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"process" Definitions
  1. a series of things that are done in order to achieve a particular result
  2. a series of things that happen, especially ones that result in natural changes
  3. a method of doing or making something, especially one that is used in industry
"process" Synonyms
procedure measures method mechanism operation steps system technique activity approach methodology plan stages action blueprint course of action design drill practice regimen exercise course path route undertaking channels development project scheme task venture affair lesson progression training evolution passage progress advance march procession spread advent flow motion proceeding rise unfolding advancement arrival buildup coming furtherance journey trial case litigation lawsuit court action court case court martial habeas corpus hearing legal action legal proceedings dispute proceedings suit cause judicial proceedings legal process legal dispute program(US) programme(UK) executable batch code script algorithm binary functions mechanics procedures functionality circuitry citation mandate subpoena summons writ documents court order warrant decree subpoena ad testificandum arraignment command call indictment document requisition notification TRO paper replevin response system biology modality physical process appendage outgrowth limb organ protuberance projection lump swelling protrusion bump bulge growth tumescence tumefaction excrescence carbuncle intumescence knob tumor(US) hump cognitive operation cognitive process mental process unconscious process act move step measure deed manoeuvre(UK) maneuver(US) adventure initiative transaction performance movement habit custom convention routine wont rule tradition pattern way mode usage modus operandi repetition style manner policy purpose service use component respiration breathing exhalation inhalation expiration breath sigh pant gasp insufflation exhaling outbreath breathing out blowing out puff huff inspiration wheeze gulp snuffle registering listing cataloguing(UK) cataloging(US) chronicling recording registration record-keeping registry enrollment(US) enrolment(UK) matriculation enlisting booking notarization enrolling certification filing authorizing(US) transition change shift transformation adaptation adjustment conversion gradation modification mutation switch transfiguration alteration discovery analysis examination evaluation investigation enquiry(UK) inquiry(US) research experimentation inspection testing calculation diagnosis empiricism prepare transform treat concoct convert deal with handle manage work on act on alter make ready refine see to take care of work act with administer attend to ponder reflect on weigh consider reason contemplate on deliberate on digest make sense of mull over muse over register ruminate stew over accept assimilate chew over clarify meditate on reflect compute crunch classify organise(UK) organize(US) calculate crack decrypt encrypt hack reorganise(UK) reorganize(US) decipher manipulate scan accuse charge institute legal proceedings press charges serve file suit litigate sue arraign swear out drag into court file go to court go to law take proceedings parade troop promenade stride pace go in columns march in review pass in formation walk stomp trail tramp rush traipse stream hike funnel distil(UK) distill(US) purify filter clear cleanse clean garble rarefy fine decontaminate rectify sanitise(UK) sanitize(US) sublimate disinfect fractionate produce make craft manufacture build fabricate forge assemble construct create mold(US) mould(UK) compose develop fashion form frame generate invent comprehend understand grasp absorb conceive discern appreciate apprehend get intuit learn catch cognize know behold compass launder doctor wash tan condition prime adapt ready temper acclimate acclimatise(UK) acclimatize(US) adjust fit shape tailor accommodate conform edit put dress knead ply blend labor(US) labour(UK) mix model squeeze tend care for puree liquidise(UK) liquidize(US) mash pound apply enforce execute implement effect effectuate enact perform prosecute accomplish discharge engage exact impose perpetrate do compile write software input enter load key store capture log record type write copy insert post submit commit index table keyboard embalm conserve enshrine immortalise(UK) immortalize(US) treasure cherish consecrate preserve fix freeze keep protect wrap contain manifest express incorporate satisfy fulfil(UK) fulfill(US) meet answer fill cover support sustain deliver provision supply bear equip follow furnish observe think deliberate contemplate analyse(UK) analyze(US) debate dwell evaluate figure out meditate appraise brainstorm brood dry salt chill cure desiccate pickle pot corn dehydrate kipper marinate save smoke souse bottle powder crush grind pulverise(UK) pulverize(US) mill bray comminute granulate atomize beat disintegrate mull triturate levigate pestle abrade crumble repair retire leave withdraw adjourn depart go proceed transfer exit pass resign retreat head for hie remove resort retreat to More
"process" Antonyms
disorganization(US) disorganisation(UK) chaos confusion disarray disorder topsy-turviness unruliness disarrangement lawlessness blockage ignorance break part difference reality cog inactivity inaction idleness inertia dormancy abstention immobility motionlessness stillness stoppage cessation passivity inertness stagnation indolence laziness halt reversal ebb regress regression retreat reverse about-face backwash end recess recession reflux retraction retrogression return turnabout manual task depression ingrowth sinkage concave dint indent dent hollow cavity indentation pit concavity indenture ingredient backdown withdrawal pullout pullback fallback evacuation backtracking paucity poorness shame deviation departure digression deviance deviancy diversion divagation divergence divergency nonconformity straying veering nonmovement inflexibility rigidity stiffness woodenness impotence inability incompetence ineptitude lack stop stand standstill impasse pause discontinuation discontinuance asphyxia asphyxiation choking suffocation futility impracticality incapability ineffectiveness ineffectuality ineffectualness inefficacy inefficiency uselessness inadequacy ineptness pointlessness unavailingness unworkability fruitlessness unsuccessfulness worthlessness inoperability unserviceableness entertainment fun speech fact certainty safety surety protection sure thing assurance pastime passiveness whole apathy neglect ignore continue preserve forget hold keep remain fail forego mismanage retain let go cancel abandon give up misunderstand misinterpret cloud confuse muddle muddy mistake overlook miss unlearn reject exclude misapprehend misconstrue misapply miscomprehend misconceive miscalculate misperceive misjudge do manually dirty pollute adulterate impurify damage corrupt ruin contaminate destroy demolish dismantle spoil devastate obliterate wreck abort decimate eliminate eradicate maim pulverise(UK) pulverize(US) terminate trash vitiate butcher botch bungle bodge bollix up goof up louse up make a botch of make a hash of make a mess of mutilate screw up detail discard dismiss disregard enlarge expand lengthen not get build maintain introduce add include insert instil(UK) instill(US) interpose infuse inject intersperse bring intercalate open lay open put in leave leave it leave it alone leave it as is let be let it be

582 Sentences With "process"

How to use process in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "process" and check conjugation/comparative form for "process". Mastering all the usages of "process" from sentence examples published by news publications.

I could go through this process by process by process.
They are fighting back by asking for process, process and more process.
There are many places where this process can error out: During the waiting room process, during the ticket selection process, and during the payment process.
For now, multi-process is limited to a single content process and a single browser process.
"This comment process does not replace the current exclusion process and supplements that process," USTR said.
"A serious process, a credible process and a candid process is going to be critical," the official said.
The Process Compendium 2004-2010 consists of two sets of fifteen prints that document Process 4 to Process 18 and one index print that includes the complete Process Compendium text.
How the interview process worksThe interview process lasts about a month, which sources described as quick for a hiring process.
New GOP process complaints After weeks of complaining about process, Republicans reacted to Pelosi's change of course by complaining -- about process.
Whisper networks certainly aren't due process, but they also don't bypass due process: they exist in a vacuum of due process.
The Democratic process, unlike the Republican process, is incredibly public.
The legislative process, done right, also is a long process.
First, the impeachment process is a political, not legal, process.
"The recall process is fundamentally a political process," Aarseth said.
I answered that my process was to discover a process.
But it's a slow process and it's a limited process.
"They're mostly learning from each other and figuring out how to adapt their hiring process, onboarding process and coaching process," Jacobs said.
" — Ben Rogers, 41, Wollongong A Painful Process "This process of raising the issue with the Australian public — the process — was incredibly harmful.
Not to belittle people's process—because obviously their process is their process—but my process is I like to show up and do stuff and I like it to be as quick as possible.
The learning process, the thinking process, really the beauty of it.
During that process, Gore, as vice-president, presided over the process.
Previously, the process required a time-consuming paper application and process.
Robotic process automation is an emerging form of business process automation.
But the most important thing about that process isn't the process.
But I sincerely hope the learning process is actually a process.
Each asylum process is an individual process which is examined individually.
Defending the process White House sources defended Jackson's formal vetting process .
The process that you're referring to is a risk management process.
So Philadelphia's the Process meets New York's the Process for Dummies.
Death is a process, and we simply slow that process down.
It's as much a learning process as it is a recuperation process.
Throughout the growing process, sensors in the trays track the growing process.
The researchers have designed a process that makes this process more efficient.
Trust The Process is what you do when the process isn't satisfactory.
The decades of the "peace process" brought much process and little peace.
"Transitioning is a long process and a very difficult process," he said.
And more specifically, the process that time forgot — the tedious expenses process.
Julian: My writing process is much like my songwriting and lyric process.
It's that there is a natural Darwinian process, a natural selection process.
"Impeachment is a political process, it's not a legal process," Jones noted.
Investment Process SCBAM's investment process is deemed robust relative to the industry.
Narrator: The impeachment process is a political process, not a criminal one.
The Federal regulatory process is roughly a three to five year process.
" The president referred to the congressional confirmation process as a "lousy process.
It was a chill process that didn't really feel like a process.
So we still go through that process but we're expediting this process.
The dysfunctional American political process had already warped the process, of course.
"There is a process, we are following that process," the source added.
I want to talk about the process, the democracy, the democratic process.
"[The Bengals] have their process and I have my process," Burrow said.
"An accountability process is a process," they said in a message to Gizmodo.
The budget reconciliation process was created in 210 to expedite Congress's budget process.
So that was a different process than the typical law enforcement DNA process.
And no matter how you feel about this process, the process is on.
The process of working towards a prize is a learning process in itself.
The process of doing so is also a sensitive and time-consuming process.
Their brains even process butts in the same way that we process faces.
Even before the RFP process started, they were complaining about the procurement process.
The legislative process is the process that allows those views to ... be respected.
"The process of seeking fame is a process of seeking dehumanization," he says.
Not that you really process — it takes so long to process this s—.
If there's a process to remove this painting, well, let's start the process.
"We have an election process, not a selection process," the former governor said.
The FAA declined to comment, but has said the process followed normal process.
"It's still a work in process, and it's a slow process," says Vincent.
One is the legal process going on, the other is the legislative process.
"The process (of change) has been started but it's a process," Mueller said.
It's a process of slowly easing into a new thought process around giving.
Bodyguarding is a thought process, and you have to have that thought process.
Focus on the process of how to do it and learn the process.
We can't compromise the creative process to do the press and marketing process.
But with oils, that process needs to take place during the extraction process.
Like any hobby, I enjoy the writing process, I enjoy the testing process.
But it is a process, and it is meant to be a process.
He had a process, and that process was a hearing before the Senate.
And we have a process now and they are hooked into the process.
In response, Apple halted the grading process worldwide while it reviewed the process.
"This algorithm involves a creative process, not a data mining process," he says.
The process of creating that is, in itself, the process of creating hope.
Application process 'onerous' The nomination process is widely considered to be a challenge.
This ruling was about a bureaucratic process, not the outcome of the process.
Republicans have criticized the process as giving no due process to the president.
Due process is best understood as a question: How much process is due?
In the United States, due process can mean substantive or procedural due process.
Instead, he offered his support for a "full process" to "hear everybody out" on the matter and accepted that such a process would delay Kavanaugh's confirmation process.
It has said the 737-MAX certification process followed the FAA's standard certification process.
Despite Redfin's new program, the home-buying process looks to remain a complicated process.
The process of getting set up with the iSines is... well, it's a process.
True, it may take a few minutes to process the process, as it were.
The whole process was like a very emotional process; I'm a very emotional person.
Compared to the official process, Shine's process is less intimidating and easier to understand.
How has this training process compared to the process of training for the Soyuz?
I just enjoy that process and I enjoy taking the reader on that process.
"We're much more flexible in the collaborative process than the litigation process," she said.
For him, the process provides a captivating glimpse into the original designer's thought process.
The recounting process began Saturday as candidates, activists and lawyers clashed over the process.
"The system right now for that process, for the application process, is broken," Rep.
"We have a process, and I'm respectful of the process," Durbin told The Hill.
That process of free, open dialogue goes to the best of our democratic process.
If so how did that process differ (or not) from your standard creative process?
SANDERS: There is a process under way, and that process will take its course.
"We're much more flexible in the collaborative process than the litigation process," she said.
S inger : We're talking about your creative process and mental process pre-Alzheimer's, correct?
This process, called splicing, is essential to the process of making proteins from genes.
It's a process, and based on the photos ... the process is working for Rob.
Only action can begin the process, a process that will take work and understanding.
People who are running the creative process are professionals at running the creative process.
The cleaning process is about as lengthy as the prep process, if not lengthier.
"If the president requests to stop the process, the process stops," Mr. Spencer said.
For them, due process for defendants may end up meaning no process at all.
There is a permitting process, and a fee, but Airbnb is controlling that process.
There is a [process] spelled out in our Constitution that is a House process.
Impediments to this process and mounting barriers affect public confidence in the process and can derail the efforts to give citizens a voice in the public policy process.
The process that extracts a video buffer is now completely separate from the process that plays that file or the process that formats it to fit inside the app.
Additionally, the Fifth Amendment's Due Process Clause protects people from having rights denied without sufficient legal process and even from having some fundamental rights denied, no matter the process.
Crowdsourcing that process, she hopes, will allow professional archaeologists to speed up the discovery process.
The most effective Republican gripe about the impeachment process thus far has been about process.
The process of getting a celebrity ready for a cover shoot is a long process.
" Bridgewater said he's "focused on the process" because "the process has been working for us.
More information about the ABLA, judging process and nomination process is available online at abla.cnbc.
VICE PRESIDENT MIKE PENCE: No, we're very early in the process, Joe— the nomination process.
"The process of creating a glyph is not a regular drawing process," she told me.
After you start that process, what's the actual physical process to getting it blown up?
He had to go through the process, however broken or insane that process may be.
EarGo is in the process of streamlining that process by moving much of it online.
Sharing stories is a healing process and it's part of the cathartic process of change.
The process works similarly to deleting recordings via the app, starting the deletion process immediately.
He&aposs entitled to due process just like everyone else is entitled to due process.
You can create a new process from scratch or import one from the process library.
One of the real deficiencies with the existing process was how secretive the process was.
The process of struggle and the process of overcoming that I stand on top of.
The process is guided by Kello's lights, and the process typically lasts around 20 minutes.
Fix the budget process This badly broken budget process simply has not worked in decades.
About the Process: The toughest part about the entire process was waiting for my results.
When someone disputes the award, there's a process, and we're in that process right now.
You can turn that 30-minute process into a five-minute process or even faster.
It wasn't easy or a linear process, and I stumbled many times in the process.
More information about CNBC's ABLA, judging process and nomination process is available online at
Once they nailed down a fabrication process, the researchers were able to automate the process.
"My objection to this process right now is the process," said Dotson's attorney, Alex Spiro.
The official impeachment process supporters are waiting for is the process that is taking place.
I worry that that process gets misused, too, but at least there's a process there.
He believes in the process and believes the best candidate will emerge from that process.
" "If this process doesn't reflect a commitment to due process, I think it could backfire.
Change is a process and the feelings that come with that process might be new.
Woods misses cut at P.G.A. Championship, breaks process over knee, throws process into water hazard.
"It has been an amazing process, an enlightening process the last two days," she began.
The process of informing oneself is almost entirely a process of choosing whom to believe.
This incestuous hiring process narrows the range of perspectives brought into the news decisionmaking process.
It's always worth asking, do we own the process or does the process own us?
Again, we've got to go through a lot of process and that process isn't pretty.
I've now made four — five, with [Loving] — really personal films, and I've been really able to control the process and learn the process, and I'm confident in that process now.
"Sometimes I feel like the political process and governments feel so far away from young people and it is not 'the political process,' it is 'your political process,'" she said.
What I came to understand through trying it on my own is that a mechanical process didn't just have to be a printing process but could be a painting process.
Check out the fascinating process of human decomposition Check out the fascinating process of human decomposition
" Baird added, "It's a new process, but a process we believe is fair to all parties.
He added that an order book process with selected investors would probably be the "cleanest" process.
You know you got to taste the process, you gotta see what the process is like.
So the OPA process has been created over the years to "tame" and bureaucratize the process.
"Codifying a sham process halfway through doesn't make it any less of a sham process," Rep.
The process takes months and a delay in one build can slow down the entire process.
What's more, the person who initiated the process gets a notification that the process is complete.
A rush to judgement denies the right to due process; the Metoo movement deserves due process.
The result is visible, but the process isn't, because the process is discussion with the director.
In the process, some number will inevitably get mixed up and you start the process again.
And in the process, it completely upended what a comedy special could be in the process.
But it is a good chunk in a process, which has to be a gradual process.
Installing the mirrors has been a careful process Installing the mirrors has been a careful process.
People want to become engaged in the political process by having vigorous primary and caucus process.
For this round, it has merged the prequalification process for licence bidders into the bidding process.
"CIC knew of the review and pre-approval process and deliberately ignored that process," he wrote.
The initiation process is a sacred ceremony, so I really can't talk about the process itself.
The current research approval process would not change and the DEA has streamlined the registration process.
Over half a century, the national primary process has been enshrined as a national election process.
This process is meant to make the candidate more comfortable with McKinsey's interview process, says Casey.
"I don't know how the process works, and I want to know the process," Grassley said.
It is usually left to the political process, not the judicial process, to sort out eligibility.
Waiting has certainly become part of today's legislative process - or what passes for a legislative process.
But that process will likely now be sped up, two officials familiar with the process say.
The execution process begins with a pantomime of a court process, lasting one to three minutes.
If formal talks begin, the peace process is expected to be a long and complicated process.
Altering the SARB's mandate could be a drawn-out process, as officials understand the process differently.
"I believe it's a process, and it's a process that has only recently begun," he said.
That may give Facebook's users more process, but is that really the process they are due?
"By definition the political process is not simply a black-and-white process," Mr. Scott said.
"It's a process, a long, arduous process," said William L. McDaniel Jr., a Collier County commissioner.
The process is an accelerated horticultural version of the aging process that all athletes ultimately face.
They may not like the process, but if they don't like the process, change the rules.
The nomination process is a sophisticated vetting process that each party hopes produces the strongest candidate.
That is what this impeachment process is fundamentally about — protecting the integrity of our election process.
True, the legal process underlying removal proceedings could be overhauled to excise due process of law.
"There's a process that has to take place, and we're going through that process," Sanders said.
"Their commitment was that the process, the lawful judicial process here, would take place," he said.
Democrats feel left out of the process, which they say is antithetical to a bipartisan process.
The second suit similarly questions the driver-screening process as well as Uber's incident response process.
It is important that the copied memory is protected against later modifications by the source process; otherwise, the source process might be able to exploit double-reads in the destination process.
A producer can find the source material, find the people to work on it, shepherd it through the financing process, the manufacturing process, the editing process and then open the film.
So conceptually, there were three ways for the memo to turn out: neither subject to criminal process; both subject to criminal process; or vice president subject to criminal process, president not.
The Facebook appeals process was largely an attempt to balance the company's quickly expanding content moderation process.
The specific process they've proposed is: It's this process that Cohen and Trump are trying to stop.
The process for applying for political asylum is different from the process of arriving as a refugee.
We've simplified it into three understandable steps — find the candidates, track the process, then do the process.
There's a lot of confusion around what is the process, and what should have been the process.
We just get the ads, and in the process, help bring more transparency to the political process.
Republicans now have a clear choice: let the constitutional impeachment process proceed or attack the process, i.e.
"We're not looking to delay the process, we're looking to be informed by the process," he said.
For right now, all tabs run aggregated in a shared process, separate from the core Firefox process.
That manipulation and the hunting process and his ability to control his women in his hunting process.
Open Garden is trying to jumpstart this process by using its FireChat app to bootstrap this process.
McCain hated the process, but then most Republicans hated the process and went along with it anyway.
When it implicates your constitutional rights, it's not a legal process issue, it's a due process issue.
They took a salesman from Queens like -- the process, you always look at this like a process.
We have an electoral process in our democracy and I completely respect that process and its outcome.
For Webb, customer service is not a technical process; it's a design process, and it demands innovation.
WHEELER: This is a process under the law of setting the MCL and we started the process.
This is why the CMS process is not an auction at all, but an arbitrary pricing process.
What kind of process are you going through, what's the process you're going through with your brand?
Impeachment process players The House Judiciary Committee is the only body that can begin the impeachment process.
An outdated process If the whole process sounds discombobulated, that's because it was designed for another era.
The hardest part of his process begins once the thread is unraveled to begin the weaving process.
I want to see a parallel process with the Arab states alongside the process with the Palestinians.
A fair and expansive deliberative process is a core element of a healthy regular order legislative process.
The process calls for a budget resolution to pass first, to be followed by the appropriations process.
It also asks the department to fix the application process and come up with an appeals process.
That is a process that I am in the process of following, and will continue to follow.
These producers use wooden barrels for the fermentation process and then clay pots for the distillation process.
He likens the process of producing the algae oil to the process of a microbrewery making beer.
In a video documenting his process, de Vries shares his process behind the mural, titled Gemeente Utrecht.
All eight of these new 21th Gen processors use Intel's 14nm process, not Ice Lake's 10nm process.
Even the process of re-integrating FARC members in the political process is not straightforward, as Sen.
""They don't have the right to abuse the process and this was a total abuse of process.
How is injecting someone new into an ongoing review and production process calculated to expedite the process?
LINDA I think you process that like any parent would process anything that happens to their child.
But the mining process requires a lot of electrical power as computers process gargantuan amounts of data.
It's a wonderful process, because each time we have a new idea, the process feels very collaborative.
The process uses both gasification technology and a Fischer-Tropsch fuel process to convert the solid waste.
"Our role is to quarterback that process and went through a 13 month bid process," Corso said.
It's nothing he controls in that process, so if it's in the process, they can stay there.
This new process will also reduce the number of harsh chemical compounds Levi's uses in its process.
There is a process in place and staying clear of the process will protect you and others.
If the process of building is slow going, the process of filling the units can be dizzying.
Since I'm an Independent, I have to go through a different process, which is a nominating process.
It's just the process of getting through these ... I get process and I get no dialog. Right.
And I think dating is still a process that a lot of people at least theoretically think of as a process that ends in marriage or a process that's geared toward finding marriage.
But due process is concerned with protecting the accused, not the accuser, so requiring additional layers of process such as counseling and mediation, within the bounds of reason, is consistent with due process.
JUDGE KAVANAUGH: Fair process means hearing from both sides, and I think the process — I want to have an opportunity to defend my integrity and clear my name and have a fair process.
"If he truncates the process or speeds up the process, it just means that lawsuit will happen faster."
The smelting process itself isn't entirely new; it's a variant of the electrolytic process used to make aluminum.
This process can take three to four days, but Bizly's goal is to make the process much simpler.
But the administration would no longer process new applications, and wouldn't process renewal applications received after Oct. 5.
"It was a sad process for me to become a mom and a long process," Vardalos tells PEOPLE.
It would overhaul the complaints process, removing the 30-day waiting period, and make the process more transparent.
So why should one undergo a strict regulatory approval process and the other no approval process at all?
It gets into how the process went and the work product and the process of the work product.
We are allowing very, very transparent clear process and more smooth process for the ease of doing business.
Here's the process you have to go through: This process is insane, and it shouldn't be this way.
The formal process of scrubbing candidates' records and backgrounds is complete, according to sources familiar with the process.
And while the US continues to make the individual application process more difficult, Canada has streamlined its process.
But we were very confident about the process of acquisition and the process we have in hiring people.
The transfer process between exchanges can take hours with bitcoin, while Litecoin and Ethereum generally process in minutes.
"This process was as authentic and as genuine as any process I've ever been involved with," Mallabo says.
"Perhaps the conclusion of inquest process will serve to help them in the process of healing," he said.
The regulatory process is very elaborate, and adopting a new regulation is a very expensive, time-consuming process.
The Joint Select Committee on Budget and Appropriations Process Reform is a real opportunity to reform the process.
We see the summit at the beginning of a long process and not the end of the process.
Some lawmakers have suggested using a process to "deem" the budget deal level for this year's appropriations process.
Politics is a process of persuasion, and I don't think the process of persuasion ended on November 8.
The trouble for all of these businesses came in the steroidal scaling process, not the business inception process.
The alternate gig that lifts you out of your process also supplies fodder for when that process resumes.
"They're going through a thorough, due process as part of the immigration process," Morgan said of migrant families.
Jake, Marzella, and their cohorts co-create with their audience, and their art process is constantly in-process.
But Democrats can still try to delay the confirmation process and attack the other party in the process.
A bit of nuclear alchemy called the rapid process, or r-process, is responsible for creating these metals.
Launching the process There's been plenty of dispute over when — or even whether — Democrats began the impeachment process.
Though sometimes we all disagree with the outcomes that process delivers, having a process in place is critical.
The process of confirming Mr. Trump's nominees has quickly been somewhat stymied because of a slow vetting process.
There's no 20-step approval process to add a show or a lengthy approval process for travel arrangements.
"We cannot endorse nor support a precooked process or any process that singles out anyone," Dr. Kaloyeros wrote.
The other form of due process is procedural due process, which is likely what President Trump referred to.
The assumption built into the process here is that it's strictly a scientific process, a matter of fuel.
Right now it's entirely possible that a foreign country interfered with the democratic process and our election process.
So, the process is very similar to the process to creating yogurt or the processes for brewing beer.
But also, just as part of our strategic planning process, so, he's -- John's been very involved with the senior management team outside of the board process, and into the strategic planning process, as well.
I think the point is that we need a new kind of philosophy that acknowledges a certain kind of thinking or cognitive process or conceptual process or social process that we we want that.
Establishing the authority for the approval process Whoever is going to approve documents, and whatever the details of the process, the authority for the process must come from the highest level of the firm.
Speier thinks the process should be reformed to encourage victims to come forward, possibly by limiting the time frames in each step of the process so they won't be intimidated by a lengthy process.
"The process in Geneva has stopped and there is only the Astana process which will lead to tensions between the participants because it is a process that is a mechanical partition of Syria," Macron said.
Growing up is a process, and on West's Twitter feed, we're watching his process, however inconsistent, in real time.
From there, the process was very similar to how I tackle any process for a brand and website project.
"I feel like my healing process, although I'm never really done, it's not about my healing process," Coleman says.
During The Process During your appointment, a topical numbing cream is applied to your skin before the process begins.
A formal complaint costs $225 to process and very much resembles a lawsuit in the legal process that follows.
It's evident in our information-gathering habits – now more a process of grazing than a formal process of gathering.
"Whatever process we create for 36 is the same process we can use to go to 200," she said.
The turnaround process has already begun, though, most notably with the employee-driven overhaul of Uber's performance review process.
In essence, although the process is intended to ward off exploitation, the process itself is a form of exploitation.
That means Samsung is following right behind Qualcomm on the move from a 14nm process to a 10nm process.
The work begins with the hiring process, but needs to continue throughout the management process as well, Williams says.
Given that this process upsets the traditional recruiting process, the company has faced some resistance from companies, Taggar admitted.
Democrats are in the process of changing the role of unpledged delegates, or superdelegates, in their presidential nomination process.
It's been a long process and it's not an easy process when you take over a high-level job.
The process does not impact the process of photosynthesis or the health of the plant itself, according to developers.
The Pentagon downplayed concerns that the reviewing process for the JEDI deal was a break in the bureaucratic process.
The vetting process for the White House is very good, but you're part of the vetting process, you know?
It's not like there wasn't a Process behind this decision, because there is a Process in everything Saban does.
Zeti: Well, that there is a political process and that we have to let this political process roll out.
That process includes recommendations from career employees and no termination decision is final until the conclusion of that process.
Freezer & Hammer Method Freezing your coconut before starting the cracking process makes it, well, less of a process. 2.
This lengthy manufacturing process seemed to fit the regulatory process well, which by its nature is deliberate and circumspect.
It might then learn the process for manufacturing these postcards, trying to eliminate inefficiencies and errors in the process.
So the House instituted a clearance process for travel, but what we found was how deficient that process was.
The administrative process will be modernized and the application process will be a separate legal scheme, in UK law.
"I think it was ultimately an accurate result, but the process was not an ideal process," Professor Foley said.
And internal process requirements prohibit students from taking their complaints public without first going through the school's own process.
As that process continues, the cost of automatic CRs, and the harm they do to the budget process, decreases.
A smart process If generating pressure for reform is a primary goal, then process is as important as substance.
But the United States cannot lead the peace process or drive the process blinded by our interests or timetables.
We can expedite the process, we can reward achievement and excellence, but we have to respect the legal process.
Begin a process to reform the Inspector General Act, ensuring a president cannot sideline or corrupt that independent process.
Tesla had to take over part of the manufacturing process from suppliers and redesign the process, the company said.
Oslo developed into a process for the sake of a process, rather than a means to end the conflict.
"The minute we encourage people to believe that our process is bad, we don't have a process," Langone said.
We're currently in the process of testing new cases, so we will also update this post throughout that process.
This process is not as automated as you might expect; both machines and employees are involved in the process.
The idea behind Pressboard is to automate as much of this process as possible and streamline the sales process.
A process that bleeds nonprofits dry Even without obstruction, getting consensus on standards is a long and arduous process.
It's an unfortunate thing, but it's a part of a process and I'm going to stay with this process.
If you don't change your thought process, you won't change your verbal process, and you won't change your actions.
"The discussion is about the procedures and due process, and you know that due process takes time," Bach said.
The creative process in art has its own logic, and the creative process in philosophy has a different logic.
Those kinds of controversies require something like a parliamentary system's vote of no confidence process, not America's impeachment process.
This would accelerate the appeals process (and hopefully reduce costs) by establishing new time limits for the legal process.
Like barbecue, jerk can describe either a sauce or a process, and the process needs to involve wood smoke.
The caucus process here in Nevada has come under intense scrutiny after a similar process melted down in Iowa.
This provides breathing room for the board to start the process of restructuring and oversee a sustainable budget process.
"There's no reason whatsoever from a process standpoint that we can't do the appropriations process by" the next deadline.
Congress didn't really have a meaningful budget process, and large programs fell outside the scope of the appropriations process.
"You have to start the process with the measurement, you can&apost end the process with it," he said.
Payment process systems such as Visa or Mastercard, in comparison, process tens of thousands of transactions in a second.
Because it's an adjudication process, we tried to put as much objective criteria into the process as we can.
Extra officers have been on hand to process evacuees and in cases of emergency the process has been expedited.
Seade indicated that Mexico may only accept such a process if it's part of the agreement's formal dispute process.
There is a legal immigration process and we need to implement it with a balanced national and moral process.
For example, the agency could put its process for reviewing regulatory contracts through a public notice and comment process.
"I don't want to put a man through a process like this," he added, referring to the confirmation process.
The three-year peace process continues past its original March 23 deadline with many women involved in the process.
That's how I like to think of my painting process and the paint itself — as an endlessly malleable process.
Criticism of current IPO process There has been increasing negative sentiment, especially amongst well-known venture capitalists, about certain aspects of the traditional IPO process—namely IPO lock-up agreements and the pricing and allocation process.
He told us exactly that this is a process, it&aposs a long process and here&aposs what he said.
It's a fragile process, but we must of course do what we can to help this process yield good results.
It also set out a process for how the asylum process would change for someone subject to such a ban.
River Soma Soma's artistic process is ritualistic and historiographical in conception but process-based and intuitive in execution across media.
But even when that process is done, there is no organized process for replacing the pipes actually inside people's homes.
Iowa Democrats, who host the first caucus in the nominating process each year, are dead set on protecting the process.
The resolution's concerns about the integrity of the impeachment process can't be separated from Trump's efforts to subvert that process.
"That is called an anointment process, not a democratic process with a small or large d," Sanders said on Saturday.
Marel sells both equipment to process poultry, meat and fish as well as software that manages and streamlines the process.
If Sanders doesn't pull off more decisive wins, the nominating process could shape up to be a protracted, brutal process.
"We have taken 40 percent of jobs out of the process [through] information technology, robotics, process engineering, supply-chain management."
There has to be an investigative process and due process elements, so it's going to be done the right way.
The difference between this painful process and a nice process is one person who is unbiased and can help you.
The NMS Plan process should be revised so that exchange SROs do not have outsize influence in the rulemaking process.
The more invoices users process through Stampli, the more Billy learns how to best streamline the process for that company.
But in the case of a reactor, the stages of the process are carefully separated and the process is slower.
For one, it's a very intensive process, that needs lots of high-fidelity data and computing power to process it.
This process generally happens behind closed doors, meaning there'll be little public oversight or news coming out of the process.
There has to be an investigative process and due process elements so it's going to be done the right way.
"You have to totally detach yourself from any expectations on process since the process is now private meetings," Amodei said.
Pence has taken and increasingly large role in the process, according to several lawmakers and aides involved in the process.
UBS said the new process, which would apply to bonuses paid this year, would "streamline" the process of calculating payments.
Saying that the process wasn't fair, but that if we went through a fair process, it would take too long.
The process, which Nike is calling FlyPrint, has some similarities to Nike's other famous 'fly' process, FlyKnit, hence the name.
The human brain can't process both at once, though, so it picks one to process, depending on your hearing range.
Fourth, think critically about upcoming legislation that seeks to codify an obscure executive-branch process called the Vulnerabilities Equities Process.
We look at the teardown as an exploratory process, a public process of getting inside and learning how it works.
"It's a more difficult manufacturing process and as a result the regulatory process to market is more challenged," Menlo said.
To guarantee the full integrity of an electoral process, you need to protect two things: the results and the process.
Instead, it could be the way that the design process is compressed down to mate directly with the manufacturing process.
It appeared aimed at moving the process forward while protecting House Republicans from being blamed if the entire process collapsed.
"It is time to begin a process, a lengthy process, of reconciliation and a peace accord in Afghanistan," he said.
That is what the peer-review process is for—a process that has served science well for nearly 300 years.
Transparency in the context of this quasi judicial process is to provide fundamental fairness and due process for the president.
We need to know how TSA protects people with appropriate privacy and due process considerations in the process of monitoring.
" But, Icahn added, Energen's board "agreed to do a process on March 7 and nobody's heard about that process yet.
This suggested to scientists that the cognitive process of reading may be connected to the motor process of forming letters.
However, Ukraine is in the process of moving to connect to Europe's electric grid which is a hard, complicated process.
Masculine identity development turns out to be not a process of development at all, but rather a process of elimination.
The repeal process, however, will require a lengthy rulemaking process and will likely face legal challenges from environmentalists and others.
The innovation process behind the wedge dowel began when engineers wanted to make the assembly process easier and more fun.
And even though we had a process, we realized that process can be better and we made different changes there.
Today, that process is almost entirely manual, but Clora, a startup based in Boston, hopes to completely transform that process.
Data and telco are typically bought through a very old-school sales process and the process isn't always very transparent.
" It's a complicated process, but it essentially involves using your computer to process highly complex Bitcoin transactions known as "blocks.
James Weir: With the first record the writing process and the recording process was stream-of-consciousness in a way.
"Their commitment was that the process, the lawful judicial process here, would take place," he said at a news conference.
Unlike the criminal process, a FISA warrant will never be scrutinized by defense counsel because the entire process is classified.
Process coordinators are hired through a typical interview process which includes meeting with leadership of the team, the spokesperson said.
This process can be done on both your desktop and on your mobile device, though the process looks slightly different.
"The whole process was full of emotions between all of us," Clará captioned a video showcasing the outfit's creation process.
So, to my fellow Republicans who have been willing only to attack the process, I say: engage in the process.
Are you thinking about that process, the Photoshop process or you got made up and you're beautiful in the morning?
Robotic process automation (RPA) is the process of creating software robots to automate manual business processes previously performed by humans.
"It was a really hard process, and it was a really opaque process," Heddleston said of his own fundraising journey.
And what this is about really is, we believe, a really good success process and a really smart transition process.
Congress is trying to pass the bill through a budget process known as reconciliation, and that process has special rules.
The process moved quickly even though it's flu season in China, which likely made the process more complicated than usual.
Suresh said that in looking to solve this issue, the process was essentially the reverse scaling process of the rollout.
That which makes us also unmakes us, and the process of living seems inextricably bound to the process of dying.
You stop looking at outcomes and just make sure you're doing the process right… The process is not the thing.
" Yet according to Gosselink, "the refund process is not guaranteed, and it is unclear how long the process will take.
And I think it came about because of a chaotic, amateurish process that didn't have a process for vetting speeches.
We shared the process on social media and the girls (12 & 14) did a high-speed video of the process.
"The process of a Syria strategy is an ongoing process that they've been undertaking for quite a while," he said.
The process of filing an insurance claim, seeking aid and rebuilding their lives was already a long and arduous process.
We have gone through the process, this is what the process has produced, we are willing to live with it.
"We're in the process of collecting the details of how that process took place within the budget bureaucracy," said Rep.
Only one Democrat throughout this process, George Washington University Law professor Jonathan Turley, called for due process during the inquiry.
Instead, it sets up a long, drawn-out process to change the law's rules — an unwinding process that takes time.
Assuming the process followed the rules (and I do, until further information comes to light), substance and process have diverged.
If I were designing the process, I would vary the voting rules to become more restrictive as the process unfolds.
But in order for the process to work, we have to subject all our ideas to the public hearing process.
And dozens of Republican senators proceeded to repeatedly bemoan the slipshod process even while continually voting to continue the process.
DM: You repeatedly analogize the process of interpreting a text like Star Wars and the process of interpreting the Constitution.
But these clearly creative products take 4-7 years to complete, and the process is incredibly arduous, as each project must go from sketch, to storyboard, to modeling process, to layout process, to — you get the idea.
Though the Senate's budget reconciliation process — the special process that allows a bill to be passed through the Senate with 50 votes instead of the usual 60 — expires Saturday, the process can be used in the future.
The nation has begun the process of overhauling its airports with the stations this year, with plans to have the technology process some 90-percent of travelers by the year 2020, completely eliminating human involvement in the process.
"The process outlined on Hodeidah is one that's wracked with potential pitfalls — the key will be ensuring an orderly withdrawal process in preventing spoilers from derailing the process," said Adam Baron of the European Council for Foreign Relations.
Well, the impetus behind everything is we want to make sure we create a fair process, an inclusive process, a process that gives every single person the chance to articulate her or his vision for the American people.
Peace process Netanyahu's view: The bedrock of the peace process, as understood by the international community, is the two-state solution.
"But still we have to go through this process and that's really what the nomination process is all about," Manchin said.
"What we need to realize is this is the beginning of the process, not the end of the process," Pruitt said.
Finding a habitable exoplanet will be a long process, but it's a process that's now in full swing, thanks to TESS.
"We have the power to better deal with this problem through the civil process than with the criminal process," he said.
What used to be (appropriately) a come-to-consensus process is now (appropriately) a gather-input-and-make-a-decision process.
They then created a side-by-side process that was going on at the same time NARA's process was taking place.
It's a time-consuming process, but like the actual process of decluttering your home, it's not meant to be a race.
Both versions are meant to make the process fast, easy and fair for both parties in the early-stage fundraising process.
"You take it, and you process it, and you amplify it, and it becomes something else," Therrien says of the process.
The Republican protesters decried the impeachment process as a "sham" and lambasted House Democrats for conducting the process behind closed doors.
The department also recently announced a panel of three outside experts that is in the process of reviewing its disciplinary process.
In an effort to stave off the liquidation process, Saad late last year launched its own process to engage with creditors.
Qualified parties will now receive invitations with detailed instructions regarding the sale process, including the due diligence process, the company said.
But the alternative to the ram-it-through, top-down legislative process would be a bottom-up, deliberative, committee-based process.
While melting cheese creates larger spherical fat globs after the heating process, the extruding process changed the cheese's molecular structure fundamentally.
Producing drugs is usually a time-consuming process that requires several large factories each handling a different step in the process.
And I can process that feeling just like I can process grief, and any number of feelings, and move beyond it.
In the process of "reading" Darboven's work in this way, the reader engages automatically in an additive and canceling-out process.
Ms Zavala criticises the Front's candidate-selection process as "undemocratic" (the Front says it has not yet agreed on a process).
We're all, kind of, still trying to process it, and carry his legacy on with us throughout this whole Olympic process.
The kid can't process characteristics of faces, which is the goal, but they also can't process faces at all, which isn't.
"It was a beautiful process, but it was an emotional process to steep yourself in," she said as noted by Deadline.
The process — "process" — behind the announcement of Trump's ban on transgender military service is a surreal and infuriating case in point.
So I think that what happens is that the process with Gawker is a process that took a long time. Okay?
The process has delayed the ratification of the final election results, and has prolonged the process of forming the new government.
It&aposs a fragile process, but we must of course do what we can to help this process bring good results.
"I have gone through a process of very thorough analysis and searching, and I have prayed through this process," Romney added.
"The budgeting process that we went through was a very rigorous process," Porat said on the earnings call earlier this month.
Trump has rejected critics who say his transition process is mess, insisting it is a "very organized" process directly on schedule.
The process was really important to me, so I needed actresses who were going to go through that process for me.
A process can access the kernel through its own reserved memory addresses, but the kernel is not contained within that process.
A source at one of the companies involved in the process said Arconic had "full involvement" throughout the contract bidding process.
WeWork commits to a straightforward and fair disciplinary process for all building staff, with a clear process for dealing with grievances.
Everything still gets amplified in the process and, like digital picture zoom, a lot of noise gets added in the process.
Firms eligible for the tax cuts range from information technology outsourcing, business process outsourcing to knowledge process outsourcing, the ministry added.
These were not political decisions, as some may argue, but likely ones that respected the political process over the established process.
"It felt much closer to a process of experimentation than a process with a defined and predictable outcome." says Peter Clark.
To produce vaccines in cells means "a very expensive process for companies to just change their overall manufacturing process," Hensley explained.
There's a process called pruning [the process of removing neurons that are damaged or degraded to improve the brain's networking capacity].
At the end of the presentations, ask students to engage in some process writing: • What was this process like for you?
Changing the agency's focus would require an extensive rule-making process — a process that has proved troublesome to the Trump administration.
"Craving" ends up offering some deep insights into the ways women process emotions — or fail to process them — during difficult times.
Those sources said the decision disregards the standard assessment process under the Clean Water Act, cutting scientists out of the process.
This process established a paper trail and possibly some sort of due process, which was at issue in the Acosta case.
This process establishes a paper trail and possibly some sort of due process, which was at issue in the Acosta case.
"I know we are told to 'trust the process' but what if the process has seemed to fail me?" he asked.
Whomever is elected will oversee the completion of the recanvass and recount process and begin the process of healing our party.
Google believes that AI smarts can improve the process by helping users build reference collections by starting the process for them.
Such a process would include creating a comprehensive roadmap for the dismantlement process and a declaration of Pyongyang's hitherto undeclared facilities.
The process is meant to take roughly 10 minutes, but the less power that is available, the longer the process takes.
That's an expensive and complex process, and Microsoft researchers are trying to speed the process up and reduce the costs involved.
Conversely, central banks' reversing that process — known as quantitative tightening — decreases liquidity in the market, weighing on prices in the process.
Not only has the process been accelerated, but increasingly the minority in the Senate has been cut out of the process.
Mr. Patel said that Duke was in the process of doing just that, but that setting up the process took time.
We are in a process, but a process of mutual dialogue, genuine, very honest, in the positive sense of the word.
On Wednesday, McConnell said he would start the immigration legislation process without a set bill and allow a "fair" amendment process.
Furthermore, the impeachment inquiry is a political process, not a criminal case, which means rights like due process are not guaranteed.
Although the process is deeply flawed, and apparently designed to thwart the fact-gathering process, the F.B.I. is up for this.
"My hope is that it will be a shorter process rather than a lengthy process," McConnell told Fox News on Thursday.
Fuss does not see his photographic process as predominantly 19th century, rather, a neutral artistic process that can establish perplexing imagery.
" "The process is getting underway ... Obviously I would have preferred to have the Brexit issue resolved before we started the process.
The Trump administration had weighed in in support of Ohio's position, with US Solicitor General Noel Francisco arguing that Ohio's process is OK for that very reason — that the "protective process" (as in, the notice mailing) makes Ohio's process different than a "use it or lose it" process where nonvoting could lead to voter registration removal.
What this country is really about is following the process and if you can get them to see that process is really in itself a high ideal, something that we should strive for, a sound process, then you can get them to accept that sometimes this process means they will not get the outcome they want.
Banks, most of which have long written off the debt, have been told they would get better returns under the Reemas process than via the liquidation process, the sources said, who added that the process would also be faster.
"With some systems, unmanned aircraft for example, policy matters start to affect the process, including the length of that process," he said.
Facebook wants to fix the process of account recovery — and replace email as the hub of online identity management in the process.
If you imagine humour as requiring a thought process, the whole point of shitposting was not having a thought process behind it.
If the goal of the process was to simply find an outstanding lawyer or judge, the process would already be under way.
In short, conservatives are arguing that impeachment is a political process, and if Democrats want to go through that process, they should.
The lab is building quantitative models which parse the components of the decision-making process, hopefully pinpointing where that process goes awry.
Under the Chapter 11 process, the Bankruptcy Court will soon set a schedule for other potential bidders to enter the sale process.
The process of creating belief in paper money is a very complicated social process which runs over a hundred years or so.
Charlie Crist streamlined the process of granting clemency ahead of the 21 presidential election, making 100,000 felons eligible voters in the process.
Thus, the process would be more like the F.D.I.C. part of the process, and less like a traditional S.I.P.A. broker-dealer proceeding.
At the very beginning of the process, FARC leaders had difficulty discussing among themselves whether to participate in the process, he said.
It's recognizing and learning how to deal and process it in a way to ensure equity is being exuded during that process.
So, one part of the brain would process the image's movement, while the other would process what was happening in the image.
It should be noted that DJI's quasi-registration process has nothing to do with the Federal Aviation Administration's very official registration process.
The entire process costs less than $2,000 on average, which can be less than half that of a traditional teeth-straightening process.
It's still a process for me, but it's definitely been the most rewarding process I've been through in my life thus far.
And now Republicans are conducting this process much more clandestinely than Democrats did with Obamacare, after they spent years decrying that process.
"This is just the beginning of a process, and we emphasize the need for inclusivity, particularly as this process unfolds," he said.
HSH initiated the sales process in January 2017 and received non-binding bids from a range of investors with the process ongoing.
"If you die before that part of the process, it's as if we're saying you didn't get the full process," she said.
There is a legal process for a protocol to go into effect and there is a legal process for challenging the protocol.
The first Jamnagar plant can process 663,000 barrels per day (bpd) of crude while the second site can process another 709,000 bpd.
The official insisted the review process had not "stalled," but acknowledged the administration had expected to be further along in the process.
"It will change how you process your day and how you process your email at 2 o'clock in the afternoon," she says.
Workers whom the reporter spoke with said the process was cruel, though the foreman of the abattoir said the process was "painless".
" U.S. Ambassador John Bass tweeted, "Judicial process must be respected, yes - but so must the importance of free press and due process.
The Trump administration has also made the asylum process significantly more complicated, which has helped slow down the process across the board.
"I think the opening up the market, the QFI process, has gone through an evolution of simplifying the process," Al Said said.
The third step of the process is to develop and test prevention strategies — but that's where the Dickey amendment derails the process.
Google uses a process Chandra calls "neural beam forming," which takes advantage of computing in cloud to identify and process your speech.
The goal was for other scientists to get together and discuss the aging process and discuss potential treatments for the aging process.
Since then, however, as administrations have sought to expedite the nomination process, these checks tend to happen later on in the process.
"My hope is that we can participate in that process because I see that as a very cross-border process," she said.
The reorganization process is expected to be completed within six months and the stores will remain open duringthe process, the company said.
Since 1864, national policy has dictated that bank regulators be independent from the political process exemplified by the lobbyist-influenced appropriations process.
"I had always intuitively understood that the creative process in jazz improvisation is very different than the process of memorization," he explained.
This is the path that recognizes that the situation we're in now is more like a parliamentary process than a presidential process.
When the process began again, following the 1980 census, Iowa had enacted new legislation that established a statutory process for drawing districts.
But there is a genuine reason Goldman [candidates] go down the long interview process, and that's because their interview process is different.
PwC refers to their application process as a journey for one important reason — it's not a one- or even two-step process.
Once the drying process is complete, the leather midsole is attached with a machine specifically used for this step of the process.
They should make the development process less needlessly bureaucratic by updating zoning maps, streamlining the permitting process and making it more transparent.
Due process does – and has always – applied to all people within the United States, even if the exact process due may vary.
Emmet Flood, currently serving as White House counsel, has already engaged in the process, according to a source familiar with the process.
And to respect the whole process, and I think that you could respect the whole process even when the other people don't.
We&aposre watching that now, the process to return those remains back to their loved ones, just beginning a very long process.
Overseeing the executive branch is often a contentious process, but there are rules in place to make sure that the process works.
In the article's appendix, I also provide our company's 2019 checklist process — eighteen steps that we delegate to manage our sourcing process.
Next question: What does that mean for Yahoo's odd sale process, which sometimes seems like it's not really a process at all?
They claimed they wanted "due process" for their fellow players, despite a complete lack of understanding about the actual Title IX process.
In fact, in the process of passing HB142, several Republicans on the House floor criticized the NCAA's influence on the process. Rep.
The Obama administration streamlined the federal approval process for these types of exports, and the Trump administration has largely continued that process.
Even after the search, getting the whole process started can take weeks, another period Emptor hopes to shrink by streamlining that process.
"We just realized if we're not involved in this process, the political process in America, we would be forgotten," Mr. Li said.
The difference between a process and any old series of events is that a process is designed to lead to an outcome.
This process is repeated for each individual amendment and then the main motion is put to a vote using the same process.
JUDGE BRETT KAVANAUGH: I am looking for a fair process, a process where I can defend my integrity and clear my name.
The voting process should be overseen by nonpartisan officials or monitored through an adversarial process (with input from representatives of all parties).
The circulating vaccine-derived polio will be subject to a certification process that's separate from the wild polio process, according to WHO.
I'm not that deep in my own comedic process because most of my process is borrowed from the approaches of other people.
Winning the line is a messy process, requiring the endorsement of a county party organization, with each county having its own process.
Trump, who has railed against the impeachment process from the start, hit the process as a "hoax" in a separate overnight tweet.
With the Trump administration poised to go through a "review" process for Antofagasta's mine plan, some say let the process play out.
"I'm in the process of figuring out a process for people who have hit bottom and want a second chance," he said.
Second, the Section 232 process has been finalized, and the Section 301 process will conclude shortly, creating a legal basis for action.
"The individuals he has talked to about that process has said they want to be a part of that process," he said.
Stein also said the state's election law and recount process raise questions about due process and whether fundamental democratic rights are protected.
The club's response throughout the process has been a full-throated denial, and accusations that UEFA's process has been biased and prejudicial.
Preserves are preserved by a heat or pressure canning process and sometimes by including an acid like lemon juice in the process.
In addition, it appeared Nevada Democrats were able to successfully navigate a complicated process for adding early voting to the caucus process.
Normally, this process can take between two weeks and three months, but PayPal told Business Insider Australia it would expedite the process.
Taking reports from bystanders is part of that process as well since it's supposed to better distribute the process of reporting harassment.
"UMNO is in the process of rebuilding and the return of our party funds will help in this process," the statement said.
That electoral process will need to come to closure before non-Taliban Afghans will be ready to engage in a peace process.
While this can be a lengthy and painstaking process in certain word processing programs, the process is relatively simple in Google Docs.
The process, overseen by the school's Student Government Association, at best "made a mockery of due process and transparency," Mr. Perry wrote.
This process is clearly observable in Spain—where Spanish and Catalan nationalism are now stoking each other in a noxious symbiotic process.
More than 30 policy experts lent their expertise to this review process, following a rubric aligned to the federal peer review process.
Understanding all of the science about the mash, the fermentation process, sterilizing, and keeping things clean are all crucial to the process.
While that process has now been entirely digitized, runners are still briefed on the process in case the computer system shuts down.
If people don't believe that a process was fair, then they're not going to be enthused about the outcome of the process.
The software isn't magic, but helps customers visualize each business process, and then looks at different ways of shifting how and where humans interact with the process or bringing in technology like robotics process automation (RPA) when it makes sense.
But once I started getting deeper into the litigation process, it became clear to me that it was not a process for sharing experiences in a way that was going to be complete... It was hard to process it all again.
"Turkey has kept its promises regarding the EU membership process ... it is a two-way street and the EU should fulfill its promises ... We have not concluded this process ... we want the EU to be honest about this process," he said.
" Though Obama acknowledges that US citizens are subject to due process under the Constitution, his attorney general, Eric Holder, has argued that "'Due process' and 'judicial process' are not one and the same, particularly when it comes to national security.
This process was helped by rules allowing firms to opt out of collective wage deals, which became a self-reinforcing process: as firms opted out, unions then bargained for more modest terms to maintain their own relevance in the process.

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