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"grant" Definitions
  1. a sum of money that is given by the government or by another organization to be used for a particular purpose
"grant" Synonyms
endowment subsidy allowance award donation subvention allocation allotment benefaction gift handout stipend annuity contribution appropriation bursary concession entitlement funding present portion share part quota slice piece cut percentage proportion measure lot ration apportionment take chunk end whack assignment distribution issuance dispensation issuing granting awarding budgeting consignment giving giving out dealing out sharing out handing out doling out parcelling out dividing up dividing out cession relinquishment surrender submission yielding handover renunciation submitting rendition resignation ceding transfer transference surrendering waiving abdication forsaking abandonment forgoing conceding privilege advantage benefit right bonus liberty freedom perk prerogative sanction apanage appanage asset authorisation(UK) authorization(US) boon claim due licence permission consent leave warrant approval clearance authority assent permit blessing concurrence fund trust foundation charity organisation(UK) organization(US) movement cause voluntary organization not-for-profit organization non-profit-making organization charitable organization charitable trust aid agency charitable institution non-profit organization aid organization charitable foundation demise conveyance transmission alienation handing down passing on devise attornment making over transferal conferral transferral compromise settlement accommodation adjustment negotiation deal agreement indulgence modification exception forfeit sop consideration giveback reduction discount rebate decrease deduction saving markdown depletion allowance tax break refund repayment slash pullback weighting bargain price cut latitude autonomy choice flexibility independence opportunity capability capacity discretion facility leeway possibility scope space ability carte blanche convenience appeasement conciliation pacification placation propitiation soothing acceding allaying blunting easing mollification palliation quieting reconciliation relieving softening acquiescence calming allow authorise(UK) authorize(US) accede accord concede vouchsafe agree to approve of consent to acquiesce to afford with accede to sign off on give in to sign on give the nod give thumbs-up shake on give allocate allot assign bestow confer vest bestow on confer on convey impart transmit stake award to contribute to admit profess acknowledge accept cede agree confess yield appreciate recognise(UK) recognize(US) concur suppose avow own go along with own up to own up relinquish renounce deliver abandon sacrifice render waive resign deed forgo forsake alien alienate bequeath reveal declare disclose divulge confide prove affirm assert confirm make known manifest intromit bless buy enter entertain harbor(US) harbour(UK) house initiate introduce let lodge okay receive shelter sign suffer condescend stoop deign descend unbend accommodate bend submit humble acquiesce comply demean favor(US) favour(UK) lower understand conceive perceive imagine envision observe regard view visualise(UK) visualize(US) appraise embrace hazard assume presume expect believe gather surmise conjecture guess suspect dare say deduce estimate figure hypothesise(UK) hypothesize(US) reason remunerate pay recompense compensate indemnify recoup reimburse requite reward satisfy fee tip guerdon redress repay ante up dish out More
"grant" Antonyms
debt debits debts bills dues liabilities liability indebtedness obligation outstandings charges receipt blockage hindrance hurt injury loss obstruction stop forfeit tax discouragement antagonism harm humility disapproval competition opposition modesty attack detraction penalty punishment fine amercement charge reparation fee mulct sanction levy amends penalization financial penalty denial disadvantage refusal repudiation restriction prohibition limitation interdiction veto ban proscription whole nothing nada naught nil nix nought nowt null zero zilch zip zippo earnings income pay salary wage noncontribution gain handicap disbenefit drawback difficulty downside hardship negative pitfall burden deficiency flaw impediment incommodity obstacle problem detriment hurdle divestment divestiture impedance encumbrance deterrent inhibition hampering holdback interruption setback intervention interference stumbling block dower bride price disavowal nonadmission difference disagreement disputation fighting protest constraint restraint limit embargo regulation cramp curb desertion forsaking negligence refuse decline reject deny repudiate dismiss ignore scorn shun snub spurn rebuff repel repulse negate balk at prohibit turn down disapprove strip deprive relieve dispossess confiscate rob take away from remove divest withdraw take away disinherit fortake take off despoil wrest rid expropriate disavow refute oppose challenge contest counter disaffirm disconfirm disdain dispute constrain enjoin forbid prevent debar banish bar black blackball block criminalise(UK) criminalize(US) disallow disqualify exclude interdict outlaw preclude withhold retain hold hold back preserve unauthorize discard revoke contravene abjure acquire attain earn get land make net obtain procure secure keep take come by seize trouble afflict blight curse destroy doom plague scourge torment vex blame castigate condemn criticise(UK) criticize(US) recall abnegate recant renounce countermand renig nullify refrain annul pull repeal void forswear overlook miss neglect forget omit skip discount slight overpass bypass disregard brush aside brush off deliberately ignore gloss over borrow pawn scrounge appropriate mooch accept loan of have access to have a loan of hit up receive maintain perpetuate continue hang on to hold on to keep hold of continue to have keep possession of continue with persist with misplace mislay place unwisely place wrongly put in wrong place centralise(UK) centralize(US) anathematize imprecate hex jinx maledict accurse agonise(UK) agonize(US) anguish beset beshrew execrate hoodoo bedevil defy resist contradict fight query question undermine contend controvert demur disagree with disapprove of

170 Sentences With "grant"

How to use grant in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "grant" and check conjugation/comparative form for "grant". Mastering all the usages of "grant" from sentence examples published by news publications.

"General Grant had no aspirations of becoming President Grant," said Jim Setty, site manager at the Grant Birthplace.
They include direct grant programs, state-administered formula grant programs, and discretionary grant programs authorized under the Higher Education Act.
Olivia Grant and Richard E. Grant also opted for dark colors.
The grant will be the EU's largest ever grant for energy infrastructure.
"If they're a grant writer, say grant writer; that's fine," she says.
The other 21625 percent comes from a variety of sources: private and corporate donations, foundations and three block grant programs — the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), the Social Services Block Grant (SSBG) and the Community Service Block Grant (CSBG).
"King of the World" — Natalie Grant; Natalie Grant, Becca Mizell & Samuel Mizell, songwriters
The Delaware Wal-Mart plaintiffs are represented by Stuart Grant of Grant & Eisenhofer.
The Morrill Land Grant Act of 1862 created land-grant universities across the country.
I luckily landed the Pell Grant and Oregon Opportunity Grant, which helped a lot.
Of course, the only difference between "Christian" Grant and "secular" Grant was the lyrics.
Grant won the Golden Globe for best actor for his role as Charles Grant.
The $85033 million Port Security Grant is an example of a DHS-administered grant.
"This is an unconditional surrender," shareholder attorney Stuart Grant of Grant & Eisenhofer told BuzzFeed News.
There was a job training grant, and a grant to set up a community center.
Mr. Grant's brother, Travis Paul Grant, is listed on records for Kyle Grant 1 LLC.
O' Allah grant the injured a speedy recovery and grant the families of the victims patience.
Look for Tom Cavanagh's short film "Tom & Grant" starring his "Flash" costar Grant Gustin this summer.
Samantha Grant, half-sister Samantha Grant is Markle&aposs half-sister and her father's eldest daughter.
"She was going to get the grant," he said, "but that same grant killed her." video
He is the son of Carol A. Grant and Lester E. Grant Sr. of Guilford, Conn.
Melanie Grant, 47, first dated Mr. Grant when she was an undergraduate at Louisiana State University.
I think that's very minimal, because there are obviously licenses they can grant or not grant.
But let's say it's Cary Grant, because I'd love to imagine hooking up with Cary Grant.
This ranges from a $3.6 million grant to Minnesota to a $177 million grant to California.
GRANT: "Personal Memoirs," by Ulysses S. Grant There are several great biographies of Grant, including one coming from Ron Chernow this fall, but it's quite possible that no one wrote about our 18th president and former commanding general of the United States Army better than Grant himself.
Grant Is it just us or does Grant kind of look like that "Hot Convict" Jeremy Meeks?
"They can give you a grant but the grant only lasts for so long," Ms. Membreno said.
He is a son of Candace T. Grant of Utica, N.Y., and Kenneth A. Grant of Toronto.
She denied asking Ms. Grant to lift her shirt over her head, suggesting Ms. Grant had misinterpreted her.
"The difference between a good block grant and a dangerous block grant is in the detail," Kasich wrote.
" COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT BLOCK GRANT "The Budget proposes to eliminate funding for the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program.
"We're thrilled that Facebook has dropped the reclassification," said an email statement from Stuart Grant of Grant & Eisenhofer.
In the Atlantic, Adam Grant and Allison Sweet Grant wrote about how to teach kids to be kind.
"The difference between a good block grant and a dangerous block grant is in the detail," Ohio Gov.
The program fully financed congressional internships for 13 Pell Grant recipients or Pell Grant-eligible students this summer.
The additional cost of making an international grant, for instance, averages around $1,500 per grant, according to the Trust.
Grant and Whishaw play their parts heartbreakingly well, especially Grant, who manages to make Thorpe both tragic and loathsome.
That triangle — I mean, 'twas ever thus, from Randolph Scott and Cary Grant, to Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant.
His infamous "Opportunity Grant" proposal in 2014 was to consolidate 11 programs, including SNAP, into a single block grant.
States like Idaho could grant health plans licensed by territories the same exemption they grant health care sharing ministries.
This photograph, known as "General Grant at City Point," depicts Union General Ulysses S. Grant at his most heroic.
Grant Park Conservancy, a group formed to protect Atlanta's Grant Park, posted photos of the rare sighting on Facebook.
They include the Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI), the State Homeland Security Grant Program, the Port Security Grant Program and the Transit Security Grant Program, all of which provide significant funding to greater New York City.
They also argued that under EPA's grant regulations, there are only specific circumstances in which a grant can be terminated.
Grant gives Chad a hard time for dating both Grant and Robby's ex-girlfriends since the show has started airing.
Grant said the group went so far as to obtain an ethics opinion that Grant & Eisenhofer could represent the fund.
They had traded him for Jerian Grant and then sent Grant to Chicago as part of the deal for Rose.
Britt Grant Grant, a 260-year-old justice in the Georgia Supreme Court, is the youngest female candidate in Trump's shortlist.
City officials have requested a grant from the province and are currently awaiting a decision; their previous grant application was denied.
He is a recipient of the Headlands Center for the Arts' Artist-in-Residence Grant and the SFAC Individual Artists Grant.
The Constitution vests the president with the power "to grant reprieves and pardons"; "to grant" means to give someone else something.
Why is a grant to a scientist considered a conflict of interest, but a grant to a government agency employee isn't?
After Grant Thornton conducted the survey, Performance Sports wrote to Grant Thornton asking to "cease this survey immediately," the lawsuit says.
Grant & Eisenhofer's first big reinvention, Grant said, was a move from federal-court securities class actions to shareholder litigation in Delaware.
Expanded block grant option to allow states to also add expansion population under the block grant if they opt to do so.
There is no memorial devoted to Grant anywhere along the parkway; nor are there any public monuments to Grant at the zoo.
They were dragged from the Grant County Jail by a mob and hanged from a tree on the Grant County Courthouse lawn.
So here's an unconventional idea: What if we gave up on the whole grant application process and distributed grant money by lottery?
Officers Anthony Pirone and Johannes Mehserle struggled with Grant as they attempted to handcuff him, forcing Grant face-first on the ground.
Most notably, a simple block grant does not respond when a recession causes enrollments to increase, as the current matching grant does.
Grant told media outlets last month that he started "chucking bottles" at the shooter until he aimed at Grant and opened fire.
The project is funded by a $1 million grant from the United States Interior Department's Hurricane Sandy Coastal Resiliency Competitive Grant Program.
Democrats took issue with the Education Department's desire to consolidate different forms of grant programs into one block grant to the states.
We still live in this unfinished revolution — one that changed Grant, took hold in part because of Grant and yet ultimately failed.
The budget would consolidate 28500 elementary and secondary education grant programs into one Elementary and Secondary Education for the Disadvantaged Block Grant.
The authors Adam Grant and Allison Sweet Grant say the book should be used to teach kids about healthy behavior and relationships.
I was lucky to get a grant from the National Institute of Drug Abuse and that grant continued for about 29 years.
We are also grateful to L'Oreal/AAAS For Women in Science award for STEM Education, Voya Financial Unsung Heroes Grant, Florida Association of International Baccalaureate World Schools Grant, and Toshiba Foundation of America Grades 6-12 STEM Grant for their support.
To date, all the grant recipients in the H.H.S. grant program except two — Boston I.V.F., which received a one-year grant in 2011, and Resolve, which received funding from 2007 to 2009 — are affiliated with anti-abortion or Christian organizations.
" Whishaw went on to thank his costar Hugh Grant, saying, "I have to thank Hugh Grant above all, for such an exquisite performance.
Grant was basically a legend throughout the entire episode — more clips of Grant being funny can be found at Graham Norton's YouTube channel.
One study evaluated this by asking peer reviewers to review high-quality NIH grant applications as if they were making a grant decision.
The proposal calls for eliminating two grant programs, one focused on community-based drug prevention and the other a law enforcement grant program.
First they tell Lace and Grant that they won't make it because Grant said "I love you" and Lace didn't say it back.
Absent compelling evidence to the contrary, I need to grant to them the same good faith I hope others would grant to me.
Had Grant Wood not made the painting "American Gothic" (1930), there would not be a Grant Wood retrospective now at the Whitney Museum.
The grant, from the Rockefeller Foundation, was believed to have been the first for this purpose awarded to a Southern land-grant college.
"Let me urge you and urge the department unequivocally not to grant the nuclear waivers and not to grant the oil waivers," Sen.
The legislature has had a conversation about a Block Grant...[and will be] submitting an application for this grant in the next month.
Any grantee not complying with the rule "must relinquish its grant or face termination of its grant," Heck told CNN in a statement.
The paper said it was backed by a grant from the European Union — and by a grant from China's Ministry of Public Security.
For all its tot-friendly frivolousness, Paddington 2 gently kills Hugh Grant—or the Grant we think we know—and resurrects him anew.
In addition to the Plant Spirit Grant, she funds a companion grant, Women of the Psychedelic Renaissance, so that women can write or make other projects about their experiences, and additionally funds a grant to help cannabis activists to do educational advocacy.
Grant writing is highly specialized and can be time consuming, so people who specialize in it can be real value-adds to grant seekers.
Until very recently Schaffner and Stefanov were working on this under a grant from the ETH Pioneer Fellowship and a Swiss national innovation grant.
Firth and Grant almost switched roles After Grant pushed back on playing the prime minister, director Richard Curtis considered swapping Firth into the role.
"Genius grant" is the popular term for the MacArthur fellowship, a no-strings-attached $625,000 grant awarded to 24 "exceptionally creative people" each year.
The installation was made possible by a $10,000 grant from the NYC Parks Department and an Art in the Parks UNIQLO Park Expressions Grant.
Among grant proposals that are already pretty good, ratings are highly subjective — two scientists will arrive at profoundly different evaluations of the same grant.
But when he had a chance encounter with Grant, he realized that he envied the things he couldn't do well that Grant excelled at.
The acquisition was achieved through a £36,000 (~$46,000) grant from the National Heritage Memorial Fund (NHMF) and a £15,163 (~$19,000) grant from Art Fund.
The caseworker applied for a grant from FPWA, and Ms. Parker was approved for a grant for $1,000 in August to buy new furniture.
"The difference between a good block grant and a dangerous block grant is in the detail," Mr. Kasich wrote to congressional leaders recently. Gov.
Paul King's film also knowingly addresses the lingering notion that Grant is a one-trick pony, and gives Grant the room to dispel it.
One of the families that took part was British singer David Grant; his wife, TV presenter Carrie Grant: and their 9-year-old son Nathan.
Grant Thornton said the FRC report showed that the entire profession must improve the quality of its work and that Grant Thornton is no exception.
Local agencies rely on Community Development Block Grant funds as well as money from the state-administered Community Services Block Grant to fill in the gaps.
And every year, we run a micro grant scheme in the summer, so people can apply with their random idea for a small grant from Rhizome.
Alongside our book, we are also offering a small grant, the Mfon Legacy Grant, in memory of Mfon Essien, for whom this book is named after.
I emailed Stuart Grant and Kimberly Evans of Grant & Eisenhofer, the firm that represented the dissenting shareholders in the DFC appraisal action, but didn't hear back.
Taneja will receive a stock option grant of $6 million and a restricted stock unit grant of $2 million, which will also vest over four years.
It pointed to a $100 million regional grant competition and $39 million in additional grant funding to help states prepare for and respond to terror strikes.
The 18th president became a partner in financial firm Grant and Ward, but Ferdinand Ward embezzled investors' money, leaving the firm and Grant bankrupt in 1884.
For instance, her student loan forgiveness plan, released this summer, would only grant relief to Pell Grant recipients who successfully ran small businesses in disadvantaged communities.
"We want no donor, however small, to think of making a grant if they had no evidence of the impact of that grant," Dr. Weinstein said.
If it wanted to, the federal government could double Medicaid funding and call it a block grant — but that's not what typical block grant proposals do.
When the administration finally released its revised list of grant recipients this summer, funding was pulled for a total of 12 grant recipients — including $400,85033 for a group called Life After Hate, which was one of the only original grant recipients focused on fighting far-right extremism.
Lucid has a $1.5 million job-training grant from Arizona and is negotiating a further $5 million grant, according to a spokesperson for the state's commerce authority.
You can't write a grant application to the NIH without using that rhetoric: step 1, get the grant; step 2, do my research; step 3, cure cancer.
That year, Bill Clinton lobbied then-Secretary of Energy Steven Chu for a grant; the Department of Energy gave the company an $812,000 grant, the article said.
States would either receive a set amount of funding per enrollee, known as a per capita grant, or fixed funding in the form of a block grant.
Ms. Grant was born on March 31, 20153, in Paris to Theodore F. Grant, an importer of animal hides, and the former Helen Fisher MacDonald, a secretary.
"We're thrilled that Facebook has dropped the reclassification," said Stuart Grant, a partner at the law firm Grant & Eisenhofer, who represented institutional Facebook investors in the lawsuit.
Georgia Road and Tollway Authority, $353 million of federal highway grant anticipation revenue and revenue refinancing bonds and federal highway grant reimbursement revenue and revenue refinancing bonds.
They determined that Grant "did not appear to assault" Pirone's partner, and that Pirone grabbed Grant and pushed him against the wall before punching him in the head.
In August, the Commerce Department reversed its decision to grant Russia-owned aluminum giant Rusal, which was under U.S. sanctions, an exemption after congressional Democrats flagged the grant.
After the actor held hands with artist Alexandra Grant at an event in November, fans went wild and speculated that Reeves and Grant were in a relationship together.
The lawsuit centers on a federal grant, the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant—or Bryne JAG—used by state, city, and tribal governments to support law enforcement.
Unlike the complete immunity from prosecution that Mueller can grant, a grant of limited immunity from Congress in this situation isn't a "get out of jail free" card.
Groups of three women are each given a start-up grant of 2400,263 Kenyan shillings ($21) and a progress grant of 2600,20223 shillings to set up a business.
In the December 2019 issue of The Atlantic, Wharton celebrity psychologist Adam Grant (and his spouse, Allison Sweet Grant) illuminate the side effect of our focus on success.
The agency required the NACHC group to hire an outside "oversight monitor" for its grant money and has banned it from enrolling any new volunteers under its grant.
The center has raised $500,000 in private funds to match a state Regional Empire Development Council grant, and the grant inspired two families to donate an additional $350,000.
She is the recipient of numerous grants and awards including a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant, a Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant, the Prix de Rome, and a Guggenheim Fellowship.
The Finance Ministry said it was also considering giving Intel a 700 million shekel grant, with a second grant of the same size to come with future investments.
WorkLife with Adam Grant by TEDIn this TED original podcast, organizational psychologist Adam Grant "explore[s] the science of making work not suck," according to the podcast's website.
One day she got an email response to a grant application in which the grant officers asked Why are you still working on this if it doesn't work?
The best example that I have, and I think it's a very beautiful one, is Doris Grant in England in World War II. She devised the Grant Loaf.
At least one institute (the National Institute of Mental Health) requires that its grant recipients deposit all of their grant-funded brain scans into an NIH-maintained database.
The child care development block grant authorizes the child care development fund, which provides block grant funding to states to provide child care assistance to low-income families.
"I had no knowledge of a grant, and it seemed to me they were at a premature position to be looking for a grant," Giuliani told the newspaper.
Under such a scenario, the Pell Grant would be the only surviving federal grant program, and the Stafford Loan program would be the only surviving federal loan program.
Toledo won a $1.8 million DOT grant to begin service, and Columbus began a free downtown autonomous shuttle service in December, paid for by a $40 million DOT grant.
As ONDCP Director, Botticelli ordered that grant language be revised so drug courts receiving federal grant funds could no longer disqualify drug court participants for receiving medication-assisted treatment.
He also cited federal grant programs that rebuild aging drinking water infrastructure, like the $100 million EPA grant that Flint, Michigan, received last year to improve its corroded pipes.
Sessions is also directed to evaluate all Justice Department grant funding programs "to determine the extent to which its grant funding supports and protects" officers and recommend any changes.
The group had accepted a $5 million grant from Pepsi and was seeking a major grant from Coke to help pay for its health and education programs for children.
So far only one state, Washington, has received a grant from the $10 million State Party Innovation Fund while about 24 other states that submitted grant proposals are waiting.
Not that it deterred Grant from acting: When critics of "Withnail" used the same pejoratives to describe him, "I thought, 'Well, at least I got the part,'" Grant said.
The team has also been rewarded a research grant from the Swiss Federation (CTI funding) and another acceleration grant from the Economic Promotion Council of the city of Lausanne (SpECO).
Scientists who narrowly missed out on an important grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) ended up publishing more successful papers than those who narrowly qualified for the grant.
But the El Paso police say Chris Grant, 50, fabricated his story of heroism — they say surveillance footage of the shooting doesn't show Grant distracting the gunman as he claimed.
According to Wharton psychologist Adam Grant and spouse Allison Sweet Grant, parents say having caring children is a priority, but their children say parents value happiness and achievement over caring.
The grant description notes that the government expects the awardee of the grant to continue the training program when government funding runs out after the third phase of the training.
A textual analysis of approximately 7,000 research grant proposals to the Gates Foundation found that despite grant reviewers not knowing the identity of the applicant, women received lower application scores.
She said that on Sunday, she emailed Grant and her editor about the threats she had received after her tweets and that Grant instructed her to take the tweets down.
He named the grant to help scientists relocate to France the "Make Our Planet Great Again" grant in a sardonic nod to Trump&aposs "Make America Great Again" campaign slogan.
The Manager, Grant Operations & Science Advocacy, is responsible for the management of pre-award and post-award grant processes, including coordination and submission of grant proposals, internal and external reporting, budgeting and general finance, business administration, and technical support related to research and science grants for the ADA Science & Research Institute (ADASRI).
Grant and Lace were next, but they completely failed the test because Lace was forced to admit that she didn't say "I love you" back to Grant the other night. Awkward.
Chief Justice John Roberts, Justice Anthony Kennedy and Justice Samuel Alito indicated they would grant the stay in part; Justice Clarence Thomas said he would grant the stay in its entirety.
The lawsuit did, however, challenge a change the Obama administration made to the program in 2014: extending deferred action from a two-year grant of protection to a three-year grant.
The school's well-endowed grant budget, coupled with work study and other scholarship and grant opportunities, means that more than half, or 52 percent, of enrolled students receive need-based aid.
The agency's regulators, he says, consider much more than payments when deciding to grant export and import applications—they would never grant an application that did not have benefits for conservation.
" His hopes that Grant would be George Washington had been delusional folly, Adams decided: "The progress of evolution from President Washington to President Grant alone was evidence enough to upset Darwin.
While Pell grant recipients are free to buy whatever they please with their grant refund checks, an exorbitant amount of work goes into limiting food stamp recipients to buying only food.
WHEN: TODAY, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 200 WHERE: CNBC'S "CLOSING BELL" Following is the unofficial transcript of a CNBC EXCLUSIVE interview with Grant Interest Rate Observer's Jim Grant on CNBC's "Closing Bell" today.
Who do you think would become more successful: a young scientist who received an important grant early in her career or one who just missed out on receiving that same grant?
Grant and Goddard Pummel Chito to Unanimous Decision The second last preliminary bout of the night saw England's Davey Grant and Ecuador's Marlon "Chito" Vera meet in a compelling bantamweight clash.
Grant records show that 120 police officers were part of CISO at the time the grant was awarded, but it isn't clear how many cops participated in the lawful access training.
The grant will provide high school age students with training that will prepare them to "assist victims with traumatic injuries" before emergence responders arrive, according to a description of the grant.
Celebrities helped spread the word: Cary Grant used LSD over 210 times in the late '214s, according to the documentary film, "Becoming Cary Grant," claiming it made him a better actor.
The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation created a new grant program — the Doris Duke Performing Artist Awards — that integrates Creative Capital's financial planning curriculum into the five-year structure of the grant.
Comer, in which the court held that a state could not make churches ineligible for certain public grant programs (in this instance, a grant for using recycled tires as playground surfaces).
The school's well-endowed grant budget, coupled with work study and other scholarship and grant opportunities means that more than half, or 52 percent, of enrolled students receive need-based aid.
He wants us to admire Grant — for good reason.
" Mr. Grant said, "Notice she didn't say 'good impression.
" According to Grant, "she started hearing these horror stories.
" In 1983 he received a MacArthur Foundation "genius grant.

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