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"practice" Definitions
  1. [uncountable, countable] doing an activity or training regularly so that you can improve your skill; the time you spend doing this
  2. [uncountable] action rather than ideas
  3. [uncountable, countable] a way of doing something that is the usual or expected way in a particular organization or situation
  4. [countable] a thing that is done regularly; a habit or a custom
  5. [uncountable, countable] the work or the business of some professional people such as doctors, dentists and lawyers; the place where they work

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"practice" Synonyms
custom habit way system wont fashion method routine rule tradition convention praxis procedure use habitude mode pattern policy ritual trick training drill rehearsal study exercise preparation repetition discipline run-through trial workout work-out dry run shootaround try-out warm-up background drilling dummy run profession career work business occupation pursuit following vocation job employment line trade calling day job mission lifework line of work field life's work walk of life action application implementation operation enactment experience doing effect execution play fulfillment(US) fulfilment(UK) utilization(US) administration exertion discharge utilisation(UK) company firm office enterprise outfit partnership organization(US) establishment corporation venture concern house undertaking agency bureau conglomerate consortium syndicate methodology approach technique manner style strategy process plan tack recipe tactics course programme(UK) program(US) test examination analysis investigation tryout assessment experiment experimentation evaluation appraisal check testing probation practise proof shakedown code protocol decorum rules manners proprieties politesse etiquette form maxim principles ethics heritage morals morality performance accomplishment achievement exploits attainment consummation feats conducting conduct acts effecting completion exploit feat dispatch crash course education coaching schooling teaching tutelage tuition tutoring induction instruction orientation grounding learning boot camp intensive training priming pedagogy rightfulness belief conscience conventionalities criteria decency ethic ethos goodness honesty honor(US) honour(UK) ideal imperative integrity mores ism belief system creed doctrine ideology movement philosophy scrimmage game friendly practice game scratch match challenge match exhibition match friendly match preparation match warmup match preseason game exhibition game behavior(US) actions demeanor(US) attitude comportment deeds demeanour(UK) deportment habits bearing activities address delivery gest geste mentorship law order statute bill decree regulation act command ruling ordinance covenant criterion demand edict resolution canon commandment orthodoxy dogma tenet conviction credo idea opinion principle theory view precept faith religion athletics gymnastics games sports exercises races contests P.E. matches competitions palaestra events recreation workouts physical education organized games sports activities sporting events games of strength precedent model example exemplar paradigm authority guide standard prototype lead instance antecedent yardstick previous case previous instance prior case prior example prior instance responsibility duty endeavor(US) endeavour(UK) task activity art assignment craft role chores commission function industry obligation area domain sphere subject department realm speciality(UK) specialty(US) arena circle topic walk bailiwick barony curriculum expertise skill ability proficiency capability mastery competence talent capacity expertness dexterity knack savvy skills finesse prowess faculty grasp qualifications culture refinement polish cultivation enlightenment sophistication urbanity discernment discrimination erudition taste breeding civilisation(UK) civilization(US) couth worldliness artistic awareness forte thing metier long suit strong suit hobby major masterpiece minor number racket special lesson class session lecture period seminar tutorial lear chalk talk shibboleth banner catchphrase cry slogan tagline watchword catchword password phrase saying party cry motto byword mantra catch phrase formula axiom credentials history qualification past record accomplishments knowledge seasoning curriculum vitae reading module workshop homework schoolwork quiz recitation school task school work academic work project coursework prep relevance appropriateness pertinence appositeness aptness germaneness relevancy significance value importance purpose applicability materiality connection pertinency rehearse hone sharpen train attempt iterate repeat try habituate prepare recite run over shake-down work at become seasoned perform apply do pursue execute follow observe ply fulfil(UK) fulfill(US) carry out engage in live out specialize in live up to put into effect put into practice carry on go in for undertake practise(UK) enter participate in enter into join in take part in adopt get involved in occupy oneself with take up be a participant in be a party to compete in play a part in participate wield employ engage exert harness utilise(UK) utilize(US) implement deploy operate realise(UK) realize(US) adhere heed maintain obey support uphold respect mind abide by stand by stick to be faithful to comply with conform to hold to work as be employed as be employed at do for a living earn a living as have as an occupation have as a profession earn a living at prosecute have a career in provide anticipate brace allow organise(UK) organize(US) ready adapt adjust get ready make provision set up contrive guard forearm oneself lay the groundwork make provision for brush up improve enhance refine perfect better polish up work on go over develop polish up on upgrade augment help groom work up build up specialise(UK) specialize(US) tackle major in be into work in dedicate oneself to develop oneself in study intensively do one's thing apply oneself apply oneself to be engaged in take concentrate on focus on learn specialise in train in master acquire a knowledge of be taught try on appraise sample scrutinise(UK) scrutinize(US) probe prove demonstrate inspect wear audition fit try out check out accustom coach teach instruct condition ground inculcate break school break in tune up walk through get into shape lick into shape make complete enact produce accomplish achieve finish initiate pull off act out commit bring off establish legislate lay down constitute formulate ratify effectuate introduce pass institute sanction appoint dictate ordain proclaim authorise(UK) experimental exploratory mock developmental pretend simulated pilot probationary provisional tentative confirmation corroboration elimination preliminary investigational probing explorative preseason preparatory warmup exhibition pre-season dummy fake imitation bogus false sham artificial ersatz synthetic faux phony(US) phoney(UK) substitute imitative factitious mimic replica More
"practice" Antonyms
aberration abnormality anomaly oddity exception rarity deviation aberrancy digression departure change variation shift difference irregularity modification divergence revision alteration amendment idleness inaction inactivity inertness nonaction otiosity inertia disorganization(US) disorganisation(UK) proletariat dormancy quiescence indolence laziness shiftlessness loafing slothfulness slackness time-wasting torpor avocation pastime hobby side interest recreation entertainment fun leisure rest leisure activity pleasure relaxation amusement play enjoyment fun and games frolic revelry merriment feast theory concept principle model planning approach idea belief method ideology science disagreement discord strangeness bad manners neglect ignorance destruction break mismanagement performance cold turkey deviance deviancy diversion divagation divergency nonconformity straying veering deflection heedlessness disparity drift abstention happiness peace misuse misapplication misemployment abuse exploitation misusage misutilization mishandling misconduct corruption desecration perversion misappropriation debasement disuse prostitution unemployment joblessness job loss redundancy worklessness cog disorder part reality chaos disarray confusion topsy-turviness unruliness disarrangement lawlessness disinclination reluctance unwillingness aversion hesitance antipathy diffidence hesitancy objection resistance nolition unabridgement frankness honesty misunderstanding seriousness dissatisfaction failure nonfulfillment nonexecution nonperformance non-fulfilment abolishment suppression abolition ban banning censorship quelling repression constraint containment control obstruction prohibition restraint suppressing clampdown inhibition interdiction interference carelessness thoughtlessness unorthodoxy speech generalisation(UK) generalization(US) surrender impotence inability incompetence ineptitude lack failing underperformance underachievement ineffectualness defeat nonsuccess hold pause suspension delay adjournment disgrace dishonesty dishonor(US) dishonour(UK) evil immorality impropriety indecency wrong denial divorce crime violation transgression breach infringement wrongdoing misdemeanor(US) misdemeanour(UK) lawbreaking misdeed infraction illegality criminality felony charge breach of the law infraction of the law unlawful act agnosticism disbelief heterodoxy do it once disregard ignore forget shun overlook discount dismiss omit bypass shrug off slur over reject brush aside pass over avoid abandon receive idle disobey defy desert flout shirk transgress condemn counteract infract infringe oppose rebuff recalcitrate uninvolve remove withdraw real genuine natural original

424 Sentences With "practice"

How to use practice in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "practice" and check conjugation/comparative form for "practice". Mastering all the usages of "practice" from sentence examples published by news publications.

So practice, practice, practice — and watch it fall into place.
Deliberate practice requires conscious practice as opposed to unconscious practice.
Practice, practice, practice The old adage "practice makes perfect" applies to talking about sex with your kids, Ehrlich said.
The only way to get there is to practice, practice, practice.
"Practice, practice, practice," he said, shaking a finger at the camera.
From there, it was "practice and practice and practice," the actress explains.
There's only one way to truly embody a musical genius: practice, practice, practice.
This shouldn't surprise you, but Adam's main advice is to practice, practice, practice.
Practice, practice, practice For many people with vulvas, learning to orgasm is a process — and it gets easier (and quicker) with practice.
I would practice to Sonic the Hedgehog, practice to X-Men … practice to the Ninja Turtles soundtrack.
Like with any competition, you practice, you practice, and you practice until you refine your timing exactly right.
"We would practice before our practice, then stay after our practice," Panarin said through his interpreter, Vlad Spektor.
"You can learn to roll and practice and practice and practice and get better at it," Taps said.
The firm has also added an emerging technologies practice, a healthcare practice and a Cuba-focused policy practice.
Like, you practice it and you practice it and you practice it and you get better at it.
Because our plane, our buses, our practice sessions, after practice, before practice, in the training room were live in discussion.
"Coach Butts worked with me before practice, during practice and after practice," Bratkowski told the magazine Georgia Trend in 2008.
"They practice electronic medicine, I practice medical art," she said.
"We practice and practice all the time," Mr. Sanchez said.
If Trump's debate performances have been unpredictable and his debate preparations unconventional, Clinton has stuck to the most traditional playbook -- practice, practice, practice.
"Remember it's all about practice, practice, practice," Natasha, a representative from a local Good Vibrations store told the students, according to College Fix.
Read the manuals that come with your gear, head to YouTube for tips from experts on how to program, and practice, practice, practice.
My mom ran a pediatrics practice, my dad a urology practice.
"I practice 15 minutes before my real tennis practice," she said.
It's her opportunity to practice life, to practice being a person.
Against batting practice meatballs, it's...well, batting practice sponsored by corporations.
Practice makes perfect, but what if there's no such thing as practice?
The other thing is that I practice the spiritual practice of Shabbat.
Of course you will almost undoubtedly improve with practice, but more practice does not necessarily mean you'll be better than someone else with less practice.
There are two types of practice: Deliberate Practice, which requires daily repetition, and Analytical Practice, which requires third party feedback, as in a coach or mentor.
The secret to making magnificent tender gnocchi at home is the same as the old joke about how to get to Carnegie Hall: practice, practice, practice.
Miniatures provide a way to practice things that we can't practice in reality.
If you need the practice, there are also free full-length practice tests.
I practice piano the way I practice martial arts: constantly working on technique.
You let them practice now, and then you have to practice letting go.
If I need to practice for three hours, I'd practice for three hours.
This helps children practice forgiveness for others, and parents practice forgiveness for themselves.
Cooking is a practice, a kind of devotion, a form of mindfulness. Practice.
Devo's "Whip It" soundtracks the joyous practice montage while Willoughby tosses batting practice.
Since the early 1990s, the function of text and theory from the words of the artist have just really become predominant to that type of practice — referred to as social practice, or discursive practice, or an extension of conceptual practice.
So you have to really, really practice and practice and practice, for all the sword moves, for weeks before we even filmed, because you're basically fighting blind.
Jim was building up its IT practice; I was building up its media practice.
Mark leads the Institutional Investment Consulting practice, and Susan leads the Qualified Plans practice.
We also need to help our kids practice and practice with them, said Kazdin.
I'm so happy to share this practice, and that's what it is, a practice.
"Start with learning the basic French and Dutch braids and practice, practice," she said.
The two doors were actually labeled 'follow policy/practice' and 'depart from policy/practice.
The Code of Practice also addresses a very important security best practice — vulnerability disclosure.
"He's been cleared to practice, so he'll practice," Pelicans coach Alvin Gentry told reporters.
There is design practice as well, film practice, and we also speak about literature.
Skill-based Virtuosos devote themselves to many years of Deliberate Practice and Analytical Practice.
Practice, practice, practiceOnce you feel comfortable touch-typing, you're ready to hit the tracks.
Thursday Practice Notes: Brady (QB) - Did Not Practice - Refused to take off stormtrooper helmet.
How does one practice if there is no one nearby with whom to practice?
And then you could just slice, practice, behead, stab and, you know, just practice.
Is it simply historically informed practice-informed performance, or historically-informed-practice-informed performance?
Al Franken jokingly asked Hickenlooper whether the practice was part of an occult practice.
I was going to bed, I was waking up, thinking about how practice was, after practice I was thinking about what to eat, then practice again, go to bed.
"The practice of building readers," she said, "is the practice of building a better world."
He ultimately landed on the team's practice squad, and later the Arizona Cardinals practice squad.
In fact, that's downright coercive, a practice not permitted in biomedical research or medical practice.
The intent of the rule is to turn the industry's best practice into standard practice.
She can practice law the way she wants, he can practice in his colorful way.
These attorneys, in private practice and legal service organizations, devote their practice to veterans law.
But between practice, school, and more practice, she doesn't have a ton of free time.
He addressed it before practice, and he made sure he was addressing it during practice.
Then in second practice, we were way behind because we didn't have enough practice time.
As well as the same route from my house to practice, and practice to home.
We're playing faster in practice - used a 20-second shot clock in practice for two days.
Why practice in front of a mirror when you can practice in front of Meghan Markle?
Practice makes perfect: Once you have this pitch written, read through it and practice several times.
As news of the shooting at the Republican practice broke, Democrats were preparing to practice too.
We haven't been able to practice the way we normally practice because TJ has been out.
Paul Triolo is practice head and Kevin Allison is director in Eurasia Group's geo-technology practice.
At his first practice in Cuba, he swatted several home runs before batting practice was halted.
That is the Southern District's practice, and it's not the practice of most US attorneys' offices.
The same doctors may practice in both systems, and have greater financial incentive to practice privately.
It is a practice I started at five years old, and still practice to this day.
"We would therefore question whether, in this case, 'standard practice' is best practice," the statement continues.
That practice is led by global practice chair Hugh Taggart, who also leads the London corporate practice and whose advice is sought by leaders of companies like Starbucks, Sky, and Ikea.
The United States' 2-1 semifinal win over Japan came courtesy of two fielding mistakes by a team renowned for its maniacal adherence to — and practice, practice, practice of — fundamental baseball.
This three-piece home range practice system Made to simulate a real fairway, this home range practice system from Callaway allows you to practice your golf swing at home with impressive accuracy.
Full disclosure: There's one thing the above video doesn't show: This method takes practice — lots of practice.
Learning a new language is all about practice, but sometimes you don't have someone to practice with.
RT J'Marcus Webb returned to practice this week after suffering a twisted knee in practice last week.
This practice is good for people who already have a spiritual practice and follow a certain path.
To end the practice, experts and survivors say this practice must be drawn out of the shadows.
Heisey took batting practice and threw Friday and was also on the field for batting practice Saturday.
He spent time on the Seattle Seahawks' practice squad before joining the Patriots' practice squad on Oct.
I would argue performance and the practice of dancing are a little bit of a life practice.
True, the odds may not favor Congressional action to better enforce ethical practice and punish unethical practice.
To stop this practice, the US should add an amendment to the Constitution to prevent the practice.
So you need to practice these deep-space operations, and you also need to practice surface operations.
Diving practice was canceled on Friday morning, with dozens of athletes forced instead to "dry practice" indoors.
Many players got a practice round in on Monday and the practice facilities were opened Tuesday afternoon.
Tia, a women's health practice, has fully moved its practice online, closing its in-person clinic indefinitely.
That should mean the freedom to practice any religion without discrimination — or the freedom to practice none.
Curt Moldenhauer is a partner in PricewaterhouseCooper's Deals practice and the leader of the U.S. Acquisitions practice.
Academic tenure is the practice and if the practice is no longer working right ... Now, think about journalism.
How do these different approaches to the practice and business of architecture commingle in each respective, collaborative practice?
If I'm called upon, whether if it is the Wednesday practice, Thursday practice, we'll see how it goes.
CentralReach builds practice management software for the developmental disabilities sector, with a focus on both research and practice.
I like the idea of having a daily practice or I guess you could say a nightly practice.
The work began anew Saturday morning when the Warriors gathered for practice — a much-needed practice, Kerr said.
If you want to survive, you have to question your own practice and how you finance your practice.
Nuechterlein will serve as co-chairman of the firm's communications regulatory practice and join its antitrust/competition practice.
Conscious practice is practice in which you study everything you do that goes into the skill you have.
In the past, the team usually reviewed practice video in meetings for three or four hours before practice.
She is ANCC (American Nurses Credentialing Center) board-certified as an advanced practice nurse, specializing in family practice.
She started her practice in 1980 after leaving Koolhaas's practice, OMA, but she didn't build anything until 1993.
None of the recommended practice venues usually used by visiting teams would allow the U.S. to practice there.
You wake up to go to practice and it's dark and you leave practice and it's still dark.
You live from meeting to meeting, practice to practice, game to game, week to week, season to season.
With the practice comes an age-old Green Bay tradition: riding young fans' bikes to the practice field.
"They've been out there, but we just haven't had a good practice in a while, so it was good to get home and get a practice in," Predators coach Peter Laviolette said after practice.
But when it comes to fine tuning — maybe you're slow to react to enemies on the top left side of the map, for example — video games don't offer the environment to practice, practice, practice!
Callaway Home Range Practice System Made with a true-turf surface to simulate a real fairway, this home range practice system from Callaway lets you practice your golf swing at home with impressive accuracy.
" It said that early in 2016, "to eliminate the practice entirely, the government asked for a full study of the practice and the socio-psychological impact of this practice on women who go through this.
While Gorsuch was in private practice, he said he avoided specialization and focused on maintaining a general litigation practice.
Stella upgrades their deal from sex practice to a practice relationship, and we all know how that plays out.
"Meditation is a lifelong practice and regular practice is the key to maintain and deepen the effects," Chang said.
T Nate Solder returned to practice action on Wednesday after missing a single practice on Tuesday for unknown reasons.
"The conversation [to ban practice tackling] took about five minutes," Terry O'Neil of Practice Like Pros told VICE Sports.
Ghanghro's private practice has been shut down, but he continues to practice medicine at a local government-run hospital.
They allege that the federation discriminated against them in pay, practice time, practice locations, medical treatment, coaching and travel.
Neither club took batting practice on the field, and major league teams abandoned regular pregame infield practice years ago.
If not, no small practice would risk its entire business if one bad year can wipe the practice out.
The practice was revealed by the BBC's "Panorama" show, which received leaked documents showing the practice at British Airways.
But Mularkey indicated after Friday's practice that he needed to watch the practice film before green-lighting his star.
And then the next four days of practice I've never seen a guy score that many goals in practice.
For example, why practice driving in a simulator when you can pilot a real vehicle and practice field maintenance?
After the rebellion, Mr. Virilio wanted to politicize the practice; Mr. Parent wanted to practice the oblique without politics.
It applauded the department for providing students practice, training, and critical engagement in historical and contemporary research and practice.
Full, reduced, or restricted practice: ReducedAutonomous practice restriction: Nurse practitioners cannot independently diagnose and treat patients without physician involvement.
Maybe identity politics can be defended theoretically but in practice alienates too many people to be put in practice.
Vikings receiver Adam Thielen, however, sat out practice and is officially questionable after hurting his ankle during Wednesday's practice.
For example while in private practice, Judge Kavanaugh served as Chairman of the Federalist Society's Religious Liberty Practice Group.
Now as I practice, I am keeping the candlelight illuminated, and I can also share the practice with others.
Griffin Bell, who had been the attorney general in the Carter administration, started the practice there, an investigative practice.
According to Myka Meier of Beaumont Etiquette, which was founded in Kensington and teaches courses on etiquette at The Plaza Hotel in New York City, that seemingly flawless behavior is the result of practice, practice, practice.
Once you have found the app, site or online teacher that works best with your life, you just need to do one more thing: Fire up that calendar app and schedule time to practice, practice, practice.
Upcoming events presented by MA Curatorial Practice include: SVA MA Curatorial Practice is now in the midst of reviewing applications.
I have my first recital in two weeks, so I practice my solo piece and then we practice our duet.
The finals are held at the NFL team's practice facility, and it's basically a mock practice in hair and makeup.
Practice makes perfect: Perfection isn't our goal so practice your talk in front of someone who doesn't know this topic.
Children sit in front of a mural as members of the youth orchestra Ghetto Classics practice during their weekly practice.
"I practice law to practice law and not out of an ideology that one side is always right," said Varallo.
"He's practicing, he'll practice today and we'll see where he's at through practice," Broncos coach Bryan Harsin told reporters Monday.
The club also promoted cornerback Will Redmond from the practice squad and signed linebacker Brady Sheldon to the practice squad.
I think that in every business practice or political practice, the easiest thing, on some level, is to do that.
"What if we had young people watch videos where they practice consent or practice identifying at-risk behaviors?" she said.
I had my own practice times and they had their own practice times and then we had the band slots.
Determined to avoid such horrors, he and his staff have forced England's players to "practice and practice" the penalty routine.
I used to travel with a practice pad, too, but then my teacher said I could just practice on pillows.
With this understanding of good practice and stronger ties to Congress, regulators will be well-armed to address bad practice.
She will co-head the firm's antitrust, competition and economic regulation practice and contribute to its privacy and cybersecurity practice.
The Curatorial Practice master's program provides fundamental training in curating — techniques, histories, theories — grounding curatorial practice and social practice as an interdisciplinary engagement in the broader sense of the care of the self and the care of community.
Suddenly, Aaron's hours of practice don't seem like such a bad investment after all—at least, no worse than football practice.
Practice makes perfect On Tuesday, Battle sat in a corner playing "Round Midnight" by Thelonious Monk, waiting for practice to begin.
Gladman considers her drawing practice, in which she's had no formal training, as importantly concurrent with her practice as a writer.
OF Yasmany Tomas (groin) ran the bases and took batting practice Saturday, and took batting practice in the indoor cages Sunday.
Friday would have been the Tigers' first official practice, however, Wade decided to cancel practice to allow his players to grieve.
Brady has yet to miss a practice this season and could still show up for the closed portion of the practice.
The U.N. experts added the Trump administration should not practice refoulement — the practice of forcing refugees back from where they came.
Clipping coupons is not a practice of people in need of money— it's the practice of people who value their money.
In the U.K., 74 percent of antibiotics are prescribed by general practice physicians, the researchers write in the journal Family Practice.
There are also two practice rinks for hockey, a training center for short-track and a practice rink for figure skating.
"When it comes to tackling, it is a safer practice and a better practice," he said of the rugby-style technique.
During the first year, he will not be able to practice; during the second, he can practice, but only under supervision.
Practice Listening with Read-Alouds Another way I use The New York Times is to develop focused listening practice and vocabulary.
It's worth noting that while opponents of affirmative action say the practice hurts Asian Americans, most Asian Americans support the practice.
Most of his law practice is back in California, although he does practice out of his firm's Washington office as well.
The Eagles also signed offensive tackle Dieugot Joseph to the practice squad and released linebacker Deshaun Davis from the practice squad.
We are the first ones to wake up and practice and the last ones to sleep after having practice and homework.
"Sometimes I wonder how we did it for three years, running from class to practice, from practice to class," Missry said.
While this is an established practice for the church in many countries, this move from the Vatican makes the practice universal.
They practice from midday to around 0003 PM, with three members training at home due to space restrictions in their practice room.
Freeborn & Peters has added Michael Rennock as partner in the corporate practice and John McConnell as senior counsel in the litigation practice.
John was attempting to practice an unhealthy, unsafe, and nonconsensual form of structured masochism, in isolation, outside of healthy established BDSM practice.
Artistic practice is part of daily life, the conceptual and physical space where we practice our individuality or collaborative spirit, our humanity.
And we've got to make sure that, whether it's prescribing practice, hospital performance, health and social care interfaces, we spread best practice.
Until this year, the witch fantasy of the 22010s has existed primarily as a religious practice, a political practice, and an aesthetic.
Practice Makes Perfect "Have at least one practice session first," Ward tells PEOPLE at his eponymous salon Richard Ward in London's Chelsea.
Similarly, test-driven development is a concept that's touted as best practice, but, in reality, very few companies actually follow this practice.
"If a particular religious practice is threatening the health and lives of people, such practice is not entitled to protection," Sikri said.
It's not a fighting practice; the philosophy is to promote a health and well-being practice that helps with the circulatory system.
It is no accident that every attorney, even in private practice, swears an oath to the Constitution before he can practice law.
"This practice and this firm have built a unique global public policy practice that creates opportunities to solve big problems," he said.
Mandating arbitration when signing up for financial products has become standard practice after a 2011 U.S. Supreme Court decision validated the practice.
Libyan authorities promised an investigation into the practice, and a number of political leaders offered calls for action to stop the practice.
Mandating arbitration when signing up for financial products has become standard practice after a Supreme Court decision in 2011 validated the practice.
However, the wider exposure to the practice, and the celebrities who are participating, is continuing to help normalize the practice of tattoos.
"I am disturbed by this practice, particularly the practice of collecting and selling children's facial recognition data," Donovan said in a statement.
Letter studies with weaker results had tended merely to inform doctors that their practice patterns were out of sync with standard practice.
I like doing the practice stuff — I'm on the ice for practice sometimes — more than standing in the stands for the game.
Practice with a friend, and the more you practice, the more you'll feel comfortable with the way you are sharing your experience.
She prescribed what we would now call a basic gratitude practice, or a meditation practice, or rudimentary empathy and compassion toward others.
DCPS' Learning together to Advance our Practice (or LEAP) program brings together the district's teachers for weekly sessions to practice their craft.
"My older brothers have their own children and they have to go to soccer practice and football practice on the weekends," Tony says.
LT Tyron Smith didn't practice Sunday because of back and groin injuries, but he returned to practice on Monday and will play Thursday.
Teams can thus increase practice time without breaking the stringent rules that both the NFL and NCAA (college football) place on outdoor practice.
"We haven't had a practice in a long time the way the schedule's fallen," Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle said about Monday's upcoming practice.
Murray returned to practice, getting good reviews this week in practice from Mularkey and appeared to be a go Sunday against the Bears.
Like instant replay of referee calls in televised sports, such a practice would only undermine trust in the practice rather than bolster it.
When: Opens Saturday, September 22, 2–5pm Where: Art + Practice (3401 West 43rd Place, Leimert Park, Los Angeles) More info at Art + Practice.
He believed in free minds and free markets, and believed in making the world better through good business practice and good philanthropic practice.
Most other states allow the practice, and insurers have long argued that the use of gender in setting premiums is sound actuarial practice.
Practice social distancing — and distant socializing It may be tempting to ignore what by now is a well-worn refrain: practice social distancing.
Keep in mind that mindfulness practice is called a practice for a reason: It bears the most fruit when practiced deliberately and regularly.
But the longstanding practice of avoiding interference in politically charged Justice Department investigations had at least been applied in theory -- if not practice.
"We obviously would practice this a lot in World War II. After that, not so much, but we still did practice it," Cmdr.
I started out in a private practice with two other pediatricians, and then began splitting my time between the private practice and Heal.
He founded the Investment Management practice worldwide and was co-founder and co-leader of the firm's North American Personal Financial Services practice.
Basketball practice, you do it on your feet just like dance practice — it's a little bit different, but you're stretching your feet the same.
Of the 10,20143 physicians with the highest excess charges, 55% were anesthesiologists compared to just 3% in general practice, internal medicine or family practice.
He also wants to "halt the unconscionable practice of selling fetal parts for profit," which is not a practice that actually takes place. Rep.
That includes playing in competitions and the Fortnite Playground practice mode (where players practice and improve their skills), or even just playing for fun.
They're children of abandonment, so Dean has a lot of practice in being a parent and not as much practice in being a child.
She left the bench and became a criminal defense lawyer in private practice, but eventually left her practice in 2012 after her husband's election.
"I passed by some TVs that had NASCAR practice — final practice — on and I was like, 'I'm sure glad I'm not there,' " Patrick admits.
He spent this offseason with the Vikings and rejoined Minnesota's practice squad in September after a brief stint on the Detroit Lions' practice squad.
PACKERS CORNERBACK IN PRACTICE The starting cornerback Sam Shields returned to practice as Green Bay prepared for an N.F.C. divisional playoff game against Arizona.
As her studio practice evolved, she became a curator who offered hundreds of artists opportunities at a historic moment in Chicago's community practice movement.
The Jaguars also promoted tight end David Grinnage from the practice squad and signed running back Dave Williams off the Denver Broncos' practice squad.
Common practice Pasung -- the practice of confining or restraining relatives with mental health problems -- was banned in Indonesia in 20143 but remains startlingly common.
In this new pursuit of yours, practice is your practice: It comes to determine the way you eat and sleep and shape your days.
The reality, of course, is that dentists who practice in DSOs are all fully licensed professionals who own the DSOs in which they practice.
Jeffrey Wright is US analyst, Paul Triolo is geotechnology practice head, and Michael Hirson is China and Northeast Asia practice head at Eurasia Group.
Religious dissidents include Chinese nationals who practice Islam and Christianity — as well as those who practice Falun Gong, a pseudo-Buddhist faith, Sun says.
Before that, she served as the co-chair of DLA Piper's global investigations practice and the global chair of its cross border litigation practice.
He took his teacher's example to heart and extended his artistic practice to what can be called "social practice" — creating spaces for collective learning.
The team listed Ertz as DNP on its Wednesday practice report, although that was an estimate because the team did not practice on Christmas.
"The practice of maternal kissing of boo-boos is not supported by the evidence and we recommend a moratorium on the practice," they concluded.
They all practice Kundalini yoga — an ancient yoga practice that incorporates meditation, chanting and breathing exercises — with Guru Jagat, a Los Angeles-based senior teacher.
How it works in practice has evolved considerably over the years, with some ebb and flow in the theory and practice of Federal Reserve independence.
Three years ago, Pop Warner became the first youth football organization to limit contact in practice, to a maximum of one-third of practice time.
We condemn the current practice of separating families at the border and call on the US government to stop the practice and reunite the families.
Whether you can instantly connect with ghosts or not, Owens says it's important to practice and educate yourself before diving into a serious mediumship practice.
Lindsay Tunkl's performance series, Parting Practice: Rituals for Endings and Failure, invites participants to practice parting from ambitions, hopes, possessions, friends, family, and your life.
In making work that emphasized ideas over material objects, Conceptualist artists moved even mainstream artistic practice a few steps closer to the practice of criticism.
HK: I think it is just a matter of practice, and when you're not given the opportunity to really practice that craft it's gonna suffer.
When the rest of the Thunder had finished infield practice, Rodriguez bounded up the dugout steps with three bats in hand to take batting practice.
He now leads the cybersecurity and data security practice and co-leads the national security practice at Mayer Brown LLP, where he is a partner.
Then our practice space in Atlanta closed, and the other two kind of crummy practice spots closed, so there was nowhere for us to go.
The remarks prompted Texans players to consider walking out of practice — two actually skipped practice — and Mr. McNair apologized twice, on back-to-back days.
That being said, it probably can be done for free with a little practice — and it seems like we'll have plenty of time to practice.
The practice not only discriminates against Muslim women, but also is "not integral" to the practice of Islam, Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi told the court.
Divining the eligibility of voters by monitoring undeliverable mail, a practice commonly called voter caging, is widely seen as an unreliable and even suspect practice.
That practice stands in contrast with what the traders described as the standard market practice of providing the winning dealer with information about the cover.
While other artists today position their activism as artworks ("social practice" is the buzzword), Mr. Bradford does not regard Art+Practice as his art project.
Practice on Thursday began with some flag football on an outside field near the Lakers' practice facility in what Vogel called "therapeutic" Southern California sunshine.
Practice on Thursday began with some flag football on an outside field near the team's practice facility in what Vogel called "therapeutic" Southern California sunshine.
Requiring customers to sign arbitration clauses when signing up for financial products has become standard practice since a 2011 U.S. Supreme Court validated the practice.
Rather than having to abide by statutory code of practice, the industry successfully lobbied the government for a self-policed code of practice in 1994.
Adhering to a strict regimen of diet, exercise and practice — lots of practice — Ichiro produced 3,089 hits in his 18-year career in North America.
Although there is no regulator-mandated specific allocation practice or methodology, advisers should be certain that whatever practice they use rigorously follows their policies and procedures.
"I'm really trying to raise our standards in practice; I'm very hopeful that this may motivate him to utilize practice a little bit better," Pikiell said.
And there are some things which is best practice digital advertising, best practice communications which we're taking from the commercial world and are bringing into politics.
Dermatology Practice Before Dr. Lee became the viral sensation she is today, she was running her cosmetic dermatology practice out of her office in Upland, California.
She gives our assignments for the day, and we start practice....The morning practice ends around noon, then we do physical therapy if we need it.
And there are some things which is 'best practice' digital advertising, best practice communications which we're taking from the commercial world and are bringing into politics.
The practice of printmaking is labor-intensive, which is why, for most of our history, it has been seen as a practice primarily associated with men.
The idea was that one ought to cultivate and practice virtues for the sake of being virtuous, because the practice itself made you a better person.
He also admitted that he had rented a truck on October 22nd in practice -- to practice the turns he would make on his Halloween Day attack.
RB Donald Brown (hamstring) has now missed the last two weeks of practice, spending most workouts rehabbing with other injured players on a side practice field.
" Then he argued, "I am skeptical that this historical practice is capable of sustaining, as a constitutional matter, the contours of modern practice, for two reasons.
After 3,000 hours of direct practice, she could pass another exam and become a licensed clinical social worker, which would allow her to practice without supervision.
"Making sure we see something from all sides is something we practice as a family, and certainly something we practice as business owners also," Michael said.
On November 19, D.J. Fluker, also of the San Diego Chargers, suffered a concussion in practice, his third reported concussion in three seasons, all during practice.
She said, 'practice in the mirror, practice all of your poses, have 10 poses ready, know your angles,' and I did exactly that and it helped.
It's about the notion that a lot of us work hard and a lot of us "practice a lot," but deliberate practice is a different thing.
A typical customer for Doctorlink is a GP practice although increasingly GP Federations and other groupings are buying the product for more than one GP practice.
Three people with knowledge of the matter told the Post that the unusual practice continued after Trump's inauguration, although the Enquirer denies engaging in the practice.
If you guessed "double-wristing," the totally gratuitous but weirdly enduring practice of wearing two wristwatches at once, you're possibly guilty of the extraneous practice yourself.
Primary care can take many forms such as Adolescent Medicine, Family Practice, Geriatrics, General Practice, some Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, School Health as well as Women's Health.
Art history is not entirely a disinterested practice intended to reconstruct an image of the past, but has a bearing on artistic practice in the present.
A faith practice with an authoritarian structure sooner or later becomes a horror; a faith practice without an authoritarian structure sooner or later becomes a hobby.
In Ohio, a presidential swing state where the practice could have an even greater impact, the practice is said to be more aggressive than any other.
"John's arrival is a game-changer for our government affairs practice and the firm's clients," Kevin Kelly, co-leader of the practice, said in a statement.
Drivers conduct practice starts throughout practice sessions on Fridays and Saturdays before races, which allows engineers to refine the starts and tweak the technology, Ryan said.
If I could change time, I would like to practice outside Thailand, based somewhere else, so I can focus on my practice and stuff like that.
His father, a certified public accountant, is the chief financial officer of Houston Metro Urology, a group practice in Houston, and runs a private tax practice.
Its stars have been imported and occasionally seem eager to practice subversion, as Madonna and Beyoncé have; to practice an exuberant nothing, as Katy Perry has.
Instead of using the Sabres' practice facility in Buffalo and the Devils' practice facility in Newark, those teams are now based in suburban or exurban rinks.
Coach Doc Rivers said that Paul had "looked great" in practice Tuesday and that the only remaining hurdle was how comfortable Paul felt after another practice.
Here's where we should note a limitation of studying practice: Researchers typically ask athletes to recall their schedules and practice hours, and memories can be faulty.
The Korey Stringer Institute recommends no more than one practice per day in the first five days and no more than three hours of practice per day, with athletes wearing only a helmet, if appropriate, and no other extra equipment on day one and two of practice.
Dance Practice Following the release of a music video, a group will often release a YouTube video of them performing the choreography in their dance practice room.
S Tyrann Mathieu got a chance to watch an English rugby team practice since the Cardinals have been sharing the same practice fields this week in London.
At TechCrunch Takes Manhattan we'll also be hosting TC Include Pitch Practice for underrepresented founders, a Flash Pitch event, and TC Editorial Pitch Practice with Jon Shieber.
Mordaunt said a global push to end FGM would also help eliminate the harmful practice in Britain, which pledged £35 million in 2013 to end the practice.
At the University of Indianapolis, a new, intensive one-year MA program in Social Practice Art approaches the city as a studio for social practice and placemaking.
"You have to keep emphasizing it in practice, and that&aposs what we&aposve been doing so far this week in practice," defensive coordinator Joe Woods said.
"For me I've been here all four years and I've seen it with his work pregame, pre-practice, during practice, late night," Portland forward Meyers Leonard said.
The club signed defensive back Kenny Ladler from the practice squad to take Collins' spot on the roster and added punter Brock Miller to the practice squad.
"While I think NAFTA is ripe for modernization in labor practice, environmental practice and e-commerce, it also represents a boon to the U.S. economy," he said.
Religious liberty, as specified in the First Amendment, allows the free practice of religion — so long as the practice of that religion does no harm to others.
Dozens of states, which govern public school athletic programs, reduced practice-field contact, something advocated by Practice Like Pros, a group that promotes less contact in practices.
The bride, 36, is a senior practice associate in Washington at the National Association of Social Workers, where she specializes in health care practice and policy issues.
But the reality is that rote practice, by which I mean routine practice that keeps the focus on what comes harder for you, plays an important role.
One grounding method Ms. Torielli uses in practice is the "5, 4 , 3 , 2 , 1 method," which you can practice on your own or with a therapist.
It's 10,000 hours of deliberate practice, which is focused practice where you are actively figuring out what you are bad at and seeking to improve at it.
"We designed the school to address the practice world of 2030 — not the practice world of 1985," said Edward Farkas, Touro's vice dean and chairman of dentistry.
Additional investigations from Motherboard show the practice even extended to the collection and sale of more detailed 911 emergency location data, a practice forbidden by U.S. law.
The application is not concerned with the quality of applicants' practice; rather, it will focus on their dedication to that practice and their demonstrated need for space.
Defensive back Alex Brown was moved from the practice squad to the 53-man active roster, while wide receiver Gehrig Dieter was added to the practice squad.
Lewis put it even more succinctly when I visited CNS a week and a half later: "So we practice striking them, and they practice nuking us," he said.
According to RadioFreeEurope, officials have said that the practice is making the local power grid "unstable," and warned that people engaging in the practice could be cut off.
"Sometimes people who practice yoga can be very judgemental of what yoga looks like, who get to practice and who gets to define what yoga is," she explains.
Since then, at least 10 other institutions have established master's-level degree programs in social practice art (sometimes called community engagement, contextual practice or socially engaged art-making).
"The doctor was asking about when these reoccurring attacks happened, and maybe it was ironic but they would always happen either after practice or during practice," he said.
He puts them into practice, as when he flies first class but has his son fly economy, and he expects his children to put them into practice, too.
" In an emailed statement, Tesla said it is "aware of the filing of unfair labor practice allegations" but "believes the [unfair labor practice] allegations are entirely without merit.
If girls like Radhika continue to practice Chhaupadi or if they are forced to practice it by senior members of their family, will they report it to authorities?
"Self Portrait" and Whitten's figurative practice may be lesser known alongside his abstract work, but portraiture and the deeply personal ran through his practice from start to finish.
It's standard practice that the placenta should be delivered within thirty minutes of childbirth, said Dr. Alyse Kelly-Jones, an obstetrician-gynecologist in private practice in North Carolina.
"The practice of putting recipes on packaging has been a common practice of ours since the 1920s and maybe earlier," Cathy Swanson, cookbook editor for General Mills, says.
"He lost in the French to Stan last year, and I think the second practice at Wimbledon, I organized another practice with Stan because of that," Becker said.
Players on the team have sued U.S. Soccer, accusing the organization of "institutionalized gender discrimination" including inequity in pay, practice time, practice locations, medical treatment, coaching and travel.
Post-revolutionary law practice proved lucrative: In the 1780s, Marshall's practice boomed in Richmond, where he represented hundreds of Virginia debtors in their efforts to evade British creditors.
" As California Attorney General Xavier Becerra put it, "Everyone has the right to practice their religion but they don't have the right to practice it on someone else.
Practice manager, Governance Global Practice, World Bank Countries have evolved in a way that they try to take the best from the different models that they can find.
This is increasingly becoming standard practice with automatic voter registration, and blue states like Rhode Island, Washington, and New Jersey that have implemented AVR have followed this practice.
"Glad to see so many people for an O.T.A. practice," head coach Doug Pederson joked at a news conference at the Eagles' practice complex near Lincoln Financial Field.
We have a First Amendment, which makes us unique in the world, that guarantees people can practice whatever religious beliefs they want to practice, free of government oversight.
At issue: the possible hits he could take in the media for going to a Red Sox batting practice session but not going to a Mets batting practice.
While Louisiana isn't one of the five states that explicitly ban the practice of self-managing an abortion, other laws could still be used to criminalize the practice.
Her mother is the physician practice supervisor of podiatric medicine and surgery at UHS Podiatry, a group practice in Vestal, N.Y., that is part of United Health Services.
Last month, Utah's Republican governor issued a ban on the practice for minors after an effort to end the practice in the conservative state stalled in the legislature.
We all have the potential to practice something a lot, but what we don't all have is the drive and dedication to necessarily do that practice every day.
Despite optimism he could practice this week, Berry has yet to practice this year and missed the first two games with a "doubtful" designation on the injury report.
Philadelphia signed tight end Richard Rodgers, promoted wide receiver Deontay Burnett from the practice squad to the active roster, and signed wideout River Cracraft to the practice squad.
Virtual Reality Companies Are Changing How Athletes See Practice Amid growing concern about the physical toll of sports, virtual reality companies are helping athletes practice more — without contact.
In her own counseling practice, she acknowledges a client's own spiritual practice (or lack thereof), but she also educates people on the roots of what she is espousing.
What feeds into the impressive craftsmanship of the pieces is the practice of passing on family traditions, adding to the immaculate and well-studied aesthetic of the bamboo practice.
The post fueled the already intense outcry over the practice of separating children from illegal immigrant parents -- a practice President Trump moved to reverse Wednesday afternoon via executive order.
Following intense backlash over the practice, President Donald Trump signed an executive order on June 20 ending the practice for parents with kids, though the policy remains in place.
Going from practice to practice with her dad — who coached at a community college in California — the then four-year-old little girl felt the dugout was her home.
House Majority Whip shot at a GOP baseball practice in Virginia House Majority Whip shot at a GOP baseball practice in Virginia UPDATED: June 230, 211:215 p.m. Rep.
Button, who had not driven a Formula One car for more than six months until he stepped into the cockpit for Thursday practice, had been 12th in final practice.
But it's through cases such as this one, and the precedents that they set, that the practice of cryonics, or whatever seemingly futuristic practice is in contention, becomes normalized.
Behnam Dayanim is a partner in the Paul Hastings Washington, D.C., office, where he chairs the firm's advertising and promotions practice and co-chairs its privacy and cybersecurity practice.
HHS' standard practice has been to let those consumers to finish up later, but but the department hadn't said definitively until today whether that practice would continue this year.
"Investing for me is a practice and it's very important to me to think of it like a practice, just like yoga or meditation or practicing tennis," she says.
I combined the witches' suggestions to design my own queer sex magic practice: I built an altar using Chrome's advice and designed the practice using the witches' ritual suggestions.
During a practice in June, Allen tutored batters while Raju ran the larger practice; Raju's girlfriend, Tahhrin Shadid, the team manager, handed out water bottles in the sticky heat.
We even show users which words are the weakest, and provide a one-click "Practice Weak Skills" button, which automagically finds the skills you need to practice the most.
"I can't really replicate the situation no matter how much I do in practice, or if I make those shots 10 times out of 10 in practice," she said.
" J.B. HEATON, ATTORNEY AND CONSULTANT ON LITIGATION AND REGULATORY PROCEEDINGS, INDEPENDENT PRACTICE, CHICAGO: "In 18 years of legal practice, I've never heard a judge say you should not appeal.
In this analysis, the researchers linked this group of doctors to another database, the Medicare Data on Provider Practice and Specialty, which contains information on practice location and type.
As you get comfortable with this practice, you can work for longer periods of time, but as with any meditation practice, short bursts can feel more comfortable at first.
The disappearance of private practice doctors is the most troubling development of all for many of us who know that private practice doctors are basically small businessmen and women.
For their doctor, converting his practice has meant being able to provide more personalized care to about 500 patients — about a quarter of the size of his old practice.
Nyzavia and Justice usually spend the night with Nyzavia's grandmother in Brownsville after practice on Mondays, and on Fridays so Nyzavia and Justice can make practice on Saturday mornings.
Amy Greer and Jennifer Klass, both from Morgan Lewis, will co-chair a new financial regulation and enforcement practice group, a subset of the litigation and government enforcement practice.
" And it described the firm's "strategic alliance" with Mr. Cohen as "in keeping with our posture as a global multi-practice law firm with a premier Public Policy practice.
Although the practice of culling zoo animals—euthanizing them for reasons of population control—is not restricted to Denmark, the practice elsewhere tends to be hidden, if not denied.
The kit itself is a pale pink box big enough for all the practice materials (each practice separated into its own canvas bag) and a card explaining each step.
The Cardinals signed punter Ryan Winslow to the practice squad after three-time Pro Bowler Andy Lee sustained a hip flexor injury last week and did not practice Wednesday.
China's practice of requiring technology transfer as a condition of doing business is fundamentally different than outright IP theft, and it's not an uncommon practice in less-developed nations.
When the Ministry of Health banned the practice, the Indonesian Council of Ulema (MUI) criticized the central government, arguing that Islamic practice recommended female circumcision for all Muslim girls.
The OSC's letter is -- in practice -- a recommendation.
" - Jess, 230 "Practice making eye contact with people.
" - Ana, 28 "It's always practice. Every. Single. Time.
" - Brett, 225 "With a guy friend, for practice.
Meetings — and a congressional baseball practice — were missed.
" In response to Comey suggesting he faced "two doors" — "speak" and "conceal" — the inspector general's report countered that the doors were actually "follow policy/practice" and "depart from policy/practice.
They're not just about LGBTQ issues or discrimination, but rather about the extent to which free practice of religion includes, by necessity, practice of that religion in the public sphere.
Since Congress had never objected to the practice, the argument ran, Congress must have thought the delays didn't constitute the faithless execution of the law; its acquiescence blessed the practice.
The 22016-foot-3, 305-pound Liedtke has been on Tampa Bay's practice squad this season after spending the final six weeks of the 2016 season on the practice squad.
What they fail to realize is that secularism defies human rights; where it liberates one from forced religious practice, it oppresses the other that chooses to freely practice their religion.
By contrast, Practice Like Pros advises zero contact football until age 14, and just 30 minutes of full-contact practice a week at the high school level during summer camps.
But the Labor Ministry insists the illegal practice of debt bondage isn't flourishing in the kilns as LICADHO claims; in fact, the Ministry says the practice doesn't exist at all.
Heather White is a partner specializing in public sector employment litigation at the Federal Practice Group in Washington, D.C. Paige McKinsey is a legal assistant at the Federal Practice Group.
The sad fact is that lying has become a regular and entrenched practice when police misconduct occurs, and disciplining or firing officers for engaging in that practice has rarely happened.
"It's a bigger issue than just the legal industry," says Jeffrey Lowe, global practice leader of Major, Lindsey & Africa's law firm practice and author of the study on law compensation.
The team's 28 players sued U.S. Soccer earlier this year, accusing the organization of "institutionalized gender discrimination" including inequity in pay, practice time, practice locations, medical treatment, coaching and travel.
In March, they filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Soccer Federation, accusing it of "institutionalized gender discrimination" including inequity in pay, practice time, practice locations, medical treatment, coaching and travel.
But if that practice were to come up against a serious legal test — or if the practice became more widespread — lawyers say it would likely run into huge legal hurdles.
"I gradually started also using the focus and relaxation music to help me prepare and get in the zone for practice and then wind down from practice," Smith told Motherboard.
Sometimes, Ellie and her fellow board members would come to watch practice, and the story goes that one day they opened up practice to the public—but only to women.
The bride's parents are partners in Denver law firms, her father in the construction law practice at Moye White and her mother in the corporate practice group at Holland & Hart.
"Today looked like pitching practice, not batting practice," said Reggie Jackson, a special adviser who watched from the first-base dugout with General Manager Brian Cashman and other team officials.
"I feel like we've learned together so much here, I wouldn't expect a nugget of information I don't know to come out during practice," Rose said after a practice round.
Medical Accuracy: 4/10 Entertainment Value: 7/10 ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" spin-off "Private Practice" follows Dr. Addison Montgomery as she relocates to Los Angeles and joins a private practice.
If you want to find some time to practice mindfulness, Goals would ask how often you need to practice and what times work best before customising your calendar for you.
The curriculum uses our 1,000-plus prompts, our new mentor-text guided practice series and our many contests to frame a whole school year of writing practice, learning and publishing.
" These first anti-abortion laws were aimed at "the commercialization of the practice," the historian MacIvor Thompson told me by email, "and not so much the practice of abortion itself.
Apple is facing questions from a top Republican senator about its practice of slowing down older iPhones with aging batteries after stirring controversy last month when it revealed the practice.
The groom's mother, who is retired, was a family-practice physician and the acting chairwoman for family practice and community medicine at the Catholic Medical Center of Brooklyn and Queens.
The instinct to distance oneself from emotions with irony is not always useful or constructive, and to engage with emotions — to practice empathy — is not always to practice banal sentimentality.
A meta-analysis in Perspectives in Psychological Science looked at 33 studies on the relationship between deliberate practice and athletic achievement and found that practice just doesn't matter that much.
As soon as I became licensed to practice psychology I devoted my practice to helping homeless veterans and now veterans in need of job training and employment as well as housing.
The first, of course, was Private Practice, which followed Dr. Addison Montgomery Shepherd — McDreamy's ex-wife — after her move from working in Seattle Grace to a private practice in Los Angeles.
That would entail a new law to make the practice, known as "caixa dois," a crime but which would prevent retroactive punishment, effectively pardoning anyone guilty of the practice to date.
Code-switching is a universally understood practice, and although Riley is an innovator for delving into its connection to actual systems of oppression, the practice is referenced quite a bit onscreen.
This obvious truth dawns on him when he sees all the babies Mindy's fertility practice has brought into the world; a practice that is facing closure due to plot-moving reasons.
"The practice is a totally legal practice, however, it's something, the name, greenmailer, is not a very pretty word," Trump said, according to a transcript of the hearing that CNN obtained.
But it all starts with practice: "Figure out which is the easiest way for you to say no and practice in low-stake situations when it's not as hard," Pong suggested.
It's definitely unfair to blame those executives for the slew of consolation prize events like Practice—that is, watching hungover NBA All-Stars practice—and, for some reason, a Sting concert.
"Does that international practice, that U.N. recommendation, that historical practice in the United States, affect how we should look at the inclusion of a citizenship question in this case?" he asked.
"In 2007, FBI policies did not prohibit the practice of agents impersonating journalists, nor was there any requirement that agents seek special approval to engage in such practice," the watchdog concluded.
"The people and institutions that are mandated to change the oppressive social practice at least by enforcing the law of the land remain prisoners of the same practice," the study concluded.
"Von did not miss a football practice this year unless I sat him down during training camp, make him take a rest day, he did not miss a practice," Kubiak said.
Yes. My father was a gastroenterologist, so between his practice and my medical training, I was only familiar with physicians who worked in clinical practice, did research or trained other physicians.
"If your results are too good in practice, the practice is probably too easy, and you're not learning something new," said Albert, who joined the Cardinals as hitting coach last winter.
The practice of seizing assets, known as civil asset forfeiture, has become more prevalent under Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a practice that has drawn criticism from the left and the right.
The problem has more to do with the name of the practice, which practically begs to be misconstrued, and with the claim that the practice represents an ideal long-term strategy.
ESPN talked to multiple people who described the practice and what happened to McNair, who is said to have experienced a seizure about 45 minutes into the practice — approximately 5 p.m.
President Donald Trump on Friday condemned the practice of separating children from their parents at the border and reiterated an incorrect assertion that the Democrats are to blame for the practice.
Tactica advocated for soldiers to use sticks to practice swordsmanship and longer poles for the spear, and suggests war games where themes would divide into teams and practice fighting each other.
Allen & Overy's global leveraged finance practice comprises 50 partners.
Moral of the Story ... don't be late to practice.
" He said the practice is "clearly unfair and anticompetitive.
Smith … but in practice, the doctrine is fairly workable.
He's also an engineer by training — and by practice.
Jermaine Eluemunor — promoted from the practice squad on Oct.
" He called Kaveladze the "poster child of this practice.
It is about practice — hours and hours and hours.
Making movies, making art — the practice of making something.
Green said the Knicks should end the practice — immediately.
Huskies get their practice on before the big event.    
But the practice is older than that — way older.
So practice caution — your life may depend on it.

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