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"game" Definitions
  1. game (for something/to do something) ready and willing to do something new, difficult or dangerous
"game" Synonyms
amusement entertainment diversion activity pastime sport distraction recreation frolic jest romp divertissement fun hobby enjoyment interest lark play pursuit gratification match contest tournament competition duel bout clash event joust challenge conflict confrontation encounter engagement fixture meeting skirmish test tourney battle scheme strategy plot design plan ploy stratagem tactic trick artifice contrivance dodge maneuver(US) manoeuvre(UK) device gambit machination move ruse system hoax gag prank shenanigan joke tomfoolery stunt practical joke mischievous act piece of mischief jape antic roguery escapade dido high jinks line business industry sector area domain field occupation profession sphere trade vocation arena career circle department discipline element enterprise quarry prey chase fish fowl kill meat ravin wild animals wild fowl game birds game fish big game victim target goal prize hunted object aim racket scam fraud swindle con intrigue conspiracy fiddle cheating shakedown corruption ramp extortion graft dishonesty crime mojo class touch form skill talent technique ability chops craft expertise finesse flair genius magic mastery panache pzazz(UK) pizzazz(US) prowess acrostic crossword mind-bender acronym cypher(UK) cipher(US) composition phrase puzzle wordplay logograph anagram word game crossword puzzle word puzzle athletics exercise competitive games physical activity physical exercise physical recreation wildmeat bushmeat plaything toy knockabout practice friendly friendly game practice session informal game knock-up rehearsal training session poultry bird birdie capon chick chicken duck goose hen pheasant rooster turkey domestic fowl feathered friend songbird warbler raptor fledgling passerine frivolity frivolousness levity flightiness flippancy puerility silliness triviality facetiousness jocularity joking skittishness superficiality unimportance vacuity zaniness dizziness foolishness frothiness landslide triumph walkover grand slam advantage conquest defeat killing overthrow rout runaway victory success superiority sweep victory win decisive victory overwhelming majority clean sweep game, set and match scrimmage practice game scratch match challenge match exhibition match friendly match preparation match warmup match preseason game exhibition game diagram schematic drawing illustration picture sketch map figure chart representation outline blueprint layout delineation draught(UK) draft(US) graph graphic jigsaw tangram Chinese puzzle jigsaw puzzle picture puzzle rugby rugger trading commerce exchange sales selling traffic transaction affairs bargaining barter commercialism contracts dealings industrialism market merchandising seduction flirting flirtation pickup romancing wooing enticement philandering romance dalliance tantalization tantalising(UK) tantalizing(US) toying pickup routine allurement captivation enthrallment deal hand round distribution single game cut and shuffle make-believe fantasy charade daydreaming dream imagination play-acting pretence(UK) pretending unreality dreaming fabrication fancy invention delusion illusion masquerade self-deception disguise brave courageous bold adventurous daring fearless intrepid plucky spirited valiant dauntless unflinching brash brazen dogged tenacious ballsy brassy feisty gritty eager amenable prepared willing desirous disposed keen ready hungry pining pumped yearning agog avid enthused enthusiastic excited hot intent interested persistent unyielding resolute determined obdurate obstinate firm headstrong indefatigable persevering pertinacious relentless steadfast steady tireless uncompromising unflagging unrelenting injured ailing lame debilitated hurt limp wounded bad bruised crippled disabled frail incapacitated infirm sore stiff feeble handicapped maimed weakened zealous energetic fanatical fervent lively manic perfervid frenetic obsessed passionate raring ardent disorderly fevered sprightly wild sporting sportsmanlike fair sportsmanly decent evenhanded gentlemanly honest honorable(US) honourable(UK) considerate good just generous reasonable square square dealing square shooting straight shooting clean sportive playful coltish frisky frolicsome rollicking fun-loving gamesome high-spirited jolly merry prankish skittish blithe exuberant gay gleeful sports games athletic exercise-related competitive gymnastic contesting recreational team tractable compliant obedient docile manageable submissive biddable controllable governable tame complaisant persuadable meek persuasible yielding accommodating conformable deferential manipulate hack machinate rig cheat exploit finagle affect circumvent doctor engineer influence outmaneuver(US) outmanoeuvre(UK) bamboozle bilk gamble bet punt wager place bets lay bets stake money have a flutter take a chance on risk stake put lay hazard go chance speculate set venture play video games button mash mash buttons fiddle with the joystick More
"game" Antonyms
job duty business work profession task earnest chore labor(US) labour(UK) toil drudgery entertainment fun inactivity passiveness surrender pastime avocation hobby candour(UK) candor(US) frankness honesty honor(US) honour(UK) inability incapacity innocence openness reality simplicity truthfulness truth seriousness stagnation trustworthiness uprightness ignorance agreement calm peace quiet stillness tranquility(US) tranquillity(UK) retreat harmony accord sky generalisation(UK) generalization(US) puzzle activity brainteaser riddle mystery puzzler jigsaw brain-teaser head-scratcher exhibition friendly practice demo demonstration session showcase workout work-out drill exercise preparation rehearsal run-through training session tune-up practice game practice match collaboration partnership teamwork cooperation association affiliation coopetition hookup combination union connection joint effort bore bummer downer drag staying misery unhappiness sadness sorrow conforming vocation disappointment dissatisfaction improvisation spontaneity extemporisation(UK) extemporization(US) ad-libbing ad-lib predator hunter tool disorganisation(UK) disorganization(US) daily grind routine grind employment occupation trade career livelihood commitment role gig living earnestness gravity soberness solemnity solemnness sensibility understanding wiseness disadvantage failure forfeit loss hung parliament narrow victory timid cowardly fearful fainthearted cautious gutless tentative unwilling craven scared afraid frightened intimidated unamenable anxious chicken hesitant nervous trembling spineless reluctant resistant uneager unenthusiastic averse uninclined begrudging disobliging unobliging grudging unaccommodating uncooperative forced unwishful disinclined unprepared half-hearted irresolute uncommitted perfunctory spiritless cursory feeble lackluster(US) lacklustre(UK) faint listless weak indifferent languid surrendering yielding lackadaisical superficial unconcerned unscathed uninjured capable able undamaged healthy unharmed unhurt fit halfhearted leaden lethargic apathetic casual uninterested nonchalant loath insouciant detached incurious able-bodied fixed noncrippled OK perfect unbroken uncrippled walking working strong efficient mobile agile graceful unsporting unfair dishonest unsportsmanlike inactive lifeless tired nonaggressive nonbelligerent pacific peaceable peaceful unbelligerent uncombative uncontentious dull flat serious-minded sober sobersided solemn staid difficult disjoint disunited divided encumbering hindering hurting preventing separate uncoordinated unhelpful drudge slave hustle slog strive struggle moil ascend rise displace remove ensure guard save discourage insure hide design plan dissuade safeguard play safe be careful defund take lift neglect rough play it safe hedge your bets avoid risks take no chances be on the safe side take precautions

394 Sentences With "game"

How to use game in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "game" and check conjugation/comparative form for "game". Mastering all the usages of "game" from sentence examples published by news publications.

New products included The Newlywed Game, The Parent Game, The Family Game and even The Game Game.
This is a girls' game & casual game & fasion [sic] game & kids game!!
He just intrinsically does that game after game after game.
But alas, this is Game of Game of Thrones, not Game of Game of RuPaul's Best Friend Race.
The not-a-Game-Boy-but-kind-of-a-Game-Boy device will play cartridges from every generation of Nintendo Game Boy, including the Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, and original Game Boy.
"Game for game for game, it wasn't even close," Littrell said.
"The game is the people's game, the world's game," Rongen said.
Aspiring video game designers have a variety of disciplines to choose from, including game artist, game designer, or game programmer.
It's a conference game, so it's an important game, and it's an intra-division game, so it's an important game.
When you can't game the game, you have to game the players.
Game 1: Toronto 4, Boston 493 Game 483: Boston 473, Toronto 463 Game 453: Toronto 443, Boston 433 Game 423: Boston 413, Toronto 403 Game 212: Toronto 216, Boston 212 Game 211: Boston 212, Toronto 217 Game 215: Boston 214, Toronto 214 Boston wins series, 4-3.
If we throw that game out next game or we have to do it in Game 7, I'll trust that game.
Game Mode largely has to be enabled on a game-by-game basis.
It's a great game, it's called This is Not a Game: The Game.
Today, people like play action game, one touch game, match 3 game, etc,.
Game 1: Washington 4, Carolina 2 Game 2: Washington 4, Carolina 53, OT Game 3: Carolina 5, Washington 0 Game 4: Carolina 2, Washington 1 Game 5: Washington 6, Carolina 0 Game 53: Carolina 5, Washington 2 Game 7: Carolina 4, Washington 3, 2OT Carolina wins series, 4-3.
You can buy Game of Thrones Oreos, Game of Thrones eyeshadow palettes, Game of Thrones sneakers… and Game of Thrones sex toys.
See Game of Thrones Risk Board Game at Amazon Game of Thrones Risk Board Game - £29.94 See Details These mugs are great.
" Game show host OJ Sampson (Bill Hader) invites three contestants to play the Game of Thrones quiz show, "Game of Game of Thrones.
It will play original Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance cartridges.
Right, it's not like a game-game — it's not just a self-contained game.
Tuesday's game kicked off the three-game series after Monday's game was rained out.
Game 1: Dallas 3, Nashville 2 Game 2: Nashville 2, Dallas 1, OT Game 3: Nashville 23, Dallas 2 Game 4: Dallas 5, Nashville 1 Game 5: Dallas 5, Nashville 3 Game 6: Dallas 2, Nashville 13, OT Dallas wins series, 4-2.
Game 1: Boston 3, Columbus 2, OT Game 2: Columbus 43, Boston 2, 2OT Game 3: Columbus 2, Boston 1 Game 4: Boston 4, Columbus 1 Game 5: Boston 33, Columbus 3 Game 6: Boston 3, Columbus 0 Boston wins series, 4-2.
Ybarra was responsible for online video game multiplayer service Xbox Live, video game subscription service Xbox Game Pass and video game streaming platform Mixer.
I closed my eyes as the boys played game after game after game of Uno.
But you gotta watch the baseball game or the basketball game or the hockey game.
We played every game, pretty much most of the game, and we won, and we loved the game, we loved the passion of the game.
Within the game, you must buy a game, play the game on your in-game console, record yourself and upload the footage to your channel.
The important game was going to be Game 7 because we had that game almost won.
Their last game had it, this game will have it, the next game will have it.
"The important game was going to be Game 7," Chapman said of the Game 6 decision.
Don: We designed the game so there would be many different options from game to game.
Free $50 Target Gift Card When You Buy 2 Games Target Holiday Game Sale GameStop 'Game Days' Sale Best Buy Holiday Game Deals Amazon Game Deals
Sunday's game was the most-viewed finals game since Game 6 in 1998, which turned out to be Michael Jordan's final game with the Chicago Bulls.
Like the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo 3DS before it, the Nintendo Switch Lite is a portable game console.
Game 1: Tues, 10/24 in LA Game 53: Wed, 10/25 in LA Game 3: Fri, 2800/21 in Houston Game 233: Sat, 2000/21988 in Houston Game 245: Sun, 63/26 in Houston Game 2100: Tues, 2000/31 in LA Game 7: Wed, 11/1 in LA Note that all of the games start around 8 p.m.
Game 43: San Jose 24, Vegas 24 Game 23: Vegas 5, San Jose 3 Game 3: Vegas 6, San Jose 3 Game 4: Vegas 43, San Jose 0 Game 5: San Jose 5, Vegas 2 Game 6: San Jose 2, Vegas 1, 2OT Game 7: San Jose 5, Vegas 4, OT San Jose wins series, 4-3.
Game 22: San Jose 24, Colorado 23 Game 2: Colorado 4, San Jose 3 Game 3: San Jose 4, Colorado 2 Game 43: Colorado 3, San Jose 0 Game 5: San Jose 2, Colorado 1 Game 6: Colorado 4, San Jose 3, OT Game 7: San Jose 3, Colorado 2 San Jose wins series, 4-3.
Game 1: Calgary 4, Colorado 0 Game 2: Colorado 3, Calgary 2, OT Game 3: Colorado 53, Calgary 2 Game 4: Colorado 3, Calgary 22, OT Game 26: Colorado 22, Calgary 21 Colorado wins series, 22-27.
Subsequent violations result in escalating punishments: a two-game fine, a four-game fine, a four-game suspension, a 10-game suspension and a one-year banishment.
Gwendoline Christie, "Game of Thrones"*Julia Garner, "Ozark"*Lena Headey, "Game of Thrones"Fiona Shaw, "Killing Eve"Sophie Turner, "Game of Thrones"Maisie Williams, "Game of Thrones"
I think one game we thought about was a sports game, and there was possibly a war strategy game, and then there was this airplane game idea.
Untitled Goose Game wouldn't be the first game to work better as a trailer than a game.
It's able to play cartridges designed for the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance.
Luckily, Game researcher Nathan Altice has plucked something strange out of game history: NES board game adaptations.
It played game after game after game versus a (slightly) different version of its own neural network.
The game will be made up as the first game of a single-game admission doubleheader Wednesday.
Game of Thrones In the end, "Game of Thrones" was about blowing up the game of thrones.
You need them to have had one great game, one bad game, followed by a great game.
Game 1: St. Louis 2, Winnipeg 1 Game 2: St. Louis 4, Winnipeg 3 Game 3: Winnipeg 23, St. Louis 3 Game 4: Winnipeg 2, St. Louis 1, OT Game 5: St. Louis 3, Winnipeg 2 Game 6: St. Louis 3, Winnipeg 73 St. Louis wins series, 4-2.
The turn-based strategy game has won 15 E3 awards, including Best PC Game and Best Strategy Game.
That game is from the Silicon Valley-based developer Game Closure, and Lin himself is backing the game.
"The game before … the World Series game, I took my kids to the game," the actor told Kimmel.
The same goes for the much-loved open-world game, or the lightgun game, or the fighting game.
Are they playing the game for money, or are they playing the game because they love the game?
"It's game by game," Saints coach Sean Payton told reporters of his team's reliance on the running game.
When the series shifted to Houston, the Astros won Game 3, lost Game 4 and won Game 5.
Josh Tomlin, will switch from Game 3 to Game 2, and Corey Kluber remains tonight's Game 1 starter.
They have a nine-game losing streak, an eight-game losing streak and three seven-game losing streaks.
The TV marathons that were supposed to start this week, with game after game after game, won't happen.
He played good every game, but Game 4 went into overtime and he single-handedly won that game.
The Nationals will host Game 3, Game 4 and, if necessary, Game 5 at Nationals Park Friday, Oct.
Western Conference Game 1: St. Louis 3, Dallas 2 Game 73: Dallas 4, St. Louis 2 Game 3: St. Louis 4, Dallas 3 Game 4: Dallas 4, St. Louis 2 Game 5: Dallas 33, St. Louis 1 Game 6: St. Louis 4, Dallas 22 Game 21: Dallas at St. Louis 26, Dallas 24, 23 OT St. Louis wins series, 27-23.
Read more: Amazon's first major video game is a massive online roleplaying game about colonizationAmazon Game Studios and Leyou will jointly develop the upcoming game for PC and consoles.
If you grab these games now they'll be with you in time for Christmas, and delight any mega-fan in your family: Game of Thrones Monopoly board game — £24.29 (list price £34.99) Game of Thrones Cluedo board game — £24.75 (list price £29.99) Game of Thrones Risk board game — £34.95 (list price £39.99) If you know a Game of Thrones fan, or even a board game enthusiast, these sets would make a perfect Christmas gift.
Pittsburgh's Michael Young (503 points per game) and Jamel Artis (21.4) entered the game averaging 44.1 points per game.
He made the game for Global Game Jam 2016, a sort of round-the-world hackathon for game developers.
I didn't play Game 4 of the Raptors series and then in Game 30 I had a decent game.
On the digital eShop, a wealth of Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Gear(!) and NES releases from yesteryear.
"We're not sure he's going to make it to the game or through the game," Hale said before game.
Rondo's three-game suspension is now complete, while Ingram has one more game remaining on his four-game punishment.
The game gained critical acclaim as well, and was nominated for "Best Mobile Game" at the 2019 game awards.
We had the pleasure and privilege of working with Junichi Masuda, game director and game composer of Game Freak.
Theme game packages include a ticket to the game and a limited-edition giveaway and/or an exclusive experience, often featuring in-game entertainment, graphics and music throughout the game.
The last time the Cubs won a World Series game was Game 6 in 1945 (they lost Game 7 when Hal Newhouser threw a complete game for the Detroit Tigers).
Game 1: Islanders 23, Pittsburgh, 3, OT Game 2: Islanders 3, Penguins 1 Game 3: Islanders 4, Pittsburgh 1 Game 4: Islanders 2, Pittsburgh 63 Islanders win series, 4-0.
And if it fails and a feminist game makes it to market—as it occasionally does and will continue to do, regardless of any opponents—Gamergate attempts to strip that game of its video-game status, variably claiming it is too short to be a game, too linear to be a game, too political to be a game or, most bluntly, not a true game at all.
"If you break down the chances we've had game to game, we are getting five, six opportunities every game," said Marchand, who also was whistled for three penalties in Game 4.
It lets anyone run corresponding game files for NES, SNES, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, and even Nintendo 64 consoles.
I didn't watch this game, or read a game story, or do much to interact with this game at all.
Weirdly, the first video game, the first real, successful video game, was Pong, was a two-person game in bars.
Jorgensen entered the nonconference game averaging 303 points per game, shooting 42.1 percent on 7.1 3-point attempts per game.
The game was an abysmal failure and fans felt that the game Sega marketed was not the game they received.
"Farms have upped their game like crazy, vineyards have upped their game, restaurants have upped their game," Ms. Clarry said.
As for the game itself: Artifact transforms Dota 29—Valve's 2013 multiplayer online battle arena game—into a card game.
The characters you played — who continued from game to game — could die or otherwise be taken out of the game.
The game is now the top-viewed game on Twitch and the most widely played game on Microsoft's Xbox console.
There's a good chance people are sharing Untitled Goose Game jokes without knowing Untitled Goose Game is a real game.
This game has stepped up to supplant Planescape: Torment as the game that "proves" video game stories can be good.
The game is called TrapAdventure 2 - Hardest Retro Game.
" (It was actually Game 7.) "This isn't Game 74.
These NBA ballers got game ... shoe game that is.
The Game Boy spawned the Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Color, and eventually the Game Boy Advance line, while the Nintendo DS went through four hardware upgrades before 3D capabilities were introduced.
So in the old days when we started, we developed a game, and once we developed a game, we launched the game, and then we would immediately focus on the next game.
New versions of the company's popular Monopoly board game based on the video game "Fortnite" and the hit HBO show "Game of Thrones" have also helped reignite interest in family game night.
The difference between a good game and a great game is often a series of fine lines, while the difference between a bad game and a great game can be oceans apart.
Currently there's an oldschool flip-over-cards matching game, a Heads Up-style word guessing game, and a Lights memory game.
Alex Ovechkin scores a hat trick in Game 5, a hat trick in Game 6, and two goals in Game 7.
I always talk about taking it game by game, try to grow your game and your confidence and your overall feeling.
The third game never came to the west at all, and the fourth game… well, the fourth game was Valkyria Revolution.
Chicago entered the game on a two-game winning streak after rebounding from a five-game losing streak earlier in March.
They scored one run in Game 22, another in Game 22 and then one more in Game 24 on Friday night.
He will work with starters Adam Wainwright in Game 2, Jack Flaherty in Game 3 and Dakota Hudson in Game 4.
He beat Gibson in Game 2, pitched to a no-decision in Game 5 and was the loser in Game 7.
At that point, all of your game traffic—and only your game traffic—is diverted onto the Haste platform for routing to and from the game server for the duration of the game.
Are they playing game after game of Hungry Hungry Hippos?
And Game of Thrones is, crucially, not a video game.
It was neither a game, nor a new game console.
Screenshots from the game is available on Epic's Game store.
The Giants are a game up with a game left.
"It felt good last game and this game," Rask said.
Our focus here was to take it game by game.
The Game of Game of Thrones is a fickle mistress.
O), casino video game maker International Game Technology PLC (IGT.
It was a good game, it was a fun game.
We played a good game, they played a good game.
Game after game is going to be a chess match.
But I think that we should go game by game.
A great game, mind you, but still just a game.
But in the second game, de Oliveira elevated his game.
During the game we were just concentrating on the game.
Kanye West's playing the long game — or the large game.
We had to turn the game into an offensive game.
I don't mean the grimdark game, or the antiheroic game.
The game he promised was not the game we got.
We're playing the long game ... the only game that matters.
Good game, thank you very much, good game for us.
Has the Big Game always been more Big than Game?
The women's game has grown faster than the men's game.
A fun game for impromptu game nights at their place
It's included with Xbox Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate.
We win the game, we go to the second game.
I have to find my game and play my game.
Do you have a favorite game system or game controller?
The winner of The Game Awards' "Best Action Game" category went to Dead Cells, the creation of French game studio Motion Twin.
Toronto's Nazem Kadri served the first game of his three-game suspension for a hit on Boston's Tommy Wingels in Game 1.
She has since been named Player of the Game for scoring the game-winning goal in the second game of the series.
Today, it carries game previews, in-game highlights, post-game recaps, plus clips with news, analysis, fantasy football advice, and other content.
It's a game that knows it's a game about a game, and knows that you know that it knows that you know.
The A's won the first game 8-6 before Texas won the second game 8-7 — with the middle game rained out.
In the Game of Game of Thrones — a game of ice, zombies, and psychotic child rulers — nothing's colder than a cold open.
In Thorson's previous game, the multiplayer action game TowerFall, players could create multiplayer modes through the "variants" system, by altering game rules.
She entered the game as UConn's third-leading scorer (15.1 points a game) and one of its leading rebounders (7.4 a game).
The game bears a resemblance to Game Grumps' "Dream Daddy," an indie dating simulator game released in 22020 which has gone viral.
When we say "the game of" — the game of basketball or baseball, for example — we're talking about the idea of the game.
Justin Verlander will start Game 245 for Houston, with Gerrit Cole lined up for Game 12 and Zack Greinke for Game 303.
Game developer Bossa Studios built the multiplayer game "Worlds Adrift" on Improbable's software but killed the game after low traction in May.
Getting to the game and playing in the game kind of got our minds off it, but it's bigger than the game.
The galaxy-exploration game has been dissed for everything from its repetitive game play to  missing multi-player function, so logic and reason would dictate that the game gets an Honest Game Trailer now.
"Walden sits somewhere on the continuum between being a purely entertainment game and a game for learning," Tracy Fullerton, lead designer on the game and director of the USC Game Innovation Lab, told Hyperallergic.
The Game Boy was a fantastic creation, and Analogue is bringing it back with it the Analogue Pocket, an upcoming mobile console that plays Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games.
Related: [Exclusive] How 'Game of Thrones' Built Its Biggest Dragon The 'Game of Thrones' Google Map Makes Navigating Westeros a Breeze Philadelphia Hates Game of Thrones How 'Game of Thrones' Keeps Topping Its Amazing VFX
Utah is a half-game ahead of the Rockets and one full game ahead of the Mavericks as it opens a three-game homestand after completing a five-game road trip with a winning record.
The third-year running back is averaging career highs in carries per game, rushing yards per game, receptions per game and receiving yards per game, and he leads Los Angeles in each of those categories.
I come to your door, I bring the game, I set up the game, I run the game, you pay me, I leave.
We tend to be at every PAX, we go to SDCC, we're at Gamescom, Tokyo Game Show, Paris Game Show, Brazil Game Show.
This left a lot of people feeling like the game was missing something, a key component of what makes a game a game.
In its place, Game for Peace is very much the type of game that will pass the demands of China's game censorship body.
The Orioles won the finale of a three-game series, ending a three-game skid while snapping the Rays' three-game winning streak.
" Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield said, "This game is the biggest game of the season," before adding, "just like the next game always is.
The second game will start shortly after the first game concludes.
Game Maker's Toolkit offers video game criticism from a developer's perspective.
We play every game like we're going to win the game.
Instead, the game was a more open-ended 3D action game.
The game is already available via messaging app Kik's game store.
The game was created for the latest Ludum Dare game jam.
And, especially, as Halep collected game after game down the stretch.
It may be a game, but it's a game with consequences.
Monday's game marked the 33rd anniversary of that 1983 championship game.
Here's the good news: Game of Game of Thrones is back.
That's why the Game Boy Micro was the last Game Boy.
Sunday night's World Series game beat the NFL game in ratings.
This game was made in the style of an indie game.
His game: He's the prototype power forward for the modern game.
It needs Unity, a game engine, to make the game run.
We've got to treat every game like it's a playoff game.
The Cougars came into the game averaging 12 turnovers per game.
This new game is part Game of Thrones, part Sim City.
Game Boy Advance: It's like a Game Boy cart, but smaller.
He studies both the game and the structure of the game.
The experience is often fiddly, and varies from game to game.
But first, so within that game, what happened in the game?
This marked their ninth home game in a 10-game period.
The game was tied 7-7 when the game was stopped.
A game without a single bad call is a good game.
They averaged 1.83 runs per game during the six-game stretch.
SMU averages 80 points per game and Houston 78.6 per game.
That I respect the game for the game and the sport.
"It's one game," Budenholzer told reporters after the Game 2 trouncing.
In the Game of Game of Thrones, battles are our Christmas.
"She has different game, and I have different game," Svitolina said.
The game of two legs has been reduced to one game.
The second game was the 18,000th game in White Sox history.
The game is set before the events of the previous game.
What is ultimately "core" to what makes a game that game?
This was Philadelphia's second game of a four-game road stretch.
Two players from the 1966 game would toss the game coin.
" Kimmel after the game: "We apologize to the game of basketball.
They came into the game with a four-game win streak.
We have to come with our 'A' game every single game.
It was the second game of a seven-game winning streak.
Game 3 will be on Sunday and Game 23 on Wednesday.
"We treat each game as our most important game," Jenkins said.
Snapchat's Sponsored Mac & Cheese game (left), and Puzzle Face game (right).
"It's a different game and we love our game," Ball said.
Saying "Watch the Louisville game," brought up an in-progress game.
International subscribers have live access to every game via Game Pass.
"That was a game within a game for me," Morton said.
I think any age will like this game, a trivia game.
It was the Virginia Tech game, not the Louisiana State game.
Game 6, the last N.B.A. game at Oracle, is officially underway.
Hopefully, they can go win a game and win another game.
It would be like "Game of Thrones" within "Game of Thrones"!
But Steve Jackson says, 'Every game is a role-playing game.
The outside game had changed the math of the inside game.
Only in the N.B.A. does the game feel like a game.
The NFC Championship Game What time is the NFC Championship Game?
We need to play every game like it's a Game 20.
It comes with Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.
I think today's game is a perfect fit for his game.
Not just in the game, but what was around the game.
The second game of the three-game set will be Saturday.
Overnight, the board game magically turns into a video game cartridge.
They were playing the second game of a seven-game homestand.
The win in the first game of the four-game series enabled the Braves to regain first place in the N.L. East, a half-game ahead of Washington, which saw its six-game winning streak snapped.
At the conclusion of their game Wednesday, the Mets held a one-game lead over the San Francisco Giants, who entered their late game against the Rockies a game and a half ahead of the Cardinals.
The game has become one of the most successful game launches of all time (if not the most successful game launch of all time).
Chuck Barris, whose game show empire included The Dating Game, The Newlywed Game and that infamous factory of cheese, The Gong Show, has died.
According to Google, Stadia hopes to fuse both online game streaming and video game streaming platforms like Twitch into a single new game community.
Yet the Nationals grinded back, game by game, climbing from near-last in the N.L. East all the way to the wild-card game.
To Game Change or Not to Game Change Of course, the whole concept of Game Changers is designed to amp up the frenetic play.
The three experimental groups trained with a memory-based brain training game, a strategy-based game, or the visual processing game I mentioned above.
That was until the seventh game, when he was broken to love in an error-strewn game as Murray ramped up his returning game.
If I run a video game company, for example, I can sell you tokens that represent in-game purchases once the game is built.
In terms of the run game, we've got to be more productive in the run game, pass game, kind of across the board offensively.
Overwatch won big last night: for best multiplayer, best eSports game, best game direction, and, oh yeah, the big one: game of the year.
The Game of Game of Thrones is a fantasy game based on a fantasy show, but we're not the only Double Fantasy in town.
Suggested retail price for Game of Thrones Chardonnay and Game of Thrones Red Wine is $19.99, and Game of Thrones Cabernet Sauvignon is $39.99.
The latest game from Supergiant, makers of Bastion and Transistor, Pyre is a fantasy sports game wedded to a visual novel role-playing game.
The game gave the channel's chat room control of the game, letting comments act as a sort of controller for a massive multiplayer game.
We got more out of this game than any game we played this season, because we had to be tough to win this game.
The Game Boy helped create a market for portablevideo games; Nintendo sold more than 100 million Game Boy and Game Boy Color consoles worldwide.
LaVine, who leads the league in minutes per game and is averaging 20.4 points per game, was injured in the previous game against Dallas.
I am afraid people don't like to thinking in playing game, and the game developers make a lot of action game to cater them.
This game is shaping up to be different than existing television to video game titles, because Wonderstorm has been planning a game all along.
The Dodgers will start Rich Hill in Game 3, followed by the rookie Julio Urias in Game 4 and Kenta Maeda in Game 5.
Though the card game is mildly entertaining for a few rounds, it's completely separate from the main game and doesn't affect in-game progress.
As a fighting game, its meta-game is constantly shifting, while outside the game the Melee community has demonstrated the power of its passion.
He will be opposed in Game 1 by Tanaka, who will be followed by Paxton in Game 2 and then Severino in Game 2883.
Playing his first game since serving a nine-game suspension for receiving improper benefits, Childs wasted no time putting his stamp on the game.
The Bulls are 24th in assists per game, 25th in potential assists per game, and 26th in points created off of assists per game.
She was also the first woman to referee a major college football game, a bowl game and a game in a Big Ten stadium.
Best new take on a game: OtrioBest new take on a video game: BlokusBest creative artistic game: SagradaBest funny game: Mole Rats From SpaceBest new sequel: Uno's DosPrices and links are current as of 2/11/2020.
It affected the girls' game more than it affected the guys' game.
Milwaukee finished the 162-game schedule on a seven-game winning streak.
The Game Booster also remembers every time you launch that particular game.
Sunday's Game of Thrones was a game-changer for the HBO series.
A game like this, it was our best game of the season.
We were better in Game Two than we were in Game One.
Video game enthusiasts also purchase game systems such as Xbox or PlayStation.
The analysis of a video game can be a game in itself.
Not just the game itself, but the entire feel of the game.
I think it's a great part of game designing and game writing.
The game comes out today on the indie game publishing platform
"It was a similar game today to the Milwaukee game," Bradley said.
He missed one game — the game after his injury on Nov. 210.
The Lakers begin a four-game trip with a game at Utah.
Chicago reinstated Moncada from the 10-game injured list before the game.
When I look at game shows today… they don't play the game.
As said, this game sets Baldwin up for his third good game.
Not a romance game, exactly, but not not a romance game, either.
Game technology needs to constantly keep up with game makers' creative ambitions.
The Game of Game of Thrones: who won the season 7 premiere?
It was like … It was a game, you know it's a game.
And that game, that single game, was Remember Me, published by Capcom.
Little Lily-Grace's fashion game is as strong as her mane game.
NOTES: Oregon entered the game second nationally at 6.8 blocks per game.
"Australia play a width game, a high-paced outflanking game," he said.
Cleveland's four-game winning streak and Chicago's six-game slide were snapped.
There is a game played around you, and it's a money game.
Milwaukee came into the game averaging 223 214-point attempts per game.
That's what's so special about Game 7s or Game 163 tie-breakers.
It also gave them $23 in game currency and free game features.
The Pacers were playing the fourth game of a five-game homestand.
But, if game really does recognize game ... get ready for Ruiz's run!!!
Friday's game kicked off a four-game road swing for the Kings.
The game is bigger than that so it can be anybody's game.
That's where the real game begins: finding out the in-game physics.
The Hornets were playing the third game of a five-game homestand.
Sports betting invariably involves a game and the people playing that game.
We played a hard game, but we didn't play a playoff game.
Final game of the Series, the Cubs hurler pitched a perfect game.
The only way to end the game is to play the game.
GAME-DAY WALKABOUT I try not to think about the specific game.
This game, last game, they did a great job of doing that.
He played 29 minutes in Game 2 and 30 in Game 3.
The game was also the most active game I played—exhausting even.
Houston dropped its fourth consecutive game following a five-game win streak.
Your game clip will begin recording once you resume playing the game.
They were playing their lone road game during a six-game stretch.
When a game ended, our chats from that game ended with it.
The game will also have in-game text chat and microphone support.
The Bulldogs entered the game averaging 9.2 made 3-pointers per game.
You know, the Dodger game, the Cubs game, these three playoff games.
Game 214 represented the fastest game of the series, at 103:210.
After some board game trivia, we're bringing you some board game history.
There is only one exclusive game, a spooky adventure game called Gylt.
He's got skin in the game, and the game is getting worse.
Game-changing brawl This court-clearing brawl literally changed the basketball game.
David Waldstein: The base running game-within-the game is heating up.
The Hornets were playing the third game of a four-game homestand.
Going from last game to this game, it's like two different teams.
The game was sold out, just like every Clippers game since Feb.
Every soccer game, every softball game, every piano recital, every dance recital.
Like any good video game, Game Chaingers keeps track of player stats.
It turns the military stealth game into a zombie hunting survival game.
My first tree for the game was my first game asset ever.
My Read: Miami has the right game plan to win this game.
We spent hours absorbed in the Pokémon game on Game Boy Color.
Stevens was ejected from Wednesday's game after Lowry complained to game officials.
Game 3 was the first conference finals game in Portland since 2000.
The game will be developed with the game design firm Select Button.
I. call in the NFC title game that cost N.O. the game.
The game-changing play has been a game changer for Robey-Coleman.
Game by game, week by week, it is still a great competition.
In Game 232, someone else is going to have a great game.
"It's the nature of the game today," Girardi said before Tuesday's game.
ET. The three-game series will conclude with a Sunday afternoon game.
He pitched abysmally in Game 3 and no better in Game 7.
The Twins won that game, 11-5, and also won Game 7.
The box score from that game reads that of a video game.
"We just gotta win the game," Chisenhall said of Wednesday's Game 7.
In fact, the game you play is about designing that very game.
Everything was a game to her, a most wonderful, loving, endless game.
Hughes entered the game with an ACC-leading 21 points per game.
Effectively, the rule makes a 9-point game a one-score game.
We've just got to treat this next game like it's Game 7.
And these ... game mechanics, they apply to all parts of the game.
It was Carolina's fourth game of a break-interrupted, five-game homestand.
I was ready for it (and) I played my game, aggressive game.
After that, we watch the Ducks hockey game and the Lakers game.
Greene entered the game averaging 13.4 points and 6.8 rebounds a game.
They&aposre riding an eight-game win streak coming into this game.
But there's a new player in the game: streaming video game platforms.
It's just a game to them, everything is a game to them.
"Which is a totally different game — a fundamental game," Melvin Booker said.
"Going into the game, I'm going to play my game," Maye said.
Players grow accustomed to being in the same spot game after game.
Sunday&aposs game against the Bengals will be his 14th NFL game.
It might be a good game, it might be a bad game.
The first game of the three-game series went to New Zealand.
In many ways, the game proceeds like an online role-playing game.
The game is free to play on Steam, Valve Corporation's game store.
Yeah, multiplayer game, he loves ... Flickr started off as a game company.
So they can't come to a game, they can't watch the game.
The taste is all cumin, strong and musky, matching game with game.
Gwendoline Christie, "Game of Thrones" — SHOULD AND WILL WINJulia Garner, "Ozark"Lena Headey, "Game of Thrones"Fiona Shaw, "Killing Eve"Sophie Turner, "Game of Thrones"Maisie Williams, "Game of Thrones"With four total "Game of Thrones" stars vying for the award, it's tough to call which will take home the statue.
Game Mode will need to be enabled on a game-by-game basis, but publishers should be able to enable it automatically in the future.
Pokemon Red and BlueAside from Tetris, there's no game that defines the Game Boy (and Game Boy Color) like the original Pokemon Red and Blue.
Here is how my progress went:Screenshot: Crane Game TorebaScreenshot: Crane Game TorebaScreenshot: Crane Game Toreba"These are all the same photo," a Gizmodo colleague observed.
Find teams playing a third game in four nights, fourth game in six nights or sixth game in eight nights against a better-rested team.
The win was the Athletics' first in the three-game series, snapping a two-game losing streak overall and a five-game skid at home.
Activision Blizzard Inc declined 9.1 percent after the video game publisher transferred full publishing rights for its "Destiny" game franchise to video game developer Bungie.
"This game is better than the 2020 NBA Celebrity Game!!!" said NBA skills coach Chris Brickley, who witnessed the game with his own two eyes.
The game is billed as "A Fighting Game for Everyone" and is a game without complicated button inputs to pull off special moves and combos.
Facebook finally launches playable ads, improves game monetization Mobile game advertisers can now create ads that you can play without first installing the game. Useful!
And more recently, through things like EA Access and Xbox Game Pass, game publishers are testing out the feasibility of Netflix-style video game delivery.
Mojang, the Swedish game studio best known for a little game called Minecraft, not only just announced its next game, it just released it, too.
The Game Developers Conference doesn't have the marketing of flashy video game conferences like E3, Gamescom, or Tokyo Game Show, but it's no less important.
DePaul entered the game averaging 254 points per game but struggled in the slow-paced game without Strus spreading the floor with his outside shooting.
The Spanish Game The most classic opening in the game of beating your wife at chess is known as the Ruy Lopez, or Spanish Game.
Game 3 is Tuesday night, with Game 4 also in St. Louis on Thursday before the series returns to Dallas for Game 5 on Saturday.
They demand sensible, functional game mechanics—which is why a hopelessly broken game like Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing is no game at all.
"The difference between your game and our game is that our equivalent of Breanna Stewart is not back in our game next season," Pitino said.
Strafe is a game from 2017 that looks like a game from 1993, that advertises itself as a game from somewhere in the mid-90s.
Another example: A game studio recently put out a new title in a popular video game line without a game mode that fans were expecting.
Beyond just working with various game developers and publishers, Google has created its own game-development division headed by veteran video-game executive Jade Raymond.
Yang is a game designer and assistant arts professor at NYU Game Center in Brooklyn, a school that specializes in teaching game design and culture.
They lost that game, won Game 21 and handed Scherzer a 4-3 lead in the fifth inning of Game 5, on two days' rest.
"Prodigy" (mobile): This no-cost mobile game is "an incredible learning game for children couched within traditional JRPG (Japanese role-playing game) design," Alexander said.
Every game has its so-called unbreakable records, like Wilt Chamberlain's 100 points in a single N.B.A. game or Joe DiMaggio's 56-game hitting streak.
Hellebuyck made 27 saves but lost for the third consecutive game, despite telling reporters after Game 3 that he liked his game better than Fleury's.
Brogdon led rookies with 4.2 assists a game and 1.12 steals a game and was fourth among newcomers in scoring with 10.2 points a game.
Dhooghe scored the game-winning goal in the Americans' semifinal game against Sweden, which set up a victory over Finland in the gold medal game.
On Monday the game publisher rolled out the beta test of its "Blackout" battle royale game mode in its upcoming "Call of Duty" game release.
The Friday game was their 10th in an 11-game, 19-day run that concludes with another road game Saturday against the Los Angeles Kings.
That compares with $363.58 for a National Hockey League game, $339.02 for a National Basketball Association game and $219.53 for an Major League Baseball game.
Game 2 is Wednesday at Boston before the series shifts to the National League city for Game 3 on Friday and Game 4 on Saturday.
The Knicks came into the new year with an eight-game, a six-game and a couple of five-game skids, as one might expect.
Journey won multiple awards in 2012 and 2013, and took home six awards at the Game Developers Choice Awards: Best Audio, Best Game Design, Best Visual Arts, Best Downloadable Game, the Innovation Award, and Game of the Year.
The Voting Game Adult Card Game, available on Amazon, $19.65The Voting Game is basically a card game that gives you a funny prompt and invites you to anonymously answer "Who's the most likely to..." out of your friends.
Hamels was hoping for another shot in Game 23, but Pedro Martinez — pitching in his final game — could not do enough in Game 33 to force a decisive game at Yankee Stadium, and the Yankees claimed the title.

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