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"conviction" Definitions
  1. [countable, uncountable] the act of finding somebody guilty of a crime in court; the fact of having been found guilty
  2. [countable, uncountable] a strong opinion or belief
  3. [uncountable] the quality of showing that you believe strongly in what you are saying
"conviction" Synonyms
belief opinion persuasion view faith position stance creed idea judgement(UK) judgment(US) notion principle sentiment tenet thought verdict credo dogma feeling certainty confidence assurance certitude sureness positiveness assuredness cocksureness doubtlessness surety earnestness fervor(US) fervour(UK) firmness passion no shadow of a doubt satisfaction trust sentence ruling condemnation decision decree pronouncement condemning imprisonment punishment declaration of guilt determining guilt pronouncement of guilt penalty retribution sanction censure justice viewpoint perspective standpoint slant attitude outlook estimation interpretation stand angle thoughts courage bravery aplomb courageousness dauntlessness fearlessness fortitude guts pluckiness poise resoluteness resolve self-belief self-trust valor(US) valour(UK) backbone purpose commitment purposefulness resolution determination persistence dedication devotion drive perseverance tenacity enterprise enthusiasm initiative mettle push ideal standard ideology moral integrity probity ethic morality rectitude scruples uprightness high-mindedness righteousness virtue conscience decency criticism denunciation reproach rebuke castigation reproof reprimand blame disapproval stricture excoriation flak opprobrium attack objurgation disapprobation vilification reprobation ideas conception conceptualizations visualization(US) imagination inspiration contrivances creation discovery innovation invention origination product concepts design proposals proposition schemes imaginativeness doctrine peace serenity peacefulness calmness composure contentedness contentment ease equanimity tranquility(US) tranquillity(UK) bliss comfort security calm felicity inner peace joy punch effectiveness cogency weight persuasiveness authority force power strength efficacy point influence forcefulness potency conclusiveness convincingness impact suasiveness coherence obstinacy doggedness obduracy intransigence mulishness pertinacity self-will single-mindedness stubbornness intractability intractableness pig-headedness relentlessness wilfulness bull-headedness contrariness inflexibility mindset mind psyche approach psychology mentality ethos behaviourism(UK) behaviorism(US) medicine therapy frame of mind way of thinking mental processes mental make-up personality study what makes someone tick More
"conviction" Antonyms
disbelief distrust unbelief incredulity doubt dubiety scepticism(UK) skepticism(US) doubtfulness dubiousness incredulousness cynicism nonbelief unbelievingness unfaith lack of conviction lack of belief lack of credence chariness heterodoxy uncertainty incertitude nonconfidence irresolution unsureness reserve vagueness nervousness insecurity ambiguity questionableness hesitancy suspicion tentativeness irresoluteness timidity diffidence acquittal exculpation exoneration freeing vindication clearing discharge absolution pardon acquitting discharging dismissal dismissing exemption reprieve declaration of innocence atheism discouragement disinterest dissuasion fairness hindrance prevention cowardice cowardliness cowardness fearfulness feebleness gutlessness cravenness faintheartedness fear pusillanimity pusillanimousness recreancy wimpiness wimpishness dastardliness poltroonery spinelessness spiritlessness timorousness concrete ignorance model physicality thing stupidity misunderstanding need reality unconsciousness being indifference apathy unenthusiasm disinterestedness dispassion insouciance lethargy listlessness nonchalance torpor uninterest boredom dispiritedness halfheartedness instability lassitude laziness fact basis actuality existence certainty truth knowledge realism representativeness verity veracity certitude evidence genuineness matter palpability verisimilitude materiality tangibility oblivion unawareness denseness naivete obliviousness blindness incomprehension witlessness bewilderment disregard guilelessness ingenuousness accusation charge encouragement indecision praise reward detachment incuriousness incuriosity unconcern callousness dispassionateness impartiality impassiveness unresponsiveness casualness distance impassivity unwillingness hesitation hesitance reluctance cunctation procrastination temporization temporising(UK) temporizing(US) dithering swithering vacillation ambivalence stalling fluctuation delaying faltering understanding apprehension awareness capability comprehension attention minority view disfavor(US) disfavour(UK) dislike hate hatred rejection amnesia disinclination corporeality unhappiness sadness dullness idleness inactivity powerlessness weakness citation commendation endorsement indorsement plaudits approval clearance compliment justification release sanction discomposure distress agitation anxiety desolation disappointment discomfort trepidation worry affliction angst anguish concern dejection disquietude disturbance malaise perturbation tension compliance flexibility meekness cooperativeness docility submissiveness tractability cluelessness lack of knowledge benightedness fog mental incapacity perplexity befuddlement confusion illiteracy lack of education mental unclarity obtuseness unenlightenment dumbness empty-headedness half-knowledge cause disdain increase neglect rise source purposelessness insignificance meaninglessness aimlessness emptiness pointlessness hollowness futility senselessness worthlessness

903 Sentences With "conviction"

How to use conviction in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "conviction" and check conjugation/comparative form for "conviction". Mastering all the usages of "conviction" from sentence examples published by news publications.

As of late summer, the list looked like this, but, as we know, it is tragically subject to additions at any time: #PhilandoCastile = No Conviction #TerenceCrutcher = No Conviction #SandraBland = No Conviction #EricGarner = No Conviction #MikeBrown = No Conviction #RekiaBoyd = No Conviction #SeanBell = No Conviction #TamirRice = No Conviction #FreddieGray = No Conviction #DanroyHenry = No Conviction #OscarGrantIII = No Conviction #KendrecMcDade = No Conviction #AiyanaJones = No Conviction #RamarleyGraham = No Conviction #AmadouDiallo = No Conviction #TrayvonMartin = No Conviction #JohnCrawfordIII = No Conviction #JonathanFerrell = No Conviction #TimothyStansburyJr = No Conviction These lists, and Baby Suggs's sermon, capture the physical peril of existing in the United States in a body that is black, of the deep and long tradition of black hating and black murder.
If we had any conviction, it was the conviction that convictions were bogus.
It's certainly an argument for a manslaughter conviction rather than a murder conviction.
A felony conviction has held him back, but he claims the conviction was politically motivated.
But a conviction is a conviction; Transparency International, an anti-corruption group, called it "appalling".
A bad day for the president, from Roger Stone's criminal conviction to Marie Yovanovitch's moral conviction.
"There's a cloud hanging over him because of this unfair, discriminatory conviction, a conviction that never should have happened, a conviction that happened only because he was a gay man," Sen.
And then by definition, the nature of post-conviction law, you are looking back at the conviction.
Dassey had his conviction overturned in June, but the prosecution appealed and the original conviction was upheld.
An applicant cannot have more than two misdemeanor convictions or one felony conviction and one misdemeanor conviction.
After her conviction, Ms. Desmond tried to sue the theater and to have her criminal conviction overturned.
But the conviction was overturned last year by an appeals court, which upgraded the conviction to murder.
These include recording interrogations, standardising eyewitness-identification procedures, expanding access to post-conviction DNA testing and, perhaps most important, opening conviction-review boards inside prosecutors' offices, to investigate post-conviction claims of innocence.
According to Hatcher, Feldstein received 10 years for the forgery conviction and five years for the escape conviction.
The conviction rate in caste-based cases is already paltry — about 25 percent, about half the overall conviction rate.
The story of Mr. Gielgud's conviction for homosexual "importuning" in 1953 — a conviction that almost ruined him — is recited.
Partisanship: Nixon resigned in the face of likely Senate conviction, and multiple Senate Republicans told him conviction was coming.
It taught me how much conviction I had behind my idea and to keep having conviction in my ideas.
They don't give you a date of the conviction, for example, they don't give you a resolution of the conviction.
Conviction based on video clips The conviction was for having carnal knowledge of a man against the order of nature.
Kirk Bloodsworth was the first man in the United States whose capital conviction was overturned by post-conviction DNA testing.
Katumbi's conviction makes him ineligible to run for president, and his advocates in Washington are working to overturn that conviction.
After his death, his conviction was vacated because his appeals of the conviction had not been exhausted when he died.
If someone is convicted and there is no evidence to support the conviction, then a judge can overturn the conviction.
Because Mr. Hanning was appealing his conviction at his death, the conviction is not considered legal under the German system.
"Melissa's arrest, prosecution, and conviction relied exclusively upon her false confession," Kathleen Zellner, Calusinski's post-conviction attorney, explains over email.
Thompson overhauled the Conviction Integrity Unit, renaming it the Conviction Review Unit and increasing its staff from two prosecutors to nine.
" Mr. Thompson made it clear that the conviction "was is in no way a conviction of the New York City Police Department.
In announcing Carter's conviction, Massachusetts Judge Lawrence Moniz said Carter's actions specifically on the day of his death led to her conviction.
The appeals court, while overturning Hickey's felony conviction of mistreatment, let stand his conviction on two counts of second-degree child neglect.
But when the man appealed that conviction to the Court of Appeal, he won his case, and the bestiality conviction was dropped.
In Nevada, a person can seek to have a conviction sealed after one to 10 years based on the type of conviction.
Conviction integrity units have been created in various US cities to review post-conviction claims of innocence and exonerate wrongfully convicted defendants.
ICE said Rodriguez-Espinoza was a documented Latin Kings gang member with a 2016 burglary conviction and 2008 theft conviction in Chicago.
His conviction dominated media for a second day, with banner headlines in Australian newspapers such as "CARDINAL SIN", "CARDINAL TO CONVICTION" and "GUILTY".
In overturning Dassey's conviction, the judge cited interrogators' promise of leniency On Friday, a federal judge overturned Dassey's murder conviction, deeming it illegal.
In the end, discipline always trumps conviction, because those with negative conviction would have sold everything on Wednesday right before Thursday's phenomenal rebound.
His first conviction was in November 1983 for criminal damage and his latest conviction was in December 2003 for possession of a knife.
A corruption conviction was the end of the line for Chaka Fattah (D-PA) and a cocaine conviction toppled Trey Radel (R-FL).
His earlier conviction also means that he is likely to serve some time in prison if an appeal of the latest conviction fails.
Conviction as an adult could carry a life sentence, while conviction by a juvenile court judge would mean little or no jail time.
His attorneys are seeking to have that conviction vacated and, separately, plan to challenge the legality of the deportation order based on that conviction.
I have long said that politicians who lack conviction in one important area will show they have no conviction in other areas as well.
The 10-part documentary series examines Avery's 1985 wrongful conviction for sexual assault, his release from prison, and his subsequent conviction for Halbach's murder.
"It is to turn political conviction into penal conviction, to humiliate, both physically and spiritually, to destroy the ones who lost politically," he said.
Pruitt appealed her conviction to the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals, but the court affirmed the conviction and then denied her application for a rehearing.
"At the sector level, our highest conviction longs remain energy, materials and precious metals, while our highest conviction short remains consumer discretionary," stated the report.
And I can tell you, the conviction rate is astronomical -- it&aposs one of the highest conviction rates of any crime in the United States.
And while Manafort's team managed to get one holdout juror to vote against conviction on 10 counts — Mueller won a unanimous conviction on eight others.
The conviction is for swinging a machete at his wife in front of her friends, the government said, and it is Mr. C's only conviction.
After his conviction, the Northern California Innocence Project took on Davis' case and requested the El Dorado County district attorney do post-conviction DNA testing.
He had served prison time for a 2008 attempted murder conviction in the Bronx and was on parole for an attempted burglary conviction in Brooklyn.
She has a previous drunken driving conviction in Maine and an aggravated drunken driving conviction in New Hampshire, the Press Herald reported , citing information from police.
Gleeson ordered her conviction expunged, saying the public's interest in her contributing to society outweighed its interest in her conviction being a matter of public record.
The report commended Bahrain for making its first conviction of a Bahraini national on forced labor charges, and its first conviction of a complicit government official.
Prosecutors had asked Judge James Burke to deliver the maximum sentence of 29 years: 25 for the sexual-assault conviction and four for the rape conviction.
He acknowledged during his testimony that he had previously had run-ins with the police, including a 2011 misdemeanor theft conviction and a 2016 drug conviction.
"We have a continuing, post-conviction ethical obligation to pursue justice when we become aware of material evidence suggesting a conviction is not correct," Nelson said.
Reduce the mandatory penalty from life to 25 years for a third conviction of certain drug offenses, and from 25 to 15 years for a second conviction.
In any case, criminal courts in China have a 99% conviction rate, so being accused of a crime in China is almost always tantamount to a conviction.
Liang, a rookie who lost his badge after his conviction, had faced up to 15 years for his manslaughter conviction in the death of Akai Gurley, 28.
"Two of the methods of conviction, or tools used in conviction that would intuitively be the most reliable, we found to be the most unreliable," Alexander said.
"My conviction on that is actually higher than my conviction right now on whether bond yields are going to break to the upside or downside," Gundlach said.
If Mueller fails to secure a conviction here, it would reinforce the conviction held by many Americans that wealthy elites play and win by their own rules.
Avery's trial and subsequent conviction in the death of Halbach, following an earlier wrongful conviction, have made headlines following the release Netflix's Making a Murderer last month.
She had a felony drug conviction nearly three decades ago, but her brother, who also had a conviction, tried to register to vote himself and was rejected.
Reduce the mandatory penalty for a third conviction of certain drug offenses from life to 25 years, and for a second conviction from 20 to 15 years.
Thompson had argued that the manner of death should not matter -- when a person dies while his conviction is under direct appeal, the conviction should be vacated.
The Conviction Integrity Unit of the Bronx D.A.'s office, which has been investigating the case since May, could at any point move to vacate the conviction.
Since Kelley's conviction came while he was serving as a U.S. Air Force airman, his military conviction might not be picked up in a civilian background check.
Judges rejected the request for the second genocide conviction, but upheld his conviction on all other war crimes and crimes against humanity charges including persecution and murder.
These are basically questions about how other parts of society can receive a pardon and how a pardon works in real life — whether the pardoning of a conviction then erases what preceded the conviction, and whether civil society can still make decisions based on what preceded the conviction.
He was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison on the murder conviction and 25 years on the manslaughter conviction, a Steuben County court official tells PEOPLE.
With his initial appeals exhausted, Sandusky wants to present evidence under Pennsylvania's Post-Conviction Relief Act that his 2012 conviction resulted from ineffective counsel at his first trial.
The Clarks face life in prison without the possibility of parole for the murder conviction, and four life terms for the child abuse conviction when sentenced on Dec.
In announcing her conviction on June 16, Judge Moniz honed in on what Carter did the day of Roy's death, which he said ultimately led to her conviction.
Nayeri has a previous conviction for homicide, officials said at a Monday afternoon press conference and when pressed on details about that conviction, they declined to give details.
A report recently made public by the office's Conviction Integrity Unit said it had "discovered errors so prejudicial that it is compelled to correct them" in Johnson's conviction.
Advocates contend that there's a significant disparity in conviction rates for black and white defendants, though the Bureau of Justice Statistics doesn't release race data on conviction rates.
Since his conviction in 2007, Mr. Libby had regained the two main privileges a felony conviction had stripped from him: his right to vote and his law license.
The criminal sexual assault conviction carries five to 25 years, while a conviction of rape in the third degree could be anywhere between 18 months and four years.
" The agency said the man was a "documented Latin Kings gang member with a 2016 burglary conviction and 2008 theft conviction, in Chicago and placed him into custody.
Charles Fleming has a criminal record that includes a 1996 conviction on multiple counts of writing worthless checks and driving while a habitual offender, a 2000 conviction for perjury and a 2008 conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, according to records of the Kansas Department of Corrections.
And some of the most prominent cases that we brought in the past absolutely stand not withstanding that Newman decision, which we think was wrong, we think changed the law, including the conviction of Raj Rajaratnam and the conviction of Rajat Gupta and the conviction of SAC Capital as an institution.
At the time of writing conviction rates for rape are far lower than other crimes, with only 5.7% of reported rape cases ending in a conviction for the perpetrator.
After five days of post-conviction hearings weighed the merits of his conviction, the fate of his case is now in the hands of a Baltimore Circuit Court judge.
Maxson, now 55, is the 15th man in Illinois whose conviction has been vacated after reinvestigations by Cook County State's Attorney Anita Alvarez's Conviction Integrity Unit, formed in 2012.
The conviction would have made Lloyd's case a slam dunk -- but now, with the conviction gone, Lloyd's estate will have to independently prove Hernandez was responsible for Odin's death.
Although many arrests don't result in conviction — some are dismissed and some result in pleas to a lesser offense — any drug conviction can harm employment, housing and educational prospects.
Attorneys are currently fighting to appeal Carter's conviction to the United States Supreme Court on the grounds that the conviction violated her First Amendment right to freedom of speech.
The state also had a law called the subsequent conviction rule: no nonconviction could be expunged if the individual had a later conviction, even for a completely unrelated change.
"This case is especially reprehensible to me because in Brooklyn we have a robust Conviction Review Unit that takes wrongful conviction claims seriously," Mr. Gonzalez said in a statement.
Before the VR experiment, the patients averaged an 80 percent conviction in their paranoia, while after the experiment, those who dropped their defenses only averaged a 47 percent conviction.
A few say he crossed a line, but they have never explained why his actions fall short of conviction, or what it would take for them to consider a conviction.
A murder conviction against Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel was thrown out Friday by the same Connecticut court that ruled 16 months ago to uphold the conviction, multiple media outlets report.
Carter, now 21, was ordered Monday by the Massachusetts Supreme Court to serve a 15-month sentence for her conviction after the court rejected an appeal of her 2017 conviction.
A noted attorney in previous wrongful conviction cases, Zellner came to national prominence when she took on the controversial murder conviction of Making a Murderer's Steven Avery earlier this year.
While taking his case to the Court of Appeals (which upheld the conviction) and the U.S. Supreme Court (which eventually overturned the conviction in 1971), Ali undertook a speaking tour.
A conviction in the murder of a white person was more than four times as likely to result in a death sentence than a similar conviction involving a black victim.
BLANKENSHIP: CONVICTION WAS 'UNFAIR': Former coal boss Don Blankenship is accusing a federal court of numerous legal errors leading to an unfair conviction on conspiracy to break mine safety rules.
Borgono's family says that if she'd known during her criminal trial that a conviction might put her at risk of losing her US citizenship, she would have fought the conviction.
According to Netflix, "Making a Murderer Part 2" will feature Kathleen Zellner, Mr. Avery's post-conviction lawyer, as well as Laura Nirider and Steven Drizin, Mr. Dassey's post-conviction lawyers.
The poll was conducted after the conviction of the governor's former economic development guru, Alain E. Kaloyeros, but before Tuesday's conviction of the former State Senate leader, Dean E. Skelos.
Massachusetts, No. 16-240, was whether a defendant was entitled to automatic reversal of his conviction in the context of a post-conviction challenge based on ineffective assistance of counsel.
After looking at Lennon's conviction record, Wildes saw that the rock star had a conviction for possession of cannabis resin, or marijuana, which would make his case difficult to win.
According to Justice Department data, the conviction rate on federal charges is typically over 90%, and the conviction rate in federal human trafficking cases is even a tick higher than that.
Bonjean said she met with the head of the Conviction Integrity Unit, Mark Rotert, last January and agreed to hold off on pursuing a post-conviction petition while Rotert's unit investigated.
As we reported, 21's 20173 drug conviction was vacated and sealed in the Fall -- which effectively erases it -- but court records weren't updated, so all ICE saw was the conviction.
In vacating Silver's 2015 conviction, the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in Manhattan cited last year's Supreme Court decision throwing out the corruption conviction of former Virginia Gov.
A North Carolina appeals court on Tuesday overturned a man's prior stalking conviction, ruling that the social media posts that led to his eventual conviction are protected under the First Amendment.
A conviction would be the third for Mr. Reynolds, who represented part of Chicago as a Democrat for less than three years before being forced by his first conviction to resign.
Some of the new separations, the review showed, occurred in families with a parent who had a drunken-driving conviction in the past, or a 20-year-old nonviolent robbery conviction.
And experienced trial judges like Ellis know well that any conviction will be appealed, so they are careful to make conservative decisions at trial in order to protect a potential conviction.
The agency argues that Arpaio's conviction was rendered "moot" by "the unpredictable grace of a presidential pardon" and said it would be "just and appropriate" for the conviction to be vacated.
" "The problem is those who hate, hate with conviction.
Responding to pleas from Arpaio's attorneys to expunge the conviction and give the sheriff a clean criminal record, Bolton ruled that a presidential pardon exempts Arpaio from punishment — but not his conviction.
Navalny is one of Vladimir Putin's toughest critics and is barred from standing in the upcoming election in March because of a previous criminal conviction — a conviction he says was politically motivated.
The jury in the sixth trial sentenced Flowers to death, and the Mississippi Supreme Court, which had reversed an earlier conviction on the basis of racial discrimination, this time affirmed the conviction.
His murder conviction came a year after a federal appeals court vacated his initial 2014 conviction, saying he should have been tried separately from three other Blackwater guards involved in the incident.
They are typically granted at least five years after conviction -- and are based on post-conviction character, the seriousness of the crime and demonstrations of remorse and responsibility, according to DOJ guidelines.
Gallagher escaped conviction on multiple murder charges but received a conviction earlier this year for desecrating a corpse; he was sentenced to time served and received a demotion that Trump's move overrode.
The Supreme Court of Appeal changed the 29-year-old's conviction to murder in December after the state prosecutors appealed the athlete's prior conviction of culpable homicide in the Pretoria High Court.
ISP's website lists disqualifying factors for owning a gun, including a felony conviction or a conviction in the past five years for violent crimes including aggravated assault or battery, among other criteria.
The Supreme Court of Appeal upgraded the 29-year-old's conviction to murder in December after the state prosecutors appealed the athletes April conviction for culpable homicide in the Pretoria High Court.
Now, in a new 64-page court filing as part of his appeal, MacDonald's lawyers are asking the court to vacate his conviction based on evidence they say they uncovered after his conviction.
"You have a misdemeanor conviction where there was violence detached to members of your family ... that happened in the court martial," he added, noting Kelley spent a year in confinement for his conviction.
Tom Hayes Denied Latest Bid to Appeal Libor Conviction | Mr. Hayes had sought to have his conviction on charges of manipulating a global benchmark interest rate reviewed by the Supreme Court of Britain.
"My conviction on that is actually higher than my conviction right now on whether bond yields are going to break to the upside or downside," Gundlach said, according to a separate Reuters account.
Mrs Marcos has said she will appeal against the conviction.
" From Richards' perspective, though, it was about Grammer having "conviction.
Salman that upheld a conviction for trading on inside information.
Yet Ms Iyamu's conviction is the exception, not the rule.
According to local station WCCO, Noor has appealed the conviction.
The Supreme Court, however, would overturn his conviction in 1971.
There was a problem with Stewart's conviction, they told me.
To the tech industry, the hearings confirmed an entrenched conviction:
But whether Hernandez's conviction remains voided is an open question.
The stock is also on the firm's "conviction buy" list.
Here's a tally of the carnage: The selling had conviction.
But a federal appeals court later overturned the sabotage conviction.
That conviction was upheld by an appeals court in January.
He wanted the digital evidence dismissed, and his conviction overturned.
Is this how it ends for all women of conviction?
Sam Rainsy lives in France to escape a defamation conviction.
Sharif is expected to appeal his conviction and seek bail.
"I don't have any question about that conviction," he said.
He sets out his case with characteristic brilliance and conviction.
Federal US Magistrate Judge William Duffin overturned Dassey's murder conviction.
"Both fought tooth and nail for this conviction," Wimmer said.
Jason Van Dyke's conviction is right, but obscures larger truths.
He successfully appealed the conviction and was released on bond.
Carter is asking for her manslaughter conviction to be overturned.
I give him a lot of credit for having conviction.
Khan can still appeal today's conviction in a higher court.
A presidential pardon does not automatically undo a criminal conviction.
He has a French conviction for insider trading in 1988.
Willful, commercial scale copyright infringement could lead to criminal conviction.
Then as now, that insecurity soon gave way to conviction.
People exhibit unwarranted conviction online for all sorts of reasons.
The conviction and sentence were denounced by the State Department.
The Supreme Court is weighing an appeal of the conviction.
Still, the state's highest court upheld the conviction in February.
The crowd seemed motivated as much by curiosity as conviction.
The size of checks completely vary based on our conviction.
"They are based on the same conviction," van Delden said.
And misidentification could lead to wrongful conviction, or far worse.
He tells PEOPLE that he plans to appeal his conviction.
A conviction carries a mandatory prison sentence of one year.
Thomas Sierra, second from right, after his conviction was dismissed.
None of the 53 Senate Republicans has called for conviction.
The petition said that "extreme attorney misconduct" marred his conviction.
Montanez's other codefendant, Pacheco, had his conviction tossed years earlier.
Serrano's other codefendant, Pacheco, had his conviction tossed years earlier.
But police and prosecutors have yet to secure a conviction.
His lawyer has said Cosby plans to appeal his conviction.
Rainsy already lives in exile to escape a defamation conviction.
State District Court Judge Katherine Dorroh vacated his murder conviction.
His conviction returns, however, with a look around the room.
In other cases, it is from personal or communal conviction.
An increasing number of those arrested have no criminal conviction.
Now it is you who give me strength and conviction.
A conviction could mean up to 30 years in prison.
Patel's conviction of feticide was overturned on appeal in July.
The song exercises power and conviction without straying into melodrama.
A federal court judge overturned Dassey's conviction on August 12.
That conviction prevents Mr Dragnea from serving as prime minister.
Then, last month, the Connecticut Supreme Court reinstated the conviction.
Without similar conviction, both play and protagonist are left hollow.
"He pitches with such conviction," Boston manager John Farrell said.
A conviction could see her spend 30 years in jail.
Almost without exception, blasphemy cases in Indonesia end with conviction.
Slatten had received life in prison in the initial conviction.
In 12 states, a felony conviction means never voting again.
The conviction came on the second day of jury deliberations.
Kissel lost her final appeal against her conviction in 2014.
This may be Cosby's best hope for avoiding conviction. 4.
I think they prosecute in the interest of conviction, period.
We undertake fewer projects with absolute conviction,' they both write.
Lionel Messi's reaction to tax fraud conviction and prison sentence?
He has been in custody since his conviction last June.
Any conviction or plea deal could result in NFL discipline.
Friday's conviction is the second trial connected to the bombing.
Never before has Australia voted for something with such conviction.
The congressman responded to unrelenting criticism with candor and conviction.
O.J.' who got booted for lying about a prior conviction.
Sawyer also said that Nayeri has a prior murder conviction.
You have the ability to execute it with more conviction.
"Failure is not an option," he told me with conviction.
Blankenship was also fined $250,000 in connection with his conviction.
Few reported cases result in prosecution, fewer still in conviction.
Ayahuasca unlocked a passion and conviction in side of me.
Her subjects are fascinating, her films rife with thoughtful conviction.
Then there is the memorabilia involved in Simpson's Nevada conviction.
For Christian activist groups, this is a matter of conviction.
The Hill: GOP on heels after Cohen plea, Manafort conviction.
A pardon of all felonies will not pardon a conviction.
Offering a big strategic vision isn't for those without conviction.
Everything hinges on Angela Merkel's conviction that this is imperative.
Regardless of the mix of reasons -- personal conviction, politics etc.
"I would've liked a conviction for Mónica," Mr. Binstock said.
The conviction was a victory for special counsel Robert Mueller.
The jury returned quickly with a conviction on all counts.
For felonies, negligence or recklessness is not sufficient for conviction.
Masood's first conviction was in November 1983 for criminal damage.
Furthermore, Trump's expressions lacked intellectual rigor, as well as conviction.
The corruption conviction may prevent him contesting next year's election.
S. Attorney Preet Bharara announced D'Souza's conviction at the time.
He would remain so until his eventual conviction in 2014.
It's more than okay to have conviction in your work.
Of those, the vast majority were for a criminal conviction.
His conviction was, by any definition, a major news story.
DeVos, with remarkable clarity and conviction, pleaded with the Senate.
Greg Abbott (R) praised the conviction in Twitter on Tuesday.
Johnson conviction stems from the 1994 murder of Marcus Boyd.
The conviction rate in China is more than 90 percent.
Reed's lawyers say his conviction was based on flawed evidence.
During today's policy debates, let's have more of that conviction.
That conviction is shared equally among Republicans, Democrats and Independents.
They run counter to the basic conviction that we learn
Still, the group liked the conviction of the film's protagonist.
However he successfully appealed against the conviction and was released.
Only about a third were cases of exoneration after conviction.
Live gracefully, authentically and with conviction, respect, purpose and compassion.
Second, there was a conviction without proof of a crime.
He had been hospitalized last week after his rape conviction.
On certainty of upholding conviction on appeal, federal courts win.
CENTRAL ISLIP, N.Y. — A day after the conviction of Gov.
You have to have conviction in yourself and your surroundings.
After his conviction, Foster returned to Seattle to await sentencing.
Conviction would bar it from government contracts for a decade.
The move came out of conviction, not fear, he said.
His conviction on Thursday was the third for the nurse.
A murder conviction carries an automatic life sentence, prosecutors said.
There was one exception, an outburst shortly after his conviction.
Building on these mistakes, the series questioned Avery's second conviction.
Mr. Ilyasi's lawyer has said he will appeal the conviction.
READ MORE: Pakistan's top court overturned a Christian's blasphemy conviction.
Conviction under Pakistan's blasphemy law carries a sentence of death.
A conviction carries a maximum prison sentence of three years.
A head-spinning week of legal deals — and a conviction.
CST, where Woods served his sentence since his 1003 conviction.
Her conviction is buoyed by a kind of sixth sense.
This alone, he says, should have set aside his conviction.
It's a coherent story, which they tell with great conviction.
Mr. Trump pardoned Mr. Arpaio after a criminal contempt conviction.
The rape conviction provided DK with some sense of closure.
The ending of this "Baiser" Divertimento always confirms my conviction.
After his conviction, Volz couldn't get another job in politics.
That approach may allow federal prosecutors to win a conviction.
The 66,000 dismissals mean conviction relief for about 53,853 people.
Mr. Singh's lawyers have said they would appeal his conviction.
But Republicans in Congress didn't possess that courage of conviction.
It upheld his conviction on four counts, including money laundering.
The judge overturned his conviction, ordering that he be released.
Michèle's composure never falters, and neither does Ms. Huppert's conviction.
Arpaio is a celebrity, and his federal conviction is fresh.
Mr. Trump reversed the demotion that resulted from that conviction.
But she never lost her conviction about Mr. Durst's culpability.
Too premeditated, practiced, and opportunistic rather than based on conviction.
She was an individual of great courage, conviction and tenacity.
Mr. Sanders spoke to the crowd with his trademark conviction.
Cynicism animates the city as much as hope and conviction.
"Yep, this was the right choice," Sergey said without conviction.
"We don't believe the evidence supported the conviction," he said.
That conviction will serve the court and the country well.
What is one argument House impeachment managers used for conviction?
His move to Phoenix is further proof of his conviction.
Of them, 86 percent resulted in a conviction, he said.
"That is a conviction, and not a tactic," she said.
Antonio Mallet's murder conviction rested on testimony from one eyewitness.
Tharpe was sentenced to death three months after his conviction.
" That account underscored Yearwood's conviction that "you're your best advocate.
With that conviction, he lost his green card, Perez said.
The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court upheld her conviction in February.
Earlier this month, a Pennsylvania appeals court upheld the conviction.
That conviction should have barred him from purchasing a gun.
The judges will decide later whether to overturn Coscia's conviction.
But it's tough to have too much conviction about that.
"That's my highest conviction trade right now," he told Bloomberg.
Prosecutors in Japan also boast an extremely high conviction rate.
They appealed the sentence while Ms. Stewart appealed the conviction.
They invest from their own conviction and finance seed rounds.
Conviction and removal of a president would requires 67 votes.
A Pennsylvania appeals court upheld his conviction earlier this month.
He has appealed against his conviction and hearings are ongoing.
Indictments brought by the panels have a low conviction rate.
The Supreme Court vacated his conviction in 2016. 4. Gov.
Ah, the contemplation of the probably unattainable impeachment and conviction.
The conviction hurt his movement but did not end it.
It was based on the conviction that words have meaning.
The procedural drama was set in a wrongful conviction firm.
His conviction could lead to his deportation back to China.
Garner appealed his conviction, but the appellate court upheld it.
Gimmicks don't persuade or inspire; visible passion and conviction do.
I like judges who require knowledge for a criminal conviction.
"We continue to believe the longer-term recovery is the bigger and higher conviction event in a lower conviction world, and we would add risk, yet not go 'all-in' here," Morgan Stanley said.
In 1999, Myles, then seven years into his sentence and serving as his own attorney, successfully drafted the post-conviction petition that, at least in theory, gave him another chance to fight his conviction.
Upon conviction, the violation does not require a person to register as a sex offender, unless the victim is younger than 18 or it is not the attacker's first sex-related conviction, WKTV reports.
The eight justices, liberals and conservatives alike, overturned McDonnell's 2014 conviction, saying that his conduct fell short of a "official act" in exchange for a bribe as required for conviction under federal bribery law.
The eight justices, liberals and conservatives alike, overturned McDonnell's 2014 conviction, saying that his conduct fell short of an "official act" in exchange for a bribe as required for conviction under federal bribery law.
My office created a Case Review Panel and Prosecution Protocol and Conviction Review Unit, which reviews the legitimate extra judicial, post-conviction claims of innocence as well as the root causes of wrongful convictions.
In doing so, the justices forced judges to get a conviction from a jury — one that's proven beyond reasonable doubt — before they can extend a sentence beyond the set maximum for the original conviction.
As a state attorney, she lost a conviction against Miami-Dade County police officers accused of beating a black insurance agent to death; protesters and rioters blamed her for failing to secure the conviction.
Blankenship is a high-profile figure in West Virginia, due largely to his leadership at Massey, the disaster, his conviction and his frequent claims that the conviction was purely political and he is innocent.
In the coming months, a judge will weigh Mallet's request to vacate his conviction, the affidavits he filed with it and the Bronx District Attorney's response to determine whether his conviction should be overturned.
The conviction of Nouman Raja in the death of Corey Jones follows the murder conviction in October of former Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke in the shooting death of black teen Laquan McDonald.
"I think the likelihood of a conviction is exceptionally low, particularly a conviction that survives all the way to the Supreme Court," said Colin Jones, a professor at the Doshisha Law School in Kyoto.
Although the Justice Department might have preferred to have the Newman case reviewed, the facts underlying Mr. Salman's conviction may give the government a better opportunity to ask the Supreme Court to uphold the conviction.
Under California law at the time, the conviction earned him a 25 years to life sentence because of prior convictions for robbery in 73 and 1982 as well as an attempted rape conviction in 1978.
It's been three years since Making a Murderer broadcast the story of Steven Avery's wrongful rape and murder conviction, lawsuit against the cops, and subsequent conviction for another murder, along with his nephew Brendan Dassey.
An arrest of a police officer — much less a conviction — for shooting a person is rare, and as Brittany Packnett noted for Vox, Gugyer's conviction might not have happened but for the diverse jury pool.
If Carter's conviction is allowed to stand, "Massachusetts would be the only state to uphold an involuntary manslaughter conviction where an absent defendant, with words alone, encouraged another person to commit suicide," her attorneys wrote.
Because of a little-known legal rule called abatement, the murder conviction against Hernandez is expected to be dismissed because his appeal of the conviction had not been heard at the time of his death.
As such, Mr. Schmack, who was elected to his post after Mr. McCullough's conviction, said he would not contest the defendant's motion to have his conviction overturned at a hearing in county court on Tuesday.
Mr. Ramos, who is in prison, has a lengthy history of sexual assault, including a 1987 conviction for molesting a young boy in Pennsylvania and a 1990 conviction for sodomizing another boy, who was 8.
The law, which took effect July 234, requires people with a felony conviction to pay off all costs, fines, fees and any restitution arising from their conviction before they are eligible to register to vote.
Removing a president from office, whether through conviction or the threat of conviction, requires at least some level of bipartisanship, and that's where another critical difference emerges between Nixon's final weeks and Trump's current standing.
The law, which took effect July 234, requires people with a felony conviction to pay off all costs, fines, fees and any restitution arising from their conviction before they are eligible to register to vote.
Mr. Wallace's conviction was overturned the same year on similar grounds.
After the trial conviction, the rapist was in the waiting area.
Before going home, Megrahi abandoned an appeal against conviction in 2009.
He also forfeited most of his rights to contest his conviction.
Chris Christie who is appealing her conviction in the Bridgegate scandal.
Because of your conviction, you cannot vote in Florida this November.
Plus, he points out, neither arrest has resulted in a conviction.
Blankenship's post-conviction entry into electoral politics is also not typical.
The legitimacy of his conviction is also disputed in the miniseries.
SARA EISEN: Is this your highest conviction in trade right now?
According to KY3, Godejohn does not plan to appeal his conviction.
Almost all blasphemy cases in recent years have ended in conviction.
Officials did not reveal details on his conviction or his parole.
She also did a series of media interviews after her conviction.
He denies wrongdoing, and his conviction and jailing has divided Brazilians.
In come the comments, raising questions and courteously testing your conviction.
Message boards are flooded with angry posts calling for Casey's conviction.
Berlusconi cannot run himself due to a 2013 tax fraud conviction.
Conviction and execution would be separated by only a few months.
The outcome of a second trial would likely be another conviction.
Because of the conviction, his Illinois Firearm Owner's Identification was revoked.
He has also appealed his rape conviction to Sweden's supreme court.
"Certainly lengthy imprisonment upon conviction would produce that result," he wrote.
Cooper was freed but the felony conviction stayed on his record.
The conviction was overturned because of how Evans selected his jury.
Historically, a DUI conviction itself brought only nominal, feigned social censure.
A conviction is accountability; a living Botham Jean is true justice.
So why not get the conviction and then take their assets?
However, a felony conviction or illegal immigration status are disqualifying factors.
The characters don't even have the force that comes from conviction.
Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced the conviction in a statement.
Personally, I believe that any dancing performed with conviction is sexy.
Mr. Mackell resigned, but his 1973 conviction was dismissed on appeal.
Despite Hadden's criminal conviction, Hoechstetter's attempts repeatedly ran into bureaucratic walls.
And Erie is given license to lie with conviction once again.
He filed a notice of appeal of his conviction on Friday.
The writers seem to lack the courage of their conviction, however.
Increasingly, critics have blasted government security measures and low conviction rates.
His other firm conviction was that architecture had to mirror life.
It's incredibly hard to get accurate numbers about wrongful conviction rate.
The other half wants him in prison for a corruption conviction.
Sharif's supporters said he would also appeal against his latest conviction.
His death is a loss for all who share that conviction.
Then, take that confidence and conviction and apply it to you!
In 2016 it led to his conviction for falsifying a document.
He received the maximum sentence — life in prison — for each conviction.
He again omitted his past conviction and ties to the PLO.
In one case, the justices will review a Florida robbery conviction.
This, after she failed to get a conviction in previous trials.
Martinez served three years in prison for a 2010 robbery conviction.
Last month, the 13.503nd Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Shkreli's conviction.
"I am pleased with the conviction and life sentence," Nicosia said.
The conviction came on what would have been Tokes' 23rd birthday.
Firmness of purpose, clarity and conviction - EU friends do not underestimate!
Is it a genuine conviction [of the danger of climate change]?
When we led with conviction and principle and bold new ideas.
Because of his conviction, he cannot hold public office until 2019.
Her conviction is shared by every other psychedelic researcher I interviewed.
It is the first such conviction since a coup in 2012.
Cosby's is the first celebrity conviction since the #MeToo movement began.
Miranda appealed to the Arizona Supreme Court, which upheld the conviction.
He would have to waive his right to appeal the conviction.
The assault conviction should have barred Kelley from purchasing a gun.
A few weeks after McCullough's conviction, Schmack was elected state's attorney.
As a result, Warney's conviction was vacated and he was released.
He was so sweet, and perfect, and steadfast in his conviction.
Baez successfully argued to ban prosecutors from mentioning Hernandez's prior conviction.
And he believes it now, with "increasing conviction" every passing year.
Judge William Brady overturned McCullough's conviction and freed him last year.
Like, the massacre in Myanmar, or the Butcher of Bosnia's conviction.
The low reporting and conviction rates of sexual violence are complicated.
But like everything we've talked about, it's just part of conviction.
Green said Tseng intends to appeal both her conviction and sentence.
The conviction carries a fine of about $1.5 million, he said.
And yes, my participation in booing her came with deep conviction.
But Spears has adamantly maintained her innocence, even after her conviction.
The tarmac episode reinforced Comey's conviction to act on his own.
This is the third that has since resulted in a conviction.
Even if his conviction is overturned, McDonnell could face a retrial.
Devin Kelley bought guns illegally, despite his domestic violence conviction, and .
With the conviction, comes punishment ... but no jail and no probation.
Remember how I told you about his character and his conviction?
His conviction requires him to register on a sex offender list.
We just want him to trust himself, conviction in his pitches.
Martoma, 41, is appealing his conviction and nine-year prison term.
After the original conviction, Kuenzel continued to vehemently maintain his innocence.
Exactly how do conviction integrity units decide which cases to review?
But in June, a unanimous Supreme Court overturned Mr McDonnell's conviction.
Last year the court set aside the conviction of former Gov.
There is no use doubting the sincerity of his conviction there.
"When Orban speaks, he speaks with such conviction," Mr. Angyan said.
The conviction rate for ISIS-related cases is close to 100%.
"Our conviction is that Congress should do its job," Pence added.
She spent four years in prison before her conviction was overturned.
The charge carries up to six months in jail upon conviction.
Flores didn't reply when CNN asked him about the assault conviction.
But his felony conviction will forever be part of his history.
"It killed them, it devastated them," he said of his conviction.
What led to her conviction that public education demands radical change?
"Our conviction is that Congress should do their job," he said.
Lula is serving a 12-year sentence for a graft conviction.
The numbers they spit out influence a driver's conviction and punishment.
Even if he wins, Massachusetts' cap for wrongful conviction is $22015,264.
Since Brown's conviction, juvenile sentencing guidelines in Tennessee have been amended.
Anyone with a felony drug conviction is banned from growing hemp.
He was 18 years old at the time of his conviction.
" Fairooz's attorney had called for the conviction to be tossed. "Ms.
United States, decided in 1928, the Supreme Court affirmed the conviction.
A conviction could have put him in prison for 45 years.
But what it lacked aesthetically it made up for in conviction.
A conviction of Manafort is still far from assured, of course.
She is not one of those best who lack all conviction.
Jurors did not speak to reporters after handing down the conviction.
That discovery was key to the eventual overturning of Jones' conviction.
That diminishes the likelihood that Mr. Salman's conviction will be overturned.
Brafman last month filed a notice of appeal of Shkreli's conviction.
Neither of these proceedings actually led to conviction by the Senate.
Kota told Bloomberg that his conviction was based on a misunderstanding.
Brock Turner is trying to have his sexual assault conviction overturned.
Massachusetts highest court upheld her conviction following an appeal in February.
A pardon would both wipe out the punishment and the conviction.
Norwegian politics have shifted to the right since Mr. Breivik's conviction.
A baker can react to those factors with science or conviction.
Trump has perfected the art of unabashed, unapologetic and unrepentant conviction.
Nor was the opening of his trial, his conviction, his sentence.
Cho has said very little about his conviction to the media.
As part of the conviction, he was prohibited from possessing firearms.
The appeals court on Tuesday upheld Nosal's conviction under the EEA.
His lawyer Chacha Mwita said he plans to appeal the conviction.
His original conviction in 1996 was for multiple aggravated sexual assaults.
Conviction for a CCE violation requires three prior related drug convictions.
Passion also lost at least one deal due to Glaenzer's conviction.
Perhaps they shared my conviction that leather is always in season.
Since that conviction, juvenile sentencing guidelines in Tennessee have been amended.
This book confirms my conviction that you cannot separate the two.
His conviction was overturned in June by the International Criminal Court.
His Persian is much more eloquent yet equally full of conviction.
Nor was Grimes's conviction a result of ineffective or derelict counsel.
On length of time between capture and conviction, federal courts win.
Forcillo's lawyers swiftly filed a notice of appeal of his conviction.
The conviction of a soldier for manslaughter is a rare occurrence.
Even in such tight confines, Blige stokes a gospel-charged conviction.
In 210, the exonerated men sued the city for wrongful conviction.
Mr. Brown had also declined to create a conviction review unit.
During the recording session, Joachim Johnson, her photographer, dispelled her conviction.
But a human can spend her life acting on that conviction.
Most Democrats, conversely, have facts on their side, but not conviction.
Karina Vetrano murder: A judge upheld the conviction of Chanel Lewis.
The maximum punishment for the offense is life imprisonment after conviction.
Another man, whose wife has left him, considers suicide without conviction.
The cost of damages in wrongful-conviction cases can be steep.
It's an immense stretch to argue that his conviction was unjust.
Still, Mr. Lauren seems like a man of complete, untroubled conviction.
Khaleda, 74, was jailed in 2018 following her conviction for graft.
It was her first criminal conviction; it was not her last.
" Pedro said with conviction, later saying, "I don't like this place.
Four years later, the US Supreme Court unanimously overturned his conviction.
The regular Republicans have no story, no conviction and no argument.
That judge found our testimony not conclusive enough for a conviction.
Bottom line: Mr. Meng's detention is almost tantamount to a conviction.
At least on paper, they were able to preserve their conviction.
Why does his conviction leave me with a feeling of emptiness?
And then, in the final scene, he gets off, no conviction.
Ms Hannigan sings Mr Abrahamsen's quietly moving vocal lines with conviction.
In the past two years, that suspicion has turned into conviction.
Its tone was uncharacteristically meek, but not for lack of conviction.
They've declined, however, to vote in favor of conviction, unlike Sen.
A conviction could effectively ban her from political activities for life.
Ramona's son already had a 2010 conviction for possessing child pornography.
In his first trial, four jurors opposed conviction on either charge.
Another had his conviction overturned, a decision being reviewed on appeal.
Even when charges are filed, the barriers to conviction are steep.
He could still yet face another kind of conviction entirely: criminal.
In post-conviction appeals, Tharpe did not deny killing Jacquelin Freeman.
"I made things better," she countered, less with conviction than disbelief.
Conviction would require the vote of two-thirds of the senators.
Van Dyke has been in custody since his conviction in October.
Skelos, a Republican, is appealing his conviction and five-year sentence.
Pakistan has said Jadhav's conviction and sentence remain open to appeal.
The California Court of Appeal upheld his conviction a decade later.
I suspect they are kneeling in prayer for impeachment and conviction.
He is serving a five-year sentence on a sodomy conviction.
That year the court overturned the bribery conviction of former Gov.
By constitutional design, impeachment is rare and conviction is rarer still.
Am I going to get a conviction on this or not?
Despite Weinstein's conviction, prosecutors in the Golden State are moving forward.
Once her conviction was overturned, Noura was still charged with murder.
But the government didn't give up on that conviction just then.
Blagojevich unsuccessfully appealed his conviction up to the US Supreme Court.
Mr. Dassey's uncle, Mr. Avery, continues to appeal his own conviction.
"I didn't do anything wrong," Grissom said, sobbing, after her conviction.
McDonnell's bribery conviction was subsequently overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court.
In hindsight, his conviction was nothing short of a death sentence.
"Absent conviction of a crime, one is presumed innocent," she wrote.
A misdemeanor conviction would not bar Arpaio from serving as sheriff.
But despite his infamy, a Weinstein conviction is far from assured.
The court's refusal to take the case leaves her conviction intact.
Ultimately, the court overturned his death sentence, but not his conviction.
Suppose, however, that all these doubts about Stubblefield's conviction are mistaken.
Harris had a DWI conviction in Collin County, TX, in 2017.
Frisch said in May that he planned to appeal Sanders' conviction.
Anyone who does not respond will have their conviction automatically vacated.
Make those decisions with purpose and conviction, especially for Jan. 20.
But above all, at its foundation, there is heart and conviction.
If the room has conviction on a player, go get him.
These led to the conviction of scores of politicians and businessmen.
But conviction of the president can only happen in the Senate.
Brazilian law bars candidates whose conviction has been upheld on appeal.
Ten of the jurors favored acquitting Menendez, while two favored conviction.
Simply put, a conviction shouldn't be a life sentence to unemployment.
Inmates also receive credit for time served before trial or conviction.
United States -- which overturned the conviction of Republican former Virginia Gov.
Details on that conviction were not immediately available on Thursday night.
They remained in contact even after Epstein's first sex offense conviction.
In other cases, that conviction has to be for a felony.
The system boasts a 99 percent conviction rate, usually through confessions.
On Wednesday, Blagojevich framed his conviction and imprisonment as grave injustices.
The only option, they said, was to vacate Mr. Washington's conviction.
The justices threw out Foster's conviction after decades on death row.
And within that subset, most do not end with a conviction.
He was sentenced to two years in prison for each conviction.
Cosby's conviction followed a mistrial last year on the same charges.
And I think that's a noble conviction and a noble goal.
Each conviction carries a possible sentence of 20 years in prison.
But a second trial that started in November yielded a conviction.
Mr. Banks's firm worked without pay to overturn Mr. Thompson's conviction.
It's a nonsense claim tailor-made to shore up that conviction.
His lawyer has already stated that he will appeal the conviction.
The PML-N has disputed the conviction and last week party leaders presented a video apparently showing Malik saying he had been pressured into ruling in favor of conviction by individuals with compromising footage against him.
That experience guides my conviction..." It cuts off before he finishes the sentence, which clarifies that his conviction was "that partnership between America and Islam must be based on what Islam is, not what it isn't.
Now 40, Carlos, with help from the Legal Aid Society's Conviction Sealing Project, called Case Closed, has filed an application in State Supreme Court in Brooklyn to have his conviction sealed under a new state law.
In each case, they received either no evidentiary hearing in post-conviction proceedings or only a limited opportunity to develop their claims, and were then barred from appealing most or all of their post-conviction claims.
Asked by Reuters if he would run for office again, Ibori said he was barred from doing so for 10 years because of his conviction, but that he intended to appeal to have that conviction overturned.
Prosecutors had argued Hernandez's prison suicide should have prevented the judge from overturning the conviction following his death, which is routinely allowed by Massachusetts state law when the conviction in question has not been fully appealed.
"Another huge thing we took away from the response of the series is a lack of understanding about the post-conviction process, and about what is it that's even available post-conviction legally to people," she added.
This conviction was very important to the Bush administration, but Judge Kavanaugh, who had been appointed to the DC Circuit by President Bush and had worked in President Bush's White House, ruled that the conviction was unlawful.
Now, with the rape conviction changed to a lesser crime, advocates for victims of stealthing may be disappointed as many hailed the conviction as a landmark decision that would set a new standard for what constitutes rape.
This conviction was very important to the Bush Administration, but Judge Kavanaugh, who had been appointed to the DC Circuit by President Bush and had worked in President Bush's White House, ruled that the conviction was unlawful.
Philadelphia's conviction integrity unit, a division of its district attorney's office that re-examined old cases, had vacated his decades-old murder conviction, deciding there was evidence that could have shown that Mr. Thomas was not guilty.
" The report notes, "While Epstein made charitable donations before his 2008 conviction, after that conviction he may have had a second motive for his donations: to launder his reputation by associating himself with reputable individuals and institutions.
Strieff challenged the conviction, saying the evidence came from an unlawful stop.
"There's speed, there's conviction, and there's relationships," Redpoint partner Satish Dharmaraj said.
Kathleen Sebelius offering a $5,000 reward leading to an arrest and conviction.
Simpson's supporters, in contrast, lambasted the conviction as a make-up call.
A two-thirds Senate majority vote would be required for a conviction.
The material obtained from the phone led to Raza's conviction, he added.
The maximum jail term for a conviction is 5 years of imprisonment.
Teresa completed  close to a year in prison  because of the conviction.
Pruitt's attorney Brett King tells PEOPLE he plans to appeal Pruitt's conviction.
His conviction forbids him from purchasing marine mammal products for a decade.
When she turns 21, Bresha's conviction will be expunged from her record.
He said he is not sure whether Carter will appeal her conviction.
We had a lot of conviction, and we were ready to go.
With the rape conviction, Winslow faces up to nine years in prison.
Almost always, the trial attorney gets off the case after a conviction.
While appealing his conviction in 2016, Labrie violated his bail curfew conditions.
Since his conviction, Cosby's attorneys have repeatedly said they planned to appeal.
We have been bold in our vision and clear in our conviction.
Per the Times, a maximum sentence could be life imprisonment on conviction.
Al-Ahram said there was only one "final conviction," on corruption charges.
Roughly two years later, a lower-court judge vacated Syed&aposs conviction.
"A homicide conviction would not be available," Farrell says about Shanann's pregnancy.
A lawyer for Bonilla said she will seek to overturn the conviction.
A conviction on that charge could land Weinstein behind bars for life.
An appeal against Sharif's conviction is pending before the Islamabad High Court.
What about his arrest and conviction for robbery and kidnapping in Nevada?
For instance, you have to have a conviction, which is one issue.
Ms. Klobuchar oversaw Mr. Burrell's first trial, conviction and sentencing in 2003.
The conviction rate for gang murders in the Flats is about 2%.
His conviction of rape was set aside, and his sentence was overturned.
We know firsthand how difficult it is to overturn a wrongful conviction.
Press freedom organization the Committee to Protect Journalists also condemned the conviction.
Tired of having to hope that a jury will get a conviction.
Mr. Anwar is now back in prison after a second sodomy conviction.
He was the only Republican to vote for conviction on either article.
He has been waiting for 15 years on his post-conviction hearing.
His post-conviction complaint is still working its way through the courts.
We implore all elected officials to speak their conscience with more conviction.
The appeals court left his conviction and sentence intact last June 1.
Avery, 53, continues to maintain his innocence and is appealing his conviction.
He cannot become prime minister, however, due to a tax fraud conviction.
"What ripens passion is the conviction that your work matters," Duckworth writes.
I think that you have to have conviction about what you believe.
Every president since Carter, in his own way, has upheld this conviction.
His boss, Néstor Pavón, was given neither a rape or homicide conviction.
The codefendant in Maysonet's case, Alfredo Gonzalez, is also appealing his conviction.
Scholl's attorney, Larry Kansky, intends to appeal the conviction, he tells PEOPLE.
For this reason, a Wisconsin Federal court overturned Dassey's conviction on Friday.
Others also had doubts, and the conviction started to unravel almost immediately.
Party officials cited a manslaughter conviction to bar boxing promoter Don King.
But Katumbi's fraud conviction was overturned by an appeals court last month.
Despite his conviction, authorities refused to release his booking and sentencing photos.
Two years later, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned his conviction.
Syed's post-conviction lawyer, C. Justin Brown, shared the news on Twitter.
He should be calling for a better prosecution, not jumping to conviction.
Bob McDonnell, whose conviction was later thrown out by the Supreme Court.
At the other end is the conviction that a crash is inevitable.
Japan has also come under fire for its 99.9 percent conviction rate.
A $25,000 reward is being offered for information leading to a conviction.
The material obtained from the phone led to Raza's conviction, he added.
A higher court in Stuttgart this week upheld the conviction on appeal.
It was not immediately clear if he plans to appeal his conviction.
She also didn't know the conviction prohibited him to possess a gun.
The insights you have on these experiences come with this incredible conviction.
Third, Trump's conviction by the Senate, or his resignation, remain plausible outcomes.
He was granted a retrial in late June, after appealing his conviction.
He was sentenced to two to 15 years for a manslaughter conviction.
A few weeks after McCullough's murder conviction, Schmack was elected state's attorney.
Manning's original sentence was the longest ever imposed for a leak conviction.
The test results led to the arrest and conviction of her attacker.
A domestic violence conviction in 2009 prevents Bush from legally owning weapons.
During the pitch, investor Manny Fernandez was impressed by the Blockers' conviction.
Because of his conviction, Mr Berlusconi cannot stand for parliament until 2019.
Sexual assault is common but underreported, and conviction rates are abysmally low.
The court narrowly sided 5-4 with Miranda, whose conviction was overturned.
He told reporters that he would consider whether to appeal the conviction.
His office also won the conviction of former Tyco International Ltd. TYC.
I am unsteady in my conviction of living my post-dyslexic life.
Drake got locked up Friday for his second DUI conviction since 2009.
Collazo said his forgery conviction is irrelevant and the theft allegation untrue.
That conviction was erased on appeal because of an error in sentencing.
PIRRO: Do you know what the conviction rate is in federal prosecutors?
He was first sent to prison in 1978 after a robbery conviction.
Conviction also includes a fine of at least 100,000 Indian rupees ($1,534).
B17 merchants may have been deterred by his conviction, but not defeated.
Slatten's conviction came from the death of the driver of the Kia.
Mr. Cosby's lawyers have said the entertainer, 80, will appeal the conviction.
It begins with capitulation followed by conviction then ultimately ending with euphoria.
The 'conviction stage' needs to see results to be set in motion.
I think a conviction would have opened up more questions about complicity.
And yet the conviction that Lot 1220 was Joan's has taken hold.
Prosecutors had asked U.S. District Judge Gershwin Drain to reinstate her conviction.
She slammed ICE for mentioning Jimenez's criminal conviction in its press release.
Spanier's attorney has said the former president intends to appeal his conviction.
He's asking to be freed on bond while he appeals his conviction.
A possible conviction could also prompt calls for Menendez to step down.
Perhaps because of this, the country has a 99 percent conviction rate.
Sharrow has a drunken driving conviction in Maine, Sanford police Detective Sgt.
Bright primary colors were the first I could identify with any conviction.
Fealy said Ahok's conviction was a blow for religious tolerance in Indonesia.
But fewer than two in five trafficking cases ends in a conviction.
They share the President's conviction that it's all just a witch hunt.
As a result there was no longer a realistic prospect of conviction.
A background report turned up no records relating to his murder conviction.
MacDonald is seeking to have his conviction overturned for the alleged murders.
He served almost 4 years for that ... before the 2006 manslaughter conviction.
"They never could have gotten a conviction in Levesque," Ryan told me.
A 1987 conviction was overturned and he was convicted again in 1991.
He was reportedly fired from the police department soon after his conviction.
In Pakistan, conviction under the blasphemy laws can carry a death sentence.
The conviction of one was overturned by Luxembourg's highest court this year.
Aaron Goldsmith, Thiam's lawyer, said he would move to overturn the conviction.
Last January, a federal appeals court in Richmond, Virginia upheld his conviction.
Trump's tax returns is the conviction that they are definitely hiding something.
It was not immediately clear if Hupperterz plans to appeal his conviction.
A conviction means that living a normal life becomes vastly more difficult.
They perform without hesitation, channeling a carnal conviction into their existential unease.
A fingerprint would provide irrefutable evidence that would lead to a conviction.
However, Judge Susan Garsh ruled in May to vacate the murder conviction.
Ronda has blasted Floyd in the past over his domestic violence conviction.
Demjanjuk died in 2012 while he was appealing a conviction in Germany.
Cosby did not audibly react to his conviction, but erupted shortly afterward.
They may be the worst, but at least they lack all conviction.
Mr. Hill was imprisoned for 15 years before his conviction was overturned.
On the conviction that this is possible The New Republic is founded.
He might also try—and almost immediately fail—to appeal his conviction.
This "Midwest" standard sets an extremely low, and troubling, bar for conviction.
Because of his conviction, Mr. Turner must register as a sex offender.
Ali's attorney called it "unnecessary" since the conviction was overturned in 1971.
She has also appealed her conviction, seeking to have her case retried.
The below story, on Fields' murder conviction, was originally published on Friday.
But Jon Anik is a man of conviction, and that's worth reposting.
With one prior conviction, the sentence would be doubled to 20 years.
Be decisive, act with conviction, based on the product and team alone.
There's admirable tranquility in that unwavering conviction in one's own self-worth.
"There is no conviction from which a pardon is needed," he added.
His desertion charge, meanwhile, carries a maximum five-year sentence upon conviction.
Rights groups were quick to condemn the conviction and demand his release.
" Gerald Krovatin, a lawyer for Ms. Lodzinski, said the conviction was "devastating.
"You are not supposed to play in preschool," she said, with conviction.
The reward is offered for information leading to an arrest and conviction.
He blamed the mayor and the Civic Platform party for his conviction.
He said Gordon had not decided whether to appeal his trial conviction.
We just need to have the courage to present them with conviction.
A conviction can result from committing any one of the three acts.
Some of her positions seem born more of political expediency than conviction.
With a felony conviction, she couldn't be approved as a renter either.
Maryland, prosecutors must provide defendants with exculpatory evidence, even after a conviction.
Sullivan was the judge who notably dismissed the corruption conviction of Sen.
Conviction became certain, and Nixon resigned before a Senate trial could happen.
Tuesday's conviction marks a significant milestone in special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.
Still, conviction – or hope – runs high that Amazon is interested in pharmacy.
He has multiple failures to appear, and a contempt of court conviction.
It is really not piety that underlies this conviction; it is vanity.
"I am not asking for a pardon of my conviction," she wrote.
Rodman resigned after his indictment, while Hubert was fired following her conviction.
Other funds are being refocused to take "high-conviction" bets on stocks.
However, a criminal conviction would bar him from running for eight years.
Bob McDonnell's (R) corruption conviction raises issues that could influence Menendez's case.
Manning is famous for her conviction for leaking top-secret government files.
For Catholics, "he captures this alliance between conviction and realism," he said.
The Constitution narrowly defines treason and establishes a high bar for conviction.
Hargrove's conviction has also been thrown out and he won't be retried.
And despite the conviction of the report's authors, other experts were skeptical.
He was aware of Striegel's conviction, but Twentieth Century Fox was not.
Da Silva leads the polls despite his corruption and money laundering conviction.
When we started the program, the conviction rate for sexual crimes was .
Special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald led the case that led to Libby's conviction.
"  "The president is doing this not out of some deep, profound conviction.
"What I started with was conviction and ten US dollars," she said.
Her About Me is riddled with Gaga-isms and deep artistic conviction.
And her testimony at Syed's post-conviction hearing in February of 2016?
The conviction should have prevented him from owning or purchasing a firearm.
It was a huge turning point -- and the conviction was eventually overturned.
We argue all the time, expressing our opinions with passion and conviction.
Alsdorf, meanwhile, conceded that conviction records in particular aren't actually race-blind.
I share Hawking's conviction that expanding beyond Earth is our cosmic destiny.
To move earlier stage, you have to have a lot more conviction.
He is a man who balances conservative conviction and common sense progression.
Cohen's testimony alone, however, would be insufficient to support a perjury conviction.
He has been held at the Tulsa County jail since his conviction.
Only one of those charges, regarding his 2012 filing, was a conviction.
If you had the courage of your conviction then fight you weaklings.
Laura Nirider and Steven Drizin, Dassey's post-conviction lawyers, are also prominent.
His conviction was also overturned on appeal, and he is being retried.
Samsung on Friday offered no immediate comment on the former president's conviction.
It was the first conviction under France's new law against sexist catcalls.
But there's relief, too, that we at least got a murder conviction.
Yes, their lives had been shattered by his conviction, sentence, and imprisonment.
The national average conviction rate is 92.5 percent, according to the report.
The two-thirds Senate threshold for conviction remained far out of reach.
It's only in that moment in the garden that our conviction frays.
He died in a nursing home in 2012 while appealing the conviction.
And they definitely won't get approved for asylum before their criminal conviction.
The appellate court can change the verdict or overturn the conviction entirely.
Just her conviction behind the delivery of her music, I really like.
"It's a decision made with conviction, but not full understanding," he said.
And yet Republicans haven't acted like conviction politicians when defending this bill.
It was frightening but affirmed our conviction that this move was necessary.
His lawyers said they would appeal Monday's conviction in a higher court.
But before all that, the Rams had the conviction to draft Donald.
The review had led to conviction reversals for more than 20 people.
The mark I'm making has to carry the conviction of the gesture.
Under French law, Mr. Preynat has 10 days to appeal the conviction.
They were still divided seven to five in favor of a conviction.
Richardson avoided the media spotlight, but spoke with conviction in smaller settings.
They have the conviction and grandeur of Jesus's sermons in the desert.
Globalization torpedoed the conviction of 1990 that liberal democratic convergence was inevitable.
Where this conviction comes from is unclear, as it's obviously not true.
Because then there would be either an exoneration or an absolute conviction.
Or convey with more conviction that we don't need to pay attention.
Martin Shkreli is still waiting to be sentenced for his fraud conviction.
Mr. Coscia's conviction gave prosecutors greater confidence in how to prove spoofing.
I think that conviction would come through, even at a rigged hearing.
There is, however, a growing conviction that banking is set to change.
Brockman continued to introduce the financier to his clients after Epstein's conviction.
Mr. Cosby's attorney, Joseph P. Green, says he will appeal the conviction.
If credible evidence comes out questioning the conviction, it should be reviewed.
It is this fundamental conviction that raises the toughest doubts about Biden's
The state supreme court reversed the decision, upholding the conviction after all.
Skripal's conviction was not the only setback for British intelligence that year.
The justices rightly reversed the State Supreme Court's decision upholding that conviction.
Incarceration or a criminal conviction should not be a prerequisite to treatment.
Even in troubled times, there's a customer for that kind of conviction.
A wrongful conviction does not necessarily mean the defendant's rights were violated.
Succinct phrases and sentences pack a deep power of knowledge and conviction.
It's heroic, allegorical, and contains a power and conviction about its space.
But his conviction is only one piece of a much larger story.
Syed's trial lawyer, M. Cristina Gutierrez, died before his post-conviction appeal.
It remains excruciatingly difficult to win a conviction against a police officer.
His conviction was overturned, setting the stage for the possible seventh trial.
Hernandez's sole conviction was for the murder of a friend, Odin Lloyd.
Her voice had bite, bluesiness, rhythmic savvy and a lifetime of conviction.
"Pre-trial detention is not a conviction," he said in a statement.
Shull and other city officials worked to vacate Woodard's conviction last year.
WILFRED FROST: But conviction is something that you would be concerned about?
NBC also reported that Steele had criminal conviction prior to the incident.
Brown challenged the conviction, saying other individuals had access to his computer.
Mr. Dragnea's electoral fraud conviction ended in a two-year suspended sentence.
Citing the Fourth Amendment, Judge Gorsuch's panel overturned his conviction last August.
Mr. da Silva's conviction and imprisonment have further inflamed Brazil's political crisis.
In the past, this would not necessarily have resulted in a conviction.
He's always advocated for policy change from a place of conviction. Others?
Even in the light of a conviction, it isn't just one person.
"This wrongful conviction destroyed my life," Mr. Perry said, wiping away tears.
At least 38 people died in rioting after his conviction last week.
What does the hard-won, long-overdue conviction of Harvey Weinstein demonstrate?
His conviction was overturned and the second jury found him not guilty.
The conviction would carry a sentence of between two and twenty years.
I can say with total conviction: Donald Trump is no Ronald Reagan.
Guyger did not testify at her sentencing and can appeal the conviction.
A Senate conviction is unlikely, but who knows what else may emerge?
Conviction rates are high in Japan, Mr. Saito acknowledged in his statement.
Progressives have much more confidence, and that confidence fuels their democratic conviction.
Now, Mr. Bryan's options to have his conviction overturned are significantly limited.
The goal in this trial is not a conviction by the Senate.
Back in January, there wasn't much of it, and it lacked conviction.
Kelley's court-martial conviction should have been reported to the FBI's database.
Instead, Mr. Sessions asked a federal appeals court to uphold the conviction.
In 2012 the EEOC set new guidelines for arrest and conviction records.
Kataoka expressed skepticism about the BOJ's conviction on hitting 2 percent inflation.
Russian law bars anyone with a criminal conviction from seeking elected office.
But even without a conviction, a criminal arrest record is easily searchable.
Only 7 percent believe forfeiture should be allowed without a criminal conviction.
Goldman also reiterated its buy and conviction list rating for the company.
His conviction carries a possibility of up to 20 years in prison.
Here are three of the companies Jefferies sees as high-conviction buys.
Fattah could appeal his conviction ahead of the sentencing on Oct. 4.
Cases are reported, but government data shows that conviction rates are low.
The conviction, widely dismissed as politically motivated, rendered him ineligible to run.
Despite the criminal conviction, Mr. Navalny still plans to run for president.
If so, the conviction will be overturned and a new trial ordered.
Conviction would also incur a fine of at least 100,000 rupees ($1,534).
When Dench breaks the fourth wall, she does it with utter conviction.
Employers, they said, did not differentiate between a dismissal and a conviction.
That's why you need conviction, so you can stick to your guns.
The conviction carries a mandatory life sentence without the possibility of parole.
Kyle: Conviction is still a pipe dream in the current political climate.
He has a prior conviction for driving under the influence in California.
The court's unanimous decision reduces Lula's options to appeal against the conviction.
But many there barely skipped a beat on hearing of his conviction.
Syed's 2012 post-conviction hearing, also heard by Judge Welch, was unsuccessful.
Even after Mr. Rajagopal's murder conviction, his restaurants continued to do well.
Even after Mr. Rajagopal's murder conviction, his restaurants continued to do well.
Following his conviction, Mr. Ali fought to be returned to St. Croix.
Berlusconi cannot run at the election due to a tax fraud conviction.
UL] trader's conviction and a jury acquitted a former Cantor Fitzgerald [CNTOR.
The 2nd Circuit previously overturned Litvak's initial 2014 conviction, prompting a retrial.
Mr. Van Dyke's lawyers announced that they planned to appeal his conviction.
Typically, Japanese prosecutors have a 99 percent conviction rate of indicted defendants.
A conviction carries a punishment of up to 10 years in prison.
Pell has maintained his innocence and his lawyers have appealed his conviction.
That's where this passion comes from, this real conviction around financial health.
The case is ending after almost four years without a single conviction.
His biggest and most course-altering policy prescriptions emanate from that conviction.
Defense lawyers this month appealed to the High Court against the conviction.
This comes after DA office voices their position to vacate the conviction.
Cosby's conviction is the first big celebrity trial of the #MeToo era.
A rape conviction in France can carry a sentence of 15 years.
"Getting into this industry requires some serious conviction," she told Business Insider.
Time makes it harder and harder to carry that sense of conviction.
A fresh criminal conviction for Liviu Dragnea, who is already barred from becoming prime minister because of a previous conviction for vote-rigging, could weaken his grip on the country's biggest party and the five-month old government.
According to the Department of Justice, 310 out of every 1,000 sexual assaults are reported to police, while only seven cases will lead to a felony conviction and six will lead to incarceration—a 0.02 percent conviction rate.
His conviction was overturned after the Brooklyn district attorney's conviction review unit (CRU) found that he had been deprived of a fair trial, in part because not all of the detectives' notes had been shared with the defence.
Last September, a New York federal appeals court threw out the conviction, ruling the jury had received improper instructions in light of the U.S. Supreme Court's 2016 decision overturning the corruption conviction of former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell.
Of the 84 people found guilty in the "Car Wash" probe by Moro, just one had his conviction overturned by a higher court - a 99-percent conviction rate, a statistic those who face him know all too well.
"Once a conviction has become final, whether new rules or old ones will be applied to revisit the conviction is a matter entirely within the State's control; the Constitution has nothing to say about that choice," he said.
Prosecutors had argued Hernandez's prison suicide should have prevented the judge from overturning the conviction following his death, a move that is routinely allowed by Massachusetts state law when the conviction in question has not been fully appealed.
Fairooz was convicted on the charges in May, but a judge overturned the conviction in July and ordered a retrial, arguing it was "disconcerting" that Justice Department prosecutors argued that laughter alone was enough to merit a conviction.
"Right now, many housing providers use the fact of a conviction, any conviction, regardless of what it was for or how long ago it happened, to indefinitely bar folks from housing opportunities," Mr. Castro said in a statement.
During the hearing on July 20, members of the Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners said that before his 2008 conviction for the robbery in a hotel in Las Vegas, Mr. Simpson had no history of a criminal conviction.
But da Silva lost his first appeal of the conviction earlier this year, and on Thursday, a court issued an order for the former president's imprisonment, denying his petition to remain free while he continues to appeal the conviction.
Under the reform, the statute of limitations would be suspended for 18 months between an initial conviction and the start of a first appeal, and suspended for another 18 months after a second conviction before the final appeal begins.
A Massachusetts judge last week vacated Hernandez's conviction on the earlier killing, following a quirk of state law that holds that a person may be cleared of a conviction if he dies before he has exhausted his appeal process.
If the court overturns the conviction on either of these two grounds, it could order a retrial, but Collins said it would be difficult for Pell to get a fair trial due to the massive publicity surrounding his conviction.
"The conviction here was unfair and must be reversed because of erroneous legal rulings at trial that conflicted with clear precedent and permitted conviction notwithstanding manifest shortcomings in the government's prosecution theory and in its proof," the brief states.
It makes sense that Cosby's conviction would change his standing in the Academy, but the lack of a formal conviction didn't prevent the Academy from kicking out Weinstein after his name became synonymous with sexual abuse in the workplace.
The call is "based on increased conviction that motorcycle demand in the US is in the throes of secular erosion, combined with weakened conviction in the materialization of near-term catalysts," wrote AB analyst David Beckel in Wednesday's note.
Since a conviction requires that at least two thirds of the Senate, 67 members, vote in the affirmative, at least 233 Republican Senators would have to join the 48 members of the Democratic caucus for the conviction to stand.
The more prominent reasons to be denied include a felony conviction, a misdemeanor conviction punishable by more than two years in prison, a domestic violence charge, dishonorable discharge from the military, or being ruled mentally unfit by a judge.

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