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"cut" Definitions
  1. a wound caused by something sharp
  2. a hole or an opening in something, made with something sharp
  3. a reduction in amount, size, supply, etc.
  4. [usually singular] an act of cutting somebody’s hair; the style in which it is cut
  5. [usually singular] the shape and style that a piece of clothing has because of the way the cloth is cut
  6. a share in something, especially money
  7. cut (in something) an act of removing part of a film, play, piece of writing, etc.
  8. a piece of meat cut from an animal

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"cut" Synonyms
slash gash nick slit incise lacerate penetrate pierce score slice wound notch scratch graze injure lance rip saw hack snick chop carve dice cleave cube hash mince segment cut up divide chop up cut into pieces fragment split hew cut into cubes grind shred crumble sever dissect sunder dissever part rend bisect split open slice up tear asunder cut in two separate section trim clip snip dock pare prune shave bob crop shear mow poll barber lop nip pollard cut back lop off remove pick cull harvest pluck reap garner gather collect gather in take in glean strip bring in pull dig draw ingather harrow reduce decrease diminish lower rationalise(UK) rationalize(US) downsize lessen restrict retrench limit ax(US) axe(UK) discount slenderize cut back on cross intersect decussate interrupt meet join crosscut cut across traverse halve crisscross transect cut in half break in two discontinue cease halt quit stop suspend terminate abandon abolish cancel conclude kill can close drop end scrub deactivate disable disconnect extinguish neutralise(UK) neutralize(US) shut unplug decommission disengage turn off shut down switch off cut out put out shut off flick off engrave chisel etch inscribe sculpture shape chip fashion form sculpt whittle chase imprint mark grave print skip miss dodge skirt blow off be absent from skive off play hooky play truant from bunk off bunk goof off fail to attend absent oneself from play the wag from take French leave from not go to play hookey from wag shirk abridge edit shorten abbreviate condense precis summarise(UK) summarize(US) synopsize truncate bowdlerise(UK) bowdlerize(US) curtail epitomise(UK) epitomize(US) expurgate précis pare down delete excise erase scrap squelch expunge omit squash edit out leave out take out wipe out blot out cross out rub out hurt rile upset aggrieve agonise(UK) agonize(US) faze fret gall irk miff needle offend outrage affront anger annoy bother bug view analyse(UK) analyze(US) evaluate interpret regard discern examine perceive ponder probe scrutinise(UK) scrutinize(US) behold consider estimate eyeball inspect investigate observe snub cold-shoulder ignore slight spurn shun stiff-arm avoid blank high-hat ostracise(UK) ostracize(US) rebuff stiff snout cut dead freeze out look right through someone give someone the brush-off give the cold shoulder record produce make lay down make a recording of put on disc put on tape tape-record make a tape of film dub indite make a recording cut a track put on wax break veer swerve sheer yaw zag zig deviate turn weave curve zigzag diverge swing wheel detour shift slue bend adulterate dilute lace thin weaken extend sophisticate water down contaminate spike doctor mix thin out attenuate debase taint dope vitiate water defile stab impale puncture spear stick gore skewer jab perforate transfix prick harpoon spit transpierce peck pink abort revoke repeal rescind eliminate recall call geld neuter desex castrate fix emasculate caponize alter sterilise(UK) sterilize(US) spay eunuchize unman evirate vasectomize remove the testicles of asexualize mutilate unsex tailor adapt adjust fit accommodate condition acclimatise(UK) acclimatize(US) suit conform acclimate reconcile modify attune customise(UK) customize(US) evade duck sidestep elude escape bypass circumvent eschew shake beat scape finesse shortcut parry bilk do away with rid clear eradicate shed cleanse gut purge lift get rid of clear away root out weed out dispose of bone filet(US) fillet(UK) disembowel limb dress prepare scale skin clean eviscerate exenterate paunch disbowel embowel gralloch remove the innards from empty void annul nullify invalidate quash abrogate negate countermand reverse retract withdraw disannul dissolve null repudiate exclude except disregard elide preclude bar dismiss overleap overpass pretermit prohibit reject withhold boot fire sack discharge oust bounce send packing chase out cashier release retire let go muster out circumcise circ skive malinger truant scrimshank goldbrick skulk play truant avoid work dodge the column play hookey swing the lead mitch off play the wag evade one's duty sham slack coiffure coif style arrange set coiffe brush groom preen primp prink wash dry comb beautify pass overtake lap outdistance outstrip overhaul go by go past move past get ahead of go ahead of leave behind pass by get ahead pull ahead of cut in front of drive past fly by issue compose complete draw up make out write write out fill in author draft(US) pen formulate compile create script scribe craft invent divvy up allocate apportion cut up the pie dole out go halves measure out mete out share divide up allot distribute dispense divvy mete ration parcel out share out execute accomplish achieve implement effect perform fulfil(UK) realise(UK) realize(US) do enact administer enforce perpetrate prosecute apply carry out effectuate revise change amend revamp rework remodel correct recast refashion reorganise(UK) reorganize(US) emend redo remake scarify attack blister castigate drub excoriate flay lambaste lash pan scathe scorch scourge slam slap batter damage harm bruise impair incapacitate pound maim mangle pulverise(UK) pulverize(US) scrape pervert misinterpret slant colour(UK) color(US) fake misrelate misconstrue corrupt distort falsify misrepresent garble warp twist leave flee move vacate depart evacuate flit desert embark exit go forsake vamoose decamp defect disappear stain blot dent smudge blemish blotch smear dirty discolor(US) discolour(UK) disfigure smirch streak deface splotch besmear impress track cover bridge navigate span range course negotiate peregrinate roam transit travel go across move across travel over tamper interfere meddle tinker fiddle dabble monkey around toy trifle vandalise(UK) vandalize(US) fiddle about fiddle around gambol frolic caper cavort frisk romp jump hop prance lark rollick sport bound leap spring curvet dance disport veto ban disallow forbid block interdict negative outlaw overrule proscribe rule out embargo throw out turn down transfer copy backup download load upload paste take input transfer file point sharpen barb taper edge whet file forge strop stone acuminate hone put an edge on make sharper put a point on make sharp stroke sharp made headed broke dashed ran bolted bounded fled rushed advanced darted departed raced scrambled scurried sprinted went beelined careered head dash run bolt rush advance dart race scramble scurry sprint beeline career head off incision laceration injury dissection swipe blow crack hit bang buffet knock thwack smack thump rap belt whack clout sock reduction cutback decline fall diminishment abatement diminution lessening loss lowering retrenchment contraction curtailment decrement easing lightening portion quota percentage piece allotment allowance bit commission proportion dividend kickback bite chunk hunk slab lump wedge division joint sliver fraction grade peg class level step tier bracket degree echelon league place rank rung stage station caliber(US) calibre(UK) chapter order design figure configuration dimensions look composition construction lines mode tailoring manner cast appearance mould(UK) outline haircut hairdo hairstyle hair trimming pruning shearing restyling barbering hairdressing shortening kind ilk sort type feather description lot mold(US) stamp variety genre category strain insult put down indignity jibe offence(UK) offense(US) slur epithet abuse brickbat dis diss shaft brush-off blackout breakdown power cut interruption of supply loss of supply groove furrow indentation hollow depression channel gouge crease seam rut corrugation fissure rabbet fluting cutting conduit watercourse trench waterway gutter trough ditch canal drain flume aqueduct racecourse raceway duct culvert gully crevice opening gap hole cleft rift breach chink rent cranny aperture space fracture slot interstice rupture bonus gratuity perk perquisite extra tip lagniappe reward present gravy gift premium donative benefit cumshaw handout sweetener bounty prize ravine gorge canyon gulf gulch couloir gill kloof chasm saddle linn clough col nosedive downturn slump plunge downswing tumble crash ebb plummet dwindling recession downtrend downslide sore abscess boil swelling carbuncle ulcer abrasion lesion ulceration contusion canker inflammation chafe eruption omission exclusion noninclusion removal elimination erasure deletion excluding expunction exception excision preclusion absence nonjoinder non-inclusion leaving out cutting out passing over rejection barring bribe payment inducement backhander graft payola recompense enticement payoff incentive sop allurement pay-off boodle deduction markdown rebate subtraction concession depreciation rollback knock-off saving pullback grant depletion allowance sequence shot snap filmed sequence scene filming deformity disfigurement pockmark spot pock discoloration speck pit scar fleck vigorish house advantage house cut house take overround rake rake off vig juice proprietorship possession holding possessorship control title claim dominion use hand deed buying property purchase purchasing takeover having proprietary rights truancy AWOL hooky skipping truantry unexcused absence absent without leave absenteeism French leave unannounced departure abrupt departure secret departure truanting ditching skiving wagging shirking absence without leave etching impression engraving inscription plate carving drawing linocut mezzotint photoengraving photogravure reproduction rotogravure transferring vignette woodcut bump mouse ecchymosis shiner wale welt black-and-blue mark black eye trauma purgation ejection expulsion destruction discard displacement eradication evacuation extermination purging riddance withdrawal abolition disposal dropping excretion recording tape video disc(UK) album cassette CD demo disk(US) footage LP soundtrack gramophone record compact disk video recording laser disk compact disc repulse repudiation spurning dismissal cold shoulder cold-shouldering silent treatment brushoff kick in the teeth coldness aloofness iciness ostracism spoils booty loot plunder pickings swag gain haul prey prizes pillage rapine takings earnings goods ill-gotten gains criticism censure disapproval disparagement condemnation denunciation panning reproval castigation critique opprobrium slamming admonishment broadside chastisement slating upbraiding chiding censored amended bowdlerised(UK) bowdlerized(US) changed expurgated blue-penciled ripped chiselled(UK) chiseled(US) lean toned shredded athletic muscly muscular devoid of fat paralytic drunk tipsy inebriated plastered intoxicated drunken sloshed blotto smashed sozzled hammered blitzed bombed tanked stewed wasted sottish wrecked canned abbreviated concise condensed succinct brief compressed compact abridged compendious summary shortened thumbnail synoptic summarised(UK) summarized(US) contracted potted reduced truncated curtailed torn frayed ragged tattered threadbare ruptured fractured snapped tatty severed broken lacerated burst destroyed holey cheap bargain discounted slashed lowered cheapened economy sale cut-price cut-rate low-price marked down on sale cut down decreased lessened diminished carved sculptured engraved sculpted carven chased etched furrowed graved graven grooved hewed hewn modelled(UK) modeled(US) scissored sliced wishy-washy diluted watery weak weakened thinned waterish light understrength watered-down watered down thinned out adulterated washy attenuated moderated spiked rutted marked scored bumpy gouged holed indented potholed uneven hollowed channelled(UK) channeled(US) fluted lined pleated corrugated rough injured damaged wounded bruised crushed crook disabled harmed maimed mangled mutilated deformed gammy knackered scarred shattered trimmed cropped neat pared shaved sheared tidy clipped shaped formed fashioned designed moulded(UK) molded(US) turned fabricated worked forged prepared precast ready-made crafted stamped low depleted scant scarce inadequate meagre(UK) insufficient little sparse trifling deficient paltry scanty meager(US) measly minimal skimpy few More
"cut" Antonyms
stitch mend patch seal close repair sew combine connect build seam join suture unite construct hem sew up stitch up increase up raise increment double triple expand beef up bump up crank up enhance snowball swell mark up appreciate upgrade balloon pad out grow boost link affix attach fix fasten adhere cohere secure bind fuse interlink subjoin concatenate interconnect unify couple continue perpetuate maintain sustain prolong extend protract lengthen pursue get on with go on with keep up persevere in persevere with persist in persist with press on with proceed with stick with keep on with activate boot trigger boot up start up switch on turn on start move actuate run propel spark drive set off appeal cheer fascinate enchant emboss attend catch be present at be there at make it to appear at go to show up for show up to sit in on take part in turn up at turn up to appear in be at show up at pop into drop into check into stretch prolongate elongate add to enlarge on expand on fill out enlarge develop amplify strengthen add append adjoin annexe(UK) annex(US) include conjoin add on put in put on supplement tack on tag on uplift brighten excite elate gladden enliven encourage exhilarate lighten enrich hearten stir brighten up cheer up give a lift to misinterpret mistake misread misunderstand misconceive misconstrue misapprehend misjudge confuse misperceive misknow misrepresent miscalculate embrace greet hail receive welcome accept support back champion accommodate admit adopt receive wholeheartedly accept gladly welcome with open arms head make bear proceed aim advance set straighten stay stay on course fortify richen elevate intensify refine heighten lift improve deepen polish build up jazz up aid cure heal help assist relieve please make happy rise decorate beautify approve clarify clean cleanse concentrate distil(UK) distill(US) divide filter free honor(US) honour(UK) flush smooth schedule set up outdent unindent insert allow create dirty keep restore ratify lose retain record permit validate elaborate comment reinforce discuss further delete erase forget organise(UK) organize(US) uphold endorse ignore neglect praise release sanction let go open brace energise(UK) energize(US) envigorate(UK) invigorate(US) quicken stimulate vitalize vivify disagree disarrange refuse scale up spike hike jump escalation intensification burgeoning explosion growth multiplication swelling proliferation climb elevation heightening inflation surge entirety whole entireness totality total unevenness juncture extent entire most lot majority bulk compliment recognition acknowledgement(UK) acknowledgment(US) appreciation respect endorsement flattery sentiment nicety commendation kindness acclaim plaudit acclamation accolade extolment ridge closing closure agreement solid misfortune denial refusal veto penalty loss punishment plain addition inclusion incorporation insertion uncensored uncut complete full undiminished unabridged unreduced uncondensed unedited unexpurgated unabbreviated full-length flabby loose toneless sagging slack soft hanging saggy drooping pudgy unfirm lax enervated limp yielding flaccid floppy irresilient droopy out of tone sober straight unhappy sad expanded diffuse increased prolonged protracted amplified long drawn out lengthened

843 Sentences With "cut"

How to use cut in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "cut" and check conjugation/comparative form for "cut". Mastering all the usages of "cut" from sentence examples published by news publications.

He cut taxes, cut spending, cut services, and cut regulations.
Now, you happened to have that nice bounce in Under Armour today because estimates have been cut and cut and cut and cut and cut.
It was cut, cut, cut, and it cheapened our cars.
She cut cakes, she cut ribbons, she cut the rug.
So, yes, "cut cut cut" is an accurate description. 38.
In the first year of the Cut Cut Cut Act, such a family would indeed receive a tax cut.
It will cut your budget, cut your time, cut your everything.
If they came to me with 10 minutes: cut, cut, cut.
" But no, the bill will not be called the "Cut, Cut, Cut Act.
" ABC News first reported Trump wanted to name the bill "Cut, Cut, Cut.
His very serious desire was to dub it the "Cut, Cut, Cut" bill.
We can't cut, cut, cut today & assume Congress will grow a backbone later.
Here's two minutes in Meereen — CUT — here's Cersei and Jaime — CUT — poor Blind Arya — CUT — Sansa in the snow — CUT — Sand Snakes!
"She's just trying to cut, cut, cut and not share the full picture," Sinema said.
Although Ryan did convince the president not to spell 'Cut Cut Cut' with three K's.
They cut hours, they cut librarians, they cut budgets, and yet these libraries still survive.
"It was really that huge in scope, and it was cut, cut cut," he tells me.
"They're going to cut me open, cut out the tumor, cut out my jaw bone," he explains.
Rumor has it that Mr. Trump felt pretty strongly about naming the bill the Cut Cut Cut Act.
"You cut and cut and cut; you can get a deal to work, any deal to work," he added.
I cut and cut and cut but I was still in there — there was just no way around it.
The president also reportedly wanted to call the 85033 GOP tax-cut law the "Cut Cut Cut Act," though it was ultimately branded as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.
The Signature de Saphir necklace, comprising individual squares of square-cut, brilliant-cut, baguette-cut and triangle-cut diamonds in a flowing pavéd tapestry, dazzled delicately with a blue sapphire centerpiece.
Final note: Yes, as MJ Lee reported, the President's proposed name for this bill (The Cut, Cut, Cut Act) is real.
"A lot of people make a cut, then another cut, then another cut, and leave the rib bones in," he said.
KN: I mean, this was a guy that wanted to cut spending, cut spending, cut spending, only cared about the deficit.
It includes a 7.1 percent cut to Medicare, a 22.5 percent cut to Medicaid and Obamacare subsidies, a 27.4 percent cut to SNAP, and a 20.1 percent cut to Section 8 housing aid.
"Whatever they cut, they didn't cut enough," quipped the host.
Nike cut Yoder Begley's funding and cut her in 2012.
So the Fed had better cut and cut a lot.
"They had one cut, Buckley had another cut," Jones said.
" They were hammering you, "Cut it loose, cut it loose.
They cut personnel, reduced material and cut back on maintenance.
To cut that off is to cut my communication off.
I look at the cut dates, when I got cut.
We have had number cut after number cut after number cut from all of these bedraggled banking, mineral, mining and machinery companies.
For 15 years, "we've continued to get cut and cut and cut," Theresa Ratti, who teaches high school in Mesa, told me.
Baseline for cut minus July output = cut achieved Cut achieved divided by pledged cut = percentage compliance **Iran, Libya and Venezuela are exempt from making voluntary output cuts ***Targets and pledged cuts apply from Jan.
Baseline for cut minus February output = cut achieved Cut achieved divided by pledged cut percentage compliance **Iran, Libya and Venezuela are exempt from making voluntary output cuts ***Targets and pledged cuts apply from Jan.
Baseline for cut minus March output = cut achieved Cut achieved divided by pledged cut = percentage compliance **Iran, Libya and Venezuela are exempt from making voluntary output cuts ***Targets and pledged cuts apply from Jan.
In short, it's a huge tax cut for the rich, a huge tax cut for Trump — and a huge tax cut for me.
Here r* is the required rate of after-tax return, t is the initial tax rate, t' the post Cut Cut Cut rate.
The folks who just cut, cut, cut, that is a circle-the-drain kind of strategy and it's not building for the future.
Paul Krugman According to news reports, Donald Trump wanted the House Republican tax "reform" bill to be called the Cut Cut Cut Act.
However, Trump has held firm and has been insistent that the bill must be called — one more time — The Cut Cut Cut Act.
"I remember asking every OPEC minister, 'will you cut, will you cut, will you cut' and all the answers were 'no'," he said.
Before the House and Senate each released the "Tax Cuts and Jobs Act," President Trump called his version the "Cut, Cut, Cut" plan.
GUTFELD: They cut -- didn&apost they cut the number of cops?
Then he was cut, and he's been getting cut ever since.
But if Russia says no cut, then we (OPEC) won't cut.
"That second cut — that's the cut I remember," Dukureh told Refinery2100.
They want a corporate cut because who wouldn't want a cut?
The startup takes a cut on every transaction from MasterCard's cut.
That could mean a cut in the corporate income tax cut.
The fleet operators then take a cut of the driver's cut.
If corners were cut along the way, they were cut honestly.
For the month, drillers cut seven rigs, their seventh consecutive cut.
The administration is also seeking a 13 percent cut to the Interior Department, a 2 percent cut to the Justice Department, an 11 percent cut to the Labor Department, a nearly 21 percent cut to the State Department and a 23 percent cut to the Department of Transportation.
Double cut Here's a new theory: Van Gogh cut his ear off because he feared his brother's marriage would cut off his cash supply.
You have turned over the entire American education system — we have cut out art, we have cut out history, we have cut out music.
But then just one meeting later, they had to cut them once and they had no cut for 19, but one cut for 2020.
I'll cut it when he tells me he wants to cut it.
Cut the season in half, or cut the playoff field in half.
Cut smaller strawberries in half lengthwise; cut larger strawberries into quarters lengthwise.
While Apple has cut retail prices, it has cut costs as well.
When you cut reimbursements to service providers, you cut services to patient.
Cut it into 4-inch squares, then cut the squares into stars.
It's common knowledge that cocaine has always been cut, and cut again.
Cut the damage, cut your losses, and move onto the next thing.
Asus cut costs without making it feel like a cut-rate phone.
Look at all the things you cannot cut or refuse to cut.
Social Security Disability Insurance, which Trump promised not to cut, gets cut.
It puts pressure on employers to either cut wages or cut jobs.
GETTING BANKS TO CUT RATES Four MPC members voted for the 35 bps cut, while two voted for a 25 bps cut, the RBI said.
Ford cut U.S. car production almost 15 percent in 2017, General Motors cut it almost 19 percent and Fiat-Chrysler cut it by 26 percent.
President Donald Trump reportedly wants to call it the "Cut Cut Cut Act," while researchers from Trump's alma mater Wharton say it will explode the deficit.
We've got to take our $220006T debt seriously," Flake tweeted, appearing to refer to Trump's suggestion that the bill be called the "Cut Cut Cut Act.
Yesterday I noted that most discussion of the growth effects of the Cut Cut Cut Act, such as they may be, focuses on the wrong measure.
The Cut Cut Cut Act would instead allow people with such income to pay only 25 percent, a big tax break for those with high incomes.
"They are going to incur cut after cut after cut, and that's what's going to happen as soon as this thing becomes public," Avenatti allegedly threatened.
But President Donald Trump has a novel proposal: He wants to name it the "Cut Cut Cut Act," according to a new report from ABC News.
And to do that, you have to survive roster cut after roster cut.
India this month cut rates and is forecast to cut again in April.
Even the fighting scenes are cut, with even those cut, why bother watching!
As the pages accumulated, so he cut and cut, often determinedly with scissors.
That's why I cut my hair, and why I continue to cut it.
And OPEC did cut production, and big oil did indeed cut capital expenditures.
They are more excited about the regulation cut than about the tax cut.
Feet cut off to prevent escape and hands cut off to stop theft.
Other policymakers have said the case for a cut is not clear cut.
I like my bread pre-cut, I like my benefits system pre-cut.
Cut your hair (I had a cropped fringe; I got a crew cut).
And we've all cut and cut, and now we're down to the bone.
I've cut ties with my family, or rather, they've cut ties with me.
A temporary rate cut would be worse than no rate cut at all.
" One encounters both "the cut of anger" and the "tinny cut of fear.
We continue to see a 55% chance of a 25bp cut in September, a 5% chance of a 50bp cut, and a 40% chance of no cut.
At the end of the day, there are always one or two big shipments that get cut, and cut, and cut by people, before it reaches you.
"If it's called 'Cut Cut Cut' and it includes massive tax cuts like this president is proposing," she said, "I think we'd perfectly be fine with that."
And also offering some pro bono branding help: He wants to call the legislation the "The Cut, Cut, Cut Act," per a source familiar with internal discussions.
For the Fed there is only how much to cut and when to cut.
The cut to pensions would actually be the 11th such cut imposed since 2010.
Cut to now, and a mass religious movement fighting to cut emissions hasn't manifested.
And he wasn't able to cut it the way he wanted to cut it.
The tax cut law that was passed last year also cut taxes on alcohol.
She revealed that she cut her long strands into a choppy, collarbone-length cut.
Not only do they say 'cut,' but they specify how much you should cut.
But trying to cut the "SS" from SSDI is not going to cut it.
Yahoo cut 15 percent of its workforce last year and AOL cut 500 jobs.
The two-over cut, at 146, matched the lowest cut score in tournament history.
If rivals also cut, rather than invest and compete, Kraft can cut even more.
Four saw a 2200 basis point cut and four predicted a 2300 bps cut.
It cut rates by 25 basis points on Wednesday, its second cut this year.
Jeans that have been summerized CTRL-X = "Cut" CTRL-X OFFS = CUT OFFS 28D.
Jeans that have been summerized CTRL-X = "Cut" CTRL-X OFFS = CUT OFFS 28D.
I wish I'd put that as the deep cut rather than the first cut.
Hatzius sees a 55% chance of 25 basis point cut in September, a 5% chance of a 50 basis point cut and a 40% chance of no cut.
She helps women tell their stories -- of being cut, of deciding not to cut, of pretending to have been cut in order to fit in -- through social media.
So, in American dining, we often hold cutlery like this, and we cut, cut, cut, and we rest our knives, and then we switch, and then we eat.
"The one advantage that would come from combining them is that you could cut taxes more, because the spending cut is bigger than the [revenue] cut," he explained.
"The company will die — not die, but they are going to incur cut after cut after cut after cut, and that's what's going to happen as soon as this thing becomes public," Mr. Avenatti told Nike lawyers in a meeting that was recorded.
Nolting predicted a 25 basis points cut by the end of July — what he termed an "insurance cut, or pre-emptive cut," in the face of weaker economic growth.
In October, they forecast a 50% likelihood of a 25 basis point cut, a 10% chance of a 50 basis point cut and a 40% chance of no cut.
Almost a third of euro zone firms expect to cut their investment in the U.K.; 24 percent expect to cut their investment somewhat, while 8 percent may cut significantly.
Copenhagen Fine Cut in a fiberboard can, Copenhagen Long Cut in a fiberboard can and Copenhagen Long Cut Wintergreen in a plastic can were not affected, the company said.
Burroughs's artistic collaborations resulted in the cut-up technique being combined with images — Gysin's paintings — and sound (the cut-in being a sound cut-up) via Sommerville's tape recorders.
Cut the Rope Cut the Rope 2 Cut the Rope: Time Travel Limbo is a slow, spooky platformer that will only take you a couple hours to play through.
Mr. Trump has essentially called for three tax cuts: a personal income tax cut, a corporate income tax cut and a cut achieved by repealing the Affordable Care Act.
"If you cut off my reproductive rights, can I cut off yours?" said one sign.
Cost: Typically, when businesses cut down the number of products they're using, they cut costs.
Once it's cut, we usually export a rough cut for the other to listen to.
Cut into 12 slices; place in pan, cut side up, on top of maple mixture.
Plus, we answer the question: To cut or not to cut... your cuticles, we mean.
It has also cut or threatened to cut funding for humanitarian aid and refugee programs.
Like Edelman's cut, she told Sudeikis she would be auctioning off his cut hair, too.
And the tax cut has delivered a $274,210 cut to every family in this country.
In response, the state legislature has cut about every program it can find to cut.
It's accented with a total of 164 round-cut and 2 larger baguette-cut diamonds.
"When you cut off speech for one person, you cut off speech for other people."
I think today's cut means there will likely be one more cut, probably in November.
And it's even easier to cut off a friend if he cut himself off first.
If someone's getting a tax cut, I'm not upset that they're getting a tax cut.
The Marines and Navy cut two active-duty bands, and the Air Force cut three.
"If you want to cut off sanctuary cities, then cut them off," King told McClatchy.
Rub the cut-side of the cut garlic on the bread and season with salt.
"You can't just cut 10% of staff when you cut 10% of flights," he said.
It was its first emergency cut, and the first cut of that size, since 2008.
You can run, sure, but just doing that won't cut it—you'll be cut down.
We would have to cut back even more, and honestly, find out where to cut.
"It's drip by drip, cut by cut," said Senator Richard C. Shelby, Alabama's senior lawmaker.
Cam is not cut out for kidnapping — he's barely cut out for convenience-store shopping.
Cut it to the length you need, then cut through the center of the length.
Stock target cut Because of last week's announcement, Barclays cut its price target on Tesla.
I have already cut some scenes you probably saw, and I cut a whole storyline.
The first cut and the second cut were all done without one ounce of sound.
Willett has been tormented by poor form since his win at Augusta, missing cut after cut after cut, but there are clear signs he is getting back to his best.
"A cut to NIH is not a cut to Washington bureaucracy — it is a cut to life-saving treatments and cures, affecting research performed all across the country," he said.
"A cut to NIH is not a cut to Washington bureaucracy -- it is a cut to life-saving treatments and cures, affecting research performed all across the country," he said.
"Our read of the overall goal is that the 'trigger' will essentially cut the tax cut in half by imposing tax increases five years into the tax cut," wrote Clifton.
"It's cut down on money for advertisements, cut down on money on the ground, cut down on money to employ people," said Joe L. Reed, the A.D.C.'s state chairman.
The intricate pattern is centered on an extremely rare and flawless emerald-cut, 9.46-carat octagonal old-mine Colombian emerald, with one lozenge-cut and two marquise-cut Zambian emeralds.
My responsibilities included looking at several cuts of each program -- rough cut, fine cut, picture lock.
Treatment is ruthless but effective: Cut away your breasts and ovaries to cut down your risk.
She's authoritative on stage, quick to cut in and cut down interlocutors — and often overshadows Kirk.
Trading operations have been cut back, and a difficult decade has increased pressure to cut costs.
The bank cut rates to 13.4 percent in March, its first rate cut since November 2015.
I expect one cut in September and a growing chance of a third cut in October.
Trump's 2023 tax-cut law cut the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 21 percent.
Some were cut without severance, or saw the 20 percent cut applied to their final paychecks.
YouTube currently takes a 30% cut, including fees, and Twitch takes a 50% cut, per TechCrunch.
One single rule of battle remains constant: cut the other kite's line, and don't get cut.
Cut each large circle out, then create a slit to cut out each center circle. 4.
"It's not heroin cut with anything else anymore, it's synthetic [opioids] cut with heroin," he said.
The slump has prompted automakers to cut production and automakers and parts makers to cut jobs.
"Some will cut production, some will cut workers, and some may even shut down," Long said.
MasterCard then gives back a cut of this cut to the bank that issued the card.
Just one rate cut wouldn't be enough, and so I see another cut within this year.
"The shards that cut me the deepest were the ones that intended to cut," she said.
Cut the tomatoes in half, remove and discard the seeds, then cut into small dice. 3.
Does he cut to the left, cut to the right or go straight up the field?
"What I've seen this year is banks having cut most of the costs they could cut."
"Just imagine 90% of your trade cut off, 30% of your oil cut off," Haley said.
The result: the Maharani Necklace, with 232 rose-cut diamonds and nearly 3,000 full-cut diamonds.
And so I, basically, without asking to get cut, I kind of asked to get cut.
Cut swizzle sticks in half widthwise, and cut one end off each piece sharply on diagonal.
"They are going to have to raise taxes, cut services, or cut people off," she added.
To cut to the point, Stephen Thompson occasionally does a sort of short cut high kick.
"I'd go out there and cut left when I was supposed to cut right," Gatlin said.
It's also a new cut of the film, overseen by Ms. Streisand, not a director's cut.
Will you join our ad network and sometimes we'll give you a cut of our cut.
Mr. Trump "should cut and cut cleanly," Mr. Bolton argued recently in The Wall Street Journal.
It cut deep for me, it cut deep for a lot of you in the community.
It needs a rate cut and it needs a rate cut now, maybe two rate cuts.
Among the possible moves: another cut to the reserve requirement ratio, or an interest rate cut.
That day, Tiny cut as if possessed, head after head, each cut better than the last.
They're going to cut up the world, they're all going to cut up the world together.
That led the General Assembly to cut state education aid to some of the poorest districts, with more than $905,000 cut from Bridgeport, and more than $600,000 cut from New Haven.
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (not the Cut, Cut, Cut Act as President Trump had wanted to call it) is much like the Unified Framework, with a few more details.
Lawmakers had not settled on a name for the bill on Wednesday afternoon, but outside groups said Mr. Trump had suggested "The Cut Cut Cut Act," which House leaders had rejected.
Markets have fully priced in a 75-basis-point cut from the U.S. Federal Reserve later this month, hot on the heels of a 50-point cut emergency cut last week.
It also has an interim plan for slashing emissions leading up to the 20403 commitment — a 10% cut by 2025, a 20% cut by 2030, and a 40% cut by 2040.
"The first week on the job we teach you knife skills on how to actually cut vegetables, how to cut lettuce, how to cut avocados, how to mash guacamole," Niccol said.
But it is basically saying in the year 2019 you're going to have a cut, this big, but a cut that was priced into the yield curve and in 20193 another cut.
The 3.75-carat dazzler features a round-cut center diamond stone surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds and two larger baguette-cut diamonds, plus a total of 164 round-cut diamonds.
If Zion Williamson wants to cut out injuries and cut weight ... he NEEDS to cut meat out of his diet ASAP, so says John Salley who says VEGANISM can save Zion's career.
The other thing about touring is if you're waiting for your check from your record label, the record store took their cut, the distributor took their cut, the label took their cut.
"When you cut off speech for one person, you cut off speech for all people," Sandberg said.
It suggested a 7% cut to returns on electricity distribution, and an 8.2% cut for electricity transport.
After all of that time though, he was nowhere — no director's cut, not even a rough cut.
Usdin cut J.P. Morgan shares to hold from buy and cut estimates for the next three years.
"I don't want to cut anything — I didn't want to cut anything," she says with a smile.
Woods' hot streak was cut short recently, however, when he missed the cut at the PGA Championship.
The long-sleeved mini featured a low-cut neckline and a high-cut slit on her thigh.
They have an attached laser to guide your cut line, making sure you get the straightest cut.
The company resisted the cut through three months of controversy and criticism, but eventually cut the shot.
It is also taking steps to stabilize sales, cut costs, review its portfolio and cut its workforce.
"They didn't cut any corners with my C-section, they cut my lower abdomen," responded a third.
Pearson — Pearson cut its profit outlook for the next two years and also cut its 2017 dividend.
They cover the most sexy part of the foot, cut off your toes, cut off your arches.
But Final Cut Pro, and Final Cut Pro Studio, was still unbelievably valuable software for multimedia producers.
Elsewhere, Boeing said it would cut around 4,500 jobs by June in a bid to cut costs.
"When you cut off speech for one person, you cut off speech for other people," she said.
Trumpcare would cut taxes, mostly for the rich, by $883 billion, and cut Medicaid by $880 billion.
We need to cut the corporate tax rate, but the cut should be permanent and budget-neutral.
I told you I never met a tax cut... Linette Lopez : But then where do you cut?
The Federal Reserve cut interest rates by 0.25% on Wednesday, the first rate cut in 10 years.
The company has reportedly cut 60 jobs and might cut up to 200 more in coming weeks.
In the process has cut 30 jobs including in Hamburg, according to a source among those cut.
Together, these changes would result in either a cut in services, a cut in enrollees, or both.
Both fighters were cut, Álvarez with one over his left eye and Golovkin cut over the right.
She said, "We have now cut the head off the I.D.C. snake," not "cut the head of".
The 2012 Obama cut amounted to the largest cut in inflation-adjusted dollars: $321 billion a year.
In French, a style cut in this way was known as "la coupe sauvage" — the wild cut.
Before today's rate cut, the Fed only had around 1.5 percent, leaving far less room to cut.
Tesco cut 4,500 jobs last summer, while No. 2 Sainsbury's cut hundreds of management roles last month.
Cut them all down, cut them in, oh, about, oh, four-foot lengths, something you can lift.
The Fed cut rates in July and is widely expected to cut rates again later this month.
Biden could cut deals with Eastland because it was in Eastland's interest to cut deals with him.
"The company will die — not die, but they are going to incur cut after cut after cut after cut, and that's what's going to happen as soon as this thing becomes public," Mr. Avenatti said in a meeting with Nike lawyers that was recorded for video and audio.
Meanwhile, even as the economic future of your communities hangs in the balance, they want to cut nutrition assistance, cut Medicaid, and cut other programs that many native families rely on to survive.
While a 0.423 bps cut had already been expected, money markets are ramping up bets on a larger cut, moving to price a more than 60% chance of a 20-basis-point cut.
I don't think I could ever cut out alcohol completely, although I have recently cut down on beer.
On Wednesday, the odds were 70% for a quarter-point cut and 30% for a half-point cut.
China cut 90 million tonnes of steel capacity last year, and will continue to cut capacity, Lou said.
"This cut is the exact opposite of the original Safe Haven cut back in 2013," Capri tells us.
Think about slices taken from a ball, one from a vertical cut and one from a horizontal cut.
Under my plan, we cut not only taxes for the middle class, but we cut taxes for corporations.
Both companies take a smaller cut of transactions — about 20% compared to a 30% cut at The RealReal.
There is a message written on railway platforms — short cut will cut you short — that's my opinion too.
The star opted not to shave her head but instead cut her locks into a long pixie cut.
The Fed's next rate cut will be its first since it cut rates to zero in late 2008.
If taxes are cut, then either spending has to be cut, or other taxes have to be raised.
But 16 economists see prospects for a 25 bps cut, while two expect an aggressive 50 bps cut.
But there are still conflicting and conflicted articles: Get a mom cut but without getting a mom cut.
The president pledged to cut spending and asked his agency heads to cut five percent of their budgets.
A cut, and usually it will be a very small cut of what they've earned for that week.
The 36-hole cut was the top 50 and ties, and there was also a 54-hole cut.
"If they cut Medicaid, the first thing they cut is us," said Cassie James, an organizer with ADAPT.
The plan cut taxes across the board for everyday Americans, with nearly 80 percent receiving a tax cut.
"If the premium paid gets cut to about $1.05, let's go ahead and cut the trade," he said.
Cut out processed and manufactured foods, reduce or eliminate dairy foods, and cut back on foods with gluten.
No. So I'd cut her — I'd cut her a break because I think she did a great job.
Expectations for a rate cut remain at 100%, with a 70% chance for a 25 basis point cut.
Tell me about where you cut away from the unbroken shot and why you cut when you do?
RATE CUT IN THE BAG Financial markets have fully priced in a rate cut at the Fed's Sept.
The 2012 Obama tax cut amounted to the largest cut in inflation-adjusted dollars: $321 billion a year.
Just as the Snyder Cut may remain apocryphal forever, so too may the rumored Butthole Cut of Cats.
So for 20 minutes, I was cut off from the outside world, I was cut off from him.
If there is no October rate cut, the Fed could instead cut again in December or pause again.
It followed that with another quarter-percentage point cut at its meeting in September, and then Wednesday's cut.
The theatrical cut is maybe the better paced movie, but the director's cut is the more complete film.
BREAKFAST BROWSE The kindest cut The busy waitress took the time out to cut an elderly diner's ham.
"People have this mentality of 'OK, I need to cut sugar out, cut carbs out,' " Al Bochi said.
In 43, Ford cut hundreds of white-collar jobs in Europe to cut costs by $200 million annually.
"If [the premium] gets cut to about $80, let's cut the trade, it's obviously not working," he said.
Cut into squares and serve with a salad or something that will cut this meat and cheese party.
"The shards that cut me the deepest were the ones that intended to cut," she told a crowd.
Analysts at the bank said there was a 75% chance of a quarter-point rate cut in September, a 15% chance of a 50 basis point cut and a 10% chance of no cut.
"We think OPEC will try to come up with a fuzzy production cut ... It won't be called a cut but will effectively mean a cut, which will also be difficult to quantify," McNally said.
In short, the effects of the Trump tax cut are already looking like the effects of the Brownback tax cut in Kansas, the Bush tax cut and every other much-hyped tax cut of the past three decades: big talk, big promises, but no results aside from a swollen budget deficit.
Instead, they served up a giant corporate tax cut, plus an estate tax cut, plus some other tax cuts for rich people, and a middle-class tax cut that is both small and merely temporary.
The output cut however, was behind schedule with just 95 million tons cut by end-July — about 38 percent of this year's 250 million ton targeted cut, China's National Development and Reform Commission said Thursday.
Trump chose to retreat from the world stage when he abandoned the TPP, cut the State Department's staff, cut its ambassadors by 30 percent, cut aid to Latin America and reversed a friendly Cuba policy.
As for the cut of pork, choose a bone-in (or boneless) marbled shoulder roast or thick-cut county-style ribs, which are meaty bone-in chops cut from the shoulder end of the loin.
So even if the eventual effect of the tax cut were to raise wages, there might well be years, even decades, when a tax cut for corporations is mainly a tax cut for wealthy shareholders.
Trump promised not to cut taxes for the rich, but then he delivered a massive tax cut for the rich and followed up its unpopularity by repeatedly touting a hypothetical future middle class tax cut.
One of them cut me here [points to the back of his head], one of them cut me here [points to his left shoulder], one of them cut me here [points to his right shoulder].
Last year, Sprint cut thousands of jobs as part of an effort to cut $2.5 billion in operating costs.
She described a cut visible on Slager's hand as "a glorified paper cut" that undoubtedly came from the Taser.
But the thing about being a "negotiator" is that you don't cut a deal just to cut a deal.
In the Senate plan, the tax rate cut for individuals is temporary, while the corporate rate cut is permanent.
You talk about the average tax cut for the person in Minnesota, 80 percent of Minnesotans, $700 tax cut.
Freeport-McMoRan plans to cut costs by 28 percent, while Glencore is targeting a 24 percent cut this year.
Teva has already cut its workforce by 10,400 and Schultz expects to cut several thousand more jobs this year.
When June and Pride Month came, though, I cut it in a more masculine version of a pixie cut.
Of course, even a 20-year tax cut is not, officially, the same thing as a permanent tax cut.
To cut management costs, 500-odd jobs are being cut at headquarters and another 400 moved out of London.
He will cut his own salary by 60% and cut the pay of senior civil servants to that level.
And yes, this is a cut separate from the $5.8 billion NIH cut Trump is calling for in 2018.
For the month, drillers cut the number of rigs operating by five, their sixth monthly cut in a row.
Four MPC members voted for a 35 basis points cut while two voted for a 25 basis point cut.
Go sell the tax cut, this is the first quarter that reflects really the consequences of the tax cut.
It also cut its financial forecast and said it would cut product of some of its entry level cameras.
It said it had cut 8,300 jobs so far as part of plans to cut 14,000 announced last year.
Boeing — Boeing will cut more than 933,500 jobs, in is ongoing effort to cut the cost of producing jetliners.
We cut out over-nighters, shortened tours, cut down social events, and siblings — don't ask for overnight play dates!
Cut off the tentacle and then cut down the seam of the body to open this flat and clean.
At least 17 analysts have cut their price targets, while Topeka Capital cut its rating to "hold" from "buy".
The committee has looked to cut funding further in years passed, including a proposed $718 million cut last year.
Cut melon Put down the fork and step away from cut melon or fruit salad mixes that contain it.
"It is inaccurate to think of a payroll tax cut as an entirely middle class tax cut," he said.
The Brownie Brittle was cut into smaller rectangular shapes while the Trader Joe's Brownie Crisps were cut into squares.
Or, how fast Netflix cut ties with Kevin Spacey, studios dumped Harvey Weinstein and HBO cut Louis C.K. loose.
During that speech, Trump repeated pledges to cut corporate taxes and cut down on regulations from the Obama administration.
Dividend cut not enough The painful dividend cut announced on Tuesday will save GE about $4 billion a year.
Meanwhile, cut the peel from the remaining oranges and cut the oranges into circles about 1/4-inch thick.
He cut him to the bone and proceeded to mash on the deep cut for the next several minutes.
The PBOC has cut reserve requirements for lenders four times this year, with the latest cut effective Oct. 15.
Trump's proposed tax cut will bestow an average $1.1 million tax cut on the top 0.1 percent of earners.
Rating agency Moody's has cut China's outlook to negative, suggesting that a rate cut could be in the offing.
They needed to find that money because they want to cut taxes on the wealthy — and cut them deeply.
Styles recently devastated fans worldwide when he cut off his signature Big Hair in favor of scraggly bowl cut.
The central bank's rate cut on Thursday came after it had cut rates by 425 basis points in July.
We saw a cut back with Temer [the former President] and the new administration will cut back even more.
"It cut deep for me and it cut deep for a lot of you in the community," he said.
I'll try to prune my rose garden or pull weeds, cut some flowers for a vase, cut some herbs.
Volume includes amended Nigerian target which emerged in October 2019 *** OPEC cut includes 0.4 million bpd Saudi voluntary cut.
Some commenters wanted to recognize plays that did not make the cut, others wanted to cut plays that did.
Cut &aposem some slackAll in all, managers should cut workers a bit of slack when it comes to cyberloafing.
LAWMAKERS TACKLE PROPOSED EPA SPENDING CUT: Lawmakers on Tuesday confronted a potential 24 percent cut to the EPA's budget.
Working in a clockwise motion, cut the dough together as though you are making biscuits: scrape, fold, and cut.
Just 255 percent want a tax cut just for businesses, while 24 percent want a cut only for individuals.
Earlier this year Deutsche Bank announced plans to cut more than 7,000 jobs to cut costs and restore profitability.
Five said the bank would cut by 100 bps, three predicted a 150 bps cut and three 3.23 bps.
His budget, just to be clear, cut or proposed to cut lots of funding for the U.S. science agencies.
The Fed cut rates by a quarter percentage point last week, two months after a similar cut in July.
Prosecutors cut him a break that I don't think they would have cut for the poor and the powerless.
" She points out the "cut edges" of Lydian, adding, "A lot of people think it looks calligraphic, but what I do is cut and fold and weave paper and it looks like cut strips of paper.
Can I ask you about the focus of the tax cut because you've spoken about a massive tax cut for ordinary workers…Right, this would be the biggest tax cut in the history of the country.
President Donald Trump dubbed the GOP tax-reform effort as "The Cut Cut Cut Act," and digging into the 429-page bill shows plenty of popular or valuable tax breaks that are on the chopping block.
Candidate Trump initially proposed a cut so massive it would have taken millions more Americans off the tax rolls, cut the top personal rate to 25 percent and cut the top corporate rate to 15 percent.
Tata said last month it would cut 1,050 jobs in Britain, adding to some 4,000 steel jobs cut in October.
First up, we have T.C. coming in hot to fight for the Final Cut, with Bryan defending the Theatrical Cut.
The romantic sparkler is set with a rectangular, radiant-cut center stone and surrounded by 86 smaller, full-cut diamonds.
And waste, fraud and abuse is what politicians promise they'll cut when they have no idea what they'll actually cut.
The bill would cut federal funding to states by 34 percent over the next — But it wouldn't cut Alabama, though.
Sprint in January said it had cut 2,500 jobs as part of its plan to cut $2.5 billion in costs.
Four MPC members voted for the 35 bps cut, while two voted for a 25 bps cut, the RBI said.
Coming to New York and seeing cut flowers on every corner... also, I think [cut flowers are] prettier than houseplants.
So far Teva has cut its workforce by 10,400 and Schultz expects to cut several thousand more jobs this year.
She was loving how her curls looked, and was like, 'If we're gonna cut it, we're gonna cut it all.
They had already cut the surge at the end of last year, which probably cut rates about 27% at least.
Indonesia cut its benchmark interest rate twice and India cut it once in 2017, boosting the prices of their bonds.
ANZ was the first bank to respond to Tuesday's rate cut, saying it was passing on the cut in full.
Are legislators going to cut funding, forcing universities to cut back or increase tuition, the next time there's a recession?
Spending has to be cut, after all, to make way for Congress's enormous tax cut for corporations and the wealthy.
Tune in to see if Tartrick makes the cut; and speaking of cuts, we're hoping he doesn't cut that hair.
If using jalapeños, cut each in half lengthwise, removing seeds (if you like less heat); cut halves into ¼-inch slices.
The probability of a 25 bps cut was 98.5% on Wednesday, with a 1.5% chance of a 50-point cut.
The government announced the 20 percent cut in mister salaries and the sharp cut to civil service benefits in September.
The cut of a dress in the back and sides must not be cut below the naval (below your elbow).
The data did not change the expectations of a rate cut this month, but lowered hopes of an aggressive cut.
There are 164 round-cut and two baguette-cut diamonds in the ring; this officially qualifies it as a stunner.
Before this major cut, Gomez cut her long, dark brown waves into a choppy, piecey lob for a "secret project".
Republicans are looking to cut the EPA's budget by $22019 million, a smaller cut than they've pursued in the past.
We had to hike in to mark the trees to cut, and then the loggers hiked in to cut them.
Baghdad has yet to cut deeply enough to hit its quota of 4.35 million bpd under the output cut deal.
"I know a lot of families have cut spending so much they no longer know where to cut," Macri said.
The Federal Open Market Committee is expected to cut interest rates by a quarter point, its third cut since July.
But I think the Fed is still poised to cut and whether they actually cut or not, we don't know.
The researchers envision entire buildings with new and improved smart windows, which can cut heating, AC, and cut energy costs.
Meantime, the California Cut Flowers Commission on Thursday said growers of cut flowers were being threatened by Southern California fires.
About 88 per cent of 25 per cent rate cut and over 11 per cent of 50 basis points cut.
Cut melons Put down the fork and step away from cut melons or fruit salad mixes that contain the fruit.
He treated his friends for dinner, but he refused to cut a cake because he cut two cakes last year.
Their lead was cut to 126-125 when Dinwiddie cut to the rim for a hoop with 15.7 seconds remaining.
Expectations for a 50-basis-point rate cut this month have evaporated, but investors still expect a 25 bps cut.
Gail: The two things a Republican president is supposed to do are cut taxes and try to cut domestic spending.
Money markets price a cut by July; by end-29 they reckon the Fed will have cut twice at least.
"Caribbean hair doesn't get cut well there," said Garcia, who cut the hair of a few South Korean players, too.
But the logic of the pro-tax cut case depends on the cut facilitating a period of large trade deficits.
After the rate cut a few days ago, the market priced in a 64% chance of another cut in September.
We expect continuation of rate cut and with this GDP numbers there could more likely be a 25-bp cut.
His shorter hair adds a classic, clean-cut style, while his shaggy cut has a bit more of an edge.
And last month Boeing announced plans to cut production of the 787 Dreamliner, as global trade worries cut into demand.
It was the second small rate cut cut in two months, as China tries to prop up its flagging economy.
Then, in June, MONUSCO's 85033/2018 budget was cut by $92 million—an 8 percent cut from the previous year.
More than 50% of traders expect another cut in December, and a smaller percentage (503%) forecast a cut in October.
With the company planning to cut costs by $1 billion next year, Cartwright has his work cut out for him.
Other fund managers cut the value of their funds, though some have since reversed part of that cut in value.
Money markets price a cut by July; by end-2019 they reckon the Fed will have cut twice at least.
"Most of the markets though, still see some kind of cut but it pulls away that expectation of a 50-basis-points cut and most what can be expected is a quarter-basis-point cut," Gaffney added.
That's why Steam now takes a 30 percent cut on sales under $10 million, then a 25 percent cut on sales between $10 million and $50 million, then a 20 percent cut on sales above $50 million.
But even though Donald Trump reportedly wanted to call it the "Cut Cut Cut Act," the bill actually includes a host of tiny tweaks and alterations to the tax code that could actually raise your tax bill.
Russia pledged to cut its oil production by 300,000 b/d with the remaining 10 non-OPEC countries combining to cut a further 258,000 b/d in an agreement that represents the largest ever non-OPEC production cut.
Now, inspired by Greg Leiserson's post on problems with the Tax Foundation model – the only one that shows significant growth effects from Cut Cut Cut – I think I can give an illustration of how much this might matter.
Today, we're supposed to finally see House Republicans' vision of what a tax code change would look like (even if it is unlikely to bear the name President Trump is said to prefer, the "Cut Cut Cut Act").
Next year, most people will probably see a small tax cut, although for the middle class it will be a smaller cut than the one they got from Barack Obama in 2009 — a tax cut almost nobody noticed.
"Most of the markets though, still see some kind of cut but it pulls away that expectation of a 50-basis-points cut and most of what can be expected is a quarter-basis-point cut," Gaffney said.
The current level of inflation warrants a rate cut, hence I believe the MPC will deliver a 25bps cut next week.
We would cut something we wanted to cut because it made the show flow better, as opposed to cutting for time.
It also involves a 16 percent cut in federal spending [upfront] and a 34 percent cut over the next 10 years.
The next time you want a slice, cut the cake down the middle again, this time perpendicular to the original cut.
"The shards that cut me the deepest were the ones that intended to cut," she said, according to the Denver Post.
Some companies such as BMW have already cut their prices after China cut the value-added tax (VAT) from April 1.
For zinc the number was cut 230 percent to $22000 million, while nickel capex was cut 235 percent to $212 million.
They cut several Girls Do Porn videos together, cut Girls Do Porn videos with unrelated porn, or set them to music.
If you look at every single agency, we can cut it down and I mean really cut it down and save.
Mr Macron's plans are more modest: he proposes to cut 503,250 public-sector jobs and cut €21 billion from annual spending.
Study after study shows that corporate-tax reform is a middle-class tax cut, not a tax cut for the rich.
It cut its 2019 growth outlook cut earlier this year to 2.4%, down over half a percentage point from earlier forecasts.
When The Cut declared earlier this year that his is the "It" cut among queer women right now, I thought, Duh.
They cut out middlemen and guide consumers to use generic drugs, taking a cut of the sales from the drug manufacturers.
If I had the perfect cut I wouldn't have to study the sword anymore Wait, so what is the perfect cut?
"The shards that cut me the deepest were the ones that intended to cut," she said, according to the Denver Post.
Futures markets fully priced a 25 basis points rate cut which would be the first cut in more than a decade.
"We cut [ostrich feathers] like you cut your nails," Saag Jonker, a South African ostrich farmer, explains in the Fashionista report.
GM earlier this week announced plans to cut 15,000 employees in North America, including a 25-percent cut in executive ranks.
Read: Every single look slays, whether it's blonde or brunette, bangs or a bowl cut, locs or a short pixie cut.
For a Trump-voting cop, he literally places cut avocado next to slices of cut grapefruit and pretends it's a salad.
I&aposd cut even further for those families under $100,000 income with three or four kids, I&aposd cut them further.
Oil prices soared as top exporter Saudi Arabia said it would cut crude exports and deliver an even deeper output cut.
The data did not change the expectations of a rate cut this month, though it lowered hopes of an aggressive cut.
The March budget also proposed a 22019 percent cut for Interior and a 5.6 percent cut for the Department of Energy.
"You can either have a small tax cut that's permanent, or a large tax cut that is short term, " he said.
She has promised to cut taxes and increase social benefits, but her main pledge is to cut immigration by 80 percent.
Since the Bank of Korea cut rates earlier than expected, so there could be another rate cut in the second half.
A pre-June 1 cut would save $4.3 million, and a post-June 1 cut would take it to $6.5 mil.
Macy's — The retailer cut its financial outlook after a poor holiday season, and said it would cut more than 2,000 jobs.
In 2015 Kate Middleton got a mom cut, then a year later was shamed for no longer having a mom cut.
One victim was treated for a cut to an arm, while the other suffered a cut to the face, authorities said.
That's because many of the measures to cut unhealthful air pollutants and haze cut water use and greenhouse gases as well.
The probability of a 25 basis point cut was 97.5% on Wednesday, with a 2.5% chance of a 50-point cut.
We've been trained to expect that: we're seeing something, we cut away, we're going to cut back, and there's a scare.
Or maybe you have a cut of beef, and the projector recognizes the positioning and overlays cut lines for proper butchering.
Cut bread loaf into 1-inch-thick diagonal slices, taking care not to cut through the bottom of the bread. 3.
It'll use machine learning to automatically cut it up at ideal cut times — around phrases or when one person starts talking.
There's not much evidence that its patchy pitch can work: cut out middle-men, cut out unions, automate building materials production, ???
Both chambers cut the rate to 20 percent from 35 percent, but the Senate's bill delays the cut for a year.
A group of Democratic senators want to see pension executives suffer a pay cut if the plans they monitor cut benefits.
Conservatives argue that the tax cut would boost the economy and expand upon the tax-cut law Trump signed last year.
Trump's budget would cut the EPA's funding by $2900 billion, or 220006 percent, the largest cut for any cabinet-level agency.
The corporate tax cut could eventually raise wages, but so far, the corporate tax cut appears to have gone to corporations.
As we all know, in December 2628, Republicans passed a $28503 trillion tax cut bill without a similar cut in spending.
The details: It makes much more sense to cut $100 billion from a $375.2 billion deficit than to cut $1 billion.
Still, many of us plow on, even after telling ourselves we should cut it out, or at least cut down. Why?
I cut a few lines on the mirror with my American Express Gold Card and handed Henry a cut-off straw.
The central bank cut its benchmark interest rate close to zero on March 15 after an emergency cut two weeks prior.
It was the first unscheduled, emergency rate cut since 2008, and it also marks the biggest one-time cut since then.
I would cut "Even at Our Worst We're Still Better Than Most (The Roller)," I'd cut that song from the record.
Each tiny ruby grain must be cut and faceted in a variety of ways, each cut made for a specific purpose.
Unwrap the puff pastry and, following the fold lines, cut each sheet into 6 rectangles, then cut each rectangle in half.
The airline added it would cut up to 50% of its capacity by next month and adopt measures to cut costs.
The airline added it would cut up to 50% of its capacity by next month and adopt measures to cut costs.
The airline added it would cut up to 50% of its capacity by next month, and adopt measures to cut costs.
Conversely, all other departments have proposed cuts, from a 2 percent cut for Justice to a 37 percent cut for Commerce.
He's here to lend some kind of gravity, to cut Meek Mill's revving engine with a jolt of cut-rate solemnity.
"Caribbean hair doesn't get cut well there," said the barber, who cut the hair of a few South Korean players, too.
You can't prove a negative; therefore, you can never prove definitively that "the Snyder cut" or "the JJ cut" don't exist.
And if Noura cut her hand killing her mother, wouldn't blood from her cut have been found in the spattered bedroom?
Seven MPC members had favoured a cut to 16.5%, while one member suggested a steeper cut to 16.0%, Monday's statement said.
Blair, who predicted a 150-bps cut, said Egyptian debt instruments would still be attractive to investors after a rate cut.
Brokerage Morgan Stanley cut NAB's price target on expectations of further capital raising and an another dividend cut in fiscal 284.11.
With short hair and sharply cut suits, she cut a dash through the London art world of the 1920s and '30s.
He grabbed Mr. Sardar's scalp and began to lift and cut, lift and cut, carving off nearly every inch of skin.
We had asked our workers to take pay cut after pay cut, and there was nothing left for us to take.
"You can either have a small tax cut that's permanent, or a large tax cut that is short term," he said.
When you propose a budget, as Trump did last year, that makes a $1 trillion cut to Medicaid, a $500 billion cut to Medicare, and a $72 billion cut to Social Security, you are not a friend of workers.
The first 100 basis point cut in RRR will take effect on May 31, another 50 basis point cut on June 28 and last 50 basis point cut on July 26, Governor Benjamin Diokno said in a text message.
Rather than using their power to lift Americans out of poverty, politicians and corporations over the last 50 years have worked hand in hand to cut wages, cut jobs and cut workers' freedom to stick together in a union.
Those in the middle of the income distribution would get an average annual tax cut of $53; those in the fourth quintile, a cut of $510; and those in the top 20 percent, an average tax cut of $2,830.
His 103 budget proposal calls for a $845 billion cut over 10 years in Medicare, a $25 billion cut in Social Security and a $1.5 trillion cut in Medicaid — programs that benefit the old, the disabled and the poor.
Right before the creative process for the Witness Tour, Katy cut her hair into the short pixie cut that it is today.
But the point on which the cut, cut, cutters and the shift, shift, shifters agree is that spending should not go down.
Saudi Arabia has reportedly cut production by 160,000 barrels per day (bpd), while Kuwait and Qatar have both cut down 20,753 bpd.
At that level, Baghdad would need to cut about 200,000 bpd in January to meet its quota under the supply cut agreement.
To make the filling, using a very sharp knife, cut the meat into very thin strips and then cut the strips across.
I'd cut "Zombie by the Cranberries," I'd cut "Hate, Rain on Me" or the "Distance," and one of the pop punky songs.
He cut the enrollment period in half, cut enrollment advertising by 90%, and pulled out of Obamacare enrollment events across the country.
AMS also cut costs in the first quarter, partly because it cut staff and increased the utilisation rate at its Singapore plant.
Most eye-catching are a 31% proposed cut to the Environmental Protection Agency and a 28% cut to the Department of State.
Culp said GE cut $800 million in costs at the power unit last year, and has plans to cut another $1.6 billion.
However, 76 percent said it was more important to cut taxes for corporations than it was to cut taxes for the wealthy.
The bill will cut corporate tax, provide a tax holiday for corporations' overseas profits and cut the tax rate for the wealthy.
As with so many Ridley Scott movies, there's an Extended Cut of the movie that's eight minutes longer than the theatrical cut.
It allows us then to not have to cut and cut the price on that product to get it off our shelves.
The market is pricing in a rate cut for this week, then a pause, followed by a rate cut for next year.
"My wife would leave me if I cut my hair so I just don't cut my hair," Momoa told the Daily Telegraph.
It said, yes, to cut 248 percent of the total, but it said the appropriations committees could decide where to cut it.
In fact, India and Indonesia cut rates in August and could even have room to cut again – perhaps even joined by Thailand.
The result would be a tax cut for the vast majority of Americans that didn't cut taxes for the top 1 percent.
A system-wide "universal" RRR cut, or a policy rate cut, is still possible by the end of the year, Zhu added.
Washington's demand for a $200 billion cut from China's U.S. goods trade surplus doubles Trump's previous request for a $3013 billion cut.
Meanwhile, consensus expectations for the Fed to cut rates by a quarter percentage point still outweigh those for a half-point cut.
Boeing — Boeing will cut jobs at its commercial airplane unit, in an effort to cut costs and better compete with Europe's Airbus.
Oil prices found support as top exporter Saudi Arabia said it would cut crude exports and deliver an even deeper output cut.
On the one hand, consumers and businesses might cut back on spending, hurting growth and making the case for a rate cut.
This represents a $150 million cut from FY 2016 — and the program was already cut by $273 million the year before that.
It's unclear whether Nikkei's report refers to a quarterly cut or a year-over-year unit cut, which would be more surprising.
This is the fifth time since last February that the PBoC has cut its ratio, the last cut being on October 20153.
The car that cut him off during his commute must have followed him, researched him, and picked him specifically to cut off.
Kerrigan: I mean, Steven had final cut, which means in essence we had final cut, because Steven trusts the way we worked.
Cut squares around your designs and letters and cut out any colored-in areas with either scissors or an X-Acto knife.
The federal government, meanwhile, cut construction spending for the second straight month and has cut back 9 percent from a year ago.
Harwood: But your intent would then be a middle-income tax cut and a zero tax cut for people at the top.
RBC on Wednesday cut the company's target price to 5.70 euros from previous 6.50 euros and cut to 'sector perform' from 'outperform'.
He said there is no need to cut rates anytime soon or indicated that next move might not be a rate cut.
Three-quarters of respondents support Trump's proposal to cut individual income taxes, while only 35 percent agree he should cut corporate taxes.
"My wife would leave me if I cut my hair so I just don't cut my hair," Momoa told the Daily Telegraph.
The People's Bank of China has cut banks' reserve requirements four times this year, with the latest cut taking effect on Oct.
In Hong Kong, storefronts are shuttered, critical thoroughfares for commuters and commerce are cut off and university semesters are being cut short.
The central bank earlier cut its benchmark interest rate by 25 basis points to 6.75 percent, its third rate cut this year.
We had a 6 percent sales tax on groceries that was first cut to 3 percent and then cut to 0 percent.
Analysts also said the U.S. Federal Reserve's decision to cut interest rates last month would support a CBE decision to cut rates.
The Fed came very close to promising a rate cut Wednesday, and now markets are focused on a possible July rate cut.
" Asked about the nickname at Wednesday's White House press briefing, spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said, "If it's called the 'Cut, Cut' bill, great.
But as everyone who balances their own business or household budget knows, the best way to cut deficits is to cut spending.
To cut down on the risk you're viewed in a not-so-professional light, cut down on your use of smiley faces. 
The tax law cut rates across the board, and Inslee and his wife appear to have gotten a tax cut for 85033.
Expectations for a rate cut, measured by the CME's FedWatch tool, returned to 100%, with 73% expected a 25 basis point cut.
Three big lenders, Vakifbank, Halkbank and Ziraat Bank had cut their loan rates last week, following the central bank's interest rate cut.
"If you want to cut off money, cut off money for stupid things like high speed rail or other things," he said.
The layoffs announced today cut into 41 percent of Theranos' workforce and follows a 340 person cut in October of last year.
Brush the cut-side of the baguette with 2 tablespoons oil and grill on the cut-side until golden, about 3 minutes.
The agency brought her brand opportunities and took a cut of her earnings (typically, agents earn between a 10% and 20% cut).
The Federal Reserve delivered Tuesday with a 503 basis-point rate cut, the first emergency cut between meetings since the Great Recession.
President Donald Trump, who has long advocated for lower rates, cheered the rate cut but said the Fed needed to cut further.
Those in the top 0003 percent would get a $52,780 tax cut and those in the top 0.1 percent a $27,2500 cut.
"Produce is simply less expensive than proteins, so if you cut out the meat, you'll cut down the cost," Ms. Izzo noted.
The bill would substantially cut healthcare subsidies for older Americans, roll back Obamacare's Medicaid expansion, and cut most of the Obamacare taxes.
At the very least, markets expect a 25 basis point cut in the deposit rate to -1.23% -- the first cut since 21.2.
Money markets show investors expect a 10 basis-point cut in the deposit rate to -0.50% in the first cut since 2016.
But don't worry, there is a tax cut for the wealthy so if you make over $500,000 you're getting a tax cut.
Simplistic arguments in favor of a $1.5 trillion tax cut suggest that a $5 trillion tax cut would necessarily be even better.
The CBO estimated the bill would cut Medicaid by nearly $800 billion by 2026, and would cut Medicaid 35 percent come 2036.
If we can cut to that, we can cut a lot of the, frankly, deluded ideas just circulating widely in our society.
President Obama's stimulus package lifted the economy and cut unemployment, and recently investors have liked President Trump's push to cut business taxes.
As far as individual airlines went, Spirit had the highest tally with 271 cancellations, while JetBlue cut 225 and Southwest cut 150.
It would be the last one I think that would cut, but they could cut 'cause they're talking about cutting the capex.
The Bank of Canada cut its benchmark overnight rate to 1.25% from 1.75% on Wednesday said it would cut again if necessary.
A quick cut left, then a quick cut right, and he unleashed a shot that Willy Caballero was slow to react to.
Following the Fed cut, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority announced Wednesday it cut its base rate by 50 basis points to 1.5%.
"It is frustrating, but —" Buttigieg said before Donchess cut in and said the New Hampshire primary results should be more clear-cut.
That did not happen, but Qualcomm cut about 15 percent of its staff, cut executive pay and gave Jana three board seats.
Del Taco's fries ($2.29 for a small size) are crinkle-cut, which is universally known to be the worst cut of fries.
But when she lost her job and had to take a pay cut, she didn't have to dramatically cut back her expenses.
That means whatever deal Trump cut -- or will cut -- with Schumer and Pelosi needs to have the support of 121 House Republicans.
At Wednesday's policy meeting, the central bank cut interest rates by a quarter percentage point, marking their second cut in a row.
Many also bore cut marks, probably from when ancient people cut away the skin and tendons to get to the bone underneath.
Just after he first cut his hair in 2016, he rocked a similar retro bowl cut on the cover of Another Man.
The median estimate was for a cut of 50 basis points, while the most aggressive expectation was for a 125-point cut.
Meanwhile, last week a school district in Colorado cut Mondays from its timetables in a bid to attract staff and cut costs.
The U.S Federal Reserve is expected to cut interest rates on Wednesday, having made its first cut since 2008 back in July.
He added that robust growth was possible if the cut is extended or even if it was replaced by a smaller cut.
The main 51.38-carat diamond has a 57-facet traditional round brilliant cut with triple excellent cut, D colour, and VVS1 clarity.
On one side, they claim that a cut is not a cut, because dollar spending on Medicaid would still rise over time.
Perhaps they will play a bigger role in the director's cut, but the theatrical cut shows only brief flashes of the characters.
Meanwhile, using a 3-inch round cutter, cut a hole into each slice of bread, saving the circle that you cut out.
Budget cut after budget cut have forced us to do ever more with ever less, and it cannot continue on this path.
Opt for a lower data plan to cut the cost of wireless service, or consider these ways to cut your monthly bills.
Trump's fiscal year 23 budget proposed a 21990 percent reduction in Medicaid outlays (even though candidate Trump promised not to cut Medicaid) and a huge cut in the Social Security Disability Insurance fund (candidate Trump promised not to cut Social Security).
This time, however, Curry's gravity—that is, his ability to draw defensive attention—forces both defenders to overplay the short cut, leaving Ian Clark wide open behind the arc: A slip cut is the exact opposite of the short cut.
"Clearly, it is inconsistent with the Saudis claim that they're going to cut production in the future, because one would think if you're going to cut production you don't have to cut your crude oil price very much," he told CNBC.
"Asscher-cut diamonds are step cut, which means there are fewer facets than other fancy shapes, such as a princess cut for instance," adds Galton of Mappin & Webb, which just launched their new-look flagship boutique on London's famed Regent Street.
Baseline Pledged Cut Compliance 2019output output for cut cut achieved (pct)* target***Algeria 1.05 1.06 1.057 25.9373,000 7,000 22 1.025Angola 1.44 1.45 1.528 47,2.803 88,000 187 1.481Congo** 0.33 0.32 0.325 10,000 -2.753,000 negative 0.315Ecuador 0.52 0.52 0.524 16,000 4,000 0.903 0.508Eq.
The first 21 basis point cut in RRR will take effect on May 252.52, another 50 basis point cut on June 28 and last 50 basis point cut on July 26, BSP Governor Benjamin Diokno said in a text message.
It's not a pixie or a mullet or a bowl cut, not a bob or a lob or a Kwan cut or a Klute cut or a Farrah or a Rachel or anything with something so pedestrian as a name.
Neatly cut the crusts from the slices of bread, then cut the sandwich so that the cut-side faces upwards to show the cross-section and filling; insert a bamboo skewer through the middle of the sandwich to hold it together.
He said Tuesday he was considering a payroll tax cut, hours after White House aides had told reporters such a cut was not under consideration and a day before he said he was not actually planning any kind of tax cut.
Randgold was also under pressure after a broker cut, down 3.8 percent after Morgan Stanley cut the stock to equal weight from overweight.
Apple recently cut its quarterly revenue forecast on account of China's slowdown, while domestic Chinese tech companies have gone further and cut costs.
Last month, Uganda's central bank cut its benchmark Central Bank Rate (CBR) to 14 percent from 15 percent, its third cut since April.
The miner flagged its intention to restructure and cut up to 2,500 jobs last September and has so far cut about 2,000 positions.
What's less certain than the expected rate cut later this month is how many more times the Fed will cut rates after that.
The choice of reference period gives plenty of scope to adjust which members must cut the most and which must cut the least.
Four MPC members voted for a 35 basis points cut while two voted for a 25 basis point cut, an MPC statement said.
The Bank of England last week cut its growth forecasts but said it still expected to hike interest rates rather than cut them.
The US central bank cut interest rates Wednesday — the third-straight rate cut — despite the S&P 500 trading at all-time highs.
The People's Bank of China has cut reserve requirements for lenders four time this year, with the latest cut taking effect on Oct.
Atomic energy; you can cut it one way and light the world, you can cut it another way, and blow the world up.
While a 1.53 basis point cut is being seen as a certainty, many had even dared to expect a half percentage point cut.
"Some half-a-million barrels cut is expected but we won't rule out an even deeper cut should the situation worsen," said Yang.
"Some half-a-million barrels cut is expected but we won't rule out an even deeper cut should the situation worsen," said Yang.
"If he's cut from my body, he's cut from my life," she asserted, adding that she now keeps the skin in her kitchen.
"The ER doctor had to cut [the thumb] open, cut away the dead skin and get the infection out," Tina McArthur  told WEARTV .
Cut each potato into quarters lengthwise; cut each wedge diagonally into ½- to 1-inch-long pieces (3 to 5 pieces per wedge). 3.
Servings: 4 Ingredients2 pounds Brussels sprouts, cleaned and halved½ pound thick-cut bacon, cut into 1-inch piecesjuice of ½ an orange Directions 1.
Currently, markets think the probability of rates cut is up to 100%, eight out of ten will be cut by 25 basis points.
Her newer theory is in regards to the cut on Steven's finger — the same cut that allegedly gushed blood onto the steering wheel.
I just felt that we could have cut it, a lot, to 220, 21, and used that extra point as a tax cut.
Fourteen out of 15 economists polled by Reuters had expected the bank to cut rates, with most seeing a 25 basis point cut.
This failed razor cut bangs tutorial is giving us major flashbacks to the last time we spontaneously decided to cut our own hair.
The biggest U.S. roaster said on Tuesday it would cut prices by 6 percent, adding to a similar cut in July last year.
"I had a fleeting idea about becoming a hairdresser, but I cut off a friend's earlobe trying to cut their hair," she said.
Or is it going to be a clear-cut winner, and if it's a clear-cut winner, who is it going to be?
Square takes a small cut of every credit card payment it processes, a cut that is split with banks and other financial intermediaries.
The big picture: When Trump cut taxes in 2017, the White House also cut the amount that workers saw withheld from their paychecks.
Tesla said on Tuesday it had cut the Model 3 price by $1,100, following a cut of as much as $0.453,000 in January.
JAMAICA - Jamaica's central bank cut its interest rate by 25 basis points to 1.25 percent on March 19 - the third cut since December.
I literally did nothing more than cut it a bit not even a new style… which I likely need more than the cut.
It's unclear to us if the market will be satisfied with a small 25 bp cut or is expecting a 50 bp cut.
The euro zone's 2018 growth forecast was cut to 2.2 percent from 2.4 percent, with Britain cut to 1.4 percent from 1.6 percent.
As such, we remove our call for one more interest rate cut and one more RRR cut through the rest of this year.
The company's guidance for full year earnings was cut about 8 percent in December, and was again cut about 53 percent on Tuesday.
This is the fifth time in the past year that the PBOC has cut the RRR, with the last cut on October 23.
France's Total has cut its global exploration budget for 2016 by 21 percent, while the Tullow has cut its budget by 60 percent.
Kansas, also still absorbing a huge tax cut, is among of the few states continuing to cut higher education funding in 2015-2016.
The planes could create new routes, cut fares, and cut down travel times, along with the obvious environmental benefits of a hybrid vehicle.
Storefront generates cash by taking a 3% cut from renters and a 6% cut from suppliers of real-estate for each successful transaction.
But the company also gets a cut of the total order amount — customers don't realize that Deliveroo gets a cut from both sides.
The company, which cut 13 percent of its global workforce last year, said it would cut another 400-500 jobs by mid-2016.
Worse still, the TCJA allows companies to fire Americans and receive a tax cut, the same tax cut received by companies creating jobs.
The "Release the Snyder Cut" movement, an effort to get director Zack Snyder's cut of "Justice League" released, has gained momentum in 2019.
When a company hits problems, they may lay off workers or cut hours, but it is much harder for them to cut pay.
For smaller cuts or cracks, you can skip this step, but for a larger cut, manually hold the cut together and apply superglue.
The tax plan passed, but Republican leaders did agree to prevent a $25 billion cut to Medicare, a cut Barkan had aggressively protested.
Cut loose, he found himself in a single bedroom apartment with the electricity supply cut off and no money to pay the bills.
Instead, an extended cut of the film was created based on his editing room notes — a kind of director's cut without the director.
But mostly the Assembly Cut serves to validate the strength of Fincher's vision — a vision that shines through even in the studio cut.
"Everyone at the label is quite used to 'Cut it down, cut it down—short, short, short,' " Russell said, after a moment's consideration.
Dumas said Hermes had cut its prices by 4 percent in China on July 1 after the Chinese government cut tariffs on imports.
All aluminium parts for it was hand-cut, filed, bent and assembled, though some other parts like gears and fixtures were CNC cut.
"If there is no pushback on a rate cut (from Powell), a 25 basis-point cut is pretty much a given," Osborne said.
JAMAICA - Jamaica's central bank cut its interest rate by 27.75 basis points to 26.75 percent on March 212 - the third cut since December.
It cuts Medicaid funding by 25%; states will have no choice but to cut coverage & benefits and/or raise taxes, cut provider pay.
My friend Kristina has offered to cut it for me so we meet for tea and talk about transitioning with a pixie cut.
He said he also hoped it would help persuade people to change their lifestyles to cut planet-warming emissions and cut the risks.
Edie was young and beautiful and ripe, and should have been cut by a classic diamond cutter who knows how to cut stone.
The central bank could still cut interest rates four times, assuming each cut is a more standard 25 basis points, before reaching zero.
A few days ago, Trump tweeted a request that House Democrats enact a one-year cut in the Social Security payroll tax cut.
Payroll tax cut is a blunt instrument Yet there are doubts about the wisdom of a payroll tax cut, Trump's preferred stimulus weapon.
Bloggers at New York magazine's The Cut regularly mock Goop's gift guides (to which G.P. said, "I don't know what The Cut is").
Many Catalan cooks simply cut a tomato crosswise and vigorously massage the garlic-rubbed toast with the cut side until red and juicy.
DEPOSIT RATE CUT There appears to be a consensus among policymakers to make this move, but the size of the cut is uncertain.
"They took my baby and cut his throat," Dilbar said in a trembling voice, adding that the soldiers then cut Rozia's throat, too.
They could've simply cut the 10 percent tax bracket to 8 percent, or that plus cut the 214 percent bracket to 227 percent.
Including jobs cut earlier this year, a total of 800 jobs in the United States will be cut by August, the company said.
The latest Fed rate cut lowers interest rates by 100 basis points, compared to 50 basis points from the March 4 rate cut.
United, which fell 12%, cut half of its capacity for all flights and Delta, down 6%, cut 40% of its system-wide capacity.
United, which fell 2500%, cut half of its capacity for all flights and Delta, down 53%, cut 25% of its system-wide capacity.
The president has sought to cut the budget of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; this year a proposed 16 percent cut.
Mr. Walker had neither an archive nor patterns: He had designed, cut and sewed his pieces directly on flat-cut lengths of fabric.
American Airlines last week announced a 75% cut to its operations, while United plans to cut 90% of international services scheduled for April.
While Croft suggested OPEC could cut "potentially in the million plus range," other analysts have suggested a smaller cut may be more likely.
I can cut you, because I know how to cut, but on the other hand, you know how to do it just right.
Trump might propose a 24 percent cut to the EPA's budget, a move Republicans cheered, along with the 37 percent State Department cut.
This process of "mastering cash flow" will help you "understand where you can cut and what you are willing to cut," Boneparth says.
When a pattern calls for material to be cut on the bias, it is to be cut on a 45-degree angle (slanted!).
"Remember, you're creating more work for these individuals, and if they want to cut you off, they can cut you off," he warned.
"How do I cut this," one passenger asked while attempting to reach for a hook knife to cut himself free from the harnesses.
Another with the BBB- rating, Kraft Heinz, already cut its dividend this year but is also viewed as likely to make another cut.
" And cut significantly, according to Yahoo Finance: "A 23 percent cut takes the average Social Security benefit payout from around $1,400 to $1,080.
Most of the 133 economists polled by Reuters predicted a 123 bps cut to 113 percent and one forecast a 103 bps cut.
It would also generate a greater return for each tax-cut dollar, as tax rates would only be cut when jobs are created.
He wants to cut deals, and he can just as easily cut deals with Democrats as he can with the House Freedom Caucus.
Oil prices rose in a choppy session, lifted by news that Saudi Arabia had cut production to meet OPEC's agreement to cut output.
NATIONAL An article on Tuesday about Republican tax-cut proposals misstated the percentage of households that would get a tax cut of $2698,24637.
"Cut-ups establish new connections between images," Foisy said, reading from a cut-up of Burroughs' and her own thoughts on the practice.
Meanwhile, we've cut our imports of foreign oil by nearly sixty percent, and cut carbon pollution more than any other country on Earth.
Republicans cut taxes last year, and their ideas to cut spending (reforming entitlement programs like Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security) are deeply unpopular.
"I do look at this as akin to those two instances in the '90s when the Fed cut and then cut again and then cut a third time," Mr. Powell said this month, speaking in a question-and-answer session in Denver.
Although he proposes increasing defence spending by 5% to $750bn—more than was requested by the agency—he suggests a 10% cut to the education department, a 12% cut to the housing department, and a 31% cut for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
However, the RBNZ's cut on Thursday looked weak compared with the Bank of England's policy easing last week, which included a 25 basis point cut and a stimulus scheme worth as much as 100 billion pounds to ensure the cut reaches households.
A rate cut this month is seen as certain with interest rate futures traders pricing in a 72% chance of a 25 basis point cut and a 28% likelihood of a 50 basis point cut, according to the CME Groups FedWatch tool.
Budget We've had a closer look at President Trump's proposed budget, and boy are there some eye-popping numbers: a nearly 30% cut for the State Department, a 31% cut for the EPA and an almost 20% cut for the Labor Department.
When a cut is made in genomic DNA using the traditional CRISPR approach -- for instance, to disrupt a mutation -- the primary response of a cell is to repair the cut and, in the process, disrupt the DNA at the cut site, Liu said.
First of all as governor I never met a tax cut I didn't like I cut taxes 21 times and I never raised them so I'm not going to criticize a tax cut although obviously it could have been more more equitable.
As the Washington Post points out, a payroll tax cut could add up to a bigger tax break than the tax cut bill Trump signed at the end of 2000, which cut taxes for most Americans but overwhelmingly benefited corporations and the wealthy.
A full cut, which has as many as 58 facets, is "more modern and more brilliant than rose cut," Mr. Mouzannar said, adding that he also cut a shallow stone so that it was less ostentatious and had less fire to its sparkle.
"The extent to which nobody could ever articulate what their plan was ... they wanted to just cut and cut and cut, which can work up to a point, but where the growth in revenue was going to come from was unclear," she said.
By staving off the studios' full remake mode, the Final Cut and its predecessor, the Director's Cut, did as much culturally as the original.
Futures moved to price in a 2105.5% probability of a Fed cut in September and a near 20.2% chance of a half-point cut.
Then, when it came to Tommy's turn, Michael would cut Tommy's, to give Penny a small reprieve, and then she'd resume and cut his.
Futures moved to price in a 27.14% probability of a Fed cut in September and a near 20.2% chance of a half-point cut.
Some people think we need to raise rates to get to a point where we can cut them if we need to cut them.
Use a pizza cutter to cut the dough into 1-inch strips, then cut those strips in half width-wise one more time. 3.
The Federal Reserve meets this week, and while a rate cut is not expected, the market is pricing in a cut later this year.
On whether the BoC would cut rates before end-March, economists were split, with 19 of 35 economists predicting at least one rate cut.
He let my hair air dry slightly before starting on the cut, utilizing his patented scissors and adjusting the cut for both side parts.
Over and over again, Trump promised that the big, beautiful tax cut Republicans would pass would be a tax cut for the middle class.
The PBOC has not cut reserve requirement ratios at banks since March, and it has not cut long-term guidance interest rates since October.
And meanwhile, we've cut our imports of foreign oil by nearly 60 percent and cut carbon pollution more than any other country on Earth.
When Toronto is at full health in the playoffs, with a rotation likely cut to 9 or 10, Carter would not make the cut.
They cut their projections by 0.75 percentage points over the past year compared to a half a point cut over the prior three years.
The central bank opted for a cut of a quarter of a percentage point, but two of the ratesetters wanted a half-point cut.
Emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide will be cut by 47-95% if mills cut out sintering and switch to pellets, Li said.
Oil prices found support as top exporter Saudi Arabia said it would cut crude exports and deliver an even deeper cut to its production.
The dairy exporter said on Thursday that it would cut its Australian farmgate milk price, while offering the amount cut in loans to farmers.
Cut the cameras, cut the microphone: it's just you two and you get to see the true side of this person behind closed doors.
In most cases, part of the clitoral hood is cut, but in some cases girls have had part or all of the clitoris cut.
In 2016 it cut the number of working days for coal miners from 330 to 276, and cut its steel output by 65m tonnes.
Using a paring knife, cut the skin (but don't cut all the way through into the flesh), working from one end to the other.
A 4.25-carat Art Deco-style ring set with a central radiant-cut diamond and surrounded by over 240 round and baguette cut diamonds.
When you find The One and are ready to cut it down, have a buddy to keep the tree stable as you cut it.
The central bank cut its key rate by 50 basis points to 10 percent last week, only its second cut so far this year.
Viking Global cut its holdings by 2.053 percent to 22.05 million shares and Blue Ridge cut its stake by 2227 percent to 21,000 shares.
One of those daring stars is Viola Davis, who debuted a pixie cut at the 2017 Oscars that she actually cut earlier that day.
Helvea Baader, JP Morgan, Kepler Cheuvreux and Bernstein all cut their price targets on the stock, while HSBC cut it to "reduce" from "buy".
Notably, the People's Bank of China did not cut rates in the wake of the U.S. Federal Reserve's latest interest rate cut this week.
The biggest declines took place after Fed Chairman Jerome Powell indicated that Wednesday's cut did not mark the start of a rate-cut cycle.
Insurers and lawmakers have pressured the government not to cut payments, saying any decrease would hurt older Americans by forcing insurers to cut benefits.
ING analysts said they saw scope for one more 25 basis point cut in September and do not rule out another cut in December.
But as much as Trump fumes about closing the border entirely, he can't simply cut off asylum the same way he cut off refugees.
It's just when it comes to talking about whether to cut, the Russian position is much more reluctant to cut or hold cuts longer.
Let the Democrats veto that or not -- SUMMERS: They would support the middle-class tax cut, not another tax cut for the extremely wealthy.
It cut its key policy rate to a record low of 0.50 percent this month and said it may cut again in the autumn.
"It is an Asscher-cut diamond, and in order to get a beautiful cut the diamond needs to be of top clarity," says Allen.
It was the third cut this year for the Model 3 after a $2,24 price cut in January and a $241,2000 reduction last month.
While expectations of a 25 basis point rate cut are baked into money markets, some investors are gunning for a 50 basis point cut.
"When you cut off speech for one person, you cut off speech for other people," COO Sheryl Sandberg told Axios' Mike Allen in October.
The Fed is not expected to cut interest rates this week but will likely lay the groundwork for a rate cut later this year.
The near-certainty of that deposit rate cut pushed Sweden's Riksbank on Thursday to cut its repo rate to -0.50 percent, lower than expected.
There was a proposal that the State Department would've been cut 200% which, for these health related things, would've been a much bigger cut.
The tweet follows a NY Times report that Flynn's lawyers have cut ties with Trump's, possibly in order to cut a deal with Mueller.
"As long as the ECB doesn't cut interest rates further, I don't think the SNB will cut rates," said Credit Suisse economist Maxime Botteron.
Plus, Google may see a windfall from the search deal it cut with Yahoo last quarter (the one cut with the big antitrust asterisk).
It will feel especially difficult for you to cut ties—but there are some that are absolutely crucial for you to cut right now.
Expectations for a quarter-percentage-point rate cut stood just below 80% on Friday, with the remaining odd 20% forecasting a half-point cut.
Republicans also promised to pass legislation that would "cut the number of House committees, and cut committee staff by one-third" to decrease spending.
Many children will be cut off from care, and then cut off from accessible free education, all so Republicans can say they've shrunk government.
Based on my rough modeling of Trumps outline, this is about a $7.3 trillion static tax cut and a $6 trillion dynamic tax cut.
You cut dowels for a cake in the same manner (and for the same reason) as you would cut wire for a sculpture armature.
The company takes no cut from podcast advertising, and all podcast downloads are free, so there is no cut to take from that, either.
That proposal would cut agency funding by $2.6 billion, far more than the $528 million cut approved by a House committee earlier this year.
Notably, the Senate bill would delay the corporate tax rate cut until 2019, while the House bill has the cut take effect more immediately.
The Fed cut its fed funds target rate Wednesday to 1.50% to 1.773% in its third quarter point rate cut in so many meetings.
The bank of Korea (bok) on Thursday cut its benchmark interest rate by 25 basis points to 1.5%, the first cut since September 343.
Analysts estimate that most Americans are getting a tax cut under the 2017 law, though for some it may be a very small cut.
If you're looking to cut costs, cut the small details you think you need to have, like personalized favors or pricey seating cards.3.
Moreover, the Fed is also expected to cut rates by only a quarter point, compared to some bets of a half point rate cut.
To cut these programs would be to cut off vital nutrition lifelines for our nation's older adults, potentially making them malnourished and food insecure.
If you cut into the steak as soon as it's done, all of the tasty juices will escape, drying out your cut of meat.
In pick-and-roll coverage, Isaac uses his quickness to show on guards in order to cut cut them off before recovering onto rollers.
Baird added that the bank would limit the cut in its deposit rates to 19 basis points, the same as its mortgage rate cut.
"If the premium we just paid gets cut in half to about $0.77, let's go cut the trade and simply move on," he said.
Bank Negara Malaysia's (BNM) cut its overnight policy rate by 25 basis points, as expected, the second cut to its benchmark rate this year.
Ruby Tuesday cut the calories in its Chicken & Broccoli Pasta from 2,2760 to 21,2440 in 22010 and then cut them again to 21,2140 currently.
But I think it's like... I can cut the weight so many times and I can cut the weight for the next ten fights.
President Ronald Reagan cut taxes in 1981, and President George W. Bush cut them in 2001 and 2003 as the economy struggled with recessions.
At the time, G.E. sharply reduced its earnings forecast and cut its dividend by half, only its second payout cut since the Great Depression.
But they want to really cut it, and they want to cut it very substantially, the Republicans, and I'm not going to do that.
The cut end of one branch of the scalp artery would be sewn to a hole cut in the side of the deeper vessel.
Norway's central bank cut rates by 50 basis points and the Bank of Korea was reportedly in talks over a possible emergency rate cut.
Chile cut interest rates to aid growth, while LATAM Airlines Group, South America's largest carrier, cut 90% of international flights due to weak demand.
Of course, the mere fact that markets expect a rate cut doesn't by itself mean the cut would have any impact on the economy.