' and have better advertisements targeted to you.
Sure, Chinese politicians themselves pledge to enhance multilateralism whenever they meet with Western counterparts.
He will significantly enhance our ability to provide market-leading experience and tailored solutions.
Mr. Klossner said the legislation would "significantly enhance our ability" to target illegal hosts.
The general manager hopes the recent hiring of another Nepalese manager will enhance service.
It also supplies Botswana with broadcasting equipment to enhance the country's digital broadcasting standards.
But the larger goals are radically different; they are also meant to enhance equity.
Sometimes, computer speakers even come with a small subwoofer to help enhance bass performance.
"He developed all these techniques to mitigate or enhance the shaking," Mr. Harrison said.
Ironically, letting the mind drift without targeting our thoughts can also enhance our performance.
We will enhance global risk monitoring, including of the recent outbreak of Covid-19.
Kim likely believed that developing this crucial deterrent capability would enhance his negotiating leverage.
This arrangement can enhance airflow velocity and pressure when compared to an open rotor.
Writers sometimes enhance their stories with long tweet threads that explain the reporting process.
Stanford offers arts Catalyst Grants to faculty to enhance classroom experiences for undergraduate students.
"This latest generation of planes has inbuilt features which enhance wellness," Mr. Mak said.
For Ramos, matching outfits with destinations started as a way to enhance her feed.
It can enhance any thermoelectric device as long as it's outside facing the stars.
Google is a very good company and we want to enhance cooperation with them.
This arrangement can enhance airflow velocity and pressure when compared to an open rotor.
They also enhance our intelligence capabilities by improving plausibility of business covers for operatives.
Can you imagine another way to tell or enhance the presentation of this story?
The government may also be taking citizens' DNA without consent to enhance the system.
Sarissa focuses on improving the strategies of health-care companies to enhance shareholder value.
As recent shootings have shown, refusing to enhance school security represents an inexcusable failure.
Science supports what we intuitively understand: Strong relationships enhance the quality of our lives.
AWS has sought to enhance its cloud in the past year with security tools.
The bank said the move would enhance transparency and efficient processing of foreign investment.
While space-based systems enhance military operations and civilian networks, they also expose vulnerabilities.
The funds would be raised to enhance the Kuwaiti bank's Tier 1 core capital.
But is it also possible that the two highs may also enhance each other?
Leaf Vertical, a biopharmaceutical research company, will explore whether it can enhance cancer therapies.
It's both to enhance crop production and, eventually, to lure visitors for their blooms.
It doesn't vibrate but uses gentle, autonomous motions and air flow to enhance stimulation.
The defining characteristic here is that it's spending that will enhance society's future productivity.
Dramatic lighting and framed dust jackets from my own books enhance the stark effect.
How can I develop an authentic setting, one that will enhance the characters' conflicts?
We tend to think of drugs that enhance performance — say, sports doping — as bad.
Parents could be put under powerful peer and marketing pressure to enhance their children.
Ryan Reynolds often uses a pop of color to enhance his otherwise-standard outfits.
Fiera recommends using the device for 3-15 minutes before sex to enhance arousal.
Warrior also is the principle sponsor of the Boston Red Sox, to enhance FSG's interest.
Other uses are allowed when they enhance wildlife habitat, but not when they harm it.
He called emojis and stickers a "useful tool" that enhance relationships between friends and family.
This is to enhance our thinking about credit as cyber becomes more and more important.
Third-party applications enhance Tradeshift's proposition for exporters, in a manner similar to Salesforce AppExchange.
Equipped with Celliant technology, it can apparently enhance local blood flow, energy, strength, and endurance.
Difficult to shape and glass, the lengthwise slots were thought to enhance overall board speed.
Potempa will be using three different-sized Beachwaver irons to best enhance their natural textures.
I would love to work with you to enhance the cooperation between US and China.
Hong Kong should "have the guts" to change tax regulations to enhance competitiveness, she said.
It's not quite noise cancelling, but it blocks just enough to enhance your aural experience.
The board has asked the company to implement or enhance response tactics regarding hacking incidents.
Greenfield, though, was seeking to enhance his manhood, rather than to fix any medical problem.
Evidence that it could enhance a man without any such issues is even more tenuous.
Global protectionism is on the rise and will enhance trade risks going forward, he noted.
We will enhance our own well-being in this way, and probably even save lives.
When used wisely, a smartphone can enhance a trip instead of take away from it.
Here, too, the mandate was a rhetorical device to enhance the impression of executive power.
The restaurant had been aging the fish for two days to enhance its umami qualities.
I think it will really enhance Jack's character as we see unfold through this season.
"You will need to enhance your algorithm by training it on multiple fronts," Mall said.
But the prediction would be that they enhance the availability of the nutrients in question.
Sarepta's Exondys 51 is designed to enhance dystrophin production and slow progression of the disease.
Clearly, Rippon knows how to use one's outfit to either enhance or deliver a message.
What's more, the world's largest Muslim-majority democracy seemed to enhance its reputation for tolerance.
Now, Google is adding even more features to Motion Stills that further enhance its toolset.
It can also enhance apps by speeding up offline searches and providing more immersive maps.
Step up your game (literally) with this mouse that's designed to enhance your gaming experience.
She has always sought to share the spotlight with people who help enhance her work.
The FDA checks whether tampons can enhance the growth of harmful bacterias in the vagina.
They created disappearing messages, stories and lenses to enhance the content that users could create.
The authors argue that sound may enhance the effects of the distraction from the game.
If you'd like to enhance some images yourself, you can check out Juno's gallery here.
There are many reasons why people masturbate, one of which is to enhance partnered sex.
And in the U.S., a company works to enhance crops by coating seeds with bacteria.
Are there other peripherals that you can think of that'll enhance my TV-watching experience?
But tomorrow's tech gadgets will offer revolutionary ways to stave off disease to enhance independence.
I use this when I want to enhance my skin tone or cover my psoriasis.
But I've also added 3D and CG effects to enhance the experience for the viewer.
There are many ways to enhance your entertaining game that don't break the bank. 1.
Even more, data can inform scheduling choices, and enhance efforts at recapturing consumers who disconnect.
Neurostimulation has also been strategically adopted by the military to enhance training in Special Ops.
Focusing on growing these healthy relationships remains an easy way to enhance emotional well-being.
Neustaedter says that his lab has produced other technologies that can enhance long-distance relationships.
Boland said the Russian connection would enhance North Korea's ability to command future cyber attacks.
The need for more advanced production to enhance living standards will also benefit tech companies.
It also has smart zoom that uses software to enhance details in zoomed-in images.
Ahead, we've rounded up our favorite star map apps that will enhance your astrological exploration.
But horses, as well as humans, can be drugged to enhance or tarnish their performance.
Analysts and some investors tout the merits of potentially seismic deals to enhance the focus.
Maybe it was a factor … I certainly think it might have helped enhance the building.
Choose a spot where it shows to best advantage and where surrounding plants enhance it.
She and artist Dana Salisbury actually thought blindfolding guests could enhance their interaction with food.
Secondly, to do that we have to be able to enhance law enforcement intelligence sharing.
Host's unencumbered asset profile has several attractive features that should enhance its appeal as collateral.
The benchmark change was made to enhance the effect of monetary easing on market rates.
The idea that snowboarding would enhance the Games turned out to be a pipe dream.
Sure, your typical two-strand twist-out is a great way to enhance your curls.
So, in theory, we can actually enhance our experience of happiness simply through exploring language.
In addition to its rulemaking authority, Democrats are seeking to enhance the FTC's enforcement power.
So no matter which headset you're rocking, you can hopefully find something to enhance today.
Redick is also the type of free agent addition who can enhance a growing culture.
As an obsessive reader, I like having that background knowledge to enhance my viewing experience.
Grenier feels that Instragram is designed to flatter, enhance or sort of exaggerate certain things.
Most of the superfluous physicality is used to enhance characterization and not further the plot.
But, what exactly do intuitive people do differently and how does that enhance their lives?
In fact, it's possible that sex may even enhance athletic performance by helping people relax.
In the meantime, Apple will continue to enhance CarPlay with smarter maps and Siri intelligence.
So what do you do if you want to enhance your viewing experience on mobile?
The project includes developing a management program to enhance the company's safety and environmental compliance.
The Federal Reserve's power to enhance economic growth is not what it's used to be.
Finally, in early March, management announced it was pursuing strategic alternatives to enhance shareholder value.
"We will enhance the provisions for consumer protection and strengthen cyber security requirements," he added.
Limiting the choice for leaders by parliament would reduce democracy, not enhance it, he argued.
Exactly how the new iPhone cameras will enhance iOS' augmented reality features is also unclear.
If technology could be used to enhance one or both, he'd dive in head first.
When was the last time you actively strived to enhance your abilities as a leader?
Since the 1970s, the FCC has expressed the need to enhance minority ownership and diversity.
The growing militarization of the police is a tangible trend, and drones enhance this tendency.
Proponents also recommend the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to enhance one's privacy.
Qualcomm has taken additional steps to enhance its existing internal controls and procedures, it said.
Next, he wants to enhance his tech support team adding 100 people to that group.
Synergistic acquisitions are larger, enhance Conagra's network and can bring new capabilities to the company.
"Our goal is also to enhance protection of eagles throughout their ranges," the FWS writes.
"To enhance the value of a neighboring piece of real estate," his court papers say.
The idea will be to bring that together with Meltwater's existing business to enhance it.
Studies have shown that good time programs enhance public safety and will obviously save costs.
These orders taken collectively systematically enhance Trump's personal power at the expense of our Constitution.
We would welcome both to enhance the quality of proposed oversight, particularly for asset managers.
Other government actions and policies can speed the arrival, and enhance the benefits, of 5G.
Does being high enhance one's ability to hear music, like a form of satanic magic?
Speaking with yoga enthusiast Angie Yeo, Mashable discovered how yoga can enhance our everyday life.
Meanwhile, President Xi reportedly started 2019 by ordering the country's military to enhance combat readiness.
The US Air Force's main missions are to take care of airmen and enhance readiness.
It will widen your network, boost your credibility, and enhance your earning potential, they said.
Interest rates are set by the Fed, and lower interest rates enhance demand for homes.
"Our goal is also to enhance protection of eagles throughout their ranges," the FWS wrote.
"This partnership is a way to enhance our collective contribution to innovation in this region."
The goal is to enhance prosperity and peace without sending our young people to war.
Microsoft is emphasizing business uses, while Google is working to enhance services for mainstream audiences.
And, of course, social media sites are platforms for showcasing friendships to enhance personal image.
Adam Greenberg is the CEO of iUNU, a company using AI to enhance greenhouse efficiency.
Mandatory product listing would also enhance FDA's ability to respond effectively to emerging safety concerns.
It also lets users enhance features (for example, de-emphasizing your nose or minimizing blemishes).
My rules sought to enhance spontaneity by making sure I noticed it when it happened.
Would a brand new car really enhance my life more than my current reliable car?
But some people think China will enhance the support for import, reducing the trade surplus.
To me, this effect did nothing to enhance the video I took with my Spectacles.
Others used technology to enhance productivity and slashed their work forces to sustain their operations.
Key aspects of the agenda can enhance our understanding of, and preparation for, contemporary conflict.
The reason is due to hormonal changes, which enhance insulin's response to nutrients, Cummings explained.
They can't enhance quality of interaction without taking the more manual approach of driver education.
For now new management will likely have to continue shrinking to enhance profit, analysts said.
In an attempt to enhance shareholder value, LPL increased its debt to buy back shares.
The first question is: Will this bill help enhance the security of the United States?
It is a fatiguing routine designed to enhance flexibility, endurance, core strength and leaping ability.
He may use a dusting of ash to enhance even the butter on the table.
Almost as soon as whiteboards went mainstream, however, technology arrived to enhance or replace them.
The idea is to synthetically enhance microbes into super-miners with special metal-binding flagella.
Buhari's visit in itself is also bound to enhance Nigeria's leadership position in West Africa.
"Autonomy technologies can enhance future operations and capabilities in contested and denied environments," AFRL explained.
"The jewellery pieces were designed and physically made, and professionally photographed to enhance the plausibility."
This partnership is a way to enhance our collective contribution to innovation in this region.
Rose water, pink peppercorns, and cava are added to the fiocco brine to enhance it.
In general, they argue that it will enhance surveillance and monitoring for new potential pandemics.
In addition to the many physiological benefits, cannabis may also enhance a user's spiritual connection.
There is no digital trickery to enhance the photos with photo montage or 3D elements.
Action flicks employ slow motion to enhance drama, elevating moments of violence to elegiac levels.
To use brain implants to enhance people who are already healthy is a step further.
Its initiatives include an accreditation scheme which aims to help social enterprises enhance their profile.
Dr. Horowitz also describes how she trained herself to enhance her inferior human sniffing ability.
Games against the Yankees — 234 in all — have provided the platform to enhance Ortiz's stature.
In addition, it may inhibit the breakdown of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which could enhance cognition.
The US Federal Reserve, for example, said it would enhance liquidity for critical money markets.
Phys Ed Whether athletes can enhance their performance with caffeine may depend on their genes.
Meanwhile, anecdotes of artists using marijuana to enhance both their creativity and productivity are myriad.
It is something that has been shown over the past few years to enhance endurance.
Swearing has also been shown in lab conditions to relieve pain and even enhance strength.
Our explainer on how to cook with salt to enhance your food should help, too.
Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani has endorsed the use of video surveillance to enhance public safety.
And a built-in bench, LED lighting and radiant floors frequently enhance the spalike experience.
And modern labor rights and environmental policies would update the agreement and enhance its appeal.
"All shoes are considered to enhance performance," Jeré Longman writes for the New York Times.
McKesson, in its statement, said it was continuing "to enhance and evolve" its compliance efforts.
A recent workshop, headlined by a urologist, explored how CBD can enhance one's sex life.
Again, black markets formed by punitive drug laws enhance the likelihood of these negative outcomes.
Would they succumb to using butter and salt to enhance the flavor of steamed vegetables?
Warner today about "innovative solutions" that help to enhance the welfare of DoorDash's delivery workers.
Now, learning about the historical background of a particular work can certainly enhance one's perceptions.
We celebrate those Presidents and their vitality; it didn't, however, enhance their ability to govern.
Instead, let's enhance their capacity to handle stress and succeed in the face of adversity.
She never tried to change me or do nothing but enhance and strengthen my spirit.
To enhance the photos, you can also adjust color temperature and vibrancy, or add filters.
The PBOC said that move would enhance the capital adequacy and corporate governance of Hengfeng.
The PBOC said that move would enhance the capital adequacy and corporate governance of Hengfeng.
Just as trust and stability can enhance that growth, fear and trauma can impede it.
Discord also be connected to other apps, like YouTube and Spotify, to enhance your experience.
Striking visual images, such as a big blob of foliage for Birnam Wood, enhance tension.
Until then, he said, he wants to steadily enhance his product development and management skills.
You can also go to a spot like a SPA to help enhance your beauty.
Numbers are a way to enhance reality, adding excitement to places that need them most.
It paid $2.25 million in penalties and agreed to enhance its ethics and compliance procedures.
Windows 10 computers offer a variety of different tools to help enhance your user experience. 
For those who do need hearing aids, dedicated smartphone apps can help enhance certain models.
Likewise, there is a rogue history of using forbidden tools to enhance sign-stealing capabilities.
The tight packaging works wonders here; every detail is precisely chosen to enhance the experience.
And $100 million would be authorized to enhance joint training and exercises in the region.
"If there are opportunities to enhance our existing processes we will do so," he said.
Language, after all, is meant to enhance our understanding of each other, not dilute it.
Profits from exports will, in theory, enhance the economy, create jobs and provide fiscal stability.
It also wants to enhance relationships with channel partners to sell AvePoint on its behalf.
"[Hypnosis] is actually quite helpful when you want to enhance your own performance," Friedmutter says.
Enhance your TV's (probably crappy) built-in speakers by adding a soundbar to your setup.
These cameras are required to track the external environment which helps enhance the VR experience.
As one company told Thrillist, they add adaptogens to enhance the purported effects of CBD.
Resting your legs above your head may alleviate this swelling and enhance your rest.5.
But if we can create our own, that would enhance the community as a whole.
Vizio employs audio technology from DTS and Dolby to enhance your sound, including DTS Virtual:X.
Mr. Joel said the report "leans forward" in an effort to "enhance transparency" and clarity.
Google does an excellent job with software to enhance the shots captured with its phones.
Resetting expectations for long-term growth requires policies that enhance productivity growth and support work.
"To enhance its relations with China, they have to play the U.S. card," he said.
You never have to charge it and it will enhance your life so, so much.
While fitting for certain occasions, these primitive vessels do not enhance the wine-drinking experience.
The House easily passed legislation on Monday to enhance congressional committees' subpoena powers for investigations.
Geopolitically, U.S. LNG exports would help diversify world energy supplies and enhance global energy security.
He said it was medication to treat a heart issue and did not enhance performance.
China's claim that the regulation is meant to enhance individual privacy rights is a facade.
I wasn't looking to enhance the value of my collection — I've never sold one piece.
But I cannot tolerate higher-pitched sounds, though they do enhance my ability to understand.
Meditation, for example, is a Buddhist technique created to reduce suffering and enhance ethical behavior.
At the very least, we may buy valuable time to enhance our ability to adapt.
The eyes were there functionally first, then we decided to enhance them in the design.
It would also enhance penalties for people 22015 and older who provide pot to minors.
Trump's primary goal over the past several decades has been to enhance the Trump name.
I don't think there's one person who didn't use my work to enhance their own.
But that ambiguity does not do much to enhance deterrence, which requires clarity and consistency.
He lied to protect Trump, his employer, and lied to enhance his own personal fortune.
Specifically targeting groups that tend to support your competition can enhance that advantage even more.
You enhance the gaming experience, but up until ... Obviously you're now starting to sell games.
So, this is a place where common-sense regulation is going to enhance the experience.
True, Bannon himself would clearly become a kingmaker and enhance his influence within the party.
Every coalition has its preferred sources/industries and advances policy meant to enhance their standing.
Filmmakers are also betting on new VR tools to enhance both fictional stories and documentaries.
It's using the technology, and [explaining] how the technology is going to enhance my life.
MAS said short selling "can enhance the price discovery process and maintain market discipline", but its proposals aimed to enhance transparency by requiring market participants to mark short-sell orders to the exchange and report short positions above a certain threshold to the MAS.
The four include one to strengthen hair, skin and nails with Biotin, a second (with collagen) to enhance skin, a third for relaxation and sleep, and a fourth to enhance female intimacy and "elevate sensation and improve blood flow," according to the press release.
For those with a penis, lube can enhance sensation or be used for some butt play.
Tool plans further enhance its sales effort while continuing to develop additional features for the platform.
The critics are ruthless: If we don't try to enhance our appearances, we're not attractive enough.
They also enhance social and civic participation, taking more active roles in local politics and governance.
Certainly, it doesn't enhance the porn experience enough (yet) to make buying a headset worth it.
"We will keep reviewing our protocols to enhance passengers' safety on our platform," the spokesperson said.
If you're thinking of doing it, only do it to enhance experiences that are already great.
That also meant simplifying some of the design to enhance the overall performance of the framework.
Permission and reconnection to what feels good in your body is likely to enhance health instead.
With that said, a number of these features also greatly enhance your all-around entertainment experience.
"The official enthronement will solidify kingship and enhance his aura as the new king," said Thitinan.
The senior administration officials said the declaration would significantly enhance US-Poland military-to-military relationships.
G20 trade ministers agreed on Sunday to cut trade costs, increase policy coordination and enhance financing.
The research grew out of efforts to enhance the study of brain development, disorders and evolution.
So, there is so much technology we can use, but only to enhance students' learning efficacy.
Spruce Bot is hardly the only company looking to enhance the brick-and-mortar customer experience.
They discussed the timing of release in an attempt to enhance the impact on the election.
"We call it modulation," says Verzua, referring to how terpenes can enhance the effect of cannabinoids.
Would eating five Nathan's hot dogs in five minutes kill my sex drive, or enhance it?
" The goal was to "always enhance and empower the amazing personality and shape that she has.
The United States could enhance the country's independence by working with Russia to mitigate external influences.
The platform also can incorporate educational activity that takes place offline to enhance those learner profiles.
However, the firm is already looking ahead on how to develop and enhance its international footprint.
A few new accessories and accent pieces can dramatically enhance a room without going over budget.
And we are going to literally enhance our own intellectual capabilities by merging with this technology.
In Georgia's case, Washington has sold Javelin anti-tank missiles to enhance its territorial defense capabilities.
It's part of what makes Essence Fest special, and adding marginalized talent can enhance that legacy.
The APA will enhance predictability of company's tax obligations in respect to U.S. operations, Infosys added.
In 2020, the company is focused on growing that user base more and enhance its marketing.
Just engaging hands, paws and brains of varying sizes can enhance a participant's sense of control.
And yet, pot has still been helpful for many couples aiming to enhance their sex life.
These issuances have helped to improve the average tenor of Glenmark's debt and enhance its liquidity.
How can we enhance stability in the rental market to help people stay in their homes?
Both Julio and Juanita are little members of our family and truly enhance our family's lives.
The Invoke doesn't have a subwoofer, but there is a passive radiator to enhance the bass.
On Tuesday, Ford announced an extensive set of initiatives to enhance the development of connected cars.
Icahn generally invests in these companies and attempts to bring about change to enhance shareholder value.
Upon completing the course, you'll earn a professional certification you can use to enhance your résumé.
Augmented Reality – Spectacles v1 only record the world around you, but future iterations could enhance it.
The House Energy and Commerce Committee yesterday approved several bills designed to enhance prescription drug competition.
Today, artists can strategically enhance, change, add to, and, yes, cover, tattoos in pretty remarkable ways.
There are so many devices these days that help to enhance the way we take selfies.
They&aposre trying to enhance their own standing and anticipation of a summit and weaken ours.
The report says, "timely and proactive cooperation by Iran in providing such access would ... enhance confidence."
Hard-hitting standards can enhance energy efficiency and bring greater reliance on wind and solar power.
Now, the utility says it needs another rate hike -- to enhance wildfire safety and attract investors.
It sees LNG, including from America, as a useful alternative that could enhance its energy security.
Just follow the 7 steps for a natural beauty look that will enhance your best features.
Given the right conditions, these extra chubby clouds can then produce or enhance local weather conditions.
Hobbies, Kauffman says, can enhance your creativity, help you think more clearly and sharpen your focus.
Most of the reports reference lobbying to "enhance voluntary compliance" — a euphemism for opposing automatic filing.
How about using gene editing to enhance "intelligence" (whatever that term might mean), or athletic ability?
But bisexual women, compared to heterosexual women, also reported greater use of drugs to enhance sex.
So, she decides to undergo the same procedure Jessica went through in order to enhance herself.
And if you are a fan, "Let's Enhance" is a gentle reminder of these shows' ridiculousness.
We also like the built-in Chromecast support and 126 local dimming zones, which enhance contrast.
Kelly Ripa does something unusual to enhance her guacamole — and don't worry, it doesn't involve peas.
It will also have one of the largest sales and distribution network to enhance customer convenience.
As base station software advances, so does beamforming, a key capability that will enhance indoor reach.
Over time, organisms evolved different strategies—like luciferases and specialized light organs—to enhance this property.
One of the ways that Panera has aimed to enhance the customer experience is through delivery.
"We think this is a major move and will greatly enhance shareholder value," Icahn told CNBC.
"We think this is a major move and will greatly enhance shareholder value," Icahn told CNBC.
Icahn told CNBC that the move is a good one and will greatly enhance shareholder value.
India in 2010 prohibited FDI in cigarette manufacturing, saying this would enhance efforts to curb smoking.
Johnson said the team likes to add "play value" to each kit to enhance the experience.
Enhance the experience by upgrading to include a side of the best-selling red-velvet pancakes.
Negotiators there will aim to amend the ozone-saving protocol to enhance its benefits for climate.
" The two leaders also "agreed to stay in close communication to enhance cooperation on North Korea.
In addition to being backwards compatible with 802.11ac gear, Qualcomm's 802.11ax solutions will also enhance them.
Is that something that's going to enhance their ability to lead in one of these petrostates?
The final GOP tax bill will enhance the child tax credit, according to four GOP sources.
When it comes to dietary restrictions that people claim enhance the experience, we can only speculate.
These technical improvements would greatly enhance the game design of what would become Sonic The Hedgehog.
What we should be looking at is how do we enhance our competitiveness and export opportunities.
Auto-enhance sometimes works, so I usually try that first to see what results I get.
It also allowed them to enhance a program to mentor new arts writers and commission work.
If you use it wisely, it can enhance your life and your loved ones' lives, too.
Tewoo is expanding into higher-margin segments, including logistics and financial services, to enhance its profitability.
Their motives are to be players and make money and enhance, above all, their respective brands.
If You Have a Hot Date …  The lace-up style is made to enhance your cleavage.
Made of memory foam and bamboo fiber, it's designed to enhance the quality of your sleep.
"I have no interest in using methods to enhance performance that you shouldn't use," he said.
To further enhance his brand, Trump used his prime-time perch to unveil another big project.
"My alternative represents meaningful reform that will enhance public safety now," Ferguson said in a statement.
But now it's realizing how these virtual mini-me's can enhance privacy while connecting more deeply.
We think it will enhance the festival scene as well as offering an alternative to it.
A Senate Commerce subcommittee holds a hearing on ways to enhance the Marine Mammal Protection Act.
Delta leaders will use this NTSB guidance to further enhance the safety of our global operation.
Conservatives hoped the plan might enhance the GOP's appeal to voters as the fiscally conservative party.
Read on for some expert-approved methods to enhance your skin while maintaining your beauty marks.
Proponents of the bathroom bills say they aim to protect individual privacy and enhance public safety.
McBride's response aptly emphasized the ways in which ensemble comedy can enhance stories of any genre.
When done right, each can enhance — and, if necessary, serve as a corrective for — the other.
Looks like some of our TV magic is coming to the real world one day. Enhance!
Yet Trump's campaign has acknowledged the need to enhance efforts out of Washington in recent weeks.
To enhance an impression of centrifugal intensity, the canvas has been made to bulge slightly outward.
Thursday's moves are the latest in Pai's effort to enhance the FCC's role in policing robocalls.
Like his ancient predecessors, Tóibín wants both to enhance and to interrogate a much told tale.
This would allow China to significantly enhance its dossiers on high-ranking U.S. officials and executives.
This bill would ostensibly enhance national energy security but would really benefit only a select few.
Paying attention to the way your video is lit will enhance your video quality overall. 4.
Blocking these cookies can enhance your privacy without adversely affecting your site preferences or browsing experience.
Yet these data may enhance access to health care, improve health outcomes, or lower provider costs.
This would also allow neobanks to enhance their offerings without having to use their own resources.
In 2017, UPS piloted the use of VR headsets to enhance training courses for delivery drivers.
"To this end, we must remain highly vigilant and enhance our sense of urgency," Fan said.
These are all necessary and vital moves for an administration looking to enhance U.S. manufacturing competitiveness.
Pulse of the People Americans aren't very enthusiastic about using science to enhance the human species.
Lawmakers are expected to consider a measure on Friday to enhance the VA's employee recruitment process.
The CESER is expected to enhance the relationship between industry and DOE on issues of cybersecurity.
" This, he further predicted, could enhance "the richness and rigor of spontaneous creation and human interaction.
Ms. Flager said today's traveler considered knowledge of the destination essential to enhance the trip ashore.
First, we need to enhance educational opportunities for people inside prison and just out of it.
Microsoft is notably using FPGA chips to enhance some AI functions in its Bing search engine.
Instead of threatening to cannibalize their current offering, AR actually serves to enhance and expand it.
The defense ministers NATO countries approved a plan to enhance the alliance's military presence in Europe.
The best way to respond is to enhance elements of our systems for civil liberties protection.
Bellgram literally tracks conversational data and applies AI to it to enhance how the business operates.
Moreover, these rudimentary special effects could smooth, enhance, and flatter their subjects, transforming and elevating them.

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