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"must" Definitions
  1. used to say that something is necessary or very important (sometimes involving a rule or a law)
  2. used to say that something is likely or logical
  3. (especially British English) used to recommend that somebody does something because you think it is a good idea

832 Sentences With "must"

How to use must in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "must" and check conjugation/comparative form for "must". Mastering all the usages of "must" from sentence examples published by news publications.

"You must, must, must, must, must be using a silicone-based lubricant," Dr. McDevitt says.
"I must friend, I must listen, I must observe, constantly I must live."
"The houses must, the designers must, the casting directors must, the agents must, the models must," added McCartney, whose eponymous label is part of Kering.
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Promises must be kept, bullies must be brought down, hypocrites must be exposed, and the weak must be protected.
The 10 best books of 2019The 10 must-read books of JanuaryThe 10 must-read books of FebruaryThe 10 must-read books of MarchThe 10 must-read books of MayThe 10 must-read books of JulyThe 10 must-read books of AugustThe 12 must-read books of SeptemberThe 12 must-read books of OctoberThe 10 must-read books of November
"Hamas must be disarmed, payments to terrorists must cease, corruption must end, and human rights must be respected," they write.
They must recognise the wrong, they must apologise, they must be transparent.
We must be innovative, we must be strong, we must be unified.
The Ring must be destroyed, Voldemort must be defeated, Aslan must prevail.
Remember the chant: "We must, we must, we must increase our bust,"?
Must-see TV. Must-see TV. Must-see TV. They had created it.
"and you must– you must for their sake — you must say yes to life."
He must go, he must go quickly, he must go as quietly as possible.
He must speak responsibly, he must listen carefully, and he must remember what is said.
Among other rights, children must be given the means for normal development; hungry children must be fed; sick children must be nursed; orphaned children must be sheltered; children must be put in a position to earn a livelihood; children must not be exploited; children must be the first to receive relief in times of distress.
We must stand up, we must fight for future generations, and we must act on climate.
If you must, must, must go Japanese, then Toyota&aposs Tundra is likely your first choice.
So plotlines must be consolidated, character arcs must be completed, and long-running promises must be kept.
Writers must love writing, must love their creations, must love their characters, no matter what they do.
"In this dual citizenship, I must work, I must eat, I must art, I must mother" — notice the double meaning of "must," which describes both what she is forced to endure but also how she goads herself forward.
Victims must be helped, traffickers must be punished, law enforcement must be trained to detect and uncover it, and as a nation we must work to prevent it.
We must be fair, things must be equal, we must take care of the other person, we must make sure everyone else&aposs needs are met before ours.
It must perform outreach and education, it must run a call center, it must have a website where people can enroll, and it must operate a navigator program.
A new mediator must be appointed; political prisoners must be released; and charges against Mr Katumbi must be dropped.
Participants must have a criminal history, they must abstain from drugs and alcohol, and they must be ready to change.
"You have a child," he said, "and you must — you must for their sake — you must say yes to life."
This is what we must do for one another We must live for one another We must fight for one Mother We must die in the name dfreedome if we have to.
Because if a woman takes off her clothes for a living, she must have no moral compass, her character must flawed, she must from a broken home, she must be mentally unstable.
"President Trump must stop holding the American people hostage, must stop manufacturing a crisis, and must reopen the government," Pelosi said.
"There must be a threat, there must be a risk, there must be a price," Hollande asserted, according to the report.
"It must be positive, it must be practical and it must make them and their children safer from abuse," Martin said.
People must be held accountable, they must be investigated, they must be indicted, and probably many of them thrown in jail.
"President Trump must stop holding the American people hostage, must stop manufacturing a crisis and must reopen the government," Pelosi said.
"President Trump must stop holding the American people hostage, must stop manufacturing a crisis, and must reopen the government," she said.
This is what we must do for one another We must live for one another We must fight for one another We must die in the name of freedom if we have to.
Therefore we have to stand together, therefore we must all follow Putin's banner, therefore we must forbid all opposition, therefore we must even sacrifice our civil rights, because it must never happen again.
"Magic must not say anything: it must act," he believed.
Plus, we must — we must — find out who bit Beyoncé.
Education must not simply teach work – it must teach life.
We must either love each other, or we must die.
So this must be looked into, this must be done.
We must care about it, and we must get involved.
Education must not simply teach work - it must teach life.
Ellison must survive abuse allegations, because Republicans must lose. Rep.
Our word must be our bond, and it must stick.
They must be misunderstanding, or they must have been misled.
We must ask it, and we must do so repeatedly.
First, the suspect must be identified and must publicly apologize.
Because he must possess everything precious, he must have her.
"The response must be global, and it must be collaborative."
They must be investigated, and alleged perpetrators must be prosecuted.
It must be appraised, a buyer must be found, etc.
You must disclose and you must be honest, Slott says.
Change must begin now, and it must encompass us all.
John Bolton must know this, and he must be worried.
"Rocket Man" entries must use animation, "Tiny Dancer" treatments must be live-action and "Bennie and the Jets" clips must employ choreography.
"The central bank must remain independent and must belong to all the Yemeni people and salaries (must) reach all Yemenis," he added.
"President Trump must stop holding the American people hostage, must stop manufacturing a crisis and must reopen the government," Ms. Pelosi said.
It's a must-have capability for high-altitude drones, which must scan a large area in front of them for oncoming air traffic — and by must-have, I mean they really must have them.
"Several conditions must be met before major policies of a new administration could be enacted: a particular candidate must win the presidency; the candidate's party must control the House and the Senate; the candidate must choose to pursue certain policies, and the legislation must pass through Congress."
To qualify for loan forgiveness, borrowers must fulfill four requirements: they must have loans through the William D. Ford Direct Loan Program; they must make 120 qualifying payments; they must be enrolled in repayment plans that qualify; and they must work full-time for a qualified employer.
The guidelines were as follows: The cake must be made completely from fast food, it must hold itself together, it must be able to be eaten by the slice, and it must be presented nicely.
If you see politics through a rigid orthodoxy -- must be polished, must be internationalist, must be politically correct -- then, yes, Trump lost badly.
When you think of must-have, must-try, must-know products, there's probably an Oribe mask, hairspray, or shampoo somewhere in the mix.
Sex education must be comprehensive and it must be for everyone.
"He must become greater; I must become less" (John 3:30).
But this trade must be fair and it must be reciprocal.
He must be — it must be some sort of Man-lania.
"We must change now; we must have a reset," Weiss added.
Congress must do its duty and citizens we must do ours.
To achieve this, we must be active; we must be kind.
All men must die, but not all beautiful landmarks must collapse.
The worker must have bread, but she must have roses, too.
The worker must have bread, but she must have roses too.
Progressives must do more than vote this year; we must volunteer.
All ingredients must be kosher, and the equipment must be kosher.
We must... (APPLAUSE) ... we must as a nation be more unpredictable.
Must have…must have lots of fat in that (laughs) food.
Israelis must boycott Virgin and Israel must ask for an explanation.
Always someone must watch you, and you must not lose contact.
What must I fight for and what must I fight against?
They must change America's temperament; they must make it more liberal.
Colombia must attack now and must do it with 10 men.
"Rockets must stop, restraint must be shown by all!" he wrote.
The Senate must hold firm and Congress must pass this amendment.
Perseverance must be the precept; lifelong commitment must be the motto.
They say I must have known, must have had some idea.
The packages must be unopened and you must have the receipt.
We must plan ahead, and we must pay for our needs.
Poland must change more, and it must change for the better.
NATO countries must pay MORE, the United States must pay LESS.
You must give him instructions and he must carry them out.
We must demand, and our leaders must embrace, progress over power.
That you must have a podcast, everyone must have a podcast.
According to the Red Priestess, the second coming will be contingent on five factors: He or she must be born of smoke and salt, must wake dragons out of stone, must be born under a bleeding red star, must make a sacrifice, and darkness must fall upon the earth.
Healthcare is too expensive, coverage must be more affordable, Medicaid programs must become more innovative and efficient, the individual market must be stabilized and more payments for healthcare services must be made through value-based contracts.
The job comes with a few prerequisites: must not be a cop, must have an appreciation for weed, and must be willing to camp.
And the fact is: President Trump must stop holding the American people hostage, must stop manufacturing a crisis, and must re-open the government.
A united, sovereign nation must have borders and it must have laws that everyone, even crunchy tech companies in the Bay Area, must obey.
To get there, much has to happen: Democrats must reclaim the House and Senate by large margins; Secretary Clinton must be elected; conservative Democrats must be brought around; and statehood legislation must overcome a searing constitutional challenge.
Parliament must approve any revision, which must then pass a nationwide referendum.
Parliament must approve any revision, which must then pass a nationwide referendum.
Facts must be verifiable, and verification must be based on common standards.
The people must have their say, but their options must be limited.
You must have a product, and this product must use your token.
It must orbit around the sun and must not be a moon.
What goes up, must go down… what does down, must go up…?
"We must change now; we must have a reset," one email said.
The state must not boss people around and it must support them.
First, there must be elections, which must be both free and fair.
If he does, then he mustmust — call out for Kelly Clarkson.
This wicked ideology must be obliterated and innocent life must be protected.
"Someone must have seen something, someone must have noticed something," he said.
If the state must execute, there must be no room for doubt.
But he must do more and he must do it more quickly.
Sometimes they must be untied, and sometimes we must tie them again.
LinkedIn has become a must have, and a must protect, said Gershbein.
Yet debts must be paid and unfunded net liabilities must be closed.
We must not embolden it or elevate it, we must crush it.
Both chambers still must pass it, and President Obama must sign it.
Iran must be held accountable, and concrete punitive steps must be taken.
"The new generation must continue; life must continue," teacher Shahad Mimi said.
Hair must be cut short and all fighters must be clean shaven.
We must care about history, but we must not care too much.
Assertions must be evidence-based; research must be rigorous; decorum is paramount.
Liverpool's brand of soccer must be exciting but also must produce wins.
" Giuffre said "the reckoning" against Epstein "must not end, it must continue.
The world must step up action — and it must do so urgently.
The show must go on, and the wedding must go on, too.
We must always confront hate directly, and we must always seek justice.
America must resume underground nuclear testing, and we must do it immediately.
So there must be limits on power and they must be enforced.
Yes, women must be included in these conferences, but so must leadership.
The seriously ill must go first, and the testers must be protected.
The seriously ill must go first, and the testers must be protected.
Additionally, women must receive state-directed counseling, must have an ultrasound and a provider must describe the image of the unborn child to the woman.
A lot of work goes into preparing the Late Late Show — sketches must be written, guests must be confirmed, and silk performances must be practiced.
He must already have inner doubts; trusted people, whether imams, friends or relatives, must be involved; and he must be offered an alternative peer group.
"We must understand that we all must stick to and we must not counteract these measures," he urged in the early hours of Sunday morning.
It is said in the West that Africa must be helped, that there must be solidarity with Africa, that there must be love for Africa.
They must use that corporation's feed and livestock, they must accept that corporation's costs, and they must accept that corporation's lower and lower payment rates.
To qualify, single household riders must make less than $193,760 per year, two-person households must make less than $17,240, three-person households must make less than $21,720, four-person households must make less than $26,200, and so on.
"Senior cadres must not fudge their stand on fundamental matters, must not waiver on their political stance, must not be affected by incorrect ideology," it said.
Namely: It must be a mobile product, the technology must be realistically possible by 2017, and the final product must be affordable for the general population.
Permits must be obtained, partnerships with local governments must be struck, and obstacles thrown up by incumbent ISPs and their allies in statehouses must be overcome.
" It also said internet service providers must be properly registered, must have the proper identification from all users and must perfect their "systems of content censorship.
Before the government can reopen the Senate must vote on final passage, the House must approve in turn, and President Donald Trump must sign the measure.
Applicants must face undue hardship if denied a visa, the travel must be in the U.S. interest and the applicant must not pose a security risk.
The Jedi must end ... but first, the Jedi must pose for Vanity Fair.
Opium poppies must be irrigated, well-fertilized, must get regular applications of pesticides.
"The fact is, the crown must win, must always win."Dun-dun-dun.
You must take your place in the circle, and you must accept it.
"We must not agonize, we must organize," Pelosi stated in a press release.
Not only must they make supply chains shorter, they must make them faster.
And of course we must -- must -- somehow come together around sensible gun control.
I mean, you must be relaxed, and you must really believe in yourself.
Twitter's stock must fall hard and its board must cut the selling price.
Just as people must evolve with a changing world, so must a portfolio.
This violence must end, and we must all work together to end it.
Direct benefits must be counted, says EPA, but co-benefits must be excluded.
The process must be apolitical and must reject outcome-based views of justice.
"He went on: "Boxing must be straight and the consquences must be higher.
"There must be transparency, and the video must be released," said the Rev.
Then, the vote must be delayed and a full FBI investigation must occur.
The killings must stop and all deaths must be promptly and effectively investigated.
If the NFL isn't must-have content, then nothing is must-have content.
"They must believe it must be a political winner for them," he said.
It must not be rushed and evidence/witnesses must not be hidden. pic.twitter.
We must not forget it, but we must not be controlled by it.
Visitors must be adults and the visit must take place in residents' rooms.
Australia must "populate or perish," he said — and the immigrants must be white.
"But we must weigh it and we must hear from him," Cummings added.
"We must not abandon this case and must compensate for it," he said.
"The injunctions must be obeyed and the barriers must come down," said Trudeau.
"They say, we must be more radical, we must attack," Mr. Szczurek said.
Our tactical responses must be agile and must respond to those changing circumstances.
"I tell my players, you mustmust — learn all the time," he said.
This is what we must live by; we must meet hate with love.
It must be addressed, but it must be addressed in the right order.
We completely agree that the cost must come down, must become more efficient.
Congress must make it clear to the administration that our policy must change.
"Someone must have seen something, someone must have noticed something," Mr. Hestrin said.
A judgment call must be made, and it often must be made quickly.
A good leader must be tough, but a good woman must not be.
"The underlying regulation must be genuinely ambiguous; the agency's interpretation must be reasonable and must reflect its authoritative, expertise-based, and fair and considered judgment; and the agency must take account of reliance interests and avoid unfair surprise," Roberts wrote.
Hoogewerf told CNN Business that Hurun based its list on four criteria: The companies must have been established since 2000, must be valued at $1 billion or more, must not be publicly traded and must have received funding from outside investors.
There are a few parameters: Emission reductions must be real and verifiable; they must be distributed equitably; they must not increase emissions of "co-pollutants"; and they must minimize so-called "leakage," whereby emitting facilities simply relocate outside the state.
Each 120 breaks down to a step of evolution: First you must know it, then you must be able to say it, then you must understand it.
Yes, this company saw a hole in the market and said: We must, must, must give DJs a way to express themselves through the power of livestreaming.
"A judge said that they must leave the country, that they must not return, and that they must not gather in a group and party," he said.
It must be affordable for working families, it must level the playing field for small businesses, and it must treat all workers throughout the country the same.
If true - and proof must be examined - Congress must begin impeachment proceedings and Barr must refer, at a minimum, the relevant portions of material discovered by Mueller.
To enjoy this privileged status, religious communities must have a defined set of beliefs, their members must be recorded, and they must have historical and social significance.
"We must remember if that we want hope, we must have unity," he said.
The Council must nominate the next Commission head and the Parliament must endorse that.
There must be skin — acres of it — showing, but that must remain innocent, somehow.
"States must not take money from taxes, but they must print money," he said.
There must be no doubt: Iran's nuclear program must always remain peaceful and civilian.
It must be more complex, too, you know — it must have substance, as well.
These barbarous acts must end and those at the helm must be held accountable.
Non-citizens must show passports and visas to cross it; locals must produce passes.
"The hate and division must stop and it must stop right now," he said.
We must fight back, and our next president must act to enshrine Roe v.
We must be biased without really ... Therefore, we must — and the conservatives play them.
"We must show a huge force, we must go against this," she told reporters.
In order to be eligible, you must also must pass one of two tests.
Skill-building must be a lifelong endeavor, and our policies must reflect this philosophy.
For example, it must confront Xi's claim that the internet must be cyber sovereign.
Trump and all of them must go, and they must go now. Resist. Peace.
Illinois must honor good government, and it must honor its contracts and pay now.
Emergency declarations must be called judiciously, and the remedy must address the underlying emergency.
It must be one-on-one, his team says, and it must happen soon.
"The war on our police must end and it must end now," Trump declared.
Not only must he do justice but he must appear to be doing justice.
"  "Sean Spicer must be fired, and the president must immediately disavow his spokesman's statements.
In order to mend this fear, we must connect — we must build a bridge.
Not only must we make a plan, but we must come to a decision.
President Kabila now must resign, and his corrupt group of cronies must be replaced.
"We must discuss real alternatives and a second referendum must be on the table."
British lawmakers must pass supporting legislation and the European Parliament must ratify the deal.
Guns must be insured and proof of insurance must be kept with the owner.
We must also recognize that H.R. 8 must be the floor, not the ceiling.
We must do both of these things, and we must do them exceptionally well.
His deportation must be halted, and we must fight the Trump administration's xenophobic policies.
Deportations of non-criminal aliens must not only be limited; they must be ended.
The couple must file a joint income tax return, and they must be married.
"Caesar's wife must not only be honest, but must also look honest," he said.
Applicants must have no food allergies and must be familiar with using computers. Interested?
And he must do so because the law says that Whistleblower must be protected.
Claimed facts must be verified and key details must be corroborated against objective sources.
We must act, and we must make the world understand its responsibility to act.
At the same time, we must uphold our values and democracy must be protected.
This must be amended, and the House must adopt the Senate's electric bus provision.
A good woman must be self-deprecating, but a good leader must not be.
Under Lebanon's constitution, the president must be a Maronite Christian, the prime minister must be a Sunni and the speaker of the parliament must be a Shiite Muslim.
Straps must be worn and must be 1' wide," and, as far as bottoms are concerned, "skirts/pants/shorts must remain up on own or with a belt.
Our circulatory system, our visual system, and our muscles all struggle in low gravity; we are vulnerable to radiation; we must eat, we must shit, we must breathe.
"They must seek mental health care themselves if needed, they must avoid violent and aggressive behavior, and they must drive safely at all times," Schwebel said by email.
Evidence must be sufficient; the Crown Prosecution Service must push forward with the case; the victim must have the psychological resilience necessary for a long and protracted case.
It was, "So, you must be from Jamaica, you must be from Trinidad, you must be from Guyana" and I'd say no I'm from Canada, from Toronto, actually.
There must be a real border, there must be immigration reform, and there must be trade policy that does not cut off the American worker at the knees.
One country must be eligible for IBRD funding, at least 12 weeks must have passed since the outbreak started, and a specific rate of transmission must be met.
Coffee must be produced and labeled in accordance to the principles of free trade, wood flooring must come from sustainable lumber, chickens must be raised and killed humanely.
There are still hurdles to overcome with VR. The ergonomics must become better and feel more natural, the prices must come down, and the tether must be removed.
"Peacekeeping missions must support a political solution; have the consent of the host country; its mandates must be realistic and achievable; every mission must have an exit strategy; and the United Nations peacekeeping missions must adjust to progress and failure," Pence said.
If death must be present—and in stories about guns, it must always be present—then a moral justification must be created that allows our heroes to remain heroes.
We must stay calm, we must have confidence and we must concentrate — these are the three words we've have been focusing on to get them ready for the final.
The courts must give them leeway to act, elected representatives must fund them and not pry too deeply into their actions, and the president must bow to their expertise.
In the United States, police must demilitarize, must work more closely with the communities they seek to protect, and must not demonstrate arbitrary force based on racial profiling. 2.
"They told me, 'I'm sorry, you must have a driver's license,' or, 'I'm sorry, you must read our computer program,' or, 'you must sort through pictures,'" she tells me.
Specifically, research participants must give informed consent and participate voluntarily, there must be a favorable risk-to-benefit profile, and they must have a right to withdraw without repercussions.
"The reconciliation process must be neutral, must be fair and must be according to the law," said former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, whose was overthrown in the last coup.
Meaning that the Comcasts of the world must carry them under the must-carry rules.
Citizens must demand it, Mr Sunstein argues, and they must seek out those serendipitous encounters.
Someone must have hacked the president's Twitter account or someone must have photoshopped the tweets.
Our next president must not shrink from long overdue reforms, but must lead with them.
" A structural condition is "Okay, Sprint must spin off Boost, must sell Boost to Dish.
Tech must change, and more people like the Kapors must stand up for that change.
If even she, who every policeperson must know, feels anxiety, how must everyone else feel?
Therefore, what the West stands for must keep looking at itself and must keep changing.
"You must [go] to see Charles Bridge, castle, and you must...try absinthe," Kořínek said.
In other words, towns and cities must be innovative, but they must not make mistakes.
TC: Still, it must complicate your life, including [managing] employees who must feel more nervous.
Now, they must disentangle and consumerism must lead industry out of planetary and ethical degradation.
Women are flocking to Bernie -- so he must be sexist, and they must be traitors.
Life must be lived, grass must be cut, and the rolling stone gathers no moss.
"If the state must execute, there must be no room for doubt," the editorial said.
Refugees must realise that they must respect the rules and the laws of our Union.
They must be in a stable, long-term relationship and must have their ovaries intact.
The Sky Sports studio must never fall silent, and the potential transfers must never end.
Rimsevics must ask prosecutors for permission to leave Latvia and must justify any travel request.
In equestrian competitions, "one must go obstacle by obstacle… One must have patience," he said.
But Mr. Trump must be Mr. Trump, which is to say he must be everywhere.
We must work towards universal vaccination and we must do so as quickly as possible.
Real universities must be accredited and their top priority must be to teach their students.
The rule of law must be upheld, and the original legislation must function as intended.
"The United States must not act impulsively, and we must not act unilaterally," Sanders said.
"If true - and proof must be examined - Congress must begin impeachment proceedings," Holder tweeted Friday.
We must have order, and we must have endless delineations of how to achieve it.
This is a problem that Congress must correct and it must correct it now. Rep.
You must read to your children, hug your children, and you must love your children.
A movie, as a rule, must complete a world; a series must keep building one.
They must be led, and decades of habitual bureaucracy must be shaken out of them.
They must be 18 or older, and must by a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.
Sheriff Truman suggests there must be a more rational answer — Leland must have been insane.
These activities must be affordable and must be performed by the governments holding the asset.
But at some point, campaigns must end and the hard work of governing must begin.
But the lesson is that democracies must adapt, not that they must be swept away.
This must be a human issue, this must an Austin issue for all of us.
"But he must do more, and he must do it more quickly," Mr. Tillerson added.
This is what we must do for one another We must live for one another.
It must also be dealt with spatially and collectively, meaning that it must be deconcentrated.
Witnesses must be mandated to testify under oath and previously withheld documents must be submitted.
"Sanctions must be lifted, and the United States must respect the Iranian nation," Rabiei said.
Mr. Wilders argued that the Quran must be banned and mosques must be shut down.
Leaders must nominate the president, but then lawmakers must approve the appointment in confirmation hearings.
"The days of politicians selecting their voters must end and must end now," he said.
We must work in concert and on several fronts, and we must do it now.
However, it must refrain from trying to lead and must resist adopting distracting unilateral actions.
In order to make a call, all senior election unit analysts must agree, the NBC News director of elections must agree, and the senior news division management representative must agree.
We don't always have to agree, but we must empower each other, we must find the common ground, we must build bridges across our differences to pursue the common good.
Facebook statuses must be updated, selfies must be taken, Snap stories must be told—and in Fort Worth, there's no one holding a candle to the celebrity of Donald Trump.
To survive judicial scrutiny, a law or official act must have a secular purpose, must not "advance or inhibit religion," and must not amount to an "excessive entanglement" with religion.
In search of the perfect geothermal site For geothermal energy to succeed there must be heat, it must be accessible, and you must be able to move water around it.
"We must cut pollution, we must fight climate change - for which we need clean diesel ... and we must secure the car industry in Germany, especially in Baden-Wuertemmberg," Kretschmann said.
Kids' data must be handled carefully, per the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act — parents' consent must be obtained, and parents must also be able to review or delete that data.
The judicial parameters are known: to pass constitutional muster, an affirmative-action program must serve a compelling state interest, it must be narrowly tailored, and it must survive strict scrutiny.
Benioff: Jim, the number one thing that every CEO must ask and every employee must ask or every stakeholder must ask is: what is the most important thing to me?
This behavior must stop, and women must feel empowered to take matters into their own hands.
Where that demands cooperation, governments must do so; where it requires consent, that must be built.
YouTube must do better and must enforce their own policies and remove creators who promote hate.
To end it, Congress must act—and the American people must hold them accountable in November.
There must be a new culture, and our students must be full participants in creating it.
But it must be, and I am very explicit on that: it must be sustainably sourced.
Greece must hit its reform targets, Greece must fulfil the facts and figures in its budget.
Additionally, the person's disability must have existed before age 26, and income tests must be met.
In other words, ever-fewer people must have Time Warner's so-called "must-have" TV networks.
Reason should govern society, we must avoid passion, we must avoid the purely instinctive, the irrational.
But "the show must go on," as the old performance parlance goes, and so must we.
Three must be Under-21 and combined they must get 1,000 game time minutes a season.
We must accord respect to an accuser and we must accord due process to the accused.
The display must be at least 12 inches square and must be in a prominent location.
They must occur at least four times a week and they must be during prime time.
Timing must be ripe for a revival; the audience must want it or feel its relevance.
Now the firm must pay more, and it must fight harder against rival services for subscribers.
It must be odd watching yourself onscreen, but, then again, you must get used to it.
"Those responsible for the killing must be held to account and must face justice," she said.
But we know we must still convince the sport parliament and we must convince the public.
We think that political dialogue must not be broken and we must try and find stability.
"All the decisions which must be implemented, must be implemented in a responsible way," he added.
We must remain united, and we must not allow any candidate to divide or fracture us.
OPINION U.S. must stop helping Saudi Arabia in Yemen, and Congress must step in, by Sen.
Too often these mines leave behind devastation that taxpayers must pay for and communities must endure.
"We must work harder, we must also be more perfectionist," Zhang said, according to the Post.
Everyone must be issued a policy, and insurers must use modified community ratings to price policies.
It must have — must have... KAINE: Until he... (CROSSTALK) PENCE: ... done well in some focus group.
In order to gain the party nomination, he must first must defeat former New Mexico Gov.
Those insurance products must be approved by the federal government and must include coverage for abortions.
I must have meaningful contact with my children and wife, and I must clear my name.
They must have a high school diploma or GED, and they must pass a background check.
But these threats against ICE officers and their families must stop, and they must stop now.
Clinton must not merely defeat Donald Trump; she must crush him and all he stands for.
Because to police it, you must detect it; and to detect it, you must understand it.
It shows them how the real world works: Rules must be followed, deadlines must be met.
Carbon dioxide must exit so they don't suffocate in their underground nests, and oxygen must enter.
"William must be released and he must be released immediately," the representatives said in a statement.
People assume that socioeconomically successful groups must be competent and that disadvantaged groups must be incompetent.
While those must be addressed, we must also not fool ourselves into thinking we're hopelessly hooked.
Administrators must approve people before they can join, and must sign off on individual posts, too.
In the end, the Resistance must be bigger than impeachment; it must be about political realignment.
For that reason, Citizens United must be overturned, and America must demand public financing of elections.
"I believe the Americans must not wait any more and must announce the endgame," he said.
The camps for asylum seekers must not just be made more humane; they must be closed.
This unhealthy obsession with being overworked must stop, she says, and women must lead that movement.
Above all, we must not lose our voices, which now, more than ever, must be heard.
The father must say goodbye to his son, the son must say goodbye to the father.
The products must be sold and fulfilled by Amazon, and they must weigh under 50 pounds.
The department then must notify the chairs of the relevant congressional appropriations subcommittees, who must approve.
"Any plan must prioritize the fishermen; we must have a say in the redevelopment," he said.
Training should be: Investigations must be independent, thorough and fair Legislatures must take harassment allegations seriously.
Those responsible must be held accountable & VDOC policy must be changed so this never happens again.
Just as one of the last three Stark siblings must die, one of them must live.
For example, tenants must not have been charged with a felony and must have a job.
We must have a party, a big party, we must throw a party because he resigned.
The companies behind our devices, both big and small, must make hardware changes to be accepted into HomeKit, must add authentication chips that are only available from Apple, must choose an Apple-approved manufacturer, must send free samples for certification, and must not talk about the certification while hoping they don't go bankrupt while waiting for the entire process to complete.
The EU and the U.S. must continue to work together in the fight against terrorism, but we must be clear that this must not come at the cost of fundamental rights.
In Lebanon's political system, power is divided between a prime minister, who must be Sunni; a president, who must be Maronite Christian; and a speaker of Parliament, who must be Shiite.
Yes. But there is no question that the next step forward to ensure women's voices are fully represented must be bold, must declare our intention and, without question, must be met.
Brett Kavanaugh himself must take responsibility for his own actions, and the public must not throw excuses for the [alleged] assault, but we also must make room for reform and growth.
Two doctors must confirm the eligibility requirements and that no coercion exists; the person must make the request at least twice verbally and also in writing; multiple witnesses must confirm that the patient isn't being coerced; and the patient must be able to take the medication themselves.
It defines a private contemporary art museum as an institution that meets these five requirements: it must be owned by a private individual; that person must be known as an art collector and display some of her collection in the institution; the museum must have a physical space; the museum must be publicly accessible (either through regular opening hours or by appointment); the collection must be focused on contemporary art; and the collector must still be alive.
Those minimum standards state that every ID applicant must have their identity verified, every card must contain anti-counterfeit technology, and background checks must be done on everyone who issues driver's licenses.
Blood donors must be in good general health, must be at least 17 years old -- in most states, including Florida -- and must weigh at least 110 pounds, according to the Red Cross.
To turn this into a maths problem: if A must equal B and B must equal C then A must equal C. At some point, this fudge will have to be resolved.
For the buyback boom to truly end, one of two things must happen: companies must think better of it as a strategy, or funds must run short or become difficult to obtain.
The following guidelines were determined: a shooting must involve the discharge of a firearm (even by accident), it must occur on a school campus, and it must involve students or school employees.
One English-language pamphlet produced in 2015 by the group as a "must-know, must-read, must-keep booklet for every Myanmar citizen," says different religions are "devouring" the faith of Myanmar.
The fiction must serve as a prelude to the creation of a new company that adheres to a simple, fundamental rule: Revenues must be higher than costs, or costs must be financed.
In the same way the music must no longer know itself — but passions violent or not, must never be expressed to the point of disgust, and music must never offend the ear.
We must stand up for what we know to be right, and [we must] protect each other.
"This is why homeland security must be squared away, why our military must be invincible," he added.
The bank must be solvent, he added and state money must not be used to cover losses.
We must do better for the cradle of our union and it must do better for itself.
That must always be our goal, and the righteousness of our cause must always underlie our strength.
But of course any further extension must require and must have a credible and realistic way forward.
Second, an independent board of directors must be appointed, and it must appoint an external chief executive.
The "Bottom Line With Boris" videos are "must-runs," meaning all 193 Sinclair stations must broadcast them.
"We must be very careful about this situation, but we must not be too alarmist," Moscovici said.
But it must first change a rule that says a new managing director must be under 65.
"Special counsels must act within boundaries, but they must also be protected," Graham said in a statement.
Google must explain its unwillingness to disclose this breach and the FTC must conduct a fulsome investigation.
As you recognised, this work must be global in nature and must also avoid duplicating existing efforts.
For these reasons, Rebekah Mercer must resign, or you must act to remove her from the board.
Regulation and compliance are must-haves and software and data systems must be reproducible to be relevant.
They must be confusing it with the file on Manafort, which must read like a Russian novella.
You must see it in the daylight, when shadows drop, and you must imagine it a night.
Someone must give back to Europeans their sense of security…We can and must do more together.
That's a question all businesses must address — so too must the government, their agencies and political leaders.
If all men must die, then all women must defend the choices they make about their bodies.
You'll find the must-see, must-memorize cheat sheets for expertly applied makeup around the internet below.
The cargo short must die, and it must die today (if not today, tomorrow's totally cool too).
That must be done by the FBI, and the vote must be postponed until it is complete.
Namely: Batman must win, justice must prevail, and, ultimately, Lego blocks lock if you push them together.
Drivers also must also must continuously relearn Uber's ever-shifting bonus structures and driver terms and conditions.
These applications must have three characteristics: First, they must encrypt every message and file end-to-end.
Republicans must not condone and Americans must not accept Putin's puppet being made America's commander in chief.
"Turkey must understand that in this situation, we must transfer German soldiers out of Incirlik," he said.
But they must be aware of it, because whoever makes those decisions must be aware of everything.
An arrow must still be fired from a bow, and must still find purchase in its target.
In a statement on their website, Pearl Jam said they must "must take a stand against prejudice".
Among the new rules: Doctors must have hospital privileges, and clinics must function like outpatient surgery centers.
And it must, MUST, feature a celebrity that I feel is worthy of my time and analysis.
India must not ignore the pitfalls of its education system; therefore, it must increase its education expenditure.
They must rely solely on alms from the faithful and must consume them before noon each day.
Time is running out for the Rohingya; action must be taken, and it must be taken now.
We must bring school choice programs to our cities and we must get rid of Common Core.
We must address how to pay for it—and we must pursue the most profoundly just option.
We must come together and stand firm; we must contain him and his criminality at every juncture.
To be eligible, the video must not be more than one (1) minute long and must include:
New school bus drivers must complete a training program and must be at least 25 years old.
Since then he has become a must-see on social media and more importantly, a must-stream.
All eyes must now turn to his running mate, Mike Pence, to do what must be done.
The film has a number of locations that must be navigated and stunts that must be organized.
It must consume the floating city islands of Jirga Para Lhao for it must grow, grow, grow!
It must protect its citizens, but it must do so with due respect of international humanitarian law.
All the purple blobs must disappear in short order and gray blobs must begin eating the globe.
Dominion must reduce consumption 13 percent (against a 2019 baseline) by 2025; ApCo must hit 2 percent.
We must stand against the fascists, and it's the ordinary people who must hold their leaders accountable.
We must be tough mentally and we must be strong, not just physically but mentally, as well.
Destiny returns to tell Charles there is no escape, that you must be what you must be.
Gymnasiums must be opened, oxygen must be found, and the playbook of the past resurrected once again.
The EU is adamant this so-called "backstop" must stay, and Johnson is adamant it must go.
The Times must not be complicit in this process of dehumanization, and must reject this biased term.
Likewise we must see the killers as more than that: we must see how they became killers.
The proceeding must be pending at the time of the conduct and the defendant must know it.
We must now rebuild our country, reposition our country for future generations, and so everyone must pay.
"NATO countries must pay MORE, the United States must pay LESS," Trump said in a tweet Tuesday.
Everything must be digital, or the departments and agencies must use their own resources to scan them.
The population must be managed and protected, and law enforcement must play a role, Ms. Dean said.
Congress must act and Michigan must make a long-term commitment to the people of my hometown.
There must be a better distribution of wealth, and maybe America must move toward a democratic socialism.
All senators must be present and, in a break from norms and nature, they must remain silent.
Treasury must withdraw this scheme now, and Members of Congress must make their opposition clear as well.
Teachers must not disparage community speech, but they must teach standard English, the language of the marketplace.
Each person must have his or her own mobile phone, and they must keep their PIN secret.
We must not fail the Venezuelan people, and we must help them regain the democracy they deserve.
" The exhibition challenges viewers' assumptions that "copies" must be "fakes" and therefore must be "problematic" or "bad.
Carmody's equipment and confidential work material must be returned, details on how the San Francisco Police Department obtained the warrant must be unsealed, and San Francisco government officials must unreservedly condemn these actions.
We all agree that specific constitutional requirements, such as there must be "two" senators from every state or the president must be "35," must be enforced strictly and without regard to changing facts.
That's what the Lebanese seek by undoing government by sect: a president who must be a Maronite Christian, a prime minister who must be Sunni, a speaker of Parliament who must be Shiite.
"Government must focus on the needs of families, must be the protector of neighborhoods, and must guard the people from the enormous power of moneyed interests," de Blasio thundered in his campaign announcement.
"If true -- and proof must be examined -- Congress must begin impeachment proceedings and Barr must refer, at a minimum, the relevant portions of material discovered by Mueller," tweeted former Attorney General Eric Holder.
Between the lines: Trump officials think two things must unfold for this to happen: Republicans must stay unified, in votes and voice, and the economy must be strong, in jobs and market returns.
To qualify, they must meet two of the following four conditions: 40% of working-age residents must be out of the labour market and not in education; the proportion of residents with criminal convictions must be at least triple the national average; the share of people with no secondary-school diploma must exceed 60%; and the average taxpayer's income must be under 233% of the regional average.
These standards are admirable: the benefit to humanity must be greater than the real or potential harm to the study participants; the participants must understand the risks and benefits of the research and must be able to consent; participants must be selected in a fair and equitable manner, and costs and benefits of the research must be distributed fairly and equally to all potential participants.
When actual detention is employed, conditions of confinement must be humane and must fully accommodate access to counsel.
But my audience must be literate, must know what prose fiction is and understand how one accesses it.
To be eligible, employees must meet certain criteria, and their stores must meet sales and cash flow goals.
" And in another tweet President Trump wrote: "NATO countries must pay MORE, the United States must pay LESS.
For iPads, you must have the Mini 2 or newer, and iPods must be 6th generation or newer.
Submissions must be original, no longer than 1,000 words, and they must argue a specific point of view.
But our message must be clear: We must remember the lessons of history and refuse to back down.
"These weapons must be dislodged from Saddam Hussein, or Saddam Hussein must be dislodged from power," he continued.
By law, patients must not only be local residents: they must be the addicts with the greatest problems.
That must be done by the FBI, and the vote must be postponed until it is complete. Sen.
In this, you must be more than a military chief of staff; you must be their leader. 7.
But the candidate must be approved by Parliament, so he must have the backing of larger Muslim parties.
"Our justice system must become better than this, our educational system must become better than this," Speier said.
But the bottom line is we must have virtue, we must have a religious bearing as a nation.
He also said that his victory shows that France must be stronger, and that Europe must be united.
To go forward you must go back, and to touch the light, you must pass beneath the shadow.
Senate Republicans face another disadvantage: They must defend 22 seats compared to the 12 that Democrats must defend.
They must act to defend their interests, and they must show America that they can be capable allies.
"We must manage the trade, we must manage the feelings of national identity and so on," he said.
Data must all be tagged, and the metadata, information about what the data actually is, must be collected.
In other words, the stunning must be light and death must still be caused by rapid blood-letting.
But if you both live there or must travel for work, protection from mosquito bites is a must.
But back in the '90s and early aughts, Must See TV Thursdays really was Must See TV Thursdays.
Contracts dictate that providers must complete prisoners' resettlement plans, but not how thoroughly they must fill them in.
Men must measure at least 40 inches around their waist, while women must measure at least 35 inches.
But then I understand, I understand why they must go on strike, and why we must respect it.
The wall must remain a plain surface and must not be broken by the presentation of limitless horizons.
News organizations must show they are actual news outlets and individual reporters must demonstrate they are actual journalists.
All men must die, but before then, they must search for Game of Thrones clues on the internet.
Trump must tap a new FTC chairman and Sessions must pick a head for the DOJ Antitrust division.
Parliament must endorse such requests, which must then be approved in a nationwide referendum to come into force.
We must come together, we must pull together, and united we will take on and defeat our enemies.
U.S. policy must use all available tools and must strengthen those critical to building sustainable peace abroad. Sens.
Now those must be within cost, within budget and must be well-built to meet the authority's requirements.
There must be a cop on the beat; and military force must be used if deterrence isn't effective.
The document states that others must be designated by White House counsel or counsel must approve other procedures.
The Security Council must review this as a matter of urgency -- and the P5 must lead this review.
Of those, 26 mandate that classes "must stress" abstinence (the rest only say that it must be covered).
The Syrians must work out their problems; President [Bashar] Assad must be held accountable for his war crimes.
But if we are to criticize serious failure, as we must, then we must similarly laud significant success.
He must receive things he may not understand, and he must give things that may not be wanted.
These providers must also stock the pill on site and patients must sign a form to get it.
The constitution must be protected from a president who has radical authoritarian instincts and must not be reelected.
"We must end the attacks on our police and we must end them right now," the president said.
We must continue to fight, we must use our governments, our secret services, our businesses, and our media.
Workers need to file time cards, agencies must sign off on them and payroll centers must process payments.
When we must choose from profoundly disappointing choices we must, nonetheless, choose persons of imperfect and flawed measure.
The reckless undermining of air, water, health, and climate protections must stop — and those safeguards must be restored.
Startups must work with regulators to help define new policy structures, and governments must be open to innovation.
They must know, if they're anything, they must know what happened in terms of who were the people.
NASA can and must lead the way, and exploration, science and commerce in space must proceed in partnership.
In a woman the flesh must be like marble; in a statue the marble must be like flesh.
The report must be released immediately and AG Barr must publicly testify under oath about the investigation's findings.
A board must be set up, regular filings are required and meetings must be held and minutes kept.
"NATO countries must pay MORE, the United States must pay LESS," Mr. Trump said in a separate tweet.
To be effective, the F.B.I. must be believed and must maintain the support of the public it serves.
The voices of these survivors must be heard and taken seriously, and the perpetrators must be held accountable.
Congress now must ask Mr. Mueller to fix his mistakes, and the F.E.C. must clean up this mess.
First a Canadian judge must be convinced of the case, and then the country's justice minister must approve.
Second, Turkish troops must leave Cyprus and he must contribute to a just solution of the Cyprus issue.
From this evening I must give the British people a very simple instruction - you must stay at home.
Cases must first be referred to Parliament, and lawmakers must revoke immunity and pave the way for indictments.
All applicants must be nonprofit, and must have published at least annually for a minimum of three years.
Applicants must qualify for a mortgage, and the home must be one that Unison wants to invest in.
Personal responsibility must be part of the turnaround, but so must collective responsibility, especially for children now struggling.
President Trump must lead and in order to lead effectively he must choose his public health officials wisely.
And, because the expansion of the universe is accelerating, dark energy must exist and it must be positive.
"Our executive payment must be seen in comparison with other software companies and must be competitive," he said.
Even so, forced disclosures must contain factual and widely agreed upon information and must avoid being unduly burdensome.
Tax reform is a must Tax reform is another must-pass item before the end of the year.
"The amount of evidence they must have had to present must have been overwhelming, really substantial," he said.
This shared story has two protagonists whose needs must be fulfilled, two individuals whose fears must be surmounted.
" The proposal repeatedly used strong language, such as saying that FERC "must adopt rules" and "must act now.
Not only must these employees bring claims against their employer in arbitration, they must do so all alone.
All course materials must be medically accurate, and discussions of relationships must be inclusive of same-sex couples.
The House and Senate must still pass a dozen fiscal 2020 funding bills, which Trump must also sign.
He must educate and persuade the American people, and that means he must continue to talk about it.
We assume that everyone else's life must be so similar to ours; that the premises of their life must be the same as the premises of ours, or the situations must be the same.
The opposition must now officially ask the elections council to oversee the collection of some 200,000 signatures, and then must request another petition drive in which it must gather the required 4 million signatures.
In terms of Kurdistan becoming independent, the country must develop core institutions which they have failed to do — there must be rule of law and transparency and the level of corruption must be crushed.
Projects must meet minimum size requirements, must receive an "investment-grade rating" from at least two different bond rating agencies, and must prove the reliability of their revenue stream for repayment in the future.
Three conditions must be met: the subject must be a "politically exposed person" from outside the European Economic Area or someone reasonably suspected of involvement in serious crime; their known income must be insufficient to have purchased the property in question; and the asset must be worth more than £50,000.
That can only happen under a few circumstances: The drug must be off-patent, it must be generic, it must manufactured and marketed by no more than three companies (that is, when there is little competition and patients have little choice), and drug makers must have a chance to explain themselves.
Defenders of an open global order are learning that two hard tasks must be tackled together: trade must be made to work, and workers must be convinced that they have a place in today's economy.
They know it will be hard, that money must be raised, that internal tensions must be resolved, that passions must be sustained, and that Trump and his allies on Capitol Hill hold the high ground.
Alternative means of obtaining the information must be considered, the warrant application must be approved by the relevant US attorney or assistant attorney general, and the federal prosecutor involved must consult with DOJ's Criminal Division.
In his Chicago speech in April 1999, Mr Blair laid out a set of guidelines for intervention: it must be militarily feasible, peaceful options must have been tried, some national interests must be at stake.
Various senior US officials have since suggested that other tasks must be accomplished in Syria before a complete departure: Iran's influence must be lessened, and Syria's Kurds must be made safe from attack by Turkey.
Visitors must sign a 40-page waiverAll visitors must meet the manor's entrance requirements: They must be "physically and mentally cleared" by a doctor, pass a background check, and sign a detailed 40-page waiver.
An assistant to Beyoncé must be five steps ahead at all times, must be able to predict the future, must be able to see every likely outcome and make swift, correct decisions at every turn.
Straps for shirts must be three fingers wide for males and females, and bra straps must be covered.3.
Women must also receive ultrasounds of their fetuses, and the provider must offer to show them the ultrasound image.
But his contention that they must always do so — specifically, that they must always rely on coal — is ludicrous.
State-sanctioned violence in Zimbabwe must end now and those responsible for human rights violations must be held accountable.
Nonprofits must make tough choices about resources, but when making these decisions, the mission must be front and center.
But it may not make sense to companies that must implement it and the employees who must opt in.
"I can only imagine, as a child, how you must feel and how frightened you must be," she continues.
Consent must be offered as a frictionless, consequence-free choice, and the choice must also be informed and explicit.
They must be investigated by our Justice Department and the Clintons must finally be held accountable for their actions.
Diversity must be omnipresent and it must be truly embraced across an organization as an asset, not a statistic.
The dominant partner must adhere to their guidelines, and if the safe word is uttered, they must immediately stop.
China's financial sector must serve the real economy, Xi said, but stable growth and risk prevention must be balanced.
It issued a statement saying Syrians must not gather in public squares, must not go out after 6 p.m.
"Sean Spicer must be fired, and the President must immediately disavow his spokesman's statements," she said in a statement.
They must also demand full mental health parity – insurance companies must cover treatment for this disease like any other.
Puigdemont must remain in Germany while extradition proceedings continue and must report weekly to police, the court spokeswoman said.
"We must have certainty one way or another ... and that must be made clear," Hildyard told London's High Court.
"We must fight back, and most importantly, this November, we must vote," said Lambda Legal attorney Omar Gonzalez-Pagan.
Narrative convention dictates that one, at least, must die, and that we must be wrong-footed about which one.
All three types—methadone, buprenorphine (Suboxone), and long-acting naltrexone (Vivitrol) must be covered—and access must be immediate.
Oh, we must marry love and dread: must shield our senses from the glare and clamor of chaos everywhere.
"Allegations surrounding sexual assault must be taken seriously and the Judiciary Committee must look into this further," she said.
Clearing houses must be able to access trading venues and trading venues must be able to access clearing houses.
Drones must be labeled with an operator ID, while an online learning course and test must be completed too.
The latter must meet a fiduciary standard, which means they must put their clients' interests ahead of their own.
And it must be properly explained as a huge job creator and if implemented it must be properly managed.
However, we must not take anything for granted and we must remember the past patterns of the American electorate.
We must move to action, the drones are coming and we must fly as fast as the drones do.
"The best candidate must emerge and people's opinion must count," said Asiwaju Ola, a businessman in the capital Abuja.
"The ambushes and attacks on our police must end, and they must end right now," Trump said to applause.
In order for the reports to carry any weight they must not only be written, they must be leveraged.
What must happen now is the Trump Administration must push North Korea to turn its lofty promises into action.
Due diligence on token-based companies must be done, but it must be done through the wisdom of crowds.
Tech companies must do much more to protect underrepresented communities and combat online hate, and they must start now.
The startups must be invited into the fold, and they must agree to stay no longer than six months.
"Now the agreement must be filled with life and negotiations must start quickly," the VDA said in a statement.
"All parties must assume their responsibilities, Algeria must assume its responsibility," Foreign Minister Nacer Bourita told reporters in Rabat.
"The first attempts are normally about capturing the big-ticket ideas, or the absolute 'must' the design must have."
And it must must weigh every word that could cause a stock market slump or have devastating commercial reverberations.
My judicial philosophy is straightforward: A judge must be independent and must interpret the law, not make the law.
Godsick said that tennis must be careful about the integrity of the sport, but that it still must innovate.
The special counsel must gird himself for this battle, and all of us must be ready to defend him.
"This is why our homeland security must be squared away and why our military must be invincible," Higgins says.
The response from the US government must come fast and it must be targeted at workers and small businesses.
"Business owners and business associations must obey the law and must safeguard the health of their patrons," he said.
Not only must there be no thumb on the scale, the evidence must be balanced while wearing a blindfold.
Mr. Hallberg is relentlessly ambitious throughout: He must join Ballet Theater; he must become a soloist, then a principal.
There is absolutely no rush here, no timeline that must be adhered to, no deadline that must be met.
He is driven by an almost manic belief that things must be done right and must be done fair.
Cities must reinvigorate taxi regulation so that it serves the public, and Uber must be under the same regulation.
To avoid being cast as authoritarian, governments must do more than control the crowd; they must control the narrative.
To achieve any worthwhile outcome, the president must be committed and involved, as must his entire national security team.
To be considered, the treatment must already be deemed safe, and it must already be effective in some population.
In the short term, the budget must be passed and the electoral law must be modified or completely overhauled.
He is driven by an almost manic belief that things must be done right and must be done fair.
He must explain himself — and also his country — again and again, with what must have been sorely tested patience.
Either Brent prices and calendar spreads must weaken, WTI prices and spreads must strengthen, or some combination of both.
First, you must learn from an instructor who is highly competent, and, second, you must regularly sharpen your skill.
Americans can and must safeguard their own elections, and those who refuse ... must be called out for their actions.
If it is important to a human being, it must not be suppressed by medication; there must be talks.
Others must promote it explicitly, by signing agreements stipulating that police must "encourage adoption" of Ring cameras and Neighbors.
Emissions must peak no later than 2020, and we must reach a fossil-fuel-free world economy by 2050.
The NIH also mandates a requirement that children must be included, or a justification must be provided for exclusion.
Apoptosis represents the ultimate paradox — for the organism to survive, the cells must die, and they must die well.
This shameful and barbaric practice must end, and Iran must return our Americans and other innocent civilians at once.
But to fix our immigration system, we must change our leadership in Washington and we must change it quickly.
I will focus on one key question the movement must answer and two key constituencies it must win over.
But that vengeful and irrational nature is precisely why the fights must be picked and must be picked now.
They must materially affect spending or revenue, but they must balance out over the budget window (typically 10 years).
"During this period our borders must continue to operate smoothly; goods bought on the internet must still cross borders; businesses must still be able to supply their customers across the EU, and our innovative, world-leading companies must be able to hire the talent they need, including from within the EU," they said.
It must hold a trade surplus with the U.S. of above $20 billion, the current account surplus must exceed 3 percent of GDP and official currency purchases must be in excess of 2 percent of GDP.
"I learned over time that if you're ever really going to truly scale or grow a business, you must delegate to your team, you must empower your team, you must let them make decisions," Platt said.
We must defend our educational model, we must help our students go further," Macron said, adding that if they end up going to another country, "they must come back, because here is where the future lies.
China, Japan, Mexico, Europe all must be made to stop exploiting America's economy, he says; allies must be made to pay more for American protection; borders must be made impermeable to drug dealers, rapists and criminals.
Chabot stated that Russia must be rebuked for its actions, Putin's tactics must be confronted and Russia must be denied effective sovereignty of Crimea, as well as eastern Ukraine, until these are returned to Ukrainian control.
Their unmanned aircraft must be flown within a pilot's line of sight, for example, and those pilots must obtain licenses.
"I must leave all of my options open because, above all else, we must make America great again," Trump said.
For example, all campaign offices must provide gender-neutral bathrooms and staff must address employees by their preferred gender pronoun.
These nominees must face serious and specific questions -- and they must make serious and specific commitments to protect human rights.
But Callamard said a belief that natural resources must be privatize are "killing so many people" and must be challenged.
The dress code requires that legs must be covered to the knee and arms must be covered to the elbow.
At China Southern Airlines, air hostesses must be 25 or younger and must not have "X or O shaped legs".
Students must opt in to them, which requires knowing that they exist, and must then renew their paperwork every year.
"Zuma must be removed from office and that action must resume with immediate effect," said Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane.
None are must-win for Clinton, but the first two in particular both seem to be must-win for Trump.
The Department of Homeland Security must stop prioritizing these cases, and the Department of Justice must stop pushing them forward.
Change is inevitable, man; flowing energy must go somewhere and something must be destroyed for something else to be created.
Take the first two exquisite stanzas of "But We Must Praise," in Alter's translation: But we must praisea familiar night.
First, the Greyscale must be pulled back from the skin, and then, a special ointment must be applied on top.
A story about a heart transplant is impossible without this inevitable equation: One body must give, and one must receive.
"Catch and Release, Lottery and Chain must also go with it and we MUST continue building the WALL!" he tweeted.
Even for those regulations we must leave in place, we must strike every provision that is counterproductive, ineffective, or outdated.
Within that pool, 25 percent of investments must benefit impacted communities and 10 percent must go directly into those communities.
So she must be grateful for that success — and to show her gratitude, she must defend it at all costs.
But if a game begins this conversation, it must strive to be responsible, and it must listen to all voices.
The impact of the historic environment on England's culture must not be underestimated, and we must recognise all important influences.
They are clearly looking to claim that something must be wrong with me or the networks must not want me.
It must be defeated by better ideas, and respect for civil and religious pluralism, which must come from Muslims themselves.
To avoid such a game of hot potato, there must be standards, and they must be more inclusive than not.
Small business owners must always strive to do better; even the most successful ones must make improvement a top priority.
The legislature, which must ratify any withdrawal treaty, insists EU judges must have the final say on enforcing citizens' rights.
The Argentine Congress must approve the deal, and an injunction that has been in place since 2012 must be lifted.
Jones's success troubles haters because the rules of colorism dictate that she must not have access, that she must fail.
We must accept nothing less than a complete elimination of this pervasive inhumanity; we must work continuously together for justice.
They also must conduct a real-time check of gun licenses, and they must record transfers in the state's portal.
Back in January, the U.S. Copyright Royalty Board ruled songwriters must be paid more, and services including Spotify must comply.
Among other things, Sprint must sell its Boost Mobile brand, and T-Mobile must sell its interest in Dish Network.
"When there are climatic phenomena of this seriousness, we must all be aware that we must act globally," he said.
Office printers must be smaller, and so their paths must fold back on themselves, making a series of hairpin turns.
PEPFAR must be fully funded; U.S. contributions to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria must be maintained.
He must find out what people wish to see and hear in a story, then he must be that story.
For each new drug developed, facilities must be wiped clean, whole systems must be replaced while guaranteeing no cross contamination.
The government's legislation stipulates that death from the disease must be "reasonably foreseeable" and must be stemming from natural causes.
Congress must work with the executive branch and industry to identify what appropriate measures must be instituted to manage it.
Right now, former members of the House must wait one year before lobbying and former senators must wait two years.
Hospice providers must ensure that communications are clear and understood and patients and families must voice their concerns, he added.
The bloc has said countries must accept its four freedoms that must be maintained for access to the single market.
"We must sharpen our brand position, we must move up to plant ourselves firmly in luxury," he said on Thursday.
Putin must love this mess he helped create but he must be amused by the self-inflicted wounds on America.
There must be pain; but, within a story, for the reader as for the characters, there must also be relief.
The solution cannot be confined to the edges; it must go to the core — it must be systemic and structural.
"I must have kept it because I must have not wanted to forget that I got through it," she said.
The attorney general must sign off on any seizure of a reporter's phone records and generally must notify the reporter.
" She also said the practice "challenges the conscience of our country that it must be changed, must be changed immediately.
An arms embargo is a must, and the United States must continue to press for one in the Security Council.
To win approval, an inmate must get the blessing of the prison warden, and must have an acceptable home waiting.
A movie must end (at least until the sequel); a TV series must proceed as if it might never die.
The first census forms must be distributed in Alaska in January; by law, the count must be completed by Dec.
It must be delivered by intravenous injection, must be stored in liquid nitrogen and requires very high doses of parasites.
To pawn something, you must be an adult with valid identification, and the item must have some value as collateral.
The soil must be tilled, seeds sown, and those seeds must be watered and kept in place until roots form.
ZMapp, a cocktail of three antibodies used in West Africa, must be given in multiple doses and must be refrigerated.
Some politicians feel that they must be tough toward immigrants, that they must protect their country's borders and national identities.
"From this evening I must give the British people a very simple instruction -- you must stay at home," Johnson said.
They must have no alternative explanation for illness (such as influenza A), and they must have a nexus to risk.
Finally, minority businesses must be given more than lip service on access to federal contracts; they must be awarded contracts.
There are no perfect facilities; therefore, we must not only encourage the process of continuous improvement, we must demand it.
I accept, grudgingly, that we must die (I don't, really) but must we all do it exactly the same way?
The Belgian coast must be strongly fortified, and Belgium, moreover, must enter into an economic and Customs union with Ger­many.
Our leaders absolutely must confront these threats and must communicate how these threats directly affect the lives of all Americans.
In each instance, they must be held to account, because these institutions have incredible powers that must constantly be checked.
The bill must now pass both chambers of Congress and Trump must sign it in order to avert a shutdown.
The Rhodes Must Fall movement turned into Fees Must Fall, which besieged Parliament and brought a welcome reduction in tuition.
For starters, students must be enrolled at least half time and families must meet income requirements to claim the credit.
Children must be accompanied by an adult, and adults must be with a child 12 and under, the company said.
Tensions between Kurds and Iraqis in northern Iraq must be managed, as must Kurdish aspirations for independence in Iraqi Kurdistan.
At least one of the couple must be a Maronite, and the groom must have a house and a job.
"In order to halt this wretched cycle we must not think of reform — we must think of transformation," Butler writes.
We must defeat terrorism, and we must not ignore the threats of a regime that talks openly of Israel's destruction.
He must hit for power and have a work ethic; he must run well and be a smart base-runner.
The members of this council must set the example on that effort, and we must all hold each other accountable.
The collection must be performed with integrity and must include targeted and randomized control groups to verify and assess progress.
But the panel didn't rule that the agency must be dissolved, or that CFPB Director Richard Cordray must be fired.
"We were rained on last night but this is a must - we must pay our respects to father," he said.
Instead, those workers must navigate a ruthless system in which they must plead and bargain for what they have earned.
There must be tartan, and there must also be decorative berries that are poisonous if spotted out in the wild.
To fuse, atomic nuclei must move very fast — they must be extremely hot — to overcome natural repulsive forces and collide.
All 100 senators must be present and must remain silent until their vote is cast for either acquittal or conviction.
And yet this must be how Joe's head processes this kind of violence — it's a job that must be done.
Black people must have their behavior corrected, and they must be directed back to "their" neighborhoods and designated social spaces.
The regulation states that the hijab must not cover the face, must be a solid color or in matching camouflage to the uniform of the day and that the ends must be tucked into any uniform top.
And to answer those questions and engender that debate, we also must ask the second part of Sun Tzu's famous axiom: Yes, you must know your enemy and what motivates him, but you must also know yourself.
Not only must these professionals oversee that all databases are functioning properly, they must be able to troubleshoot in the event of unreliable or invalid data, and they must also take responsibility for the security of information.
Be the big tent party we as Democrats always say we are We must get away from the idea that Democratic candidates everywhere in the country must fit a certain mold and must agree on all issues.
It too is anchoring itself in better content – expensive, must-have original shows instead of licensed re-runs from other networks – because it's the exclusive, must-see shows that make consumers consider it the must-have subscription.
Anyone who wishes to produce an effect upon it needs no logical adjustment in his arguments; he must paint in the most forcible colors, he must exaggerate, and he must repeat the same thing again and again.
Planets must be round due to their own gravity, they must orbit the Sun, and they must "clear their neighborhood," a pretty unscientific phrase that basically just means that they're the dominant gravitational body in their orbit.
"We must move towards that transition, but the transition must be just," he said, adding that policymakers must ensure that funds earmarked for green policies are used for that purpose, which was not the case in France.
Calves must have 43 square feet (4 square meters) of floor space by 2020, pigs must have 24 square feet by 2022, and hens must have one square foot by 2020 and be "cage-free" by 2022.
"We must never deny or dismiss the underlying concerns that the election articulated: we must listen to them and we must respond," Hammond said, adding that the government should offer "pragmatic solutions" to improve ordinary people's lives.
There are a few conditions: The request must come from the community, not the province; at least 281 percent of residents must vote to leave; and a cost-benefit analysis must show a likelihood of net savings.
"It's important to understand that any proposed rule such as a nicotine product standard must be based on science and evidence, must not lead to unintended consequences and must be technically achievable," Altria said in an email.
Conception requires four events to unfold perfectly: An ovary must release an egg; a sperm must reach and fertilize that egg; the fertilized egg must then travel through a woman's fallopian tube and into her uterus; and finally, it must remain in the uterus, anchored in place, as it grows into a healthy fetus.
For this to happen, however, Ukraine and its allies insist that Russia must withdraw its military hardware from Donbas; that the region's residents must be free of thuggish militants; that those who were forced to flee Donbas must be allowed to vote; and that Ukraine must be able to control its external border with Russia.
During a meeting between Indian PM Ravi Shankar Prasad and WhatsApp CEO Chris Daniels, Prasad said that WhatsApp must have a local presence in India, must comply with Indian laws, and that it must appoint a grievance officer.
It is she who must undergo intrusive gynaecological examinations, she who must verify her testimony under torture with thumbscrews (Tassi's hands, of course, must be spared—she might be a painter, but he is painter to the Pope).
To qualify, the bank must be solvent; the injection must be on market terms; and the capital must be needed to make up a shortfall identified in a stress test—such as the one Monte dei Paschi failed.
Ireland insists that there must be no border infrastructure, the DUP insists Northern Ireland must not be treated differently from mainland Britain, and Brexiteers say Britain must have the right to do its own trade deals after Brexit.
Carrie Lam must leave office, the extradition law must be withdrawn and the police must apologize for using extreme violence against their own people," said John Chow, a bank employee, according to the AP. "And we will continue.
It must be made using traditional know-how, it must be aged to a minimum of five months, and it must be made using raw milk from natural-fed cows, from dairies no more than 20 kilometers away.
The defendant, he said, must want to bring about the result of inducing the immigrant to come or stay; the immigrant must understand what was going on; and the defendant must be a substantial participant in the effort.
Policies, and the implementation of those policies, must receive a public airing; administration officials must defend their performance in full view of the American public; and military strikes must be evaluated and voted upon before interventions take place.
Ireland insists that there must be no border infrastructure, the DUP insists Northern Ireland must not be treated differently from mainland Britain, and Brexiteers say Britain must have the right to do its own trade deals after Brexit.
A women must undergo an ultrasound during her visit and the provider must offer her the chance to see the image.
But when the third is finished, Conor must tell the monster a fourth story, and it must be a true story.
George also arranged the terms of Fauna's adoption: She must keep her full name, and she must not be legally adopted.
"Questions about the payment and the circumstances behind it must be answered, and they must be answered under oath," he said.
While prosecutors investigate, "the government must ask itself what to so that such tragedies must never happen again," Conte told reporters.
Be aware that similar rules apply: You must support your child, and he or she must live at home with you.
We must have our State Department engaged, we must have our military engaged to the extent that they need to be.
Today, there are two things that make a bad boy: he must be troubled, and fans must adore him despite this.
"In this Order we must decide either that competition must suffer or unserved Americans should go without broadband," summarized Commissioner Clyburn.
Tonight, as I outline the next steps we must take as a country, we must honestly acknowledge the circumstances we inherited.
The boss' rule is that men must dress and act one way and women must dress and act a different way.
Each course is filled with obstacles you must avoid -- trip and the zombies come for you and you must start over.
Inasmuch as it is something experienced, it is not a given but must be generated; it must be made, not found.
"While respecting sovereignty, we must have a goal of reforestation and we must help each country to develop economically," he said.
We must no longer simply stand for "tolerance" of immigrants, but we must stand for accepting, respecting and understanding them too.
What has changed is how much his words matter — and that a cast of officials must now must carry them out.
There is either 'absolutely, you must get rid of him tomorrow' viewpoint or 'he must stay in and no questions asked.
For sexual harassment, this means that women must be able to continue speaking out and perpetrators must continue to be punished.
Guards must check on Watts every 10-15 minutes to ensure his well-being and must make visual contact with him.
The Catechism of the Catholic Church ... says, these persons must not be marginalized for this, they must be integrated into society.
"If it's to exist, it must be self-sustainable, and it must be free of any conflicts of interest," he said.
"The narco must go, JOH must go!" protesters chanted, using the president's initials, as they marched through central Tegucigalpa toward Congress.
Tillerson laid out the red lines for engagement on Syria: that Bashar al-Assad must go and so must Iranian forces.
Just as the process of creating trade agreement must be democratic, the content of the agreements must respect democracy as well.
ISIS must be destroyed militarily, but its ideology must also be brought into the open and rendered intellectually and emotionally bankrupt.
Above all, it must continue to function reliably while being transformed — the lights must go on when Americans flip their switches.
For those whose hard work makes this country succeed, we must stop waiting for a political savior – we must save ourselves.
Congress must push for more frequent and robust VA reporting requirements, but more importantly, the next VA Secretary must prioritize transparency.
You worry that others might have better experience, you figure they must be smarter, they must have a more decorated resume.
The humanitarian case must be balanced with the stability of the world and America must realize we cannot fix the world.
Moon said the U.S. must lower its threshold for talks and North Korea must demonstrate a willingness to denuclearize, reports Reuters.
Drivers must have at least three years of experience, and cars must be equipped with safety features including alarms and GPS.
"The officials responsible must be identified and disciplined, and the investigative file must be made public," McKiernan said in a statement.
Just as statements of fact must be proven, not merely asserted, arguments must be rational and logical and not simply spewed.
Two, those who tell you that we must enlarge are the same who say we must keep the budget at 1%.
But because they must offer everyone the same options, they must nudge those who can afford it towards the pricier ticket.
The Hong Kong government must fully guarantee the democratic rights of Hong Kongers, while Beijing must fully respect Hong Kong's autonomy.
But the other pole must resist playing whack-a-mole against bad proposals, and instead must reject the TANF blueprint altogether.
"In light of these provocative acts, our combined defense posture must be robust and our deterrence must be credible," he added.
" Comey immediately said that must have been his thinking: "I don't remember consciously thinking about that, but it must have been.
He must answer for the regime's appalling crimes and no one must not be fooled by his hollow words and promises.
Remember: The rules say that every team must be represented, and the 219-man roster must include at least 2352 pitchers.
It touched on the information a doctor must give, the counseling a woman must receive and the handling of fetal tissue.
They must be attracted to the systematic thought and severely backwards gender relations and must be totally unaware of Christian democracy.
We must give them the courage to stand up and fight and we must show them our support when they do.
Simply this: We must not only let them alone, but we must somehow, convince them that we do let them alone.
You must also draw out the parent herself; this is tricky, because you must play two conflicting roles—helper and investigator.
For this filing option, you must have income, and your debt must be below a certain amount (about $1.5 million total).
As the issue becomes more pressing, ideology and orthodoxy must be set aside, and creativity, flexibility, and pragmatism must be encouraged.
"You probably need to go looking for things that people absolutely must have and must spend their money on," Sanchez said.
But we already know that trade policy must become more domestically oriented while domestic policy must become more international in vision.
If the organization that was until recently known as the San Diego Chargers must exist, then there must be a website.
An opponent's nominee must be rejected no matter how qualified, while your own nominee must be defended vigorously no matter what.
"It's the National Assembly that must always see the budget and must make its observations," said Oneida Guaipe, an opposition legislator.
The Constitution states the census must be conducted every 85033 years and must count all people living in the United States.
Manafort knows exactly how much work must be completed immediately after the election and that planning must begin long before November.
But not only must we prepare for coronavirus itself, so too must we prepare for the effect those precautions will have.
Yet if we are to gain self-knowledge, we all must do just that: We must judge ourselves to know ourselves.
They must support it, they must see the value in it for themselves, not simply for their husbands or their children.
The first census forms must be distributed in Alaska in January, and by law, the count must be complete by Dec.
We must resolutely reform what should and can be changed, we must resolutely not reform what shouldn't and can't be changed.
We must not insult people who insult us because of our religion — and we must always be on our best behavior.
The police must be closely monitored in their use of these technologies, and data on their performance must be disclosed regularly.
Come a crisis, one (probably the one that commands the military and law enforcement) must be master, the other must submit.
Of course, the White House must heed DHS's warnings about white terror, but the rest of us must act as well.
Cases must first be referred to Parliament to investigate, and then lawmakers must revoke immunity before the suspects can be indicted.
"The reckoning must not end, it must continue," Virginia Roberts Giuffre, one of Epstein's accusers said, according to the Washington Post.
And experts from other countries also must be engaged, as must the World Health Organization (WHO), which plays a critical role.
But I decided it must be me—I must be reading this wrong, this is a person who cares about me.
A federal judge ruled last month that the protections must stay in place and the government must start taking new applications.
The "standing rules" specify speeches different individuals must recite and the times of day when events must occur, among other items.
Space food must inspire and unite; it must reflect both the grandeur of the endeavor and the majesty of the surroundings.
" To drain off Mao Zedong's "poison," he warned, "the world must open to China and China must open to the world.
It must know so again; we must not let the President lead us into an unnecessary war on his personal whim.
But the development and adoption of AI must be done right, and it must be built on a foundation of trust.
While we must counteract the oppression we face we must also be aware of our privilege in every space we occupy.
This is pretty basic, but it must be said: Farmers who use dicamba must read the label and follow the instructions.
The GAO said Thursday that Interior must adjust its funding accounts to correct the violation and it must report the violation.
If something is made in Los Angeles, it must be ethical; if something is made in Bangladesh, it must be exploitative.
For a pregnancy, a woman's body must release an egg from her ovaries, and a man's sperm must fertilize the egg.
The president must not revoke or sunset DACA but instead must protect DACA and work with Congress to find a solution.
So John Bolton must know all this, and he must know that President Trump probably doesn't know all the details yet.
They suggested that the era of shareholder primacy must end, and that business must serve multiple stakeholders, including customers and employees.
Governments must stop blaming platforms for inaction, and companies must become more constructive in shaping future regulation — not just opposing it.
Some elements of their policy are well known: Mustaches must not creep below the lip, and sideburns must be tightly curbed.
But Apple is also just a foreign company — it must obey local laws, and it must watch for its bottom line.
Additionally, the department must produce a spending plan and must notify Congress how the funding will be used on the ground.
We must not be naïve about what is happening in Kashmir, and India must be stopped before this goes any further.
The politicians of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland must lead, and we all must pay more attention to these communities.
They must cover pre-existing conditions, and they must offer less of a differential among premiums for individuals than ever before.
To qualify, a bank must be solvent; the injection must be on market terms; and the capital must be needed to make up a shortfall identified in a stress test—such as one Monte dei Paschi failed last summer.
"The YPG's weapons must be collected, the so-called forces battling Daesh (Islamic State) must be dissolved and that region from the east of the Euphrates to northern Iraq, until Sinjar, must be cleared of terror elements," he said.
European rules say banks receiving such aid must be solvent, the capital injection must not distort competition and the capital shortfall must be identified by a stress test, such as the one Monte dei Paschi failed in July 2016.
War planning must constantly face rigorous questioning; policymakers must always think three steps ahead; assumptions must be challenged at every turn; and regime change, a failed and costly pursuit, should be avoided unless absolutely necessary and authorized by Congress.
The law, the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution, simply means this: that people who find themselves in similar circumstances must be treated in a similar way … you must discriminate against all smokers, you must discriminate against all rapists.
Of course, any data sharing must take patients' privacy into account; patients must be informed before joining a clinical trial that their data may be shared and researchers must ensure that the data cannot be used to identify individuals.
The program does have some requirements, according NBC Nebraska: The worker must earn at least $20 per hour, must live in the city for three years and their employer must be a member of the town's chamber of commerce.
They must overcome that fear—or, if they cannot, they must be attacked by true liberals who have managed to do so.
But about 1,000 offences, including violent or sexual ones, must always be revealed, as must any that led to a jail sentence.
Pipes for heating and water, ducting for power and the like must penetrate fire compartments, and those holes must be fire-proofed.
To succeed, you must compel trust in others, and you must have people who are willing to take action on your behalf.

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