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"disallow" Definitions
  1. disallow something to officially refuse to accept something because it has not been done in the correct way

150 Sentences With "disallow"

How to use disallow in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "disallow" and check conjugation/comparative form for "disallow". Mastering all the usages of "disallow" from sentence examples published by news publications.

"I would encourage companies to disallow any employees from collecting money during working hours in the office, and disallow the circulating of paper brackets during working hours in the company," Edelman says.
Yael: How do you disallow USB devices from getting plugged in?
They generally are free to allow or disallow whatever content they want.
One solution would be to disallow accelerated depreciation for investments in automation.
If we disallow some emails, it affects email we get from other email systems.
For instance, the fundamental decision to disallow political advertising seems pretty straightforward and nonpartisan.
Bureaucrats relied on outdated information and mistakes in the states' lists to disallow valid signatures.
To disallow critical burial practices is traumatizing, and a violation of Neba's family's religious liberties.
That's pretty dumb, so in 1993 Congress and the IRS acted to definitively disallow this move.
In September, the company said it would disallow paid advertising views from its own music chart.
The judge in Kaseberg's case has already used similar analyses to disallow some of the writer's claims.
I don&apost see why that reasoning wouldn&apost disallow him from being on the Comey team.
That said, if you don't plan on ever using that feature, you might as well disallow it.
These policies are often couched in vague language, but they should help you decide what to disallow.
But perhaps the wisest policy, for the time being, may be to disallow germline genetic enhancement altogether.
After the vote last year to disallow gay clergy, candidates for ordination like Chet Jechura were devastated.
The ban even goes as far as to disallow the dramatisation of teenage romance, smoking, alcohol consumption and fighting.
It also makes sense that the PBGC should disallow benefit increases as long as a pension plan is underfunded.
The forgiveness statement allowed white people to grab it and use it to deflect blame and disallow real change.
Specifically, Twitter ordered Dataminr to disallow access because Twitter prohibits any entity from using Twitter's data for surveillance purposes.
A French court ruled this week that, under European Union law, Steam cannot disallow the resale of digital goods.
Leaked firmware from iOS 11 shows the option to disallow Face ID logins, even if your face is already enrolled.
Separately, British media reports say the U.K. is set to disallow $1 billion in tax deductions claimed by the company.
But Facebook has good reason to be guarded about its data and disallow any kind of collection of that data.
Uber is asking the court to disallow Liss-Riordan from representing individually any driver who received the email in question.
All the 2nd did in its decision to overturn the settlement was disallow the "abusive" tactic, the objectors' brief said.
Instead, the team comes back to tie the score, at least until those stupid (literal) Nazi refs disallow the goal.
The inspector general's office later issued a review recommending that FEMA disallow $16.4 million in charges that Clearbrook had billed.
The Wheeler proposal would disallow any calculation of these side benefits and allow only those associated with the regulated pollutant.
The new rules would disallow those migrants who cross illegally from seeking asylum and instead place them in expedited deportation proceedings.
Uncheck the box next to the option to disallow cookies — this appears as a cookie icon with a slash mark through it.
"The cop there does not know that it's an essential service, he has no mechanism to allow and disallow somebody," he said.
A man that has devoted himself to ISIS and radical Islam, that's a precursor -- that should disallow an individual to have a firearm.
Under the proposed guidelines, there would be a new restriction that would disallow the introduction of human cells in earlier stage primate embryos.
Users hoping to take advantage of that protection should make sure to disallow non-security key logins, available through Google's Advanced Protection program.
"I want to force a change in the festival community where they can really no longer just disallow harm reduction," Auctor told me.
However, Sutskever added, "researchers can't disallow the possibility that we will reach understanding when the neural net gets as big as the brain."
"But I'm happy that the government doesn't stop or disallow events like this to happen," she added, asking to give only her first name.
I turn off Siri, tape over the built-in webcam on my laptop, and disallow the location services on most of my iPhone apps.
The data did show significantly fewer concussions in Pop Warner leagues, which disallow some blocking and tackling drills and cut full-contact practice time.
Many women had attended the convention's May sessions, but organizers decided to disallow them after it was suggested that women be placed on committees.
The US House of Representatives is moving to disallow such personal relationships, although there is no indication similar rules will be adopted in Australia.
On the other side are consumer advocates, privacy purists and think tanks that want to limit or disallow commercial access to personal data, altogether.
If it were to be audited and found not compliant, the I.R.S. could disallow charitable donations to it or subject investments to federal tax.
An "invite-only beta" is not a total reversal of the company's previous stance regarding CBD, which was to totally disallow sales on its platform.
Once the state takes back its right to disallow the privatization of justice, the law will at least be empowered to intervene for the victim.
Because of this risk, the US has banned the use of Huawei devices in government, and urged its allies to disallow Huawei from building infrastructure.
"We cannot disallow discussion of certain topics that are already widely discussed in society," said Starry Lee, leader of the largest pro-Beijing political party.
Financial and background barriers to entry often disallow people of color from being owners and operators in this industry, but also simply to be employed.
In principle, they can allow or disallow any content they want, as long as they don't violate other laws, such as those on child pornography.
It merely assures that these fabricated products comply with existing labeling regulations that disallow clever wording combinations designed to suggest equivalence to a standardized food.
While some people can research vaccines on websites like WebMD, many ultrareligious or Haredi Jews disallow using the internet fearing overexposure to the secular world.
Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey announced abruptly — though the timing was certainly not accidental — that the platform would soon disallow any and all political advertising.
Twelve American states still disallow former felons from ever voting, even once they have completed their prison sentence and are no longer on probation or parole.
S.E.C. judges can disallow the introduction of expert witness testimony on behalf of defendants, and reject requests for information about government witnesses from the other side.
Judge Leonard Hanser in Palm Beach County postponed the trial indefinitely as prosecutors launched an appeal of Hanser's decision to disallow secretly shot video of Kraft.
If the constitution demands that gay marriage be allowed (as the Supreme Court ruled in 2015), then surely it is unconstitutional to disallow plural marriage, they argue.
Kopel says that certain union-supporters have been "falsely classified as supervisors to weaken support for the union" and disallow them from operating as official union members.
Despite election laws that disallow campaigning on foreign soil, Rios Piter said digital campaigns would necessarily have to reach out to binational communities, which have shared interests.
According to CTG, Rose's presence has helped disallow prolific three-point shooting for his entire team, a career-long trend that probably won't ever turn itself around.
Simply put, because they are no longer beholden to constituents from a particular district or state, this should not disallow them from remaining beholden to the taxpayer.
Generally, despite having terms that disallow posting of violent material, Terms of Service also protect social media sites from being legally liable for what their users post.
There's a somewhat greater chance that the Supreme Court could disallow "independent" agencies in which the leaders of those agencies are protected against removal by the president.
While you're at it, go to the next section, "Ad settings," and disallow Facebook from serving you ads based on your activity and your activity on partner sites.
Despite having 17 (seventeen!!!) beds, house rules disallow parties, though I'm loathe to think how many MAGA-themed orgies the Jamaica, Queens property would be host to otherwise.
The company expects $1.5 billion of the benefit to come from ongoing airfare plans, including about $150 million from cheaper ticket offerings that may disallow advance seat assignments.
It would prohibit cabinet members from owning media firms and disallow companies of which ministers own more than 25 percent from accessing public contracts, subsidies and investment aid.
It has now asked chief wildlife wardens of all tiger range states and field directors of tiger reserves to disallow any filming permission to the BBC until 2022.
Making matters worse, the tax bill would disallow deductions for any payments made after the bill becomes law — even if the nondisclosure agreement was entered into years earlier.
On the other side is a loose confederation of privacy purists, consumer activists and think tanks who want to limit or disallow commercial access to personal information altogether.
The Republicans' tax proposal to disallow interest deductions would create a stronger economy while bringing in additional revenue that could allow them to achieve most of their goals.
During the Iran Hostage Crisis of 1979, President Carter, in conjunction with Congress, invoked the Nationality Act of 1952 to disallow Iranian citizens from coming to our shores.
Still, if you don't have your privacy specifically set to disallow group adding, anyone can simply add you to a group; groups can contain up to 256 people.
"We've been getting a lot more interactions here on Facebook since we decided to disallow MAGA hats and we're not sure how to deal with it," Kwiatkowski wrote yesterday.
Unfortunately, the American Health Care Act would disallow all federal funds to Planned Parenthood — including Medicaid payments, which would disproportionately affect poor women and families, who are often minorities.
The ban I propose would be rather straightforward: The U.S. would disallow all individually targeted ads, with large fines or even removal from the public airwaves for repeated violations.
The court should, in my view, disallow any questioning of a sitting president about the motives behind actions he took that were authorized by Article II of the Constitution.
Amazon quietly announced this week it's retiring its Amazon Music Storage subscription plans, with plans to completely disallow playing or downloading songs from the service starting in January 2019.
Earlier on Friday morning, while everyone was still discussing Zuckerberg's comments from the previous night, Facebook quietly revealed that it would disallow certain kinds of advertisers from using the feature.
This amendment requires OCCR to create rules that disallow anonymous complaints, something that will prevent frivolous complaints and allow the OCCR to focus their time and energy on legitimate complaints.
It is unclear why the Chinese government denied the request and Chinese authorities do not provide reasons to Hollywood studios when they disallow screening of their movies, the source said.
For instance, these insurance plans are not bound by the rules governing pre-existing conditions, and can either charge more or totally disallow any type of individual from signing up.
Other rehabs are not-so-chill and force patients to only walk the halls in pairs, perform invasive strip-searches, and disallow patients of opposite sexes to make eye-contact.
The law means event organizers can be held responsible for drug-related activity on-site—it can be used to disallow harm reduction, misconstruing it as being involved with substance use.
"We've been getting a lot more interactions here on Facebook since we decided to disallow MAGA hats and we're not sure how to deal with it," the post on Monday ready.
What's more, the disallowance provision is so broadly written that it might disallow deductions not only for settlement payments and attorney's fees but also for an untold number of other expenses.
The final version of the tax legislation includes a provision that would disallow a deduction in 2350 for any prepayment of 249 state and local income taxes (otherwise known as SALT).
The measure would also establish a system to license, regulate and tax sales of marijuana, while allowing city governments to exercise local control over or disallow commercial distribution within their borders.
Trump and Modi are largely aligned in their tough stance against Islamic extremism, including efforts like Trump's travel ban that disallow residents of Muslim-majority nations from entering the United States.
During interviews, White appeared more comfortable with the prospects of the matchup should other strikes be allowed, namely kicks and elbows, but would disallow grappling or ground game tactics for Mayweather's sake.
To not adequately reward the work of someone like Biles, to blatantly disallow the greater boundary-pushing innovation and excitement that currently defines it, is to contradict the system as a whole.
The Senate of Spain&aposs action trumped the local parliament&aposs independence vote, which was a symbolic act that is doomed because Spain&aposs Constitutional Court is almost certain to disallow it.
His defense team asked the court on Thursday to disallow that statement, obtained during the questioning, arguing that he was surprised and still in shock from the police search of his home.
"Event promoters use the RAVE Act as an excuse to disallow harm reduction efforts, when in actuality, their concerns are more likely centered around a fear of increased insurance premiums," Auctor said.
While those who have no previous work experience in government are unlikely to win the presidency, such a requirement could potentially disallow the next great president from taking office for obvious reasons.
I spoke to them, asked them what they were basing their protest on, and I ruled basically to disallow the protest based on the fact that it was the umpire's judgment call.
Recently, activists disrupted — without sanction — a conservative speaker in a public forum at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and they have demanded that the administration disallow conservative speakers from appearing on campus.
The "Dear Colleague" letter, signed by 119 representatives and obtained by POLITICO, says the policy reversal discriminates against "gay and lesbian international civil servants" whose countries of origin disallow same-sex unions.
The board, along with the island's unsecured creditors committee, asked U.S. Judge Laura Taylor Swain, who oversees the island's bankruptcy cases, to disallow any claims filed to date by owners of these bonds.
Because many subreddits disallow promotional posts and fiercely enforce rules around formatting and content, the site has remained more or less impervious to the sway of big brands, marketers, and shameless self-promoters.
A provision in both the House and Senate bills would disallow all muni issuers from refinancing bonds on a tax-exempt basis beyond 90 days from their call date for interest rate savings.
Businesses had hoped the justices would put more limits, or disallow completely, lawsuits based on a federal contractor's failure to meet certain legal or regulatory requirements not specifically outlined in a government contract.
"The credits clause for the new devs could disallow for that, but I've never seen it," said attorney Ryan Morrison of Morrison/Lee, a firm specializing in games, esports, and Internet-based entertainment.
In September, it also made it possible for anyone to filter their comments using customizable blocklists — meaning, they could disallow anyone from posting certain explicit words or bullying terms in their Instagram comments.
Responding to liberal Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Paul Hughes, an attorney for the immigrants, said federal law would not disallow state prosecution in identity theft cases over drivers licenses, college applications or credit cards.
Image: Privacy settingsTo our knowledge, the only recourse users currently have is to disallow direct messaging—a process which needs to be repeated for every single server a particular user is a member of.
Democratic opposition to Gorsuch could prompt a Senate showdown over the confirmation of the conservative appeals court judge from Colorado, but Republicans could change the Senate's rules to disallow filibusters against Supreme Court nominees.
To be sure, I am not advocating for greater incivility, but I am advocating for the creation of a common conversational playing field with common rules that either commonly disallow interruptions or commonly allow them.
" When reading "Life in Code" later, I thought of Ullman's musings about interface design in general: "To build such a crash-resistant system, the designer must be able to imagine — and disallow — the dumbest action.
The founding of the Rockefeller Foundation, the first institution of its kind in the US (and the benefactor of this section of Vox), was met with controversy and calls for Congress to disallow the group's creation.
If, by limiting compensation to a college scholarship, the N.C.A.A. was violating the law, then the obvious solution would be to disallow those limits and leave the business of compensating athletes to the universities or conferences.
The federal government can in theory step in and disallow any provincial laws that British Columbia might use to block the pipeline, but this provision in the Canadian constitution has not been used since the 1940s.
"You might have something where maybe they don't disallow you from going to Netflix, maybe they don't even throttle your video coming from Netflix, but they say, 'How does this count toward your data limit?" he said.
South Korea said on Tuesday it plans to disallow sales of two Nissan Motor Co Ltd, one BMW AG and three Porsche AG car models after finding errors in certification documents for the car makers' imported models.
California has passed the strongest digital privacy law in the United States, for starters, which as of 2020 will give customers the right to know what data companies use, and to disallow those companies from selling it.
The match also brought about the first use in France of video replays to help the referee, with the technology being used to confirm Deulofeu's goal and to disallow one by France's Antoine Griezmann just after halftime.
I'm not giving any odds on Republicans balancing budgets with Trump's wish list, but don't disallow the possibility that we could raise billions slapping his name in gold block letters on buildings up and down Embassy Row.
The agency said in a bulletin that it would disallow the practice of certain insurers and pharmacy benefit managers that use contractual provisions to prevent pharmacists from discussing with consumers if low-cost options are available for prescriptions.
A number of companies like Redis, MongoDB and Elastic have recently moved to licenses that explicitly disallow the commercial use of their open-source products by large cloud vendors like AWS unless they also buy a commercial license.
And unlike some apps, concerned parents — or the users themselves — can set a TikTok account to private, turn off commenting, hide the account from search, disable downloads, disallow reactions and duets and restrict an account from receiving messages.
An official involved in the planning said Trump also expressed a belief that a private meeting with Putin would reduce the potential for leaks and disallow aides who might take a harder line on Russia from undercutting him.
Letters sent to him while at Guantanamo are on view, but these are in fact scans of copies of the originals; results of the heavily bureaucratic censorship applied onto the correspondence to disallow Deghayes from viewing the original copies.
One of those laws will disallow school districts from prohibiting licensed gun owners -- including school employees -- from storing a firearm or ammunition in a locked vehicle on a school parking lot, as long as they're not in plain view.
The legislation would among other things bar the removal of the massive telecommunications equipment firm from a Commerce Department trade blacklist without House and Senate approval, and let Congress disallow waivers granted to U.S. companies doing business with the company.
SEOUL, Nov 29 (Reuters) - South Korea said on Tuesday it plans to disallow sales of two Nissan Motor Co Ltd, one BMW AG and three Porsche AG car models after finding errors in certification documents for the car makers' imported models.
The social media company has struggled in recent years with what to allow and disallow on its site, especially after revelations that Russian operatives used the platform during the 2016 presidential election to post disinformation to inflame the American electorate.
This strategy not only takes advantage of reducing taxable income in a high-bracketed year but also could bring you below some income thresholds that limit itemized deductions, disallow certain credits or subject you to the Net Investment Income tax.
But while agreements between hotels and some hotel booking services disallow them from posting their super-low rates publicly, SnapTravel is able to work around that restriction because it's only displaying prices through private, 1-on-1 chats – not publicly on the web.
The Election Integrity Act would also require at least 14 days of early voting, disallow chief elections officials from advising campaigns, order the attorney general to investigate all cases of voter suppression and call for voting stations be distributed evenly throughout states.
"If what they were actually doing was not making charitable contributions but paying bribes, then the IRS should be able to question that and disallow the deductions," said Leandra Lederman, director of the tax program at the Indiana University Maurer School of Law.
Many also don't want to miss a rebound and shy away from booking losses, because the government's "wash sale rule" can disallow a tax loss if the same security or one "substantially identical" is purchased within 30 days before or after the sale.
I also understand that we're all overwhelmed with by privacy-invading services, so if you insist on just continuing to use your phone number for 2FA, at least go to the preferences page and adjust the ad settings to disallow the targeting options.
In a phone interview with Hyperallergic earlier this month, museum employee and union advocate Dana Kopel told Hyperallergic that certain union-supporters had been "falsely classified as supervisors to weaken support for the union" and disallow them from operating as official union members.
The problem is that, as of 2017, only about 10% of websites have enabled HTTPS, and even many of those websites haven't properly configured their systems to disallow insecure non-HTTPS traffic (even though it's free and easy to do using LetsEncrypt).
In this guide I speak specifically to QSBS on a federal tax level, however it's important to note that many states such as New York follow the federal treatment of QSBS, while states such as California and Pennsylvania completely disallow the exclusion.
In 16 other states, it is explicitly illegal, and can earn you a fine or even jail time: Many state laws are somewhat ambiguous: They may allow photos of mail-in ballots only, but disallow any photography in a polling place, for safety reasons.
In California, a similar dynamic has threatened pro-densifying legislation like Senate Bill 50, which aims to encourage transit-oriented midrise development, disallow some low-density single-family zoning and extend the rights of homeowners to build backyard accessory units — "granny flats," as they're called.
In the midst of widespread moves to reduce mass incarceration, the hosts speak approvingly of three-strikes sentencing and "truth in sentencing" laws, which disallow early release, without much thought for the effects such laws have on inmates who aren't serial killers or psychopaths.
The committee said it wanted to disallow the debt that ESL used to bid for Sears and wanted to unwind deals from recent years that the committee said benefited Lampert, including the sale of real estate assets and the spin-off of Lands' End.
He also backed efforts to stop refugee resettlement in Tennessee and to disallow undocumented students from receiving in-state tuition, to require the state driver's license exam to be taken only in English, and to urge Congress to overturn the Obama administration's rule on contraceptive access.
In other words, we can extrapolate that whether or not Facebook and Google disallow campaigns from targeting specific populations, they will still try to do the same thing themselves—and they will do it for "free" for the campaigns, because they have every incentive to do so.
A senior NRA official told CNBC on the condition of anonymity that it opposes universal background checks but is in favor of laws that forces gun store owners to review and disallow the sale of guns to anyone with a record of mental illness or a felony arrest.
"These internal rulebooks should be public to begin with so that we can manage our expectations about what we can expect to see there and so that we can ditch the company if we don't like what they allow—or disallow," Goldberg told Motherboard in an email on Monday.
For example, the provision can be read to disallow a medical expense deduction for a visit to a psychologist if the substance of what was talked about in therapy — perhaps years after a case was settled — related to earlier harassment or abuse that was subject to a nondisclosure agreement.
Legislation that passed the House earlier this month, as well as a bill pending in the Senate would disallow states, cities, schools and other issuers from refinancing on a tax-exempt basis bonds that are more than 90 days from the date the debt can be bought back by an issuer.
Read more: A referee accidentally scored a goal during a Dutch soccer game, then caused outrage by refusing to disallow itKitsada Hemvipat and Leandro Assumpcao of Thai League 1 side Nakhon Ratchasima FC produced the unthinkable on Wednesday when they lept in the air and scored a sensational simultaneous scissor kick.
"To the extent that the EU has barreled forward with consent being the key, in this environment when we can't really know what's being collected about us all the time and what's being used, putting the onus on a person to use judgment to allow or disallow something could be problematic," she said.
The 218th amendment to the U.S. Constitution requires that people age 224 and older be allowed to vote – but it does not disallow states (and localities, unless barred by their host states) from lowering the age, even for congressional and presidential elections, says Joshua Douglas, a University of Kentucky College of Law professor who has written on the topic.
Read more:A referee accidentally scored a goal during a Dutch soccer game, then caused outrage by refusing to disallow itThe &aposchild&apos who went viral after being filmed smoking at a charity soccer game is reportedly actually 36An Australian sports journalist was accidentally charged $100,000 for a bottle of beer during a work trip to England, and he won&apost get his money back for over a week
Read more:A referee accidentally scored a goal during a Dutch soccer game, then caused outrage by refusing to disallow itThe &aposchild&apos who went viral after being filmed smoking at a charity soccer game is reportedly actually 36An English footballer says he might not play in the biggest match in his team&aposs history because he&aposd rather be surfing and celebrating Thanksgiving with his American girlfriendA VAR system stopped working during a Saudi Arabian soccer match after a worker unplugged it to charge his phone

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