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"standard" Definitions
  1. average or normal rather than having special or unusual features
  2. following a particular standard set, for example, by an industry
  3. [only before noun] read by most people who are studying a particular subject
  4. [usually before noun] (of spelling, pronunciation, grammar, etc.) believed to be correct and used by most people
"standard" Synonyms
normal usual customary stock typical regular average common ordinary set conventional everyday prevailing popular routine accustomed characteristic commonplace established expected accepted classic approved definitive official recognised(UK) recognized(US) authoritative exhaustive magisterial classical best reliable finest consummate ultimate greatest superlative perfect all right satisfactory adequate acceptable passable okay fair tolerable decent fine good reasonable OK respectable agreeable alright sufficient fairish palatable correct proper decorous seemly befitting fitting nice right suitable civilised(UK) civilized(US) courtly couth fit mannerly accurate precise true exact veracious faultless flawless strict certain conclusive faithful infallible irrefutable unambiguous undeniable systematic methodical orderly organised(UK) organized(US) systematised(UK) systematized(US) businesslike efficient standardised(UK) standardized(US) planned structured careful coherent consistent formal logical innate inherent natural inborn intrinsic native ingrained essential inbred constitutional fundamental congenital basic immanent integral hereditary indigenous constitutive instinctive inherited twenty-twenty clear 20-20 20/20 baseline default base original device machine system configured out of the box manufacturer's software low-cost cheap inexpensive economical budget bargain reduced sale competitive slashed uncostly moderate cheapo undear nominal steal buy depreciated utility first-line select preferred favoured(UK) favored(US) elect choice favourite(UK) favorite(US) chosen handpicked selected picked primary cherry-picked of choice first-choice elite exclusive grammatical linguistic syntactic morphological phonological semantic grammatic structural well-formed well- formed verbal syntactical etymological dialectal language philological idiomatic rhetorical manual physical blue-collar human laboring(US) labouring(UK) labor-intensive done by hand done with one's hands hand dexterous(US) laborious manipulative dextrous(UK) not automated hand-operated work-intensive non-automatic non-automated not automatic criterion measure norm benchmark guideline yardstick example model par touchstone guide pattern gauge(UK) archetype specification bar barometer grade law principle code rule axiom canon ethos belief ethic exemplar ideal moral morality moral principle requirement scruple code of behavior(US) code of behaviour(UK) rule of living level caliber(US) calibre(UK) rank degree quality excellence merit worth distinction talent capability ability value worthiness capacity character stature superiority banner flag ensign pennant banderole pennon streamer pendant colours(UK) guidon banderol colors(US) colour(UK) jack pendent burgee gonfalon labarum vexillum bannerol paragon epitome nonpareil quintessence prototype paradigm jewel embodiment acme apotheosis cream personification essence eidolon rudiment first principle foundation preliminary groundwork basis core cornerstone constituent crux bedrock doctrine ethics principles standards morals integrity creed credo beliefs mores ideals conscience conduct honour(UK) decency honor(US) pillar post column support pole stanchion upright prop rod pier shaft buttress piling stake pilaster mast tower pedestal pile obelisk formula maxim precept dictum aphorism motto tenet notion virtue moral code moral value moral belief moral philosophy ethical code moral standard code of conduct ethical value rule of conduct standard of behavior value-system class classification status condition place position repute standing state station echelon rung stage stratum ranking footing gradation group mark ordinance order statute command decree ruling edict enactment fiat injunction regulation act dictate direction mandate extent amount scale range proportion quantity ratio scope severity size ambit rate strength division kind type sort genre species variety cast family ilk breed nature category genus strain standard transmission manual transmission stickshift stick shift market price cost pay price salary wage going rate spirit mood temper feeling atmosphere tenor substance tendency cheer climate feather feel heart humor(US) humour(UK) keynote center(US) gist root centrepiece(UK) centerpiece(US) centre(UK) kernel keystone nucleus point mainspring organization(US) plan structure arrangement make-up composition constitution form format framework configuration grouping design method scheme construction formation More
"standard" Antonyms
unconventional unusual atypical different abnormal irregular nonstandard rare strange unfamiliar unorthodox aberrant alternative anomalous distinctive innovative nonconformist nontypical novel original unofficial unauthorised(UK) unauthorized(US) informal unaccredited offstage wildcat disapproved refused uncertain extraordinary exceptional amazing astonishing astounding awesome breathtaking conspicuous cracking dazzling excellent fab fabulous fantastic great incredible magnificent marvellous(UK) marvelous(US) unsatisfactory deficient disagreeable inadequate insufficient lacking unacceptable wanting sick unhealthy dissatisfying dissatisfactory bad substandard terrible mediocre poor pathetic disappointing subpar stirring dramatic inspiring intense powerful rousing animating arousing arresting bold climactic electrifying emotional emphatic exciting exhilarating thrilling titillating agitative variable changeable changing unfixed unsettled unsteady adjustable flexible unresolved alterable modifiable adaptable convertible exchangeable interchangeable unpredictable irresolute undetermined superior outstanding remarkable elite fine peerless premium superb top accomplished choice eminent good nonpareil perfect stellar sublime improper discourteous impolite inappropriate intolerable rude ungraceful unmannerly casual easygoing incorrect indecent indecorous indelicate laid-back unbecoming unceremonious ungenteel unexpected surprising unanticipated unforeseen sudden unpredicted abrupt unannounced unsuspected inconceivable unimagined unheralded blindsiding unenvisaged unlooked for unlooked-for unplanned for unthought of without notice unrecognised(UK) unrecognized(US) obscure uncelebrated undefined unfamous unknown unsung anonymous forgotten humble inconspicuous inglorious insignificant irrelevant lowly minor undistinguished unsuitable disturbing unrespectable obnoxious condemnable exceptionable indefensible questionable unseemly deplorable apocryphal uncanonical unsanctioned unimportance insignificance inconsequentiality irrelevance triviality inconsequence inessentiality worthlessness immateriality slightness inferiority change conjecture fancy guess possibility probability flaw imperfection worst failure vice degeneracy shortcoming depravity failing foible perversion frailty weakness defect deficiency evil immorality weak point ill fault end extreme extremity estimate minutia trivia frivolity frippery dregs apex climax culmination finale finish limit middle peak pinnacle prime zenith high point corruption disgrace dishonesty dishonor(US) dishonour(UK) indecency impropriety wrong ignorance inaction low bar bottom of the barrel disorganisation(UK) disorganization(US) lawlessness veto unbelief antithesis antipode contra contradiction contradistinction contrariety contrast converse counter direct opposite exact opposite inverse opposite opposition polar opposite reverse counterexample contrary negative inversion ambiguity effect result exception deviation departure digression diversion divagation shift poor example advocate proponent adherent exponent follower devotee supporter

355 Sentences With "standard"

How to use standard in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "standard" and check conjugation/comparative form for "standard". Mastering all the usages of "standard" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Brands would also benefit from a single platform with standard newfangled ad, standard tech, and standard data and standard measurement.
Learn more about some of our favorite Universal Standard pieces: Universal Standard overview Universal Standard Foundation Kit review
Rubio versus Clinton would have been a fairly boring election, a standard contest of standard demographics and standard ideologies.
It's not so much removing a standard port as it is replacing an old standard with a new standard.
A club that frankly set a new standard — a new standard in clubs and a new standard in Palm Beach.
The famous triple standard rears its ugly head again — one standard for democracies, one for dictatorships, and one completely unattainable standard for Israel.
I would say western standard and Japanese standard are very different.
The Mix & Master Bundle, for example, which includes Ozone 8 Standard and Neutron 2 Standard is $199 for any Standard product owner (regularly $398).
Congress can and should change the legal standard for evaluating excessive force from that of a reasonable officer standard to a more objective standard.
Jaquier joins from Standard Life Investments, a unit of Standard Life Plc.
"The Lennie standard has never been part of a standard," he said.
There is no standard will, but there are standard things to cover.
Since that time, this standard — the "viability standard" — has proven increasingly unworkable.
Or include one standard as standard equipment with the option to choose another?
Russia goes back to 1994 as a standard — a much, much lower standard.
In this case, maybe we could set a standard that becomes an international standard.
So they are changing the standard, from the legal standard to just slightly less.
"We set up our own standard, but we didn't keep our standard," he admits.
It's that double standard and I think I'm doing something for the double standard.
"The game was always the standard standard," says Nicki Palmer, Verizon's chief network officer.
Standard Life merged last year with Aberdeen Asset Management to form Standard Life Aberdeen.
But you're not a standard person, and this may not be a standard stain.
This kind of standard, based on human empathy and justice, should be our standard.
"It's difficult to play the standard bebop repertoire without playing standard bebop," he said.
Clients include the continent's largest banks: Barclays Bank, Standard Chartered, Standard Bank, and Ecobank.
And with the highest standard of living, and the highest standard of environmental protection.
Although the standard for approval of a new drug usually calls for two randomized, controlled clinical trials, the standard for many medical devices is no standard at all.
It's the difference between the report's criminal prosecution standard of proof "beyond a reasonable doubt" and a lower standard — the preponderance standard of "more likely than not" — relevant for counterintelligence and general parlance about facts, and closer to the proper standard for impeachment.
Russian Standard Ltd, a company linked to Rustam Tariko who owns Russian Standard Bank and founded Russian Standard Vodka, defaulted on a 2022 Eurobond coupon payment due on Oct.
" Trump added that the administration's new standard — which has not yet been released — would have "very little difference in emissions between the California Standard and the new U.S. Standard.
" Trump added that the administration's new standard -- which has not yet been released -- would have "very little difference in emissions between the California Standard and the new U.S. Standard.
Standard wait times are 30 minutes for standard checkpoints, and 10 minutes for TSA's PreCheck.
In recent years Standard Life has built up its Standard Life Investments asset management arm.
Apparently, those who were admitted under a lower standard may carry that standard with them.
The 5G standard promises to provide connections several times faster than the current standard, LTE.
One Night was created by Standard International, which is the parent company of Standard Hotels.
He played the standard version and then the Olympic version — standard, Olympic, over and over.
It was like a 4 standard deviation day followed by another 4 standard deviation day.
People often compare their standard of living with the standard they experienced while growing up.
It's a constitutional standard and, when that standard has been met, we'll know about it.
And I would say that that standard is very low, and that standard is kindness.
That's because the $35,000 Model 3 Standard and Standard Plus are essentially the same car.
Buyers will be able to upgrade to the Standard Plus version at any time, and previous Standard Plus buyers will be able to downgrade to Standard and get a refund.
While emojis exist as part of the Unicode standard, Apple's implementation of that standard is copyrighted.
That I think this is a very serious standard to start setting, probably the right standard.
We need to go from the consumer welfare antitrust standard to a European-style competition standard.
That's not even a high standard, that's just a base-level standard... How about a proofreader?
I often feel like there's the Hillary standard and then there's the standard for everybody else.
Those rules apply a "suitability" standard, which is much weaker than the DoL "best interest" standard.
The double standard is outrageous, because Republicans are held to a different standard than are Democrats.
" He added, "What we need is, rather than a consumer-welfare standard, a competitive marketplace standard.
This is standard "first act of a war movie" stuff, but it's standard because it works.
Just like the Open Banking Standard, Icebreaker One will steer the development of the SERI standard.
South Dakota argued that an "economic presence" standard makes more sense than a physical presence standard.
We've gone from no drama to all drama, a high ethical standard to no ethical standard.
Among other things, the old gold standard worked well partly because it was an international standard: A U.S.-only gold standard would more likely prove a recipe for severe economic instability.
Because you have your standard small, your standard medium, your standard large, but with an NBA player, because they don&apost fit that standard, everything has to be made to measure, so there has to be a pattern made from scratch, essentially, off of their particular measurements.
The new fiduciary standard goes far beyond the current "suitability standard" by which broker/dealers are governed.
And one of the things that the bill does is [change] a standard called the 801b standard.
Austria defines a single standard drink at having 20 grams of pure alcohol — double the WHO standard.
A club that frankly set a new standard in clubs and a new standard in Palm Beach.
So the idea that creating a standard will discourage ISPs from meeting that standard is total nonsense.
Because there are two standards in the financial advisory world: the fiduciary standard and the suitability standard.
The Standard is now gone, but the people and ideas The Standard nurtured will continue to flourish.
Is the standard for impeachment in the House lower than the standard for conviction in the Senate?
Standard Time is available at six of seven Standard Hotels worldwide (save for the new Maldives resort).
Aberdeen Standard Investments was created in 2017 from the merger of Standard Life and Aberdeen Asset Management.
"Donald Trump is the standard-bearer for a double standard, and his standard for 'deal-making' has no place in the White House," Paustenbach said in a statement on the DNC's "Factivists" website.
We've contacted Tesla for a full list of differences between the Standard and the Standard Plus Model 3. 
Standard practice is for the FBI not to comment on investigations — but this is not a standard situation.
That said, sometimes standard boring conduct becomes standard and boring because it is the correct way to proceed.
The non-standalone standard was finished in December 2017, while the standalone standard was finalized in June 2018.
"I often feel like there's the Hillary standard and then there's the standard for everybody else," she said.
"I often feel like there's the Hillary standard and then there's the standard for everybody else," Clinton said.
The moral standard most compatible with engagement is absolute freedom of expression, the standard of having no standards.
They were standard-issue, droopy slices, and they were complemented by the occasional standard-issue hard-shell taco.
Unless a statute requires a different standard, review occurs under the Administrative Procedure Act's "arbitrary and capricious" standard.
The lobbyists wanted a uniform standard, all right — a standard of zero paid sick days, no protection whatsoever.
Even measured against a tighter standard, today only 52 areas exceed the standard, 39 of these just barely.
It's a fundamental issue of understanding what the standard is and making sure we are enforcing that standard.
It would be preferable, of course, to apply some objective standard, but what/who could define that standard?
It did not rule whether the standard should be a warrant rather than the lower standard of suspicion.
Data stored in the Standard and Standard-Infrequent access tiers is replicated across three or more availability zones.
They've said substantial evidence is the standard, so that's the legal standard we're going to apply going forward.
STANDARD SEASHACK Each summer, the patio in front of the Standard High Line hotel is given new personality.
But we're going to have a high-standard deal, we're not going to have a low-standard deal.
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bell Bag Bundle — Save $14.99 Just Dance 2020 Standard Edition — Save $20 Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 235 — Save $220 Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle — Save $210 Dragon Ball FighterZ Standard Edition — Save $220 NBA 220K210 Standard Edition — Save $103 Assassin's Creed: The Rebel Collection — Save $210 Assassin's Creed III Remastered Edition — Save $24 Nintendo Labo Variety Kit — Save $220 NBA 2K20 Standard Edition — Save $30 Madden NFL 20 Standard Edition — Save $30 Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order — Save $20 Just Dance 43 Standard Edition — Save $20 Assassin's Creed Odyssey Standard Edition — Save $35 Borderlands 3 Standard Edition — Save $35 Assassin's Creed III Remastered Edition — Save $20 Kingdom Hearts III Standard Edition — Save $10 Control — Save $20 Sid Meier's Civilization VI — Save $20 Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Standard Edition — Save $10 The Outer Worlds — Save $25 DOOM Slayers Collection — Save $10 Just Cause 4 — Save $20 
While the Trump administration seeks to authorize Next Generation TV as an optional standard to be used on a voluntary basis, it encourages local simulcasting of both the existing standard and the new standard.
This isn't the standard in journalism or the standard the same press corps has applied to this White House.
Women are held to a higher standard (and sometimes double standard) than men in nearly every profession they enter.
I've even proposed that we create a new internet standard — but creating a new standard doesn't always solve anything.
Unfortunately, it's not standard to allow all those characters in URIs, and some systems only allow standard ASCII ones.
Raytheon said third-quarter earnings included a favorable financial accounting standard and cost accounting standard adjustment of 23 cents.
The traditional double standard was more common among men, while the reverse double standard was more common among women.
" And when another commenter labeled the screenings a "double-standard," Cheadle explained that "a double standard presupposes equal footing.
Authentic glasses have lenses that meet the ISO 12312-2 standard, the international standard for safely viewing the sun.
Investment management firm Standard Life Investments, a unit of Standard Life Plc, named Larry Carlson director of strategic relationships.
Bank Muscat, Citi, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, ICBC Standard Bank, JP Morgan, Societe Generale and Standard Chartered are the bookrunners.
At the moment, without a clarifying rule, the only standard that follows the law is a zero-tolerance standard.
Moving from the current objectively reasonable standard to a proportionality of force standard could be achieved in this manner.
If we're going to hold every country to that standard, we'll have to hold the U.S. to that standard.
So a few days before Standard Market opened, Standard Cognition hired 100 actors to shop there for four hours.
OPINION An editorial on Tuesday about California's new standard for electrical generation misstated how that standard could be reached.
Figure 12.53 shows the standard textbook picture (hey, I wrote the standard textbook!) of the effects of a tariff.
Health officials will administer standard doses as well as one-fifth of the standard dose to extend the supply.
Standard Life Aberdeen rose 1.7 percent after the completion of the merger of Standard Life and Aberdeen Asset Management.
Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), opposing anthem kneelers would easily satisfy the constitutional standard, since there would be no standard.
"There will be very little difference in emissions between the California Standard and the new U.S. Standard," he wrote.
No, he could not define the Daubert standard, a well-known standard (among lawyers, anyway) for admitting expert testimony.
Now that the standard has been approved by the W3C, the next step is for websites to integrate the standard.
Natural gas production rose to 2,175 million standard cubic feet per day from 1,705 million standard cubic feet per day.
Instead of a standard based on education or experience, the SEC ought to adopt a standard based on use — i.e.
The standard edition of Overwatch costs $40, so this saves $5 off the standard price and gives players extra goodies.
Standard Innovation released a statement following the court settlement saying:At Standard Innovation we take customer privacy and data security seriously.
And just as importantly, it didn't use the global 5G standard; it used a rival 5G standard created by Verizon.
We adopt industry standard cleaning processes across all our stores, in line with the Food Standard Agency’s advice.
The adapter has been built to the International Docking System Standard — an international standard for spacecraft docks established in 2010.
But he didn't do that, Marcus noted; Trump used standard operating procedures in a situation that was anything but standard.
The objectivity standard eroded in the late 20th Century as a core of academics contended that the standard stifled journalists.
The gold standard of addiction treatment Public health experts consider medicated-assisted treatment the gold standard of opioid addiction treatment.
"High crimes and misdemeanors is the standard for impeachment, and I have a high standard for impeachment," King told Hewitt.
"Any cell phone standard that doesn't do a good job addressing repairability is not a good standard," Kyle told me.
Here, Apple is trying to kill a venerable open standard in terms of a proprietary standard that only Apple uses.
The fiduciary standard is much stricter than the "suitability standard" that applies to brokers, insurance agents, and other financial professionals.
Standard rooms are the cheapest room category, with Standard King or Queen rooms costing $50 less than my Double Bed.
Standard Life Aberdeen, which operates in China, was created following last year's merger between Standard Life and Aberdeen Asset Management.
Almost 400 people participated and received standard treatment or standard treatment with the desktop-based version of the Reset app.
And daylight-saving time has officially ended in the U.S., but it's become more of a standard than standard time.
Durbin said Sunday that he'd like to see a "national standard, not a partisan standard" in addressing sexual misconduct allegations.
It doubles the standard deduction from $6,85003 to $12,000 and a family of four's standard deduction from $12,000 to $24,000.
In a sense, that's accurate; if we are using standard systems that utilize standard bits and standard security protocols, then yes, quantum systems will probably kill them on the first day their superior computing power is unleashed.
While there are  benefits to creating an architecture standard, many researchers will feel limited in what they can accomplish while sticking to the standard, and proprietary network architectures might be common even when the standard is present.
The black-white gap then shrank from substantially more than a standard deviation for the 1943 cohort to roughly a standard deviation for the 1963 cohort to slightly more than half a standard deviation for the 2003 cohort.
But it all depends on your framework and standard of comparison — whether it's the more peer-group-related standard or whether it's that more absolute standard of what really would be doing the most good with my life.
Creating a more aggressive standard might involve new legislation or convincing courts to reconsider the consumer welfare standard in some fashion.
So the standard subscription in the U.S. is about $350 and that's ... For your average or that's ... That's the standard. Right.
Her pay grade means she's held to a different standard — a standard that's simply not applied to her (white) male counterparts.
The contract reflects that power imbalance; not being a standard NHS content syndication agreement — but rather DHSC tweaking Amazon's standard terms.
To the Editor: "A Better Standard for the Use of Deadly Force" proposes replacing a "reasonableness" standard with a "necessity" requirement.
That makes the standard S10 $250 cheaper than the S6.93, and the S10 Plus $150 less expensive than the standard S20.
Approximately 45 percent of men endorsed the traditional double standard, while about 33 percent of women endorsed the reverse double standard.
"Applying one standard to the state of Israel and not applying the same standard to others is anti-Semitic," he said.
The company refers to the tech as "pre-standard 5G," delivering similar speeds to the long promised next generation telecom standard.
Qualcomm will also not acquire NXP's standard essential NFC patents as well as some of NXP's non-standard essential NFC patents.
" And "More fundamentally" the symmetry standard failed to "provid[e] a standard for deciding how much partisan dominance is too much.
A new system to develop climate-friendly renewable fuels (with the first ever carbon standard) through the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS).
So let's talk about why it's not a double standard, but a different standard for men and women catcalling each other.
As a lover of gourmet beans, I can't argue with Jelly Belly's first calendar: standard beans in standard packets, very nice.
"Standard procedure was the standard procedure," the source said, citing Trump's first meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in March 2017.
Every standard that I hold myself to is a standard of my own making, one that is fully under my control.
President Bill Clinton's presidency set a low standard, preparing the stage for an even lower standard set by our current president.
For 14 days, half of the patients received standard care alone, and half were given the antiviral drugs plus standard care.
I originally booked a Standard Queen room, but she offered to upgrade me to a Standard King at no extra charge.
The standard by which the Trump tax plan should be judged is the standard that the Trump administration itself has set.
"The 1200 was the standard when it came out in the '70s, and it's been the standard ever since," says Davis.
To better understand the difference between a fiduciary standard and a suitability standard, let's try an everyday example: buying a car.
Under the new rules, schools may use either the preponderance standard or the "clear and convincing" standard in sexual harassment cases.
Aramco's gas reserves rose to 1.53 trillion standard cubic feet in 21.5 from 22018 trillion standard cubic feet the year before.
Patients on the trial either received the drug, algenpantucel-L, in combination with standard-of-care therapy, or standard treatment alone.
But respectfully, this statement shows his willingness to use one standard when judging Clinton versus applying a different standard to himself.
While the standard for impeachable offenses in the Constitution is not very specific, the standard for involuntary succession is even less specific.
The Op-Ed essay cites federal court decisions as evidence of the reasonableness standard and the possible rise of a necessity standard.
DeVos' new interim guidelines let colleges choose between that standard and a "clear and convincing evidence" standard, which is harder to meet.
HANNITY: And, Tom, you can&apost have a dual system of justice, or the Hillary standard and the rest of us standard.
Oddly, Shelton, an advocate of the gold standard, or some hard currency standard, also wants to push interest rates back to zero.
Certainly this is in line with the traditional gendered double standard that holds women to a different standard in pursuing sexual behavior.
In January, the Nairobi government picked Standard Chartered, Standard Bank, Citi and Rand Merchant Bank to lead the $800 million syndicated loan.
The trade is today's business via Bank Muscat, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, ICBC Standard Bank, JP Morgan, Societe Generale and Standard Chartered.
"These are all standard procedures: Supermarkets do the tests, but more than anything it's a standard routine post-nuclear disaster," Iida argues.
Prof. Barry Eichengreen, of U.C. Berkeley, mistook the mismanaged international "gold-exchange standard" of the interwar period with the true gold standard.
One of BHP's biggest shareholders, Aberdeen Standard Investments, part of Standard Life Aberdeen, last month spoke out in favor of the resolution.
Shop clothing at Universal Standard hereWhen Universal Standard first launched in 2015, it brought contemporary essentials to women sizes 10 through 28.
Choose between an instant and standard bank transferThere are two different transfer speeds to transfer to a bank account: instant and standard.
"My son knows, 'We not me' and 'the standard is the standard,' and my wife hears that a lot," he told ESPN.
But given that the GOP proposes to double the standard deduction, people may choose the new higher standard deduction instead of itemizing.
But restaurants like this, by raising the standard of Arabic fast food, are raising the standard of food in the whole city.
What do students think: Is this potential weakness in the standard enough to disqualify it as a "workable standard" for the courts?
Apply a presumption of guilt standard to the people you oppose, and a presumption of innocence standard to the people you favor.
Many universities had used the "beyond a reasonable doubt" standard, but the vast majority now have adopted the lower standard, including Stanford.
Symmetry has been the standard since crosswords were invented in the 1910s, and it's the standard in most countries around the world.
The GSMA further argued that SRLabs had pointed out problems with the implementation of the RCS standard, rather than the standard itself.
MOSCOW, June 13 (Reuters) - Russian Standard Ltd creditors have threatened to begin calling in collateral if the company linked to Rustam Tariko, who owns Russian Standard Bank and founded Russian Standard Vodka, does not pay a Eurobond back in full.
We stayed in a Standard Room with a Water View and paid $443 per night, but the lowest price I've found is $402 a night for a Standard Room with a Standard View (read: a view of the parking lot).
Older standards are getting retroactively renamed too—the 26ac standard becomes Wi-Fi 63, the 26n standard becomes Wifi 26, and so on.
He built the first WebGL framework — so WebGL is now standard but wasn't standard back then to display 33D graphics in the browser.
Standard & Poor's, initially known as the Standard Statistics Co., created its first stock market index in 1923, consisting of shares of 233 companies.
The standard model is unfortunately far less exciting, but it is a pretty standard mid-tower design that comes with Chroma lighting effects.
Separately, Standard Life Investments, the fund arm of insurer Standard Life, suspended Monday all trading in its UK real estate fund, Reuters said.
The standard account is free and comes with numerous features, such as unlimited invoices and customers, multiple currency support, and PayPal Standard integration.
As the technology matures and becomes more modular, vendors can sell standard components into standard supply chains, but face the pressure of commoditization.
Reuters photo of the day Clash   Panathinaikos v Standard Liege, Athens: An injured riot police officer reacts during clashes with Standard Liege fans.
But it doesn't set the Wi-Fi standard; it just formalizes which features of the standard the industry has agreed to care about.
With simple one-touch controls, choose from six espresso recipes to make everything from a standard latté to a cappuccino or standard coffee.
Volkswagen makes three rows of seats standard in front-wheel-drive versions, but only two rows come standard in all-wheel-drive models.
"With the enhanced standard deduction and cap on deductible taxes, you are more likely to claim the standard deduction in 2018," says Meyer.
For instance, they'll create a standard — we'll make a product, and they'll make a standard that's different than the product, lower or higher.
First, it forces manufacturers and users of wired audio devices away from an open audio transmission standard and toward Apple's proprietary Lightning standard.
It supports the Power Delivery 3.0 standard via the USB-C port and the Quick Charge 3903 standard via the USB-A port.
"The design is pretty standard, they usually all look quite similar, and they always include the phoenix presidential standard," Dr. Cho, 20153, said.
For math, the black-white gap went from around slightly more than a standard deviation to slightly more than half a standard deviation.
The standard that has served the state since its formation has been the Jewish standard of the ages — what the world calls Orthodoxy.
If your video quality is spotty, try lowering your video from HD to standard definition by adjusting the settings: Settings > Quality > Standard Definition.
The standard repertory in classical music is often standard for good reason: Great works are gifts that keep on giving with repeated hearings.
Those not working to that standard are held only to a "suitability" standard, meaning their advice must be suitable for your financial situation.
Qi is the most popular wireless charging standard, and it seems to have won the war now that the iPhone supports the standard.
"The standard that ICAO has as a minimum is even lower than our old standard, 200 hours for the second seat," DeFazio said.
You know, everybody should keep in mind that when they split Standard Oil into all the components like Standard of Ohio and Standard of New Jersey and Standard of California and so on, they actually ended up turning a bigger profit for everybody who's been shareholders and executives because the broken apart [companies] let people get in and trade more.
Under the interim guidance, the agency said schools now have the discretion to apply either the preponderance-of-the-evidence standard or the clear-and-convincing-evidence standard, meaning is it "more likely than not" that sexual harassment or violence occurred, or the convincing evidence standard, meaning "is it highly probable or reasonably certain," which is the higher standard of proof.
Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre Workout Energy Powder Drink (watermelon)— £16.40 (list price £39.99) Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre Workout Energy Powder Drink (apple) — £14.99 (list price £79.993) Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein Powder — £21.95 Optimum Nutrition Micronised Creatine Monohydrate — £9.75 Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard BCAA Branch Chain Amino Acids — £18.95 (list price £34.99) Give nature a helping hand.
The other banks named in the case are, Nomura, Standard Bank, Investec, JP Morgan, BNP Paribas, Credit Suisse Group, Commerzbank AG, Standard New York Securities Inc, Macquarie Bank, Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML), ANZ Banking Group Ltd and Standard Chartered Plc.
These projects are verified under the American Carbon Registry, Climate Action Reserve, or Verified Carbon Standard—all rigorous third-party standard setters of legitimacy.
That's the double standard that we're living under right now, and that's the double standard the American people are all sick and tired of.
The company also said the Standard variant of Model 3 will now be a software-limited version of the Standard Plus, to simplify production.
Yet, for whatever reasons, he returned with only the most standard of standard repertory: Prokofiev's "Classical" Symphony, Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto and Beethoven's Seventh Symphony.
Like all Oculus Rift launch games, Valkyrie used a standard gamepad instead of the motion controllers that have now become standard on VR headsets.
Starting today, drivers will now earn standard time and distance rates on the way to a long pickup, in addition to the standard fare.
They sport a range of twist-outs, braids, weaves, and wigs, beyond just the standard short afro style that is standard on mainstream retailers.
Mozilla's Firefox was the first to get the standard, while plans for Chrome and Microsoft Edge to adopt the standard later were hinted at.
Like Kubernetes, which has become the de facto standard for container orchestration tools, Spinnaker could become the same kind of standard for continuous delivery.
But there is an official USB standard too called USB Power Delivery (USB-PD), and that's the standard Google wants manufacturers to focus on.
Under the new law, total itemized deductions must exceed $12,000, the new standard deduction, up from the former $6,350 standard deduction, for single people.
Standard & Poor's will add real estate as an 11th sector to its Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) structure after the close on Aug. 31.
The association represents banks including Banco BNI, Banco de Poupanca e Credito, Standard Chartered Bank Angola, Banco VTB Africa and South Africa's Standard Bank.
"We proposed a standard that uses political science quantitative measures -- a new standard that has never been presented to the courts before," said Lang.
Standard Advisory London is a part of Standard Bank's UK business that was not bought by Industrial and Commercial Bank of China last year.
"We operate under the European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) standard, and we apply that standard in every country we operate in," he said.
The Justice Department is investigating the allegations after being alerted to the accusations by Standard Chartered; Standard Charter itself is not accused of wrongdoing.
He said emerging market stocks remain relatively cheap, trading at about half the Standard & Poor's 500 valuation, using the standard price-to-earnings ratio.
The proposed legislation creates an industry-wide standard of care for youth sport: a reasonable standard or practice for a particular activity or industry.
At the same time, countries like the U.S. who were on the international gold standard had to pay off debts to maintain the standard.
"I was never trying to hold Carson to any kind of 'higher standard' or any kind of standard at all," Calvin told BuzzFeed News.
This is a standard "amped" song—you know, that kind of standard rap anthem with a million "Ooooh"s throughout the verses and hook.
However, the Supreme Court's decision in Hall strongly suggests that the legal standard for intellectual disability" had become "more protective than the clinical standard.
Critically, the fuel-economy standard for light trucks in 2000 (22015 mpg) was tougher than the standard for passenger cars in 22017 (27.5 mpg).
Standard planning, for example, holds that retirees need to replace 70 to 80 percent of pre-retirement income to maintain their standard of living.
That includes powered air-purifying respirators (PAPRs), coveralls meeting the ASTM (American Standard for Testing and Materials) standard, gloves, temporary scrubs, and other protections.
Her attempts to do so would be automatically "impeded by the extreme conventionality of the other sex," the standard-bearers of the double standard.
Despite the ruling that his conduct didn't meet the legal standard for a bribery conviction, it certainly met the ordinary language standard of corrupt.
A "clear and convincing" standard, allowed under the new rules, "is not the appropriate standard of evidence for this kind of claim," Davidson said.
If you were judging based on standard English among the frontrunners, Ted Cruz and Clinton are the closest to being standard speakers of English.
But the company has since started supporting the WebAssembly standard, so switching one of its popular web apps to the new standard made sense.
Rates are the same for Standard King or Standard Double rooms, regardless of the view, so pick the layout that works best for you.
To avoid this, Rockefeller created committees made up by specialists from different fields, who created a standard of operation for all Standard Oil subsidiaries.
She said apart from the lack of oversight over special admits, there is no academic standard below the institution's admission standard for those admissions.
Over the past two seasons, OWL maintained a fairly standard schedule, with most games played in the afternoon and evening on Pacific Standard Time.
Those not working to the fiduciary standard are held only to a suitability standard, meaning their advice must be suitable for your financial situation.
Government attorney Erez Reuveni argued the attorney general's ruling laid out a standard and served as a reminder to asylum officers of that standard.
The former standard (FTC/ISO puffing protocol) was repealed in 2008, with the hope that a new, more realistic standard would take its place.
The deal gives the tech firms access to so-called standard essential patents — key ones that allow products to comply with an industry standard.
Critic's Pick The subscription-series format long commonplace at American orchestras, with a weekly offering of standard repertory, is looking a little, well, standard.
The standard stall size keeps lots of people out, disabled people in particular but also fat people for whom "standard" is always too small.
Source: Wendy K. Tam Cho, using PEAR algorithm If the Supreme Court does adopt a gerrymandering standard, it remains to be seen whether it will require evidence of intent, as Grofman's standard does, or instead focus on outcomes, as Stephanopoulos and McGhee's standard does.
So when CEO Elon Musk announced in late February that the carmaker would finally start delivering its more affordable Standard and Standard Plus Model 3 options, O'Roak at first ordered a Standard Plus, paying $3,000 extra for the electric carmaker's semi-automated Autopilot feature.
The other banks and brokerages named in the case were, Nomura, Standard Bank, Investec, JP Morgan, BNP Paribas, Credit Suisse Group , Commerzbank AG, Standard New York Securities Inc, Macquarie Bank, Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML), ANZ Banking Group Ltd and Standard Chartered Plc.
He said his ultimate goal is to get artists using Swipe's open source standard and then convince Amazon to integrate that standard into the Kindle.
For males, binging means consuming at least five standard drinks on a single occasion; for females; it means consuming four standard drinks on one occasion.
Although the court has a standard to weed out extreme racial gerrymanders, it has never been able to settle on a standard for partisan gerrymandering.
Every player is issued a standard desktop computer and a standard monitor (144 hertz), though many players like to choose their own keyboard and mouse.
Intel invented a chip standard called x21990 that was chosen for the IBM PC in 1981 and became the standard for Windows-based PCs generally.
Ecobank, which has operation in 36 African countries, has hired Deutsche Bank, Standard Bank and Standard Chartered to arrange meetings from June 18, it said.
For reference, anything within one standard deviation is considered a "normal" level, while anything more than one standard deviation above (below) is considered overbought (oversold).
It's hard enough to find a reference standard for the original compound; it's even more difficult to find a reference standard for the possible variants.
Characters can swap out standard boxing glove fists for other armaments, including propeller glaives and metal paddles that change the way you throw standard punches.
Now the heart-rate monitor comes standard with the Charge 2—much like it comes standard with nearly all fitness trackers currently on the market.
The television industry has worked hard to finalize a next-generation standard and the time is now for the FCC to approve this new standard.
The other three-quarters would come from the state's Low Carbon Fuel Standard, efficiency standards, renewable energy portfolio standard, and various and sundry other regulations.
The wireless charging uses a standard called Qi, also used by Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, which will likely solidify that technology as the industry standard.
The company adopted a new revenue recognition standard that put first-quarter and full-year guidance below the outlook under the previous revenue recognition standard.
"If you think about the standard of care today, you're talking about standard antidepressants, which can take weeks to work, or psycho therapy," he said.
During the 1930s, the international gold standard collapsed, but it did so in a staggered way, with countries abandoning the gold standard at different times.
On December 2 Ryan McGinness and Standard Press are throwing Party 51, the the launch event for 50 Parties, at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach.
The unit is about the size of an old, somewhat bulky Nokia flip phone, and attaches to any standard bike handlebars via a standard clamp.
The ring was built according to the International Docking System Standard, an international standard created in 2010 to guide the designs of space docking adapters.
A standard travel pillow (or a not-so-standard one) should prevent their head from lolling back and forth and the dreaded sore neck feeling.
While it kept the standard five-speed manual transmission, the SE had upgrades like remote keyless entry and cruise control that the standard Yaris lacks.
"The new standard permits accession of qualified transgender applicants," the memo says, adding that implementation of the new standard is "mandatory" starting January 1, 2018.
Full disclosure: The review features a more advanced lens than the standard lens or lens upgrade offered by Sony in the a6400's standard configurations.
In the 1980s, an extension of the Standard Model called Supersymmetry emerged, which hypothesizes that each fundamental particle in the Standard Model has a partner.
The challenge for you as the client is, when are they acting under the fiduciary standard and when do they switch to the suitability standard?
The department is also considering whether to maintain a "preponderance of evidence" standard or a more stringent "clear and convincing evidence" standard for loan forgiveness.
They are content to keep the narrow body standard just wide enough to accommodate women like them, but not to radically challenge the standard itself.
N.H.S. officials who visited Calais Hospital were probably "not aware of the gap between a standard British hospital and a standard French hospital," he continued.
I stayed in a Standard King room, which is one level above Standard Queen, and paid $260, a slight increase from the $225 starting point.
Changing the "abusiveness" standard was necessary to reduce uncertainty for financial firms confused by how to approach the new legal standard, according to CFPB officials.
The eero Beacon is a Wi-Fi access point that plugs into standard outlets to extend your connectivity better than a standard Wi-Fi booster.
Brokers or financial advisors working for a broker-dealer firm or an insurance company are held only to a suitability standard (not a fiduciary standard).
"There's a standard to become an Army ranger, and you have to maintain a certain standard," Kirby said, describing Rangers as "a prestigious, elite" community.
So no particular standard of proof applies at all -- or, more precisely, each Senator can apply whatever standard of proof he or she feels appropriate.
Winning: People taking the standard deduction Taxes should get easier since the standard deduction nearly doubled to $12,200 for individuals and $24,400 for married couples.
Lawmakers in several New England states, tired of turning the clocks back, want to leave Eastern Standard Time and join the Atlantic Standard time zone.
And if it's not standard practice for a Broadway cast to single out a single audience member, Mike Pence is not a standard audience member.
He's wearing a pretty standard Wehrmacht tunic, though his greatcoat sure isn't standard issue and it immediately designates him as somewhat different from his fellow soldiers.
"We believe in the quality standard they created," Wolfson said, adding that numerous companies offer products that comply with that standard, which was issued in November.
However, because it was announced in November 26, there are very, very few TVs with ports that support the standard, or cables made to the standard.
Teaching affirmative consent does something profound: It shifts the acceptable moral standard for sex, making it much clearer to everyone when someone is violating that standard.
Twenty-two percent of patients treated with ZMapp, in addition to standard supportive measures died, compared with 37% of patients who received standard treatment without ZMapp.
La'Shaunae: Universal Standard Thames Fog Top, $60, available at Universal Standard; ASOS Curve Cami Body, $35, available at ASOS; Avenue Denim Skirt, $50, available at Avenue.
La'Shaunae: Universal Standard Loire Ribbed Tank, $40, available at Universal Standard; Avenue Denim Skirt, $50, available at Avenue; Torrid Distressed Denim Jacket, $44.17, available at Torrid.
In fact, Clinton did not say she "hoped" the TPP would be the gold standard, at the time she said the deal set the gold standard.
A spokesman for Standard Chartered confirmed the contents of Tuesday's memo, which was sent to hundreds of Standard Chartered's senior managers, but declined to comment further.
The Nitehawk X10 R9000 runs on the new 802.11ad networking standard, which is theoretically seven times faster than the 802.11ac standard utilized by most routers now.
"The U.S. standard, when it's a warrant and when it's properly executed, is the most privacy-protecting standard," said Camille Fischer of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
Half were randomly assigned to enhanced standard care for five months and the remaining 182 to enhanced standard care plus improvisational music therapy for five months.
AAOIFI will also look at amendments to its standard for investment accounts and a new standard covering Islamic derivatives such as waad and khayar, Merah added.
Since sexual changes are a pretty standard part of cancer treatment, it seems like addressing them should be a pretty standard part of treatment too, right?
That highlights the double standard that far too many influential figures apply to anti-Semitism — a double standard that long predates the ugly utterances of Rep.
Comey contends that the standard in Clinton's case was the extreme public interest and acknowledged during the hearing that Trump's case seemed to meet that standard.
The company was testing its drug, algenpantucel-L, in combination with standard-of-care therapy, against standard treatment alone, in 722 patients with surgically removed cancer.
"I'd like to emphasize that we have only been using standard ammunition only, not special, nothing out of the ordinary, standard sniper ammunition only," he adds.
Standard Store, operated by a San Francisco-based startup called Standard Cognition, is open to the public and meant to showcase the company's autonomous checkout technology.
Before being lowered by the Obama administration, students accused of sexual misconduct were reviewed under the clear preponderance standard or a "clear and convincing evidence" standard.
A larger standard deduction, combined with cutbacks in itemized deductions, would prompt millions of Americans to simplify their tax filing by switching to the standard deduction.
"Every other president went out there and gave big speeches — don't hold them to a second standard, don't give a double standard to him," he said.
In his new role, he will receive an annual salary of 1.25 million pounds, or about $1.6 million, as well as "standard benefits," Standard Chartered said.
Kennedy raised concerns about the rule, which overturns the standard the standard set by the board in 85033, in a letter to NLRB Chairman John Ring.
In 26.1, Standard & Poor's and MSCI, two providers of indexes, joined forces to create 26.6 categories of investments that they called the Global Industry Classification Standard.
We can reasonably assert this because the engineers who built the 24 fake, following standard procedure, dutifully stenciled the plane's standard tire pressure on the fuselage.
Leader McConnell set that standard in 2016 when he denied Judge Garland a hearing for nearly a year, and the Senate should follow the McConnell Standard.
I don't know if his actions meet the legal standard of obstruction of justice, but they certainly meet the common-sense standard of interference with justice.
MOSCOW, Nov 29 (Reuters) - Russian Standard Ltd, a company linked to Rustam Tariko who owns Russian Standard Bank which defaulted on the Eurobond due on Oct.
Not only is the standard almost impossible not to satisfy but, unlike standard warrants, the surveillance — even abusive or groundless searches — can be kept secret forever.
That standard was established in the 1990s, and the Affordable Care Act expanded the standard to apply to all workplace and individual insurance plans in 2010.
"Standard screening and referral procedures for depression are not standard practice during hospitalization, and omission of screening varies between 29%-68% in CR programs," they noted.
Barclays, Standard Chartered, Lloyds Banking Group and HSBC all gained between 0.3 and 1.6 percent, despite Barclays and Standard Chartered failing some parts of the test.
There, we enshrined the belief that the entire international community, ourselves included, should be held to a higher standard — a standard of decency, morality and law.
Influx shelter costs are generally much greater than standard shelters, but they often go to the standard providers, which are already familiar with the requirements necessary.
We have a lot of, really by any standard a lot, but not by this standard, but we're going to make it go a long way.
Experts say this means that the Constitutional Court has discretion on deciding which part of criminal procedure it will apply, including whether to use a rigorous level of proof, a lower standard, or apply a rigorous standard for some deliberations and a lower standard for others.
The app was created by Standard International, the owners of The Standard hotels and makers of One Night Standard, a same-day booking app that lets you snag a room in any of The Standard's New York (East Village location pictured above), Los Angeles, or Miami locations.
Russian Standard Ltd, a company linked to Rustam Tariko who owns Russian Standard Bank, defaulted on the Eurobond coupon payment which had been due on Oct 27.
To top things off, all of Azure's storage tiers (Premium and Standard SSD, as well as Standard HDD) now offer 8, 16 and 32 TB storage capacity.
NTSC remained the U.S. standard until analog TV broadcasts ended in June 2009, replaced by the digital standard, ATSC — which the David Sarnoff Research Center helped develop.
The sole is your standard chunky, rugged Teva sandal base, while the top has portions of the Ugg furry upper attached to the standard nylon Teva straps.
HDR22017 is the more open standard for HDR developed by device manufacturers (including Samsung and Sony) to avoid having to submit to Dolby's own standard and fees.
The only thing worse than having Trump as their unpopular standard-bearer is losing power and popularity because they tried to remove him as their standard-bearer.
Tesla says six times as many people bought the Model 3 Standard Plus, which has a range of 240 miles, compared to the Model 3 Standard Range.
Each watch comes with a band, but they're all standard sizes with standard quick-release pins, so it's easy to replace them with something you like better.
You have to know if the streaming service you're using supports that standard, and if that service supports that standard on the device you're using to stream.
There are Nintendo reps waiting at each of the stations — standard practice for gaming demos, though in many cases these games require more than the standard explanation.
PSA diesels under the current Euro 6 standard have cleaner emissions than many mass-market rivals, thanks to their standard deployment of costly selective catalytic reduction (SCR).
Now, we should always have had one standard for allegations – some standard of credibility or investigation that gave the public the ability to presume innocence or guilt.
It's looking more and more likely that Samsung, one of the last holdouts of the standard 3.5 mm headphone jack, is phasing out the onetime industry standard.
His and Biros's model for reconciliation and compensation is becoming the standard approach to priestly sexual abuse just as bishops worldwide are looking here for standard approaches.
The four-hour standard for Accident and Emergency rooms has not been met since July 2015 and the 62-day cancer standard for more than three years.
The standard deviation, when measuring the quality of physicians, is much larger than the standard deviation of airline pilots, though both populations are responsible for human lives.
Because it works through a different chemical signaling system than the standard antidepressants, people who do not respond to standard antidepressant medications may still respond to ketamine.
While the justices differ about who should decide the standard for intellectual disability — either scientists or judges and juries — all eight agree that Texas' standard is unacceptable.
Maybe a young entrepreneur signs the Founders Pledge, setting a standard for her personal philanthropy, and then Pledge 1% to set a standard for her company's philanthropy.
The board's ruling on Thursday agreed on both counts, but argued that the judge had applied the wrong standard — the Obama-era standard — for determining joint employment.
Aegis platforms communicate with so called 'standard-missile' family of weapons, the most advanced of which is the Standard Missile 3 (SM-3) used for mobile BMD.
But mainstream news outlets continue to be held to that standard and, I would argue, their news coverage meets that standard more often than the cynics think.
And if Gasser didn't have the ability to retreat, he could argue a simple self-defense standard, not a "stand your ground" standard, to justify his actions.
And if Gasser didn't have the ability to retreat, he can argue a simple self-defense standard, not a "stand your ground" standard, to justify his actions.
This is shaping up to be a very standard release — which, for a pop star as major as Justin Timberlake, is in some ways quite un-standard.

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