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"release" Definitions
  1. [uncountable, singular] the act of setting a person or an animal free; the state of being set free
  2. [uncountable, singular] the act of making a film, recording or other product available to the public
  3. [countable] a thing that is made available to the public, especially a new film or music recording
  4. [uncountable, singular] the act of making information available to the public
  5. [uncountable, countable] the act of letting a gas, chemical, etc. move or flow freely

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"release" Synonyms
liberation emancipation freedom liberty deliverance discharge delivery exemption exoneration freeing relief absolution acquittal acquittance alleviation clemency dispensation manumission ransom spring announcement reporting broadcast disclosing news publicising(UK) publicizing(US) airing breaking broadcasting bulletin circulation disclosure dissemination divulgation exposition publicity publishing revealing revelation edition issue publication volume copy model print version draught(UK) draft(US) form impression launch mark revision printing adaptation variant rendition installment(US) emission diffusion radiation transmission emanation issuance effusion ejaculation exhalation exudation outpouring production shedding giving off excretion ejection secretion leak record disk(US) disc(UK) album product recording video single CD vinyl LP EP tape cassette forty-five waxing compact disc seventy-eight gramophone record black disc book novel title film movie feature picture flick show feature film dismissal removal sacking ousting firing redundancy axe(UK) furlough notice ax(US) boot eviction push displacement sack layoff ouster suspension bounce waiver renunciation relinquishment surrender resignation abdication abandonment repudiation abjuration disavowal loss disclaimer eschewal rejection foregoing denial remission sacrifice quitclaim refusal comfort easing abatement mitigation lessening assuagement reduction ease moderation diminution palliation easement slackening lightening remedy dulling palliative quelling ad advertisement advert poster circular flyer commercial flier posting promotion hoarding plug notification trailer endorsement public notice classified ad solace consolation reassurance relaxation calmness cheer contentment repose satisfaction happiness lift refreshment restfulness load off one's mind support help catharsis cleansing purification purgation abreaction lustration purging exorcism ablution depuration expurgation ridding emotional release freeing up expulsion adjuration number track song tune ditty pop song popular song vinyl record safety valve channel escape valve means of escape outlet relief valve medium avenue instrument vehicle vent means platform way of harnessing release mechanism means of expression means of release forum soapbox venue declassification decontrol delimitation derestriction open access rollout unveiling death demise end expiration passing dying expiry curtains decease quietus bereavement departure dissolution doom exit fatality passage sleep fate grave moksha freedom from samsara vimoksha vimukti apavarga kaivalya mukti nihsreyasa nirvana self-knowledge self-realization extraction uprooting extrication deracination pulling extirpation drawing withdrawal eradication unsheathing wrenching abstraction mining tearing out drawing out pulling out taking out deed contract agreement compact document indenture covenant warranty bargain lease certificate conveyance charter papers proof security transaction escape getaway flight breakout break absconding decamping bolting decampment disappearance exodus fleeing outbreak slip bolt hype advertising ballyhoo boost puffery build-up propaganda puff fanfare press boosterism razzmatazz réclame announcing attention ripcord handle grip haft conclusion finish cessation discontinuation ending disbandment termination disbanding dispersal scattering closure separation disestablishment receipt stub counterfoil voucher invoice acknowledgement(UK) acknowledgment(US) docket sales slip cancellation(UK) cancelation(US) chit declaration letter note discovery breakthrough finding invention development find innovation advance creation design introduction leap pioneering conception construction contrivance formulation headway inception institution emancipate liberate extricate free unchain unleash untie unfetter unloose unbind unshackle disengage deliver disentangle manumit detach enfranchise set free unbridle loosen undo loose drop unfasten unclasp unhand unhitch unlock uncork unloosen commute enlarge yield let go open up go easy on let up on leave go of cast diffuse emanate emit expel exude dispense expire irradiate radiate send eject shoot erupt exhale send out publish announce publicise(UK) publicize(US) disclose disseminate divulge circulate post present promulgate propagate report reveal air bare communicate dismiss fire remove retire terminate can cashier move on muster out pink-slip lay off boot out oust market unveil uncover distribute offer for sale bring out make available put on sale put on the market dissipate dispel banish eliminate quell disperse dissolve drive away clear provide offer proffer supply allow grant relinquish contribute deploy furnish free up put at someone's disposal grant access to set aside give exempt absolve excuse exonerate pardon acquit relieve exculpate let off spare forgive let off the hook vindicate rid unburden divest disencumber disburden disembarrass unload strip empty purge lighten purify void cleanse shed chuck discard ditch dump throw toss give up cast off dispose of fling away fling hurl pitch propel heave lob project sling dispatch hurtle catapult dash lance unstick prize pry take apart take down take off pull wrest withdraw uproot yank draw wring pluck corkscrew deracinate unearth spread proliferate flow pour scatter circle course mobilise(UK) mobilize(US) vacate evacuate exhaust expend deplete tap unpack bleed drain trip activate trigger actuate flip generate initiate start engage prompt spark set off switch on turn on start off touch off uncoil unravel untwist unwind straighten straighten out unfurl expand open extend unroll outstretch outspread unfold flatten fan unbend unwrap churn out produce fabricate make create craft construct forge assemble fashion develop manufacture turn out crank out bang out pump out mass-produce abate diminish lessen decrease dwindle ebb moderate reduce subside wane fall relent decline downscale recede remit shrink taper deregulate derestrict liberalise(UK) liberalize(US) relax denationalise(UK) denationalize(US) leave be let alone not interfere not meddle not tamper loosen restrictions on More
"release" Antonyms
incarceration confinement imprisonment detainment prison custody detention internment check collection gathering hold restraint captivity conviction immurement durance penal servitude sentence thralldom withholding concealment holding keeping retainment retention suppression secret withdrawal quiet ban gag injunction interdiction prohibition containment constraint restriction blocking control curbing refrainment repression absorption refrain dirtying enslavement capture slavery subjugation bondage thraldom servitude enthralment tyranny thrall subjection servility domination exploitation liability accountability answerability obligation responsibility denial disfavor(US) disfavour(UK) veto recruitment appointment beginning commencement construction employment hiring maintainance start welcome welcoming accept allowance approval claim face sanction agreement ratification permission OK aggravation injury blame censure condemnation denunciation doom speech address talk oration discourse lecture disquisition homily sermon deliverance presentation allocution dissertation exhortation rhetoric punishment penalty retribution engagement assignment commissioning enlistment hire enrollment(US) enrolment(UK) conscription apprenticing engaging enlisting onboarding danger failure peril concern worry anxiety distress angst uneasiness apprehension disquiet unease apprehensiveness dread nervousness tension anxiousness disquietude fear fretfulness panic uncertainty unrest stress pressure hassle strain trouble affliction burden difficulty pain grief hardship restlessness suffering tenseness restrain bind contain enchain bridle constrain detain confine entangle fasten fetter imprison curb embroil engage incarcerate keep grip grasp clench grab seize catch clasp clinch cling clutch tighten nab inhold enclose store retain hold tight withhold conceal hide repress suppress take deny be quiet keep secret absorb refuse cover up keep quiet receive mask secrete consume employ appoint enlist enroll(US) enrol(UK) recruit commission sign take on sign on sign up secure allow permit abort cancel discontinue scrap ax(US) axe(UK) cease drop end quit scratch scrub stop terminate abandon arrest desist halt nullify suspend stifle smother bottle inhibit govern regulate tame squelch muffle swallow swell compound mushroom accrete amass balloon escalate snowball amplify augment bourgeon burgeon collect concentrate proliferate mass build up pick up pile up stack up reserve save conserve preserve put aside save up hold to knot lash tie approve button close do validate do up take in saddle encumber maintain condemn get plant create bear sow disregard forfeit harm hurt ignore lose limit imperil hazard venture adventure load fill pack stuff cram charge jam pile top brim stock stack surfeit heap lade deposit flood ballast choke retract pull eliminate remove strip expunge purge abolish extract discharge oppose defenestrate expel clear destroy endanger jeopardise(UK) jeopardize(US) mistreat spoil threaten abuse compromise damage injure risk ruin cripple tarnish apprehend ensnare trap collar abduct gaol(UK) jail(US) net corral snare draw bring in draw in pull in

476 Sentences With "release"

How to use release in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "release" and check conjugation/comparative form for "release". Mastering all the usages of "release" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Release: May 26th, 2017 on Amazon Prime Video in the US Release: No release date yet, but it will be released theatrically Release: No release date yet, but it will be released theatrically Release: February 24th, 2017 on Netflix Release: March 20173th, 2017 on Netflix Release: March 17th, 2017 on Netflix Release: March 31st, 2017 on Netflix Release: In theaters early summer 2017, followed by Netflix availability Release: April 2017 on Netflix and limited theatrical release Release: No release date yet, but will be released in theaters, followed by Netflix availability Release: Later in 2017 on Netflix Release: No release date announced, but will premiere on Netflix Release: Later in 2017 as a "Netflix Original" film on Netflix Release: Later in 2017 on Netflix Release: Later in 2017 on Netflix Release: Later in 2017 on Netflix Release: Later in 2017 on Netflix
Let&aposs release the kids, let&aposs release the parents, let&aposs release everybody.
On the Chinese side, they release what they want to release when they want to release it.
The company could release the data about the ads to the public, release everything to Congress, or release nothing.
There's still no release date, nor even a release window.
You don't need your publicist to release a press release.
Release by release, everything started looking more like the iPhone.
So why did Maryland release this press release so early?
With this release, Microsoft is also bringing its container technologies from the semi-annual release channel to the long-term release channel.
New Release Mix, meanwhile, is YouTube Music's version of Spotify's Your Release Radar, and features the most recent release from your favorite artists.
The January release date and post-release reviews suggest the latter.
More phone time, reduced sentences, 'compassionate release,' and early release credits.
Release the entire — release all the tapes, I'm good with it.
And when we catch them — it's called catch-and-release — we have to, by law, catch them and then release them. Catch-and-release.
After his release, Cohen will be on supervised release for three years.
The company also announced a new release numbering system and release cadence.
With the last release, FileMaker also switched to an annual release cycle.
Tuesday's PMI release marked the country's first data release after last week's .
Giuliani also appears to be neck-deep in the release -- potential release?
Release date: July 29, 2022Marvel's summer release should be a big film.
Yes. After the release, and related to the release of our report.
If it decided to release the prisoner, it would set release conditions.
But the accelerated release is a break from previous iOS release schedules.
Listen, "Sneaky" ... Amazon doesn't release numbers, but they do release the rankings.
"It's a pre-release release tour" she laughs, for the soft release of the album whose release date was delayed because there are still some parts of the world (like indie releases) that SXSW gets in the way of.
DMX's original release date was supposed to be on Sunday, but it's federal policy to release inmates early if their release date falls on a weekend.
Yet only a handful enjoy limited release in America; nationwide release is rare.
Its Spotify release is coinciding with the release of the album's physical edition.
The release came roughly an hour after Booker threatened to release the paperwork.
And so now we're doing second iterations on release two and release three.
The major difference between pre-release and post-release showcasing is the stress.
"If there's no U.S. release, it's harder to release the film," Daniel said.
Full moons are all about release, and this release will be very…verbal.
The simultaneous theatrical release is very small in comparison to the worldwide internet release.
FitBit announced the release to major retailers worldwide in a press release on Monday.
I don't think it's too dangerous to release — really, we need to release it.
The press release contains no concrete proposals, plans, or (most importantly) projected release dates.
Ted Lieu (D-Cali) in a press release congratulating Auto-ISAC on the release.
The singer will release a video for the track shortly after its release Wednesday.
Some movies don't even release in theaters — they release on streaming services like Netflix.
ShotSpotter, a gunfire detection device, detected 13 rounds during the release, the release said.
Inmates at Franklin Correctional work camp, Gulf Forestry Camp, Panama City Community Release Center, Pensacola Community Release Center, Tallahassee Community Release Center and Shisa House West were evacuated.
Amongst several selected remixes the next release will be another The End Of All Existence release during summer, another Alien Rain release is scheduled for end of 2016.
The studio has also pulled from its calendar In the Heights (original release date: June 26), Scoob (original release date: May 15), and Malignant (original release date: Aug. 14).
She's simulating moments of intense release, framed by coldness — the coldness is what enables release.
Misfit had initially planned to release the watch this summer but delayed the release date.
Release the button, and Spider-Man will release the line and fly through the air.
Japan's Lotte Holdings said the Japanese-language release takes precedence over the Korean-language release.
Swiss Army Man opens June 24th in limited release and July 1st in wide release.
"If he says he's going to release them, he's going to release them," Carson said.
Even if Mark Burnett wanted to release the tapes, Mark Burnett cannot release the tapes.
The release also noted his case for an early release received support from bipartisan lawmakers.
"Supervised release is a new option for judges to release more people pretrial," Mar says.
Since the movie's underwhelming release, fans have called for the release of Snyder's original vision.
Could you release something like this perhaps the day OF release or the Sunday after?
Release to one, Release to All also could help improve the FOIA process at agencies.
Implementation of the Release to One, Release to All policy will help mitigate that problem.
It was the Senate Judiciary Committee that put out a press release -- a press release!
We demanded his release, and the release of the others who are being unlawfully detained.
Release date: limited release on December 13, 2019; nationwide release on December 25What it's about: Adam Sandler plays a jeweler and compulsive gambler who has to pay off his debts.
"What this market needed was a strong data release, an unequivocally strong data release," said Krosby.
They believe that the release of the Decay follows from the release of Frog Fractions 2.
The film hasn't yet been given a release date on Disney's long-term theatrical release slate.
Suspiria by Luca Guadagnino opens in limited release October 26 and in wide release November 2.
Apple will release iOS 13 to developers this week with a public release later this fall.
White House press release (left) contains full paragraph copied verbatim from Exxon press release (right). pic.twitter.
I would also like to release another EP or continue to release a series of singles.
"There's always going to be tension between a fast release and a safe release," she said.
Upon release, Manafort would have to serve three years of supervised release under the court order.
The options "release in full" and "release in part" were left blank on the cover page.
When the release came, the POWs came home to great fanfare in three large release groups.
With the release of Machine Cut Noise we have a big year with Soma, release wise!
The studio abandoned the TV plan for a limited theatrical release, and then expanded that release.
After his release on Tuesday, Mr. Weiner was expected to face three years of supervised release.
Sony announced the release date for its next generation PlayStation console today in a press release.
The release comes about three weeks earlier than its predecessor's release date, a move prompted by increased competition in the second half of the year as rivals release new smartphone models.
The updated Dot will be available in the UK for £49.99 (October 20th release date), Germany for 59.99 Euro (October 26th release), and the US for just $49.99 (October 20th release).
The LG V30 now has a release date in the US. Well, release dates is more accurate.
The partial data release about the star ratings comes three months after the originally scheduled April release.
According to the press release, we can expect a full-length release from Kingdom later this year.
The release upholds a pledge Sanders made at the CNN Democratic debate to release his 2014 taxes.
While batteries charge and release power slowly, capacitors do the opposite: They charge and release electricity fast.
I want to release my tax returns but I can't release it while I'm under an audit.
The department fought the release of the video for 13 months until a judge ordered its release.
The release of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus were possibly the most comforting release ever.
To release the energy, you pull on the opposite sides of the object to release the teeth.
Yang Jianjun remembers its May 25 official release — the same day as the release of Xiaomi's drone.
These features will be included in a developer release next month and a user release this Spring.
The Big Sick opens in limited release on June 23 and in wide release on July 14.
Release Patrick Ness If there is a hidden gem of queer lit, it's Release by Patrick Ness.
In the world of software, there's a well-known philosophy embraced by developers: release early, release often.
The game's current release date is the second quarter (April-June) of 2016—its fourth release date.
"We're going to have to release (families) under what's called the catch-and-release program," Judd said.
Sentry is also working to release to release products that do more than just basic crash reporting.
One appealing suggestion was to buy and release their browsing history, then release it to the public.
Its release is not expected until September at the earliest -- after the release of the Comey report.
As you release the breath, notice any corresponding release of tension you may have been unconsciously holding.
The release of the 82 schoolgirls this month followed the release of 21 other girls in October.
"Final Fantasy VII Remake" will release on PlayStation 4 first, with an Xbox release coming in 2021.
The expanded program also included immediate-release opioids, not just their extended-release and long-acting counterparts.
In theory, Congress could obtain and release the president's returns if the president won't release them himself.
According to her, she's aiming for a spring release similar to Invasion of Privacy's release last April.
As CyberScoop reports, the feature is not included in the current iOS 11.4 beta release notes, while it was in the iOS 11.3 release notes but never actually made it into that release.
The possible issues are: One, that they don't release it at all; two, that they release it, but it's redacted; and, three, they release it in segments—and so on and so on.
Google also said an iOS release is "coming soon," but didn't give a specific timetable for its release.
French authorities insist on a three-year gap between a film's theatrical release and its online streaming release.
From the initial idea to the actual release, it took Algolia six months to release this feature. SeaUrchin.
So there was never a plan for you to release or even re-release Blood-Drums on Duophonic?
After his release from prison, 'Isa will be sent to Canada under lifetime supervised release, the DOJ said.
Update: The film opens in theaters in limited release on June 23rd and wide release on July 14th.
At the time of the release, Cyrus did not promote or mention its release on social media. 3.
The stunt made such waves that Pelosi had to release a statement urging police to release the demonstrators.
Stranger Things 3 still doesn't have a release date, but Netflix did release some interesting news via Twitter.
The track is about overcoming emotional pain, and it comes from her 2017 release Lady In Mind release.
This release is a boutique item, as opposed to a mainstream release, and expectations should be adjusted accordingly.
The film is also the #4 global release of 2016 and the #7 domestic release of all time.
As a Breakthrough Listen press release pointed out, it's now the largest release of SETI data to date.
I, Tonya will see a limited release on December 8, followed by a larger release expected this January.
January 29: House Intelligence Committee Republicans vote to release Nunes' memo, and not to release a Democratic rebuttal.
That's the highest opening to date for any animated release, and for any PG-rated release as well.
In its press release, LG did not release a full set of specs for any of the devices.
The unidentified fighter also demanded the release of imprisoned militants in exchange for the release of the girls.
Authorities approved the release of the tanker Thursday despite a last-minute U.S. application to block the release.
The app's release notes also stated that the upcoming Signal iPhone beta release will include the same functionality.
The big part of any release is the fact that the artist should release something that is seen.
"I've just learned another Wielgus study news release is set for release," Chris Mulick wrote to fellow administrators.
The district court has already asked the Trump administration to release publicly release the sealed document, multiple times.
She said the campaign expects to release its immigration plan "soon," but did not specify a release date.
Netflix is planning 10 fall movies with exclusive theatrical release windows ahead of their online release for subscribers.
Although there is a mechanism for compassionate release, it is underutilized and when employed, release is often denied.
The panel voted not to publicly release Democrats' countermemo, but agreed to release it to the entire House.
Clinton said she would release them when all the candidates, including Republicans, also release transcripts of similar talks.
If they release it anyway, to be fair, the Democrats ought to be allowed to release their memo.
It'll hit theaters in a limited release on November 1st followed by a Netflix release on November 27th.
This is the day when we all release our tax returns to the man who won't release his.
Full moons are all about release, and this one wants you to release your tension, responsibilities, and concerns.
"Kill me or release me," was the response of both men and, honestly, I wanted to release them.
"As a general proposition, however, a release cannot be forward-looking, so can only release a company for acts prior to the execution of a release," he said in an email to The Verge.
The report's release has broad support from both parties, with 28503 percent of Democrats supporting the release while 22019 percent do not and 59 percent of Republicans supporting the release while 18 percent do not.
Season 3 will continue the binge-ready release schedule, with all episodes of the season available on release day.
Muted reaction to release There appeared to be little reaction Friday to Mubarak's release in the streets of Cairo.
The bad timing means Unicode may have to update the scheduled version 12 release with a smaller 12.1 release.
The groundbreaking record got an official vinyl release earlier this month, 17 after months after its initial digital release.
Between the lack of pre-release buzz and the post-release critical drubbing, expect Masterminds to fade away quickly.
After she asked him for a release, Jacobs sent Roux a release form after the fact on May 22.
The Lighthouse opens in theaters in limited release on October 18th, 2019, with a wide release beginning October 25th.
The forward-looking statements contained in this news release are made only as of the date of this release.
As for the latest release of MongoDB, the highlight of the release is a set of new security features.
His March 13 release date falls on a Sunday, so "they will release him on Friday," said Mr. Sickler.
Today most startups release their products in a limited beta and hope to generate buzz before the general release.
Philips will release the SpeechMike Premium Air sometime this summer, but no price or release date has been announced.
But the release from the U.S. Seventh Fleet release mentioned other "similar" movements that have had a broader mission.
Today, Microsoft is back with new numbers based on the latest release of Edge in the Windows Anniversary release.
Wouldn&apost end catch and release, it looks like they wouldn&apost end catch and release, the chain migration.
In a press release for the game, La Ruina voiced interest in continuing to explore beyond this initial release.
That new design will debut in the Chrome 69 release, which is currently scheduled to release on September 4th.
It was also just a confusing release, with three different editions and an unclear path to post-release content.
Deutsche Bank was scheduled to release earnings next week but instead moved up the release of the key figures.
When he screams, it offers him release, but he's also screaming because the very notion of release terrifies him.
"The Hate U Give" will hit theaters in limited release on October 5 and in wide release October 19.
Movies shift release dates all the time, albeit rarely this close to release and rarely when they're this big.
Heritage makes a delayed release version, not the immediate release version that was the subject of the 2014 inquiry.
She'll be on supervised release for three years, although the conditions of her release have not been made public.
Doctors hoped to release him 2 days ago, but that didn't happen and so far ... no new release date.
On Monday, he ordered Dassey's release, and on Wednesday denied a request by prosecutors that the release be delayed.
The House Appropriations Committee sent out a news release hailing the bill's passage, then another notice recalling the release.
Do we want to condemn those people to a revolving door of prison-to-release to prison-to-release?
Dfinity had planned to release a version of the internet computer in early 2019, but delayed the release date.
On plans for an SUV release, Ferrari have now pushed back the release date by two years to 2022.
But now it's officially out, the first release from the group's upcoming summer release Cozy Boys Tapes Vol. 1.
On January 8th, Bungie was going to release a fourth and final puzzle for the Black Armory release cycle.
Because French law mandates a 36-month window between a film's theatrical release and its release on streaming services.
Thus, Rectify isn't really about Daniel's release — it's about how his release affects both him and his family, emotionally.
Authorities will not release the name or the condition of the victim for protection and privacy, the release said.
Lawmakers aimed to release the deal on Wednesday, but now expect to release it early in the coming week.
"He's spooked by the release, the unilateral release by other people of what transcripts are out there," Grassley said.
It would expand programs in federal prisons to keep inmates from reoffending after release and expand early release credits.
Frank's own Endless release was overshadowed by the release of Blond(e)—mostly because it was a bigger happening.
Rainbow Six Siege's PC release, in fact, has been dogged by problems with cheating since its release last December.
This course even preps you for the release of Android's latest release, Android Nougat — meaning you're sure to stay relevant.
Why release a normal music video for one track when you can release a long music video for three songs?
Wednesday is Apple's big product release day, where analysts expect the company to release the next edition of the iPhone.
It was especially weird to release a 13-minute gameplay video, promise a new release date, and then disappear completely.
I then covered the pot with the steam release valve on "Release" and slow cooked on low for eight hours.
A major difference between the second release and the current - potential - third release is the amount of time between them.
It is also slated to release a third standalone film, but has yet to confirm a title or release date.
The film originally was originally set for release in 2016, but its release was pushed back twice for unknown reasons.
Father of Asahd does not have a release date, but expect some major keys ahead of its release in 2018.
We got one of their release grants, which is up to $30,000 AUD for marketing a game close to release.
For everyone else, Beyond Skyline will have a limited theatrical release and same-day VOD release on December 15th, 2017.
The release appeared to be aimed at drawing renewed attention to Donald Trump's refusal to release his own tax records.
The Nightingale is set to have a limited release in early August with a wider release to follow shortly thereafter.
The order requires the sheriff's office to release anyone charged with a misdemeanor offense on unsecured release within 24 hours.
The most pressing concern is Anthem, the next release from EA studio BioWare, which is set to release next year.
Pricing and release date for all of Vizio's 2019 products will be announced closer to their release in the spring.
The forward-looking statements in this press release represent NewLink' Genetics' views as of the date of this press release.
" Trump hinted again in May that some kind of release could be in the works, telling Fox News, "I'll release.
Family of #KeithLamontScott release statement about decision to release cell phone video "in the name of truth and transparency." pic.twitter.
Correction: Due to a press release error, Eagle Flight was originally listed as a spring, not a fall, release title.
Currently, the new album has no set release date, the group is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund its release.
Addis' very fast initial release schedule raised expectations among end users, putting undue pressure on him to release new versions.
Acid Series Vol 1 is Jasen Loveland's debut release, and is perfectly fitting for the inaugural release for this series.
Compassionate release permits early release of prisoners under circumstances unforeseen when they were sentenced, usually for medical or humanitarian reasons.
"North Korea wants to release them" but also wants to "control the message and logistics of the release," Richardson said.
Nintendo has announced the date for its re-release of its re-release of the NES, the NES Classic Edition.
Release date: April 3, 2020The horror superhero movie was set for a 2019 release but has been moved to 2020.
" The interim co-provost then emailed the writer who wrote the release: "[P]lease do NOT release this on Monday.
The Big Sick got picked up by Amazon and will have a theatrical release in conjunction with its streaming release.
This K-pop boy band's latest release, "Love Yourself: Her," broke all sorts of records upon its release in September.
A lot of the labels can go in and look and see an artist's most collected release, most wanted release.
The release of Unbreakable and She Said release might be a full-circle moment, but the story is hardly over.
Trump has until Friday to either approve the memo's release, oppose it, or call for its release with certain redactions.
But where Release Radar updates every Friday, the New Release Mix will be constantly refreshing as artists put out music.
Deadline reports that Sony still plans to release the Uncharted movie, but with a new director and later release date.
But when Amazon changed the movie&aposs release plan to a two-week release, it also scrapped the Imax plan.
How to watch it: After a limited theatrical release in the spring of 2019, The Competition is awaiting home release.
The release of each year's game is marked by a series of superfans who call in sick on release day.
Both next-generation consoles are set for release during the 2020 holiday season, but exact release dates are still pending.
Delay the release of the GOP memo until it can be timed for a simultaneous release with the Democratic countermemo.
Three companies are set to release VR headsets this year: Oculus VR, the Facebook-owned company, will release its Rift headset; HTC and Valve promise to release their Vive headset; and Sony's model, the PlayStation VR, will emerge.
Microsoft is announcing its next major release of Office today at Ignite in Orlando, with a planned release for next year.
Amgen rose 0.1 percent ahead of its earnings release (it fell 2.4 percent in after-hours trading following the result's release).
While Marvel used to release one new film each year, the Disney division is slated to release three films in 2017.
"Women usually only release one egg every cycle, but as they get older they're more likely to release two," she says.
No release date is planned as of yet, but we already know some of the 40 games planned for the release.
The most recent release, 215's Mortal Kombat X sold 211 million copies, making it the biggest MK release to date.
An Amnesty International press release from 2012 called for his release after he was detained the year before for organizing protests.
Amazon Music's New Release Notifications will use Alexa to alert Amazon Music subscribers to new releases, according to a press release.
The brewery is still finalizing plans for a larger release, with a tap room release pegged to Election Day under consideration.
The phrase was added to a draft press release in May prior to its public release in June, the investigation found.
Release of another video from one of Scott's family members also added to the calls for police to release their footage.
In addition, the forward-looking statements included in this press release represent Nabriva's views as of the date of this release.
While the album's release date is set for the end of April, the film release date has yet to be confirmed.
Also this year, Hasbro will release a line of "Star Wars: Episode IX" toys that will accompany the film's December release.
That update is currently part of the iOS 10 beta release, which suggests it should be getting an official release soon. 
Then it was a slightly more ambitious three-week release that would start in November, along with a separate 70mm release.
Mike Huckabee, while praising the release of Abedini, asked why it took the Obama administration so long to negotiate his release.
Early word suggests a release this fall, possibly alongside the release of watchOS 3, which was announced at Worldwide Developers Conference.
The remaining team is working hard to reach what it calls a "zero bug release" (ZBR), or "release candidate zero" (RC43).
Speaking after his release, Sabuncu said their release was not a reason to be happy, since several journalists remained in prison.
Focus turned to the release of the minutes from the Federal Reserve's last meeting due for release later in the day.
The family's release of cellphone camera video shot by Rakeyia Scott, Scott's wife, makes release of the police video more crucial.
The film had a very limited release in Jamaica, but in recent years, a DVD release of it has been teased.
Release Radar can't replicate that approach, because your favorite band may not release an album more than once every two years.
The release follows Microsoft's usual round of public previews and release candidates since the company first announced this update in 103.
In 2011 Franklin sued to stop the film's release and argued she had only given permission to Pollack to release it.
"We did not want to hold back the release of any new programs until the release of this report," he said.
Despite the public release of the dog's photo by Trump, military officials declined to release its name due to security measures.
His release was part of a deal that also included the release of Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian and two others.
Do we catch and release every alien who comes with a child across our southwest border, or do we release (them)?
"It has been happening for a long time -- arrest-release, arrest-release," an Indian government spokesperson said at a news conference.
He says the pressure to live up to expectations around the anticipation of a release date lead to Kamikaze's impromptu release.
The remix comes a week after the release of Sinjin Hawke's debut album First Opus, his first solo release since 2011.
Like Odyssey, it's destined for a quarter four release, although unlike Mario's latest it's yet to get a specific release date.
So you're saying that this release and the Trickfinger release from 2015 were not meant to be consumed by the public.
Affinity was her first release as a mother, and it also stands as the most overwhelming release she's recorded to date.
"Death Stranding," which is scheduled for release on the PlayStation 4 on Friday, is the first release from Kojima's independent studio.
The Australian dollar wobbled, slipping as low as $227.96 after the release, compared with as high as $2251 before the release.
Investors next turn their attention to Friday's release of July U.S. retail sales data, the most significant release of the week.
Alongside the GDP release, the NBS will also release industrial production, retail sales and urban fixed asset investment figures for December.
It's possible that Amazon Prime Video will still release whatever information they planned to release at PaleyFest in some other way.
If Okja were to release in theaters in France, though, it wouldn't be allowed to release on French Netflix until 2020.
Though both were generic, one was known as Depakote D.R. (for delayed release), the other as Depakote E.R. (for extended release).
Captain Marvel marked the company's first big release of 2019, and soared to more than $1 billion worldwide upon its release.
"If we thought it was the time to release an infrastructure bill, we would release an infrastructure bill," Mr. Cohn said.
If you were worried about the spring release calendar being pretty crowded, fret not: It's not release season, it's delay season.
"If you want to attend an in-store release ... you have to register online for that in-store release," Migraine says.
Congressional Republicans have pushed for the memo's release and the House Intelligence Committee voted along party lines Monday to release it.
The National Archives, which processes the records for release, indicated that more pardon-related records are still being prepared for release.
"We did the press release with my name on it, and we had the big release with 400 people," he said.
He said, "My comments were never that there should be recap and release," not "there never should be recap and release."
The committee voted to release that memo to the full House, and Schiff plans to push for its release next week.
When Thursday came, he said he was delaying the release at the request of Democrats, but expected to release it Friday.
There is no official release date yet, though Amazon boss Jennifer Salke has said they are aiming for a 2021 release.
Apple's impacted, and Microsoft also did release patches and then had to pause their patch release because it was affecting computers.
But the campaign started ... We had little events, like, we did an event around the home video release, the digital release of the movie, which was March, April, May-ish, about three or four months after the theatrical release.
The trailer doesn't specify a release date, but the last Battlefront hit in November 2015, just before The Force Awakens' December release.
We intend to release one report each day through February 221 as per the schedule found at the end of this release.
According to Schafer, the re-release on PC made more money in its first five years than the original release ever made.
"This is the first bandage that is capable of dose-dependent drug release," said UN-L's Ali Tamayol in a news release.
His release came just days after Trudeau visited Beijing and sparked questions about what Canada had given up to secure Garratt's release.
Since the iPhone 4 release, the company would release a completely redesigned device that would get a new number, like iPhone 6.13.
But Netflix wanted to release the films to streaming in France much sooner, and thus refused to release them in French theaters.
The early access release will cost money, but the eventual final version — which has no release date — will be free-to-play.
As we reported, Barzee is on supervised release, and one term of her release includes ZERO contact, of any form, with Elizabeth.
And while Blue intends to release Satellite sometime in 2017, no formal pricing or release information has yet been announced beyond that.
We'll also have lots of say about the release of Halo Wars 2 and For Honor, both set for release this week.
With anticipation mounting, and the release of Views ever so close, Drake has decided to release the tracklist for the new album.
These hurdles have led Samsung to postpone the release of the Galaxy Fold, and Samsung has not provided a new release date.
Tell me about the first release James did on KemetMark: Talking Breaks was the name James used for his first Kemet release.
In early 2019 Nintendo pushed the game's release from March to "Summer 2019," but is yet to announce a specific release date.
But Ubisoft plans to release more information about the first raid in The Division 2 closer to the game's release next spring.
Oh, look at that, the White House press release about the announcement uses an entire paragraph from the Exxon press release. Cool.
It doesn't currently have a release date, though it could release in late October as the rare Halloween / Oscar movie double play.
When Netflix had previously agreed to release its films in theaters, it did so without granting the theaters an exclusive release window.
February 9: Trump blocks the release of Schiff's rebuttal, citing security reasons, but says he is "inclined" to release a redacted version.
Trump is due to release top-line budget numbers later this month and could release his full budget proposal in early May.
He claims he can't release his tax returns because they're under audit, then says he's not going to release them at all.
He ended the Obama-era "catch and release" of illegal immigrants, which resulted in the release of violent illegals on American streets.
" Given that dopamine release is normal for pleasant activities one could claim that stroking a cat release dopamine "just like cocaine does.
With this release out of the door, the OpenStack community is now looking ahead to the next release six months form now.
But, just as wide release came to dominate theatrical distribution, the C.A.A. package came to dominate the development of wide-release films.
Therefore, immigration enforcement could either release the whole family into the U.S. or release the children and keep the parents in detention.
Therefore, immigration enforcement could either release the whole family into the U.S. — or release the children and keep the parents in detention.
But aside from their earnings, the release was intended to put a spotlight on Mr. Trump's refusal to release his own returns.
It was very sad and beautiful, crying during this song felt like emotional release, release of sadness and bad feelings towards myself.
After the pressure cycle is complete, follow the manufacturer's guide for quick release and wait until the quick-release cycle is complete.
The open-source Hyperledger Foundation announced the release of Hyperledger Fabric 2.0 today, the first such project to reach a 2.0 release.
Zola is set for a US release this summer by A24, and Sony has acquired international distribution rights for a future release.
The State Department does not release data on visa revocations, and the department said it could not release information about individual cases.
Because all of the development has happened in the open, with various pre-release channels, there are no surprises in this release.
The last published reports before his release said that the Saudi government wanted $6 billion from Alwaleed in return for his release.
With this release, Google has satisfied its legal requirement to release a new messaging product at random at least once a year.
The release of the memos coincides with a series of media appearances Comey is making for the release of his new book.
TransCanada said a release was detected when its crews were working in the area, but did not say who detected the release.
It was not noted in the foundation's main news release describing the center, but was instead outlined in a separate, terse release.
Plans for Border Patrol to release families directly were confirmed to Vox by two officials with knowledge of the mass-release operation.
These companies were not part of traditional work-release programs that are far less generous and rarely lead to jobs after release.
Most films are screened in advance of their release for journalists and film critics, usually at least a few days before release.
Even though the comment function is disabled ahead of a film's release, the site still allows people to vote if they "want to see" a film — and Rotten Tomatoes says pre-release ratings were accidentally included in the post-release ratings.
That's because there are 18 release points and our prison sources say they are keeping the actual release site and date on the DL. As for why the clandestine release ... we're told it's because prison officials are concerned for Simpson's safety.
Samsung is still figuring out how to release its futuristic Galaxy Fold, which is plagued with durability issues and without a release date.
"The official who is authorized to release this video on behalf of DOD did not approve the release of this video," she says.
Alongside the release of the GDP report, the NBS will also release fixed asset investment, industrial output and retail sales figures for June.
This month sees the release of Self Portrait, the first full length release on his own Bergerac imprint under his Red Rack'em guise.
John Cornyn over the document release issue, with Cornyn saying that the unauthorized release of confidential documents was akin to releasing classified information.
The October 2018 release date puts a year between the Venom movie and the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming, due for release this July.
Although unveiled back in March 2015, and originally slated for release in late 2015, Vive's consumer release has been delayed til April 2016.
In May, the studio will release a live-action version of Aladdin, and it plans to release a remake of Mulan in 2020.
Leaked material also points to release of the Quartz, the company's first Android Wear smartwatch, on the heels of the release of 2.0.
Deadpool 2's new release date puts it in theaters a week before Disney is slated to release Solo: A Star Wars Story.
The Switch release was then promised for later in the winter, which, based on the June release date, it obviously didn't quite hit.
The White House said it would not release a cost estimate for these changes until its Fiscal Year 2020 budget release next month.
In trying to release information to the public, the city attorney said, the city would release audio of the 911 call Damond made.
He was booked for malicious release of dangerous gas causing injury, assault using acid and unlawful release of a dangerous gas causing injury.
With the release date of "Maleficent 2" moved, "Mulan" is currently the only Disney live-action remake with a release date in 2020.
New ones used to release biannually, but the next installment, originally slated for fall 2015, most recently has a Spring 2019 release date.
"On the final day of the release of the script, Peter will pair it with a big announcement," according to a news release.
The release of spectrum is still being negotiated globally, with the local telecommunications industry lobbying the Australian government to release new frequency bands.
The pop-up is of course to promote the imminent release of the Xbox One X, days before its release on Nov. 7.
Army of One received a limited theatrical and digital HD release last Friday before its DVD, Blu-ray and VOD release on Nov.
SANDERS: All right, look, Secretary Clinton wants everybody else to release it, well, I'm your Democratic opponent, I release it, here it is.
In terms of what kind of actual software release we can expect, it's probable we still have to wait for a consumer release.
This game is set to release on Steam on March 6, with a PlayStation release on the same day, according to La Ruina.
The company announced the news in a press release, and did not disclose the terms of its initial public offering in the release.
The film features several songs from the upcoming release, and will be the record's large-scale premiere before the release of Skeleton Tree.
Other Republicans who've declined to support forcing Trump to release his returns — but have said they think he should release them — include Reps.
Responsibilities:• Serve as a member of the DevOps team while managing overall release health, release performance, and capacity of systems/applications during releases.
The release of the 56 opposition leaders follows Monday's release of 50 rank-and-file protesters by the administration of President Daniel Ortega.
Since the report's release, Democratic lawmakers have tried without success to get the Justice Department to release an unredacted version and underlying evidence.
That judge also delayed the release of the videos last week after prosecutors said they were obligated to release them under Florida law.
But Mr. Trump's refusal to release his — and the subsequent effort by House Democrats to force the release — have raised the issue's profile.
Compassionate release, sometimes called medical or geriatric parole, is a process that allows for the release of people who are elderly or sick.
When people tell the truth, they can experience a feeling of release from pretense that is perhaps similar to the release of rudeness.
The reality is Republicans want to appear to be for release but are not willing to take any steps to force the release.
Trump cited national security concerns in deciding to block the release of the memo, which the committee voted earlier this week to release.
NEW YORK An article on Monday about Anthony D. Weiner's release from prison misstated where the former congressman is living since his release.
Considering its $4,555 per-screen average, the third-highest average in its first week of release, it has certainly earned a wider release.
The company said it would delay the release of "Far Cry 5" by a month to March 27, 2018 while also pushing back the release of "The Crew 2" and a franchise game initially planned for release in fiscal year 2018/2019.
The release of Elastic Stack, which also is release 5.0 for those keeping score at home, provides easier ways to connect the different pieces of the product family than in the past when they acted as five separate products with different release cycles.
Instead, analyses found "spikes in web traffic coinciding exactly with the timing of: (1) the release of information during the ... episode; (2) the release of the episode on The Last Week Tonight with John Oliver YouTube channel; and (3) tweets about that release."
Sheriff Bradshaw "wants to determine if any actions taken by the deputies assigned to monitor Epstein during his work release program violated any agency rules and regulations, during the time he was on PBSO work release program," according to a news release.
Apple has seemingly timed the change with the release of macOS High Sierra today, instead of with the release of iOS 11 last week.
When Sony announced its "21080K gaming" console for a November 24 release with just two months to go before that release, I predicted disaster.
"Not only do we have evidence of heat release upon solidification, but considerably more energy release is needed to explain the observations," Tremblay added.
Release Date: Screening at the Toronto Film Festival; wide release in Spring 2018 Where To Watch: Toronto Film Festival Looking for more style content?
According to a press release, Ben & Jerry's became the first to release ice cream pints with balls of cookie dough in March 20, 1991.
That infuriated the union of French theater owners, since French law calls for a 36-month waiting period between theatrical release and streaming release.
But its release is the best we have for now, as police have refused to release the video they do have of the shooting.
If convicted, Layman could be sentenced to ten years in prison, three years of supervised release, and a fine of $250,000, the release states.
But Craig's name is notably absent from a press release sent out Monday announcing the release date for the 25th film in the franchise.
Season 8 starts taping June 16 and while there is no official release date yet, it has been slated for release later in 2018.
The victims' attorneys are demanding that Barstow police release the names of the officers involved in the shooting and release videos of the incident.
A full release will come as part of the Windows 10 Creators Update, which is scheduled for a not-very-specific "early 2017" release.
The company didn't release any pricing details or any specific release dates, unfortunately, so it's not exactly clear about how much it'll cost you.
The video outlined the conditions for the release of the nun, Beatrice Stockly, including the release of members of the group jailed by Mali.
The video's release comes on the heels of the release of Ocean's 8, a movie about a heist at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
The company does not have any plans to release it commercially, but could soon release a public trial to let anyone use the software.
According to Android Authority, Google has launched New Release Radio — a feature similar to Spotify's Release Radar — for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.
Details around release date and pricing are absent from Samsung's press release on the QLED series, nor were they mentioned at the media preview.
Director Ridley Scott's "Black Hawk Down" got a limited release at the tail end of 0003 and went into nationwide release in early 2002.
The same is true of Irem's Rocky Rodent, a SNES release of 1993 that only received an official release in Japan and the States.
The software giant had targeted April 10th as an internal target to release the update, but a last-minute "blocking bug" delayed the release.
In January this year, JBL said that it would release the Link Bar this spring, before pushing its release once again a month later.
"Endless" is the first major release from the singer since 2012's "Channel Orange", which sold 131,000 copies in its first week of release.
Until announcing this upcoming release, being handled in partnership with The Shrouded Isle's Kitfox Games, there's never been a press release promoting the game.
Previous medical release Lim's family had stepped up calls for his release since the death of University of Virginia student Otto Warmbier in June.
The carmaker is due to release more detailed full-year earnings on March 12 and its trucks division Traton will release earnings on Monday.
"This, in effect, caused all sediments and deposits sitting on lower portion of tank to run through distribution lines," a press release release said.
But like any release from the Nike vault, there are sure to be long lines and plenty of hype leading up to the release.
Hello Games and Sony have announced the release date, with Hello Games planning to release the PC version simultaneously alongside its PlayStation 4 counterpart.
There's supposed to be some kind of multiplayer beta ahead of the game's release, but BioWare's release date announcement makes no mention of it.
Nvidia may have accelerated its release date this time because AMD will release its first GPUs based on the 22070nm Navi architecture next week.
The new release release appears to be inspired by the sounds of his home of New York City and his adopted home of Berlin.
The story mentions that an Android release should follow the iOS release, but until then, the drones can already stream on Periscope and YouTube.
For one, the straps that were supposed to release Gagarin's landing capsule didn't, well, release, sending the entire craft into a furiously dangerous spin.
Full moons are times for release—this may mean the end of something, but this could also mean release in the best sense: relief.
Earlier this year he teamed up with the brand to release "Tomato Edchup" and wrote and starred in a TV advert for the release.
The president should also release those detainees who have been cleared for release and send the remaining prisoners to the United States for trial.
While women release an egg each month, other female mammals, such as rabbits and camels, release an egg only after mating with a male.
Version 12 of the platform is based on the OpenStack Pike release, the 16th release of OpenStack, which launched just over two months ago.
Previously, labels would consult the company to source the most cost- and time-effective pressing options available internationally on a release-by-release basis.
Alongside the producer TOKiMONSTA, TheWaveVR will release a virtual reality experience timed to coincide with the release of the artist's latest record, Lune Rouge.
We have to end these horrible catch and release principles where you catch somebody and you take their name and then you release them.
Additional responsibilities will revolve around DevOps tasks to improve release consistency and quality such as Jenkins Pipeline creation, automated release documentation, and configuration management.
Update: This story has been updated to include a link to the Department of Justice press release, and to include information from the release.
The release means that ZTE has beaten Chinese smartphone rival Huawei to be the first to release a 5G handset in its home country.
Prisons should release low-level, non-public-safety offenders who are near their release term anyway, or if they are older or medically vulnerable.
What is notable about the release of the three American prisoners, and what does their release clear the way for, according to the article?
Center also was ordered to pay $60,000 and will have a year of supervision after his release from prison, according to the news release.
Mr. Mnuchin has refused a congressional request to release the returns and Mr. Trump has declined to release them, citing a continuing I.R.S. audit.
Apple's release of iOS 13 today means third-party developers can now release apps that can access Siri without any configuration on your end.
Republicans also submitted motions for the whistleblower to release certain documents related to his complaint; for a financial firm to release documents pertaining to Hunter Biden's time on the board of Burisma; and for the Democratic National Committee to release communications with Ukrainian officials.
"The company planned to do a proper press release and website release with more materials next year, when the current prototype was complete," he says.
"The unconditional release of children was agreed, and the mechanics of the release of detainees in the coming days was addressed," Ould Cheikh Ahmed wrote.
The rand firmed in response to the release of the data, touching a session high of 13.6400 per dollar from 13.7300/dollar before its release.
Post Malone has released his sophomore album Beerbongs & Bentleys, his first full length release since the release of his debut album Stoney in December 2016.
The phrase was added to a draft press release in May of 2015 prior to its public release in June, Marketplace and APM's investigation found.
Photo: SamsungSamsung will be announcing its first-ever 8K television for commercial release, the Q900R, at IFA 2018 this week, according to a press release.
It would also require presidential candidates to release at least eight years of tax returns — Trump has refused to release any of his tax returns.
Nobody is referring to the latest Lobster Theremin release as "rude" or trading gun-fingers to the outrageous sounds of another Nick "Naughty" Höppner release.
The scheduled release date was Sunday, but apparently there's a policy that inmates whose release date falls on a weekend get sprung the Friday before.
We did consult with the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota (WRC) prior to release and we had determined that the raccoon was safe to release.
And Netanyahu played a role in Trump's efforts to release Brunson when he agreed to Trump's request to release a Turkish citizen detained in Israel.
That's when the label starts to work on the release, so by the time of the actual release I'm not really that interested any more.
If you want to establish your future as being more surprising, then you have to release that music, release everything that's a part of you.
The central bank will also release minutes of its May 5 rate-setting meeting at 1200 GMT, and will also release March current account data.
We have so much great documentation from the Smeared era, both prior to its release and the ensuing U.S. release and tour and all that.
Undeterred, the Icelanders continued to assert their dominance, pumping out release after release of cold black fury—often via the Vánagandr tape label and distro.
The DOC's Office of the Inspector General is further investigating the incident and will release more information when the investigation concludes, according to the release.
The Nevada Democratic Party will release how many delegates each candidate won in their precinct caucuses (again like Iowa, they don't release raw vote totals).
"This people-powered campaign is revolutionizing American politics," Jeff Weaver, Mr. Sanders's campaign manager, said in a news release accompanying the release of the figures.
Then after the release of follow-up single, "Faded Love" featuring Future, Tinashe finally had a April release date set for the long-awaited album.
In the latest developer release of the iOS 12 software, Apple said Group FaceTime has been removed from the upcoming public release of iOS 12.
No pricing has been announced, although Plextor gave a November release date in its original press release, which it doesn't look like it will hit.
Personally, I just wanted a label that when you look back at it, band by band, release by release, it's one killer record after another.
Sandberg did say that Facebook and Congress would release data on the Russian ad targeting when they release the ads to the public next month.
The winner was Sony, which had an upper hand having done the international release of "The Hateful Eight" (The Weinstein Company handled the domestic release).
Now, three years after the release of their debut LP, the four-piece are set to release a new EP early in the New Year.
They will then potentially narrow the options down, release another proposal, take comments again and then release a final version, which could be narrower still.
Much maligned on its 1987 release, the movie has been rereleased on Blu-ray in its European-release version, which is 31 minutes longer. (Shout!)
Trump has said he won't release his tax returns because he's under audit, though the Internal Revenue Service has cleared him to release the documents.
The United Nations Mission in South Sudan welcomed his release and pressed for the release of two other staff members also in detention since 2014.
The FBI will survive the release of this IG report, and it will survive the release of the next report related to the Russia probe.
Moor Insights & Strategy president Patrick Moorhead said a 2020 release target for the 5G iPhone could be "tight" and he predicted a 2021 release instead.
The release of the footage comes after the Nevada Supreme Court ruled Friday that police had to release the 911 call audio and bodycam recordings.
The State Department is set to release another batch of emails Friday, said State Department spokesman Mark Toner, the last such release before Tuesday's election.
Spokesman John Kirby maintained the payment was negotiated separately from the prisoner release, but conceded there was "some connection" between the money and the release.
I dipped my foot into releasing records with The Courtneys; doing a tour edition release and also helping Screaming Females with their tour edition release.
As our Release Engineer on the DevOps team, you'll be tasked with creating systematic processes for daily release schedules and components involved in those releases.
I'm not the sort of filmmaker, at this point, who demands a big-screen, theatrical release, or even a wide release, for anything I do.
In the age of rapid-release schedules for browsers, the exact details of the new release schedules won't actually matter all that much in practice.
But it has yet to be made public, and the path to its potential release — or the release of the facts it contains — is complicated.
Call It Home Vol 1 & 2 are their 7th and 8th (or just 7th release depending on how you see it) release on Tubtone Records.
However, carbohydrate-rich snacks result in the release of insulin, which in turn can trigger the release of dopamine, according to New York University researchers.
Details: "Trolls World Tour" is scheduled for release on April 10 and was the only major release standing between now and "Black Widow" in May.
But in a March 31 press release, US Army General Stephen Townsend pledged to release an updated review of its airstrikes' toll on innocent life.
A full year later, and we still haven't gotten a price or release date for the long-delayed speaker, which has missed several release dates.
Even if a studio wanted to move a film's release date, there is little flexibility in the movie release schedule for the rest of 2020.
More than a month before the release of any documents, the conspirators constructed the online persona DCLeaks to release and publicize stolen election-related documents.
Aside from competitors, a developer or publisher can tie a game's release to lots of calendar events: Christmas, Black Friday, a next-generation console's release.
The "Sorry" singer is currently gearing up to release new music, and recently campaigned for 20 million likes from followers to release his album early.
Unless the release mechanisms already in place — parole, compassionate or medical release, and clemency — are used and expanded, the prison population will not shrink. Gov.
Lopez Obrador has also criticized the release from prison of several suspects in the case, after a judge ordered the release of a key suspect.
The lawsuit also alleges that Johnson was unlawfully held beyond his release date, and accuses the jail of failing to properly monitor inmates' release dates.
The American Petroleum Institute (API) will release its stocks data on Tuesday while the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) will release its figures on Wednesday.
The Nest Mini is more like one of those 1.5 movies they release on home video with a little extra footage than the theatrical release.
Republicans have since said they'd vote to release the Democratic memo, drafted by Schiff, a sign that the committee is likely to approve its release.
First Love opens in limited theatrical release in New York City and Los Angeles on September 27th, and will enter wide release on October 4th.
Lawmakers responded by demanding Johnson's government release private correspondence by officials about its plans for Brexit, which they are required to release under parliamentary rules.
According to ICE, the reviews for its post-release plan are "time and resource intensive" and can delay the release of families by several days.
At the moment, there's no date for a wider international release, but if it mirrors Pokémon Go's release plan, you shouldn't be waiting much longer.
HOUSE INTEL WILL RELEASE FACEBOOK ADS: The House Intelligence Committee plans to release the Facebook ads purchased by Russian groups during the 6900 presidential race.
We called Tumay up shortly after the release of On the Rvn to discuss the release, that infamous meme, Thugger's insane work ethic, and influence.
Zynga is calling the massive expansion its "Social Dictionary," and timed its release to the game's eighth anniversary, the company said in a press release.

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