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"give up" Definitions
  1. (also give up on somebody) to believe that somebody is never going to arrive, get better, be found, etc.
  2. to stop having a relationship with somebody
"give up" Synonyms
surrender capitulate fall relent succumb yield concede acquiesce fold submit cede defer crumble knuckle under accept defeat back down cave in give in lay down admit defeat stop halt quit abandon cease conclude discontinue relinquish desist drop end finish suspend forgo forsake renounce forlet desist from knock off abstain from despair abandon hope lose hope resign yourself be beaten be dejected be demoralized be despondent be pessimistic give up hope lose heart lose faith have heavy heart have no hope plumb the depths look on the black side see no light at the end of the tunnel give up on despond abdicate forfeit give waive deliver cough up hand over lose turn in turn over convey render transfer sacrifice forego dedicate devote allocate spend do without offer up reveal divulge declare disclose release spill air expose impart publicise(UK) publicize(US) tell uncover unveil broadcast confess disseminate leak proclaim betray indulge yield to abandon oneself to wallow in give oneself up to lose oneself in give way to indulge in lose oneself to give rein to give free rein to desert leave strand disown jilt reject cast aside ditch cast off chuck depart from dump jettison leave behind leave flat abjure abnegate deny forswear disavow repudiate disclaim kick recant retract eschew gainsay foreswear squander waste miss pass up blow disregard ignore neglect botch bypass dismiss expend fritter away keep off abstain dispense dispense with endure refrain from swear off cut out deny oneself go without keep away from lay off manage without contribute donate put up grant bestow present gift accord hand out provide supply furnish chip in come up with dish out fork out hand pitch in have done with be finished with be through with have finished with have given up end relations with be done with be no longer involved in be no longer involved with have no further dealings with have no more truck with want no more to do with have turned one's back on have washed one's hands of turn back on wash your hands of fail break crash malfunction collapse die stall bomb terminate bust vitiate idle spoil compromise damage pause endamage back out go back on renege avoid back off backpedal cancel cop out fink out renege on resign retreat from scratch welsh withdraw stand down relax bow out stand easy step down call it a day come off full alert retire go stand aside walk out hand in resignation throw in the towel give notice become despondent falter flag become demoralized lose motivation lose your nerve bottle out chicken out get flustered go to pieces lose your cool lose your head lose it panic freak be terrified be frightened freak out overreact be afraid be alarmed be nervous flap be scared have an attack of the wobblies close fizzle flop decline default miscarry plummet founder topple languish be disloyal grass inform on let down shop rat on grass on blow the whistle on finger inform against tell on snitch on pool stitch up rat out squeal on peach on someone atrophy deteriorate degenerate decay worsen retrograde sink ebb regress rot devolve wane slump fade descend disintegrate dwindle perish decease depart demise expire flatline croak part pass wilt exit pass away pass on conk out refund repayment rebate reimbursement compensation indemnity reparation restitution indemnification return acquittance allowance consolation discharge discount give-back give-up kickback payment recompense More
"give up" Antonyms
withstand endure oppose resist defy stand sustain fight repel weather combat brace face brave take bear survive thwart confront tolerate continue keep maintain persevere persist stay stick carry forward carry on crack on get on go on keep going keep on keep up never cease not stop press on push on inspire encourage influence motivate enthuse hearten spur embolden goad impel inspirit fillip galvanise(UK) galvanize(US) exhilarate incite excite incentivise(UK) incentivize(US) reassure hold reserve retain accumulate garner save collect hoard possess stockpile cling to hang onto hold onto pile up put aside put away save up set aside stash away keep at persevere in persevere with persist in persist with proceed with stay with stick at stick with carry on with get on with withhold conceal hide refuse deny suppress constrain restrain disallow reprobate curb repress contain bridle inhibit disapprove detain capture confine defend imprison limit restrict veto be quiet reclaim allow approve claim rediscover return revert support return to go back bow to give in to submit to succumb to surrender to yield to accept adhere to emphasise(UK) emphasize(US) seize exploit grab jump at take advantage of embrace grasp milk use catch go for leap at snatch take on get hold of grab hold of snag take up start compliment praise indulge in delight in relish in revel in enjoy savor(US) savour(UK) bask in feast on luxuriate in derive pleasure from exult in get off on glory in have fun with immerse oneself in roll about in take delight in take great delight in take joy in receive get acquire obtain draw gain have secure appropriate come by derive gather pick up pocket procure reap do indulge meet want acknowledge admit corroborate resort to go back to get into work perform operate respond run function progress go move begin commence kick off start up be effective get a move on come into effect get going be running get underway

989 Sentences With "give up"

How to use give up in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "give up" and check conjugation/comparative form for "give up". Mastering all the usages of "give up" from sentence examples published by news publications.

"I always tell my kids, the three most important things are never give up, never give up, never give up."
Don't give up your records, don't give up your bicycle.
"I told myself don't give up, don't give up," Jin said.
I think it's called Never Give Up or Don't Give Up?
But I didn't give up, and I'm never going to give up on us.
"We have to make sure people don't give up, patients don't give up, and the families who are left behind when patients are lost don't give up," Barnes says.
But to give up on that idea would be to give up on Turkey itself.
You probably won't have to give up everything, but you should give up some things.
Some give up chocolate, others give up crisps, and some stop putting sugar in their tea.
You don't give up ports for portability, but you do have to give up a touchscreen.
But, just like Ru didn't give up on Shangela, I refuse to give up on Nikolay.
I don't want you to give up on Canada, and please don't give up on yourselves.
You give up one small thing, which makes it easier then to give up another, then another.
So don't give up on Halloween, because Halloween-pushing candy companies will never give up on you.
But I didn't give up the best job in journalism to just give up on this dream.
Sometimes we give up 12 or 15 shots a period, sometimes we give up three or four.
"Don't give up on your values, but be willing to give up on your plans," he says.
But to give up on health-care reform is to give up on everything conservatives stand for.
I will never give up fighting for you, and I hope you never give up fighting for me.
It's obviously tough to give up the runs and give up the lead there late in the game.
If you look for a job for six months and then you give up, they consider you give up.
They didn't give up when bills failed this summer, and they won't give up if they miss the Sept.
I don't want you to give up on Canada and I don't want you to give up on yourselves.
If anything it just reminds me that we didn't give up in 1992, and so we can't give up now.
Yes, to reiterate, more people would be willing to give up their jobs for a partner than give up meat.
The study, which surveyed 1,500 people, reported that 80 percent of millennials say they would give up Netflix, 73 percent say they would give up alcohol, and 57 percent say they would even give up sex for travel.
The goal here is to dismantle your nuclear program, give up your nuclear weapons and give up your ballistic missile program.
" I will never forget her response: "He says he won't give up on you, if you don't give up on him.
"We are never going to give up on the poor or disadvantage, or give up on our progressive values," he said.
All right, if had to give up your phone, your computer or your game player, which one would you give up?
And would an omnivore give up animal products if it meant she didn't have to give up things like foie gras?
You can give up on some of them today, while it might take a bit longer to give up on others.
Instead of resolving to give up sugar, I should just resolve to give up sugar except during times of whole-family celebration.
"Don't give up that easy, don't give up that quick," said Manchin, who has long expressed a willingness to work with Republicans.
Give up your nuclear weapons, give up your enrichment program, dismantle your missile capability, anytime anywhere inspections any place in North Korea verifiable.
I believe you can do it, just please, dont give up, it'll get better, it'll stop , I promise you, just dont give up.
Delta Airlines has reportedly authorised employees to give up to $10,000 in compensation to those on overbooked flights who give up their seats.
"The North Koreans will give up what they have to give up ... What we should be talking about should be dismantlement" https://t.
In addition to giving up some fast-casual meals, 49 percent say they'd give up vacationing and 43 percent would give up drinking.
But I just tell them that we're not going to give up on students, and I'm not going to give up on them.
Pure Land Buddhism does not want us to give up our moral lives, but to give up the pretensions that often accompany them.
" 4: "While Fast and the Furious's tagline is 'Never give up on family', ours is similar: Never give up on the family of apps.
"In order to get that $716 billion, I had to give up things to the Democrats that I hated to give up," he said.
You can give up on some of them as soon as today, while it might take a bit longer to give up on others.
" Just make sure it's the right determination, says Grant: "Don't give up on your values, but be willing to give up on your plans.
Numerous security experts agree that the privacy you give up for using FaceApp is about the same that you give up for using Facebook.
When highly committed parties strongly believe [in] things that they cannot achieve democratically, they don't give up on their beliefs — they give up on democracy.
"He was never going to give up on his dream of being an NYPD detective & WE'LL NEVER GIVE UP ON HIM," Shea said on Twitter.
Some criminals must give up guns Californians approved Proposition 63, which means anyone convicted of a felony or certain misdemeanors must give up their firearms.
I might give up a Richard Urena to get a guy like Smoak, but I sure as hell wouldn't give up Smoak for a Richard Urena!
Survey respondents said that they would have to be paid $3,600 to give up internet maps for a year, and $8,400 to give up e-mail.
We never give up on each other, and as a sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous I can only hope that you never give up on yourself.
"But you have to give up control and you have to give up the ownership of the customer and the ownership of the team member," she said.
I needed to give up on my dream of making the NBA, but I didn't need to give up on my dream of becoming a halfway decent athlete.
One 2011 poll found that 53 percent of people ages 16 to 22 would rather give up their sense of smell than give up their smartphones and computers.
When I say don't give up on America, I'm telling you right now, we're proving again and again and again why we should never give up on America.
In order for this to happen, Starks said, MacKenzie Bezos could have elected to give up claim to the stock or give up her voting rights to her shares.
"Because when you give up halfway, you won't have the courage to come back and start from the bottom all over again, you will still give up," she said.
So, if you had to give up one it would be Snapchat over ... You would say ... Louie: If I had to give up one, it would probably be Facebook.
"There is, of course, a semantic issue here, but the United States needs to be very clear: They give up their nukes, they give up their missiles," the columnist said.
Its spiritual aspects (we should give up sweets to focus on God) are more difficult to contend with than its practical aspects (we should give up sweets to lose weight).
"Never give up on God... He'll never give up on you," Turbin tweeted along with a link to a picture post to Instagram of him sitting inside the Seahawks' locker room.
Don't give up Joyce — that's what you're known for!
" He poignantly added, "I've learned to never give up.
" She replied, "I'm ready to give up fashion forever.
So - but I don't give up hope on it.
KS: No. If you had to give up ... Okay.
But they also saw the determined role of mentors in the film who refused to give up on Daje, even when it looked like she might want to give up on herself.
Whether or not it&aposs realistic that Kim Jong-un would give up the thing that we want him to give up, the nuclear weapons I think it&aposs not quite clear.
She swears sacred oaths that she would rather die than give up her meadow; she won't give up a square foot of it, no, not so much as a blade of grass.
In March 1955, nine months before Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat, 15-year-old Claudette Colvin refused to give up hers on a Montgomery bus, and she was arrested.
Not only do they think Kim won't give up his nuclear weapons, as the US intelligence community assesses, but they seem to think that Biegun may give up too much in the process.
Adam Grant, the No. 1 professor at Wharton Business School, would probably approve of his choice: "Don't give up on your values, but be willing to give up on your plans," he says.
ATM costs are so high that people are ready to give up on cash ATM costs are so high that people are ready to give up on cash A new report by Bankrate.
In spite of that, some people just won't give up.
Now, all this does't mean you should give up grilling.
Who would give up land to accommodate a forgotten brook?
He demanded that Hilbert give up his source's real name.
How is it that we give up such big things?
But they don't want to give up that much equity.
Though there's one fight June might have to give up.
"The man who carried me didn't give up," Sheikho said.
If you're willing to give up that data, of course.
Susan Sarandon isn't ready to give up on Bernie Sanders.
If you can't give up your burger, try meatless Mondays.
Alternatively, give up and go stare at The Dress again.
It rescued me from having to give up my dreams.
It wasn't an easy decision to give up my iPhone.
Circus to give up using live elephants in their shows.
I'm not going to give up on Kentucky in November.
Never rush or give up to pressure to buy something.
You can give up to $100,000 per taxpayer, per year.
Why give up leverage when you have it right now?
Also, you shouldn't give up trying to make it happen.
Most people give up before they achieve even basic understanding.
But that doesn't mean we can afford to give up.
UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I mean, who will give up their rockets?
They can't, however, force someone to give up their password.
At what point do you give up wanting to fight?
But you'd also need to give up more floor space.
That doesn't sound like a man willing to give up.
But will Markle have to give up her American citizenship?
You didn't give up that for New Year's, did you?
Trump has shown no willingness to give up his demand.
Are you still motivated to give up sugar for Lent?
"You can't just give up that income tax," he says.
Skincare is a cost that I just cannot give up.
We're not sure we're ready to give up our plastic.
Were they ready to give up their habit of theorizing?
Why are young men willing to give up their life?
It would be wrong, he insists, to give up hope.
We didn't give up on the UAV market in Brazil.
If I don't get funding, I'm going to give up.
"We will not give up until our demands are met."
Yet conservatives did not give up on using military force.
Chantale thinks she will have to give up the shop.
They are willing to give up privacy for free email.
"I wasn't going to give up on him," she says.
Salazar did not give up a run until the sixth.
Many of them give up their summer breaks to train.
But are you about to give up that touch screen?
The more control you give up, the lower the price.
I was afraid she would give up on the sport.
Too good, in fact, to give up giving it up.
Do you have to give up on Instagram for good?
And it looks like they're not about to give up.
"No matter what happens to you, don't give up hope."    
Sometimes, I just had to give up and move on.
Recruits must give up their families, property and worldly ties.
Stock up on antacids and give up the skinny jeans.
But I did not give up after two unreturned texts.
But people wouldn't give up without a fight, he said.
So don't give up hitting up your pals for intros.
And (the Mets') game is they don't give up runs.
Did the needle simply, like many of us, give up?
So rest assured — I will NEVER GIVE UP the fight!
Why did I give up on a song so quickly?
At one stage, I thought maybe I should give up.
I feel humiliated, angry, and determined not to give up.
Ariel Winter isn't one to give up without a fight.
"I'm adventurous and I can't just give up," Muthart says.
Don't give up just yet on your summer vacation plans!
They might also have to give up some draft picks.
If this is a problem for you, don't give up.
"He will never give up," she said of her husband.
"I'm not ready to give up yet," she told me.
This is a huge reminder that I can't give up.
When she won't give up the money, he shoots her.
Hence the unwillingness to give up on GUTs and supersymmetry.
But never give up and remember it's OK to cry.
"Don't Give Up On Me," Five Feet Apart – Andy Grammer
What they don't want to give up, however, is space.
Wa Lone said he refused to give up any names.
If you give up, try messing around with this spirograph.
Most of us give up on our curiosity too soon.
Disappointed to say I give up after about five minutes.
You can give up to $100,000 per taxpayer per year.
Do you just give up on having a smartphone entirely?
Still, the rescue didn't give up on the lovable doxie.
More than anything, you need to not give up hope.
Israel would have to give up its predominantly Jewish identity.
Kris, if you can hear us, give up the goods!
Good luck kid, you should probably just give up now.
She stresses that you must also give up giving up.
Why upset Rose if Midge could give up comedy tomorrow?
LONDON — It's time to give up and go home, everyone.
He's not just going to give up and walk away.
Clearly, Mueller doesn't want to give up on Manafort now.
She has driven this and has refused to give up.
Thus many tenants have had to give up their flats.
"He will never give up his nuclear development," he said.
You just never give up and never change your mindset.
But Musk may be ready to give up that distinction.
These are so big, that people give up and despair.
Tom Brady would never give up, so why should you?
It's a good start but Beijing didn't give up much.
However, you shouldn't give up faith in love and friendship.
If you give up, you're not going to last long.
Best thing about my Panthers is - we never give up!
"Don't give up because it's right there," she told WETM.
What do you think: Should Justin give up his source?
I was about to give up on our adoption process.
Nevertheless, we didn't give up, recognizing the high stakes involved.
But Kim won't give up his nuclear weapons, they said.
And it's really hard to give up that other business.
"There were times I wanted to give up," he said.
But we were already too far along to give up.
I don't want to give up on them down here.
"He didn't want to give up control," the source said.
They do not want to give up on the marriage.
Don't choose to complain, or worse, to just give up.
"I wouldn't give up policy optionality so early," he said.
Both products give up some features in exchange for affordability.
I have the will to not want to give up.
Or just Give Up. Anyway, this game frustrated me immensely.
"None of us (is) going to give up," Acevedo said.
Google does not intend to give up ground to anyone.
Eventually I give up and head back to my ship.
Her husband will often want her to give up work.
The answer, then, is not to give up technology entirely.
And also, don't be a little bitch and give up.
Did she give up on the pho and make nachos?
"We just have to give up our spot," she said.
Either you give up, or else you go all in.
But Zyuzin would not give up any of his company.
But wouldn't it be dangerous to give up your shell?
Still, great powers do not give up something for nothing.
He has immense firepower, he's never going to give up.
I won't give up on dating, at least not now.
But conservatives aren't going to give up on ObamaCare repeal.
This National Dairy Month, please don't give up on them.
"He may have to … give up those returns," Hatch said.
Rather than give up on unions, we should strengthen them.
Stuck in detention, immigrants often become overwhelmed and give up.
What I don't want to give up is the originality.
So, Goll, refusing to give up hope, turned to Facebook.
Libya's supreme leader Muammar Qaddafi agreed to give up its
I'll give up my paycheck if the government shuts down.
The last country to give up actual weapons was Ukraine.
But until something concrete happens, I will not give up.
He can give up music now, he can stop film.
She just wouldn't give up, she just wouldn't give in.
Anyone who knows Bezos knows he doesn't give up easily.
That is not a sign that you should give up.
"We are not going to give up," Mr. Malekzada said.
Still, Mr. Hutchinson didn't give up entirely on home automation.
If she believed that, she'd give up on religion tomorrow.
Museums often hate to give up parts of their collections.
"We have not and will not give up," Tesla said.
I believe he must not give in or give up.
And this is a problem too significant to give up.
"So rest assured — I will NEVER GIVE UP the fight!"
Still, it will be difficult to give up the game.
"I don't want to give up being British," she added.
It's not something consumers are necessarily dying to give up.
But he was not quite ready to give up sailing.
The TMC has seemed unwilling to give up its power.
These airlines are probably reluctant to give up that revenue.
We are not going to simply give up like that.
So get it out there and give up the charade.
T) is prepared to give up control of Sprint (S.
When we don't have hope, we give up on ourselves.
"We give up such a simple, stupid goal," Herzog said.
But I'm not going to give up on this dream.
It's not a reason at the moment to give up.
But the Shockers should not give up on Selection Sunday.
Who wants to give up their vacation for a vocation?
When people retire, their bodies sort of just... give up.
I don't think they're going to give up on it.
You don't want to give up mobility in a firefight.
Reflecting now, I'm actually shocked that we didn't give up.
Now I know that I could never give up running.
Point being: I'm trying to give up drinking this year.
I decided to give up the scale for 30 days.
But she was not about to give up that easily.
He didn't give up through the storms or the fire!
"They rarely want to give up their guns," Goldman said.
One mother rebels and refuses to give up her baby.
But he's not ready to give up one last photograph.
Will Mr. Kim ever give up North Korea's nuclear weapons?
No one would advise you to give up the good.
"It's not surprising that they often give up," she added.
They have too much to lose to give up power.
Sometimes, I feel like I want to give up completely.
"I'm not going to give up the fight," he said.
The field's other unicorns are unlikely to give up trying.
This isn't to say that everyone should give up meat.
It's easy to get overwhelmed and give up on it.
Did everyone really give up trying to figure it out?
Give up meat and you eat from a different menu.
I can get along with girls, they give up easier.
Just don't give up on this hallowed, funny art form.
Because to give up on politics is to invite catastrophe.
"I'm not called to give up on this," he said.
Nowadays, you have to give up so much [to play].
But that doesn't mean we should give up on process.
But I promised myself that I would not give up.
Do you see why she can't yet give up Cher?
They have to either pass something or give up first.
I do not propose that we give up this effort.
Greed is the first lover he will not give up.
They're just going to give up, at a certain point.
It almost made me want to give up reading forever.
Should you give up or stick with him, despite misgivings?
They were not ready to give up their guru yet.
The first thing I will say is, don't give up.
It's a really great feeling once you just give up.
I give up my big box meal to the Colonel.
I think he doesn't want to give up his country.
Have a pal who's ready to give up their Kindle?
She told me not to give up on my dream.
Still, the Yankees couldn't afford to give up on him.
They are not likely to give up on these now.
Three days later, Parliament voted to give up the islands.
And if so, which one would you rather give up?
Why Chipotle didn't give up Chipotle's Queso flop was costly.
You might give up sushi, soft cheeses, wine, and caffeine.
It's a good start, but Beijing didn't give up much.
But no one was ready to give up that easily.
Meanwhile, Demi is worried Kristian will give up on her.
I don't give up and I'm not afraid to try.
I mean, never once would I ever give up farming.
He inspired me to keep going and never give up.
I begged him to give up his yellowing white Rockports.
We've got to keep moving forward, we can't give up.
"Every 21.3 days, I wanted to give up," Brooks remembers.
Right now, I'm not willing to give up that time.
Persuading a country to give up weapons is never easy.
But don't expect Amazon, Flipkart's biggest rival, to give up.
In my first marriage I had to give up things.
Companies that import don't want to give up their advantage.
They are heroic in their quiet refusal to give up.
"I was just about to give up," Mr. Makouangou said.
I had begged him not to give up on us.
We still want to fight and just not give up.
I never want to give up my visor mirror, though.
This doesn't mean you should give up on them, though.
I eat a quarter of it and then give up.
That's unfortunately like asking a bee to give up honey.
Compagnon and Hansen, however, aren't ready to give up Paris.
"Too many educators give up on kids," he told me.
Once you give up on the interview, it's all over.
What happens to your brain when you give up sugar?
Others find therapy harder than we did and give up.
Frustrated with the fountain, I give up and make dinner.
Here was the leader who never seemed to give up.
Kim Jong Un will never give up his nuclear program.
I don't want to give up right at this moment.
He says Democrats need to give up something in return.
"Being an adventurer, I would never give up," she says.
But you don't just give up, you continue the fight.
Their family told them to give up their crazy preoccupation.
I will make your life miserable until you give up.
"We're not going to give up," said Malcolm, Graham's mother.
"I'm very reluctant to give up on people," he says.
Locks freeze, windshields ice up, batteries give up the ghost.
But rather than give up, Amazon has tweaked its model.
"You've got to give up this crying stuff," Corcoran said.
Why do some learners give up before they've achieved literacy?
Not everybody is ready to give up — particularly President Trump.
Just how much space is he willing to give up?
"They give up," said Inaba when I spoke with him.
Or at least they give up for that particular day.
Maks: Is it time to give up on Eddie Lacy?
There's no need to give up your favorite pasta dish.
Surely, some of the losers would refuse to give up.
AXELROD: So, I'm going to give up -- I'm going to give up the whole Jon Stewart story because we don't have time for it, but it'll be in a... STEWART: You are missing out.
It's just over three months into Donald Trump's term as president, and as much as you promised everyone on Facebook that you'd "NEVER GIVE UP!" it's time to be honest: you're totally gonna give up.
But a series of US intelligence assessments have concluded that while Kim could give up some weapons including warheads and missiles, he may not be willing to give up his capabilities to regenerate his program.
While beer and football go hand-in-hand 35% said they would give up drinking for a year to attend a Super Bowl featuring their team while 14% would give up sex for 12 months.
For Lent this year, I would like to give up the news — I would like to give up the president himself for Lent this year — but life in a democracy does not afford such luxuries.
While beer and football go hand-in-hand 35% said they would give up drinking for a year to attend a Super Bowl featuring their team while 14% would give up sex for 12 months.
What people fail to understand is that chaplains give up some of their rights as ministers when they become military chaplains, just as soldiers give up some of their free speech to defend free speech.
You see, Shaolin is ready to give up the graffiti game.
The first is that you must give up your cash first.
It took them 25 games to give up 10 last year.
No matter how bad things get, he refuses to give up.
We don't have to give up on everything in this market.
That's a lot to give up based on one goodbye conversation.
"We are staying, we can't give up or anything," said Mustafa.
I could not afford to give up, so I kept pushing.
I came back twice as strong, because I don't give up.
Having hope is a beautiful, precious resource, so don't give up.
"We just don't give up," said Detroit head coach Jim Caldwell.
Despite what American Education Services told her, Roberts didn't give up.
There's a long way to go, but we can't give up.
Is North Korea really willing to give up its nuclear program?
MCGURN: I don&apost think Kim will give up weapons lightly.
The result: People usually give up -- and consume fewer calories overall.
Barack Obama is here to remind voters: Do nut give up!
For their safety and protection, Gab will not give up sources.
He did, however, have to give up his pregame PB&J's.
"I was ready to give up at any time," he says.
"Never Give Up" — Sia Furler & Gregg Kurstin, songwriters (Sia), from Lion
SE without being required to give up assets to the government.
He was willing to give up his title to save lives.
" Bayer, 35, felt that she couldn't give up the "great bit.
Don't ever give up - God has a plan for your life.
WALLACE: What did both sides give up and what comes next?
LONDON — Dads everywhere, it's time to give up and go home.
Their only issue is how much they have to give up.
They just didn't give up on me—I don't know why.
To put the matter bluntly: They should give up that hope.
LONDON — Everyone else might as well give up and go home.
Catholic holy days, Muslims have simply had more to give up.
So if the indices give up a little ground, who cares?
"When you love someone, you can't just give up," S. said.
But here's the thing: I'm not ready to give up Instagram.
Do you have to give up on owning a canine altogether?
She wanted to give up and even tried to kill herself.
Google isn't ready to give up on virtual reality just yet.
And that's one car space that they have to give up.
And I'm not going to give up—and neither should you.
The decision says Embraer would give up its profitable commercial division.
I officially give up on this mission to recover my data.
But he didn't want to give up his iced coffee habit.
The family must give up $1.6m of a fortune worth $13m.
Kass isn't going to give up her optimism and inclusive values.
Still, a couple particularly persistent birds weren't ready to give up.
But Instagram couldn't afford to give up on a messaging app.
He had to give up that hope in order to survive.
If you have a child who has schizophrenia, don't give up.
"We must never ever give up or give in," Lewis tweeted.
A decision to give up the Chinese market is just suicide.
God, give me a sign, or I have to give up.
It feels like it's all designed to make us give up.
Three doctors told her to give up shooting as a teenager.
Here's 10 pieces I'm not ready to give up just yet.
"The moral there is, never give up on a good idea."
You have to give up: I don't know what I'm doing.
I have to give up my candidacy for the greater good'?
And participants don't have to give up equity or pay rent.
Many researchers say they are not yet ready to give up.
I'm trying not to give up hope but I'm beyond frustrated.
Porcello didn't give up another hit over the first five innings.
When I want to give up, she will not let me.
But the stakes are too high to give up, he added.
But I won't give up until I make them my reality.
Months later, he'd give up that fight, but not his investment.
Remember, North Korea hasn't agreed to give up or suspend anything.
"I have never seen John give up on anything," Enders said.
But what if Obama doesn't want to give up the name?
But what it hasn't done is cause me to give up.
Some, like veteran Richard Perry, will choose just to give up.
I'm sad about it, but refuse to give up the case.
Millions of dieters give up when their calorie-counting is unsuccessful.
Look at these NASA engineers' pumpkins and just give up already.
She said she and her mother both refused to give up.
You may as well give up coz you'll never catch us.
Put the pencil down and give up on that potential masterpiece.
Of course, no one expects Brazilians to give up meat overnight.
After about 30 minutes of searching, I'm overwhelmed and give up.
But that said, I wouldn't give up this DWTS for anything.
These nine multimillionaires lost it all, but they didn't give up.
I haven't upgraded yet because I can't give up the ports.
At that point, Patricia says, she was ready to give up.
"I didn't give up on my dreams for years," Ridley said.
Good thing we don't have to give up our cookies, though.
"I never give up until I'm over the line," Bowie said.
It's easy to coast, to get stressed out, to give up.
I give up and own it, as opposed to feeling guilty.
With luck, I may never have to give up my turn.
Most of us aren't going to give up Facebook and Instagram.
But you do give up some things for that compact size.
The devastation made me want to give up my career altogether.
Do not give up on us, he urges parents and helpers.
Don't give up if you know the friendship is worth it.
But Mexican officials say they didn't actually give up very much.
Don't be unwilling to give up-front to get more later.
Erosion is slow, and it takes time, but don't give up.
"We're not used to seeing him give up homers," Maddon said.
H: I think the company's DNA is to never give up.
I'll only give up hope altogether once December 31 rolls around.
"They're certainly not going to give up on 5G," Peng said.
It is unlikely Musk will give up power, former colleagues say.
They buried him, but they didn't completely give up on him.
Before too long, you feel exhausted and ready to give up.
CHAFFETZ: Did you believe he was going to give up twitter?
Yeah, I'd give up sex, because kissing can be really sexy.
What would it take for you to give up your car?
I would give up vital organs for seven robocalls a month.
I guess he's not going to give up on getting it.
But don't think they'll give up the enterprise any time soon.
By the end of June, Kabari was ready to give up.
But it says it won't ever give up its nuclear program.
I am disappointed and frustrated, but we should not give up.
I know will never be like her but … never give up!
When the chips are down, it's easy to just give up.
Instead of rallying us, climate despair asks us to give up.
Defensively it's hard to win when you give up 119 points.
Having dreams give me energy and hope to not give up.
She's determined to do anything and she does not give up.
I felt the pain all match, but I didn't give up.
We're willing to give up profitability to have this massive impact.
If you can do that, you won't let yourself give up.
It was torture, but I couldn't give up for my children.
They had to give up a lot to take these jobs.
And with that failed attempt at a joke, I give up.
But outraged Gorkhaland proponents have vowed to not to give up.
Initially Bloom said she wasn't going to give up her tickets.
Give up on hand-outs and worry less about official access.
Worst of all, I had to give up all my shoes.
What would the U.S. have to give up to get that?
"You have to give up something," SMU coach Tim Jankovich explained.
The desire to abdicate, to give up: for me, that's primal.
We will not give up until he is safely back home.
Do you stop and give up, or do you press on?
Historically people in Japan have had the 'never give up' spirit.
Unlike me, who would definitely give up on anything—even donuts!
That, or give up music and get a different job altogether.
That may in turn push them to give up formal work.
Don't give up your present for a future you haven't validated.
After being forced to give up her guns, she starts plotting.
But you can't give up trying to make it that way.
He refused to give up any information, and was subsequently released.
But he didn't want to give up his "stevewoz" screen name.
"I'm not optimistic, but I never give up hope," said Sen.
But that would need EU governments to give up their vetoes.
Now let's give up and move on to the next thing.
But Leicester's message is never give up, never sell yourself short.
Hard job to give up Justices, appointed for life, resist retirement.
The only thing renters have to give up is their privacy.
Those who accept an offer give up their right to sue.
To nudge the user to give up more than they realize.
I'd have to give up kissing, but that is just terrible.
Without insurance coverage, some cancer patients simply give up on treatment.
For Jamie to get Lovat's support he must give up Lallybroch.
For the sea bass to give up its spine without resistance.
We must never give up the fight to protect their freedoms.
Mr. Sanders also has no reason to give up his fight.
Similarly, the Syrian rebels have not agreed to give up territory.
Finding love isn't always a reason to give up the apps.
Nobody wants to give up something that seems in good fun.
He will inspire you to never give up on your dreams.
It's a reminder to him, and everyone, not to give up.
Just as we were ready to give up, the sun exploded!
We had sacrificed too many good people already to give up.
It's a question of how much they're willing to give up.
Don't give up hope if you don't live in those areas.
Some team members wanted to give up halfway up the hill.
Without the pleasure you get from writing, you'll likely give up.
"I just wasn't going to give up that easily," he said.
Gregg Maisel and his team of prosecutors didn't give up, however.
Still, even older drivers were hesitant to give up total control.
What did Trump actually get and what did he give up?
I was upset, and I just said, 'Guys, don't give up.
It does not force Koskinen to give up his pension, though.
It's an effective framing, especially when you want to give up.
About to give up, she decided to try one last thing.
But her refusal to give up can also cut against her.
Soon after, U.C.S.D. agreed to give up custody of the brain.
It was incredibly disheartening, and I was tempted to give up.
So why give up such a potentially huge source of revenue?
Don't give up on the importance of this job and career.
All you took was "had to give up business class flight".
You have to give up your child to get something necessary.
Are the economic benefits of fracking too lucrative to give up?
I'm not going to give up in the last few weeks.
When the Saeco Incanto arrived, I was ready to give up.
But here's my advice: if your body is uncomfortable, give up.
I don't give up easily but I don't think I'm down.
She would also have to give up her passport, he said.
"Turkey will never give up on its principled stance," Kalin added.
Give up a cushy job in academia for a long shot?
He has yet to give up a run for the Tigers.
No rational North Korean regime would give up its nuclear program.
But we will not give up until we solve the problem.
One group, however, did not give up wine coolers: underage drinkers.
The odds may not be great, but we can't give up.
President Donald Trump won't give up on funding his border wall.
Expect start and stop progress this week and don't give up.
Washington has demanded that Pyongyang give up its nuclear weapons unilaterally.
How easy was it for you to give up that job?
And neither is going to give up the grammar war. 2.
The answer was no, but I wasn't about to give up.
You can try to break him but he won't give up.
Q: Which countries do you see agreeing to give up most?
But it has vowed never to give up its nuclear arsenal.
If a relationship is worth fighting for, then don't give up.
You can't give up your precious third-round pick this year?
"I have a desperate desire to give up smoking," he says.
Like, give up and go have a wank in the toilet!
But this hole was different, and forced Yagnow to give up.
If we're a schoolteacher, we give up money to change lives.
Like I said, I even wanted to give up my appeals.
Of course, there were days when I wanted to give up.
It felt like a lot to give up for a hunch.
If you give up, you miss out on some cool stuff.
Tell her that it's time to give up her car keys.
"I have something too fine and precious to give up," Mrs.
But she did not give up on the art world altogether.
"This nation should not give up on containment," Dr. Redfield said.
It's overwhelming, and that's why a lot of them give up.
Booking's board directors also volunteered to give up their cash retainers.
Like Sanders, she did not give up before exhausting all options.
Work hard, don't give up, don't go against your gut instinct.
If so, why, and what do you choose to give up?
I'm not looking for credit, but I give up my salary.
Sometimes it's so hard to describe that I almost give up.
"From now on, I'll never give up this work," Maung said.
That's not to say that Hong Kongers should give up hope.
Even the stars give up some of their secrets to trees.
Some people give up too readily to get the best results.
Critics say the town should not give up a scarce resource.
Mr. Netanyahu was eventually forced to give up the Communications Ministry.
I have never and will never give up being their mother.
About those showerheads: Dunn isn't suggesting that we give up showers.
He wants to know why he would give up on him.
Can it persuade them to give up the movie theater, too?
Now is not the time to give up your favorite indulgences.
When Cohen said he didn't have one, Green wouldn't give up.
But the business toolbox is too important to give up on.
You're not going to be healthy unless you give up dairy.
But she was forced to resign and give up her pension.
Throat cancer forced her to give up singing early in life.
The economic and political powers won't give up their privileges easily.
But we should not, as Ms. Ruppel Shell suggests, give up.
Did it make you want to work harder—or give up?
One quality that great athletes share is they don't give up.
This isn't something we are ever going to give up on.
I give up and decide to sit outside and drink wine.
And activists on both sides said they would not give up.
We will never give up our ability to protect American interests.
They will not give up, though, so neither can the opposition.
"You have to be willing to give up control," Dalton says.
We didn't think we'd be another inspirational "don't give up" story.
"I don't want to give up what I have," she continued.
But Hickenlooper insists he won't give up on running for president.
"The best thing is that I didn't give up," Halep said.
And remind me, why did we give up on body shimmer?
I was about to give up, but Rupali kept me going.
It is where Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat.
Both inspire me not to give up on this troubled world.
"Basically I give up on things within three days," he says.
Please give up this harmful addiction and find another coping mechanism.
Many people give up on nutrition trackers because it's too demanding.
These are not men who are willing to give up power.
Yes, if they give up, then the machine will take over.
And I wasn't going to give up until I got that.
But she refused to give up and was finally let in.
But each and every one of us can never give up.
The U.S. must not give up on the people of Africa.
Fortunately for our family, my child's doctors did not give up.
But the government didn't give up on that conviction just then.
She said he told them to give up the specialist group.
"You do not have to give up your passion or profession."
It found two friends could give up 53 pieces of data.
Both inspire me not to give up on this troubled world.
But you give up a lot of portability with the Transporter.
First, America has to give up its pursuit of global dominance.
Several years ago, there was a man who wouldn't give up.
I would never give up on this function; it's too important.
Groff then quasi-renounced the review: "I give up," she tweeted.
I can assure you, France will not give up the fight.
Despite Aunt Lydia's encouragement, she struggles to give up her daughter.
And now officials were asking them to give up their coca.
The Islamic State won't give up its self-styled capital easily.
We give up then T. tells us he found a place.
United asked passengers to give up their seats voluntarily for compensation.
There are so many reasons to stop or to give up.
The industry agreed to give up $80 billion in cost reductions.
What's more, are we ready to give up on mass transit?
After that, she vowed to never again give up her power.
A whopping 30% give up on their goals by mid-January.
"Don&apost give up your assertiveness, but be curious," Dalio said.
But the protesters, at least, don't seem ready to give up.
Pyongyang declined, however, to give up its nuclear weapons program entirely.
"You cannot give up in the face of evil," he said.
Worshipers are also encouraged to give up something as a sacrifice.
Others search and find very few answers, and then give up.
Another night onstage may have been too much to give up.
But I do not think that means we should give up.
All he does is hunt for boards and give up layups.
What would I be willing to give up to be another?
In exchange, the government should give up revoking the motorway concession.
Size is the one thing Facebook isn't willing to give up.
He did choose to give up flying when he was 76.
But the ex-employees didn't give up, and staged numerous protests.
It was a devastating loss, but Mr. Bayh didn't give up.
So, you're not ready to give up the gangster life yet?
Your ... Louie: If I had to give up a social network?
"I love her because she doesn't give up," Katie told me.
What do you get when you give up those two minutes?
At one point, Mr. Lewis says: "You try to appeal to the goodness of every human being — and you don't give up; you never give up on anyone," which sent chills up and down my spine.
But this is arguably the fastest way to disable Touch ID, which is important as officers of the law can force you to give up your fingerprint, but (ideally) cannot force you to give up your password.
Mr. Flummerfelt became the only artistic leader to give up Italy's Spoleto — and give up working with Menotti — so that he could remain in Charleston, said Nigel Redden, who later became general director of the American festival.
I'm not willing to give up my support for the Second Amendment.
" She concluded: "The only thing I know is not to give up.
"Jupiter isn't going to give up its secrets as lightly, it seems."
Other reasons the U.S. women don't want to give up their swimwear?
Go deeper: Coats contradicts Trump: North Korea unlikely to give up nukes
Please do not give up on this if it's what you want.
And they had to give up a lot to take these jobs.
Kay has had to give up her job to care for Glory.
I wasn't prepared to give up on her and she wasn't either.
"In the last minute, we can't give up a goal," Trotz said.
They were more about the ability to endure and not give up.
I decided to give up trying to make a big hedge fund.
"I've never been the sort of person to give up," she said.
DiMaria was forced to give up coaching student athletes, Marinello said. And
What did the president potentially give up to make Foxconn reverse course?
GUTFELD: That&aposs about -- HURT: What would you have to give up?
"I said to Rian, I said 'Jedis don't give up'," explains Hamill.
The victims panic and give up their valuables more easily, police said.
So I think he is ready to wholly give up nuclear weapons.
But as the world recently discovered, he didn't give up the cause.
If it's good, people have shown they'll gladly give up their privacy.
Facebook must prove that it truly is willing to give up control.
"I think that's what people give up," Celtics coach Brad Stevens said.
That doesn't mean you have to give up on the look altogether.
The wrong thing, almost everyone agrees, would be to give up hope.
And are they willing to give up their nukes to do that?
Because Scaramucci clearly isn't ready to give up the limelight just yet.
Sidumo says she is not ready to give up despite the delays.
We will never give up on defending free speech for all people.
The dopamine bumps it inspires are just too delicious to give up.
Don't want to give up your beloved routine for a healthy glow?
Never give up on the promises that you made to your constituents.
And it doesn't mean you have to give up your daily Starbucks.
But that doesn't mean we should give up on cooking weeknight dinners.
Proof that no matter what your Christmas wish is, never give up.
We don't try to force streamers to give up their future. Yeah.
Is he going to get rocket man to give up his rockets?
After a couple of attempts, clinic workers said, some just give up.
There's no way Snooki will ever give up her 10-in. heels.
It's a battle I don't think the others will give up cheaply.
"You don't want to give up hits, period, to pitchers," Feldman said.
There is nothing to give up on DT. What did JK do?
Under any other circumstances he would never give up his work phone.
Nor would it mean the world should give up on cutting emissions.
And I think there's some people who are never gonna give up.
I give up and head back to my desk for more pretzels.
We're not yet 30, but we don't want to give up farming.
Sometimes I think I'll give up fighting and learn to make chai.
But docs who care for their patients don't give up on them.
I never gave up hope and he didn't give up on us.
So the first thing I did was give up all fried foods.
But, this year, one documentary has made her give up plastic instead.
"I will not give up," declared Mr Santos in a televised address.
Don't give up on Mattel just yet, CNBC's Jim Cramer said Thursday.
It shows that you if you never give up, good things happen.
When you give up the freebees, they come back to haunt you.
His fellow runners-up in 1958 all had to give up music.
In every case too, it's these families who just never give up.
If we give up now, we will never be the same Paris.
The diagnosis led Jacobs to give up her favorite pastime: horseback riding.
The work was so distressing that he often wanted to give up.
Just when I was about to give up, I found this app.
We change professions and give up on certain activities (goodbye, complimentary breakfasts!).
After all, candidates with authoritarian tendencies don't like to give up power.
Why would a retailer want to give up last-minute Christmas deals?
Not one to give up, he began working in the restaurant industry.
At the end of the day we can't give up five goals.
I don't want to give up Twitter, but I may have to.
I didn't want to ask him to give up on this dream.
Insurgents agree to give up territory in return for safe passage out.
They all agree that the North should give up its nuclear weapons.
I browse the internet but give up and get back to work.
Others, like Kumamotos, put up a good fight before they give up.
Jake isn't ready to give up though; he wants to fight, y'all.
He must give up having only a selective respect for the law.
You do the best you can do and you never give up.
"There loss, but there's also hope, we never give up," McNamera said.
But that is probably the last thing these companies will give up.
However, GameStop still appears to have stock, so don't give up yet.
They give up a few chemical weapons, we take off some sanctions.
Musk will give up the role as part of a SEC settlement.
"To every woman here who won't give up, women make the change."
Washington has argued that Pyongyang must give up its nuclear weapons first.
However, don't just give up the quest for train travel just yet.
I will not give up, I will continue to fight for peace.
I will never give up on my dreams of art and music.
Never give up on these animals because their hearts are in it.
But I have ink for blood — I couldn't give up the job.
Guli is not one to give up in the face of obstacles.
So I'm here to say: never, ever give up on your dreams.
Khomeini did go to Qom, but he did not give up power.
He was a courageous fighter and 'give up' wasn't in his vocabulary.
The number one thing I tell these kids is: Don't give up.
That doesn't mean Pruitt won't give up the job on his own.
When you encounter danger in a foreign land, do not give up!
Does she give up her autonomy in the intoxication of her joy?
They have a record of promising to give up their nuclear weapons.
It is not ready to give up those sales any time soon.
The quixotic mission that Young refuses to give up on is noble.
This time around, it will be a little tougher to give up.
It's up to you to determine what you're willing to give up.
Members of the old elite are reluctant to give up their advantage.
"Give up our seats that we paid for and move," Charnas said.
This segment of enthusiasts is not ready to give up the keys.
"They wanted to scare me, but I didn't give up," she said.
Even in 2017, not everyone is willing to give up on bologna.
She's a fighter and we're not going to give up on her.
As sad as she might look sometimes, she would never give up.
"The shark wouldn't give up," beachgoer Shlomo Jacob told the Sun-Sentinel.
How much privacy are we willing to give up to our devices?
Do you believe that Kim will ever give up his nuclear weapons?
But why pay union dues and give up stock options for nothing?
I would often give up lunchtimes to go draw in the library.
But those on the side of good can't give up the fight.
That's why Facebook won't give up on teens, even despite embarrassing stumbles.
For parents who want to adopt, I would say don't give up.
But I give up and take the melatonin at about 53 a.m.
But, at the same time, I also didn't give up on myself.
It is too rich a brew for state governments to give up.
But today I give up quickly after my morning tarot and meditation.
Day says friends, family and the community don't plan to give up.
But Microsoft's not one to give up the spotlight for too long.
Now is the moment to continue mobilizing and not give up hope.
KS: Okay, you have to give up one app, Inbox or Instagram?
Another potential wrinkle: Canada isn't so willing to give up its drugs.
People would gladly give up SMS or call time for more data.
Here are eight things you have to give up to achieve success.
At that point, many analysts began to give up on the name.
Once we made it 22006-27 we didn't really give up much.
Sort of like, 'You couldn't pay me enough to give up Facebook.
Remember to never give up hope because sometimes that's all we got.
In the end we all just give up and start saving, bitterly.
Apparently, Jason would never give up something he wanted to help Cliff.
"Because life is too short to give up those simple little pleasures."
I had one teacher who simply refused to give up on me.
You'll want to throw the towel in, to yell, to give up.
You give up 10 hits and not many runs, you scattered them.
Maybe more pernicious is people are not involved and they give up.
Now, I'm not saying we should give up on social media entirely.
So I don't want him to give up any of the fight.
These are heroes that every day resist the temptation to give up.
Some have lucrative consulting practices they might be loath to give up.
I knew better than to give up my power in a relationship.
We will never give up, it was never an option for us!
We're talking about power, you know, people don't give up power easily.
If you want gold, then these guys must give up the green.
They are unlikely to give up their cash cow without a fight.
She stressed that other women dealing with similar experiences shouldn't give up.
The bottom line: Attacks don't persuade governments to give up their defenses.
Who wouldn't secretly want their ailing parent to give up the ghost?
How do you decide what to keep and what to give up?
Why would Shkreli, 34, give up this piece of hip-hop history?
"To give up on prevention is to focus on treatment," he explains.
"But we will not give up our principles," the foreign minister said.
After all, she has said she wishes Trump would give up tweeting.
Be persistent, don't give up, and don't be scared to fuck up.
And then he just couldn't give up his bachelor kind of lifestyle.
You wait an hour or give up and go to a restaurant.
Editorial It must have been tempting over the decades to give up.
And some of us just give up and toss the old bottle.
"They are not going to give up anything valuable," one official said.
Not to say you give up, but just to gain more clarity.
Should I bow to the kidnappers' demands and give up my writing?
But just when I'm about to give up on him, he calls.
Trump will not go quietly — will not give in or give up.
And, how much counter space are you really willing to give up?
The question will be: 'What might they be willing to give up?
Akuna also agreed to give up $6,726 it made on its trades.
But Parks refused to give up her seat, and police arrested her.
If I lost him, I might as well give up on life.
If it turns out your wiring is not compatible, don't give up.
But it's time Trump give up on looking for "chemistry" with Putin.
What are you willing to give up to have things your way?
But what kind of mother would so readily give up a child?
Narrator: But VW wasn't ready to give up on America just yet.
Nola did not give up two homers in an inning last season.
And, very simply, people just didn&apost wanna give up their keyboards.
But Champ did not give up and made it through the process.
Individuals can only give up to $28503,22019 per candidate for the primary.
Other experts were not yet ready to give up on drug treatment.
That's how I've always overcome the feeling of wanting to give up.
But it certainly doesn't mean we should give up on price restraint.
Here's what they say: Why would tech give up the hard line?
At the moment, I give up control—that's when I feel strong.
They say they are hopeful, and unwilling to give up their fight.
Sprint chairman Masayoshi Son has reportedly been reluctant to give up control.
But they don't give up on me, despite my powerful self-loathing.
Don't give up when you don't get your keys into the door.
He doesn't look confident, he hesitates and is about to give up.
And sellers have been reluctant to give up shares at a discount.
My advice for other people who have tinnitus: Don't give up hope.
Those times when it gets hard and you want to give up?
The pressure becomes so great that it's easier to give up altogether.
Should we all give up and chuck our phones into the river?
My response to this is to give up trying to defend it.
Or did she give up all that when she gave up talking?
If he wins, Casas will instead give up his vote to Parti.
That doesn't mean we're telling you to give up your go-to.
There is still hope for peace and we must not give up.
They're tearing at him, howling and waiting for him to give up.
But it's unlikely North Korea will give up all its nuclear arsenal.
When you are working on a project, you must never give up.
Mr. Kitces encourages clients facing shortfalls not to give up on saving.
So, if anyone does a project like this, just don't give up.
We, not as a nation but as humans, will not give up.
He didn't want me to give up on the robustness of life.
Why give up the gun that's been by your side for years?
Set high goals for yourself and never give up, no matter what.
The tech industry didn't want to give up its powers of surveillance.
As a pitcher, it's not fun to give up that many runs.
But not every player, or every family, is willing to give up.
"At least you can say, the Trumpster doesn't give up," Trump said.
But your powers of manifestation are very strong, so don't give up!
Ryan has said that Republicans "should not give up" on doing so.
In time, the general appeared to honorably give up trying to pander.
McCain urged the forum not to give up on the United States.
He was forced to give up his job as a bus driver.
It goes back to sacrifice—what are you willing to give up?
Nor should you give up on Tyrion, not when Oberyn Martell's around.
The Faceless Men require acolytes give up their belongings and their names.
"Whatever I'm facing, I won't give up my modeling profession," she said.
If your partner is an avoider, don't give up trying to connect.
" They hold their hands up in a manner of, "I give up.
" He seemed defiant though, telling the grads ... "Never ever, ever give up!
But we must not give up on the promise of the web.
You have to adapt to their fantasies, and you can't give up.
None of this is to say that the world should give up.
The potential payoff is too great to give up on just yet.
After wandering around, disoriented, he was ready to give up the search.
I am not ready to give up on the Republican Party altogether.
You don't seem like you're about to give up or go away.
Basically, there is no way he will give up his nuclear intentions.
Stewart said you should learn from you mistakes and not give up
What did they have to give up to find their own success?
"It makes you want to give up hope, doesn't it?" he asked.
"Usually when I give up homers, they're not cheap anyway," he said.
The fighter in her is that she's not going to give up.
He is unshaven, hollow-cheeked, someone ready to give up the fight.
But the plaintiffs did not give up on the case so easily.
After an hour had passed, we were about ready to give up.
Why give up one of the defining characteristics of a great coffee?
In countless ways, the old empire refused to give up the ghost.
But why do you have to give up something you already have?
Many of them, unable to support themselves during that gap, give up.
"Never give up listening to the sounds of birds" was his advice.
"I'm not going to give up making the real decisions," Icahn said.
To believe that words are meaningless is to give up on truth.
To be clear, I'm not suggesting you give up your current responsibilities.
Many people give up because they can't afford treatment or find providers.
But rather than give up, the Labuschagnes doubled down on their efforts.
Family members told her to give up when she complained of exhaustion.
Most people never find their passion because they give up too early.
But we really believed in Unpregnant and didn't want to give up.
That's not an easy notion for the young narrator to give up.
I don't think you need to give up ground to your opponent.
They're incredibly difficult to give up once you start taking them, though.
They keep pressuring us, but we will not give up our religion.
"I give up the ability to have a better later," Alonzo said.
Walk all around the park again and am about to give up.
Which means many climate activists are pledging to give up flying altogether.
I don't think you should have to give up your free time.
A T-shirt didn't cause us to give up 40-yard passes.
But I wouldn&apost give up quality time again for the world.
Traditional expectations that women give up work after childbirth are breaking down.
The hotel never got built, but Trump didn't give up on Moscow.
Some joked they'd give up their day jobs to start scalping sandwiches.
Only 2628 percent of Republicans would give up alcohol for Trump's impeachment.
You're not trying to give up the lead and lose the game.
He didn't give up any important info to accomplish number 2. 4.
We need to show that we never give up as a team.
Serena Williams is definitely not ready to give up tennis anytime soon.
When people fail, they often feel like they want to give up.
"What [customers] don't want to give up on is flavor," Finazzo said.
Rolling student loans into a mortgage means you'll give up inherent benefits.
Act III I give up on Broadway and head to 104th Street.
"I was constantly fighting this pull to just give up," she said.
A judge ordered him to give up his passport, the document says.
It asks you to give up the burden to know or understand.
Never give up on something you really want, the center tells us.
What would they give up to get dominion over the remote control?
"It was tough to give up another lead like that," Crawford said.
"You're not going to give up like that," Kalambay remembers telling Oezdemir.
But they are happy to give up a portion of their life.
"The lesson is never give up because you never know," Batchelor said.
"I'm not going to give up," said one of them, Mariclaire Acosta.
Yet she didn't give up her effort to reform her party's image.
Those with power are never going to give up their power voluntarily.
But older smokers also have a greater need to give up cigarettes.
"You can give up at any time during the marathon," she says.
Even animals, Shermer notes, often refuse to give up their loved ones.
Trump will surely come out fighting and he will never give up.
It is hard to give up the hope for perpetual worldly betterment.
You give up something of yourself as a human to the machine.
I was disappointed that day but I didn't give up the fight.
MD: So I think it can be ... Look, we can't give up.
They also aren't willing to give up on Trump changing his mind.
Coats said North Korea is unlikely to give up its nuclear weapons.
What's certain is that the National Gallery will give up its Chagall.
Unfortunately, it's time to give up on that hope, Beyoncé's team says.
Trump is to push North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons.
The Obama administration required the men to give up the right to profit from any book or movie based on the pardons and give up any legal claims against the United States, the terms of the decrees show.
The average amount of vacation time people would give up in exchange for student debt relief was 2.3 months, but nearly a quarter of surveyed workers would give up five months of paid time off for help with loans.
It will require us to make decisions about how much flexibility and freedom we're all willing to give up in order to protect people from abuse, and how many res