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"form" Definitions
  1. [countable] a type or variety of something
  2. [countable] a way of writing or saying a word that shows, for example, if it is plural or in a particular tense
  3. [countable, uncountable] the particular way something is, seems, looks or is presented
  4. [countable] an official document containing questions and spaces for answers
  5. [countable] the shape of somebody/something; a person or thing of which only the shape can be seen
  6. [uncountable] the arrangement of parts in a whole, especially in a work of art or piece of writing
  7. [uncountable] (British English) how fit and healthy somebody is; the state of being fit and healthy
  8. [uncountable] how well somebody/something is performing; the fact that somebody/something is performing well
  9. [uncountable, countable] (especially British English) the usual way of doing something
  10. [uncountable] good/bad form (old-fashioned, British English) the way of doing things that is socially acceptable/not socially acceptable
  11. (British English, old-fashioned) a class in a school
  12. -former (in compounds) (British English, old-fashioned) a student in the form mentioned at school

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"form" Synonyms
configuration shape formation conformation construction pattern structure arrangement appearance cut design fashion cast format outline profile silhouette composition constellation constitution figure build frame physique body anatomy proportions stature bod chassis torso being person vital statistics habit size etiquette procedure custom ritual convention protocol usage use ceremony method rule style way behaviour(UK) formality manner system wont document paper application questionnaire blank coupon record report return sheet chart letter table tear-off slip application form entry form sheet of paper data sheet pro forma kind sort type order variety class species brand category classification family genre genus practice breed denomination organisation(UK) organization(US) framework proportion orderliness plan symmetry layout planning harmony placement scheme character manifestation semblance embodiment guise incarnation mode description expression mien aspect look air presence bearing year band grade set stream school group tutor group study group group tutorial group course group rank level degree place stratum status position station condition fettle health nick fitness trim keeping kilter repair estate physical fitness good condition state of health state situation working order whack previous previous convictions a criminal record a police record a history of crime bench pew settle stall long seat bleacher seat slip chair settee bank park bench lawn seat recliner armchair stool lounge couch seating loveseat mold(US) mould(UK) die matrix template model casting plate plaster container cavity stencil shell plaster cast dummy mannequin manikin mannikin marionette lifelike model lay figure figurine dressmaker's dummy tailor's dummy doll supermodel fashion model clothes horse photographic model subject sitter polish elegance gracefulness finesse smoothness naturalness flow deftness poise fluency grace ease nimbleness agility flair effortlessness precision technique flowingness fluidity of movement revision edition version adaptation variant rendition reworking rewrite update reading release corrected version variation copy issue volume publication alternative interpretation medium channel means vehicle instrument organ agency agent avenue instrumentality mechanism platform approach forum ministry outlet tool parallelism similarity correspondence likeness resemblance sameness agreement similitude equivalence uniformity comparability alikeness conformity analogy affinity identicalness equality comparison community inflexion(UK) inflection(US) ending conjugation declension case flection flexion morphology semantic relationship mojo touch game skill talent ability chops craft expertise genius magic mastery panache pzazz(UK) pizzazz(US) prowess heartiness robustness healthiness wholeness soundness wellness verdure wholesomeness sap healthfulness salubrity vigour(UK) salubriousness lustiness hardiness haleness vigor(US) bloom action execution maneuver(US) manoeuvre(UK) mechanics motion performance act activity move movement process work exploit feat machination operation note documentation paperwork certificate deed file legal agreement legal form legal paper official document official documentation official paper written communication statement account submission summary data dossier information journal log write-up diary list register tabulation polygon decagon hexagon octagon parallelogram pentagon quadrangle quadrilateral triangle voucher token chit chitty card carnet licence license pass permit stub ticket check comp appeal claim request demand petition requisition solicitation entreaty inquiry(US) plea bid enquiry(UK) suit tender supplication quiz questionary worksheet question sheet set of questions survey form feedback form inquiry form personality inventory test homework sheet objectification abstract avatar embodier epitome externalisation(UK) externalization(US) icon ikon image incorporation instantiation personification personifier apotheosis archetype future tense grammatical tense tense essence nature core heart life soul crux kernel spirit principle quintessence substance ethos gist lifeblood meat nucleus root basis truth fundamental concept law proposition assumption idea theory essential formula postulate tenet truism foundation philosophy precept rack stand mount support holder trestle bracket rest gripper mounting podium post rostrum tripod trivet base prop unison balance congruity congruence compatibility consistency congruency equilibrium blending coherence integration blend consonancy regularity symphony sign symbol mark cypher(UK) cipher(US) device representation badge emblem logo code hieroglyph ideogram insignia numeral signifier circumstances plight predicament ballgame deportment strait straits carriage state of affairs set of circumstances impression imprint stamp depression dent hollow indentation stamping dip impress print concavity nest den lair burrow drey lodge hideout hideaway sanctuary refuge hidey-hole retreat concealment hidy-hole hide-out hermitage covert haven cache criminal record police record crime sheet rap sheet list of offences history of crime list of previous convictions principles fundamentals bases concepts rules assumptions ideas essentials formulae postulates prescripts tenets truisms determinants foundations check(US) payment draught(UK) draft(US) authorisation(UK) authorization(US) instruction cheque bill debenture bond IOU receipt warrant negotiable instrument money order bank draft bill of exchange receptacle vessel box canister repository cartridge casing bag drum unit barrel crate cylinder packet tank basin bin thing characteristic attribute element factor feature trait detail facet point property quality bent component disposition distinction caliber(US) things characteristics aspects attributes details factors features traits facets points qualities bents calibre(UK) conditions demeanour(UK) dispositions virtues matter topic concern consideration question scenario theme affair area argument article make manufacture produce fabricate construct create forge assemble found carve concoct contrive devise materialise(UK) materialize(US) appear develop crystallise(UK) crystallize(US) grow acquire actualize arise begin break commence crystalize cultivate dawn emerge engender jell loom formulate conceive prepare lay organise(UK) organize(US) hatch make ready work out train discipline school teach educate instruct guide coach drill groom tutor direct edify enlighten inculcate indoctrinate constitute compose comprise act as embody function as make up serve as do duty for figure in perform the function of be turn out to be turn into become symbolize(US) characterise(UK) epitomize(US) come to be represent account for add up to amount to total complete supply incorporate sum up to be contained in aggregate fill establish launch start float initiate institute inaugurate invent set up get going bring into being put in place put together contract get pick up grow into slip into get into learn assimilate take up foster gain attain achieve arrange dispose array deploy gather marshall(US) marshal(UK) range combine line up govern affect decide control determine modify influence alter sway dictate regulate predispose enhance adorn embellish beautify enrich decorate flesh out furbish garnish gild prettify spruce up knead squeeze twist crush manipulate massage pound press pummelled(UK) pummel(US) wring malaxate mix rub stroke aerate derive spring stem emanate proceed originate follow ensue rise evolve come transpire eventuate cohere coalesce amalgamate unite integrate meld consolidate converge merge commix fuse hold synthesise(UK) synthesize(US) gel be united be connected improve better elevate refine ameliorate bolster boost lift build on work hard at work on brush up on devote oneself to get better at convene congregate meet bunch cluster consort corral crowd huddle teem associate band together square sharpen straighten square off file down function serve operate behave officiate react do duty do duty as do the job of have the job of play the role of act the part have the role of act the part of perform consider ponder weigh contemplate evaluate review analyse(UK) analyze(US) assess examine go over look into muse on puzzle over weigh up brainstorm brood over cerebrate on round wad ball roll compact compress scrunch pack stuff agglomerate crumple screw clew conglobe conglobate wind globe More
"form" Antonyms
amorphousness formlessness shapelessness amorphicity misshapenness disfigurement deformity deformation malformation impropriety indecency indecorum unscrupulousness corruption misconduct wrongdoing indiscretion untowardness unwholesomeness wrongness improperness indecorousness inappropriateness immodesty immorality unseemliness dishonesty lawlessness bad taste notice notification memo memorandum posting note pamphlet information sheet content matter theme subject substance essence material rustiness clean record original prototype archetype source model template chaos confusion derangement disarray disorder disorganisation(UK) disorganization(US) being unemployment break difference mismanagement ignorance disagreement disarrangement messiness disorderedness mess misorder disjointedness incoherence muddle jumble imbalance disproportion clutter dissolution discord neglect reality dissimilarity unlikeness distinctiveness strangeness dissimilitude distinctness disparity bad manners discrepancy disparateness concrete back rear character personality deviation departure shift divergence digression straying change deflection irregularity detour veering divergency variation divagation aberration novelty anomaly abnormality branching off ingredient commoner letter mind carelessness heedlessness thoughtlessness unorthodoxy randomness melange mélange inside first draft first edition base regularity root identical form standard form soul spirit psyche consciousness conscience subconscious pneuma thought anima inner being inner self innermost self spiritual being essential nature heart quiddity jerkiness end individual one body brightness light portrait illness sickness unhealthiness unsoundness poor health crack fragment fracture shatter snap smash split separate tear sever splinter bust crush rupture burst dismember rive destroy shiver disappear fade vanish dematerialize disperse dissipate cease to be visible vanish from sight stop terminate discontinue cancel abort ax(US) axe(UK) can cease close drop quit call off finish conclude dissolve suspend desist hurt damage compromise cripple harm impair ruin annihilate wreck demolish devastate obliterate abolish wipe out eradicate decimate exclude omit preclude except leave out not include disclude eliminate extinguish invalidate overturn disestablish ditch nullify scrap remove scrub dump quash annul lose stunt suppress curb restrict hamper impede hinder inhibit retard slow curtail dwarf hold back interfere with slow down slow up shed disassemble dismantle break down deconstruct unbuild undo unrig pull apart take apart raze fell level topple total strip borrow disorganize forget ignore result deform disregard dismiss prevent demount strike disarrange divide knock down take down tear down tell truth liquidate wind up shut down adjourn bankrupt close down do away with phase out put an end to sell out shut up abandon plagiarise(UK) plagiarize(US) copy imitate steal purloin bootleg pirate pass off as your own recall remember acquiesce agree aid allow assist comply consent help hesitate liberate mismanage obey permit release submit surrender yield improvise contrive extemporise(UK) extemporize(US) invent ad-lib concoct cobble together anger arouse distress excite scatter bulldoze confuse disrupt upset derange displace mess up unsettle disturb mix up shuffle scramble spoil mar blemish blight blot debase deface spoliate tarnish vitiate cheapen degrade demean devalue misrepresent distort falsify exaggerate misinterpret parody misstate overstate lampoon mock satirise(UK) satirize(US) spoof transform alter modify adjust amend edit redesign revamp improve recast reconstitute remodel reconstruct revise redo refashion rework remake tweak miss overlook forego forfeit let slip miss out on pass by pass on pass over pass up fail to grasp fail to notice fail to see fail to seize fail to spot fail to take fail to take advantage of let pass combine increase join mend sew unite give rise to discard cast aside dispense with dispose of get rid of part with chuck chuck out expel jettison offload reject throw away let go of misplace leave behind cast off forgo forsake give up lay aside leave relinquish shake off depart hold keep maintain persist remain stagnate stay leave alone make well

338 Sentences With "form"

How to use form in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "form" and check conjugation/comparative form for "form". Mastering all the usages of "form" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Long-form posts: A 2016 Pew study found that while long-form and short-form posts have similar reach, users engage with long-form content more than twice as much as short-form posts.
We believe most Americans would go from the long form or the short form to no form.
"She was in fine form – absolutely fine form – and her voice was in even better form," says Shanahan.
It will be in a form, perhaps a complicated form.
Form that congressional inappropriations committee you always hoped to form.
Form may follow function, but form also communicates a message.
I think the form factor is a third-generation form factor.
Form guide: Brazil's form going to Russia could hardly be bettered.
Still, short-form Stories are best paired with short-form Stories ads.
Outsourcing of this form is really just a form of international trade.
Communism in any form destroys cultures and every form of economic empowerment.
The fentanyl was mostly in powder form, with some in pill form.
"We've encouraged the bureau to remove the long-form requirement or only require the long-form disclosure to be displayed online," Fauss said, noting that the long-form and short-form disclosures list the same fees, confusing customers.
The hangman's form of justice can prevail over the butcher's form of justice.
That's his decision, and voters will form whatever judgments they choose to form.
It's the purest form of love and it's the purest form of happiness.
It's an innocent form of exaggeration—and a very effective form of promotion.
Trolling became a mainstream form, if not the mainstream form of political discourse.
It's an innocent form of exaggeration — and a very effective form of promotion.
We need to give people a form of, nonaddictive form of pain management.
When you start to make a form, it's still you making a form.
It's an innocent form of exaggeration, and a very effective form of promotion.
It's an innocent form of exaggeration -- and a very effective form of promotion.
While most peptides form straight chains, a subset, known as macrocycles, form rings.
"It's more of a form of resistance, a form of protest," she said.
It's an innocent form of exaggeration — and a very effective form of promotion.
The form is intended to replace three versions of the current 1040 form.
Sec - SEC filing * Complexity of completing the form 10-K, the Q1 form 23-Q and the form 10-Q has increased substantially compared to the prior periods * Delay in filing form 10-Q primarily due to inability to file form 10-K for FY ended 2015, form 10-q for quarter ended march 31, 2016 * Does not anticipate being able to file the form 10-Q within the 5 calendar day period set forth in rule 12b-25 Source text -
They are creating what they call an "independent online life form" or "Lifo" (life form) in the form of bots that are designed to replace simple apps.
Crystal is not a form of matter; it's a form that matter can take.
EG: It might be a mild form, but spanking is a form of violence.
It's an innocent form of exaggeration — and it's a very effective form of promotion.
Taxpayers should complete Form 3903 Moving Expenses, and attach it to their Form 1040.
And that often takes the form of a rather aggressive form of English nationalism.
Samoa Cheesecake What works in cookie form, without fail works in cheesecake form. 3.
Form•Function•Form Horween Leather Timex Expedition Watch, $78.40 (originally $98), available at Huckberry.
Oklahoma has an even more extensive reporting form and a separate form for complications.
It is a form of blackmail as we are about to form the government.
It's an innocent form of exaggeration—and it's a very effective form of promotion.
The CFPB in its present form is an affront to our form of government.
A number of open, self-contained, freestanding works are composed of a form inside a form inside a form, all made from the same bending, folding, curving plane.
Those supplies will increasingly reach foreign markets in the form of liquefied natural gas, a form of the fuel chilled to its liquid form, mostly for transport by sea.
The enduring lesson: Clubs will pay big for in-form assholes and pay something for out-of-form nice guys, but nobody pays for an out-of-form asshole.
It did so on a form to be signed by Mr. Brezenoff — HUD Form 50077 — the same form filed by Ms. Olatoye that falsely certified lead inspections in 2016.
He submitted a supplemental form acknowledging that the original form was incomplete the following day.
Now, Nickelodeon has produced 46 (30 long form, 16 short form) in a year's time.
Around 50% comes in thermostabilized form, but also in freeze-dried, irradiated and natural form.
"Certification for my SF86 security clearance form," Lieu tweeted alongside a picture of the form.
It's a form of communication separate from or alongside form the instructions for the computer.
But is that a form of disruption or is it a form of raising awareness?
Check out the old form and the draft new form: Smaller is not necessarily simpler.
Were we witnessing a form of catharsis, or merely a staged form of confessional writing?
"Form N-400 Erasures" is an example of erasure poetry, a poetic form that has
Being socially cut off is a form of death, but a reversible form of death.
More typically, bomb cyclones form off the US East Coast in the form of nor'easters.
"It's a form of resistance as opposed to a form of protest," Lamont says firmly.
I've added almost 2,500 ratios of the most current available information about how many times one form — the standard form, let's say — would appear in relation to a variant form.
In addition, Form 2 has a number of resin options that the Form 1 didn't support.
Step 4: Don't forget the HIPAA release form This is the often forgotten form, Deveney says.
Those logs now form the cabin's walls — and the gaps between them form the bookshelves inside.
Here's some information and the legal donor permission form (PDF) and a donor information form (PDF).
After all, leaving might not be a form of protection but just another form of loss.
Then, six months out, each registered voter astronaut receives a standard form absentee ballot request form.
It is "an innocent form of exaggeration — and a very effective form of promotion," he wrote.
You can play with it, for sure, it's a form of drag — a form of performance.
Gleevec is the treatment for a deadly form of leukemia that only comes in pill form.
Typically we see "bomb cyclones" form off the US East Coast in the form of nor'easters.
This is a form of social insurance more than it is a form of social welfare.
Stars form from clouds of dust, while planets form from disks of dust orbiting stars, said Rice.
Is it Casper the Friendly Ghost in his big headed, nice boy form or Devon Sawa form?
From that classification, which is a form of collecting or archiving, the series begins to take form.
The company would send you a 2350 tax form instead of a W-7.63 form, for one.
Or does the form allude to Minimalism, an art form that came into being shortly after 1950s?
That in of itself is an art form; after all, imitation is the purest form of flattery.
While it ribs the form, The Grinder also takes celebrates what the form does best: have heart.
Filing this form doesn't release you from additional disclosures you may need to make on Form 2000.
If nominated to form a government, he will have up to 42 days to form a government.
Vicuña attributes change to awareness, rendering consciousness a form of art and art a form of transformation.
Impossible was created to live in burger form, and it's in burger form where Impossible truly shines.
Where the nanoparticles meet, they form a membrane, allowing a stable channel to form inside the liquid.
"More important than his physical form is his mental form, he has incredible mental endurance," Santos said.
Huzayfah: The form was like any regular form — your name, age, what level of education you have.
Do you believe that wearing logos is a form of self-expression or a form of conformity?
So there was a belief in form and that form could be revolutionary and could educate people.
For your design, keep in mind both form and function: Form: What will your outfits look like?
If Apple were a person—if it truly took mortal form—that form might be Ronald Moore.
If Apple were a person—if it truly took mortal form—that form might be Ron Moore.
The virus, a recently unknown form of coronavirus, is thought to cause a deadly form of pneumonia.
For your design, keep in mind both form and function: Form: What will your robot look like?
Are short-form "videos" — the most-pursued new form for companies pivoting to video — the best one?
Form: The form of a relationship is determined by the pattern of the points in the scatterplot.
In book form, Scranton's writing takes the form of beautifully written and often very personal literary essays.
Minerals like salts that form when water evaporates, clays that form when water sticks around for a long time, and carbonates that form when carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is dissolved in water.
Our shows are the result of a radical form of collaboration that we hope borders on conspiracy - in search of the collective form; the human form: of music, of theatre and of style.
Over 80% of US cases have been the bubonic form, which is the most common form of infection.
And rather than in the form of young American soldiers, it's in the form of liquefied natural gas.
Storytelling has become about format (long form versus short form) rather than the screen on which it's presented.
Form 8889 If you have a health savings accounts, the administrator should be sending you a Form 8889.
It was a form of product placement, and going to the ballet became a form of conspicuous consumption.
What you're talking about is primarily short-form content, and short-form content is not a big moneymaker.
In 2017, the company introduced the Form Cell, an array of up to five connected Form 2 printers.
"I like that fashion can both be a form of expression and a form of hiding," Gaga added.
Roll pie crusts together to form a 14-inch circle; trim edges to form a 12-inch square.
LNG is a super-chilled form of gas, which in liquid form can be shipped around the world.
Now they're an old art form, a dead art form, a warning against betting big on fickle teens.
"Putting anything in a liquid form versus a solid form will tend to increase its absorption," Giordano says.
Abstracting and subtracting the human form, Draxler simultaneously masks and uncovers  both form and emotion, body and feeling.
I want there to be moments of ambiguity as to where one form ends and another form begins.
Standard Form 312, for instance, is a form of non-disclosure agreement that applies to certain classified information.
It could take the form of genes, it could take the form of culture, and maybe other things.
Just fill out an extra form (Schedule C) and attach it to your 1040 income tax form. Done!
The background investigation must be completed before filing a Form U4, and the public records check and Form U5 review within 30 calendar days and 60 calendar days, respectively, after filing the Form U4.
Although the form was first introduced in London in 2005, at least 15 police forces across England have since created their own version of a risk assessment form, with some modeled on the Form 696.
Dewey-Hagborg's new portraits of Manning, however, are both a form of awareness raising, and a form of recognition.
"All it requires for the credit is to fill out a 1040A form and the Form 8880, " Gagliardi said.
It shows that Quevedo's intricate artistic abstractions constitute a form of play that is equally a form of sacrament.
This solution could come in the form of replacement lenses or in the form of an entirely new device.
Ambien is known as a sedative-hypnotic and comes in a quick-acting form and an extended-release form.
Sisu is trapped in human form and needs help to reclaim her power and transform into her true form.
Ryan had a vast wealth of research when I came onto the film, in book form and photo form.
The worst form of identity politics, I mean, the least defensible form of identity politics is white identity politics.
Trump described his boasts as "truthful hyperbole, "an innocent form of exaggeration," and "a very effective form of promotion.
One key difference this year is that there is no longer a Form 1040-A or Form 1040-EZ.
If they can't commit one form of crime, they'll just commit another form of crime because that's their nature.
It's interesting because it's always a chicken and egg question: Does content create form, or does form generate content?
Or could it be a new revolution in the archaic form of psychiatry known as "phantasy," in audio form?
"It dressed its influences in a novel form and executed that form with technical and artistic mastery," Altice said.
"It's more of a form of resistance, a form of protest," as Fiority described her work to AZ Central.
The Education Department recently renamed the form and is testing a revision, but use of the form remains optional.
Airlines expect to receive some form of government support but it's not yet clear what form it will take.
As a male fetus develops, the testes form in the abdomen, just as the ovaries form in a female.
And I learned over the course of creating 'Crossing,' I have an instinct for musical form and poetic form.
To compute a moving expense deduction, use Form 3903 and follow the instructions to record it on Form 1040.
It's an institutionalized form of admission for a price, and it is in no way, shape or form bribery.
It wasn't just a form of sustenance, but also a form of casual catharsis and, briefly, also a job.
The difference is that VitaminVape uses a synthetic form of vitamin B212 and Breathe uses a naturally-derived form.
There is only one way for the atoms to be arranged in order to form a solid, but several combinations for them to form a liquid, and still more besides for them to form a gas.
Part of Beyoncé's project over the past few years has been to treat art as a form of power: It is a form of focused aesthetic attention, of social capital, and of wealth given solid form.
Meet AirTM, a service that makes it easier to convert any form of money into any other form of money.
The coming electric vehicle revolution opens up a whole new schism between nickel in metallic form and in chemical form.
Formlabs also announced it has a Form 1+ to Form 2 upgrade program for users of the now-discontinued printer.
Good marketing in the form of slick TV commercials, and good sales, in the form of highly incentivized bank employees.
You decide to take $100,000 of that business income in the form of a salary, reported on Form W-2.
"There the chemist's approach in the form of drugs, and there's the electrical engineer's approach in the form of electrics."
Halloween pumpkin carving is a specialized art form, and only a few can truly call themselves masters of the form.
Rose has returned to Augusta National in solid though unspectacular form, but said you can throw out the form book.
The feeling was that, in some form or another, people would intrinsically understand that correlation between the historical/material form of the comic and the narrative that was contained within the form of this particular comic itself.
"We now know that there was some form of either smoldering or some form of fire or some form of combustion, if you like, on that plane, and that has been verified," CNN aviation analyst Richard Quest said.
If he does, they'll be hell (in the form of memes, tweets, and long-form essays) to pay. Mark. Our. Words.
I started getting really into it in those long summers between secondary school and sixth form, and sixth form and university.
No need to itemize this deduction on your Form 2003, but you'll have to fill out Form 2106, according to
While Tim Hortons' egg was more like scrambled eggs in disc form, this one was a fried egg in disc form.
It is not in the visible form of stars and planets, nor in the form of dark clouds of normal matter.
You can also request that JND mail you a form, as well as download a form on behalf of a minor.
To me, this indicates a form of permission: in Piper's world, backwards is OK. Backwards is a new form of reading.
I'm not sure just what form our answer to climate change will take, and probably it won't be just one form.
One form of the particle was angular or jagged in shape and is known to form naturally inside the human brain.
The Form 3 and Form 3L mark the debut of a technology the company has deemed Low Force Stereolithography — or LFS.
And above all, we want to see it form and un-form lovely metallic snowflakes as its temperature rises and falls.
"It deconstructs the standard perspective of the human form and reconstructs body shape/posture into an ambiguous, sculptural form," Bastard says.
Whether or not you call this a form of sexual assault, it is, like sexual assault, an intimate form of theft.
For me, far from being a hectoring form used to explain things to others, the Twitter essay is a democratic form.
Wraith Form: Reaper assumes his shadow form, increasing movement speed and rendering him invulnerable to damage for up to three seconds.
The filibuster in one form or another dates back to the 19th century but assumed its current form in the 1970s.
Moreover, this version of Trumpcare is unlikely to pass in its current form, or indeed in any form, in the Senate.
Amnesty International considers last-minute stays a form of mock execution — which is widely agreed to be a form of torture.
"The president in no way, form, or fashion has ever encouraged any form of violence," she said in a press briefing.
The problem with gun form liars Fewer than 1 in 1000 people are prosecuted for lying on the federal gun form.
He didn't really "eat" opium, per se, but took it in the form of laudanum, the narcotic's commonly ingested liquid form.
Hawking and Strominger are interested in "soft" gravitons (the theorized particle form of gravity) and photons (the particle form of light).
What makes you think that the form is more likely to be smaller, microbial, rather than a higher, intelligent life form?
Why do we form such strong friendships in high school and college and form comparatively fewer as the years go on?
But the Five Star Movement refuses to form any alliances, making it unlikely to form a government and run the country.
This form will help you fill out Form 8889, which calculates your H.S.A. deduction and is filed with your tax return.
Accepting and publicly acknowledging that certain technologies can't do some things isn't a form of weakness — it's a form of strength.
"It's nice to see things starting to form into a team and not just form a minor league system," Freeman said.
Navigating the Ténéré is always difficult; dunes form and re-form with the winds, so the horizon changes shape between journeys.
"The president in no way, form, or fashion has ever encouraged any form of violence," she said in a news briefing.
"The president in no way, form, or fashion has ever encouraged any form of violence," she said in a news briefing.
Acthar is a natural form of adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), discovered in 2900 and synthesized in an active form in the 220006s.
With a pair of glasses that records video from a user's perspective, Snap is hoping to create a new cultural form—a deeply social form of photography and video that will form a buzzing, connective background for our lives.
Disclosure of Contacts on My Security Clearance Form There has been a good deal of misinformation reported about my SF-86 form.
"Hence, any other form that person favored would be better, because CBD consumption would increase in those other form factors," Weissman says.
All of them consist of a vertical cylindrical form with a shard-like form extending from both the top and the bottom.
Arguably, a digital file that you periodically move from one form of storage to another is an even stronger form of ownership.
There was even a rudimentary form of text messaging in GB Kiss for managing an inbox and sending short-form virtual letters.
"American violence is public life, it's a public way of life, it became a form, a detective story form," he once said.
Valentine's Day in its purest form is a reminder that you have love in your life, in whatever form it may be.
They will need to file a Form C, an initial disclosure form, and regular updates on the status of the fundraising efforts.
And it is a religion that says that it's true in both its win-win form, and its inverse lose-lose form.
Some people do view emergency contraception as a form of abortion, even though physicians would say it's a form of birth control.
Renewables in the form of solar and wind now account for more installed capacity than any other form of electricity, including coal.
It measures in at 42.5 by 16 inches for the body pillow form, and 2,700 yen ($24) for the smaller cushion form.
In some of Asawa's sculptures, an elongated tubular form periodically swells into a globular structure with a small spherical form cocooned inside.
As Wood Mackenzie points out, the ideal form of nickel for this process is pure metal in powder, pellet or briquette form.
It "elevates the spirit of competition around these various mediums, whether it's short-form, long-form, big-screen, small-screen," he said.
A troubling aspect of this is that the application form is a three-step process in the shape of a Typeform form.
In short, there are two main ways Cellebrite's UFEDs extract data from devices: either in a logical form, or a physical form.
Selfies critics often decry the act as a form of narcissism, but advocates know the selfie is confidence in its purest form.
I was told that Google is not giving up on this form factor, this form factor being a screen and a keyboard.
It is a novel in the form of a nonfiction essay; it is also a literary work about another art form (dance).
The shelf is a form of what's known as "readers' advisory," which almost all public libraries have in one form or another.
In early Indian cuisine, you would purify butter to get ghee, and the ideal form of butter was this clarified, purified form.
That was either going to be in the form of an acquisition or that would be in the form of an IPO.
Injuries, suspensions, poor form, ongoing transfer rumours, and off the field problems — including a false accusation of rape — have affected his form.
The refiled form also adds details about Kushner's real estate assets that were included on his original disclosure form filed in March.
The problem is that it's the evolved form of the very adorable Abra, and the unevolved form of the cooler, stronger Alakazam.
Welfarism under a different name, a more respectable name and an attempt, again, to fool the American people into thinking that this is a form of benevolence when it&aposs just the form of welfarism in the form of socialism.
" On the question of whether Form 696 is a form of racial discrimination: "The form does not target any particular group nor does it ask for the genre of music, event type, age range or demographic of the customers who attend.
If you have a form in hand and don't know where it goes, you can just type the form name into the search bar, for example, 1099-INT or W-2, and navigate to that form with just a click.
Sister Spit is here for storytelling in the form of yelling at your face; in the form of whispering in your ear; in the form of drag and queer sex and feminism and femme magic and fuck-your-white-supremacy.
After all, you could have been born into any physical form if you have a form that predates yourself on some spiritual level.
Since some preparers charge by the form, it may be helpful to bring your previous year's form to help get an accurate estimate.
Currently, D.C., Colorado, Alaska and Washington, also allow some form of recreational cannabis use, while 23 states allow some form of medical marijuana.
For the financial form, Kushner had "inadvertently"omitted over $10 million in assets and amended it in a form he submitted in July.
These two central similarities—the form of competition, and the form of play—made me think that danmaku is very similar to speedrunning.
Sometimes that investment comes in the form of an ever-refining CoD-caster, and sometimes it comes in the form of actual investment.
"Yes, there has to be some form of punishment,"Trump said, adding that he didn't know what form of punishment would be acceptable.
These admit heat, in the form of sunlight, but block its radiation back into space, in the form of longer-wavelength infra-red.
The experimenters made two of them and zapped them independently to form the four binary combinations (00,01,10,11) that two such nodes can form.
"They're just trying to get it past customs, so it's coming in powder form but it's also coming in pill form," he explains.
While sexting might be the digital age's form of tantric discussion, the seemingly ancient form of phone sex might seem out-of-date.
Seeing a whole universe form before one's very eyes, for one, to say nothing about the birth of a new life form: Avatars.
They come in the form of the steel that the steel mills make, and they also come in the form of steel products.
Roughly 5,000 bricks form the toy BFG's boxy form, which weighs in at 20 pounds and measures more than three feet in length.
The Intro 2 mimics the shape of the two-pronged Form 2; the Intro 6 shares the Form 6's body hugging curves.
Depending on where you work, Instagram's Stories feature is either the most sincere form of flattery or the most blatant form of plagiarism.
User engagement for posts with short video is significantly less than short-form posts, slideshows and long-form posts, according to a Parse.
Nowadays they have in their hands the possibility and the capacity to form opinion: they can form a good or a bad opinion.
China has always had this problem with getting its language from basically a written form, a dead written form, to a living speech.
"In each case, every one, groups notwithstanding, there was a decline from the short form to the long form," she told the justices.
Kushner has amended his financial disclosure form multiple times since taking office, revealing dozens of assets that were initially left off the form.
I therefore just wanted to have the data replicated in another form, but specifically a form which could not sensibly be considered illegal.
More than 42 million American adults suffer from some form of mental disorder, while another 40 million fight some form of substance addiction.
Yet the nonconsensual sharing of intimate images is a form of control, retaliation and humiliation, just like any other form of sexual violence.
The visual form I give to a text can change its meaning—amplify or negate it—which is also a form of commentary.
Because stand-up in the form it exists — stand-up punch line — that's a form that was set up by men for men.
They were already out there in the embryonic form of software, lacking only human form with which to make that crucial personal connection.
As well as your Form 1040, there are often additional forms — for the foreign earned income exclusion, or the foreign tax credit form.
But it soon became a free-form memoir—free-form because almost none of the normal duties of the memoir writer are met.
On the search for worms that form in the tree, locals cut holes in the base, waiting for the yellow creatures to form.
In this aggressively peaceful environment, the apocalypse doesn't come in the form of destruction, but rather in the form of lifeless, oppressive perfection.
Here are some other common mistakes to avoid: not completing the entire FAFSA form; not using the correct website; not filing the FAFSA form by the deadline; not using your FSA ID to start the FAFSA form; and not reporting all required information.
This exact form of the sulfide won't be the solid material that makes it into the form of lithium-ion batteries we use today.
"Thank you to the women in Hollywood (and on Instagram!) leading the way, inspiring and normalizing the female form in EVERY form," Dunham concludes.
Other important regular securities reporting and disclosures associated with public companies include the annual (form 10-K) reports and quarterly (form 10-Q) reports.
If your business is structured as a partnership, you'll need to file Form 1065; C Corporations use Form 1120; and S Corporations use 1120s.
The company is paying $10,000-$35,000 for shorter form shows and up to $250,000 for longer form scripted shows, sources told Reuters in May.
Sometimes they are clustered together to form a dense weave, other times they are straight, delicate lines repeated to form a linear, architectonic structure.
Figging is a form of sensation play that was once a form of animal cruelty but has since been adopted as a human kink.
You consider a form letter: Dear Good Friend Who Deserves the Whole Story I'm sorry this is coming to you as a form letter.
The baneful ones are to attract both predators (mainly in the form of bats) and parasites (mainly in the form of blood-sucking midges).
It was a potential treatment for Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a rare form of the muscle degenerative disease -- the form that her two sons have.
Scientists previously theorized that small stars could form rocky planets, but they did not gather enough material to form planets the size of Jupiter.
The polyps are a form of hydrozoa, tiny invertebrates that can join together to form jellyfish-like creatures like the Portuguese Man O' War.
The next day, the participants were all given a form to sign — a form that basically said they were seen pressing the escape key.
Although Bunting said that there would be some form of progression through a Blackout match, he did not speak to any form of looting.
Did it form further out, with water present, and then migrate closer to its star, or did it form very close to Proxima Centauri?
That is so blisteringly brisk that the atoms inside the laboratory will form the rare form of matter known as a Bose-Einstein condensate.
Determining the mass of the rings could in turn shed light on how rings form, and potentially also how all planets form, they say.
The coalition must win 76 seats to retain power or risk having to form an alliance with a third party to form a government.
"Some don't think weighting is necessary because in digital you have long-form and short-form viewing (which can be just seconds)," Ive says.
Facebook will be launching a premium video tab that will be available to their consumers, not just short-form, but also long-form content.
At this point, the cells begin to separate and specialize, with some set to form the placenta and others destined to form a baby.
Certain members of PAS left to form Amanah in 2015, uniting with the PKR and DAP to form an opposition alliance called Pakatan Harapan.
"You file the tax form with a letter of explanation and take your required minimum distribution when you file your tax form," Stern said.
He said "The time that the viewer puts into seeing it — that is, to me, a form of sculpture," not a form of "culture."
Unless you're literally trying to make a baby, this app should in no way, shape, or form, be used as a form of contraception.
China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs told CNN the Chinese government opposes any form of cyber attack, and fights against all form of hacker activity.
About 10 million (disproportionately LGBTQ) people in the U.S. have been victims of this form of assault — and yes, it's a form of assault.
Admittedly, some refer to mixed-economies as a form of capitalism, but this form of nomenclature, "a capitalist mixed-economy," has never made sense.
That said, in order for your reflection to be helpful in correcting your form, you have to know what the correct form looks like.
So she brought up Geryon because he's classical, he's in the Labours of Hercules in one form and in Dante's Inferno in another form.
The form is also not for live acts; as agreed during a review of the form in 2009 by the UK Live Music Industry.
Two individuals making $50,000 and living separately form two middle-income households; if they move in together, they form a single high-income household.
It has form, but not conventional form, and strange innovations that had come out of Balanchine's different way of hearing music and creating movement.
At the same time, from privileging matter and form alone, his sculptures are prickly with ideas, some in the form of perturbing conceptual ambushes.
The first time I had to file the Foreign Earned Income form, I couldn't find the form or figure out how to file it.
The second form of damages includes restitution in the form of the Astros returning their post-season bonuses from winning the 2017 World Series.
Here are some questions and answers about the new Form W-4 for 2020: Does everyone have to complete a new Form W-4?
Any form of illegal or fraudulent voting, whether by noncitizens or the deceased, and any form of voter suppression or intimidation must be stopped.
Taking away the intent of the Holocaust may not be the classic form of Holocaust denial, but it is a form of denial nonetheless.
But online propaganda is a form of participation as well as form of censorship, so it's difficult to know what the right policy is.
Lounge access, like every other form of access within the Daytona universe, came in the form of a specially endorsed laminate on a lanyard.
Its resting state is the form of a terrifying clown named Pennywise, but fundamentally It takes on the form of whatever children fear most.
I also told the designers that the aliens were taking human form, and were perhaps taking the form of aliens from the 1970s, like they've checked out movies of the '60s and '70s, and played on those tropes for their manifestation in human form.
Partially it concerns genre — in a form based on the simulation of personal expression, character is synonymous with aesthetic quality; in a form based on the simulation of modest pop functionalism, it's irrelevant; in a form based on the simulation of overexpression, charisma is all.
What we'll need is a split design where we put the question in the middle of the form, and at the end of the form and then we go out and ask 214 people to fill out the form and we see what they do.
Ms. Hockenberry said the average fee for a Form 1040 with a Schedule A and one other form, plus a state return, is about $200.
Physicists knew from experiments that the vortices form triangular lattices, called Abrikosov lattices, and so the question was to prove why they form these patterns.
Using a 2013 negative test result from her friend, White allegedly backdated the form to 2011 and presented the form to Carrey as her own.
"I'm hoping someone will do a study of trying to form the membranes in the lab, seeing if they're actually able to form," she said.
Dark Matters argues that biometric surveillance turns the body itself into a form of evidence, a form of hyper-objectification with historical connections to slavery.
Abstract at a glance, the black and white lines animated by Prague-based artist Adam Pizurny vibrate to form sultry portraits of the female form.
An initial coin offering is a form of only loosely regulated investment vehicle in which investors receive a form of cryptocurrency instead of traditional shares.
There's nothing really new about the Spot beyond the form itself, but that form is so nice—especially compared to the $1303 Amazon Echo Show.
The couple-form (a term coined in the 2010 essay "Against the Couple-Form") is never so exclusive—so much itself—as when it fights.
By now, you should have received a W-2 form — or a 1099 form if you're a freelancer — from every employer you had in 2019.
" Amurri Martino added that she believes she is dealing with "some form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, possibly linked to some form of Postpartum Depression.
The platform: Facebook launched IGTV in June as Instagram's long-form video app that is meant to rival YouTube for long-form user-generated video.
A third asks whether the rights of same-sex couples to form a permanent union should be guaranteed in a form other than civil marriage.
Prior to IMDb TV's launch, the movie website had experimented with video content in the form of trailers, celebrity interviews and other short-form series.
I sensed this form was articulating some complex ideas in a nonlinguistic way and that it could make the leap physically as a sculptural form.
It's available to developers now in preview form, coming to customers as a public beta in June or July and in final form this fall.
More says this is a big no-no because it's irreversible, and that this "destructive" form of preservation is not a true form of survival.
Theories behind this behavior include a form of entertainment, or a form of exercise that's rewarded with a satisfying squirt of dopamine in the brain.
Any form of illegal or fraudulent voting whether by non-citizens or the deceased, and any form of voter suppression or intimidation, must be stopped.
Axions can be understood as a very peculiar form of light, a form that doesn't really interact with the same things that normal light does.
With IGTV, creators are able to share long-form videos within the Instagram platform instead of just short-form content to the Feed or Stories.
If you need a perfectly smooth object you can get a Form Labs Form One printer, a product that products structurally coherent and smooth objects.
For Amrich, the replication of the Form line's shapes, but at a lower price point, runs the risk of cannibalizing the Form line's existing market.
It was like she was born to the form, even though the technology that made that form possible hadn't even existed when she was born.
The next push is continuing with our long-form video and thinking about what does short-form, Internet-friendly video look like for the Fader.
Greene's film is part of a group of recent documentaries that focus on the documentary form, and its duplicity as a form of objective truth.
Although they're usually offered in the form of money, other types of tips have been made in the form of gold, cocaine, and even threesomes.
Had Kushner not included them in his first form, but amended that form within a few days, that would have been wrong but minimally acceptable.
The craggy cliffs are made fromDolerite - a form of subvolcanic rock and are the home to a very rare form of sheoak — the Allocasuarina crassa.
Whether it comes in the form of faux fur lining or a few buttons along the wrist, the Il Caldo offerings combine form with function.
For the uninitiated, "sugaring" is a form of dating in which one partner financially supports the other, often in the form of cash or gifts.
The column also helped introduce concepts like the mash-up to Japan and enhanced a form of cultural hybridization that became an art form here.
I did, however, get a printable form that I was able to save to my computer — most importantly, this form included a settlement claim number.
Piped gas sells at a large discount to LNG, which must be cooled to liquid form, shipped overseas and turned back into its gaseous form.
Have a form of ID readyIn addition to your proof of citizenship, you'll also need another form of state-issued ID. As outlined at Travel.State.
Could money in the form of deposits, such as money in the form of paper currency, be monopolized by the central bank, given current technology?
"Most of them think that hazing provides a form of bonding, a form of discipline, and is a way to maintain the hierarchy," Lipkins said.
Fidelity is also accepting gifts of Ethereum, a newer form of cryptocurrency, and has received about $125,000 worth of gifts in that form this year.
One recurrent form of revolt within Western industrial capitalism, whether bohemian or beatnik, has often taken the form of flouting the urgency of respectable timevalues.
I used the form in [the previous book] Another Beauty, so it's not really new, but a continuation of the form I was using there.
Before your appointment, make sure you have the required documents ready (proof of citizenship, a valid form of ID, photocopies of both, and form DS11).
It also may use a 2019 Social Security benefit statement, or Form SSA-1099, or the Social Security Equivalent Benefit Statement, or Form RRB-1099.
"From a form factor you'll see an expansion of devices that have dual displays or have diff kinds of technology and form factors," he said.
The fragment is an old form, perhaps even our native form — don't we speak to ourselves in curt directives, experience memory as clusters of language?
On this you can be sure: Once the election is behind, Hillary Clinton will revert to form, and her form has a 30-year history.
The only thing I heard from Mr. Giuliani or otherwise was that they had to be announced in some form and that form kept changing.
The notoriously complicated form, which is longer than the typical 1040 tax form, collects detailed information from students and families about income, expenses and taxes.
China is the fastest-growing market for LNG, a super-cooled form of the fuel that allows it to be shipped overseas in liquid form.
Here is Apple's 2016 form: And for comparison purposes, here is the 2015 form: And the one from 2014: This article originally appeared on

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