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"surrender" Definitions
  1. surrender (to somebody/something) an act of admitting that you have been defeated and want to stop fighting
  2. surrender (to something) the fact of allowing yourself to be controlled by something
  3. surrender of something (to somebody) an act of giving something to somebody else even though you do not want to, especially after a battle, etc.
"surrender" Synonyms
yield submit capitulate succumb concede relent bow acquiesce quit defer cede fall fold blink budge crumble give in cave in back down knuckle under relinquish sacrifice abandon waive deliver render commit forgo abdicate transfer abnegate forfeit grant forsake resign forswear renounce lose cast aside give up leave behind reject disown disavow repudiate discard abjure eschew deny cast off refuse to acknowledge indulge yield to abandon oneself to wallow in give oneself up to lose oneself in give way to indulge in lose oneself to give rein to give free rein to give bestow present provide confer offer donate accord contribute hand furnish leave pass award impart gift proffer transmit consecrate devote dedicate reserve allocate save earmark allot pledge assign apply consign vow set aside set by give up to give over desert dump ditch drop jilt chuck maroon strand forbear blow off back out go back on renege avoid back off backpedal cancel cop out fink out recant renege on retreat from scratch welsh withdraw withdraw from immolate suffer victimise(UK) victimize(US) kiss goodbye abuse mistreat persecute torment bully terrorize(US) maltreat harass torture hassle hound needle use oppress change exchange interchange replace swap switch trade substitute hand over reciprocate barter commute displace shift supersede swap over swop trade off squander waste miss pass up forego blow disregard ignore neglect botch bypass dismiss expend prostrate cringe grovel kneel kowtow bow down fall at feet flatter court toady truckle fawn brown-nose be obsequious be servile crawl bootlick woo prostrate oneself release loosen undo loose unfasten unclasp unhand unhitch unlock uncork unloosen enlarge let go open up go easy on let up on leave go of yielding submission capitulation acquiescence resignation defeat succumbing relenting bowing conceding capitulating submitting accedence buckling quitting dedition giving in cave-in giving way relinquishment ceding forsaking surrendering abdication forgoing renunciation cession waiving abandonment entrusting handover delivery rendition giving up handing over yielding up waiver repudiation abjuration disavowal loss disclaimer eschewal rejection foregoing denial remission quitclaim refusal devolution transference decentralisation(UK) decentralization(US) delegation dispersal distribution federalization transfer of power distribution of power relinquishment of power surrender of power subsidiarity reorganisation(UK) reorganization(US) regionalization conveyance dispatch transport carriage portage provision remittance sending shipment supply transmission transportation transporting consignment freightage haulage mailing restitution return replacement restoration recovery re-establishment reinstallation reinstatement handing back reinstitution reestablishment return to a former position bringing back return to power reinstalment rehabilitation giving back recall reimposition More
"surrender" Antonyms
resist deny endure stand withstand defy oppose come conquer continue defend fight hold hold off keep refuse reject retain surpass win seize conceal suppress remove cloud fail take confuse hide withhold obscure veto leave alone claim pursue demand maintain profess uphold accept acknowledge advance approve do expedite forward go guard harden ascend free worry be unyielding remain firm give no quarter show no mercy stand firm defeat overcome beat overwhelm crush overpower quash subdue surmount vanquish best hammer overturn quell repulse thrash trounce admit assert avow embrace own proclaim ratify agree agree to consent emphasise(UK) emphasize(US) enforce grant centralise(UK) centralize(US) acquire exploit grab jump at take advantage of grasp milk use catch go for leap at snatch take on get hold of grab hold of snag fighting victory resistance defending gain allowance approval face sanction agreement permission OK ratification indulgence self-indulgence reassertion assertion condonement acceptance balkiness contrariness contumacy defiance disobedience frowardness insubordination intractability noncompliance obstreperousness rebelling rebellion rebelliousness recalcitrance refractoriness self-will unruliness waywardness willfulness coronation acquiescence admittance excess intemperance yielding acquisition retention necessity requirement requisite essential must prerequisite condition indispensability need essentiality must-have frugality providence conservation economy moderation thriftiness economising(UK) economizing(US) prudence stinginess saving sparingness frugalness limitation good management consolidation embracing

684 Sentences With "surrender"

How to use surrender in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "surrender" and check conjugation/comparative form for "surrender". Mastering all the usages of "surrender" from sentence examples published by news publications.

We will not retreat or surrender – we will not surrender our values, we will not surrender our ideals, we will not surrender the moral high ground.
" Ma Satya Bharti says: "Samarpan means surrender: to surrender to one's own being.
But Trump's surrender to China on climate change is also a surrender of democratic values.
The problem is, the other side, even if we wanted to surrender, will not take our surrender.
No surrender action may be taken that is in conflict with a court decision against the surrender.
If we surrender to a Washington-style of politics, we might as well surrender this country for good.
"If they surrender to justice, the law could give them some benefits, depending on the surrender conditions," Santos said.
Jesus models this life of surrender for us, demonstrating that surrender is not a sign of weakness, but of strength.
The surrender charge period typically mirrors the commission level on the product: the higher the commission, the longer the surrender penalty period.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I have never seen an American president simply surrender to the leader of Russia, you should call this the surrender summit.
Meaning that in the face of a determined White House, the leaders of these agencies will either surrender their independence or surrender their jobs.
France was going to surrender Algeria sooner or later; all de Gaulle did was extend the fight and put a noble face on the surrender.
"If this negotiation (is) carried out in any form, then it will be considered as surrender and the Iranian nation will not surrender," he said.
Not to mention the indiscriminate surrender of privacy occurring all the time on social media, or the purposeful surrender of privacy with which we facilitate online transactions.
"First we tried to convince them to surrender with the help of locals and family members," Mr. Patil said, but they shouted back that they would not surrender.
"We are not ready to surrender, and will never be ready to surrender, the independence of our foreign policy," Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani told reporters in Doha.
"As we didn't surrender to the coup makers, and stood against the tanks with our bare hands, we will not surrender to the economic hit men," Mr. Erdogan said.
For example, an eight-year surrender period might come with an 8 percent surrender charge in the first year that gradually decreases before reaching 1 percent in its last year.
But here's the full truth about surrender: Surrender doesn't come with some unrealistic demand that you are suddenly going to stop being the incredibly brave and brilliant woman that you are.
Those crying foul over Italy's cowardly surrender to Iran's arrogant demands have overlooked one detail that is, arguably, quite significant: that no demands were ever made, and no surrender ever happened.
Surrender to some love some where around you … today!
The paratrooper was thirsty, scared - and ready to surrender.
Surrender to some love ... I'm praying for you Pete.
RIO DE JANEIRO — It was anything but a surrender.
They were allowed to self-surrender on Monday on the condition that they surrender their passports once they learned about the warrants for their arrest and notify the FBI about their movements.
A full evacuation from Aleppo would be the largest success of the government's starve-or-surrender strategy, bombing and besieging areas out of its control until fighters and residents agree to surrender.
" Another CNN anchor, John King, called it "the surrender summit.
He may stick to his guns; or he may surrender.
Cohen is due to surrender to prison on March 6.
The Irish fighter was not required to surrender his passport.
He has said he wants to surrender to Taiwanese authorities.
It remains unclear if he'll surrender the country's weapons arsenal.
Gilberto is thrilled, because surrender is still on the table.
He was ordered to surrender his passport, CBS News reported.
" On her other hand, there's "let it go" and "surrender.
The other big temptation is to surrender to the populism.
Surrender to the unknown and you will be rewarded, Libra.
The announcement of today's surrender by the rebellion's leader, Maj.
"He was forced to surrender," Albayalde told a media briefing.
Sorrentino must surrender to the Bureau of Prisons beginning Jan.
But his surrender leaves the country's battered democracy almost defenceless.
He must surrender to the Bureau of Prisons beginning Jan.
He also witnessed the British surrender at Yorktown on Oct.
And really most of diplomacy is not about unconditional surrender.
They refused to surrender to police, and a gunbattle ensued.
Khweis said he is happy with the decision to surrender.
He appealed all subpoenas and orders to surrender the tapes.
Or they could just surrender and enjoy the butt jokes.
" Soon, however, the sign will say, "Auction, Surrender Yer Loot.
Fighters on the ground call on the extremists to surrender.
Succeeding Ryan in January, Pelosi forced Trump to surrender unconditionally.
On Monday, Moreno gave the group 10 days to surrender.
They told Grandzol to surrender his wallet and car keys.
The next step was surely surrender to the Galactic Empire.
Rick Gates, Manafort's business associate, was also advised to surrender.
Our guys came to play and there was no surrender.
Such misapprehension equates compromise with failure, and incrementalism with surrender.
Japan announced its surrender to Allied forces on August 15.
But surrender, I was finding, was harder than any climb.
Just surrender to the flow and remember: sharing is caring.
"The era of economic surrender is totally over," he declared.
Under my administration, the era of economic surrender is over.
The surrender flag should be replaced by Cutler's bare ass.
Does South Korea have to surrender its independence in essence?
Closing our borders would be surrender to a nonexistent enemy.
We thought that raid might cause the Japanese to surrender.
He has made a choice to surrender America's moral authority.
"He had escaped to surrender to the Taliban," he said.
He should have run up a white flag of surrender.
Cannot travel abroad; must surrender passport to his lawyer. 3.
We can leave the surrender stuff to our European friends.
After the secessionists' surrender in 1970, the military leader, Gen.
Just before dawn, bin Nayef agreed to surrender his position.
He then called 911 to surrender, according to court filings.
No one will remember his blunder to surrender the penalty.
In many of them, he expressed a desire to surrender.
Most people surrender, but that is not always the case.
You'll return later to make it surrender totally to you.
The regime's slogan was "Aljoo' or Arrukoo'" (Starve or Surrender).
But others, like Louisville's Dan McDonnell, hesitate to surrender control.
"I just realized that I had to surrender," Simpson said.
And besides, he believes no Islamic State fighter will surrender.
And finally, "surrender voluntarily" is the exception -- not the rule.
Just surrender to the music, really throw yourself into it.
So did Iraqis really surrender because of these artillery bomblets?
Trusting in bipartisanship in McConnell's Senate is a surrender strategy.
Hostage negotiators convinced August to surrender shortly before 9 p.m.
Make no mistake: This is a strategic surrender by Giuliani.
Will he continue to ignore & surrender, or protect our country?
But you don't have to surrender to a sluggish month.
We are making calls to them to surrender or die.
He won't admit guilt and he won't surrender his office.
Macron, 40, has shown no sign of surrender so far.
It's a priority the GOP hasn't been eager to surrender.
"You only need to arrive and surrender," Hemsley says.
He also said Iran would not surrender to U.S. pressures.
Because it's really liberating if you know how to surrender.
He must surrender to authorities in 30 to 60 days.
As we reported, Kelly is expected to surrender Friday night.
The reasoning behind strategic surrender is at least somewhat compelling.
That means that in a contract with a seven-year-surrender period, money that was originally invested might be out of "surrender" but subsequent contributions may still be locked up until the time passes.
This is not the art of the deal, it is surrender.
Beijing said on Monday it would never surrender to external pressure.
JOHN KING, CNN ANCHOR: You should call this the surrender summit.
JOHN KING, CNN ANCHOR: You should call this the surrender summit .
I have to say 'surrender' instead of just 'let it go.
Pinedo will be allowed to voluntarily surrender for his prison term.
The small surrender of accepting a kindness seemed hardly to matter.
All that's left now is negotiating terms of the Sanders surrender.
These uncertainties have made the FARC slow to surrender their weapons.
Every term of the surrender is being thrown out the window.
As Miguel says, surrender was a dream that was only Gilberto's.
Mr Kasich, normally a gruff sort, tactfully calls this surrender "surprising".
"We asked them to surrender everything they worked for," said one.
And he said, Look, the era of economic surrender is over.
Mothers surrender their best selves for the sake of their families.
Aspiring landlords must buy licences from those willing to "surrender" theirs.
Yet all these spats ended with a surrender from Mr Sharif.
But we've known since Season 1: Pablo Escobar will never surrender.
Asked to surrender his password and decrypt the files, he refused.
This simple but profound prayer shows us what surrender  really  is.
Her pulse told me that she was not in surrender mode.
A Brazilian judge orders that Lochte and Feigen surrender their passports.
Biggest question -- does Conor show up at Surrender ... win or lose?
It gave no details about his surrender or transport from Thailand.
But something felt … off … when I considered what surrender truly meant.
And no Israel government will ever surrender its access to Jerusalem.
" Conservative lawmaker Ranil Jayawardena: "This isn't a settlement; it's a surrender.
He also said he does not have any weapons to surrender.
Manafort's business associate, Rick Gates, was also reportedly told to surrender.
Participants had to surrender their smartphones on entering the BNetzA branch.
Bid teams will have to surrender their phones when they enter.
Like any dream, it's best to just surrender to the flow.
"This fire will continue until all the militants surrender", it said.
Cumhuriyet vowed "we will not surrender" in a front-page headline.
He would later surrender to the New York City Police Department.
Once again I came to the king begging him to surrender.
Towns and villages were besieged and forced to surrender to Assad.
Our honor calls upon us to fight, to resist, not surrender.
The surrender Shortly after dawn, however, video footage showed soldiers surrendering.
Both fear "siege, starve and surrender" by Assad and his allies.
We will not surrender nor bow, but our heads are bloodied.
Thankfully, the era of economic surrender has come to an end.
I urge my fellow Republicans not to surrender to this temptation.
But there's also a great freedom that comes in complete surrender.
Her Tuesday statement said he "physically refused to surrender" the mic.
But "Surrender and you will arrive reborn," as the saying goes.
Nor does surrender prevent people from being shot on the street.
" And he had no patience for politicians who accepted "economic surrender.
Despite our awareness of its artifice, we surrender to the story.
NUMSA spokeswoman Phakamile Hlubi-Majola said there would be "no surrender".
A military spokesman said girls who surrender their bombs are celebrated.
" Grip's boss advises: "The military — don't ever surrender to their smugness.
But rebel groups have refused to surrender, despite reports of negotiations.
But when we let convenience decide everything, we surrender too much.
She attempted repeatedly to convince them to surrender once she arrives.
They knew they could not win, but they refused to surrender.
" The woman holds her arms up, mock surrender, and smiles. "Sorry!
Under my administration, we will never surrender American sovereignty to anyone.
The agents asked the son to urge the father to surrender.
Emperor Hirohito announced Japan's surrender at noon local time on Aug.
They teach us how to smile and flirt, fight and surrender.
Georgia adopted the tune barely three decades after the Confederacy's surrender.
But must the verifiable past surrender to the sovereignty of imagination?
Colonel Tin personally accepted the surrender of South Vietnam in 1975.
We begin the episode with Nora readying to surrender to it.
In some places, cities will have to surrender to the sea.
Frankly, I'm half-tempted to raise my napkin and signal surrender.
But neither his surrender nor the curfew has quelled the unrest.
You should not surrender your own vacation for this other family.
He joined the Tokyo Police Department after Japan's surrender in 1945.
" Conservative lawmaker Ranil Jayawardena: "This isn't a settlement; it's a surrender.
Alas, no fact will persuade Mr. Trump to surrender his obsessions.
The judge also fined Mr. Weiner, who must surrender by Nov.
His travel will be restricted and he will surrender his passport.
Not to surrender, in other words, to what the terrorists seek.
Herbert Sobel during the Allied forces post-surrender occupation of Germany.
In spite of such treatment, we will not surrender to it.
Toronto Police identified Zoia on Tuesday and urged her to surrender.
He chose to surrender it, TSA spokesperson Lisa Farbstein told CNN.
Jeffers says a similar phenomenon happens with people who take Surrender.
"The Surrender Experiment: My Journey into Life's Perfection" by Michael Singer
A small number of protesters continued to resist pleas for surrender.
He was arrested and forced to surrender all of personal belongings.
It was very hard work persuading people to surrender their guns.
Americans never quit, we never surrender, we never hide from history.
Konopka, who denies misconduct, signed a voluntary surrender of license in September, in which she agreed to give up her license effective October 13, allowing her time to "provide scheduled and emergency treatment," according to the surrender.
Ms. Hammond said her husband and son would surrender themselves as ordered.
Announcing his resignation, he accused his boss of a "surrender to terror".
Negotiators talked him into accepting a vapor pen if he would surrender.
White told a Kentucky television station last month that Conn should surrender.
For that reason, he says it's important to surrender to the experience.
"We felt like we had to surrender this to God," Greg says.
At SOF Missions , our approach is based on complete surrender to God.
Still, like many entrepreneurs, Gabbert found it hard to surrender the controls.
The Iraqi Prime Minister warned remaining militants to surrender or face death.
Its people are more likely to fight to the death than surrender.
Mom would always surrender first, say it was because of Dad's voices.
"We're ready to surrender, but the regime has frozen everything," he added.
He was freed on $1,000 bail and ordered to surrender his passport.
She could be forced to surrender any future assets to Mr. Rice.
Miguel reminds Pacho and Chepe that surrender was Gilberto's dream, not theirs.
" "We tried to call him out and ask him to surrender himself.
Instead, he was abandoned by his men and forced to surrender Riverrun.
August's sentimental star map will hit you right in the feels. Surrender!
You have to surrender to the place like a painful yoga posture.
Their owners will have to surrender them after legislation comes into effect.
Plants with plastic bags over their heads crossed their leaves in surrender.
I don't know what else to do but I'm afraid to surrender.
Either victor may need to surrender some assets as concessions to regulators.
There's a shattering sadness here; it's both a plea and a surrender.
No one expected the militants to surrender Mosul without a hellish fight.
No one goes in or out for any reason except to surrender.
No date was set on when the rapper will have to surrender.
We will never surrender America's sovereignty to an unelected, unaccountable, global bureaucracy.
You, like Napoleon, must surrender; you couldn't escape if you wanted to.
Southern warlords, too, will be loth to surrender autonomy to Mr Zoubaidi.
Duterte ordered those on the list to surrender or be hunted down.
Those refusing to accept the surrender terms are being evacuated to Idlib.
A video emerged the following week saying there would be no surrender.
But another video emerged last week saying there would be no surrender.
"Death is coming for you if you do not surrender," he said.
The deal to surrender Harasta began on Thursday with a prisoner swap.
"I am not going to surrender the responsibilities I have," he said.
No retreat, no surrender and no more bad deals with the left.
Customers were given a 25% premium on the surrender value in redemptions.
Or holders could surrender the policies and take whatever cash value remains.
It's not fine to surrender an entire civilization to one financial principle.
Like the ceasefire, it amounted to a surrender to terrorism, he said.
" Gunvalson then waved the white flag at Dodd, telling her, "I surrender!
Critics of the bombings are skeptical that they truly precipitated Japan's surrender.
"I told him, 'You gotta surrender man'," Johnson told the TV station.
His surrender to the police was both an ending and a beginning.
Two of them can be used by Syrian rebels -- if they surrender.
He's been ordered to surrender to authorities in early March (The Hill).
France had already told the tribunal that it would not surrender her.
Nazism threatened the body, whereas Communism demanded the surrender of the soul.
For bottoms, edging can increase feelings of submissiveness, consensual objectification, and surrender.
Daenerys sets most of the fleet on fire, and the masters surrender.
At most, Dixon will surrender twelve years of his life, perhaps fewer.
Surrender to them—it's not the time to be a control freak.
But Odinga's supporters see such talk of unity as tantamount to surrender.
Trump has now pushed things to the brink, demanding Erdogan's full surrender.
But in this case, thankfully, Nancy and Lubek weren't prepared to surrender.
Free trade is not surrender, and not something that only suckers do.
Korea was a Japanese colony from 1910 until Japan's surrender in 1945.
The leaders should surrender now "or face punitive actions," Mr. Roque said.
But he returned to his unit before Germany's surrender in May 1945.
Tyrion then hatched his plot to release Jaime and engineer Cersei's surrender.
"They don't want us to surrender, they want us dead!" he said.
Another actress who was charged, Lori Loughlin, was making arrangements to surrender.
She said they were escorted out and told to surrender their badges.
To even start negotiations can be viewed, in this context, as surrender.
For women, according to the opera, getting old means surrender and renunciation.
I am a gun owner, and I will not surrender my guns.
Please don't surrender the tradition of daily editorials by the editorial board.
And you have no choice but to surrender and dig yourself out.
Hundreds defied warnings to drop their homemade weapons and refused to surrender.
News of the ceremony organized to mark his surrender angered some campaigners.
Erdogan has demanded the surrender of Manbij, where US forces are present.
One waves a white flag of surrender, not in capitulation but demandingly.
Saudi security forces surrounded the house, but the friend refused to surrender.
This suggests that fear makes people surrender their rights to feel safe.
When you surrender and fearlessly act on the truth that always was.
She must also surrender to immigration services for removal from the country.
We cannot afford a massive miscalculation or an outright surrender to polluters.
Collins now must surrender his diplomatic passport and firearms within 2500 days.
Their passage actually signals a policy surrender artfully disguised as a victory.
When Rosa Parks refused to surrender her seat, she was being disruptive.
So you surrender the words because searching for them has become agonizing.
It is refreshing, but you must surrender your soul to the onions.
The next day, Big Foot's people were asked to surrender their weapons.
Without such a guarantee, the North will never surrender its nuclear arsenal.
It's film that makes you surrender to the spectacle on the screen.
She was ordered to surrender in May to begin serving her sentence.
Manafort and Gates were told to surrender to federal authorities Monday morning.
Surrender the Pink (1990): A crassly titled romance novel, Surrender the Pink is about a soap opera screenwriter who falls in and out of love with an imperfect man, and finds it difficult to separate showbiz from reality.
Today's anthem-protesting athletes should ask themselves whether surrender is the visual signal they seek to send, especially when the song sparking their surrender is an affirmation of the aspiration that our nation still has potential to achieve.
And I just have to surrender to the truth of that, and I have to surrender to this notion that even if I am mediocre, what matters more to me than writing a great novel is writing a novel.
All were killed in gunfights with police after refusing to surrender, he added.
No date's been set yet for his surrender, so ... enjoy the holidays, Juelz!
On the month, we saw the Dow surrender a little bit of ground.
" "Beware of retreat, or the feeling of defeat, beware of negotiations or surrender.
If he returns to the United States he'll have to surrender his passport.
"How easy it is to be tempted to surrender your principles," they observed.
Police called for reinforcements and encircled the area, challenging the militants to surrender.
"He was trying to surrender, but they wouldn't let him," the lawyer said.
Some contracts have surrender periods that run for 10 years to 15 years.
Jacinda Ardern Ardern also encouraged New Zealand's gun owners to surrender their weapons.
"I ask that you please surrender," says Godwin-Baines, adding, "I forgive you."
To say that darkness will conquer, that our choice is surrender or death.
The DEA, now manned by Pena, isn't keen on the surrender deal, either.
Many Colombians thought they would be about the terms of the FARC's surrender.
Gaines, however, ignored Courtney's pleas to surrender, according to her mother Rhonda Dormeus.
CNN affiliate KMOV said Crockett's mother had appealed for her son to surrender.
The stories, and their headlines, were written in a tone of amused surrender.
Cohen has until March 6 to voluntarily surrender to begin his prison sentence.
Facebook won't surrender this market, despite its disadvantage due to its many scandals.
We're told arrangements are being made for the surrender, which is expected Friday.
But I'm going to see if I can surrender myself after the holidays.
The sniper would rather his targets surrender willingly and is encouraging "voluntary" reform.
Mr Pérez tried to surrender, but was summarily killed along with six followers.
They are now breaking the door... We have not and will not surrender!
She must also register as a sex offender and surrender her teaching certificate.
Walter gave Shqaire until May 28 to surrender to begin serving his sentence.
In every instance, the act of taking a knee is a tactical surrender.
These are "good pedagogy", not a "surrender to weakness and laziness of thought".
The gist -- Bam's got to surrender ... and stick to the steps of sobriety.
THE FIELDS of Worcestershire surrender their goodies to a changing cast of labourers.
They force US companies, as a price of market access to surrender technology.
A passenger declined to surrender a powerbank embarking on a UK bound flight.
Dallas County prosecutors did not comment on when they expect Manziel to surrender.
I'm trying to articulate this intellectually, but it's more of a subconscious surrender.
Robison refused to surrender and threatened the troopers before being shot, Cain said.
"We are stressing that we want a peaceful and safe surrender," he said.
You keep this fantasy thing going, and fortunately I didn't completely surrender it.
The sheriff's office said at least one person was expected to surrender Thursday.
That act pressured news organizations to surrender footage and information to the police.
Rebels in parts of Deraa reached an agreement to surrender territory last Friday.
He MUST surrender Monday in Harris County, TX to pay $5,000 bail there.
In fact, they've been in something of a surrender mode from the beginning.
Many -- those who didn't freeze, starve or die in combat -- would eventually surrender.
He also had to surrender his passport and no drugs ... including medicinal marijuana.
When someone called foul and confiscated it, he lurked away, grumbling in surrender.
It now remains on hold, with Fuchs refusing to surrender his original concept.
Everyone obeyed orders to surrender except two people, including Finicum, the source said.
"We will not surrender, it's a very important country for us," said MacLennan.
Evangelical minister Franklin Graham also traveled to the refuge to facilitate the surrender.
His surrender to this state-ordered murder will only make it more so.
" Jack Black and James Marsden surrender to sweet bromance in "The D Train.
If something happens at the Egyptian-Libyan border, I'm not going to surrender.
Surrender, because you'll create space for something new and better to flow in.
The Trump administration will be asking Kim to surrender this unprecedented strategic advantage.
But it was either that or give up now, and surrender was unthinkable.
Do you think the supporters of the Islamic State gonna [sic] be surrender?
A garden like this one is not a vanity project — it's sweet surrender.
"Police called on them to surrender," Mr. Topaca told reporters at the scene.
Hrehirchuk had been 95 percent certain that he would surrender his season tickets.
That sort of no-retreat, no-surrender mentality helped Trump the candidate immensely.
Police attempted to speak to the gunman and get him to surrender peacefully.
They surrender to border patrol agents as soon as they cross the border.
Cohen will be allowed to voluntarily surrender to federal authorities on March 2628.
Put another way, parliament tried to surrender; the court refused to accept it.
You may resist Beethoven and Jerome Kern, but you surrender completely to this.
Cohen will be allowed to voluntarily surrender to federal authorities on March 6.
He was walking with his hands in the air, a symbol of surrender.
Berger said Blankenship would have a 10-day period before he must surrender.
Yet to the journalists that surrender their content, Apple will have no accountability.
In July, U.S. District Judge Kevin Castel ordered Walters to surrender on Oct.
And there's great pleasure in such terms of surrender — just think of Dickens.
"I never surrender to what is wrong, I don't back down," he said.
To the Taliban, it sounded more like a surrender offer than a reconciliation.
"Under my administration, we will never surrender American sovereignty to anyone," Trump said.
"Yesterday, they were trying to escape, to surrender," says one of the soldiers.
But the alternative is surrender to national nihilism and the welcoming of woe.
I asked the Nigerian military whether bomber girls who surrender themselves are rewarded.
"Anything short of that would be, A, failure or B, surrender," he said.
Rather than surrender, Koresh lit the whole compound on fire, killing 76 inside.
And the Sparrows must surrender their worldly possessions as well, even their shoes.
Briskly spoken though Mr. Ready is, we never feel Macbeth's surrender to nihilism.
Owners often surrender because of the emotional toll that parrot maintenance can take.
In 1940, he forced the French to surrender in the same railroad car.
ICE and the Border Patrol would need to surrender all of their workplace
"Her pulse told me that she was not in surrender mode," he said.
John Pershing hated the idea of letting Germany off without an unconditional surrender.
And some of them just kind of surrender themselves to being a mom.
Qatar said the ultimatums amounted to a demand that it surrender its sovereignty.
Yet it's that deliberate surrender to the irrational that makes watching baseball worthwhile.
He will be allowed to voluntarily surrender to federal authorities on March 6.
Surrender as the sound lulls you into a state of relaxation and peace.
"After shutdown surrender, why should progressives ever trust Chuck Schumer again?" https://t.
This is a hard issue because the slogans must surrender to the numbers.
In the end, multinational service providers will have no choice but to surrender.
That's an enormous scale of economic growth and jobs to surrender to China.
Some lawmakers might not want to surrender potential leverage in the spending wars.
"Strong Medicine" (2016) depicts an image of raised palms, as if in surrender.
It is also correct that Robert had to (surrender) his passport for now.
It is one thing to control a line and another to surrender it.
If you think the latter is likely, then surrender on Gorsuch makes sense.
Additionally, they must surrender passports and wear a GPS monitor if they post bond.
CNN reported that Papadopoulos will surrender at a federal prison camp in Oxford, Wisconsin.
In a political vacuum, the impulse to fight rather than surrender makes perfect sense.
But co-founder Jonathan Neman doesn't want to surrender that part of the business.
"My father always said, 'We are Americans, and we can never surrender,' " she said.
When you open a Facebook account, you automatically surrender a certain amount of privacy.
He is also required to surrender his passport and has a no-contact order.
Sheats was shot dead by police after refusing to surrender her weapon, police said.
It grants an amnesty until September 30, 2019, for people to surrender prohibited firearms.
Cancer may afflict him in many ways: But it will not make him surrender.
Migrants cross the border to surrender to US immigration agents in El Paso, Texas.
"We will never surrender America's sovereignty to an unelected, unaccountable global bureaucracy," Trump said.
Or we can surrender to the Universe and welcome guidance to restore our faith.
They were asked to surrender their devices, and reportedly, some refused to do so.
But even in states with gun surrender laws on the books, enforcement is uneven.
Honduran migrants surrender to US Border Patrol agents after crossing into the United States.
He wanted power — and that's the one thing this woman is unwilling to surrender.
You will have to surrender your cell phone number to Chipotle's data team, however.
Kevin Brady of Texas, was unsurprisingly happy that Trump didn't surrender his tax returns.
His surrender to the gilets jaunes protesters will bust his budget, damaging his credibility.
Surrender is acknowledging God's power, submitting to his will, and trusting in his goodness.
Cancer may afflict him in many ways, but it will not make him surrender.
He breached bail conditions by entering the embassy and failing to surrender to court.
Mike Trout's three-run home run gave Los Angeles a lead it wouldn't surrender.
He now must surrender to be booked on the charge and have bail set.
He'll surrender before the housewives finish saying their taglines in the show opener. Success!
Phones connecting to the devices surrender their unique identifier (IMSI) and can be monitored.
Followers were encouraging her not to comply with negotiators' request that she surrender peacefully.
And even working on the goal of seeing the brutal Syrian dictator surrender power.
Or what happens when you surrender your life to something much bigger than yourself.
"I learned a lesson that if you have a right, never surrender," Sharef said.
Cohen is due to surrender May 6 to begin a three-year prison term.
The terms of the agreement do not call for a total surrender of arms.
" The juice: "Rupert Murdoch is not used to hoisting the white flag of surrender.
When he emerged from the vehicle, FBI and state police ordered him to surrender.
And when people are dying, they kneel, surrender their loot box, and wave goodbye.
Whether the massive blast will convince ISIS fighters to surrender remains to be seen.
Last month, it announced a program called Operation Safe Corridor for insurgents who surrender.
Officers exchanged gunfire with Dimitrios before a 25-minute negotiation ended in his surrender.
Djokovic had to surrender that point, then lost his serve and eventually the match.
Shortly after he promised to surrender in 10 minutes, shots rang out, police said.
But Kim is not inviting Trump so that he can surrender North Korea's weapons.
The gunman had barricaded himself inside the home as police urged him to surrender.
They seek the defeat of the president; his unconditional surrender is their base's demand.
The tag "il Divino" conveys the sole appropriate positive response to such temerity: surrender.
Honecker had forced people who were considered traitors to surrender their children for adoption.
Open an escape route, or offer a deal to those who leave or surrender.
Tribal mediators reportedly pressured militants fighting for Mr. Jathran to surrender, aiding the advance.
The men made the activists surrender their mobile phones and took their driver's key.
Surrender to this film and you won't learn anything—except, perhaps, how to feel.
Often, the contracts entitle the insurance company to charge something called a surrender fee.
It's time to surrender your sneakers for some striking updates on three classic styles.
It was April 23, 1945, just two weeks before the surrender of Nazi Germany.
The hoary notion that New York fans would never accept surrender had to die.
Cancer may afflict him in many ways: but it will not make him surrender.
HARARE, Zimbabwe — The time came for worshipers to surrender their tithes on Sunday morning.
When blacks began running toward the troops to surrender, they were shot and killed.
It's very difficult to spin this as anything but a surrender on Trump's part.
But for these lazy, vacation-addicted dilettantes to surrender to themselves is beyond revolting.
He will voluntarily surrender, and will be held to two months of supervised release.
In the meantime, Ardern is encouraging Kiwis to surrender their firearms to the police.
Would it be easier to surrender that search to someone else offering easy answers?
Why would they unilaterally surrender and trust Trump to give them what they want?
Nor, of course, that Big Tech will easily surrender to a new data marketplace.
Mr. Maduro, his party and senior officials will not surrender without an exit plan.
Trump can no more surrender the spotlight than an aardvark can swear off ants.
Even though the U.S. got the demanded surrender, Japan was not a conquered country.
Anything else is complete and utter surrender, and will make the Democratic Party obsolete.
But they'd be hurt more in the long run by sustained surrender to him.
Her choice was clear: She could surrender to the darkness, or she could dance.
"Finally, the 40 of us who were left decided to surrender, too," he said.
But that confrontational strategy did not press China or the European Union to surrender.
Risking the severest retribution, he publicly pressed General Antonescu to surrender to the Soviets.
Like many, he blamed Hirohito for extending the war by refusing to surrender sooner.
In fact, she would have to surrender her title and leave the imperial family.
Not long after the Nazi surrender, a napalm raid set the imperial compound ablaze.
Jaime begged the king to listen to reason: Surrender to his father, save lives.
The art of compromise has come to be viewed as the art of surrender.
"China did not and will not surrender," Xinhua said in a commentary on Tuesday.
Authorities trying to convince him to surrender were making a little bit of progress.
Tens of thousands were bussed there as part of surrender deals with the government.
The government argued that no further delay was necessary, and that he should surrender.
Eating food like this at your desk would not feel like a complete surrender.
He convinced his captors that rather than killing him, they should surrender to him.
He has said throughout that he wants nothing less than the government's total surrender.
Despite its tendentious title -- has any US politician or policymaker really advocated American surrender?
He had originally been asked to surrender any weapons in his possession on Sept.
"This is not a surrender, and we are not turning ourselves in," he said.
More: Hong Kong's security chief urged protesters holed up at a university to surrender.
He will have to surrender his passport and agree to not use the internet.
Some cat owners looking to surrender their pets were even persuaded to keep them.
I'd always protest and I'd always surrender, and I was always glad I did.
If you had to surrender a treasured item of clothing, what would it be?
Bruce Springsteen's "No Surrender" was blasting on the speakers as I passed through Natick.
If you don't spend your FSA funds, you might have to surrender the cash.
The core of the president's speech asks Cuban leaders, in effect, for unconditional surrender.
He also offered members of the group a 60-day amnesty period to surrender.
Drug dealers were forced to surrender hundreds of thousands of euros to avoid retribution.
Some may see the mayor's downbeat speech this week as a moment of surrender.
Republicans are currently negotiating the terms of their surrender on government-provided paid leave.
Headlines - Boris Johnson to stick to claims of Brexit 'surrender' in election campaign on.ft.
Marvel can't just surrender a character that it's primed for the spotlight, can it?
Anthony McAuliffe&aposs famous response of "Nuts" when petitioned by the Germans to surrender.
But in admission and surrender, I have also come to know a certain peace.
Jo March — unforgivably — marriage to an insufferable pedant and surrender of all creative ambitions.
Nauman Hussain must surrender his US and Pakistani passports, according to a criminal complaint.
Mr. Casado was ordered to surrender to a federal corrections facility on Feb. 26.
They will be eligible for a new trial if they surrender or are captured.
"They kept calling on me to surrender, and so I threw down my weapon."
His political surrender came after a damaging 24 hours for him and his supporters.
"I am not going to surrender the responsibilities of the attorney general," he said.
Smithfield PD said one woman with an outstanding felony charge came in to surrender.
In the same railway car in the same forest where Marshal Ferdinand Foch dictated the terms of surrender to the utterly defeated Germans in 1918, Adolf Hitler summoned the leaders of an equally humiliated France to accept their abject surrender 21 years later.
They force you to surrender to a sort of relaxation that doesn't exist for me.
Assange said he would surrender to British authorities if the UN panel ruled against him.
Earlier this week, the Iraqi Prime Minister told remaining militants to surrender or face death.
The fighting in the border area stopped on Friday under a Russian-mediated surrender deal.
The larger question is whether North Korea really intends to surrender its nuclear weapons entirely.
The behavioral issues that result from declawing cause families to surrender their cats to shelters.
The army has not yet arrived at the camp but the flags promise 'no surrender'.
It is hard to think of a more pathetic surrender heading into the Kavanaugh hearings.
Walters has been ordered by U.S. District Judge Kevin Castel to surrender on Oct. 10.
" It said North Korea is "not a country that will surrender to the U.S. sanctions.
Neither party pleaded guilty but agreed to surrender their passports and not to possess firearms.
In a packed courtroom, the judge also ruled Kelly would have to surrender his passport.
" The reason he gave in the form to surrender his rifle was: "Doesn't want it.
They surrender, but they aren't glad to see her, and they don't fight for her.
Surrender to this eclipse; let it cut the cord on some of your bad habits!
Jackson will allow van der Zwaan to self-surrender to the Federal Bureau of Prisons.
"This is an unconditional surrender," shareholder attorney Stuart Grant of Grant & Eisenhofer told BuzzFeed News.
According to London's Met Police, Assange was arrested for failing to surrender to the court.
The bomb squad's robot deployed chemical munitions, "which led to the subject's surrender," police said.
His surrender date when he will start serving that sentence has yet to be determined.
Weinstein was expected to surrender on Friday morning, a person familiar with the case said.
But instead of getting on her flight, she was asked to surrender her boarding pass.
Councils that miss their targets may have to surrender control over planning to central government.
Cosby is out on a $1 million bond and was forced to surrender his passport.
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange had promised to surrender himself to authorities if Manning was pardoned.
The New York Times and other news outlets also reported Weinstein was expected to surrender.
" He's given himself six months to prove his mettle -- "If I fail, I will surrender.
Surrender to your sultry, sentimental feelings because, well, you won't have much of a choice.
Summer tries to convince Rick to surrender to her new family lead by bae Deathstalker.
Many were contemplating taking Dutch citizenship, which would force them to surrender their British passports.
But for most of the people I have spoken to, surrender is not an option.
In an address from the Rose Garden, Mr Trump announced the terms of his surrender.
Moore&aposs show, "The Terms of My Surrender," ended its 13-week run Oct. 22.
Duterte had given those named 24 hours to surrender, a deadline which has now expired.
The surrender came with one compromise: My baby photo had to represent my natural curls.
Armenia's National Security Service released a statement that said negotiations were underway for peaceful surrender.
Peace talks led by the UN have begun with the demand that the Houthis surrender.
We are a nation that has never surrendered, we will not surrender now to terrorism.
Completing the Court's surrender to the executive was the 1984 unanimous decision in Chevron v.
A judge set his bail at $1 million and ordered him to surrender his passport.
In 2013 it promised to surrender its chemical weapons, which it says it has done.
Perhaps the military's biggest mistake was assuming the flightless birds would surrender without a fight.
The company also agreed to surrender $51 million in profits it made from the schemes.
Cohen is scheduled to surrender May 6 to begin serving a three-year prison sentence.
A promise by Syria in 2013 to surrender its chemical weapons averted U.S. air strikes.
Keys has been ordered to surrender to a federal prison in Lompoc, California this summer.
Aimers then tried to board a nearby shuttle bus, despite the officers' commands to surrender.
"I will not surrender, I will clean up the national police," Dela Rosa told senators.
I surrender to my body, my nerve endings literally unraveling, the very definition of GBS.
Because this compound is unstable, it is easily induced to surrender some of its oxygen.
Will he surrender existing nuclear weapons, which are estimated to be between 20 and 60?
What threatens us is not immigration, but the surrender of our values and our history.
The success of "Born Again" undoubtedly bolstered the speed of their debut release, Perpetual Surrender.
Calmly gazing at him, trying not to surrender to the pain gathering behind your eyes.
But they speak to Pitsiladis's pursuit of innovation and his refusal to surrender to orthodoxy.
During the battle for the Tinian Islands, Gabaldon continued to persuade Japanese soldiers to surrender.
On Friday, Duong walked into an auto repair shop and said he wanted to surrender.
People must only surrender their elections, or their due process, until the crisis is resolved.
Journalists would have to surrender their phones and other electronic devices capable of taking photos.
The Oregonian reported that Finicum and Ryan Bundy resisted arrest and disobeyed orders to surrender.
The remaining minority shareholders then surrender their voting rights to give the acquirer outright control.
The surrender process involves signing an affidavit before undergoing interviews with police about local dealers.
The surrender of sovereignty to Brussels felt like another rung on the ladder towards mediocrity.
It's time to really surrender your Samsung Galaxy Note7 if you haven't already done so.
He suggests a manifestation of an innocence the boy is not quite ready to surrender.
And yet he remains reluctant to surrender his outsider's role, which is working quite well.
Our response in the global fight against HIV/AIDS should be to lead, not surrender.
Aaron Carter lost it in court when a judge ordered him to surrender his firearms.
Nelson Rockefeller and other state officials, conditioning their surrender on the granting of 33 demands.
According to Brazil state media, police said Teixeira went through a "long negotiation" to surrender.
In the midst of a squalid surrender, one young general had spoken up for France.
There are only two options: to surrender with an exhausted shrug, or to fight on.
The defendants are scheduled to surrender to authorities Thursday and will be arraigned that afternoon.
Texans aren't known to surrender, Congressman Thornberry, and now is not the time to start.
I wouldn't go as far as surrender already and turn into a structural Tesla bear.
Waterson is also likely to surrender a strength advantage to her opponent on fight night.
Trump slammed the company's move, saying it was tantamount to surrender, and threatened punitive taxes.
People unfortunately surrender every day, and we're capable of it if given the right circumstances.
The real impact of Trump's withdrawal is to surrender negotiating power to countries like China.
So teens who think they're fat may eventually surrender their self-control and gain weight.
A song like "Never Surrender Forever" is only deepened by State of the Thunder Zone.
His mother and sister, who were outside, also pleaded with him to surrender, Guglielmi added.
His surrender ended what Chief Moore said was an especially violent day involving Mr. Atkins.
Once the raid is underway, however, the peace-loving Yoga (Constance Shulman) decides to surrender.
The national emergency declaration is neither a surrender to panic nor a concession of defeat.
It seems intended to force rebels to surrender so the government can reclaim the territory.
And that's good because it means the Chinese government is going to have to surrender.
He was not about to surrender his narrative or anything else without a good fight.
He says that he is offering to surrender but that the government is launching grenades.
Can she explain why the city's surrender to her wasn't enough to stay her hand?
It is not expected to surrender any potential suspects who may be on its territory.
We cannot surrender our values and think that we are going to get border security.
A judge set bail at $100,000 on Thursday and ordered Smollett to surrender his passport.
Faced with such an onerous registration process, many gun owners opted to surrender their firearms.
With surrender imminent, most of the foreigners posted in China were eager to get home.
As the videos progressed, the men looked increasingly weary and said they wanted to surrender.
"Sanctions certainly hurt, but they will not make the regime collapse or surrender," he said.
These days, thousands of people a day simply walk up to the border and surrender.
But that's no morbid flag of surrender; he plans to climb out of this hole.
Are we ready to surrender this fully to celebrity as a currency above all others?
Germany would need to lose both of its remaining games to surrender the top spot.
This surrender to spousal love can be the source of the greatest joy and pleasure.
They had hoped to surrender to the Border Patrol and stay in the United States.
She knows that the ending can seem like a surrender, not a meeting of equals.
The Taliban, too, would probably need to surrender or curtail their hopes for dominating Afghanistan.
She said the city attorney's office would coordinate with Greitens' defense team for his surrender.
If military victory is unattainable and surrender unpalatable, that leaves only one option: more negotiation.
That includes Bob Shapiro, whom she faults for having allowed Lyle to surrender without preconditions.
The next wave is upon us, and I can't wait to surrender to its possibility.
"I wouldn't accept your surrender if you came to me on your knees," he growls.
"I'm sending myself to the cheering section," McLaughlin grinned, announcing his midseason surrender in 210.
Mike Pompeo is just the latest lackey to teach a master class in moral surrender.
The main obstacle to carrying it out will be the unwillingness to surrender national sovereignty.
Qatar has rejected the demands, which it says amount to a surrender of its sovereignty.
An arrest warrant required Lula da Silva, 72, to surrender to police by 20163 p.m.
Speaking of the escapees, he added, "I would suggest they surrender before we find them."
Instead, they will starve the residents and force surrender, just like they did in Homs.
In a Wednesday column, "Jeff Flake's Defiant Surrender," writer Ross Douthat wrote that GOP Sens.
Four of the former players were arrested, and six have agreed to surrender, prosecutors said.
The revised regulation requires owners either to destroy their bump stocks or to surrender them.
The bank will then recoup its money from farmers who surrender part of their harvest.
He has deployed inflammatory rhetoric about Parliament's "Surrender Act" to stop a no-deal Brexit.
Shootout ends in surrender Squirrel Hill residents heard screams and gunshots coming from the synagogue.
Yet, it is not always easy to get a free people to surrender their privacy.
The next season, Alabama scored 38 and did not surrender a point to Michigan State.
"I will not surrender my heart," the tenderly ferocious poet ire'ne lara silva has said.
Friends who had been brutally killed by enemies or forced by the enemy to surrender.
Friends who had been brutally killed by enemies or forced by the enemy to surrender.
His one-man show, "The Terms of My Surrender," is opening at the Belasco Theater.
There were attempts Tuesday to persuade most protesters still on the campus to surrender peacefully.
Her bail was set at $5,000 cash, and You was ordered to surrender her passport.
If the surrender proceeds, it will put to an end the standoff, which started Jan.
New occupants of the White House tend not to surrender power accumulated by their predecessors.
A judge set his bond at $100,000 and ordered that the actor surrender his passport.
Here is ongoing political turmoil and a natural beauty that will never surrender to decadence.
Overnight, planes carpeted the ground with leaflets, directly appealing to the group's fighters to surrender.
It was the second outing of Berrios' career in which he didn't surrender a walk.
Walters, who is 71 years old, is scheduled to surrender to authorities on Oct. 10.
A unilateral withdrawal in the absence of a deal would amount to a virtual surrender.
Military commandos then rushed the plane and shot Mr. Ahmed after he refused to surrender.
Having won self-reliance in the war, she isn't inclined to surrender it in peacetime.
If we surrender our right to advantageous knowledge, how can we truly conceive ideas independently?
That was the kind of surrender I needed to navigate the grief in my chest.
It's about a willingness to surrender and give yourself over to the experience … It's hard.
Manafort's former business associate Rick Gates has also been told to surrender to federal authorities.
He was ordered to surrender his passports and the judge set the trial for Feb.
Kevin refused to surrender and tried to flee, thinking police were trying to hurt him.
Our new Jewish Christmas is less a surrender and more an admission of the obvious.
Forcing a company to surrender encryption keys through legal means isn't completely without precedent, either.
Here Gudrun Lock waves the flag of surrender, but one that was not easily won.
Subsequent appeals failed and an order for his surrender was issued for June 22016, 22016.
"We are getting messages from the civilians coming out that many of the ISIS fighters want to surrender and as many as 200 to 300 ISIS fighters don't want to surrender and want to fight till the end," the commander told CNN's Ben Wedeman.
It would be a kind of meditative, soulful surrender to the totality of art's psychic effects.
His advisers use the buzzwords of "reconciliation" and "amnesty" as euphemisms for surrender and security checks.
On Tuesday, Sanders' language changed to accuse Acosta of having "physically refused" to surrender the microphone.
In 93 and 2016, the campaign offered a place for people to anonymously surrender their knives.
At least 5,000 pro-government forces had encircled eastern Aleppo in a "surrender or starve" tactic.
But it was dismissed in June 2017 after he agreed to surrender his law enforcement license.
Kuzma Derevyanko, who signed the Japanese Instrument of Surrender with the Allies in 1945 and Gen.
The left-hander scattered five hits in those six shutout innings and didn't surrender a walk.
Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu requested "the immediate surrender of eight heinous soldiers" in a tweet.
Chief Moore urged Holder to surrender, and anyone with information about his whereabouts to come forward.
She only reconsiders after realizing she'll look good if she gives Cersei a chance to surrender.
As for the imperial rescript, in 1948, three years after Japan's surrender, the Diet revoked it.
The surrender of Hakimullah's family may weaken the Pakistani Taliban's insurgency which has raged since 2007.
You just have to be willing to surrender yourself to the mystery, and enjoy the ride.
The way to avert an onslaught, in Russian eyes, is to convince the rebels to surrender.
British farmers fear Boris Johnson will surrender UK food standards to Trump in upcoming trade talks.
It's literally the end of the world, and you might as well surrender to your impulses.
The U.S. has raised concern over state-run companies and the forced surrender of intellectual property.
He wiretapped Gilberto's phone in prison, and heard Gilberto speaking with Pacho and Chepe about surrender.
Heavily outgunned, rebels in parts of Deraa province reached an agreement to surrender territory last week.
Harvey Weinstein will be charged with a sex crime and will surrender Friday ... TMZ has learned.
"The Taliban is negotiating the terms of America's surrender," one high-level Afghan official told me.
Casey could have checked the bat, but decided to surrender it, and scurried to his plane.
However, just like home, you have to surrender when the cops nab you on the street.
Last year Mr Pompeo issued a dozen sweeping "demands" of Iran that resembled terms of surrender.
In the call recording played in court, Jutting can be heard saying he wanted to "surrender".
Just how much control it would surrender is the subject of fierce debate, as we'll see.
I think part of our struggle is rooted in a misunderstanding of what surrender actually is.
These surrender periods can be five to seven years long, and they reset for new money.
Only 2 options: Surrender and be stenographers, or find allies and fight for freedom of speech.
Hours of negotiations made it clear that the suspect, Micah Johnson, was not going to surrender.
Entering a story's dreamworld requires ones surrender to the storyteller — which is essentially what Ganesh is.
And it's easy to surrender to that thinking — even for people who genuinely want something better.
Are the French cheese-eating surrender monkeys or our greatest allies in the fight against terror?
The magisterial district justice set bail at $1 million and ordered him to surrender his passport.
The Trump administration, however, has offered mixed messages about whether Assad must surrender power — and when.
But 35 days of political pain, ending with Trump's initial surrender last month, changed their calculations.
She turned to face Jordan and raised her arms in surrender when Jordan began stabbing her.
In 2003 he bolstered his reputation by personally accepting the surrender of an al-Qaeda leader.

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