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"negative" Definitions
  1. bad or harmful
  2. containing a word such as ‘no’, ‘not’, ‘never’, etc.
  3. expressing the answer ‘no’
  4. considering only the bad side of something/somebody; having no enthusiasm or hope
  5. (abbreviation neg.) not showing any evidence of a particular substance or medical condition
  6. (specialist) containing or producing the type of electricity that is carried by an electron
  7. less than zero
  8. (of a photograph or an image) showing light and shade, or colours, in the opposite way to the original

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"negative" Synonyms
rejecting refusing contradictory dissenting dissentient contrary opposing opposed denying anti- gainsaying dissentious in the negative dissident nonconformist heterodox differing heretical contradicting disagreeing adversarial adversary antagonistic hostile inhospitable inimical jaundiced mortal unfriendly unsympathetic counter disapproving disavowing prejudicial unfavorable(US) unfavourable(UK) untoward naysaying recusant repugnant pessimistic defeatist gloomy gloom-ridden cynical bleak fatalistic dismissive anti antipathetic unwilling uncooperative discouraging obstructive resistive unconstructive balky resisting unenthusiastic cool harmful bad adverse deleterious destructive undesirable annulling counteractive damaging invalidating neutralising(UK) neutralizing(US) nullifying detrimental unfortunate disadvantageous troublesome unpropitious disconfirming critical censorious condemnatory condemning castigatory reproving denunciatory deprecatory disparaging scathing criticising(UK) criticizing(US) fault-finding judgemental hypercritical overcritical pedantic pejorative derogatory slighting belittling debasing denigratory depreciatory detractive uncomplimentary unpleasant contemptuous detractory abusive decrying defamatory degrading demeaning retrograde regressive downward downhill degenerative unprogressive unwelcome relapsing degenerate lapsing receding reversing sinking slipping catabolic reverting worsening getting worse for the worse retrogressive corrupting corruptive dangerous hurtful injurious hazardous catastrophic dire disastrous pernicious cataclysmic aloof distant remote apathetic cold detached frosty indifferent lukewarm offish half-hearted offhand tepid uninterested unresponsive unwelcoming recalcitrant refractory disobedient intractable rebellious defiant insubordinate unruly wayward wilful contumacious ungovernable obstreperous obstinate froward unmanageable perverse stubborn unhelpful impractical of no use unnecessary useless minus less than zero below zero noncompliant restive nonconforming belligerent irregular declinatory declining divergent impatient objecting truculent disillusioned disappointed disenchanted undeceived disabused embittered discouraged downcast broken disheartened punctured shattered sour let down let-down world-weary cast down sadder and wiser out of love difficult grim tough austere harsh cheerless dark dour hard oppressive perilous querulous complaining petulant testy waspish cantankerous cross fretful irritable tetchy touchy crabby discontented grouchy grumbling pettish prickly carping crabbed no refusal rejection veto dissension contradiction nay non placet denial turndown declination nonacceptance disallowance knock-back thumbs down dismissal repudiation negation rebuff refutation antipode antithesis obverse opposite reverse converse inverse antipole contra other extreme flip side other side of the coin counterpart contrast counterpole other side debit disadvantage disbenefit downside drawback handicap incommodity liability strike hindrance shortcoming weakness impediment problem flaw inconvenience defect nuisance snag photograph photo shot snap snapshot image picture print likeness slide transparency portrait positive bromide film frame pic plate selfie study reject turn down refuse blackball down kill nix shoot down squash give the thumbs down to give the red light to say ‘no’ to negate vote against shutdown vote down ban prohibit forbid disallow abjure deny disacknowledge disapprove disavow dismiss withhold decline reprobate spurn repudiate pass deselect disprove prove to be false show to be false give the lie to belie invalidate call into question disaffirm disclaim disconfirm disown refute rebut discredit explode contradict cancel out neutralise(UK) neutralize(US) counteract nullify render ineffective annul compensate for correct counterpoise make up for offset balance counterbalance balance out equalise(UK) equalize(US) countervail counterweigh balk at pass up throw out throw over turn back on discard jettison abandon desert exclude ditch dump eliminate junk scrap shed cashier chuck exorcise(UK) exorcize(US) toss bin lose nope never absolutely not no way by no means not at all not by any means nothing doing nah definitely not certainly not forget it don't hold your breath naw nae not no indeed More
"negative" Antonyms
promising positive agreeable accepting auspicious assuring hopeful reassuring bright encouraging happy lucky affirmative forward-looking optimistic idealistic inspiring favourable(UK) favorable(US) buoyant approving complimentary good supportive affable affectionate amiable amicable convivial genial kind kindly pleasant sociable warm welcoming friendly confident enthusiastic constructive certain convinced assured encouraged cheerful expectant nonnegative upbeat Pollyannaish Polyannish Pollyanna nurturing wholesome uplifting well-disposed receptive responsive sympathetic pro inclined cooperative consenting accommodating confirmed definite established proved valid laudatory praising adulatory approbative approbatory commendatory plauditory congratulatory panegyrical celebrating flattering appreciative praiseful sycophantic honouring(UK) honoring(US) beneficial helpful useful valuable advantageous benefic propitious fruitful remunerative meritorious profitable timely worthy amenable biddable compliant conformable docile obedient ruly submissive tractable harmless safe innocuous painless undamaging unharmful benign hurtless innoxious risk-free unhazardous innocent inoffensive nonirritating undisruptive uninjurious low-risk nonviolent riskless gentle conforming conformist conventional orthodox credulous uncynical green gullible trustful trusting unsceptical unsuspecting believing naive respectful undoubting progressive developing forwards improving educating bettering admiring attentive interested progress progression improvement breakthrough development blessing headway growth plus amelioration step forward step in the right direction good thing work in progress reflection indication manifestation representation sign image evidence suggestion advantage benefit advantageousness perk privilege upside worth comfort value vantage asset edge profit help strength acceptance approval allowance grant OK okay affirmation selection choice ratification sanction yes yea yeah confirmation consent assent thumbs up epitome same similarity authority control superiority power ascendancy drop sway dominance jump precedence convenience supremacy lead pre-eminence upper hand accept acknowledge affirm approve approbate countenance allow assent to support concede permit confirm let own avow admit authorise(UK) authorize(US) pass accede to commission licence(US) license(UK) provide supply agree to consent to substantiate prove corroborate justify assert authenticate aver maintain ratify validate establish verify certify attest to strengthen improve enhance enrich boost empower reinforce fortify inspirit envigorate(UK) invigorate(US) enliven endorse welcome favor(US) favour(UK) relish accede like take disproportion forfeit imbalance lose outweigh overcome overpower approve of say yes rubber-stamp say yes to agree to take give the nod sign off on give stamp of approval reply in the affirmative certainly yep yup absolutely definitely of course sure undoubtedly unquestionably yah yeh indeed ya indubitably exactly

746 Sentences With "negative"

How to use negative in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "negative" and check conjugation/comparative form for "negative". Mastering all the usages of "negative" from sentence examples published by news publications.

He has given us ruling after ruling, negative, negative, negative.
They include Country Garden (BB+/Stable), Evergrande (B+/Negative), Jingrui (B-/Negative), and Sunshine 8523 (B-/Negative).
RATING SENSITIVITIES Negative: Future developments that could lead to negative rating action include: - Negative rating action for the sovereign.
The potentially record-breaking low temperature forecast in Milwaukee is negative 238 degrees (negative 12.73 degrees Celsius), with a wind chill as low as negative 212.7 (negative 23 degrees Celsius).
These factors are reflected in the Negative Outlooks on Philip Morris International (A/Negative) and British American Tobacco (A-/Negative).
So corporate credit is – I'm negative on corporate credit – well I've been negative, basically maximally negative for about a year.
So, it was negative net -- net negative for GDP.
Fitch currently rates Banco de Bogota as follows: --Long-Term Foreign Currency IDR 'BBB+'; Rating Watch Negative; --Short-Term Foreign Currency IDR 'F20526'; Rating Watch Negative; --Long-Term Local Currency IDR 'BBB+'; Rating Watch Negative; --Short-Term Local Currency IDR 'F227'; Rating Watch Negative; --Viability Rating 'bbb+'; Rating Watch Negative; --Senior unsecured debt 'BBB+'; Rating Watch Negative; --Subordinated debt 'BBB'; Rating Watch Negative; --Support Rating '22016'; --Support Rating Floor 'BBB-'.
"I think positive feeds positive, negative feeds negative," Price says.
He went from negative 25 points to negative 20 points.
When there's so much to go negative about, go negative!
And as our country's negative history, not our negative history.
Research tells us that the brain will react more to negative input than positive, which makes negative things seem even more negative.
Even Trump's claim on Friday that Curiel has "given us ruling after ruling after ruling, negative, negative, negative" is undermined by the facts.
Trump's steadily negative approval ratings come alongside steadily negative favorability ratings.
Negative runs, negative plays, sacks, missed throws, drops, whatever it was.
A negative operating balance would result in a negative rating action.
SolarCity's negative free cash flow was negative $2.6 billion last year.
The most needed blood types are O negative and A negative.
The BOF refrained from taking negative rates further into negative territory.
If you don't want negative search results, don't do negative things.
The Negative Outlook reflects that on the Russian Federation (BBB-/Negative).
If you don't want negative search results, don't do negative things.
Your managers disagree, barraging you with negative review after negative review.
The Negative Outlook reflects that on the UK sovereign (AA/Negative).
Negative interest rates - We've critiqued negative interest rates here and here.
It's kind of finding another negative to offset the first negative.
The company said its free cash flow will be between negative $3 billion and negative $4 billion, compared to negative $2 billion this year.
The Negative Outlooks are consistent with the Negative Outlooks of the parents.
This debt currently yields negative 21 basis points (negative $2212 billion) annually.
I [ARTIST] is extremely [NEGATIVE ADJECTIVE], and they should feel [NEGATIVE EMOTION].
Expected ratings on the transaction are A3 negative/BBB+ negative/BBB+ stable.
If you have ninety-nine positives and one negative, it's still negative.
If you're reading negative things constantly, it will build negative neural pathways.
By continuing to publish negative stories about Theranos, it created negative effects.
Democratic speech-watchers largely had negative responses (64% very or somewhat negative).
Only three of the negative studies appear in the literature as negative.
The Negative Outlook of BSF and SABB reflects both the Negative Outlook on the sovereign rating and our continued negative view of the operating environment.
The company, which is still unprofitable, posted negative EPS of €213 (or negative $0.88), while analysts on average were expecting only negative EPS of $0.39.
But here's the thing: If interest rates are negative, ultimately, the more negative you go ... the more negative the terminal value is on your investments.
BPS is 212408%-owned by Sberbank of Russia (BBB-/Negative), BelVEB 2144%-owned by Vnesheconombank, (VEB; BBB-/Negative), and BGPB is jointly owned by OAO Gazprom (BBB-/Negative) and Gazprombank; (BB+/Negative), which each hold a 9.9% stake.
Negative: Developments that may, individually or collectively, lead to negative rating action include: - negative rating action on the sovereign, provided the company's standalone profile also weakens.
The ratings have been removed from Negative Watch and assigned a Negative Outlook.
On Tuesday, was yielding negative 0.033 percent, up from negative 0.124 percent Friday.
He's very good at using what he calls negatives — negative space, negative light.
Her net favorability of negative 21 points has shrunk to negative 8 points.
"In Europe, you still had negative interest rates and negative yields," he said.
This year we've guided sales in North America negative one to negative five.
"It's negative 1 F, but it feels like negative 15 F," Anson said.
A common misconception seems to be that negative reinforcement cures all negative behaviors.
The Negative Outlook reflects our continued negative view on the local operating environment.
Pharmaceuticals is the most negative (27% positive versus 58% negative, according to Gallup).
ABAL's Negative Outlook reflects the Negative Outlook on the parent's Long-Term IDR.
S&P has a negative B rating on Tesla and a negative outlook.
Instead, they'll have to build a safe habitat to protect them from radiation, extreme temperature swings -- ranging from negative nine degrees Fahrenheit to negative 313 degrees Fahrenheit (negative 22 degrees Celsius to negative 191 degrees Celsius) -- and impacts by micrometeorites.
Men split evenly, 41% positive to 41% negative, but that's still an increase in negative impressions compared with a 40% positive to 25% negative divide in August.
The Negative Outlook reflects PBI's gross leverage exceeding Fitch's negative rating threshold of 4.0x.
Negative back-log growth historically precedes a negative earnings revision cycle by 3 months.
RATING SENSITIVITIES A negative operating balance would automatically result in a negative rating action.
But anytime you throw anything negative in there, you're gonna get a negative result.
The Negative Outlook on BIR's ratings reflects the Negative Outlook on Russia's sovereign rating.
Negative rating action could derive from negative rating action taken on the China sovereign.
I felt like an even bigger idiot when the test came back negative. Negative.
Trump had a negative 13-point favorability rating, while Clinton's was negative 23 points.
I believe their stories about me are not 93% negative, but actually 100% negative.
We aren't engaged in any negative protest and in any negative arguments with anybody.
The Rating Watch Negative indicates a heightened probability of potential negative rating action over a shorter period of time relative to the Negative Outlook previously assigned to OZM.
And while the budget includes costs like wardrobe ($2,858.53) and railroad fares ($1,438.28), it also refers to an American negative, a British negative and a "general foreign" negative.
The people that supported Donald Trump, their views on negative racial stereotypes toward blacks, negative views of Muslims, and negative views of immigrants was just off the charts.
Wednesday's average beef packer margin was a negative $22016 per head, down from a negative $20.300 for Tuesday and a negative $265.150 a week ago, as calculated by
"You're exposed to the negative stimulus without the same negative feedback and what happens is, your brain learns that that stimulus can happen without the negative feedback," Ropeik says.
According to 2016 preliminary accounts, the region achieved a positive operating margin after two consecutive years of negative operating balances (2015: negative 1.1% of current revenue; 2014: negative 3.5%).
But now nighttime temperatures could plunge to negative 23 degrees Fahrenheit (negative 105 degrees Celsius).
It reinforces negative issues in our society when it does not confront those negative issues.
Negative comps and fixed cost deleveraging lead to negative cash flow and unsustainable capital structures.
Negative Momentum: The following factors could have negative momentum on the ratings and/or Outlook.
But whether an emotion is justified or not, negative emotions often lead to negative actions.
His net approval is now negative 14, down 3 points from negative 11 last month.
Although there are inherent negative aspects, believing all indicators of volatility are negative is dangerous.
The problem is, this bias makes negative things seem more negative than they really are.
But I think today is also time to consider the negative effect of negative rates.
The woman first tested negative, had a second inconclusive test and then tested negative again.
The Negative Outlook on BAY's Long-Term IDR reflects the Negative Outlook on its parent.
Negative rates are also crazily negative for institutions with long-term obligations, like pension funds.
Year-over-year spending has been negative since May and is now at negative 2.9%.
Chuck Todd ran through Trump's favorable-unfavorable ratings on "Meet the Press" on Sunday: Among independents, Trump is negative 26 points; among women, negative 36; among suburban voters, negative 24.
Standard & Poor's has eight states on Negative Outlook and two states it rates at CreditWatch Negative.
The Outlooks on all the IDRs are Negative to reflect the Negative Outlook on the sovereign.
"I am only saying that negative rates have a negative effect on the economy," he said.
The yield on the re-entered negative territory at negative 20.25 percent at 20.50:21.51 p.m.
"There is a big overhang of negative outlooks and a rapidly growing negative overhang," Kraemer said.
EOR under certain rarified circumstances may be carbon negative, but you know what's always carbon negative?
Lyft said its adjusted EBITDA margin improved to negative 2234.3% from negative 211.69% a year ago.
So something like this was very negative for her and such a very, very negative experience.
Trump's net approval rating is now negative 14, down 3 points from negative 11 last month.
That means real rates will remain negative (and next to negative) for nearly two more years.
About 50% of all women diagnosed worldwide have hormone-receptor positive, HER225-negative, node-negative cancer.
The Negative Outlook on BOI's Long-term IDR reflects the Negative Outlook on Nigeria's sovereign rating.
And that is a good thing, despite negative campaigns and advertising having gained a negative reputation.
I think those that approach it with a negative mind-set only get a negative outcome.
At the same time, he said, earnings per share went from negative $2.97 to negative $5.63.
Cohn: Unless you want to start going negative tax rates and go into the negative world.
Worried about the impact of negative information on its citizens, China has censored negative economic news.
In comparison to taxable wages, the balance improved to negative 4.5 percent from negative 4.7 percent.
The four banks' Outlook revision to Negative follows the revision of Italy's Outlook to Negative (see: "Fitch Revises Italy's Outlook to Negative; Affirms at 'BBB+'" dated 21 October 2016 at
Almost any campaign consultant, including the well-paid campaign consultants producing a deluge of negative television ads, knows that when a candidate with high negative ratings runs a campaign that is highly negative, her negative ratings will climb, and enthusiasm for her candidacy will stay low.
The Negative Outlook on the IDRs reflects Fitch's current negative view on the operating environment for Brazilian banks, which in turn is heavily influenced by the Negative Outlook on Brazil's Sovereign rating.
Moody's did still opt for a negative assessment, but rather put South Africa on CreditWatch negative, a stance that portends a downgrade within 90 days, it merely cut the outlook to Negative'.
A.'s (UC) Long-Term IDR at 'BBB+'/Negative (see "Fitch Affirms UniCredit at 'BBB+' Negative Outlook").
Continued Negative FCF Fitch forecasts continued negative FCF generation during 2017-2019 despite ETB's lower capex budget.
Negative action on the VRs would likely be a reflection of negative action on the sovereign ratings.
These are driven by Negative Outlooks on their parent companies, linked to our Negative Outlook on Italy.
Third-quarter operating margin shrank to a negative 24.93 percent from negative 224.9 percent in recent quarters.
Its operating return on assets (ROA) was negative 1.6% in 2015, compared with negative 19% in 2014.
Sweden's central bank, an early adopter of negative rates, has set its benchmark at negative 0.5 percent.
The Negative Outlook for EB is consistent with the Negative Outlook of its parent ACOM Co., Ltd.
The Negative Outlook for the banks' Long-Term IDR mirrors the Negative Outlook on the sovereign's IDRs.
But when the spread goes negative, theyield curve "inverts," giving the appearance of a negative yield curve.
The Negative Outlook reflects that on PAT, which is in turn affected by Italy's sovereign Negative Outlook.
Fitch's overall balance between positive and negative rating 'outlooks' has just gone back into negative territory again.
Only eight teams created negative value on pass attempts, while 23 teams were creating negative value rushing.
The fund had a negative return of 1.63 percent in 2016 and negative 20.5 percent in 2015.
FCF was negative $21 million in 2000 given a negative working capital swing of approximately $315 million.
The Negative Outlook for the bank's Long-Term IDR mirrors the Negative Outlook on the sovereign's IDRs.
S&P has a negative B rating on Tesla and a negative outlook, as of August 22018.
S&P has a negative B rating on Tesla and a negative outlook, as of August 2017.
SBK's IDR is 'BB+'/Outlook Negative, reflecting parental support prospects from Sberbank of Russia ('BBB-'/Outlook Negative).
IACPM's 12-month Credit Default Outlook Index improved to negative 36.3 from negative 38 the prior quarter.
"But it's not going to erase the negative revenues and the negative industrial output probably for Q2."
Other close EMEA peers are Turk Telekomunikasyon A.S. (BBB-/Negative) and Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri A.S. (BBB-/Negative).
There's no way we're going to succeed if all we do is stay negative and talk negative.
Second, high negative ratings for the Republican Congress parallel the disastrous negative ratings of the Republican president.
Specifically, a false negative result, which is when the results are negative but you actually are pregnant.
He fares even worse on "being steady and reliable" (53 percent negative, 32 percent positive), "being knowledgeable and experienced enough" (54 percent negative, 32 percent positive), "being honest and trustworthy" (58 percent negative, 28 percent positive) and "having high personal and ethical standards" (58 percent negative, 24 percent positive).
RATING SENSITIVITIES Fitch may take the negative action on the insurer's IFS Rating (A+/Negative) and IDR (A/Stable) if the rating on Japan (Long-Term Local-Currency IDR: A/Negative) were lowered.
Negative: Future developments that may, individually or collectively, lead to negative rating action include: - A significant increase in shareholder return or a major debt-funded acquisition could lead to a negative rating action.
A negative operating balance or direct debt exceeding 150% of current revenue could trigger a negative rating action.
"There are very negative things that have been said and negative opinions that have been voiced," she said.
While Facebook turned negative a few months ago, Alphabet became the second major tech company to go negative.
Negative yields have become a mainstay in Europe and Japan, abetted by their central banks' negative-rate policy.
CBK generated 9.8% negative net return on tangible equity (RoTE) in 2Q17 and a negative 3.1% in 13H17.
Adjusted operating earnings, or EBITDA, were a negative $220 million, roughly double the prior year's negative $107 million.
South Africa is rated Baa2 by Moody's (negative), BBB- by Standard & Poor's (negative) and BBB- (stable) by Fitch.
Others got a mix: a positive picture with a negative article; or negative picture with a positive article.
The Negative Outlook on the IDRs' of NSB and BOC reflects the Negative Outlook on the sovereign's rating.
"What surprised me was how well these negative letters lined up with negative recession events," Toth tells CNBC.
KEY ASSUMPTIONS --Comp sales are expected to be negative 3% - 4% in 2016, and modestly negative beginning 2017.
The Negative Outlook on Bank of Ceylon's and NSB's IDRs reflect the Negative Outlook on the sovereign's rating.
It shouldn't be portrayed as something negative and being a sex worker shouldn't be portrayed as something negative.
South Africa is rated Baa2/BBB-/BBB- (negative/negative/stable) (Reporting by Sudip Roy, editing by Julian Baker)
Through three weeks of 21, that trend is holding steady: eight negative passing teams, 23 negative rushing teams.
Negative Swap Payments Fitch analysed the impact of negative payments being payable within the cross currency swap agreements.
"That's an extremely negative sign, so negative that technicians like to call it the death cross," Cramer said.
Additionally, its free cash flow widened to negative $1 billion from negative $277 million in the prior quarter.
Any negative action on the IDRs would likely be a reflection of negative action on the sovereign ratings.
"It's a clear negative for all hospitals, but the degree of negative depends," said JPMorgan analyst Gary Taylor.
PERINO: the other thing though, Morgan, is that -- as everybody complains about negative ads, but negative ads work.
"It just shows another cascading unintentional negative effect of quantitative easing, negative rates and regulation," the investor said.
Correction: S&P has a negative B rating on Tesla and a negative outlook, as of August 2017.
The bonds are rated 'AA/Negative' by Standard & Poor's Maalot and 'Aa2/Negative' by Moody's Israel affiliate Midroog.
It's been speculated that some of the negative side-effects of chemotherapy can be attributed to negative conditioning.
"Don't listen to the negative news and the negative media," he says in a video posted March 9.
U.S. 10-year Treasuries currently yield 0.95%, compared to negative 0.64% in Germany and negative 0.11% in Japan.
But when the spread goes negative, the yield curve "inverts" giving the appearance of a negative yield curve.
"Negative content includes "sensationalizing headlines" and any "other content with a negative impact to the online information ecosystem.
Research tells us five minutes of negative thinking causes six hours of negative physiological impact on our bodies.
Tesla reported negative free cash flow of $276.7 million versus its negative $1.4 billion in the previous quarter.
Parques Reunidos Servicios Centrales Q19.13 recurring ebitda negative 20.9 million euros versus negative 21.1 million euros year ago.
E-commerce EBITDA Negative: Fitch expects the e-commerce segment will remain EBITDA negative in FY18 and FY19.
Negative: Developments that may, individually or collectively, lead to negative rating action include: - Negative rating action on the Chinese sovereign - Weakening linkage between CCCC and CCCG - Weakening linkage between CCCG and the Chinese sovereign.
Healthcare services: "We think Amazon's entry into pharmacy would be negative for independent pharmacies, somewhat negative for national pharmacies and distributors, and we increasingly see this as long term negative for" pharmacy benefit managers.
Tesla reported negative free cash flow (operating cash less capital expenditures) of $276.7 million versus its negative $1.4 billion in the previous quarter and the Wall Street consensus estimate of roughly negative $900 million.
"The year-to-date performance is still in the negative territory but it's not a negative performance that can ... induce us to have negative expectations for the first-quarter or full-year results," Macellari said.
RATING SENSITIVITIES Future developments that may, individually or collectively, lead to a negative rating action include: --A negative rating action could occur if Kellogg's organic growth rate is negative in the low single digit range.
KEY RATING DRIVERS Negative $1 Billion EBITDA in 2016/2017: Fitch expects Sears' comparable store sales (comps) to be in the negative 8% in 2016 and negative mid-to-high single digit range in 2017.
Some investors think cutting negative interest rates deeper into negative may be off the table given the burden negative rates put on banks and very bad reception from politicians who fear a backlash from savers.
The key was that BECCS resulted in negative emissions, which, in the carbon budget, worked like a negative number.
A negative operating balance, possibly driven by higher-than-expected operating expenditure growth, could trigger a negative rating action.
Negative: Future developments that could lead to negative rating action include: - Receivable-adjusted FFO net leverage ratio above 173x.
Valls was being negative, I think, when he presented the arrival of refugees as being a very negative thing.
That doesn't mean U.S. Treasury yields will also go negative with the other $15 trillion in negative yielding debt.
Germany auctioned its first negative-yielding 30-year bond , and Denmark launched the world's first negative interest rate mortgage.
Germany auctioned its first negative-yielding 22-year bond, and Denmark launched the world's first negative interest rate mortgage.
The yield on the benchmark 10-year JGB jumped to negative 13, from an earlier low of negative 0.276.
Negative: future developments that could lead to negative rating action include: - EBITDA margin below 7.5% on a sustained basis.
Fitch has progressively downgraded the country's sovereign rating to 'BB'/Negative from 'BBB'/Negative over the past 12 months.
Negative Free Cash Flows: The rating remains constrained by negative free cash flows (FCF) due to regular shareholder distributions.
Unfortunately, with negative earnings growth and a positive 10-year yield, the signal is a negative one for stocks.
Despite the only negative publicity, only negative stories from the fakers back there -- I got along great with them.
Netflix projected negative free cash flow of about $2 billion in 2017, up from negative $1.7 billion in 2016.
Clinton's net-negative rate was 24 percent, reflecting a 32 percent positive rating and a 56 percent negative score.
Every income group has negative views on trade, but lower-income Americans are far more negative than the wealthy.
Fitch now believes comps could improve to the negative 1% - 2% range by 4Q16 and remain modestly negative thereafter.
The Negative Outlook on Pichincha and Produbanco reflects the recent revision of Ecuador's Rating Outlook to Negative from Stable.
So if you just talking about killing and putting all negative into the world, you gonna get negative back.
Traders expect the central bank to offer a new dose of stimulus and possibly even more negative, negative yields.
These factors, and sovereign Negative Outlooks, drive Negative Outlooks on most banks in Turkey, Brazil, Colombia and Saudi Arabia.
They can either play a negative role or not play a negative role — or occasionally play a positive role.
"If 65 percent of your products are negative, you'd need $35 gasoline cracks" to run on negative diesel margins.
But if it's a negative effect on confidence that's going to be negative on both inflation and the outlook.
IACPM's 3-month Credit Spread Outlook Index eroded to a negative 18.8 reading from negative 16.4 the prior quarter.
The coverage has become more negative because the facts are more negative, does that team pull back from you?
During this impressive flip the poles essentially trade places, going from positive to negative or from negative to positive.
In Germany, the 10-year government bond yielded negative 0.55 percent Thursday; in Japan it was negative 0.12 percent.
Reactions to the ad were largely negative, with critics saying it peddles negative body image and bad marital dynamics.
And the net tax rate for the poorest 20 percent rises from negative 58.2 percent to negative 53.4 percent.
The impressions it has made are largely negative: 12% say they have a negative impression of the group vs.
Children were more than twice as likely to report a negative outcome when parents reported drinking for negative reasons.
N Brown, whose brands include Simply Be and Jacamo, cut its full-year product gross margin outlook to negative 100 basis points to negative 150 basis points from an earlier estimate of negative 50 basis points to negative 150 basis points The retailer said group revenue for the 18 weeks to Dec.
On education, 32% rated the government's performance as positive versus 41% who saw it negatively; on health, 26% were positive against 73% negative; on public security, 26% were positive versus 55% negative, on the economy, 23% were positive compared to 54% negative, and on corruption, 19% were positive in contrast to 64% negative.
Morgan Stanley analysts said that the economic rationale for buying negative yielding bonds is also "weak", as the earliest cohort of negative corporate bonds have not seen any spread compression after moving into negative yield territory.
Yesterday's nuclear button had replies with negative sentiment (47%) that was pretty much on par with negative sentiment of replies to all Trump's tweets, but a bit more negative than his North Korea-related tweets (42%).
Negative Rating Action: Future developments that may, individually or collectively, lead to negative rating action include a weakening comp trajectory, due to negative store traffic and in the absence of an acceleration in e-commerce contribution.
Mo Elleithee, Kaine's communications director in that race, told me, "We ran the first negative ad, and we did more negative points on TV. But he doesn't come across as negative on TV." The strategy worked.
Tim and his team delivered a negative or a reduction in absolute pharmacy costs in 2018 for Medicare, a negative .
Last December, Fitch revised KCM's FC IDR Outlook to Negative following Mexico's sovereign Rating Outlook revision to Negative from Stable.
To harness this bacterial carpet of propellers, the researchers take advantage of the innate negative charge of gram negative bacteria.
He pointed to negative interest rate policies in foreign central banks that has created $11 trillion of negative-yielding debt.
Trump's approval rating remains negative, at minus 21993, but it's also the lowest negative rating recorded since he took office.
Negative: Developments that may, individually or collectively, lead to negative rating action include: - Net debt/adjusted inventory sustained above 60%.
The company reported earnings of negative 59 cents per share versus estimates of negative 51 cents, according to Thomson Reuters.
ZOMBIE COMPANIES Austrian central bank Governor Robert Holzmann last month cited the risk of "negative company dynamics" from negative rates.
A stabilization of OZM's investment performance would also contribute to a revision of the Negative Watch to a Negative Outlook.
" Negative employee reviews: "I'm afraid this culture has shifted in a negative way over the past year and a half.
Negative interest rates would make these problems even worse, which surely explains the aversion of Fed officials to negative rates.
Core earnings margin improved to negative 12.9 percent from negative 14.8 percent in the first half of 2016, it said.
It will be stored in liquid nitrogen at a temperature of negative 196 degrees Celsius, or negative 320 degrees Fahrenheit.
It will be stored in liquid nitrogen at a temperature of negative 224 degrees Celsius, or negative 22 degrees Fahrenheit.
Adjusted earnings per share were negative six cents, better than the negative eight cents that Yahoo Finance analysts were predicting.
Reasons to be negative: Now that Johnny Gaudreau is signed, there really aren't a lot of reasons to be negative.
Negative FCF to Continue: Fitch forecasts that Axtel's negative FCF generation will remain uncurbed at least for the short term.
Michael Toth "What surprised me was how well these negative letters lined up with negative recession events," Toth tells CNBC.
Denmark's central bank became one of the first to adopt negative deposit rates in July 2012 at negative 0.2 percent.
In no week did the coverage drop below 70 percent negative and it reached 90 percent negative at its peak.
The market is also watching the European Central Bank which could make negative yields more negative when it meets Thursday.
Fitch has a BBB rating with a negative outlook on Atlantia and a BBB+ rating with negative outlook, on ASPI.
RATING SENSITIVITIES A negative operating balance or direct debt exceeding 150% of current revenue could trigger a negative rating action.
So, just how low can this negative sentiment, coupled with relentlessly negative Reserve Bank of Australia jawboning, send the Aussie?
Deeply negative yields were no deterrent to primary supply however, with Germany selling its first negative yielding bond since 2016.
The Negative Outlook in Azerbaijan reflects a combination of deteriorating bank profiles and the Negative Outlook on the sovereign rating.
"Negative publicity from the health community on talc (inhalation, dust, negative doctor endorsement, cancer linkage) continues," a 1992 memo said.
This has naturally led to a lot of negative speculation, but negative speculation has become the norm at Barnes & Noble.
With three of the 12 MENA sovereigns (more than 20%) on a Negative Outlook, the overall Outlook is deemed Negative.
Negative advertising is on the rise — Clinton's 2016 campaign ran a record number of negative ads for a presidential campaign.
Pence once wrote an essay titled "Confessions of a Negative Campaigner" after an ugly congressional race and condemned negative tactics.
Trump's approval rating remains negative, at minus 6, but it's also the lowest negative rating recorded since he took office.
Trump's approval rating remains negative at minus 6, but it's also the lowest negative rating recorded since he took office.
Future Developments That May, Individually or Collectively, Lead to Negative Rating Action CNH Industrial -Negative FCF margins through the cycle.
About how a lot of what's being pushed is negative and thus only creating more negative energy in the world.
Ruby Shepherd's Black Rock Negative Energy Absorber at Jackie Robinson Park seeks to symbolically take in the community's negative energy.
"If those things don't happen, it will be a negative for the marketplace and a small negative for global GDP."
The 10-year Japanese government bond has a negative yield, and it rose by 6.5 basis points to negative 103%.
Free cash flow for 2019 is expected to be negative $1.2 billion, much lower than previously forecast negative $500 million.
The study did not look at negative reactions beyond asking participants if their transformative experience had been positive or negative.
And of the three or four they're all negative, no matter what I do they're negative, but you know what?
It's not to say white or Asian people can't be B negative, or that all black people are B negative.
Common causes of false resultsA false-negative result occurs when the test result is negative but you are indeed pregnant.
The market certainly took a negative view of the BOJ's late January surprise move to introduce a negative interest rate policy, when the central bank cut the rate it pays on certain deposits to negative 0.1 percent.
The yield on the German 10-year bund re-entered negative territory at negative 0.024 percent, after having turned positive on Wednesday, although that was off a record low of around negative 43 percent touched earlier Thursday.
But negative interest rates -- or cutting the ECB's deposit rate deeper into negative territory from the current negative 0.3 percent as many expect the central bank will do next week -- aren't the way to go, Hussey said.
Correlational relationships, in social science, are scored between negative 1 and 633, with negative 1 meaning there's a perfect negative correlation (as one variable goes up, the other goes down) and 1 meaning a perfect positive correlation.
Negative: Future developments that may, individually or collectively, lead to negative rating action include: -Evidence of significant non-renewal of contracts and/or negative like-for-like sales growth along with EBIT margin erosion below current levels.
Others with large current account deficits and most reliant on external capital Lebanon (Caa2 RUR-), Mongolia (B3 stable), Tunisia (B2 negative), Pakistan (B3 negative), Sri Lanka (B2 stable), Argentina (Caa2 RUR-), Turkey (B1 negative), and to a lesser extent Indonesia (Baa2 stable) and South Africa (Baa3 negative) are most exposed to financing shocks meanwhile.
Others with large current account deficits and most reliant on external capital – Lebanon (Caa2 RUR-), Mongolia (B3 stable), Tunisia (B2 negative), Pakistan (B3 negative), Sri Lanka (B2 stable), Argentina (Caa2 RUR-), Turkey (B1 negative), and to a lesser extent Indonesia (Baa2 stable) and South Africa (Baa3 negative) – are most exposed to financing shocks meanwhile.
That's a stark reversal from the steady descent into negative territory for long-term bond yields since the BOJ surprised markets in late January by introducing a negative interest rate policy, cutting its rate to negative 20.4 percent.
Today, the public has a 60 percent negative view of the Republican Party, a 58 percent negative view of the Democratic Party, and a 54 percent negative view of the president, according to the last Harvard Harris poll.
I think there's a negative part of any community and the negative parts of the Big Brother community can be especially negative, but there are also very very positive parts, and I don't think that should be forgotten.
In response to the question of how government-imposed tariffs would affect their firm's business, 82.5% of respondents said it would have a negative impact (56.5% noted a little negative impact and 26% indicated a major negative effect).
But placebos can also have negative side effects, if we expect the medication to harm us — those negative effects are nocebos.
Negative: The Negative Watch could result in a downgrade if DIST increases its financial leverage to meet its promissory note obligation.
Future Developments That May, Individually or Collectively, Lead to Negative Rating Action - Negative organic sales growth and significant EBITDA margin erosion.
The Dow saw its third straight negative session on Tuesday, while the S&P 500 saw its fourth straight negative session.
"It wasn't meant in a negative way, but it impacted them in a negative way, and that's what counts," Strauss said.
Her pollster, Joel Benenson, accused Sanders of "going negative" and running "the most negative campaign" in the history of Democratic primaries.
When you take a super positive face and stick it in a negative situation, people experience the face as more negative.
Negative: Future developments that could lead to negative rating action include: - FFO adjusted net leverage above 3.5x on a sustained basis.
ISS noted that AIG's total shareholder return last year was negative 32%, compared with negative 0.8% for a major insurance index.
A majority of the chief execs also said it would have a "negative" or "very negative" impact on the country itself.
Second quarter earnings season will again see negative growth for the , the fifth consecutive negative quarter (the worst showing 2008-13).
Not pretending that negative things don't exist but not living our life in the negative - that's what we choose to do.
The yield on the 21-year Japanese government bond was at negative 0.142, compared to Thursday's record low of negative 0.202.
The "looking a little soft" taunt directed at Momoa is only negative if one finds softness — a feminized quality — inherently negative.
He does expect the ECB to cut rates in September and ultimately take its negative 0.4% discount rate to negative 0.6%.
"People bought a lot of bonds on the premise that rates are negative and even more negative going forward," Caron said.
"They (Japan) obviously can take negative rates even further to negative territory but that is not without any cost," Matsui said.
In Germany, the 73-year bund yielded negative 0.5% after sliding to negative 0.6% — a record low — in the previous session.
If light is a vector, it has magnitude and direction, so… to call it negative means it's in a negative direction.
He said the negative yields in Europe have created a negative velocity that hurts the banking system, pension funds and insurers.
The Negative Outlook on the bank's Long-Term IDRs and National Long-Term Rating mirror the Negative Outlook on the sovereign.
The Outlook on the Long-Term IDRs for all these issuers remains Negative, mirroring the Negative Outlook on the sovereign ratings.
Negative interest rates, on the other hand, bear the risk of negative company dynamics, he said without further elaborating those risks.
Negative interest rates, on the other hand, bear the risk of negative company dynamics, he said without further elaborating those risks.
Trump is at 22 percent positive and 67 percent negative, while Clinton is at 23 percent favorable and 66 percent negative.
JGBs with maturities of up to 11 years are now trading at negative yields under the central bank's negative rates policy.
An index of oilfield service firms' operating margins fell to a negative 32.8 from negative 6.6 in the bank's earlier survey.
Given the negative free cash flow, Tusa said, GE's 2019 earnings have "now become close to NEGATIVE" 50 cents a share.
"I needed to clear the negative space, the negative people in my space… [which] probably should've happened years ago," she says.
Twitter went from a return on capital of negative 15 percent ahead of its IPO to negative 4 percent most recently.
The company said in 2020 it would start improving its negative free cash flow, which hit negative $3.3 billion in 2019.
President Donald Trump has repeatedly praised negative rates despite his top economic adviksor Larry Kudlow reiterating that negative rates don't work.
The relationship tended to be negative in some of the 1960s through the 1990s, with rising yields being negative for stocks.
"If banks are willing to expose retail depositors to negative interest rates, the effectiveness of the negative interest rate policy will be greatly strengthened, and central banks should adopt deeply negative interest rates during a deflationary recession," Sun said.
On the negative side, he's facing possible life imprisonment for the various charges, and the negative forces have inspired some serious writing.
He puts a name on it and he sticks with it and he identifies it as something positive or negative -- KURTZ: Negative.
The yield on the 10-year Japanese government bond was at negative 0.143 on Friday, up from Thursday's low of negative 0.202.
A sharp deviation from our projections with a negative current balance could drive a revision of the Outlook to Negative from Stable.
RATING SENSITIVITIES Direct debt exceeding 150% of current revenue (2015: 13%), or a negative operating balance, could trigger a negative rating action.
Their fundamental value is ZERO or actually negative ... if you price correctly their negative externality of hogging energy and destroying the environment.
So, negative reviews like those that plagued "Ben-Hur," or negative word of mouth, can ruin a film's prospects before it's released.
Of the ratings assigned to GCC banks, 30% are on Negative Outlook, hence the ratings outlook for the sector is also negative.
Negative Rating Action: A negative rating action could result if Sears is unable to inject the liquidity needed to fund ongoing operations.
OPEC UAE Iraq compliance compliance compliance high low high low high low 94 82 100 negative 62 negative Editing by Dale Hudson
"Last week, sentiment just got too negative, and when everybody's negative that means there's hardly anyone left to sell," the host said.
Yields on sovereign debt, which were already negative going out seven years along the curve, subsequently went negative out to 10 years.
Whether or not negative rates will come to America is up for debate, but several countries overseas have gone into negative territory.
But that may not be as big a negative as historically in a market obsessed with negative interest rates around the world.
All 2242 S&P 207 sectors ended in negative territory on Monday, meaning they were all in negative territory for the year.
The Negative Outlooks reflect the increased likelihood of a downgrade of the Country Ceiling given the Negative Outlook on the Turkish sovereign.
The Rating Watch Negative is maintained for the first two entities, while Aseguradora de los Trabajadores was placed on Rating Watch Negative.
Negative Action: A negative rating action could occur if debt leverage is expected to approach 6x or higher for a sustained period.
When positive expressions were reduced, people produced fewer positive posts and more negative posts; when negative expressions were reduced, the opposite occurred.
A third of large European companies surveyed by Greenwich said they expected Brexit's short-term impact to be negative or very negative.
The Negative Outlook for Shizuoka reflects the constraint of its VR being rated equal to that of Japan's sovereign rating (A/Negative).
"[Schweizer] stated with certainty that they suppressed negative stories on Hillary Clinton, and boosted negative stories on Donald Ttump [sic]," Trump tweeted.
Trump's coverage exceeded the 2900 percent level in The New York Times (220006 percent negative) and The Washington Post (2202 percent negative).
"A lot of younger people, seeing the reality of old age as entirely negative, see acceptance of age as negative," she writes.
" Mr. Kasich added that the "negative approach," as he called it, "leads to a lot of negative things: division, paranoia, hopelessness, anger.
This "contrast" hypothesis is supported by research suggesting that, while negative emotions may sometimes stimulate creativity, a generally negative disposition does not.
Thursday's average beef packer margin was a negative $275.650 per head, up from a negative $2200 for Wednesday, as calculated by
SE: I'm not being so critical other than saying that, you know, one has to consider the negative effect of negative rates.
Or, breathing in positive energy, exhaling negative energy or visualizing negative energy coming out of your mouth and out of your body.
This is how a negative rate policy works alongside some of its potential pitfalls: WHY HAVE SOME CENTRAL BANKS ADOPTED NEGATIVE RATES?
LG: We talk about this idea of negative consequences, because addiction is when we continue to seek out something despite negative consequences.
Asked if colleges were having a positive or negative effect on America, 58 percent of Republicans and conservative-leaning independents said negative.
Charles Barkley: COVID-19 test negative Charles Barkley tested negative for COVID-19 after showing symptoms of the virus on March 12.
"It's hard to tell a positive story when the negative stories — the few negative stories — will get all the press," she said.
The Rating Outlook for the Foreign Currency rating is Negative and mirrors Fitch's Negative Outlook for the Brazilian sovereign (FC IDR 'BB').
The company's non-GAAP operating margin of negative 12 percent came in above analysts' estimate of negative 13.7 percent, according to StreetAccount.
"Negative societal and familial messages around identity and orientation can have a negative impact on sex drive," sex therapist Yamonte Cooper said.
The energy sector was the only negative sector in the session (and one of two negative for the year, along with telecommunications).
Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are considered negative for health-care stocks, and Warren is viewed as negative for financial sector stocks.
Most saw his policies as positive for financial stability, but neutral-to-negative for GDP growth and negative for long-term growth.
These were the kind of temperatures — from the negative 30s to the negative 60s — that few have ever experienced in their lives.
" ON NEGATIVE INTEREST RATES' IMPACT ON BANKING SYSTEM "Many European countries maintain negative interest rates and apply them to a pretty big pool of funds ... In Japan, we only apply minus 0.1 percent negative rates and only to a small portion.
Users can report their HIV status, with five options: Negative, Positive, Undetectable (positive, and undergoing treatment that makes them virtually impossible to transmit), Negative on PreP (negative, and taking medicine that makes them unlikely to contract HIV), and Don't Know.
The Outlook remains Negative because Fitch believes the company's persistent negative operational cash flow - given the high development expenditure, selling expenses and borrowing costs - may continue to add to its indebtedness and push its credit metrics beyond the negative rating thresholds.
"Modestly negative policy rates had perhaps a positive overall impact initially, but keeping rates in very negative territory for prolonged periods or navigating to even deeper negative territory could unleash more unintended consequences than benefits," wrote J.P. Morgan strategists this week.
The Negative Outlooks for MUFG, SMFG and their respective principal bank subsidiaries reflect the constraint of their VRs being equal to Japan's sovereign rating (A/Negative), while the Negative Outlook for MHFG and its subsidiaries reflects the sovereign rating outlook.
Negative Outlook: The Outlook revision to Negative principally reflects Fitch's expectation that the company's leverage will settle in the low- to mid-3371212x range through 3371908, higher than Fitch's negative rating sensitivity of 33710003x and higher than comparable 'BBB' rated peers.
Co-founded by Ben Cogan and Jesse Horwitz, Hubble sells contact lenses with a power range from negative 0.50 through negative 12.0 today.
Otherwise, Karelia would continue posting negative margins (operating and current), reflecting prolonged structural imbalances of its budget, which could be negative for ratings.
Nowotny added that negative interest rates were necessary for "a while" but warned that negative rates could distort markets, a potentially dangerous phenomenon.
Some economists therefore expect attempts to mitigate the negative impact of rate cuts by excusing banks from negative rates on some excess reserves.
Currently, some analysts hold negative views to 2019 perspective, thinking the earnings of US stocks are expected to show negative growth in 2019.
If a customer has a negative experience on Airbnb, they might be better off just moving on instead of leaving a negative review.
RATING SENSITIVITIES Direct debt exceeding 8401% of current revenue (244:220%), combined with a negative operating balance, could trigger a negative rating action.
Negative: Developments that may, individually or collectively, lead to negative rating action include: - FFO-adjusted net leverage sustained above 227234x (after deconsolidating COLI).
"There are now reports that the BOJ could introduce negative lending rates to complement negative deposit rates," Lien said in a note Friday.
The same way Truvada stops the virus from replicating in people living with HIV, is how it helps HIV-negative people remain negative.
Reuters also reported the yield on the 20-year JGB turned negative for the first time on Wednesday, falling to negative 0.005 percent.
"We think of anger as something overwhelmingly negative, but it's actually our management or mismanagement of anger that produces negative results," she said.
Atoms are positively-charged cores with negative electrons orbiting them, but the random motion could leave an uneven distribution of the negative charge.
The book isn't going to be negative—it's a warm, witty, honoring book—unfortunately, the negative sing-song has gone round the world.
" To figure out whether negative feedback is worth heeding, Banks recommends asking yourself a simple question: "Where is this negative feedback coming from?
JGBs with maturities of up to 11 years are now trading at negative yields under the Bank of Japan's negative interest rate policy.
He added that negative interest rates were necessary for "a while" but warned that negative rates could distort markets, a potentially dangerous phenomenon.
The 10-year JGB's move into negative yields had been widely expected since the BOJ adopted a negative rate policy on January 0.13.
The Dow had been up more than 180 but turned negative temporarily, and the hit technical resistance at 1,901 and also went negative.
Here [in Greece] we have negative investment, and we don't have negative savings so the excess of savings over investment is proportionately huge.
Their long-term view was grimmer with 45 percent of them believing Brexit will have a negative or very negative long-term impact.
Humans tend to place subjectively higher probabilities on negative outcomes than positive outcomes and assign greater weight to negative news than positive news.
Negative: Negative rating actions are more likely to coincide with the company's inability to strengthen its operating profile and reduce leverage below 05403x.
The former vice president's favorability rating is at 22019 percent positive and 16 negative, down from 76 positive and 13 negative last month.
With the wind chill, the temperature dipped to negative 18 degrees in Albany and negative 7 degrees in Poughkeepsie, the NWS Albany said.
RATING SENSITIVITIES Negative: Future developments that could lead to negative rating action include: - Further material reputational damage to the group and its brands.
Negative rating action on MUFG's Viability Rating would also likely to be a reflection of negative action on Japan's sovereign rating (A/Stable).
The WTI Dec 2017 to Dec 2018 spread rallied to as much as negative 2.13 cents from negative $1.26 a barrel on Tuesday.
Because there's not that many people that are negative, and so when you are negative ... This is within the world of finance, right?
However, the three-year and five-year returns were even weaker than the 1960s, at negative 10.8 percent and negative 12.45 percent respectively.
But there's a reason both the ECB and Denmark have stuck to mildly negative rates, like negative 0.4 percent (the current ECB rate).
Why You Can't Really Trust Negative Online Reviews Research suggests that people heed negative reviews more than positive ones — despite their questionable credibility.
"It's negative or less negative — there is no positive" scenario for New York homeowners who will be affected by the changes, he said.
This precarious situation is exacerbated by Trump's net-negative approval ratings in each of these nine states, with an average of negative-85033.
Florida's Truth campaign didn't focus on the obviously negative aspects of tobacco because the obviously negative aspects were part of the product's appeal.
How are you going to wake up and be so negative about somebody who's not negative toward you or don't do anything wrong?
Historically, capital gains taxes have a significant negative impact on capital formation, productivity, and economic growth while raising little or even negative revenue.
Fitch has taken the following rating actions: Banco de Bogota --Long-Term Foreign Currency Issuer Default Rating (IDR) 'BBB+', Rating Watch Negative maintained; --Short-Term Foreign Currency IDR 'F2', Rating Watch Negative maintained; --Long-Term Local Currency IDR at 'BBB+', Rating Watch Negative maintained; --Short-Term Local Currency IDR at 'F2', Rating Watch Negative maintained; --Viability rating at 'bbb+', Rating Watch Negative maintained; --Senior unsecured debt rating of 'BBB+', Rating Watch Negative maintained; --Subordinated debt rating of 'BBB', Rating Watch Negative maintained; --Support rating affirmed at '2'; --Support rating floor affirmed at 'BBB-'; Grupo Aval --Long-Term Foreign Currency Issuer Default Rating (IDR) 'BBB', Rating Watch Negative maintained; --Short-Term Foreign Currency IDR affirmed at 'F3'; --Long-Term Local Currency IDR 'BBB', Rating Watch Negative maintained; --Short-Term Local Currency IDR affirmed at 'F3'; --Support rating affirmed at '5'; --Support rating floor affirmed at 'NF'; Grupo Aval Limited --Senior unsecured guaranteed debt issued by Grupo Aval Ltd.
However, the ratings of XL Group Ltd and AXIS Capital Holdings Limited have recently been revised to Negative, while Lloyd's of London was maintained on Negative Outlook and Fitch believes that the 5003Q17 catastrophe losses have placed further pressure on the Negative Outlook.
Negative: Future developments that may, individually or collectively, lead to negative rating action include: FFO gross leverage increases above 2.5x, FCF is negative, EBIT margin is below 7% and large debt-funded acquisitions or aggressive shareholder returns weaken the company's financial flexibility.
Negative interest rate policies also lead to negative yields on government bonds, which hurt the banks that hold these bonds on their balance sheets.
The difference — I'm not a Fitbit-negative person, so I'm not trying to say negative things about them — but here's the difference with Ring.
The high temperature forecast at O'Hare on Wednesday is negative 14 degrees (negative 25 degrees Celsius), which would break a record set on Jan.
You&aposve heard of negative Nelly, will meet negative Nancy Pelosi, that is, she&aposs down playing the good economic news under President Trump.
And when asked whether large companies have a positive or a negative effect on society, again the results swung dramatically from positive to negative.
Opportunity needs to stay above negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit (negative 40 degrees Celsius), and when it's working, it has many ways to keep warm.
"Bonds are in negative territory now, and big investors are looking for any possibility of avoiding negative interest rates," LBBW analyst Thorsten Proettel said.
But with cash rates negative in much of the world, he expected most to opt for , with potential negative implications for the U.S. economy.
Meanwhile, the 10-year Japanese government bond (JGB) yield fell to negative 0.147, after dropping as low as negative 0.15 earlier in the session.
The BOJ also dropped references to taking rates further into negative territory, six weeks after taking an initial, radical shift into negative rates territory.
"We expect negative 2016 full-year EPS revisions will continue as managements once again issue negative warnings guidance for the new quarter," they wrote.
The yield on the 10-year Japanese government bond fell to negative 0.038, compared to levels near negative 0.015 percent in the previous session.
It shifted its forecast for industrial free cash flow to between negative $1 billion and positive $1 billion, from $0 to negative $2 billion.
Both continue to hold favorability ratings that tilt negative, with 52% holding an unfavorable view of Clinton and 57% a negative impression of Trump.
Ninety-six percent of ads run by Clinton's campaign were negative towards Trump, and 83% of the Trump campaign's spots were negative towards Clinton.
Researchers noticed that OCD patients had this particular kind of cognitive bias: they believed that having a negative thought would make something negative happen.
But that's exactly what happened when I suddenly found myself shaking and crying, seemingly inconsolable as negative thought after negative thought flooded my brain.
The Negative Outlook of Al Rajhi, NCB, Riyad, SAMBA, ANB, SHB, SAIB, Alinma and BAJ reflects the corresponding Negative Outlook on the sovereign rating.
The out-of-kilter world of negative rates enabled German household products maker Henkel to issue two-year bonds at negative rates last week.
Negative: Developments that may, individually or collectively, lead to negative rating action include: - FFO-adjusted net leverage trending above 3.8x on a sustained basis.
The 10-year Japanese government bond saw its yield drop even deeper into negative territory, falling as low as negative 0.271 percent on Wednesday.
Nevertheless, we forecast current margin will remain weak at a negative 3%-4% over the medium-term, compared with a negative 2.9% in 2015.
This assumes that the company's peak-to-trough EBITDA decline during a downturn is consistent with its negative 21000% to negative 212000% historical experience.
Negative FCF: We expect JCET group's 212000-4807123 FCF to be negative as its CFO will be insufficient to fund the planned capacity expansion.
"Last week, sentiment just got too negative, and when everybody's negative that means there's hardly anyone left to sell," the "Mad Money" host said.
The company's had $423 million negative free cash flow during the quarter, wider than the $261 million negative free cash flow a year ago.
The Bank of Japan surprised markets last week by moving to negative interest rate policy, while the European Central Bank previously employed negative rates.
Negative FCF Generation: Fitch forecasts TDP's FCF generation to remain negative in 2017 amid weak performance and suppressed cash flow from operations (CFFO) generation.
The overall sentiment was more negative than positive, with about two negative tweets for every positive one, according to social media analytics firm Zoomph.
The way Sanchez sees it, investors are expecting more positive economic data than negative, which conventional wisdom would suggest is a negative for gold.
It's not until the last two weeks that all hope is truly lost — that's when a negative YTD return practically guarantees a negative year.
Any negative rating actions on the VRs of the Japanese major banks are mostly likely to result from negative action on the sovereign ratings.
The free cash flow outlook for the year was lowered to negative $500 million from a range of break even to negative $250 million.
There would never be any negative connotation for a man being a boss, so to add a negative connotation on a woman being bossy?
The way to determine if negative ads work in the marketplace of political campaigns is simply to note whether candidates are using negative ads.
She lowered her 2017 earnings per share forecasts for XL Group to negative $2.49 from $3.32 and Validus Holdings to negative $2.31 from $3.95.
"Yet coffee is just one of a multitude of things increasingly subject to negative climate impacts, and its negative flow-on effects," Connor added.
SACE's ratings are therefore influenced by the credit quality of Italy (BBB+/Negative), Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (BBB+/Negative) and the Italian banking sector.
Portman is at 32 percent positive and 40 percent negative, while Strickland is slightly worse off, at 35 percent positive and 85033 percent negative.
Last year, it posted free cash flow of almost negative $2 billion and has forecast that it could be negative $4 billion in 2018.
If the House does not approve the healthcare proposal, "it would be dollar-negative and somewhat negative also for general risk appetite," Marino said.
The recommendations can be marked positive, neutral or negative, which is interesting because a negative recommendation doesn't really sound like a recommendation at all.
Positive feedback tends to engender positive motivations, which draw on imagination and confidence; negative feedback engenders negative motivations, which draw on anxiety and fear.
U.S. 10-year Treasuries US10YT=RR currently yield 0.95%, compared to negative 0.64% in Germany DE10YT=RR and negative 0.11% in Japan JP10YT=RR.
Under the negative rate policy, the BOJ applies a 0.1 percent negative interest on some excess reserves financial institutions park with the central bank.
However, even those sectors posted average returns in the read, amounting to negative 0.1 percent and negative 0.2 percent for telecoms and utilities, respectively.
A further negative rating action on Brazil's sovereign ratings and country ceiling could result in negative rating action for the company's foreign currency IDR.
The air in the expansion engine is frozen to negative 320 degrees Fahrenheit to separate nitrogen, and negative 297 degrees Fahrenheit to separate oxygen.
This is notable because the AAM is currently negative and is forecast to go even more negative for at least the next two weeks.
Today, we're warned to expect the most negative general election campaign in history, after one of the most negative nomination contests in recent memory.
But brilliant economists never really anticipated that you would have negative – you've got 31 trillion or something like that – worldwide at negative interest rates.
But negative economic headlines are sure to spur negative reactions from Trump, and blaming the Fed is his preferred way of dealing with that.
"There is a good possibility that business spending will be negative" in the fourth quarter, and pull economic growth into negative territory, he said.
Trump wants negative rates Savers have been penalized even further in Europe and Japan, where central bankers have dropped interest rates into negative territory.
The Bank of Japan moved to negative rates late last month and Sweden on Thursday cut its main interest rate deeper into negative territory.
Faced with persistent low or negative rates, Moody's suggested that German retail banks are increasingly considering charging negative rates themselves to large retail depositors.
People with anxiety often have thoughts that are focused on worrying about negative outcomes, and therefore they have behaviors to mitigate these negative outcomes.
On Thursday, Sweden's central bank lowered its bank lending rate to a negative 0.5 percent from a negative 0.35 percent, and said it could cut further still; European bank stocks were hammered partly because investors feared what negative rates could do to bank profits.
"I am concerned that the BOJ's introduction of a negative interest rate could lead to a competition with central banks in other countries, which already have adopted negative interest rates, to lower interest rates deeper into negative territory," one member was quoted as saying.
Since the Bank of Japan introduced the negative rates policy in January, the commercial banking industry has resisted lending to private-sector borrowers at negative rates, even after the BOJ started imposing negative rates on the excess reserves lenders park with the central bank.
Fox's Greta Van Susteren's negative reaction to the news, and conservative journalist Philip Klein's negative reaction to Van Susteren, captures the dynamic very well. WTF?
"Negative news is no longer having a negative impact," Iqbal V. Gandham, UK Managing Director at online trading firm eToro told CNBC by phone Tuesday.
People don't "like" bad news and sharing controversial opinions can result in negative user experiences or, worse, unfriending: the ultimate negative outcome in Facebook's eyes.
Lee acknowledged it is "strange" to see negative bond yields around the world, but noted the amount of debt yielding negative returns has been moderating.
The Negative Outlook reflects the negative cash flow from operations (CFO) in the last few years, which is likely to persist in the medium term.
RATING SENSITIVITIES Negative rating action could occur if the state unexpectedly departs from its budgeted constraint and fiscal strategy, and forecast current balances turn negative.
European countries remain a fixture in the negative yielding sovereign debt universe, as all countries with negative-yielding debt besides Japan are in the continent.
So he said the tax bite at the higher end of the expected range is more "negative noise" than a "substantial" negative for the business.
And he provided an explanation: "The only reason you buy negative-rate bonds is if you think it's going to go more negative," he said.
However, negative interest rates also hit the profits of European banks, since they make less money from their lending activities in a negative rate environment.
It was the fourth straight week the net-negative positioning on the dollar has increased and was the largest net-negative position since Oct. 24.
However, if it's negative and could potentially hurt someone else, then it's deemed as negative gossip and that's when you should refrain from doing it.
"The only periods in which negative inflation truly translates itself into negative, self-reinforcing deflationary spirals, is after a financial bubble has burst," Knot said.
Reality Check: Sanders says he's never run a negative ad By Tami Luhby and Tom LoBianco, CNN Sanders said he's never run a negative ad.
"I have never run a negative ad in my life and I look forward to never running a negative ad in my life," he said.
Arguing that negative interest rates cause currencies to devalue, and place strains on the banking system, Kovacevich said that negative rates are a bad idea.
This is versus many countries having zero or even negative rates, there is currently over $11 Trillion dollars of outstanding sovereign debt with negative yields!
"We have contradicted all negative forecasts, all negative projections … we restored the credibility of our state and also of the banking sector," Anastasiades told CNBC.
Last week, the ECB went deeper into negative territory, cutting its main refinancing rate to 0.0 percent and its deposit rate to negative 0.4 percent.
So being in a negative mood around horses is not something that goes unnoticed and is likely to have negative impacts on behavior and physiology.
"Without negative interest rates the franc would be much stronger and therefore have a negative effect on the economy and the employment market," Maechler said.
The Outlook will be revised to Stable from Negative if the triggers for taking negative rating action are not breached in the next 12 months.
For the first nine months of 2015, Elevate's operating margin was negative 1 percent, compared with negative 29 percent during the same period in 2014.
This is critical to Republicans because it was from such largely negative strong ratings that projections of a highly negative and highly motivated opposition arose.
Negative: Negative rating actions are more likely to coincide with discretionary actions of Disney's management rather than operating performance, reflecting the company's significant financial flexibility.
It's a negative thing and we believe that if we take that negative energy and turn it into something positive, we'll have more positive results.
Parts of New England will remain under a wind chill advisory through Wednesday morning as temperatures could feel like negative 5 to negative 20 degrees.
BrandIndex makes its "buzz score" calculation by subtracting the negative scores from the positive scores, producing a moving average between negative 100 and positive 100.
Cui Tiankai: I think it will have negative impact clearly on Chinese economy, but it will also have a negative impact on the U.S. economy.
For example, doctors of patients who test negative for HIV are required to present both PrEP and PEP as an option to remain HIV negative.
The study says "negative emotionality" is a precursor to violence, and tripping on acid or shrooms apparently helps men break out of those negative patterns.
Ache's FC IDR is constrained by Brazil's 'BB+' Country Ceiling, and its Negative Outlook follows Fitch's Negative Outlook for Brazil's sovereign rating (FC IDR 'BB').
A further negative rating action on Brazil's sovereign ratings and country ceiling could also result in negative rating action for the company's foreign currency IDR.
Slow Deleveraging Profile Headroom under our negative guidance is low with FFO gross leverage at 3.3x at FY16 relative to our negative guidance of 3.5x.
The three-year and five-year total price returns of the S&P 500 were a negative 1.7 percent and a negative 6.1 percent, respectively.
"Usually, negative news goes faster, further, and deeper on social networks -- so we are much more exposed to negative news than positive news," he says.
We explained how negative emotion, memory for negative events and the connectivity of these two brain networks all vary with the concentration of ovarian hormones.
"But there's no dictionary definition I can find that doesn't describe a grudge as a negative feeling, or a collection of negative feelings," she said.
Some $15 trillion worth of bonds around the world trade at negative yields, Deutsche Bank estimates, with Swiss yields printing negative out to 30 years.
If you are being asked to prove a negative, you cannot be denied the opportunity to explain what you think that negative might look like.
The WTI Dec 2017 to Dec 2018 CLZ6363-Z8 spread rallied to as much as negative 39 cents from negative $1.26 a barrel on Tuesday.
The negative rates, which have been in place for almost five years, did have negative side effects like increasing house prices in Switzerland, he said.
Warren saw the largest drop in favorability, going from 6900 positive and 19 negative to 64 positive and 27 negative in the latest poll. Sen.
" It added another risk: "Social media, which accelerates and potentially amplifies the scope of negative publicity, can increase the challenges of responding to negative claims.
A slew of negative housing numbers for July are piling up on top of a slew of negative housing numbers from the last several months.
Negative: Future developments that may, individually or collectively, lead to negative rating action include: - A sustained deterioration in normalised dividend/interest coverage to below 1.75x.
Views of Sinema remain more positive than negative (49% favorable to 41% unfavorable) while voters tilt narrowly negative on McSally (44% favorable to 47% unfavorable).
But the negative atmosphere is likely to reign, says Alan Abramowitz, an Emory University professor who has studied the rise of negative partisanship in America.
In general, Gundlach said he has been mostly negative on bonds since last July, and the defensive strategy has helped DoubleLine's flagship ETF beat its Morningstar benchmark, the Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Index, in the past six months, returning negative 0.78 percent, versus negative 2.08 percent for the Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Index, and negative 4.9 percent for the Barclays Global Aggregate, according to Morningstar data.
Corficolombiana --Long-Term Foreign Currency IDR 'BBB+', Rating Watch Negative maintained; --Long-Term Local Currency IDR 'BBB+', Rating Watch Negative maintained; --Short-Term Foreign Currency IDR 'F2', Rating Watch Negative maintained; --Short-Term Local Currency IDR 'F20153', Rating Watch Negative maintained; --Support Rating affirmed at '2'; --National Scale Long-Term Rating affirmed at 'AAA(col)'; Outlook Stable; --National Scale Short-Term Rating affirmed at 'F1+(col)'.
The rating actions are as follows: Banco de los Trabajadores: --Long-term IDR downgraded to 'B+' from 'BB-', Rating Watch Negative maintained; --Short-term IDR affirmed at 'B', Rating Watch Negative maintained; --Local Currency Long-term IDR downgraded to 'B+' from 'BB-', Rating Watch Negative maintained; --Local currency Short-term IDR affirmed at 'B', Rating Watch Negative maintained; --National Long-term Rating downgraded to 'BBB(gtm)' from 'A(gtm)', Rating Watch Negative maintained; --National Short-term Rating downgraded to 'F3(gtm)' from 'F1(gtm)', Rating Watch maintained; --Viability Rating downgraded to 'b+' from 'bb-', Rating Watch Negative maintained; --Support Rating affirmed at '5'; --Support Rating Floor affirmed at 'NF'.
Fitch may revise the Outlook to Stable from Negative if TREIT demonstrates that the negative rating guidelines are unlikely to be met on a sustained basis.
The company reported a negative operating margin of 145 percent in the third quarter, compared with a negative operating margin of 11 percent a year earlier.
But they reported an average 3.7 percent increase in their negative affect score, compared to women who showed an average 11.6 percent drop in negative affect.
"It is clear that negative stuff is being accumulated, negative stuff with regard to the head of our state," Mr. Peskov told the Interfax news agency.
This book reminds you that even when it seems like all that exists are negative people with negative thoughts, there are positive people hidden among them.
Negative: Negative rating actions are more likely to coincide with discretionary actions of Disney's management rather than by operating performance, reflecting the company's significant financial flexibility.
As the pandemic of negative rates spreads to more countries, the amount of bonds in negative territory (currently more than $13 trillion) is likely to bloat.
In the Japanese government bond (JGB) market, the yield on the 21.83-year JGB was at negative 0.41.23 percent after climbing to negative 20.23 percent earlier.
It seems possible that at least part of respondents' negative associations about Twitter could derive from the often negative content for which it is best known.
GE previously gave what Tusa called an "implied guidance" that second-quarter free cash flow would be between a negative $1 billion to negative $2 billion.
In addition to a structurally negative trade balance, the income balance has turned negative, recording deficits of almost 244% of GDP in the past two years.
The yield on the 43-year Japanese government bond was at negative 24 percent after having fallen as low as negative 2862.57 earlier in the session.
But for some, a dating app filter could lead HIV-negative people to think that the filtered matches consist of only HIV-negative people, he said.
Netflix burned over $600 million in cash and says it will have a free cash flow of negative $2 billion to negative $2.5 billion in 2017.
Deeply negative German yields echo moves elsewhere in the euro area as well as in Denmark and Switzerland — where central banks also have negative interest rates.
"[Rates] can be expected to have a negative impact on discretionary income and thus have a negative impact on home purchases and consumer spending," Beaulieu said.
Shibayama described the BOJ's negative rate policy as "powerful medicine", suggesting it might be hard for the central bank to cut rates deeper into negative territory.
From a topic standpoint, the area where Trump received the most negative coverage was immigration at 98 percent, while economic stories were just 54 percent negative.
Fitch estimates that in-store level comps were in the negative 2.5%-3% range between 13-2015 but have worsened to negative 4.5%-5% in 2016.
Almost 6-in-10 have a negative view of Trump, 59% with 38% favorable, and 9203% have a negative view of Clinton, 44% see her positively.
GPIF's overall assets made a negative return of 3.81 percent last fiscal year, dragged by its Japanese stock portfolio which logged a negative 10.8 percent return.
"The markets are starting to realize that those who bought negative or near-negative yields are now going to very quickly face capital losses," he said.
Interest rates have now turned negative, however, hitting the profits of European banks, which make less money from their lending activities in a negative rate environment.
Negative NIPs Things kicked off on Monday in US dollars with all six tranches of the US$15bn deal being issued with negative new-issue premiums.
On average, a negative tweet by the president caused an immediate short-term negative 1.2 percent move in the targeted company's stock price, CNBC's analysis found.
Fitch's negative rating sensitivities contemplate potential negative rating actions should Fitch expect core leverage to remain above 1.25x, currently providing IBM headroom for modest incremental debt.
"That would indicate the announcement has had a negative impact on Starbucks, and might indicate a negative impact on sales in the near term," he said.
Despite a brightening outlook, the overall assessment of the current economy remained slightly negative and a majority of analysts expected inflation to remain negative through 2017.
Her tests came back negative, and after another 1,500 tests of passengers aboard the Westerdam came back negative, the ship was deemed no to low risk.
There are many more positive reviews online than there are negative ones, studies show, which creates a scarcity of negative reviews that we associate with value.
The devil Pruitt is embroiled in negative story after negative story and seemingly unaware of just how hot the water he is sitting in is getting.
In October, they were at plus 22019, radically more positive than Republicans, but now sit at negative 17 — a 44-point net shift to the negative.
The rest of the group's revenue is generated in countries such as Zimbabwe, Kenya (B+/Negative) and Zambia (B/Negative), which have relatively weak operating environments.
Democrats once more moved in the opposite direction, with their disapproval of WikiLeaks moving from negative 3 points in 2013 to negative 28 points this month.
Free cash flow, a metric closely watched by investors, is expected to be negative $22019 billion in 213, compared with the previously forecast negative $2220 million.
We commonly see this behavior when companies try to announce positive and negative news at the same time so that the negative announcement receives less coverage.
Modeling negative interest rates is likely to be more challenging for regional banks than global banks, like Citigroup, that already operate in markets with negative rates.
A classic fallacy of the bear case is to assume that negative outcomes bring more negative outcomes with them, in a spiraling series of poor results.
Such patients still have the option of waiting for HIV-negative organs, as well, and HIV-positive organs will not be used in HIV-negative patients.
FULL LIST OF RATING ACTIONS Fitch has affirmed Empresa de Telecomuncaciones de Bogota S.A. E.S.P.'s ratings as follows: --Foreign Currency IDR at 'BB+', Outlook Negative; --Local Currency IDR at 'BB+', Outlook Negative; --Bond rating at 'BB+'; --National Long-Term Rating at 'AA+'(col), Outlook Negative.
The 10-year JGB's move to negative territory yield also follows the Bank of Japan's (BOJ) move to a negative interest rate policy, which can make the return on JGBs, even at a negative yields, as well as the possibility of further price rises, comparatively more attractive.
Japanese bank shares have fallen 8.4 percent since the BOJ introduced negative interest rates last week on concerns their revenue will be eroded by negative interest rates.
Another important principle in photography aesthetics is the use of negative space; if used properly, negative space is an excellent tool to help your subject stand out.
"Rather, we find that as the hiking cycles matures, the usual (negative) correlations between these indicators and gold starts to weaken, or even turn negative," wrote Currie.
No, because you're looking at it as if they're necessarily all negative elements, that everything about these technologies are negative, and I don't think that's the case.
When negative growth was recorded in the third quarter of 2016, some anticipated the start of another recession (technically defined as two successive quarters of negative growth).
The company reported net cash flow of negative $380 million for the first quarter of 2019 compared with negative $287 million during the same period last year.
I apologize for the double negative, but it's a real double negative of a situation, a bind from which negating the negation is truly the only escape.
Japan accounts for 66% ($6.5 trillion) of the total outstanding negative yielding debt, bolstered by the BOJ's negative rate policy and increased purchases of Japanese government bonds.
Mildly Negative FCF: Fitch projects Lenta's FCF to remain negative but the proportion of capex funded with operating cash flow should increase to 65%-7503% (2016: 45%).
The company also said it now expected a negative impact from currency exchange of 550 million crowns in 2016, from an earlier guidance of negative 600 million.
There is currently a "positive feedback loop", but if some sort of unforeseen negative event takes place, it "may turn into a negative feedback loop," he said.
Their quantitative easing moves, combined with their negative rate policies, have driven the yields on more than $11 trillion of their regions' sovereign debt into negative territory.
"We think that the BOJ will likely cut the rate to negative 30 basis points from negative 10 basis points," said Masaaki Kanno from JPMorgan Securities Japan.
There is a positive and negative terminal; electrons are produced by chemical reactions inside the battery, and collect on the negative terminal because they are negatively charged.
These rating actions follow the revision of Italy's Outlook to Negative (see: "Fitch Revises Italy's Outlook to Negative; Affirms at 'BBB+'" dated 21 October 0003 at
I've been getting a lot of negative feedback and a lot of positive feedback, but I think I'm going to stop paying attention to the negative feedback.
A multi-notch downgrade of Saudi Arabia's sovereign rating, which has been on Negative Outlook since August 2015, would have a negative impact on ICD's shareholder support.
The big picture: The benchmark 10-year bond yield is negative in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Japan; it's also this close to going negative in France.
His favorability rating in the poll released Tuesday is 30 percent positive and 63 percent negative, versus 29 percent positive and 63 percent negative before the debate.
Because of the complexity of having a negative coupon, it is common on negative-yielding issues to sell the bonds at a cash price higher than par.
Based on these drivers, the bank's IDRs are aligned with Chile's Sovereign Foreign-Currency IDR ('A+'/Outlook Negative) and Long-Term Local Currency IDR ('AA-'/Outlook Negative).
TOKYO, March 24 (Reuters) - Japan hit a new milestone in its experiment with negative interest rates after a leasing company issued commercial paper with a negative yield.
"Germany will get there as well, and yields will continue falling, going negative where they aren't negative," said Steve Barrow, G10 strategist at Standard Bank in London.
Now, 85% of Republicans describe the media as a negative influence, while Democrats are about evenly split: 44% see it as a positive, 46% as a negative.
The five-year correlation is negative 0.06, and the one-year correlation is somewhat more significant, at negative 0.121, with help from the stronger correspondence of late.
"Generally the majority of people have a negative view of the vulture, which is associated many times with death and many negative things," trainer Alfredo Correa said.
In 1964, 31 percent of Republicans had cold, negative feelings toward the Democratic Party, and 32 percent of Democrats had cold, negative feelings toward the Republican Party.
Mic obtained the emails that were sent to Macnak; it accused Macnak of "provid[ing] a negative bias against Cochran" and using Twitter to spread negative messages.
The yield curve exhibits strongly cyclical behaviour, with a large negative gap during economic slowdowns and a smaller negative gap or even a positive one during expansions.
Free cash flow guidance for the year, a closely watched metric, was lowered to negative $500 million from a range of break even to negative $250 million.
That compared with the U.S. 10-year Treasury yielding around 1.58 percent, the Japan 10-year bond around a negative 0.7 percent and the at around negative .
However, its overall quarterly loss was its largest ever, and its free cash flow widened to negative $1 billion from negative $73 million in the prior quarter.
The poll also finds that Clinton has a net favorability rating of negative 17, only besting Trump in that category, who has a negative-25 favorability rating.
Among independents, Comey has an overall negative rating, with 2023 percent holding a positive view compared to 36 percent with a negative view of the FBI director.
"You can say that the president is positive and the media is negative, always focusing on the negative side of things," said White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders.
"Investors might be buying at a negative rate but they know that rates can go more negative and therefore the transaction will perform," a lead manager said.
Over and over again in polls we say we don't like negative ads in politics and then we vote for the people who run the negative ads.
But with January's negative rate decision having proved deeply unpopular among the public, opponents of this idea worry that deepening negative rates now could be counter-productive.
Tesla seems to be able to weather negative headline after negative headline without any substantial decline because there are no "real sellers," CNBC's Jim Cramer said Thursday.
Its Japanese bond portfolio made a negative return of 0.85 percent, while foreign bond holdings returned a negative 3.22 percent as yields rose, pushing bond prices down.
If prices go negative, they'll rebound quicklyThe prices of Brent or the US benchmark, known as West Texas Intermediate, are not likely to go negative, Doherty said. 
The company reported negative free cash flow of $1.7 billion for the quarter and expects to see negative free cash flow of about $2.5 billion for 2020.
Meanwhile, the Brent Dec 2017 to Dec 2018 LCOZ7-Z8 spread rallied to as much as negative $1.04 a barrel from negative $1.87 a barrel on Tuesday.
Trump's job approval on the economy shrunk from 55 percent positive and 45 percent negative in May to 2023 percent positive and 48 percent negative in August.
"Negative investor sentiment has a lot to do with falling prices and the strong dollar is another negative," said Caroline Bain, chief commodities economist at Capital Economics.
According to new research conducted by Brandwatch Consumer Research, the duchess only appeared in 4,300 negative news stories in 2019, compared to Markle&aposs 21,100 negative stories.
The key idea here is "negative partisanship": partisan behavior driven not by positive feelings toward the party you support but negative feelings toward the party you oppose.
"Tariffs are a broad negative for big steel users in the Machinery space, [and] yesterday's announcement turned a potential negative into reality," wrote Baird analyst Mircea Dobre.
"The negative effect of the terrorist attack ...has been short-lived but the general mood in the market is lira-negative," said XTB Securities in a note.
RATING SENSITIVITIES Negative: Future developments that could lead to negative rating action include: -FFO-adjusted net leverage trending above 2.2x (end-2015: 160x) on a sustained basis.
A measure of 70% revenue growth and negative 8003% profit margin is also a passing grade, but 50% growth and negative 15% margin is a failing mark.
Sometimes we get focused on the negative, and I'm not saying don't honor the negative, but oh my gosh is there great optimism in front of us.
Fourth-quarter earnings would be negative even without counting energy, the first time that's happened since profits turned negative in 2015, according to the latest numbers from S&P Capital IQ. The projection outside of energy is barely negative, at -0.1 percent, but still represents a substantial landmark.
Read more: A Danish bank is offering mortgages at a 0.5% negative interest rate — meaning it is basically paying people to borrow moneyJyske Bank's introduction of a negative interest rate for savers comes just weeks after it announced that it will offer customers a negative interest rate mortgage.
RATING SENSITIVITIES Negative: Developments that may, individually or collectively, lead to negative rating action include: - Worse-than-expected performance leading to an FFO-adjusted leverage of above 5.0x on a sustained basis - FFO fixed-charge coverage of below 2.5x (FY16: 2.6x) on a sustained basis - Persistent negative FCF.
And lest anyone think people were afraid to speak honestly, the poll also found that Mr. Obama was more popular than either Fidel or Raúl Castro (80 percent positive and only 17 percent negative, as compared with 50 percent negative for Fidel and 48 percent negative for Raúl).
The Outlook revision for GBR's support-driven Long-Term IDR to Negative from Stable follows the similar rating action on GBR's ultimate parent, Turkiye Garanti Bankasi S.A.(Garanti; BBB/Negative) (see 'Fitch Revises 2338 Turkish Banks' Outlooks to Negative on Sovereign Change' dated 26292 August 244 at
I feel like you have a choice to feel negative or positive and I do feel negative a lot of the time, but I have to switch that.
" Professor Larimer, one of the authors of the 2008 study, has speculated that because of the negative tone of Mr. Cruz's mailer, it could "elicit a negative response.
Only 27.3 percent said Brexit would have a negative impact on the U.S. economy, none said "very negative" and 9.1 percent expected it to have a "positive" effect.
The company reported negative free cash flow for the third quarter of $159 million, an improvement from the company's second quarter negative free cash flow of $234 million.
However, Japfa's leverage is lower and the Negative Outlook for TBLA reflects the risk of negative rating action if it is unable to deleverage to a similar level.
A negative asset quality shock, lack of further credible reduction of problem assets or a material weakening of profitability, although not envisaged by Fitch, would be rating negative.
But with the negative image that is probably set to become even more negative—despite oil organizations' marketing efforts—oil and gas has a huge workforce problem looming.
South Africa (BBB-/Negative) was downgraded in December 2015 followed by a change to Negative Outlook in November 2016, while Nigeria (B+/Stable) was downgraded in June 2016.
He denied having negative interactions with the reporter, though he also admitted that he had suggested that any negative information he learned about Kuciak could also be reported.
The company said it now expects its 2019 free cash flow deficit to be greater than the negative $3 billion previously expected, coming in at negative $3.5 billion.
By Thursday morning, Chicago is likely to reach its coldest-ever temperature of negative 27 degrees Fahrenheit, with a high of negative 15 degrees Fahrenheit, according to CNN.
In the first quarter of 2019, the company reported net cash flow of negative $380 million, compared with negative $287 million for the same quarter the previous year.
After a slew of negative press last week, there is a "crackdown on anyone saying anything negative about his last performance," a senior Trump campaign aide told CNN.
Bankers say that those next in line to sell negative yielding debt include Nestle, Unilever, Linde and Sanofi, all of which have outstanding bonds trading with negative yields.
S&P, a rating agency, says that in advanced economies, the negative bias (the proportion of bond issuers with negative rating outlooks) is at a multi-year low.
RATING SENSITIVITIES As EIF's rating is based on extraordinary support from shareholders, negative rating action on key shareholder EIB would lead to a negative rating action for EIF.
" On the potential for negative rates in the U.S: "If there is one thing we don't want to do, we have no plans to move into negative territory.
Central banks are now focused on mitigating the negative side effects of low or negative interest rates and flat yield curves on the financial sector with compensating measures.
Negative: Future developments that may, individually or collectively, lead to negative rating action include the following: --Debt sustained above 2.0x-2.1x EBITDA without the prospect of timely deleveraging.
We downgraded the UK to 'AA'/Negative on 443 June, reflecting a likely negative impact on the UK economy, public finances and political continuity from the Brexit vote.
On January 29th the Bank of Japan joined the negative interest rate club, and on February 11th the Swedish Riksbank reduced its policy rate deeper into negative territory.
RATING SENSITIVITIES BIR The Negative Outlook on BIR's ratings reflects the Negative Outlook on Russia's sovereign rating, and BIR will likely be downgraded if Russia's ratings are downgraded.
It found that 22019 percent of families had a "negative or very negative experience" in privately managed military housing, while 16 percent of respondents had a positive experience.
It found that 28500 percent of families had a "negative or very negative experience" in privately managed military housing, while 6900 percent of respondents had a positive experience.
In all, a significant majority — 89 percent of registered voters polled — have a negative view of neo-Nazis, and 87 percent have a negative view of white supremacists.
"A lot of times if you continue over and over to think about a negative experience, it can just remind you of those negative feelings," Dr. Stubits says.
Trump's approval rating in the state has ticked up from 41 percent positive and 85003 percent negative in March to 44 positive and 51 negative in June. Sen.
"Our bottom-line reflects the predicted negative impact of the weak cocoa products market and a significant negative currency translation effect," Chief Executive Antoine de Saint-Affrique said.
Widespread adoption of unconventional monetary policies, including large-scale bond-buying programs and negative deposit rates, have driven the large increases in negative-yielding debt seen this year.
Of the 14, 11 had debt outstanding with negative yields out to maturities of 85033 years, and three had debt with a negative yield out to 30 years.
In 2016, Fitch estimates post-dividend FCF ranged from negative $200 million to negative $250 million, including expected spending of $200 million in 2016 on Windstream's Project Excel.
It had negative operating cash flow of nearly $200 million in the first half of the year, up from negative $84 million in the first half of 2018.
That led to a negative return-on-equity (ROE) in the third quarter of 2.2 percent compared with a negative ROE of 11.9 percent reported a year earlier.
The Negative Outlook is in line with the Negative Outlook on the sovereign rating, as the IDRs are driven by Fitch's expectations of support from the Japanese authorities.
"I'm just wondering why she's spending tens of millions of dollars in negative ads and negative mail pieces and never putting together an aspirational, positive vision," Conway said.
Clinton's campaign was thoroughly dominated — to the virtual exclusion of everything else — by negative attacks against Trump by her personally and through costly and ineffective negative campaign ads.
" Another counseled candidates to "prepare for a negative campaign" and not shy away from giving opponents "name ID, especially if that name ID is of the negative kind.
"Damned if they do, doomed if they don't: Why Sanders rivals don't go negative," by Brendan Nyhan No negative spots against the senator from Vermont until this week?
"While not all negative divergences lead to negative outcomes, we are seeing enough of them to warrant some caution as we enter the worst part of the calendar."
A negative spiral of declining profitability at banks and insurers due to negative rates can possibly spill over into an unwillingness to extend them credit at attractive rates.
Negative rating action could occur with a reversion to negative growth and margin trends coupled with an inability to drive cost savings under the firm's expanded Invigorate program.
RATING SENSITIVITIES Negative: Future developments that may, individually or collectively, lead to negative rating include: -Sustained leverage greater than 3.5x gross debt-to-EBITDA, including debt factoring receivables.
The National Weather Service forecast dangerous wind chills of negative 45 degrees for Des Moines, minus 57 for Waterloo and negative 60 for Mason City into Wednesday night.
The ECB already applies negative rates on banks' cash deposits and is expected to cut them deeper into negative territory at its next policy meeting later this month.
I got mixed ... As you can guess, I got some negative reaction, but I will tell you it was literally 2 percent negative, 98 percent very, very positive.
"For the time being, it has to survive the negative headlines, and a liquidity crunch is not the kind of negative headline that you want to have, an SEC probe is not the kind of negative headline you want to have, so we're not out of the woods," added Sanchez.
Future Developments That May, Individually or Collectively, Lead to Negative Rating Action Intense competition, unfavorable regulatory impact, and higher than expected capex and shareholder distributions, which combined would result in negative FCF generation and net leverage increasing to over 2x on a sustained basis, could lead to a negative rating action.
Negative: Future developments that may, individually or collectively, lead to negative rating action include: - A negative rating action could follow a lowering of Fitch's internal assessment of the creditworthiness of the Shanghai Municipality, or upon evidence of a weakening of BFG's legal, operational and strategic linkages with the Shanghai Municipality.
In 10 of the 25 negative studies, studies that were considered negative by the F.D.A. were reported as positive by the researchers, by switching a secondary outcome with a primary one, and reporting it as if it were the original intent of the researchers, or just by not reporting negative results.
An environment with negative rates and positive inflation would be damaging for banks, savers and pensioners over the long term, so negative rates have to be phased out eventually, Constancio said at a conference in Chicago, adding that so far banks have mostly benefited from the ECB's negative deposit rate.
German 10-year bunds also swung into negative territory — they traded at -0.115 percent Wednesday — as Germany and France now have more than $1 trillion in negative-yielding debt.
Exit polling indicated that President Donald Trump was able to capitalize on Clinton's negative numbers by winning a larger share of those voters who held negative opinions of both.
The BOJ kept its negative 0.1 percent interest rate, despite speculation from some economists that it would take it further into negative territory to ease policy at Wednesday's meeting.
The Negative Outlook reflects Fitch's view that ETB's weak operation and projected negative FCF will lead to increasing leverage in 21750 to 21000, despite recent stabilization in EBITDA generation.
Moody's cut the company's credit rating one notch to B3, while switching from a stable to negative outlook, citing material negative free cash flow and rising recourse debt levels.
If an energy source has negative impacts that are not incorporated in its market price (negative "externalities," in the jargon), that means other people are paying for those impacts.
The Negative Outlook reflects our expectation of continuing negative free cash flow (FCF) during this transition period, driven by continued investment in the business, restructuring costs, and shareholder returns.
" Miller later shut down the negative response to his breakup as well, saying in a radio interview that "the whole thing is a little strange, but it's not negative.
Tuesday's average beef packer margin was a negative $653 per head, down from a negative $265 for Monday and a positive $277.10 a week ago, as calculated by
MYL's IFS rating ('A'/Outlook Negative) is capped by Japan's Long-Term Local-Currency IDR ('A'/Outlook Negative) and is one notch below its unconstrained IFS rating of 'A+'.
The numbers are very similar for both candidates: Hillary had a 7 percent positive and a 73 percent negative, and Trump was 7 percent positive and 79 percent negative.
In the bond market, the yield on the 2404.51-year Japanese government bond (JGB) rose as high as negative 2500 percent from an earlier low of negative 22.76 percent.
Japanese government bond (JGB) yields rose on Monday; the yield on the 10-year JGB was at negative 0.048 percent, compared with levels near negative 0.10 percent on Friday.
Clearly, they've acknowledged the negative rate policy can hurt bank profits, and these measures they've announced today are in a way trying to offset some of that negative impact.
Monochrome is a thoroughly arresting show that appreciates the negative qualities in art in the way a picture is defined by its image as by the image's negative space.
Per Business Insider, Snap had a negative free cash flow for the year of $810 million, down only slightly from its $819 million negative free cash flow in 2017.
Because the more it became about thirty-second ads, the more those ads became expensive, it was much easier to be negative, and much more effective to be negative.
The Dallas Fed general business activity for February was negative 303, slightly better than the minus 34.6 January read but holding in negative territory for a 14th-straight month.
The S&P is mired in a three-quarter revenue recession, and earnings were negative for the third quarter and are expected to come in negative for last quarter.
In fact, they say the trades reversed even before the latest wave of negative news for Trump emerged last week, when there was a daily barrage of negative headlines.
That is precisely what investors have seen over the past 53 sessions; gold and the have experienced a correlation of negative 0.24, which indicates a relatively strong negative relationship.
Tesla's free cash flow widened to negative $1 billion in the first quarter from negative $277 million in the fourth quarter, excluding costs of systems for its solar business.
Negative: Developments that may, individually or collectively, lead to negative rating action include: - a downgrade of Singtel's standalone ratings or a weakening of the linkage between Singtel and Optus.
The Monmouth survey found Clinton's favorability rating has ticked down in Pennsylvania from a net negative of 7 points in October to a net negative of 17 points presently.
In 22014, per Football Outsiders' down-by-down DVOA measurements, there were 250 teams creating negative value on pass attempts, and 22015 teams creating negative value on rushing attempts.
"Investors are happy to pounce on negative news and sell negative news, but they're not as keen to go out and buy when the results are good," he said.
Sentiment on Apple stock in the past few weeks swung too far negative and the negative media news of order cuts added fuel to the negativism on the stock.
The benchmark overnight interbank lending rate fell to zero percent but not to negative levels partly because some banks have not fixed their system to deal with negative rates.
But not all are quick to dismiss negative-yielding-debt presence in the US. And one former hedge-fund manager thinks negative rates' implementation is nothing short of inevitable.
He ran fewer strictly positive or negative ads, as the Wesleyan analysis found 2202 percent of his ads were contrast ads and 2628 percent were negative ads attacking Clinton.
RATING SENSITIVITIES A negative operating balance, possibly driven by higher-than-expected operating expenditure growth, or direct debt exceeding 150% of current revenue could trigger a negative rating action.
"You know, he talked about he's not going negative, but he did a negative commercial on me, so I didn't like that," Trump said Wednesday after winning the primary.
Free cashflow was a negative $101 million in the first quarter, down from a negative $321 million a year ago, because of an increase in working capital, Goldcorp said.
Commercial binders were highly associated with negative outcomes (20 of 28 negative outcomes), as were elastic bandages (14 of 28), and duct tape or plastic wrap (13 of 28).
In another study they found that the serotonin function may be related to a tendency to become impulsive in the face of negative emotion, a trait called negative urgency.
In a negative interest rate environment, lowering rates deeper into negative territory essentially means that lenders are paying more to the central bank to keep their excess funds overnight.
Starting May 1, the bank will charge a negative 0.75% interest on amounts above the new limit, it said, saying it expected negative rates to persist for several years.
It was only later that people came up with the concepts of negative numbers, zero and even more esoteric concepts like imaginary numbers — the square roots of negative numbers.
Danish banks have said they expect the negative interest environment to persist for years, prompting many to transfer negative rates on their deposits at the central bank to clients.
So, in effect, you try to "bank" as many positives about you before you go negative, because your own negatives will inevitably go up when you go negative. 20.
Voters who were most negative about the country's economic circumstances gave Trump nearly a 22019-point margin, while the next-most negative voted for him by about 40 points.
"Just like folks can get caught in a negative relational cycle, couples can often also get stuck in a negative sexual cycle," said Michael Moran, a certified sex therapist.
Small says she never got any negative feedback from him before then, nor had she received any negative feedback from her former bosses within her time on Capitol Hill.
" Then the next week he suggested Google had taken "very illegal" actions, specifically that they "suppressed negative stories on Hillary Clinton, and boosted negative stories on Donald Ttump [sic].
The negative actions were explained partly by large exposure to non-residential properties affecting companies like Wanda (BBB/Stable), Greenland (BBB-/Negative), CSC (B/Stable), and Hydoo (B-/Stable).
Now, there's some interesting research that shows that some online ads are not necessarily more negative than offline ads, that negative ads have been a problem the whole time.
The title of most negative year in the Negative Experience Index had been shared by 2015 and 2016, with scores of 28, but 2017 recorded a score of 30.
That is a sector central banks favor, and the U.S. yield is superior to the negative 20 basis points on German debt, or the negative 8 on Japanese debt.
The response — both positive and negative — was overwhelming.
" — Zoë Heller, "Do We Really Need Negative Reviews?
These were both — understandably so — deemed negative behaviors.
Government bond yields in Asia also increased, with the yield on the 3753-year Japanese government bond at negative 0.225, compared to levels near negative 0.262 in the previous session.
RATING SENSITIVITIES Growth of direct risk above 85% of current revenue, together with a negative operating balance for two years in a row, would lead to a negative rating action.
Negative: Future developments that may, individually or collectively, lead to a Negative Outlook or one notch downgrade to 'BBB' include: --Debt above 2.5x EBITDA without the prospect for timely deleveraging.
Tornos said it failed to reach break-even point and overall is expecting a negative operating result (EBIT) and a negative net result, both in the low single-digit millions.
Cash flow has become a concern: it was negative 838.2 billion won ($743.93 million) in the second quarter, according to Eikon data, and has been negative for three straight quarters.
And for many fat women, understanding that the word itself isn't inherently negative — that just the way we use it is negative — is an important step toward embracing their bodies.
Bitly is also looking at its eleventh consecutive quarter of so-called net negative churn - when the growth of revenue from existing accounts outweighs the negative impact of customers leaving.
In 2011, Ms. Phelan was given a negative result after a smear test taken that year was negative, but a second test done in 2014 revealed a diagnosis of cancer.
"With negative interest rates, Draghi is already inflating bubbles in other regions as these negative rates push investors out of the euro zone into other currency regions," Brzeski told CNBC.
RATING SENSITIVITIES Growth of direct risk above 85% of current revenue, together with a negative operating balance for two years in a row, would lead to a negative rating action.
Asked if there was any limit to negative interest rates, Villeroy said neither the euro zone or Switzerland had experienced negative interest rates on household and SMEs deposits so far.
We thought that would be more concentrated in October, so perhaps the negative print on the September industry level GDP number isn't as negative as it looked at first glance.
Analysts at Jefferies said a better-than-expected cash performance of negative 339 million pounds against their expectation of negative 585 million was reason enough for "a moment of exuberance".
"QE reduces lending rates to negative and we are going to expect negative lending rates until 2021," Kian Abouhossein, head of European banks equity research at JPMorgan told CNBC Tuesday.
"While sentiment is going negative, no doubt about it, it's not negative enough to trigger a huge rally ... unless we get some kind of real breakthrough with China," he said.
"There were a lot of movies this year that could not get traction because on social media, once they opened the conversation turned negative; the sentiment was negative," Dergarabedian said.
"And all of this has been achieved in Europe without significant unintended negative consequences," states Dr. Wodak who is a specialist at creating health policies without 'significant unintended negative consequences'.
In his research, he learned about the theory behind psychosomatic pain—the idea that negative thoughts can have a negative impact on your body, causing pain with no other explanation.
Three predicted the bank would deepen its negative interest rates only, while two forecast that it could cut both its negative interest rates and the 0.73-year bond yield target.
The Swiss watchdog warned of "great" uncertainty about the behavior of individuals and institutions if rates were to decline further into negative territory or remain negative for a prolonged period.
We now have negative yields back in Germany, so their 10-year now is back to that negative territory that had us all spooked just a couple of years ago.
Concerns over interest rates' effects on banks got an additional fillip when Sweden's central bank yesterday slashed its deposit rates from negative-829.083 basis points to negative-50 basis points.
"Rising trade protectionism is negative to the steel industry overall, but the industry has been recovering, helping cushion the negative impact," said Will Byun, an analyst at NH Investment & Securities.
Ultimately, manufacturing didn't allow for enough space for the negative electrodes, forcing them to become bent, allowing contact between positive and negative contact, leading to short circuiting and self-heating.
Euro area deposit rates had been negative for a long period before the December meeting, and were expected to become more negative than they actually were after the December meeting.
Inflation was negative in 2015 and has remained negative in 2016 due to lower commodity prices, currency strength (especially against the euro), administrative price reductions and measures to stimulate competition.
Negative: Future developments that may, individually or collectively, lead to negative rating action include: - Leverage rising above 2.5x; or - EBITDA margin deteriorating to below 5%, both on a sustained basis.
Negative rates have been tried but there is no sign that this move towards negative official rates has done anything to stimulate domestic economies, apart from the exchange rate effect.
Germany became the second G7 nation after Japan to issue 10-uear bonds with a negative yield on Wednesday, while Switzerland sold bonds maturing in 2058 at a negative yield.
Looking ahead to the third quarter, there have been 58 negative pre-announcements compared with 19 positive, resulting in a 3.1 negative-positive ratio, higher than 2.7 average since 1997.
Negative FCF: We forecast Dialog to have negative FCF during 2017-2018, as cash flow from operations could fall short of the company's ongoing large capex plan and dividend commitments.
Negative-Yield Bonds for the Nimble Investor | Negative-yield bonds are worth buying as long as yields keep declining; even small price swings can hurt, Swaha Pattanaik writes in Breakingviews.
Research shows that we need a ratio of positive to negative interactions of five to one in order to thrive because those negative interactions affect us so much more strongly.
The low — and in some countries, negative — interest rate environment has led to the 10-year sovereign bonds in Belgium, Germany, France, Japan and others trading with a negative rate.
German industrial giant Siemens recently issued a bond with a negative yield and, in all, there is now roughly $210 trillion in negative-yielding corporates, $22018 trillion including government bonds.
Breast-feeding is particularly protective against some of the most aggressive tumors, called hormone receptor-negative or triple-negative tumors, which are more common among African-American women, studies show.
The FDA noted that negative results on the test do not preclude infection with the virus, and negative results must be combined with clinical observations, patient history and epidemiological information.
According to Bloomberg campaign manager Kevin Sheekey, the poll found Trump's favorability at 6900 percent positive and 2628 percent negative, against 28503 percent positive and 22020 percent negative for Sanders.

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