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"cede" Definitions
  1. cede something (to somebody) to give somebody control of something or give them power, a right, etc., especially unwillingly

961 Sentences With "cede"

How to use cede in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "cede" and check conjugation/comparative form for "cede". Mastering all the usages of "cede" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Someone is going to have to cede a little ground.
Immigrant rights advocates should refuse to cede to this redefinition.
Many Americans will question why their country should cede ground.
Republicans weren't psyched to cede a Senate seat to Democrats.
But I'm happy to cede that sacred duty to Amazon.
Doing otherwise would cede the platform to the party establishment.
And they are continuing to cede ground to the Mets.
Handled correctly, she would cede control of her entire life.
What's unclear is if Disney is willing to cede Sky.
Leaving Syria would cede ground to Iran and, potentially, Russia.
Neither, however, did they want to cede power to Hitler.
And those in power don't know how to cede it.
We will not cede our authority to try this impeachment.
T) is prepared to cede control of Sprint Corp (S.
The Assad regime did not cede the city to the rebels.
Even if the opposition wins, the CPP may not cede power.
Yet Justice Breyer's dissent does not cede exegesis to the majority.
As a result, the U.S. could cede more power to them.
People, increasingly, will cede jobs and decisions to machines and algorithms.
Failing to do so means America will cede the highest ground.
Will Mr. Trump cede that responsibility to Moscow, Beijing or Tehran?
The president can ill afford to cede more ground to China.
Nor is Congress planning to cede its authority in treaty making.
Judges should not cede their jobs to these agencies, they argue.
"If you abandon the field diplomatically, you needlessly cede to Iran."
"Nations cannot cede our telecommunications infrastructure for financial expediency," she said.
La sua rivale londinese WPP cede a sua volta il 4,1%.
You can't be a humanist and cede that to the engineers.
Trump has blamed Democrats for refusing to cede to his policy demands.
I assure you we will not cede our leadership on either front.
The government still refuses to cede it control of the city's airport.
She didn't let it frazzle her, and she didn't cede the floor.
It has agreed to cede control of the civilian ministries in Gaza.
Do you cede too much control at work or in household matters?
Kasich has backtracked on his promise to cede his supporters to Cruz.
Why did Roy legally cede Alton to Calvin in the first place?
Even worse, mainstream Democrats support or quietly cede ground to these extremists.
Trudeau will need to cede some ground to assure exports continue strong.
Undoing that would cede authority over broadband providers back to the FTC.
Similarly, the U.S. will inevitably cede its international leadership on addressing climate.
"Nobody wants to cede any ground to anybody on this," Kavulich said.
It would violate his deepest moral principles to cede any ground here.
Still, not all analysts are ready to cede naval superiority to Beijing.
The state oil company could cede control in the project, he said.
Why do stand-up comics cede this market to clowns and magicians?
It is out of the question to cede it to the terrorists.
Supporters of Israel must refuse to cede ground to the wedge-drivers.
But Republicans are unlikely to cede the state without an aggressive fight.
But we do not have to cede that territory to white supremacists.
The move would also cede influence in Syria to Russia and Iran.
Top Democrats are hardly ready to cede support of Israel to Republicans.
It's idle to think any successor will easily cede territory for peace.
Why wld Congress cede constitutional oversight responsibility bc its an election yr?
And as a bookmaker, he foresees the N.F.L. continuing to cede ground.
The United States isn't expected to cede its crown any time soon.
For LaFleur to cede that power required a certain amount of faith.
Mr. Trump is, as a general rule, disinclined to cede the spotlight.
Does he cede power to the anti-establishment wing of his party?
It will cede its regulatory and oversight authority on privacy and security.
Only Trump could contrive to cede the moral high ground to Iran.
We willingly cede our ground to the thing that stands before us.
Bear 856 may eventually cede supreme dominance to bear 68, or someone else.
His outspokenness on why Democrats need not cede religion to Republicans was powerful.
Still, the upstart could not afford to cede the evangelical vote to Dewhurst.
The U.S.-led coalition did not signal it would cede ground around Tanf.
If elected, the spanner-wielder would resign and cede power to his namesake.
Lemonis advised Devlin to cede control, delegate more tasks and trust his employees.
He is a candidate who cannot bear to cede the spotlight to others.
But as many cities become more assertive, governments are reluctant to cede control.
The TMC has not indicated that it is willing to cede ultimate authority.
We lose or cede control, stability, and fulfillment in a million different ways.
Local governments are reluctant to cede their most promising projects to private investors.
Ramaphosa does not want to cede this issue and risk his rural constituency.
Latin American governments do not want to cede sovereignty to a supranational body.
A man does not willingly cede any of his dominion to other men.
He's been feuding with residents who refuse to cede their land to him.
Nor has Disney suggested it would be willing to cede Sky to Comcast.
His refusal to cede was eventually rewarded with an endorsement from President Trump.
Meanwhile, Republicans in the Senate seem unlikely to cede control without a struggle.
But Republicans in the state seem disinclined to cede power without a fight.
Andujar also came in but appeared to cede ground at the last minute.
Alibaba will also cede control of its Russian business to form the partnership.
Inaction from the U.S. could cede economic and military advantage to other players.
It would cede leadership in the burgeoning clean energy industry to other countries.
Democrats at the time were reluctant to cede federal jurisdiction over the District.
Now, having grown forgetful, the old man is ready to cede his place.
We don't know if drivers will cede control gradually or all at once.
AWS is not content to cede any part of any market to any company.
Instead of Britain 'taking back control', we will cede control to other European countries.
Hemedti, arguably the most powerful man in Sudan, has little incentive to cede power.
At no point in the video does Beyoncé cede the floor to her husband.
It required China to open its doors to foreign trade and cede Hong Kong.
Why ever cede ground to a government that instinctively gives it up for free?
Damascus has been loathe to cede the Kurds the level of autonomy they seek.
Its only viable replacements are in waters that China insists it will not cede.
And once a video goes viral, companies have to cede control of the narrative.
Now drivers can cede more control over to the computer assistant under certain settings.
Activists and opposition groups suspect that the military are reluctant to cede real power.
You could see him straining to be courteous, to cede the spotlight a bit.
If we admit we killed our babies, we cede territory to the pro-life.
Only in late 2014 did he cede that role — to his daughter, Jessica Bibliowicz.
Protesters remained on the streets, pressuring the military council to cede power to civilians.
Unlike at trial, at a plea hearing, the attorneys cede control to the defendant.
No one who understands North Korea believes Kim will easily cede his nuclear weapons.
America should not cede its position as a world leader in international educational exchange.
But the halting progress reflected his reluctance to cede state control, several economists said.
She's not ready to cede the debate over Democrats' future to him just yet.
But not everyone is willing to cede the town and region to the Republicans.
These women are not going to be willing to cede their autonomy to strangers.
CEPI also agreed to cede intellectual property to the companies — also business as usual.
I fear London has freed itself from Brussels only to cede sovereignty to Beijing.
Damascus however is loathe to cede the Kurds the level of autonomy they seek.
Liberals shouldn't cede the responsibility to defend free speech on college campuses to conservatives.
Maduro's government — with the broad support of the military — has refused to cede power.
But Maduro — with the broad support of the military — has refused to cede power.
Warren refused to cede an inch of credit to him for her signature accomplishment.
He thinks Democrats play too gently and cede the offensive too willingly to Republicans.
A dog who could hit his marks and cede the spotlight when need be?
It seems like with each passing day, humans cede more ground to our robot overlords.
Trump&aposs openness to the symbolic offer appeared to cede the high ground to Putin.
Some oil producers have been hesitant to cut production and potentially cede their market share.
But reclassifying "fixing Facebook" as a personal challenge doesn't indicate a willingness to cede control.
It's simply a market that Apple shouldn't be willing to cede to the Windows world.
We cannot continue to cede the market opportunity we created to Under Armour and Nike.
Much to her credit, Ellen doesn't always completely cede the floor to other public figures.
Will Elliot have to cede control to Mr. Robot to find out Ray's true nature?
Protests have continued in a bid to push the council to cede power to civilians.
Emboldened, they are no longer bothering to disguise their reluctance to cede power to civilians.
Politicians, pundits and researchers aren't willing to cede the floor to CEOs and tech visionaries.
She urged consumers not to cede to panic buying and maintain their usual consumption patterns.
They die and cede to a bear market almost always in anticipation of a recession.
Any deal extension will inevitably cede more market share to the US shale oil sector.
The UAE has called for dialogue without directly asking the southern forces to cede control.
With the pact, the two candidates agreed to cede forthcoming primary contests to each other.
We're not going to put it on our side and cede the river to Mexico.
Our candidates simply cannot afford to cede such a large group of voters to Democrats.
"If they don't do that pretty soon, they're going to cede that market ... to Amazon."
The United States needs to be there and not cede the region to Russian influence.
He has said the synagogue will not close down or cede any ground to violence.
The original queen of pop on aging, inspiration and why she refuses to cede control.
Republicans are unlikely to cede these issues to Democrats a year before a presidential campaign.
All it took was a knowing glance for one to cede airtime to the other.
If Democrats don't do the same, they cede enormous policy power to the other party.
They question why Democrats are always the ones to cede power when they attain it.
Other reports suggested his team wanted more control than the U.F.C. was willing to cede.
Google is the only major tech firm to cede to employee demands over a contract.
Damascus, however, is loathe to cede the Syrian Kurds the level of autonomy they seek.
Unlike the more senior Republicans on the committee, Graham didn't cede his time to Mitchell.
He is more than willing to cede midrange jumpers, the least efficient shot in basketball.
If we retreat on our promises and cede leadership on climate issues, we lose credibility.
Money appeared to flee, raising concerns that Hong Kong could cede financial ground to Singapore.
LONDON/MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian tycoon Oleg Deripaska is preparing to cede control of Rusal (0486.
Will we get to keep it, or will we have to cede it to our employer?
Trump's refusal to cede an inch to critics may also be deepening his vulnerability over Russia.
One person is being asked to cede power to someone they feel has wrongly taken it.
It is impossible to know whether Mr. Putin is planning to cede power peacefully in 2024.
We already cede decision-making responsibility on health and finances to algorithms, why not with voting?
Lynas CEO Amanda Lacaze has vowed not to cede her company's market share outside of China.
After all these years, Chinese planners remain reluctant to cede too much power to the market.■
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) isn't ready to cede trade policy themes to President Donald Trump.
Trump, who campaigned on restricting immigration, has blasted Democrats for refusing to cede to his demands.
Some think the Turks would cede some territory to prevent a full-scale assault on Idlib.
Maduro has refused to cede power, however, and still has the support of the armed forces.
While some see it as the rightful republican Copa, others are unwilling to cede the point.
Neither wants to cede ground to the other, which has meant they haven't been playing nice.
And as he comes to understand this, he gracefully learns how to cede space for others.
Otherwise, we cede control of our lives to men like the driver of the death truck.
And the last thing the Saudis are prepared to do is cede market share to Iran.
Pai's plan aims to cede regulatory jurisdiction of broadband providers back to the Federal Trade Commission.
If previous investors don't participate in the next round, Series C, they cede their antidilution protections.
Federation officials tried to force Marín to cede her suddenly marketable commercial rights to the organization.
The Telemundo interpreters are unlikely to be able to cede the floor to the candidates Thursday.
And when it comes to spectacle, even Sony has to cede the crown to Mercedes-Benz.
Trump could do no better than to step aside and cede the post to Okonjo-Iweala.
Democrats, meanwhile, act as if such displays are beneath them, and cede the stage to Trump.
Don't cede American leadership in space, and risk going the way of other former great nations.
"If northern Luxembourg were to cede from the south, the same rules would apply," Juncker said.
Feature The original queen of pop on aging, inspiration and why she refuses to cede control.
Indeed, he says he has at times camped out alongside a vineyard, rather than cede control.
Britain would also cede its ability to help shape, block or amend European financial and banking laws.
Her arrival signaled that it wasn't going to cede a lucrative market like that to its competitors.
But, Maduro has refused to cede power and, crucially, he still has the support of the military.
But what that might mean in practice, and what the army is willing to cede, remain unclear.
Aguirre says we will cede some decisions to AI systems, but we should do so with care.
It was a beautiful ending, and thematically appropriate for Ford to finally cede his iron-handed control.
But if she screws up, she could hamper progress and cede the technological edge to foreign competitors.
Otto su undici settori dello S&P sono negativi, con il comparto energia che cede lo 0,5%.
President Nicolas Maduro has refused to cede power, however, and still has the support of the military.
Then it seemed to cede this role to the well-oiled machine that is David Zwirner's gallery.
He doesn't sing, doesn't do anything controversial, and doesn't cede the spotlight back to Petty and co.
When they come to power, they don't cede control of bureaucracies with more progressive missions to Democrats.
It is less likely to be an area where Beijing would cede ground to placate U.S. negotiators.
Chad Dickerson, the company's CEO of six years, will cede his post to board member John Silverman.
He has recently faced pressure to cede eight hectares to 16 indigenous families living on his property.
At the same time, Algeria's military is unlikely to cede much power to any future civilian president.
Unwilling to cede her title to a hungry teenager, DeGeneres proposed a compromise during her Thursday show.
A deflated Magic would cede their 20-point lead, the game, and eventually the series to Houston.
And yet it is because these issues matter so much that politicians are reluctant to cede control.
It would cede even more territory to a right-wing media that effectively games Facebook's News Feed.
Typically, paleontologists cede the curation and the care of their specimens to the institutions that hold them.
Do not cede ground to those who would build a campaign based on hate or entertainment value.
But some things, you don't cede, because to do so would compromise your very sense of self.
Nobody wants to cede control, and it's hard to admit that someone else's idea might be better.
Ray Wang, principal analyst at Constellation Research, isn't ready to cede the enterprise to AWS just yet.
As long as the leader still enjoys those safety blankets, he probably won't cede or lose power.
She grabbed at her foot afterward, then double-faulted and would go on to cede that game.
Many groups in Europe, however, are not ready to cede power to behemoths like Google and Facebook.
But it is hard to imagine an agreement that does not cede the region to Mr. Assad.
He is scheduled to cede that job and to assume an honorary boardroom role effective Jan. 1.
"I will not cede any ground to those who want to destroy and create disorder," Macron said.
Driving the Model 3 was such a pleasure I was reluctant to cede any control to Autopilot.
He won't cede the internet/Facebook/Twitter battlefield to Trump's team, who are killers in that space.
If we don't want to cede control to "hijackers," we must be willing to fly the plane.
That's an awfully tough issue for Democrats, in voting against a spending bill, to cede to Republicans.
But it's not clear whether their replacements will be any more willing to cede to Trump's demands.
But the fiery Elettra, who loves Idamante and must now cede him, has to be dealt with.
He now makes a nationalistic argument on behalf of Facebook: Empower us, or cede ground to China.
In his statement, Mr. Northam signaled that he did not intend to cede power to Mr. Fairfax.
The diplomat said ISWA was ready to cede less important areas because the military cannot hold them.
But Hadi's government said it would not participate until the separatists cede control of sites they have seized.
OPEC's Gulf members have insisted OPEC will not cut production alone, which would cede market share to rivals.
It's this terrain, Bullock told a crowd inside Uncle Nancy's Coffeehouse, that Democrats cannot cede to Trump again.
The core issues: cable companies are reluctant to cede control over things like UI presentation and hardware sales.
We have, in a sense, begun to cede to corporations the building blocks of speech—and thought—itself.
Regulation obliges local primary insurers to cede risks exceeding the permitted net retention of 20% of their equity.
To ignore those issues for fear of raising their salience will only cede them to the rabble-rousers.
"We of course don't want to cede the mantle of wireless leadership to any other country," Pai said.
And New York, last place in 2018, improved enough to cede the bottom spot to a new loser.
In the weeks after Mr Bashir's ouster ordinary Sudanese kept up pressure on the junta to cede power.
Fewer road fatalities, less congestion, and cleaner air, as human drivers cede control of their cars to automation.
In each case, Pemex would retain a 50 percent stake in the project but will cede operational control.
To do so would not only cede decades of progress, but it would normalize and enable a tyrant.
Baffert, whose Derby entrant, Mor Spirit, finished 10th, was happy to cede the Preakness spotlight to Team Nyquist.
They seem poised to cede them in the name of broad unity with Mr. Trump on other matters.
Illness forced Mr. Levine to cede "Siegfried" and "Götterdämmerung" to Fabio Luisi when the Lepage productions were introduced.
His threat to nationalise the Saint-Nazaire yard (rather than cede control to Fincantieri) is a retrograde step.
Beijing is no longer content to cede that role to the likes of Brussels, London, Tokyo and Washington.
It must not cede ground so willingly on abortion, as if it is embarrassed of its own position.
And that means the U.S. industry could cede the lead on innovation to competitors in China or Europe.
"OPEC's willingness to continue to cede market share (is) likely to limit downside as well," the bank said.
Some also fear that after 21 months, the military might just refuse to cede power back to civilians.
Students said they did not want to cede the discussion over their lives to politicians and adult activists.
That would effectively cede the North to China, which would likely deploy its own troops to locate warheads.
Joe Crowley must cede following his unexpected primary loss to 28-year-old democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
Its iconography and cultural impact is irrefutable but it's time to cede the throne to more inclusive films.
But it's more dangerous to cede the idea of the nation to make-the-nation-great-again nationalists.
By then, it was clear that she would not cede control, and Babos was showing signs of distress.
The key is to signify that he does not intend to cede power after he leaves the presidency.
With these new sanctions, the Trump administration is reiterating that it will not cede to North Korea's demands.
To pave the way for the deal, former CEO Travis Kalanick agreed to cede some of his control.
"We must not cede to the pressures of a timetable," Montchalin told a hearing of the French Senate.
They fear he may cede too much during their first official summit on July 16 in Helsinki, Finland.
Novak Djokovic, one point from title, retires during final to cede United States Open championship to Rafael Nadal.
American withdrawal would also cede the Syrian conflict to the regime and its Russian and Iranian backers, analysts warn.
But several potential investors had at least one condition - Jet's founder and former chairman Naresh Goyal must cede control.
But there are also less formal signs that it will soon be time to cede the reins of power.
The move also raises questions as to why WeWork would want to cede so much control to one investor.
But many owners are loth to cede control or open their books to scrutiny, not least from the taxman.
The Houthis have balked at demands that they cede their weapons and territory before a unity government is formed.
I can cede that, without facial and vocal cues, it's hard to know the exact tone of someone's message.
Abu Dhabi, which says the alliance remains strong, has urged dialogue but has not asked separatists to cede control.
Yet Communist bosses remain unwilling to cede control over private thoughts, including the memories that such exhibits might evoke.
We cannot cede our responsibility to care for minors and their babies by releasing them to ideological advocacy groups.
On Wednesday, reporters saw the cars accelerate, stop and cede the way for pedestrians, and turn in autonomous mode.
After refusing to cede power for nearly a week, Moldova's Democratic party finally surrendered last Friday under international pressure.
But a shift by Ciudadanos to back Rajoy would pile pressure on the Socialists to cede ground by abstaining.
Giving extra power to Labour members would mean diluting that of the unions, which will not cede it lightly.
Bernie Sanders, but in this crowded field of 2020 candidates, none of them are willing to cede that ground.
An abstract budget may cede crucial political space to the opposition, always ready to pounce on opportunities to rebound.
But having backed out of Russia, China and South-East Asia, Uber is determined not to cede in India.
Pebble, IDC also noted, would cede market share to both Android Wear and Apple's watchOS platforms, but not disappear.
All agree that national intelligence services don't cooperate closely enough, but who will cede sovereignty on this sensitive activity?
As a parent to two kids, I found it annoying to cede control of the radio to the backseat.
I cede that our right to free speech is sacred but that doesn't mean we have to be assholes.
But with the recent tightening polls, Democrats here are determined not to cede the framing of terrorism to Trump.
The United States must decide whether it wants to remain a technological leader or cede its leadership to China.
They realize that once the bill's draft goes public, they cede control of the narrative -- and the bill's language.
Nowhere does existing law authorize any U.S. regulator to cede its authority to a foreign council like the FSB.
But it has been tough going: those who benefit from unequal opportunities are unsurprisingly reluctant to cede their privileges.
Kenney initially refused to cede the podium and only relented when Gross shouted that he would call the guards.
Will Trump offer sanctions relief first and thereby cede more ground to North Korea and possibly duplicate past mistakes?
But accusations of wrongdoing could accelerate that timetable — and force Ghosn to cede control of the alliance he created.
It was a high-profile example of her instinct to dig in and cede no ground when under attack.
The agency's acting director, Leandra English, refused to cede it to him, in the workplace drama of the decade.
Which is kind of his whole point—we're scared to cede our pain to the uncertain reality that follows.
The project looked like another sign that despite ongoing talks with Japan, Moscow is loath to cede the islands.
Was he looking for someone to cede all color to him, and to show a constancy that he cannot?
A few bishops appointed by Rome will cede their places to bishops who had been appointed by the Vatican.
And Hamas will cede control of the Rafah border crossing with Egypt, Gaza's main lifeline to the outside world.
President Trump, blinded by Mr. Xi's flattery and blind to history, does nothing except cede more power to Beijing.
It will cede governance of Libra to a consortium, currently Facebook and 27 financial service providers, investors and nonprofits.
If America executes Baluchi, Pradhan believes, it will cede whatever eroding toehold it has on a moral high ground.
And Mr. Guaidó said the detention would only redouble his efforts to force President Nicolás Maduro to cede power.
A sculpture's form is only final once dry, and so the maker must cede some control to the universe.
We also must be thoughtful about how much authority we cede in our efforts to combat human rights abuses.
By giving networks like Google and Facebook control of the present, we cede our freedom to choose our future.
However, executives from Salesforce, Microsoft and Amazon refused to cede to employee demands and did not terminate their contracts.
The problem is, they're basically being asked to replace themselves and cede power, despite a career spent amassing it.
"You did a helluva job in your job," Biden finally said of the CFPB, seeming to cede the argument.
Science teachers have had no shortage of reasons in recent decades to cede conversations on race to the humanities.
This way, the mapmaking party is likely to cede as few seats to the minority party in each election.
Or will the U.S. pass on opportunities to deliver new therapies and cures and cede leadership to other nations?
They were more likely to be accused of responding too slowly to events than refusing to cede the spotlight.
To ignore these things is to abdicate the church's role in society — and cede its place in daily life.
To maintain a democratic state, with equal rights for all people, Israel would have to cede its Jewish character.
Many democracies can trace their origins to a week like this, when the old elite began to cede control.
Why should Google cede the high end of the handset market to Apple — which dominates the industry's profits — by default?
It's sensual without having to cede your personality or physicality to some larger fantasy, which high fashion too often requires.
The path to 100 percent will be a long one, and the engine won't cede such ground without a fight.
Europeans fear that if they do, they will cede influence to China, whose government does not care about human rights.
Liz Cheney's logic on impeachment causing Turkey's offensive It was the President who decided to cede US involvement in Syria.
This group of shareholders further asks Benchmark to cede its ability to appoint new board members by divesting their shares.
As we lose these markets to China and Russia, we also cede our competitive edge in technology development and manufacturing.
The deal was swiftly ignored by Ethiopia, which refused to cede the border town of Badme and other disputed territories.
Hamas was happy to cede control of the sewers and schools—to make someone else responsible for the awful conditions.
The federal government should end this distorting practice by requiring state legislatures to cede their redistricting power to independent commissions.
The issue of refugees and Jerusalem remain two of the most contentious with neither side appearing likely to cede ground.
This reluctance to cede control comes despite the fact that Democrats have lost over 1,000 state legislature seats since 2009.
Egypt has brokered a Palestinian reconciliation agreement that provides for Hamas to cede control of Gaza to Abbas's Palestinian Authority.
Should the Thunder make the N.B.A. finals, they would also cede home-court advantage to the Cavaliers or the Raptors.
Sri Lanka had to cede control of a port to the Chinese because it could not service the related debt.
For too long, we have been content to sit on the sidelines and cede this power to the executive branch.
On the other, I'd suggest it's risky to cede control over your territory by allowing foreign agents to finance rebuilding.
"We think smaller retailers are more liable to cede share to AMZN's one day delivery initiative than the 'big 6.'"
The escalating trade dispute has gone beyond tariffs as the two countries increase pressure on each other to cede ground.
I'll cede the floor to Gordon Johnson, who had a similar idea for a title: Three's the charm, they say.
What Wilson understood was that nations must sometimes cede freedom of action to shape their destiny in an interdependent world.
It will also cede all of its 74 percent stake in Cote d'Ivoire Engineering via a public tender, Kone said.
By leaving the Paris agreement, the U.S. would cede its leadership on clean energy to China and other big economies.
Egypt's decision to cede two Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia in 2016 led to rare protests and legal challenges.
While consumer demand has made developing alternatives an industry imperative, few companies are eager to cede ground on existing business.
This group will not willingly cede its power just because demographics predict its downfall and current circumstances demonstrate its weaknesses.
The Sackler family would also have to cede ownership of a company that's been in their family for generations now.
If the United States is willing to cede its role, however, there are plenty of countries happy to step up.
Let's not cede all the talk of religion to the religious right, when many people of faith see things differently.
Few believe he is going to cede the spotlight easily, or follow previous presidents in lying low after leaving office.
But in denying lawmakers the ability to direct spending, they cede that authority to the White House and federal agencies.
Younger founders like Mark Zuckerberg refused to cede control, closing the door for older peers to step in, she says.
Trump has basically one strategy for his presidency: fight back all the time and cede no ground to his critics.
And one day, the coziness of the Trumps and the Salmans will cede to a reckoning in US-Saudi relations.
The competing plan would cede control of the company to bondholders and essentially wipe out the investment of current shareholders.
Instead, it would cede the primary task of policing of internet openness to a different agency, the Federal Trade Commission.
But I don't think it's necessarily a tech job to solve this problem, but nor should we cede it to them.
Don't worry, though, because Lady Gaga did not disappoint, and Cooper was happy to cede the stage to the pop star.
Sprint Chairman and Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son was reportedly reluctant to cede control to Legere and Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile's parent.
In 2012 members of the euro zone agreed to cede regulation of systemically important banks to the European Central Bank (ECB).
Though he was forced to cede some powers to parliament in 2011, Muhammad VI remains firmly in charge of the country.
The natural bureaucratic reluctance to cede power is all the greater where profits from tourism fees or concessions are at stake.
The kingdom would almost certainly refuse to cede any control over the company if it is listed on a public exchange.
Health issues are always difficult territory for presidential candidates, who are forced to cede privacy that regular people take for granted.
Does anyone think the government will ever cede a large amount of its control of mass transit to the private sector?
But last month Hamas agreed to cede powers in Gaza to Abbas' Fatah-backed government in a deal mediated by Egypt.
That way, he says, the autopilot might not have to cede control as often, and that, in turn, might save lives.
Italian family-owned businesses are often criticised for their reluctance to cede control to external managers or bring in other investors.
President Donald Trump, never one to cede to the spotlight, quickly took to Twitter to claim credit for Pence's walk-out.
This extended period of discounting coincided with the period where the Saudis appeared determined not to cede market share to rivals.
By continuing to withhold it, the city will deepen distrust and cede the narrative about this shooting to the rumor mill.
President Trump cannot cede the future of the Middle East — a region where vital American interests are at stake — to Putin.
The UAE echoed a Saudi call for dialogue, but did not ask southern forces it funds and arms to cede control.
The wall would cut people off from their own property, cede the river to Mexico, and shrink the size of Texas.
Hurd noted that Trump's plans for a wall could force Texas to cede more than 1 million acres of farmable land.
McDonough said the United States would cede to Mexico on possibly investigating whether Penn should have alerted authorities of Guzman's whereabouts.
Amobi anticipated, though, that Amazon would not "cede a meaningful portion of its market share" to smaller brick-and-mortar competitors.
Federal alcohol regulators forced Mr. Hill to cede control of his business in April 2014 after an investigation into his activities.
If you know a woman has been waiting to speak but you're called on first, cede your time to her.13.
"The only way OPEC could keep their prices up was to reduce production and cede more market share to U.S. oil."
They maintained a staunch antigovernment ideology and consistently fought the efforts of American leaders to cede any power to international organizations.
The Trump administration has so far seemed willing to cede Syria to Russia, save for the defeat of the Islamic State.
Looking beyond energy, the United States may cede market share to Russia in other areas resulting from the lifting of sanctions.
Finally, while it is true that death will claim us all, it is not necessary to cede ground to it prematurely.
He doesn't view CEOs who cede to an employee protest as having forfeited their leadership status, even if it seems counterintuitive.
The airline is willing to cede slots belonging to Air Berlin businesses Niki and LG Walter, a source has told Reuters.
We cede all other space to the husband or boyfriend or kids and then convince ourselves that the bath is awesome.
"Big box retailers could cede greater portions of their business to online retailers like Amazon that do have employees," Challenger says.
He has repeatedly refused to cede one inch of Mr. Obama's legacy to Mr. Sanders or anyone else on the stage.
Regulators in Washington will scrutinize the merger, which would cede control of the United States wireless market to just three carriers.
Entrepreneurial founders are often reluctant to cede control; Facebook, Google's parent company Alphabet and Snap are all dual-class share companies.
Until he arrived, the mayor of Jerusalem had been scrambling to find a British official to whom he could cede control.
But until Thursday he refused to cede control over Justice Department investigations into contacts between the campaign and the Russian government.
The same week, France agreed to cede control of shipyard STX to Italy's Fincantieri, another sensitive move shaped by the Elysee.
Decisive presidents do not wittingly cede their constitutional responsibility to Congress, particularly when existential questions of national security are at stake.
Renault would also cede one of its two seats on a four-member CEO appointment committee to the French state, they added.
Before the season, Baik was conflicted on whether to dictate the offense as coaches do or cede considerable control to the Balls.
Then LinkedIn spoiled the fun: Mountain View's city council voted last May to cede the property to LinkedIn, blocking Google's grand vision.
That essentially signals to farmers that they shouldn't cede too much acreage to other crops at the expense of soybeans, says Smithmier.
Last-minute negotiations with the presidents of Guinea and Mauritania focused on encouraging Jammeh to cede power to new President Adama Barrow.
"Up to now, all party general secretaries have been military men and the military is unlikely to cede its influence," he said.
Taylor, in becoming the heir to Axe's throne, has had to contend with their mentor's unwillingness to cede control of his kingdom.
It has also sparked questions about whether the Lee family dynasty should continue to steer the company or cede to new leadership.
The Ohio governor's campaign had said Cruz should cede states in the Northeast, where Kasich could pose the biggest threat to Trump.
In fact, the opposite motivation can take hold: a refusal to cede ground in order to appease the most ideologically driven constituents.
"The real risk of genocide" The implications of Trump's decision to cede northeast Syria to Turkey are just beginning to be felt.
Renault would also cede one of its two seats on a four-member CEO nominations committee to the French state, they said.
The French state, suspicious of the circumstances of Mr Ghosn's removal, is even less likely to cede control than it was before.
Most big banks are loth to cede their independence, and their bosses love the status that comes with running a big lender.
Grassley is expected to cede chairmanship of the Judiciary Committee to Lindsey Graham, a Republican from South Carolina, before Barr's confirmation hearing.
The breadth of Trump's efforts is startling, even by the standards of a president who is notoriously loath to cede the spotlight.
But despite that obvious miss, it appears Google is unwilling to cede this device category to Amazon and is working on something.
Producers are struggling with low oil prices and an oversupplied market but have been loath to cede market share by cutting output.
Countries such as India and, especially, China see such recalcitrance as part of a broader reluctance by the West to cede influence.
But they cede ownership of the park assets to a majority-shareholding local developer who then fronts much of the construction costs.
It's really important not to cede power to the fascists, because we know what they will do with it—they'll misuse power.
Once you allow the government to censor someone else, you cede to it the power to censor you, or something you like.
Not until the very end when Eric Gordon late switches from Danny Green to LaMarcus Aldridge do the Rockets cede an advantage.
The alternative for the miners is to produce and export less to China, but cede market share back to China's domestic producers.
But he argued that efforts to "curtail" the growth of Facebook or other Silicon Valley heavyweights would cede the field to China.
Merkel annoyed members of her Christian Democrats (CDU) by agreeing in the coalition talks to cede the finance ministry to the SPD.
Republican leaders have urged their members not to back the petition, warning the move will cede control of the floor to Democrats.
Russia is not likely to cede its new gains in the Middle East, where it has established itself as a power broker.
There is also the specter of competition from U.S. shale oil producers and a reluctance to cede more market share to them.
Which means the last "adult in the room" would cede control to an increasingly aggressive president and the advisers who enable him.
But not everyone wants to cede voice to the big cloud vendors, no matter how attractive they might make it for developers.
Here, Sky and Tainy cede control to Legendury Beatz, a duo responsible for significant singles by Wizkid and UK drill's Yxng Bane.
They demanded Britain cede the Chagos Islands to Mauritius and said they wanted to return to the archipelago where they were born.
As for Biden, he said, he has little choice but to cede some of the political space to Cuomo and other governors.
Younger women, also known as "Twitter feminists," are accusing these critics of being bitter establishmentarians, unable to cede ground to new ideas.
It was alarming to watch Mr. Trump cede diplomatic ground to China early in his presidency, because America is the natural counterweight.
Comcast, a third partner in Hulu, had to cede influence in the venture for seven years to be able to buy NBCUniversal.
The Democrats went on to cede control of the Senate — and thus the ability to confirm Supreme Court justices — in those elections.
In 2002, he debuted the monumental film "Mapping the Studio 1 (Fat Chance John Cage)," his most thoroughgoing attempt to cede control.
We Democrats can sometimes get stuck in policy jargon and cede the language of values, where voters really make decisions, to Republicans.
In fact, President Trump has taken steps which unwittingly cede the runway to our global and regional adversaries to challenge American leadership.
Democrats outside Washington say congressional leaders will have to cede some of their leadership on other issues to state and local officials.
As Iraqi forces now advance into Mosul, analysts warned that the Islamic State could unleash more chemical attacks as they cede control.
Now, read the article, "Kim Prepared to Cede Nuclear Weapons if U.S. Pledges Not to Invade," and answer the following questions: 1.
A precipitous departure will also cede leverage to Iran at the very moment when United States-Iranian conflict is set to escalate.
The collapse of the Soviet Union saw many of its former countries and territories cede away from Moscow and ally with Europe.
Death is, I'd argue, the point at which this aspect of copyright law should cede to a greater social and artistic good.
Maybe this would be worth it if Putin's intimidation campaign had convinced Western countries to roll over and cede Ukraine to him.
But U.S. aid cuts could cede even more influence to China, which already has committed nearly $60 billion in investments in Pakistan.
The former Ivorian leader stands accused of crimes against humanity after violence erupted when he refused to cede power following a 2010 election.
Vatican sources have said that a few bishops appointed by Rome will cede their places to bishops who had been appointed by Beijing.
Although no foreign platinum company had been forced to cede control, investors said the empowerment law added to the country's political risk profile.
France, moreover, has so far been unwilling to cede any sovereignty over its nuclear arms and has always been sceptical about shared deterrence.
The government's decision to cede the islands to the Saudis came after the kingdom announced investment projects in Egypt worth billions of dollars.
Blockchains liberate the trust function from outside existing boundaries in the same way as medieval institutions were forced to cede control of printing.
Chrome is unlikely to cede the position as Google plans to introduce a new Chrome design, made to be even more touch-friendly.
In 2016, the company left Austin after a regulatory and lobbying battle, which ended after the city did not cede to Uber's demands.
OPEC's Gulf members, led by kingpin Saudi Arabia, have insisted OPEC will not cut production alone, which would cede market share to rivals.
That problem was exacerbated by last year's #deleteUber campaign that caused the ride-hail behemoth to cede considerable marketshare to its rival, Lyft.
The instructions were passed through stockholder service firms including Institutional Shareholder Services Inc, Broadridge Financial Solutions and Cede & Co. The error proved fatal.
So Mitchell was regularly forced to stop and cede time to Democrats, which gave her line of questioning a disjointed and dizzying feel.
In turn, users are too willing to cede control of their personal information so they can use services like Google Maps or Facebook.
Undeterred and unwilling to cede a good press opportunity, the BJP members invited photographers to capture them holding brooms on the clean street.
The move is part of the world's largest automaker's strategy to cede more responsibility from its headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany, to regional operations.
But when your opponent is better funded, and is deploying over a billion dollars in party infrastructure, you can't cede that ground entirely.
If Europe's national governments remain unwilling to cede political power to regional institutions that have democratic legitimacy, the European Union will slide backward.
It's time for him to return to his bus-driving days and cede power to a leader who can turn this country around.
Yet, the latest proposed regulation on re-submission thresholds suggests a longer trend of companies reluctant to cede corporate control without a fight.
"I do not think that the Senate should cede its power to the executive branch and end this long-standing custom," Franken said.
The sunset provision would have Congress cede more power to the president, by giving him the authority to decline to extend the USMCA.
Clinton would be well advised to draw attention to these facts and not cede a fallacious, but nevertheless appealing, argument to Mr. Trump.
It asks us to cede control of our own reality so that we can best care for someone, or something, apart from ourselves.
They point out the contradiction: how can you want to be "tougher" on Iran when you appear willing to cede Syria to Iran?
He would need just 11 abstentions to win this second vote, but a loss is also likely if the Socialists do not cede.
James will cede some of the workload to Davis, but he will still have to be an elite playmaker for this Lakers team.
"These firms could cede 100 percent of the value of content to the likes of Apple, Alphabet, Pandora, Sirius or Netflix, " Jonas said.
Yet each production cut forced Russia to cede market share to America's booming energy industry -- much to the ire of Russian oil executives.
It began what China calls the "Century of Humiliation," when foreign powers forced weak Chinese governments to cede territory and sign unequal treaties.
In Lima, U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross took aim at China's growing ties and vowed Washington would not cede leadership in the region.
The crisis has been compounded by American sanctions intended to force Mr. Maduro to cede power to the nation's opposition leader, Juan Guaidó.
To win in 2020, the eventual Democratic nominee needs to increase the Democrats' share of rural votes and not cede them to Republicans.
They are facing calls to cede power to a younger generation as the party moves to take control of the House next month.
Gail: Having lived through decades of fruitless arguments about why we should emulate Sweden, I'm just going to shrug and cede the point.
It is unclear what — if anything — would happen to the Diego Garcia base if the British were to ever cede sovereignty to Mauritius.
A colleague once even went so far as to insist a meeting be held in his office, not to cede power to others.
But Fleury did cede those three, and with Game 220 scheduled for Monday night here, Washington is now two victories from a championship.
He's replacing his former boss, Sajid Javid, who abruptly resigned rather than cede some of his power over economic policy to Mr. Johnson.
A deft performer, she clearly enjoys Lolly's woozy, crude obliviousness, but she is just as happy to cede the stage to Mr. Keating.
Petrobras will cede its rights over receivables from Eletrobras to a fund, which in turn will advance that payment to the oil company.
But West 8 didn't cede all control: it designated key building sites "Berlage parcels," named for Holland's pioneering modernist architect H. P. Berlage.
What we offer is something we will never cede to an algorithm — commitment to making the world a more just and compassionate place.
And Mr. Barr is giving voice to those on the right who believe they cannot cede any more ground in the culture wars.
Earlier, Mr. Durbin had reluctantly agreed to cede much of the investigative responsibility to the Intelligence Committee, but he has abandoned that stance.
Clinton's team has shown it's not willing to cede the primary to her opponent, reportedly sending dozens of additional staffers to the state.
First, the biennial was suspended in 2017 on ethical grounds in order to cede its resources to the reconstruction effort after Hurricane Irma.
Line editing is the ultimate union of writer and editor; the line-edit means we cede control, and the pen, to someone else.
If they ask for water, should a doctor chalk it up to delirium and continue denying hydration or cede to the patient's demands?
Even his interest in showmanship degrades when he has to cede the floor to others — his convention was a poorly planned, poorly managed mess.
And I learned — scrolling through hundreds of #SB50 tweets — that even Techlandia must still cede to the atom-bound limits of the analog world.
Both Waters and Ludlam are expected to cede their seats to other Green Party members, as Australia's parliament system priorities party over individual personality.
Characters literally stop in their tracks to suddenly cede the screen to Evazan and Ponda Baba, which felt almost prequel-esque in its clumsiness.
If we are ever to reduce the danger of terrorism, we must not cede the stage to the ignorant, the angry and the opportunistic.
And enacting them would require both parties to cede power over the courts, which they will never want to do at the same time.
Most large entertainment media firms (Comcast, AT&T, Verizon, Netflix, Fox, Sony, etc.) will cede value to Amazon and Apple over the next decade.
Or you can think of it like this: Obama will be forced to cede control of the account to his arch nemesis, Donald Trump.
The Jacksons, particularly Hap, long to truly own the land they till but are always forced to cede ground and dignity to the whites.
He said it would cede control of the floor to Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi by allowing bills to get through with mostly Democratic support.
He tells The Verge that because of this, the West has been more or less happy to cede production of rare earths to China.
Because he failed to disclose his meetings with Mr Kislyak, Mr Sessions was forced to cede control of the FBI investigation to Mr Rosenstein.
"As far as we know, there is no clinical data to support e-cigarettes helping people to quit or to cede smoking," Yacovino said.
Some of the reasons for their hostility are bad ones: a reluctance to cede power, the opportunity for patronage, the influence of teachers' unions.
"I don't know why you'd cede that territory to a frontrunner," Daily Kos founder and publisher Markos Moulitsas, a Netroots board member, told Vox.
So what does Europe hope to achieve by labeling the Golan's fine Israeli wines -- and forcing Israel to effectively cede the territory to ISIS?
We've already seen that larger automakers like BMW do not want to cede control to large technology companies — so what are the other options?
As part of Britain's 1965 separation agreement with Mauritius, it pledged to cede the islands when they were no longer needed for defense purposes.
The Senate bill also includes a provision allowing Petrobras to cede up to a 70 percent stake in the area to other oil firms.
The fact that both countries have been producing at or near record levels in recent months suggested that neither was prepared to cede ground.
She wants the intimacy to come to her on her terms, without her having to cede any of the power she thinks she has.
If we choose to ignore science and refuse to fund important scientific research, we voluntarily cede our place as a world leader in innovation.
"An advertising agency is like a black-box; when you hire one, you cede control over the process and don't have access," said Beauchamp.
It's also possible that Justice Clarence Thomas could chose to cede his seat to a younger conservative while Trump is in the Oval Office.
The PP would need just 11 abstentions to win this second vote, but a loss is also likely if the Socialists do not cede.
Clinton, Brian Fallon, said the campaign did not cede white working-class voters to Mr. Trump, pointing to a bus tour Mr. and Mrs.
Tasked with containing a midfield featuring the great Zidane, World Cup winner Didier Deschamps, and the powerful Edgar Davids, Keane would not cede territory.
But if Maduro refuses to cede power, then military intervention is on the table, President Donald Trump said in an interview over the weekend.
The challenge was that once you conferred international legitimacy on Kim, it would be pretty darn difficult to get him to cede more ground.
In Aranda's third and final season in Madison, Wisconsin was the only Football Bowl Subdivision team to cede fewer than two touchdowns a game.
And this time, against a hard-hitting Kenin, Halep trailed by 4-2 in the third set and managed to not cede another game.
Mr. Pence, visiting the agency's headquarters, said that to cede to activists and politicians' calls to abolish it would jeopardize the country's national security.
We cannot cede such great power to those who will aggressively undermine public prosperity and security in their narrow-minded pursuit of maximizing profits.
Their willingness to cede to Pichai, just like their acceptance of Eric Schmidt as adult supervision earlier in their company's life, is sensible, too.
However, in a victim culture, individuals cede their power, relying instead on "hypersensitivity and fragility" to catalyze others to affect change on their behalf.
Euphoria was already starting to cede to caution before Michael T. Flynn, President Trump's national security adviser and a perceived friend of Russia, resigned.
President Trump has provided mixed signals on his willingness to cede decisions to military commanders, even those that apply directly to their daily operations.
Why, for example, did Dan Coats cede his job as Director of National Intelligence to Admiral Maguire three days after the call to Ukraine?
Under the proposal, the FCC would get rid of the conduct rules governing broadband companies and cede authority over the industry to the FTC.
CCU said in a statement in September it had agreed to cede Budweiser rights to Ambev in exchange for an expected $306 million payment.
Should it defend fellow democracies and reassure allies, or cede authority to other powers, even if that means some outcomes it might not like?
He's said it will cede control of the floor to Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi by allowing bills to get through with mostly Democratic support.
He said it will cede control of the floor to Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi by allowing bills to get through with mostly Democratic support.
Mitchell doesn't have her own time, but Republicans can cede their individual five minutes to Mitchell — though Democrats are expected to ask questions themselves.
He is due to hold talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin this month, but Moscow has shown no willingness to cede control over the islands.
It's unlikely that Saudi Aramco is happy just to keep volumes supplied to China steady, which would cede market share as overall imports keep growing.
North Korea has thus far resisted the "maximum pressure" campaign led by the United States to try to force Pyongyang to cede its nuclear weapons.
According to the AP, the Florida senator has sent out letters instructing Republican officials not to cede his 172 delegates to any other presidential candidate.
GIGOT: OK, but are you a little worried about any kind of a deal that, for example, would cede Crimea or eastern Ukraine to Russia?
It was a conclusion that endowed the Trump administration -- if not exactly Trump himself -- with far more intentionality than many observers are willing to cede.
Finally, and most importantly, tracking giants like Facebook and Google will not cede the core of their business models to such an upstart so easily.
It has limited oil and gas revenue, and it is unlikely they would cede that to partners, as it needs it for its own reconstruction.
Anaerobic bacteria in the intestine can double in less than 10 minutes and eventually cede their territory to oxygen-loving organisms when the stomach ruptures.
"But more directly, would you be willing to step down from your role as chair and cede your super voting shares?" the shareholder asked again.
Netanyahu's government has made clear it would not now cede the Golan and has been lobbying for U.S. recognition of Israel's claim of sovereignty there.
This is one of the reasons that countries like the US have been more or less happy to cede production of rare earths to China.
He has tried to cede as much authority as possible to committee chairmen and expanded the Republican conference to include more of the conservative members.
"We are extremely pleased that Xerox finally terminated the ill-advised scheme to cede control of the company to Fujifilm," Icahn said in a statement.
But having refused to agree to direct negotiations with the Israelis these many months, Abbas would not allow himself to cede that point for free.
Rothken said the U.S. had opposed the plan on the basis it could taint a potential jury pool and could cede court control over evidence.
"The problem with the Apple TV is that the cable companies in the United States don't want to cede the consumer to Apple," Price said.
Cespedes, if he leaves, will cede center field back to Juan Lagares, who won a Gold Glove there in 2014 and is signed through 2019.
He is not allowed in there, but I am too tired to fight it and cede him the center of the bed before falling asleep.
Nonetheless, Mr. Batali has sketched several scenarios that put him in the driver's seat but cede some control, people he has spoken with recently say.
Musk had previously criticized China's tough auto rules for foreign businesses, which would have required it to cede a 50-percent share in the factory.
Democrats on the probe, meanwhile, say they understand worries about interfering with the federal criminal probe, but they don't want to cede the House's independence.
On Tuesday, Christie, Senate President Steve Sweeney and Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian backed a revised rescue plan that would cede control to the state.
Claudio Ranieri, Leicester's manager, has instructed his defenders to sit deep, cede possession—only two teams have seen less of the ball—and then pounce.
"Given how strong the bias is against mothers, women should seize hold of the situation," she said, rather than cede interpretation to a potential employer.
That was the feeling when Hillary had to cede the race to Barack Obama: No matter how hard we tried, women were frozen in place.
Democrats shouldn't cede red state and rural communities to the GOP, especially not when Republican policies are so specifically damaging to these voters' well-being.
En un proceso común que depende mayormente de la confianza mutua, el prestatario cede su título de propiedad a un prestamista a cambio del crédito.
Younger women, also known as 'Twitter feminists,' are accusing these critics of being bitter establishmentarians, unable to cede ground to fresher activists with new ideas.
While Facebook's core business is ads that target consumers, the company doesn't want to cede the work market to Slack, Microsoft and HipChat from Atlassian.
Mugabe was forced to cede some control in 22016 to a unity government that scrapped the worthless Zimbabwe dollar in favor of the U.S. dollar.
And it would essentially seal the United States off from the river and cede it to Mexico: lopping off our nose to spite their face.
On the contrary, while we ought to respect and commend Lewis for his fight for equality, we in no way have to cede political accountability.
Republicans, in particular, are feeling pressure to make a last-ditch effort as they prepare to cede control of the House to Democrats in January.
The special counsel indicated an interview with the President would include obstruction questions, but did cede that some answers on topics could be in writing.
China might be able to make the world's steel at the lowest cost, for example, but what government would cede this strategic industry to Beijing?
The pay-TV operator ends up with the joys and pains of dealing with the customer while content companies like Viacom and AMC cede control.
Under Pai's repeal proposal, the agency would scrap the Obama-era internet rules and cede authority over broadband providers to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
The US sanctions regime, however, has decimated Iran&aposs private sector and forced them to cede more and more economic ground to IRGC affiliated companies.
Instead, it was two teams who knew that they must cede a little of their identity in order to prevent their opponent from expressing theirs.
"It is totally ruled out," that we would cede on issues in the talks or in other sectors to get an exemption, Guajardo told reporters.
When the vast majority of the division's lesser lights face one of its more illustrious members, they first cede possession, then initiative, and finally agency.
More than 54,000 people signed a petition opposing it, and many expressed anger that some South Korean players would cede their positions to North Koreans.
But for one episode, the focus was squarely on the continuing humanization of Elizabeth — the patriot learning to cede space to the wife and mother.
In a bid to regain public trust, Ms. Park recently agreed to cede some power to a prime minister chosen by the opposition-dominated Parliament.
Most Democrats believe that by targeting corporations with new disclosure requirements they can force companies to cede their First Amendment rights to drive policy discussions.
FERC can force landowners to cede property to gas pipelines under its eminent domain authority, but it does not have the same power for transmission.
Instead, his rider, Julien Leparoux, had little choice but to cede the front-runners a big lead while he patiently maneuvered Classic Empire through traffic.
The solution was a policy of "Chechenization," under which the Kremlin would cede much of the political and military responsibility to its proxies in Grozny.
Democrats worry their candidates could split up the Democratic vote and cede the top two spots to Republicans, shutting them out of flipping those districts.
This bill would essentially cede any waiver authority to Congress, a move that would negate the president's role dating back to the very first administration.
Unless we shoot ourselves in the foot and cede the market for clean energy to China, Mexico, India and other countries — we're only getting started.
He has agreed to become foreign minister under Gantz, who has agreed to cede the top post to Lapid after two and a half years.
Additionally, Edward's reelection could suggest that Democrats shouldn't cede southern states completely, encouraging the party and its donors to invest more heavily in future races.
Many trade experts assume Europe will be forced to cede ground, further opening its markets to American exports to gain relief from Mr. Trump's tariffs.
Reports that Djibouti, heavily indebted to Beijing, would likely cede the port's operations to a Chinese state-owned enterprise were "even more alarming," they said.
Last month, the Roman Catholic authorities in Palermo decided to cede part of a church, built on what once was a medieval synagogue, to Jewish believers.
A series of bungled operations nearly cost him his life, and two years later he was forced to cede power to his younger brother Raul Castro.
Palou, an employee of the executive branch in Puerto Rico, had agreed late on Wednesday to resign from the board and cede her seat to Higgins.
In a hopeful development, tycoons once able to hold on to "their" businesses even as banks got stiffed seem likely to be forced to cede control.
The great problem with Labour is that it is too weak to win an election but too strong to cede the position of the official opposition.
She also claims the highly active MAGA2003X Facebook page with over 100,000 likes has received offers to cede ownership to bidders for as much as $25,000.
And he's poised to play a pivotal role in the writing of the party's platform in July—dropping out now would cede most of his leverage.
Lavrentiev confirmed that Russia had brokered an agreement between the Syrian government and Kurdish forces that saw the Kurds cede control of territory to Syrian troops.
Many other such accelerators exist around the world to try to support fintech innovation and investment for those start-up companies willing to cede a stake.
When you ask questions like this, you cede your power to the person answering the question because you just gave them a smorgasbord to pick from.
Mr. Taylor refused to cede the office and fought a lengthy legal battle with Mr. Goebel's running mate, J.C.W. Beckham, over who was the rightful governor.
Melodies slithered over a minor-mode atmospheric orchestra, only to cede to undulating figures in which one had the impression of hearing one giant woodwind instrument.
"I am fully determined and I won't cede any ground, not to slackers, nor cynics, nor hardliners," he said on Friday during a trip to Greece.
Republicans, as the majority party in the Senate, were not about to cede too much authority to Democrats and allow them to set the legislative agenda.
Will votes cast for Johnson and Stein tip the scales to essentially take those states out of play and cede them to either Clinton or Trump?
When we cede so much authority to schools, it's no wonder they often overstep and run into these invisible boundaries between home lessons and school lessons.
If you agree with the premise that pitch invasions are an art, then you must also cede that this Spartak Moscow fan is a creative genius.
All members of Congress — even those who support the underlying goal of DACA — should not be so quick to cede their authority to the executive branch.
According to the federal agencies charged with enforcing Title IX, the statute banning sex discrimination at publicly funded schools, the cisgender girl must cede the floor.
Show leadership in energy technology The U.S. should maintain its leadership position in energy technology innovation and not cede it to China or any other country.
Now, as the White House escalates tensions with Iran, there's growing concern that unless legal action is taken, Congress will cede more war powers to Trump.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The trade war between the United States and China has gone beyond tariffs as the countries increase pressure on each other to cede ground.
There were many reasons, including this: His ambition had parameters, and he possessed the ability to cede the spotlight even when it was his to claim.
Gay men were even beginning to cede the theatrical spotlight to other parts of the L.G.B.T.Q. rainbow, and to intersectional issues of sexuality, gender and race.
If someone the victim knew fell for the bait and became infected, the attackers would consider the ransom paid and cede control of the infected computer.
The Constitution gives state legislatures the power to set "the times, places and manner" of federal elections, and legislators generally have been loath to cede it.
Earlier this decade, when Paramount made a couple of Reacher movies starring Tom Cruise, Child knew better than to cede full control of his popular character.
"Any notion that a combined Broadcom-Qualcomm would slash funding or cede leadership in 5G is completely unfounded," Broadcom CEO Hock Tan told Congress last week.
After going over his allotted time questioning Mr. Price, Senator Al Franken, Democrat of Minnesota, grumbled that he would cede time in the nonexistent second round.
Ted Cruz (Texas) had reached an agreement recently that Kasich would cede Indiana to Cruz as a last-ditch effort to block Trump from amassing delegates.
Both in private and in public, it was clear that Mr. Trump did not want to cede any political spotlight to Democrats on the debate stage.
The story is ostensibly about the Roman empress Agrippina's ferocious machinations to get her husband, Claudius, to cede the throne to her vastly unqualified son, Nero.
Tesla has faced calls from critics to rename Autopilot; they argue the current moniker suggests drivers can cede most tasks to the car's computers and sensors.
Some refuse to sell their products on Amazon, because they don't want to cede information about their customers or give up control of prices and exclusivity.
Many drivers today cede way-finding to apps like Waze, which draws on the hive-mind intelligence of other vehicles to ease bottlenecks and dodge perils.
"Any notion that a combined Broadcom-Qualcomm would slash funding or cede leadership in 5G is completely unfounded," Broadcom CEO Hock Tan told Congress last week.
Egypt's government announced during a visit by the Saudi king in April a maritime demarcation accord that would see it cede control of Tiran and Sanafir.
But tranquility may be a high price to pay for Republicans who with this agreement cede their role as the prudent overseer of the nation's purse.
Neighborhood activists and nonprofit organizations refused to cede the streets to criminals, and they fought their battles without the cops' guns or powers to arrest people.
One of the unexpected consequences of Donald Trump's angry pessimism is that it has forced the GOP to cede some of its strongest themes to Democrats.
Under that deal, Toshiba plans to cede a majority stake in the chip subsidiary to a group of investors led by the investment firm Bain Capital.
I don't believe that human beings can cede their responsibility because I would certainly feel responsible, and I felt responsible every time we used lethal force.
Senate Republicans are not unified enough, and there are enough mavericks within the party who would cede considerable individual power if they gave up the filibuster.
Rajoy urged the Socialists on Thursday to enable a PP-led government, but it is still unclear what it will take for the Socialists to cede ground.
The chief minister of the Northern Territory, Michael Gunner, recently promised to begin negotiations on a treaty that would "cede decision-making power back to [aboriginal] communities".
Like looking over at that person behind the wheel and realizing it's OK to cede control and take your own hands off the proverbial wheel… for now.
Tapper pressed Pelosi on whether Democrats cede the moral high ground by failing to rebuke a member of their own party for such an off-color remark.
Holmes settled by agreeing to cede majority control, pay a $500,000 fine, and not serve as an officer or director of any public company for 10 years.
This strategy would essentially cede the white working class to Trump, which is risky not only in immediate electoral terms but fraught with danger for the country.
The sector was lifted following reports that Softbank was ready to cede control of Sprint to Deutsche Telecom's T-Mobile US. Deutsche Telecom closed up 2.5 percent.
Bank mergers in the Gulf region are rare as powerful local shareholders are usually reluctant to cede control because of the prestige of owning their own lender.
But prospects of such an agreement had divided communities of Catholics across China, some of whom fear greater suppression should the Vatican cede more control to Beijing.
US officials said this week there has been little indication over the past weeks that China is willing to cede to American demands they reform their economy.
Buttigieg has argued that Democrats should not cede values like faith and freedom to the GOP, and he seized an opportunity to make his case Thursday night.
In Peru, President Martín Vizcarra appeared alongside military officers to declare that he would not give in to pressure from the opposition-led Congress to cede power.
If the government does not cede to their demands after disruption on June 18, the activists proposed shutting the airport for the first two weeks in July.
Though I haven't seen 13th yet (thankfully it's available on Netflix), I'll cede that it has dominated the cultural conversation of late as far as documentaries go.
Google was reluctant to cede the results of its driverless car research to another company and would soon look more like Uber's mortal enemy, not its ally.
Total CEO Patrick Pouyanne told the meeting he would not cede to any kind of blackmail over the project, as the activists dangled on ropes above him.
U.S. government officials say they want him to revitalize stalled legislation to place a cap on presidential term limits and assuage fears he will not cede power.
They also cede advantage to connectivity projects that have not attracted Team Telecom's attention – such as the nascent internet satellite mega-constellations from SpaceX, OneWeb and Amazon .
At the time, Brazilian tycoon Abilio Diniz was the controlling shareholder in GPA, but was slated to cede control to Casino via a previously negotiated dilution arrangement.
Egypt has brokered a Palestinian reconciliation pact that provides for Hamas to cede control of Gaza to Abbas, but a dispute over power-sharing has hindered implementation.
It's hard to deny that the time has come for the Air, at least in its current form, to cede its place as Apple's entry-level notebook.
At the last moment, four United personnel needed to be ferried from Chicago to Louisville and the ground staff dutifully asked for volunteers to cede their seats.
Di Maio told Corriere della Sera that a dialogue with Brussels about the budget was clearly important but added that the government "will not cede an inch".
Under the deal, BP and its partners cede part of their stake to Azerbaijan's national energy company SOCAR and pay the government a $3.6 billion signing bonus.
However, reluctance among local shareholders to cede control, given the prestige of owning a bank, plus buoyant local economic conditions in recent years, have prevented tie-ups.
But in a Thursday letter urging states to accept DHS's assistance, Republican and Democratic leadership from both chambers vowed that states would not have to cede control.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The escalating trade war between the United States and China has gone beyond tariffs as the countries increase pressure on each other to cede ground.
In a second overtime when San Jose outshot the Predators 113-211 and appeared to never cede possession, Rinne made the game enter a third extra session.
T) rose nearly 3 percent in morning trade on Monday after a Reuters report that the Japanese company is prepared to cede control of Sprint Corp (S.
Les Echos cited a source saying SNCF was prepared to cede control of the two subsidiaries but that there was no question of completely divesting from both.
Wise Western investors should temporarily cede the field to the Chinese, Pakistanis, and Iranians — our enemies and frenemies — and let them try to make something of it.
A deal with Federated Investors would see the retirement plan cede control of the business to a U.S. giant that has $398 billion in assets under management.
The editorial said Cuba no one should assume Cuba had to "renounce any of its principles or cede the slightest bit in its defense" to do so.
Mr. Ghannouchi reached an agreement in 2013 with the leading secularist politician, Beji Caid Essebsi, for Ennahda to cede power to a caretaker government before new elections.
Afterward, Charlie was sweet to his mom, knowing that it had been hard for her to cede control, to be the one giving notes that got ignored.
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin described the state-owned company as a vehicle for "embezzlement and corruption," and argued the sanctions would further pressure Maduro to cede power.
Ms. Christakis responded with a long, searching email of her own, wondering whether Yale students really wanted to cede authority over their Halloween costumes to the administration.
Recently there were rumors about U.S.-Israeli pressure on Egypt to cede a swath of land in the northern Sinai to be attached to the Gaza Strip.
The real issue is not "liberty" or our right to govern ourselves but a peculiar twenty-first-century concern to not cede government to the private sector.
But I don't believe the solution is to give up on it, particularly if the alternative is to cede the power of authentication to companies like Facebook.
At this point, not all Americans have a strong preference for how this shutdown ends, but more of those who do would prefer Trump cede to Democrats.
In fact, it's extraordinarily dangerous for conventional liberals to simply cede the field of ordinary politics in favor of ruminating on the allegedly unique evils of Trump.
Tomorrow, we'll get back to fighting, because a presidential election is no reason to cede the progress that more than half of this country still believes in.
"We will not cede a community, a block or a street corner to violent thugs who peddle poison or gangs who prey on our children," Sessions said.
Democrats can take heart: Biden had his strongest debate performance to date, while Sanders showed that he is not about to cede the nomination without a fight.
Federer, the defending champion, will cede the No. 1 spot to the current No. 2, Rafael Nadal, when the new ATP rankings come out on April 2.
A writer for The Times Magazine spoke to Madonna at her home in London, where she discussed aging, inspiration, parenting and why she refuses to cede control.
A writer for the Times Magazine spoke to Madonna at her home in London, where she discussed aging, inspiration, parenting and why she refuses to cede control.
"He was having the time of his life and he refused to cede control of the control," said Concetta Anne Bencivenga, the director of the transit museum.
But to cede irrelevance, even after 25 years of reflection, would be to let the winners — the boomers, or maybe the millennials — write our history for us.
The United Nations hopes to persuade the Houthis to cede control of the port to an international committee to avert disruption to aid supplies and further bloodshed.
In January it reached a deal to cede control of its operations to Fujifilm of Japan, which has long been its partner in an international joint venture.
But he appeared to refuse to commit to a clear timeline on when to cede power, and that raised concerns among analysts and investors about Malaysia's future.
Eugene Levy was in the writers' room for the first couple seasons, but by Season 3, he began to step back and cede authority to his son.
To these portions of Africa must be added parts of the Congo State, which Belgium must cede as compensation for the money we have expended on Belgium.
In exchange for the land it would annex, Israel would cede some land, including possibly transferring an area of central Israel where Arab citizens of Israel live.
But persuading trial lawyers to cede a once-in-a-lifetime turn at the Supreme Court lectern to a fancy appellate lawyer is easier said than done.
With ease, Cersei's army takes Highgarden, home to the Tyrells, the wealthiest family in Westeros, after she made the decision to cede the less valuable Casterly Rock.
Some companies quietly welcome the opportunity to cede their unofficial role defending the administration and an unwanted spotlight in order to focus on day-to-day business.
Their allegation is that KKR, Shamrock and former FanDuel board members breached their duties to minority shareholders by refusing to cede any shares in the merged company.
The resignation left in doubt the pre-election promise Mahathir had made to Anwar that he would cede power before his five-year term ended in 2023.
Barred from the global financial system, Pdvsa has also been forced to cede control to foreign partners in organizing exports, which goes against the country's energy laws.
Unlike his Republican colleagues before him, Graham, a former member of the Air Force's Judge Advocate General corps, didn't cede his five minutes of questioning to Mitchell.
But his long illness, which compelled him to cede power to his brother Raúl Castro a decade ago, seemed to blunt the emotional impact of his death.
Here they suffer from a failure to do even basic scenario planning: By withdrawing support to and participation in the IGF, they will implicitly cede the field.
Trump has pressed his trade team to make headway in the talks, even as he's shown no willingness to cede to China's demands that he lift tariffs.
The book is structured as a dialogue between two aging scholars, analyzing the way that old age affects love, friendship, inequality, and the ability to cede control.
Before Chevron, courts relied on agency expertise to guide their decision making, but did not cede to agencies their fundamental responsibility to interpret the meaning of statutes.
By advocating for it and similar reforms, Francis, in Douthat's view, represents a dangerous figure for the church: one too willing to cede ground to modern liberalism.
"Now they have no choice but to cede the fight and implement the 2016 borrower defense rule as they should have done a long time ago," Connor said.
And it was Federer who blinked, double-faulting to face a break point at 11-all, then slapping a forehand into the net to cede the key break.
"With capitalism, you cede control to market forces, which won't grant a poor person the right to stay in their homes, or to see a doctor," she says.
As it does, retailers big and small will have a choice: Cede to Amazon the customer wanting instant gratification or partner with these startups or others to compete.
If it elects to cede its rights, Howard may take its 35-year-old station, WHUT, off the air or try to share spectrum space with another broadcaster.
Although Facebook is building Libra, and plans to run the project through the end of this year, eventually it plans to cede the project to a larger community.
The National Book Awards are usually a time for the publishing industry's biggest wigs to celebrate themselves—and then cede the dance floor to their younger, underpaid underlings.
A year later Mr Osborne allowed workers to cede employment rights, such as the ability to claim unfair dismissal, in exchange for tax-free shares in their firms.
Britain's Jenson Button scored for McLaren in ninth with Russian Daniil Kvyat, the man who had to cede his Red Bull place to Verstappen, 10th for Toro Rosso.
But with the company poised to release a premium phone that'll reportedly cost about $700, it's likely going to cede the midrange-priced phone market to another brand.
Iran, who have already qualified as group winners, were happy to cede possession to the home side and invited pressure, hoping to punish Korea on the counter-attack.
Abu Dhabi has echoed Riyadh's call for dialogue among Aden's warring parties but stopped short of asking the southern forces that it funds and arms to cede control.
In an Egyptian-mediated bid to end the rift and reunite the two Palestinian territories, Hamas said last year it would cede the territory's control to Abbas's authority.
He would allow the further pollution of the air Americans breathe and allow the U.S. to cede control of the climate change agenda to our economic rival, China.
The empowerment law adopted in 2008 under Robert Mugabe forced foreign-owned businesses including mines to cede at least 51% shares of their local operations to black Zimbabweans.
The Beaver State had been seen as Kasich territory, with Cruz agreeing last month to cede the state to Kasich in exchange for a clear path in Indiana.
Until the U.S. gets serious about the Russian threat, we will cede much of the Middle East to Moscow in a self-inflicted catastrophe of American foreign policy.
Justice Sonia Sotomayor has said that the main factor is vanity: Many criminal defense lawyers are too reluctant to cede the glamour of Supreme Court arguments to specialists.
The move comes after Brazil's cash-strapped government floated a proposal on Monday to cede control of Eletrobras, the country's biggest power utility, in its boldest privatization yet.
After months of negotiations with Thomson Reuters, the two sides settled on a corporate partnership, where Thomson Reuters would remain a large investor but cede control to Blackstone.
Over time, African-Americans in the Washington metropolitan area may be forced through demographic change to cede some power in the District, which has a population of 672,228.
"The Indian National Congress will never bow down before injustice," said Sonia Gandhi, 69, who party strategists say may soon cede the Congress leadership to her son, Rahul.
Why cast aside this opportunity to coordinate on cross-border and maritime law enforcement, a top priority for President Trump, and instead cede the playing field to Putin?
The case for change is plain: the government needs to cede more control to the market to make the financial system work and to unleash the economy's potential.
They argued that while staying in would help U.S. businesses take a leading role in the growth of clean energy, exiting would cede that position to other nations.
But the larger principle at stake is much thornier, and the dilemmas about how much ground to cede to one's opponents for the sake of compromise are real.
Pronouncements like Trump's and Haley's just make the US look out of touch with reality — and cede the most reasonable-sounding policy ground to Putin, of all people.
As the parties became more homogeneous, rank-and-file members began to cede more authority to their leaders to enforce party discipline within Congress, especially in the House.
Instead, they demanded that Ms. Park cede some of her presidential policy-making power, especially in economic and other domestic issues, to a prime minister recommended by Parliament.
Unlike many hosts, he was not afraid to cede center stage, putting the spotlight on an exchange about rape jokes between Lindy West and Jim Norton, for instance.
Congress also refused to reapportion the House until the end of the decade because traditionally white rural regions didn't want to cede power to increasingly diverse urban centers.
Alternatively, you could rely on Amazon, sacrifice part of your margins and, with your product being delivered in Amazon's boxes, cede control over your relations with the customer.
She was willing to cede him the rights to "The Lost Daughter" for six months, enough time for him to devise an adaptation that would please them both.
This resolution may create discomfort for some of our colleagues who have been content to cede Congress's oversight responsibilities to the White House and Pentagon in recent decades.
Congressional delegations, governors and mayors can reassure our key allies that the American people still value them and that we do not intend to cede our global leadership.
The residents refused to cede control of the room until the authorities promised to release the residents who had been taken away and let people have their say.
We can either cede the grassroots game to the left, or we can seize the initiative for ourselves and our ideas -- ideas that animate a majority of Americans.
" Next "they'll cede the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, said Gustavo Hoyos, president of employers federation Coparmex and a vocal Lopez Obrador critic, referring to a strategic region of Mexico.
If generic prices cannot oscillate up and down with changes in the economy, it diminishes the incentive to ever cede lower prices because it cannot be easily reversed.
But the move at Ralph Lauren also points to a truism of the industry: that it is often difficult for fashion founders to cede control of their businesses.
The big business-focused trade association is likely looking out for its own interests and those of corporate executives who don't want to cede any power to investors.
Oil sanctions imposed on Venezuela last week by the Trump administration were meant to punish President Nicolás Maduro and force him to cede power to the opposition leader.
"I don't believe that human beings can cede their responsibility because I would certainly feel responsible, and I felt responsible every time we used lethal force," Carter said.
It is ultimately an academic conversation, however, unless and until Republicans agree to cede their current Electoral College advantage and buy into the idea of elevating the popular vote.
Republicans may have a slightly harder time arguing against his qualifications than they would Sri Srinivasan, but they're most likely going to cede that point and argue process anyways.
As a European I'll cede defeat and admit that any record produced in our green and formerly-prosperous part of the world should only come in the dub format.
What you may not know, is that all of North's clothing is already bespoke and custom made... through age 18, when Papa Kanye will cede creative control to North.
If the UK regime were not considered fully equivalent, this would likely reduce the attractiveness of the UK as a place to cede reinsurance to for EU-based insurers.
The logic then was that if Netflix owned Roku, then other OTT brands might not want to opt into the Roku hardware system and simply cede power to Netflix.
On the other hand, if Apple was going to basically cede the field to competitors here then it didn't make a ton of sense to stick with Apple either.
But in the decade or so that followed those first bumbling attempts, we've witnessed a subtler and more effective strategy for convincing people to cede control over everyday purchases.
Or does the idea that it's safer to let Trump "rent" the party than to cede it to Cruz actually have purchase outside of a few donors and consultants?
On Tuesday, the Israeli Parliament passed an amendment that would make it harder for it to cede control over parts of Jerusalem in any peace deal with the Palestinians.
But the ability of European countries to tailor tax practices to their own purposes is a matter of national sovereignty that many leaders are unwilling to cede to Brussels.
The decree gives the family 15 days from the end of August to decide where they want the remains to be taken, or cede that decision to the government.
WASHINGTON, June 19 (Reuters) - The escalating trade war between the United States and China has gone beyond tariffs as the countries increase pressure on each other to cede ground.
Last week, Glenn issued a since-removed statement on his Facebook wall calling for the businessman to cede the nomination to running mate Mike Pence, said the Denver Post.
Kerry said Yemen's dominant Houthi group must cease its shelling across the border with Saudi Arabia, cede its weapons and enter into a unity government with its domestic foes.
But sometimes no amount of legal advice can save people from an unwillingness to face their own mortality and cede control while still in full control of their faculties.
"One can't help but wonder: What other decisions do those governments cede to Beijing, and are they not fearful of the longer-term consequences?" she wrote in an email.
I've predicted that these mid-case lead plaintiff contretemps are going to become a more common occurrence as institutional investors cede control of securities class actions to individual shareholders.
Bolsonaro has since said he would not take Brazil out of the Paris accord, as long as he received assurances the country would not need to cede its sovereignty.
The United States oversaw construction of the Panama Canal in the early 20th century and it did not formally cede control of the waterway until the end of 1999.
The bottom line: The Trump administration's policies will impede economic growth and cede its potential leadership role in addressing climate change, while Canada and others rise to the challenge.
Administration officials argue a failure to approve the trade pact would cede ground to China in the region and allow it to increasingly set the terms of world trade.
I'd unconsciously perform calculations in my head to determine "payment" was received before I'd cede my body capital, even though I wanted to sleep with all of these men.
He also explains why he is a strong supporter of encryption and why he does not want to cede control of the Internet to countries like China and Russia.
"We as a team expect to have the initiative, and we expect Portland to cede that to us," Martino said through a translator during a conference call on Monday.
The law included some drafting errors that Republicans are now trying to fix in the lame-duck session before they cede control of the House to Democrats next year.
Ms. Pelosi is now under pressure from some in her own party to cede some authority, give committee leaders more leeway and bring more Democrats into House decision making.
Mr. Moore's backers appear willing to cede some of that support in hopes of invigorating voters who mistrust the news media and believe that the allegations are political attacks.
A regime steeped in corruption and narcotrafficking, whose violent crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrations in 2014 and 2017 left 200 dead and thousands injured, will never cede power voluntarily.
Unlike Nadal's straightforward sprint past Thiem, Wawrinka's marathon against Murray wound its way through spots in which one player, then the other, appeared to wrest control, then cede it.
He followed up his initial recognition with a series of punishing economic sanctions aimed at Mr. Maduro and his government in an attempt to force him to cede power.
Military rulers were reluctant to cede power to, or accept the demands of, civilian opposition groups that called for national restructuring and the devolution of power to state governments.
He told Speaker Nancy Pelosi that there will be "no haggling" on the terms of the trial and that the Senate will not cede its authority over the proceedings.
Hyundai and Kia, which had previously argued that the flaws presented no danger to driving safety, said in a joint statement on Friday they would cede to the order.
Tegan and Sara cede center stage and give up their mics to Sara and Tegan Quin: bored, closeted, talented teens with plenty to scream and cry and whisper about.
Mr. Neumann, who agreed to cede control over WeWork after stepping down from the chief executive post in September, stands to receive an exit package worth around $1 billion.
The settlement, which Purdue estimates is worth more than $10 billion, would require the Sackler family to cede ownership of Purdue to a trust, to sell their non-U.
Trump now finds himself pulled in separate directions on China: either cede to a lesser deal and appear weak, or remain firm on tariffs and cause further economic uncertainty.
So go on Friday — but then you'll miss Wednesday and Thursday's special of berenjenas asadas, eggplant charred over open flame until its insides retreat and cede sovereignty to smoke.
The Belgian company, which is in the midst of a capital restructuring that will cede control to trade house Trafigura, has declared force majeure on deliveries from Port Pirie.
In these Amazon-style competitions, the company pits cities against each other to see which one will cede the largest possible share of the surplus back to the company.
Bankers and regulators acknowledge that getting all five watchdogs to march in lockstep will be tough and asking some of them to cede their authority will be even tougher.
The more moderate ANC faction aligned with Ramaphosa has been forced to cede ground in several policy debates, including land reform, since the president took office in February 2018.
"There has been a realization among historians that we cannot continue to cede the public arena to political commentators and politicians who are reaching larger audiences," he tells me.
Still, luring customers away from a deeply entrenched South African banking sector will be a major challenge, and the big banks are unlikely to cede customers without a fight.
Poll after poll has shown that while Americans like the idea of self-driving cars, they are less willing to cede control of the steering wheel to a computer program.
What the president has done is put a pin in an eventual talking point for the 2020 election and cede any U.S. involvement in global negotiations on climate going forward.
The public should not cede the power to define race to scientists who themselves are not trained to understand the social contexts that shape the formation of this fraught category.
The trip is an important international test for a president looking to reassure Asian allies worried that Trump&aposs "America First" agenda could cede power in the region to China.
Its plan to experiment with using big third-party online sellers such as Amazon is surprising, says Mr Kamel, because it would need to cede some control over its branding.
VW has also been pushing steps to cede power from global headquarters to brands and regions after its pre-dieselgate centralized structure was seen as a factor facilitating the cheating.
The research firm predicts that South Korea, which ranks fifth in global car production, will cede its position to India in 2017 and then fall behind Mexico the following year.
The more places Assistant appears, the more likely it is that people will engage with the voice companion, and that's not territory Google wants to cede to someone like Amazon.
Early this week she rejected suggestions that rising criticism among conservatives of her decision to cede the finance ministry to her rivals was a sign that her authority was waning.
The potential deal has divided communities of Catholics across China, some of whom fear greater suppression should the Vatican cede greater control to Beijing, but others want to see rapprochement.
"We're confident that your record of leadership and integrity and public service will cede to our nation's great natural resources and treasures as if they were your own," Pence continued.
The U.S. would be disadvantaged in competing with WTO member states for access to up to 21625 percent of the world's consumers and would cede leadership on trade to China.
Are Republicans seriously ready to cede the party of Lincoln and Reagan to a real-estate mogul-turned-reality TV star whose faux conservatism is the byproduct of political expedience?
Perkins was grilled on Wednesday about deals worth millions of dollars to Shapiro that Perkins said were necessary to convince Shapiro to cede management of Woodbridge prior to the bankruptcy.
The ensuing power tussle saw Wang cede much authority to the Shenzhen government as Vanke lost its title as the country's biggest homebuilder to rival China Evergrande Group (3333.HK).
Half of the land in Roraima state is reserved for indigenous peoples, but an attempt to ask local communities to cede territory to the Warao met with a firm rebuttal.
Both episodes were met with calls for unity from Democrats and Republicans alike, but neither party indicated they would cede an inch in the debate over responsibility for the attacks.
Americans like the idea of self-driving cars, but are less willing to cede control of the steering wheel to a computer program, according to a new poll released today.
When we as voters remain muted, we cede the playing field to the most partisan in America and leave our representatives accountable only to those with the strongest ideological bent.
But the UAE stopped short of asking the southern fighters to cede control of the Yemeni port, as Saudi Arabia wants in favor of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi's government.
He did not cede his net to Marc-Andre Fleury, the Penguins' career leader in wins, who was cleared to return from a late-season concussion during the second round.
The new entity may also have to cede some revenue market share in six circles, where pro forma revenue market share would be higher than the 50% allowed by regulation.
And the United States needs to be a player at this global table or cede the leadership role to autocrats of two empires that barely share any of our values.
For Democrats to not appeal to these same voters four years later on issues like healthcare, student-loan debt, or the economy is to cede the political conversation to Trump.
"[Cuba does not have to] renounce any of its principles or cede the slightest bit in its defense," the article in the Communist Party newspaper Granma said, according to Reuters.
David Cameron, who had expected to step down this fall, told reporters he would cede power on Wednesday to the newly unopposed home secretary, Theresa May, above with her husband.
The episode scuttled her political strategy to cede the spotlight to Mr. Trump, stirred public doubts about her candor and gave new life to conspiracy theories about her health. Mrs.
In the past he has vowed not to cede "a single inch of our motherland," and increased military drills around the self-ruled and democratic island of 23 million people.
Unless there is some Machiavellian plan to cede vast areas of northern England to Scotland, it would be more appropriate to place post-Brexit customs controls along the River Tweed.
But neither does the White House want to cede the South China Sea to China, which is what administration officials fear will happen if Beijing continues on its current course.
Even when crafted in good faith, regulation has its limits, especially on this platform, and for all their friendly recent noises, Facebook executives will not quietly cede to government oversight.
In the Chikwidzire district of Manica province, which borders Zimbabwe, deeply patriarchal cultural traditions stipulate that a woman without sons must cede her land to relatives upon her husband's death.
Even if he does ultimately cede control to his children, they, too, have taken on roles in the transition, and it's unclear how involved they'll be in the Trump Administration.
Egypt has brokered a Palestinian reconciliation pact that provides for Hamas to cede control of Gaza to Abbas, but a dispute over power-sharing has hindered implementation of the deal.
The tested, experienced Packers, once thought to be in a commanding playoff position, may cede their status as the N.F.C. team most likely on the path to the Super Bowl.
In Qatar, Kushner asked Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani to pressure the Islamist group Hamas to cede control of Gaza in return for development aid, the diplomats said.
Moreover, many of the churches received construction permits with the help of Zhan Silu, the government-appointed bishop to whom the Vatican has asked Bishop Guo to cede his position.
They were sure that as humans moved toward the end times, governments around the world would cede their independence to a charismatic world leader who would actually be the Antichrist.
That would require each of tennis's seven governing bodies to cede some of its authority, a situation that would probably require an existential threat to the game's viability or profitability.
The bill, put forward by the far-right Jewish Home party, increases the number of votes needed in the Knesset to cede territory in Jerusalem to 80 votes from 61.
In an address to the bishops in Baltimore, Archbishop Christopher Pierre, the Vatican's ambassador to the United States, appeared to warn them not to cede too much authority to laypeople.
Cardinals will generally defer to bigger birds, or to birds that arrive at the feeder in flocks, but this redbird would not cede the airspace around that feeder for anyone.
Even congressional Republicans — including House Speaker Paul Ryan — previously urged the president to leave the program in place and cede a decision on its fate to lawmakers on Capitol Hill.
The turmoil at the top of what had once been an icon of American industrial innovation comes as the company plans to cede its business to its longtime Japanese partner.
Amazon refused to cede to employee demands over facial recognition software pilot programs with the two police departments, but the Orlando Police Department has decided to drop the software program.
Ohio is one of nine states that cede authority for day-to-day oversight of child protection to counties, where child welfare agencies have wide latitude over administration and confidentiality.
To varying degrees, their strategy presumably would be to cede much of the country to invaders – then fight back with hit and run attacks, and gradually bleed them to death.
It seems unlikely, however, that Facebook, which currently dominates the space with an audience of more than 2 billion users, would be willing to cede control to an external coalition.
Producers have struggled for nearly two years with low oil prices and an oversupplied market but have been loath to cut output as that would cede market share to rivals.
The settlement, which is estimated to be worth up to $12 billion, would require the Sackler family to cede ownership of Purdue to a trust, to sell their non-U.
To listen to this album is to cede a certain amount of control, and to accept that letting go of the wheel is not only freeing, but maybe inevitable, too.
But the structure has raised questions about whether UCP and Trafigura will cede their shares to Rosneft once sanctions are lifted or eased, giving Sechin full control over the acquisition.
And they could cede American leadership in clean energy innovation to other countries eager to pick up the pioneering work that President Trump and Congress seems ready to leave behind.
Mr. Mubarak's decision to cede power in February 2011 had ripple effects throughout the Arab world, and preceded the overthrow of longtime dictators in Libya and Yemen later that year.
On this day, he was happy to cede center stage to Phelps, who was often late arriving to the tees because he was signing autographs and taking photos with fans.
Regulating AI in such circumstances, these advocates claim, will simply stifle innovation and cede to other countries the technological initiative that has done so much to power the U.S. economy.
And in 22014, a Republican attempt to cede control of the program to some state governments brought bitter opposition from Democrats, who feared it could lead to Head Start's demise.
Despite the victory of anti-Zuma forces in party elections this month, Mr. Zuma has shown no sign that he is willing to cede the presidency before his term expires.
Republicans in Michigan, where Democrats also won the governor's office and several other statewide offices in November, are engaged in a similar effort before they cede total control in January.
In India, Uber is still fighting an expensive ground war against a strong competitor, Ola, and in the U.S. the company has started to cede ground to its rival Lyft.
Before the first world war British newspapers and politicians including Churchill vowed there must be "no more Heligolands", lamenting the decision to cede even the smallest territory to a rising enemy.
They appreciate his uncanny ability to win elections—and fear the prospect of a centre-left government that might cede territory to the Palestinians, which the prime minister has not done.
RATINGS RISK The more moderate ANC faction aligned with Ramaphosa has been forced to cede ground in several policy debates, including land reform, since the president took office in February 2018.
So even if a buyer isn't ready to cede all control to a computer, she may be keen to buy a car that takes over the more mundane parts of driving.
Richards tried to get Vanderpump to see her side – to maybe publicly cede some of what she had said, so that Richards did not look so strange for not being upset.
A separate Reuters survey of analysts found that the greenback was expected to stay strong for another three to six months before starting to cede ground to most other major currencies.
But his decision sent shockwaves through allies, military officials, and even Republicans who say the threat is not yet over and that withdrawing would cede Syria to Iranian and Russian influence.
Both Apple and Google offer their respective services for connecting phones to a car's infotainment system, but the car industry isn't ready to completely cede the center console to Silicon Valley.
The trip presents a crucial international test for a president looking to reassure Asian allies worried that his inward-looking "America First" agenda could cede power in the region to China.
Britons face a choice: to minimise losses from Brexit, they must cede some sovereignty to the EU, while to maximise freedom from Brussels, they must accept a larger drop in incomes.
Facing food shortages and political turmoil, Venezuelan leftist President Nicolas Maduro has come under greater international pressure to cede to opposition calls for a recall vote on his leadership this year.
Trump and Pence's unwillingness to cede an inch to Clinton leashed them to the filth of the nation, which in turn revealed the truth of her critique in skin-crawling fashion.
This week's hike comes amid hopes that more aggressive fiscal policy under President Donald Trump will allow the Fed to cede its economic stimulus role to Congress and the White House.
The move indicates that Ponce has agreed to cede some power, potentially opening up the way for a rapprochement with the center-left Chilean government, with which SQM is in dispute.
Mann agreed to cede the reins to fellow auteur Martin Scorsese, taking a producer credit that brought him a Best Picture nomination, and the rest, as they say is history. 250.
It's one thing for the maker of a piece to cede control to their audience and another for a work's originator to be rendered invisible to the people who appreciate it.
Another firm owned by Timis called Timis Corp and Petrosen agreed a $400 million deal to cede a portion of the rights in two other Senegal blocks to Kosmos in 2014.
I used to be a staunch defender of reading physical books, refusing to cede any ground to the ruthless Amazon machine that wrecked the publishing industry over the last two decades.
If AlphaGo wins—and given its performance against Mr Hui, that seems like a distinct possibility—then human brains, and their possessors, will have to cede another defeat to the machines.
If elected president, Mr. Trump's views on technology could wall off the industry, stifle job and economic growth and cede the United States' long-held position as the world's innovation hub.
And it's no doubt been difficult for Google to cede ground on its own operating system after pouring so many hours on a system designed to tie together its myriad services.
The most recent was in November of last year, when talks between the two companies fell apart amid reported disagreements over Sprint's valuation and SoftBank's reluctance to cede control of Sprint.
Depending on the path Washington takes, America will either secure its leadership and dominance in space for the foreseeable future or cede the high ground to competitors like China and Russia.
Mr Kelly will certainly not be able to get Mr Trump to cede control of his Twitter account, and message discipline only goes so far when the messenger himself is undisciplined.
The chairman's proposal is focused on removing broadband providers from being classified as "common carriers," which would cede the FCC's jurisdiction of such companies back over the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
But Mr. Bush's team was livid when the young protégée entered the 2016 race, refusing to cede the Florida political world to Mr. Bush, in what many viewed as a betrayal.
American tech companies have said they are concerned the U.S. could eventually cede its dominant position in AI markets if the White House did not step in to help the industry.
West African leaders Alpha Conde of Guinea and Mauritania's President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz travelled to the capital Banjul on Friday to allow Jammeh one last chance to cede power peacefully.
Plus, I had participated in hundreds of press conferences throughout my career, and I knew that you don't always have to wait for someone else to cede the floor to you.
And to prioritize an amendment is in fact to cede the constitutional argument to the NRA and falsely imply that the existing text and precedents don't allow for sensible gun control.
Trump, though, has preferred during the coronavirus crisis to own the spotlight himself, while frequently providing inaccurate or incomplete information, rather than cede airtime to experts who could convey accurate information.
The one-on-one format enables Russia to distort publicly the meeting's substance and Mr. Trump to cede whatever he wants to Mr. Putin, with no note-taker or adviser present.
Letting negotiations drag on much longer would punt consideration to a new Congress elected in November that will take office in January 2018, one that could cede more control to Democrats.
And solutions like Apple's CarPlay and Android Auto, which essentially mirror your phone on the screen of your car's console, force carmakers to cede an important driver experience to third parties.
He has been willing to cede much of the power during labor and media negotiations to a handful of key owners, something a hypothetical replacement might not be willing to do.
But they can also be ballast, and in a time like this I refuse to cede an essential value of books just to maintain some irrelevant dedication to an intellectual credo.
In practical terms, every time we cede agency and decision-making to a machine, we are endorsing the intelligence, or the competence, of an algorithm to do some thinking for us.
It was a bold experiment in outsourcing justice, but given Guatemala's fragile democracy, its weak institutions and the extent of corruption in the country, the government was prepared to cede sovereignty.
After the March vote, he was named the head of the party's lawmakers in the lower house, a position he will have to cede now that he is entering the government.
Under the current rules, the state's effective plan is to cede urban areas to the wealthy while forcing less affluent families to live on the state's ever-more-distant suburban fringes.
A successful counter to anti-immigration politics is ultimately going to need to either cede ground to these concerns about physical security, or else explicitly persuade people that they are misguided.
The lawsuit seeking bankruptcy-like relief, filed by a representative of Puerto Rico, lists Cede & Company of New York as the largest unsecured creditor, with a claim of over $12 billion.
On Friday, Viacom disclosed in a regulatory filing that Mr. Redstone would cede his voting position on the board of Viacom yet continue to participate in meetings in a nonvoting role.
Trump advisers, including national security adviser John Bolton, have favored maintaining full pressure on North Korea -- including though sanctions -- until the country has no choice but to cede to US demands.
Authorities fear Louisiana, which has already lost more than 1,800 square miles (4,700 square km) of land since the 19503s, will cede another 2,250 square miles over the next half century.
Two-thirds of both the House and Senate would have to vote to remove the president in the event the president refused to cede the Oval Office to the vice president.
JOHANNESBURG/BENGALURU (Reuters) - Emerging market currencies will cede more ground against the dollar this year, reversing the brief rally at the end of 2019, Reuters polls of foreign exchange strategists found.
For a free wedding, they would need to cede control to the will of a pizza parlor, and their guest list would need to be drastically whittled to around 40 people.
But some cooler air wedged over the region may not cede its ground — so we'll lean toward high temperatures closer to 553, rather than the 60 degrees some models are forecasting.
At the same time, because participating schools cede to investors a partial stake in their income share agreements with students, critics argue that investor decisions will increasingly drive the schools' operations.
On Tuesday, Mr. Tillerson seemed close to embracing the very policy the Obama administration had decided on: that Mr. Assad would eventually have to cede power, though the timeline remains unclear.
To the extent they do — and their rivals do not — they will undermine their key economic edge, and cede much of the growth advantage they have enjoyed over Europe and Japan.
The next phase of the trade war could see China turning the screws on those companies with discriminatory regulations, forcing U.S. firms to cede further market share to their international rivals.
And yet, for those willing to get lost in its spiritual haze, there is a uniquely un-2019 pleasure to be found: a meditative bewilderment that just might cede to enlightenment.
While Cody says most of the erosion here is considered natural, scientists worry that increased wave action and storm surge will cause the town to cede land more rapidly in the future.
Donald Trump repeatedly pledged to take an aggressive stance against North Korea on the campaign trail, but nearly a month into his presidency, he may cede control of the issue to China.
Hamas said Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who heads the PA and has imposed a series of economic sanctions on Gaza to press the group to cede power, was destroying prospects for unity.
For example, he said the Church could accept some intervention by the Chinese government in the process of selecting bishops, but could not cede the pope having ultimate authority in the matter.
"The results in the paper suggest that the heady narrative of a guns-blazing India must cede to a more realistic one of an economy growing solidly but not spectacularly," Subramanian wrote.
Yes, Berkshire could simply supply half the capital and cede all management and operational decisions to Jorge Lemman and the other 3Gers, and be a passive investor staying true to Berkshire values.
He is also emphasizing his centrist and pragmatic abilities to work across the aisle while simultaneously scoffing at the notion that he should cede any ground to new voices on the left.
Multiple Israeli leaders over recent decades have sought to return to Barak's offer, which would cede over 90 percent of the West Bank and all of Gaza to the Palestinian Authority (PA).
Unless the United States is prepared to cede the western Pacific to Beijing, it's going to need all the allies and friends it has in the region as it negotiates these issues.
TOKYO/HONG KONG (Reuters) - British chipmaker Arm Holdings, a unit of SoftBank Group Corp, will cede control of its Chinese business to a group of local investors in a $775 million deal.
Ultimately, Ley thinks that the cuckold and hotwife relationships he studied may be about many things for men: Bisexuality, an interest in being submissive, wanting control, wanting to cede control, being masochistic.
According to F.C.C. rules, the university may choose to completely cede its spectrum rights for a premium payout or to trade them for a less-valuable frequency type and a smaller payment.
Al hacer que la biología actúe a nuestro favor cuando comemos de forma adecuada, perdemos peso de manera natural, al igual que la fiebre cede si se combate aquello que la origina.
Driven in part by the decline of religion, and broader shifts in attitudes to death and dying, fewer bereaved are ready to cede their dead unthinkingly to an off-the-shelf burial.
Without such a deal, Barrick could cede its crown as the world's largest gold producer to Newmont, which is due to close its $10 billion buyout of smaller rival Goldcorp next quarter.
The clear market leader with 251 planes and a 2430 percent share is unwilling to cede ground to rivals like Jet Airways Ltd and SpiceJet Ltd, Chief Commercial Officer Willy Boulter said.
Starbucks  is unlikely to cede its leading position in China, the company's fastest-growing major market, to Chinese startup Luckin in 2019, Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson said in an interview on Thursday.
Unless Washington is ready to end its support for Taiwan, say, or cede control of the high seas west of the Philippines -- a truly historic "grand bargain" that would destabilize the region.
His critics would foolishly have the U.S. cede this leverage, as it has done in the past, but the true route to free trade is through the reciprocal reduction of those barriers.
The publication, citing U.S. officials familiar with the talks, said that U.S. diplomats were willing to cede on a key term: That Pyongyang first make an effort to curtail its nuclear arsenal.
The momentous event happened when she suggested that her government might cede some territory as a birthday gift to Finland, which next year marks a century since it declared independence from Russia.
On Monday, the government floated a proposal to cede control of the utility known as Eletrobras, which has struggled for years with high debt, operational inefficiencies and a scant ability to invest.
The U.S. tech industry has long been fearful of China's gains in artificial technology and worried that without the government's help it could cede its dominant position in AI to Chinese companies.
"Group dates are not fun at this point, because…you have feelings," Jubes confides to the camera, praying she'll be the next Bachelorette so she never has to cede the spotlight again.
In his speech, he rallied against what he felt was a fundamental misconception of networked democratic participation: The technologies we're using—the biases of these media—cede central authority to decentralized groups.
The plan to cede the islands to Saudi Arabia, which has given Egypt billions of dollars of aid, was announced last year and has become mired in political protest and legal action.
Paal also said that the North Koreans seemed unwilling cede ground when he was approached about a possible meeting in August and viewed these meetings as an opportunity to repeat their terms.
The tax agencies cede substantial control of the payments and audit processes to Airbnb leaving no effective "audit trail" to ensure that Airbnb's supposed tax payments are, in fact, proper and complete.
Drilling rights for natural gas in the North El Arish and Zohr offshore fields of the Levant basin would be handed over to the New State if Egypt were to cede territory.
They realize the party can't cede the issue of the economy to Trump, even as they attribute the narrowing of the Democratic advantage on the generic congressional ballot to economic good news.
Tankfarm employees also tell Lemonis that John's inability to cede control has led him to ramp up his micromanaging behind the scenes, leading to a noticeable drop in morale at the company.
The 20-year joint venture partnership marks the first time Petroleos Mexicanos, or Pemex as it is better known, has inked a deal to cede some operations of its aging domestic refineries.
Later talks with the Artists' Society produced an agreement to cede part of the Künstlerhaus in exchange for restoration: The society lacked funds to maintain the building, which had fallen into disrepair.
Even before it was signed, the prospects of such an agreement had divided communities of Catholics across China, some of whom fear greater suppression should the Vatican cede more control to Beijing.
The White House is vigorously fighting Democrats' attempts to subpoena documents and compel testimony — and this showdown between Barr and House Democrats hints that neither side is eager to cede any ground.
Yet even some veteran Republicans say the moves, which echo similar power plays by Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin and North Carolina, shatter the old notion that losing parties should cede power gracefully.
It's as though I've given myself tacit permission to cede the control I exhibit elsewhere, to live at the mercy of secret caprice and act out whatever frustrations seep through from life.
That stark difference in perceptions has turned Sunday's election into a referendum on how much control over the country's fragile institutions Honduran voters are willing to cede to Mr. Hernández, a conservative.
High turnout was reported in Arab-majority areas as residents used the election to express fury at Mr. Trump's plan, which would cede several Israeli Arab towns to a future Palestinian state.
The U.S. has challenged Maduro's legitimacy to lead Venezuela and has joined an international coalition pressuring him to cede power to Juan Guaido, whom they have recognized as the country's acting president.
That's why in a 50-85033 state like Florida that has had several major mass shootings in the past two years, NRA-backed candidates still refuse to cede any bit of ground.
And, what good it does costs very little, though farmers and ranchers would gladly cede even that if Mother Nature were more cooperative and if foreign trading partners could ever shoot straight.
Two-thirds of both the House and Senate would have to vote to force the president's resignation in the event the president refused to cede the Oval Office to the vice president.
The 39-year old took the position when Javid resigned because he was not prepared to sack his advisers and cede some power of financial policy to Prime Minister Boris Johnson's office.
Virtual meetings, some investors say, cede far too much control to corporate managers during the sole event each year when they must look owners in the eye and listen to their views.
Last month, U.S. miner Freeport-McMoRan Inc agreed to cede control of its Indonesian unit after years of wrangling so that it could keep operating its giant Grasberg copper and gold mine.
Mr. Saleh had once run the country as a virtual dictator before the Arab Spring uprisings forced him, in 2012, to cede power to his second in command, Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi.
Eight years after the Arab Spring forced out autocrats elsewhere in the region, it seemed to finally be Algeria's turn: An autocrat had been forced to cede some power by the street.
Earlier, the Wall Street Journal reported citing people familiar with the matter that Xerox Corp is nearing a deal with Fujifilm that would cede control of the U.S. photocopier pioneer to Fujifilm.
A powerhouse at Vogue, the world's most famous fashion magazine, is downsizing her role — and adding to the huge shifts going on in the fashion industry as older titans cede to younger generations.
Although Trump has all but declared war on clean-energy advocates, many business community leaders remain committed to the technology and caution that moving slowly would cede American leadership on clean energy technologies.
When protests erupted in 2011, the king called a referendum which backed constitutional reforms that saw him cede some of his powers to the government and guarantee more rights, including freedom of speech.
Washington (CNN)Some of America's most critical allies in the fight against ISIS have made a deal to cede territory to Russian and Syrian government troops in northern Syria, the Pentagon confirmed Friday.
For example, in January, the agency announced that it intended to revise restrictions added to the "Regional Haze Rule" by the Obama administration, and suggested it could cede some regulatory control to states.
Later, in an interview, Tom Colicchio revealed that he was able to take one of the cauldrons home; I would have to cede most of my New York bedroom to fit a cauldron.
American officials were not terribly optimistic that Mr. Kagame would cede power this year, not least because he faces the prospect of being prosecuted for war crimes at some point in the future.
But if the hundred-million-plus PS4 owners can't move their libraries over to a PS5 with similar hardware, ideally with performance advantages, Sony will cede a real advantage to Microsoft's next Xbox.
Congress recently passed a multi-billion dollar aid bill as the president continues to demand Democratic lawmakers cede to his demands on tightening immigration law, which was one of his key campaign promises.
He suggested the organization might cede sections of Mosul rather easily in order to focus on "revenue-generating" zones or "iconic" locations that are important to its status as a would-be state.
Fighting for re-election in April, Mr Abadi might try to rebut accusations that he toppled IS only to cede land to a Kurdish state—by launching a battle for Kirkuk's oil fields.
It's this era that many Catholic integralists — who say that Catholic doctrine should guide all social and political action, and that secular governments should cede to the pope — would like to return to.
Last year at NAIM 2017, Toyota and Ford founded the SmartDeviceLink Consortium, with a focus on extending iOS and Android apps to car dashboards without having to cede control to Apple or Google.
Fellow author and friend Frankie Edozien said Wainaina was "a beacon of light" who "was not going to cede his right to be an African and a gay African anywhere on the continent".
It's that all the companies that build cars will become like the companies that manufacture cell phones: hollowed-out shells that cede most of the value to software makers like Apple and Google.
Starbucks Corp is unlikely to cede its leading position in China, the company's fastest-growing major market, to Chinese startup Luckin in 2019, Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson said in an interview on Thursday.
And the judges who wrote the Ninth Circuit order have made it abundantly clear that, even in the name of national security, they will not cede their power as a co-equal branch.
One thing that I think we should learn is that we mustn't cede ground, we mustn't make some topics taboo in such a way that only the right gets to talk about it.