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"course" Definitions
  1. [countable] a series of lessons or lectures on a particular subject
  2. [countable] (especially British English) a period of study at a college or university that leads to an exam or a qualification
  3. [countable] (also golf course) a large area of land that is designed for playing golf on
  4. [countable] an area of land or water where races are held
  5. [countable] any of the separate parts of a meal
  6. [uncountable, countable, usually singular] a direction or route followed by a ship or an aircraft
  7. [countable, usually singular] the general direction in which somebody’s ideas or actions are moving or in which things are developing
  8. (also course of action) [countable] a way of acting in or dealing with a particular situation
  9. [singular] the way something develops or should develop
  10. [countable, usually singular] the direction a river moves in
  11. [countable] course (of something) a series of medical treatments, tablets, etc.
  12. [countable] a continuous layer of brick, stone or other building material in a wall

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"course" Synonyms
development progress progression advance order unfolding flow growth movement sequence succession advancement continuity march passage procession buildup emergence furtherance proceeding route way line track direction path tack pathway trail trajectory circuit journey orbit road conduit itinerary racecourse routeway run duration length term lapse life period span stretch sweep extent time fullness spell elapsing interval perpetuation prolongation timeline full length passing process onrush transit crossing transfer traverse traveling(US) travelling(UK) expedition voyage class curriculum lecture lesson program(US) workshop education module programme(UK) seminar study academy coaching prospectus schedule schooling session studies tutorial classes dish helping plate service serving fare portion plateful platter mouthful menu item item of food meal recipe food entrée special eats plat du jour dish of the day regimen series system plan action procedure angle arrangement move policy strategy undertaking approach avenue contrivance machination manner measure method methodology option ground racetrack speedway stadium circus cirque velodrome field pitch ring park hippodrome bowl enclosure amphitheatre(UK) layer thickness band bed seam stratum vein channel watercourse trench waterway gutter trough ditch canal furrow drain flume aqueduct cut raceway groove duct culvert gully surge stream rush flood current spurt outpouring gush torrent outflow cascade jet motion issue tide deluge flux discharge efflux roadway street thoroughfare highway boulevard drive expressway freeway artery row pass turnpike drag pike arterial trace vehicle medium means agency instrument agent mechanism organ ministry instrumentality machinery technique expedient apparatus force spate string outbreak chain flurry explosion rash wave plague train epidemic idea motivation objective aim intent value gist initiative object point purpose reason significance advantage essence motive use outline utility tenor drift meaning sense theme purport substance tendency burden import intention thread trend message walk area discipline domain calling circle element department speciality(UK) specialty(US) territory vocation arena bailiwick front province sphere terrain articles apprenticeship pupillage qualifications traineeship training tutelage circulation rotation revolution gyration twirl whirl turn wheel circumvolution gyre circling round spin pirouette roll cycle reel turning bout fit stint access attack burst case seizure siege hunt chase pursuit search tracking hunting stalking trailing pursuance pursuing shadowing tailing hounding coursing following tracing venery quest hunting down change shift swing switch adjustment shifting deviation digression transformation adaptation conversion variation veering alteration bias behavior(US) actions conduct demeanor(US) acts attitude comportment decorum deeds demeanour(UK) deportment habits manners bearing activities address delivery gest geste ski run mogul race course ski slope ski trail obstacle course ropes course military obstacle course outdoor gym teams course training course adventure park aerial adventure park venture enterprise project adventure scheme campaign operation business affair endeavor(US) endeavour(UK) exploit mission activity crusade effort lap stage phase part leg step section tour segment heat bit installment(US) subsection subdivision juncture kind type sort genre genus grade species variety brand breed category family ilk set classification denomination nature stamp learning research consideration examination investigation account advisement analysis debate deliberation delving disquisition examen exploration inquest enquiry(UK) inquiry(US) inquisition race sprint dash relay competition contest fixture marathon rally scurry event match meet meeting running rut grind routine treadmill pattern drill habit lockstep rote boring routine custom daily grind dead end humdrum pace performance speed barrel pour careen career hare hasten hie highball hump hurl cross cover range roam wander navigate negotiate tread bridge follow perambulate peregrinate travel go cut across pursue dog hound shadow tail bird-dog stalk tag run after run down give chase to track down go after spout spill spew emit squirt expel eject ooze well emanate circulate spread radiate diffuse proliferate propagate break disperse disseminate distribute irradiate scatter release vent mobilise(UK) mobilize(US) More
"course" Antonyms
cessation disorder disorganisation(UK) disorganization(US) halt stoppage individual blockage one-off interruption ignorance closing break difference inaction stagnation inactivity immobility inertia idleness torpidity stasis torpor dormancy motionlessness stillness unproductivity sluggishness abstention quiescence indolence rigidity closure denial refusal veto regress regression retreat recession retrogression recess egress reversal ebb reverse turnaround influx inflow inrush instreaming inpouring incursion ingress end goal paucity shame poorness pause stop discontinuance discontinuation discontinuity stand standstill impasse disruption downtime hiatus breakdown surcease gap permanent rest freedom repose wildness entertainment fun speech recreation amusement enjoyment pastime pleasure exercise relief leisure hobby avocation drought drouth one improvisation spontaneity extemporisation(UK) extemporization(US) ad-libbing detour bypass deviation diversion digression substitute circumvention deflection divagation alternate route alternative route back road circuitous route circumbendibus divergence indirect course indirect route long way around long way round roundabout route deterrent disincentive determent discouragement hindrance impediment limitation restraint shackle antithesis antagonism antipode antipole contra contradiction contradictory contradistinction contraposition contrariety contrary contrast converse counter inverse inversion obverse opposite conclusion close completion termination ending expiration finale finish resolution windup wrap wrap-up backdown withdrawal retraction pullout pullback fallback evacuation backtracking bass exterior exteriority outside aimlessness avoidance dislike hate hatred neglect purposelessness thoughtlessness achievement continuity perfection progress success debt impotence inability incapacity incompetence lack need poverty stupidity weakness correction fix crawl creep poke dally dawdle delay ignore procrastinate shun slow trickle wait run away amble walk stroll guide lead pilot escape retard run away from dribble drip drop be quiet remain stay land confirm back up cease contain stem restrict terminate arrest curb deactivate discontinue interrupt suspend desist plug staunch bring to a stop evade flee free liberate leave alone let go tiptoe forward hasten go rush push speed dry become dry dry off dry out dry up

347 Sentences With "course"

How to use course in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "course" and check conjugation/comparative form for "course". Mastering all the usages of "course" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Of course I'd love to make more Party Down, of course, of course.
"Of course, I pretended, said, 'Of course, Robin, of course I know you,'" he said with laugh.
Of course you would – and of course they did.
But, of course, things go rapidly off course after that.
"Of course I am, of course I am," Trump said.
If it takes its course, let it take its course.
Of course, there's no guarantee the company will change course.
"Everyone said, 'Of course, of course,'" Ms. Currey said now.
The restaurant in Cape Town, South Africa, offers an 11-course tasting menu with a course-by-course wine pairing for $180.
This time I was here to go big or go home: the 11-course "Gourmand" menu with a course-by-course wine pairing.
Of course she was there, and of course she was pregnant.
Of course, every course is only as good as its teacher.
"And she said, 'Of course, of course you can,'" Genesis said.
Yes, the shoes for the course are only for the course.
"I'm just worried we're going to follow the Italy course, rather than the Singapore course or Hong Kong course, because we're decentralized," she said.
"Of course it's the rotten egg, of course you'd turn," she joked.
The obstacle course, of course, was the best part of Double Dare.
We will of course respond to the committee's letter in due course.
This golf course was designed by golf-course architect Dr. Martin Hawtree.
Of course I made some small mistakes, but nobody knows the course.
Over the course of the primary, of course, that's hurt Clinton mightily.
The golf course was not the course I remembered as a child.
Of course, you can only "stay the course" if you have one.
Of course you notice, and of course you feel bad about it!
I have run on the course and it is a good course.
Of course, these characters believe in witches as a matter of course.
Of course, all this ambiguity is part of the Westworld obstacle course.
Of course there was no water left, of course the trees were gone, of course women were chattel and men were mostly insane, tumor-engorged barbarians.
Here's a glimpse at what each course covers: Introduction to Data Analytics Training Course This introductory course will help you build a foundation in data analytics.
Sarah — of course, she always is brilliant, and of course, she is again.
Unless of course you take a 'Blockchain A-Z' online course from Udemy.
Because, of course Chuck finds out, and of course, he is not happy.
The site also features a free course called Machine Learning Crash Course (MLCC).
Inside the dining room, Acosta's efforts come to life in course after course.
Overall, my advice is to stay the course, but the course you define.
Of course, the market pain could force Washington and Beijing to reverse course.
Of course, there are legitimate economic reasons why the Fed is shifting course.
We will, of course, be giving it a full review in due course.
Of course every institution needs rules; of course religions have codes of conduct.
On rare occasions, of course, irrefutable facts do change the course of history.
This is generally par for the course in mobile gaming today, of course.
The course has been touted as the greatest links course in the world.
Course #3: The Complete Crowdfunding Course for Kickstarter & Indiegogo All great ideas need capital.
Consider taking a course in How To Create An Awesome Online Course (so meta).
Trump of course has done exactly the opposite of "drain" that swamp, of course.
And then of course, one, two, three left over the course of five years.
The investigation will take its course, and we will let it take its course.
Go through a 6 month minimum course (similar to a drivers license course) 3.
"Of course, this is your golf course," De La Hoya said he told him.
Of course, of course, I thought, he has a right to write this scene.
The reception featured a four-course dinner, one of which was a pasta course.
But you know something, changing course, changing course in New Jersey is never easy.
The AirBnB course (and every course on Udemy) is available for $10 right now.
Of course Dany would do this, and of course Tyrion would do that, right?
Of course they devour their own starving young, of course they tangle their tails together and die trapped to one another, of course the bodies wash up ashore.
He also built a simple, text-based program called "Course Match" that allowed students to see who was taking which course and who was thinking about taking which course.
"We kept saying, 'Stay the course, stay the course' and I think we stayed the course, but they got their chances (in the third) and they capitalized," Rinaldo said.
Of course not all men are harassers and abusers; there are, of course, good men.
Chandler and Douglas tried the agility course and the Incredible Dog Challenge mountain obstacle course.
Of course, of course Do you think it's a safe way to use your money?
After a private tour, a six-course Irish dinner — with beer pairings of course — awaits.
Of course, Rohrback's first brush with fame was also a crash course in internet infamy.
Of course it's blowing up on social networks, and of course people are taking sides.
The animals didn't take over the golf course—the golf course took over the animals.
We ended up having an eight-course meal and, of course, I stuffed my face.
The golf course opened in 2010, according to the American Society of Golf Course Architects.
Though, of course, on Eid al-Adha, the whole day revolves around the main course.
Of course, the dynamics of Sanders's press coverage shifted over the course of the race.
Of course, it is not too late and of course, much more can still happen.
President Trump's golf club in Dubai includes an 18-hole course, a par-3 course,
The track has six modules, including a handling course, kick plate and off-road course.
This, of course, is par for the course for Westbrook, whose basketball ethos is chaos.
" Said Cutler: "It's kind of a crash course, if you already took the course before.
I'd done the selection course, passed that, done the jumps course, had my parachute wings.
Golf course residential spending plummeted and the number of new golf course construction projects fell.
One preparation company's self-paced online course is $799; another's in-person course is $1,395.
Remember that in the normal course of work, petty annoyances are par for the course.
Of course I want to serve America, of course I want to be a patriot.
"It was almost like, 'Of course, of course it's going to go in,'" Auriemma said.
After the prep course, the Air Force looks at each candidate's performance at basic training and the prep course, as well as candidates' preferences, and then steers them into either the Special Tactics and Guardian Angel course of initial entry, or the TACP course.
For one thing, all three theme entries are types of COURSEs: One is a golf course, one is a school math course and one is the course of a meal.
That&aposs because in 277 the Marines announced a new course that would reallocate personnel from the School of Infantry-West and the Basic Reconnaissance Course for a 22018 course.
Of course, Davis Cup back home and Indian Wells, Miami, and of course clay-court season.
For a main course, she often hosts a potluck with a stew as the main course.
Just about every course covers this, of course, but I will do it a little differently.
Plane appears to change course The plane appears to have changed course in this time frame.
Of course (of course!) you saw Usain Bolt cement his title as the. Fastest. Man. Alive.
To appeal to occasional golfers and beginners, course designer Gil Hanse included the small practice course.
Course in questionWhether she can convince her party to maintain her centrist course is another matter.
Each recruit has to complete the Commando course, including the 'rope regain' assault course 💪 pic.twitter.
Like, of course heartbreak will happen again, of course bad things will happen—you're gonna die!
Udemy course Give your parents the gift of a new skill with a course from Udemy.
Then you Snapchat though, that was interesting of course I noticed that, of course it's Snapchat.
Recently, Laurie Santos, the professor behind the course, shared a "crash-course version" of the class.
Online Course Give your parents the gift of a new skill with a course from Udemy.
A golf course employee found the four fallen trees toward the back of the golf course.
Now, of course, we are linked with Cambridge and Harvard, and of course, universities always compete.
But of course, this is Los Angeles, and of course, these are no ordinary movie snacks.
But of course, what we've seen over the course the last two weeks is the coronavirus.
The tour's Phoenix Open is held annually at TPC Scottsdale's Stadium Course, near the Champions Course.
Silbermann: There&aposs a list and then I have a pinboard, of course —Feloni: Of course.
A course that teaches the fundamentals of Python was LinkedIn's fifth most popular course in 2019.
Iggy Azalea found solace from the Nick Young drama on a horse ... of course, of course.
The lineup features "First Course: Relationships Dinner Party," with Sarah Jessica Parker and Trevor Noah; "Second Course: Dinner Party — These Strong Women," with Ava DuVernay and Connie Britton; "Third Course: Would You Buy Your Dad a Hooker," with Mark Cuban and Amy Schumer; "Fourth Course: The God Question," with Common and Reese Witherspoon; "Fifth Course: When Ann Coulter Calls In Sick," with Kristen Bell; and "Final Course: I Was a Ticking Time Bomb," with Sarah Silverman and Gloria Steinem.
Joanna, of course, cheered on her family and gave out high fives to people along the course.
And, of course, McCabe with the dossier, and, of course, he was relieved of duty as well.
Of course we'd preface that with the acknowledgement that of course interest rates are still very low.
Of course, they're the best investors with all the resources, so of course they can do that.
The Pixel 24 charges via USB-C (of course) and doesn't have a headphone jack (of course).
It's pretty unusual in the course of history and the course of human civilization — it's pretty weird.
The golf course is in really good condition and it's a golf course that I enjoy playing.
This game puts you in charge of defending Earth (of course) from an alien attack (of course).
Of course, letting go of your professional goals entirely may not be the best course of action.
Course correction The PGA's moving a tournament from a Donald Trump-owned course in Miami to ... Mexico.
Of course we can be gay and of course there is a huge population of gay Muslims.
And of course, there are moments that are utterly devastating, and of course, that's hard to witness.
Of course, these tweets are all in good fun and becoming par for course for these brothers.
"I've been in a pretty good place on the golf course, off the golf course," he said.
The St. Andrews Ladies' Putting Club, better known as the Himalayas, is a putting course, of course.
"I don't know what course she played, maybe the ladies tees, maybe a different course," Ko said.
Of course, it's not unusual for the electoral battleground to shift throughout the course of a decade.
Of course, that's nothing out of the ordinary for a VC – indeed, it's par for the course.
" "If they attach too many things to it [government assistance], of course you take a different course.
If you're building a golf course, you're going to hire people who can build a golf course.
And of course there's a girl, and of course there's a stolen kiss late in the season.
He then of course replied straight away saying, "Of course, I'd be extremely happy to do that.".
"Of course they have anxiety, of course they have fear, they're human," said Dr. Sylvie de Souza.
Tuohy ran the woodsy, 2.5-mile course in 13:21.8, breaking the course record by 253 seconds.
Of course you need to make them beautiful, and of course you need to make them understandable.
Will it be an orderly progression of single dishes — a first course, a main course and dessert?
Click on course options on its degree map and it tells you which requirements each course fills.
It seemed prudent to start with the five-course option rather than the fifteen-course Menú Bolivia.
But before you can take a basic sniper course, you need to take a basic reconnaissance course.
Of course Margot and Jules haven't escaped, and of course they (and the audience) will realize it.
I mean, I think even within the industry, of course, there's very different views on, of course, biosimilars.
" Asked whether she didn't trust the Kardashians, Caitlyn admitted: "Of course not — of course I didn't trust them.
Note: This is not a course on the Instagram marketing crash, it's a crash course on Instagram marketing.
Complete Adobe Premiere Pro Video Editing Course Get even more Adobe Premiere experience with this pro-level course.
The Complete Google Go Programming Course For Beginners This five-hour course dives into Google Go or Golang.
Of course it's red with a white stripe, and, of course, there are rally lights across the grill.
Before you ask: of course she made Lizzie a breakup playlist, and of course it is very moving!
They also include off-course earnings like endorsements, appearance fees, product lines and course architecture, among other sources.
We need to change course altogether, use disruption to identify another course of action in consultation with Haitians.
Staying the course during times of market stress is oftentimes the most difficult, but frequently the best course.
Just because you go off the course of one particular program doesn't mean you've gone off-course altogether.
" Another one -- far from the kids' course -- read, "I wish my wife was as dirty as this course.
Before the course opened in 2015, Business Insider reporters Jay Yarow and Tony Manfred tested the course out.
It is home to two historic golf courses: the Ailsa course and the King Robert the Bruce course.
Even Olmsted's least expensive main course, of course, is beyond the reach of many people in its neighborhood.
That was, of course, until this semester, in which I failed a course for the first time ever.
Of course she developed a recipe to go along with the article, and of course it's the business.
Of course, that operation is conducted by AFRICOM that, of course, works directly for the Secretary of Defense.
The marathon winner set a course record, and a blind man finished the course for the first time.
Make reservations at participating restaurants for a two-course lunch for $26 or three-course dinner for $42.
The Châteaux course was completed in 1989, with the help of the Canadian golf course architect Rod Whitman.
GoSkills:Get your first month of any course for $9 or your first year of any course for $99.
But the couple do not live on a golf course — Mr. Coore has never lived on a course.
The investigation will take its course, and we will let it take its course,' the GOP leader said.
And, of course, dealing with government officials is par for the course when it comes to real estate.
The problem, of course, is that small talk precedes big talk in the normal course of human affairs.
If a course is listed as "Archived" on the site, that means you can't get the certificate, access to the course staff on forums, or graded assignments, but you can still take the course.
The polls now are more evenly split and, of course, anything can happen over the course of a campaign.
Every one of them said, 'Of course, he was the hero -- 100% of course he'd run toward the shooter.
Well, then, of course, with that Bernardine -- of course, Reverend Wright, the pastor of the church of J.D. America.
Of course she's not over being Typhoid Mary, and of course, she tries to warn Wilson off marrying him.
A8: Of course, of course we did we wouldn't change our position just because new democracy was in power.
Of course, Mr Corbyn might have strayed off course at times, cultivating an unhealthy interest in Marxism and allotments.
Of course the Republicans want tax reform—of course they want tax cuts, they want the economy to grow.
The misogyny is going to intensify over the course of this campaign, perhaps over the course of her presidency.
Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Certification Course Salesforce is an in-demand IT skill, and this course helps explain why.
The course designers also claimed that they restored many of the plant species they removed to make the course.
Of course these two were always going to butt heads, and of course it was going to be aggressive.
But, of course, since this thing is nuclear powered supposedly, one question of course is, has it leaked radiation?
With more five-star ratings than any other course offered on Udemy, this course is a certainly well-liked.
The booth community upholds a flexibility with only one required course, I can immediately take a course such as .
President Trump's golf club in West Palm Beach, Florida includes a par-72 course and a 9-hole course.
That's in addition to, of course, other signature items like chili, baked potatoes, and, of course, the Frosty dessert.
" Reed added: "He'll answer any question, whether it's about golf, on the golf course, off the golf course, anything.
Because the course is not part of the NYU curriculum, it is not part of the course registration system.
Of course, not every class calls out for trigger warnings — I've never heard of them for an economics course.
The PGA Tour recently moved its longstanding tournament from Trump's Doral course in Miami to a course in … Mexico!
The rest is made up of more typical college course requirements, such as attendance, tests and specific course mandates.
"Of course, if everyone has a united position then Russia of course will look into this question," Dvorkovich said.
It's something, to play a golf course with the president of the United States on a course he owns.
Overwhelmingly, financial advisers said the best course of action is to do absolutely nothing, with some caveats of course.
That was an accounting course, in the accounting course, that's super useful, because you're moving stuff between T accounts.
Of course the situation gets away from him, and of course he becomes a victim to the ensuing melee.
Even so, if Sanders had been ready and able to change course, what course would he have changed to?
Every year has a flu and cold season, of course, though this year's is of course far more dire.
To officially complete the course and receive a grade and Course Certificate, you'll have to purchase it for $49.
You can't just make an online course without first really figuring out what you want the course to do.
The average course length is just over 163 weeks, and the average cost is $216,229, according to Course Report.
He then spoke at length about the golf course and resort, noting a lighthouse that sits on the course.
It can sometimes mean an academic course, but it is also used to suggest a course in a meal.
The US economy is large and lumbering, of course, and it takes time for presidents to make course corrections.
Of course we need more and better education, of course we need more small businesses to create good jobs.
That's, of course, the cliched Silicon Valley formula to heal hot-headed young startups in need of course correction.
Last year, 12 young men and women finished the course, and nine of them passed a grueling electrical certification course.
The question of whether prosecutable offenses were committed in the course of his career is, of course, an interesting one.
And Nick Kennicott said Gordon Ramsay's course made him more comfortable working with fish — just not, of course, sea urchin.
"My friends were, of course, very into it, like, 'Yeah, of course, we'll help you out with whatever,'" he says.
Of course technology is going to change the world; of course it's going to be mind-blowing—but what then?
All of this, of course, is a better result than someone being hit by a camera on a ski course.
Far from being a fault, he said the unpredictable course conditions are what makes the world famous course so special.
It's not yet clear at what point they drifted off course, or if they even understood they were off course.
" As for where the $3,250 goes ... "$2,250 for the course/$1000 for us to complete the entire course for you.
" Asked if he applauded the president for changing course, Smith responded that Trump is "changing course like a drunken sailor.
This process, of course, works for any number of goals: educational, family-related, physical fitness and, of course, money goals.
This golf club boasts two 18-hole golf courses: The 7,693-yard Championship Course and the 7,234-yard Riverview Course.
The Ailsa course has hosted four Open Championships, while the King Robert the Bruce course made its debut in 2017.
There was his own discipline, of course, like completing a two-year course in metalwork between his shifts at Popeyes.
Of course, given what the news cycle was at that time, of course everyone is going to jump on that.
The course at Sand Hills in Mullen, Nebraska, was dubbed "the most natural golf course in America" by Golf Digest.
Emirates Golf Club had just opened; the Majlis course, in fact, was the first grassed golf course in the region.
Ms. Ayres posted photos showing an obstacle course of maintenance vehicles, and areas where course markers had already been removed.
Once you pay for a course certificate, you have 180 days from the day you paid to complete the course.
They have been given that opportunity over the course of different dialogues and offers over the course of four administrations.
The Complete Ethical Hacking Course — $14.99 (92% off $200) Not everything you learn has to be career-oriented, of course.
And, of course, you are there on the golf course as Trump attempts to manage the burdens of his office.
For each course you finish on the platform, they give one free course to people who need it the most.
And, of course, there were the bootleg, fan-made crafts, cosplay, fanart, and trivia — and, of course, the endless quotes.
Go for the five-course tasting menu, or live like Paris is burning and opt for the eight-course menu.
This, of course, is not to replace the reading of complex essays that would happen in a critical theory course.
The athlete is enrolled in four classes for the Fall 2019-2020 semester including Introduction to Management, Technical Writing, Death and Dying, a religion course, and Racism and Equality, a sociology course, according to CMU's course list.
Of course, Swift swiftly (pun intended, of course) reminded Cohen that Perry and her were not even close to being friends.
Adobe After Effects: The Complete Motion Graphics Course Go deeper into the wonderful world of video effects with this comprehensive course.
Mashable reports that the practice hails originally from Germany (of course) and is now soaring to popularity in Australia (of course).
So I think there is only one course that is open to us, and that is the course of seeking contempt.
America isn't France, of course, and we're unlikely to ever serve our schoolchildren roasted guinea fowl or a daily cheese course.
Of course Maggie finds signs of blockage, and of course, the sexist doctor doesn't extend privileges to her to treat Bailey.
Of course, this also points to a possible future where almost all of our blockbuster entertainment comes from a single course.
Get the Gig Course - on sale for $10.99 See Details This Freelancer Course is for people who are starting from scratch.
Of course, there's no shame in ending a marriage that has run its course, but not all celebrity marriages are doomed.
And of course we need to make sure that they're effective, of course we need to make sure that they're safe.
Howe's course began as a more straightforward freshman literature composition course in 1965, with a syllabus composed primarily of male writers.
All you need is a willingness to work hard and an online course like the Ultimate Web Development eBook and Course.
An Entire MBA in 1 Course Featuring Chris Haroun And last but definitely not the least is the MBA course itself.
This is the same course where as a 16-year-old amateur in 2005 he set the course record of 61.
"Of course I think that any country will feel that political diplomatic means are of course the first choice," Wang said.
An attempt to set a course record with elite runners at the 2007 Dead Sea Half Marathon was blown off course.
The Course For the longest time, the biggest headache in golf's return to the Olympics was getting the golf course built.
The JLTV Course is an eight-day training course that teaches students about the vehicle's characteristics, operations, operator maintenance and safety.
"Of course, I would love to do it again but it's a different golf course and a different year," she said.
I know it's a strong golf course, mostly positional, like many links it's not really a course that you can overpower.
Diners may order à la carte or choose a three-course meal for $67 or a five-course tasting for $125.
"I often get the question, favorite tournament, favorite golf course, and I always say this event and this course," Lindberg said.
Over the course of four days, more than 30 dancers, musicians, historians and choreographers share memories, anecdotes and, of course, dance.
If people are having difficulty with any subject matter it's of course up to the individual to take course and evaluate.
Of course, this was probably like riding a bike for Katie ... who, of course, had plenty of practice scooping up Suri.
Pratt pays her $4,583 per course while Parsons pays her $11,506 per course, but she's yet to earn benefits at either.
The Old Course is closed to golfers on Sundays, and walking the course has been a popular Sunday tradition for centuries.
Of course people were going to beat it to hell and of course that would lead to justifiable worries about durability.
And, of course, I am dipping in and out of history books all the time in the course of my work.
Choose between the 18-hole resort course or the 27-hole Oaks North course, or play them both during your stay.
In the course of just four sweeps on a John Deere Gator, Greer said, he plotted a new course for Blackmon.
Along for the ride, of course, is Midge's manager, Susie Myerson (Alex Borstein), who gets a crash course on contract negotiations.
The course ends at the start of the river's next stretch, called the Golf Course because it's so full of holes.
A mile is always a mile, but every golf course is different, and the same golf course is different every day.
And of course she dismounted, and of course there was a little bonding scene between her and the English pop star.
Of course contraception is critical to individuals' human right to control their reproduction and shape the course of their own lives.
His DIY barbecue crash course route included Southside Market, Pecan Lodge, and of course, Franklin Barbecue in Austin, among other greats.
Having said that, I think at some point of course Europe will need to be reformed, of course we'll need a Commission with fewer members, of course we'll need to have qualified majority voting on a range of issues.
Of course you should be able to play and say what you want, of course you should bring your friends, of course you should have a smoke, have a drink and enjoy yourself when you're doing a radio show.
Over the course of his acting career, Hemsworth has graced us with smoldering stares, gratuitous shirtlessness and, of course, high-quality performances.
Then came the primi (first course, often pasta) and secondi (second course, usually fish or meat), followed by dolci (dessert, often gelato).
The teaser trailer put online today is packed full of details, though of course they may change over the course of development.
It also created new courses for managing video and sound copying, an A/B testing course and a Facebook and TV course.
Of course alpha still exists, and of course, people will continue to both chase it and attempt to pay up for it.
She said the course was part of a partnership with Adagio Health, which helps the school teach a sexual health education course.
Of course, any of the dozens of stories about wild animals "taking over" the Olympic Golf Course have the narrative precisely backwards.
The character, whom the horse, of course, of course, called "Wilburrrrrrrrrr" ... became one of the most popular on TV from 1961 - 1965.
After twice failing a writing course and puzzling over what she was doing wrong, she asked the course instructor for an explanation.
Trump has been in the wilderness ever since the Billy Bush tape knocked his already off-course campaign far, far off-course.
We drove through the grounds of the Bedminster golf course and into the parking lot of the golf course in Sterling, Virginia.
Of course Saturday Night Live noticed, and of course the sketch comedy series took aim at it in the most recent episode.
There is another option, of course, that Whitaker may act as an ethical lawyer and allow the investigation to run its course.
And, of course, you need to stay the course just in case we get a truce in the trade war with China.
Steadfastness in decision-making and perhaps choosing an unpopular course of action when the more popular course may very well be dire.
After being accepted to the Fashion Design and Marketing course, Kostadinov unsuccessfully attempted to transfer to the men's wear course several times.
It is rare, of course, for one person — or three, or eleven — to change the course of history, as Jim Jeffords did.
As he compared golf course infrastructure to United States infrastructure, a reporter pointed out that a nation is not a golf course.
Stormy Daniels is champing at the bit to destroy a family horse business, of course, of course ... according to a new suit.
I could tell you it was a seven-course meal, but it might have been a 27-course meal; I lost track.
This isn't going to teach you Japanese, of course, but it would definitely make for a nice addition to an introductory course.
The premise of these how-tos is familiar: Of course you have wire hangers and of course they are awaiting better use.
And in 1979, the City of New Orleans renamed its Pontchartrain Park golf course the Joseph M. Bartholomew Sr. Municipal Golf Course.
In 2008 she built "The Course of Emotions," a mini-golf course with holes based on negative feelings like jealousy and frustration.
Over the course of six decades, Nathan Lyons's innovations as a curator, teacher, collector, publisher and writer shaped the course of photography.
So of course I think my band is amazing, of course I think my band is the best band in the world.
Aside from making updates to the course, my only investment was the initial time I spent making the course (about three to four weeks of work because I repurposed a lot of my previous client work to make the course).
Of course they believed private valuations had become preposterous; of course the run in private tech stocks couldn't possibly last; and of course, many start-ups, especially those of the "Uber for garden-gnome rearrangement" variety, are in fact largely worthless.
At the University of Maryland's business school, where I teach the undergraduate accounting ethics course, the course is required only because the students are Certified Professional Accountant candidates, and state boards of accountancy require a course in general or professional ethics.
It's 15 minutes, you're mic'd, you have a script memorized, and you have to put up three courses [...] an espresso course, a milk beverage course, and then a signature beverage course, which is a non-alcoholic coffee cocktail of your choosing.
So of course we have taxis, or course we have private-hire vehicles, we've also got two-wheelers in Vietnam and in Asia.
Of course it won't solve everything and of course, we will not be able to remove everything, but it will help, for sure.
A Beginner Ruby on Rails Course This course will teach you how to connect databases to Ruby on Rails and accept user input.
A Projects-Based Course This course allows you to put your skills to the test by building 13 different Ruby on Rails projects.
And, of course, as the Canadiens have demonstrated, sometimes that whole course correction pendulum can swing all the way to the other extreme.
" All in all, "we're staying the course," he added, and "you're better off staying the course as long as you have quality names.
But of course you don't forget playdates at a mansion that contains a golf course, a pool with an island, and five waterslides.
And of course this got immediately misconstrued as "New Mexico president calls for migrants to invade America," which of course is not true.
Pulkkanen started with six birdies in a row on the Firethorn Course after firing an opening 65 on the Bushwillow Course on Thursday.
And then of course, there&aposs the Uranium One scandal, now that had put a course on national security risk for their benefit.
Hollywood Art Institute photography course and certification — $235 See Details This four-week course is perfect if you're looking for some structured learning.
"   Elba added, "And of course she's going to be a beacon and of course she's going to be someone that people look towards.
For example, Kaplan Test Prep charges $1199 for an online LSAT course led by a teacher, compared to $999 for a GRE course.
" Asked if that ad money would be detrimental to Clinton in a fall campaign, Reid said: "Of course, of course -- it already is.
Of course, Verizon's conduct during the course of the Mendocino Complex Fire also must be examined to see if it passes ethical muster.
Cal took a heavy course load while injured and is just an online course away from formally completing his degree in three years.
Of course Valiant won and of course the crowd bayed and howled once again for a match involving Jones, years after his peak.
You can audit the course for free Catie Henderson, a 29-year-old living in Atlanta, Georgia, took the course online last year.
" Or as Joseph put it, "about the same as if you had a glass of wine per course with a four-course meal.
"Of course, these investors, new investors, will consider if we close the system that of course they could suddenly be outside," Caiazzo said.
Post, of course, was ecstatic ... and, of course, followed up on the bet by making the Giants fan put on his Dallas coat.
I highly recommend his TED talk (of course it's a TED talk) and New Yorker article (of course it's a New Yorker article).
"To become a PMI we have to go through Combat Marksmanship Coaches course and Combat Marksmanship Trainers Course," said Primary Marksmanship Instructor Sgt.
Then of course you have to go to college, and of course you have to have a really good job that looks right.
The company has been laser-focused on a single course for most of its lifetime — a highly rated full-stack web development course.
Besides the Trump National Golf Course, there is another exclusive private course, Hamilton Farm Golf Club, home to the United States Equestrian Team.
The person who used the salad fork for the meat course will be just fine using the meat fork for the salad course.
Then she took a foundation course at Central St. Martin's, one of London's top art schools, followed by a yearlong theatre-design course.
And of course, Le Gourmet is exactly what it sounds like: an upscale Nordic / French brasserie with prices starting at $37 and up for the three- or four-course lunch menu, and $67 and up for the four- or six-course dinner menu.
The first three nights are a series of 9-course dinners with of 9 chefs each cooking a single course at Rebelle; the final night is a total blowout with all 27 chefs cooking a 14-course dinner in the MUNCHIES test kitchen.
CAVUTO: What about the one with Richard Nixon, of course, and the king, now, of course, Beijing, the great outreach to Mao Tse-Tung.
Y Combinator is improving upon its Fall 2014 Stanford course, How to Start a Startup, with a larger-scale online course called Startup School.
The trio uses the course to their advantage, making it rain on strippers (yes, they brought poles to the golf course) as they please.
Of course, the name is a bit misleading since Mars has been bombarded by asteroids several times over the course of billions of years.
The Complete Digital Marketing 12-in-1 Course is a new 2019 version of a course we wrote about a couple of years ago.
Glen is a Holocaust-denying racist, of course, but he reveals his soft side to Thorpe and evolves over the course of their talks.
Of course, after the four days I got used to it and of course then I had to go back to the night schedule.
This tariff strategy has run its course, or is about to run its course, and we need to get new plays in the playbook.
Model and actress Cara Delevingne just debuted the most epic platinum blonde bob while in Paris (of course), and we're completely obsessed (of course).
I would have thought that a leader is successful if he or she announces a proposed course, and others agree to follow that course.
In addition to classics like hiking and biking, the park also has a full golf course and a challenging ropes course in the treetops. 
Of course I was chronically sad, and of course various phobias lay dormant inside me, but none of that was currently dictating my behavior.
There have been other struggles, of course: for equality for women, African Americans, and LGBTQ people; for environmental protection; and, of course, against militarism.
Curiously, 7Safe says it has never offered a product called "Hands on Tracking Course," the course the MPS has listed in its expenditure records.
Of course, punk isn't the only music that can be used for protest, and of course, simply playing punk isn't going to be enough.
Drivers being asked either set of questions were generally able to maintain a straight course or a course on par with "normal" driving conditions.
It's an obvious desire, of course—so obvious I have managed to forget it, during the course of my research and our time together.
The Australian golf pro and course designer Greg Norman was the creative force behind the original golf course at Doonbeg, which opened in 2002.
Play a round at the world's lowest elevation golf course at the Furnace Creek Golf Course, located in Death Valley National Park in California.
They may, of course, be served as a side dish, but I like them best as a first course, to be enjoyed without distraction.
That's how Ms. Techamuanvivit found herself dining alone, in excellent French restaurants, documenting the experience course by course with a pocket-size Sony camera.
The Complete Full-Stack JavaScript Course is the top-rated course from popular Udemy instructor Joseph Delgadillo because it teaches practical, instantly applicable skills.
Mr. Trump, of course, would also be subject to depositions in the course of any such lawsuit, as well as members of his family.

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