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"organization" Definitions
  1. [countable] a group of people who form a business, club, etc. together in order to achieve a particular aim
  2. [uncountable] the act of making arrangements or preparations for something synonym planning
  3. [uncountable] the way in which the different parts of something are arranged synonym structure
  4. [uncountable] the quality of being arranged in a neat, careful and logical way
"organization" Synonyms
company institution association consortium group league concern body corporation combine federation society syndicate club confederation establishment firm outfit party alliance management running administration planning structuring organising(UK) organizing(US) control coordination handling making operation regulation arrangement construction direction governance logistics supervision plan structure pattern make-up system composition constitution form format framework configuration grouping design method scheme formation order shape efficiency orderliness tidiness sense of order effectiveness efficacy productivity coherence performance power economy logicality productiveness cost-effectiveness bang for the buck layout outline sketch map makeup setup figure ordonnance draught(UK) draft(US) classification categorization codification categorising(UK) categorizing(US) grading systematisation(UK) systematization(US) sorting taxonomy cataloguing(UK) classifying ranking ordering profiling distribution classing cataloging(US) crowd mass assembly conflux congeries meet organisation(UK) deluge scores sellout troop confluence cloud cattle blowout establishing foundation creation inauguration founding launch instituting starting initiating originating origination building development forming initiation institute installation personnel workforce staff manpower employees workers help force crew pool team labour(UK) labourers(UK) workmen people liveware corps labor(US) label brand line name enterprise chain conglomerate business logo marque trademark hallmark make time management scheduling standardisation(UK) standardization(US) thoroughness resourcefulness effectualness projection forecasting outlining blueprint program(US) programme(UK) chart drawing picture representation view illustration project schema machinery workings agency ministry channel engine instrument medium vehicle instrumentality means mechanism organ channels cogs machine polity political entity state commonwealth community country land nation republic sovereignty territory union body politic kingdom realm domain campaign drive movement push crusade initiative lobby act cause demonstration action appeal mobilisation(UK) mobilization(US) move bureaucracy government officialdom authorities officials directorate authority ministries beadledom powers that be city hall civil service corridors of power the Establishment the system preparation arrangements groundwork plans preliminaries grounding legwork measures homework preparedness readiness spadework alertness anticipation precaution preparing whole unit combination ensemble piece collection package outcome product result combo being unity fullness set complex permutation transformation variation transposition alteration change disposition modification mutation presentation shift alternative perm rearrangement regimentation discipline oppression suppression collectivization command division harmonisation(UK) harmonization(US) mechanisation(UK) mechanization(US) rigidity engineering manufacturing arranging authorising(UK) authorizing(US) constructing implementing systematising(UK) systematizing(US) embodiment personification incarnation manifestation epitome example expression realisation(UK) realization(US) symbol type model paradigm ideal quintessence actualization exemplar exemplification paragon leadership headship directorship guidance superintendency captaincy governorship premiership superintendence ascendancy methodology approach way procedure technique manner style strategy process practice policy fashion tack recipe tactics course rally rallying marshaling(US) marshalling(UK) conscription enrollment(US) enrolment(UK) deployment recruitment armament enlistment utilisation(UK) utilization(US) call to arms rallying cry call to battle sticking together interconnection consistency interrelation solidity cohesion pulling together solidarity cohesiveness togetherness bond interrelatedness adherence continuity linkage attachment connection behavior(US) life activity nature ways demeanor(US) demeanour(UK) ritual activeness commotion doings routine journey migration mobility motion calendar almanac chronology datebook diary ephemeris journal schedule timetable agenda bulletin daybook log logbook pipeline record register tab concordance congruity correspondence conformity consonance agreement relation harmony accord uniformity congruency congruence compatibility faculty teachers lecturers professors educators professorate instructors pedagogues profs tutors mentors scholars academics college department literati base basis core backbone bedrock fundamental heart principle source basics essence origin rationale roots theory carrier essential fount merger amalgamation fusion unification blend mixture coupling merging consolidation meld combining mix junction coalition linking incorporation joining synthesis compound amalgam composite alloy admixture intermixture emulsion conflation cocktail integration adjustment adaptation conversion fixing modifying regulating remodeling(US) remodelling(UK) converting readjustment refinement repair amendment synchronization(US) balance symphony matching harmoniousness symmetry stability steadiness network nexus web aggregate compilation aggregation coalescence tissue agglomeration assemblage More
"organization" Antonyms
dissolution disorganisation(UK) disorganization(US) disunion termination disbandment discontinuation break-up cessation disbanding disestablishment dismissal split-up evaporation separation individual division sisterhood one proletariat mismanagement mishandling maladministration bungling misdirection misgovernance negligence messing up neglect ignorance malpractice misconduct misgovernment lawlessness disarrangement chaos messiness imbalance disproportion confusion disorder disarray disorderedness mess misorder muddle clutter disorderliness derangement jumble hotchpotch discombobulation inefficiency incompetence carelessness incapability ineffectiveness ineptitude sloppiness uselessness wastefulness inability inadequacy ineffectuality unproductiveness slackness impotence entity whole connection interest compassion linkage sympathy kindness merger combination dissolving ending tearing down aloneness antagonism disassociation isolation opposition rivalry seclusion solitude dissociation disaffiliation rupture disaffection split breach severance disunity unbelief generic brand private brand store brand own brand private label private label brand cancelation(US) cancellation(UK) halting person human living soul man woman mortal personage end content matter theme subject substance essence material disharmony conflict disaccord disagreement discord acrimony discordance discordancy dissension dissent dissidence dissonance dissonancy friction divisiveness enmity feuding hostility unemployment inaction inactivity idleness inertness nonaction fecklessness otiosity non-intervention uncleanliness untidiness demolition dismantling abolition destruction demolishment leveling(US) levelling(UK) obliteration razing clearance flattening bulldozing decimation knocking down ruination smashing ruin wreckage wrecking defection break departure breakaway desertion seceding secession apostasy parting withdrawal exiting leaving retirement rift efficiency flexibility streamlining absence of red tape cutting the red tape ingredient unreadiness bit component constituent element fragment part piece portion fraction segment unit factor member building block component part disintegration collapse elimination eradication annihilation decline devastation downfall extermination liquidation bankruptcy breakdown deterioration extinction stagnation improvisation fraternity branch section department subdivision arm subsection area sector extension wing agency office side annex(US) annexe(UK) classification offshoot ineptness lack need students noninvolvement abstention nonalignment nonparticipation detachment do-nothing policy noninterventionism

385 Sentences With "organization"

How to use organization in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "organization" and check conjugation/comparative form for "organization". Mastering all the usages of "organization" from sentence examples published by news publications.

It is the William Kaufman Organization, not the Kaufman Organization.
Organization 1 refers to WikiLeaks, the organization led by Julian Assange.
Or even inside the organization, like an operator inside the organization.
Organization: Organization has always been an Achilles heel for the Trump campaign.
Density gave way to activism and organization, and organization allowed for liberation.
"You are no media organization," Fallon told the organization Monday on Twitter.
Haley BarbourPermanent Organization Chair, Committee on Permanent Organization and Former GovernorMary BuestrinCo-Chair, Committee on Permanent Organization Report of the Committee on Rules The Hon.
The four already led by China include the Food and Agriculture Organization, the International Civil Aviation Organization, the Industrial Development Organization and the International Telecommunications Union.
The risk is magnified when one organization shares it with a second organization.
What they need is organization, command and control, air-gathered intelligence, strategic organization.
A United Nations-affiliated organization, the International Maritime Organization, does regulate international shipping.
It is the World Jewish Restitution Organization, not the Jewish World Restitution Organization.
The Miss America Organization is a separate entity from the Miss Universe Organization.
Not the World Health Organization Another call seemingly impersonates the World Health Organization, claiming to be the "Worldwide Health Organization" and offers protective equipment from the EPA.
" He added that, "if you look at a massive organization, any organization ... you can find some people that aren't happy ... that's the nature of a big organization.
But this notion of failure is a really important culture difference between a journalistic organization and a technology organization, certainly an organization like the New York Times.
"As you know we are not a political organization," the organization told the Post.
We are fighting a terrorist organization, a barbaric organization that is killing innocent people.
Search for your local organization and ask if it or another organization can help.
" The Miss America Organization also denied Mund's allegations: "The Miss America Organization supports Cara.
"They're basically a political organization posing as an organization dedicated to free inquiry," he added.
It is a single organization, a terrorist organization, and it is rotten to its core.
The organization also partnered with a community service organization called PR4PR to distribute humanitarian aid.
Tanzania is a World Health Organization member, but it didn't follow protocol, the organization says.
HHS Secretary Tom Price said the organization "must commit to further enhancing the transparency and accountability of this important organization... to make WHO the organization we need it to be."
CB: Could Trump take that issue to World Trade Organization, or some other international trade organization?
It is a completely different organization than the Humane Society, another well-known animal welfare organization.
In May 2016 he formally designated the group a terrorist organization: Fethullah Terrorist Organization, or FETO.
That's not even a news organization the way most Americans understand a news organization to be.
How do you create an organization of believers without becoming an organization first and believers second?
It takes a national organization to run a national campaign, and building a national organization takes money.
When giving to charity, make sure that the organization is a U.S.-based 501(c)(3) organization.
A July meeting of the Organization of American States, a regional organization, devolved into a shouting match.
The city is awesome, the fans are great, the organization is the top organization in the league.
In 1673, Franke was president of the European Cell Biology Organization, an intergovernmental organization for European scientists.
Democrats have not spent any money at Trump Organization properties in that time, the news organization noted.
" The organization is not named in the charging document and is referred to only as "Organization-1.
Technology today is fundamental to how they are running the organization and the strategies of their organization.
The Turkish authorities call Gulen's network, which it labels a terrorist organization, the "Gulenist Terror Organization (FETO)".
The organization is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, legal and advocacy organization devoted to protecting the rights of everyone.
The organization wants to become a professional organization in order to create collective agreements for tech companies.
He also spent time with the Yankees organization before signing with the Tigers organization before this season.
It is the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, not the Organization for Cooperation and Economic Development.
Soleimani currently holds a leadership position within the State Prisons Organization, which oversees the Tehran Prisons Organization.
"In three years and four months this organization went from being toxic, almost criminal, to being what it should be: an organization that develops football, an organization that cares about football," he said.
Stacy Stathopoulos, executive vice president at the organization who reported to Renna, also left the organization last month.
But what about - I mean, the whole concept of a law enforcement organization, Federal being a terrorist organization.
He runs no party organization or really any political organization with any goal other than promoting himself, personally.
" A Russian delegate said he had "serious doubts about whether this organization really is a non-governmental organization.
The WTO is illegitimate The World Trade Organization sounds like a legitimate international organization, but it is not.
"What it's ultimately going to mean for the organization is a way healthier, better functioning organization," Ohanian said.
But as an international organization mainly focused on developing countries, the organization doesn't have strong connections with FEMA.
This impacts every facet of your organization, including HR and sales, the critical growth arms of any organization.
The most important international security body is not the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, but the World Health Organization.
It is easy to destroy an organization if you have no appreciation for what makes that organization great.
This week the Worth Health Organization said the Chinese government was being cooperative and transparent with the organization.
World Health Organization The World Health Organization is gearing up for a disease that doesn't even exist yet.
There's the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), which is an international organization made up of Muslim majority countries.
The swiped emails were both made public and transferred to another organization, Rosenstein said, without identifying that organization.
Customize wherever possible No organization operates in the same way, and no organization has the same security risks.
It's early days for the organization, which is a pending 501(c)(3) organization, but its ambitions are big.
If you look at where we're heading as an organization, it's where our customers are heading as an organization.
Recently last year we changed our organization — there used to be one development organization, but now we have two.
The principal opposition to the Iranian theocracy, the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) is one such organization.
The International Organization for Migration, an intergovernmental organization based in Geneva that focuses on migration management, welcomed the investigation.
The organization received principal funding from the Action Now Initiative, an advocacy organization founded by Laura and John Arnold.
CIS is a nonprofit organization based in East Greenbush, N.Y., that helps governments, businesses and organization fight computer intrusions.
Our organization, the Republican Majority for Choice, the organization founded by Ms. Crisp in 1988, is shutting its doors.
A fellow organization, Faith and Light, which operates as an ecumenical Christian organization, operates 1,500 communities in 83 countries.
Should charges come against the organization or employees of the organization, Trump would not be able to pardon them.
Every organization wants to employ fewer actual humans; every organization wants the magic of human connection with its customers.
"My main talking point is transitioning the Democratic Party from a political organization to a community organization," he continued.
Of the survivors who reported being abused in a religious organization, 61.4% said it occurred in a Catholic organization.
Also invited: the International Labour Organization, the International Monetary Fund, the Financial Stability Board, the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, the United Nations and the World Health Organization.
One group is particular is Hezbollah, an Iranian-linked extremist organization designated by the US as a foreign terrorist organization.
Right now, the organization has a board of five gig workers and six workers who are contributing to the organization.
Here's what I think happened: Angelica's original cluster decided to collaborate with a cool new organization called Biological Preservation Organization.
Turkey also considers the Islamic State a terrorist organization and has detained several hundred members of that organization in Turkey.
The Bajrang Dal organization is closely linked to the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), the nation's umbrella right-wing Hindu organization.
The Human Resources organization should take employment actions delegated to the Human Resources organization by the Board and Special Committee.
India is the seventh-largest producer of coffee in the world, according to the International Coffee Organization, an intergovernmental organization.
The Business Roundtable, the top lobbying organization for industry in Washington, is often characterized as a nonpartisan or bipartisan organization.
The Times said one benchmark impacts any organization that gives full membership to the Palestinian Authority or Palestine Liberation Organization.
"He wants to spare the entire organization from whatever speculations, bad or false about him and the organization," Panelo said.
We are very aware that [those behind the riots] have a degree of organization, logistics, typical of a criminal organization.
"Managers appreciate forward-thinking and those who want to make improvements within the organization and for the organization," Weiner said.
We have to continue working on this in our organization, as I think every organization does and our country does.
ROGERS: No I do not, but I would highlight we are a foreign intelligence organization, not a domestic intelligence organization.
You can improve key relationships inside your organization and also identify who outside your organization you'd like to connect with.
It is the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, not the Organization for Security Co-operation in Europe.
I think the deeper question is, when there's a broader organization, the expectation should be embedded in the whole organization.
Alongside the big business present at last weekend's forum were a number of leaders from the world's major non-governmental organizations, including United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, the World Health Organization and the International Labour Organization.
In the indictment , the organization was defined as a "Russian organization engaged in operations to interfere with elections and political processes."
The organization is offering up blue ribbons to Oscar attendees who wish to show their support for the organization on Sunday.
"Feeding America is an amazing organization that's like the umbrella organization that helps connect food banks with charter schools," she said.
But when an organization fails, it usually has a lot to do with the people making the decisions for that organization.
So, at the end of the day, my view is that that this organization itself is not necessarily a bad organization.
For example, countries were admitted to the World Trade Organization that violate every single principle on which the organization is based.
"Al Shabaab remains an organization with its roots in Somalia but has evolved into a transnational, regional jihadi organization," he said.
The archive's parent organization, the Organization for Transformative Works, is a nonprofit, and everyone involved in the project is a volunteer.
Schachter brought in Doug Juenke of Hooked on Driving, an organization that offers driver coaching, to help with safety and organization.
Backed by the American AIDS research organization AMFAR, the IciStem organization is the second group of scientists to cure a patient.
The organization is the largest hunger-relief organization in the city, and provided more than 62 million meals last year alone.
Tenant: Altonomy Tenant's Broker: Kenneth Beilin, Beilin Commercial Real Estate Landlord: The Kaufman Organization Landlord's Representative: Sam Stein, the Kaufman Organization
"A large national organization has been through this before," said Shannon McCracken, chief development officer for Charity Navigator, a watchdog organization.
The part that I've been thinking about is that Mayday is not the handmaid rescue organization — it's the anti-Gilead organization.
Although it has an official sounding title, the World Trade Organization is a rigged, unfair, and unjust organization favoring small nations.
An organization that understands this is HeadCount, a nonpartisan nonprofit organization that promotes participation in democracy through the power of music.
The revival is a rare joint production of the two biggest Broadway theater owners, the Shubert Organization and the Nederlander Organization.
"As with any organization that has a governing board, there are set term limits imposed upon its members," the organization said.
" Marc Mukasey, a lawyer for the Trump Organization, said, "The Trump Organization doesn't owe Michael Cohen one penny of legal fees.
That's the foundational premise of every international organization, from the United Nations to the World Bank to the World Health Organization.
"An organization of nearly 4,000 news professionals; an organization that has spent huge sums recruiting ever-greater reportorial muscle; an organization that promises both sides a fair shake; an organization that values right-on-the-money exclusives — it just cannot abide getting shamed by Sputnik and Breitbart," Washington Post media critic Erik Wemple wrote at the time.
Advertisers who don't have or don't want to submit such credentials will be able to alternatively submit some basic information about their organization like addresses, emails and website, or rely solely on the page administrator's legal name, though the organization will be ineligible to use a registered organization name in their disclaimers or to receive a "Confirmed Organization" label.
" Kate Kirkpatrick, a Beto ambassador and registered nurse who runs the H-Town for Beto Facebook group, told me something similar: "Mom-style organization, teacher-style organization, nurse-style organization, all of that transfers to working for a campaign.
"This organization -- this fake organization -- was asking people for food donations, for hotel rooms for veterans, for donations from different businesses that would be raffled or organized off for this, what people thought was a legitimate organization," he said.
"Changing the culture of an existing organization is no easy feat, and generally more challenging the larger the organization is," Won said.
"Sesame Street" is working with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), the regional office of the World Health Organization, on the campaign.
She founded an anti-bullying organization In 2014, MacKenzie began the anti-bullying organization Bystander Revolution and serves as its executive director.
It's a good idea to check that the person or organization in an article is the same person or organization you're following.
He showed with the organization Creativity Explored, a San Francisco-based non-profit arts organization that works with artists with developmental disabilities.
The organization has been under increased scrutiny following reports in the Washington Post suggesting possible improprieties within the small-scale nonprofit organization.
The organization definitely has a reputation for adapting to the needs of the times quicker than its brother organization, the Boy's Scouts.
Protesters forced the government to allow an international organization, the Organization of American States, to conduct an audit, which revealed widespread irregularities.
"There is the FETO terrorist organization and the leader is in the United States since 1999," he said, referring to Gulen's organization.
The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe is an intergovernmental organization comprised of 57 countries focused on security and rights issues.
"It is in the public interest for your organization to cease potentially confusing and misleading people into supporting your organization," he added.
As a player, you feel a certain responsibility to your organization, and I think that changes when you shift to another organization.
Gary R. Herbert from cutting off funding to the organization, arguing the move was unconstitutional political retribution against an organization he oppose.
It would not be a church, or charitable organization at all – no matter how involved a charitable organization was in their life.
Even if the match in question was conducted by an ESIC-affiliated organization, Smith cannot force the organization to take any action.
Mr. Awerkion's organization, the West Papua National Committee, is not armed and is a nongovernmental organization supporting a referendum on Papua's future.
The Shubert Organization and the Nederlander Organization, which each own one of the theaters, announced the diagnosis in a statement Wednesday night.
Rabbi David Rosenn, executive director of the organization, said donations made to the organization are used as capital to make a loan.
Trump has repeatedly publicly criticized institutions such as the United Nations, the World Trade Organization and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).
"It's not unprecedented for a rich person to own a news organization and to be covered by that news organization," Kiely said.
"No, I do not, but I would highlight we are a foreign intelligence organization, not a domestic intelligence organization, so it would be fair to say we are probably not the best organization to provide a more complete answer," Rogers replied.
We must transform our party from a political organization asking for votes into a community organization making a positive difference in people's lives.
The organization represents more than 40,000 workers and is the first state labor organization to back a bill with "Green New Deal" branding.
I was one of the first people to write about the structure of their organization and the hierarchies they established within the organization.
" In a statement to HuffPost, the Miss Universe Organization said that "The Board has full confidence in the Miss America Organization leadership team.
A spokeswoman for the Trump Organization declined to explain which Trump Organization employees are not eligible for the eight-week paid parental leave.
The organization, which is named after American civil rights activist Rosa Parks, achieves this goal through consultancy, training, event organization, and internal surveys.
Before launching their own organization, they worked within the Alzheimer's Association for about eight years, founding an annual fundraising gala for the organization.
Our organization and our Israeli sister organization, Peace Now, have worked to document and expose this and other settlement-related realities for decades.
To simplify Unilever's complex organization structure and reduce internal politics, Polman simplified Unilever's complex organization structure, with four product groups and eight regions.
In other words, think a subscription Twitter, but each account is a news organization (or subsections of a news organization), not an individual.
It was supposedly sent by a human rights organization called "The Right to Fight," but according to Citizen Lab, no such organization exists.
But the investigation remains active, which suggests that President Trump, the Trump Organization, and top-level Trump Organization executives all face legal risk.
On January 17, the World Health Organization (WHO) published Landt's protocol online, making it the first test to be shared by the organization.
We are the only organization that offers these permanent methods, aside from one other organization that is operating on a very small scale.
She also did volunteer work with groups like Act Up, the AIDS advocacy organization, and Codepink, a female-led grass-roots antiwar organization.
The definition is wide, and basically encompasses an organization that exists over time, has some sort of hierarchy, and acts as an organization.
He's also founded Lifebox, a nongovernmental organization focused on making surgery safer, and Ariadne Labs, an organization focused on innovation in health systems.
His plan would involve allies in places like the International Labor Organization and the World Trade Organization enforcing China's labor and environmental practices.
So — go forward, and then build a sales and marketing organization that is just as strong as your research and your development organization.
Richard Pebody, another expert at the World Health Organization, said the organization did not consider asymptomatic transmission a significant factor in the outbreak.
If you're communicating with someone who you suspect isn't with the organization they say they are, try to verify with that organization directly.
As the only candidate with a strong legacy organization, Sanders had an enormous advantage in the caucus states — where organization is absolutely vital.
" Asked whether she believed that Extinction Rebellion was a terrorist organization, the home secretary did say, however, "No, they're obviously a protest organization.
Today, e-sports organization Team Liquid announced that its championship-winning Dota 2 squad will be leaving the organization to form their own.
Trump Organization investigations Another area where Cohen could prove to have useful information about his former boss: the innerworkings of the Trump Organization.
The protest itself was organized by members of the national disability rights organization Adapt, a nonpartisan organization that has staged protests for decades.
Nahdlatul Ulama, a deeply pluralistic organization, has taken the firmest line against Hizbut Tahrir, wholeheartedly supporting Mr. Joko's decision to disband the organization.
It's a siloed organization that as soon as we unleash the power of teams, the performance of this organization is going to skyrocket.
The organization, formerly known as Stop Prisoner Rape, is the only organization that puts a sole focus on stopping sexual violence during detention.
"In the Havens Realty case, the Supreme Court recognized that when an organization has a preexisting social purpose and the organization has to step away, or divert resources from that purpose, that organization has standing," Eisen explained in an interview with CNN.
She allegedly did so "knowing that the organization was a designated terrorist organization, and knowing that the organization has engaged in and was engaging in terrorist activity and terrorism," the Department of Justice said in a press release announcing the indictment Thursday.
It gives me the chance to go home to work for an organization I grew up rooting for, an organization that I'm incredibly passionate about, and an organization I believe is going to add to its storied legacy in the coming years.
Now, the DEA isn't an independent organization or a scientific organization — they are a law-enforcement organization — yet they are given the responsibility to be both judge and jury when it comes to what research studies can be done within the United States?
U.S. diplomats could consider giving Taiwan more help at forums such as the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the World Health Organization, the International Civil Aviation Organization and the International Police Organization, where China wants to freeze out Taiwanese representatives.
Many important challenges in the health care industry stem from how inefficiently and ineffectively data is shared from organization to organization, jurisdiction to jurisdiction.
Because of their history, a lot of the news organizations treat them as a serious organization when they are no longer a serious organization.
In August, the organization, which is the largest nonpartisan civil rights organization in the nation, issued a travel warning for the state of Missouri.
Effective political organization in America is always centered in and across the states — and that middle level of organization is what Democrats must reinforce.
BEIJING (Reuters) - China on Thursday expressed its displeasure at complaints about the World Trade Organization by member nations unhappy with how the organization functions.
You run a large sales organization, you may not know what you actually know about running a sales organization or management culture or anything.
"As I advanced within the organization and started hiring, I noticed how people came into the organization already looking to move up," she says.
The Weather and Climate Extremes Archive, a committee of the World Meteorological Organization, will verify the temperature, the organization said in a news release.
What really needs to be emphasized is the culture of the organization—which I'm convinced is a product of the structure of the organization.
Mund also claims the organization blamed her when sponsors dropped the Miss America Organization, saying it was because she is "bad" at social media.
The plant southwest of Tokyo has also lost its ISO 29001 quality certification from the International Standards Organization (ISO), Japan Quality Assurance Organization said.
On Wednesday, the organization revealed its new gender inclusive campaign, "Scout Me In," which aims to welcome both boys and girls to the organization.
Falsification, plagiarism or fabrication after a doctor becomes a member of the elite organization isn't grounds for removal, said a spokesman for the organization.
She is one of several people charged in connection with a secretive organization called Nxivm, which federal prosecutors have described as a racketeering organization.
"We love you, Tiffany, and as an animal rights organization, we advocate for and believe in kindness towards all, including animals," the organization commented.
It has earned us the respect as an organization devoted to improving health care that Hargis refers to in his description of our organization.
In an open organization, the CEO and other top managers are not in charge the way they would be in a top-down organization.
Right Sector, originally an umbrella organization of far-right groups, including some with neo-Nazi leanings, is vilified in Russia as a fascist organization.
EFSA scientists will take into account a report the World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) published in November.
The organization was providing rooms at local hotels as well as blankets, food, water and other relief items, the organization said in a statement.
The General Prosecutor's Office will also be allowed to block access to websites of any organization designated an "undesirable organization," according to Amnesty International.
And I've been out publicly setting aspirational goals for the organization and trying to create more concrete accountability in the organization for moving faster.
The country's basketball organization was sanctioned for the behavior of its members and the public, as well as for insufficient organization of the game.
According to Emily's List (another organization devoted to developing women candidates), more than 22,220 women have contacted the organization since the 2500 presidential election.
Spaceship Media is a small organization that puts together continuing conversations across political divides, usually working with a news organization that covers the discussion.
A lawyer for the Trump Organization declined to comment, and a spokeswoman for the organization did not respond to an email about Mr. Weisselberg.
But the family stories about Loveless' death didn't match up with what the organization found through original records and newspaper articles, the organization said.
As CNN has reported, one group in particular is Hezbollah, an Iranian-linked extremist organization designated by the US as a foreign terrorist organization.
Dr. Leana Wen's ouster from Planned Parenthood underscores one of the group's central tensions: Is it a political organization or a health organization first?
Isaacs is vice president at the Christian relief organization Samaritan's Purse and Trump's pick to lead the United Nations's International Organization for Migration (IOM).
Plus, with every purchase, you can choose a rescue organization to help, and a portion of your membership will be given to that organization.
Maybe someone internally within the organization was given too much free rein, but I don't think the organization would ever condone something like that.
It's the biggest organization in the history of the world, and it is also the most complex organization in the history of the world.
And there is Barbara Res, who worked at the Trump Organization for more than 10 years in roles including senior vice president; and Louise Sunshine, who worked for Trump at the Trump Organization for 15 years and later became executive vice president of the organization.
Easy: Donate money to an organization or cause Gone are the days of writing a check to an organization and sending it via snail mail.
The director-general of the World Trade Organization (WTO) told CNBC that disapproval of his organization is fair and the trade body could do better.
Leaders of opposition political parties met with the Organization of American States' representative in Paraguay, decrying the "institutional coup" and asking the organization to intervene.
The Dallas spot was purchased by esports team organization Team EnVyUs and its investor Hersh Interactive Group (which just invested $35 million in the organization).
While Planned Parenthood is not the only organization to partner with Women's March, the powerful reproductive healthcare organization has been a prominent backer since 2016.
The historic announcement was made yesterday at a meeting held by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), a division of the World Health Organization (WHO).
"Honestly it doesn't have anything to do with … anything that I've ever learned about the group or organization as a group or organization," she said.
If people see, this organization is fighting for the issues I care about, then they're going to want to be a member of that organization.
"I had not seen any other large organization or a fast-growing organization from the inside," Nadella said in an interview with the Washington Post.
Despite her commitment to the sport of gymnastics and helping the organization move forward, we believe this is in the best interest of the organization.
Local Cossack organization the Kuban Cossack Army will deploy 538 Cossacks to guard the World Cup in Sochi, according to a spokeswoman for the organization.
A spokesman for the organization in the Gaza Strip said that the organization currently provides food aid to around 1 million Palestinians in the region.
Providing material support to a foreign terrorist organization The most common criminal charge for alleged extremists is providing material support to a foreign terrorist organization.
The Trump Organization reportedly paid late taxes on plots of land it owns in California after The Washington Post contacted the organization about the discrepancy.
The International Organization for Migration, an intergovernmental organization based in Geneva that focuses on managing migration, has welcomed Libya's investigation into the trafficking of migrants.
Anybody in this state will tell you if you have the choice between TV ads only or organization only, they would take organization without question.
Then, the Immortals organization announced that Memphis Grizzlies co-owner Stephen Kaplan has upped his stake in the organization and will join the company's board.
The U.S. act passed in December threatens to punish any organization providing significant finance to Lebanese Shi'ite group Hezbollah, deemed a terrorist organization by Washington.
Cohen was, after all, an employee of the Trump Organization at the time, and he used his Trump Organization email address to discuss the payments.
In any case, government officials who dislike the speech rules established by a private organization cannot punish the organization, whether through taxes or other penalties.
"The rituals and obsessions of most every other television news organization, including our own CBS News organization, did not matter so much," Mr. Fager wrote.
He has repeatedly assailed the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and declared that "the European Union is a foe," even cheerleading Britain's exit from the organization.
For 85033 years, this organization has been a prime catalyst of violence against Israelis that is disproportionate to the size and power of the organization.
The organization bills itself as a nonprofit social welfare organization that has been designated by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(4) group.
The Council on American-Islamic Relations, a civil rights organization also known as CAIR, called on Thursday for the Trump Organization to cancel the event.
Eva Galperin, director of cybersecurity for the online security organization Electronic Frontier Foundation, a digital civil liberties organization, and organizer of the Coalition Against Stalkerware
"To be clear, the Trump Organization has never had any real estate holdings or interests in Russia," the Trump Organization said Monday in a statement.
The external evaluations are done in cooperation with the World Health Organization and the World Organization for Animal Health, a Paris-based United Nations agency.
Crooks in phishing or phone scams often pose as a legitimate organization, such as a bank, credit card company or government organization like the IRS.
It may be a Space Force in name, but this organization certainly looks very similar to another organization that was proposed in 2017 by Reps.
We had no campaign organization, we had no money and we were taking on the most powerful political organization in the United States of America.
The new organization quickly won $20,000 from D-Prize and formed a partnership with Evidence Action, a new organization that seeks to scale up proven inventions.
"STONE answered that the head of Organization 1 had a "[s]erious security concern" but that Organization 1 would release "a load every week going forward.
If you know a specific organization you want to work with, like the National Organization for Women, look for an online directory of chapter locations. 4.
But it's the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) – the two-day summit and organization – that have been the subject of Trump's Twitter feed in recent weeks.
"No organization should be controlled by internal political struggles, and no organization should be kidnapped by the personal interests of some individual enterprises," the statement said.
A third is what's now called the World Trade Organization (then the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade), an organization designed to keep trade flow open.
The organization also regularly accuses those who criticize Donald Trump of being un-American and there's a fair amount of racism within the organization as well.
Apex is looking for more young professionals to volunteer to work with the more than 1,300 youth that the organization currently supports, according to the organization.
This September, a new non-profit organization known as the Second Amendment Institute (SAI) re-launched a national college organization known as Students for Self-Defense.
The organization was formed as part of efforts to remove Panama from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development's gray list, which was achieved in 2011.
We're going to talk about that next, where philanthropy is going, but how hard is it to get an organization off, like a nonprofit organization off?
Film at Lincoln Center, the nonprofit organization focused on movie programming, will give its latest Chaplin Award to the director Spike Lee, the organization announced Thursday.
Eduardo Leão de Sousa, the director for cane industry group Unica, said the organization was assessing whether those practices comply with World Trade Organization (WTO) rules.
The Trump team has abandoned the longstanding U.S. financial commitment to this organization, which probably does more to nurture peace and prosperity than any other organization.
Sub-organizations such as ISIS's Immigration and Logistics Committee allow the organization to integrate hidden supply-chain networks with administrative and operational components of the organization.
Its most important policy organization, The Heritage Foundation, saw a leadership fight that spilled into the public arena, threatening the long-standing reputation of the organization.
Mr. Wallach, who left the Trump Organization in 2001 to deal with a chronic shoplifting and theft problem, said the change in the organization was palpable.
The World Health Organization (WHO) has found that t During those hours, the organization recommends people limit sun exposure and liberally apply sunscreen of at least .
Working with the non-government organization Society for Community Organization (SoCO), Lam contacted some of Hong Kong's subdivided flat residents and requested an invitation to visit.
He also works with Sankofa, an organization dedicated to ending racial injustice, and serves on the board of the Advancement Project, a national civil rights organization.
Samaritan's Purse, a Christian humanitarian aid organization, set up the Central Park tents in cooperation with FEMA, state officials and local hospital authorities, the organization said.
Both men are minor league baseball players -- Kacy is a 1st baseman in the Blue Jays organization and Conner is an outfielder with the Cardinals organization.
The U.S. is in danger of losing its "measles-free" designation from the World Health Organization and Pan American Health Organization, which it's had since 2000.
This week he appeared flanked by top military officers, and was backed by the Organization of American States, a regional organization, in his dispute with Congress.
Guterres is responsible for appointing the head of UNAIDS, but the World Health Organization handles the day-to-day administration of the organization, including this investigation.
Speaking to Indian media this week, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) head K. Sivan said the organization was inching closer to sending an astronaut to space.
There is no confirmed evidence that the F.B.I. obtained a court warrant to wiretap the Trump Organization or was capturing communications directly from the Trump Organization.
"I think that transparency is important for any organization but especially a gigantic media organization that relies on a community of participants," the GOP strategist said.
Combining those outcomes and scaling for the number of scholarships the organization provides, ImpactMatters produces an estimate of the organization&aposs average total impact in dollars.
One obvious example of this type of organization would be the Academy of Model Aeronautics, a large hobby organization that does indeed have its own safety guidelines.
But followers of the organization itself remain heavily persecuted worldwide, especially in countries like India, Bangladesh, Egypt, and Pakistan, where the organization was declared illegal in 1974.
Sierra Student Coalition As the student counterpart to the grassroots organization, the Sierra Club, the Sierra Student Coalition is a multi-chapter organization in over 25 states.
" The Miss Universe Organization, which owns the teen pageant, condemned the tweets but said Hay would keep her crown and the organization would support "her continued growth.
In New York, the biggest players are the theater owners themselves: the Shubert Organization owns Telecharge and the Nederlander Organization has a long-term agreement with Ticketmaster.
The impact: The number of vulnerabilities used by hackers matters because there are far more new vulnerabilities each month affecting any organization than any organization can patch.
He vaulted to the head of a mystical organization so quickly that we barely got to see what that organization looks like when he isn't disrupting it.
The RICO Act allows for heightened penalties for crimes committed in the context of ongoing criminal organization (in this case, the organization is the Nine Trey gang).
No country has closed the pay gap, WEF said, using data from institutions such as the International Labour Organization, United Nations Development Programme and World Health Organization.
Since Clinton's loss, the organization has drawn the ire of Trump and other Republicans, including in the president's proposed budget, which suggested defunding the women's health organization.
Lee's organization is called the United Nations Chinese Friendship Association (though it has no affiliation with the much more well-known intergovernmental organization titled the United Nations).
Their defense: "To be clear, the Trump Organization has never had any real estate holdings or interests in Russia," The Trump Organization said in a statement Monday.
The organization allowed the chapter to reopen a year later, provided it operated as a "dry house," meaning it wouldn't allow alcohol, the national fraternity organization said.
"I can't tell you how much I appreciate what Vallejo has done for the organization and what he's doing for the organization right now," Mr. Kerr said.
I know you're talking about a replacement or a different organization than the World Trade Organization that you're sort of thinking about, that would empower small business.
An expert review by the World Health Organization and the UN Food and Agricultural Organization found that the EU's more stringent standard was without significant health benefits.
President Donald Trump took aim at the radical left-wing movement Antifa on Saturday, tweeting that the organization was being considered for designation as a terror organization.
Their continued working for the organization signals to all employees that the mission is less important to the success of the organization than engaging in character attacks.
Right now, our job is to continue exposing the NRA for the morally bankrupt organization it has become, showing members that the organization no longer represents them.
And so by zeroing the money flowing to it, it eliminates the organization because you don't need an organization if you have no money to divvy up.
Leslie Lenkowsky, professor emeritus at the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, said an organization like Pillars could thrive simply by acting as a vetting organization.
Also, there is no common terminology in law enforcement for reporting sexual assaults and sometimes the definitions of "sexual assault" differ from organization to organization, he said.
The World Health Organization has not approved chloroquine to fight the virus, the Nigerian health organization said, and scientists are still working to confirm whether it's safe.
Overall, children tend to be more motivated to learn organization skills if they see organization as a "challenge to overcome, rather than faults to repair," Spira said.
"We're not a political organization, we're an educational organization and it's a great honor to have a Supreme Court Justice speak to our group," Slattery said Thursday.
This new organization -- sometimes compared to the Manhattan Project of World War II that developed the atomic bomb -- was called JIEDDO, or the Joint IED Defeat Organization.
The organization behind a hack of the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) during this year's Olympics in Brazil has announced it will resume attacks on the organization.
The ITC is a subsidiary organization of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development and the World Trade Organization, which assists developing economies promote their exports.
Reading through the lawsuits against the organization, it becomes clear that the BSA was an organization by predators for predators, optimized to groom and produce more predators.
Trump persistently dogged the organization, arguing that members don't pair their fair share and the organization as a whole "doesn't discuss terrorism" and isn't "meant" for counterterrorism.
The Conference of Presidents includes a broad range of groups with diverse political views, like the Zionist Organization of America and HIAS, a Jewish organization for refugees.
The Trump organization leases the hotel from the General Services Administration, the head of which will be appointed by a transition team dominated by the Trump organization.
The Boy Scouts of America is denying President Trump's claim that the head of the organization told him it was "the greatest speech" the organization ever heard.
The Sunrise Movement, a youth-led environmental organization, endorsed Texas progressive House candidate Jessica Cisneros on Monday, marking the first 2020 primary challenger endorsed by the organization.
The Trump Organization claims the matter should be settled in arbitration -- after all, it says, the agreement between Fintiklis and Trump Organization requires arbitration to resolve differences.
In the latest sign of the country's deepening crisis, Venezuela announced Wednesday it would leave the Organization of American States after facing criticism from the member organization.
As the Trace has reported, the organization has evolved into a one-party organization, spending almost all of its campaign resources to elect Republicans and defeat Democrats.
It also wrongly found that because the organization did not fit one of the several examples laid out in the LMRDA that it was not a labor organization, even though the LMRDA manual makes it clear that an organization need not match those examples to fall under the law.
"The innovation processes that led to products like Firefox Monitor are no longer the responsibility of a handful of individuals but rather the entire organization," the organization explains.
The group is a sister organization of the American Chamber of Commerce in China, a nonprofit organization representing U.S. companies and individuals looking to invest into the region.
When asked by BuzzFeed News, Khan did not deny his involvement with Kadeer and her organization, the World Uighur Congress, which the Chinese government considers a terrorist organization.
The report was produced by the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), U.N. Children's Fund (UNICEF), WFP and World Health Organization (WHO).
Building a sales organization focused on government sales requires different skills and relationships versus the type of organization you might build to sell into private real estate owners.
"They don't see a future in India with all the existing restrictions," said V Suresh of the People's Union for Civil Liberties rights organization, a human rights organization.
Few today can name the organization that Malcolm X headed when he was assassinated by Nation of Islam members (It was called the Organization of Afro-American Unity).
CNN is also the original gangsta (OG) "fake news" organization, according to President Trump, even though CNN is very much a real and largely respected global news organization.
Following the backlash, the organization voted unanimously to make significant changes to its organization and membership, pledging to double its number of female and minority members by 2020.
Gullu "would never stand with a terrorist organization or civic group that supports a terrorist organization," it said and expressed confidence he would be cleared of any charges.
The organization must demonstrate that the individual for whom the organization seeks accreditation: Recognized Organizations and Accredited Representatives are listed on the EOIR website alphabetically and by state.
The organization behind a hack of the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) during the this year's Olympics in Brazil has announced it will resume attacks on the organization.
Cronk's passion for the organization, even as a high school student, so impressed those at Varsity Spirit that the company became a major financial supporter of the organization.
In 2014, the World Health Organization, Interpol and the World Customs Organization joined together to seize more than 9 million counterfeit medications that treat cancer, cholesterol and malaria.
But Cohen identified Weisselberg, the Trump Organization CFO and former treasurer of the Trump Organization whose work with the family dates back decades, as the real key player.
"Instead of expelling Iranian diplomats, the Dutch government should explain why it has harbored members of a terrorist organization," Qasemi said, mentioning the People's Mujahideen Organization of Iran.
President Donald Trump took aim at the radical left-wing movement Antifa on Twitter Saturday, writing that the organization was being considered for dedication as a terror organization.
Last month, on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos, leading members of the World Trade Organization (WTO) met to discuss how to improve the organization.
Members were allegedly branded with the organization&aposs symbol and extorted with sensitive content that they were asked to surrender to the organization as a kind of commitment.
Viral growth of an application throughout an organization is good for Facebook but can bring in its wake, all [kinds] of complexity and confusion for the organization itself.
If the World Trade Organization rules against the United States, it is unclear whether the Trump administration would listen to the ruling, or move to leave the organization.
Named for Thurgood Marshall, the former Supreme Court justice, the organization is often compared to ProPublica, another nonprofit journalism organization that teams up on articles with other publications.
Both were the result of deals negotiated before August 2017 between the Chinese military organization and Rosoboronexport, a state organization that is the main arms exporter of Russia.
" Eric Paddock told reporters in Florida that his brother "had nothing to do with any political organization, religious organization, no white supremacist, nothing, as far as I know.
Whatever the organization has prepared, "the only real deliverable for NATO summits is solidarity and cohesion," said Douglas Lute, a former American general and ambassador to the organization.
"And I think it's one of the biggest signals that an organization can send, with regard to the levels of female leaders that they want within their organization."
Experts have suggested that an international organization should get on board—perhaps the International Organization for Standardization or the Internet Engineering Task Force, which promotes open internet standards.
Mr. Rezaeifar, a director at Iran's Civil Aviation Organization, previously said his organization lacked the capability to decipher the black boxes and would send them abroad for analysis.
"As the executive director of a non-profit religious organization, Jerome Dimitriou was supposed to serve the organization, not himself," U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman said in a statement.
Moms Demand is a nonpartisan organization and the volunteers all clarified that they were giving their own personal political opinion and not speaking on behalf of the organization.
She homes in on the stat that says there are 60 million garment workers globally, which the advocacy organization Clean Clothes cited as from the International Labor Organization.
Trump, fresh from a trip to London for a meeting of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, has been pushing member countries to contribute their share to the organization.
The report was compiled by the World Food Program, Organization of American States, Inter-American Development Bank, International Fund for Agricultural Development and the International Organization for Migration.
No country has closed the pay gap yet, WEF said, using data from institutions such as the International Labour Organization, United Nations Development Programme and World Health Organization.
The organization was deemed a terrorist group in 2008, and a year later he was indicted with charges of providing support to a terrorist organization, the release said.
Concretely, rather than saying that I built an application for an organization, it's stronger to say exactly how many people within the organization will be using the application.
And that house is the national headquarters of The Satanic Temple, a national organization that's equal parts performance art group, leftist activist organization, and anti-religion religious movement.
A spokesperson for the Trump Organization called the report "absolutely false" and denied that the organization didn't have the cash to finance the renovations at the Scottish resort.
" Rogers says he does not have evidence pointing towards Russian hackers tampering with vote tallies, but that he "would highlight we are a foreign intelligence organization, not a domestic intelligence organization, so it would be fair to say we are probably not the best organization to provide a more complete answer.
The organization is not without its critics, but it also has a legion of tech savvy supporters, many of whom took to Twitter to educate Legere about the organization.
River View is not accredited by ACSI, and the organization "does not have any governance over member schools," Cecil Swetland, a regional director for the organization, told BuzzFeed News.
In May, two United Nations agencies, the Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization, concluded that glyphosate is unlikely to cause cancer in people via their diets.
Meanwhile, a survey by the organization in 2018 found that 36% of HR professionals reported at least one sexual-harassment allegation at their organization in the prior 12 months.
"I would not have agreed to bring my movement to the organization unless we would turn it into a 100 percent empowerment and leadership organization," Carlson told the crowd.
The Trump Organization received payments for the use of the golf course, "part of more than $1.2 million that has no documented recipients past the Trump Organization," per Forbes.
The firm, representing the Trump Organization, asked Varela to intervene in the legal dispute, arguing that the courts denied the Trump Organization due process and violated a bilateral treaty.
During the 19843 race, the National Organization for Women announced that they backed Democratic candidate Walter Mondale, and local chapters of the organization started protesting Reagan around the country.
The Miss America Organization is trading one casino town for another as it moves its 2020 competition from Atlantic City, New Jersey, to Uncasville, Connecticut, the organization announced Tuesday.
The organization Astronomers Without Borders collected tens of thousands of pairs of eclipse glasses two years ago and distributed them to schools and organization in Peru, Chile, and Argentina.
"My opinion has always been that 10 years leading any kind of organization - not just a country or a government, any organization - is pretty much the maximum," he said.
The individual state chapters of MAO sued their parent organization in an effort to maintain the ban, and the national organization acquiesced, delaying the policy change for a year.
One organization that has done this well is Braven, an organization that helps college students who are from low-income backgrounds learn soft skills like networking and resume building.
The organization is working with the health nongovernmental organization Medecins Sans Frontières, the Red Cross and other partners to boost the number of special isolation wards to treat patients.
Critics and parents accused the organization of marching for a President who doesn't respect the rights or bodies of young women, or even the values of their own organization.
In June, the head of the NATO organization that manages the E-3A inventory told Reuters that the organization was racing against the clock to choose an AWACS replacement.
"They froze my assets today and seized those of my organization, the first time in history a feminist or women's rights organization gets its assets seized," Hassan told Reuters.
I'm privileged enough to be CEO of a youth-wellness organization that focuses on healthier public schools -- my organization works with 73,000 schools that serve 38 million American kids.
So you would've gone ahead and done that no matter what, the difference here is that you were part of a different organization, now you've got your own organization.
Ms. Valdez has also failed to secure endorsements from a statewide organization of young Latinos called JOLT and from the youth branch of Houston's Stonewall Democrats, an L.G.B.T. organization.
And I also feel good about the fact that the investments that we're making to kind of evolve the organization and move the organization forward, are really progressing nicely.
The organization has officially advocated for talks between President Nicolas Maduro and Guaido, and most of its members have rejected resolutions by the Organization of American States supporting Guaido.
The oil deal is also the focus of an extensive report published on Monday by Global Witness, a nongovernmental organization based in London, and another organization called Finance Uncovered.
The Sanders and Warren people will make the argument that the organization of the campaign has been set in place, and it's the organization that will carry the day.
A day earlier, the government had declared Open Russia, which has its headquarters in Britain, an "undesirable" organization, making it illegal for the parent organization to operate in Russia.
For reporting under the campaign finance laws, however, only the name of the social welfare organization needs to be disclosed, not the names of the donors to the organization.
The Trump administration on Thursday said it would withdraw the United States from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), citing anti-Israeli bias from the organization.
The organization projected China's economic growth this year to come in at 6.6 percent, a touch above the 6.5 percent growth the organization had projected in October last year.
Unlike the World Health Organization and the International Civil Aviation Organization, from which Taiwan also is barred because of Chinese pressure, the alliance is entirely a U.S.-created group.
Western officials rejected a report that Russia is sending heavy weaponry to the US-designated terror organization Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Israeli news organization Y-Net reported last week.
How it works: The World Health Organization and Pan American Health Organization automatically rescind a country's elimination status if there's been an outbreak in an area for 270 months.
It would have been unprecedented for the administration to label a state organization as a terror group and would've exposed the organization to a wider set of punishing sanctions.
The expedition was initiated by Museums Victoria in partnership with the NESP Marine Biodiversity Hub, and a government research organization called the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO).
At the same time, she launched a survivors' rights campaign — #IHaveTheRightTo, now a nonprofit organization — and took up consent education with PAVE, an advocacy organization for survivors of sexual trauma.
If a donor does not want a refund, and they want their donation to go to the new organization, they must proactively elect to redirect their donation to that organization.
The organization recently held an organized protest titled "Rally to End Hate #ForThe49"in response to a summit of faith leaders who the organization says has an anti-LGBT agenda.
Starting in 2006, the World Health Organization, with support from Gavi (an international organization focused on improving vaccine access), ramped up efforts to make sure at-risk communities get vaccinated.
In the modern era and with few exceptions, a strong chief of staff sitting at the top of the White House organization chart has become the "standard model" of organization.
The problem with the prank is that it initially chose a real organization for its affiliation: Citizens for Trump describes itself as a "grassroots organization" that advocates for President Trump.
Cheick Kongo, for example, who was picked up by the organization back in 2013, had to win two Bellator bouts before the organization finally coughed up a heavyweight title shot.
I'm talking about saying thousands of individuals who work for a media organization, do not work for a "news organization" — why is that appropriate for the White House to say?
The small Canadian organization, which still has a World of Warcraft team, handled all of the heavy lifting to find a new organization in Team EnVyUs and execute the deal.

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