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"portion" Definitions
  1. one part of something larger
  2. an amount of food that is large enough for one person
  3. [usually singular] a part of something that is shared with other people synonym share
"portion" Synonyms
part section segment fragment piece bit chunk wedge hunk lump partition slice parcel slab tranche wodge division member subdivision cut share quota allotment measure allocation allowance percentage ration apportionment fraction moiety proportion quantity quantum crumb dab dash dollop pinch scintilla scrap shaving smidgen smidgeon speck tittle trace dose dot dribble grain hint morsel helping serving plateful bowlful plate platter course dish amount spoonful dishful service fare mouthful menu item destiny fate lot fortune kismet luck circumstance doom cup dole what is written in the stars karma predestination predetermination stars preordination foreordination serendipity condition inevitability ingredient component element constituent unit factor item feature aspect fundamental integrant attribute makings thing making excerpt extract passage selection citation quotation snippet clip line paragraph pericope quote canto cite reading lap stage phase leg step tour stretch circuit heat point installment(US) subsection juncture dowry grant lobola marriage settlement money payment present settlement tocher marriage portion wedding gift gift donation handout modicum alms almsgiving benefit charity gratuity philanthropy pittance welfare tract area plot region expanse zone belt estate extent quarter territory plat sector span sweep clearing deal degree abundance bunch load mass pile stack volume wealth bulk bundle fistful mountain profusion raft lobe flap hemisphere convexity ear fold node projection protuberance wattle excurvation aliquot divisor sample associate representative supporter comrade fellow subscriber adherent partner attender colleague disciple follower insider participant advocate investment stake interest stock ante capital concern expense finance interests involvement purchase savings capital invested property money invested financial interest fact detail specific characteristic consideration particular position subject argument facet fine point peanuts chicken feed mite dime drop hay shoestring slave wages song trifle chump change inadequacy insufficiency nothing pension patrimony heritage inheritance legacy bequest birthright bequeathal endowment possessions riches ancestry devise heirloom hereditament fourth quartern quartile quad quadrant farthing one-fourth twenty-five percent tithe tax levy duty toll impost tariff assessment tribute contribution church tax tenth excise imposition fee customs mulct charge exaction group set batch collection band cluster clutch grouping array assortment battery consignment constellation package assemblage remnant remainder remains rest leftovers residue end balance butt leavings residuum stub survival dregs hangover compartment bay chamber niche cubicle cell alcove booth cabin cavity cube locker nook recess berth carrel carriage allocate apportion distribute dispense administer allot prorate assign divide divvy shift dole out parcel out deal out hand out mete out share out calculate compute estimate quantify rate size assess determine evaluate gauge(UK) judge weigh appraise survey count metre(UK) meter(US) plumb value categorise(UK) categorize(US) arrange organise(UK) organize(US) sort classify class file catalogue(UK) order rank assemble catalog(US) index separate coordinate lay out More

587 Sentences With "portion"

How to use portion in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "portion" and check conjugation/comparative form for "portion". Mastering all the usages of "portion" from sentence examples published by news publications.

So, the creator gets a portion and Twitch gets a portion?
And, alas, the sisters rap a portion of the song — a portion, folks.
The reading portion has 52 questions; the writing-and-language portion has 44 questions.
"That's the portion that went through," Zepeda said of the red, circled portion of the graphic.
You have the self-directed portion, working by yourself, and the enriching portion with class projects.
Tschopp said his group opposed compensation packages where the non-fixed portion exceeds the fixed portion.
The 19983 portion of this speech should be interesting.... There was no 1998 portion of the speech.
The night portion features the same target scenarios and distances that are on the Short Bay portion.
Even a small portion of Toys 'R' Us business is a big portion for a store like ours.
You'll pay your portion and the employer portion of the premiums, plus an additional percentage for administration fees.
Mobile games don't capture a significant portion—they don't capture even an insignificant portion of my gaming time.
Turnout in the Salt Lake County portion of Suncrest rose much more than in the Utah County portion.
There could be a nasty surprise inside that scraper portion and on that lower portion of the handle.
While only a portion of those amounts are going to tech-focused funds, that portion has been growing.
While the narrative portion of the movie references this only obliquely, the interview portion is much more explicit.
It would be a simple fix, Kalt wrote, for Congress to divide Yellowstone into three federal districts—the Idaho portion going to Idaho, the Montana portion to Montana, and the Wyoming portion to Wyoming.
My insurance covered a portion of it, but I'm still making payments to satisfy my portion of the bill.
A large portion of our land started in Spanish, just as a substantial portion of our population lives in it.
The Hispanic portion of the United States population today is similar to the portion in California in the early 1990s.
Then, for the next two weeks, she got a half portion of the fresh food and a half portion of kibble.
They've fully liberated the portion of the city east of the Tigris River, but the western portion remains in ISIS hands.
"We may play a smaller portion of the overall development and let a partner take on a larger portion," he said.
The committee was given 445,000 of 663,000 total documents, which is a portion but not a small portion of the total.
Banks must defer a portion of a bonus over several years, and pay this portion in a bank's shares or other instruments.
Countries whose students performed well in the math portion of the study tended to perform even better in the financial literacy portion.
They split earnings growth into the portion caused by pay rises, and the portion caused by people joining or leaving the workforce.
It's a technique that saves the crew capsule portion of the New Shepard in case the rocket portion of the spacecraft fails.
For privacy purposes, Apple only has access to a portion of your device number and a portion of your credit card number.
A portion of proceeds will be used to refinance a US$10bn bank loan used to finance a portion of the acquisition.
I would expect my mom's allocation to have a lower portion of her portfolio in stocks and a higher portion of bonds.
In late February, he presented a "more robust" landscaping plan for the wall, to begin this spring, with plantings hanging over the top portion, ivies growing up the lower portion, and mature trees planted on the terraced portion between them.
Of the ads actually viewed, a small portion of these instigates engagement by consumers and an even smaller portion results in a conversion.
During April's special election, Democrats won just four precincts in that portion of Fulton and just eight precincts in that portion of Cobb.
But I got to see the people portion at the Elms so it's only fair he gets to see the technology portion here.
Don't celebrate just yet: Every payout from your nondeductible IRA in retirement will have a portion that is taxable and a portion that isn't.
So restrictions on the use of any portion of that code could sweep up a large portion of the Rift and Gear VR's library.
These countries don't account for a large portion of entries to the US, though they do account for a larger portion of refugee admissions.
You know, swimsuit now is still just a very tiny portion, and it&aposs going away completely but it becomes such a small portion.
The statutory standard requires the release of any portion of a record that is nonexempt and that is "reasonably segregable" from the exempt portion.
The British transportation industry imports a large portion of its parts from the European Union and sells a large portion of its products there.
They would take down a portion of the network and then the network would automatically reroute around that dead portion to keep providing service.
Besides the "Sightings" portion, which shows nearby Pokémon, the (somewhat illogically named) "Nearby" portion shows Pokémon who have been seen at PokéStops in your vicinity.
The radar detector portion helps drivers with alerts about what's around them—and the dashcam portion makes recordings of said surroundings should things go awry.
One in particular, which I suspect could mitigate The Great Portion Panic, at least in your own home: not portion-controlled meals, but balanced ones.
The Democratic portion has a margin of error of 4.2 percentage points, while the Republican portion has a margin of error of 6.1 percentage points.
If the top portion expresses rage and sadness, then the bottom portion reveals something more abstract: an attempt to grasp order from the entropy of war.
For example, an investor might have originally purchased a portion of a company's stock at $10 each and later purchased another portion at $20 a share.
They argue that it doesn't take into account the big portion of revenue generated by the small portion of hosts who operate multiple entire-unit listings.
At least two legislators asked for a straightforward breakdown of what portion of the agency's funding came from the state and what portion from the city.
The bond portion of that deal was announced on September 5, two days before Akzo Nobel's, and has similar ratings and IPTs on its unsecured portion.
That means you can fill up on a big portion and feel full without consuming the heavy calorie load that typically comes with large portion sizes.
Burke also closed another portion of the hearing -- a portion expected to cover whether the prosecution can use certain evidence to impeach Weinstein's credibility if he testifies.
In a modern sense, the organized portion of the state militia is the State National Guard, and the unorganized portion of the militia is able-bodied males.
But R&D represents only a portion of such costs, and in its IPO filing, WeWork indicated that they account for only a small portion of them.
Again, if you look at J2's history, if you look at the digital media portion of J2, the non-digital media portion of J2, we transact.
While 270,000 people sounds like a lot, it's a very small portion of Facebook's user base, and would represent a very small portion of the potential U.S. electorate.
The share offering will have a primary portion, in which proceeds go to the company, and a secondary portion, in which current shareholders sell part of their stakes.
"A portion of the $403 million will come from assigned reserves ... and a portion will come from an anticipated increase in state revenue," LAUSD spokeswoman Barbara Jones said.
"We know that there's a large portion of population with alcohol dependence, and a large portion of those who are at risk of physical withdrawal," he told CNN.
Compare the portion of new women hired in the Labor department — about 11 percent — to the portion of women working in the overall labor market, about 47 percent.
If only a portion, a smaller portion of our eligible voters are even participating, why not include those who really could make a difference instead because of their knowledge.
It comes in two parts — a grip for the lower portion of the Pencil, and a clip portion that also has a helpful holder for the Lighting port cap.
The contractor also needs extra time to piece together the two halves of the vehicle — the telescope portion and the spacecraft portion that will help maneuver JWST in space.
Along with the elimination of the swimsuit portion, she said they are also "revamping" the evening gown portion, instead asking contestants to use their clothes to express their personal style.
The golf course, with a total footprint of 23 hectares (56.8 acres), will occupy only a portion of the SSSI at Coul Links — but it's a key portion, campaigners say.
Given the choice of halving the sum, or of keeping a lesser portion for themselves and handing an even smaller portion to the other group, they preferred the second option.
Put a lettuce leaf in your palm, add a portion of rice, 1 teaspoon of the dipping sauce, and a portion of the bulgogi, and place it in the lunchbox.
Additionally, the account claimed, the study included recipes that didn't include portion sizes — so the claim that portion sizes are increasing could not have been true — or arbitrarily increased them.
USDA officials told The Hill they denied a request to increase the cash portion to 85033 percent and instead allowed the 20 percent cash portion to continue for two months.
The content portion involves making the full library of Xbox games available for streaming, while the community portion is about connecting players within the existing Xbox ecosystem with minimal hassle.
The evening gown portion of the competition will also see a massive change, but Cara says there's still a chance you'll see some skin during that portion of the competition.
Congress realized then that a portion of Democrats was willing to give Republicans a defense increase and a portion of Republicans were willing to pay their ransom for that increase.
Participants who ate in the dark part of the restaurant ate about 36% more food when they were given a super-sized portion, compared with those who got a regular portion.
A perspective view of a portion of an illustrative electronic device showing touch-sensitive edge displays on an edge of the device formed from a portion of a bend flexible display.
Women in the Mediterranean diet group were also given daily portion of nuts as well as a weekly portion of extra virgin olive oil to use as their main cooking fat.
That's only a small portion, the tiniest portion, of a gargantuan list of social-justice organizations around the South that would stagger the imagination of any anti-Southern ranter on Twitter.
When the liquids try to mix, layered patterns form as gradients in temperature cause a portion of the liquid to heat up, become lighter and rise, while another, denser portion sinks.
People talk about portion control – there was no control!
A large portion ... of the population like his style.
If bitcoin were used for a large portion of the world's commerce (which won't happen), it would consume a very large portion of the world's electricity, diverting scarce power from useful purposes.
FPL said it expects to restore essentially all of its customers in the eastern portion of Florida by the weekend and the harder-hit western portion of the state by Sept. 21147.
The portion of Americans who support legal immigration has increased from 10% to 32% since 2001, while the portion of those who favor a decrease has gone down from 53% to 24%.
To finance the construction, Egypt brought in Deutsche Bank , HSBC Holdings and KfW IPEX-Bank to structure and arrange the international portion and used local banks to finance the Egyptian pound portion.
Watching for those signals, defending against them, working around them, just thinking and worrying about them, eats up some portion of every woman's attention and drains some portion of every woman's energy.
After launch, the Electron rocket will ascend and break apart in space, with the upper portion of the rocket continuing deeper into orbit and the lower portion falling back to the planet.
Muslims make up a small portion of immigrants, and an even smaller portion of the population According to the Pew Research Center, About a 249th of immigrants coming to the US are Muslim.
Users can pull a trigger to warp around the lobby, but warping to the portion of the lobby doesn't automatically open up the submenu where you access that portion of the lobby's activities.
Davis recommends including portion-controlled treats every day, like a piece of dark chocolate after dinner, a small portion of chocolate-covered nuts, a small oatmeal cookie, roasted chickpeas or air-popped popcorn.
A redacted portion of the email spreadsheet (Image: UpGuard/supplied) A redacted portion of the email spreadsheet (Image: UpGuard/supplied) Stewart Boss, a spokesperson for the DSCC, denied the data came from Sen.
She will have to undergo "major surgery" to remove a portion of her small intestine and a portion of her colon, and will require a stent in the main artery in her legs.
To reflect the varying popularity of items, when calculating the average portion size and number of calories, these portion sizes and calories could be weighted by their percentage of total sales by category.
"We are looking probably to be ahead of schedule to sign a very big portion of the China deal, and we'll call it phase one but it's a very big portion," Trump said.
" The actor played a short portion of Beethoven's "Für Elise.
Stylistically, this section was Trump's best portion of the debate.
They all source a significant portion of revenues from overseas.
Saudi Arabia has been shouldering the largest portion of cuts.
The portion of the economy that is covered is shrinking.
The console portion is slightly shorter than the controllers themselves.
Of those deaths, 70% took place during the swimming portion.
A portion of the proceeds will benefit Adopt the Arts.
That will change if Altria owns a portion of Juul.
In exchange, Snap will keep a portion of the revenue.
An unknown portion of that came from its warehousing operations.
When considering a portion size, choose 4 to 6 ounces.
No. 211 Stony Brook: Yes, definitely the geography quiz portion.
But a large portion of Medicaid recipients do already work.
That entire portion of the Wall collapsed, completely destroying Eastwatch.
Similar columns appear in the lower portion of "Paestum" (1991).
We are now exiting the dog portion of this review.
The exposed portion of a rod undulates in the water.
A collapsed portion of the Anaheim Stadium, on Jan. 17.
Food waste accounts for a significant portion of methane emissions.
A portion of the proceeds will go to Rashad's family.
It's very good, but a small portion and pretty expensive.
"I have learned that portion control is key," she says.
She will also get a portion of Hunter's retirement benefits.
I heat up my portion in a mini sauce pan.
A large portion of that increase came from media buying.
What if some portion of Generation ADHD really has PTSD?
Cara Mund during the swimsuit competition portion of Miss America.
I've spent a large portion of my life defending golf!
The live portion of the project was filmed on Aug.
The portion covered by Medicare will balloon to $589 billion.
Insurers pay a large portion of seniors' initial drug costs.
MZ: It overlaps with a portion of what we do.
As for the "Pair Go" portion, that's a bit meh.
For starters, stick to portion sizes around half a cup.
The booster is the large, bottom portion of the rocket.
The portion will rise to 25 percent by July 2023.
I Venmo the captain my portion of the team fees.
This is how a portion of the event invite looks.
It also drives a large portion of Amazon's operating income.
It's a microscopic portion of [the investments that institutions make].
For a good portion of the quarter, though, I thought.
After that the woman should offer to pay a portion.
The advertising portion of our business is not under me.
The incident affected a tiny portion of FedEx customers globally.
They'll also donate a portion of the proceeds to charity.
Zuckerberg: It overlaps with a portion of what we do.
Schilling did not dispute this portion of the podcast. [SI]
My coworker pays and I Venmo her for my portion.
BTW ... the documents only reveal a portion of Britney's wealth.
Those under 73 made up the smallest portion of users.
A portion of that time was spent in solitary confinement.
A portion of the proceeds will be donated to
Portion control is having a moment — as it often does.
By about two o'clock, I have finished my third portion.
We'll be checking out the game's multiplayer portion next week.
Or more precisely, the spaceship portion will be called Starship.
She cited efforts by soda companies like reducing portion sizes.
Instead, she donates a portion of the proceeds to charity.
The IRGC controls the overwhelming portion of Iran's entire economy.
Ron Latz (D), who represents a portion of Omar's district.
Marr already pays tax on that portion of her grant.
A big portion of the black population has moved out.
Soon, you enter the runaway train portion of the level.
I could have done without that portion for that reason.
The donor of the larger portion requested the name change.
The visa portion of the process took about a week.
You can watch the relevant portion of Cook's interview below.
Stewart created his legacy — Garden City — on the western portion.
A small portion will be transferred to other RWE plants.
They exclude a small portion of specialist types of risk.
Only a small portion have been replaced with new housing.
We've reached the "lock her up" portion of CPAC pic.twitter.
The amenities portion of the project was completed last summer.
The largest portion of that spend was on media buys.
It's all about portion control and watching what you eat.
That portion of the project faces an extended environmental review.
They were just so grateful for that portion, so appreciative.
A portion of the bill was named in his memory.
Nepali laborers make up a substantial portion of that workforce.
A portion of these lands are designated for energy development.
That can represent a significant portion of a home's value.
Amazon controls a significant portion of the cloud computing market.
The licensing portion of Snyder's order will be particularly meaningful.
The key obstruction portion of the report is virtually unredacted.
I felt like Costco's food court had enormous portion sizes
They walked CNN through the "school" portion of the campus.
The Houthis control a large portion of Yemen including Sana.
A significant portion of Turkey's oil imports come from Iran.
However, it's still not a huge portion of restaurant sales.
It was time for the formal portion of the evening.
It just means you need to watch your portion size.
This portion of the trail, too, was devoid of people.
"It provides some practical guidance about portion sizes," Benelam said.
The suppliers would also get a portion of Agrokor's shares.
This portion of Central America is unaccustomed to hurricane landfalls.
The VC firm also keeps a portion of the returns.
Miller said GE has tapped a "portion" of these revolvers.
And a fair portion of the beautiful and the sublime.
"I didn't know how to properly portion things," she said.
In many cases these are a significant portion of revenue.
The key slides into the base portion for safe keeping.
He has considered selling some portion of his Vungle shares.
But it's still a very small portion of their spending.
Trump has wiped out a large portion of Obama's legacy.
A large portion of the cases have been in Texas.
Even a small portion would likely have changed my priorities.
The swimsuit portion gives off major "Fifteen Million Merits" vibes.
Fuel makes up a significant portion of the sector's costs.
A good portion of the passengers were also wearing masks.
The purchase represents only a small portion of Hoeven's portfolio.
What we've done is really managed Obamacare, the remaining portion.
Would the jury hear only a portion of the facts?
A statistically significant portion of the time, the wasps passed.
Those 103 are just a portion of the overall numbers.
In restaurants, they'll order a tiny portion, the cheapest food.
What portion of that is YouTube versus Facebook versus Snapchat?
Properties tend to be smaller in the city's southern portion.
A large portion of the crowd was doing that, anyway.
A portion of the proceeds will go to disaster relief.
She books tickets and I Venmo her for my portion.
A portion of their proceeds will go toward this mission.
A portion of the proceeds will go to the school.
We could have done a portion of our work remotely.
Unison's portion of the down payment is not a loan.
Founders must retain some portion of ownership in the company.
The portion size was quite generous for the low price.
This portion tasted better, so we adjusted the entire batch.
The portion sizes at the restaurant are huge and hearty.
A large portion of this country didn't feel that way.
We'd like to bring a big portion of them home.
Once this portion is complete, the final tally is made.
A portion of the files were made available for download.
Or, rather, a portion of Manchester City's fans do not.
But only a portion of that has actually been appropriated.
Well sorry, we are definitely in the trial portion now.
If successful, a portion of the Universal Grid will illuminate.
This portion of the documentary, though, is light on details.
His termination could affect a portion of his anticipated pension.
Tenet also previously outsourced a portion of its engineering teams.
Indianapolis converted a portion of its fleet to electric buses.
Mendoza shrugged — a portion of our lives remains a mystery.
A portion of shipments are scheduled to begin this year.
Superdelegates made up only a small portion of delegates overall.
Social Security's portion of wages since 1988 have fallen modestly.
He sold his portion of the team the next year.
A huge portion was by private car or other mode.
The wooded portion of the property conceals a small barn.
Mr. Sanders plans to attend a portion of the meeting.
A good portion of this memoir is about other people.
They learned about portion control and shopping for healthy food.
But the imbalance is far greater in the video portion.
Medicare does exert control over its portion of the costs.
The black portion is how much each section was redacted.
It's possible this portion of the ice shelf grows back.
Transportation accounts for a huge portion of US carbon emissions.
It's by far the least funny portion of the film.
In reality, a huge portion of the aid is loans.
A portion of the Interstate 80, the main east-west connector through northern California, has been shut as state workers try to clear an avalanche that fell across the eastbound portion of the road.
In "GENERALDICKHEADNEEDSTROOPS"(2018), the head of a charred corpse overlays an array of campaign ribbons; an Uncle Sam recruiting figure balances the lower portion of the composition, the upper portion festooned with burning Humvees.
This age group needs to balance a short-term portion of their portfolios (six- or seven-year time horizon, middle-of-the-road risk) with a more aggressive, long-term retirement portion, Ramnani said.
The offering will have a primary portion, in which the company will issue new shares, and a secondary portion, in which controlling shareholder Bain Capital Private Equity LP will sell part of its stake.
The fight for the west portion of Mosul then started in February and has dragged on since, with forces narrowing in on ISIS in the dense streets of the Old City portion of Mosul.
Among New York City public school students who took the test in 2015, white students scored 98 points higher than black students on the reading portion and 118 points higher on the math portion.
"We've designed a novel, disposable portion that attaches to the reusable device and the disposable portion has an ability to trap contaminants that would come back through the needle into the device," says Triantis.
Overall, Trump's decision to eschew this portion of the impeachment inquiry is likely to help speed it towards the Republican-controlled Senate portion of the process, where Trump is likely to find friendlier confines.
"We are looking probably to be ahead of schedule to sign a very big portion of the China deal, we'll call it Phase One but it's a very big portion," he told reporters on Monday.
The deal is worth roughly $40 million, and under the current terms Fossil will transfer a "portion" of its R&D team, the portion directly responsible for the intellectual property being sold, over to Google.
Atlanta's Department of Transportation announced that a major portion of the highway is closed to all lanes of traffic indefinitely, as was a portion of the major road that runs underneath the bridge, Piedmont Road.
In any given structure, he may own a portion of a parent company that owns a controlling interest in a holding company that may own a portion or receive economic benefits of the real estate.
The offering will have a primary portion, in which the company will issue new shares, and a secondary portion, in which the controlling shareholder, the Koren de Lima family, will sell part of its stake.
A separate study in the same journal examined insurance claims data for spending on genetic tests from 13 to 2016, including any portion paid by insurers and any portion paid by patients out-of-pocket.
Though Feinstein has angered the restive portion of the progressive Democratic base here, few longtime California consultants and pollsters are ready to hazard a guess about just how large that portion of the party is.
The NTSB timeline, citing video footage, says that before the vessel departed its terminal, a person told the captain and driver to do the water portion of the 70-minute tour before the land portion.
The patent describes two parts of a meshing screen cover, a "hydrophobic portion to resist the entry of liquid" and a "hydrophilic portion to aid in the removal of liquid" in the iPhone's audio chambers.
For example, the Emerging Threats and Capabilities portion would bolster support for the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defense Center of Excellence, while the Readiness portion would require a Pentagon report on training for troops in Europe.
The human brain is developing until the age of 25 and the last portion of the brain that fully develops is the prefrontal cortex; the portion that directly drives judgment, decision making, and impulse control.
The fiction portion features a time traveler scavenging history for technology, while the documentary portion has Akomfrah interview musicians, artists, and writers about how Black music connects disparate people and groups across different time periods.
The lower portion shows worshipping men and is installed as a plane inclined from floor to wall; the upper portion rises from mid-wall to the ceiling and presents a six-armed Sikan in ascension.
David's remains were found in a wooded portion of Palmer, Alaska.
His portion of the podcast begins around the 53-minute mark.
They do make a portion of their user base feel bad.
And instead, he is trying to hide substantial portion of it.
But if you're trying to impress, portion the raw crab first.
Peel off the plastic and portion with a hot, clean knife.
A lightly edited transcript of that portion of our conversation follows.
That's because a hefty portion of it is used for packaging.
A portion lies in the Sindh province of Pakistan as well.
This piece has been update with a question and answer portion.
Amazon and Google occupy a huge portion of the corporate psyche.
Let's start with the defense spending portion of Trump's contentious remarks.
However, the scene ends before Maggy shares the haunting "valonqar" portion.
The IPO includes an anchor portion of about 6 million shares.
The affected area is not the busiest portion of the highway.
The Namib Desert spans a significant portion of Africa's western coast.
China used to import a significant portion of the world's scrap.
A portion of financing was provided by investment firm Cloud Capital.
I scarf down my portion and then dash back to work.
This 103 second portion featured similar shots to the fingerprinted video.
When left unclasped, the center portion of the Peekaboo is exposed.
Giuliani describes this portion as the "obstruction" part of the investigation.
It spent a good portion of 2017 apologizing for its missteps.
The food is amazing, good portion size, and very friendly staff.
The restaurant industry employs a large portion of minimum wage workers.
The portion of the game I have gotten through is... fine.
That portion has declined since then and returned to prerecession levels.
Finance stocks make up a large portion of the value universe.
A significant portion of the country's exports are related to oil.
A portion of the film was shot during Coachella in 2017.
And civilians make up the largest portion of the death toll.
You know that's actually only one small portion of the job.
Power is the theme of the final portion of the show.
Monthly ExpensesRent: Berlin Airbnb with 2 others: $560 for my portion.
I believe that portion of that divestiture has also been closed.
And then just kind of being more aware of portion sizes.
During the nonpublic portion of the hearing before Jackson on Jan.
A portion of revenue comes from third-party sales on Amazon.
Click injection helps Cheetah's apps claim a portion of that fee.
The most impressive portion of the demonstration is its last move.
In my unit, I noticed the nose portion was easily dislodged.
They can also keep the middle portion of your body warm.
I Venmo my other friend for my portion of the cupcakes.
They typically receive a hearty portion of their pay in stock.
And that was the intention of that portion of that conversation.
Companies like Stampede represent a small portion of the pipeline business.
Another portion of the bill is dedicated to mental health care.
A. pays and I Venmo him for my portion including tip.
Those licensing fees make up a substantial portion of Qualcomm's revenue.
After a bear ripped a large portion of his chest out.
A large portion of the dialogue is spoken in subtitled Russian.
I make a big portion of pasta with spinach and tomatoes.
But what about your vulva, the outer portion of your genitals?
Her net worth is only a portion of Lauer's yearly salary.
The scouts, in return, earn a portion of the firm's returns.
To fund its portion, Laos took a $465m loan from Eximbank.
Ammerman highlights the benefits of tapas culture in limiting portion sizes.
ZDNet obtained a portion of the database to scan for verification.
I make a portion to pack for tomorrow's lunch as well.
The relevant portion of the AHLA's Board Book is embedded below.
His asset sales would represent a small portion of that total.
First, a portion of the proceeds had to go to charity.
He chanted his Torah portion with only one little nervous hiccup.
And a fair portion of the activities appear to be organized.
Otherwise, the video portion of the Road Scout worked well enough.
What portion of your parties are planned strictly for the humans?
Fintechs are quickly making up a bigger portion of that total.
So the bagel portion of your Valentine's Day will go smoothly.
The transparent side is a mirror image of the preserved portion.
And they do not need a bigger portion of the pie.
This bottom portion of the rocket contains nine custom-built engines.
The developing snowstorm is in the bottom portion of the frame.
Pornanan says his portion of the settlement sits in the bank.
GameStop will receive a portion of those digital sales as well.
A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Open Hearts Foundation.
Only a small portion of the cost came from local coffers.
According to his attorney, he passed that portion of the test.
Wrench actually does a portion of its business with corporate clients.
Scotland sets a portion of its own tax bands and rates.
Temperatures reached 90 degrees during the interactive portion of the festival.
The same portion did not know if ethanol affected their mileage.
This portion of the debt structure began being marketed in November.
The portion of that loan package financed by Mizuho is unclear.
This portion — as well as the lap — didn't need to change.
Tuition today comprises a larger portion of public institutions' core revenues.
Now, to the more speculative/educated guesses portion of this post.
She said a large portion of that responsibility falls on education.
The bigger the portion, the more calories, fat, sugar and sodium.
The vice president did not answer that portion of the question.
That money will cover at least a portion of his losses.
Instead, the focus is on the survival portion of the experience.
It's probably best if you let me carve my own portion.
It's a highly curated portion of a person's life, not reality.
Let me do the Devil's Advocate portion of the podcast. Please.
Eye wall: This is the most dangerous portion of the storm.
It's enough, perhaps, to bankrupt a fair portion of the industry.
However, that excludes YouTube, which would take up a large portion.
Instead, it was slathered with a very generous portion of prosciutto.
They make up a far smaller portion of Republican elected officials.
A portion of this vision is already part of the record.
A 10-year portion, with a JBIC guarantee, priced at 27bp.
A good portion of this research is financially backed by Taser.
Kansas City will continue to pay a portion of his contract.
Eat recommended portion sizes and decrease the frequency of consumption. 5.
GE recently said it has tapped a "portion" of these revolvers.
Bregman shared video of his portion of the interview with NowThis.
The purchases account for a small portion of either company's business.
Renegotiation implies that every portion of NAFTA is up for discussion.
She plans to donate a portion of it to charity, too.
The separatists in the Indian-controlled portion of Kashmir support independence.
The "Cola" portion of the name wasn't dropped until the 1960s.
We won and we get a bigger portion of the pie.
It looked like a fairy's portion, or a chef's practical joke.
But Rhône accounted for a much smaller portion of WeWork's revenue.
And a large portion of those are playing in e-commerce.
Ikea had plenty of options, plus reasonable portion sizes and prices
The 10-year portion was trading at 3.63 percent on Thursday.
A portion of the proceeds will go to Haitian hurricane relief.
First, a portion of the animal's skull had to be removed.
She's now in the q&a portion of her appearance. pic.twitter.
Sunland Park officials are alleging the wall portion was built illegally.
The history portion of the exam could be trickiest of all.
The architectural portion of it refers to a "structured perimeter," i.e.
Only a small portion of its exports are destined for China.
But that's only a small portion of the rest my interests.
They have seized control of a huge portion of the northeast.
But the portion of their argument that the ACLU et. al.
These companies contributed to an outsized portion of the market's gains.
Yet California requires testing for only a small portion of children.
But that's a very small portion of the company's overall budget.
Only a tiny portion of that has come in Southeast Asia.
Users cannot read "any substantial portion of any book," Google said.
Only a small wealthy portion of voters can afford to gamble.
The decision means that VA's portion of the program will continue.
Even though it lacked the leg portion, it was definitely helpful.
It was "the most influential portion of the counterelite" — the liberals.
Marijuana possession has accounted for a significant portion of those arrests.
But all other nations pay their portion of the group bill.
Gregorius is expected to miss a large portion of next season.
It pressed Hollub to put a collar on the stock portion.
Here's a portion of our interview, edited and condensed for clarity.
One stand-alone portion of this will not get it done.
Afterward, it takes a portion back in the form of taxes.
A portion will be rerouted, this time to serve ecological goals.
This is a cropped portion directly zoned into 'BLACK LIVES MATTER!
They're going to lose a huge portion of their disposable incomes.
Children under age 29 are the smallest portion of coronavirus patients.
The "Great Wines of Europe" portion of the title is misleading.
Milk delivery is now a small portion of the startup's business.
And per Kaufman's advice, add a portion of protein as well.
Manufacturing makes up a small portion of the overall US economy.
That portion would amount to half of the bill's overall spending.
No other portion has been altered by The New York Times.
Still, menstrual delay accounted for only a portion of the effect.
An economic portion of the peace plan was released in June.
The dinner portion of their date is also pretty easy breezy.
A portion of the proceeds will go to the Actors Fund.
Portion sizes have increased, and with this, so too have calories.
But by the LBO rules, you're only responsible for a portion.
Debt repayment makes up the largest portion of Thompson's monthly budget.
Watch a portion of Melinda Ring's "Strange Engagements," created from improvisations.
Now, a small portion of that cereal goes to Seven Brothers.
The Constitution describes the Senate portion of impeachment as a trial.
Navient services a portion of his own $218,213 in student debt.
That's what Green is doing with a portion of his income.
Voters in the Heartland are a key portion of this audience.
Most of us live on a small portion of our capacity.
That portion involves the way that the virus invades human cells.
And a substantial portion of that was Mr. Gross's personal money.
The apron covers a significant portion of my legs and torso.
For a portion of the conversation, Steyer was the third wheel.
Revoking the Quill exemption wouldn't make any difference for this portion.
A portion of those employees are expected to accept voluntary buyouts.
We wanted to stay away from the gruesome portion of it.
Eighty-five percent claimed to have watched some portion of them.
William Hill did not disclose the cash portion of the deal.
The city acquired a final portion of the land last year.
Still, Branson only makes up a portion of the futuristic character.
A significant portion of workers compensation is derived from employment benefits.
And, only a portion of those embryos will be genetically sound.
By the afternoon the online portion alone had reached over $910,000.
A good portion of that number contains families and unaccompanied children.
"But we do need a wall for a fairly good portion."
Chipmakers depend on China for a large portion of their revenue.
But collectively, they represent a tiny portion of the American workforce.
Frankly, by this portion of the afternoon, Judge Wilson seemed cranky.
In the morning a portion of cupola lay on the lawn.
A portion of savings also should support standalone costs (dis-synergies).
You can, however, deduct your rent — or a portion of it.
Limit deductions for interest that exceeds a portion of cash flow?
So acknowledge your caveman brain and scoop out a set portion.
Their female counterparts increased their portion of seats by 18.4 percent.
But another sizable portion stems directly from its licensing of its .
A portion of Loritz's liver was removed and transplanted into Auten.
Immigrants make up a sizeable portion of the total healthcare workforce.
The AWS-4 spectrum is just a portion of Dish's portfolio.
A large portion of the electorate may be behind the president.
A significant portion of the city is expected to be underwater.
Goldman, in turn, sold its portion to AMC Networks in 21979.
A portion of the Ottawa-based National Capital FreeNet's networking rig.
Ancient Namibia resembled the upstream portion of an enormous ice flow.
A hole is a portion of something where something is not.
Interest is already the fastest-growing portion of the federal budget.
This void could represent the last untouched portion of the structure.
The second portion of the test will be released on Thursday.
Here's a portion of the invitation that was sent to reporters.
That's because this portion of ice was already in the water.
But it's probable that it covers a substantial portion of them.
When risen, punch down dough and portion into 3 oz. balls.
Initially, you do start by slicing it in half, but then you slice off an additional portion of the opposite end, placing the larger portion facing up (instead of down) within the juicing contraption before pressing.
"We all have a big portion of talent and a big portion of training but I think I have a great team around me — great technicians, great materials and great coaches," he told a media conference.
They have a better, more accurate sense of their dwindling political fortunes, with whites and conservatives making up a decreasing portion of the electorate — and women, people of color, and liberals making up an increasing portion.
A portion to establish a select committee on modernizing Congress is expected to be considered Friday, and a portion authorizing Pelosi to intervene in court cases involving ObamaCare is expected to be considered next week. Rep.
I'm not sure that he could get the necessary votes in the Senate for the non-Dreamer portion, and I'm not sure he could get the votes in the House for the Dreamer portion of it.
Additionally, Amazon is updating its app for drivers to more transparently break down payments for each delivery, showing clearly what portion of their pay will come from Amazon and what portion is coming from a tip.
The refunding portion of the deal was increased on Monday to $28.5 million from the previous $50 million, while the new money portion was raised to $285 million from $200 million, according to a preliminary pricing scale.
The researchers, from Caltech and University of Southern California, first argue that restoring vision is at present simply not a realistic goal, but that replacing the perception portion of vision isn't necessary to replicate the practical portion.
"Two probable radar towers have been built on the northern portion of the feature, and a number of 65-foot (20-meter) poles have been erected across a large section of the southern portion," the report said.
Meanwhile, his enthusiasm for military expertise is shared by a portion (the richer portion, in particular) of the #neverTrump movement, which in casting about for a political savior fastened on the retired Marine Corps general James Mattis.
Only 2% of 1,000 companies we studied in another stream of research consistently grow both the portion of their share price that reflects expectations of future earnings growth, as well as the portion based on actual earnings.
"From the northern portion all the way to the southern portion of my parish, I've got major flooding going," said Glen Mears, the emergency preparedness director in Beauregard Parish in southwestern Louisiana, where a helicopter delivered supplies.
A portion of the proceeds goes to Cookies for Kids' Cancer:
Property has typically been a huge portion of many Asian investors' portfolios.
You can land bigger wins for a small portion of your portfolio.
We jog outside and then do the weight portion of the workout.
The portion shown off above is "500 ft so far," he wrote.
The comment portion also includes a number of customers relaying similar instances.
A large portion of Citi's sizeable DTA is excluded from regulatory capital.
We're now moving on to the long-winded portion of the email!
Schultz's district resides (a small portion is in northern Miami-Dade County).
It'll be an "experiment" involving an undisclosed portion of the user base.
Korean beauty products contribute to a huge portion of the beauty space.
The public wage sector represents a huge portion of Tunisia's public spending.
A significant portion of all countries' browsing data is attributable to bots.
And these bands are just a small portion of Birmingham's metallic iceberg.
"A good portion of that is left to aerobically compost," he says.
A wide portion of southeastern Louisiana was affected by the storm system.
But they had a significant portion of Google when it went public.
Here's how unauthorized workers make up a portion of each state's workforce.
Snow and ice will blanket a good portion of the Intermountain West.
That represents a small portion of Apple's $229 billion in overall sales.
The tablet portion alone is rated for 210 hours of battery life.
Unsubscribed shares from the retail portion will be allocated to the funds.
This is but a portion of the entire list, so report back!
Finish cooking and leave out the second portion for T. 26 p.m.
Facebook, however, couldn't say what portion of that content came from Germany.
For Democrats, this has been an underserved portion of the American electorate.
A portion of the U.S. government debt yield curve inverted on Monday.
You are going to lose a substantial portion in the laundering process.
A portion of the roadway was closed while police investigated the accident.
A large portion of the money was the agency and legal fee.
These days, rent is taking up a larger portion of our paychecks.
The fee to take the ACT with the writing portion is $68.
" Beyonce quotes Shire's poetry in a portion of the series labeled "Intuition.
A partial blockade had allowed a small portion of aid into Yemen.
The transfer is a small portion of FEMA's overall $15.5 billion budget.
Transportation: $121 for a monthly MetroCard passPhone Bill: $40 for my portion.
A sizable portion of the characters also appears to be sexually fluid.
The [Pentagon] cannot verify … at this current time any portion of it.
Revenue from Z hardware, one portion of Systems, was down 38 percent.
And, at least for a portion of the competitive community, they are.
All have private access to an unreconstructed portion of the Great Wall.
As the bed erodes, this portion gets longer and the frequency drops.
Machinery and mechanical appliances make up the biggest portion of China's exports.
During the initial portion of the June 28th flight, skies were calm.
Q: Do you have data for the rehabilitation portion of the application?
It's a common question in the contestants' behind-the-scenes interview portion.
But they're limited in the portion of the sky they can study.
Another 12% say medical bills are the biggest portion of their debt.
If the player wins, the backer receives a portion of the winning.
During this portion, participants' brain activity was monitored with an electroencephalogram (EEG).
Even today,a significant portion of its monthly users are based overseas.
College expenses only constitute a portion of the bills parents are paying.
Immigrants make up a huge portion of Silicon Valley's workers and investors.
The payments portion takes advantage of the customer's on-file credit card.
Those personalities can each control a single portion of his incredible powers.
The funniest tweet award goes to the writer of Benedict Cumberbatch's portion.
"A huge portion of our content is actually the athletes," Weiner said.
Bolivia's portion of the Amazon, while not as extensive, remains heavily forested.
Retirees typically liquidate only a small portion of their assets every year.
The fun-size packages have about 75 calories each — portion control rocks.
A man records a portion of Ryan Bundy's speech in Paradise, Montana.
The initiative helps promote portion guidance and transparency on ingredients and calories.
On her show Tuesday evening, Banfield read aloud a portion of Babe.
The grocery market is huge, and online's portion of that is growing.
So the portion from third- and fourth-tier cities is very low.
And I want to eat the whole portion in under two minutes.
Usually tinhatters comprise just a small portion of an otherwise diverse fandom.
In addition, a small portion is debt financing from Silicon Valley Bank.
In Aceh a substantial portion of the public has misgivings about sharia.
The inner wood portion of this ring also has an interesting backstory.
Stafford said a portion of the bridge fell about 7 p.m. Capt.
Whenever you earn money set aside a portion for your future self.
For years, a portion of Japan-produced cars have been exported overseas.
Here's a video from that particular portion of the press conference:Open www.nbcnews.
Forced labor accounts for a large portion of the country's economic output.
A portion of Pelchat's income now comes from promoting songs on TikTok.
A portion of our conversation, lightly edited for length and clarity, follows.
Europeans have proved deft at grabbing a sizeable portion of all this.
BAT has mandated 19 banks for the bridge portion of the financing.
For this study, we analyzed a statistically representative portion of U.S. users.
Clinton claimed that the aired portion of the interview had been edited.
Next, sprinkle a generous portion of salt on top of the stain.
TJ blows the horn and the eating portion of the challenge begins.
Some other states require students to take a portion of the test.
The prosecution expects to wrap its portion of the trial on Friday.
Notice the rotating wall at the top right portion of the photo.
In general, immigrants are a small portion of those receiving public benefits.
There's a whole portion missing from the lower part of her butt.
They're still a small portion of the market and face many competitors.
The ensuing open space stretches along a long portion of the riverfront.
European markets are a growing portion of the Harley's total motorcycle sales.
Bloomberg has spent a significant portion of his fortune promoting gun control.

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