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"break" Definitions
  1. [countable] a short period of time when you stop what you are doing and rest, eat, etc.
  2. (also break time) (both British English) (North American English recess) [uncountable] a period of time between lessons at school
  3. [countable] a period of time when something stops before starting again
  4. (also commercial break) [countable] a short period of time when a television or radio show stops for advertisements
  5. [countable] a short holiday
  6. [singular] the moment when a situation or a relationship that has existed for a time changes, ends or is interrupted
  7. [countable] break (in something) a space or an opening between two or more things
  8. [countable] (informal) an opportunity to do something, usually to get something that you want or to achieve success
  9. [countable] a place where something, especially a bone in your body, has broken
  10. (also break of serve) [countable] a win in a game in which your opponent is serving
  11. [countable] a series of successful shots by one player; the number of points scored in a series of successful shots

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"break" Synonyms
crack fragment fracture shatter smash snap split disintegrate separate sever splinter bust rupture burst crush demolish destroy divide rend tear violate breach contravene infringe defy disregard flout disobey infract transgress ignore offend traduce transgress against fail to observe commit a breach of fail to comply with go counter to renege on pause rest relax unwind idle recess repose chill refresh have a break have a rest kick back stop briefly suspend proceedings ease off ease up take five have time out put your feet up take a break abandon interrupt suspend discontinue stop cut end halt terminate cease check disturb drop kick quit can break up cut off cut short give up announce reveal tell convey disclose divulge proclaim communicate declare impart inform let out release transmit make public make known pass on relate expose broadcast be revealed be announced be proclaimed be published be reported come out be divulged be imparted be made public be let out become known become public be made known come out in the wash get out leak out get about get around get round spread exceed surpass beat better top cap eclipse outdo transcend outstrip trump excel overrun overshoot overstep overpass overreach outreach outrun go beyond break down collapse crash die give out fail go wrong malfunction stall stop working conk out go be damaged cut out cease to work go down be unusable bite the dust cease to function develop a fault damage compromise cripple harm impair blemish deface disfigure flaw hurt injure mar bloody endamage spoil vitiate crab cross up ruin cushion diminish moderate ease reduce temper alleviate lessen lighten mitigate soften lessen the impact of reduce the impact of soften the impact of take the edge off appear begin dawn emerge start transpire actualize arise commence develop form materialise(UK) materialize(US) occur originate spring befall betide engender erupt flee run bolt abscond fly retreat skedaddle decamp escape hightail run away run off bug out clear out get away cut and run hightail it bust out dismember crumble fall apart fall to pieces fall to bits come apart decode decipher solve decrypt unravel answer interpret resolve unriddle work descramble unscramble figure out work out dope out puzzle out riddle out untangle suss out relinquish shake pack in get out of forgo forsake leave off desist from lay off renounce desist eschew yield crumple be overcome give way cave in give in go to pieces give fall in buckle tumble topple fall down fall slump sag drain exhaust fatigue tire wear weary frazzle harass kill outwear burn out knock out tucker out wear out do in wash out do up enervate tax falter tremble hesitate mumble quaver quiver stammer stutter waver mammer sputter stumble speak haltingly speak falteringly fumble for words stumble over your words hum and haw trip over your tongue splutter pound batter lash buffet dash strike thrash whip hit belt knock punch flog wallop pelt drub tan birch swerve veer sheer yaw zag zig turn deviate zigzag weave slue lurch skid shift dip curve turn sharply bank diverge alter change metamorphose undergo a change pierce penetrate perforate puncture graze make a flesh wound in spike stab prick probe impale bore gore lance stick transfix jab spear skewer broach surface circulate propagate leak disseminate become apparent go the rounds be passed around be passed on become widely known break out cow defeat subdue undermine weaken demoralise(UK) demoralize(US) demote enfeeble overcome overpower overwhelm quash vanquish bankrupt pauperize make bankrupt reduce to penury reduce to nothing impoverish beggar wipe out clean out bring to ruin reduce to destitution bring someone to their knees make insolvent make poor make penniless make destitute depreciate devaluate devalue lower downgrade sink attenuate cheapen depress mark down write down write off decrease slash discount plough(UK) plow(US) furrow cultivate dig till harrow rake reap trench ridge turn over turn up break ground farm tend fertilize(US) conquer subjugate trounce best master rout lick suppress overthrow quell clobber worst repress lap splash gurgle ripple plash wash trickle bubble dribble lave surge swash slosh guggle roll flow burble swish domesticate train tame housebreak domiciliate gentle breed control herd housetrain teach house-train break in bring to heel bring up round up bring under control rebut refute disprove contradict deny negate controvert discredit confute disconfirm invalidate debunk negative belie counter explode confound falsify cross degrade disrate unseat declass depose cashier bench bump disbar relegate lower in rank lower in status kick downstairs take down a peg dethrone partition segment subdivide section halve segregate part bisect dissect quarter slice fractionate cut up carve up go back on repudiate retract renege backtrack betray reconsider default on backtrack on back out of fail to honour rat on do an about-face cop out of cop out break promise change your mind have second thoughts break your word humble humiliate shame demean abase chasten debase disgrace mortify abash belittle own chagrin publish issue publicise(UK) publicize(US) post present promulgate report air bare go back double back revisit turn back retrace your steps be unfaithful desert return revert about face about turn radiate diffuse proliferate disperse distribute irradiate pour scatter emanate vent circle course mobilise(UK) mobilize(US) surrender submit capitulate bow cede relent succumb concede fold resign budge abdicate defer accept defeat rush spill cascade gush jet spout spurt stream sweep discharge spew whirl dull dampen dispirit sap ail deject dishearten dismay trouble daunt devitalize discourage annoy aggravate antagonise(UK) antagonize(US) bug exasperate gall get goad irk irritate nark nettle peeve pester rile ruffle vex frustrate deteriorate decline degenerate decay worsen fade wane regress retrograde ebb atrophy rot slip slide cancel annul rescind nullify repeal void abolish abrogate revoke countermand abort null vacate disannul dissolve consume deplete bleed expend absorb empty strain burn siphon(US) spend syphon(UK) devour dissipate finish tap waste blow fuse expire short-circuit trip impugn challenge dispute query question assail attack blast contest criticise(UK) criticize(US) disaffirm disavow doubt gainsay impeach dismiss sack fire remove axe(UK) retire ax(US) expel bounce displace boot discard boot out kick out pink-slip drill coach exercise instruct discipline rehearse ground inculcate school hone accustom habituate indoctrinate make fit tune up walk through torment distress torture plague afflict worry rack persecute pain agonise(UK) agonize(US) excruciate crucify maltreat mistreat abuse molest curb regulate restrain calm modulate pacify restrict still allay constrain hold in palliate crackle sizzle crepitate decrepitate fizz frizzle hiss crinkle crunch pop scrunch sound sparkle spit sibilate whiz whizz dislocate move transfer relocate reposition transpose disarticulate dislodge disunite misplace perturb rummage knock off leave call it a day clock off stop work break off close shop finish work finish working leave work head off shut down down tools finish the working day call it a night revolt rebel mutiny riot resist rise defect rise up boycott insurrect oppose oppose authority overturn show resistance take up arms tilt joust clash contend fight combat spar duel encounter tourney cross swords lock horns break a lance enter the lists tilt with struggle battle grapple feud talk speak chatter prattle gab natter articulate babble rap prate blab orate witter blather cackle gas jabber palaver depart exit push off bail begone say adieu scarper shove off vamoose say farewell say goodbye gap hole opening rift cleft rent space chink discontinuity fissure interstice chasm gulf interlude intermission breather respite interval downtime hiatus breath suspension slack smoko time out coffee break let-up sit-down holiday vacation awayday hols schoolie staycation vac vacay time off weekend break weekend trip period of leave accumulated day off sabbatical leave of absence getaway furlough interruption disruption stoppage breakdown cessation remission discontinuance discontinuation lull surcease division schism disunion separation severance alienation difference divergence estrangement disaffection parting altercation chance opportunity avenue shot advantage show leg up way in first step foot in the door helping hand initial opportunity edge ascendancy leverage dominance favour(UK) favor(US) fluke blessing boon bonanza fortuity godsend miracle windfall accident fortune good fortune good luck luck lucky break lucky occasion stroke of luck favorable circumstance good break lucky strike breakout absconding abdication exodus liberation deliverance flight lam bunk departure decamping running away disappearance fleeing alteration variation alternative novelty diversion variety whole new ball game delay wait holdup detention holdback stay retardation detainment dissolution scission detachment bifurcation fractionalization fractionation disconnection sundering cleavage breakup uncoupling segregation benefit good benediction gain help bonus asset felicity manna benison plus aid perk gift disturbance upset disarray confusion disorganisation(UK) disorganization(US) disorder derangement interference dislocation disarrangement disarranging disordering disorderliness turmoil confusing imperfection deformity disfigurement scar mark fault blotch excrescency blight pockmark excrescence scratch chip discoloration spot ravine gorge canyon pass defile gulch couloir flume gill notch kloof gully saddle linn clough col hap hazard coincidence happenstance destiny casualty circumstance contingency adventure doom cast destination future time moment possibility window occasion availability outlet whack look-in big break transmogrification transformation metamorphosis modification transfiguration conversion transmutation changeover mutation development innovation revision switch permutation reconstruction adjustment revolution truce armistice ceasefire moratorium peace treaty détente cease-fire accord agreement amnesty outbreak outburst eruption fit explosion spasm flash paroxysm storm flare flurry blaze flood spate ebullition upsurge pit stop restroom break servicing stop brief stop call of nature refueling stop rest stop service stop beginning onset outset commencement launch kickoff day one developing get-go git-go initiation introduction morning overture charge dart race sprint bound scramble gallop scamper stampede jump leap dive rearrangement displacement readjustment redisposition relocation reordering reorganisation(UK) reorganization(US) reshuffle disengagement percussion break illegality crime criminality lawlessness felony wrong atrocity contravention dereliction dishonesty immorality impropriety infraction infringement malfeasance misconduct misdeed wrongdoing wrongfulness abomination faux pas mistake error blunder gaffe oversight lapse boob misstep clanger gaff flub goof fluff blooper indiscretion bloomer trembling sob throb tremor trill vibration warble tremolo shudder shiver quivering quake shaking judder shuddering check(US) restraint constraint limitation obstruction buttress deterrent fetter hindrance impediment inhibition rein restriction bridle catch obstacle reversal day out excursion outing tour journey jaunt visit spree day trip away day day away spin expedition junket sally ramble hurl sashay sortie progression advance progress passage advancement movement march headway procession process onrush furtherance going growth breakthrough evolution expansion continuance continuation deviation variance digression distinction diversification diversity fluctuation nonconformance nonconformity tolerance unconformity aberration abnormality plateau level stage stability period phase quiescent period levelling off levelling-off period period of little change omission failure failing overlooking default overlook preterition pretermission skip non-fulfilment vanquishment beating trouncing drubbing thrashing massacre annihilation licking conquest whipping shellacking slaughter subjugation triumph trimming waxing trashing loss firebreak barrier clearing fireguard glade strip revelation disclosure telling divulgence publication broadcasting unveiling communication discovery exposure leaking announcement betrayal disclosing divulging proclamation exposé airing circulation bulletin notification statement account dispatch message news ad advert advertisement communiqué headlines newscast newsflash news report notice snack bite titbit elevenses nibbles refreshments sandwich supper titbits treat light meal nibble nibblies canapés chow eats food goodies grub lunch shutdown disintegration hitch crackup crumbling crumpling downfall foundering mishap information info findings scoop commentary description detail details dirt dossier inside story lowdown papers particulars piece bit portion chunk subdivision component share subsection divvy fraction member moiety parcel violation defiance disobedience noncompliance defying disobeying flouting ignoring neglect nonobservance non-compliance rebelling against lack of compliance with flying in the face of non-observance paying no heed to taking no notice of fun leisure recreation relaxation rest and recreation beer and skittles gratification relief refreshment R and R activity binge carousing delight frolicking gayety More
"break" Antonyms
repair mend fix rebuild reconstruct restore revamp overhaul patch readjust reattach recondition reconnect reform refurbish renew service adjust rejoin reservice combine connect attach join merge fasten fuse glue meld bind link unify unite marry agree aid help close honor(US) honour(UK) uphold follow obey observe mind conform discharge keep allow cause comply with conform to hide regard resume continue restart recommence reopen reassume press on with return to carry on with keep going with pick up perpetuate preserve prolong maintain extend carry on start persist go commence initiate begin hang on create bear complete do keep on conceal belie cover obscure obstruct repress stifle suppress withhold blanket cloud disguise mask screen secret shield bury protect secrete veil cover up keep hidden hush up keep secret keep quiet about keep a lid on subceed fail be inferior to be less than fall behind fall short be inferior function work run operate perform be in operation be operative be running be in running order be in working order be in action be in commission be in business respond progress move stabilise(UK) stabilize(US) settle steady stabilitate sustain secure doctor renovate improve decorate beautify ornament adorn embellish assist intensify exacerbate worsen aggravate amplify compound heighten magnify cease stop discontinue halt pause suspend conclude desist finish quit surcease terminate end refrain set disappear decrease lessen face brave confront encounter tackle challenge meet take withstand accost affront battle dare endure engage fight handle outbrave outface heal correct remedy rectify rehabilitate resolve treat recover from invigorate(US) envigorate(UK) enhance strengthen encrypt cypher(UK) cipher(US) encode encipher code convert scramble translate confuse support resist defy weather refuse repel fight against hold off energise(UK) energize(US) inspirit vitalize drive empower galvanise(UK) galvanize(US) motivate refresh revitalise(UK) revitalize(US) stir vivify activate animate dynamize straighten align encourage lose permit construct build compliment praise perdure hold last drag on go on hold up withdraw extract pull retreat draw out dive plunge nosedive plummet swoop crash descend drop sink submerge bellyflop dip snorkel advance promote raise elevate fuel justify reinforce accentuate bolster consolidate fortify endow enrich prosper financially improve financially lift make affluent make prosperous make rich make richer make wealthy make well-off appreciate increase inflate rise accrue accumulate climb grow increment balloon bourgeon burgeon rocket soar upgrade accelerate fill plant load stuff pack forfeit release save surrender win yield give up arouse lose to liberate rouse fall short of destroy disarrange disorganize disturb forget ignore neglect turn to complicate knot question tie abet facilitate foster hone refine flourish evolve further ameliorate pour roll stream hit gather collect assemble blend bond coalesce amalgamate homogenise(UK) homogenize(US) incorporate integrate interfuse intermix mingle start up hold out respect value attend esteem note approve commend flatter flaunt heed please revere defend guard safeguard fend forfend prevent shelter inoculate ward limit keep safe keep from harm arrive come stay survive bear up parry block deflect counter rebuff fend off blockage blockade occlusion barricade stoppage barrier blocking congestion hindrance impediment jam logjam obstruction impasse closure closing solid resumption continuation recommencement renewal reopening restarting return continuance follow-on prolongation extension persistence follow-up sequel perpetuation protraction continuity continuing seamlessness uninterruption uninterruptedness continuousness flow progression ceaselessness persisting sustenance perpetuating assiduity protracting concord friendship harmony rapport accord accordance agreement amity union concordance goodwill peace understanding connection misfortune unluckiness adversity hardship bad luck bad break hard luck ill fortune ill luck raw deal rotten break rotten luck tough break tough luck capture imprisonment ensnaring trapping abduction catching nabbing seizing apprehension arrest seizure detention incarceration beginning commencement activity action introduction disturbance energy expedition agility haste speed quickness rapidity rapidness promptness swiftness expeditiousness hastiness fastness hurriedness speediness alacrity urgency velocity briskness hastening hurry busyness clamor(US) clamour(UK) flare-up loudness noise juncture upholding bridge obstacle seal plug conclusion arrival coming standing staying waiting disadvantage drawback handicap liability minus penalty strike debt disapproval disfavor(US) disfavour(UK) harm hurt impairment impotence incapacity inefficiency mischance failure loss poverty sadness sorrow unhappiness bad fortune achievement perfection success unification fusing joining combination connecting merger integration amalgamation consolidation coupling merging fusion junction linking uniting coalescence combining linkage term term time working time filling padding stuffing filler calm method order system organisation(UK) organization(US) plain

830 Sentences With "break"

How to use break in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "break" and check conjugation/comparative form for "break". Mastering all the usages of "break" from sentence examples published by news publications.

They have been getting tax break, after tax break, after tax break.
And then the dustbusting break turns into a dish-washing break, and the dish-washing break turns into a Facebook break.
"Break their lineage, break their roots, break their connections and break their origins," wrote Maisumujiang Maimuer, a religious affairs official, in a commentary in the state news media.
The kids break for lunch and I sub an adult class during my regular lunch break (aka no lunch break).
I stood over him chanting, break it up break it up break it up…The stone dissolved and he moved away.
The answer to "It'll give you a break" is ENTER KEY because the break in today's clue is a line break.
And you want to break news, you break the stalemate.
Can she break patterns, is it possible to break patterns?
If I wanted a break, I could take a break.
What law did the President break or not break today?
"Break, break, this is not a cherrypicker," the transmissions began.
We needed to break the silence, and break the cycle.
You can break the glass but you cannot break anything else; other parts of the building are too concrete for them to break.
Your lunch break, your bathroom break are only the most obvious.
We break the rules, certainly; we do not break the law.
We have to break ground before we can break glass ceilings.
If you saw time break down, it's going to break down.
Break things, break them all the time, and keep breaking things ….
I break up my day by taking a purposeful lunch break
Soon, she'll break out divorce papers; he'll break out the booze.
If someone needs to take a break, everybody takes a break.
These won't break you out and they won't break your diet.
So he'll get his break now and the rest of the guys will get a break at some point, using the All-Star break.
This doughnut won't just break your diet; it'll also break your bank.
I viewed it sort of like a lunch break, or smoke break.
How can women break free of misogyny and break cycles of harm?
When you break your arm, just where the break is: exquisite pain.
It was time for my favorite kind of break: a fry break.
They may break the outside window, but they won't break the inside.
"Break break, request back to home," he told controllers, the newspaper reported.
But having break time, that was her break," Vellucci said, adding that Doan "had banked time to take a break, which involves dropping the hoop.
But to give yourself that break, you do need to break up first.
"Break dancing literally where I break myself!" he said of his own skills.
You can't break up with me if I break up with you first.
And we break up those little claws, as we break them up fast.
It's very Asian-American—friends break up; family's not going to break up.
That might mean turning a smoke break into a walk break, for example.
I hit this thing and just go flying — break my left wrist, break my right wrist, and break the joint that connects the thumb to the hand.
For Rangers defenseman Nick Holden, the timing of a break in January — tucked between the Christmas break and the All-Star break later this month — proved perfect.
Kim Kardashian West may often break the internet, but she'll never break the bank.
Quick break for some devil's advocating: Maybe you don't need to break up forever.
Yeah. [laughs] JDR: Is that real break-even or, like, Silicon Valley break-even?
I think if you break up with someone, you break up for a reason.
Collins expects the stock to either break out to the upside or break down.
Too many kids say I'm tired, I need a break — I DESERVE a break.
"Any time you ask for a break, you get a break," Grassley told Ford.
We are not your musical break or your snappy remark before a commercial break.
She really helped me through some messy break-ups and some friend break-ups.
And we all know spoilers can make or break (but mostly break) a relationship.
"Break-ups are difficult, there's nothing easy about a break-up," he says plainly.
Break-up songs aren't really break-up songs, because they're still bursting with affection.
They'll break out a song, and it'll break your heart that you weren't there.
So we await for a logjam that should and must break to actually break.
If the laws of physics could break down there, they could break down everywhere.
KING: No, no, we have time for one more break, Norah, one more break.
They go upstairs for intermission — quick snack, water break, bathroom break, game of cards.
He's strong on "HOOPTI" when he admits he's not always OK. "Sometimes I break down, break down, break down, old hoopti," he raps, likening himself to an old car.
Before, I would break things, like a dummy, break things or scream out, lash out.
But to break the cycle of poverty, we must also break the cycle of violence.
I break my earphones regularly, but I've never had to break them on purpose before.
You -- I&aposm going to break up with you before you break up with me.
He needs a break from us as much as we need a break from him.
A Big Mac is difficult to break down even for sulfuric acid to break down.
Since they expect everyone to break the rules, you have to break the rules, too.
A break club was anything hard that might break your club if you struck it.
Carreno Busta faced only one break point while converting four of his nine break opportunities.
You can break it, but you can also break it, if you get my drift.
So there was a couple-week break for [Fargo's] winter/Christmas break where I wrote.
That's two matches, then a break, two matches, a break, and then the final ones.
The 'AAA' break-even AP of 86.5%, corresponds to a break-even overcollateralisation (OC) of 15.6%.
"I took a break, which turned into a longer break," he told THR at the time.
Disney shares are going to either "break down or break out" soon, said trader Steve Grasso.
So to break up a company, to break up private property, would be very far-reaching.
It's been really rewarding to see them break down the season and break down the marketing.
Lajovic saved the only break point he faced while converting four of his eight break opportunities.
Paper straws don't only break down in dumps, they also break down while you're using them.
For example, a 10-second ad break should look different from a 30-seconds ad break.
Sousa saved both of the break points he faced while converting half of his break opportunities.
Yes, it'll take effort, but it's better to break the habit than to break your teeth.
"It was not about a break-in, a single break-in," Bernstein told CNN in 2003.
Because if you're going to break one rule, you may as well break a couple more.
If you need to break up with a Cancer, prepare for all hell to break loose.
What helps me is knowing that when I break boundaries I'm helping others also break boundaries.
I want to not break the physical ... I don't want to break the laws of physics.
Recess is a break from Washington, but is certainly not a break from the legislative process.
They took a break near the end of last season, and that break eventually became permanent.
It looks like spring break 2020 will be remembered more for the break than the spring.
They were going to break ... I assume they break easy, they're expensive, I never wanted them.
Mexico & spring break Plan on frolicking on Mexican beaches in Playa del Carmen this spring break?
I could come in and break up fights easier than the men could break up fights.
Remember, there's a little bit of a pattern here ... break up, make up, break up, etc.
Another work from the project was Yotam Haber's "breakbreakbreak," in which frenzied bursts inspired by South Africa's rap-rave scene interact with an active electronic soundscape, controlled by Philip White.
"It's really important in a lot of male peer contexts to be seen to be willing to break the rules, to break the norms and even to break the law," Salter said.
They're locked in a tumultuous cycle they just can't break: hook up, break-up, wash, and repeat.
The This Is Us crew is willing to break their backs in order to break your heart.
Even a short break of a few seconds - called a micro-break - can help our tissues recover.
I think either it'll break you, you'll break it — or maybe you will get stronger from it.
The justices will take a break from their summer break to consider Mr Trump's plea for clarification.
Break eggs into a large bowl, and whisk just enough to break up the whites and yolks.
The cable even has a name, MAREA, and it will break ground (break waves?) later this year.
Kershaw won't return until after the All-Star break, and his absence might break the Dodgers season.
Sometimes you not only need a snack break, you need a break from shopping with your kids.
" All he can muster is: "People hate a break-up, but they love a break up song.
Bertens saved the only two break points she faced and converted six of her 63 break opportunities.
Be it a country getaway or a city break, your hotel can make or break a trip.
If left untreated by medication, patients who break a bone are twice as likely to break another.
Say yes to taking a break from your spreadsheets and documents in favor of a creative break.
From that All-Star break in 241 until this All-Star break, the A's went 231-211.
So this isn't a tax break for small business, it's a tax break for, surprise, wealthy individuals.
The fairies share their break room with the princesses as well, so it's one big break room.
Goris said that most of the short break is spent walking to and from the break room.
It'll be good next year to just give that a break and give my body a break.
The lack of respect for elders is a break, and a dissipating middle class is another break.
Jennifer Aniston's new Instagram account didn't quite break the internet, but it did break a world record.
The factory existed because of a tax break, and that break was due to expire after 2005.
Bathroom break ABC News's Democratic debate in December returned from a commercial break sans one candidate — Clinton.
"He was going to break up with us before we could break up with him," Kerr said.
"I gave them a big break on tariffs, but now I'm taking that break off," Trump said.
So to break their grip on American democracy, the government needs to break them up in turn.
Estimates on what parts or pieces of ventilators break, or might break, assuming an increased duty cycle.
It is "Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored," not "Break Up With Your Boyfriend, I'm Bored."
Nadal also went down a break to Daniel, ranked No. 121, in the second set, but responded with a break of his own before clinching the set with another break at 5-3.
If you break the American law, you break Canadian law, you've got to pay the consequences of that.
One break in each set was enough for the 49th-ranked Donaldson, who also saved eight break points.
Its tagline is "break things on purpose" (something of a rift of Facebook's "move fast and break things").
Indeed, just as employees need a break from the workplace, companies sometimes need a break from their employees.
A little over two weeks ago, the biggest break-up of all break-ups finally went into effect.
"Sticks and stone may break my bones but words will never break them," Allen said quoting the rhyme.
Most of these won't make you break a sweat, but they may help you break a bad mood.
Sharapova converted four of her 11 break points without ever facing a break point on her own serve.
University exams and recent break-ups often drive customers to the Break Club, according to owner Guido Dodero.
And the wave is going to break, and the wave is going to break on the hospital system.
Go with pants with no break or a slight break (the break is where the material creases just above the bottom of the pant leg opening) that just brush the top of the sneaker.
A sneaker is what Jack Dempsey termed a punch on the break in boxing—totally illegal when the referee has called for a break, but completely okay and absolutely devastating if the fighters break voluntarily.
Gonzaga had a 13-2 edge in fast-break points while taking a 39-20 lead into the break.
And if you break our community standards, and you break the law, then you're going to face consequences afterwards.
HOLT: But we're going to take a break and we need to take a break... O'MALLEY (?): Just 10 seconds.
The hinge won't break, but it might break your dreamlike trance while using this phone-tablet from the future.
Williams capitalized on Ostapenko's errors to finally break ahead 20-212 before her own miscues forced another tie break.
It was a break that the Clinton camp a break gratefully accepted by blasting out a late night statement.
For Leila, the break-up with Sadie, and for me, a break-up and a sudden move to London.
We can power through but children do need a break, and you often find you need a break, too.
I have a break and sneak a couple Halloween candies from the break room and retreat to the cafeteria.
Jarry saved five of the six break points he faced, and he converted two of his four break chances.
"Break break, request back to home," he told controllers, the newspaper reported, citing a person who reviewed the communications.
Ahead, 11 snacks that can help you fake a spring break till you can make it to spring break.
I’m more upset about David and Liza’s break up than my own break up pic.twitter.
Alternatively, maybe Trump is still getting the tax break because he is, in fact, eligible for the tax break.
Jared Fogle just got a big break from his prison bosses ... a break that could potentially save his life.
" Alcoa: "I like it ahead of the break-up, and I'm going to like it after the break-up.
You gave us Bops, Looks, Choreo, Bars, Melodies, & 'Break-the-Internet' moments before there was an internet even break!
"Rather than break through walls we're gonna break through your hearts," he said as he campaigned earlier this summer.
Women break 48% to 40% in Clinton's favor in North Carolina, while men break 47% Trump to 40% Clinton.
Now, in the wake of Amash's decision to break with his party, Democrats are finally starting to break formation.
Lucky for you though, you can counter that guard break by also pressing the guard break button quickly enough.
As 100-plus cameramen break north for the action, I decide against backtracking through the chaos and break south.
After a 14 year break, MTV Spring Break will be returning to the Grand Oasis Cancún in March 2019.
"This is a make break or break moment for the city and the state," Lightfoot said during Friday's briefing.
Sticks and stones may break bones — but words can also break a heart, just as they can fill one.
" As Kerr put it, "He was going to break up with us before we could break up with him.
Seyboth Wild saved all three break points he faced while earning 14 break points of his own — converting four.
It is a winter break that is not really a winter break, a change that is not really change.
I&aposm going to break up with you before you break up with me, but by the way, call me.
I ask love to break me open the way I expect the clouds to break open and pour out rain.
"The All-Star break was a really good break for me," said Salazar, who pitched Tuesday on nine days' rest.
Everyone uses the same hardware and software, so if you can break one device, you can break similar devices anywhere.
Ross and Rachel, it turns out, were initially never meant to first break, and then break up, when they did.
And it's true, obviously, that some people who break immigration laws go on to later break the law against murder.
Available July 13 The Break-Up (2006)A couple's break up gets ugly as a fight for their condo ensues.
"Break break, request back to home," he told controllers, the newspaper reported, citing a person who had reviewed the communications.
"I think that this fever will break, but I don't know that it will break by next year," Flake said.
It would never occur to me that America would break—or could break—from challenges to our economy or security.
Tons of single-digit races that will break overwhelmingly to D or R on Election Day — won't break 50-50.
Marquette was efficient on the break from the start, outscoring Southern 30-2 in fast-break points in the game.
Against Rublev, Medvedev faced just one break point, which he saved, and he converted four of his seven break chances.
If you're dealing with: Break-up GriefConsider: Meaning-Centered Therapy Break-ups can stir up an intense type of grief.
"The wave is going to break, and the wave is going to break on the hospital system," Cuomo told reporters.
Kukushkin converted three of his five break-point chances while Sinner cashed in just two of his 11 break opportunities.
Kim could also allow famine to break out, using the nation's poor as economic hostages to break the West's will.
Using the equilateral triangle, an upside break has target near 5,960 and a downside break has a target near 5,560.
In a small percentage of people implants break, and that's really why they break: they rub and they wear out.
"If we break below this level by the end of May, then stocks may actually indeed retest lows or break lower because the technical targets on a break like that would be significantly lower from here," he said.
The Chronicle recently published a Car Break-In Tracker that tracks the number of monthly car break-ins across the city.
Collectively, these challenges create a cycle that is very hard to break, resembling an institutional machine designed to break us down.
To endure an oppressive regime, you don't just have to break the rules, you have to know how to break them.
Fox took over the "Prison Break" room at The Escape Game Austin to promote the new season of, yes, Prison Break.
Cars break down, and electronics can be fussy over the life of the car, and they're expensive when they break down.
Ahead, we break down all the promised hook-ups (and impending break-ups) that happen on the white beaches of Mexico.
Sasha Lane was dancing with the sand between her toes, on spring break in Panama Beach, when her big break arrived.
As with the morning break, I have to take my lunch break when another anesthetist is available to cover my case.
The Angels improved to 5-0 since the All-Star break, while the Astros fell to 2-4 since the break.
Quantum Break slows down only for those TV episodes, which arrive with a thud at the end of each act break.
He told me to break up with my companion, which I did, and that he would break up with his girlfriend.
Prison Break The upcoming Fox miniseries continues the story that played out over the original four-season run of Prison Break.
When he cut to commercial break as Vince and the show actually went to a commercial break, I was totally tickled.
Toni has to break a routine — break the kind of choreography that she knows — in order to enter into this friendship.
This president likes to break norms and maybe he likes to violate the law in ways that break norms as well.
Much of Cancún's spring break destination fame came from MTV's Spring Break series, which visited the popular beach destination until 2005.
Are you on spring break right now, or have you had any spring break plans canceled suddenly because of the coronavirus?
My therapist says you need to break in order to heal, and in order to break you need to feel pain.
The pair managed to answer why the noodles break the way they do, but not how to break them without shattering.
Expensive break You can take a decadent break with these luxury KitKat bars, but it'll cost you -- about $17 a bar.
While Muguruza took advantage of four of seven break points, Williams failed to execute on all three break point opportunities presented.
Lester Holt: But we're going to take a break and we need to take a break… Martin O'Malley: Just 10 seconds.
They tend to make a hard break with their surrounding flavors; the more intense those flavors, the more welcome the break.
That sounds more like a Donald Trump thing to say: 'I'm going to break up you guys, I'm gonna break' — no.
The first break (at 18.29 h) lasted three minutes and the second break (at 13 h) lasted less than a minute.
According to a 2018 Refinery29 article, plastic takes a minimum of 450 years to break down, and some doesn't ever break down.
A Kardashian Break-up — No, Not That One Oh yes, this episode is all about a different Kardashian sisters break-up: Kourtney.
He served and volleyed to save a break point but a double fault handed Krajinovic a break and a 4-2 lead.
But few people would break into a bank solely to leave something, and fewer still would break in to leave a letter.
"In strangulation, while you can break the hyoid bone, it is less likely to actually break bones in the neck," Gupta said.
That's the most by an Indians player before the All-Star break since Jim Thome had 313 before the break in 1998.
The Senate is expected to break for August recess on Thursday, and the House left for the month-long break last Friday.
Fairfield produced a 10-0 spurt late in the first half and went into the break trailing 48-39 at the break.
The break in the case It wasn't until 163 years later that Rippey found the break she needed to reignite the case.
"Right now, though, Amazon's the one that could break free, break away from this three-horse pack to challenge Apple," he said.
Senators, back from their Memorial Day break, have six weeks of work at most before another break from mid-July until September.
Muller came under fire at 6-6, saving a break point, and fought off four break points in an absorbing 18th game.
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but stains will never break me Donald - some thingsyou CAN get away with, othersyou CAN'T!
All leather will break up and crease over time, but cheaper leather boots will almost always crease more and break up sooner.
Panama City Beach is out of the spring break business Some destinations have pulled up the welcome mat to spring break partyers.
Climate-friendly tax break: In 2018, Congress approved a tax break for companies that use carbon capture technology to reduce their emissions.
In fission, when you break one atomic nucleus apart, it produces neutrons, which basically act like shrapnel, and break other nuclei apart.
And I think she had held on for so long and eventually you break, and I think crack cocaine filled that break.
"break up with me with a cameo from anthony scaramucci or don't break up with me at all," jokingly tweeted another person.
I never break it down like it's meant to give them a break from reality or inspire them or make them cry.
" He said people who have read his research often ask him two questions: "What should I do when I take a break from my sitting time?" and "When I take that break, how long does that break have to be?
The big picture: The tax break for charitable contributions has always been a tax break only for the minority of Americans who itemize.
Limiting the tax break on employer plans Like Obamacare, the draft GOP proposal seeks to cap the tax break for employer-sponsored coverage.
"I gave you break after break, and you basically just thumbed your nose at this court," Judge Brinkley told Williams during his sentencing.
My death will break the more direct relations between my present experiences and future experiences, but it will not break various other relations.
House members return Tuesday, and aides and members report little progress was made over the long spring break recess to break the impasse.
Apple is set to either break up and out of its sinking channel, or to break below its significant support level of $90.
"We can't ever let that kind of hatred and violence break the spirit, break the soul of any place in America," she said.
So I got past the second verse and I heard a pool break, like when somebody's shooting pool and they break the triangle.
For Reuters reporter Andrew MacAskill, Dagenham was a break from covering a British parliament that has been struggling to break the Brexit deadlock.
You don't deserve a break because your dog needs to be housebroken or you're burned out—you deserve a break because everyone does.
Mahut saved a break point at 2-3 in the second set before a Klaasen double fault to gift a break proved decisive.
In addition to the big names of the night, a few actors are hoping to break records — and break barriers — during the show.
The Cubs had not played since Sunday — the four days off matching the All-Star break as their longest break of the season.
" Bindu Ammini is more direct: "My message to the women of India, is please break the system, and please break the evil customs.
Only 2202 percent said it is unnecessary to break up Facebook, with 2628 percent supporting a break up of the social media platform.
ACs tend to break on the hottest day of summer, leading clusters of ACs to break on the same day, according to Supalla.
Life's fun when you break the rules, and there's no rule that's more fun to break than sneaking food into a movie theater.
He grabbed his only break chance to win the first set and his big serve never allowed Kudla any chance to break back.
"Break break, request back to home," he urgently radioed controllers, who had seen that the jet was oscillating vertically by hundreds of feet.
"Break break, request back to home," the captain told air traffic controllers as they scrambled to divert two other flights approaching the airport.
After each 25 minutes (or one "Pomodoro"), she takes a five-minute break before beginning another Pomodoro, followed by another five-minute break
So when the team takes a six-week break before starting training camp in late July, Shanahan will be taking a break, too.
I tell him I think we should break up, that I would tell anyone else in my situation to break up with him.
"If you break the law and you break the trust the public has placed within you, you will face the consequences," Mosby said.
Average monthly mortgage payment: $583Average monthly rent: $1,255Average home price: $250,822Years needed to break even: 1.63 Average monthly mortgage payment: $13Average monthly rent: $1,276Average home price: $235,127Years needed to break even: 1.59 Average monthly mortgage payment: $561Average monthly rent: $1.127Average home price: $216,308Years needed to break even: 1463 Average monthly mortgage payment: $544Average monthly rent: $1,167Average home price: $220,633Years needed to break even: 1.49 Average monthly mortgage payment: $460Average monthly rent: $1,202Average home price: $1963,787Years needed to break even: 1.47 Average monthly mortgage payment: $558Average monthly rent: $2225,2826Average home price: $21.29,2496Years needed to break even: 21 Average monthly mortgage payment: $2146Average monthly rent: $1203,2120Average home price: $21.26,21Years needed to break even: 1.34 Average monthly mortgage payment: $485Average monthly rent: $1,008Average home price: $175,235Years needed to break even: 1.496 Average monthly mortgage payment: $575Average monthly rent: $1,126Average home price: $225,826Years needed to break even: 1.29 Average monthly mortgage payment: $496Average monthly rent: $1,146Average home price: $196,120Years needed to break even: 1.26 Don't miss: The No. 1 sign you've saved up enough to buy a house
He's a lush, so after working a bit, he'll take a drinking break and a lunch break, both of which consist wholly of alcohol.
Prison break Rommel Arias researched a number of studios before he decided to go to Prison Break Tattoos, the studio Klevens opened in 2013.
" The judge ignored his plea and insisted she'd already given Meek "break after break and you basically just thumbed your nose at this court.
We're going to break all of it down here in a few minutes but we're going to try to sneak in a short break.
"They break when the underlying App changes, and worse, tend to break for the same App being tested on different device types," he said.
Not to say that the popular queens don't break the mold, but there are so many others that could break the mold even further.
Nadella is all about having Microsoft operate as one company, a conscious break against its historical tendency to break into warring silos, Jha said.
Against Krunic, Bertens came through in the big moments, converting all three of her break points and saving three of Krunic's four break chances.
CAVUTO: All right, I don&apost want to break into this with news here, but I do want to break into this with news.
He and Joe must break out for the day, hook up with Jimmy, pull off the theft, and break back in without being missed.
But considering that Indians are willing to break the bank for their jewelry needs, Dubai's tax break isn't the only incentive for Indian consumers.
PetSafe Keep Safe Break-Away Dog Collar ($12.95): This collar has a safety feature that allows it to "break" off when pressure is applied.
Two of the UK's favourite tea break treats have joined forces to create the ultimate break-time indulgence, the Krispy Kreme KitKat® range!
There's nothing worse than going into the All-Star break or coming out of the All-Star break and being out of the race.
His plan to "break up the big banks" sometimes seemed to consist simply of ordering the Federal Reserve to break up the big banks.
He learned to surf at age 7 and turned pro in his late teens, traveling from break to break while modeling on the side.
And then there's Elizabeth Warren, who has released ambitious plans to break up Big Tech, break up Big Ag, and reform American capitalism itself.
I think that if there is a break, and if they listened and they didn't stay, then I think they should make a break.
Mr. Assadullah wanted to break with tradition, but his break was such a leap that he could not bring himself to tell the family.
That doesn't really deal with the feeling of "I can't keep doing this," but if you need to take a break, take a break.
There's also a "Take a break" option which doesn't delete your profile permanently, but lets you take a break from receiving any new matches.
Himinbjorg, on the other hand, is willing to look like a witch just to help her stepson break the spell he needs to break.
"No, no, we have time for one more break, Norah, one more break," Ms. King said, offering viewers an apologetic, this-stuff-happens grin.
Thiem, a twice French Open semi-finalist, regained his timing to break back against Rublev before another break in the 12th game secured victory.
He offers Sophie a deal: If she can break the contract tethering Calcifer to Howl, then Calcifer will break the curse that's on Sophie.
Moreover, members of Congress are about to return home for the Thanksgiving break, and it is unclear whether the break will sap Democrats' momentum.
The only mystery is how they'll break free, and since there are two episodes to go, that they will break free is a given.
What we do know is that the theorizing is supposed to happen, otherwise why release a break up song days after you break up?
At Facebook, there's a saying "Move fast and break things" — a nod to the company's software engineers who "break" and then improve its code.
The 20-year-old Zverev converted his only break point in the first set to take the lead while Haase wasted six break chances.
" "Maybe one way of talking about it is that the people of Williamsburg are getting a break, culturally, when they're not getting a break.
And Broadway shows with their sentimental songs, those kinds of things are terrifying for me because they call up memories from far back and I don't necessarily know what they are but they just break me, they break my heart, they break my soul.
The Cavs were only credited with eight fast break points, but that has more to do with how fast break points are calculated by
Federer quickly fell behind 3-0 to open the match but clawed back to 5-13 with a break after squandering four previous break points.
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"I said, 'I don't know how you could break somebody's heart and be gentle, but I don't intend to break her heart,'" Reynolds told People.
In "The Final Break," Michael breaks into a prison in order to break his wife out of the prison, but he dies in the process.
Because you could break us up, you could break other tech companies up, but you actually don't address the underlying issues people are concerned about.
This course will break down why CompTIA is so essential for anyone who wants to break into IT and get paid handsomely once they're in.
" The spokesperson said the ad was "meant to break through the traditional Super Bowl commercial break" as "an almost silent, yet powerful work of art.
The caesura, or poetic line break, becomes a literal break, geologic in form, rising from the piece like a mountain range from a fault line.
People (sort of) know how to break up a railway or an oil company and America once barely managed to break up a phone company.
The situation is still ongoing fuzziness about the legality of e2e encryption in the UK. To break or not to break, that is the question?
Pliskova saved a break point at 10-10 but sent a backhand long to concede what had appeared a decisive break in the 23rd game.
How disappointing that this show that wanted to break the wheel couldn't even break through its own shortsighted vision of which stories are worth telling.
"You can clearly see break points very much correlated to break points you would expect in life," Prising said, referencing when women start having children.
I break a leg or break my arm, ribs, and then I'm going to get workman's comp, and I'm just going to be sitting pretty.
After a difficult move, she explained, she wanted to take a short break from her channel, but the break ended up longer than she expected.
Tinder launches a Spring Break mode The feature will allow students to swipe through potential matches before heading out to their Spring Break destination. 7.
She had little to do against Sweden as the United States struggled to break down their opponents, who tried to hit them on the break.
"I made a lot of unforced errors in those break points, and getting to those break points, I played fantastic," Tsitsipas told the Washington Post.
After capitalizing on all three break chances in the first set, Konta was unable to convert any of her three break points in the second.
Journalists with cameras caught skirmishes beginning to break out between protesters and police, who started using bats and pepper spray to break up the crowds.
There's absolutely no break-in time needed for the ReKnits, which surprised me since Everlane shoes typically take me a few wears to break in.
" He added: "If people want to go home, that's fine - we'll play another show for you another time ... Let's break, let's break for 10 minutes.
There are multiple stories where Zuckerberg works for days without sleep and Saverin tenderly convinces him to take a break, usually a break involving sex.
He decries the survival of the "carried interest" tax break benefiting affluent hedge-fund managers, among others, a tax break he has opposed for years.
Then he smashes his hand with a hammer to break it, while "Chris G. from Atlanta" shuts his arm in a door to break it.
The calls for McConnell to cancel the break comes as senators are preparing to leave Washington as soon as Thursday for a one-week break.
To help break the silence (or break the monotony), we've pulled together some of the best playlists of music that will help with your concentration.
Amber's son, mother, bodyguard and assistants were in the house at the time of the break-in ... no one heard anything during the break-in.
The company said that it has also spread out tables in break rooms and shifted start times and break times to further promote social distancing.
Didi Gregorius lined a one-out single to left to break up his perfect game in the fifth inning before the Yankees caught a break.
Independence Days: My Perfect Imperfect Gap Year Taking a break from college to surf, wash dishes and, most important, break away from Mom and Dad.
Ross and Rachel make it clear: If you don't define what "taking a break" actually means, that break can very quickly turn into a breakup.
Daring, defiant and unwilling to be watered down, the stars who closed out the year on top shared a similar mentality: break rules, break through.
But the opposition has to break down, and it's starting to break down, I think, I really believe it, because your results are so incredible.
But instead the judge called for a fourth break, or whichever number break it was, and came back to say, 'Okay, it's trial on bail'.
Coming in on a 33.93-on-1 break, Sharp let Jamie Benn break toward the net, then launched a rising shot headed for Dubnyk's blocker side.
Sanctions punish states that break international norms or threaten others, and advocates say that failing to impose them allows countries to break international rules without consequence.
Tsonga went a break down quickly in the third but had one last chance to rally when Wawrinka gave up a break point at 4-2.
The 2009 finale of Prison Break—marketed as a television movie subtitled "The Final Break"—ended with protagonist and prison breaker Michael Scofield's (Wentworth Miller) death.
"You could break us up, you could break other tech companies up, but you actually don't address the underlying issues people are concerned about," Sandberg said.
It lets you break it—in fact, it's positively thrilled to have you break it, teasing possibilities with everything that isn't nailed down to the floor.
"We're not going to break up anything, I never suggested that we would break (FCA) up and give it to anybody," he told a news conference.
The Cubs hope the All-Star break provided a mental break for their young stars, many of whom have underachieved thus far during the title defense.
There just aren't enough swing voters who will break your way to make up for the base voters you will lose, if you break this promise.
LG: So when you feel like you need to take a break, is there something you have trained yourself to do to give yourself that break?
"Now, calving cliffs break, wait, wait, wait, break, but a too-high cliff will require less waiting, or perhaps almost none," Alley wrote in an email.
That means the FBI couldn't use the same technique to break into an iPhone 6 -- but it doesn't mean the system would be impossible to break.
The Reds limped into the All-Star break, losing 16 of 21 games, but improved to 3-1 since the break with Monday's 8-2 victory.
He can denounce and ignore defectors, and his loyalists will applaud the man they elected to break through — and break up — the ways of Washington government.
It will probably break into two or three significant chunks and break down into even smaller pieces that may drift into shipping lanes, van Ommen said.
Coming in on a 241-on-234 break, Sharp let Jamie Benn break toward the net, then launched a rising shot headed for Dubnyk's blocker side.
How to break free from biases you may haveThere are several things we can do while watching the debates to break free from these cognitive biases.
BREAK THEM UP Senator Elizabeth Warren has vowed to break up Amazon, Google and Facebook if elected U.S. president to promote competition in the technology sector.
We were taking a break, that was how R. had left things, but though I tried not to think it I knew the break was final.
But in book after book, if you do push on through one chapter break, and then on through the chapter break after that, something amazing happens.
"A repetition of break-repair-break-repair became a kind of conversation made visual through overlapping splices and braces over time," explains Grade on his website.
Summer break is a system built for another time, during which a 10-week break could be slotted somewhere between "opportunity" and "minor inconvenience" for parents.
Williams earned another break point that Osaka saved with an ace out wide, breaking her trend of serving down the T on her three break points.
The House is scheduled to break for a one-week recess starting Thursday, and Republicans fret that they could lose even more momentum during the break.
Eliud Kipchoge is set to break the 2-hour marathon barrier Tomorrow, Eliud Kipchoge will endeavor to break the two-hour marathon mark in Vienna, Austria.
Shapovalov gathered himself, though, and threatened to break in the eighth game of the decider before saving three break points at 4-4 from 0-40.
We definitely wanted to be in a better situation going into the All-Star break and after the All-Star break, but that's not what happened.
They could file a suit in federal court, asking for the court to break up Facebook, to dissolve Facebook, to break off Instagram and WhatsApp again.
Eastwood's down in Miami shooting 'Fast 8' and made the most of a break from filming by taking a dip in the ocean during a break.
SF Jabari Parker was averaging 20.0 points and 6.4 rebounds from the All-Star break through Sunday, compared to 11.3 points and 4.7 rebounds before the break.
What people have to remember is that at that time, the language of "let's shift from calling it 'Christmas break' to 'holiday break'" was on the rise.
So, if it&aposs necessary to reform ICE so that it can&apost be used to break apart families, break children away from parents, then do it.
He got the glass off, but had to break off the camera housing and break through tons of tiny little welds holding the glass onto the housing.
I eat at my desk, because if I sit in the break room, people try to talk to me, which I don't really like on my break.
The cremulator won't break down all the bones when it's an infant or fetal tissue, so that's when I need to break them up manually with pliers.
We took a break last week to feast on Thanksgiving side dishes, and now we've returned to break down why we snack on our own Instagram content.
Some monogamous couples, like Marley and Kay, seem to find themselves in these relationship loops: break up, get back together, break up again, get back together again.
Neither player managed a service break, but Kokkanakis had a break chance at 4-5 in the second set when he could have put the match away.
The 16 home runs are the most by an Indians third baseman before the All-Star break since Matt Williams hit 20 before the break in 1997.
My coworker returns from her break and tells me it's beautiful outside, so I step out for my lunch break and take a stroll in Central Park.
On Saturday, police arrested 17-year-old Keondrae Ricks for the alleged break-in of Joseph's car and at least one other car break-in, Coppola says.
Because riders often slow down without tapping the break, the helmet includes an accelerometer that triggers the break light when it notices the motorcycle is slowing down.
"Refugees Welcome❤️  is an effort to bring folks from refugee and non-refugee backgrounds around a table to break bread and break barriers," the site reads.
That gives Milwaukee another bench player before the All-Star break, and manager Craig Counsell said Davies is set to start the third game after the break.
"You have to be in character to do this," she said during a break in the procession — a break she imagined the original rebels did not have.
De Minaur drew the crowd's applause when he hit a winner to hold for 3-4, after saving three break points to avoid a double-break deficit.
She recently took a two month break from her show to focus on treating her Graves disease, letting Nick Cannon fill in for part of that break.
Since the All-Star break, they're 29th in the percentage of their points that come via the fast break, and down to 16th in three-point rate.
Jin-Ya Huang is the founder of Break Bread, Break Borders, which is a social entrepreneurship that provides economic empowerment to refugees through sharing food and culture.
The tie-break seemed to deflate Khachanov as Nadal moved in for the kill, grabbing the early break in the fourth to jump in front 2-1.
If the money remains invested for five years, investors get a 10 percent break on the gains; after seven years, the tax break rises to 15 percent.
The 21-year-old American, seeded first in the event, saved half of the six break points she faced while converting six of her 18 break opportunities.
To break with Midwestern politeness, will Chance have enough cash on hand to foot the bill, without other investors, if his Chicagoist continually fails to break even?
If you were to go around saying "break up Big Tech, break up Big Tech," that actually does not change the mechanics of the social media app.
Twenty-two years after Ross first shouted, "We were on a break!" in an episode of Friends, people are still debating what, exactly, taking a break means.
ET: After speaking with his team during a *much needed* break, Zuckerberg clarifies that users cannot, as he said before the break, download their web browsing history.
GREAT ABACO, The Bahamas — Yvener Isma keeps telling himself, "if the storm didn't break me, this won't break me," but it's getting harder and harder to believe.
"We have to break away from the chains that tie us down in order to have a promising future and break our cycle of poverty," Cruz said.
Verdasco saved all six break points he faced while converting three of his four opportunities to break Carreno Busta's serve, wrapping up the win in 84 minutes.
After earning the first break of serve to lead 4-2, Bouzkova saved a break point as she served out the opener in just under 40 minutes.
"I get any of those points and I have a break point, a chance to break him and a chance to serve for the set," Fritz said.
Listen how you feel and if you feel off, okay take a break, just as you take a break if you're watching TV for a long time.
Take a break from fixing a broken computer in our office (definitely not how I should be spending my time) and take the dogs outside for a break.
And it was Federer who blinked, double-faulting to face a break point at 11-all, then slapping a forehand into the net to cede the key break.
"Present to your prospective employer how you've stayed relevant through what you've learned from your break or how you've sharpened your skills during the career break," Torrens said.
It says, 'Ladies and gentlemen and also people who do not identify as ladies or gentlemen, Daisy Ramirez won't break her promises, but she will break your heart.
Take another small break and read through the outrage: We'll be back to these commercials, right after this small break to tell you about the Parade of Nations.
In order to turn a fight from unhealthy to healthy and break the cycle of the never-ending fight, Dr. Greer suggests taking a break — with one caveat.
The point at which the hardest habit to break, tapping the home button to move from any other screen to your home screen, is starting to break up.
We still do a lot, we break, frankly, we break more stories than most of them in a week than they do in a year in my opinion.
For example: StretchClock Break Reminder (Firefox add-on, Free) Reminds you to take a break from the computer and guides you through some basic stretching and yoga exercises.
Thiem broke the Spaniard's serve in the third game of the match, nullifying Nadal's early break but earned only one more break point — which was saved by Nadal.
Parliament had originally been due to break for the Easter holidays on Thursday but the government previously extended its session as it sought to break the Brexit impasse.
More ice flows down from the glacier's interior, replenishing what has been lost, and the whole cycle starts over again: melt, thin, break, retreat; melt, thin, break, retreat.
At no point during any conversation with a source would I ever suggest they break the law, or continue to break it to get me any additional information.
"I actually am still on my break, I took a break off of work to focus on my mental health because I thought it was important," she said.
Also on tap before the break: A vote to raise the government's borrowing authority, known as the debt limit, should also take place before the break, Short said.
"My next visit with him is this upcoming weekend since his summer school break will begin," said Jenelle, who will reportedly have Jace for his entire summer break.
Move fast and break things may have destroyed civic institutions and jeopardized our democracy, but the opposite should be downright scary: Move slow and they break you up.
Two, reminded of how wise our founding fathers were to break with mad George III, how soon before we're smart enough to break with mad Donald the First?
Therapist Ephrat Lipton Break it down When working with someone who feels traumatized because everything's been ripped away from them, it helps for them to break it down.
Don't use the guard break too much though, because if an opponent is attack you while you're doing a guard break, you won't be able to block them.
"Eventually you're going to break through, get the lucky break, or you just deserve it because you've worked hard and you believe in what you're doing," Federer said.
Opelka racked up 22017 aces and saved seven of nine break points faced, but he didn't create a single break point in the 2-hour, 32-minute match.
In these gatherings, people are given a chance to break cultural taboos; they would play music, dance and break the biggest taboo, hanging out with the opposite gender.
Chicago has won three straight spanning the All-Star break following a rough stretch leading up to the break, while Texas has lost 343 of its last 14.
She failed to land six first serves in a row, allowing Kenin to break back, hold serve to love and then break again to seal an unlikely win.
I normally work over winter break, but I had an internship this summer so my savings looked a little bare after not working for the month of break.
Fargo, N.D., gave a break to FedEx even after a company representative testified before the city commission that the company would come to Fargo without the tax break.
"You could break us up, you could break other tech companies up, but you actually don't address the underlying issues people are concerned about," she said in May.
"It's putting in place 'break-glass-here-in-case-of-Corbyn planning' — break glass, pick up the pen and sign the documents and then you're done," he said.
Taking a walk break, spending five minutes to meditate or having lunch with a good friend are ways to give your mind and body a break from stress.
In addition, by demonstrating a willingness to break with the party, a maverick can be informative when he or she does not break with his or her party.
It's sometimes hard to believe that we have reached a point in American politics where it's necessary to state the obvious: It's not okay for presidents to break the law, to ask others to break the law, or to promise pardons in exchange for government workers' agreement to break the law.
Could any mom with a good pair of scissors and the willingness to break the sacred bond of trust between mother and teenage diarist totally break into this thing?
We&aposre going to debate the left&aposs dangerous flirtation with political violence after the break (COMMERCIAL BREAK) INGRAHAM: Tonight we welcome back the return of our arbiter statement.
It's called The Break because it's supposed to be a comedic break from the unrelenting news cycle that soundtracks our slow march towards death, which is a cheerful thought.
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"You could break us up, you could break other tech companies up, but you actually don't address the underlying issues people are concerned about," Sandberg told CNBC's Julia Boorstin.
Given its sudden popularity, one of the ironies about "Break My Stride" is that it was something of a last-ditch attempt to break through in the record industry.
In this Zoolander episode, find out why Mugatu was almost named McQuicken and which actor's break dancing skills inspired Ben Stiller to add in the break dance fight scene.
Editor's note: Jay Acunzo is the author of the new book Break the Wheel, which explores how the world's best creators break from conventional thinking to think for themselves.
"But sometimes when they break up the air, they also break up the little oxygen molecules and they make ozone," which worsens asthma and causes inflammation in the lungs.
Red's inability to break free speaks to the idea that you can't break out of a system of inequality until you recognize that you're a cog in that machine.
Prison break Apparently you need a lot of things to break out of prison in South Carolina: like wire cutters, a cell phone, a makeshift dummy -- and a drone.
At an IVF clinic, you'd also need a reproductive endocrinologist willing to break the law, and an embryologist willing to break the law, as well as a molecular biologist.
This culture collides with mobile health; the Zuckerberg mantra "move fast and break things" is great for social media, but in medicine when we move fast, we break people.
Another match is set for 1 PM March 10 (or 11 PM ET March 5), then a break, then two days of matches, a break, and the final match.
Another in the works, for example, is "Break this Safe," which uses a combination of haptic feedback and the digital crown to help players break into a virtual safe.
During the more mellow instrumental break, Mars suddenly just lays down on the stage, his angular body prostrate on the floor, as if he just needs a quick break.
If he plays, he will break his tie with Ferreira, but he would need to play singles in every major tournament through Wimbledon in 2018 to break Federer's record.
The 21-year-old was in full control on Friday, facing just one break point — which he saved — and converting three of 10 service-break chances to dispatch Albot.
Once it was revealed that he did not in fact break Senate rules, Booker scrambled to actually break them by releasing some documents that had not yet been cleared.
This year, organizers pared the guest list from 20153,500 applicants to a vital 350 catalysts from 43 countries who promised to engage, collaborate, expostulate, break bread — and break barriers.
The Raptors let teams stick with them late into games, and their defensive efficiency, ninth best in the league before the break, was 220rd since the break entering Sunday.
So if I throw all my eggs up against a wall and hope some of them don't break, it's not a smart way to see if eggs don't break.
If songs for women in K-pop break down along the "virgin/mature woman" divide, songs for men tend to break down along a "bad boy/sophisticated man" line.
Stevens argues that to break the National Rifle Association's grip on the political process, we must first break the grip it obtained on the Constitution via the Second Amendment.
During the presidential campaign, Trump called for ending the "carried interest" tax break that benefits investment-fund managers — a tax break that Democrats would also like to see eliminated.
Harvard, whose spring break begins on Saturday, asked students not to return to campus when the break ends on March 23, a decision few schools have made so far.
But as the coronavirus continues to spread across the US and the world, some of the hottest spring break destinations, like Miami and Fort Lauderdale, are canceling spring break.
"We have to break up," he said, and I could feel the floating organ on my back, which had taken the place of my human heart, start to break.
For me, the clay is also easier on the mind because I know if I get down an early break I can always get a chance to break back.
There aren't many actors who can break your heart or break your nose with equal aplomb, but that's the block Julia Garner has claimed in her still burgeoning career.
"We found that the longer your movement break the better (that is, the lower your risk of death), and the more intense your movement break the better," says Diaz.
At 3-3 Edmund saved three break points, one with a sublime running forehand, but Britain's new number one coughed up a double fault to give Djokovic the break.
Queiroz had clearly given his side instructions to defend deep and look to break on the counter-attack and two minutes before the break that approach almost bore fruit.
GRUESOME BREAK FROM ROUTINE During a visit to the supply closet, the guys break the handles off brooms, pull the blade off a paper cutter and get to work.
Mr. Loebs said there are no "bedroom police," but if someone on probation is required to not break any laws, that would be one of laws they cannot break.
"We've seen in gold's previous attempts to break higher that once it becomes clear that it is not going to break, selling accelerates from longs being reduced," Hansen said.
I'm not going to break much of a sweat, or break any personal bests with my heart rate in that range, but that's not what we're going for here.
And the fact that it's possible, if difficult, to break iPhone encryption may make the courts less willing to intervene and force Apple to help break into encrypted devices.
The rubber is about to meet the road, because he's about to hit the road again and there won't be a break until December ... at least a scheduled break.
If there's an exam you've gotta slam, if there's a guy you gotta break up with… I just want you to listen to it and break up with him.
Lowry was the subject of fierce criticism after last season's collapse, having gone from averaging 18.6 points a game before the All-Star break to 15.1 points after the break.
Those fears vanished in a high-quality opening set in which Murray was dragged into an epic 22-point tie break despite forging ahead with an early break of serve.
Oil-based lubes can break down latex condoms and make them less effective and more likely to break, so a water- or silicone-based lube is the way to go.
Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored Grande teased a snippet of the album's final track, "Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored," during her cover art reveal on Instagram.
The video ends with Beyoncé and protesters charging at a line of riot police, while the lyrics "Yes we can/Couldn't break us down/They couldn't break us down" play.
I need a break to figure out what I want my sound to progress to, and I need a break to figure out how I want my visuals to progress.
He also said the company may break even sooner than it predicted, and will update the street later this year in terms of long-term guidance and break-even date.
Randall and Beth have managed to keep their romance alive in the face of seriously trying circumstances, and I really hope that whatever this "break" means, it doesn't break them.
How I spent my spring break Ahhh, spring break: chilling on the beach, partying with your friends and saving total strangers from a house fire on your way to breakfast.
The 92-year-old monarch officially moved into Balmoral Castle in Scotland for her annual summer break on Monday, but one naughty animal's inopportune bathroom break nearly upstaged her arrival.
"There's no yes or no, there's no: OK, if you lose now it's done, you break up the team, or if you win you break up the team," Ujiri said.
Apple's saying that it can break the iPhone, sure, but then criminals will just find other tools the government can't break, and regular people will be more open to attacks.
Exercising during your lunch break can be a great way to give yourself a mental break and even improve your productivity and energy when you get back to the office.
Waters: I want to break up Wells Fargo: The top Democrat on the House Financial Services Committee said Thursday that she is actively working to break up Wells Fargo. Rep.
World number one Novak Djokovic beat Spain's Pablo Carreno Busta 6-3 6-4, saving four break points in the second set andearning his own break in the third game.
"For example, between scenes, or where it doesn't interrupt speech, where the story line feels good to take a break — those are all signals" used to select Ad Break locations.
Using an e-cigarette means that people don't have to break the ingrained habits that go along with smoking, such as inhaling, socializing and taking a break in their day.
During his tenure, Lee oversaw a temporary tax break — often dubbed the "Twitter tax break" — that provided incentives for companies to move into buildings in San Francisco's mid-Market neighborhood.
To manually break up the text to move it onto another line, first double click on the cell, in the spot where you want to make the line break.2.
Lawmakers are sometimes given a grief for their month-long break from Washington, but there was a time when they disagreed on whether to take a summer break at all.
The break: With the case still seemingly mysterious through Tuesday, it appears authorities were granted a break by the suspect's use of FedEx to ship one of his package bombs.
It's been another bad week for tech, which is really kind of fascinating that it just ... You can't cut a break on anything, but it doesn't also deserve a break.
We're told Ben's still getting treatment and -- much like when he took a workout break earlier this month -- the famed actor took a break to attend this meeting as well.
Murray battled back from being down a break twice in the fifth set, but serving at 5-5, he double-faulted at 30-30 to give Nishikori a break point.
Knowing I might not get a lunch break, I packed protein bars and a water bottle into my pocket so I could stay fueled if I couldn't get a break.
We do covers in the studio to take a break from the psychological pressure of opposites: we still want to work, but we need to give our brains a break.
She took the first three points of the match, converted her third break point, and went up a double break at the next opportunity after a double-fault from Anisimova.
"It's extremely upsetting because most students only get one spring break," Gabby Porter, a 21-year-old who was in Miami for spring break, told Business Insider of the restrictions.
But over the break, they acquired starter Jose Quintana from the White Sox for four prospects, and the stabilized rotation has helped the Cubs go 20013-14 since the break.
REPORT: TRUMP'S TAX BREAK: Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump reportedly qualified for a state property-tax break for people who make $21625,2900 or less, business newsletter Crain's reported Tuesday.
With the Senate in a 48-hour break, she flew straight to the state from Washington and held a series of events she hope will help her break through there.
Tiafoe, 22, once again refused to give up and got back the break but his unforced errors in the end handed one more break and the set to the Russian.
TAX BREAK TALK: House Ways and Means Committee ranking member Sandy Levin (D-Mich.) on Thursday expressed optimism that Congress will eliminate the carried interest tax break in the future.
Budding filmmaker Dawson, goofy troublemaker Pacey, moody tomboy Joey, and reformed-ish bad girl Jen all discover the joy and (mostly) pain of first love as they date and break up and date and break up… and date and break up, all with the titular body of water as a soothing backdrop.
" He continued, "I think that's the only way to really change perceptions, break down homophobia, break down barriers is through representation and that's definitely not something I had as a kid.
"These incidents of vandalism and violence demonstrate there is some organized political intention to destabilize the government and break constitutional law, break democratic order," Moreno said during the nationally-televised address.
" The one fashion rule I always break is... "I break all the rules — I walk outside in my PJs, think pool slippers are actual shoes, and wear socks with my sandals.
And ours turned it over and went to break out again, and then turned it over and went to break out again and then — guess what — we turned it over again.
In fact, with plans to break up and a strategic transformation program to generate $600 million in cost cuts, this story reminded Cramer of last year's big Hewlett-Packard break-up.
Furthermore, all of the benefits that come with taking a break will actually put you ahead of hardcore workaholics because you'll feel more relieved, creative, and motivated after taking a break.
She also showed great fighting spirit in the decider after going 22-26 down, saving eight break points to hold her serve and then break again to make it 23-3.
Pitchfork called it their "break-up" album in correlation with Martin's own (almost) divorce with Gwyneth Paltrow, but it seemed like it was a break-up between me and them, too.
Talking to the FADER in 2013, Khaled credited the video with being his big break: And, like Khaled said in that interview, the song was something of Wayne's big break, too.
"Break Free is about pressuring the system so we get the change we need, but it's also about imagining an alternative," said Ahmed Gaya, an organizer for Break Free Pacific Northwest.
During this week's Talking Dead aftershow, executive producer Scott Gimple admitted that their goal wasn't just to break Rick Grimes in the premiere, but to break everyone watching at home, too.
While this destination might be known as a spring break spot (it's ranked sixth on U.S. News & World Report's Best Cheap Spring Break Destinations list), it's also great for summer travel.
Usually with my friends that come in, I'll give them a break on a drink here and there, but if I give them a break I expect more of a tip.
The Red Storm held a 25-2 edge in fast break points and converted 15 turnovers by the Bears into a 24-3 advantage in points off turnovers at the break.
Ladies and gentlemen, if he's going to break the law concerning carry-and-conceal firearms, how are we to believe that he won't break the one for perjury in this trial?
"Most recently 10-year Treasury yields were trying to break below 2.95 percent — a floor that repeatedly proved hard to break," said Matthew Graham, chief operating officer of Mortgage News Daily.
But his only other hit since the break was a dribbler he beat out to break up the perfect game Boston's Steven Wright had been working on in the fifth inning.
"We have no winter break, and in other countries there is a winter break, but that's cultural - it means a lot, and I have to admit I love it," he added.
The Spaniard found himself in an even deeper hole when Khachanov collected the early break in the second, putting Nadal on the ropes down a set and a break 5-4.
Djokovic saved all seven break points he faced in the match and converted all four of his break-point opportunities, quite a feat against a server as fearsome as Anderson is.
The contract gives Mr. Trump the right to seek financial penalties of more than $1 million in arbitration should Ms. Clifford break or threaten to break her agreement to stay silent.
However, "if you don't give bones long enough to catch up, instead of getting stronger they'll break down, and you accumulate enough injury that the bones can break," Dr. Terry said.
In my family, we're still technically on "spring break," but it'll soon be clear that spring break isn't so different from "back to school" — and not necessarily in a good way.
In the second game, his break did not improve ("so weak," he muttered), but Ms. Pursell explained that as long as four balls touched the sides, the break was in play.
" — Quinn GlamGlow SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment Mask"All the stress I get from reading the news and things going on in life is making me break out, and I never break out.
Law enforcement and family sources tell TMZ, Wednesday's break-in was a professional job ... the thieves knew exactly how to break in without being detected and where to go once inside.
Unless Chief Justice John Roberts shocked Washington by wading in with a tie-break, Democrats need one more Republican to break ranks and upend GOP plans for a swift Trump acquittal.
DNA break through The break in the case began in 2018 when the Yolo County District Attorney's Office formed a cold case task force, said Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig.
"Actually, when there is that big break you've, probably made a whole bunch of little breaks that got you to that big break," John said in a video he tweeted Tuesday.
No sign of a break A week since the impeachment vote, there is no sign of a break in the Christmas impasse over how and when his impeachment trial will transpire.
"I tried doing it over the break before, and I found out no one was reading it over the break, so we're going to wait until we get back," he added.
I exercise daily on my lunch break, which really helps break up my day and refresh my creativity for the afternoon (the time when most of us experience a productivity slump).
There are around 200 gantries in this plant, and they need to be inspected to ensure they don't break down or break loose and fall onto the floor, equipment or people.
Nola is scheduled to throw a bullpen session Friday when the Phillies return after the All-Star break and start the fourth game after the break on July 18 against Miami.
If a particular activity meets the high standards required to merit a tax break, the break should generally be available to anyone who engages in that activity, regardless of her income.
DF: Here's what I'm going to say: I have a ceramic knife, and that is going to break in half, and my steel knives are not going to break in half.
In this case, the lower-income family will get an additional tax break of $0003 from the credit, but the family making $250,000 will get a $1,460 break from the deduction.
" On Sunday, WeddingWire will be taking a "site break.
Our hearts break for their families – and our nation.
Forget Heart Break — heart, prepared to be fully melted.
Year & Day Serving Bowl in Day Break, $48, yearandday.
LONDON (Reuters Breakingviews) - Christian Sewing can't catch a break.
Break the rules — not the law, but the rules.
So what — if he lost, they would break up?
" And he was like, "Well, break out of it.
So, remember -- there was no way to break 270.
ZURICH (Reuters) - The break fee Swiss group Syngenta SYNN.
How you handle these situations can break — or make!
We need to let women stumble — we won't break.
" Said Roberts: "We stressed Gray but couldn't break through.
Tough break ... where's a rookie when you need one?
" Ms. Golikova: "Do you ever break the traffic laws?
" • "I can assure you that fights will break out.
" Biden: "I'm not working for -- gimme a break man.
National Geographic Break Open Geodes Kit (10 geodes) — $24.99
I'm not sure how ... You want to break news?
TORONTO — Melania Trump took a quick break from Washington.
" He added: "You've got to break that pie down.
I longed to take a break — or a nap.
" He added, "It is time to break up Facebook.
Gael - need fresh air, needed a break, head dull.
Having preconceptions — I am always curious to break that.
I wanted — and needed — something to break the pattern.
It was move fast ... Move fast and break things.
Some are already calling for a similar break-up of the likes of Google, including Jonathan Taplin of the University of Southern California in his new book "Move Fast and Break Things".
The company does not break out the age range of its users, though it does break them out by geographical region, with the U.S. and Canada  having  2100 million monthly active users.
Here's his shot chart since the trade at the All-Star Break: Hield is the third most accurate three-point shooter in the league (minimum 50 attempts) since the All-Star break.
I guess that's another pressure because when you post all those things—if you have to break an engagement, or break a marriage—you're going to have to announce the bad, too.
The company reported a quarterly net loss of $3.5 million, break even on per-share basis, compared to a net profit of $559,000, break even on per-share basis, a year earlier.
" — Matt, at 28 years old The Worst-Planned Spring Break, Ever"I booked a spring break trip to Panama City Beach with my friends, despite the fact that I had NO MONEY.
Spot gold is biased to break a support at $1,404 per ounce, and fall to $1,387, following its failure to break the resistance at $1,421, according to Reuters technical analyst Wang Tao.
Opelka couldn't take advantage of two break points in the first game of the second set, and Isner came up short on three break points at 5-5 in the third set.
Berdych refused to throw in the towel and had break points at 3-3 in the third set, only for Federer to fling down three aces to finally break his rival's spirit.
One guy advised me to make a break in the middle, but I wouldn't have it; it seemed to me the perfect record for DJs to put on during a bathroom break.
Spot gold is biased to break a support at $13,404 per ounce, and fall to $1,387, following its failure to break the resistance at $1,421, according to Reuters technical analyst Wang Tao.
Much of this new miniseries is about Michael's attempt to break out of a prison in Yemen, with the help of his ol' Prison Break buddies and a heaping side of Islamophobia.
As icebergs break off and the ice shelves they're a part of break down, more glacial ice will flow to the oceans, where it will melt and contribute to rising sea levels.
But Mr. Avancini said that during the show's run, the audience grew enough that the company added a third commercial break and started to run six commercials per break, instead of four.
Tsitsipas saved break points at 63-2 and 3-3 but Nadal was now in hunting mode and at 4-4 he finally cornered his prey to break for the first time.
The Australian had converted his only break point in the first set and opened the second set with another break, but Tsitsipas broke twice in a row to salvage the second set.
" The teacher asked her to look again at the line—in which the sister warned her brother not to break anything, because their grandmother was already upset—and said, "Did anything break?
He had a break point in the opening game but spooned a forehand long off a second serve, then in the next game botched two smashes and Tsitsipas seized the early break.
The hole the Charlotte Hornets began digging for themselves before the All-Star break continues to grow deeper as the fourth-quarter struggles from prior to the break transferred over on Thursday.
"Our tax cuts will break down -- and they'll break it down fast -- all forms of government and all forms of government barriers and breathe new life into the American economy," Trump said.
"I break the surface of the leather, then paint it, then break it and paint it again — and repeat the process dozens of times in order to create a picture," Hyvönen explains.
If we're going to break the cycle of violence, we need to break the cycle of what happens next — our habit of scapegoating mental health and surrendering to a fearful new normal.
We made a rule early on that we simply just don't talk politics; I break that rule significantly more than she does, and since President Trump was elected, I break it daily.
A. Run across the country B. Break the 4-minute mile barrier C. Run a marathon D. Break the 10-second barrier in a 100-meter race Think you know the answer?
Ferrer received tremendous support from the crowd, but Zverev converted all five of his break point opportunities, including two in a row to clinch the first set after going down a break.
Real continued to dominate after the break as United struggled to press their opponents in the heat and humidity that was so intense the teams took a water break in each half.
On Monday, Balazs got the first service break of the set for a 6-5 lead, then needed three match points and staved off a break point to serve out the match.
So penetration testers are ethical hackers who get hired to try to either break into a physical space or break a product or look at your digital tech and find the weaknesses.
I felt that I needed to break her English down and break myself down in the process to understand her, so that she could be understood by anyone else who's reading it.
Kayak found the Top Trending International Spring Break Destination this year with the biggest increase in searches for spring break travel is Nagoya, Japan (with a spike in searches of 144 percent).
We could take a break from the end of the world by going into a terrorist bombing, or take a break from that by making an 'I want to kill myself' album.
The 36-year-old Williams, oldest player in the women's draw, repelled seven of nine break points held by the German, and capitalized on six of 10 of her own break opportunities.
"Our tax cuts will break down — and they'll break it down fast — all forms of government and all forms of government barriers and breathe new life into the American economy," Trump said.
Having fun with my friends is the best thing—we usually spend the morning break in the courtyard talking and having a second breakfast, and we play during the longer lunch break.
"My advice to people is always to [not] be afraid to take a break from college if you have a good reason to take a break from college," he tells CNBC Make It. "If you have an idea and you feel like you have to work on it, you should absolutely take a break," Luckey says.
Careful not to break your neck, Pence Careful not to break your neck, Pence Mike Pence made a show of shaking his head throughout the vice presidential debate against Tim Kaine on Tuesday.
A Del Potro double fault put Shapovalov up a break at 24-26 in the second set, but nerves appeared to get to the tournament wildcard, who needed a tie-break to prevail.
The Serb raced to a 3-0 lead on Court Suzanne Lenglen only for Darcis to break back and level for 3-3 before he wasted a break point in the ninth game.
But celebrities have an extra step to the break-up process: Choosing a word processing medium, crafting a break-up statement, and carefully settling on a media outlet through which to release it.
Another ill-timed Khachanov double-fault gave Murray an early break in the second set, although a couple of errors off the Murray forehand allowed the Russian to break back for 3-3.
The 26-year-old has struggled in the second half – posting a 23 ERA and 1.519 WHIP since the All-Star break after recording a 3.31 ERA and 1.045 WHIP before the break.
He gave me my first big break as an actor in films on From Dusk Till Dawn, he gave me my first big break as a director with Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.
There has been confusion among tax and child care experts as to how the break would work, because the candidate, the campaign and an outside economic adviser each described the break very differently.
Break points were in short supply but the Greek 21-year-old managed to break his opponent twice in the encounter while winning a commanding 89% of his first service points to advance.
He said the break in the S&P 50-day, gold's move below its 93-day moving average and the break in the 10-year yield are all pointing to the same nervousness.
But the somber nature of the occasion never strayed far from the surface: This wasn't a party for kids on spring break even if some of them were, in fact, on spring break.
Yes, all are now UL-certified, meaning they won't blow up, but quality at the low end will vary widely and some hoverboards might not last through the holiday break…because they'll break.
"This time around, I just wanted to, as the song said in the show, break free," he said, in a reference to Queen's "I Want To Break Free", which played during the show.
So you need to break through that crap, break through the media, and get people to play an active role in resolving the issues that impact their lives and creating a democratic society.
If you have a neighborhood watch and you ask your neighbors to see if they can break into your house, they have to break in to show you that they can do it.
World number four Medvedev saved three break points at 3-3 in the second but an error of judgement at 4-4 gave Tsitsipas another break point chance which this time he converted.
Halep refused to lie down, however, holding her own serve before picking up another break in the ninth game only for Pliskova to break again, winning the match via a fortuitous net cord.
Most candidates are struggling to break out and distinguish themselves, and all but a few have yet to break 6 percent or 7 percent in any poll since Biden officially entered the race.
I actually was ... Yeah I used the thing like "move fast and break things," they've broken enough things, they need to fix them now, and you're right they should break their own things.
The Yankees reconfigured their rotation after the All-Star break so that Sabathia, who received a shot during the break, could have more time to let the effects of the injection take hold.
It's like there's a sign that says, 'In case of emergency, break glass,' but then these guys are like, 'I mean, we could break the glass but then there would be glass everywhere.
The second argument is that the race is likelier to break toward the Democrats at the end, presumably because undecided voters will break for previously unknown Democratic challengers against well-known Republican incumbents.
The crucial break of serve in the first set came in the second game, with Murray saving two break points but not a third, and his Swiss opponent served it out, 6-3.
Be sure you want to break up If you're still going back and forth on whether you want to end things, don't take action until you know you definitely want to break up.
The game began to break Portland's way with just over seven minutes to go as Whiteside's eighth block of the night ignited a fast break that ended with Anthony hitting a 3-pointer.
In this magical place, thieves would never break into our homes or workplaces, fires would never break out, and we would never simply misplace a priceless family heirloom or, say, a birth certificate.
Nadal was broken in his first service game but found his groove immediately to break back and another break of Georgian Nikoloz Basilashvili's serve was enough for him to win the opening set.
We were attracted to each other, and so we proceeded to do some creative calculus, wherein, because he had been the break-er and not the break-ee, we could immediately start dating.
He gave me my first big break as an actor in films on From Dusk till Dawn, he gave me my first big break as a director with Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.
Whether you want food, a break from driving, some free education about Ireland and America, or just want to be entertained, the Barack Obama Plaza is worth taking a break on your journey.
Even when the president has taken a break from campaign travel, and retired to the executive mansion for a weekend, his recent attempts to break into the news cycle have revolved around impeachment.
So the question is how do you break the filter bubble, and how do you think we as a society will reach across the island and break those filter bubbles to change hearts?
To break that down: No women of color were included.
Unfortunately, the eclipse is no reason to break this rule.
Although it did not break out any hard sales data.
Let's use very crude analysis to break down that cost.
"Because of climate change, machines break with overheating," he said.
The teams also combined for 23 turnovers before the break.
The answer is not to break Google or Amazon up.
What do you think of Obama girls' spring break looks?
It wasn't able to fully break free until later releases.
A spokesperson confirmed the accident and collarbone break to PEOPLE.
Mr Sobyanin set out to break with the Luzhkov era.
"Sticks and stones can break my bones" — that's my attitude.
Asked if Americans need to give the president a break.
Companies that have the potential to break through, never do.
Mexican prisons are severely overcrowded, and riots frequently break out.
It's exhausting, and sometimes you need a break from it.
He did, however, break out a very impressive Chewbacca rendition.
Perry does have a break from Witness in April, though.
While searching for her big break, she did some modeling.
The stock was down 3.5% at Monday's midday trading break.
Pink is celebrating spring break with her favorite little guy.
And it should actually be possible to break the law.
Joseph Averkamp collects stories about how people break the law.
The poll could make or break the agreement, experts said.
So, of course, they break the tension by singing Wham!
I want to break the logjam as best I can.
For the region, it will also break the strategic balance.
Killing Time (Fronza Woods, 1979) Point Break (Kathryn Bigelow, 1991)?
Can it predict, say, when you're about to break up?
But that doesn't mean Californians will vote to break up.
"For summer break is ours at last," she jovially sings.
Isner never got a break point in the fifth set.
KINKADE: The group meets in their lunch break every Wednesday.
" She, of course, went into her song "Break The Ice.
Think of ways to break up the monotony, says Cote.
The first 100 days don't make or break a presidency.
Take a break from experiencing the city as a blur.
This would be a major break from how Republicans operate.
And in spring, let yourself break out of the cocoon.
Other customers are pictured trying to break up the brawl.
After the motorcycle accident, I had to take another break.
Disney does not break down its business figures by countries.
This break was the longest: two years and four months!
Even with his staffers, Mr. Cuomo doesn't break one percent.
Why did Renée Zellweger actually take a break from acting?
Again, this show's break was way too long for me.
She's not said that she wants to break things off.
Candace Owens joins me live to break it down, next.
We can break our habits and change our values; we
As I'm writing this, I felt I need a break.
I wrap up my break and get back to work.
Hong Kong market was roughly flat by the lunch break.
Some came back after a lengthy break; many more didn't.
We got a little bit of a break in February.
Ansari's Babe Dot Net "exposé" wouldn't break for another week.
So don't ditch your favorite pair just because they break.
But, how do you break up a biological bootlegging operation?
I need to break out of this new habit asap.
That was his big break, and kicked him into overdrive.
We've hardly had a break over the past 18 months.
In Japan, players don't break up double plays at all.
"Roles for women continued to break new ground," she continued.
But looking for a way to break the audience too.
Banger racer David takes a smoke break in Emmen, Netherlands.
Covenant House has figured out how to break the cycle.
Just cram stuff in and pray it didn't break anything.
All leading up to the sharp edge, the line break.
"We'll break the stage," says Taeyong, eyes glimmering with pride.
Need a break from all the drama on social media?
And if you don't embrace that, it will break you.
Drummond had 22 points and 1003 rebounds before the break.
Man oh man, will Donald Trump ever catch a break?
But it would be a big break from the norm.
Your only job next is not to break the chain.
FF: Break up Apple, split the Apple, core the Apple.
Looking for a break after the stress of the holidays?
Finally, an Ivy League school catches a break in life!
A joint YouTube apology video would definitely break the internet.
All right, panel, we have to take a break here.
More of the special edition of Hannity after the break.
I grew up as break dancer and a martial artist.
"Go Ahead and Break My Heart" featuring Gwen Stefani 10.
What do you want to focus on during the break?
Hammond is the first of her ministers to break rank.
Literally, it was like the prison you couldn't break into.
About ten minutes in, we take our first water break.
And that is a sharp break from the recent past.
Due to the infestation, she hopes to break her lease.
Give me a break, I really needed my mayonnaise fix.
Otherwise it's going to break, just like a rubber band.
Fear makes it difficult to break the chain of transmission.