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"better" Definitions
  1. of a higher standard or less poor quality; not as bad as something else
  2. more suitable or appropriate
  3. more able; showing more skill
  4. less ill or unhappy
  5. fully recovered after an illness; in good health again

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"better" Synonyms
superior finer higher quality a cut above ahead of the field ahead of the pack better-quality head and shoulders above in a different class of higher quality one step ahead preferable fitter streets ahead bigger worthier greater larger recommended preferential improved sounder surpassing bettered bolstered up corrected fixed up reorganised(UK) reorganized(US) repaired more appropriate more capable more effective more fitting more productive more suitable more useful more workable more advantageous more effectual healthier recovering healed improving looking up making progress recovered well convalescent mending progressing recuperating restored cured fully recovered in good health less ill on the comeback trail on the mend nicer fairer happier timelier better-timed benigner brighter friendlier kinder kindlier pleasanter more favorable more opportune more agreeable more amicable more complimentary more constructive more welcoming more benevolent more commendable shrewder smarter wiser better-informed astuter sharper craftier keener sager slier cleverer saner warier wilier more sensible more informed more insightful more judicious more perceptive whole healthy fine fit strong wholesome fresh normal vigorous hale right good refreshed ok rehabilitated sound active higher higher-quality noteworthier praiseworthier sublimer superber eliter excellenter more exceptional more outstanding more exemplary more admirable more impeccable more unparalleled more flawless more incomparable more stellar more top-notch upgraded advanced augmented enhanced evolved modernised(UK) modernized(US) perfected revised ameliorated developed enriched refined reformed remodelled(UK) remodeled(US) preferred favoured(UK) advantageous excellent choice best chosen desirable favored(US) predilect of choice more desirable more advisable more eligible privileged special partial biased discriminatory favorable(US) favourite(UK) favorite(US) favourable(UK) VIP red-carpet no-expense-spared dominant commanding grander more boss cooler largest leading most outstanding preeminent super superlative terrific greatest biggest purer loftier lordlier prouder wholesomer honester more righteous more virtuous more ethical more moral more honorable more honourable more noble more principled more upright more moralistic more guiltless more favourable more glowing more positive more adulatory more approving more flattering more appreciative more commendatory more admiring more approbatory more laudatory more rapturous more encomiastical unparalleled supreme unrivaled(US) unrivalled(UK) incomparable peerless matchless unsurpassed unequaled(US) unequalled(UK) exceptional consummate unmatched inimitable transcendent extraordinary timesaving effective streamlined efficient quick methodical systematic structured logical coherent systematized(US) productive economic economical resourceful laborsaving orderly saving optimised(UK) senior top chief ranking high-ranking higher-ranking highest-ranking high-status high-level higher ranking executive level senior-level senior management level grand prominent eminent to a greater degree in a finer way more thoroughly to a higher standard more ably more adeptly more competently more effectively in a superior way more advantageously more completely more dexterously more attractively more efficiently more expertly more proficiently more skillfully more astutely more discerningly more intelligently more judiciously more prudently more resourcefully more shrewdly more wisely more carefully more fittingly more knowledgeably more rationally more sagely more sensibly more suitably more aptly more capably more cleverly more intelligibly advantageously wisely appropriately aptly astutely discerningly fittingly judiciously logically properly prudently rationally sensibly smartly improve upgrade progress raise strengthen ameliorate brush up build on elevate enhance lift mend promote rectify advance amend augment change for the better correct excel beat exceed outshine surpass cap eclipse outdo trump outperform outrank trounce defeat improve on improve upon outclass outstrip prevail over had better will want to be sure to have to must ought to will want to got to have got to have no choice but to need to should had best have a duty to want to be forced to be bound to be under an obligation to be required to be obliged to be compelled to fix remedy repair resolve settle reform redress revise adjust square emend cure debug increase enlarge increment boost build further multiply add expand extend proliferate amplify double heighten maximise(UK) edify enlighten educate instruct teach school train coach indoctrinate tutor inform guide illuminate inculcate develop cultivate nurture illume uplift benefit aid assist advantage contribute to favor(US) favour(UK) profit serve help foster relieve touch match equal parallel rival approach compare with come close to come near come up to get close to compete with get near measure up against measure up to measure up with amount to be a match for be in the same class as evolve unfold grow mature change elaborate move push unroll alter drive emerge metamorphose leader elder higher-up head master ruler high-up director manager supervisor superintendent administrator controller chieftain brass CEO ascendancy edge upper hand break control dominance domination dominion foothold jump lead leg up leg-up leverage superiority supremacy drop gain high ground bettor punter wagerer gambler gamester speculator backer plunger staker player spieler bookie highroller bookmaker dicer crapshooter cardsharp risktaker numbers runner high roller first-class first-rate high class superior to much better than streets ahead of way ahead of the field way ahead of the pack More
"better" Antonyms
inferior worse lesser poorer shoddier poorer-quality lousier badder less advanced less brilliant less exceptional less notable less noteworthy less prominent less remarkable less sophisticated less special smaller tinier of poorer quality weaker feebler lamer less effective less effectual less efficacious uselesser less efficient more futile more hopeless more inadequate more ineffective more ineffectual more inefficient more inept more unworkable more counterproductive more dysfunctional more fruitless more impotent iller sicker unhealthy queasier unhealthier woozier infirmer less healthy rottener more ill more unwell more unhealthy more indisposed more laid up more off-color more out of sorts more afflicted more bummed more nauseous harsher tardier unfriendlier adverser less agreeable less amicable less complimentary less welcoming more antagonistic more disadvantageous more disparaging more hostile more inopportune more negative more objectionable more regrettable more unfortunate more untimely more untoward laxer hastier less sensible less thoughtful poorer-informed rasher less discerning less educated less informed less judicious less prudent less rational recklesser less enlightened less experienced less insightful less knowledgeable looser sillier sloppier ill crook sick unwell infirm lousy sickly queasy queazy squeamish bedridden funny indisposed queerish feverish ailing debilitated queer poorly lower cruder shabbier direr meagerer meagrer more mediocre more unsatisfactory more defective more deficient more ordinary more substandard more unacceptable more abysmal backward nonprogressive primitive unprogressive low outdated underdeveloped undeveloped rudimentary unsophisticated worsened antiquated old-fashioned undesirable poor average fair bad ineligible mediocre second-rate disadvantageous viler ignobler dastardlier more amoral more immoral more unethical more degenerate more depraved more dishonorable more ignominious more unprincipled more unscrupulous more contemptible more corrupt more debauched more decadent more devious more dissolute more nefarious more abandoned more unfavourable more unfavorable more disagreeable dropped impaired lost missed least fewest lowest smallest littlest minimum barest bottom minimal tiniest feeblest infinitesimal least possible meagerest meagrest meanest merest min minutest poorest obscure unknown ordinary regular typical familiar generic humble insignificant normal plain standard anonymous customary general inconsequential inconsiderable to a lesser degree in an inferior way to a poorer degree less ably less adeptly less advantageously less competently less effectively less efficiently less expertly less proficiently less skillfully less thoroughly less astutely less judiciously less prudently less wisely more carelessly more irresponsibly less discerningly more foolishly more imprudently more rashly less to a lesser extent to a lower degree to a lower extent to a smaller degree to a smaller extent worst foolishly imprudently inadequately inappropriately incompetently incorrectly ineffectively ineptly unsatisfactorily awkwardly badly blunderingly carelessly clumsily crudely defectively erringly erroneously worsen deteriorate fall behind get worse degrade decline diminish wane become worse decrease go downhill reduce regress degenerate depreciate depress devaluate drop dwindle lose admit defeat fail cede concede fold follow give in give up surrender waive yield be inferior help subceed aid fall short lay out underperform break corrupt damage destroy harm hurt injure ruin upset impair mar aggravate spoil neglect stop ignore maintain remain be inferior to not be as good as be worse than trail drop back drop behind fall back fall off lag lose ground trail behind lag behind straggle drift from fall back from linger behind stray from lose ground to be behind discourage downsize lessen weaken abridge curtail decrement abate cease retrench shorten shrink compress condense contract learn obfuscate lose to be defeated by be beaten by fall to go down to suffer defeat against yield to succumb to submit to give up to forfeit to fail to capitulate to be overcome by bend to be conquered by surrender to fail against take a beating against take a licking against disimprove hinder recede compromise debase minimise(UK) minimize(US) undermine curb retrogress stunt devolve retrograde arrest impede inhibit mitigate repress restrict fade fall taper remit sink stall destabilise(UK) destabilize(US) idle plummet exacerbate compound magnify increase make worse leave it leave it as is leave it as it is brutalise(UK) brutalize(US) lead head distance pass outdo top trump outrun outpace outdistance front precede outstrip be in front of be in the lead of break away from put a distance between separate oneself from spearhead be ahead of alleviate moderate limit quell downgrade succumb capitulate go down be beaten be defeated drop a bundle take a beating junior assistant deputy lackey minion peon scrub second fiddle second stringer subordinate underling follower employee worker disadvantage handicap setback detriment drawback shortcoming weakness difficulty downside inconvenience hurdle obstacle crimp disability disparity hindrance hitch impediment imbalance impairment liability minus penalty strike block blockage debt disapproval disfavor(US) disfavour(UK) impotence incapacity inefficiency

985 Sentences With "better"

How to use better in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "better" and check conjugation/comparative form for "better". Mastering all the usages of "better" from sentence examples published by news publications.

All year, we have watched the defensive numbers get better and better and better and better and better.
That we have a better deal, better jobs, better pay, better future.
And we're getting better and better and better and better at doing that.
It's led to better friendships, better romance, better jobs, and, honestly, much better sex.
They sound better, drive better, look better and feel better than 95% of cars.
I gotta manage better, we gotta coach better, we gotta play better, we gotta hit better, we gotta pitch better. Simple.
"While Republicans attack seniors' health care, Democrats will offer A Better Deal — better jobs, better wages, better future, better Medicare, better health care for all Americans," Pelosi said.
There was always something better I could be doing: a better rave with bigger DJs, a better party with more drugs, a better circle to hang out in, a better flat, better income, better life.
It couldn't have happened to a better person, a better player, better teammate and better leader.
I'm ready to be a better mom, a better wife, a better mother, a better sister.
Then they get better and they get better and better.
It makes me want to be a better person, a better husband, a better father, a better everything.
Self-driving cars need better roads, better lane markings, better traffic-light timing, and better maintenance to behave predictably.
The other is to create new wealth; manufacture better goods, offer better services, design better hardware, write better software.
Let's try to find better stories, let's edit them better, let's find better art, let's put it together better.
It's a better app, it's a better product, it's better matching.
Parents want better coaching, parents want better facilities and better services.
The lower-priced phones are getting better and better and better.
It tells manufacturers, you gotta get better and better and better.
You could possibly ensure better cars, better service and better pricing.
This leads to better communication, better work, and a better workplace.
"Better, better, better," David Diaz-Infante, the assistant line coach, said.
Better hearing is better for you and better for your mind.
It is better than Picasso, better than Dali, better than Giacometti.
Then I discovered that not only was he a better philosopher than me; he was a better singer, a better dancer, a better tennis player, a better pianist.
Our Democratic Party recently unveiled the Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future platform with an economic focused message.
I'm not comfortable getting better and better and better at one thing.
It's better than any metal, better than silver, certainly better than copper.
"I've become a better person, better mom and a better human being."
We are better equipped, better prepared and organized and have better laws.
Harris got "a better crowd — better crowd, better enthusiasm," the president added.
"And they will just have to get better and better and better."
In other words, better, stronger candidates do better by doing better everywhere.
Lightweight wheels make the car ride better, handle better and turn better.
We've got a better brand, we've got better technology, better network, etc.
It drives better, looks better and feels better inside than its competitors.
Some, according to him, suggested active managers offer better active strategies, some better track records, some better business models, better value propositions, and some even better use of technology.
Do you walk away better educated, better informed, and better equipped to make better decisions because of the content we're providing?
But that doesn't stop her from telling us how to eat better, work out better, bathe better, and even yawn better.
Now, Podo comes a-knocking with an even better deal: Better connectivity, better sensors, better lens, and half the price. Yowzers!
It's a choice about who is better to lead our country right now: better for our economy, better for our security, better for our freedom, and better for our future.
And then his hitting has always been getting better and better and better.
He's surrounded by better talent, with a better coach and a better system.
Hope for better days, better outcomes, and, perhaps most of all, better leaders.
Better for its own people, better for the region, and better for peace.
Its benefits are well-documented and noteworthy: better health, better care, better access.
France passed better and shot better, crossed better and tackled better, all of which added up to a comprehensive blowout, 256-22004.
I want to use this as motivation to become a better person, a better son, a better friend, and a better citizen.
" The Democratic Party is planning to unveil a new agenda which includes the slogan, "A Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future," and Schumer vows that it's an expression "that everyone will use — a better deal for workers, a better deal for women, a better deal for prescription-drug buyers.
But I also wanted better: better opinions, a better connection with the American cultural experience, a better awareness of current and future trends.
We believe that cooperation is better than conflict, unity is better division, empowerment is better than resentment and bridges are better than walls.
He better not be … dead," and, "He better live, I swear, he better live.
"I'm a better person, a better mom, a better human being," the author says.
Energy poverty stands in the way of better health, better education, and better jobs.
I can be better, you can be better, and we can be better together.
Obviously, I can play better and want to play better and will play better.
In other words, better command by Harvey, better delivery, a little bit better velocity.
You do deserve better, and if better isn't around you, you find that better.
We should be using that to make a better and better and better experience.
I think the idea is that we set better cultural norms, better processes, better policies, better organizational structures when women are in the room.
Plepler admitted at a town hall that "more isn't better, only better is better — but we need a lot more to be even better."
" The interview came as the Democrats' unveiled their new slogan for the 2018 midterm elections: "A Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future.
That is why our country will not get better until our people feel better; and they will not feel better until they do better.
McNamara hoped that a stint in the military would make New Standards men better husbands, better fathers and better breadwinners, and thus better citizens.
The Klipsch's have comparable sound, but better cables, better ear tips, and better overall design.
A better anchorman and a better person would've had a better reaction to technical difficulties.
The recordings had benefits, he said, such as better sleep, better meditation and better sex.
"We should have done better, we can do better and will do better," he said.
It makes me want to be a better father, a better husband, a better person.
They do better psychologically, they do better emotionally, they do better professionally and in school.
"More is not better, only better is better," Plepler told CNBC's "Power Lunch" on Tuesday.
I love watching (Porzingis) play, and he's going to get better and better and better.
I think the songs were better, the lyrics were better, my singing was certainly better.
There is no better race, there is no better gender, there is no better anything.
We're also generally interested in how to reason better, predict better, and make better decisions.
It's better for companies, it's better for people, an open world is-, is always better.
It is simple, and unlike a "Better Deal," which in an earlier iteration was, "A Better Deal: Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages," it doesn't have the same cadence as the Papa John's slogan.
And so although it starts in a very dark place, the whole rest of the book, things get better and better and better and better.
Amazing entrepreneurs, as well as established companies, are creating solutions that implement better anomaly detection, better network segregation, better user identification and better leakage prevention.
Like if you keep on working and keep on practicing, all you gonna do is keep on getting better, and better, and better, and better.
" He added that he felt he "can be a better father, a better husband, a better son, and most of all a better human being.
I've switched that now that you're here to more isn't better, only better is better, but we need a lot more to be even better.
You guys make me want to be a better songwriter, a better performer, a better entertainer.
Trying to be better at writing songs, be better at playing guitar, be better at singing.
They are better connected, better funded and have better name ID than their long-shot challengers.
So, for six weeks, my color perception gets better, better, better, then the effect levels off.
He got better with his body, got better with his game, got better with his intelligence.
Yes, he and his colleagues have the benefit of better tools, better machines and better communication.
"We have played better, we can play better, we will have to play better," he said.
"We need better data and better models, but we also need better preparation," Mr. Moritz said.
I've been in there with better wrestlers, better strikers and better submission guys than Will Brooks.
No matter how much money you have, you're interested in living better, looking better, traveling better.
SB: Well it makes things better, it makes your world better, it makes the show better.
"We believe that cooperation is better than conflict, unity is better than division, empowerment is better than resentment, and bridges are better than walls," Clinton said.
And so if I can give my money to a place that does better investing ... it creates a better world, a better environment, a better future.
"That's why more women should step up and run… People deserve better, and we want better, and we can have better if we have better leaders."
The books I read as a teenager, sex and all, made me a better boy and then a better man, just as literature continues to make me a better husband, a better father, a better feminist.
These are good values and good policy to have, to help bring better prospects, better future, better health, better well-being, (eradicate) poverty and all these things.
The notion that we can't afford better schools, better roads, better health care and a better shot at the American dream isn't outdated, it's flat out wrong.
" Borders said: "This is a business, and you need better TV ratings, better attendance and better merchandising.
They've gotten more premium, they've gotten a better design and better performance, better battery life and everything.
And defeat them next time with a better message, with a better candidate, with a better idea.
They pitched better than us, they hit better than us, and they played defense better than us.
"We're not going to stop looking for better body armor, better situation awareness, better lethality," he said.
"The plan gets better and better and better and it's gotten really, really good," Trump said Thursday.
"The plan gets better and better and better, and it has gotten really, really good," he said.
I always strive to be a better coach, a better father and husband, and a better person.
Ever since then, he's continued to make himself a better fighter, a better person, a better athlete.
Now I'm 94, and I sing better every day, I understand things better, I'm better with people.
"It's a huge time savings and you get better and better and better the more you apply."
That's expected, that everyone is going to come out with a better version, better range, better batteries.
And I know that we're doing better, we're getting better, we're recognizing that we must get better.
My voice has gotten better, all of the gear sounds better, the other guys are playing better.
On average historically, whites and Asians do better than blacks and Hispanics on the SAT; wealthier children do better than poorer ones; and boys do better than girls — slightly better in verbal skills and considerably better in math.
Extend that to the real world and you'll recognize the potential for AI to teach us to be better drivers, better teachers, better writers and overall better people.
And the title of the agenda -- "Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future" -- invokes memory of the post-depression New Deal launched by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
And what I learned is going to make me a better entrepreneur, a better investor in "Shark Tank," it's going to make me a better person, a better.
Rather, Mayor Pete took the opportunity to make that case that he's a better Pence than Pence is: a better Christian, a better family member, a better man.
"We should have done better, we can do better and we will do better," Lew said on Twitter.
It's probably the wiser way to go to get your cholesterol better, your health better, your energy better.
But today, Amazon announced a new, redesigned Echo that makes Alexa sound better, work better, and look better.
On the bank's index, Bangladesh does better than India, Vietnam better than Malaysia, and Britain better than France.
If you know what people want, you can use that to create better content, better marketing, better messaging.
The new Echo Dot looks better, works better, and, most importantly, sounds much better than the prior model.
"   He continued, gushing, "but their comedy has gotten better and better and better — and especially the physical comedy.
Their diabetes didn't get better; their high blood pressure didn't get better; their mental health did get better.
Brown said he would fight for "better tax and trade policies," better health care and better consumer protections.
But the Sony WF-1000XM3 earbuds sound better, are better at noise-canceling, and have better battery life.
But I can promise you that when I'm President, we will prepare better, respond better, and recover better.
He will tell you that his feels better, fits better and wears better; he will not be wrong.
"Their nose is better, their pursuit is better, their drive is better," Mr. Guzman said of the breeds.
I think we're going to get lots of better technologies, especially better transportation tech, thanks to better batteries.
When you get on a show that rewards truth and honesty, you get better and better and better.
Fashion was replaced by a new artistic mission: "How can I be a better friend, a better sister, a better daughter and be better to other women?" she said.
I just think she is consistently, show after show and year after year, gets better and better and better.
It might pay better, it might have better benefits, it might look better on a resume and on paper.
"Better data will make for better decisions and better lives," said Luc Christiaensen, lead economist at the World Bank.
Competitors may be able to build a better smartphone, or better laptop, or better augmented reality device than Apple.
It makes us operate better, it's a better environment for the company, it's a better environment for the consumer.
Once the arrangements were made, I quickly found a better-paying bartender gig with better hours and better management.
He made us better presidents just as he made the Senate better, just as he makes this country better.
They are the premium devices in the lineup, with a better display, better cameras and better material (stainless steel).
Matt is correct, I do think the Charknado is a better overall football player: quicker, better acceleration, better hands.
When everyone pays their fair share, we can afford better schools, better health care, and better opportunities for all.
That's something that over time we do believe new technology will make it better and better and better. Right.
He made us better presidents, just as he made the Senate better, just as he made this country better.
From there, imagine better predictive models that will in turn allow better and earlier diagnoses, and eventually better treatments.
We encourage anything that is going to help our guys become better people, because better people make better players.
Better planning would be better than worse planning any time, of course (that's why they call it "better"), but the need for better planning is particularly urgent at the moment.
The plan -- "A Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future" -- is a three-pronged approach that focuses on improving wages, lowering costs of everyday expenses and boosting job-training opportunities.
Anybody with a better remedy?" he spits, "Boy Better Know that there's no better boy than Double S and JME.
Which means, if you want to create a value, you have to always try to be better, better and better.
"In 2013 we had better dynamics for the industry, better prices for oil and gas and better conditions," Chbat said.
"All these other (cities) have better proximity, have better density and have better collaborative feedback loops," said financial analyst Satchu.
He's gonna even be better, but right now he better learn to box and he better get a good manager.
"We started over and created a canned tuna that tastes better, looks better and is better for you," Wittenberg said.
They are just going to look better on the Scorpio, with a better framerate, less tearing and better loading times.
And growing up, I learned that extroverts were better; well, not necessarily better people, but better friends, bosses, and partners.
That's better than the iPhone XS Max, better than the Samsung Note 9, better than the company's own P20 Pro.
Better individuals make a better nation, and when we aspire to improve ourselves, we're also dreaming of a better America.
"Dillon is playing defense better, his body looks better, he is more confident and his shot is better," Cook said.
Some of us just dress better, or had a better education, or better luck in the gene pool of parents.
Dora Maar had better eyes than Ada, but Ada had a better neck and shoulders, and a much better body.
"Why now, when the country is getting better, the economy is getting better, and tourism is getting better?" he said.
People feel better, they look better, and they perform better in all aspects of their lives when they exercise regularly.
"But I can promise you this: When I am president, we will be better prepared, respond better, and recover better."
I feel better, I look better … I feel good.
I think there's better ... I think that Cyberark's better.
I also generally feel better — but not radically better.
It'll make them better listeners — and better daters, too.
America We can do better – we will be better!!
Ultimately, better data means better predictions — and happier customers.
It's far better now — not perfect, but much better.
SATURDAY PUZZLE — There's nothing better than feeling better, people!
Deploying autonomous technologies on the road safely requires overcoming a tremendous number of challenges and will require better perception of the vehicle's surroundings, better maps, better processing capabilities and better decision making.
President Trump would do better to put his money where his mouth is and offer a better alternative — scaling up Power Africa with better terms and better outcomes than those on offer.
"Whatever [Daisy Duke] did, she could shoot better, drive better, do everything better than a guy," she explained at the time.
I'm going to try to be a better guy, a better man, better husband ... I'm glad I'm back on the field.
Donnie Darko is better when you're drunk, better when you're sleep-deprived, better when you're emotionally fragile or racked with anxiety.
"I do feel like a better man, a better partner and friend and better at my job than I ever was."
"The environment is better [in Mainland China], there's a better space, and better service than in Hong Kong," Alex Chan said.
You can buy any number of more powerful phones with better hardware, better screens, and a better camera for that price.
Yes. But did I become a better person and a better gymnast and a better all-around individual because of them?
I'm better than journalism, better than my colleagues, and better than the person I was at the beginning of the week.
"Better Call Saul" is telling a smaller story, yet — for better and less-better — it feels like it just got started.
"Thanks to this cocktail of better chips, better processing, better sensor and ever-improving algorithms, the future belongs to computational photography."
Progress on this front will make for better medicine, better crops, and better production of proteins we need for industrial processes.
But Huawei says that you can expect improvements across the board when it comes to image processing — better HDR processing, better night mode, better hardware and software image stabilization, better portrait photography, etc.
In theory, farming should work better with better pain relief.
"And things will get better when we make them better."
BRET BAIER, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: It gets better and better.
He wanted to better the streets and better this country.
The better it looks potentially for a deal, the better.
I want to be [a] better man, a better ally.
Can you get a better home webcam with better software?
Maybe if they understood it better, they'd handle it better.
Relatedly, volunteering is key to feeling better and living better.
"The energy was better, the communication was better," Paul said.
And that means better technology, better plans and equipment, modernization.
The technology gets better and better with every passing year.
Over time, the satellite images, it gets better and better.
"We need to play better and coach better," Holtmann said.
And you'll see the Apple Watch getting better and better.
He got better and better as the season went on.
Women do better -- much better -- when Democrats control the presidency.
So, so that is advancing and getting better and better.
Sanders does better in caucuses; Clinton does better in primaries.
Successful appeals ensure that our systems get better and better.
Because if I don't know better, I can't do better.
"We started taking better swings at better pitches," Lucroy said.
And I think he's gotten better and better at it.
"Being a better customer will get you better customer service!"
Over time, the devices themselves will get better and better.
Hopefully this leads to better behavior and better workplace practices.
Maybe monthly's better ... For this category, monthly probably is better.
"It's getting better and better," Froome said at the finish.
It's better for him and it's better for the kids.
HoloLens isn't much better in this department, but it's better.
I'm trying to become a better person, a better man.
Senator Booker is better than that, and he knows better.
They're quicker and thinner, with better screens and better cameras.
Ideally you get better and better at what you do.
You start transcending every day, life gets better and better.
It just got better and better and it still does.
We got better and better as the game wore on.
And when we serve customers better, [we] serve shareholders better.
I feel he's going to keep getting better and better.
I sang on better mics, I learned my voice better.
That's much better suited to things better shown than described.
It didn't get better quickly, but it did get better.
Third: better stationery or at least a better stationery supplier.
He's my better half, but also a better human being.
The better prepared you are for this conversation, the better.
No. Criminals have gotten better and better at designing spam.
It better be good, and it better come soon. Yikes!
So you better be radical, and you better hate everyone.
PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well they're better than, much better than Obama.
More hope for a better world and a better future.
But I think-- the world has gotten better and better.
And when businesses do better, the economy does better, too.
And it is better – significantly better – than the current code.
"It's gotten better and better over the years," he said.
Patients, of course, want better medicines, better procedures — and hope.
And if you get better servers, you get better service.
We will have better parenting experiences, sleep better at night.
If you don't know better, nobody's gonna tell you better.
When you get older you know better, you do better.
I'm better one on one; she's better in a crowd.
I understand myself better, and I understand the snow better.
"Every day gets a little better and better," she said.
They've been getting better and better as they've gone along.
It is better than straight grief, better than straight sentiment.
You have better health outcomes, you have better education outcomes.
I feel like he's continued to get better and better.
It's not only better for individuals, it's better for companies.
Can it make us better learners and better human beings?
Better meditation generally leads to better sleep, and vice versa.
The ball pressure was better and our protection was better.
"The International team is getting better and better," he said.
I went to better schools, I went to better everything.
The better your credit score, the better rate you'll get.
There are better looking, better driving and more comfortable options.
And its camera quality continues to get better and better.
People like you more, relationships go better, life goes better.
Usually later in the tournament everything goes better and better.
"Better quality makes for better returns," said Clark, the grower.
"Because that sentiment got better, trading got better," he said.
"I knew I deserved better and needed better," he said.
I think you'll see numbers that get better and better.
And, yes, we will look for better and better alternatives.
"The technology gets better and better every day," he said.
As the sauce simmers, our house smells better and better.
It is better than Google's, it is better than Twitter's.
"It was better, a little better," manager Buck Showalter said.
Better not to generalize, and better still not to moralize.
There's no better television, there's no better media right now.
If he says he'll do better then he'll do better.
One's better at one thing and one's better at another.
KS: It's better, it's just a better product, that's all.
He worked hard and put in the work and just got better and better and better, and that's the example I had.
That's the third-best mark in the American League—better than Aroldis Chapman, better than Dellin Betances, and better than Andrew Miller.
He took to Twitter on Wednesday to say that a better man and better anchorman would have dealt with technical challenges better.
He's going to make those around him better, and he's going to look even better when the players around him are better.
Scores on other holes did not change, so the improvement was not explained by generally better play, better equipment or better weather.
The hope is that better material science, and better machine intelligence, and better something else will be the breakthrough home robotics need.
The long-term return on better health and better academics across a nation should easily exceed the costs of better school meals.
We will compete and we will win because our technology is better, our ideas are better, and our people are better. Period.
"There's not a lot of demonstration that managed care is actually making health better, access better, health care status better," he said.
The specters of other players can get in your head; they're got better scopes, better guns, and better skills with those weapons.
This is better for our security, better for global stability, and better for facilitating the international cooperation necessary to meet shared challenges.
Shareholders also must regularly scrutinize the company's remuneration programs, and commit to giving workers better terms, better training and better working standards.
The overall result, Apple says, results in better skin transitions, better clothing detail and better crispness at the edges of moving subjects.
You are saying here's how public private partnership make these neighborhoods better, get better -- much better schools and we change our country.
"You'd better watch out, you'd better not cry, You'd better not lie to the FBI, Robert Mueller's coming to town," Fallon sang.
Stories emerge that're better for digital, something emerges that's better for field, something is better for studio, that's how we do things.
As our iPhones got better at taking photos and our apps got better at sharing them, we needed better apps to show them off — what better way to do that than with a collage?
"As an athlete I've found the more rest I get, the better I eat, the better decisions I make, not only do I become a better athlete, but a better person overall," Biles said.
If you have something in your DNA that says, okay, you are likely to be better, you might be better at math or you might be better ... LG: I'm better at basketball than Kara. Wow.
Scott Schubert deserves better, Daniel Meade deserves better, Andrea Wedner deserves better, Rose Mallinger deserves better, as do the other precious souls that were ripped from this life too soon at Tree of Life Synagogue.
Even in Singapore if you want a better hospital room, you don't get a better doctor or a better nurse, but they'll give you a better hospital room if you want to pay for it.
" (CBS) From President Obama: "He made us better presidents, just as he made the Senate better, just as he made the country better.
Like any suburb, Ferguson is a place you seek to get to in order to have better schools, better amenities, better public services.
I don't know whether to credit better antennas, better silicon, or better software — maybe all of the above — but I'm glad it's fixed.
If I can look a little better, make things function better, and feel better about myself in the process, I'm all for that.
" Lawrence apologized about the incident Wednesday evening, tweeting ... "A better anchorman and a better person would've had a better reaction to technical difficulties.
" The money sent back usually gets reinvested locally, he said, "in better schooling for kids, better care for the elderly, and better housing.
Who wouldn't want to know themselves at the "cellular level," to "eat better, feel better, be better," as the Habit introductory video promises?
But that won't change the fact that simply saying the health care bill is "better and better and better" doesn't make it true.
WATTERS: I mean, Donald Trump has a better record, he has a better economy, and he has a better hair than Joe Biden.
There's always a better hacker, a better programmer, someone who's meaner, more expert, and better at not getting caught than anyone ever before.
"The Samsung S7 is better: it has a better battery and a better camera," said Schmidt with a smile, telling the laughing audience.
The brief answer is that just as wealth is better than poverty and good is better than evil, knowledge is better than ignorance.
Most teams can agree that playing better teams makes them better, but that only works if the better teams are playing their best.
It was little surprise to our wiser parents when our expectations were dashed by better-coached, better-trained, and better all-around teams.
There may be a chain of effects: fish consumption is associated with better sleep, and better sleep is associated with better cognitive performance.
"Ultimately, I believe it's going to be men helping men in order to be better humans, better allies and better advocates," she said.
She wants to create systems in which voters can trust and reward their trust with better health care, better wages, and better lives.
Teacher protests Teachers in several states this week have rallied and walked out to demand better student resources, better pay and better pensions.
Competition can yield better prices, better quality of services, better pay, more job opportunities, and more chances for small businesses to enter markets.
But as the outing went along he got better and better.
"Because I know him better, and I know better," Conway said.
The better he does, the better it makes our group look.
"The photo matching technologies are getting better and better," Davis says.
I don't know what is happening, but it better get better.
I swear this event just gets better and better each year!
You don't make anyone's life better by making advertisements work better.
Don't wait to feel better, but start to live better now.
Far better, actually: At 8.6 percent, they yielded better than bonds.
This is a much better experience and a much better fit.
The better your hair condition, the better your color will be.
A better death means a better life, right until the end.
It's better for my business and better from an environmental standpoint.
It's about becoming better thinkers, better human beings through learning music.
Eating healthier just feels better & obviously looks better hahaha lol BOOM!
Each iteration gets better and better at this kind of manipulation.
PERINO: It had better ratings than... WILLIAMS: Better than the NFL.
Again, these companies would be better off creating a better service.
Unfortunately, these types of firearms will only get better and better.
A better-educated community means better jobs for the future too.
Once I get into better shape, my finishing will be better.
As opposed to knowing better but wishing I could do better.
It could've been spent on better flood protection, on better levees.
We know how to do better and we can do better.
"As you grow faster, Wal-Mart does better, everyone does better."
Better for my body, better for the environment, and body-positive?
Understanding them better helps us better understand how star systems form.
With an auctioneer, the better you do, the better they do.
Shadows have better clarity and there's even better depth of field.
I think every episode just got better and better and funnier.
The only solution is build a better world, not better walls.
This year, we'll be better, so the year will be better.
You'd better have some money, and you'd better make some time.
We'll coach it better, and we have to execute in better.
His route-running is better, his footwork is a lot better.
They have gotten better and we want to keep getting better.
He has better feet than Bob Sanders; he can cover better.
Upgrading to better headphones is the surest path to better audio.
These data all point toward better policy generating better economic performance.
We want him to just keep feeling better and getting better.
Better jobs at better wages and a higher quality of life.
We can't make the future better until we make ourselves better.
"He's just only going to get better and better," Lewis says.
"I feel like each (title) gets better and better," she said.
"He's gotten better and better each day," Coach Steve Kerr said.
And I'm getting better at dancing and I'm getting better scores.
They have better coping skills and are better at problem solving.
They obviously hit better than us and pitched better than us.
" She added, "We could do better, but we didn't do better.
The situation is better at other agencies, but not much better.
"My tennis is getting better and better every day," Kerber said.
"It's not that they're better people or better addicts," he says.
They fit better, and thanks to noise-cancelling, sound way better.
James Blunt is doing better, much better, than most of us.
Now everything's like, 'OK, is that better, or is that better?
Be better... don't only be better, be as good as possible.
We can't make better oil, but we can make better RAM.
Osweiler hasn't gotten any better and won't be getting any better.
A subscription approach to travel offers better prices and better loyalty.
"This year, I got a better approach, better routines," Mejia said.
She has made me a better person and a better judge.
"He's a better football player, so maybe he's a better fighter."
Are the roles getting better, have you gotten better, or both?
As his father's health fails, the Dadbot gets better and better.
I think they inspire me to do better and be better.
She has made me a better person and a better judge.
We can do better at getting the industry to do better.
Better than Mr. Drummond, better than them white folks at Webster.
Not necessarily better for the company but better for the bosses.
The international teams are way better, they're getting so much better.
The new phone has a better camera and apparently better sound.
And I better look that up, I better figure it out.
Is there a better place to put things for better advantage?
Usually, the better your credit score, the better your interest rate.
We are capable of doing better, and we should do better.
That's better for the public and better for us, for privacy.
But I was very fit and I got better and better.
Frank: MP3 players are better CD players are better tape players.
"I think his answers have gotten better and better," Reinish said.
His book, "Better Boys, Better Men" will be published this year.
"A better process will give you a better product," he said.
The car is running well and it's feeling better and better.
The education I got, becoming a better student, a better person.
Permanent is better than temporary, and temporary is better than nothing.
Over the next few days, Jade kept getting better and better.
"Earnings have been getting better and better," trader Peter Costa said.
That was better than expected and better than 2016's number.
Our team is making our stuff better and better every week.
"The design gets better and better along the way," says Leavitt.
They're not only better for the environment, they're also just better.
We'd better figure it out, and we'd better get a job.
It makes me better at my job, better in my relationships.
The better Formula One does, the better Formula E will do.
Mary Beth Storjohann The better you are, the better you do.
"When our communities do better, our country does better," she said.
Newer systems offer better workplace efficiency and, importantly, far better security.
The technology for such dives is getting better and better, too.
I will do the work to be better and do better.
You made me a better leader and a better man. 9.
You'll sleep better, feel better, have more energy, and worry less.
We want to have a better economy, more jobs, better security.
It will make me a better artist and a better person.
Women are better because they maintain social connections better than men.
So could a better campaign message or better targeting of resources.
Partially because of the cooler weather, partially because of a better public-transit system, partially because of better urban planning — while Dubai is getting better, London remains a far better place to take a stroll in.
"We see an America where the government works better and better and better for a thinner and thinner slice at the top," she said.
And they invented a better algorithm that could do that in a much better way so that we can better sell to our customers.
But he was always determined to get better--better as a football player and better as a man--and I thought he did that.
"There are few things that make humans look better, feel better, be more productive and live a longer and better quality life," Stamatakis said.
We can invest in hardworking families and build an economy that puts Americans first -- defined by better jobs, better wages and a better future.
"A better crowd -- better crowd, better enthusiasm," Trump said of Harris in comparison with the other Democrats who have announced their plans to run.
Moreover, CSKT lands had better species and age distribution of trees, making them less prone to wildfires, better wildlife habitat and better water quality.
"Stitch Fix is not better stores, it's not better e-commerce, it's a better way," Ms. Lake asserted in her letter to potential investors.
"The first generation struggles to move up and traditionally the second generation has better access to education, a better job... better positioning," he said.
"We see that the video game industry is moving in that direction — where you have better graphics, better animated characters, better AI," Guillemot said.
What they found is that not only does the better-known Democrat do better in every single case, so does the better-known Republican.
If you build a better world atop those lies, but a better world where not everybody benefits equally, is it really a better world?
Better stewards Nonetheless, a better understanding of these obstacles means that academics and non-governmental organizations are becoming better equipped at reaching out to family forest owners and helping them to become better stewards of their land.
"Hopefully this portion of your destiny will lead to a better Michel Cohen, a better Donald Trump, a better United States of America, and a better world," Cummings said as Cohen reached for a drink of water.
And so to me, when you talk about an ethical debate, the question is, are we doing things better than we used to, better than other humans, better than 100 years ago, better than 1,000 years ago?
The House approved — and the Senate is considering — a housing program that will help determine the most effective ways of assisting low-income families move to neighborhoods with better housing, better schools, better jobs and better transportation.
" In a caption accompanying the post, Mr. Sluder said he "can't apologize enough," and that he wants to "use this as motivation to become a better person, a better son, a better friend, and a better citizen.
" In a caption accompanying the post, Mr. Sluder said he "can't apologize enough," and that he wants to "use this as motivation to become a better person, a better son, a better friend, and a better citizen.
But that he's going to be better, and do better, for Jack.
The Home Mini doesn't just have better software and a better design.
If you nudge a patient into better behavior they have better outcomes.
Would it make their life better, would it make the math better?
I cook better when it looks better, just like a typical Italian.
Additionally there's the fact that a better offense uses its chances better.
Not these other kids, who might do this better or that better.
Today is better than yesterday, and tomorrow will be better than today.
When do you decide whether they've gotten better, and what is better?
We need more jobs, we need better wages -- a lot better wages.
Incredible how Baby Sussex keeps getting better and better by the minute!
IK: I think Snapchat camera is better, I like that one better.
"We keep improving technology to do that better and better," Hartsell said.
An opportunity to be healthy by eating better, drinking better, and sleeping.
Because, tbh, nacho-fries are sounding better and better by the second.
Maybe this time they'll do better, and be received better in return.
And better procedures do not in themselves create better judges or justice.
Better than Mr. Drummond, better than them white folks that raised Webster.
" -Eva, 5    "So you can learn stuff and get better and better.
No, better than great—things will be better than they ever were.
She deserves better than Arie, and she deserves better than these cameras.
Sanders does better in open primaries; Clinton does better in closed primaries.
People are getting much better product online at a much better rate.
The world gets better the more we empower our literal better half.
"We got better and better," he crowed as the count rolled in.
Generally speaking, the better your credit score, the better terms you'll get.
Would he have done better — been better — if I had fired him?
Plus, the protest signs just get better and better with each march.
You watch her journey of fighting to become better, to do better.
In other words, the better the society does, the better we do.
They want to be better fathers, they want to be better people.
Our focus is to do a better and better job of that.
"I returned really well and was moving better and better," Fognini said.
To make better bologna sandwiches, Chang recommends Americans just ... make bologna better.
Women are becoming better educated, better paid and healthier than they were.
"She seems better and better every time I see her," Tyler said.
I think that the next generation should always be better and better.
"It's all about getting better, getting better, working harder," Stigler told Chu.
More data on more air strikes meant better information and better predictions.
Everyone should know better — but our elected officials should definitely know better.
Be a better person, and you may just get a better salary.
Better Way makes insurance better for people who are young and healthy.
"Nolan is swinging better, seeing the ball better and contributing," Black said.
It's going to be a combination of better software and better hardware.
With more experience, I think he'll just keep getting better and better.
But the better is too often the enemy of the still better.
"Ultimately, better skills means better music, and that's what it's all about."
Each iteration brings improvements: better battery life, better range, and lower weight.
Anybody that gets with Drew seems like they get better and better.
It's not just that hiring someone better than you makes you better.
Better than Mr. Drummond, better than the white folks that raised Webster.
"You often end up with better ideas and better products," she said.
National service builds better communities by building better, more civically invested citizens.
Protesters have demanded lower fuel taxes, better living conditions and better pay.
Would he have done better—been better—if I had fired him?
"You just see them getting better and better every year," Yost said.
"It creates better hope, better energy, so I feel refreshed," Scola said.
As he fights for his life, he deserves better — so much better.
And we want to wear clothing that's made better and looks better.
"I think we've got better growth coming but modestly better," he said.
Those leaders had better be smart and they had better be ready.
Better machine introduces more capability, efficiency and productivity, and hence better profit.
"I should have shown a better result, a better outcome," he says.
The economic news is even better because it points to better growth.
There were some things we can do better to create better shots.
Sleater-Kinney never got better (or better-selling) than Dig Me Out.
President Benjamin Asher needs two things: better security personnel and better scriptwriters.
An opponent in the Democratic primary was better-funded and better-known.
Generically, dictatorships are better than disorder, but democracies are better than dictatorship.
Maybe you can even save up for better parts and better ships.
The data is clear: Diversity leads to better decisions and better performance.
Things are better for me, much better, but I still struggle sometimes.
Meanwhile, its Google Maps product is providing better and better local information.
"In all honesty, I feel physically better, mentally better," Ms. Wood said.
They could target you better; you became a better customer for them.
As the summer has gone on, I've gotten better and felt better.
Someone else groped better than us yesterday, we may grope better tomorrow.
Just because I feel better, doesn't mean people feel better about me.
We feel a little bit better and everything tastes a little better.
We are better than our government, and better than our worst impulses.
That I'm gaining confidence and making strides to get better and better.
And certainly, in my opinion, you compete better if you train better.
Ninth grade is good, middle school is better, fourth grade better still.
E.R. was better for me; D.R. may be better for someone else.
SpaceX actually has Area 59, it's even better, eight better than 51.
If someone is capable of doing better, then they should do better.
And since I have, the work is better because women are better.
You'll feel better, and maybe, incidentally, make the world a better place.
Because I could've, should've played better, done better, worked harder, prepared more?
Throughout May, June, July, and August, her numbers got better and better.
They just need to understand the asset better, the ore body better.
Just got to take care of the ball better, make better decisions.
IPS panels have better viewing angles, and VA panels have better contrast.
About how we are always striving to do better and be better.
Houser realized he could provide a better service at a better cost.
I have been better and I can do better and I have.
I better feel better than today otherwise I am really going skiing.
Arm feels great, mind feels better, heart feels even better than that.
To the eyes of an investor, things that looked better were better.
Let's design an efficient system to deliver better health and better care.
"This will allow better services, better costs and more inclusion," Mere said.
We hope to achieve better security and better use of taxpayer dollars.
Flight-control and precision-navigation technology are, though, getting better and better.
That's when the news gets better for the president, a lot better.
And what better way than giving yourself the gift of better hair?
We need a better life and to stay in a better place.
" He added, "We need to do better, and we will do better.
He was a better stickhandler than I was and a better skater.
Thinking you're going to get better is not what makes you better.
Make the world better for women, you make it better for everyone.
I think we, as musicians, have gotten better and become better songwriters.
It helps you become a better basketball player and a better man.
"I think the gelling is getting better and better," he beams, proudly.
"We've got to do a better job of just being harder to play against, defending our goaltender better and defending our end better," Laviolette said.
"Right now we live in an America that's working better and better and better for a thinner and thinner slice at the top," Warren said.
"' Lee says the goal is to give meat-eaters everywhere "something that tastes better but it's better for them, that is better for the environment.
"If we could help him get a better night's sleep, perhaps Tesla will do better, which will lead to better things for all of us."
It enriches and makes you a better mom, a better wife, a better person at work when you have the support of really good friends.
And that's what businesses are learning to do, via a series of incremental improvements — better design, better materials, better locations (offshore is where it's at).
"In one hour you feel better emotionally, physically, you sleep better, you eat better, your skin looks beautiful," Shape House founder Sophie Chiche tells PEOPLE.
"HSBC is better balanced, better connected and better placed to capitalize on higher return businesses than it was 12 months ago," the bank said Monday.
The impact of falling in love has made me want to be a better man, a better person and ultimately made me a better brother.
You can learn to become a better poker player, a better pilot or a better manager, and M.B.A. programs aren't entirely a waste of time.
The team is looking into improving autonomy with better vision — the better it can see where it lands, the better SpaceBok can stick that landing.
You'll be doing better by your cisgender audience, you'll be doing better by the play, and of course, you'll be doing better by trans folks.
"We have to do a better job ... just executing our offense better and making better decisions," Nets coach Kenny Atkinson told reporters after the loss.
"We better toughen up, we better smarten up, and we better stop with this political correctness because it's driving us down the tubes," Trump said.
It has better driving dynamics, rides just as well if not better, sounds better and will get more respect from in-the-know Mustang fans.
After several hardware iterations from Google, Amazon and Facebook, these devices have gotten better looks, better sound and better voices — occasionally courtesy of celebrity partnerships.
Generally speaking, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is a better all-rounder, thanks to its slightly better performance, extra features, better design, and so on.
And that's all I'm trying to do, is to better the world, better what's for sale, better the entertainment industry, and the adult entertainment industry.
Simply put, this podcast episode is Better than a bag full of Benjamin Franklins / Better than the keys to a brand new Lincoln / Better than the winnings of a New York Lotto / Even if it came with a new house and an auto / And you're better than a year on a paid vacation / Better than a brand new year celebration / Better than a day full of Seinfeld humor / And you're better than hearing a celebrity rumor.
Will Toledo's self-loathing lyrics are so devastating, going in circles around the highs and lows that come with self-medicating: "Drugs are better with friends are better, friends are better with drugs are better," and so forth.
Raymond extends to us to allow us to better defend and better deter, and with each passing day we&aposre going to find ways to align the assets that exist in space to better deter and to better defend.
"Fifteen (percent) is better than 20, 20 is better than 22 and 22 is better than what we have," White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders told reporters.
"The end state has to be an airline that is running better, that is providing better service to our customers and better service to our employees."
I think we've had some standout hits, and the general quality is getting better and better, and we're getting better at working with partners on that.
We're in unchartered territory, but a couple of things we can assume: Firstly, the technology for preserving our bodies will get better and better and better.
Those stores could offer better terms for developers and do a better job enforcing privacy requirements to protect users, leading to a better ecosystem for everyone.
With a better tourism industry, better universities and better hospitals, China would, he believes, attract more foreigners and keep more of its own spending at home.
What they better not do is they better not divide themselves and they better focus on the economy if they want to bring those voters in.
And we know that that's going to lead to better precision, better outcomes for the patient and frankly better value overall for the health care system.
"We think where women are better represented in leadership you'll have better cultures, you'll have better governance … and you'll have less harassment and less sexual misconduct."
Yet he remains confident his strategy is bringing results, adding that customers looking for clothes had responded to its "better ranges, better availability and better prices".
The recent advances in language modeling mean that voice assistants will get better, chatbots will get better, and businesses will have better ways of analyzing documents.
The characters on this show strive and strive and strive to build a better computer, then a better internet experience, and finally a better search engine.
I'm going to stick to it so I can be a better man, a better citizen for the community and a better father for my son.
"The hackers have gotten better, Google's gotten better," Google blogger Blumenthal told me.
I have to do a better job to get us in better shape.
Sometimes you're seeing the puck better just because your defense is playing better.
The rest of us are better off waiting until they make something better.
If you make better choices for yourself then you feel better about yourself.
Henry Kissinger said I ran the State Department betterbetter than anybody had
"I feel like I've been playing better and better every week," he said.
He just steadily gets a little bit better and a little bit better.
SS Teo: PIL should be doing better, much better than first half. Yes.
If two minds are better than one, 103,000,000 minds are better than two.
But my consistency is better, my momentum is better, my wins are quicker.
Does that mean that they're better at antitrust or better for the marketplace?
"We are better off economically, and we are better off socially," he said.
But there are better options for noise-canceling headphones with better battery life.
It precludes the possibility that people could have done better, could be better.
Either way, we are better than this, and Mr. Trump should know better.
So I will keep my observation brief: he keeps getting better and better.
It's rare you won't get a better price or better choice on eBay.
You can be a better boss, and you can be a better colleague.
And so last year and last year we did even better, 80% better.
The prize would be faster growth, better social provision and better-paid jobs.
It's always better to dress at least one level better than is required.
It has a better camera, a better display and an integrated Apple SIM.
I had them working with her and she progressively got better and better.
There's no better time for workers to demand higher pay and better benefits.
Because, who can better shower you with thanks and praise better than yourself?
We just have to maintain our progress and keep getting better and better!
"We're just rooting for Kanye to get better, to feel better," he said.
And it can get better and better as it eats up more data.
"It gets better and better, I can honestly say that," he previously said.
I just try to get better, be in better position, be an athlete.
"From the beginning I think I was getting better and better," she said.
It's a solution that makes Polly feel better and us feel better, too.
Not only are men behaving better; women increasingly prize better behaviour among men.
"I feel better and better," she tells new national music series The Kate.
We needed to do better then and we need to do better now.
You have to admit they're getting better — they're getting better all the time.
The Galaxy brand is better known and could help the line sell better.
Better communities, healthier and happier employees make better products and make more profit.
But the Home sure looks better, and it looks like a better value.
They make me better … They make me a better person as a father.
It makes you a better mom if you give yourself a better time.
I feel that all these years, I've been learning, getting better and better.
We've got to start pitching better, Obviously, I've got to start pitching better.
"Better ingredients, better pizza, and also Nazis â€" we do not like them.
He's just doing all the old things better, and better than everyone else.
"China has got better enforcement and better laws (than Hong Kong)," said Hofford.
They have better depth, more length, and I think their defense is better.
We just have to care enough to demand better, and then do better.
There are better roads, there is better sanitation, there are parks and schools.
As he fights for is [sic] life, he deserves better — so much better.
"Not only do opt-in mechanisms serve consumers better, they serve democracy better."
I think it looks better, and it definitely sounds better to my ears.
"I feel better and I feel guilty that I feel better," she says.
This summer, we're even better prepared and better protected, if we remain vigilant.
Jobs, income and hope for a better future are better deterrents than cruelty.
I just have to try to be a better man, a better husband.
We want better health care coverage, better salaries and respect for our work.
You're not better than anybody else, but nobody is any better than you.
But as the technology gets better and better, it may become less obvious.
"Sensing technology is getting better and better, but it's not perfect," he said.
"We're playing better, but playing better is not always good enough," Hansen said.
"I want to express support for better borders, better border security," he said.
"They've gotten better and better," Crosby said of Rust and Sheary's first postseason.
Investors better have a better reason than index inclusion to invest in China.
Today's force is better trained, better equipped and more diverse than ever before.
"It's maturing and growing, and continuing to do better and better," he said.
Better communication from him can serve everyone well, and the sooner, the better.
Much has been written about the need for better communication and better education.
We should have done better and we will definitely do better next time.
The noise-cancelling is indeed better, and the battery life is definitely better.
"I feel better and I feel guilty that I feel better," she said.
"The food in Athens is just getting better and better," Mr. Thompson said.
I think it has made me a better actor and a better person.
The better they get to know each other, the better they are playing.
And they will be getting better and better as the days move on.
You're actually getting better and better; you're so in your power [after 30].
Before our very eyes, Solange's style game gets better and better each season.
I think at Burning Man they must have better toilets—and better drugs.
Six digits are better than four digits, but anything is better than nothing.
Thibs is obviously great and they're getting better and better, week by week.
Even better, if you adjust your wording accordingly, you'll get a better outcome.
Q. If soccer sounds better in Spanish, what else sounds better in Spanish?
And they better get it done and they better get it done today.
Like now — yesterday would have been better than today, today's better than tomorrow.
It simply made shoppers who'd embraced a smaller-is-better mentality feel better.
He said Icaridin is better tolerated; it smells better and is not greasy.
Things got better from there, and sometimes much better, though rarely much cheaper.
"He was better technically, but I had the better engine and punched harder."
I don't believe that they make better young men, just better football players.
I feel like pitching is going to continue to get better and better.
Better late than never, but it would have been better early than late.
Nothing gets worse with better sleep, and a lot of things get better.
I feel better about my work, and I eat a lot better myself.
But he quickly found this gave him both better control and better footage.
Without a doubt, my commitment to better breakfasts made life better in general.
"I better feel better than today," he said when asked about the clash.
I could never have asked for a better teacher or a better friend.
"Programming has gotten better and better at capturing our kids' attention," she said.
The teases for Sacha Baron Cohen's next project are getting better and better.
And the better these surfaces get, the better things go for the horses.
For non-football fans, Super Bowl weekend is just getting better and better.
One area is, how do we give you better and better personalized inspiration?
"I have learned to get better and better," Muguruza said of her mentality.
No one is better than me and I'm no better than everyone else.
It's not about what's the better number and what looks better on me.
One company does not have better drivers or better vehicles than the other.
With that kind of experience, Sheekey should know better and be doing better.
But if they taste better and are better for you, then go ahead.
That said, Howard Jones's "Things Can Only Get Better" is the better jam.
When they do that, the orchestra plays better, and the audience hears better.
The better your credit score, the better terms you'll be able to secure.
With natural gas electrics fare much better, and with renewable electricity better yet.
"It's better for workers, for employers, it's better for the economy," she said.
The better the improvement in fuel economy, the better the increase in sales.
We can do better, and will do better, in addressing any resident issues.
During the 2000s, people got better and better at gaming Google's search algorithm.
There's no question he makes us a better team and a better organization.
My thought bubble: Tesla's strategy is far-fetched, but plausible, if, as Osborne says, they are better than GM at manufacturing, better than Nvidia at hardware, better than Google at software, and better than Uber at running a taxi service.
In fact, in a New York Times op-ed announcing the Democrats new "Better Deal" platform just last week, Senate Minority Leader Schumer wrote that Democrats were focusing their energies on creating a better economy, better jobs, and better wages.
Prescott's stats -- with the exception of 3 less interceptions -- were significantly better than Brady's ... and according to Warren, that's not some fluke ... DP's numbers were better 'cause he's a better QB. "[Dak] definitely played physically better than Tom," Moon says.
"While the result was not what I had hoped for, the experience has made me a better governor, a better American, and a better person," he said.
" Later adding, that he and Renzi "married up and because of our wives, we eat better, we dress better, we are better and we thank you both.
Despite it being priced like the other mainstream compact crossovers, the CX-25 drives better, looks better and is better-appointed than a lot of luxury SUVs.
It brings me pride and joy to be my full self at work, and it makes me a better coworker, a better employee and a better writer.
Have better daycare, better you know, childcare benefits, better education and training programs, and deal with the people who are disrupted by abrupt change by providing support.
Insurers interviewed by Reuters said better data collection allows them to underwrite risk better, and customers tend to take better care of themselves when confronted with numbers.
"We have studies in this area that are looking at combining better formulations, with better packaging, with a better process and then with cold storage," Douglas said.
"The impact of falling in love has made me want to be a better man, a better person, and ultimately made me a better brother," he continued.
Additionally, Gallup found that women tend to make better managers than men — and a better manager is probably better able to curtail sexist behavior on their team.
Millions of African farmers like Mr Nzabahimana have become more secure and better-fed as a result of better-managed, better-fertilised crops grown from hybrid seeds.
To better accept the boomer, I needed to better understand the boomer, and to better understand the boomer, I would have to become one for the evening.
"The client is better than the London average, the London average is better than the UK average and the UK average is better than Scandinavia," Bjerkeli said.
The book will help you make your home "better functioning, better at meeting your essential needs, better at expressing and nurturing your own identity," Ms. Ahlberg writes.
Actually, not poor me, because I channeled this angst into action and went out and got myself a better job with better pay and (seemingly) better people.
At the end of the war the Germans had better equipment, better soldiers, better morale, but we had 38 gallons of gasoline for every one they had.
If you hung out with some people who were a little better off, it was fun because you'd get some better meals and get better looked after.
He advises better traffic management: things like better synchronized traffic lights, but also more buses, better cycling infrastructure, and smarter tools to guide people away from cars.
"The plan gets better and better and better, and it's gotten really, really good, and a lot of people are liking it a lot," Mr. Trump said.
Zak and Spector set out to build a better bra, a better brand, and, most of all, a better shopping experience for women all over the world.
"Our committee is a better place and our Congress is a better place and the constituents of Ohio are better served because you sat here," he said.
It makes children look better by helping them actually get better at something, even if what they're getting better at is, in large part, a pointless artifact.
It's just hard to argue that for everyone bitcoin is better than Visa or filecoin is better than Dropbox or Ethereum is better than Amazon Web Services.
People who score highly on this scale have better relationships, are better at abstaining from binge eating and alcohol, do better in school, and are generally happier.
"But if we get better interpretation, I think it could be a better system."
Whether it's more megapixels or better low-light performance, there will be better cameras.
It makes us stronger, it makes us better, and better conservatives in my case.
As artificial intelligence gets better and better, here are five tough projects for 2018
It is better, and frankly, I assume it will be better tomorrow than today.
The band's playing better, you know the songs inside out, and everything gets better.
States with women in government have better schools, better health care, lower incarceration rates.
" Shapiro showed he's the better man , responding, "I&aposve been called worse by better.
That should result in clips with better contrast, more vibrant colors, and better details.
Things just keep getting better and better for Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran fans!
They've also got better sound and better controls (important when you're running, for example).
There is a better way to organize these and make life better for users.
Just because medications make you feel better, that doesn't mean you actually are better.
Better education is no guarantee of a better-quality democracy, but it certainly helps.
We all do better when we all do better, as Senator [Paul] Wellstone said.
She made me a better person and continues to make me a better person.
If that income were better taxed, it might provide the revenue for better infrastructure.
He didn't just need to be better than other people, but better than himself.
"There's no, 'we'll do this better or do that better next time,'" he said.
"Yo Tesla Model 3 looks better and better in every leaked photo," Brownlee tweeted.
For research to get better will not just require ever-better mice from JAX.
Overall it just feels better, with a more solid design and better realized layout.
In that way, you have made me a better woman and a better feminist.
If I'm happy at home, it makes me a better employee, a better boss.
"The better we know the customer the better we can do this," Holst said.
But still, I held them to a higher standard; I expected better, wanted better.
The matches were better paced, and even the out of ring stuff felt better.
Either circumstances get the better of you, or I'll get the better of them.
In poor countries, unemployment is paradoxically concentrated among the better off and better educated.
It had better gear for your heroes, new and better heroes, resources, experience, etc.
This translates to better cities — and better lives — for people all over the world.
We are getting better each game, so as long as we are getting better.
I feel better, I sleep better, I don't get angry with people so much.
Better at invoicing than inspiring is good — being good at both is even better.
"We are going to continue to make the experience better and better," Lee said.
If you want to make a kid better, you volunteer to make them better.
Diane kept getting better and better, and she was pretty fantastic to begin with.
The camera's better, and there are other improvements like better water resistance (now IP23).
What if DAFs made their policies better or made their dormant fund policies better?
But you can do better than that — more than 2468 times better, in fact.
They're just much better at detection, so you really get better security faster, essentially.
Overall — expect a better working version of iOS, instead of a better-looking one.
She thinks fitness is not just about looking better; it's about feeling better too.
Both sides need to admit they can do better before anything will get better.
"I started to look better, even though I didn't feel better," Penney tells Broadly.
"She is slowly getting better and some days are better than others," she says.
We all deserve to treat ourselves better — and Paige deserves a better necklace too.
We have to find a way to get better and better in a hurry.
As it turns out, he only had two: negotiate better and make better deals.
Funds have fared better this year in FX than bonds, but not much better.
One whole dimension is continuing to make it work better and better for publishers.
"The days have gone on and I think it's getting better—I feel better."
Hopefully, it might gain another life when things get better if things get better.
"It's fair to think that those competitors are doing better and better," said Verna.
"If you could find yourself in better circumstances, that might be better," Kramer says.
We're just building a better location and better space for those people to interact.
But as Jaccard says, there are better and worse regulations, better and worse investments.
What would make a better product [for Nissan], if we need a better product?
"They know better, and they had better be kicked off the team," he added.
There's more to find, with better tools and better skills for sifting through it.
You just watch things get better and better on the path towards supreme enlightenment.
While there, Philips also unveiled a new consumer initiative called Better Me, Better World.
We need better starts than that, he knows we need better starts than that.
It doesn't just make me look better, but it makes me emotionally feel better.
"The Congolese economy is doing better and better," Mutombo told a monthly news conference.
The work itself — and becoming better and better at it — is what drives you.
It seemed liked a better idea to back off until something better is available.
Analog numbers would have done a better job here — or better yet, swappable faces.
Sixty-nine percent also said they'd found better paying jobs with better working conditions.
As Daigle noted, the improvements here include better performance and a better user experience.
But there's no better stage, there's no better place to be than right here.
There is a trend in baseball toward better and better strikeout-to-walk ratios.
" Graham Fortgang explains, "Better energy isn't just about matcha because it's better for you.
Computers are getting better and better at picking small signals out of noisy data.
Just hearing about them has made me a better candidate—and a better person.
Students attending schools of choice have better outcomes and better rates of college completion.
It is better than the article's assessment of it, and yes, better than Trump.
Some sugars are better for baked goods, while others are better in soft drinks.
But more than a better book, I'd like a better leader, one who wins.
Hope has always underpinned man's vision of a better world and a better future.
The better scientists understand those sounds, the better our acoustic monitoring systems will be.
"We absolutely need to do better, and we certainly can do better," Tobin said.
They dismiss it as something we do to feel better, not to be better.
Some shoot it a little better than others, some drive it better than others.
He made us feel good about ourselves, that we could be better, do better.
"They've just got better population dynamics, better productivity dynamics, they'll grow faster," he said.
We adjusted, make some better plays and communicated better there in the third quarter.
We've got to do a better job, I've got to do a better job.
The answer will entail not just creating better workplaces, but also becoming better people.
They fit better, are noise-cancelling, and they sound a whole lot better too.
But someone who's better at trawling through Census data can no doubt do better.
Dan offered suggestions to better balance our portfolio and get better long-term returns.
I didn't so much want to look better as I wanted to be better.
In other words, over time, Stampli gets better and better for each individual organization.
They'll probably do better than we will, because they have better insurance and everything.
Things are better but the people need to take care of our country better.
There are worst products out there trust me better not natural better not natural.
There's a sense that even if there were better times, they weren't much better.
By educating them, we have such a better chance to see a better tomorrow.
He was better in '91 (127 OPS+), and even better in '92 (.301/.353/.
If he stays healthy, he's just going to continue to get better and better.
We should be better; much better than what we so often see around us.
You know your finances better or you will get to know your finances better.
What if it's a better ... Because I don't know what a better decision is.
Soon the brothers are living better, eating better, putting in work on the house.
We need to do better — or Facebook needs to do better — at explaining it.
Can I be the artist who creates a better consumer experience or better design?
And I would agree Nixon is better than Vice, but not that much better.
"It made me think that this country would get better and better," he said.
"It could have gotten worse or gotten better, and it got better," she said.
I think the better we get at it, the better our team's gonna be.
A whispered scream was better; a pillow-dampened scream was even better than that.
They hope to do better than last time, better than others who have struggled.
And if somebody can do better than you, let them do better than you.
Was the stuff before a fluke or is their scene getting better and better?
"Lola" is a better widget than "Proving Ground," better paced, clearer in its stakes.
Sci-fi TV has gotten better and better-looking since TNG ended in 1994.
I think better, I have more energy, my mood is better, all these things.
Steve Austin will be that man, better than he was before. Better. Stronger. Faster.
Generally, shipping by sea is better than train, and train is better than truck.
Rome is clearly way better than ICE custody ... we're certain the food is better.
Smaller motors will work better for walkers and larger motors work better for runners.
It has to be accompanied by better tackling techniques, better coaching and so forth.
"We need to play better defensively, make better decisions," Colorado coach Patrick Roy said.