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"ignorance" Definitions
  1. a lack of knowledge or information about something
"ignorance" Synonyms
unawareness innocence naivete nescience cluelessness incomprehension inexperience unconsciousness benightedness incognizance obliviousness unfamiliarity illiteracy inscience knowledgelessness oblivion unknowingness bewilderment blindness greenness foolishness stupidity unenlightenment unintelligence brainlessness denseness dimness idiocy mindlessness obtuseness slow-wittedness thickness witlessness dopiness doziness dumbness lack of intelligence simplicity naivety guilelessness ingenuousness artlessness unworldliness simpleness naturalness naiveness viridity simplemindedness unsophistication rawness immaturity newness callowness amateurishness vulgarity coarseness rudeness indelicacy roughness crudeness crudity grossness crassness lowness tastelessness raffishness indelicateness commonness discourtesy impudence uncouthness boorishness indecorum bigotry intolerance prejudice partisanship bias illiberality dogmatism sectarianism chauvinism discrimination opinionatedness partiality unfairness intolerantness xenophobia illiberalness racialism illiberalism racism jingoism gaucherie awkwardness insensitivity clumsiness gaucheness ill-breeding inelegance ineptness tactlessness bad taste gracelessness maladroitness unsophisticatedness lack of polish ungainliness ineptitude gawkiness inexpertness unskilfulness juvenescence adolescence bloom boyhood childhood girlhood juvenility minority prime puberty spring springtide teens youthfulness awkward age salad days philistinism barbarism confusion uncertainty doubt skepticism(US) scepticism(UK) hesitancy hesitation incertitude indecision dubiety unsureness lack of certainty doubtfulness ambiguity apprehension irresolution misgiving ambivalence mistrust disbelief carelessness forgetfulness unmindfulness amnesia Lethe inadvertence indifference unconcern darkness waters of Lethe disregard More

943 Sentences With "ignorance"

How to use ignorance in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "ignorance" and check conjugation/comparative form for "ignorance". Mastering all the usages of "ignorance" from sentence examples published by news publications.

They are pitied for their ignorance, and for their ignorance about their ignorance.
Thus Zubaydah's own ignorance, and the CIA's ignorance of his ignorance, became a justification for his prolonged torture.
Because of cultural ignorance, but ignorance is not an excuse.
It was my own ignorance, and there's no excuse for that ignorance.
Sorry folks, ignorance — even the towering ignorance of Trump — is no excuse.
Ignorance or no ignorance, the Democrats need to decide which message they want to send.
Mr. Schnare said the plan displayed "ignorance of the scientific process," not ignorance of scientific progress.
"It would, in the end, be an act of ignorance — of utter, unbelievable, contemptuous ignorance," he said.
"We're not a threat to anybody, the only threat is ignorance, and ignorance breeds fear," he added.
"Ignorance is a defense when it comes to you having no knowledge of the criminality, ignorance of the law is no defense but ignorance of the fact is a total defense," he added.
If we have ignorance we should use the machine learning to fill in the gaps where the ignorance resides.
Ignorance of the law is no defense, and ignorance of the rule of law, in a president, is terrifying.
Ignorance of how the internet works seems to go along with ignorance about what the internet is, or could be.
"There is such widespread ignorance in the typical reactions of victims [that] it's necessary to combat that widespread ignorance," she told me.
Socrates was correct that awareness of one's ignorance is virtuous, but philosophers have subsequently uncovered many pitfalls associated with claims of ignorance.
"This kind of hatred that is grounded really in ignorance, ignorance of our values and what makes us unique as Americans," he said.
And here's Ezra Callahan, who was then on the PR team: You do not combat ignorance by trying to cover up that ignorance exists.
Willful ignorance — such as avoiding members of the trust circle who one knows likely to transgress in order to claim ignorance — would be punished.
Ignorance is no excuse In modern discussion over blackface, its racist history is often swept under the rug or shrouded in claims of ignorance.
Irv was apparently too afraid of revealing ignorance to resolve his ignorance, so Jacob's mother, Deborah, was left to ask what had just happened.
While we've come a long way, there's still a lot of ignorance in this country, and I'm afraid Smollett's alleged actions may only help perpetuate that ignorance.
But the reason voters' estimates are orders of magnitude away from reality, according to Williamson, isn't ignorance about the facts and figures — it's ignorance about the jargon.
But if Trump rolls out this idea with great fanfare to signify the supposed productivity of his presidency, he will instead have conveyed all of the unflattering things about it—the incompetence, the image-obsessiveness, the ignorance, the ignorance of the ignorance—that he's trying so hard to obscure.
The same conservatives denouncing Clinton's statements about classified information as an inadequate "ignorance defense" are political allies of the Republicans pushing for an ignorance defense for corporate executives.
He also includes a third kind of ignorance — the "fearful ignorance" displayed in "anti-Muslim animus," too often reminiscent of the anti-Communist hysteria of the Cold War.
Wherever this insidious delusion takes hold, however, it requires a gargantuan ignorance of history to maintain, and there's a lot of ignorance afoot in the land right now.
Painstakingly, Erpenbeck itemizes these queries, one after another, rubbing our faces in their fathomless ignorance, since, by and large, this is our fathomless ignorance, too: Where did you grow up?
It occurred to me that Donald Trump's inexperience and ignorance might not have shocked Turks because they had been exposed to American ignorance, nativism, and narcissism in the Ivy League.
Trump's ignorance in history is alarming not only in and of itself, but more so because it betrays an ignorance in most things having to do with running the country.
When we talk about the toxic and inaccurate things or dangerous rhetoric about trans people, a lot of it is ignorance but a lot of it is also simply willful ignorance.
As Augustine first said, "Ignorance of things, too, renders figurative expressions obscure" and Book of Beasts helps to disintegrate modern ignorance over the language of allegorical animals in the Middle Ages.
Ignorance is truly bliss — at least, in this moment.
It can wear thin at first, but you learn to enjoy American ignorance as you come to understand that ignorance is the closest thing America has to a consistent, unifying cultural practice.
Horrifying levels of internet ignorance are revealed by the document.
"Ignorance" is out on Hometown Records on March 4, 2016.
He says: "Poverty is actually a twin sister to ignorance."
Building a car with purposeful ignorance is a terrible idea.
When you teach, you're forced to confront your own ignorance.
Let's not allow Hatred & Ignorance be our guiding principles now.
We're all overconfident in our ignorance from time to time.
I made a lot of people laugh about his ignorance.
The rest of us live on in (perhaps blissful) ignorance.
Ignorance is knowing the truth and choosing to look away.
We see this only as a reflection of your ignorance.
There's really no way to plead ignorance in that situation.
"Ignorance is the culprit in all of this," she says.
There's an issue of ignorance and the issue of marketing.
Regardless, the crew pays the price for their casual ignorance.
"Ignorance of insecurity does not get you security," he tweeted.
This is the central conceit of Orwell: Ignorance is Strength.
Ignorance is Strength lacks this same level of ethical quandary.
Ignorance about the scale of inequality is a global phenomenon.
Levels of ignorance were higher among young adults than seniors.
IGNORANCE of the law is no excuse for breaking it.
Or you can choose to push back against the ignorance.
Or perhaps in New Deal tradition, an 'ignorance relief' period.
And Andalusian second division: address your bigotry and ignorance. [Guardian]
Executive Order 9066 was the result of prejudice and ignorance.
It came from a place of ignorance, not racial hatred.
The mix of ignorance and insecurity here is vintage Trump.
But no, they proudly wear their ignorance on their sleeves.
"Ignorance is not an excuse," said press secretary Josh Earnest.
In politics and in life, ignorance is not a virtue.
The ignorance of history of the current elites is pathetic.
But with The Bachelor, ignorance is the optimal viewing experience.
Adupa said there was a lot of ignorance around periods.
This is another display of leadership being driven by ignorance.
That ignorance is reflected in the related issues of trade
We walk around on a carapace of ignorance and forgetfulness.
Republican politicians know precisely how to exploit this selective ignorance.
In the battle against ignorance, the media was the vanguard.
Inside the FBI, ignorance is not a substitute for competence.
His budding writing career is also afflicted by his ignorance.
Sesno: Questions that are built on willful ignorance are stupid.
In my experience, the best antidote to ignorance is education.
But she said there remains widespread ignorance about the deadlines.
There was a freshness just by virtue of our ignorance.
And that is the appalling ignorance of so many Americans.
When Njenga was questioned by Kenyan investigators, he pleaded ignorance.
Such ignorance is not simply about the absence of information.
Ignorance is one plausible explanation for this easy opening squandered.
A starting point is Trump's remarkable ignorance about international affairs.
The work of Ignorance is Strength is not traditional investigation.
"Poverty and ignorance allows this to go on," Cadmus says.
"It's ignorance," she said of the controversy surrounding her casting.
In my ignorance, am I a racist without knowing it?
I feel anger at the ignorance of the American leadership.
For Republicans, ignorance has been strength for a long time.
The article, however, represents the opposite: ignorance, stigma and fear.
This suggestion shows ignorance of educators and of public education.
Our ignorance about pandemics tends to swing to dangerous panic.
There's a danger that they'll take advantage of your ignorance.
Ironically, it's Alice's ignorance about the toss that justifies this.
His burning ignorance is matched only by his baseless confidence.
It is not out of ignorance that Mr. Esquivel remains.
But here's the thing: Knowledge is objectively better than ignorance.
Lawyers for the shareholders argue that ignorance is no excuse.
That's the ignorance and shortsightedness that Mr. Trump preys upon.
Cases would also be chosen behind a veil of ignorance.
That creates a downward spiral into hatred fueled by ignorance.
" Caught in his ignorance, Trump clumsily responded: "You will see.
Her ignorance would be laughable if it weren't so disturbing.
In Donald Trump, consuming vanity is coupled with consuming ignorance.
Jack stood against everything you stand for – hatred, division, ignorance.
"It's been a continuous fight against ignorance," Mr. Backhoff said.
This was a Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength moment.
Ignorance of the issue isn't an excuse at this point.
Yet he feigns ignorance, such is his disdain for Latinos.
Mr. Trump has made his ignorance, or cynicism, quite clear.
But my ignorance made the Slovenian countryside only more alluring.
It reveals your ignorance for the whole world to see.
His religious practices had been based on ignorance, he thought.
The President's ignorance and his antics aren't funny or entertaining.
But I think a lot of it is sheer ignorance.
Most interviewees profess ignorance, discussing their choices in aesthetic terms.
There is still a real margin of public ignorance here.
Better to face the ugliness than live in blissful ignorance.
But I think so much of this stems from ignorance.
"Strategic ignorance" is when a believer avoids information offering conflicting evidence.
For him, it's a way to counter ignorance surrounding people's differences.
Facebook is tech, when really the issue is our own ignorance.
Ultimately, that mystery and ignorance is what makes the documentary possible.
It wasn't willful ignorance to all the challenges that America faces.
With statements like this, she's not just showing us her ignorance.
"The truth can hurt, but selective ignorance is fatal," he said.
Generally, ignorance of the law is no defense to a crime.
The genuine research points to massive ignorance about the known dangers.
On the real numbers, I've got to plead ignorance or agnosticism.
There is no easy solution to the problem of political ignorance.
It's not like the ignorance around disabilities plays on party lines.
On Sunday, I realized this feeling was based, largely, on ignorance.
The party also benefits from public ignorance of the federal budget.
When it comes to the future, ignorance really may be bliss.
Obama says that in politics and life, ignorance isn't a virtue.
But aside from the ignorance, a bigger conversation erupted about privilege.
At best, Thiam's professed ignorance of the affair was not reassuring.
I knew too well the result of ignorance about female anatomy.
Does NYT even has foggiest of idea about its magnificent ignorance.
I'd love to call it ignorance, but it ain't that dumb!
They're wrong — and their ignorance could cost a lot of money.
The good news is that ignorance has an easy solution: education.
In the shadow of this, Ignorance is Strength feels weirdly quaint.
Stop the ignorance and let's think with a more open mind.
My friends would disown me if they knew of my ignorance.
That people associate AAE with ignorance and criminality is bad enough.
"Ignorance isn't a defense for everyday Americans," exclaims Townhall's Katie Pavlich.
" This is where people get the phrase, "ignorance is no defense.
It's a cruel mass that feeds on the darkness of ignorance.
It's not very diverse, and there's a lot of cultural ignorance.
The problem for the president is that ignorance is not immunity.
In response to Perault's apparent ignorance of Facebook's market dominance, Rep.
"I cannot believe the ignorance on this in 2018," Lakshimi wrote.
But some of it is a form of ignorance and unnecessary.
"The app's revealed a fact—ignorance is not bliss," Ghafoor said.
Forgive my ignorance, but is the Satanic Temple an actual temple?
Here, again, Trump is largely a victim of his own ignorance.
From the speakers it was sheer pity at the couple's ignorance.
It is the trade issue that truly reveals Trump's policy ignorance.
" -Noelle Levett "Ignorance is just so annoying, and I hate it.
But what it really showed was my own ignorance and bias.
It's not that he's in favor of ignorance or self-absorption.
Ignorance, loudly declaimed, is an attribute, especially if allied to celebrity.
Real people live in ignorance and confusion, and often in fear.
She could nonetheless mess up — but ignorance won't be the reason.
They knew Trump supporters were fueled by racism, rage, and ignorance.
To avoid reinforcing our own ignorance, let's start at square one.
This willful ignorance is almost as troubling as the deaths themselves.
Ignorance risks taking us back to the darkest of our history.
Once ignorance is weaponized, violence seems to be a tragic inevitability.
Ignorance is bliss, especially for the latest cast of Big Brother.
Their ignorance prevents them from understanding the mess they have made.
It chooses willful ignorance over learning lessons from that deadly tragedy.
The Trump Doctrine of willful ignorance is a recipe for disaster.
"It takes class to suffer ignorance and smile," one woman wrote.
Ignorance is just the rule of the road, at this point.
As with all of this, you may encounter ignorance out there.
When you think about it, ignorance really is bliss isn't it?
But to compare them to Watergate is more than historical ignorance.
It was a cruel, shortsighted act, born of ignorance and intolerance.
Elitism, ignorance and selfishness are always dangerous variables in political leadership.
"No, that's the home pin," he said, weary at such ignorance.
Let me be clear: Ignorance is never an excuse for rape.
Sometimes it's ignorance that requires education and sometimes it's outright bigotry.
My ignorance of its culinary potential, and yours, can be forgiven.
At the same time, the extent of this ignorance was overwhelming.
"This is simply ignorance," she said, the Interfax news agency reported.
While normally he's proud of his ignorance, it's becoming a liability.
But in certain moments that ignorance, whatever its nature, is shattered.
"It's not just ignorance," added Andrew Baumann of Global Strategy Group.
How profound our ignorance has been, how relatively new our knowledge.
Ideology bubbles aren't good — they can lead to ignorance and polarization.
He will have to transcend his ignorance, or drown in it.
In our ignorance, we were like a lot of other people.
An apparent preference for ignorance is not unique to health care.
Literature plays an important role as a corrective to this ignorance.
The tweet did show a certain ignorance about the current stalemate.
Ignorance was never bliss, but knowledge has not brought positive outcomes.
Blissful ignorance when it comes to the nation's debt is dangerous.
Deep ignorance is not limited to matters of law and policy.
They were incredibly kind, but a little ignorance is bliss, too.
" He added, "The markets have no patience for stupidity or ignorance.
To Canada, Trump's braggadocio, ignorance and self-confidence are no surprise.
Your bigotry, ignorance, and hate has no place in the Senate.
Ignorance thus not only becomes fatal and inexcusable, but also criminal.
But the administration he is building is emblematic of his ignorance.
His entire campaign banked on the ignorance of the American people.
Do I blame the amicable, yet uninformed waitress for her ignorance?
"Invariably it is the children who will suffer from our ignorance."
Some scoff at the notion that the problem was ignorance alone.
He counseled that Jenkins embrace strategic ignorance in his creative life.
By no means did everyone agree, but ignorance is seldom bliss.
By no means did everyone agree, but ignorance is seldom bliss.
Löffelbein's goal is to fight ignorance and political apathy through photojournalism.
His apparently willful ignorance of domestic and foreign affairs is alarming.
Despite this blatant disproportionality, there is still overwhelming ignorance about it.
When it comes to radical Islamic terrorism, ignorance is not bliss.
Prejudice, ignorance, and intolerance permeate the military and weaken the force.
"This executive order is based on ignorance and fear," he said.
That's just total ignorance and lack of knowledge on his part.
But sometimes they're argued from a place of malevolence or ignorance.
My ignorance could have led to peer influence by which my peer could have presented the substance to me as something harmless and I may have indulged in the substance as a result of my ignorance.
Conservatives angered by Clinton's pleas of ignorance should turn their eyes to Congress, where their Republican allies have been diligently trying for months to make ignorance of the law a defense—at least for corporate executives.
Just as the AIDS crisis of the 80s was exacerbated by governmental neglect and public ignorance, neglect and ignorance are arguably the biggest obstacles to ending AIDS now that we have the tools to do so.
Every interaction contains layers upon layers of mistrust, deceit, irony, ignorance, pain.
Unconvinced by their protestations of ignorance, he continues his line of questioning.
I try to counter that willful ignorance and look at that misery.
Turnbull's comments about the law betray his willful ignorance on the issue.
" His parents are encouraging people to "set aside fear, ignorance and judgement.
They have to be forgiven because it was done out of ignorance.
That too was met with doubt, silence, wilful ignorance, and even contempt.
Every day I learn new lessons about handling cultural and social ignorance.
This was not necessarily ill will, she said, but often simple ignorance.
The OECD says it "can often be a measure of our ignorance".
I was just strengthened by an 'ignorance is bliss' kind of thing.
Still, the incidents proved the ignorance that can closely accompany unchecked privilege.
I had been in complete ignorance that a miscarriage was physically painful.
This is one of the most horrific displays of ignorance, racism & disrespect.
Whilst apparently doubling down on the ignorance that has attracted said mockery.
Baud announced that Zorreguieta's ignorance of the crimes would have been unlikely.
" Two years later, she would tell Allure, "Ignorance is sometimes not bliss.
Yet ignorance and complacency have put the trading system in grave danger.
"Fear and ignorance is what kills these animals," he wrote on Facebook.
This legacy of perpetual ignorance will live on in the next administration.
The echo of Kanye West's ignorance has become too loud to dismiss.
What followed were years, decades even, of tragedy and homophobia-tainted ignorance.
And that ignorance is exploited by people who want to abuse children.
Mr. VanderZanden also feigns ignorance about all the controversy he has caused.
The problem for America is that ignorance of Russian interference is vulnerability.
They're his general cruelty and manifest ignorance on every single policy issue.
Even so, the dentist professed ignorance about why the package was mislabeled.
Would the President's ignorance of the complex obstruction laws be a defense?
We should not fear to engage with difference or publicly shun ignorance.
Or perhaps it pays to preserve a certain ignorance about Bose himself.
That ignorance "is really where lots of literature comes from," she writes.
Every woman-led show requires a few man buffoons, parading their ignorance.
When I graduated high school I wasn't alone in my financial ignorance.
Drones, government surveillance, and our ignorance of the plight of the honeybee?
The banal explanation is fear and a relative ignorance of basic economics.
Clichés are the path to prejudice and intolerance, to ignorance and indoctrination.
Pruitt admitted to one lie, but otherwise deflected blame or professed ignorance.
What could be a lie might also just be delusion or ignorance.
Mike Perry: Really, what that was was just ignorance in my past.
" —Claire Weisz, New York "My eagerness to learn is perceived as ignorance.
Ignorance of origin does not absolve us from the harm of participation.
That really shows my ignorance as a United States of America citizen.
The ignorance and intolerance he has espoused are not welcome in Chicago.
They also said it showed Trump's ignorance of how the Senate works.
"The ignorance of history of the current elites is pathetic," Gingrich tweeted.
President Trump has demonstrated a reliable ignorance of the US auto industry.
And it takes a willful, deliberate act of ignorance to pretend otherwise.
The ignorance is, as usual, stunning for someone in the public spotlight.
It's amazing that he has such confidence, given his level of ignorance.
Steven Ogg -- who plays the main Saviour on the show -- swears ignorance.
Birdman or (the Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance), Alejandro G. Iñárritu (2014)19763.
Or are you just loading the tracks onto CDJs, forgive my ignorance.
We shouldn't cultivate ignorance and pretend that the Soviet period never existed.
Several fans, asked about the song's meaning last week, also pleaded ignorance.
With his "anchor" tweet, Trump once again flaunts his mean-spirited ignorance.
"I for one have reached the limits of my ignorance," Mazer said.
Time, distance, and the occasional dash of willful ignorance are effective modifiers.
Millions of Trump's supporters aren't blind to the president's clownishness and ignorance.
This President isn't acting out of ignorance; he's acting out of malice.
Gone are the days when we could chalk up homophobia to ignorance.
Most fundamentally of all, Trump's laziness and ignorance leave him easily manipulated.
"His vulgar racism is exceeded perhaps only by his ignorance," she said.
Debates about constitutional prerogatives do not happen behind a veil of ignorance.
Is it ignorance of most Americans' relationship to the health care system?
Others will simply not comply for reasons of lethargy, ignorance, or convenience.
Ignorance, is according to Ganan, the biggest problem facing young people today.
But Mr. Bolsonaro would degrade our nation with his rudeness and ignorance.
I'm sure there's an ornithologist out there scoffing at my bird ignorance.
Unfortunately, both are up against a colossal foe: the ignorance of masses.
Today's hearing, however, was more old form and simply highlighted their ignorance.
We promote diverse points of view to deny the entry of ignorance.
Unfortunately, in recent years other top officials have revealed similar deep ignorance.
Mr. Diller, Ms. Taylor and David Paget, the Trust's lawyer, expressed ignorance.
Anyone expressing surprise is luxuriating in a self-crafted shell of ignorance.
She connected the furor over Marius to urban ignorance of agricultural ways.
Ignoring isn't the same as ignorance, you have to work at it.
But that's the truly alarming part of our current climate of ignorance.
In the face of too much information, we cultivate a studied ignorance.
"There was a lot of bagel ignorance in this town," she said.
"Ignorance and fear are the only reasons for this law," he wrote.
By his own admission, his art career began in near complete ignorance.
Unfortunately for Donald Trump's grandchildren, there are real consequences to his ignorance.
What's going on here is some mix of ignorance and willful blindness.
But white marble couldn't have become the norm without some willful ignorance.
Most of the things they said were out of ignorance, not hate.
Their ignorance serves to advance the plot and play for comedic effect.
This ignorance causes shame culture to continue and makes murder seem honorable.
In my ignorance, I thought I was going to turn completely white.
OO: My ignorance of the dance canon might help a little bit.
Whether through ignorance or cleverness, Perry stumbled on a different communications strategy.
But ignorance of Islam was not considered a negative by IS recruiters.
Call them acts of God, blind stupidity, selling out, ignorance, hedonism—whatever.
"Such statements indicate ignorance of our rape culture and how victims need not do anything for rapists to attack, and ignorance about how our system is antagonistic to survivors, making reporting undesirable and legal recourse unlikely," McIver says.
Duping prominent figures into displaying their ignorance was amusing when ignorance was something to be ashamed of; the world is now such that, as Michael Gove, a British government minister, famously put it, "people have had enough of experts".
But perhaps that sort of happiness is best characterized as ignorance is bliss.
But it seems like Sakurada's ignorance about tech could be a real problem.
That they did so not out of ignorance, but out of tactical necessity.
Either through ignorance or wilful avoidance, many doctors fail to make the diagnosis.
Or he may have simply allowed his subordinates to preserve his willful ignorance.
During the course of our conversation, he oscillated between claiming ignorance and irony.
Trump's question also reveals a basic ignorance of how reporters do their job.
Ignorance should never be an excuse, but now more than ever, it isn't.
Until now, his comparative ignorance of international affairs has been reflexive and easy.
It's a "motivated ignorance," and psychologists can see it work in real time.
These displays of cultural ignorance serve as a huge barrier for the President.
Booker said Wednesday that there is "tremendous amount of ignorance" in McConnell's statement.
THUMP: The continued power of radio seems to be its ignorance of borders.
Joe Chandler's "bubble of ignorance" popped last week and there's no going back.
Human ignorance is more fundamental and more consequential than the illusion of understanding.
Similar to the U.S., people's attitudes vary from ignorance and distrust to welcoming.
They were guilty of vulgarity and ignorance, but "ridicule" is not a crime.
The congressional hearing was remarkable for its mixture of ignorance and bad faith.
When asked about the discussion, Brian Hook, Tillerson's right-hand man, pleaded ignorance.
Your willful ignorance will not stop me from being exactly who I am.
Hoping the government will take care of them, they choose ignorance, or ambivalence.
"I guess that reveals a kind of ignorance about North Korea," he said.
Instead, Rawls thought the veil of ignorance yields two principles to regulate markets.
Today, the veil of ignorance is commonly used to argue for more redistribution.
They are talking points crafted from a position of ignorance and, often, hate.
I'll hush now, before I reveal the true depths of my math ignorance.
"They suspect they might be pregnant, but this is willful ignorance," Minkin says.
This has been an election for testing the boundaries between ignorance and deceit.
For Democrats, the wall became a symbol of the president's ignorance and demagoguery.
"His rambling bit, filled with ignorance and vitriol, isn&apost comedy," Corry said.
One is ignorance, and the risk of perverse outcomes that flows from it.
"Despite the ignorance of Salles, Chico's struggle lives on!" she wrote on Twitter.
Asked about the post by ABC News on Sunday, Trump Jr. pleaded ignorance.
Mr. Trump continues to have ignorance of facts, a willful disregard of them.
The president-elect has pleaded ignorance about the ideology and disavowed its followers.
Hating gives art power, especially when it comes from a place of ignorance.
Where erratic ignorance is placed in the running for the world's highest award?
Combine this ignorance with a victim mentality and you have a destructive cocktail.
Six weeks later, they displayed an offensive level of ignorance around the subject.
How do we counter ignorance about the Holocaust with knowledge, compassion, and understanding?
Ignorance is bliss, especially when it comes to free speech at football games.
" A WB spokesman plead ignorance, calling the move "a sincere expression of thanks.
So why do we have to be victimized by his fecklessness, his ignorance?
Despite my intentions, this tattoo put my ignorance and privilege on full display.
However, Diana's ignorance of our world also provides much of the film's pathos.
Some people, out of ignorance, see the soldiers with disabilities as a burden.
"In politics and in life, ignorance is not a virtue," said President Obama.
"I accept responsibility for my ignorance," Block wrote in a Facebook post Wednesday.
And the silence of atheist organizations and public figures doesn't come from ignorance.
Booker, meanwhile, reportedly said Wednesday McConnell's argument contains a "tremendous amount of ignorance."
I guess it isn't surprising—fools often like to profess their ignorance publicly.
Though non-interventionist, Johnson's "Aleppo moment" demonstrated an ignorance of the global sphere.
Lives are being destroyed deliberately by some and by the ignorance of most.
The governor is shocked by the student's ignorance of Nigeria's most famous novel.
Yet still ignorance, ridicule, and fraud remain common themes faced by trans people.
Ignorance is problematic but intentional interference would more likely mean obstruction of justice.
Thankfully, career experts at the Energy Department don't share Perry's ignorance or bias.
Adopting parents and the governments involved in this process cannot plead ignorance anymore.
Instead, as he wrote in a poem, he found arrogance, ignorance, shamelessness, lawlessness.
Complacency is rooted in apathy, conformity, ignorance and denial — a recipe for disaster.
From his slovenly appearance to his unpreparedness, ignorance and arrogance, he beclowned himself.
He knows Trump is a fool, world class in only one thing — ignorance.
Republicans slammed him for either ignorance or a misplaced sense of political correctness.
It's a form of willful ignorance that will ultimately hurt all of us.
The delivery room wasn't my first experience with ignorance around disability and family.
"Ignorance of the law is really no excuse in our system," Dean said.
The Romantic theory of literature as self-expression provides a cover for ignorance.
No one -- including the President -- can claim ignorance about what Russia is doing.
Now he's made his own ignorance of ocean conservation the official U.S policy.
The gameplay of Orwell: Ignorance is Strength centers on those two general rules.
Pluralistic ignorance is, roughly speaking, when we are mistaken about what we believe.
The thing about pluralistic ignorance is, when it collapses, it can collapse quick.
Looking back on it, such ignorance seems almost impossible, but it's the truth.
Theoretically, Trump could rectify his policy ignorance over the course of the campaign.
The ignorance and naiveté of "Reefer Madness" is seen as a bygone era.
A large part of this problem stems from white ignorance about African cultures.
I've learned more, I understand better, and I'm shocked by my own ignorance.
We have to focus on battling the forces that promote ignorance and apathy.
Seeing these places broke down a lot of my ignorance of the country.
His use of "my government" is not just sloppy language or historical ignorance.
But his depictions of the arc from ignorance to wisdom are reliably deft.
I'd love to call it ignorance but I know you ain't that dumb!
"They have such low climate priorities, it's bordering on total ignorance," said Lindahl.
"There's clearly profound ignorance here and some profound blind spots," Mr. Gaspard said.
I think that ignorance is the one driving force behind the youth epidemic.
The reluctance and ignorance that she's seen from executives representing potential corporate sponsors.
For those who want to regulate women's bodies, ignorance has been no obstacle.
Such ignorance and spite will always exist as a challenge to our diversity.
A useful rule of thumb is to admit ignorance — and embrace the unknown.
LGBTQ people don't live their lives in ignorance of the ugliness around them.
Whether out of panic or ignorance, my manager didn't see it that way.
Their willingness to chase bread crumbs is a symptom of ignorance and powerlessness.
I have had to grow thick skin for the ignorance of other people.
"My time in Vietnam is the memory of ignorance," one soldier later wrote.
" Cultural appropriation, she said, expresses "ignorance or aggression," while cultural exchange suggests "generosity.
Trump has often shown deep ignorance and cruelty on issues of global health.
In Australia, the French brand is being accused of cultural appropriation and ignorance.
It is a jumble of incomplete thoughts stitched together with arrogance and ignorance.
"White ethnonationalism was kept at bay because of pluralistic ignorance," Mr. Shirky said.
As proven by our dinner companions, we're not pushing these folks to ignorance.
If globalism's weakness is technocratic naïveté, populism's faults are ignorance, incompetence and paranoia.
Like everyone else, they figured they could manipulate Trump's ignorance to their advantage.
Bombarding people with facts and exposing their individual ignorance is likely to backfire.
The willful ignorance of the top American commanders in Vietnam shocks even today.
" Mayor Steven Fulop said he was "saddened by the ignorance her comments demonstrate.
That individual ignorance is our natural state is a bitter pill to swallow.
But what about his ignorance of markets and his contempt for mere democracy?
"Ignorance of the law is no excuse if you violate it," Becerra said.
During a news conference, Mr. Johnson claimed ignorance of the widely circulated video.
Fear, pride, and ignorance must not be allowed to trump love and trust.
Meanwhile, Trump's decisions also display a shocking ignorance that only damages U.S. interests.
That's probably a good number for the ratio of our ignorance to knowledge.
Many novels document a journey from ignorance to knowledge, or something like it.
Kind of an ignorance is bliss, especially when it comes to HIV testing.
It's easy to dismiss concerns over new technology as the product of ignorance.
It's not just the dark cave of ignorance in which she was raised.
O'Sullivan's book lays out Trump's ignorance of the whole United States-Mexico relationship.
In this case, the statement seeks to eviscerate ignorance of the disease's reach.
In short, he minimized his role and pleaded ignorance about the whole thing.
That ignorance creates some wishy-washy, easily swayed opinions about abortion, polls show.
So there's stigma and ignorance and all these complicated feelings behind this indifference.
And then I guess there's us in our own ignorance, we, the consumers.
I'd love to call it ignorance, but I know you ain't that dumb!
That's kind of a grim upside, since it comes from the president's ignorance.
Embracing ignorance — or overthinking your choicesOperating from a place of ignorance — not doing your homework, whether that's ego-based or for some other reason — or overthinking your choices are opposite ends of the spectrum, but both can lead to damaging mistakes.
Ignorance of the original feminists' pro-life views is compounded by a profound ignorance of what abortion actually is: the dismembering, poisoning, or starving to death of children with beating hearts at just three and a half weeks post fertilization.
Sometimes they do it because of implicit bias, laziness, ignorance of the law, ignorance of how sexual assault works — or even just prudent expediency in a system that makes sure these cases place an extra burden on already overburdened commanders.
I'm not going to sacrifice a part of me to adhere to your ignorance.
Oftentimes, this is due to ignorance of the issue and how to tackle it.
Those fearing a global trade war are betraying ignorance or bad faith – or both.
"That's just economic ignorance," said Peter Boockvar, chief investment officer at Bleakley Advisory Group.
The photographs seem to demonstrate a Western ignorance—a lack of empathy comes across.
The repeated embrace of ignorance by those in power eventually bleeds over into denial.
It's appalling that ignorance like this is allowed to be thrust upon unsuspecting viewers.
Jacobson's approach is more like political philosopher John Rawls's famous "veil of ignorance" approach.
I am personally beyond exhausted by the ignorance and bigotry living in some people.
William, Wisconsin: It is commonly stated that ignorance of the law is no defense.
"I thought it was the epitome of ignorance," she said at a press conference.
For her part, Carpenter said that DeVos's comments showed her "apparent ignorance"about HBCUs.
But ignorance isn't the only problem — denial and defensiveness are also barriers to change.
"I'm not going to sacrifice a part of me to adhere to your ignorance."
The presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump has raised exploitation of ignorance to new heights.
Yet somehow, in spite of people's ignorance, they created and navigate the modern world.
His signature on the public documents we've uncovered discredit his attempts to plead ignorance.
We're all victims of a bigger system, which is [filled with] ignorance and selfishness.
He said possible ignorance or negligence can still lead to charges in some cases.
Ignorance and indifference are laying fresh tracks on which anti-Semitic hatred can travel.
Some of the jokes played on the supposed cultural ignorance of the white ladies.
Obama called that idea dangerous, and said it reflected Trump's ignorance of foreign affairs.
This describes an administration suffering a "nervous breakdown" over the president's impulsiveness and ignorance.
It's crazy to see how much the internet supports my blatant stupidity and ignorance.
That awkwardness gave rise to moments of lovely serendipity — and pockets of blissful ignorance.
Ignorance is a universal trait, people just differ in what they are ignorant about.
But ignorance of something like the nuclear no-first-use pledge is eminently forgivable.
When someone's confidence scales with their ignorance, there's really no way to engage them.
Some claim ignorance of the facts, others simply refuse to abandon their past beliefs.
But Hurricane Harvey has raged through 2017 and ignorance is no longer an excuse.
Outsiders have often regarded the region with a mixture of ignorance, fantasy and racism.
"Such widespread ignorance and even denial is shocking," chief executive Olivia Marks-Woldman said.
The problem here is that incomplete historical accounts promote ignorance in the public imagination.
"[Homophobia] comes from ignorance and homophobes not being around enough gay people," she explained.
Because the questions now shouldn't be about Trump's madness but his impulsivity and ignorance.
Prominent individuals fell from great heights due to their own errors, ignorance, and hubris.
She became her critics' caricature, embracing a mix of willful ignorance and proud ressentiment.
In Mr. Freedom, every dig at American belligerence, hypocrisy, excess, and ignorance hits true.
Biden also criticized Trump for his seeming ignorance about the difficulties many veterans face.
Whenever he gets into specifics, he betrays his deep-seated ignorance of basic policy.
"Racism won, Ignorance won, Sexual assault," one ad by a group called BM said.
We must use this as our lens the next time a CEO claims ignorance.
The alliance may have provoked Putin through ignorance, arrogance or negligence — but not belligerence.
You're having to accept ignorance as the thing that informs all of your behaviors.
"The hate and intolerance of others comes from ignorance about trans people," he says.
Bette professes her ignorance, but Joan doesn't believe her — their planned alliance is bullshit.
Hobbits do not bother to learn about politics and, therefore, vote in full ignorance.
Yet many people do, usually through ignorance about where their tips come from. CasualGambler.
What's more, she showed, many people who feigned ignorance were aware of the connection.
One day, like Phillip, that boy will grow up and lose that charming ignorance.
" Starting from this place of ignorance, Brooks confidently concludes, "In retrospect Whitewater seems overblown.
Science is awesome and all, but sometimes, feigning ignorance is better for the appetite.
We have a historical model for dealing with presidential ignorance, and it involves staffing.
We wanted to write an episode around the confusion, the not knowing, the ignorance.
And it's because they prey on ignorance to be able to achieve their goals.
A conservative promptly replied that I was afflicted with "fundamental ignorance," and possibly worse.
That is, ignorance of the law, as most people know, is not a defense.
" The person added, "I'm sorry for my ignorance and I will take it down!
To be honest, the only other choice is to remain in fear and ignorance.
He makes a virtue of that ignorance — and transforms it into a legitimate identity.
I'm no foodie, a fact apparently underlined by my complete ignorance of both establishments.
Trump's combination of bullheaded ignorance and counter-suggestibility makes him singularly difficult to counsel.
In almost every shot, Denis acknowledges the cultivated ignorance and cruel indifference of whiteness.
Well there's some good news: you no longer have to live in blissful ignorance.
Whether my opponent's comment was born out of frustration or ignorance, I cannot say.
"They are banning people for very minor offenses made out of ignorance," Stine said.
I would be wise to embrace caution here, and to heed my own ignorance.
In this context, Gopnik's blissful ignorance reads not as comical but as deeply sinister.
The entire segment smacks of willful ignorance by buying into the perpetual foreigner syndrome.
Note to self-Reveal fondness for wildlife & ignorance of British football much more often.
At first, it was dismissed as another example of Trump's ignorance about foreign affairs.
What it suggests is either an ignorance of or a disinterest in recent history.
The photo has garnered comments on Instagram accusing the Kardashian of disrespect and ignorance.
Then again, maybe my ignorance will be right in with the rest of everything!
Truffle oil is just one of the products that take advantage of buyers' ignorance.
The yearning for socialism among today's millennials reflects an unfortunate ignorance of the alternatives.
Mr. Shapiro slams them for their silliness and ignorance and raunch, the women particularly.
And one great way to combat this ignorance is with knowledge and with discussion.
He despised that time and regarded it as a sink of superstition and ignorance.
When his ignorance is revealed, he doesn't study up and do better next time.
Only he has witnessed my frustration and grief at the cruel ignorance of others.
The ignorance during that wait was horrible and to him was humanity's greatest weakness.
One of the best ways to combat this ignorance, they say, is personal storytelling.
"This confounding ignorance about the economy's current performance matters a great deal," he wrote.
Surveys have repeatedly shown that there's a startling level of ignorance about female anatomy.
Sean Illing By egotist, then, you mean someone whose confidence scales with their ignorance?
Trump's policy moves are destructive, based on ignorance, but we shouldn't overstate their cost.
For all his chaotic ignorance, Trump has a profound connection to his base's grievances.
"We were blessed with the confidence of ignorance," Mr. Moore recalled in an interview.
When the warfare is digital, we drag our feet in ignorance, if not denial.
"There is no better way to fight ignorance, hate and racism than with education."
One thing holding back uptake is many companies' ignorance of how to integrate drones.
In her contempt for qualifications, her blithe ignorance, she was an avatar for Trump.
To be sure, deep ignorance is not the biggest problem in government right now.
I don't want to endorse a person who espouses hateful views or plain ignorance.
Of course ignorance hasn't prevented the scant news from being weaponized by interested parties.
All this has afflicted them though their ignorance of true good and true evil.
Would they claim ignorance, or say that it wasn't that big of a deal?
So, being out-of-step is not from ignorance, nor is Kiltumper an idyll.
"Discrimination is often based on ignorance," said Ms. Wong, who is in a wheelchair.
Whether out of ignorance or by deliberate choice, Neil Gorsuch is a norm breaker.
What makes socialists more dangerous are many who follow them out of willful ignorance.
This brand of ignorance deliberately shuts out the perspective of an already marginalized community.
But it's one of the results of the cultivation in this country of ignorance.
Images of the event quickly spread, leading to accusations of bigotry and historical ignorance.
Claiming ignorance of the risks associated with Iran is longer an excuse for either.
Whether my opponent's comment was born out of frustration or ignorance, I cannot say.
The quasi pornographic nature of the penis article falls somewhere between paradox and ignorance.
Trump is banking on the ignorance of voters who took a chance with him.
There is a cost to ignorance and the hate that can grow from it.
It was key, she believed, to wiping out ignorance, key for her children's sake.
Either way, his threat reveals his ignorance both about our government and the law.
He also expressed his usual tragicomical level of ignorance about how wind energy works.
If an own exposes another person's ignorance, a self-own reveals your own obliviousness.
Their strategy has represented not just willful ignorance but the determined destruction of knowledge.
Racism, many believe, is a function of ignorance and provincialism, making scholarship its antithesis.
The subjects in this series have witnessed firsthand the evil of well-intentioned ignorance.
A lot of it was just out of ignorance, but you figure it out.
This argument betrays an ignorance of what is actually involved in modern beef production.
That's what we were told too, relying on the ignorance of kids about taxes.
In the popular imagination, conspiracy theories are the result of ignorance and psychological instability.
Ignorance of political issues has always been with us, and folk theorists know how to deal with it — you simply assume that ignorance leads to random error, and that actual political outcomes are being driven primarily by a disproportionately well-informed minority.
Ignorance, whether feigned or genuine, is no longer the only response to bad male behavior.
As a frequent Victoria's Secret shopper, she said she was appalled at the manager's ignorance.
Schiebinger considers this a perfect example of the way a culture can inadvertently create ignorance.
We will not go from being a nation of immigrants to a nation of ignorance.
Ignorance is an excuse in which one chooses dirt over water, while complaining they're thirsty.
By your logic, his ignorance has become normalized/expectedLastly, then why did he capitalize 'trail'??
Spicer's ignorance of the Holocaust may be more representative than we would like to admit.
As for Weaving, Shaw blames her interaction on a misguided ignorance of her own power.
If you're stunned into silence by that offensive barrage of ignorance, I don't blame you.
"Her parents have a lot to answer for – a case of unbelievable ignorance," Leadbetter said.
"Our ignorance is invisible to us," David Dunning, an expert on human blind spots, says.
The claims of ignorance by the Russian leader about Butina were quickly met with skepticism.
It also describes an administration suffering a "nervous breakdown" over the president's impulsiveness and ignorance.
"Hate and ignorance have not driven the history of racist ideas in America," he writes.
Trump, for his part, has shown a remarkable ignorance toward cybersecurity even throughout the campaign.
It probably just equates to no visible scandals or conflicts that would interrupt blissful ignorance.
" Khizr Khan said Sunday that Trump's questions about his wife represent the "height of ignorance.
When AfroLatinx called her out she feigned ignorance like she ain't know any AfroLatinx pic.twitter.
When ignorance and bigotry are allied with power, it's a dangerous force in our country.
The climate of hatred and ignorance has pushed Than Yaw Zin into hiding her identity.
I hope that in highlighting my own ignorance I can help in some small way.
The people involved have repeatedly claimed ignorance, as if they couldn't use a search engine.
The biggest barriers to the greater use of deliberation are ignorance and, frankly, political vanity.
Yet for democracy to flourish, it requires overcoming two natural human tendencies: apathy and ignorance.
Lex decided to speak about disabilities at a student council meeting to fight this ignorance.
The current president's behavior reveals both ignorance of and disdain for the rule of law.
But this article is so dripping with ignorance it&aposs jaw dropping and utterly offensive.
Would hate to see willful ignorance and the denial of fairly elemental science destroy it.
The belief, as you know, in Silicon Valley is essentially, ignorance is a competitive advantage.
Trump often counts on the ignorance of others to help get away with his deceptions.
For Hindus, light symbolizes the triumph of good over darkness, or of knowledge over ignorance.
Roughly two months later, her self-declared ignorance is giving way to an activist spirit.
But earlier this week one person discovered just how deeply this ignorance is hurting elephants.
To endure self-censorship, is to endure a blinding ignorance, a fogging of the logos.
" His mother implored his fans not to "make assumptions about people or events in ignorance.
I certainly can't chalk up years of middling results in the gym to willful ignorance.
Clinton baited Trump into demonstrating all of his shortcomings: racism, sexism, volatility, and general ignorance.
In effect, Parnell would be able to use ignorance of the law as a defense.
It was the camp's ignorance of the most sacred Burning Man tenet: Leave No Trace.
Instead of celebrating the artistry of Farhadi's film, Lahren decided to express ignorance and xenophobia.
Trump, in typical Trump-fashion, has tried to spin this ignorance as a good thing.
Kelly: With education comes understanding and ultimately breaking down the barrier of ignorance and shame.
He hates phonies, of course, but he's also repulsed by what he sees as ignorance.
The price we pay for a profit-driven media marketplace, it seems, is national ignorance.
But America didn't catch a resistance to facts, as though ignorance was the common cold.
In a time of ruptured humanity and willful ignorance, we get the moralist we deserve.
" Khizr Khan said Sunday that Trump's questions about his wife represented the "height of ignorance.
"This may show my ignorance, sir, because I don't know how this works," Kell said.
Sorry to get all Scrooge on here, but sometimes Yuletide ignorance leaves us no choice.
She exposed his ignorance on almost all issues; she skewered him on his tax returns.
Unfortunately, the only cure for ignorance is an active desire and effort to educate oneself.
This, coupled with the void in textbooks, results in the ignorance of the younger generations.
The men show the opposite; ignorance of the inner lives of their wives and children.
And we would not be above calling out "conspiracy sites" and statements based on ignorance.
I think the explanation for this could be put into the "ignorance is bliss" category.
That tendency is called "motivated ignorance," and it's an extremely powerful force in American politics.
For Schultz to suggest otherwise is, at best, the height of political ignorance and delusion.
We cannot wait for ignorance to spread and anti-Semitic incidents to rise even further.
Trump's ignorance of rural needs and pro-corporate lobbyist agenda creates an opening for Democrats.
You and I know that anything Trump says about Africa will reveal his ignorance & racism.
The two law professors grounded their reforms in John Rawls's veil of ignorance thought experiment.
It is the person who continues in his self-deception and ignorance who is harmed.
And the President Donald Trump's general ignorance of the car business has made matters worse.
Another daunting challenge is ignorance of the connection between overpopulation and climate change, as Sen.
Can we always tell the difference between a mocking costume and one that satirizes ignorance?
And as you read, know that there might be more than ignorance at play here.
Supporters of both parties have misunderstood and fueled hate out of reckless emotion and ignorance.
As any lawyer will tell you, however, ignorance of the law is not a defense.
Her knowledge throws light on the events she describes even as her ignorance casts shadows.
"Whether it was racially motivated or just pure ignorance, it's still unacceptable," he told CNN.
But don't be fooled by ignorance of Derry that they or their city are benign.
Some of those people work in the media, and their ignorance only feeds general confusion.
Trump's ignorance about tech and telecom policy was on full display throughout the election season.
An imperfect understanding of history is every bit as harmful as complete ignorance of history.
A lyrist playing to a herd of cows masticating their own ignorance, Bella often thought.
I mean, this is why John Rawls's veil of ignorance thought experiment was so brilliant.
Trump's campaign has been filled with statements whose ignorance and bombast have appalled the establishment.
Most of us understand those moments of letting someone flaunt caucastic ignorance in our presence.
But in this case, sarcasm, instead of xenophobic ignorance, oozes delightfully out of its use.
Once the ignorance took over the platform of what street gangs were, it got vicious.
Published in 2005, historian David McCullough's painstakingly researched 1776 is the antidote to this ignorance.
Ideas long kept in the shadows of ignorance, taboo, and active censorship are made visible.
Chief among them is ignorance, wherein we simply lack the knowledge to anticipate bad outcomes.
Millions, however, are not biting, either out of ignorance or because refinancing is a hassle.
In his ignorance, Mr. Guerrero went searching for Lorraine's headstone in the City Island cemetery.
" Anthony claimed ignorance of Jackson's comments at that point, adding: "Whatever Phil said, he said.
Government officials have displayed "a lot of ignorance about what is possible," the source said.
But why can't the government just carry out an effective response despite the president's ignorance?
Every age has its blinders, constructed, usually, through a combination of ignorance and self-interest.
Beyond that, is there any reason to believe that Trump's belligerent ignorance stops with trade?
We heard more insulting words of ignorance and prejudice towards patriotic immigrant families last night.
Uncertainty isn't just a sign of human ignorance; it's what the world is made of.
The most common pitfall for executives who are rewarded with stock, however, is simply ignorance.
Really, it sort of comes out of ignorance, it paints everyone with the same brush.
It is this ignorance that gives him wings and allows him to demand impossible things.
Not taking into account climate change is almost willful ignorance on the part of corporations.
He challenges religious and secular ignorance, yielding an overview that is both elegant and insightful.
That all came from the frustration of ignorance and people who just didn't get it.
There is something amazing in the Energizer Bunny aspect of his nastiness and his ignorance.
Everyone worked hard to keep her in ignorance, then expected her to understand it all.
" The United States' adversaries, Clad continued, "must never hear flippancy or ignorance in America's voice.
There is no violent contradiction that cannot be resolved with more ignorance and more bombs.
Mr. Stone's ignorance of his subject allows him to listen uncritically as Mr. Putin lies.
Trump's ignorance of the world has never been so blatant—or produced such bipartisan opposition.
Congressman Fish was subpoenaed to testify, and he revealed his ignorance about all of it.
"What the prosecutor says is not only false but demonstrates a deep ignorance," said Ramirez.
Lest you think Professor Langbert's ignorance is just run-of-the-mill crazy, it's not.
That complete ignorance of and rejection of scientific facts is very dangerous for our country.
Shadow hasn't made a public statement, and its most public investor, Acronym, is pleading ignorance.
"Ignorance is always the enemy of humanity," Homam, a volunteer at the library, tells Thomson.
Looking both within and without, it seems to me, the real enemy is ignorance empowered.
So it was also an expression of his ignorance of the actual status of forces.
They have neutralized his ignorance even if nobody can help the president grasp its extent.
Apparently, the effort revealed to the students their own ignorance, because their self-assessments dropped.
We ALL have a responsibility to rise up against the ignorance and hate out there.
Now, he is hoping that ignorance can be the Knicks' weapon against their newest foible.
Those who suggest otherwise do so out of ignorance or intentional misrepresentation of our Constitution.
Why should I want common ground with people who benefit from racism, xenophobia and ignorance?
It is based on ignorance about what motivates voters and why they voted for Trump.
Ignorance is our natural state; it is a product of the way the mind works.
Fox News bounces back and forth between shocking ignorance on the topic and willful misrepresentations.
There is a little bit of truth to this, but the deeper problem is ignorance.
This weaponization of ignorance, as Henry Giroux explains, points to the violence of organized forgetting.
This legislation would erode the venerable principle that ignorance of the law is no defense.
Their isolation is a privilege and their ignorance is innocence, or so they are told.
State legislators in the U.S. can no longer plead ignorance about child marriage in America.
Can we trust President Trump, whose conflicting messages illustrate his ignorance of how DACA works?
These disconnections occur not only from medical ignorance but also from deeply entrenched scientific convictions.
"  "He is the unique combination of ignorance and evil that I have never seen before.
But while ignorance is a defense to tax evasion, a reputation for dishonesty is not.
But not knowing the scope of your own ignorance is part of the human condition.
It only leads to pain and misery, and ignorance in these cases is always bliss.
It has since apologized for the decision, citing ignorance over 8chan, but it remains indefensible.
And the lack of diversity in the drag scene only allows this ignorance to fester.
If the trouble with conservatives was ignorance, then the liberal impulse was to correct it.
He seems stupefied by simple concepts, and his politics are all gee-whiz Texas ignorance.
"The Valencia mayor's proposal shows a deeply ignorance of how bullfighting works," Vicente told VICE News.
The key part of Nivarlain's story, to my mind, is her complete ignorance of what's happening.
It&aposs because we are going to - we&aposre fighting against that ignorance and that backwardness.
Into this mix of public ignorance and anti-Communist anxiety came popular representations of the tragedy.
Then there is our ignorance of the long-term effects of fooling your mind and body.
"I think there's been an attitude of ignorance toward the truth by President Trump," Carter said.
Time and time again, ignorance of this key fact has proved disastrous for the American people.
I remember that time, of being outraged at the cultivated ignorance that allowed it to continue.
As Gucci's Michele said in his statement, "ignorance is not an excuse," but neither is intolerance.
She recalls one specific interaction that she feels speaks volumes at the ignorance of sexist men.
Brandon Easton : This is something that infuriates me to no end—there is so much ignorance.
The effects of willful ignorance about the impacts of climate change, however, could last a lifetime.
I'll squeeze your hand, you'll take over the conversation, and my cultural ignorance will go undiscovered.
Trump is far from the only candidate to exploit ignorance this year, merely the most successful.
Could the biggest thing holding ransomware hackers back be not updated computer systems but Bitcoin ignorance?
Ignorance may deride it, panic may resent it, malice may destroy it, but there it is.
It shows a level of ignorance or lack of concern that reflects poorly on the wearer.
It's an ignorance only deepened by shifting boundaries and changing names due to decades of colonization.
This, to many people, is a kind of motto of ambiguous ignorance in media and entertainment.
A small club of comfortable internationalists, insulated by their wealth, accuse them of xenophobia and ignorance.
The crime of which Klebold convicts herself is ignorance, and for that, she feels bottomless guilt.
People are already sick of the ignorance that Pokémon Go addicts have shown in public places.
It is easy to see how such ignorance about death can lead to avoidance and fear.
Others railed against the ignorance of social media users who called it a rejection of peace.
I wholeheartedly apologize as I feel horrible about my ignorance and offending many people I respect.
Although Rubio initially feigned ignorance about Jones' identity, he quickly dropped the act and turned sour.
Obviously there's a lot of ignorance in this country about Islam, especially from very important people.
"For the longest time, the ignorance frustrated me," Bethell tells me of those who rejected him.
"The consequences of my ignorance ended up being a matter of life and death," she writes.
Beyond dispelling ignorance and misperceptions, here are six quick suggestions to try to win over sceptics.
Image: APDonald Trump once again displayed his ignorance on all issues cyber at tonight's presidential debate.
The Amazon seller Lelong bought from, called "Order Me," claimed ignorance in a message to Recode.
For all his flaws, Rubio has generally avoided capitalizing on this specific kind of reactionary ignorance.
There is a great and perhaps decisive battle to be fought against ignorance, intolerance and indifference.
But the incredible future awaiting this region is held at bay by bloodshed, ignorance, and terror.
After all, life is hard, bad news is everywhere, and maybe, just maybe, ignorance is bliss.
First, because the ignorance, wilful or otherwise, many Republicans display on global warming is not dissipating.
The only thing more glaring than Sean Spicer's ignorance is the policy incoherence it now highlights.
Otherwise, you may only realize the consequences of your ignorance later on, when it's too late.
In its place is a stew of xenophobic populist signaling, reflexive plutocratic policy, and proud ignorance.
"Ignorance is not a virtue, nor should it form the basis of public policy," Santer said.
In his confusion, Bugs Bunny betrays his ignorance of a somewhat unpleasant truth about His Airness.
He would have challenged Happer's ignorance, and educated CNN viewers on the harms of greenhouse gases.
And as we've seen in America right now with the whole Trump situation, ignorance is bliss.
To her, I was just a greedy record store owner, waiting to capitalize on her ignorance.
"The name was picked in complete disregard and ignorance of what a taco is," Jouannot affirms.
A lot of ignorance comes from an inability to understand and a fear of asking questions.
Trump's historical ignorance is vast, but he's cobbled together enough knowledge to suit his political purposes.
Many young easterners simply developed an "Ossi" identity after encountering ignorance or scorn in the west.
The problem may be excessive familiarity with the Syrian dictator, rather than ignorance of his crimes.
Trump's comments betray either ignorance of this consensus, or perhaps an "apres moi le deluge" contempt.
Alex Hegazy, an Ingress player who came to the O2 event, said Ingress ignorance bothers him.
He should passionately stand up for Dreamers who are treated with ignorance and contempt by Trump.
I honestly believe that education is the only tool we have to challenge hatred and ignorance.
But it's really his way of excusing his ignorance, costuming his incompetence and greenlighting his hooliganism.
Debbie's adolescent ignorance, combined with that Gallagher grit, have put her in some unnecessarily precarious situations.
He linked their actions to mental instability, a lack of appreciation of art or sheer ignorance.
Occasionally, a patient might make an insulting comment, but she would put that down to ignorance.
My mistakes have hurt others and I deeply regret the pain that my ignorance has caused.
Trump's ignorance of foreign policy, misogyny, racism, and vulgarity gave her all the help she needed.
That's just a lie that your willful ignorance and purposeful blindness perpetuates, to protect your conscience.
Don't legitimize his lying, ignorance, cruelty and recklessness just because he's one of two presidential candidates.
Youth or ignorance is not an excuse for such a critical, influential function in our society.
Not to mention to sheer ignorance and sexism that we shouldn't be instilling in future generations.
"These people are coming out and speaking a bunch of ignorance about my friend," he said.
It's absurd, and in the end this will pass, but relationships can't be lost over ignorance.
Ignorance is Strength is still doing all of that work, but with an edge to it.
The entire first season of Westworld is dedicated to keeping viewers in a place of ignorance.
Young people caught up in the $1.5 trillion student loan crisis primarily cope through willful ignorance.
Sadly, ignorance is breeding faster than the cockroaches and mice that also inhabit these human warehouses.
I may be a little over-idealistic, but I think ... I see a lot of ignorance.
These appointments are a stunning example of what happens when willful ignorance gains a powerful platform.
It's so incoherent that it must be coming from a place of genuine confusion or ignorance.
To argue against this, is to argue in favor of a willful ignorance of existing laws.
When first asked about President Donald Trump's call with leader of Ukraine, the secretary feigned ignorance.
Buddhism teaches that anger is a form of ignorance, namely of other people's points of view.
"I cannot believe the ignorance on this in 2018," wrote the "Top Chef" host, Padma Lakshmi.
She would have made a superb president if not for American pettiness, misogyny, and cultured ignorance.
The ignorance of the judiciary toward anti-Semitism is for many Jews in Germany especially alarming.
By the end of the book, he finds a kind of redemption by embracing his ignorance.
The delegation made special note of what it characterized as Mr. Kushner's ignorance of Saudi Arabia.
It will, instead, be a disaster brought on by corruption, willful ignorance, conspiracy theorizing and intimidation.
Who knows how many people Mr. Johnson infected with his blithe ignorance, including potentially his fiancée.
But the incredible future awaiting this region is held at bay by bloodshed, ignorance and terror.
People wanted disruption, but too often Trump has given us destruction, distraction, debasement and sheer ignorance.
A place no one (who wants to love cheese in ignorance) should ever have to visit.
Ignorance may not be bliss, but the GOP seems to think it's at least plausible deniability.
The fact that the mob's outrage was driven by ignorance didn't make it any less frightening.
Throughout my childhood, I have had to grow thick skin for the ignorance of other people.
I think we encouraged selfishness and ignorance of the government when we discontinued the military draft.
I now believe, however, that the veil of ignorance is quite distorted in an important respect.
In fact, the only thing more dangerous is the ignorance and hubris exhibited by President Trump.
The mentality of the people I've played basketball with is nothing more than ignorance and prejudice.
It could be easy to mock this kind of behavior as a deadly form of ignorance.
Sparking conversations on price transparency between doctors and patients can help pierce that veil of ignorance.
The annual Hindu festival, observed each year on a moonless night, celebrates overcoming darkness and ignorance.
When I protested, the manager professed ignorance and showed me how the machine did it automatically.
I was still crying in the toilets and I was still experiencing [the] ignorance of racism.
Rather, the French brand is being accused of cultural appropriation, exploitation of the underprivileged and ignorance.
At this point, I don't really feel anything about it because I'm accustomed to people's ignorance.
Inertia and ignorance are among the reasons many do not enroll in employer-sponsored retirement plans.
Without more qualified professionals, everyone's sensitive information could fall vulnerable to corporate ignorance, mismanagement and whim.
Days before, pilots for Southwest Airlines accused Boeing of "arrogance, ignorance, and greed" over the Max.
Mr. Trump has at times displayed breathtaking ignorance about the powers and basic function of government.
Educated citizens who enter politics eventually learn that deep ignorance is not unusual among elected officials.
"I was introduced at a young age to diversity, to difference, to ignorance," she later recalled.
Without an honest dialogue and recognition of this history, we will hide behind a comfortable ignorance.
Mayor Bloomberg suffers from the same ignorance that plagues so many people in the developed world.
Darkness makes it hard to see clearly, and so it has become bound up with ignorance.
In the United States, élites who feared the ignorance of poor immigrants tried to restrict ballots.
"Ignorance of whether a weapon was loaded or not does not remove liability," Ms. Ogg said.
We no longer have the luxury of ignorance because the consequence of avoidance is too great.
The bill for ignorance and short-sightedness has come due, and it's payable only in bitcoin.
When ignorance and bigotry is allied with power it is a dangerous force in our country.
I have had to redraft this tweet 3x because #MayorPete well-meaning ignorance is so upsetting.
Ignorance of these basic facts is at the root of our stalemate about health care reform.
In this day and age, ignorance is not only inexcusable, it is criminal and perhaps fatal.
" Mr. Saidi said that his message in "Géhenne" was "that everything begins with ignorance and hate.
If you get frustrated at the season's happily "ignorance is bliss" attitude, this is your jam.
There is no argument that can wash away the hate and ignorance, dropping from his words.
I'm not sure if this is the cause of lack of research, or just intentional ignorance.
Moody's comments were racist and homophobic but they also betray his ignorance of America's Olympic history.
Is this a person we can help overcome their ignorance and evolve into a better person?
With Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, he can feed lies and ignorance directly to 36 million people.
Then he asked the party to accept his comprehensive ignorance and his politics of racial division.
By preying on their naïveté and ignorance, I feel that we are essentially robbing our students.
Just look at the willful, selective ignorance of deeply embedded writers like Tom Verducci et. all.
He makes charming fun of his reputation for ignorance — and then disproves it again and again.
Ideally, a parent is a backstop against innocent fervor; against foolish, zealous choices and blissful ignorance.
This isn't just ignorance on the president's part; this is moral transgression of the highest order.
Being an ally means nothing if an ally's voice isn't lifted in service to combating ignorance.
We need to let them know [...] in spite of their ignorance, we're here to support them.
Read one way, this is just simple ignorance: Trump literally doesn't understand the issues in question.
From a position of complete ignorance, which is OK. I've learned a lot along the way.
Our own stereotypes and ignorance of our neighbors are also a major issue in the region.
Now that we've established Marc Jacobs's ignorance, let's get back to the celebration of black hair.
The road to knowledge — at least in my case — often winds through the valley of ignorance.
KS: It's absolute willful ignorance, pretending the inventions do not have consequences in the real world.
Until Wednesday, Mr. Baca had claimed ignorance of both the abuse and the corruption within his department.
I'm sure a microwave would be a good solution, but I confess total ignorance in that regard.
Opinion polls in Britain consistently show high levels of ambivalence, ignorance and suspicion about the European Union.
Jeff Sessions, also deployed another tried-and-true tactic in their hearings -- declining comment due to ignorance.
But I don't carry the ability to tax and spend taxpayer dollars, so my ignorance is harmless.
"I suppose I'm really a victim of ignorance," she told reporters at the time of the incident.
As Walliman's animation shows, there's still a giant "chasm of ignorance" that scientists are seeking to fill.
"There was just a certain amount of ignorance," Dunham admitted, referring to her privileged white liberal upbringing.
STRASSEL: The real story is the exceptional level of religious ignorance by those calling this a cult.
He agreed that it was ignorance of dangerous new variety of heroin that was fueling the crisis.
"I found the comment to just bely an enormous amount of ignorance," she argued of Flynn's speech.
You know, both on the left and the right there has been an ignorance oF interior enforcement.
I also had an amazing editor who was very kind and didn't find my ignorance too appalling.
Making any major purchase without wanting to spend the time doing your homework (ignorance), is another example.
That, of course, belies an ignorance of the continent on westerners' part, unable to tell the difference.
" He added, "The days of deadly ignorance will end, and they will end soon if I'm elected.
I read Gideon Lewis-Kraus's article on Alice Goffman hungrily and from a vantage point of ignorance.
After reading Hopkins's book, I feel both less and more guilty about my ignorance of local politics.
Bhabie's youthful ignorance, coupled with a blatant racial obliviousness together make her primed to flame out spectacularly.
It's no OK to have nostalgia for the madmen society and think that that ignorance is virtue.
It's very easy to skirt around the rules and claim ignorance, especially when you're a private citizen.
Ignorance on the scale Trump demonstrated on the NAFTA answer is an awful look for a candidate.
The problem in Silicon Valley is one of ignorance of the problems and ways of the world.
To Mr Ríos Piter, who supports free trade, Mr Trump was exploiting "a gap filled with ignorance".
But Trump went ahead with the summit anyway out of a heady mix of hubris and ignorance.
Johnson — either experiencing or doing a really good job of faking ignorance — turned to Twitter for support.
The more light we can shine on the ignorance in our field, the more we become unstoppable.
Asked if he thought he was the reason the company moved quickly to restructure, he pleaded ignorance.
" According to Ars Technica, one British gastroenterologist described coffee enemas as a "triumph of ignorance over science.
She has never been so obligated, a condition that induces not only ignorance but also cold-heartedness.
" To Duval, Mock asserted, "Your willful ignorance will not stop me from being exactly who I am.
"A college education is important, but education without humanity is ignorance," the actor began, according to PageSix.
But Campillo also tracks the tragedy of public ignorance and apathy, and of young lives cut short.
You jig and amble, and you lisp, you nickname God's creatures and make your wantonness your ignorance.
"Just because of your fear and your ignorance, I will not accept your terms for my silence."
This persistent ignorance is the theme of Mark Danner's new book, Spiral: Trapped in the Forever War.
But Johnson is so intent on defending his own ignorance that he doesn't realize this simple point.
MORE (D-Colo.) asked if Mnuchin would commit to a "clean" debt limit increase, Mnuchin professed ignorance.
Then a kind of holy ignorance emerges, which is a sign that you are the saving remnant.
Today, the word "medieval" is used as a derogatory term, indicating cruel behavior, ignorance or backwards thinking.
One Ohio child welfare official proclaimed his ignorance when asked to comment by NBC on these cases.
Sometimes I wish I hadn't started it, because it's much easier to go on in happy ignorance.
"In the past we did have ghosts - the ghosts of ignorance, backwardness and poverty," Xi told her.
I can tell them it means our ignorance is not an excuse and our intentions mean shit.
I know I begged for blissful ignorance above, but I'll offer up a few potential explanations anyway.
But they are living in the postmodern world and intelligence and ignorance seem to have become synonymous.
The ensuing conversation about Hollywood's unwitting ignorance ended up being more fascinating than the movie being produced.
Kids are fearless, partly from ignorance, because they've never considered all the awful things that can happen.
I did not spend time with Roger Ailes, so I started off in a position of ignorance.
If ignorance really is the reason, he and the country would benefit from a European history lesson.
"It was an immediate rejection of what I considered an outright lie or pure ignorance," she said.
In barely more than 100 days, he's taken historical ignorance to new depths in the White House.
"I think a lot of strong communities form in the face of ignorance and ridicule," Andy said.
That ignorance breeds a determination to stamp out the space rather than the source of the problem.
After all, Ronald Reagan survived the Iran-Contra affair by claiming ignorance of the scandal's worst aspects.
It is not a cop-out to profess ignorance as to what to do about all this.
Also, I am gay, at Under the Moon we accept all people but not ignorance and discrimination.
Martin Luther King Jr. once said there is nothing in the world more dangerous than sincere ignorance.
Underneath that, though, is a trapped spirit, blissful in its ignorance of its own Cronenbergian flesh prison.
But the alternative is to operate in ignorance of the challenge and miss the opportunity to reform.
No matter how much we might prefer blissful ignorance, there are no facts too good to check.
National politicians' feigned ignorance of the local effect is the biggest problem with the federal minimum wage.
The children have to see that people will stand up to them and call out their ignorance.
Buffett called gambling a "tax on ignorance" in response to a question at that 2007 shareholder meeting.
With such ignorance in plain sight, how could anyone be amused by a "comedy about anti-Semitism"?
"Perhaps you have managed to retain some ignorance about Alzheimer's and other versions of dementia," she wrote.
Rising demand for the surgeries highlighted the issue of private doctors cashing in on ignorance, they add.
Intertwined with that issue, though, is the lack of regulation that allows clinics to exploit patients' ignorance.
If Donald Trump wins the presidency, however, the United States will have a new doctrine: strategic ignorance.
And after Trump's ignorance of Puerto Ricans' plight, we shouldn't be surprised if boricuas start kneeling, too.
" Either in defiance or ignorance of the past Supreme Court ruling, Miller replied "no, we completely disagree.
Abandoning guns completely would be another in a long line of video games' acts of willful ignorance.
Now, it's a stressful, painful reminder of the ignorance and hatred that surrounds me at all hours.
Today is a result of ignorance and sometimes things need to get worse before they get better.
" The show also tackled sensitive themes like cultural appropriation, resulting in Rose's favorite episode, "Dances with Ignorance.
Celebrity ignorance is also on display nearly every time a male actor is asked about sexual assault.
To blame suicide on a lack of personal character demonstrates ignorance about the nature of the problem.
And there remain other major barriers to the uptake of medical abortion, including cost, ignorance and stigma.
We can maintain a type of open mindedness that does not risk casting us into willful ignorance.
Now, imagine arriving in safe place only to be met with disdain, distrust, ignorance and outright hatred.
When Emily first met Andy, she wasn't impressed by her ignorance and lack of knowledge about fashion. 
Koelzer responded by hitting the aggressor across the head, showing that his ignorance would not be tolerated.
Essentially, she said, Dean pleaded ignorance of Rubinstein's significant role in the gentrification of the South Bronx.
Johnson appears to have decided to lean into his ignorance, playing it up as a virtue somehow.
It reflects a fundamental ignorance of geography and a tendency to uncritically accept numbers at face value.
She chalked that up to ignorance about the LGBTQ community on the part of the general public.
Luckily, a great nation like America can survive a lot, including dishonesty and ignorance at the top.
It's vital to recognize that prejudice is not baked-in: It is the result of our ignorance.
And OLIVIA MUNN … Well, I'm going to expose my ignorance, but I don't know who she is.
In a world running on ignorance, he's well read, thoughtful and informed on any number of topics.
Wisdom, he said, requires possessing a type of humility manifested in an awareness of one's own ignorance.
And of course there's the Socratic model of wisdom, according to which intelligence is knowledge of ignorance.
But asked about Julian Assange during a press gaggle last week, Trump professed ignorance about his work.
The enemy of the people is ignorance — obliviousness to truth, ignoring it or having incredulity about it.
Nationalism can't be defeated by ignorance or malice; it can be defeated only by knowledge and courage.
And OLIVIA MUNN ... Well, I'm going to expose my ignorance, but I don't know who she is.
At the height of the AIDS epidemic, the virus spread faster precisely because of ignorance and homophobia.
" Rosie O'Donnell said: "For Clive Davis to claim ignorance about this is, I believe, a boldfaced lie.
Shawn Kennedy can't use ignorance as an excuse for dating a woman who lived in his building.
And it wasn't an issue of simple ignorance; Germans who opposed reunification overestimated the distances more wildly.
Those businesspeople who voted for Mr. Trump ignored at their peril his irrationality, ignorance and bullying behavior.
SAM DURANT My ignorance of the meaning of Mankato gallows for the Dakota people caused this problem.

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