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"humble" Definitions
  1. showing you do not think that you are as important as other people synonym modest
  2. (ironic or humorous) used to suggest that you are not as important as other people, but in a way that is not sincere or not very serious
  3. having a low rank or social position
  4. (of a thing) not large or special in any way synonym modest
"humble" Synonyms
modest respectful unassuming unpresuming unpretentious unostentatious courteous demure discreet embarrassed temperate unboastful bashful blushing reserved shy unobtrusive free from vanity self-deprecating self-effacing common lowly poor commonplace ordinary plebeian simple ignoble low proletarian undistinguished inferior insignificant mean baseborn underprivileged unimportant meagre(UK) meager(US) meek unassertive deferential submissive obsequious servile acquiescent compliant cowed lamblike obedient obliging soft spineless spiritless subdued tame conservative folksy homely laid-back unaffected unbeautified uncomplex understated unembellished unimposing unpresumptuous unpretending plain abject craven fawning grovelling(UK) groveling(US) ingratiating obeisant self-abasing subservient sycophantic unresisting slavish base menial cringing small inappreciable inconsiderable measly miserly tiny minimal nominal paltry piddling trifling derisory inconsequential marginal minimum trivial gentle kind sympathetic compassionate kindly tender benevolent caring considerate friendly amiable humane gracious genial benign affable merciful understanding pleasant unctuous flattering oily smarmy toadying smooth bootlicking suave crawling oleaginous slick soapy fulsome unsophisticated natural wholesome quiet rustic innocent artless guileless childlike naive simplistic ingenuous quality honest trustworthy faithful dependable responsible sensible credible principled unfailing upright authentic ethical honorable(US) honourable(UK) level-headed reliable righteous steadfast straight ashamed humiliated shamed abashed humbled shamefaced uncomfortable sheepish demeaned discomfited chagrined distressed hangdog flustered discountenanced debased disconcerted lesser minor secondary subordinate lower subsidiary ancillary junior peripheral petty supplementary auxiliary smaller supplemental obscure unknown nameless unsung inconspicuous unrecognised(UK) unrecognized(US) unfamiliar unrenowned unseen anonymous inglorious noteless unacclaimed inoffensive harmless innocuous safe unobjectionable anodyne hurtless mild innoxious unoffending white peaceable bland neutral unexceptionable dull unremarkable average normal unexceptional prosaic standard workaday homespun indifferent mediocre pedestrian so-so conventional humdrum sordid vile immoral improper bad cheap contemptible despicable evil foul iniquitous shoddy sinful squalid unscrupulous vulgar wicked wretched prayerful devout religious supplicant supplicating pious godly pleading beseeching soliciting saintly spiritual entreating imploring sainted suppliant supplicatory reverent contrite penitent remorseful repentant regretful sorry apologetic chastened compunctious rueful attritional penitential sorrowful conscience-stricken guilt-ridden self-reproachful angelic heavenly celestial cherubic ethereal seraphic divine holy empyrean angelical angellike angelly appealing archangelic beatific beneficent entrancing humiliate shame degrade demean abase chasten debase disgrace subdue mortify sink abash break belittle crush own reduce chagrin cheapen discredit beat defeat conquer overwhelm rout smash trounce vanquish clobber crucify hammer lick massacre slaughter cream murder shellac skunk subjugate dominate oppress suppress repress tyrannise(UK) tyrannize(US) master subject enslave hegemonize coerce overthrow pacify demote downgrade disrate relegate declass depose bump unseat dethrone devalue cashier bench displace oust lower in rank kick downstairs move down reduce to the ranks control curb restrain check bridle contain constrain regulate inhibit govern hold measure rule keep moderate puncture flatten deflate demolish destroy disprove erode prick ruin undermine explode shoot down blow sky high knock bottom out put an end to knock props from under poke full of holes shoot full of holes condescend stoop deign concede descend unbend consent vouchsafe accommodate agree bend submit accord acquiesce comply favor(US) favour(UK) grant dampen castrate geld petrify devitalize enervate lobotomize desiccate dehydrate deaden damp discourage dash deter deject depress dismay dispirit blanket cloud depreciate disparage denigrate decry deprecate underestimate minimise(UK) minimize(US) ridicule scorn undervalue deride diminish run down underrate traduce bad-mouth defame undefensive accepting of criticism open to criticism not easily offended thick-skinned confident More
"humble" Antonyms
pompous arrogant conceited proud egotistic egotistical haughty lordly pretentious superior presumptuous bumptious chesty fastuous hifalutin high-and-mighty highfalutin high-handed high-hat hoity-toity aristocratic noble high blue-blooded distinguished elegant genteel gentle grand great highborn highbred lofty patrician upper-class upper-crust wellborn famous glorious important assertive confident absolute assured bold certain decided decisive determined emphatic feisty fierce pushful self-asserting self-confident sure impressive big exalted extravagant fine grandiose imposing large lavish luxurious magnificent majestic mega opulent posh prodigious domineering demanding authoritarian authoritive dominant forceful harsh officious oppressive overbearing strict subjugating commanding ample generous abounding abundant bounteous bountiful copious full liberal overflowing plenteous plentiful profuse prolific rich bolshie bossy disobedient independent overriding rebellious wilful willful controlling unhelpful unnecessary useless rough aggressive callous abusive brutal surly antagonistic crass crude cruel disagreeable foul hard hostile insolent obnoxious offensive rude unkind intractable obstreperous balky contrary contumacious defiant difficult froward incompliant insubordinate noncompliant rebel recalcitrant refractory restive troublesome trying brash forward cheeky impudent forthright nervy uninhibited brassy extroverted presuming brassbound extraverted shameless unshy blatant blunt genuine no-nonsense sincere artful artificial assuming conspicuous dishonest dissembling dissimulating fake false flamboyant guileful highfaluting hollow inflated insincere ostentatious unapproachable unfriendly unsociable grumpy reserved inaccessible intolerant nervous standoffish uneasy uptight apprehensive bothered unhappy chilly cold edgy frigid hesitant corrupt unreliable undependable untrustworthy disreputable perfidious unprincipled unscrupulous crooked deceitful deceiving deceptive fraudulent mendacious sinister treacherous untruthful cheating unashamed gratified honored(US) honoured(UK) pleased satisfied unabashed vain calm glad happy immodest joyful unregretful unremorseful elaborate expensive luxuriant ornate plush costly deluxe immoderate indulgent luxury sumptuous excessive flash celebrated prominent renowned famed noted eminent notorious bare nearby warm near visible common significant understood friendly major straightforward extrovert eye-catching high-profile noticeable obtrusive outgoing getting in the way senior chief greater supreme foremost high-ranking premier prime heavyweight high-grade high-level key predominant disrespectful contemptuous discourteous irreverent blasphemous disdainful disgraceful disgracious inconsiderate sacrilegious churlish derisive disparaging impertinent impolite insulting harmful provocative adverse bad baleful baneful damaging dangerous deleterious detrimental evil hurtful ill injurious irritating malicious mischievous nocuous noxious large-scale leading comprehensive acclaimed extensive far-reaching huge well-known all-encompassing broad global international recognised(UK) unendearing uningratiating deterring disgusting repellent extraordinary exceptional unusual amazing astonishing astounding awesome breathtaking cracking dazzling excellent fab fabulous fantastic incredible marvellous(UK) marvelous(US) sociable clubable clubbable clubby companionable convivial gregarious congenial cordial personable talkative unreserved moral honorable(US) honourable(UK) good righteous scrupulous ethical principled virtuous moralistic straight upright clean decent right uncorrupt upstanding conscionable unrepentant impenitent remorseless unapologetic incorrigible indifferent obdurate uncontrite hardened conscienceless unreformable brazen unrepenting attrite elevate exalt aggrandize canonise(UK) canonize(US) deify magnify raise agree allow boost clarify comfort compliment delight encourage enhance enlighten explain glorify fall lose yield fail succumb abdicate bow collapse keel relent relinquish admit defeat bow out give in go down lose out liberate free release start arouse lose to praise rouse help aggravate incite permit strengthen assist agitate aid be defeated by fall to submit to surrender to yield to succumb to capitulate to give up to forfeit to bend to fail to be conquered by be overcome by be overthrown by fall victim to give way to be taken by defer to give in to contradict decline deny disagree disallow disapprove disobey dispute dissent fight hinder oppose prevent protest refuse reject resist veto withhold rise above brace energise(UK) energize(US) enliven envigorate(UK) invigorate(US) quicken stimulate vitalize vivify deliver rescue emancipate unshackle disenthral disenthrall unmanacle unbind unchain manumit unfetter untie extricate let out save uncage unhook hearten embolden lift nerve rally steel inspirit promote urge buck up build up buoy up cheer up gee up perk up elect defensive sensitive

901 Sentences With "humble"

How to use humble in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "humble" and check conjugation/comparative form for "humble". Mastering all the usages of "humble" from sentence examples published by news publications.

" He added: "I always learned in this game: Stay humble, be humble, or this game will humble you.
Be humble," the 34-year-old tweeted, referencing Kendrick Lamar's hit track "Humble.
But he's also gonna be very humble because his parents came from very humble beginnings.
Despite the humble symbol's not-so-humble ties to luxury, its good fortune certainly does not discriminate.
For instance, the hashtag #humble helps you connect with other users who like things that are #humble!
In my humble opinion — and I do mean humble — we need some grit and resolve, hope, healing.
He seemed a man of some grace and serenity; humble even — too humble, perhaps, for these tumultuous times.
The "many people are saying" Trumpism returned with a not-so-humble humble brag about his first congressional address.
I think we're humble, we're too humble in not showing the amazing success stories that we have from our members.
All subscribers receive 10% off in the Humble Store too and exclusive access to the Humble Trove of 60+ DRM-free games.
Such humble beginnings might help keep a candidate humble, said Mr. Trofimov, who grew up shuttling from one foster home to another.
We are humble enough to realize when we make a mistake and humble enough to realize the context in which we are speaking.
"He's a humble man with very little to be humble about," William Cohen, who served as President Clinton&aposs Pentagon secretary, said of Mattis.
You know, "I'm so humble being so braggy about being humble," or any of the other ones with their various offensive or ridiculous premises.
In my humble opinion (ok, honestly not THAT humble) Instagram has fallen short of making an intuitive, obvious UI design that helps people report abusive messages.
At GDC today, Epic Games announced that it's partnering with Humble Bundle to let developers sell their Epic Games Store titles—including exclusives—on the Humble Store.
Ellen Arkbro's second album for Subtext has a humble name and a humble concepts: two tracks—one on organ, one on guitar—each around 15 minutes long.
Nevertheless, Trump followed it up with another not-so-humble humble brag talking about how he doesn't talk about what his administration is doing in the Middle East.
"Today and for every day forward we are all humble Broncos and we will be forever humble Broncos strong," Broncos President Kevin Geringer told the members attending the vigil.
" — Kendrick Lamar featuring Rihanna Best Rap Song: "HUMBLE.
You see, if you were to meet a humble person, your first thought of them probably wouldn't be how humble they were, but rather how present and attentive they seemed.
But the humble part, you'll notice, came first: As a self-educated frontier jack-of-many-trades, he was humble to begin with, not humbled by his own political success.
As the nation's first chief executive, Washington set the standard of not just a humble president, but a humble presidency -- an office meant to serve the public, not to serve itself.
It surely won't humble Trump — or hem him in.
Humble Bundle cybersecurity — as little as $1 See Details
Amazing — One couple went humble with their new monikers.
Anyone who is humble but still super accomplished, super recognized, renowned, has status, and has every reason to not have to be humble if they don't want to, but they still choose to be humble because they value that humanity is connected — that we're all on the same level as humans — that humility is what wins my heart.
If you're like me and have purchased a ton of games from Humble Bundle, Transmission and Humble Bundle let me download my large games much more reliably than with a traditional HTTP download.
So what we did was we got much more humble.
Reactions on Facebook have been both supportive and surprisingly humble.
When you show up, be humble, learn, and just listen.
Check out some of the other humble winners below. 1.
So stay humble, stay strong, and oh yeah — stay undefeated.
What can be learned from a humble piece of poop?
"Humble" was an easy and obvious choice for this column.
TIL it might actually be impossible to humble the English.
To me that keeps you humble; that keeps you good.
Look, the office of the presidency ought to humble anyone.
This stuff bounces off him like humble bounces off Kanye.
Who could think of the humble bean foraying into desserts?
To which I say, look to the humble lab rat.
She is a go getter, she is compassionate, and humble.
But the way he carries himself is a humble demeanour.
"She was extremely polite, very courteous, very humble," he said.
Even the humble dog collar can cost $25 to $35.
Whedon shared a particularly humble reason for turning down movie.
By royal standards, Nottingham Cottage is a relatively humble abode.
Success requires a balance of fierce competitiveness and humble respect.
"I am your humble friend in Southeast Asia," he said.
The humble and honorable cat mayor will be sorely missed.
From humble roots, he studied law at a Caracas university.
If you've got an opinion, why be humble about it?
Turns out, the price tag is as humble as Markle.
With all of his success, he still remains very humble.
Mason, as usual, was humble when asked about the praise.
To her you owe the most humble thanks of all.
My humble opinion, $4 billion should not have been spent.
O'Brien: I don't think anything will ever humble Donald Trump.
What were the humble beginnings of your first directorial feature?
Humble and empathetic, he might apologize for hurting Trump's feelings.
One thing he's not so good at is being humble.
A humble beginning for the start of an aquatic revolution.
The life of a session musician is a humble existence.
His expression and tone are soft, humble and generally sombre.
It's just a hot, humble chili sitting atop beef sausages.
"I was amazed at how humble they were," Amanda says.
Be humble, but swagger You don't have all the answers.
"Miss Lynch," he said, in such a gentle, humble voice.
I take a humble approach to every dish I make.
"She had a contagious personality and was humble," Zerucha says.
But no risk is so ominous as the humble tick.
Baseball welcomes all types: the humble, the brainy, the quirky.
I think I'm much more humble than you would understand.
A combination of dried legumes gives this humble soup complexity.
"She waited for us, which was incredibly humble," he said.
LONDON (Reuters Breakingviews) - Western luxury is binge-eating humble pie.
The humble hamburger is an icon of American fast food.
Get access to over 60 games in the Humble Trove
"They tend to be more humble, more open," he said.
There were also a few humble mortals at the school.
Though it looks like a humble enough home in Mrs.
The funny thing is our name has kept us humble.
A big bowl of soup made from the humble cauliflower.
But I don't want my bands to be too humble.
Keep yourself in check, stay humble, and avoid being overzealous.
Despite her undeniably huge year, she also remains resolutely humble.
Can the humble selfie embody McGill's rebellious reclaiming of autonomy?
This is just, in my humble opinion, a kneejerk reaction.
That's also how you become talented, humble, empathetic, and kind.
WHIPPANY, N.J. — Strikers, by nature, are not a humble bunch.
Behold them with wonder, humble theatergoer, for they are multitudes.
Yet while the sound was huge, the feeling was humble.
American officials invariably describe him as concise, inquisitive, even humble.
Haidar Ali came from a poor family and humble beginnings.
And then, be humble enough to learn along the way.
This is something that makes us extremely humble and grateful.
"Awfully humble, aren't we?" a woman shouted from the gallery.
The truth is that most large successes have humble beginnings.
"I'm just thankful, and I'm actually humble, too," Austin said.
Independence Day commemorates the breaking free from insufficiently humble rule.
In short, in my humble opinion, chores are for chumps.
In my humble opinion, polytheism is vastly preferable to monotheism.
Her manner may be humble, but her influence is large.
Walk, Don't Run The upscaling of the humble sneaker continues.
" They were also, he said, "trying to be appropriately humble.
Staying humble and always working from a place of gratitude. 
It won't humble Trump as thoroughly as he needs humbling.
A. I was adopted by very humble, very decent people.
Made from humble ingredients, they invite contemplation in stressful times.
We should be seeking and encouraging noble, humble public servants.
We were more humble by then and somewhat more sober.
It was a long way from his more humble origins.
But he was also humble and accessible, his colleagues said.
On Tuesday, one group launched its vessels in Humble, Tex.
All in all, Zuffranieri seems pretty humble about his rise.
Such is the power of a humble bowl of beans.
This simple yet hypnotic lamp came from pretty humble origins.
Steve Jobs displayed a humble attitude that you should emulate.
"Usually, the greats are really humble and sweet," Trucks said.
"It kept me humble, what I was doing," she said.
Taiwan's first Presidents Cup player was raised in humble circumstances.
The humble food became immortalised, at least for a year.
"Almost frustratingly humble," said Sahil Lavignia, an early Pinterest employee.
Intelligence in government is almost always a humble, group activity.
"We've always been fascinated by humble objects," Simmering told me.
You gotta wait until somebody tells you that you're humble.
That might seem cynical, but perhaps it is appropriately humble.
Like Fitzgerald, she rose from humble beginnings to world prominence.
However, Hasegawa had more humble beginnings as a provincial painter.
Is there a personal consequence to being more intellectually humble?
It's a very humble thing, you can't even stand there.
Humble in his victory, Okazaki visited Morris in the hospital.
You're sort of growing in a much more humble way.
Take, for example, an item like the humble flat cap.
Your humble reporter called the episode "dumb" about 600 times.
When he thinks about his future, he tries to stay humble.
Dr. Walker was born in 1929 and came from humble beginnings.
" Gesturing at his humble surroundings, he added, "I'm a simple guy.
And so to think that he's also humble is pretty amazing.
But now, he conceded, it was time to eat humble pie.
They aren't afraid to speak up and keep their mom humble.
The humble garbage bag is a deeply underrated and versatile beast.
A humble delivery man has now become China's third-richest billionaire.
The humble bar soap has flown under the radar for years.
But we're also pretty laid-back, and we're all so humble.
Even the most expensive, powerful drones can't beat the humble bumblebee.
The intellectually humble don't cave every time their thoughts are challenged.
Business was slow at first and Humble worked from his bedroom.
Besides, the humble Hebocon bots make this makeshift contest so endearing.
I want to be humble, but I want to be comfortable.
The shrine is humble but has stood the test of time.
Be passionate, be proud, be humble & be you … Love u bust.
Having said so, our attitude will be humble, but not surrendering.
In my humble opinion, this is Elin Hilderbrand's best work yet.
Because it keeps you humble to remember where you came from.
The humble Lego brick is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year.
"They were humble, and it made them contextually aware," he said.
Humble The Poet, sported an amazing T-shirt at the event.
" Ali's daughter Hana Ali said her father was a "humble mountain.
He is a very humble, hardworking, just dedicated to the job.
But despite his huge success, "The Big Aristotle," is still humble.
"I learned that you can never be too humble," he said.
I want him to be humble and treat people with respect.
The social atmosphere is designed to be fluid, inclusive, and humble.
The startup assault on the humble neighborhood store continues to intensify.
Phil has grabbed too many screencaps from the "HUMBLE." video today.
The humble baker's yeast plays a crucial role in synthetic biology.
Dear Ruth, we present to you our humble GIFS and gifts.
It's a truly next-level version of the humble bodega bouquet.
"She sounds more humble and much more calm," says the source.
The humble pen isn't dead — or at least the stylus isn't.
You are so humble about the award and this is great.
"HUMBLE.", Kendrick Lamar (TDE/Aftermath/Interscope)   LITERATURE Outstanding Literary Work – Fiction
But you are humble and are quick to make things right.
To keep it all together, she relies on the humble egg.
You probably don't think too much about your humble office printer.
He is humble AF and appreciates of all this newfound recognition.
The central element to OTK Warrior is the humble Raging Worgen.
" She added of her current surge: "I'm a little grateful, humble.
Probing, pragmatic and humble intellects are all too rare in economics.
"Happy to meet such a humble soul," Hara captioned the photo.
A less humble paper would make a big deal of it.
Are they any more or less humble than in previous years?
He was surprisingly humble about his role in bringing them up.
But if you're a diva, those humble origins are quickly forgotten.
But such is the complex identity of the humble, bitter cranberry.
They are the most humble and kind people that I know.
A great deal can come out of these humble professional beginnings.
It's a fairly humble statement for a potentially world-changing achievement.
Denim has clearly come a long way since its humble beginnings.
Fiona is now a full-fledged celebrity, but she remains humble.
Trump picked "Humble" and Carson said he would like "One Nation."
He was a complete gentleman, very humble and very, very respectful.
John came from humble beginnings, and grew up New York City.
What a load of "humble" self indulgent wankery from Tom Hiddleston.
The San Francisco-based company's sole business is the humble webinar.
Another month, another bundle of awesome games thanks to Humble Bundle.
These days, he is generating buzz at much more humble confines.
"They are all so humble and down to earth," she says.
I'm staying humble, operating irons in a moderately price hotel room.
Will we get a sharp rebuttal or a humble mea culpa?
She even cracked some jokes and made personal, even humble remarks.
AI is setting out to help the humble customer service agent.
They hoisted the humble and humbling burghers onto a ceremonious pedestal.
Ultimately, the humble web browser changed the course of his life.
"Being humble is a key trait for successful leaders," says Chesky.
The humble parking space hasn't changed much since Henry Ford's era.
That's what they have against Nicolás Maduro, humble President of Venezuela.
SpongeBob is every inch an icon, though his dreams are humble.
In my humble opinion, that's a form of climate change denialism.
"For us, it's important to stay humble, stay aggressive," he said.
Being humble, and letting go of the ego (at least sometimes).
Despite his large social media following, Vincentini said he remains humble.
It's as if the car is honest, the car is humble.
" George W. Bush developed "compassionate conservativism" and a "humble foreign policy.
Hopefully a more humble answer is found before this bubble bursts.
Of course, Trump considers himself to be a very humble man.
But for our purposes, let us consider the humble corn flake.
A giant of his generation, he was humble, witty and serious.
That's my jam, it's a perfect movie, in my humble opinion.
At the bottom end is, of course, the humble strip mall.
The humble space feels like a slice of his native Cuba.
Compared to humble ouzo, Metaxa is the king of Greek liquor.
We're guessing this isn't a humble brag ... just an oversight. Oops.
"I grew up in a really humble environment," Cornell told me.
And being humble, when it comes to money, is incredibly smart.
A: Be humble, have passion and do things from your heart.
Mr. Boutros still remembers the humble beginnings of his own collection.
What has stayed constant is her genuine, humble and respectful nature.
He boasted of his humble origins while doing favors for billionaires.
All by Itself, the Humble Sweet Potato Colonized the World 21.
Another important component to get right is the humble cocktail shaker.
For all his fame, Jovanovic said, Djokovic comes across as humble.
And, above all, they were told to always, always remain humble.
Jorge Cifuentes's humble upbringing in Colombia paralleled Mr. Guzmán's origin story.
I come from humble beginnings and I've always been a minimalist.
It turns out even humble marshmallows can — and should — dream big.
Ms. Fernandes has perfected her version of this humble finger food.
The beginnings were humble; dancers took class in a converted garage.
But it was apparently a humble craft services to-go cup.
"The C.E.O. of the plant is a humble person," he said.
"Al was a very humble captain," Brown said, according to KTIV.
"We want to be humble, approachable and non-intimidating," he said.
The origins of his company could hardly have been more humble.
We must be humble and listen and heed the forgotten voices.
Humble Bundle's latest offering is a great way to do that.
A remarkable business career Howard Schultz came from a humble beginning.
The humble paper airplane has just been given a digital upgrade.
He drives a humble Roewe RX5 SUV that cost just $15,20143.
The humble pun is among the least exalted forms of comedy.
He is so humble and is always looking to get better.
I'm humble enough to know I have a lot to learn.
A humble disposition can be critical to sustaining a committed relationship.
That's at least 25 million humble people in this country alone.
"She's the most humble person I've ever known," Ms. Cosentino said.
Consider the epicenter of America's cost crisis: the once humble hospital.
Friends describe Scotty as funny and humble, but also fiercely protective.
From those humble beginnings, Korver has crafted a remarkably productive career.
Who knew the humble tailpipe could cause so much political rancor?
Like Jackson, Johnson presented himself as a man of humble origins.
" Caruso said that his parents and close friends "keep me humble.
Her humble operation now dispenses food, clothes and love to locals.
They would return to their humble beginnings after the 2008 recession.
Glassman told Insider the food of 2018 was the humble chickpea.
Even the humble light-blue welcome sign is easy to miss.
He's also, apparently, a humble master of Beyoncé's "Single Ladies" moves.
I was shocked: My friend is humble and avoids status symbols.
"It's how humble he is," catcher Gary Sanchez said of Sabathia.
I am with great respect, Your Obedient Humble Servant, George Washington.
We expected the same thing possibly that happened with Humble Pie.
She has lots of personality, humble, talented, beautiful inside and out.
She saw this nice, humble kid suddenly becoming careless, dressing differently.
A humble bottle of hot sauce could go a long way.
She knows that for Simone to remain successful, she must remain humble.
But, in our humble opinion, it's always been missing one thing: cheese.
Other times, this humble smartphone feature reveals itself to be a visionary.
I just remember him being a super humble and really nice guy.
And the most versatile of the group is the humble flat iron.
And it all started with some enterprising parents and the humble VHS.
"I had to take a step away and humble myself," said Arredondo.
"Baseball is very humbling and it can humble you quickly," Kinsler said.
Oprah is so humble it took her until 2018 to Google herself.
He is so grounded and he is so sweet, he is humble.
Good things happen to good people, honest people, hardworking people, humble people.
It's just one month, when your religion asks you to be humble.
And then, Martha, as you know, so gracious and humble about it.
"She's so humble, sweet and refreshingly normal," Couric says of Biles, 19.
I am humble enough to work at Walmart if it were necessary.
So humble and proud to be apart of such an amazing legacy!!
Cramer said he appreciated the "humble" investor's sentiment surrounding the Trump administration.
A period of sober, humble realism is long overdue at the club.
I really like people who are a bit humble and easy going.
I'd call it a humblebrag but there was nothing humble about it.
Hence the warnings against over-confidence and pleas for a humble demeanour.
"I don't know if he is being careful, or humble, or remorseful."
She was known for having a somewhat shy, humble and unassuming personality.
The story follows her from humble beginnings as an aspiring foreigner-agent.
I'm gonna say this in the most humble way: I'm a schmillionaire.
They were humble, open, and listened intently to everyone in the room.
"We're humble enough to know that we don't know everything," Brittan said.
Makeup wipes, in my humble opinion, are the epitome of lazy beauty.
You have to stay humble, to build consensus rather than give orders.
"Nobody would suggest that Donald Trump is a humble man," Thiel said.
The sweetest, most humble person I know, and most loving daughter ever.
Now anyone, including humble bloggers, can sign up and monetize their content.
"I had to take a step away and humble myself," he added.
He and Zach Efron are so charismatic and humble, it was fun.
And why the humble baguette is falling out of favour in France.
If you haven't encountered a telepresence robot before, they look surprisingly humble.
She's just so easy to work with, and so humble and supportive.
This humble measuring tape app is just the tip of the iceberg.
For both, it serves as a humble reminder on a worthy anniversary.
Ryan is really down to earth, humble — he's just a normal dude.
The best storage option for the time was the humble floppy disk.
He rose from humble beginnings and ultimately landed in the C-suite.
What I love the most about BTS is that they're always humble.
"Being humble is what you preach without even knowing ❤️" he said.
So, it's humble, it's hungry and it's ever-determined to keep changing.
Even a humble onion and a bay leaf works wonders for beans.
Ryan is really down to earth, humble, he's just a normal dude.
"He really is one of the most humble, wonderful men," she said.
People who owned one kept humble-bragging about having it at home.
A humble hat tip to our favorite stories from our fierce competitors.
Humble or grand, the dacha is a central part of Russian life.
I want people to know that Syrians are very simple and humble.
Quick take: The quarterly announcement was exceedingly earnest and humble in tone.
It's "nothing crazy," argues one track title, but they're just being humble.
He was known as a modest, humble man who insisted on privacy.
Here comes a not-very-humble brag: our approach does just that.
In my humble opinion, true heroes are those that don't come home.
But feeling myself pinned to that humble seat at takeoff was exhilarating.
Religion seemed to make him more sure of himself, not more humble.
But such humble origins do not an iconic teen slang phrase make.
It's hard to imagine a phenomenon began on a humble GameBoy cartridge.
It teaches me to be humble and try not to be greedy.
Some were impressed that the humble treat was featured at Trump's party.
It was an ambitious statement, especially for a child from humble beginnings.
"You can't underestimate the art of the humble-brag, " Ms. Decembrele said.
They've worked as "humble spies, smugglers, lookouts, decoys, and bait," Orlinsky says.
Maybe he thinks most people should be humble, and others should not.
Twenty-five years is an impressive milestone, especially considering Amazon's humble origins.
It is a gesture both humble and noble at the same time.
When I met him, I realised he is a very humble man.
The move makes the humble boarding pass the latest battleground for airlines.
All of this while staying humble and surrounded by love and positivity.
It's nice when somebody is as humble as they are obscenely talented.
He is described as spartan, humble and happy with a simple diet.
Many are sweet and humble: "heh heh," accompanied by a toothy grin.
"It's obviously a big number," a humble Pujols said after the game.
In my humble opinion, Francis is the most blessed man on earth.
I flew out of there howling to the heavens my humble revenge.
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"They also become more experienced, humble, enlightened, or just tired," he added.
Wow ... a humble athlete ... what the hell is the world coming to?
While the team has a bold vision, the program had humble beginnings.
Their careers had humble origins inside the family's apartment in Hamburg, Germany.
When I came to LA, I came very scared and very humble.
Its humble appearance makes it among the city's more overlooked public artworks.
"Having a good mentor can keep you humble and motivated," she says.
He's humble and grateful toward the company and those he's worked with.
The midwestern startup attitude is at once humble and full of itself.
We keep his medal, for exceptional bravery, in a humble wooden frame.
As she looks towards the future, Ball's goals are humble and personal.
It was humble as hell, but the Evolution Championship Series was born.
Kyle was the most humble and most accomplished athlete on our floor.
"Not all of them expect a zombie apocalypse scenario," said Mr. Humble.
It's a humble effort: The full staff numbers only about 25 people.
People like winners that are humble and gracious, not cocky and obnoxious.
Polenta's humble origins lay in basic, savory gruel for the poorer classes.
But doing what we're doing with IGN and Humble Bundle is attractive.
The setup, however, was significantly more humble than what Meydan offers today.
She made efforts to rebrand herself as humble; as of simple means.
A real chef would offer a paean to a humble knife here.
He spoke about his family's humble beginnings in a March campaign ad.
Despite leaving journalism, Mr. Liu has remained true to his humble roots.
It has just been brought to a standstill by the humble drone.
And to think, all of this began with the humble F-1.
It goes on in restaurants from the fanciest to the most humble.
But no item has made more headlines than the humble toilet roll.
Ben Rhodes is a charming and humble guide through an unprecedented presidency.
Himid, meanwhile, was very humble about her plans for the prize money.
Her playing style is aggressive, but she is always humble in interviews.
Interns and web writers write for free, and freelancer rates are humble.
Its ambitions are humble — it wants to stay relatively small and intimate.
"You can't underestimate the art of the humble-brag," Ms. Decembrele said.
Therefore, to make him a bit more humble, I would invite Homer.
In public life, Maradona didn't act like a man of humble origins.
A more humble answer is that we got this call totally wrong.
But, in my humble opinion, it rings hollow and smacks of sophistry.
Townsville, Australia (CNN)The humble clownfish is smaller than a human fist.
Being humble to the subject, because the subject is not a joke.
Now, humble grasses are returning as focal points in free-spirited bouquets.
" And taunting — an underappreciated Kendrick Lamar skill — is the core of "HUMBLE.
"I like the contrast of the humble and the luxurious," he said.
The humble blowdryer is the unsung hero of your fall hair routine.
"We were a poor, uneducated, humble family before the revolution," he said.
He said that was partly a result of his "humble" family background.
Gautreaux's stories all begin in the relatively humble territory of realistic fiction.
We're just as interested in humble coffee shops, diners, even chip stands.
If you want to talk about treatment, maybe you should live humble.
Those things that seem to break you down and humble your spirit.
Washington was so humble they had to force the office upon him.
Some websites, like the Humble Bundle, occasionally give games away for free.
"She was very humble, chatty, spoke Spanish very well," Mr. Mamani said.
The engine that has powered the scientific method is the humble experiment.
They are a humble treat, made with ordinary ingredients, and spectacularly delicious.
For me, the obsession started with a humble bean stew called lobio.
The humble surroundings and small staff belie an ambitious, well-funded operation.
Despite the family's humble roots, each of the siblings was very successful.
Nashville singer-songwriter Margo Price, in a delicate, humble song, captures that.
On the reflective "Never Had Shit" both rappers revisit their humble beginnings.
"Maybe I am not humble," Yu said at a meeting in Barcelona.
"The princess is a caring, humble, approachable and cultured woman," Moyne said.
You gotta watch the clip ... Crabbe's as humble as they come. #KeepUpTheGoodWork
A humble person, and only a humble person, is capable of praise, of allowing space in the world for the great work of others, and of working alongside it, trying to match it as an act of honor.
But to the rest of the country, the idea that a pickup truck is supposed to be as humble and affordable as a pair of bluejeans seems as obsolete as, well, a humble and affordable pair of bluejeans.
So, the humble way of living the Hopi have advocated for centuries should come as no surprise; it is represented by a man holding a digging stick used for planting corn, to emphasize the simple, humble way of living.
The most annoying toy of 2017 is almost certainly the humble fidget spinner.
"What a great humble guy," her family wrote in a Facebook post. Indeed.
That's what keeps me humble and ground and striving to be better everyday.
Mars thanked his band before talking about his humble beginnings as an artist.
It's all good, and I'm not going to be humble for that either.
I was always humble enough to think it could be me going home.
" He adds of working with Parton: "[Dolly's] just so grounded and so humble.
They could be fantastic, but they are still shown in a humble way.
Any successful tech company needs to be humble — think customer-first, outside-in.
Take a step back and balance today's vibe by trying to be humble.
Lincoln was fundamentally a humble person, and that sort of suffused his diplomacy.
"He is extremely humble, very approachable and fun to be with," says Yancy.
God blesses those who are humble, for they will inherit the whole earth.
America has lost a patriot and humble servant in George Herbert Walker Bush.
Ever-humble, he tried to say he wasn't the most qualified to answer.
"She sounds more humble and much more calm," a source previously told PEOPLE.
The annual high-holiday known as 103/20 has proud but humble roots.
It's been fascinating to watch scientists struggle to make their institutions more humble.
She's absolutely gorgeous, but it's really amazing to me that she's really humble.
I prefer to remember the man as he was. Quiet. Humble. Nice. Respectful.
Even Mr Ranieri, a humble and jolly man, must have enjoyed the revenge.
I am hilarious (in my humble opinion), artistic, truthful, awesome, diligent and intelligent.
Remember the days when all a humble plant needed was light and water?
Mr. Schenk's humble creation has since branched out across New England and beyond.
When will there be fan service that is for me, the humble Thronesmaster?
Nowadays, Google is about so much more than its humble search engine origins.
I've never figured out a polite and humble response, and always feel embarrassed.
I was baffled: Who turned this humble Midwestern seltzer into a status symbol?
"He's met a lot of people and he's still really humble," Black added.
You taught this ole lady something yesterday about kindness, compassion and staying humble.
But now he's got a new target for his complaints: the humble computer.
Despite Nike's reputation as an athletic brand powerhouse, its origins are more humble.
An avant-garde speakeasy beckons from the basement beneath a humble doughnut store.
"Notwithstanding her bright career, Rohina was a very humble person," she tells PEOPLE.
You have to really stay humble and not forget where you came from.
MS: Even in fancy restaurants, sometimes I like the most humble of dishes.
Beet kvass is another naturally fermented drink, one with humble Eastern European origins.
And among all those hues and fabrics, the humble flip-flop somehow...worked?
I know golf is a tough game and I'll try to stay humble.
She may be a social celebrity now, but Arellano also had humble beginnings.
And then there's the humble sign spinner, the platonic ideal of mild inconvenience.
Believe it or not, this is one of the more humble Silver Certificates.
He was typical of the World War II generation— humble, gracious and decent.
Like "um" and "uh", humble "mm-hmm" and "uh-huh" are critical too.
Despite the humble materials of Böröcz's works, they lack the rawness of bricolage.
Not only is he so talented, but he's extremely humble and kind too.
"He was his own biggest fan, but he really was humble," she said.
" Continuing, the director remarked, "Tony was just himself: humble, confident, authentic, mischievous, kind.
Go for a cheaper cut like a blade steak to keep it humble.
Congratulations to one of the sweetest, most humble and down-to-earth girls!
She was a trailblazer and "humble pioneer," according to those who knew her.
She was a trailblazer and "humble pioneer," according to those who knew her.
I offer a humble and sincere apology to anyone affected by my actions.
One short, simple slogan encapsulated his appeal: jujur, bersih, sederhana (honest, clean, humble).
I am not statistician, just a humble salesman of moral and aesthetic truths.
I tell every Black woman I meet that being humble is a trap.
I feel like I didn't do that with Humble Beast all the way.
And at Wednesday's CMA Awards, "Humble & Kind" took home song of the year.
He is my personal favorite Chris, because he is both hardworking and humble.
Imagine this humble linguist dork being the first white person you ever met!
And Islam, all it talks about is being humble and a better person.
Even while approaching one million followers, the group doesn't forget their humble beginnings.
You thought this ole lady something yesterday about, Kindness, Compassion and staying humble.
Peele addressed the news on Twitter, posting a humble response to the honor.
They shared a passion for talent and were humble about their own work.
Who knew the humble gaming pod could either make or break your relationship?
In fact, he saw a certain resemblance between himself and the humble pontiff.
"More humble pie for Bank as economy keeps growing," the Daily Express said.
When you think of humble Mexican barbecue, you don't think of fancy drinks.
Adobe prides itself on its humble culture and out-of-the-box thinking.
They want to see a more humble, conciliatory and presidential Trump, he said.
He said Spiegel should be "more humble" when Facebook and Snap are compared.
Steve Humble is a Mathematics Education Primary and Secondary PGCE at Newcastle University.
Editor's note: Mashable and Humble Bundle are owned by the same parent company.
But, sadly, Mother's Day did not remain the humble celebration that Jarvis imagined.
LONDON — Hugh Laurie is known for being remarkably humble despite his impressive career.
Today's libido remedies are often just about as useful as the humble potato.
It symbolizes her humble background in a Moscow flat with her sick mother.
He's super-talented, super-humble, and works hard man, so he'll be fine.
And the latest dessert to get a colorful makeover is the humble cannoli.
But there has never been much sign of religion making him more humble.
Carter is humble and says he's blessed for the opportunities he's been given.
No matter how big he gets he is still grounded, humble and human.
"The Minnesota delegation casts its vote Humblebrag"I think I am, actually humble.
I returned to my humble Drake study, with no clues left to parse.
Humble, appreciative and modest — even if he played across the border in Detroit.
Even gorging on humble pie may still leave luxury peers hungry for profits.
It's one of the best scenes of the episode in my humble opinion.
And among their company I gratefully count myself a humble and proud member.
So we want really humble people that just want to do their job.
Check reader comments on Friday for a solution and recap by Steve Humble.
Because our foreign policy is a shambles right now, in my humble judgement.
Unflinchingly, she hoisted the humble shelf and walked it to her car trunk.
"He came from humble circumstances and was able to rise up," he said.
And other team members need to be humble enough to recognize this individual.
We're a humble, self-effacing company that's just trying to do good work.
Meanwhile, Boca Raton, a retiree favorite, came in at a humble 210.6th place.
This humble collection of letters can unlock all manner of discounts and offers.
But he's also very humble and really creative, and just a good sport.
I took my cues from a much smaller bird: the humble, amenable chicken.
She was so thoughtful and humble and motivated that Boehmig kept promoting her.
"Humble people, I've found, don't get very far," he once told a reporter.
We're sure you're all familiar with its humble forefather, the basic eye mask?
Attempts to reinvent the humble monitor have in recent years seen mixed results.
He returned to Rio, just as humble and dedicated as he was before.
That leaves a U and what might pass for a humble lowercase n.
He was humble and loved everything about being part of the Ravens' team.
The humble, handcrafted look of Lamb's work belies his technically meticulous construction methods.
But in my humble opinion, babies take the cuteness cake every. single. time.
It was a humble, completely frivolous item that birthed my club of weirdos.
But now, everyone who makes a living serving the humble chicken is suffering.
In my humble opinion, house and techno are going in a positive direction.
We're taught from a young age to be modest and humble, Zell says.
But unlike her character in Little, she's doing it with a humble grace.
In France, however, things were a bit more dire for the humble 'tater.
But I needed my son, and I had to humble myself a lot.
Beginning with more nuanced and humble perspectives could lead to more constructive dialogues.
He hasn't let his fame go to his head — and is charmingly humble.
He can do everything on the field and he's a really humble guy.
It, too, was a humble, everyday dish, intended first and foremost to nourish.
Cohen, a humble man, might have been embarrassed by the sometimes cultish reverence.
It's something that, in my humble opinion, all Korean people can stand behind.
And so a business like that is Ookla or Humble Bundle or
Perhaps it should have been a little quieter and a little more humble.
"She's trying to humble herself, she gets credit for that," says Gilio-Whitaker.
Humble is not the word that came to mind ocean-side in Malibu.
"To be very honest, these are humble beginning days," said Ram Papatla, Booking.
"We are quite humble about what we don't know yet," Mr. Haggqvist said.
" The humble García Márquez put it this way: "I am basically a journalist.
Usually it's a very humble thing, like a potato or beans or whatever.
For solace, Ms. Delijam retreats to an unlikely venue — the humble coffee shop.
Despite his humble background, Mr. Deripaska is closely entwined with the Moscow elite.
Will the coronavirus humble us to the reality that humans make up just .
These things make me humble to be the object of your love & affection.
They present as a humble assembly of New York's high-achieving news geeks.
The most frequent responses describe someone who is kind, compassionate, respectful and humble.
Instantly recognizable marques like Chanel and Prada abound on this humble landing page.
Stay humble and count your blessings on Friday, when Mercury squares bountiful Jupiter.
But now experts are saying that Trump might strike a more humble tone.
Given his own humble career, he thought they deserved a spotlight as well.
"They crafted these caskets in a very dignified and humble manner," Young said.
I'm not a scientist, just a humble bloghag, so what do I know?
Is this a plot for these titans of the universe to stay humble?
The humble will be exalted, Jesus said, and the last shall be first.
How often do you hear somebody humble-brag about how busy they are?
This time, Lee seems most occupied by the humble facts on the ground.
At every turn, in ways humble and unexpected, life has added to life.
Glenn, handsome and humble, kept the focus on the spirit of the day.
His vision was small scale, humble on behalf of humanity, and intensely personal.
He is a good listener and comes across as humble and open-minded.
The minivan's place in history is far loftier than it's humble existence today.
In fact, it violated the second rule, too -- be humble in all victories.
"He was very humble, very friendly, a very nice guy," Mr. Hwang said.
Fact: There's no better (or easier) stocking stuffer than the humble gift card.
Regular mezcal, meanwhile, largely remained humble, unromantic, bumpkinly, but with its own mythology.
We brag about being humble to our voter base, fan base, Twitter followers.
Our membership is humble; they are not looking for accolades or symbolic tributes.
"The Japanese government needs to become more humble on this issue," he said.
So what do you mean when you sing, "Kelly ain't humble no mo'"?
This humble, intelligent, soft-spoken 22-year-old is an exceptionally caring person.
This week's list hits all the mix high points, in my humble opinion.
Arthur is a humble hero whose parents were murdered in front of him.
From humble sheet metal, Gaudí created the scales covering the legs and body.
Yes, this growth is humble, small, but it is also not a fall.
No reverb, studio niceties, just Laura's voice coming through a beautiful microphone. Humble.
It is, unlike a lot of Nordic food, not an especially humble concoction.
He's humble but boastful, sensitive but callous, self-conscious but overly self-confident.
Olivia has always been so humble that's why I love her so much.
Cue up teams like the Lakers to serve them up some humble pie.
It's a smaller take and more humble, and I knew I could make that.
The other two would have flown an even more humble 375 and 20173 feet.
Humble stuffed cabbage is tender from a long holiday submerged in seasoned simmering water.
Remember when you were just a humble kid, watching the Grammys without pants on?
According to him, this is all happening to make us a more humble people.
The technology has promised us wonder and whimsy unavailable to our humble naked eyes.
So President-elect Trump, here's my humble plea to you: Mock me on Twitter.
Despite decades in the spotlight, Jon Bon Jovi has managed to remain quite humble.
You don't need to be humble about your belief that the world is round.
Her magazine and red carpet debuts weren't like the humble beginnings of some stars.
His inscription describes his as: "Humble towards God and Kind to his Fellow Creatures".
The scene is humble, yes, but Nellie, a single mother, isn't destitute or desperate.
Then I thought, it's honest, humble, and has an infectious hook, and a banjo.
Metz opened up about her humble beginnings in a piece for Glamour last year.
Here are five other trailblazing funny women whose humble beginnings led to legendary careers.
He was an extremely talented football player and a humble and genuine human being.
Here's what we — four humble potato chip enthusiasts — think that the four flavors are.
Hop Shing's buns, in the humble opinion of this New Yorker, are the best.
Drake, whose real name is Aubrey Graham, comes from humble beginnings in Toronto, Ontario.
Once upon a time, the humble beard was seen as a sign of scruffiness.
Sauropods—the largest land animals to ever appear on Earth—came from humble beginnings.
Thomas Edison and Henry Ford also rose from humble beginnings and changed the world.
You can get 20 Minute Metropolis with a Humble Monthly subscription ($12 per month).
Old Man's Journey is available now on Steam, iOS, Android, and the Humble Store.
From humble beginnings, K-pop has become a billion-dollar industry with global appeal.
"Daters should strive to present themselves as humble, 'real' people," the authors told PsyPost.
But the company's latest effort — The Humble Freedom Bundle — does things a little differently.
The Humble Freedom Bundle will be available until 1:59PM ET on February 20th.
And this time, the humble Oreo has been morphed into a chocolate chip cookie.
Nicki Minaj - "Side To Side"Kendrick Lamar - "Humble"Sia - "The Greatest"Fifth Harmony ft.
Burt's Bees has been built on the platform of a single humble ingredient: honey.
And the queen of this seasonal trend, in our humble opinion, is still rosé.
And when Cruz took the microphone and made his remarks, I hardly thought: humble.
Available at most fast food establishments, your first step is purchasing the humble nugget.
While many professional athletes come from humble beginnings, precious few emerge as perennial champions.
The aptly named PDF Expert turns the humble PDF into an adaptable productivity solution.
" He continued, "Good things happen to good people, honest people, hardworking people, humble people.
He was portrayed as a noble, humble man who reluctantly fought against the Union.
"Be humble, learn to obey, don't worry about material stuff," Ms. Tolokonnikova rhymes sarcastically.
Reciting regular iambics in the rhythmically steady "Humble," he just sounds uncomfortable, maybe bored.
From the beginning, "it was humble objects and fine objects mixed together," she said.
A great human being, determined, relentless, talented, passionate, forthright, honest, humble and great company.
You were kind, present, old souled, curious, brilliant, funny, humble, honest, and undeniably talent.
You just cant believe someone like that is so gracious, so kind and humble.
"I said: 'It's incredible what you've done,' and he was so humble," recalled Loughlin.
And despite Johnson's recent high-profile stumbles, Weld called him a good, "humble" man.
Despite the national importance of the project, Laika was a humble stray from Moscow.
The humble Namajunas, now 7-3, has won five of her last six fights.
She is a gracious woman and the most humble human being I've ever met.
For now, you'll just have to accept our humble, somewhat generous, well-intentioned listicle.
Everyone is just extremely talented but also really humble, and I just love everyone.
If so, say goodbye to a mainstay of soda counters: the humble plastic straw.
But even with those humble and goofy origins, the game is also shockingly competent.
Just marinate overnight, fire up your barbecue, and prepare to celebrate the humble pig.
This is the new Goldman Sachs: hungrier and perhaps ever-so-slightly more humble.
He was very humble bout what he did, but what he did was extraordinary.
I brush my teeth with a Humble Co. Toothbrush and Lush's Limelight Toothy Tabs.
You're just a humble robot hanging with other robots who are hopefully your friends.
Lady Gaga is returning to her humble roots — in the most Gaga way possible.
She's preternaturally humble, to the point where it begins to border on self-deprecation.
To date, Humble Bundle has raised more than $145 million for charity, Graham said.
As I'm finding out, she really is that same warm, funny, humble Kentucky girl.
But I come from a humble background and know how to talk to people.
"This is a humble beginning but will certainly pave the way forward," he said.
She also called him "kind, present, old souled, curious, brilliant, funny, humble, [and] honest."
"Luke was one of the kindest and most humble human beings I've ever known."
Instead of playing coy or being unnecessarily humble, Williams gave a pretty badass answer.
Ahmed's home is humble clay and brick, while Amal lives in a splendid palace.
Despite her many accomplishments, Johnson, who turned 98 this past summer, always remained humble.
We swear you'll never look at your humble milk containers the same way again.
The humble egg will be waiting to cleanse you and your disgustingly filthy aura.
Soda companies are seemingly on a relentless quest to spice up the humble cola.
Last year, he dropped Humble Beginnings, a tape which was produced solely by Cardo.
"I can't say I was humble, but I wasn't too loud," Clay later recalled.
You try to be humble, Virgo, but now is the time to spoil yourself.
Ah, the humble Lego: Your inner child's best friend and your feet's worst enemy.
Yes, the humble garden eel and the majestic blue whale eat the same thing.
From those humble beginnings — and many learnings in between — did a mighty company grow.
It told us we were dealing with someone who was introspective, honest, and humble.
Humble Beast went a bit deeper into your personal feelings than your previous projects.
It was swiftly soaring through the air, heading straight toward our humble eating area.
Despite all their success, the Gaineses have always stayed true to their humble beginnings.
No protein or vegetable is too sophisticated or too humble for a corn tortilla.
TMZ Sports broke the story ... Manziel was hospitalized on May 7 in Humble, Texas.
The singer reveals the way her humble roots informed her early appreciation of Coach.
But the shop has come a long way from its humble start in 1991.
Meanwhile, the KatyCat is just looking for a humble box of baby wipes. Seriously.
Trump then gave us a humble brag that not everyone can pull off hostility.
When Kendrick Lamar dropped "Humble" with its accompanying visuals, he left us all shook.
I was nervous — we all were — but she was a normal humble human being.
Here's how it would work: A delivery person would arrive at your humble abode.
Be it ever so humble, there's no place like a bitchin' $19 million home!
Most people never put themselves in demanding situations — situations that humble and scare you.
He may yet survive if he plays the humble supplicant a la Richard Marquand.
Once home, I put World Demise in my humble stereo and turned it up.
Luke was one of the kindest and most humble human beings I've ever known.
Although LeEco has had a whirlwind 143 months, its beginnings were much more humble.
Coming from humble beginnings in South Wales, it's not a bad claim to fame.
Netflix was once a humble DVD-by-mail business based in Los Gatos, California.
He answers questions about his Wall Street ties by talking up his humble roots.
In recent months, he's shared his intentions to be more open, humble and authentic.
Humble, hard-working, not afraid of hard work, that's all you can ask for.
I'm just happy to put my hands on this guy and make him humble.
Plus, he's such a sweet, humble guy, and we just have the right chemistry.
I was surprised by how good it was, and this is no humble brag.
After all, how else is a humble content creator going to see a profit?
Yet, even in this most humble of homages, Mr. Simpson has preserved his perspective.
We have to be humble, dignified, put in a good shift as a team.
And therefore, in my humble opinion, should not be allowed to hold public office.
In this, as well as their humble roughness, he caught the essence of gleaning.
To accept the constraints of a given name, as if acceptance is always humble?
In college, I did not forget the lessons that my humble upbringings taught me.
Finally, be humble, you are not perfect, don't feel the need to show this.
"Humble Leadership: The Power of Relationships, Openness, and Trust" by Edgar and Peter Schein
Humble is definitely a must-visit spot whenever you find yourself in West London.
While Kaine was badgering, programmed and unlikeable, Pence was folksy, humble, authentic and solid.
The women wear stiff and elaborate headgear: patches of white in the humble gloom.
China must be humble, treat Japan with respect and continue to learn from it.
A pristinely preserved book with an oddly humble origin story is a dead giveaway.
He was humble; he knew he was a revolutionary with little experience in government.
Friends, family members, coaches and teammates have lauded Pulisic's level head and humble attitude.
Selena Gomez is back — and, in my humble opinion, with her best song ever.
In my humble opinion, I think every person needs that "thing" to strive for.
It's just the latest reminder of her humble status as a uniformed police officer.
I was very humble and I was very thankful, and that was my objective.
There's also Apple's iMessage and the humble SMS, which compete with all chat apps.
You can own the artwork for $600 (totally worth it, in my humble opinion).
On his most recent project, 1993, organic, soulful instrumentation complements his humble, earnest lyricism.
The playing field is a humble wooden desk that could have been Winnie's own.
In Mamma, they're praised as the humble foundation of many a traditional comfort food.
"As CEO, I can say, we're still learning," he said in a humble tone.
He is really quiet and humble about it, but trust this guy is deadly.
I'M TOO HUMBLE: Trump was unable to name a time when he deserved criticism.
"Every guy wants to be James Bond," said Mr. Humble of Creative Home Engineering.
His record-breaking run and upbeat, humble demeanor send positive ripples into others' lives.
I wondered aloud if a president needed to be more humble than Trump was.
He grew up in what he called a humble home in Palm Bay, Fla.
His choice of name evoked Francis of Assisi, humble patron saint of the poor.
You need to walk to the line between being too arrogant and too humble.
We should bow in humble service to this kingly creature and his supernova haunches.
The country is used to being humble so staying this way will be normal.
I didn't realize just how intrepid he was because he was just so humble.
So we have proprietary games that are Humble games that come into our service.
Crow stresses that the country's politics are broken and need humble newcomers like him.
Now she serves humble fare like rice and chicken feet to hungry construction workers.
He is the product of a humble neighborhood on the outskirts of São Paulo.
It's come a long way from its humble beginnings in a poet's living room.
He had a humble, quiet faith, and I am the beneficiary of his pleading.
He stayed humble, and human, in the era of relentless puffery and self-promotion.
She concluded it had a lot to do with Thompson being present and humble.
I think it's important to note that it looks like a very humble dwelling.
In this space, these humble garments are transmogrified ­— from contemporary clothing to preserved specimens.
To build this humble dish, you need slices from a sturdy hearth-baked loaf.
"As a student, Selena was so humble and she was very kind," Gray said.
"Highlight of the whole preseason imho [in my humble opinion],"  one Twitter user wrote.
He says the philosophy has helped him stayed focused and humble throughout his career.
Horner: I think for the Americans the big thing was Vietnam kept us humble.
But, this jock sniffer will humble him even worse than Khabib has humbled him.
From HUMBLE PI: When Math Goes Wrong in the Real World by Matt Parker.
The combination of grain and water is comfort served in its most humble form.
What they may not have considered is the cost of maintaining their humble abode.
His father, from humble beginnings, was a successful lawyer, his mother a former schoolteacher.
Chiki Sarkar, the publisher, said that Hanif was distinguished by his relatively humble origins.
The humble production harkens back to the period in which Mabou Mines first flourished.
Rather, my dreams were so humble that normal people would have considered them laughable.
Feloni: In some profiles of you they describe you as a quiet, humble guy.
Thank you for being so humble and not acting as big as you are.
"It is weird for me, in my humble opinion," she said in an interview.
Instead of getting down on himself, he is grateful, humble and full of laughs.
"You must be feel small and humble in front of the image," he added.
Amazon may have had humble beginnings, but today, that bookstore is something far more.
I gave copies to charity shops in the hope of gaining a humble circulation.
Perhaps Lamar is talking to himself on "Humble," struggling to take his own advice.
When writing chyrons and headlines, my humble suggestion would be to keep it simple.
"He led a gathering in a powerful but humble prayer," Obama said of Henry.
But Vaynerchuk's humble beginnings do not limit his expectations for the immigrants of today.
My father had this quiet confidence about him, but he was also very humble.
In fact, in our humble opinion, it might be our best gift guide yet.
Considering their humble nature though, they aren't likely to shout it from the rooftops.
"So understand and be humble that we have all been socialized in these ways."
He's described by many of his peers as humble, kind and down to earth.
The discount brokerage pioneer grew up in a humble family in mid-century Nebraska.
For Barbara Cocoran, the road to success was paved with humble roots and heartbreak.
Dylan came across as a born leader — confident, humble, thoughtful and full of purpose.
Traditions Most often associated with domestic craft, the humble art form makes its return.
They're attractive and humble, and often have studied something practical, like finance or communications.
But we had to be humble about that because we're a little tech startup.
And we have to begin to look at things differently, in my humble opinion.
He's humble and solid and hungry, laboring beneath a spotlight and in the shadows.
You have to walk a very line between confidence and also being super humble.
Parking alone can set you back $40, and a humble Heineken can run $16.
The bot shines a light on the humble, the arcane and apparently un-memeable.
The story keeps hinting at a moment of glory that never arrives, as Chan Hock Chye works his way up from humble beginnings to nearly as humble present-day circumstances — which could be Liew's assessment of his medium, his country, or both.
This neurological connection is fascinating, a reminder that even higher order cognition has humble origins.
A kind and humble soul who opened up his life and home to the world.
I don't know if shy is the right word to describe her — probably more humble.
The taglines on the Real Housewives franchise have come along way since their humble beginning.
Modi has, however, cultivated a clean image as the son of a humble tea seller.
Founders love to recount their companies' humble beginnings as just a small team with dream.
Heft's love of sewing is evident as one strolls around her humble Clearwater, Fla. home.
" The statement adds that "Jordan was a loving child, with a humble and sharing spirit.
They were also excited to locate a surrogate, LaToya, in their hometown of Humble, Texas.
An uncharacteristically humble Johnny Depp accepted a People's Choice Award for Favorite Movie Icon Wednesday.
She refers to it as her "humble little apartment," but this video proves otherwise.3.
With this easy hack, we're giving the humble bun a burst of much-needed cool.
You might think: Wall Street banker, humble Ecuadorian farmers, and a whopping $270 chocolate bar.
In a world seemingly intent on destroying itself, the humble capybara is a wholesome good.
Show that you're humble through a joke, a self-effacing story or a humorous anecdote.
"He's as humble as I've seen," says Coby Karl, his coach in the D-League.
These days, the humble text message is ubiquitous and nothing much to write home about.
Hereditary, which actually looks pretty good in this humble blogger's opinion, hits theaters June 8th.
You're too humble Your boss might not know all the reasons you've earned a promotion.
BAIER: Despite all of his accomplishments, awards, and high-profile endorsements, Krauthammer was always humble.
But perhaps it's best for us to start imagining a world without the humble giraffe.
" Jacob says Hawkins was "a fun-loving, free spirit" who was "kind, generous, and humble.
But there isn't a trendy coffee shop in sight at this humble, historically black neighborhood.
He was a successful banker turned teacher, humble, "noble, and peace loving," his family said.
Modi is the poor person's definition of what a powerful but humble man looks like.
Run The Jewels - "Nobody Speak"Halsey - "Now or Never" Kendrick Lamar - "Humble"Katy Perry ft.
At a ceremony, her coach, teacher, and peers remembered her caring, humble attitude and drive.
Even the moral qualities of the humble sea urchin are honored with paragraphs of discussion.
Mr. Zuckerberg referred again to his company's humble beginnings in his dorm room at Harvard.
In the letter, the 28-year-old Corbally comes across as earnest, genuine, and humble.
They are very humble and quiet and all about serving their country and their team.
And it's not that I'm a bad fuck, at least in my own humble opinion.
Kunis, along with her husband actor Ashton Kutcher, intend to raise humble and balanced children.
From humble beginnings to taking London by's #Jaffamobile's story from beginning to end!
Behold our future link to each other and our machines: the humble microphone-equipped earbud.
Meanwhile, the team at Original Content (including your humble newsletter editor) reviews Netflix's "Umbrella Academy."
Decent, funny, humble, this guy is a straight arrow, beloved of his king and colleagues.
"Everyone is going to be missing a humble, sweet soul," DaSilva's cousin, Shaquana Baxter, said.
He's a quite humble guy, so maybe shell with a bit of mother-of-pearl.
The humble and colorful homes have mud floors, and women collect drinking water from wells.
From humble beginnings in Warwickshire, it soon spread across the old Empire towards the colonies.
It is my hope that "Martin Luther" will do its humble part in uprooting them.
" He added that comparison applies to one of his favorite adjectives to describe Reagan: "Humble.
Definitely sounds a lot better than touring a meat processing plant, in our humble opinion.
Jenny McCarthy had very humble beginnings before she found fame in the pages of Playboy.
This time of year, we stick to the LBD of hair accessories: the humble headband.
He said he could humble the most talented Republican field in a generation: He did.
But like asteroid 2012 TC4, some will pass alarmingly close to our humble blue sphere.
When asked about the reasons behind her many current high-profile projects, Hassinger is humble.
In the end, there's only one truly unbreakable security measure: Atelerix albiventris, the humble hedgehog.
" She added: "Bryan Cranston is the most humble, generous, thoughtful actor I've ever worked with.
To be coachable, Campbell believed, managers need to be honest, humble and willing to learn.
I really am a bad advocate for myself and need to learn the humble-brag.
And even in death, the humble crayon manages to fill us with child-like joy.Namaste.
"I&aposm very impressed that someone who is so humble has achieved this," Mourino said.
Solid, straightforward, and pretty cheap, no wonder the humble "BEC" starts off so many mornings.
"But [she's] the most beautiful, humble, sweet person you'd ever want to meet," she says.
They originally played Sunday League football on Hackney Marshes, but quickly outgrew their humble origins.
"Stay humble and always remember (as my mother always told me) this too shall pass."
One of the most versatile (but often overlooked) kitchen appliances is the humble waffle maker.
You're down to earth, not cocky, humble, and always willing to admit when you're wrong.
It also meant something to me that I was able to witness her humble beginnings.
Despite whatever humble beginnings that child comes from, that child will succeed at every level.
She came from humble beginnings, growing up in Brooklyn with her family (including mother, Carol).
His more humble approach is aimed at creating a more subdued yet enjoyable listening experience.
When asked if she had her sights set on number 25, her response was humble.
The news media have few inhibitions left about using private scenes to humble the famous.
The company was revitalized by CEO Stephen Wynne and moved to Humble, Texas, in 1987.
After knowing Amy for a bit longer now, I would describe her as very humble.
Starting from humble roots, Tracy created a multi-million dollar brand through determination and moxie.
The secondhand market isn't a space where you wait for sales or Humble Bundle packages.
If you must adorn your humble abode with something new, it should be home security.
The humble M&M needs no new frills, but that hasn't stopped Mars Inc. before.
But in hindsight, she probably regrets not adding "better producers" to her humble gift list.
It wasn't even a humble brag, I'm not even good enough to do a humblebrag.
These humble TV actors don't often get the same attention as those haughty series regulars.
Maybe there is some slim hope for the future of mankind—in the humble plant.
At the very least, these jobs will humble you and provide great future writing material.
Tons of celebs have stepped out rocking the humble style in the past week alone.
In her red-carpet interview with Ryan Seacrest, Cox remained her humble and joyous self.
Even with all his success, I have never met a person as humble as he.
Even a "humble" million-dollar exit can make a huge difference in a founder's life.
Rather, the pair are a humble but important update for the 20-year-old series.
Reached for comment, Gronk was very humble and demurring in his acceptance of this honor.
SERGEI ROLDUGIN is a humble cellist who is also one of Vladimir Putin's closest friends.
These ethereal visions of spiritual glory contrast sharply with the humble circumstances of their origins.
I feel more humble than ever... just looking at my dad's smile says it all.
Boston Beer is betting on the humble can to boost sales with the millennial crowd.
He wants to be less conspicuous ... Our president is a very good and humble fellow.
Growing from a humble garage project into a global competitor may be possible… but easy?
" People who only ask questions and share little about themselves are usually quiet, humble "givers.
All of this while remaining as humble as ever — something he credits to his father.
"HUMBLE." is the epitome of the sour and electrifying note that also runs through DAMN.
Humble, was not a final judgment, and the State Legislature was determined to keep trying.
"I don't see how a true, humble basketball fan can vote against Steph," Webber said.
What were once bothies (humble shelters where garden laborers would have lived) are now bedrooms.
This is optional, but it seems to help with quality, based on my humble experience.
We know that even if the Tribe make us proud, life will keep us humble.
Humble Monthly Featured Games: Warhammer Vermintide II, Earth Defense Force 4.1 & More $12/month Subscription
It's the most humble I've ever been in my life and I'm 21980 years old.
He shares behind-the-scenes photos that show the humble beginnings of his finished work.
Based on conference calls and other communications, Schwimmer struck Brand as smart, humble, and strategic.
Its denizens are proud, sometimes rivalrous, occasionally poetic and, at least in one case, humble.
First off, the best athletes manage to stay humble, no matter how successful they become.
Many Microsoft-watchers, including your humble correspondent, thought it was fated to forever be vaporware.
The biggest behemoths, from Apple to Google to Amazon, reportedly started from those humble beginnings.
Even fashion house Balenciaga crafted a $2,145 bag inspired by the Swedish store's humble tote.
Sure enough, she really is a sweet person — humble and kind and not into herself.
Yet, Applegate emphasized, despite Henderson's long and distinguished career, she never forgot her humble beginnings.
Now, she draws for her own satisfaction, selling her drawings on a humble Etsy store.
But once we had a mutual understanding, they were wonderfully humble and friendly to me.
Both versions are sick, but this one is even catchier in my very humble opinion.
Faith Ekakitie, like millions of others, is pursuing the humble goal of catching them all.
Get ready to spend all weekend humble-bragging about your beak-to-butt cooking skills.
No.In my humble opinion, he is one of the best rappers I have ever heard.
Grogella didn't want me to have sex with her, though—she was far more humble.
Each demonstrates an intimate appreciation for the variety in even the most humble of vegetables.
Yet the team had a hazy, crazy idea that belayed its humble dorm-room beginnings.
The vast majority, except for a few notable exceptions, are driven, humble, and kind people.
It's no wonder Leone is particularly passionate about founders from humble backgrounds like his own.
Summery, frozen boozy drinks are the best kind of boozy drinks, in my humble opinion.
He knows the industry, and has dozens of patents related to the humble folding chair.

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