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"essential" Definitions
  1. completely necessary; extremely important in a particular situation or for a particular activity synonym vital
  2. [only before noun] connected with the most important aspect or basic nature of somebody/something synonym fundamental
"essential" Synonyms
crucial important necessary key requisite vital indispensable needed required called for imperative critical mandatory compulsory obligatory paramount compelling urgent integral pressing basic inherent fundamental quintessential intrinsic principal underlying characteristic primary innate rudimentary central cardinal elementary chief focal core main ideal absolute archetypal classic consummate classical complete model best definitive perfect supreme ultimate copybook prototypical pure representative typical exemplary introductory preliminary basal elemental foundational rudimental abecedarian meat-and-potatoes prefatory simple beginning initial simplest easy dominant predominant foremost prime premier major preeminent capital great paradigmatic archetypical standard symbolic stock emblematic illustrative regular textbook genuine actual concrete real effective true certified existent factual authentic confirmed corroborated definite documented verified attested considerable proven substantial verifiable virtual near practical potential in effect in practice for all practical purposes in all but name in conduct to all intents and purposes de facto near enough imminent operative impending looming active operational primitive earliest primaeval(UK) primeval(US) first original primordial primal aboriginal indigenous autochthonous pristine autochthonic primigenial antique lower embryonic unique exclusive exceptional extraordinary novel singular special unequalled(UK) unparalleled unprecedented incomparable inimitable metaphysical abstract theoretical intellectual philosophical speculative conceptual notional abstruse deep recondite esoteric high-flown ideational intangible profound spiritual valuable helpful useful expedient significant advantageous beneficial constructive favorable(US) favourable(UK) invaluable pivotal worthwhile appropriate idiosyncratic peculiar bizarre odd eccentric strange weird unconventional queer outlandish quirky distinctive abnormal freakish uncommon individual anomalous abridged condensed shortened abbreviated concise cut reduced compressed curtailed diminished trimmed contracted pruned summarised(UK) summarized(US) brief decreased lessened shorter shrunk minimalist plain bare discreet sparse spartan unfussy austere clean conservative minimal minimum moderate restrained spare stark unadorned unadulterated littlest slightest smallest lowest minutest tiniest fewest least nominal token least possible bottom merest rock-bottom meanest intimate detailed thorough exhaustive immediate personal comprehensive experienced full in-depth intricate meticulous extensive intensive rigorous direct vintage choice select superior quality rare excellent traditional venerable mature ripe selected first-class high-quality first-rate structural constitutional constructional formational configurational organisational(UK) organizational(US) tectonic systemic anatomic anatomical architectural constructural formalistic formative organic skeletal necessity prerequisite requirement need specification condition stipulation precondition must qualification desideratum criterion essential item necessary item sine qua non essentiality must-have rudiment principle first principle foundation groundwork essence basis value rule cornerstone constituent crux bedrock code doctrine element component factor feature ingredient detail dimension facet aspect integrand item point module material foodstuff fodder food aliment comestible comestibles eatables edible edibles fare groceries grub nourishment nutriment nutrition pabulum provender provision provisions linchpin fulcrum hub kingpin keystone base mainspring mainstay footing fundament root answer secret solution cue formula ticket clue guide recipe blueprint nexus nucleus exigency crisis emergency difficulty demand hardship constraint extremity fix jam juncture pass pinch pressure stress urgency acuteness attribute property mark trait peculiarity hallmark idiosyncrasy mannerism distinction earmark individuality manner backbone heart source basics institution origin rationale roots theory carrier fount fountainhead want wish desire longing craving yearning fancy hankering ambition aspiration hope dream objective intent compulsion disposition goal More
"essential" Antonyms
inessential inconsequential incidental unimportant additional auxiliary extra extraneous extrinsic insignificant optional irrelevant superfluous surplus trivial dispensable frivolous immaterial minor needless detrimental adverse bad damaging harmful destructive disadvantageous deleterious injurious unfavorable(US) unfavourable(UK) baleful hurtful inimical negative pernicious prejudicial troublesome secondary subordinate inferior lesser subsidiary ancillary sub adscititious lower second-string adventitious second-fiddle superficial unessential nonessential unnecessary non-essential average foreign exterior external incongruous uncharacteristic alien incompatible inconsistent inconsonant unconnected unfamiliar unrelated acquired coincidental unassimilable atypical anomalous deviant aberrant divergent unrepresentative abnormal flawed imperfect heteroclite advanced complex developed higher complicated convoluted detailed elaborate evolved extensive high intricate refined excellent exceptional foremost leading nuanced sophisticated learned affected assumed fostered nurtured accidental cultivated meditated unnatural added artificial surface appended cosmetic contracted inapplicable unassociated unconcerned inappropriate inapt impertinent beside the point not pertinent peripheral inapropos inapposite highly-developed progressive abstruse compound hard involved difficult derivative conjectural hypothetical theoretical speculative unsubstantiated postulated putative presumed presupposed supposed suppositious surmised surmising abstract notional theoretic unproven untested groundless possible actual authentic legal real de jure modern late civilised(UK) civilized(US) derived later recent cultured current imprimitive new present common familiar generic normal ordinary regular standard typical unexceptional usual clichéd commonplace customary plain routine stock conventional run-of-the-mill undistinguished concrete nonabstract empirical factual material objective obvious solid substantial last next final ultimate impending upcoming forthcoming latest following looming consequent subsequent ensuing imminent coming resulting succeeding established existing acknowledged entrenched ingrained accepted deep-rooted recognised(UK) recognized(US) universal unlikely unexpected impractical improbable doubtful dubious far-fetched outlandish implausible wild alleged fanciful imaginary imagined ideal suppositional symbolic envisioned potential pretend reputed invented made-up expanded diffuse increased prolonged protracted amplified complete lengthened unabbreviated unabridged drawn out option luxury nonnecessity indulgence frill amenity extravagance treat perk gratification comfort superfluity non-necessity leisure lavishness opulence accessory surplusage throwaway detriment disadvantage liability drawback shortcoming weakness handicap harm hindrance impairment demerit disservice inconvenience minutia trivia triviality frivolity frippery unnecessity extraneity bonus excess voluntariness discretionality volitionality whole foreign land entirety deprivation starvation

878 Sentences With "essential"

How to use essential in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "essential" and check conjugation/comparative form for "essential". Mastering all the usages of "essential" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Generators are now essential -- and essential to them is gasoline.
Essential oil diffuser What's better than an essential oil diffuser?
Essential Oil Diffuser What's better than an essential oil diffuser?
"It's an essential piece of education, it's an essential piece of business, it's an essential piece of farm life," Bob Pritchard says.
Only essential travel is allowed for workers in industries deemed essential.
Language is an essential — perhaps the essential — marker of our species.
But making time for non-essential activities is, in fact, essential.
Here's the statement: We are sold out of Essential Phone on essential.
It's called Essential, we want to find out if it's essential, Dieter.
How can we be essential workers, but our lives are not essential?
RAYMOND DALIO: That's essential -- I think, an essential part of the balance.
There, city officials ordered residents to remain in place at their homes except for essential activities, essential business and essential government functions, including: Tasks essential to maintain health and safety, such as obtaining medicine or seeing a doctor.
Essential, meanwhile, largely only has the Essential Phone, which didn't sell very well.
Essential oil diffuser Essential oils are said to reduce stress and promote mindfulness.
Essential Oil Diffuser Essential oils have different uses and can create different moods.
Essential Oil Diffuser Essential oils are said to reduce stress and promote mindfulness.
Essential oil diffuser Essential oils have different uses and can create different moods.
The Pixel, Essential and let's talk a little about the Essential phone launch.
He said some construction was essential such as building maintenance and essential repairs.
By that, we mean that it was essential to character, or essential to story.
Though not a doggy travel essential, a good credit card is essential to me!
"Tools like Twitter, Facebook, Email, that connect us as humans are essential...The tool itself becomes essential but I don't want that company to become essential" Stevens said.
The Essential smartphone will be available unlocked at retail via Amazon, Best Buy and Essential.
Essential oil diffuser Add some zen to the graduate's life with an essential oil diffuser.
Essential didn't say when the Essential Home will launch or how much it will cost.
"They're called essential for a reason," she said, referring to ObamaCare's "essential" minimum coverage requirements.
In addition to Essential for Women, the company currently offers Essential Prenatal for pregnant individuals.
Following that launch, Essential will sell an AI product for the smart home, Essential Home.
Multilateral cooperation was essential to achieving the deal and is essential to ensuring strict implementation.
I think it's essential in a president, and it's really essential in a war president.
Essential Oil Diffuser Aromatherapy from URPOWER — $14.95 See Details Airomé is the best ceramic essential oil diffuser A lot of essential oil diffusers are big and bulky, or simply unattractive.
Then go through each line item and place them in either essential or non-essential categories.
After previous shutdowns, Congress passed measures to ensure essential and non-essential employees received retroactive pay.
It might not be essential, but at this price the Essential Phone might be nice to have.
Chimpanzees are essential to the biodiversity of Central African forests, acting as essential seed and pollen dispersers.
Vitruvi Grapefruit Essential Oil, $13Pure essential oils have a range of uses, from cleaning to air freshening.
Officials ordered bars, restaurants, and non-essential retail stores — excluding essential stores — to close by 10 p.m.
" In August, Essential told Reuters that Essential "considered Keyssa as a component supplier for Essential Phone and chose to proceed with a different supplier that could meet our performance specifications for the product.
"Yes, the Essential office is still located in the Playground space," an Essential spokesperson confirmed to The Verge.
Obamacare banned annual and lifetime limits for a set of 10 essential health benefits [see "essential health benefits"].
Yesterday, Essential revealed three limited-edition colors of the Essential Phone — Ocean Depths, Stellar Gray, and Copper Black.
Officials from California's Bay Area announced more serious action on locking down both essential and non-essential businesses.
Essential is done issuing updates for the Essential Phone, though it says the device will continue to work.
Higher education is essential, however, free tuition and loan forgiveness do not zero in on the essential problem.
Essential is doing none of this, which means the Essential phone runs a near-pure version of Android.
Cohen's Essential Consultants was not, in fact, essential, and it's far from clear that it did any consulting.
"There's this mind-set in FIRE discussions that you have to cut out everything that's not essential, but what's essential to a white male is very different from what's essential to me," says Mrs.
InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser — $15.99 See Details This cute little essential oil diffuser from SpaRoom is very portable.
Essential began shipping its new Essential Phone in August alongside a camera accessory that connects to the phone wirelessly.
An essential oil diffuser pumps out mist with the smell of whatever essential oil concoction is in its reservoir.
It is essential that you find protein alternatives, as this is one of the essential parts of your diet.
Spigen insists that Essential will "cause confusion" if the company moves forward with its launch of the Essential Phone.
The Essential Mix Live endeavor represents a major paradigm shift in the model for how Essential Mixes are sourced.
The Essential handset will be launching alongside its very own smart home hub, named, of course, the Essential Home.
It's a simple but essential question to ask right now, and it has a simple and essential answer: Clarity.
Some of these services are so essential, in fact, that we might classify them as an essential public utility.
Essential said users can interact with Essential Home by speaking to it, tapping it or even glancing at it.
I may never use essential oils, but what I get from Morissette's Instagram has come to feel essential indeed.
States in the U.S. are moving at different speeds when it comes to handling essential and non-essential businesses.
Residents may leave if they are "pursuing an essential activity," like grocery shopping, doctors appointments and essential work duties.
Candle Warmers Large Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser by Airomé — $39.99 See Details Two Scents' essential oil diffuser requires no water.
No doubt there's plenty more to come, not just from the Essential Home and Essential Home, but from Rubin himself.
You can add your favorite essential oils in its separate essential oils tray, which get circulated into the humidifier's mist.
Meanwhile, at the beginning of 2016 we chronicled the 12 most essential Essential Mixes of the 90s and early 2000s.
Today, Uber announced the release of a new app, Uber Lite, to help answer that essential question in essential markets.
We're used to paying for entertainment and don't view it as essential, but Dinkins believes the internet has become essential.
Non-essential gatherings will be banned, while all non-essential businesses must have 100% of their employees work from home.
The Checkup Play is a universal, cross-cultural and necessary attribute of childhood, essential for development and essential for learning.
PUTS ESSENTIAL SERVICES AT RISK The House bill eliminates the Affordable Care Act requirement that insurers cover certain essential services.
Essential task Preserving the data on these phones should be an essential task in the push for justice and accountability.
Keyssa claimed that the information shared with Essential during discussions between Essential and 20 different Keyssa engineers were trade secrets and that a non-disclosure agreement between the companies barred Essential from making commercial use of the information.
Even if Essential used foreign suppliers, prototyping in Silicon Valley keeps Essential at the bleeding edge of innovation, De Masi said.
" Essential Health Benefits: Obamacare requires marketplace and Medicaid expansion program plans to cover 10 categories of care considered "essential health benefits.
Qualcomm will also not acquire NXP's standard essential NFC patents as well as some of NXP's non-standard essential NFC patents.
Essential Cashmere Sweater, available at Naadam, $75At just $75, Naadam's Essential Cashmere Sweater is a luxury that won't break the bank.
It's not essential for me to have a big debut week, it's not essential for me to have big radio records.
Called the "Essential 40," it's an index that tracks stocks "essential to life," using a mix of active and passive management.
The officials familiar with the evacuation plan say approximately 50 to 60 essential personnel will stay to man the installation's essential functions.
The shelter-in-place order also does not apply to those going to work in an essential business or essential government function.
With its affordable price point, the UR Power Essential Oil Diffuser is a perfect way to begin your essential oil diffuser journey.
These pivotal innovations are labeled as Standards Essential Patents (SEPs), a designation for individual patents that are essential to a technology standard.
Essential did a truly impressive job delivering fast monthly patches and Android updates for its one and only smartphone, the Essential Phone.
It's essential that we set in train the essential steps to bring clarity and stability to the situation as quickly as possible.
Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia has me reconsidering what is essential about the Total War series because it feels so in-essential.
And both Kims saw nuclear weapons as essential to the survival of their regime, and their regime's survival as essential to their own.
That means households are cutting down on spending on everything from non-essential items such as entertainment and leisure transport to essential groceries.
In my opinion, it's an essential area of course correction, up there with weight loss, better eating and better spending, arguably more essential.
But it's also where critical, strategically essential minerals including lanthanum, cerium and neodymium, essential for the electric cars of the future, are located.
Hardware stores, plumbers, electricians and other service providers necessary to maintain the safety, sanitation and essential operation of residences and other essential businesses.
This is forcing non essential workers to travel on public transport unable to stay 2 metres away from other people, including essential workers.
This is forcing non essential workers to travel on public transport unable to stay 2 metres away from other people, including essential workers.
The directive shuttered non-essential businesses and mandated residents leave home only for essential needs, such as grocery shopping and picking up prescriptions.
The directive shuttered non-essential businesses and mandated residents leave home only for essential needs, such as grocery shopping and picking up prescriptions.
Essential Phone: "The OG"Illustration: Sam Woolley (Gizmodo)Here it is, the original, the forefather, the PH-1, or more simply, the Essential Phone.
Additionally, Jamberry, Younique, doTerra Essential Oils, and Young Living Essential Oils are all headquartered in a heavily Mormon area outside of Salt Lake City.
In case three new Essential Phone colors weren't enough, today we're unveiling Halo Gray, the first Essential Phone to come with Alexa built-in.
The order says Washingtonians must stay at home except for essential activity, which includes grocery shopping, doctor appointments and essential work duty, Inslee said.
France has closed all non-essential businesses (markets, pharmacies, gas stations, banks, newspaper stores and places of worship are examples of places deemed essential).
If we can access only the essential, we may start to crave the extraneous — which, through this increasingly distracting yearning, may feel essential, too.
The company told non-essential personnel to work from home beginning Tuesday, and was limiting the number of non-essential contractors at its operations.
An essential right Freedom of speech is one of, if not the most essential first amendment right in the running of a successful democracy.
Air traffic controllers, TSA agents, border patrol agents and others are considered essential employees providing essential services, so during a shutdown, they'll keep working.
On March 20, Governor Cuomo ordered (here) all non-essential workers to stay home and all non-essential businesses to close by 8 p.m.
But that's what Essential did with its first flagship product, the Essential Phone (also known as PH-1) and its magnetic, 360 degree camera attachment.
"In my opinion, non-essential travel to Zika endemic areas should be deferred until the situation improves, and the Olympics are not essential," he said.
Essential came into the spotlight earlier this year for its Essential Phone, a device that has received mixed reviews and become discounted, despite early hype.
But because it's tied to the ACA's essential health benefits, critics say the provision will become meaningless in states that waive the essential benefit rules.
"Consumer trust is essential for adoption, which is essential for demand, and demand drives innovation," FTC Commissioner Terrell McSweeny told Axios in a recent interview.
And if we ever lose that spirit, then we're gonna lose what is essential about America and what I think is essential about being human.
Tea tree essential oil  This has become a favorite of Kiara LeBlanc, the chief innovation & brand officer at Saje Natural Wellness, which sells essential oils.
Essential oils February 14 doesn't fall on a full moon this year, but you can still cast a love spell with this essential oils set.
Image: Essential and Unboxed TherapyThis week, we finally got our first hands-on look at the long-promised "Ocean Depths" color scheme of the Essential phone.
How the Essential smartphone connects to the 360 camera accessory So has Rubin, but Essential has a couple of advantageous twists: The modules are easily removed.
Playground and Essential CEO Andy Rubin announced this evening that his new company's premium Android smartphone, the Essential Phone, will ship within the next 30 days.
Unlike other flagship phones (namely Samsung's Galaxy S8 and the iPhone 7), the Essential phone isn't waterproof, which, for clumsy folks like myself, feels, er, essential.
Android O During the AMA, the Essential team said that Essential Phone owners can expect to receive an update to Android 8.0 Oreo within two months.
Bankers said the central bank advised them in November to begin allocating dollars for non-essential imports as a backlog in demand for essential goods receded.
They deem which employees are "essential" — and have to work without pay — and "non-essential," which means they can be furloughed (or sent home without pay).
Casper 8.5-Inch Essential Mattress (Queen), $490.04 (originally $600) [You save $109.96]The Essential Mattress is Casper's most basic bed, but it doesn't skimp on quality.
They may have been reluctant to back him, but they were still essential to his 2016 victory and are essential to the G.O.P.'s chances today.
However, grocery store employees are almost always now considered "essential infrastructure," meaning they must still show up to work to provide essential services to the public.
Branson's surgery was essential, but the surgery to remove his uncle's liver was elective and all non-essential surgeries were canceled in light of the pandemic.
"No Maryland resident should be leaving their home unless it is for an essential job or for an essential reason," Hogan said at a press briefing.
People are only allowed to leave their homes for essential reasons, such as obtaining food, medicine, or going to work if the job is considered essential.
Andy Rubin is currently onstage at the Code Conference presenting the new Android-powered Essential Phone and his vision for the Ambient OS and Essential Home device.
Around 380,000 of these workers who are deemed non-essential have been asked to stay home, but the other 420,000 essential employees are currently working without pay.
Just like coding or media literacy are seen as today's essential skills, being able to comprehend and affect intelligent systems will be an essential skill for tomorrow.
The elegant mansion on the hill over the lake was once an essential part of the town's economy, not to mention an essential part of its mythology.
The experiences of racial and gender minorities are essential aspects of history, literature and philosophy because they are experiences essential to all societies, and always have been.
"Truth and an informed public are essential to the functioning of a democracy -- and essential, too, for a practical and reasoned response to an emergency," she said.
"Non-essential" personnel across the government have been staying home on furlough, while "essential" personnel, which includes many in law enforcement, have been working for no pay.
Spigen, a fairly well-known smartphone case and accessory maker, has sent Essential a cease and desist letter demanding that Rubin's latest business stop using the "Essential" mark.
Firefox is now better at loading essential content first and delaying non-essential scripts, not loading the auto-fill module if there's no form on the page, etc.
I have crystals I arrange in a particular way, and essential oils I use, and even an essential oil diffuser in the room where I sit in silence.
Become an iOS app developer iOS app development: Essential courses Android app development essential training All sorts of companies need professionals to help present information neatly and coherently.
"Italy is an essential partner of the euro zone and an essential partner in Europe," Le Maire said on entering talks of euro zone finance ministers in Brussels.
Essential Health Benefits House bill: Similar to preexisting conditions, states could also get waivers to allow insurance providers to stop covering essential health benefits guaranteed coverage by Obamacare.
The deal will see both companies license so-called standard essential patents — patents which are essential to allow products to comply with an industry standard — from each other.
As vulnerable states shore up their defenses against violent extremism, it is essential that transparency and responsive governance are treated as essential elements in delivering stability and security.
Your Coverage Will Max Out More QuicklySince essential health benefits are by definition, well, essential, you can't max out: There is no annual or lifetime limit on them.
N95 masks are essential to fight coronavirus Personal protective equipment (PPE) like respirator masks, eye masks, gloves and gowns are essential for health care workers treating coronavirus patients.
"We also ask that you remain open to adding more items to the specified 'essential businesses and services' and 'essential infrastructure,' as conditions continue to change," Donohue wrote.
The order excludes any essential business or entity providing essential services such as health care, food service, law enforcement and similar critical services, according to a news release.
Essential workers require childcare during this emergency, but all non-essential workers should be granted paid leave to care for their children for the duration of the emergency.
Antibiotics are also essential to our national security: In the event of a bioterror attack or outbreak of a dangerous resistant pathogen, antibiotics would be essential for survival.
Besides Breathe and VitaminVape, other brands on the market include VitaStik, which offers multiple combinations of essential oils and different vitamins, and Monq, which is just essential oils.
This approach suggested there were 240 essential and 229 quasi-essential genes, and using these plus a few allegedly non-essential genes that biochemical common sense suggested probably were needed, the researchers constructed a viable genome much closer in size to their putative HMG than to the M. mycoides original.
Essential Song of the SummerPope's new single "Summer" is still making its way to the top of the charts, but the singer has her own warm weather playlist essential.
That requirement is linked to the essential health benefit requirement — health plans could no longer impose lifetime or annual limits on any services that are considered essential health benefits.
It would (mostly) keep essential health benefits The previous iteration of the AHCA scrapped Obamacare's federal standard for essential health benefits, which requires insurance plans to cover certain things.
And essential health benefits that could disappear in some states (keyword here being "essential") include hospitalization, mental health services, prescription drugs, preventative care, and pregnancy, maternity, and newborn care.
Additional cost-cutting measures include hiring for only essential positions, shortening work weeks around the world, and pulling back on all non-essential spending, Oberg announced on the call.
Mr. Rubin, who runs the smartphone hardware start-up Essential, asked to take a leave of absence this month to address personal matters, Shari Doherty, an Essential spokeswoman said.
If you are on the fence about the benefits of an essential oil diffuser and want to give one a try, start with the UR Power Essential Oil Diffuser.
It permits Washingtonians to leave their home for essential activities such as grocery shopping, obtaining medical care that cannot be conducted through telemedicine, and certain essential forms of travel.
On Friday, Governor Andrew Cuomo said that he was issuing an executive order that says only essential businesses can function, with "non-essential" workers asked to stay at home.
The news is supposed to have no impact on Playground Global, a VC firm Rubin founded that shares the same office space as Essential, according to an Essential spokesperson.
A careful and accurate census is essential if we are to draw districts that maximize competition — but it is also essential of one wants to draw lopsidedly partisan districts.
The Essential MATLAB & Simulink Bundle — $35 See Details
" - Val, 34 "Sister spiked food with essential oils.
" Participation is the essential ingredient of "Hansel & Gretel.
" • "Focus and discipline are essential tools for leaders.
That would leave the country without a domestic source of steel needed for essential military projects, say officials, as well as essential infrastructure such as dams and the electricity grid.
A headphone jack might not have been essential enough to be part of the Essential Phone itself, but the company has confirmed it's working on a module that includes one.
Rubin has gone on to found Android phone maker Essential, which recently cut 73 percent of its work force and has cancelled plans to release a second-generation Essential Phone.
I love that Essential chose to make its Essential Phone from titanium and that Xiaomi's Mi Mix 28 has a ceramic back (there's also a special edition unibody ceramic edition).
"You have to ask if it's a taxpayer-funded need, if it's a legitimate function, and look at it through the lens of essential versus non-essential personnel," she said.
It's hoped to be effective not just against Parkinson's disease, but also Essential Tremor, a condition eight times more common than Parkinson's Disease, according to the International Essential Tremor Foundation.
If Congress allows states to make changes to the essential health benefit requirements, the services that are no longer considered essential could be subject to a lifetime or annual limit.
I think the reality, though, is that we need to recognize that many of the skills that were essential in the industrial economy are not going to be essential now.
SiriusXM's new streaming-only 'Essential' plan targets smart speaker owners The company has launched a new plan called SiriusXM Essential, targeting those who listen in-home and on mobile devices.
If you're out of work, the most important thing to do is make sure bills that are essential to your well-being — like rent, utilities, essential groceries, health insurance, etc.
As part of its blog post about the company's end, Essential said that the already-released February security patch is the last update that the Essential Phone will ever receive.
In the spirit of keeping the Essential Phone alive, Essential will be updating its GitHub with resources that can be used to "keep hacking" the device long into the future.
It was pushed on lawmakers not as essential policy but as essential politics: The president needed a win, and the party had to make good on an incessantly repeated pledge.
Vitamins, including essential ingredients such as D and B12, calcium or even trace elements and nutrients essential for proper development are "absent from this diet," according to a statement from Casimir.
Most smartphone buyers still walk into physical stores, where Essential has no presence, or grab whatever their carrier is serving up as the latest deal, which is another unchecked Essential box.
But the difference here is that Essential is promising to run all this logic on the Essential Home device itself, protecting your privacy and data by forgoing the cloud whenever possible.
This launch "exclusive" isn't quite as exclusive as others, because the Essential Phone is packed with enough radios to work across multiple networks — and Essential will be selling the phone unlocked.
Rubin's company is apparently planning to release other products like the Essential Home, a smart speaker device that runs on a platform called Ambient OS that is also developed by Essential.
Although essential oils are generally recognized as safe for aromatherapy, the National Capital Poison Control Center actually warns that essential oils could be poisonous if swallowed or absorbed through the skin.
This makes it the most essential nation to humanity's most essential modern tool, and as such, it insulates China from new American president-elect Donald Trump's threats of punishing trade tariffs.
Essential CEO Andy Rubin replied to a tweet a few days ago about that Vivo Apex concept phone by pointing to an Essential-owned patent for a similar pop-up camera.
He's still involved with Essential, the smartphone company he founded during his time at Playground — and, in fact, Essential and Playground are both headquartered in the same building, according to reports.
The European Union has agreed to temporarily shut its exterior borders to non-essential travel, and the US and Canada are preparing to suspend non-essential travel between the two countries.
But New York state Governor Andrew Cuomo said he would issue an executive order to mandate that 100% of the non-essential workforce stay home and all non-essential businesses close.
If you love high-tech gadgets and an essential oil diffuser that can put on a show, then the Asakuki Smart Wi-Fi Essential Oil Diffuser is the one for you.
In all three orders, people are allowed to leave their homes only for essential reasons, such as obtaining food and medicine or going to work if their job is considered essential.
The location of Essential Consultants could become legally significant if investigators establish that Mr. Cohen used Essential Consultants to evade campaign finance laws requiring full disclosure of campaign donations and disbursements.
A disparity in assets can make a prenup essential — but it doesn&apost have to be hugeWhen one partner has more assets than the other, Sanford says, a prenup is essential.
Essential items for trying timesAs quarantine periods wear on and "shelter-in-place" mandates proliferate across the US, there's been a pervasive gray area around what constitutes "essential" versus "nonessential" business.
The Essential Microsoft Excel Lifetime Bundle — $9.99 See Details
The Essential Salesforce Certification Training Bundle — $39 See Details
It's not just OK to be unique — it's essential.
" Those are the essential, horrible aspects of "The Tale.
The Essential Cloud and Networking Certification Training Bundle — $39.99
Thursday Essential Properties Realty Trust (US, REIT) – $173.9m ABB.
It removes [...] the essential person for a credible investigation.
But to simply deny the problem not only betrays future generations, it betrays the essential spirit of this country -- the essential spirit of innovation and practical problem-solving that guided our Founders.
Essential Home lets you control your music, ask general interest questions, set timers, and control your lights — capabilities we've seen from Google and Amazon, only Essential promises to do them better, somehow.
Single-tenant, operationally essential real estate generally refers to free-standing, commercial real estate facilities where our tenants conduct business activities that are essential to the generation of their sales and profits.
What's really different for me this time around is that this is the edition that feels essential for racing fans in the way that Project CARS or Forza Horizon 4 feel essential.
But it will also require a new recognition of the truth that investment in essential infrastructure, including transportation, is essential to get the country back on a track to robust economic growth.
It could limit access to essential commodities, as it did in response to a fishing dispute with Japan by stopping exports of so-called rare earth minerals essential to the electronics industry.
" At the same time, a Young Living Essential Oils distributor in Australia named Nat Mann also posted on Facebook, "As the world panics with Corona...sales for Thieves (Essential oil) are skyrocketing!!!...
"Before using a new essential oil, become familiar with its properties, methods of application, toxicity, precautions, and contraindications," Stephanie Tourles, author of Stephanie Tourles's Essential Oils: A Beginner's Guide, previously told Refinery29.
But to simply deny the problem not only betrays future generations, it betrays the essential spirit of this country, the essential spirit of innovation and practical problem-solving that guided our founders.
That's according to Essential President Niccolo de Masi, who told me that Essential hopes to achieve the kind of relationship with its customers that Apple has managed to secure with its iPhone fans.
Essential has an offer that's honestly very hard to refuse: The price of the Essential Phone (PH-1, going by technical model number), is now $200 cheaper, so $499 off-contract and unlocked.
Exemptions are usually made for essential services such as food, medicine, and health care, Mariner says, and staff for essential operations, like utility and communication companies, are still expected to go to work.
While the order mandates non-essential businesses to close, it allows for essential businesses like grocery stores, carry-out restaurants, laundromats, gas stations, pharmacies, police and fire stations, and hospitals to remain open.
According to Amazon-focused ad agency Orca Pacific, sales for essential items have increased by single or triple digits while sales for non-essential items have fallen by 20% to 40% from February.
And even many of the items it deems essential, which it has prioritized restocking over all non-essential third-party items, are showing delays of days to weeks for delivery, such as tampons.
" If you're wondering what non-essential abortions are, his letter clarified: "Non-essential surgical abortions are those that can be delayed without undue risk to the current or future health of a patient.
The government should seek funding for an even bigger spending spree from the essential sector, the economist continued, as its workers are saving more and spending less on non-essential goods and services.
Mike: In other major battles against Google, Andy Rubin, the creator of Android, just unveiled a new smartphone called "Essential," which, I imagine, he believes will be essential to all of our futures.
We want the Times to be an essential daily habit, and that's how we believe we're going to continue to thrive in the digital era, by making the Times an essential daily habit.
The Aura Cacia USB Essential Oil Diffuser retails for $216.
Essential knew it had a hard road ahead of it.
Our kitchen is an essential part of our daily routine.
A reminder of all the key plot points is essential.
"Lifting the blockade is essential to advancing this," he said.
Which, obviously, is an essential part of every great party.
Another $24 will get you the nearly as essential MateDock.
Save up to 20% on selected Gaiam Essential fitness mats
Sometimes clear, direct communication is essential to doing your job.
But from this, the developers have incorporated essential survival tactics.
Let us be clear: PrEP is essential for fighting HIV.
Then this Tuesday, Essential finally dropped a new teaser ad.
Social media is an essential part of 21st century life.
Many people think sticking to a dreaded budget is essential.
Deep learning techniques are essential for each of these projects.
Furthermore, eye contact is an essential element of fight choreography.
Ahead, see the most essential summer 2019 fashion, no filler.
As opposed to seeing [marriage] as the essential life goal.
The Essential Phone's back is polished to a mirror finish.
What is all this talk about an Essential digital assistant?
A futon is an essential piece of dorm room furniture.
Take Malawi for example, where it is essential and necessary.
Many employees think Musk is essential to the company's success.
I find humor essential because my mother was emotionally abusive.
This is essential to building trust and growing your brand.
Hopefully, Essential gets a chance to release a second device.
This is increasingly essential as a social license to operate.
A parka is a wintertime essential for much of humankind.
Government employees considered essential would still work during that time.
Outside aid has been essential to the occupation's continued existence.
They began with the most essential component: the nanoparticles themselves.
In a world of continuous delivery, this approach is essential.
These languages are two essential building blocks of the internet.
They also found deficiencies in the American diet's essential nutrients.
"It's absolutely essential that we give accurate information," Carter responded.
But the company is essential to developing China's consumer market.
Here are some essential plans, in areas susceptible to flooding.
Black women are essential to winning a Democratic White House.
But does it check every single winter footwear essential box?
It is essential to our security and to Europe security.
Essential spending has been cut even as pensions remain generous.
Joe Belfiore, corporate vice president of Essential Products Group (EPIC)
Some experience managing a team is preferred, but not essential.
Essential has some nice renders showing the concept in action.
Help him perfect his 'Dad Bod' with this workout essential.
For these last in particular, it may become essential reading.
Gay spaces were, are, and will continue to be essential.
Ultimately, productivity growth is essential for growth in living standards.
The first essential tool to tracking Santa is satellite surveillance.
Essential for straining cannabis plant matter out of finished infusions.
They are essential to our balance and ability to walk.
"Having a car in this city is essential," said Hurst.
Minimum essential oil content for absolute superiority is 7 percent.
It is essential for blood clotting, muscle movement, and inflammation.
Pasta is an essential comfort food to keep on hand.
The essential problem that Brexit poses for her is clear.
It is rumored to be an essential part of basketball.
Preparing for the possibility of an activist attack is essential.
They're both an essential piece of the New York puzzle.
I think you're really pointing at something essential here, Sean.
Jiang is the Head of Industrial Design at Essential Products.
Loyalty to party will be essential for her to prove.
Save up to 20% on selected Gaiam essential fitness mats
The movies are sweet and light — but they're also essential.
Realism is an essential starting point for American foreign policy.
For activists and people of color, strong encryption is essential.
If Samsung can't pull it off, Essential probably can't either.
What are the essential steps for making a scientific breakthrough?
That's why having a comfortable baby carrier is so essential.
Efforts to mitigate global warming by cutting emissions remain essential.
These skills probably aren't your core business, yet they're essential.
She also said that accountability is essential to squashing disagreements.
They contend that this is essential to stop voter fraud.
First some essential background on the current case: On Dec.
This is an essential component of delivering the proposed transaction.
Here, we reveal six essential, explosive tracks of the genre.
American marriage is looking less essential for a fulfilling life.
Increased revenues are essential to Mr Duterte's ambitious infrastructure plans.
It is incredible how essential to me you have become.
Many also lack the essential qualities of fairness and impartiality.
Gold is an essential part of weddings in the country.
Essential Air Service Program: This program would be eliminated entirely.
This process is an essential ingredient of a healthy democracy.
They're essential for us to rejuvenate ourselves and build together.
This case also charges the essential Focals accessory: the Loop.
Previous experience as a journalist is desirable but not essential.
Morpheus and New Knowledge say transparency is the essential differentiator.
"The Kellyanne promotion was essential," GOP strategist John Feehery said.
Empowering women is essential for productivity, love, art, and growth.
Walking is the invisible and essential form of city travel.
For deficit countries, easy money is the essential life support.
It's on the World Health Organization's list of essential medications.
"How will we reclaim simple and essential words?" she writes.
Image: GettyCats play an essential role in our everyday lives.
"Data and power are essential on the road, " Moross says.
But the reliance on historical data is essential, says Craib.
This luminous essential oil diffuser has your aromatherapy needs covered.
Balloons are hardly essential; they're barely a means of transportation.
Scanning missions rotate in and out, and they're rarely essential.
But there's one beachwear essential that's been more than overlooked.
Her Methodism is absolutely essential to understanding who she is.
Instead, the agreement was initialed and signed by Essential Consultants.
Keeping staff costs low is essential for Wizz and Ryanair.
It's an essential part of escaping to the great outdoors.
Animal products are excellent sources of essential vitamins and minerals.
Allowing your potatoes to cool completely before dressing is essential.
But dialect was an essential element of all Hurston's work.
That's such an essential voice and perspective on our series.
Lu notes that layering is essential to her personal style.
A robust and factual debate is essential to good policymaking.
Marriage is no longer thought essential, even for raising children.
The Essential MATLAB & Simulink Certification Training Bundle — $29.75 See Details
Whatever your feelings toward Weiner himself, it's an essential watch.
Essential is "actively shopping itself" around, according to the report.
But, no, look, getting trade barriers down is absolutely essential.
Andy Rubin has taken a leave of absence from Essential.
Gallardo's story is an essential part of understanding today's Mexico.
Don't bring just the essential gear, like diapers and wipes.
Young Living Essential Oils' new line, Seedings launched May 1.
So it's essential to have negotiation and consent up front.
Deploying proper encryption, authorization and authentication remain an essential foundation.
Basically, a good crossbody bag is essential to any wardrobe.
CONVINCINGLY DRAWN friendships are essential to any good television show.
Corporate spending plays an essential role on Japan's economic outlook.
DO NOT LEAVE THE HOUSE without these essential travel gadgets.
Music has always been an essential part of VICE's identity.
If you think they're essential, you have cause to complain.
Stop talking about getting essential oils and go get them.
As essential to your understanding of America as was, ROOTS!
Taking the time to think through these factors is essential.
Essential oils can also drive back ants from your home.
Fantasy is essential to happiness, to dream, music, art, books.
A gallon of the real stuff was a Prince essential.
To sell or recover those loans, accurate data are essential.
It is essential when you have to nope out quickly.
These are essential features of both scientific investigation and citizenship.
I wasn't essential, so I excused myself and hurried home.
Child care is an essential piece of our country's infrastructure.
The other, the Essential Home hub, never appeared at all.
That's part of what makes the Essential story so frustrating.
"Following the Fed is essential," Bloomberg quoted Carstens as saying.
To advocates, an essential way to get troops combat ready.
That smile was Stacy's essential quality, her mother told me.
Vegans have to cast a wider net for essential nutrients.
It will soon be as essential as anatomy and physiology.
Assad is an essential bulwark, in their minds, against ISIS.
"The social justice element to this is essential," he insists.
These capabilities are essential for any future asteroid mitigation mission.
Establishing a product narrative at an early stage is essential.
It's essential to have nitrogen fixers to replace those nutrients.
Vending machines are an essential part of life in Japan.
James Murphy was pretty much essential to the Rapture's sound.
Indeed, many consider connection to certain electronic services as essential.
"Play is an essential part of childhood development," he said.
Failure is an essential and inescapable part of scientific research.
Sharing experiences feels like an essential part of human identity.
The conversation happening around the Oscars is essential and overdue.
It's an essential tool for holding our elected officials accountable.
All nine essential amino acids are needed, that study concluded.
But whatever they're called, they contain essential — perhaps forbidden — information.
The physical creation of collage is essential to Coll's process.
Their work and engagement was essential to the creative process.
Listen to DJ Shadow's latest BBC 1 Essential mix here.
It's how he has resurrected Russia as an essential power.
The Essential Phone has great hardware but crummy dual cameras.
Voting reform is essential to a democratic transition for America.
And, as an added bonus, the Essential Home looks nice.
Recycling is essential, but humans are extremely bad at it.
The absolutely essential element is the woman who's hunting him.
This is among the most essential factors for working women.
Education had always been an essential part of Apple's DNA.
Detailed maps are essential to Uber's operations and its future.
But for Lovato, makeup is something extra, not an essential.
Every component is essential, and Morazan's creations never seem overstuffed.
To Noah's point, women have been historically essential in coding.
"Auditors are essential infrastructure for Japan's capital markets," he said.
It's essential that we explore the reasons for our defeat.
The dams are certainly stripping the Mekong of essential sediment.
Young people are essential to the function of Obamacare marketplaces.
His work in the passing game is just as essential.
Essential to have broad public discussion on these important issues.
"There's an essential difference between men and women," she said.
The park, she said, was already essential to the neighborhood.
Essential is spinning the Sprint partnership in a positive light.
And small businesses are an essential piece of this ecosystem.
This means diving skills are essential to winning the contest.
While explanation is not normally required, it is educationally essential.
Women are essential to peace and stability around the world.
The camp became a community where volunteers distributed essential supplies.
Multidisciplinary teams, a core competency of DOE labs, are essential.
So a place for cars is essential for the gathering.
Hope and optimism are essential components of a happy life.
Heated and passionate debate is essential to a thriving republic.
Workers who are deemed "essential" are required to keep working.
Flipping the breaker was essential to getting back in orbit.
The political element is why diplomacy is essential to stabilization.
Hiring a lawyer is recommended but not essential, agents said.
Education is essential to improving reintegration into the labor force.
This confidentiality is considered essential to shield them from retaliation.
It's essential to know how to keep things to myself.
All this makes the show both unexpected and essential television.
Protecting this essential resource should be the ultimate American value.
First, Risch could play an essential role reassuring jittery allies.
Information and feedback are an essential part of this process.
The company, Essential Consultants, has no board, employees or website.
When dissecting polling accuracy, it's essential to remember three things.
It's also an essential part of how he makes films.
But the first House bill would destroy its essential value.
"Today's GAO opinion reaffirms that most essential responsibility," he said.
Photographic composition is essential to that clear communication of emotion.
Law enforcement is an essential part of combating cyber threats.
WHAT is the essential feature of an English country garden?
All you need is a vial of rose essential oil.
"For me, rose essential oil brings me happiness," Fite says.
He said this was an essential skill in the city.
LGBT families are an essential part of communities across America.
Fishing line is an essential part of a fisherman's kit.
The Essential Phone comes with a ridiculously huge headphone dongle.
Thomas Jefferson and George Washington knew religious liberty was essential.
The California report points up the essential hazard of delay.
Dispossession and violence were essential to the rise of beef.
Indeed, it is essential to the success of MACRA itself.
It's said to smell like lemongrass and bergamot essential oils.
It happened because we found something essential in our humanity.
An electric toothbrush is an essential bit of kit nowadays.
But, she added, tightening existing sanctions was one essential step.
It would become an essential tool of electronic dance music.
An adhesive phone sleeve to carry cash and essential cards
It is an essential and distinct part of the military.
Protecting your assets is an essential part of financial wellness.
Some have suggested that a new constitutional convention is essential.
But for this method to work, planning ahead is essential.
It would also roll back essential student and taxpayer protections.
For the next year, Essential more or less plugged along.
It does not address the essential matter of what happened.
However, the underlying conversation about free speech protections is essential.
It's hard to do, and it's essential to get right.
Longer term, public sector investment in flood prevention is essential.
These remembrances focus on his decency, graciousness and essential humanity.
Sand is the essential ingredient that makes modern life possible.
We strip away anything that isn't essential to the piece.
But strong friendships are essential to a balanced emotional life.
UGID is essential to the success of the local economy.
These investments are essential to helping build a strong generation.
Updating government programs to support this modern workforce is essential.
Economists argue that productivity growth is essential to rising wages.
The agency said vitamin D is essential for human health.
These priorities are "essential to create economic capacity," she said.
The idea of French honor, quaint but essential, was revived.
These values I consider essential to me as a Jew.
The president plays an essential role in mobilizing the public.
Overall, essential repairs and services to the house cost $2275,218.
There was plenty of essential garlic and herb dip too.
Seldom mentioned by Ford's critics, though, is an essential fact.
"So getting our business back on track there is essential."
Military working dogs are an essential part of the mission.
An underrated but essential quality in a President Is empathy.
Advertising for those groups is essential for fundraising, sources said.
Rubin also introduced its own digital assistant, the Essential Home.
We should thank Warren for getting this essential process moving.
It all seems to feed an essential part of him.
Findings Is empathy an essential virtue for a presidential candidate?
It's been an essential survival tactic for the LGBTQ community.
It is essential that it is every day, she says.
Bruguera constantly insisted that unrest is essential to forward progression.
This kind of work is dangerous, physically excruciating, and essential.
My circle shades are not only a staple - they're essential.
That's why it's so essential to have these debates now.
That's inherently honorable, and essential to human endeavor at large.
But at its most essential, AI is decidedly less Hollywood.
This is where the role of the regulator becomes essential.
Rubin has since taken leave from his smartphone company, Essential.
Iodine is undisputedly essential to a healthy, working human body.
How essential is it to make police forces more diverse?
Essential supplies must be carried up mountain paths on foot...
But its skewering of regulators makes it an essential account.
A bed that has shelves and drawers underneath is essential.
Only the easy or non essential things are being disrupted.
Because sexually transmitted infections are often asymptomatic, screening is essential.
Seed accelerators occupy an essential position within the startup landscape.
But in its day, Dark Castle was a Macintosh essential.
When the disease occurs in children, transplantation is often essential.
Our art world requires perpetual revolution – that's its essential nature.
Texture is an "essential building block" for fashion and style.
Work requirements are an essential tool all states should utilize.
Jenna Fischer said she still has Pam's essential hair accessory.
Therefore, independence from both European and national politics is essential.
They play essential roles in a kid's recovery and wellness.
While it bakes, read our list of 11 essential cocktails.
The mystery is essential to the sacredness of the text.
"Getting a sense of progress is so essential," she said.
Now comes the essential question: Will they actually do it?
Bipartisan cooperation and trust are essential to meeting this challenge.
They will worsen the shortages of food and essential medicines.
David Midgley edited the book "The Essential Mary Midgley" (2005).
Same goes for using essential oils, colloidal silver and steroids.
" "This survey is ESSENTIAL to our team's 2020 campaign strategy.
The remittances they send home are essential to Lebanon's economy.
While community services are essential, they alone are not sufficient.
Some legal experts said starting online wagering quickly is essential.
You can listen to 12 of his essential songs here.
That order, though, has plenty of exemptions for "essential" activities.
"Coffee is not essential at all," one barista told Vice.
That is an essential bulwark in the age of Trump.
Condiments, too, are an essential part of any fish fry.
Some workers are simply not convinced their work is essential
Waiting patiently is an essential part of being an investor.
The lawsuit seeks to have gun stores declared essential businesses.
Despite what others claim, Facebook is not an "essential" tool.
Many industrial feedlots see routine use of antibiotics as essential.
But empathy is the essential character trait for our moment.
But recycling is an essential part of the aluminum story.
This is essential to who we are as a company.
They are, in fact, essential to making sound public policy.
It's the essential conflict, and to me quilts reconcile that.
Mobile Device: Smartphones are essential to powering these experiences. 4.
Progressives are right to consider expertise essential to good policymaking.
In the process, Mazlum became essential to the United States.
It is essential, I believe, to keep these tasks separate.
Master tapes were essential to this new line of business.
It's essential to keep familiarizing yourself with histories of struggle.
They provide essential shelter in New Zealand's most extreme environments.
Read the first installment, Samin Nosrat's 10 Essential Persian Recipes.
In many ecosystems, wildfires are a natural and essential phenomenon.
Lyrically, I think it has all of those essential components.
What are your essential elements when it comes to creativity?
It's not possible to separate the essential from the decorative.
This essential question — was My Immortal trolling fanfiction or not?
Mostly. At least, if the Essential phone is any indication.
KS: It's certainly not the Tesla of phones, the Essential.
"You cannot imagine how essential that is," David Yurman said.
On the one hand, the game provides an essential distraction.
Theatricality, it is true, is an essential element of power.
Changes to this essential program by Trump are now stalled.
That sort of fearlessness is essential to play this part.
Essential services during #COVID19 are not golf and beauty salons.
"Tolerance is essential in a free society," Justice Kennedy said.
First Aid Kit An essential component of any outdoors experience.
One family took the opportunity to ask for essential items.
Here in southern New Jersey, it's a pretty essential tool.
In the shoulder months, a warm sleeping bag is essential.
Plugs are an essential part of any serious cook group.
The size and scope of government makes such spending essential.
Allowing international inspectors to verify what's done is also essential.
Here, our suggestions for the essential purchases of the season.
Fertility rates are essential measures of a society's demographic balance.
It's ridiculous and brilliant and an essential '80s fashion film.
It's essential to your health and a successful college experience.
Only the categories that were essential in all 10 cities.
And technology, they said, was essential in their support networks.
Human workers are still essential to Facebook's content moderation system.
The curbs will prohibit all but essential services from operating.
Standards and systems that prioritize transparency and accountability are essential.
As an agriculture and food company, Bolthouse is considered essential.
So there are essential services that will continue to function.
" Ebrard also maintained that all "essential movements shouldn't be affected.
Don't rely on DIY recipes based solely on essential oils.
But it is an essential part of keeping schools safe.
There are no essential benefits, as there are in Obamacare.
Some businesses consider themselves more essential than government officials do.
""Hobby Lobby is fighting that we are an essential store.
Cannabis is an essential medicine for many San Francisco residents.
Judges should protect unions as essential institutions of worker power.
Aerosoles is donating sneakers to healthcare and other essential workers.
Essential workers will also be allowed to report to work.
Such transitions have been seen as essential to democracy's survival.
The nursing home industry recommended curtailing all but essential visits.
For Mr. Roddenberry, the sound of the show was essential.
I had never even suspected I could feel so essential.
This soundscape is essential for the vitality of urban wildlife.
I generally don't use an essential oil for my face.
Essential says it will continue to operate through April 30th.
It's also increasing the speeds of its Essential internet service.
Big, global government policy is nearly essential for this future.
The reform legislation proposes to wipe away these essential gains.
"She is essential for closing the deal," Ms. Bennison said.
Immediate, aggressive treatment is essential to prevent it from worsening.
Faith and trust are essential to the making of work.
I happen to believe that this is an essential task.
"Who is going to bring essential goods here?" he said.
It is "wildly entertaining and profound and essential," Orange said.
It is essential to understand where this coronavirus is situated.
The EU remains an essential part of the transatlantic alliance.
You need the rules — capital and liquidity requirements are essential.
The Essential AI and Machine Learning Certification Training Bundle — $39.99
Every streaming service has an original that makes it essential.
But the vote on witnesses is essential for another reason.
And I asked them about the qualities essential for leadership.
Here are the 5 essential clothing items we always pack.
While money conversations aren't necessarily easy or fun, they're essential.
Diplomacy is an essential part of a successful foreign policy.
Turmeric is an essential curry ingredient used around the globe.
For many people, Google Maps is essential for gathering directions.
The Commitments of Traders report is essential to Garner's analysis.
A good relationship with China is essential for Australia's future.
Curiosity is, for her, an essential step toward such love.
Consistency and reliability are essential attributes for a great power.
Partisan gerrymandering would be essential to their path to victory.
It is also essential to connect on a human level.
I like working with essential oils because they're very accessible.
But as York pointed out, the essential spirit is unchanged.
Moral courage is an essential quality in a functioning democracy.
Risk management was an essential part of legal claim reduction.
Our background thinking is essential to operating in the world.
The nuances of Spanish culture are essential to his movies.
Each lacks channels or features that some viewers consider essential.
I have borderline hypertension, so getting regular readings is essential.
Here are 20013 essential tracks from rock's beloved rhythm scientist.
It is an essential element of our national security architecture.
That "Prove 'em wrong" personality must be essential for actors.
That "Prove 'em wrong" personality must be essential for actors.
For the founders, there were two essential purposes of impeachment.
But politics is most real at a more essential level.
This step is an essential one to building your confidence.
Such relatively unalloyed pleasure is almost as essential as food.
Berry also said that relatability is essential for her channel.
The official exchange rate for importing essential goods is ten.
Rubin, however, is still using Playground's money to build Essential.
Training and recruiting are essential to helping a team grow.
The essential question is, Do Republicans have a tipping point?
Community input in matters like configuring local transportation is essential.
"Vegetables are an essential part of my kitchen," he says.
In science and medicine, it's essential to use language precisely.
To answer this question, another key data point is essential.
Nonetheless, it is essential for the concept of the Earthship.
The price freeze covers gas, diesel and other essential products.
"I think we should remember some essential truths," he said.
Grappling with uncertainty is an essential part of practicing medicine.
"I think that's essential to making people successful in life."
Equality of opportunity is an essential consideration in our rankings.
It's essential that we all feel safe in our classrooms.
"Seven California seats are essential to the mission," Robb said.
Medicaid is essential for hardworking Americans to keep their jobs.
Voting is one of the essential duties of a senator.
The familiarity of the films is essential to their success.
That is an appropriate and essential role for congressional oversight.
These efforts, while absolutely essential, are nonetheless simply not enough.
With 60 Senate votes required, bipartisan support will be essential.
The essential words you have to say in any interview?
The essential notion of ObamaCare is built fundamentally on force.
Our most essential facilities are more than 2628 years old.
These are as essential to stability as soldiers and policemen.
That's part of why Mr. Brown's evening was so essential.
The State Department provides essential funding to combat these problems.
How will Ms. DeVos protect this essential source of funding?
Distinguishing between Trump's assertions and The Times's reporting is essential.
Planned Parenthood offers an essential right to choose for women.
Repulsing the conservative sensibilities of the Never Trumpers is essential.
I didn't have high expectations for the new Essential phone.
He finds that it was essential to seeking FISA warrants.
In Washington, China has been seen as an essential partner.
For Mr. Jones, robust black turnout was essential to victory.
The revitalization of party organizations seems essential at this moment.
Is it essential that his drivers agree to handle alcohol?
She arrived last fall, adding some essential pieces of furniture.
And that is going to be essential for their futures.
Convenience is another essential part of the Starbucks value proposition.
The essential concern about this construction isn't the fact itself.
The Trump administration makes clear why independence is so essential.
This is essential to demystifying the concept of global warming.
But brunch is not as essential as the emergency room.
"I think the rental assistance program is essential," Carson replied.
Just continuing to make better tools I think is essential.
The taboo against mushroom clouds in warfare is absolutely essential.
An additional 420,000 employees deemed essential are working without pay.
Therefore, this restaurateur says, showing respect to others is essential.
It's an essential book that generations of Americans have read.
Providing abortions will be an essential part of my job.
I think that that tension, that debate, is absolutely essential.
Step Seven: Add a few drops of your essential oils.
But it's not essential to the very idea of replacement.
It is an essential part of Americans' basic protections online.
"Some amount of cortisol is essential for functioning," Kaimal said.
But these are essential tips that everyone should know about.
" "It's essential for me that Katowice is not a failure.
If you're just learning about the power of essential oils and how aromatherapy can help balance your life, the NOW Solutions Ultrasonic Real Bamboo Essential Oil Diffuser is perfect for beginners and experts alike.
It also mandated that plans cover, at minimum, the same set of essential services [see "essential health benefits"], including preventive care at no cost, like vaccines and a set of benefits specific to women.
Bankers said they were informally advised to split foreign currency three ways after covering essential requests: 50 percent for non-essential imports, 25 percent to enter interbank trading, and 25 percent for profit repatriation.
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In an opinion article for CNN, a retired airline pilot points out that furloughed employees may not legally be considered "essential" to operations but they often defray the responsibilities of their essential co-workers.
This past week, Pete Tong brought his legendary weekly BBC mix show, Essential Mix, to the club for the first time, launching the Essential Mix Live series in Los Angeles with guest Richie Hawtin.
Whether Social Security pays full benefits, or close to those currently promised, is likely to remain an essential issue — quite possibly, the essential issue — in determining most people's financial well-being in old age.
"The entire industry stands ready to help the national effort, from production of essential medical equipment, to sustaining delivery of essential supplies, providing and maintaining emergency services vehicles and transporting key workers," said Hawes.
At Wells Fargo, non-essential international travel is prohibited and essential travel must be approved by a member of the Operating Committee or a direct report, according to an internal memo viewed by Reuters.
Essential health benefits The MacArthur proposal would also allow states to opt out of "essential health benefits," which require that insurers cover a minimum set of services like mental healthcare and certain prescription drugs.
According to Essential, the Alexa app is able to be uninstalled, unlike most pre-included bloatware, with a company representative comparing it to how the Sprint app is preinstalled on Essential Phones sold through Sprint.
The Puerto Rico government "may be forced to cut deeply into its liquidity reserves and make the untenable choice of which essential services to cut so that it can maintain other essential services," Rossello wrote.
Recode notes that Essential and Rubin wouldn't comment about the situation, but says that his return should help ease some worries about the company after the lackluster release of its first product, the Essential Phone.
The guidance on essential businesses from the governor's office said that "any business that only has a single occupant/employee" doesn't need to be designated an essential business, giving the example of a gas station.
He thinks he can — with his Essential Home, which is a smart speaker thing with a big giant round display on it — create a way for all that stuff to intercommunicate through his Essential Home.
Orca Pacific's Ghiorso estimated that sales for non-essential sellers decreased between 20% and 40% compared to February while sales for essential items have increased by double or triple digits in the same time period.
While there was initial confusion about whether Tesla's car manufacturing operations were considered essential — a designation reserved for grocery stores, pharmacies, and gas stations — the county deemed the Fremont factory not essential on Tuesday evening.
All non-essential group gatherings of any size are prohibited, and individuals leaving their homes to obtain essential services are not permitted to travel in groups, and recommended to limit their use of public transportation.
Andrew Cuomo has urged New Yorkers to stay inside as much as possible, and on Friday banned all non-essential gatherings of any size and ordered all non-essential businesses to keep employees at home.
Learning to face uncertainty is essential to managing our mental health.
The InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser is only $15.99 on Amazon.
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This unpaid work is essential for households and societies to function.
The late polling in South Carolina points to three essential questions.
This year, the warriors battled unfavourable weather, making pit stops essential.
First, because forgiveness is an essential part of the Christian life.
"It's essential for school and future job opportunity," Mr. Steyer said.
We also recognize that for the Calibra wallet trust is essential.
Easy to say, but hard to do -- yet it is essential.
It was absolutely essential that I learned to trust my intuition.
For me, that's when I realized it is an essential medicine.
Personalized feedback is essential, he said, to make sleep tracking worthwhile.
The element of surprise is an essential part of the experience.
Either way, Trump will be an essential component of any progress.
Amazon reviews are an essential part of the online shopping process.
Combining botanicals, essential oils, salts and minerals, she has created:  Phys.
A microwave is an essential appliance for life after high school.
Quality time with your family is essential in building stronger relationships.
Moreover, what's essential in biology depends largely on an organism's environment.
But remove the toxin, and that gene is no longer essential.
Many food products and other essential commodities will not be taxed.
Navigation operations, however, are considered essential to Washington's Indo-Pacific strategy.
In the short term, energy is essential to keeping patients alive.
It failed to address the playfulness so essential to Fischer's vision.
It wasn't until Young Living essential oils that I really understood.
For them, sound is as essential as sight is to humans.
Essential health benefits are huge for people with drug use disorders.
"It's absolutely essential to avoid any form of escalation," Guterres added.
The essential issue is that Apple is torn between two imperatives.
Listen to Migration and this week's four other essential records below.
That fretting, too, is very essential to Handmaid's success, its urgency.
Despite its name, Essential has been basically anything but so far.
Many government offices also delayed opening Tuesday for non-essential personnel.
Dr. Joaquim Farinhas of radiology was essential looking at the anatomy.
Your phone essential goes dark as far as location is concerned.
Both rice and vinegar are essential elements of sushi in Japan.
Allowing the free flow of information is essential to that effort.
Advertising is useful for both, but it's essential for the latter.
Still, despite his newfound glumness, he maintains that essential Poirot quality.
In more severe instances, intravenous rehydration at a clinic is essential.
Simultaneously, the figure's rejection of formal composition communicates the essential information.
Ethiopia says the hydroelectric dam is essential for its economic development.
"Airport temperatures can be unpredictable, so layering is essential," Gabriele explains.
It's an essential part to growing and developing as a professional.
That, by itself, will make them essential to watch and understand.
But I went to for my first activity, essential oil therapy.
What has been most essential to your life as an artist?
Reproductive health care is an essential part of that health care.
Is it possible some phones are out there as Essential claims?
But an essential function of free speech is to invite dispute.
Stock up on comfy bedding, the essential appliances, and organizational tools.
But Essential, which was once valued at $1 billion, has struggled.
"The choice of building material is also essential here," says Chen.
Integrity and ethics are essential for building a solid, positive reputation.
The transmission of knowledge is essential to keep a trade alive.
Like so many schools, football has become essential to Baylor's lifeblood.
Living with chronic pain, I've learned that redefining "normal" is essential.
The company he started to make all this is called Essential.
"A thirsty press is essential to a free country," he said.
Andy Rubin, co-founder of Android and current CEO of Essential.
Bipartisan support "should be essential", he said, for Supreme Court nominations.
It is essential that the cultural cannon reflect our diverse population.
Just a third see civil rights as "absolutely essential" to democracy.
Instead, she travels the stars as Commander Shepard's most essential confidant.
This is essential British crust with a cast of grimy death.
Getting the eyes right was essential in turning Theron into Kelly.
In October, Essential laid off around a third of its staff.
From Mr Hammond's unpolitical nature flowed the Autumn Statement's essential modesty.
China's help on many global issues, including counter-terrorism, is essential.
These dangerous realities make condom innovation not only important, but essential.
That "work" has been an essential economic component since civilization began.
A wide umbrella is essential — to protect the papers, not him.
He is equally deft at capturing the essential differences between artists.
An Essential Phone managed 23 Mbps downloads and 22 Mbps uploads.
But Swedish argued that several provisions of the bill are "essential."
I think it's essential that I give him a formal warning.
Gottlieb believes these new guidelines are essential to accomplishing that task.
"We are essential for their prosperity as they are for ours."
Preparing for the future is essential, but functionality is important, too.
"The existence of a punishing body is absolutely essential," says Adami.
These funds that are in place are absolutely essential to maintain.
TL;DR: Get the comprehensive Essential Salesforce Certification Bundle for $39.99.
The Essential Salesforce Certification Bundle is a smart place to start.
He and others agree that local news is essential to democracy.
Bad for the girlfriend, good for the fans, essential to life.
Navigation, phone calls, music, and messages are essential for modern driving.
Sprint is going to put marketing dollars behind the Essential phone.
The Essential Phone has arrived, a bit later than originally announced.
Siege warfare has become an essential part of Mr Assad's approach.
Determine the essential information you'll need to come to a decision.
Criminal enforcement is essential, but on its own is not enough.
Glycogen is essential for long-term energy storage in the muscles.
The government appears to view targets as essential for policy making.
And that history has been essential to maintaining our national security.
Everlasting Comforts Cool Mist Humidifier with Essential Oil Tray, $56.95; amazon.
Instead, they are the essential link between Q and its clients.
Yet such assistance is essential to the survival of this group.
Vitamin Shoppe started selling hemp extract essential oils nationwide in March.
For overall wellness, though, Pasternak reminds us that walking is essential.
Officials were also evacuating non-essential staff at Suncor's base plant.
Chevron defenders argue the doctrine is essential to a functional government.
While there's no easy solution, standing up for yourself is essential.
All the more reason, therefore, to get some essential things right.
Liberals see this as an essential constraint on the government's power.
They're missing out on community — and, for LGBTQ people, that's essential.
Clinton was advocating were essential for women to control their bodies.
You must get these essential fats through the food you eat.
Essential Question: Why do we trust some people and not others?
The essential problem is easy to state, if hard to solve.
Second, re: the whole sleep thing: have you tried essential oils?
Consider, too, why we'd rather diagnose stalled progress than essential imperfection.
Essential revealed it was working on this accessory back in September.
The new administration realized that trust in the system was essential.
If he wants to clinch the nomination, superdelegates will be essential.
Brashness and bravado were essential to the company's big, flashy show.
Click here to learn more about this free, essential security tool.
Backing them up with a specialist's Aid Protocol is practically essential.
Free trade is still essential to the growth of this country.
This cutting mechanic is essential in a number of different ways.
As "essential" employees, however, they're being forced to work without pay.
This is because cars are essential to our way of life.
But like the darkest times, finding a coping mechanism is essential.
Choose one formulated with lavender essential oil or an unscented version.
A high standard of accuracy and attention to detail is essential.
The corporation only stored its most essential, short-term data locally.
"For us to have this level of exposure is absolutely essential."
That makes transparency and public consent in the justice system essential.
This is why a long-term perspective towards plasma is essential.
GENEVA (Reuters) - Building in Britain is not essential to BMW's (BMWG.
After all, entrepreneurs are an essential ingredient to our economic growth.
None of this is terrible, but it doesn't feel essential, either.
Appetizers are nice and entrées are essential, but we adore dessert.
We didn't have access to essential services, generators, or water tank.
Ordinary people are essential for enforcing social norms—and indeed laws.
We only ever use a pinch, but that pinch is essential.
Journalists and news professionals are essential for the health of democracies.
Obamacare imposed a national standard for essential benefits required of insurers.
Get the InnoGear Bluetooth speaker and essential oil diffuser See Details
What are some essential kitchen items that you can't live without?
Pageantry is essential to the presentation of a new Rolls-Royce.
Quality cat videos are essential to the stability of the internet.
Another essential book is Spacesuit: Fashioning Apollo by Nicholas de Monxhau.
His embrace of glut is another essential aspect of his method.
Snapchat and its hot dog are non-essential, but they're engaging!
And for all skin types, Bolder says weekly exfoliation is essential.
But it's essential to remain professional in these kind of situations.
And there's something there that I think is essential to him.
For the interview, preparing and having a positive mindset is essential.
As the series went on, it also embraced its essential silliness.
His music is an essential part of the soundtrack of Canada.
Why not let states to choose their own essential benefits package?
It's also essential to highlight how imperfect these technologies still are.
There's the essential OpenVPN protocol support, as well as older methods.
The empathetic characters are an essential part of the sadistic machine.
But nourishing the hair's strands is still just as essential nonetheless.
Such institutions are an essential tool in fighting the opioid epidemic.
There are new ones popping up every day: Doogee, Xiomi, Essential.
This is an essential part of these parties for him now.
In addition, advertising is essential to the functioning of democratic capitalism.
Apparently, the Paleo diet is an essential part of Jedi training.
While the conditions are far from ideal, what's essential is here.
Nitrofurantoin is on the World Health Organization's list of essential medicines.
More deals may be essential to the success of this model.
It's one of the essential delusions that come along with parenthood.

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