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"end" Definitions
  1. the final part of a period of time, an event, an activity or a story
  2. a situation in which something does not exist any more
  3. the part of an object or a place that is the furthest away from its centre
  4. an aim or a purpose
  5. [usually singular] a part of an activity with which somebody is involved, especially in business
  6. [usually singular] either of two places connected by a phone call, journey, etc.
  7. one of the two halves of a sports field
  8. (British English) a small piece that is left after something has been used

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"end" Synonyms
tip point cusp base peak cap ceiling heel limitation nib nose pike tail bottom neb prong spire tail end top tag end boundary edge border bound extremity limit margin extent periphery confines extreme fringe perimeter apex borderline brim edging hem line rim conclusion close ending finish resolution finale termination completion climax closure consummation culmination denouement stop cessation expiration outcome result arrest arrestment goal purpose aim design intention object intent objective target aspiration ideal mission ambition motive plan reason desire dream idea remnant stub remainder butt fragment scrap stump leftover bit oddment vestige dregs leftovers remains lees particle residue dog end fag end piece share portion slice part cut quota proportion allotment allowance take lot division percentage fraction bite chunk apportionment allocation death demise doom destruction dying passing ruin expiry extinction annihilation curtains dissolution extermination ruination decease downfall quietus croaking grave side aspect section area field segment province speck atom grain shred crumb morsel iota drop abolition cancellation(UK) repeal annulment nullification abrogation voiding invalidation rescindment quashing negation cancelation(US) revocation withdrawal avoidance rescission abatement abolishment aftermath consequence effect upshot corollary product issue aftereffect sequel repercussion outgrowth development backwash fruit precipitate resultant sequence sleep deadness lifelessness rest mortality oblivion fate fatality nothingness afterlife darkness eternal rest final exit height zenith pinnacle acme apogee maximum ultimate vertex depth pole nadir terminal overthrow collapse fall defeat undoing toppling breakdown subversion disestablishment rout subjugation break-up failure shaft handle shank stock haft hilt foot grip helve handgrip stem stick knife handle sense meaning theme drift essence vein intimation gist substance flavor(US) flavour(UK) import interpretation significance connotation implication message back rear backside stern hindpart hindquarters posterior reverse aft behind tailpiece far end hind part back end rear end end part devastation wreck decimation demolishment demolition desolation elimination eradication obliteration wastage disintegrating dissolving extinguishing crust ender healie knobbler knobby knocker nobbly noggie noggin norbert nub nut end outsider death warrant last straw apocalypse bane coup de grace cutoff deathblow death knell end of the road end of the world end point execution warrant final blow last nail in the coffin point of no return lethal grounds cause occasion rationale basis case argument explanation justification impetus incentive account apology defence(UK) crackdown clampdown repression suppression crushing crush curb embargo getting tough restraint restriction severe measures shutdown squelching stern measures strike head crisis boiling point clutch conjuncture Dunkirk emergency exigency juncture tinderbox crossroads crunch watershed defining moment turning point job assignment operation commission task work charge undertaking errand labor(US) labour(UK) business calling duty exercise expedition quest trip chore kismet destiny fortune luck chance circumstance providence karma predestination predetermination stars horoscope preordination destination predestiny Providence evening autumn afternoon age last part latter part latter stage declining years later years elderliness maturity oldness agedness ancientness senility dotage senescence seniority knell warning portent omen death sentence evil omen ill omen beginning of the end presage of the end presage foreshadowing harbinger forewarning writing on the wall danger sign foretaste fair warning advance warning fee cost price payment wage salary emolument pay toll figure remuneration stipend bill consideration handout honorarium match in the powder barrel motherload overload final straw breaking point straw that broke the camel's back bridge too far absolute limit final push deciding factor finishing touch end of the line final affront final indignity final provocation final stroke post bar rod beam staff stake support batten mast paling picket stanchion stave baton pale palisade pillar basement foundation lowest point rock bottom toe lower limits lowest part bed ground floor depths nether portion deepest part underside footing decision finding ruling verdict judgment(US) sentence arbitration decree determination judgement(UK) order adjudication pronouncement recommendation adjudgement deliverance diagnosis injunction halt discontinue terminate break off cease dissolve ax(US) axe(UK) complete conclude quit resolve abolish abort annul break culminate settle build up to close out lead up to wind up wrap up reach a finale round off round out bring to a close come to a head bring to an end quash destroy eradicate annihilate eliminate kill exterminate extinguish liquidate extirpate vaporise(UK) vaporize(US) wipe out do away with put an end to rub out snuff out depart die expire croak exit flatline go perish succumb desist wane check out quell suppress subdue repress squash squelch check stifle frustrate silence overcome beat thwart conquer fail crash fold fizzle flop decline default miscarry retire bomb plummet founder topple languish slump evaporate disappear fade vanish evanesce dematerialize disperse dissipate pass evanish clear dispel flee fly sink melt away fade away come out develop eventuate transpire turn out prove work out pan out fall out shake out prove to be the case end up happen go over fare blow over dwindle recede abate ease lessen diminish slacken subside remit peter out drop away drop off combat fight oppose counter defy resist withstand tackle confront obstruct block hinder impede inhibit oppugn restrain iron out arbitrate clear up expedite get rid of harmonise(UK) harmonize(US) negotiate smooth over straighten out unravel agree compromise erase put right reach an agreement fluff tank crater flag flounder flunk break down fall flat fall through cure solve correct fix rectify mend alleviate repair right counteract remedy ameliorate remove deal with set right decide accept arrange contract accede acquiesce arrive at confirm decide on determine establish meet bargain covenant set hammer out satisfy recompense compensate indemnify remunerate repay requite balance discharge equalise(UK) equalize(US) recoup reimburse square disburse rearmost hindmost final last closing concluding terminating latest bottommost lag latter furthest farthest endmost remotest outermost finishing More
"end" Antonyms
midpoint middle center(US) centre(UK) midsection centrality halfway point mid point middle point central point beginning commencement launch start establishment inception outset genesis rise unfolding birth conception introduction beginnings incipiency infancy opening origin development incipience entirety whole absoluteness completeness entireness fullness wholeness totality total unevenness juncture birthing nativity arrival creation bearing delivery childbirth producing parturition geniture childbearing being coming entity continuance continuation action activity advance continuity go initiation persistence resumption cause source causation antecedent acceleration encouragement precipitation promotion quickening activation aid assistance freedom help liberation release letting go inside interior minimum central core open nadir boon prosperity good fortune bottom good luck approval confirmation construction enactment foundation institution legalisation(UK) legalization(US) restoration retention validation main meal pointlessness aimlessness futility purposelessness hopelessness triviality inanity insignificance unimportance meaninglessness uselessness inappositeness needlessness worthlessness impertinence inconsequence senselessness irrelevance irrelevancy stupidity alliance amalgamation coalition combination unification union connection growth improvement inauguration problem question avoidance dislike hate hatred neglect thoughtlessness compulsion impulse whim extemporisation(UK) extemporization(US) impulsion vagary whimsy defence(UK) defense(US) preservation protection accidentalness incidentalness unintentionality accidentality fortuity inadvertence happenstance fortuitousness subject top begin commence initiate effectuate undertake institute invoke trigger kickoff tackle lead establish develop embark on jump into kick off kick-start proceed happen occur transpire unfold actuate materialise(UK) materialize(US) actualize come about come up crank up get going resurrect awaken rejuvenate revive enliven reanimate reawaken renew restore resuscitate regenerate revitalise(UK) revitalize(US) animate rewaken revivify rewake bring back make whole wake up live exist endure breathe remain grow survive be alive have life remain alive draw breath be extant make a living walk the earth create authorise(UK) authorize(US) continue found introduce legalise(UK) legalize(US) promote reinstate reintroduce retain sustain allow approve prompt aggravate agitate compliment disturb encourage irritate lose perturb praise succeed surrender win yield bring about build up resume recommence pick up reopen appear emerge issue pop come into view become visible come into sight pop up reveal itself come to light bob up be within view expose itself heave into view hove into view take shape turn to thrive burgeon boom shine blossom improve profit achieve accomplish ameliorate bourgeon flourish reach bloom earn prosper persevere persist keep up perpetuate carry on press on push on drag on go on hold hold on hold up keep going keep on not give up not stop proffer offer extend present propose submit propound proposition tender arrive collect dampen gather moisten soak solidify strengthen earliest first foremost headmost inaugural initial leadoff maiden original pioneer primary starting

836 Sentences With "end"

How to use end in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "end" and check conjugation/comparative form for "end". Mastering all the usages of "end" from sentence examples published by news publications.

"What we end up gaining in the cold end, we might end up losing at the hot end," Barnett said.
Arrested Development didn't end, Indiana Jones didn't end, Gilmore Girls didn't end.
"The end of the world restaurant, the end of the world shopping mall, the end of the world post office, the end of the world lighthouse, the end of the world national park, the end of the world Irish pub."
We might end up at one end; we might end up in the middle.
Stories end, friendships end, relationships end, and we must come to terms with it.
I covered Heckinger and the end of Woody's, the end of Garfinkel's, the end of everything.
As the label implies, end-to-end encryption takes place on either end of a communication.
A good business model requires thinking through the end-to-end experience Before starting any hardware company, you must think about the end-to-end experience and service.
It was always destined to come to an end, whether it's a good end or a bad end.
Aftermath: Empire's End by Chuck Wendig Chuck Wendig's Aftermath trilogy is coming to an end with Empire's End.
Its argument is twofold: First, end-to-end encryption is unlikely to stop law enforcement from surveilling society because most digital businesses will not adopt end-to-end encryption.
Best: Allo will have the same end-to-end encryption as WhatsAppUsing the Signal protocol from Open Whisper Systems, Allo offers the same end-to-end encryption as WhatsApp.
You end up Ceausescu, you end up Hitler in the bunker, you end up ... That's where the end is for all of you as far as I can tell.
In the end, the Census Bureau eliminated all its end-to-end tests except the one in Rhode Island.
The product, an end-to-end CRM software, integrates with rental platforms like Airbnb and HomeAway to that end.
It was a nail-biting end to a seesaw quarter-final that saw plenty of end to end action.
WhatsApp's end-to-end encryption means that only the devices at either end of a communication hold data unencrypted.
We estimate FFO-adjusted net leverage at 4.7x at end-2017 (end-7503: 7x) and 4.3x at end-2018.
Impaired loans were 0003% of total gross loans (CIB, at end-2015 and these were largely unchanged at end-1H16), 13.4% (EBH, end-1H16) and 9.4% (K&H, end-1H16).
Facebook's end-to-end encryption will be opt-in By introducing end-to-end encryption to Messenger, Facebook joins the growing ranks of messaging apps offering stronger safeguards against surveillance.
An end can be a hard "end" of a podcast, but it can also be the end of a segment, or even the end of an introduction within a longer episode.
Vanke's asset turnover picked up to 3.04x at end-2015, from 2.94x at end-2014 and 2.09x at end-2013.
It will end where it was always fated to end, where everything is fated to end, in a pointless vacuum.
Best of all, they're end-to-end encrypted, which means sent messages are scrambled on one end of the conversation — the device — and unscrambled at the other end on the recipient's device.
Banks and non-financial corporates usually borrow at the short end, and so lower short end yields and higher long end yields may be helpful to both short and long end investors.
BOI's impaired loans ratio fell to 8% at end-2016 (end-2015: 11%) compared with 14% for AIB (end-2015: 19%).
In the end, this wondrous innovation that spells the end of driving might end up encouraging a more car-centric lifestyle!
FFO-adjusted leverage was 673x at end-2015, while net debt/EBITDA increased to 5.5x at end-2015 (end-2014: 5.2x).
An end in this case can be a hard "end" of a podcast, but it can also be the end of a segment or the end of an introduction within a longer episode.
" French: Not the beginning of the end, the end of the beginning -   National Review : "This is not the beginning of the end of the Trump/Russia investigation; it's the end of the beginning.
You'll likely end up feeling more energized in the end.
And then folded in from the corner, end over end.
I end up getting a burnt end sandwich with fries.
JOHN WILLIAMS: Well, in the end the end too optimistic.
And it just seemed like dead end after dead end.
It needs to end, and it needs to end now.
End to end ownership o We have too many departments.
If this shit doesn't end now, when will it end?
It did not end, because it does not ever end.
Not the end that you write with, the soft end.
Why precipitate the end months before the end of tenure?
When someone's story isn't ready to end, it doesn't end.
Most friendships end, even very good ones end over time.
We must end unnecessary arrests and end disparity in enforcement.
There's cowardice on one end and recklessness on one end.
Inside, cars were parked end to end in three rows.
The end of days feels like the end of theater.
That was the end of the end, we were told.
I want this to end; it's got to end now.
The game continued to fluctuate wildly from end to end.
They said they're going to encrypt it end to end.
All right, so I'm gonna end, cause we gotta end.
"Every season, you read at the end of the last script 'End of Season 1,' or 'End of Season 2,'" Harington explained.
FCC ratios were 13% at IY at end-3Q0003, 17% at TB at end-1H16, and 25% at UB at end-2015.
End-to-end, the space station is just one yard shy of the full length of a football field, including end zones.
Phoenix's financial leverage has improved significantly in recent years, to 103% at end-1H16 (end-2015: 31%) from 52% at end-2011.
The app already silos end-to-end encrypted messaging into a 'secret chats' feature, which has to be initiated by the user vs the default message type (which is not end-to-end encrypted).
Pylons were placed at each end of both 10-yard lines, marking the front of the end zone, and at each end of both normal goal lines (for the back of the end zone).
The same thing happened in 2013 with the end of Breaking Bad, in 2010 with the end of Lost, in 2007 with the end of The Sopranos ... hell, in 1998 with the end of Seinfeld.
But it's a pretty straightforward move to go from end-to-end encrypted chats to encrypted calls; for example, Signal, the privacy-focused messaging app, has an option for end-to-end encrypted calls already.
How end-to-end encryption protects user data even if a server is hacked When messages are encrypted end-to-end, the information stored on the server is secure even if the server is hacked.
In the modern-era superhero movie, this kind of grandstanding has nearly assumed the level of a genre prerequisite, especially in finales that never seem to end, but end and end and end (then die).
It seems that Brandis probably heard that it was feasible to attack end points without disrupting the security of end-to-end encryption.
Its CRR leverage ratio also improved, to 4% at end-2015, reaching the lower end of its end-2016 of 4%-443% target.
You get to learn about front-end and back-end development, and you end up building your own project from start to finish.
The high end is the high end, and no one has a higher end than me....In this business, no one steals clients.
At end-1H17 MAPFRE reported a combined ratio of 97.2% (end-1H16: 97.5%) and a return on equity of 9.1% (end-0003H16: 8.8%).
There has been a sustained reduction in Israel's government debt/GDP ratio to 63.9% at end-2015 (end-2007: 74.6%, end-2003: 0003%).
BIR BIR's NPLs ratio increased to 16.3% of gross loans at end-1H16 from 13.9% at end-2015 and 8.4% at end-2014.
The end of history; the end of Marx and Hamilton, the end of Congress, Wall Street, the Yankees and The New York Times.
Yeah, we take responsibility for our product from end to end.
From end to end, the A train is the longest route.
Probably $80 on the lower end, $100 on the upper end.
It's high time to end the game, and end the throne.
Not all of them end well – but they all end beautifully.
The end of this election won't be the end of anything.
And it's going to end by the end of the year.
Emanuel could be at the end, the unplanned end, of his.
He played mostly defensive end and tight end in high school.
It all works together, the back end and the front end.
Front end folks and back end folks just can't get together.
The total ride time is around 15 minutes end to end.
But the show's end didn't end their friendship or their partnership.
The end of July can feel like the end of summer.
At the end of the week where do we end up?
End to end, they would stretch for 109 kilometers (68 miles).
There are high end and low end systems on the market.
No, you'd want to control the entire thing, end to end.
Snap introduced end to end encryption in January of this year.
""At the end of the day, all of this will end.
Stay until the very end for a few end-credits scenes.
But for 13 years, they hit dead end after dead end.
Your eyes light up and automatically think defensive end, tight end.
The result would be a single "end to end" energy behemoth.
Meanwhile, more tech companies are rolling out end to end encryption.
We used to think of a company as end to end.
But an end is an end, and it felt like failure.
Somehow, we'll end up with the short end of the stick.
Working to end poverty and homelessness is working to end trafficking.
It was the end of 2019, not the end of 2018.
It was the end of May, the end of the season.
At the end of the day, what is your end game?
The War to End All Wars could not even end itself.
The final to end all finals was the final without end.
This must end, because if we do not, we will end.
At the end, after the end, the French finally lost control.
If the tournament doesn't end tonight, it'll likely end this week.
Salzer arranged them end to end, forming a six-foot radius.
You have complete control of the process from end to end.
Perry's West End play, The End of Longing, opens in February.
Market cycles don't end at fair value, they end at overvaluation.
The end of Empire meant the end of that huge benefit.
Because in the end, "Facebook sucks" is your end point, right?
This would put them in the position of either having to accept liability, undermine the protection of end-to-end encryption by adding a backdoor for law enforcement access, or avoid end-to-end encryption altogether.
Disappearing messages, ease-of-use, and end-to-end encryption are great features, and they're part of the reason why we recommend Signal over many other end-to-end messaging apps for your most sensitive communications.
What is the end game to the immigration issue, what&aposs the end game -- INGRAHAM: Build the wall, end chain migration, reform asylum laws.
On the art director's end, on the costume designer's end, and the cinematographer's end — color palettes and creating this world that is visually consistent.
It expects one more 2787 by year-end, a total of seven by the end of 2350 and 23 by the end of 22.
We'll get to the end of transition and say 'hey, we are nowhere near ready to end this' and end up extending transition indefinitely.
The bank's non-performing loan (NPL) ratio was 1.63 percent as of end-June, unchanged from end-March, but the volume of NPLs rose to 181.949 billion yuan at end-June from 176.424 billion at end-March.
By comparison, Firefox's account sync also has default end-to-end encryption, but Google only offers the end-to-end flavor (meaning Google can't see what you're syncing back and forth) if you set an optional passphrase.
I truly believe projects end up where they're meant to end up.
We're gonna end up with a baby at the end of this.
That means that the end of the Mueller investigation won't end QAnon.
But that's the tradeoff that fully secured end-to-end encryption requires.
As the action went end to end, Croatia had its chances, too.
End-to-end encryption gives you ability to mathematically guarantee people's privacy.
The back-end tech is faster, the front-end interfaces are easier.
We need to end the misconceptions; we need to end the shame.
Unfortunately, it doesn't offer end-to-end encryption to protect users' privacy.
But the end of the Earth isn't the end of the game.
Most end up crashed before the projected end of their useful lives.
Though in the end, the order doesn't end up mattering too much.
Amity, for now, has prioritised cute functions over end to end encryption.
That process, end to end, lasts less than two seconds, says Thoma.
All of the apps will support end-to-end encryption as well.
End-to-end encryption will also make Facebook's business cheaper to run.
In the end, you should end up with a completely custom desktop.
The End Circular Barbell Bralette in White, $80, available at The End.
That is the holy grail of the end-to-end customer relationship.
This was at the end of his career, end of his life.
All that stuff end-to-end, and we were not dropping invites.
It might be a happy end, it might be an unhappy end.
The end of the war was nearly the end of Vaccaro's photography.
Pyramid is the first end-to-end Micro Electronic Countermeasure (MECM) system.
The trial is expected to end by the end of the year.
But messages cannot be read as they are end-to-end encrypted.
Every end-to-end encrypted messaging app handles a user's identity differently.
"It didn't end like you would want it to end," Woodson said.
Slipping from end to end like a bullet caught in cetacean aspect.
We have to end the lottery, we have to end the CHAIN.
"It's meant to be an end-to-end experience," said Homepolish's Santos.
The Panthers took an early lead following an end-to-end rush.
It would be longer too—about 1.3 miles from end to end.
Diplomatic negotiations rarely end with a feeling of perfection on either end.
"We are thinking about the travel experience end-to-end," Blecharczyk said.
The end of a relationship isn't necessarily the end of the relationship.
At the end of the day, it's a means to an end.
But, at the end of the year, you end the year higher.
Tracy says the startup's competitive edge is its end-to-end solution.
It does not end in ruin, but it does end in debt.
In Germany, the end of tolerance also signified the end of democracy.
The first quarter was end-to-end although Britain had more possession.
Their decision to end tax incentives for low-end cars suppressed sales.
Not just on the defensive end but on the offensive end, too.
The ECB will end its bond-buying at the end of December.
As the president said, this bloodshed must end -- this bloodshed will end.
It is the end of April, not the end of the year.
It's watching the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy end to end.
So far, only WhatsApp messages are end-to-end encrypted by default.
That's what we mean by end-to-end, or military grade, encryption.
Similarly, Telegram lets you start "secret conversations" with end-to-end encryption.
It's nice to be on our end sometimes than the other end.
"You can go end to end, potentially, in the fly," he said.
It's the end of the beginning and the beginning of the end.
It could take forever, or end tomorrow, or end in two months.
They're just a means to an end, and the end is power.
But most riders do not ride the subway from end to end.
Zero employees are required to complete the end-to-end lending process.
WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption, but its Google Drive backups don't.
So New York is too high-end for even the high end?
Does it end — does it end in taking down the Washington Monument?
On WhatsApp, messages between users are end-to-end encrypted by default.
We end up lounging and I probably end up drinking more wine.
But the end of Tacky was not the end of Tacky's Revolt.
I think we're seeing the end of empire, the end of globalism.
A ghost kitchen would help the company control things end to end.
We drove end to end in 2 hours 48 minutes 7 seconds.
It&aposs the end of a decade, the end of an era.
Maintaining end-to-end encryption for group messaging presents a major challenge.
They use end-to-end encryption similar to that of Facebook's Whatsapp.
And the end of the story is the end of the movie.
Now we can provide the front end of that back-end service.
Amendment 13 would end commercial dog races by the end of 2020.
"It evens out in the end," he says to end the video.
In the end, Geostorm pulls off one big, gutsy trick: to make you long for the end of civilization, just so the movie will end.
The bank's regulatory Tier 1 capital-adequacy ratio continued to deteriorate and stood at 7.6% by end-March 2016 (end-20153: 8%; end-2014: 9%).
After the recipient accepts your invite, all calls and messages in that conversation will be encrypted end-to-end until you choose to end it.
"If you end up with a tariff battle, you will end up with price inflation, and you could end up with consumer debt," he said.
End-to-end encryption can protect messages from being read if they're intercepted, but less so if a hacker has compromised the end device itself.
Also, I was reading all these articles and trend pieces that were [declaring] the end of men, the end of sex, the end of courtship.
BoCom's non-performing loans stood at 1.54 percent at the end of June, unchanged since the end of March, while CCB's NPL ratio increased to 1.63 percent as of the end of June, the same as end-March.
Apple may present another model of how to achieve the sort of massive end-to-end encrypted network Facebook has committed to create: It's managed to build rich features and end-to-end encryption by default into iMessage.
The debate over end-to-end encryption has had several iterations, beginning in the 1990s with the spread of Pretty Good Privacy, or PGP, software, an end-to-end encryption scheme designed by a programmer named Phil Zimmermann.
As a New York City police officer sang the anthem, Bennett was joined by defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson, defensive end Brandon Jackson, defensive end Marcus Smith, defensive tackle Jarran Reed, defensive end Frank Clark and defensive end Quinton Jefferson.
In the end, the Democratic Party is not an end unto itself, nor is a third party an end unto itself, a party whether it be the Democratic Party of a third party, is a means to an end.
Despite being a mainstream messaging app, WhatsApp has gained praise from security experts for implementing the respected end-to-end encryption Signal Protocol across its platform — completing its roll out of end-to-end encryption in April last year.
AgBank's NIM rose to 26.8740 percent by the end of June from 2.28 percent at the end of December, while BoC's NIM rose to 1.88 percent at the end of June from 1.85 percent at the end of March.
Its external borrowings accounted for 80% and 68% of the company's total as of end-2016 and end-2015, respectively, compared with 26% at end-2011.
Anyway, all of which is to say: "Empire State of Mind" is the end-of-the-night banger to end all end-of-the-night bangers.
It was really difficult … Now, I can look back and say, 'Oh my God, yeah, that was definitely the end of the end of the end.
I feel like if it keeps going the way it's going, somebody's gonna end up injured, somebody's gonna end up hurt, somebody's gonna end up shot.
"We are going to end you, we are going to end your friends, and we are going to end everyone," the voice declares in the trailer.
The upper end of the market saw the biggest sales growth – the lower end saw the biggest drop, because supply is leanest on the low end.
So I absolutely believe that we will end up in Sweden to end.
It's also worth noting that Google doesn't mention end-to-end encryption anywhere.
It really is just a bunch of disparate scenes laid end-to-end.
Step 4: Open the looped extension end and pull the long end through.
The end of the shutdown won't bring an immediate end to the delays.
Some, finding themselves at wits' end, attempt to end their pain by suicide.
Google does offer an "incognito" messaging mode for end-to-end encrypted messages.
It's not the end of mine and it's not the end of yours.
"And the fastest way to end it is to end the Trump administration."
Google's new video calling app Duo will use end-to-end encryption, too.
Yet the end of Game of Thrones does spell the end of something.
Fareed Zakaria, the centrist liberal, announced the end of the end of history.
Signal, like many messaging apps today, uses an end-to-end encryption system.
We have built a system that learns end-to-end with machine learning.
Will you be on the winning end of credit, or the losing end?
Technology is always a means to an end, never an end in itself.
Who else might end up sitting on the Iron Throne in the end?
It says all content sent via the app is end-to-end encrypted.
End-to-end autonomous platforms are the future of the commercial drone industry.
Solo could still end up being a box office winner in the end.
At the end of the day, Ross's bullish doesn't end at the industrials.
ProtonMail is arguably the easiest way to send end-to-end encrypted emails.
Will it do so by outlawing the use of end-to-end encryption?
This is not the end but it is the end of the beginning.
And promising "we're gonna end it" begs the question: End what, and how?
Simply put, this bill would flat-tire end-to-end encryption within America.
For Fares, the job will not end with the end of the conflict.
Premium income increased to EUR16.3 billion at end-3Q17 (end-3Q16: EUR15.4 billion).
The company claims the process, end to end, is 86 percent efficient, i.e.
RCS's biggest problem is that messages are still not end-to-end encrypted.
Calls are also end-to-end encrypted, like all chats on the platform.
He didn't end up being expelled, but the two did end up dating.
As opposed to targeted attacks, end-to-end encryption protects against mass eavesdropping.
We're going to announce 23 end-to-end services for that journey today.
Some end up being stupid, but others end up moving the plot forward.
Duo is a simple 1-1 video calling app, end to end encrypted.
"The Germans say that the horrible end is better than horror without end."
If it's encrypted end-to-end, no one — even algorithms — can see inside.
This violence must end, and we must all work together to end it.
Apple's iMessage and Facebook's WhatsApp also support end-to-end encryption by default.
It is the end of the beginning, not the beginning of the end.
We're too busy to start at the beginning and end at the end.
For an interactive graphic showing high-end versus low-end sales, click: tmsnrt.
Donovan has Trump's endorsement, which could end up saving him in the end.
The best way to end overdose death is to end drug prohibition now.
Waiting - in the end - for the awful moment when the suffering would end.
But with the end of river flooding came an end to fresh sediment.
Enforcement is a means to the end, and the end goal is compliance.
We're gonna kind of build it like a truly end-to-end system.
"The way we've approached it is integrating from end to end," said Kim.
Therefore, at what stage is it right to overlay end-to-end tests?
The higher-end platforms did not suffer for supporting the low-end platforms.
I would still end up feeling hollow at the end of it, somehow.
Mobile Enerlytics: End-to-end solutions that enable energy-aware mobile app development.
In doing so, Facebook is adding end-to-end encryption to Instagram messages.
For Cattelan, it's not the end goal—it's a means to an end.
That is, long-end rates have dropped more rapidly than front-end rates.
Struzl's contract was initially going to end at the end of next year.
At least that's how standoffs between each end of Pennsylvania Avenue usually end.
One of the review's recommendations was to conduct end-to-end simulation tests.
"It's on the verge of a collapse from end to end," Baum said.
And they said if end-to-end encryption were implemented correctly, probably not.
It was the end of last week, and the end of last month.
The end of slavery after the Civil War did not end family separation.
If none of these drugs end up working, the story doesn't end there.
"When will this end?" a card reads at the end of the clip.
It's why some think he'll end up voting for Tillerson in the end.
If you are going to end another life, at least end it mercifully.
At the end of the day, summits don't end conflicts -- political will does.
The software is designed to establish end-to-end verification for voting machines.
Here, it's the dead end, and everybody has to reckon at the end.
The bathroom is completed with high-end end finishes and a pedestal sink.
"If we can end this, let's end it," he recalled telling his attorneys.
Its end-over-end motion provides a fun distraction from the day's stressors.
That day didn't end us, but it was the beginning of our end.
Big tech is girding for renewed government focus on end-to-end encryption.
I may end up with zero followers in the end, but guess what ….
The team realized that A Thief's End had been exactly that: an end.
Phoenix's Solvency II coverage ratio was 0003% at end-1H16 (end-2015: 130%).
You might end up with Amazon, or you might end up with
There are two scenarios, reflecting the low end and high end of projections.
Mitigation on the front-end will lighten the burden on the back-end.
All of the gas goes out the south end, not the north end.
We follow the fence farther, but we end up at a dead end.
Push the long end through the loop which is behind the shorter end.
It is a very good thing that Apple encrypts iMessages end-to-end.
As a result of our peer-reviewed end-to-end encryption, by definition we don't have access to and can't provide anyone with customer data, and our end-to-end encryption remains publicly available open source for peer review and testing.
End-to-end encryption, which ensures that the only people who can see your communications are you and the person on the receiving end, certainly isn't new.
Keybase is end-to-end encrypted, meaning that data is only ever understandable at either end of an interaction, like the two smartphones in a messaging thread.
At end-3Q0003 RSA remained at the upper end of its target Solvency II coverage range of 130%-160% with a coverage of 151% (end-2015: 143%).
The X Prize Foundation first extended the deadline from the end of 2014 to the end of 2015, then to the end of 2016, then of 2017.
At end-2016 RSA remained at the upper end of its target Solvency II coverage range of 130%-160% with a coverage of 158% (end-2015: 143%).
At the end of the first quarter the company had 14,830 business customers, and at the end of last year it had more than 695,000 end users.
The Avengers are going to win in the end, because that's the kind of story Marvel tells — it's just the end isn't the end of this movie.
Biggest remaining holes: secondary wideout, tight end, defensive end Houston had declared interest in bringing back end Jared Crick before free agency, but that market seems dead.
Additionally, it will work with WhatsApp and provide end-to-end encryption for calls.
She attributed it to the end of the election and the end of uncertainty.
It's the enterprise customers that apparently aren't too keen on end-to-end encryption.
Rolling out end-to-end encryption raised not just political concerns, but practical ones.
After that, tech giants began adopting end-to-end encryption even they can't decode.
In the end, Bitcoin may end up being too hot for its own good. 
So you're still going to end up paying for your music in the end.
I just don't see it coming to an end at the end of '19.
They're starting to have an expectation that their apps are end-to-end encrypted.'
The messaging platform, which enables end-to-end encryption, has 1.5 billion users worldwide.
But what exactly is it that is coming to an end in "The End"?
But the end of live never meant the end of Avicii or my music.
"The end of gay rights does not mean the end of homophobia," he writes.
Offering an end-to-end solution for $155,000, HP's machine is priced rather competitively.
We have 5x end-to-end performance improvements when it comes to importing data.
End-to-end encryption also protects Facebook's WhatsApp, Signal's communications app and other services.
We both end up buying tickets to see Noname at the end of November.
Consumers quickly cancel services that don't deliver superior end-to-end experiences, McKinsey says.
It's nearing the end of the year, which means more End of Year lists.
But repeal and replace is a means to an end, not an end itself.
Well, that's one of the problems with full, end-to-end, open source software.
So now in the end-to-end encrypted world, we can't really do that.
Laid end to end, its annual production would go round the world 10 times.
As all good nights end, we end this one with a drunk food run.
Reported NPLs were a high 11.1% at BIB at end-2015 (end-2014: 4.5%).
Tchap features end-to-end encryption, and encrypted messages are stored on French servers.
Well, that's one of the problems with full, end-to-end, open-source software.
Could it be that an end to rave signaled an end to the subculture?
"That was kind of different, from end to end all the time," Laine said.
I wanted to end the daily pain and end the hurt and the loss.
But that's not the end of the story, or the end of our task.
Experiences is Airbnb's most significant effort to become an end-to-end travel seller.
The album wasn't an end-to-end classic, and it wasn't designed to be.
BloomThat, for example, initially handled the whole flower delivery process from end-to-end.
Incognito Mode is encrypted end-to-end and stored on Google's servers as encrypted.
UPDATESource: Twitter has paused working on end-to-end encryption feature for Direct Messages.
Donald Trump's surprise win has been good news for end-to-end encrypted services.
Consider the proposed Feinstein-Burr bill that would basically ban end-to-end encryption.
This crucial fact is rarely noted in articles about end-to-end encryption apps.
However, the end of Girls won't mean the end of Dunham's relationship with HBO.
" He added: "To be realistic, I rather suspect Aaron will end when I end.
Instead, Monsegur prefers Signal, a free messaging app with complete end-to-end encryption.
The trips, Mr. Beelaert said, were often sold as an end-to-end package.
The Dow recovered slightly before the end of the trading end, falling 572 points.
Halloween comes at the end of October and Thanksgiving at the end of November.
Zurich's direct risk declined to CHF5,274m at end-2016 from CHF5,7503m at end-2015.
Toward the end of the book, your characters end up compromising with the system.
End of an era Mugabe's resignation marks the end of an era in Zimbabwe.
"The problem of end-to-end encryption isn't just a terrorism issue," Cotton said.
I think in the end Netflix will probably end up being like an HBO.
He will be the key leader ensuring end-to-end devices business execution excellence.
"The war on our police must end and it must end now," Trump declared.
Is this the end of a tumultuous beginning or just a thudding, premature end?
I recently turned down a request for a cross, which rotated end over end.
Interestingly, companies like Apple have come under fire for enabling end-to-end encryption.
"We're essentially building the back-end for a completely finished front end," Famer said.
End-to-end encryption, as it's called, was a luxury for the paranoid geeks.
End-on-end features contrasting warp and weft threads that create a heathered look.
But it does not have to end there, and it should not end there.
Irene Kim: By the end of 2017, it seemed like the end for Applebee's.
"The End of the End" presents that performance, along with backstage footage and interviews.
THE END OF THE END OF THE EARTH Essays By Jonathan Franzen 240 pp.
The end of the HBO show also means the end of "Thrones" watch parties.
Around treats video as the means to an end, not the end in itself.
To me, photography is a means to an end, not an end in itself.
It's a good time to move forward and end something that has to end.
THRUSH: Her approval ratings at the end of that process-- WILMORE: End of 24?
I followed the borderline from end to end, mostly on foot, occasionally by canoe.
The end of the world doesn't have to mean the end of pancake breakfasts.
The end of Mr. Dixon's relationship also meant the end of the shared house.
The audience didn't want it to end, and we didn't want it to end.
Many of the top chat apps on the market incorporate end-to-end encryption.
But the end of good internet didn't make it to the end of 2019.
Beagle scored his fourth career short-handed goal on an end-to-end rush.
Even the service providers themselves, by design, cannot read end-to-end encrypted messages.
He spends hours on end watching television and days on end staying at resorts.
This destructive end-run around the detention and removal system Congress created must end.
He spends hours on end watching television and days on end staying at resorts.
And the UN notes that WhatsApp's own end-to-end encryption also created challenges.
The rouble found support from local month-end tax payments that end on Tuesday.
Bretagne's debt increased to EUR835m at end-2015 from nearly EUR300m at end-2011.
It's part of what Ballard told CNBC was TreeHouse's "end-to-end" business approach.
From end to end, it has long been an obstacle course of canine excrement.
End-to-end encryption means it's harder for anyone to snoop on your conversations.
The end always justifies the means -- and the end is always and only winning.
"The Great Bull Dead: end of excess liquidity = end of excess returns," Hartnett said.
You didn't know when it was going to end, but it had to end.
Zurich's direct risk declined to CHF5,524m at end-2015 from CHF6,284m at end-2014.
At the end, the families bowed and beamed, signaling the end of the show.
Behind the wall a single painting, dark with age, ran from end to end.
On the main floor, ersatz gondolas with gondoliers ferry tourists from end to end.
Consumer lending rose over 40% between the end of 2015 to end of 2018.
CBM's IDRS, VR AND NATIONAL RATING CBM's NPLs increased moderately to 5.4% of gross loans at end-1Q16 from 5.1% at end-2015 and 2.3% at end-2014.
The end product will emphasize user privacy and integration into mobile messaging apps, including WhatsApp and Signal — two apps that use Marlinspike's end-to-end encrypted Signal Protocol.
The group's core capitalisation remained strong at end-2016 with shareholders' funds of EUR67.3 billion (end-2016: EUR63.1 billion) and Solvency II capitalisation of 218% (end-2015: 103%).
READ: Obama tells Raul Castro embargo is going to end White House calls to end detentions The White House says the practice of rounding up dissidents must end.
On the basketball end, the Knicks need better player development, high-end talent in the draft, some luck in the trade market, and eventually, high-end free agents.
Fitch forecasts government debt will hit nearly 21000% of GDP by end-211, from 21500% of GDP at end-21000 and just 212000% of GDP at end-44357123.
A common way to circumvent end-to-end encryption is to target the end-point itself—the phone, the computer—to siphon messages before they are sent securely.
China now plans to set up end-to-end medical waste facilities in all cities by end-2020 and in all counties by June 2022, said the MEE.
China now plans to set up end-to-end medical waste facilities in all cities by end-2020 and in all counties by June 2022, said the MEE.
The end of a TV show can mean a lot of things for an actor: the end of getting your hair done for free, the end of eating hot snacks for free, the end of free time spent napping in your trailer.
At end-2016 SWG's Fitch-calculated financial leverage was very strong at 0003% (end-2015: 25%) and Fitch-calculated fixed-charge coverage was strong at 6.2x (end-2015: 6.8x).
Even a recent report that the end of a data collection scheme could effectively end the program doesn't represent an official — and officially stated — end to Google's China ambitions.
The end of magic marked the end of Grossman's books, but on TV, the end of magic only means the beginning of some exciting new chapter of the self.
Once you allow religion to enter politics, that's the end of politics and that's the end of democracy and that's the end of anything that I would hold dear.
Joe Barton (R-Texas), would move up the end of ObamaCare's Medicaid expansion to the end of this year, rather than the end of 2019, in the current bill.
High Leverage: CNHI Capital's leverage, as defined by debt-to-tangible equity, was 9.4x at end-1H13, little changed from end-2016, but down from 9.6x at end-2015.
I hope there will be a happy end .. even if it's not a happy end for me, there will be a happy end for other women because of this.
At end-1Q16, TT held USD443bn -equivalent of hard-currency unrestricted cash, 77% of its total cash position (compared to 72% at end-4Q15 and 19% at end-1Q15).
Its net debt to inventory reached 68% by end-2016 and 69% at end-1H0003.
Lands' End— Shares of Lands' End closed up 2200% after posting better-than-expected results.
And that sort of defeats the purpose of on-device and end-to-end encryption.
It is forecast to fall to 7.00 by end-March and 7.10 by end-June.
And so overnight it went from being originally just data, to end to end. MB:
But if the end result is quick, thoughtless spending, then who benefits in the end?
Jones says that WhatsApp slashed spam by 75 percent after launching end-to-end encryption.
In the end, "Jenny of Oldstone" might end up being a song about them, too.
To keep your text messages private, use a service that offers end-to-end encryption.
And the end of the end of the day they had to deal with us.
We see this as an end-to-end platform for helping the creator find collaborators.
I don't have an end goal, because I don't want to think of the end.
As Microsoft puts it: ElectionGuard provides a complete implementation of end-to-end verifiable elections.
Like Telegram, Zello conversations are encrypted end-end so we can't comply to share content.
If placed end-to-end, the LED stripes would stretch half a mile in length.
"Overnight [the contract] went from being originally just data, to end to end," says Nix.
There has to be a recognition of why people end up where they end up.
Financial leverage, as calculated by Fitch, was 21% at end-2016, unchanged from end-2015.
Unlike Allo, all video calls in Duo will be end-to-end encrypted by default.
End-to-end encrypted email provider ProtonMail has added official support for payment in Bitcoin.
But he was aggressive on the offensive end and played well on the defensive end.
HNB's loan/deposit ratio improved to 200153% at end 200143Q200133, from 200123% at end-200113.
Citi's top-end bull case is $1,317 and it's low-end bear case is $329.
But Amani Oruwariye intercepted Zac Thomas' pass in the end zone to end the game.
Layer partnered with 3D design firm Materialise to create an end-to-end customization process.
"Endgame" may be an end of an era, but it's hardly an end for Marvel.
Laid end-to-end, those little blocks of trash would circle the globe 12 times.
Allo offers an "incognito" mode that does support end-to-end encryption, but that's it.
Leading UK bank HSBC also cut its quarter end and year-end forecasts for sterling.
Fender has tuned these with a very smooth high end and a shy low end.
Both Facebook-owned WhatsApp and Telegram use end-to-end encryption to protect users' privacy.
ITAS reported a regulatory Solvency I ratio of 181% at end-2015 (end-2014: 191%).
She puts a timeframe of 10 to 15 years on end-to-end automated delivery.
It is end-to-end encrypted and messages automatically self-destruct once they've been read.
It is not an end-to-end solution today, with respect to video on demand.
Our end-to-end marketing solution simplifies trainings, events and travel logistics with cloud technology.
It was an end-to-end encounter with both teams able to create many chances.
You can, however, opt for an incognito chat, which does use end-to-end encryption.
Facebook has noted that WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption, making Brazil's request technologically impossible.
You're going to end up with a 'fro at the end of the day anyway.
In a few words, Matrix is a messaging protocol that features end-to-end encryption.
But environmental watchdogs say an end to permits does not mean an end to mining.
This means your privacy is protected from end-to-end, at the fastest speed possible.
Official foreign reserves reached USD1,254bn at end-May 2016, up from USD1,233bn at end-9935.
AlfaStrakhovanie's regulatory solvency margin was 103% at end-2016, down from 7503% at end-2015.
"There's the high-functioning end and the low-functioning end of the spectrum," she explained.
OTR, or Off-the-Record, is a protocol for encrypting instant messages end-to-end.
Signal: Signal is end-to-end encrypted by default and funded through donations and grants.
A shot is at the end of an evening or the end of a session.
Bonus tip: Tack the person's name on the end of whatever you end up saying.
Instead, it hit my leg as it tumbled back down the hill, end over end.
"This is not the end of the fight; it's just the end of the beginning."
Graham was there till the very end, introducing Bush's end-of-campaign speech Saturday night.
"We're at the end, and there's volatility at the end of the discussions," said Clifton.
The main chutes' canopies are wide enough to fit three school buses end-to-end.
BoCom's non-performing loan ratio was 1.49 percent by end-December, unchanged from end-September.
It recently rolled out end-to-end encryption as the default setting in the application.
The end of federal support for public media won't put an end to the system.
So, is there any chance the battle for Jerusalem will end before the End Times?
We must fight to ensure nondiscrimination and openness across the internet, from end-to-end.
A flattening is when the short end rates and long end rates get closer together.
In the end, I know that the upstairs/downstairs will come together in the end.
A phone hotline for the program will also end at the end of the month.
All three apps will offer end-to-end encryption, a company spokesperson confirmed to CNBC.
Other tweaks include the ability to quickly send payments (encrypted end-to-end) through iMessage.
"It's the end of my season, not the end of my career," McLaughlin told NBC.
Several bitcoin exchanges then announced they would end trading by the end of the month.
EY wanted an end-to-end messaging service to share messages and files with customers.
In the end it felt like I was documenting the end of this creative relationship.
So, in other words, to effectively push for end-to-end encryption to be outlawed.
At the end of the day, Americans end up as World Champs, no matter what.
Watching something end is difficult, because it reminds us that we're going to end, too.
The company claims that you can build these bots to provide end-to-end service.
All involve packing components closely together, without the complete, end-to-end integration of SoC.
August not only spells the end of summer but also the end of many marriages.
"At the end of the day...AI is a means to an end," Herrod said.
"Robots are part of our end-to-end solutions," said Rahul Mewawalla, CEO of Zenplace.
It also poses the most serious threat in years to strong end-to-end encryption.
"How do you end an ending about the end?" this Vivier asks, over and over.
It announced it would end its main stimulus measure at the end of the year.
The president clearly wants it to end and wants to put an end to it.
Is the end of forgetting also the end of being present in our own lives?
Investing is a means to an end, and that end is our collective financial goals.
That could extend end-to-end encryption across the apps, protecting messages from prying eyes.
We come to the end of wars, in other words, by allowing wars to end.
His tight end, Rob Gronkowski, dropped a potential fourth touchdown pass in the end zone.
Unlike other browsers, Sync data is end-to-end encrypted, so Mozilla cannot access it.
After closing out, we end up at our favorite Mexican spot to end the night.
The reason for this pivots on who controls the "keys" for end-to-end encryption.
End-to-end encryption is a staple of secure messaging apps like WhatsApp and Signal.
Replacements for tight end George Kittle and defensive end Nick Bosa were not immediately available.
Second, they'll be turning on end-to-end encryption by default for all private conversations.
Warning: the end of this video contains a spoiler for the end of Infinity War.
In the end, his presidency could end to a familiar cadence of bang, bang, boom.
Liquid assets to short-term funding stood at 27234% at end-228 (end-303: 230,22013%).
"We just need the shutdown to end and it needs to end today," DeLisle said.
Not all love stories end in happiness, mainly because many of them just plain end.
In India, though, things are moving very quickly to make end-to-end encryption illegal.
So we've just cancelled our contract and expect to end at the end of March.
The letter said end-to-end encryption reduces law enforcement's ability to protect the public.
End-to-end encryption already protects the messages of over a billion people every day.
Some could end up married... and some could end up on the beach yet again.
By expanding Sunrise, Lendio can offer its small business users an end-to-end offering.
The central bank could still end up using the remaining allowance by the year end.
I think nothing is the end of the world until the end of the world.
My mom's end was not, so I consider people lucky to have a peaceful end.
"If you go low-end on furniture, go high-end on the accessories," Blumenfeld said.
To be clear, there's no technical reason that RCS couldn't be end-to-end encrypted.
That the cycle of politics of personal destruction had to end and should end today.
The business, Driivz, specializes in end-to-end software solutions for electric vehicle (EV) charging.
Understandably, they worry about the end of the month, not the end of the world.
It is forecast to fall to 5.33 by end-March and 7.10 by end-June.
Your subscription will continue until the end of the current billing period, and then end.
Drag the End point to cut away unwanted parts towards the end of the video. 
"The days of politicians selecting their voters must end and must end now," he said.
But soon, the team realized that A Thief's End had been exactly that: an end.
MLB's popularity rose 2 points between the end of August and the end of September.
"We are making Lisa a smart social media assistant from end to end," said Demir.
This is what The End of the End of the Earth has reduced us to.
They begin with him being born and they end at the end of his life.
They were thankful by the end of it and didn't end up hating each other.
The millennial-focused company, which launched in 2003, has three digital marketplaces across three price points, including the higher-end Forward, the high-end Revolve, and the low-end Superdown.
However, its investment-property EBITDA interest coverage of 6.7x at end-2015 and 0003x in 1H16 is higher than SHKP's 4.6x at end-2015 and Swire's 5.6x at end-2015.
VTB's Tier 1 capital ratio was 12.9 percent at the end of September, unchanged from the end of last year but down 0.2 percentage points from the end of June.
End of sentence end of paragraph end of story," a senior GOP aide told me, adding that "there are 20-30 Republicans that will oppose any bill that does that.
Gross impaired loans as a proportion of total loans have declined to around 3% at end-2015 from almost 5% at end-203 and just under 9% at end-2013.
They know how to code for a site's front end (the part users interact with) as well as its back end (the server side that powers the front-end experience).
The company's operating performance measured by combined ratio deteriorated to 116% at end-September 2015 from 94% at end-March 26796 (end of FY27217) due to higher net claims incurred.
But I feel like in your 30s, you end up going on blind dates, you end up getting set up, you end up on the internet, doing all those things.
And there's a flight to quality in the short end and in the long end, it would be rising, in terms of deficits and supply weighing on the long end.
It controls its supply chain from end to end which makes it easier to manage costs .
The end of hard-core segregation meant the beginning of the end for the Negro press.
Facebook-owned WhatsApp rolled out end-to-end encryption for all its users earlier this month.
Until then, check out the end of No-End House, which airs its season finale tonight.
At the end of the day, my end goal would be to create a makeup line.
S. banks stood at $12.8 trillion by end-June 2018, up 20 percent since end-2009.
Now Nokia offers "end-to-end" digital infrastructure, supplying network equipment and software to telecoms operators.
This will materially increase its end-2016 cash balance of CNY69 billion by end-June 2017.
End-to-end is increasingly popular as it can protect communications against from interception and surveillance.
"Paying customers want enterprise key management,'" and not end-to-end encryption, the former employee said.
Like most, my personal requirements for long-term data storage pretty much end when I end.
Country Garden's leverage rose to around 45% at end-1H270 from around 29559% at end-219.
By the end of orientation week, the design team had reached the end of its rope.
Flexible screens could still end up being dead end tech like curved TVs or Google Glass.
He had architects design difficult-to-find conference rooms at the end of dead-end hallways.
But people need to remember that bull markets don't end on pessimism; they end in euphoria.
But those local agreements may also end up undercutting efforts to slow or end the war.
In the end I stripped all the melody away and reprocessed the kicks and low end.
Basically, you're getting access to over 125 high-end brands without the ridiculous high-end prices.
Others could be very conflicted but end up voting to support a bill in the end.
End dates for employees who accepted the deal range from year-end 2018 to June 2019.
For Zhang, Liz's desperation came from reaching a dead end in an already dead-end place.
Even though there's no personal data for hackers to steal, Dusk uses end-to-end encryption.
And Facebook is adding WhatsApp to Portal, so all video calls are end-to-end encrypted.
I agree with your general diagnosis here, and yet we end up in a dead end.
The end of Gawker is also the end of an era in the web's short history.
Its Tier-1 capital ratio was 27.17% at end-June 2016 (from19.55% at end-December 2013).
Half will maybe end up in shelters, the other half will end up on the streets.
The device will also support WhatsApp calls, and all calls will have end-to-end encryption.
The bank's non-performing loan ratio was 1.51 percent at end-September, unchanged from end-June.
The planned integration is reportedly aimed at incorporating end-to-end encryption across the different apps.
Huckabee's tweet is baffling from end to end, and it's one in a long-running series.
It recently enabled end-to-end encryption, which would be great were it not so wonky.
Turning stuff up, turning stuff down, adding a little lower end, adding a little high end.
Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is the end of Nathan Drake's adventures as we know them.
"We figured, okay, there's this opportunity to build an end-to-end experience here," says Friedman.
The best times to buy clothes are the end of winter and the end of summer.
With the end of Orphan Black comes the end of a decently plausible science fiction series.
In the end, she decided it would be in Affleck's best interest to end the relationship.
What's most important is how we're doing it and we've created an end-to-end platform.
And at the end, if you print too much you end up with something like Venezuela.
Adobe announced in 2017 that it would end support for Flash at the end of 2020.
"We should probably end up fighting at the end of this," Colbert joked, acknowledging the tension.
In other words, the end-to-end encryption actually provided a good cover for bad hackers.
Debt also increased sharply to EUR5003 billion at end-2016, from EUR7.7 billion at end-2014.
But at the end of the day, you need to remember that it's not the end.
And that, in the end, can end up having a real financial cost to those developers.
After hitting dead end after dead end, I unfortunately cannot provide you with any concrete answers.
With it, Facebook has what's referred to as an end-to-end solution for 360 video.
Even if some of them end up voting for Hillary Clinton in the end, that's okay.
Towards the end of 2017, The New York Times pronounced the impending end of high-heels.
Teams have to end their attempts by the end of this month as weather conditions deteriorate.
Because the folders are end-to-end encrypted, their contents is not readable via Keybase's server.
WALTER ISAACSON: The issue of end‑to‑end encryption, how bad is that for you, really?
It is effectively a fully automated, end-to-end burger assembly line running completely on code.
Samsung Electronics shares erased losses to end up 2012.66 percent at the end of the session.
The offer is expected to run from the end of May to the end of June.
The pair had end-to-end smiles on their faces throughout, and their energy was infectious.
And yet you'll still end up with your head spinning by the end of the movie.
And for us to be able to end this, end this drought, our fans deserve it.
"Privacy is the future" sounds big, end-to-end encrypted messaging by default would be significant.
They end up boycotting so many things that they end up naked on their front lawn.
The real growth potential for the company is with its end-to-end VR audio solution.
It was at the end of the first act, not at the end of the show.
Zuckerberg also writes at length about increasing end-to-end encryption and ephemerality across its services.
With runners on the corners, Kazmir struck out to end the inning and end the threat.
Only a company with a great mapping product can build end-to-end self-driving technology.
If you end up eating only at restaurants, you end up prioritizing the voices of men.
On the luxury end, high-end apartments regularly sell for upwards of $4,895 per square foot.
Impaired loans fell to EUR8.6 billion at end-March 2017 from EUR28.9 billion at end-2013.
Earlier this year it announced it would now encrypt all messages end-to-end by default.
By contrast, Apple approached speakers in typical fashion: It controls the experience from end to end.
It plans to manufacture 30 satellites a year and provide a full, end-to-end service.
They stood at 4.5% of gross loans at end-1H16, up from 2.7% at end-2014.
The bank's impaired loans ratio remained broadly unchanged at 24.4% at end-2016 (end-2015: 23.9%).
The $200 bundle is designed to be an end-to-end entry level 3D modeling package.
At the end of beta, we had a big event "celebrating" the end of the world.
WhatsApp: WhatsApp is end-to-end encrypted by default through Open Whisper's open-source Signal protocol.
Fox is extremely fast, but he doesn't possess Wall's transcendent quickness and end-to-end speed.
These caveats aside, Facebook's introduction of end-to-end encryption (even as an option) is significant.
In the end, Sophie does, to put it mildly, get the short end of the stick.
CBM's end-3Q17 FCC ratio, adjusted for the SPO, was 12% (10.7% reported at end-3Q17).
RBC's year-end forecast calls for U.S. oil to end the year in the low $50s.
And any means to win justifies the end -- as long as the end is a victory.
RBI's CET1 ratio stood at 13.7% at end-September after 13.4% at the end of 2018.
At the end of the workout, swipe right in the Workout app and tap "End."6.
Most important, "Born to Run" is, like his finest songs, closely observed from end to end.
"From the very start of Messages ... we launched it with end-to-end encryption," Cook said.
Non-domestic deposits represented 26% of sector deposits at end-February 2017 (end-February 2016: 15%).
Usually these free handed writing bits..they have an end, but I don't have an end.
Sandnes's impaired loans increased to 3.8% of gross loans at end-June 2016 (end-2015: 2.5%).
Make sure to stay until the film's very end for a few unexpected end-credits scenes.
The end to Guzman's illicit activities, however, does not portend an end to Mexico's cartel violence.
Every asset manager is under big pressure at both the funding end and the return end.
It not only has a turnpike that runs from end to end, it has a parkway.
But he said the end of the Cold War did not end Washington's role in Europe.
Yeah, it didn't end up wonderful for me or the way I wanted it to end.
This brings us back to those places where you can see Israel from end to end.
And the compeition is getting increasingly intensive, for both high-end and lower-end smartphone marketplaces.
The bank's impaired loans ratio declined to 0003% at end-2016 from 12.6% at end-2011.
It won't end well for Republicans, and quite frankly, it won't end well for Donald Trump.
Trade debtor days was 194 days at end-2016, up from 109 days at end-2015.
"End-to-end encryption does not make you safer, it creates legal problems," Mr. Lewis said.
At end-September 7503 the group's regulatory Solvency II ratio was 178% (206% at end-2015).
In other words, proper end-to-end security is required to protect IoT devices and infrastructure.
LSU tight end Foster Moreau recovered the ball, but he was short of the end zone.
From end to end, it measured 17 feet, though its skull and several vertebrae were missing.
AdsWizz offers an end-to-end technology platform that powers music platforms, podcasts and broadcasting groups.
Not many teams have succeeded at beating the Warriors in an end-to-end transition game.
The bottom line: The end of the rules is far from the end of this story.
News that he's "not sure" if he'll end up going to watch the West End production.
Jason Windsor's "The End of the World" was never meant to end up on the internet.
Google on Wednesday announced that its new messaging service, Allo, will offer end-to-end encryption.
The ultimate goal, of course, is an end to all claims and an end of conflict.
End-to-end encryption prevents anyone — including us — from seeing what people share on our services.
Toward the upper end of sport riding, however, the front end begins to show its limitations.
Three years ago, the U.K. government chastised WhatsApp for enabling end-to-end encryption by default.
The end of the word "days" in "End of days?" in the letter S, or ESS.
Of course, this is not secure and private like an end-to-end encrypted chat group.
"So in the end, what did we get?" concludes Colbert at the end of the clip.
It doesn't end when the credits hit, it doesn't end when you put the controller down.
Everything gets synced with end-to-end-encryption protection as well, for extra peace of mind.
Hosts, however, can enable end-to-end encryption in video calls too, according to the company.
Banks borrow on the short end of the yield curve and lend on the long end.
It is end to end — everything from research and development to acquisition to operations and launch.
You'll also end up with quite a few dirty dishes at the end of each meal.
But not all high school relationships end with a "turkey drop," or even end at all.
Google on Wednesday announced that its new messaging service, Allo, will offer end-to-end encryption.
And we're not exactly sure what we'll end up with at the end of it all.
CCB's was 1.48 at the end of June, versus 1.49 percent at the end of March.
"The re-refining process is divided in two sections: front end and back end," she said.
What to eat The end of summer doesn't have to mean the end of grilling out.
"Some of the work I end up putting on the streets end up disappearing," he said.
China's gold reserves fell to $69.785 billion at end- November from $75.348 billion at end-October.
The end of North Korea, and hence the end of its nuclear threat, would be inevitable.
Clover added 10,000 new members by the end of 2019 compared to the end of 2018.
"Of course, the world continues to end," Sylvia tells Lizzie near the end of the book.
Venture investing makes you realize that people somehow end up where they're supposed to end up.
The Coyotes opened the scoring early in the first period following an end-to-end rush.
Its NPL ratio fell to 1.38 percent at end-June, from 1.45 percent at end-March.
The goal is to increase the high-end grocery store's clientele beyond the high-end consumer.
Front End Engineer — $105,240 Without front end engineers, the rabbithole of the internet would be unnavigable.
BoC's NPL ratio fell to 1.38 percent at end-June, from 1.45 percent at end-March.
That made longer end issuance difficult, and a touch tricky even at the front end too.
Similarly, Facebook's Messenger enables end-to-end encryption inside a private chat mode called Secret Conversations.
Mangano, a Republican, will end eight years as Nassau County executive at the end of December.
The end of the school holidays is nearing, and with it, the end of the summer.
End to end — Fort Myers to the Atlantic — this leg of the Loop spans 154 miles.
Maintaining end-to-end encryption for group messaging presents a major challenge to secure chat platforms.
Trump could end up being a disaster in most people's minds by the end of it.
The teams went end to end early in the second stanza with two great scoring chances.
It offers end-to-end processing services, from pricing to transactions, reporting, customer service, and billing.
In the end, three of those four undecideds -- Collins, Flake and Manchin -- voted to end debate.
WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, is a popular secure messaging application that uses end-to-end encryption.
But the company does offer a video-calling app, Duo, that is end-to-end encrypted.
Higher-end specialty brands offering Pilates, barre and cycling, are popping up in higher-end malls.
That's just the end of a species, which evolution has taken it to its dead end.
New bus-only lanes will transform the street from nearly end-to-end during rush hours.
"The app is a means to an end, but it is not the end," she said.
The show is flashier now, and more determined to offer end-to-end pop-star power.
In the end, all parties end up happier and better off, and the experience becomes liberating. 
This isn't end-to-end encryption: your data may still be read if intercepted in transit.
As early as the end of 2017, and most likely before the end of his term.
"In the end, the story wasn't the right way to end the book," he told Noisey.
Those who prefer the Apple universe and its high-end products will end up with Siri.
We will need deep device hardware security with end-to-end encryption to our cloud services.
"I know what the end point is, and at the end of the day, I want this entire long narrative to be a complete story with a beginning, middle, and end."
KEY RATING DRIVERS Leverage to Remain High: Sunshine 100's leverage remained high at around 69% as of end-2016, rising from 63% at end-2015 and 53% at end-2014.
Teresa and Jacqueline agreed to end their war They certainly didn't end the evening as friends, but Teresa and Jacqueline both seemed to respect one another to end their ongoing battle.
In HArold & Kumar, nothing is off limits as long as they end up with a table full of White Castle at the end of the dayat the end of the day.
The Japanese domestic nonfinancial sector had gross financial assets of about 707% of GDP at end-2015, about the same as end-2014 and up from about 559% at end-2008.
Shouldn't Asian restaurants serving high-end ingredients with high-end service and atmosphere be judged next to their Western counterparts, and not to other Asian restaurants that have low-end offerings?
Sovereign net foreign assets (SNFA) will deteriorate to -212001% of GDP by end-2001, from 16% of GDP at end-2017 and a peak of 58% of GDP at end-2015.
For Russia, however, the end of the Cold War signaled the end of two very different struggles—an ideological struggle of communism against democracy, but also the end of Russian derzhavnost.
Direct exposure (including claims on the government and the National Bank) relative to FCC was 4953x at BPS (end-1Q16), 1.6x at BelVEB (end-2015), and 1.8x at BGPB (end-2015).
The Trump lawyers are no longer putting dates on when they expect the investigation to end, after previously predicting an end by Thanksgiving, then Christmas or the end of the year.
In the letter, McDowell suggested pushing back the originally proposed end of fossil fuel lending from the end of 2020 to end of 2021, something the European Commission has lobbied for.
Notably, Compass to date has focused on the high end of the real estate market, rather than the rough-end-ready low end of shabby fixer-uppers and less expensive neighborhoods.
If the end of episode three, "The Big Never," felt like the end of Act I of the season, the end of episode five definitely feels like the end of Act II. There's a nice parallel going on of the 1990 Lt. West (Stephen Dorff) approaching Det.
We live in a society where-- we have-- basically, those who are at the higher end and those who at the lower end, and those who are at the higher end have the opportunity to drive the economy a lot more than those at the lower end.
At end-70, ABN AMRO reported average risk-weights for mortgage lending of 21789%, and Rabobank and ING 244% and 5303%, respectively, at end-17890 (no published data as at end-21153).
To that end, the resulting "Event Genius by Festicket" will be an end-to-end platform for organisers and fans alike, says Festicket, providing a complete offering for the live entertainment industry.
That would explain how Michael works with the Cooperative, as we learn at the end of season 8 premiere "The End," and both Miss Venable and Meade end up leading Outpost 3.
As a result, net external debt is forecast to rise from 35% of GDP (BBB median 163%) at end-2015 to 39.3% of GDP by end-2018 (double the end-2010 level).
Its aggressive land acquisitions in 21750 are likely to lead to a temporary spike in leverage to 21000%-2110% by end-21000, from 211% at end-21500H21000 and 212000% at end-4807123.
At end-70, ABN AMRO reported average risk-weights for mortgage lending of 21789%, and ING and Rabobank 244% and 5303%, respectively, at end-17890 (no published data as at end-21153).
As of end-June, gross bad loans as a percentage of total loans rose to 12.63 percent from 11.17 percent at the end of March, and 10.16 percent at end-June 2016.
Wind power capacity was expected to rise to 25 gigawatts by the end of 104 and 53 GW by the end of 25, from about 2204 GW at the end of 22019.
"If you end up with a tariff battle, you will end up with price inflation, you could end up with consumer debt," Cohn said during an interview Thursday with Washington Post Live.
A Morningstar report found that closed-end funds have fees that are significantly higher than their open-end counterparts, even when adjusted for the additional leverage that closed-end funds can use.
In contrast to Esparza's contained space, de Nieves's 2016 installation ''beginning & the end neither & the otherwise betwixt & between the end is the beginning & the end,'' is all openness, light and extravagant color.
It also increased the target of amortized mortgage loans to 45 percent of all applicable loans by end-2016, and 50 percent by end-2017, from 39.5 percent as of end-March.
The limiting factor here is that we want to be an end-to-end food service business.
The end of the headphone jack has not been the end of the world for iPhone users.
He establishes new support levels with $140 on the low end and $28.50 on the high end.
That makes their end goal of winning the fame game as an end unto itself less...irritating.
High-end luxury goods have had a very good few years, but that's coming to an end.
I'd probably be most tempted by Ohio State end Joey Bosa or Clemson's end Shaq Lawson here.
As far as what would likely end up in that pouch at the end of the night?
Allo, like WhatsApp, will also have end-to-end encryption when it is rolled out this summer.
Its weighted average borrowing cost was 212001% at end-June 2016, compared with 4.2% at end-2015.
Does the end of life as we know it inevitably lead to the end of the world?
"The only thing that's the end of the the end of the world," he said.
As MBW notes, the end of the festival won't mark the end of Apple Music events overall.
The end goal is to eventually trigger a Supreme Court battle that could end in Roe v.
But in the end, there are only two ways a planet could end up in that shape.
I've learned that mixing high end pieces with low end pieces never ever goes out of style.
It's a reasonable question since most of them end up married by the end of their films.
An oversupply of high-end apartments, especially new condo towers, hit the high end of the market.
In the end, a patient can end up paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for revision surgeries.
Contract share of Play's subscriber base had reached 58% by end-2016, from 47% at end-2014.
Common sense says this cycle, this horrible cycle of hostility, must end and ideally will end soon.
Its cumulative cost is the end of legitimate law enforcement, which is the end of legitimate government.
If you look at their front end and even their back end, they can make you pay.
In the end it managed to deliver its second rise only at the very end of 21.
End-to-end encryption prevents anyone — including us — from seeing what people share on our services. Permanence.
High-end handbags, like high-end sneakers, may be turning into an asset class of their own.
In the end, he may end up being neutral in 2020, especially depending on whom Democrats nominate.
At the end, I'm still slightly hungry but end up just ordering a glass of wine instead.
Chief among Telegram's privacy features is a tool called Secret Chats, which provides end-to-end encryption.
In the end, people might end up preferring something like Chroma-linked smart lighting to detailed images.
"I don't want it to end up like DACA where we end up with nothing," said Cornyn.
"As of June, our system can complete the route end-to-end with no disengagements," Rodrigues wrote.
It used a 256-bit end-to-end encryption when transmitting user information, including any video streams.
Meanwhile watch manufacturers abandoned the low end and began selling to the high end consumer, the connoisseur.
" He added, "The days of deadly ignorance will end, and they will end soon if I'm elected.
What is the end end goal of the camp on a global level as well as locally?
The loans/deposits ratio dropped to around 78% at end-2016, from around 94% at end-2014.
End-to-end encryption prevents anyone -- including us -- from seeing what people share on our services. Permanence.
But American officials say that despite WhatsApp's advertised "end-to-end" encryption, it is a security risk.
Security experts have also raised concerns that merging the services could weaken WhatsApp's end-to-end encryption.
Suicide used to end nearly twice as many lives as drug overdoses; overdoses now end far more.
The only line that has been changed 'Till you're at the end, the end of your rope.
Anyone who wants strong end-to-end encryption can get it, for free, with very little effort.
End-to-end encryption means that only the two parties in the conversation have access to it.
It implements highly secure end-to-end messaging with a "ratchet" protocol which provides perfect forward secrecy.
We didn't go low end because we wanted to, we went low end because we had to . . .
German cryptographers have found a way to infiltrate WhatsApp's group chats despite its end-to-end encryption.
Getty ImagesFacebook says it's going to implement end-to-end encryption into its extremely popular Messenger app.
"I think there is an increasing need for more investment, more end-to-end solutions," Brown added.
"Higher-end mobile phone to higher-end tablet zone is probably our floor" for pricing, Abovitz says.
GM said it expects to end the year at the high end of its prior earnings forecast.
There's a wide variety of phones ranging from high-end to midrange to low-end budget smartphones.
Only it will happen when GameStop reaches its wits end, probably at the end of Q1 2019.
End-to-end encryption means the content of communications are not stored in plaintext on WhatsApp's servers.
I don't think if you end a relationship, you should end that, unless it was super toxic.
Fortunately, John and Harry end up on the very same side by the end of the episode.
GoPro is creating "an end-to-end storytelling solution," Woodman said, promising "a lot more innovation" ahead.
When it comes to team messaging, services offering end-to-end encryption are certainly a relative rarity.
I go home and end up watching Andy Griffith and drinking two beers to end the night.
AgBank's non-performing loan ratio was 2.39 percent at end-March, the same level as end-December.
Many popular apps, like Instagram, Skype, Slack and Snapchat don't offer end-to-end encryption at all.
Rogers' remarks echo the sentiments of his predecessor, Michael Hayden, who supports end-to-end phone encryption.
As we previously reported, the Signal Protocol is currently the best standard in end-to-end encryption.
Yahoo competitors, like Google and Facebook, have rolled out strong end-to-end encryption on their products.
Finally Adobe agrees and will end support for the Flash browser plug-in by end of 2020.
So again, the end of the poker face, the end of the hidden parts of your personality.
This does not mean end-to-end encryption is useless, as some hot take artists have suggested.
But that's changing today—Skype is adding end-to-end encrypted messaging, with the help of Signal.
Unlike Slack, Wickr offers end-to-end encrypted instant messaging, voice and video communication, and file exchange.
The end of The Bachelorette did not mean the end of glamorous vacations for the couple.     3.
But the end of the Cold War and technological advances brought an end to Lajes's strategic importance.
But in the end I never lost faith that the terror of racism would one day end.
And whether removing end-to-end encryption would be considered a reasonably required step by the law.
These applications must have three characteristics: First, they must encrypt every message and file end-to-end.
With an end-to-end encrypted messaging protocol, political organizations of every stripe can do just that.
As with Volvo, Uber will integrate its own end-to-end self-driving tech into these shuttles.
In fact, we see the largest differences at the very upper end, not at the lower end.
The Fed added it expects to end its balance-sheet reduction process by the end of September.
Earlier this year, WhatsApp made your chats more secure on its app with end-to-end encryption.
Yes, I want to end the war on drugs and want to end the prohibition on marijuana.

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