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"hold" Definitions
  1. [singular, uncountable] the action of holding somebody/something; the way you are holding somebody/something synonym grip
  2. [countable] a particular way of holding somebody, especially in a fight or in a sport such as wrestling
  3. [singular] influence, power or control over somebody/something
  4. [countable] a place where you can put your hands or feet when climbing
  5. [countable] the part of a ship or plane where the goods being carried are storedTopics Transport by waterc1, Transport by airc1

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"hold" Synonyms
grip bear clasp grasp clench clutch carry own possess have cling to command take adhere clinch handle palm secure seize wield reserve retain wear withhold be in possession of be the owner of maintain enjoy keep sport boast be blessed with be the possessor of be possessed of consider believe think esteem reckon judge deem feel view regard figure opine presume adjudge allow assume decide swear call support sustain brace buttress shoulder uphold prop underpin bolster hold up keep up shore up bolster up prop up stay undergird stand accommodate contain comprise fit seat include store stow have room for have space for take in have a capacity of have seats for be equipped for have a capacity for have capacity for receive be big enough for conduct assemble convene organise(UK) organize(US) run arrange convoke preside schedule celebrate solemnise(UK) solemnize(US) summon officiate carry on call together officiate at continue last persist remain endure resist extend hold on persevere go on hold out keep going hold true remain unchanged stand up draw out control curb inhibit restrain constrain bridle check govern hinder regulate tame trammel freeze hamper measure rule bottle up pull in embrace hug cradle cuddle envelop squeeze enfold fold embosom enclose fondle wedge hold tight hold in one's arms crush bear hug cherish harbor(US) harbour(UK) treasure foster hold on to entertain nurse nurture brood over imagine detain imprison confine impound remand arrest immure incarcerate intern lock up pound bind put away put behind bars put in prison put inside shut up hold in custody keep under constraint engross absorb captivate capture occupy catch engage enthrall(US) enthral(UK) fascinate interest monopolise(UK) monopolize(US) rivet keep alive fill be in hold down be placed in be employed in hang onto keep hold of undertake adopt take up engage in take on embark upon aim cast direct level pinpoint set train head bend point turn focus sight slant steer position beam incline lay take aim apply exist operate obtain be in effect remain available remain in force remain valid be in force be in operation be valid be the case prevail be established hold good be in use be prevalent be customary wait stay on the line live linger reside abide rest dwell bide lodge hang hover inhabit allege assert declare claim state avow aver contend profess insist avouch attest proclaim argue asseverate purport certify testify cling stick attach fasten cleave bond hew cohere twine hold fast suspend postpone delay defer shelve adjourn table prorogue reschedule mothball pigeonhole interrupt retard recess intermit protract prorogate procrastinate push press depress hit mash tap touch thrust nudge jab squish poke shove squash strike ram press down push down identify acknowledge recognise(UK) recognize(US) see envisage favor(US) favour(UK) respect accede accept approve endorse ratify encase pen cage corral bound hedge house closet encage coop fence limit blockade preserve refuse hang on to continue to have cleave to keep possession of hold fast to hold back keep back sit on save hoard conserve stockpile amass collect devote earmark bank dedicate stash gather obsess preoccupy consume fixate haunt hound plague beset torment infatuate eat up rule one's thoughts dominate one's thoughts monopolize one's thoughts anchor fix hitch moor clamp affix tie connect bolt chain plant imbed occur preponderate abound predominate reign be current be present be rife be in existence be rampant be widespread throw host give provide plan lay on put on be responsible for make put together coordinate carry out set up plan for finger paw lift thumb maul move palpate test try pick up play with toy with poke at pin down immobilise(UK) immobilize(US) pinion trap pin shackle fetter manacle handcuff rope annexe(UK) annex(US) commandeer dominate colonise(UK) colonize(US) garrison requisition hegemonize usurp gain oppress sell stock supply market deal in have for sale have in stock trade in offer for sale have available offer keep in stock proffer pace manage monitor administer adjust methodize overlook temper adapt guide systematise(UK) derive draw experience get glean undergo acquire develop encounter extract face know convey bring haul lug pack tote fetch cart hump relay shift ferry hoist schlepp encompass cover involve incorporate comprehend embody subsume constitute entail admit number deal with agree concur acquiesce concede sympathise(UK) sympathize(US) accord grant assent confess fess be united be as one be in sympathy fulfil(UK) comply with fulfill(US) obey observe follow honor(US) heed honour(UK) execute redeem meet complete effectuate satisfy discharge hope expect want foresee wish desire pray yearn count on surmise trust anticipate be looking contemplate long long for await push on perseverate strive grind perdure carry through follow through be resolute be stubborn keep at treat serve address negotiate value account estimate evaluate rate act toward act towards behave toward behave towards be nestle perch sit be found be located be set be positioned be sited be situated be perched centre(UK) center(US) focalise focalize centralise(UK) centralize(US) converge funnel settle prove out wash be acceptable bear scrutiny be plausible be reasonable carry weight convince hold water pass muster ring true defend protect guard safeguard shield screen shelter bulwark forfend ward fend prolong lengthen perpetuate stall stretch pad elongate increase outstretch drag out coalesce amalgamate unite combine integrate meld consolidate merge blend commix form fuse synthesise(UK) synthesize(US) gel jell be connected add up make sense seem sensible fit with the facts be logical hang together be consistent check out seem right give the full picture tell the complete story be convincing seem reasonable caress stroke pet pat rub brush skim graze massage nuzzle gentle cosset dandle love neck fly pass bear examination survive investigation be provable be verifiable be sound work out be tenable stand questioning jam cram force stuff crowd block sandwich shoehorn bung chock be upheld be believed gain credence be regarded as valid corner exercise hog bogart cartelize copyright devour employ exclude exploit equate equalise(UK) equalize(US) match balance square tally even offset pair parallel liken make equal agree with average be equal to compare with carve chip cut fashion shape chisel hammer model sculpt rough-hew sculpture whittle axe(UK) ax(US) prune slash commemorate mark memorialise(UK) memorialize(US) remember revere reverence venerate partake in participate in take part in appropriate confiscate expropriate sequester sequestrate disseize distrain poind take possession of take away arrogate take over poise float levitate stabilise(UK) stabilize(US) hang suspended be suspended hang in midair hang in mid-air be poised hold steady hold oneself steady stop cease end finish come to an end come to a stop conclude draw to a close terminate be over close pause come to a close come to a halt come to a standstill wind up break off close out come to rest authority sway dominance influence mastery power pull clout dominion arm reins ascendancy leverage tenure mana purchase grapple handgrip handhold gripe vise death grip handclasp cinch clamping snatch foothold footing toehold traction adhesion anchorage friction vantage resistance firm contact attachment stability steadiness equilibrium stranglehold domination supremacy sovereignty leadership hegemony superiority ascendency preeminence understanding appreciation apprehension comprehension perception percipience realization(US) cognizance discernment sense awareness knowledge conception realisation(UK) apperception consciousness cognition impression in communication with in contact with in touch with storage compartment storeroom cargo bay storage space storage area fort fortification fortress stronghold citadel bastion castle fastness redoubt tower donjon alcazar blockhouse bunker rampart turret refuge gaol(UK) jail(US) jailhouse lockup penitentiary prison slammer stockade brig joint tolbooth bastille big house bridewell can clink cooler guardroom detainment detention imprisonment incarceration detainer immurement confinement internment captivity custody impoundment restraint durance porridge time duress bondage chokey quarantine break halt stoppage interlude interval intermission holdup interruption gap lull holdback suspension retardation title possession occupancy holding ownership proprietorship tenancy occupation possessorship use entitlement rights keeping right guardianship restriction limitation hindrance impediment obstacle deterrent obstruction constraint bar barrier inhibition cramp rein stricture spell charm magic enchantment allure bewitchment curse fascination thrall appeal magnetism attractiveness seductiveness lure allurement captivation foundation base column platform reinforcement substructure underpinning backing bracket cornerstone fulcrum groundwork pillar joist pole post embracement tight grip bunny hug affectionate embrace tight embrace snuggle canoodle encirclement necking session insides depths core interior midst inside recesses deep guts belly heart bowels soul penetralia womb workings deepest part furthest part perspicaciousness sharpness acuity acuteness cleverness farsightedness intelligence keen-wittedness quick-wittedness sharp-wittedness alertness astuteness canniness clear-sightedness immobilization(US) binding fetters gridlock leash lock shackles clogging fermata bird's-eye prevalence frequency commonness currency pervasiveness ubiquity extensiveness regularity universality popularity rampancy rifeness frequence frequentness generality predominance ubiquitousness knob lever doorknob latch opener door handle haft helve hilt shaft shank crank handlebar contact prod glance pressure flick taction touching blow contingence physical contact vice fastener holdfast chuck jumar nipper snap capo hasp fastening hook clip bonding adherence adhesiveness stickiness connection closeness sticking fixing union coherence gluing(US) cohesion glueing(UK) booking deposit option tackle challenge interception grab attack confrontation luggage compartment boot locker trunk More
"hold" Antonyms
release relinquish surrender liberate free loosen drop loose unfasten unloosen lose undo unhand give offer yield give away give up hand over let go lack miss do not have fall short of have insufficient be inadequate of need want require desire crave not have enough of be low on be lacking be strapped for be fresh out of be short of cry out for be deficient in be clean out of refute deny confute reject contradict contravene controvert disacknowledge disaffirm disavow gainsay oppose challenge contest counter debunk disconfirm disprove negate rebuff crowd fill throng cluster concentrate congest congregate swarm amass foregather huddle overfill accumulate pervade occupy all of cancel scrap abandon abort ax(US) axe(UK) disband nix postpone scratch forsake quit scrub stop call off cease forget about put off end discontinue pass conclude desist expire finish halt settle terminate close out wind up hang up surcease die lapse discharge expel deliver emit unleash unloose give off give out let loose let out send forth send out push away forget be done with cease to remember cease to think of erase from your mind get over not worry about stop thinking about think no more of turn your back on disregard dismiss from the mind blank out set aside shut out shrug off emancipate relieve absolve exempt uncuff exculpate unbind unchain unfetter unshackle untie let off set loose bore hebetate jade disinterest turn off put to sleep send to sleep vacate leave cede desert discard ditch waive abdicate dump renounce sacrifice shed dismiss ignore bypass avoid skip repudiate scorn repulse scoff disown contemn overlook invalidate nullify void override annul disqualify quash rescind revoke repeal suspend disconnect break off put down disbelieve misinterpret mistrust misunderstand neglect abstain dislike calculate measure intensify magnify boost increase strengthen heighten raise amplify augment enhance arouse reinforce encourage extend deepen expand escalate intensate build up defer hesitate repel disenchant disgust alienate annoy depress disappoint disillusion displease dissuade disturb fail offend pain assist help incite provoke aid allow misguide mislead permit promote continue resume re-establish accept add advance begin complete do expedite forge forward go include open persist doubt disagree dispute call into question question be apprehensive be dubious be in a quandary have doubts have qualms have reservations query accord expose grant reveal disclose divulge indulge show acknowledge admit concede own affirm accede acquiesce confess profess accede to acquiesce in agree to approve of be responsible for take responsibility for waste blow consume destroy spend splurge squander use decimate deplete dissipate lavish drain exhaust misspend misuse sap empty distract sidetrack divert agitate detract trouble deflect harass utilise(UK) utilize(US) apply handle harness deploy implement operate enjoy manipulate wield employ engage work commit find a use for get through go through destabilise(UK) destabilize(US) unbalance disable attenuate weaken enervate enfeeble threaten blunt break down chip away at debilitate fade incapacitate wane wilt attend join enter appear at be a guest at be at go to make an appearance at make it to show up at show up to take part in turn up at turn up to be present at pop into pop up at drop into break collapse crack fragment fracture shatter smash snap split bust rupture burst rend break up fall to bits fall to pieces know appreciate recognise(UK) recognize(US) comprehend realise(UK) realize(US) understand discern grasp perceive manhandle mismanage leave alone not carry change vary fluctuate oscillate swing alter differ withhold refrain curb inhibit reserve resist repress restrain suppress bridle conceal eschew dispose can chuck toss banish junk cast away dispense with dispose of do away with get rid of throw away throw out push drive force shove impotence impotency inaptitude incompetence ineptitude powerlessness hopelessness incapability incapacity incompetency ineffectiveness ineptness uselessness weakness helplessness inability inadequacy inefficacy inefficiency incapacitation launch throw throwing delivery freeing hurling chucking fling lob pitch flip letting go dropping slip slide skid fall false step subservience deference obedience submission submissiveness acquiescence amenability compliance docility tractability compliancy conformance conformity obsequiousness servility willingness agreement biddability complaisance observance misapprehension confusion misunderstanding incomprehension misconception misconstruing misinterpretation confounding miscalculation misknowledge misreading misconstruction misimpression misjudgement misjudging misjudgment misreckoning mix-up noncomprehension unconsciousness landfill tip dumping ground garbage lot junk pile recycling station refuse heap rubbish pile freedom liberation acquittal quittance absolution exculpation exoneration pardon parole emancipation liberty the outside incitement beginning assistance independence enlargement continuation licence advantage start allowance permission expansion agitation subjugation domination subjection subjugating conquest dominating overpowering subduing subjecting vanquishing expedition agility haste speed quickness rapidity rapidness promptness swiftness expeditiousness hastiness fastness hurriedness speediness alacrity urgency velocity briskness hastening hurry immunity protection resistance imperviousness invulnerability impunity amnesty exception branch subsidiary extension offshoot subdivision adjunct annex(US) annexe(UK) division section subsection supplement addition derivative part sector arm attachment department discipline ignorance stupidity idiocy stupidness asininity fatuity simplicity brainlessness nitwittedness doltishness fatuousness feeble-mindedness obtuseness puerility imbecility injudiciousness insensibility thick-headedness

871 Sentences With "hold"

How to use hold in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "hold" and check conjugation/comparative form for "hold". Mastering all the usages of "hold" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Hold up, hold up, hold —— POLICE OFFICER: Oh, [expletive]!
POLICE OFFICER: All right, hold up, hold on, hold on.
I just want her to hold it, hold it, hold it, hold it …' And so, I didn't release it.
Hold onto your breath, hold onto your heart, hold onto your hope.
Hold on a second, hold on a second, hold on a second.
My only recourse was to call, call, call, again, and hold, hold, hold.
But she'd hold it, hold it, hold it, and then it happens after a defeat.
"Hold it, hold it, hold it," Sanders said when asked about his "staunch" support of Omar.
A person to talk to, to hold, to hold me.
Just hold your breath like you'd hold in a hiccup.
If you want to hold all the balls, hold deez.
St. George's can hold 800 people, while Westminster can hold 2,000.
Why do you hold that belief, if you still hold it?
But hold on: It's unclear if Congress will hold hearings yet.
And so I tried to hold the line, hold the line.
The climbers earned points as they ascended from hold to hold.
Weight balanced, feet aligned, deep knee bend, stick-straight torso, elbows cocked, sweeping follow-through, wrist bent, hold it ... hold it ... hold it ... bottom.
"He was kneeling on the ground, trying to hold me from sliding, trying to hold himself, and trying to hold the tourniquet," she said.
I always hold — do you say 'I hold a candle' for that?
It will hold back most bacteria, but it won't hold back viruses.
"Hold on, hold on," he says in the Daily Show clip above.
Without it, those who hold the elections would hold all the power.
These include scarf hold armlocks, scarf hold headlocks, Ezekiel chokes and more.
ENH will hold a 51% stake, while Vitol will hold the remainder.
A lot of artists — mostly male artists, I think — hold on to their access, hold on to their knowledge and hold on to their resources.
I have to hold my breast, I have to hold the [nipple] shield, and I have to hold her head perfectly in order to nurse her.
Guam will hold caucuses in May, and the U.S. Virgin Islands will hold them in June, while just one more state — Wyoming — will hold a caucus.
It can hold 303,000 guests, while St. George's Chapel can hold 800. 5.
Sit pretty in a begging position, paws up, hold it, hold it. Release.
I kept thinking, 'Hold on to the moment, hold on to the moment.
Beautiful fluid movement, great mix of steps in hold and out of hold.
I'm beautiful out so will it hold all clean and hold its form?
I will hold your hand, I will help hold the light for you.
"Hold on to your memories, they will hold on to you," Taylor sang.
After a while, 'Hold the door' became 'Hold the doorHold the doorHoldoorHodoor. Dammit!
If that box can't hold Alabama, it can't be expected to hold anything.
The cockpit is supposed to hold 2 people, it has to hold 8.
Women and women can hold hands, and men and men can hold hands.
You hold out hope, but you don't hold your breath when you're waiting.
But I give him the stepdaughter smile back and hold it, hold it.
Other Comstock supporters hold fast to the belief that she can hold on.
Republicans hold 23 of the state's 36 congressional seats; Democrats hold just 13.
Quick: Wait, but again, hold this ... hold that up higher, they can't see it.
LG: Okay that noise you hear right now; hold on, hold on (smacking sound).
If a macaque monkey cannot hold a copyright, can a machine hold a patent?
Classrooms designed to hold 24 students routinely hold 34—at worst, I've seen 40.
Republicans currently hold 52 Senate seats, while Democrats control 46 and independents hold two.
Waff Mini Forearm or Hand Plank Hold with three variations: 30-60 second hold
They have a mythical hold and this hold increases the further you go north.
We have to hold a series of hearings, we have to hold the investigations.
But you have to hold fast, hold on and show you are always there.
Pills became harder to get hold of, and less reliable, and ketamine took hold.
Cement cannot hold itself alone; it usually needs an iron net to hold it.
But in the arena, Clinton couldn't hold the audience; it wasn't hers to hold.
" But this literature meets the horror of "the hold" with the injunction "to hold.
The hold slipped into what London called a "neck hold" because of Garner's size.
Do your best to try to hold the door open and hold people responsible.
It's meant to hold water, but Mr. Mendez doesn't intend it to hold flowers.
"Regroup, hold serve, hold serve," he said he kept telling himself, like a mantra.
And then you just have to hold it, you have to hold it now.
I hold bitcoin, I hold XRP, which is a part of Ripple's technology stack.
If he couldn't hold on to that territory, he probably couldn't hold on anywhere.
If Rubio realizes that this endgame looms, you could argue that his "hold, hold, hold …" strategy is actually far cockier than his shrinking-violet approach this week suggests.
Needham - Underperform (Sell)Atlantic Equities - Underweight (Sell) Morningstar - (Sell)Aegis - (Hold)Susquehanna - (Hold)Nomura Instinet - Reduce (Sell)Pivotal Research - (Sell)CFRA Research - (Hold)FBN Securities - Sector PerformCantor - Underweight
"You always need someone to hold things — you know, like, 'Hold on, I'm almost done, hold this' — and I'm really good at that kind of stuff," she joked.
TRUMP: I beat Hillary Clinton in many polls... RUBIO: If you're our nominee (INAUDIBLE)... KELLY: ... Hold on, Senator, hold on... TRUMP: ... I think I'm talking... RUBIO: ... Oh, excuse me (INAUDIBLE)... TRUMP: ... I beat Hillary Clinton... KELLY: ... Hold on, hold on, hold on... TRUMP: ... I hope you think (INAUDIBLE)... KELLY: ... The audience cannot understand when you're talking over each other.
"Hold on, hold on, wait a second," Mr. Sanders said to applause from the crowd.
BECKY QUICK: Wait, but again, hold this-- hold that up higher, they can't see it.
"If he's going to hold us accountable, we're going to hold him accountable," he said.
Hold everything in place with a strong-hold hairspray, like Sebastian Professional Shaper Fierce Hairspray.
Axiata will hold a 68.3 percent stake in Robi, while Bharti will hold 25 percent.
The American free press, created to hold the powerful accountable, doesn't even hold itself accountable.
Women could not hold dangerous opinions, because women could not hold opinions of their own.
Netflix has put everything on hold, Apple TV+ put several productions on hold, Warner Bros.
The Declaration of Independence, we hold these truths — We hold these — — to be self-evident.
While Senate committees cannot hold votes during impeachment trials, they are free to hold hearings.
I know you hold on to your dreams and you hold on to your money.
Just so you're aware, if you hold it, don't tell people you hold it. Don't.
MUNICH RE - SocGen raises to "buy" from "hold" PFEIFFER VACUUM - HSBC raises to "buy" from "hold" LEONI - HSBC cuts to "hold" from "buy" ADIDAS - Baader Helvea raises to "buy" from "hold" Dow Jones -0.2 pct, S&P 500 -0.1 pct, Nasdaq +0.2 pct at close.
"We'll hold town halls, we'll hold rallies, we'll hold press conferences, we'll infiltrate Democrat events with supporters of the president to create general disruption," RNC senior official Rick Gorka said.
I hold a lot of value in it and I hold it to a high standard.
CMPD does not allow officers who perform crowd control to hold conversations as they hold formation.
I would stick by Harman ... I believe in the company still ... Hold it, just hold it.
"We hold Apple in our portfolios and we want to continue to hold it," Gibbs said.
Sometimes he'd just hold his mom as she wept, fighting to hold back his own tears.
Hold for 1 minute, then take 30 seconds to rest, then hold again for a minute.
Automators hold considerable power and will hold even more as the boom in the field continues.
Alaska will hold Republican caucuses on Super Tuesday, and Samoa will hold caucuses just for Democrats.
"You can't hold a phone and hold a drill at the same time," Ms. Schulman said.
She is saying: Hold on to your resentment; just don't let it hold on to you.
"I told him 'hold on, just hold on, I'm calling for help now," she said, sobbing.
Now your need to hold things together has become enhanced, and you hold on extra tight.
They were strong, intricate, unassuming, feminine — less meant to hold women in than hold women up.
It's up to all of us — students, parents, educators, and concerned citizens — to join together, to hold each other accountable, to hold our leaders accountable, and to hold this Administration accountable.
GSK will hold a 68 percent stake in the joint venture, while Pfizer will hold the rest.
Australia will hold five by-elections on July 28, and likely hold general elections in early 2019.
Viewers do not yet know what it'll hold, but if past is prologue, it won't hold back.
Most states will hold a primary election and a few, such as Minnesota, will hold caucus meetings.
Fact is, those who hold killer whales captive are themselves captive to the killer whales they hold.
The Caps don't hold the trademark on promise and hope, but they don't not hold it, either.
He would hold both kids when she spoke, and she would hold both kids when he spoke.
Rather than fight to hold on to what she'd built, Madison fights to hold onto her family.
According to CNN projections, Democrats will hold 234 seats in the House and Republicans will hold 200.
By comparison, 44 percent hold a favorable opinion of Rosen, while 45 percent hold an unfavorable opinion.
Their words hold weight, and we need to be conscious of the weight that our words hold.
We need that organized base to hold us accountable -- to hold the politicians that we're helping accountable.
PPB shareholders will hold 61% of the combined company, while FanDuel shareholders will hold the remaining 39%.
If she could hold her head up high, spirit unbroken, then we too could hold it together.
Massachusetts didn't hold a tax holiday the past two years but is scheduled to hold one Aug.
These designers don't hold runway shows on the fashion-week schedule ... if they hold them at all.
In Denver public schools, 20 bilingual education teachers hold H-1Bs and about three hold J-1s.
If we hope for governments to hold companies accountable, then it's citizens who must hold governments accountable.
"To hold someone's driver's license, to hold someone's birth certificate, to hold someone's Social Security card, is to hold their livelihood," Vasquez said, explaining that because his client's paperwork was confiscated, he wasn't able to fly home to check on his family after Hurricane Maria wrecked the island.
" Eminem then drops a snarky bit of wordplay on Trump, saying, "But my beef is more media journalists / (Hold up, hold up, hold up…) / I said my beef is more meaty, a journalist.
WACKER CHEMIE - UBS raises to "neutral" from "sell" EVOTEC - Deutsche Bank raises to "buy" from "hold" GEA GROUP - Berenberg raises to "hold" from "sell" VAPIANO - Berenberg starts with "buy" VOLKSWAGEN - Jefferies cuts to "hold" from "buy" ADIDAS - Deutsche Bank cuts to "hold" from "buy" DEUTZ - HSBC raises to "buy" from "hold" Dow Jones +0.3 pct, S&P 500 +0.2 pct, Nasdaq +0.2 pct at close.
On the iOS 11 home screen:Short tap = openMedium tap = popover menuMedium hold = begin dragLong hold = enter rearrange mode
Analysts at Jefferies downgraded the stock to "hold" from "buy", while HSBC cut it to "reduce" from "hold".
In general, funds that hold shorter-term duration bonds are better than ones that hold longer-term securities.
The voters in the focus group didn't hold whatever misgivings they hold about Donald Trump against his son.
"Hold on, hold on, wait a second," Sanders called out, appearing to applause dressed as an impoverished immigrant.
But when we hold together and hold in — we are talking about life that avails, life not lived.
But there's this, too: People don't hold Trump to the same standards that they hold other politicians to.
Hell can test and try one's self but it cannot hold Dante and it will not hold me.
The DNC could reward states that hold regular primaries with extra delegates, or sanction states that hold caucuses.
I feel it's my responsibility to hold their feet to the fire the way they hold us accountable.
Rosneft will hold a majority stake of 51 percent in the Russian project, BP will hold 49 percent.
Woodside will hold a 73.5% stake in each of the titles, while BHP will hold the remaining 26.5%.
Woodside will hold a 73.5% stake in each of the titles, while BHP will hold the remaining 26.5%.
The bank will hold a rate meeting on Tuesday where it is expected to keep rates on hold.
The NDP hold 41 seats versus the Liberals' 42, while the Greens hold three in British Columbia's legislature.
Not wanting to go back, I make it happenuntil I hold the broken one, hold her and sing.
You know, president Obama said the other day when you're whining -- Wallace: — Hold on, folks, hold on, folks.
It also underscores Republicans' firm belief that if they cannot hold Rubio's seat, they cannot hold the Senate.
Well, hold on, hold on, because- The solution to Facebook might not be more Facebook, but go ahead.
"We're going to hold the House and we're going to hold the Senate," he told the Republican audience.
Following the approvals, Eni will hold a 34 percent participating interest in the block, while Sasol and Qatar Petroleum will hold 25.5 percent each and Empresa Nacional de Hidrocarbonetos (ENH) will hold 15 percent.
Following the initial evaluation, doctors recommended that Locklear be placed under psychiatric hold, which was extended to a so-called 52-50 hold, which is a "14-day involuntary hold that is placed by a physician following a 51-50 hold for additional intensive treatment," according to College Hospital Costa Mesa.
I am well-versed in the stereotype that millennials can't hold a job, but I couldn't help but wonder whether it was that I couldn't hold a job or that this job couldn't hold me.
Needham - Underperform (Sell)Atlantic Equities - Underweight (Sell) Morningstar - (Sell) Aegis - (Hold) Susquehanna - (Hold) Nomura Instinet - Reduce (Sell) Pivotal Research - (Sell) CFRA Research - (Hold) FBN Securities - Sector Perform Cantor - UnderweightMoffettNathanson - (Sell) —Reuters contributed to this report.
KUKA - Jefferies raises to "HOLD" from "UNDERPERFORM" GEA - Jefferies raises to "BUY" from "HOLD" KION Jefferies cuts to "HOLD" from "BUY" Dow Jones -0.4 pct, S&P 500 -0.3 pct, Nasdaq -0.1 pct at close.
"As you hold the hands of your best friend, these are the hands that will hold you, comfort you, wipe your tears away, hold your children, give you strength when you need it," she said.
When the mercury begins to hold steady at 70 degrees, a particular type of frenzy takes hold of you.
Then, in 2011, he began struggling to hold his breath under water; soon, he couldn't hold it at all.
And federal prisons hold just a fraction of America's 2.3 million prisoners, while state prisons hold more than half.
"If you love someone tonight, hold on, hold on real tight," he adds, floating on the wings of angels.
To take an airfield or city and hold it, a military has to develop supply lines they can hold.
Of course, all modern scientific theories and methods of observation, enquiry and validation hold and should continue to hold.
The argument that the base would leave did not hold sway then, and it does not hold sway now.
Republicans continue to hold strong on their refusal to hold a confirmation hearing or vote until after the election.
Today, world fixed income ETFs hold 38 times the size of what globally investment banks are allowed to hold.
At the end of the day, that's a nice thought to keep hold of, especially when fear takes hold.
If we're going to hold every country to that standard, we'll have to hold the U.S. to that standard.
Weekes said the hockey community needed to "hold people to task" and fans had to hold themselves to account.
Macron loves to hold Trump's hand Trump praised Macron, adding that the French leader "loves" to hold his hand.
They didn't refuse to hold a fair trial so much as they refused to hold any trial at all.
Statewide, Democrats hold seven of the state's eight House seats, including the Sixth Congressional District, while Republicans hold one.
And that's what I did, hold stuff for my boys, just hold all the stuff they keep telling me.
Women hold roughly half of all jobs in the U.S., yet they hold only 25 percent of STEM jobs.
Needham - Underperform (Sell)Atlantic Equities - Underweight (Sell)Morningstar - (Sell)Aegis - (Hold)Susquehanna - (Hold)Nomura Instinet - Reduce (Sell)Pivotal Research - (Sell)CFRA Research - (Hold)FBN Securities - Sector PerformCantor - UnderweightMoffettNathanson - (Sell)Mizuho - Neutral —Reuters contributed to this report.
He is scheduled to hold campaign stops this week in Louisiana and Florida, which do not hold primaries until March.
Your backpack can hold maybe four or five books, but one e-reader or tablet can hold thousands of titles.
Overall, actively managed U.S. equity funds now hold $3.6 trillion in assets while their passive counterparts hold nearly $3.1 trillion.
Republicans currently hold 1003 seats in the Senate, while Democrats hold 45 plus two independents who caucus with the party.
"Hold the selfies / Put the 'gram away / Get your family / Now hold hands and pray," Kanye raps in the song.
"Hold the selfies / Put the 'gram away / Get your family / Now hold hands and pray," West raps in the song.
"Hold the selfies / Put the 'gram away / Get your family / Now hold hands and pray," West raps in the song.
Both Clinton and Trump hold underwater favorability ratings, but when it comes to the parties, the Democrats hold an edge.
One of the lines I really related to was: 'If I can hold God's attention, I can hold the world's.
For my own records, I like to hold onto those moments when it's so easy to hold onto quantized stuff.
IFM Investors and PFR will each hold 30 percent of the port, while PSA will hold 40 percent, Borys said.
It will hold a news conference (0800 GMT) The real estate investment trust will hold a news conference (0800 GMT).
The executive order was already on hold, meaning it can't be carried out, and now it's just staying on hold.
Built to hold gladiator fights more than a century before Rome's Colosseum, the stone Amphitheatre can hold about 2,000 people.
"They can't decide about when to hold talks, (and when) not to hold talks," he told Reuters in an interview.
The attorney general's office can hold suspects for 48 hours and then must petition a judge to hold them longer.
Republicans currently hold 6900 seats in the Senate while Democrats hold 2628 seats with two Independents caucusing alongside the Democrats.
If we can't hold the children more than 20 days, therefore we can't hold the parents more than 20 days.
At the same time, he acknowledged the need for tech firms to hold themselves accountable for the power they hold.
Hold on hold on, I&aposll agree with you that we&aposve seen no progress on the nuclear weapons yet.
Second, rather than hold one vote on a large increase, Congress should hold several votes over time on smaller increases.
Republicans, who hold a majority, have repeatedly said that they'll refuse to hold hearings or votes on the president's pick.
Tencent will now hold a seven percent stake in the apparel company, while will hold a 5.5 percent stake.
WWE to hold WrestleMania without fans World Wrestling Entertainment announced Monday that it has decided to hold WrestleMania without fans.
" There is rueful retracing here: "Just once I wanted / to hit & hold the person / who could hit & hold / me down.
Some customers felt it didn't provide enough hold, but with long hair, too much hold can kill a natural look.
Popsockets wouldn't be necessary if you could safely hold your phone the way you'd hold any other object that shape.
The two will hold an "extended set of bilateral meetings," and will hold a press conference in the Rose Garden.
We're trying to pick up something and hold on to it, but there's maybe not enough to hold on to.
Borsa Istanbul will hold 18.5% of the company, the banking association said, while Japan Credit Rating Agency will hold 14.95%.
"The Republicans have proven we can win and hold federal offices and win and hold the state legislature," Jennings said, noting that the state's legislature is very powerful and that Republicans hold the majority in both chambers.
After about 45 minutes on hold,  I spoke to a customer service representative who asked some questions, put me on hold, asked more questions, put me on hold, and then finally said I'd get my $1,200 back. Hallelujah!
We have to get the facts out, we have to hold a series of hearings, we have to hold the investigations.
Trump can mandate that they hold more suspected immigration violators in detention, but they need detention centers that can hold them.
ExxonMobil will operate blocks 1710 and 1810 and hold a 90 percent interest while NAMCOR will hold a 10 percent interest.
More than once, you hold your breath to see if the gravelly-voiced performer will hit, and hold, the necessary note.
The city will still hold parties and performances for returning attendees, but hold a protest march instead of a traditional parade.
As Myers says, "Even though I hold her close to my heart, Everence has allowed me to hold her even closer."
"All I want you to do is hold your husband a little closer, hold your wife a little tighter," she said.
"I'm telling my people to hold strong," he said, as a group of mostly young supporters chanted "hold strong" behind him.
They're almost like these little buoys in the ocean that I can hold onto when I need something to hold onto.
The current research doesn't support it as much: People who hold themselves in esteem hold their groups in esteem as well.
The bank will need to hold less capital in future, because Swedish banks must hold capital ratios far above EU rivals.
If current Fed forecasts for inflation hold, such a policy would mean U.S. monetary policy would be on hold until 2018.
"You can hold on to your discolouring creams, and I'll hold on to my colour," the girls add towards the end.
The five parties together hold 43 seats, and with Levica's nine seats, they will hold a slim majority in the parliament.
Let me begin by noting a somewhat obvious point that these offices that we hold are not ours to hold indefinitely.
"We're putting the trade war on hold, so right now we have agreed to put the tariffs on hold," Mnuchin said.
But if Iran really seeks to hold sway from Mesopotamia to the Mediterranean the status quo may not hold for long.
Following the completion of the transaction, PAI will hold around 62% in the consortium and Charles Jobson will hold around 38%.
Senate forecast: Republicans will hold 23 seats (and maintain control of the Senate) next Congress while Democrats will hold just 20143.
Senate forecast: Republicans will hold 245 seats (and maintain control of the Senate) next Congress while Democrats will hold just 463.
They say that women hold up half the sky but I say that during conflict they hold up the whole thing.
On average, only 30 percent of respondents hold a favorable view of Trump versus 63 percent who hold a negative one.
They both don't have family anymore, they're both looking for something to hold on to — someone to hold onto — and love.
If the world falls apart, it will be up to us to hold each other together, to hold each other up.
Pros: Versatile and light with natural-looking hold and a clean scent Cons: Some users felt it didn't provide enough hold
"The GOP basically said, hold on hold on, we're going to go through a step-by-step process first," said Demirjian.
Caucasian men hold 237 percent of the seats analyzed, followed by Caucasian women who hold 22016 percent, according to the study.
Senate forecast: Republicans will hold 21 seats (and maintain control of the Senate) next Congress while Democrats will hold just 22.
Senate forecast: Republicans will hold 24 seats (and maintain control of the Senate) next Congress while Democrats will hold just 22020.
"I told him, 'Hold on, just hold on, I'm calling for help now,'" she told CNN affiliate WFTS on Thursday, sobbing.
It will hold an 80% stake, while Sonangol will hold 20% in Block 21/09 in the south-central Kwanza Basin.
Senate forecast: Republicans will hold 52 seats (and maintain control of the Senate) next Congress while Democrats will hold just 63.
Senate forecast: Republicans will hold 52 seats (and maintain control of the Senate) next Congress while Democrats will hold just 48.
It's a Fed that at the current time is on hold and expects to be on hold for the near term.
Senate forecast: Republicans will hold 51 seats (and maintain control of the Senate) next Congress while Democrats will hold just 22014.
Senate forecast: Republicans will hold 2230 seats (and maintain control of the Senate) next Congress while Democrats will hold just 2301.
"I told him, 'Hold on, just hold on, I'm calling for help now,' " she told CNN affiliate WFTS on Thursday, sobbing.
It will hold an 80% stake, while Sonangol will hold 20% in Block 21/09 in the south-central Kwanza Basin.
Pengrowth Energy Corp : Canaccord Genuity raises target price to C$2.40 from C$2.15; rating "hold" Sandvine Corp : Desjardins raises to "buy" from "hold" Teck Resources Ltd : Deutsche Bank raises to "buy" from "hold" COMMODITIES AT 7:10 a.m.
Thus 86% of those British people who hold no anti-Israel attitudes hold no anti-Semitic views either; but among those who hold a large number of anti-Israel attitudes, only 26% are completely free of anti-Semitic feelings.
Obviously it was an artistic choice, the thing was just big enough to hold her, and not big enough to hold him . . .
We have got to make sure that doesn&apost take hold in the Congress, and it doesn&apost take hold anywhere else.
To do this, press and hold its "Share" button to the left of the touchpad, then also hold the middle "PlayStation" button.
The clinical hold took place in November 2014, and CytRx attributes its shortcomings of its Phase 3 trials directly to the hold.
They also include a stretchable band specifically designed to hold a gimbal, but it can be used to hold a lens, too.
I was the first and the last to hold you in my arms and I will hold you in my heart forever.
That allows a single bit to potentially hold two values at once, or for two bits to hold four values at once.
Press and hold the button and it'll start charging your iPhone; to disable the charging, press and hold the button once more.
In a statement, the central bank voted unanimously hold hold its policy rate in a range between 2.25 percent and 2.5 percent.
The two states jointly hold 89 percent of HSH, while local savings banks hold 13 percent and J.C. Flowers owns 5 percent.
While most people's bladders hold about two cups of fluid, some people's anatomy might be such that they can hold significantly less.
Negative interest rates can be implemented by charging banks to hold reserves (which are deposits which commercial banks hold at central banks).
In the end, the bells and whistles don't hold the floor up underneath writing that can't quite hold up its own façade.
Democrats hold an 8-point advantage among women in the poll, while Republicans hold a 4-point lead over Democrats among men.
The poll found that half of the respondents hold a favorable view of the law, while 44 percent hold an unfavorable view.
These Turks not only do not hold America up on a pedestal, I doubt they hold any country up on a pedestal.
The storage pouches are different sizes, one large enough to hold a water bottle and one designed to hold items like sunglasses.
Going into the election, Republicans hold 54 seats while Democrats hold 44 seats, with two additional senators caucusing with the Democratic Party.
The Point: Don't hold your breath waiting for Trump to release his tax returns, because no one can hold their breath forever.
Democrats hold three of their four Senate seats, but Nelson is in a tough race to hold one of those in Florida.
Republicans will hold 52 seats -- and keep the majority -- in the Senate, while Democrats will hold just 48, according to Enten's analysis.
If Republicans hold the seats they're favored in at this time, then they probably would hold on to control of the House.
Bernie Sanders will hold a "virtual rally" Monday, having scrapped plans to hold events in the four states still voting this week.
Puerto Rico was originally scheduled to hold its primary on March 29 and will now hold it no earlier than April 26.
"But if an institution has an incentive to hold on to your money, they are going to hold on to your money."
You definitely don't want to "hold" or put your NOSE near a skunk, but you might hold your NOSE with your fingers.
So whereas two traditional bits hold only two values, a pair of these so-called "qubits" can hold four values at once.
National standard safety requirements say the crib slats have to hold 80 pounds; Babyletto cribs like the Jubilee can hold 135 pounds.
And it's inspiring that you can't hold on to a lot of things — you can't hold on to the most important things.
A new government, he says, should reform the electoral law to weaken the hold of the Shia blocs, and hold early elections.
"I think you have to represent all the values that we hold as Americans, that we hold as a country," he said.
Her job, as she saw it, was to hold that bubble open for the ones who couldn't always hold it open themselves.
She didn't even get to hold him after she gave birth to him...she didn't even get to hold her own baby.
An analogy a great economist once made to me: think of them as climbing one of these mountains, hand-hold to hand-hold.
Democrats hold few congressional seats outside big cities, and control no statehouses in the South; they hold just three away from the coasts.
" During Swift's performance, DiCenzo says Fallon was crying, especially at the lyrics, "Hold on to your memories, they will hold on to you.
"Those same pieces of advice that we hold true for life in general also hold true while we're watching sports games," he says.
Rising interest rates lift the opportunity cost of holding non-yielding bullion - why hold gold when you can be paid to hold cash?
"Once they hold that baby, and that baby grows up a little bit, they want to hold that baby again," added Romo, 37.
"I'm feeling pretty excited getting to hold my kids sitting on my couch and actually just hold one at a time," he said.
Catalonia Catalonia's going to hold off on making a formal declaration of independence and wants to hold talks with the Spanish government first.
Stay the course in Afghanistan and hold free and fair elections 85033 is the year when Afghanistan will hold its fourth presidential election.
We hold a lot of conferences and we hold a lot of – where we inject a lot of content to our client base.
The number of Americans who hold strong negative feelings towards Trump is, however, significantly greater than the number who hold strong positive feelings.
I'm ready for men to hold their brothers accountable, to hold themselves accountable, to rise to this moment in history and say ENOUGH.
HRC is asking the Senate to hold the process until after the November 2018 elections, after which Democrats will likely hold more seats.
Sean Spicer didn't hold a press briefing today, but he did hold an off-camera gaggle with the press corps in his office.
When Gardner threatens to hold up DOJ nominations, he's not saying he will hold up nominees who disagree with him about marijuana policy.
I think the president's hold over Washington officeholders who enjoy their perks is probably stronger than his hold over rank-and-file voters.
"Most sugar makers are family farms and those family farms hold this land and hold this space for the next generation," she said.
In her they see someone somehow respectful enough of Trump to hold onto her job but defiant enough to hold onto her dignity.
Can our platforms and remedies not hold the same respect for rural Americans that we hold for every other group in our country?
That means that even though we have to hold each other at a distance right now, we have to hold each other nonetheless.
Democrats currently hold twenty-five of these, and the Party will have to hold on to all twenty-five just to stay even.
Lifting the hold The lifting of the hold on September 11 was nearly as hectic, according to the email traffic in the documents.
Eni is set to hold 75 percent in the joint venture which will operate the license while Lukoil will hold remaining 25 percent.
If those numbers hold over the next eight weeks, Republicans struggling to hold their House and Senate majorities will be fighting steeply uphill.
The threat of outsourcing helps to hold down wages, while the flood of cheap goods from foreign countries helps to hold down prices.
His new show explores the things we hold on to from our past, and how much they hold for us in the present.
True, unless he makes the declaration of belief, he cannot hold public office in Maryland, but he is not compelled to hold office.
"Hold my hand, hold my hand," Roes often says, closing his eyes, when he meets someone who looks Muslim or resembles a doctor.
And oh my God, there was Steph and H, each in a submission hold, reaching out to hold hands, as wrestling lovers do.
HANNOVER RE - HSBC raises to "Hold" from "Buy" INFINEON - Berenberg reinstates with "Buy" AXEL SPRINGER - HSBC cuts to "Hold" from "Buy" DRAEGERWERK - HSBC cuts to "Hold" from "Buy" Dow Jones +1.1 pct, S&P 500 +0.5 pct, Nasdaq -0.3 pct at close.
Northland Capital Markets lowered its rating on Intel stock on Tuesday to underperform from hold, saying the chipmaker's weakened demand will hold back growth.
Aditya Birla Group will hold 39 percent of the merged entity, which will retain the name Grasim, and public shareholders will hold 61 percent.
Clinton will hold a rally in Purchase, New York, near her home in Chappaqua, while Sanders will hold a rally in the South Bronx.
"There's more expectation that the Fed will hold, but it will be a more hawkish hold," said Quincy Krosby, market strategist at Prudential Financial.
Back then I could hold both, but now I can't even hold both, and it's always like juggling – and they're running in different directions.
Deflationary cycles encourage consumers to hold off from buying and businesses to hold off from investing indefinitely, on expectations that prices will continue falling.
Deflationary cycles encourage consumers to hold off from buying and businesses to hold off from investing indefinitely, on expectations that prices will continue falling.
A 5150 hold is an involuntary psychiatric hold that occurs when a person is deemed to be a danger to either themselves or others.
Image: ScreenshotClick and hold the microphone button or hold the Space bar on your keyboard to start chatting (no need to say "Alexa" here).
Local officials hold the purse strings and hold them tight -- unless there is bad publicity such as a high-profile murder or accidental death.
His church can hold 3,000 people and mine can hold 500, so we are trying to find a reception venue that can accommodate everyone.
In the remaining six states drawn by Republican hands, Republicans hold 65 seats and Democrats hold 35; one seat, previously held by former Rep.
Jordain Carney takes a look at whether Republicans can hold the Senate and Democrats can hold the House in the next election (The Hill).
They regularly scrutinize banks' portfolios and the money they hold in reserve to make sure they can hold up in various outbreaks of trouble.
Wild hold on to lead, notch win over Stars DALLAS — So it appears the Minnesota Wild can hold a lead against the Dallas Stars.
With Disney poised to own 60% of Hulu, Comcast will hold 30% and WarnerMedia (the parent company of CNN) will hold the remaining 10%.
We cannot hold elected leaders to a lower standard than we hold people who make movies, star in movies, tell jokes and deliver news.
At least 63 percent owe more than $10,000 in student loans, 34 percent hold car loans, and another 46 percent hold credit card debt.
Each car would hold 35 people, so they're very large cars that are wheelchair-accessible, and can hold baby strollers, bikes, whatever, no problem.
But the cash benchmark can help hold organizations accountable for their results — and discourage paternalistic interventions that don't hold up compared to cash transfers.
As with all large German companies, employee representatives hold half the seats on the banks' supervisory boards, while shareholder representatives hold the other half.
Trade discussions were put on hold in September after the Chinese government declined an invitation by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to hold fresh talks.
"We also hold Russia responsible for these attacks, and we hold Russia responsible for any massacre of civilians," it said in a statement Sunday.
These primaries are where voters will decide not just which party should hold power, but WHY they should hold power, and to what end.
"If the Fed is on hold, we are at least on hold with lower interest rates," said Greg McBride, chief financial analyst at
POLICY ON HOLD While the review takes place, the ECB is expected to leave its monetary policy on hold, as it did on Thursday.
If Brown signs the measure, California would likely hold its presidential primaries before spring on Super Tuesday, when several other states hold their votes.
Not only does his party hold a majority in the Senate, but Senate Democrats have little recourse to hold up nominees they find objectionable.
Whether the president will hold himself accountable "is something you really can't hold your breath for, so Congress should have hearings," Ms. Gillibrand said.
The misquoted lyric comes from the line "Hold me closer tiny dancer," which some people may hear as "Hold me close, young Tony Danza."
You're trying to hold your breath, but all that water is pounding at the back of your throat, so you can't hold your breath.
EX-DIVIDEND MTU - dividend 1.70 euros/shr ALLIANZ - Helvea Baader raises to "buy" from "hold" SYMRISE - Helvea Baader raises to "buy" from "hold" TALANX - Helvea Baader cuts to "hold" from "buy" Dow Jones +0.1 pct, S&P 500 unchanged, Nasdaq unchanged at Thursday's close.
Called the HOLD 33 Index, the fund is designed to passively hold the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap (including a 5 year inflation schedule).
It just doesn't seem to be representing very well for people who come from where I come from, and hold down what I hold down.
The issue here isn't about Donald Trump -- if you can't hold yourself to the standard you hold everyone else to, the problem is with you.
We'd normally hold it in our offices, but they are under construction, and we don't have space to hold that many people at the moment.
For instance, I can't figure out how to hold the phone because I typically only hold about half of it in my hand at once.
As she sang "Hold On, Hold On" my eyes welled up with tears as my mind travelled back in time to that year in France.
"I didn't get to hold Cody when he came into the world and I didn't get to hold him when he went out," she said.
When it comes to hairspray, I've been using R+Co Vicious firm hold — it doesn't get crispy, but it gives it a lot of hold.
I just wanted to pick her up and hold her and hold her and tell her, 'Everything was going to be OK, Daddy has you.
I do feel like you do have to hold on to, or be on the shoulders of somebody else and hold on to each other.
"It's just so crazy how we hold these secrets in or how we hold these feeling in and we don't talk about them," she says.
But some could only hold a few songs, and those that could hold a lot of music were big, bulky, and weak on battery life.
Jeff Flake, another outspoken Republican critic of Trump, will hold an event in Gilbert, and on Tuesday, Trump will hold a campaign rally in Phoenix.
Plainly, MLS clubs still hold the view that their players are disposable assets, and they hold the power over them to treat them as such.
As of now, mutual funds hold more than $8.23 trillion in assets, and exchange-traded funds hold $3.5 trillion, according to the Investment Company Institute.
That's where we diverge, because I think Mellie had to hold steely resolve and really hold it clear in her mind to make it happen.
According to NEA Today, around 16% of teachers hold a second job over the summer, and 20% of them hold a second job year-round.
"Nearly always they ask me to hold a liturgy there, so we have to improvise wine, bread and hold a (Lord's) supper anywhere," she said.
But some could only hold a few songs, and those that could hold a lot of music were big, bulky and weak on battery life.
There are good reasons to vote and good reasons to hold elections, but "because that's how we hold representatives accountable" is not one of them.
US finally lifted the hold on military aid on September 11On September 11, Taylor learned the US finally lifted the hold on the military aid.
Opposition politicians promised to hold a vote this year on the referendum, which would force leftists to hold a new election if Mr. Maduro lost.
It doesn't have to hold up a human being, it doesn't have to bear a lot of weight, it just has to hold some water.
Investigators found 155 people in a cell that was supposed to hold 35, and 41 people in a cell that was supposed to hold eight.
On these brief journeys, though, I can hold one up and there is nothing and no one to hold me accountable to all the others.
One ancient historian described the hold that not only killed Arrachion but caused his opponent to submit to the then-deceased Arrachion&aposs own hold.
The last season of BoJack Horseman has an answer: The only way to hold these public figures to account is to hold them to account.
Pruitt has also planned to hold a public debate to challenge consensus on climate change science, but that plan was put on hold last month.
Current defense chief Mark Esper has vowed to hold more on-camera briefings, going so far as to hold one alongside Joint Chiefs Chair Gen.
Nevertheless she asked lawmakers to hold off for another two weeks before they hold a crunch vote and, possibly, seize control of the Brexit process.
I think one of the problems that ... I wonder if you want to hold people to be more accountable than I want to hold them.
"There's a level of accountability that we need to hold white establishment men to if we're going to hold Tamika Mallory to that standard," Wash said.
This is a social group that will have more voting clout, hold more elected offices, and hold more influential posts in civic organizations as they age.
With your phone switched off, press and hold the volume down button, then press and hold the power button until you see a robot on screen.
And as a natural consequence of that, according to Madsen, players will hold their fingers closer together and also hold the mouse itself a bit tighter.
"I'd like to believe that that promise will hold true for us in a way that it certainly didn't hold true for me and my mother."
With your phone off, press and hold the volume down button, then press and hold the power button to turn the device on in recovery mode.
It's our job to elect people who make those connections, and regulate them, and hold them to the same standards that we hold every other company.
"I'm going to hold a rally, because the dinner is so boring and so negative that we're going to hold a very positive rally," he said.
Not even the things we hold hold as modern day gospel, such as the airtight economic, cultural, and military relationship between Canada and the United States.
Republicans hold a slim majority coalition in the Senate; if they lose control of the chamber, Democrats would hold power at every level of state government.
At the time, she was the youngest person to hold this position and only the second African-American in Condé Nast history to hold this title.
DEUTSCHE WOHNEN - Jefferies cuts to "hold" from "buy" VA Q TEC - Berenberg cuts to "hold" from "buy", lowers price target to 19.60 euros from 20.00 euros.
So, here we were on the first day of practice and my feelings got a hold of me and I wasn't able to hold my tongue.
To lock it into place, she dipped the ends in hot water to seal the extensions, and then sprayed strong hold hairspray all over for hold.
Friend's team wasn't even sure that the Arktek itself would hold up at the lower temperature, much less the plastic trays used to hold the vaccine.
Like you were saying, what if a bad company got a hold of a lot of ... bad person get a hold of a lot of power?
Glint is a competitor, but whereas they hold physical gold and set their own prices for buying and selling, Goldex does not hold any gold inventory.
On the train tracks, a man shouts, "Hold me, hold me," to his wife,bites her sleeve, as if he were trying to tow back home.
Most forecasters and polls predict that the GOP will hold its majority in the Senate and lose its hold on the House in Tuesday's midterm elections.
Perhaps true contentment — to hold oneself together, to hold everything in — is simply an agreement to be in life, to be in it all the time.
Perhaps that is what it will take not only to hold onto his spot but to hold onto the ball deeper into the game as well.
They're not saying they're on hold, but they aren't trying to guide the market into not expecting a December cut if the data doesn't hold up.
In the Senate, Democrats hold fully three-fourths of the seats from the 20 most digitized states; Republicans hold two-thirds from the bottom 211 states.
Another proposal is instituting the so-called talking filibuster, which would require senators to actively debate and hold the floor in order to hold up legislation.
In Texas, where Mr. Trump will hold fund-raisers over two days, campaign aides had sought to hold events in two cities, Irving and Grand Prairie.
And if you know about Tupac you know that Drake don't hold a candle to Tupac which means he don't hold a candle to K. Dot.
All things considered, they have a decent shot at it—but the pitching will have to hold together, and the offense will have to hold par.
For instance, normally, you'd be hearing someone say, 'I love you so much, I need to hold onto you,' whereas with 'Hold On' I'm saying 'No!
Republicans hold 11 seats on the committee and Democrats hold 10, so Flake's defection would prevent the panel from voting Kavanaugh out with a favorable recommendation.
Virginia, a key swing state, will hold elections with control of the state House and Senate up for grabs, while Kentucky and Mississippi hold governor's races.
That undemocratic electoral majority, much more than any poll result, is the real key to Trump's hold on his party — and his party's hold on power.
By Monday afternoon, an uncertain camaraderie seemed to have taken hold here, but some evacuees wondered whether it would hold up as their ordeal dragged on.
And as the number of qubits grows, a quantum computer becomes exponentially more powerful — three qubits hold eight values, four qubits hold 16 and so on.
Really got a hold — [MUSIC - MARVIN GAYE, "I HEARD IT THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE"] A man ain't supposed to cry, but these tears I can't hold inside.
Just as Mattis was telling our young military leaders on front lines to "hold the line," we must "hold the line" here at home as well.
"As students, you are so unsure about everything, so what you can hold on to, you hold on to with everything you have," Ms. Davidsen said.
Those strategies include market neutral, which hold both long and short positions in stocks, and managed futures, which hold long and short positions in different futures.
DEUTSCHE BANK - HSBC starts with "hold" MUNICH RE - Berenberg starts with "buy" HANNOVER RE - Berenberg starts with "buy" HOCHTIEF - Berenberg starts with "hold" MTU AERO ENGINES - Berenberg raises to "buy" from "hold" Dow Jones +0.9 pct, S&P 500 +0.7 pct, Nasdaq +0.2 pct at Thursday's close.
No one knows what's happening with Foxconn's promised factory in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin (my hometown!) after conflicting reports surfaced last week that construction was on hold, then not on hold, on hold again, and then maybe back on track after Trump personally called Foxconn CEO Terry Gou.
CJ. (Farley also shares daughter Meilani Alexandra, 5 on Saturday, with Mathews.) "It's f—ed up but I always say I'm going to hold his hand until I can't, and when I can't hold his hand anymore, my money is going to hold his hand," Farley continued.
At the entry level, women hold 59.6 percent of the positions compared to an average 26.8 percent; at mid-level women hold 46.2 percent, compared to 22.6 percent; and at the executive level women hold 23.8 percent of all positions, compared to an average of 14.1 percent.
"Put on hold hiring in all departments for 3 months ... put on hold construction of buildings 2 and 3 (around PLN 180 million ($47 million) ... put on hold all projects, especially IT, that are not key or bringing big savings," Piechocki said in the email to employees.
It was really difficult because nobody knew how to get a hold of her, obviously the people at Peloton didn't want us to get a hold of her, but we got a hold of her and within 36 hours we had shot and put out this commercial.
"Before I could hold a pencil, I could hold a pastry bag," said Ms. Crampsey, the owner and head baker of the Montclair Bread Company in Montclair.
Photo: APShould we hold companies like Equifax and Facebook responsible for the protection of our personal information in the same way we hold banks and hospitals responsible?
Republicans hold a firm majority in the House, but could struggle in the Senate, where Democrats will hold 48 seats next year, enough to blockade Trump measures.
They don't hold him to the same standards they hold other politicians because they don't see him as a politician; they see him as a rock star.
Of the 16 players, 14 hold Indian Identity Certificates—issued to Tibetan refugees by the Indian government—while the head coach and another player hold Indian passports.
Nadler declined to comment Thursday on allowing committee chairs to hold individuals in contempt or whether the House will hold contempt votes the first week in June.
It's one thing to hold a police department accountable when officers act unjustly, but who do you hold accountable when one of these things does the same?
We must, therefore, acquiesce in the necessity, which denounces our Separation, and hold them, as we hold the rest of mankind, Enemies in War, in Peace Friends.
Perhaps the easiest way to buy and hold is to think like an owner of the business, because you are an owner if you hold the stock.
We'd move mirrors around, and hold mirrors, and try to figure out where to hold the guns, and all the different gags we could do with it.
"It is critical that, as a society, we hold dear the memory of the victims and hold fast to our commitment to counter anti-Semitism," he added.
"There's no way for those who hold 'rotten' notes to survive the quarter-end this time," the trader said, referring to institutions who hold lower-rated debt.
But think about it this way: I can hold my breath for two minutes, and he can hold it for 12, but I'm nowhere near my limit.
Sam & Dave, 'Hold On, I'm Coming' At least Sam & Dave are bipartisan: They told Barack Obama he wasn't allowed to use "Hold On, I'm Coming" in 2008.
After the merger, Marfrig's controlling shareholders would hold a 5.5% stake in the combined company and BNDES would hold 5%, according to calculations by BTG Pactual analysts.
As we hold the fashion industry more accountable towards improving its sustainability practices, we also need to hold ourselves responsible for making more ethically conscious shopping decisions.
That means Japanese investors hold around $653 trillion more foreign assets than overseas investors hold in Japan, making Japan the world's biggest international creditor in nominal terms.
Press and hold the power button to bring up the Power Off pop-up, then press and hold the pop-up to find the Safe Mode option.
And though we will be the first to acknowledge that it's irrational to hold a grudge, we're going to hold onto it just a little bit longer.
Hold down on a status from your home feed to preview an update or hold down on the app icon to get shortcuts from your home screen.
" Mondelez International: "I am going to tell you to hold it, and I'm going to tell you to hold it because I think there's great value there.
RBS will hold 'take and hold' positions on its balance sheet inside the ring-fence, while underwritten positions for distributing to the wider market will be outside.
El Paso, Texas (CNN)Carlos Gutierrez says the Holy Spirit didn't take hold of him until five years ago when three men took hold of his legs.
The move will see Huanxi invest $50 million and hold 70 percent of the joint venture called MUBI China, while MUBI will hold the other 30 percent.
Moderators determine a lot of culture that happens on the internet and they do hold a lot of power, but simultaneously they hold a lot of trauma.
Charles "Chuck" Helmke and Charlotte Guttenberg hold separate Guinness World Records, though technically, they hold them together: Each is the most tattooed senior citizen of their gender.
The Bank of England is due to hold its final policy meeting of the year on Thursday, where markets expect the central bank to stay on hold.
The Gallup poll showed 69 percent of respondents hold a favorable view of Israel, compared to 21 percent who hold a positive view of the Palestinian Authority.
While China and lawmakers in favor of China hold vast amounts of power, Hong Kong citizens are willing to exercise civil society options while they hold them.
While senior acting official hold the reins in these important jobs, they are not permanent appointees, and are limited in how long they can hold these roles.
Rather than wait until after the public have voted to hold the speech, the prime minister is planning to hold the speech immediately before a general election.
"We will hold ourselves accountable and you can be sure we will hold you accountable," said Trisha Shetty, 26, speaking for the Young Leaders for the SDGs.
Participants were asked to hold their dominant arm in ten different positions while sitting or standing and hold it for a minute, sometimes with their eyes closed.
A well-researched, diversified portfolio of stocks that you plan to buy-and-hold for a long period of time certainly qualifies as buy-and-hold investing.
The world's nations have agreed to hold the rise in global average temperatures to no more than 2 degrees Celsius, with efforts to hold it to 19703.
The opposition has taken hold in the State Senate, where lawmakers from moderate suburban districts, many of whom won by razor-thin margins last year, hold sway.
The UK Parliament defeated a measure to hold a second referendum on Wednesday, turning down a chance to hold a people's vote on the future of Brexit.
Among the states that ban high-capacity magazines, some prohibit magazines that hold more than 363 rounds, and others ban magazines that hold more than 15 rounds.
One holds that you should "hold your age" in bonds, meaning if you are 25, you should hold 25 percent of your investments in bonds and cash.
While senior acting officials hold the reins in these important jobs, they are not permanent appointees, and are limited in how long they can hold the roles.
Total China Investment (TCI) will hold a 49% share in the new joint venture company, and Zhejiang Zheneng Petroleum New Energy (ZZPNE) will hold the remaining stake.
While senior acting officials hold the reins in these important jobs, they are not permanent appointees and are limited in how long they can hold the roles.
OSRAM - HSBC raises to "BUY" from "HOLD" KUKA - HSBC cuts to "REDUCE" from "HOLD" Dow Jones -0.3 pct, S&P 500 -0.2 pct, Nasdaq unchanged at close.
It's unclear how long Pelosi can hold the articles without sending them to the Senate — and whether she can hold them indefinitely, like some Democrats are advocating.
Then you realise that, hold on, the question is actually so strange that it becomes an uncannily accurate example of why exactly EDM never took hold here.
Below, we highlight the percentage of total "ship to" revenue from China for each company in our semiconductor coverage universe: MaxLinear (MXL, Hold)-183% of sales in 218; Ambarella (AMBA, Hold)-226% of FY22018 (January) sales to Taiwan and 29% of FY19 sales to Asia Pacific; Monolithic Power Systems (MPWR, Hold)-57% of sales in 2018; Semtech (SMTC, Hold): 55% of sales in FY19 (January); Marvell Technology (MRVL, Buy)-18% of sales in FY19 (January); Inphi (IPHI, Buy)-39% of sales in 2018; Acacia Communications (ACIA, Hold)-29% of sales in 2018; MACOM Technology (MTSI, Buy)-28% of sales in FY18 (Sept.); Intel (INTC, Hold)-27% of sales in 2018; Xilinx (XLNX, Hold)-26% of sales in FY18 (March); and Aquantia (AQ, Buy)-26% of sales in 2018.
BMW - Morgan Stanley cuts to "equal weight" from "overweight" DEUTSCHE POST - DZ Bank cuts to "hold" from "buy" SLM SOLUTIONS - Berenberg resumes with "hold", target price 33 euros GRENKE - HSBC raises to "buy" from "hold" Dow Jones +0.2 pct, S&P 500 +0.2 pct, Nasdaq +0.4 pct at close.
CONTINENTAL - HSBC raises to "buy" from "hold", lifts target price to 205 euros from 185 euros BRENNTAG - Deutsche Bank cuts to "hold" from "buy" FRAPORT - Deutsche Bank starts with "hold", price target of 104.53 euros Dow Jones +0.4 pct, S&P 500 +0.5 pct, Nasdaq +1.0 pct at close.
The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) will hold its monthly policy meeting on Tuesday where it is widely expected to hold rates at all-time lows of 583%.
Which means that if Republicans win only the seats they hold in the states President Donald Trump carried in the last presidential race, they hold their Senate majority.
Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom put divorce on hold The two put their divorce on hold after the 2015 Nevada incident, while Odom was recovering in the hospital.
They can either hold it there, or (for a challenge) you can try wrapping it far enough around them that you can hold yourself up without their help.
He had earlier announced he would hold the education portfolio but backtracked to honor his alliance&aposs pledge that the prime minister would not hold another ministerial post.
One study by Gallup found in the US, if you hold significantly prejudiced views towards Jews, you're 32 times more likely to hold significantly prejudiced views against Muslims.
I always believe that I think the Republicans could hold the house, but I think recent trends are probably troubling for them a little bit if they hold.
"Therefore, when you look at the dollar versus the euro versus the yen, investors are paid more to hold dollars than to hold euros or yen right now."
It went to the extent that big newspapers couldn't get a hold of me, so they got a hold of the political party in trying to contact me.
Not only would the proven founder likely hold some sway over the future of the bitcoin protocol, but Nakamoto may also hold enough bitcoin to influence its price.
"I'm ready to hold talks with Azerbaijan's president on behalf of Armenia, but the leadership of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) should hold talks on behalf of Artsakh," he said.
While Sacramento will play in Bonney Field, a soccer stadium that can hold 210,220, the other teams will play in smaller stadiums that can hold 3,500 to 6,000.
" — Danny Hakim Vindman transcript, Page 22016: "Basically we were trying to get to the bottom of why this hold was in place, why OMB was applying this hold.
CLOs hold more than 4003% of the roughly US$2400trn leveraged loan market and are typically limited on the number of loans they can hold with that rating.
"My hope is that we are able to hold small-business forums to communicate that her platform will encourage small business, not hold it back," Mr. Cuban said.
You just hold the line, my fine young soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines — you just hold the line until our country gets back to understanding and respecting each other.
Total said in a statement that it will hold a 50 percent stake in block 32, while Pemex, the operator of the block, will hold the other half.
She said, 'You can hold your chest out, you can' -- 'When I think of America...huh...when I think of al Qaeda, I can hold my chest out.
Johnson could argue that he is not obliged to resign and decide to hold out until an election is triggered and then hold that election after Oct. 31.
They don't hold much power in Congress, but they hold more than Republicans did in 2009, and Republicans were able to cause plenty of problems for Obama's agenda.
These crypto wallets don't hold actual currency, as much as they hold the code to access the currency, which will always remain out there in the blockchain ether.
The first reason Democrats want to make politics about race and identity is that they probably hold the majority position, at least if the 2016 election cleavages hold.
She also has promised to hold investigations into Trump administration activities following two years of lax oversight by Republicans who will still hold their majority in the Senate.
Do not listen to the rhetoric from campaigns, but rather, hold everyone of us accountable, hold me accountable and every other candidate accountable to be a consistent conservative.
As I hold my son Graham James in my arms tonight, I feel selfish because there are thousands of fathers who never came home to hold their children.
That stimulus, in terms of the economy taking hold and growth taking hold, should then feed back on to bond yields and bond yields should [go] back up.
Built from scratch to hold victims of the coronavirus, the Leishenshan hospital can hold up to 1,500 patients and will have 32 wards, Chinese state broadcaster CCTV said.
To take a belly scan, you place the device on your upper abdomen, hold it for three seconds, and then your lower tummy, and hold for another three.
And for the life of me I do not understand why in this country we try and hold comedians to a standard we do not hold leaders to.
In early bitcoin forums, someone posted a message that spelled the word "hold" wrong, and readers interpreted it as an acronym "hold on for dear life," Saddington explains.
Based on a comparison of facts and the extent of the continuing harm, it is more important to hold Trump accountable than it was to hold Nixon accountable.
The joint committee must hold its first public session not later than 28500-calendar days after enactment, and hold at least five public meetings or hearings this year.
SoftBank will hold a 51 percent stake in Line Mobile, Line's mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), following the allocation of new shares, while Line will hold 49 percent.
And when I write to my employees, we use puppy terms, bonuses are called Scooby Snacks, we do wags, we don't hold people's hands, we hold their paws.
They are also adjusted as states that hold caucuses hold elections at the county and state level, where delegates are formally elected and bound to a particular candidate.
One significant change would be a new licensing system to allow authorities to hold children in detention centers that are not licensed by state authorities to hold children.
If you like baseball this could be fun, but using the touch controllers to hold a bat also wasn't that natural – because when you hold a real baseball bat you're supposed to hold your knuckles close together with a tight grip, and the touch controllers don't really let you do that.
The controls can be a bit clunky, such as one that had me hold down s to do one thing, then press and hold w at the same time.
But a truther will tell you, Taylor Swift didn't hold Calvin Harris' hand in photos, but she held Karlie's because Karlie's is the only hand she wanted to hold.
"We're going to hold contractors, we're going to hold consultants accountable to explain how taxpayer dollars are spent — including change orders, cost overruns, and even travel expenses," he said.
They also tested the matchup in a poll in Arizona, which would hold its contest on March 22, and in Wisconsin, which would hold its primary on April 5.
To hold the line, we must recognise that despots rarely reveal their intentions and that leaders who start out well frequently become more authoritarian the longer they hold power.
Technip shareholders will receive two shares in the combined company for each share they now hold, while FMC shareholders will get one share for each share they currently hold.
Among Democrats, 72% say the Senate should hold hearings, up a tick from 67% in March, while 59% of Republicans say hold confirmation hearings, up from 55% in March.
"Following these transactions, Spotify will hold a minority stake in TME, and both Tencent and TME will hold minority stakes in Spotify," the companies said in a joint statement.
A U.K. recession in 2017 is predicted by many economists who say that consumers are likely to hold off purchases and businesses likely to hold off investment and hiring.
LDP and its coalition partner the Komeito, which hold majorities in both houses of parliament, also hold the key to which laws get debated and put to a vote.
OSEFO: Hold on, hold on, and I don&apost know you, but what I can say to you is do not cut me off because I am not finished.
Earlier this month, the government stripped two local councils -- Yarra and Darebin -- of their powers to hold citizenship ceremonies after they voted not to hold them on January 26.
"I just can't describe how special it is to wake up and cuddle with her and just hold her and we just hold on to each other," Moore added.
The Liberals currently hold 30 seats in WA's lower house of parliament, where government is formed, while the Nationals hold seven, Labour 21 and there is one independent member.
If historical trends hold true, a divided government should present an opportunity for Republicans to chip away at the deficit, but is up to them to hold the line.
The Italians will hold a constitutional referendum next month, the Austrians will elect a president, and the French are about to hold a presidential primary among center-right candidates.
Just like the name implies, the idea behind buy-and-hold investing is to buy a stock or other investment and hold it for a long period of time.
Some in the GOP hold out hope that the debate over tax reform could provide at least a temporary glue to hold the fractious strands of the party together.
With L'Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Hairspray, you get maximum hold that lasts, and without any heaviness or crunch thanks to the fine mist and brushable formula.Pros:
The 20 states where Republicans hold both Senate seats have, on average, 5.2 million people each; the 16 states where the Democrats hold both seats average 7.9 million people.
"Carmelo a lot of times wants to hold the ball longer than — we have a rule: If you hold a pass two seconds, you benefit the defense," Jackson said.
The facility is officially supposed to hold a few hundred boys, but Representative Hurd said he was told on the tour that it may be expanded to hold 4,000.
That often involves a move called a dyno where Coxsey leaps from hold to hold with the sort of gravity-defying agility with which Spider-Man himself might struggle.
Forty percent of Americans hold a second job, and half of millennials, as they struggle to pay for increasingly expensive housing and college tuition, also hold a second job.
Art can be expected to hold a mirror up to society, but it cannot be expected to hold a mirror up to every individual who is engaging with it.
Nonunion pay scales in the South can hold down wage gains for unionized car plants in the North because managers can hold them up as a benchmark in negotiations.
One official had been frustrated by not understanding the reason for the hold, Mr. Sandy said, and another had offered a "dissenting opinion" on whether the hold was legal.
Scotland must hold another independence referendum in 2020 and will soon request the powers needed to hold it legally, Scottish National Party (SNP) leader Nicola Sturgeon said on Tuesday.
Emanuel said Democrats have a strong hold in urban centers, Republicans have a strong hold in rural areas, and so the battleground for future elections is in the suburbs.
Juno Therapeutics Inc's genetically engineered cancer drug trial was put on clinical hold last week following the death of three patients but the FDA lifted the hold this week.
Democrats plan to hold two weeks of hearings in the House Intelligence Committee and will later hold hearings in the Judiciary Committee, which will draft any articles of impeachment.
Or do we go back where we kinda hold our ... It used to be that we thought, we wanna hold politicians to a higher standard than a typical person.
Hold on, Errol... SANDERS: -- I'm still... BLITZER: -- Errol.
Hold on, Errol... SANDERS: — I'm still... BLITZER: — Errol.
China and the United States will hold vice ministerial level trade talks in Beijing on Monday and Tuesday and are expected to hold another round of meetings the following week.
Those numbers are a bit healthier earlier on in the pipeline: women hold 22016% of hold entry-level positions, 47% of manager positions, and 38% of the senior manager positions.
Needham - Underperform (Sell) Atlantic Equities - Underweight (Sell) Morningstar - (Sell) Aegis - (Hold) Susquehanna - (Hold) Nomura Instinet - Reduce (Sell) Pivotal Research - (Sell) CFRA Research - (Sell) Disclosure: NBCUniversal is an investor in Snap.
Activity levels at Idem had returned after a post-Brexit hold-off as a majority of expected transactions were put on hold over the summer and activity declined, it said.
"It is after those 10 days of RIV that both sides can hold talks and firm up plans to hold intra-Afghan dialogue," the source said on condition of anonymity.
The driver or the valet will hold your door open, taking hold of the gleaming stainless steel exterior handle centered below the exterior mirrors and the edge of the windshield.
By the numbers: In 2016, 30% of immigrants 25 years and older hold bachelor's degrees or higher, while 31.6% of U.S. born citizens are likely to hold the same education.
"It is now time to take hold of our economy, just as we took hold of our freedom on July 15," he said, referring to a coup attempt that failed.
T-Mobile's majority owner Deutsche Telekom will hold a 42 percent stake in the company, while Sprint's majority owner SoftBank will hold 27 percent, with public stakeholders holding the rest.
Leaders in Europe hope Trump will offer assurances that he'll hold Putin to account for the long list of grievances they hold against the Russian leader — including provocative cyber activity.
ALSTRIA OFFICE REIT AG: HSBC raises to "buy" from "hold" UNITED INTERNET AG: Jefferies cuts to "hold" from "buy" Dow Jones +1.1%, S&P 500 +1.0%, Nasdaq +1.1% at close.
There are three outer pockets that hold smaller shower items, and the big compartment in the center can hold four to five bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and other large products.
So while many men's matches are routine hold after routine hold, and usually come down to a few break-point chances, nearly every game in women's matches is in doubt.
Still, Manchin's decision to hold a second meeting with Kavanaugh could keep him on the fence until at least September, when the Judiciary Committee is expected to hold a hearing.
People hold phones up to the person they're standing next to, hold them up to themselves, shout in these screens, shout at the thought of getting to watch themselves shout.
The hadaka-jime in judo and jujutsu, the sleeper hold, rear chancery, or the Japanese strangle hold in catch wrestling and in old military manuals on hand-to-hand combat.
The linen surface means it is soft enough to hold more delicate belongings, like jewelry, but you can get creative and use this to hold other things, like the mail.
Republicans won't hold a vote on his nomination — they won't even hold a hearing — on the theory that it's inappropriate to fill a Supreme Court vacancy in an election year.
Can it be that he lacks the moral character to hold a job once held by Nixon and the wisdom to hold a job once held by George W. Bush?
More Republicans said in a new poll that they would prefer the Senate not hold an impeachment trial at all rather than hold one in which President Trump is acquitted.
First off, the Bank of England (BoE) decided to hold fire on raising interest rates Thursday, with all rate-setters voting unanimously to hold rates at 0.75 percent, as expected.
And as Mr Trump's hold on power is less firm than his hold on his party, this points to a great uncertainty about what Republicans will stand for post-Trump.
Built from scratch to hold victims of the coronavirus, in total the Leishenshan hospital can hold up to 1,500 patients and will have 32 wards, Chinese state broadcaster CCTV said.
Often, however, those wielding the tools don't hold them close enough to the subject's forehead, generating unusually low temperature readings, or hold them too close and get a high reading.
The less obvious but more important impact of Scott's candidacy is that Democrats will now have to spend heavily -- VERY heavily -- to hold (or try to hold) the Florida seat.
The other part of me thinks certain people can hold that, and can hold all the burdens of the people around them and take it upon themselves to heal others.
Broker Berenberg upgraded TUI to "buy" from "hold", sending its shares 3.8 percent higher, while mid-cap Thomas Cook gained nearly 1 percent after an upgrade to "hold" from "sell".
A political appointee took over from Sandy after that first hold and he signed multiple renewals of the freeze between then and September 11th, when the hold was finally lifted.
Although Haitian law forbids Presidents to hold consecutive terms, they are permitted to run again after a five-year break, and Martelly clearly intends to hold on to his influence.
In her speech, Yellen summarizes the reforms, pointing out how banks are now required to hold much higher buffers against losses and to hold much greater stores of liquid assets.
Both officials had visibility into the hold on military aid — including the extent to which Ukrainian officials knew of the hold before it was reported by POLITICO on Aug. 28.
The court's decision to put the case on hold will not have an immediate effect on the law, as the lower court ruling was put on hold pending the appeal.
"We must hold the line for social control, eliminate all destabilizing factors, hold the line for cyber security and resolutely crack down on political rumors and harmful news," Cai said.
And it doesn't mean that people want to hold her back or want to hold women back, it's just that's how ... we just don't know how to think about it.
Under the current map, Republicans hold 12 seats while Democrats hold five and are expected to pick up another when the result of a special election last week is certified.
EX-DIVIDEND HORNBACH HOLDING - dividend 1.50 euros/shr RWE - Jefferies raises to "BUY" HUGO BOSS Deutsche Bank cuts to "HOLD" from "BUY" MUNICH RE HSBC cuts to "HOLD" from "BUY" HANOVER RUECK SE HSBC cuts to "HOLD" from "BUY" Dow Jones +1.4 pct, S&P 500 +1.5 pct, Nasdaq +1.6 pct at close.
"[The Academy] just doesn't seem to be representing very well for people who come from where I come from, and hold down what I hold down," Ocean said at the time.
In Asia, they have a saying that women hold up half the sky, but in America, I believe, from the bottom of my heart, that women hold up the entire sky.
"After I did that breath hold training you realize how long you can hold your breath and it's longer than you think," said Marks with a giggle during a telephone interview.
While world leaders sometimes hold loosely planned bilateral meetings at regional summits, it is unusual for foreign leaders to hold high-level diplomatic talks in the United States without detailed planning.
From a deal perspective, AB - PCI can commit up to US$200m and potentially hold up to US$100m, with the typical hold size ranging from US$25m to US$70m.
As part of the deal, Yandex will invest $100 million and hold a majority stake of 59.3 percent, while Uber will invest $225 million and hold a stake of 36.6 percent.
Zambia is due to hold elections in 2021 but Hichilema said it was impossible to hold a free and fair vote in the current environment because Lungu controlled the electoral commission.
HSBC raises to "hold" from "reduce" while cutting price target to 0.45 euros from 0.5 euros HSBC cuts to "hold" from "buy" and target price to 5.5 euros from 6.9 euros.
That decision was intentionally put on hold, but now that Xerox is in the implementation phase, it will begin to hold discussions about the leadership of the two firms, she said.
When the Bandar Malaysia deal was first announced 1MDB said Iskandar Waterfront would hold 60 percent of the venture, buying the 1MDB stake, while China Railway Engineering would hold the rest.
The critics include hold-out creditors who complain they are getting shorted by a deal hammered out by Peabody executives and hedge funds that hold the bulk of the company's debt.
While "placing a hold" doesn't necessarily guarantee the fight will be made there, it does come as interesting that a hold was even made given the original booking from the UFC.
CARACAS (Reuters) - Venezuela's election board head said on Tuesday it was preparing to hold voting for the new controversial constituent assembly in July and then hold delayed regional elections in December.
Republicans hold majorities in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, but if historical patterns hold true, Democrats, as the party out of power, could gain ground in the contests.
The document said Evergrande is seeking 30 billion yuan in investment from strategic investors who would hold 12 percent of the Shenzhen-listed firm, while the public would hold 6 percent.
"We hold the Syrian regime responsible for any firing or breach of sovereignty and call on it to hold back all players active in its territory," Lieberman said in a statement.
And unlike the Democrats who have proven completely unwilling to hold secretary Clinton accountable for her illegal activities that endangered our national security, I am willing to hold Mr. Trump accountable.
To reset the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, you press and hold down the Power button and then, while continuing to hold the Power button down, press the Lower Volume button.
A majority of analysts forecast BI would hold, but five who initially had pencilled in a hold changed their views to expect a 25-basis point hike after the rupiah's fall.
VW and Ford each will hold two seats on the Argo board — representing a voting share of just under 30% each — while Argo will hold three seats, representing just over 40%.
Foreign investors are currently allowed to hold a maximum 49 percent stake in mainland mutual fund and securities brokerages, while they can hold up to 50 percent of life insurance companies.
"We hold the access card and the Europeans hold the market card," said Sam Lambourn, as he tinkered with the Lyonesse, a catamaran used for sardine fishing in the same port.
" As he put it, "What motivates me now, when I don't have 'getting rich' to hold up in front of me, or 'getting famous' to hold up in front of me?
Guaidó says he doesn't have plans to hold onto the office permanently, but rather that he would use his authority to hold a new — and fair — elections while distributing humanitarian aid.
While men and women hold about the same number of management positions throughout their 20s, once workers hit the age of 32, men hold a notably higher proportion of those positions.
Related: House Democrats had hoped to hold an impeachment vote by Thanksgiving but are now planning to hold a series of hearings to sharpen their case, extending the process into December.
These produce a sort of standing pressure wave that can hold an object up or, if the pressure is coming from multiple directions, hold it in place or move it around.
INDIANS HOLD OFF RAYS Cleveland starter Carlos Carrasco left early with an injury, but five relievers kept the lead and helped the Indians hold off the Tampa Bay Rays, 8-7.
"The N.D.P's influence isn't when they hold more seats, but when they hold the balance of power," said Barry Kay, a political-science professor at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo Ontario.
Hold on Ukraine Security Assistance On July 3rd, I learned that the Office of Management and Budget ("OMB") had placed a hold on a tranche of security assistance designated for Ukraine.
Year over year, the number of investors who say they hold ETFs for less than a year and hold ETFs for more than a year hasn't changed — it's about 50/50.
He and his Democratic presidential campaign are building a network of high-powered supporters to hold "friend raisers," according to one person that's coordinating with the campaign to hold these events.
"They say the Justice Department can't hold him accountable since a sitting president cannot be indicted and now they're saying that Congress cannot hold a president accountable," Nadler said in response.
Because such stakes are, by their nature, difficult to sell off, funds can be forced to hold on to them even when they&aposd rather hold more desirable stocks or assets.
Hold on Ukraine Security Assistance On July 3rd, I learned that the Office of Management and Budget ("OMB") had placed a hold on a tranche of security assistance designated for Ukraine.
"This person expressed to me concerns about actions vis-a-vis the Impoundment Control Act" over the Ukraine aid hold, Sandy said — suggesting the person was concerned the hold was illegal.
When the Bandar Malaysia deal was first announced 1MDB said Iskandar Waterfront would hold 60 percent of the venture, buying the 1MDB stake, while China Railway Engineering would hold the rest.
If parliament did agree to hold another referendum, Britain would have to ask for an extension to the timetable for leaving the EU to allow enough time to hold the vote.
Opposition politicians want Mr. Sánchez to hold a general election on May 26, when Spain is already to hold municipal and regional elections, as well as votes for the European Parliament.
MERCURY RULE CASE ON HOLD: The Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit late Thursday put on hold its case challenging the EPA's Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS).
But she read the photographer's eyes, which had pleaded with her to hold her pose, and for the duration of time that the camera's aperture is open, she does hold still.
" Manitowoc Company: "Yes, I want you to hold it.
HAHN: But these people - hold on, I do not.
" He added, "Everyone should keep hold of their kids.
Hold onto your butts — there are two Jeff Goldblums.
" Murphy responded, "DHYB," which means "don't hold your breath.
LOS ANGELES — What does the future of esports hold?
That then hold ... They work just like regular batteries.
" Johnson Controls: "You want to hold on to that.
"Ancient monuments," so Vigderman admits, "hold people together […]" (182).
She doesn't hold back — and we're here for it.
And I'm Ye … I'm gonna hold my wife down.
" Brown is heard responding, "Hold on, don't touch me.
Lauren Potter's fairytale ending is on hold – for now.
Hold onto your colorful iPhones while you still can.    
BUDAPEST (Reuters) - Hungary will hold municipal elections on Oct.
WARSAW (Reuters) - Poland will hold local elections on Oct.
" He adds, "Everyone should keep hold of their kids.
" Verizon Communications: "I just want you to hold it.
Someone hold the door ... sounds like a great party.
" On Monday the group tweeted: "We won't hold back.
For that ... ya hold it till ya get home.
But once they started, Draghi & Co didn't hold back.
Bottom line ... anything's possible but don't hold your breath.
Heartbeat - touch and hold the screen with two fingers.
KAINE: These were Donald's — hold on a second, Governor.
He has a hold investment rating on Smith & Wesson.
Instead, lawmakers must hold the line — and fight back.
" Pfizer: "You want to hold on to Pfizer's stock.
On Thursday, hold your fire — and your fiery remarks!
Well this — you can hold it in one hand.
Fireball - touch and hold the screen with one finger.
FRIDAY • Russia, Iran and China hold joint naval exercises.
ALHADEFF: Please - - please hold all applause to the end.
We'll be watching — but we won't hold our breath.
The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) will hold its monthly policy meeting on Tuesday and is considered certain to hold rates at a record low 1.5 percent following two cuts last year.
Buttigieg is slated to hold at least five events in the state, while Sanders will hold a town hall and deliver his response to Trump's State of the Union address on Tuesday.
Following the offering, Huya's parent company YY Inc will hold 54.9 percent voting power in the company, while a Tencent Holdings investment unit will hold 39.5 percent, Huya said in a statement.
Instead, A.E.G. Live was given clearance to hold a festival in July on Randalls Island; its rivals, Madison Square Garden and Founders Entertainment, did not receive similar permission to hold their events.
A juvenile judge will hold a hearing to decide whether to continue to hold him there, book him in an adult jail or let him go, said Tarrant County Sheriff Dee Anderson.
The government can now hold the threat of disclosing personal information over the heads of people who might attempt to hold it accountable — a development that must necessarily have a chilling effect.
If you think that politicians and policy makers bear a lot of the blame for the distortions that hold us back, we need to hold them accountable for that and demand better.
ANKARA, Feb 16 (Reuters) - Turkey's central bank on Saturday lowered the level of lira reserves that banks must hold against deposits, while also raising the limit of gold that lenders can hold.
Because if it&aposs allowed to continue, like it happened in 2016, you have a country that effectively falls apart, where you&aposve politicized our intelligence -- BARTIROMO: Hold -- hold on one moment.
But it has some potential drawbacks as well — namely, you need both hands to use it; one to hold the phone, and the other to hold the camera, preferably above your head.
This Florida county could hold the key to the election This Florida county could hold the key to the election This segment originally aired on VICE News Tonight on HBO on Oct.
If we can't get back above 1860 today and we head down as I expect then the Fed is on hold in March, the Fed is on hold for a long time.
The Bank of Japan decided to hold off on changing its monetary policy stance, at its latest meeting, following the European Central Bank's decision to hold its own interest rates steady Thursday.
On Wednesday, the same committee will hold a hearing on various bills while the Environment and Public Works Committee will hold a hearing on a bill that tweaks the Clean Air Act.
"The committee intends to hold hearings and obtain testimony over the coming months as part of its efforts to hold the president accountable," Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler said in a statement.
Open a brokerage account today to get started with buy-and-hold investing:It's important to note, however, that buy-and-hold investing can apply to nearly any type of stock or fund.
Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Democrat of New Hampshire, is to hold a news conference at the federal courthouse in Concord to urge Republicans to hold confirmation hearings and a vote on the nominee.
Sanders will soon appear on television in Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri and Washington, which all hold contests on March 10, and Arizona, Florida, Illinois and Ohio, which hold contests on March 17.
" She added, "Because it's done anonymously, you can't hold anybody liable for potential slander or hold them accountable for what they're posting because there's no person to report to or complain to.
The U.S.O.C. has to appoint a review board, hold a hearing, wait for the review panel to issue a report, and then the U.S.O.C. board would hold a final vote on decertification.
"I really believe that there is so little that is sacred to us, that we should hold this and hold it tight, and we should not give it away," Ms. Nordlum said.
This LapGear Designer Lap Desk is a great option since it includes a slot to hold my cellphone, which I always keep nearby, as well as an elastic strap to hold papers.
The two candidates also lead in other major states that hold primary elections soon afterward — New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina — although other candidates hold closer third-place positions in those races.
Inpex will hold a 100 percent stake in the exploration phase, while ADNOC has the option to hold a 60 percent stake in the production phase of the concession, the statement said.
Investment banks that must decide whether to back the cash call, led by JPMorgan and Mediobanca, are due to hold talks again on Friday after putting the deal on hold this week.
"Closed on Sunday, you my Chick-fil-A / Hold the selfies, put the 'gram away / Get your family, y'all, hold hands and pray," West recites lazily, sounding like he's even boring himself.
"We are going to be looking for a coach that can hold players accountable, hold his coaching staff accountable," Scott Perry, the team's general manager, said at a news conference last month.
It is a new Declaration of Independence: No longer do we hold these truths to be self-evident, we hold all truths to be self-evident, even the ones that aren't true.
E.ON - HSBC raises to "hold" from "reduce", cuts target price to 20.1 euros from 20.5 euros RWE - HSBC cuts to "reduce" from "hold", cuts target price to 27.05 euros from 15 euros.
A number of companies including Chevron Corp, ConocoPhillips and Imperial Oil Ltd hold exploration licenses, but all three have put their drilling plans on hold, partly because of weak global oil prices.
The Daily Show Presents: The Fox News Guide To Nailing A Trump InterviewStep 1 — Take A Softer Approach: Your job isn't to hold the president accountable, it's to hold his hand. pic.twitter.
C. If Gowdy refuses to issue the subpoena, they want to hold a committee vote on the matter, effectively forcing their GOP counterparts to cast a vote not to hold Trump accountable.
The Milwaukee Brewers, for example, said they would hold an optional workout at their camp in Phoenix on Friday, hold no workouts over the weekend, then have another workout on Monday morning.
We have to hold her to that: I don't have any illusions that Sanders didn't push her there, but now that she is there it's up to us to hold her accountable.
Ex-dividend Hornbach Holding: 1.50 euros/shr dividend DEUTSCHE BANK: Moody's affirms Deutsche Bank AG's ratings, maintains negative outlook DEUTSCHE WOHNEN SE: Jefferies raises to "buy" from "hold" ADO PROPERTIES SA: Jefferies raises to "buy" from "hold" TRATON SE: Jefferies initiates with "hold" Dow Jones -0.33 pct, S&P 500 -0.2 pct, Nasdaq -0.1 pct at close.
But the midterm elections also made clear that Mr. Trump and his party continue to hold important structural advantages on the electoral map — including near-total dominance of the conservative states that hold outsized power in the Senate, and a tenacious hold on the governorships of the two biggest swing states on the presidential map, Florida and Ohio.
They specifically held the aid just after the July 25 phone call They realized at the time the decision to hold the aid was sensitiveThey asked that the information be "closely held" Officials at the Pentagon and State Department knew of Trump's desire to hold the funding July 18, but the official hold was placed just after the call.
Crunch-Free Hairspray To Lock In Your 'DoR+Co Vicious Strong Hold Flexible HairsprayStrong-hold and flexible don't seem like they belong in the same sentence, especially when you're talking about a hairspray.
This means that among a sample of Republicans and Republican-leaning dependents, 44 percent hold a favorable opinion of Jeb and 45 percent hold an unfavorable opinion, leaving the candidate in the negatives.
"It is now time to hold Venit accountable for his sexual predatory behavior and to hold WME accountable for its conduct in condoning, ratifying and encouraging Venit's sexual predatory behavior," Crews' lawsuit states.
If you want to ask Siri or Google a question, you have to press and hold the button for two seconds, but if you hold it for too long, the earbuds turn off.
As of February, Google was expected to hold 25% of net digital ad revenue share in the U.S. and Facebook was expected to hold 22.1% by the end of 2019, according to eMarketer.
This is how it works: Connection Saver places an automatic hold on flights for passengers making tight connections based on a set of factors, although crew members can override the hold if needed.
Economists had mostly expected the Fed to hold off until December, particularly since the November meeting will be close to the election and the Fed does not hold a press briefing that month.
As the sun slowly thins to a crescent, hold the spoon or colander in between the sun and some white card (you'll have to hold it pretty close) to create tiny crescent suns.
French women hold a lot of useful beauty secrets — diluting your shampoo, ditching your traditional cleanser for micellar water, a red lip is confidence in a tube — but they don't hold them all.
RBS was the biggest faller on the FTSE 100, falling 3.5 percent, with Lloyds down 53 percent, after Deutsche Bank downgraded RBS to "sell" from "hold" and cut Lloyds to "hold" from "buy".
First, women have always been a huge segment of moviegoing audiences and currently hold a slight majority, and yet, they still hold very few positions of power as top executives, directors and producers.
"Somebody needs ultimately to offer to hold the bag if the project doesn't work as expected, and right now you don't have very many folks lining up to hold the bag," Victor said.
LONDON, Oct 15 (Reuters) - Scotland must hold an independence referendum in 2020 and will soon request the powers needed to hold it legally, Scottish National Party (SNP) leader Nicola Sturgeon said on Tuesday.
While talks are on hold, Froman said the United States is prepared to hold discussions with Britain about how to best develop the trade relationship and the appropriate time to start those talks.
Able to hold most laptops up to 15.6 inches, the inner mesh padding on the Dell Energy Backpack 15 will securely hold your laptop and whatever else you might throw in the bag.
For banks, the deposit rate is a powerful incentive -- paying 26 basis points to hold KfW's debt could be seen as an improvement on paying 40 bps to hold cash at the ECB.
When the aiders and abettors of conflicts, such as Russia, also hold veto power in the same international body trying to hold them accountable, the United States, and its interests, will always lose.
It sets up the FCC to hold a vote on the future of net neutrality as soon as December — and Republicans, who hold three of the FCC's five slots, are guaranteed to prevail.
So while we worry whether Trump is temperamentally fit to hold the nuclear codes, we should also ask whether he's fit to hold the fate of the economy in his hands as well.
"Just generally keeping your yard clean and in shape, getting rid of debris or things stored outside that can hold water, or adjusting them so that they no longer hold water," McAllister says.
"There's a very nice thing going around the Internet that says, 'Not all heroes hold weapons, some hold doors,' " Kristian Nairn, the 6-foot-11 Irish actor who played him, said on Tuesday.
Health Canada placed a hold on about 5,200 kilograms (11,500 pounds) of dried cannabis harvested in the rooms, while CannTrust also put a voluntary hold on a further 7,500 kg of cannabis equivalents.
If the Justice Department is going to hold to this interpretation, Congress has the authority to guarantee that no president can effectively hold out in the White House until the clock runs out.
For banks, the deposit rate is a powerful incentive — paying 26 basis points to hold KfW's debt could be seen as an improvement on paying 40 bps to hold cash at the ECB.
The best travel wallets to hold your passport, boarding pass, and moreWhen you travel, you need a practical wallet that can hold your passport, boarding pass, and all your credit cards and cash.
Azaria's family, who according to a person familiar with the case hold dual French citizenship, and supporters planned to hold a rally of support in a main square in Tel Aviv on Tuesday.
I would rather crawl on the ground bare knuckled and bloodied for the rest of my life and keep hold of my authenticity and dignity than lose hold of who I actually am.
I expect that they're going to want to hold me and the White House accountable, but we're going to want to sort of hold them accountable, too," Scaramucci said on "Fox News Sunday.
Tap and hold most of these apps and you'll see even more information (if you tap and hold the music player, for example, you can scrub through the song and view album art).
It is men who hold, or kid themselves that they hold, the power in this thrusting world, and the film is larded with their piggery, yet how superfluous they seem, and how disposable.
International rules introduced after the crisis require large banks to hold a set amount of easy-to-sell assets, like Treasury bills, that will most likely hold their value even in a crisis.
Related: A plan to slash the exorbitant cost of phone calls for US prisoners got put on hold In March, a federal court of appeals agreed to put the FCC's plan on hold.
Border agents aren't trained to deal with them, and they're kept in facilities that weren't designed to hold anyone for very long — and weren't designed to hold "vulnerable populations" like children at all.
SHANGHAI (Reuters) - Shanghai has put on hold a new policy allowing police to revoke the "hukou", or household registration, of the city's citizens who hold foreign passports or residency permits, following public outcry.
The agency has argued it had to hold detainees for extended periods because shelters intended to hold children for longer periods were full and the Department of Homeland Security's resources overall were exhausted.
Rachel Semmel, a spokeswoman for the budget office, said, "It's reckless to tie the hold of funds to the phone call," noting the mid-July announcement of the hold at an interagency meeting.
While it is much easier to hold major news corporations like Fox News accountable for inaccuracy, it is near impossible to effectively hold websites that seemingly spring up overnight to the same standard.
However, Johnson has dropped a previous pledge to hold an inquiry into the problem within his party, saying that he would only hold a broader inquiry into all types of prejudice within society.
White men hold four times as much political power as everyone else -- they represent only 22019 percent of the population but hold more than double that percentage in the number of elected positions.
The Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing Wednesday on the future of the controversial EB-5 investor visa program, while the Senate Budget Committee will hold a Thursday hearing on unauthorized spending.
While opportunity zones hold their designation for a decade, under the proposed regulation, investors can hold onto their investments if they keep it in a qualified fund through 2047 without losing tax benefits.
Traditional IRA accounts hold mutual funds, equities and bonds; the custodial firms that hold these accounts will not touch cryptocurrencies like bitcoin or other alternative investments, such as precious metals or real estate.
The Kurds, who have operated an autonomous enclave in the north since the 1990s, are moving quickly to hold a referendum on independence in September, despite pleas from American diplomats to hold off.
Czech rate setters will hold a policy meeting on Wednesday, where they are expected to keep main interest rates on hold despite the European Central Bank and the U.S. Federal Reserve's policy easing.
"Just generally keeping your yard clean and in shape, getting rid of debris or things stored outside that can hold water, or adjusting them so that they no longer hold water," McAllister said.
There's a reason angel wing tattoos hold so much meaning.
Johnson and Trump will hold bilateral talks on Sunday morning.
The workers hold onto the items made with valuable materials.
Last week, the Fed voted to hold interest rates steady.
His company aims to hold its first launch in 2020.
He also made bright pink easels to hold family photos.
"Hold them close, because you can lose them so fast."
Or, they want to hold a mirror to America's flaws.
Among Syrian refugees, ''on hold'' is the most dreaded category.
Mr. Trump will hold a rally in South Carolina today.
The hold was later reversed and the stock partly recovered.
But I hold it together and smile at my reflection.
Just four hold 70% of Britons' main current (checking) accounts.
Existing investors usually buy bonds and hold them to maturity.
But hold up before you rush off to download it!
And this year's election will determine whether those conditions hold.
I would hold basically anyone's hand while watching this movie.
Now, Depp is taking steps to hold her to it.
And I said, 'You need me to hold that baby?
The "airport mom" again offered to hold the woman's baby.
As a single longer essay, "Hold Still, Lion!" was lovely.
With Sanders' urging, the refrain caught hold among his supporters.
Because they put the antennae where you hold the phone.
First off, what's it like to actually hold the award?
Hold down Menu and Home buttons at the same time.
We will hold steadfast and, God willing, we will succeed.
Then comes the battle to hold on to the facts.
But there are key strategic goals behind its deepening hold.
Hold it to the skin for 10 to 15 minutes.