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"study" Definitions
  1. [uncountable] the activity of learning or gaining knowledge, either from books or by examining things in the world
  2. studies [plural] (often used with a possessive) (formal) a particular person’s learning activities, for example at a college or university
  3. studies [uncountable + singular or plural verb] used in the names of some academic subjects
  4. [countable] a piece of research that examines a subject or question in detail
  5. [countable] an academic book or article on a particular topic
  6. [uncountable] the act of considering or examining something in detail
  7. [countable] a room, especially in somebody’s home, used for reading and writing
  8. [countable] a drawing or painting of something, especially one done for practice or before doing a larger picture
  9. [countable] the act of showing or describing somebody/something in literature or another art form, especially a character or an aspect of behaviour
  10. (also étude) [countable] a piece of music designed to give a player practice in technical skillsTopics Musicc2
  11. [singular] study (in something) (formal) a perfect example of something

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"study" Synonyms
learning research consideration examination investigation education account advisement analysis debate deliberation delving disquisition examen exploration inquest enquiry(UK) inquiry(US) inquisition inspection paper report article review essay commentary critique discourse dissertation piece survey work findings conclusions feedback piece of research evaluation interpretation scrutiny probe dissection check scrutinization scan office studio workplace workroom den cubbyhole library sanctum place of work workshop workspace atelier gallery pottery room bottega shop factory plant foundry trance daydreaming reflection reverie contemplation revery woolgathering concentration muse musing pondering rumination meditation preoccupation brown study thought abstraction absorption thinking assessment criticism appraisal exposition opinion judgement(UK) observation judgment(US) elucidation crit exegesis appreciation rating pedagogics tuition teaching instruction tutelage schooling tutoring training apprenticeship edification erudition scholarship discipline inculcation indoctrination literacy reading science coaching pedagogy glance look glimpse view peek peep gander sight gaze stare regard shufti butcher's cast gape dekko drawing sketch picture representation illustration depiction painting delineation portrayal plan diagram outline design likeness layout tracing cartoon composition doodle etching perception understanding awareness impression conception apprehension knowledge comprehension notion idea recognition consciousness cognizance discernment grasp viewpoint concept experience intelligence expertise intellect wisdom ability accomplishment accomplishments acquirements acumen adeptness astuteness doctrine expertness foresight practice(US) drill rehearsal exercise preparation repetition routine run-through trial workout work-out dry run shootaround try-out warm-up background drilling dummy run recreation room family room game room living room playroom rec room basement games room pool room ruckus room rumpus room snuggery retreat entertaining family room media room snug TV room overview summary gist synopsis abstract draught(UK) draft(US) prospectus rundown summation abridgement(UK) blurb breakdown brief encapsulation essence application commitment industry attention conscientiousness dedication diligence effort endeavor(US) endeavour(UK) perseverance assiduity industriousness attentiveness devotion labor(US) labour(UK) persistence tenacity course class curriculum lecture lesson program(US) module programme(UK) seminar academy schedule session studies tutorial classes parallelism similarity correspondence resemblance sameness agreement similitude equivalence uniformity comparability alikeness conformity analogy affinity identicalness equality comparison semblance community ponderings thoughts anticipation cerebration cogitation cognition deduction deriving excogitation heed hope ideation work of art artwork object of art objet d'art creation masterpiece ornament knickknack collector's piece piece of art art work artistic production opus chef-d'oeuvre magnum opus production cyberethics cyber etiquette cyber law ethics philosophy etude photograph photo shot snap snapshot image print slide transparency portrait negative positive bromide film frame pic plate selfie history chronicle record story narrative saga annals autobiography biography narration archive chronology commentaries memoir relation annal description refuge bolt-hole hideaway asylum foxhole harbor(US) harborage harbour(UK) haven hideout sanctuary shelter hide-out querencia lair hiding place postmortem autopsy necropsy debriefing post postmortem examination coroner's report medical examination post-mortem necrotomy classroom lecture room school room hall homeroom study hall auditorium lab theater(US) theatre(UK) rough diamond diamond in the rough first draft first stab mock-up raw material rough outline rough sketch unlicked cub ivory tower halls of ivy hermitage intellectual isolation bibliotheca athenaeum atheneum bookhouse public library reading room reference library branch library circulating library city library county library local library municipal library national library noncommercial library state archives state library town library field area line department sphere domain subject branch environment activity circle firmament realm sector specialisation(UK) specialization(US) topic zone arena replication carbon clone copy dummy dupe duplicate duplication facsimile imitation mock reduplication replica reproduction archetype carbon copy copying counterfeit counterpart alcove niche recess nook bay corner bower cavity hollow opening apse booth compartment cubicle indentation inglenook anteroom secluded spot hole title theme matter concern issue motif point motive focus thesis thread argument content object proposal substance cram grind lucubrate revise swot bone up burn the midnight oil mug up plug away read up swot up apply oneself apply oneself to bury oneself in con crack the books hammer away at hit the books examine investigate explore scrutinise(UK) scrutinize(US) analyse(UK) appraise monitor chew over cogitate consider contemplate deliberate dissect enquire into observe inspect scope case eye watch eyeball look at clock memorise(UK) memorize(US) check out suss out learn read be taught go into go over inquire about inquire into take in work at be tutored in bone up on learn the ropes mug up on polish up on read up on gain knowledge deal with cover be about discuss tell of address relate to report on treat analyze(US) have to do with affect detail take major in pursue take up concentrate on focus on specialise in specialize in do train in master practise(UK) acquire a knowledge of be into dedicate oneself to run over rehearse train hone sharpen polish go through run through work out dress rehearse tune up warm up prepare qualify upskill apprentice take instruction become competent in become expert in acquire skill in become proficient in become skilled at have lessons in remember commit to memory retain know learn by heart learn by rote recall recollect remind store get by heart learn off keep forever nail down major concentrate specialise(UK) specialize(US) fixate centre(UK) center(US) focalise focalize nail direct attention to engage focus attention on key in on knuckle down on narrow focus to fixate on fix attention on toil elucubrate overwork stay up burn the candle at both ends bear down do double duty keep your nose to the grindstone pull an all-nighter sweat and slave toil away work day and night work hard work late work like a dog work overtime follow tackle undertake work in develop oneself in go in for study intensively do one's thing be engaged in apply devote commit give dedicate bend dig direct hustle persevere persist strive acquire pick up understand get comprehend excel in gain mastery in learn thoroughly know backwards become proficient at get clued up about get down cold More
"study" Antonyms
gap year break study leave vacation furlough time off time out novel story narrative tale book novelette prose narration novella autobiography biography drama epic memoir parable piece of fiction work of fiction research gap knowledge gap rumpus room games room recreational room awareness alertness consciousness attention mindfulness apprehension attentiveness responsiveness wakefulness sentience answer ignorance neglect reply harm worsening confusion destruction hurt conclusion findings glance cursory look peek gander glimpse peep look dekko compliment flattery praise idleness pass theory abstention inaction quiet silence connection joining mending sewing nightmare mindlessness asininity dumbness fatuousness foolishness futility idiocy stupidity stupidness brainlessness feeblemindedness imbecility inanity ludicrousness silliness simplemindedness simpleness uselessness absurdity absurdness heedlessness impulse thoughtlessness abandon recklessness carelessness rashness uninhibitedness unrestraint disregard wantonness incaution incautiousness spontaneity negligence remissness obliviousness neglectfulness dereliction wildness short shrift imprudence inattention impulsiveness incomprehension noncomprehension misconception unconsciousness misunderstanding misapprehension misinterpretation misconstruing misknowledge cluelessness naivete nescience unawareness illiteracy incognizance obtuseness illiterateness inexperience innocence philistinism sciolism simplicity witlessness denseness dimness dopiness disbelief indifference disdain inconsideration improvidence forgetfulness indiscretion apathy concentration landscape profile inactivity inertness nonaction otiosity writing authoring composition development aid allowance assistance help indulgence liberation permission details substance thesis body crux specifics detail heart particulars core meat essence essentials facts focus fundamentals dissertation exposition kernel root difference disagreement discrepancy disparateness disparity dissimilarity dissimilitude distinctiveness distinctness unlikeness discord entity inequality opposition original reality being disorganisation(UK) disorganization(US) play recreate party carouse roister junket enjoy oneself have a good time have a wild time have fun ignore forget overlook skip discount miss omit avoid bypass evade shun glance at leave out shrug off skim over discard dismiss unheed skim scan browse thumb flip leaf flick riffle speed-read give the once-over gloss over read quickly read swiftly skate over unlearn consign to oblivion dismiss from mind erase from memory get over set aside shut out turn back on educate teach edify tutor brief coach develop drill enlighten explain foster indoctrinate instruct school train show the ropes misheed unmind brush aside brush off paper over be oblivious to leave alone pass over pay no heed to tune out look the other way connect join mend sew mishandle misinterpret misconstrue distort falsify misrepresent be numb to be unaware of be unaware to fail to grasp close discontinue end conclude terminate settle halt drop ax(US) axe(UK) resolve scrap give up fail bomb flunk underachieve not pass hoard save store surrender yield do it once diversify expand spread broaden vary branch out mix up broaden one's horizons variegate lose track of

749 Sentences With "study"

How to use study in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "study" and check conjugation/comparative form for "study". Mastering all the usages of "study" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Study after study after study shows this to be true.
Study after study after study has proven that homeopathy is garbage.
Study after study after study after study after study has failed to show any evidence that HBOT improves symptoms of PTSD or mild TBI more than sham treatments.
Charlie Parker said that best: study, study, study and then forget about it.
A neurologist can't study that, a psychiatrist can't study that, a neurophysiologist can't study that.
The data came from six different sources: the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study; the Cardiovascular Risk Developing in Youth Adults study; the Cardiovascular Health Study; the Framingham Heart Study Offspring Cohort; the Health, Aging and Body Composition study; and the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis.
And study after study (after study) has shown that diverse groups financially outperform more homogeneous ones.
"There is such a thing in Washington as death-by-study — where a study begets another study begets another study until eventually nothing happens," she says.
I always tell people, you study a medication or study a device like this, how efficacious is this in the study?
Study after study has associated drinking games with alcohol problems.
But study after study have shown the opposite is true.
So it is a treatment study, not a prevention study.
Study after study has come to the same grating conclusion.
But study after study proves these claims to be false.
The last study is the Apple Heart and Movement study.
A study in mice is not a study in humans.
There is study after study that make this fact plain.
And if the ethical argument isn't convincing enough, there's the economic one: study after study after study after study suggests that more gender balance in the workplace makes organizations more productive and more profitable.
Apple is launching a women's health study, a heart and movement study, and a hearing study in partnership with academic and medical institutions.
This all being said, this study is just that: a study.
Study after study reveals that consumers don't want self-driving cars.
Study after study says they're less into booze, drugs, and tattoos.
But study after study has shown these claims to be false.
Study after study shows that cash bail may harm public safety.
The study of the climate is a study of invisible gases.
Tyra will also study economics, and Tia plans to study statistics.
And I would study the films, I would study the lighting.
Survey designs differ from study to study and are often flawed.
Study after study shows that voter fraud is hardly an issue.
The kissing study isn't the only spoof study of its kind.
Study after study shows there's simply no evidence for the claim.
That feeling is backed by research, too: study after study after study shows that women receive less credit for their work than men do.
But the study also highlights the necessity of diversity in scientific study.
Study by study, the particulars of climate change get a lot clearer.
Personal study of the Bible eventually encouraged analytic study of other matters.
But the study in the story was based on a correlational study.
"We hope to conduct a larger study soon with different study participants."
But for years, study after study has shown it simply isn't true.
For those scientists that study biogeography, fish may present excellent study subjects.
It's the next study that will have to study cause and effect.
Study after study shows that Americans prefer paper delivery for important information.
The study authors noted that there could be limitations to the study.
Anti-Semitism is rising around the world, according to study after study.
Study after study after study has shown they create no economic benefits, yet cities and nations still fight to host them, always to disastrous ends.
Users can currently opt to participate in three health studies, including a women's health study, a hearing study and a heart and movement study. 6.
The study, dubbed "AMA Digital Health Research," compared data from a similar study conducted in 2016 to input received from the 1,359 study physicians in 2019.
The study is part of the larger DeepHeart study with Cardiogram and UCSF.
The study The study included 33 healthy volunteers, between ages 20 and 74.
The study, by researchers at Kaiser Permanente's Vaccine Study Center in Oakland, Calif.
And he keeps saying it even as study after study shows he's wrong.
This study confirms findings of a similar study done in February of 2016.
Study after study suggests that different types of identities drove the election result.
Study after study tells us that they take it to the grocery store.
Study after study, and economist after economist, shows that our country needs immigrants.
They are as much a study of himself as a study of others.
Study after study finds that areas with more educated work forces perform better.
He said he hoped the study might encourage more study by oversight bodies.
Study after study shows that homosexuality is not a predictor of child molestation.
The major weakness is that the study is not a "true" population study.
Study after study shows the same result regarding social support and perceived belonging.
This multipronged analysis involved an international team of experts who applied metagenomics (the study of genetic material), metabolomics (the study of chemical process involved in metabolism), lipidomics (the study of fatty acids), proteomics (the study of proteins), and high-resolution microscopy.
Another limitation of the study: Diets were measured only twice during the 25-year study period, at the start of the study and again six years later.
The new studies are called the Apple Heart and Movement Study, the Apple Women's Study and the Apple Hearing Study, according to a statement from the company.
You can get grants to study sexual assault, you can get grants to study STDs, but getting grants to study sexual pleasure is still very, very challenging.
Still, a separate study published last month drew similar conclusions to the new study.
Of course, the Woo study is just one study, and its methodology isn't foolproof.
Their study included a request to manufacturers to study the safety of the chemicals.
And this was not a 20-year study; it was a three-year study.
After all, another study might come along and completely refute the study before it.
Chris, what about the numbers question by Ryan&aposs study and this Northeastern study?
With this group, they designed a "sub-study" in tandem with the larger study.
We are easier for dogs to study than dogs are for us to study.
"One large study we want to do is… a randomized control study," he says.
They used to participate in the church's Bible study groups, but now study independently.
Study after study has linked it to academic performance for students of all races.
"That has been proven in study after study," Justice Sonia Sotomayor noted on Tuesday.
Study after study shows that, despite being left behind, black millennials are still optimistic.
Study after study shows that states with looser gun restrictions have more gun deaths.
Study after study has shown that fraternity men are the heaviest drinkers on campus.
One study will be the Apple Hearing study, conducted with the University of Michigan.
The study suggests many women suffer in silence There were caveats to the study.
The study, entitled "Money, Sex, and Happiness: An Empirical Study" sampled 16,000 adult Americans.
We started a study we call Study 102, which is a placebo-controlled trial.
Study after study: You could look at the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies.
And study after study finds that too many such programs are, in fact, failing.
Apple launched a new app called Research, letting users enroll in three health studies: the Apple Women's Health Study, Apple Heart and Movement Study, and Apple Hearing Study.
The names of the studies also provide a marketing opportunity: They're called the Apple Hearing Study, the Apple Women's Health Study, and the Apple Heart and Movement Study.
Study after study after study came to the same conclusion: What most distinguished Trump voters was not their economic status but their attitudes on race, gender, and immigration.
SR: With this explosion of interest in Latin American art historical study, why have this emphasis on US Latino study when they seem to be parallel tracks of study?
That study, based on figures from a study by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NAS), was criticized by the NAS researchers who wrote the original study.
Apple announced three new health studies during its annual event: a Women's Health Study, Heart and Movement Study, and a Hearing Study, in partnership with academic and medical institutions.
In March, a study published in the journal Circulation used data from 80,500 women enrolled in the Nurses' Health Study and nearly 40,000 men from the Health Professionals study.
The authors of the new study cite a 2007 study published in the journal Circulation.
Researchers examined data from an ongoing population study known as the China Kadoorie Biobank study.
Study after study shows that exercise is simply not the best way to lose weight.
In fact, study after study has shown that sin taxes do tend to reduce consumption.
The results from the US-based study complements the preliminary research from the current study.
Study after study shows that despite our professed unease, humans bond pretty readily with robots.
More information on the PRONTO study and The VITAL Amyloidosis Study is available at www.clinicaltrials.
This "streetlight effect" is the tendency of researchers to study what is easy to study.
The study called for recruiting 50 people with a PTSD diagnosis, according to study documents.
"Study after study finds discernible fingerprints of climate change in contemporary heat waves," Shepherd said.
"When people say they study lichens, it is like saying they study vertebrates," he said.
"The conflict is not really between data from 'my' study and 'their' study," she said.
Study after study has demonstrated that teams that are more diverse lead to greater performance.
So let's take a look at a stronger type of study design: the cohort study.
The study was based on direct study of the seminars; it did not involve video.
STEIN: Back in the 1950s, we did a study in Framingham called the Framingham Study.
"I would call this new study more of an implementation and impact study," he said.
But that contention, made in the media coverage of the study, but not in the well-written study paper itself, is completely at odds with how the study was done.
The high rates of potentially inappropriate prescriptions in this study might be explained at least in part by the fact that the study included especially frail patients, study authors noted.
The average age of participants in the study, called the Health and Retirement Study, was 75.
Expert advice is pretty similar from study to study, and recent headlines bolster many of them.
Study after study promotes the importance of music — music helps the brain, music builds the brain.
Study after study for more than 20 years has linked dopamine release to feelings of happiness.
Study after study is published every year warning the public about the looming threat of robots.
To study the moon is to study the Earth and wonder: How special is our world?
The study comes from the Democracy Fund Voter Study Group, a collection of public opinion researchers.
The Danish study didn't duplicate the findings of the earlier study, but they do seem complementary.
Study after study shows that the more women in corporate leadership, the higher the companies' earnings.
And study after study indicates that global warming will be a major driver of global inequality.
Study after study has shown that most people (even other atheists) believe atheists are less moral.
The study used parental survey data of about 100,000 children in a 2011-12 national study.
Study after study has examined the "knowledge gap" hypothesis and found that it doesn't hold up.
However, the study doesn't have any data on which study participants went on to develop dementia.
In that study, participants only used cash when they feared card fraud, the study authors noted.
Sought after for their protein and the delightful health benefits they provide, per study after study.
This is the first study linking alcohol consumption with oral bacteria, according to the study authors.
The study included data on injuries treated at just 49 hospitals nationwide, the study team notes.
The statistics in this study and in a national study this month might understate the problem.
And study after study has shown that maleness in and of itself offers men unearned advantages.
The results from the study showed that 99.5% of the patients in the study were cured.
Study has limitations This isn't the first study to find earlier onset of puberty in boys.
Study after study finds that the primary determinant of a person's actual ecological footprint is income.
Take, for instance, Harvard's 75-year Happiness study, the longest study of adult life ever conducted.
"Brazil has significantly poorer performance than the other countries included in the study," the study said.
"[W]e ran a study, and the study told us nothing was going on," he writes.
"This study goes against that belief," Hess, who wasn't involved in the study, said by email.
The study was conducted using pay-per-stream figures reported by artists from an earlier study.
Study after study shows that companies with greater diversity have better performance and are more productive.
For the study, researchers recruited 68,946 volunteers who were 44, on average, when the study began.
Study after study since then has confirmed that e-cigs can deliver formaldehyde to the user.
Out-of-pocket costs for sick visits climbed 42% during the study period, the study found.
Facts First: Study after study has shown that Americans are bearing the cost of the tariffs.
Study after study shows that immigrants commit crimes at a lower rate than native-born Americans.
We're doing that in a current study, a replication of that with a more elaborate study.
Study after study indicates that the biggest obstacle facing women in the work force is sexism.
It doesn't really matter what you study, but you should study something that truly interests you.
The study team determined that during the 10-year study period 2008-2017, $88 million per year was granted for the study of motor vehicle crashes, the leading cause of death among children between the ages of 73 and 18, while $335 million was granted for the study of cancer and just $12 million was granted for the study of firearm deaths.
One limitation of the study is that it drew participants from a larger heart research study that required people in the study to have a smartphone or computer, the authors note.
One limitation of the study is that the data came from a research project designed to study improvements in weight and obesity-related disease, not joint pain, the study authors note.
And it caused quite a buzz on Twitter: Some people wryly pointed out that the study didn't measure fathers' kisses: The 'SMACK' study The study, which was supposedly led by the Study of Maternal and Child Kissing (SMACK) Working Group, involved 943 toddlers and their moms.
The studies — the Nurses' Health Study, the Nurses' Health Study 2 and the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study — asked participants to fill out more than 100 detailed questions about their eating habits.
The study was funded by Weight Watchers, and three of the study authors were former Weight Watchers consultants, but Pearl says Weight Watchers was not involved in the study design at all.
In addition, dogs provide a large and varied population to study, important in the study of medicine.
In study after study, more middle-aged Americans than ever before say they suffer from chronic pain.
" Rosenow said this study found "preliminary data" but doesn't believe "this one study is itself the answer.
Bloggers make downloadable study schedules and essay templates and printable inspirational quotes to decorate study spaces with.
The study is not the final word on carbohydrates by any means (no single study ever is).
"Microdosing is a case study in citizen science," he says of his 1,000-participant-and-growing study.
Study after study has shown denying women abortion access doesn't end abortion: It drives the practice underground.
The precursor to the Choice study, was a study performed by the U.K. consumer goods publication Which?
"This study pushes the envelope," said Stanford University's Mark Jacobson, who was not involved in the study.
The study looked at data from a 21 nation-wide study of almost 5653,2565 high school students.
The study used data from more than 57,000 women who were part of the California Teachers Study.
"This work is a first step in the study of stellar shapes through asteroseismology," the study concludes.
The idea of the new research was, "study the healthy, don't just study the sick," Friend said.
If you can't study wand dexterity at Hogwarts, you can at least pull off some independent study.
Study after study indicates that companies that embrace greater workplace diversity tend to outperform those that don't.
Study after economic study has documented that immigrants create wealth, contribute to GDP growth, and create jobs.
Study after study has shown that babies who are given pain relief consistently exhibit better medical outcomes.
Both the demolition study and the Chicago lottery study are hampered by their relatively small sample sizes.
That study will connect with a much larger study in conjunction with Duke and Stanford's medical schools.
Overall, 7.8% of the study participants developed a mental health problem over the course of the study.
The 26 study was only one facet of 1.793 years' worth of field study, the I.A.A.F. said.
The AAA study is significant because it's the most in-depth study ever conducted on U.S. drivers.
Second, as we know from study after study, in field after field, changing people's minds is hard.
Just like in the new study, the researchers in this study believe it could be stress-induced.
Study after study shows that the immigrants commit crimes at a lower rate than native-born Americans.
Corresponding study author Alexandra White told Insider that her study findings should be treated with some caution.
Study after study has demonstrated that we can make this transition by 2050 if we start today.
It has paid for Ethiopian officials to study China's irrigation and Indian officials to study its trains.
But no study ever took place, and the proposed study on the site had no government endorsement.
Study after study shows that money stress can be as bad for workplace productivity as back pain.
The study also assessed memory consolidation by having the subjects study word pairs before going to bed.
Molero-Chamizo designed the new study to address what he acknowledges were limitations of the first study.
Kidneys show signs of damage, repair themselves Runners participating in the 2015 Hartford Marathon in Connecticut were recruited for the study and 22 met the study requirements, as well as completed the study.
"This study is the largest study to date to examine the diet pattern with men's testicular function," said study author Feiby Nassan, a research fellow at Harvard's T.H. Chan School of Public Health.
" And now, a selection of headlines from various outlets that covered the study:  "Cellphone-Cancer Link Found in Government Study" (Link) "Cellphone Radiation Linked to Cancer in Major Rat Study" (Link) "Yes, your cell phone really could give you cancer, major National Institutes of Health study finds" (Link) "NIH Experts Question Fed Study Linking Cellphones to Tumors" (Link) "A Possible Cellphone Link to Cancer?
Food and drug administration to contain data from both dv study and df study * Lipocine inc- expects first patient of df study to be enrolled in q1 of 2017 with top-line results projected in q2 of 2017 * Lipocine inc- remain on track with dv study and continue to expect top-line results from dv study in q2 of 2017 Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage:
These include the failure to report deaths to the FDA in one study in a timely manner (Burt says this violation did not relate to the MS study but another lupus study), the failure to evaluate the side effects patients experienced and to report them to the FDA on time, and the failure to do interim analyses of study data, as promised in a study plan.
When Alfred Kinsey did the first major study on the matter, he asked study participants to measure themselves.
This study comes just a few weeks after Apple conducted its own study on third-party power accessories.
Scott Solomon, senior author on the study, called the research "the most comprehensive study of carbohydrate intake" ever.
Another study, in line with the findings of Grant's study, found that bread consumption could lead to Alzheimer's.
In two compelling studies ("Study 1" and "Study 2," both 2017), Kahraman imagines her body as the mahaffa.
Researchers looked data from a large, ongoing population study of UK residents, known as the UK Biobank Study.
Microsoft disputed the study, saying the company's return and support rates differ significantly from the Consumer Reports study.
And they produced study after study predicting terrible economic consequences if the federal government regulated greenhouse gas emissions.
In another withdrawn study, about treating asthma with antioxidants, the patients never consented to participating in the study.
The study findings aren't that earth-shattering, but the length and scope of the study boosts the research.
"That was a very important study," said UCLA postdoctoral fellow Hyejung Won, first author of the new study.
Study after study has shown that changing everything all at once just isn't sustainable over the long term.
However, study after study has shown that spanking is actually linked to worse, not better, behavior in children.
Additionally, study after study indicates an opportunity gap in arts education, specifically along racial and socio-economic lines.
A big point of study is Jupiter's potential core Another big point of study is Jupiter's potential core.
In study after study, they showed that when it comes to making decisions, humans are predisposed to irrationality.
Study after study has shown that self-reported vote intention is not a very good predictor of turnout.
A 20-state study by the Center for the Study of Hate & Extremism, California State University, San Bernardino.
As asthma rates climbed, researchers published study after study supporting what has become known as the hygiene hypothesis.
That's because in study after study, the data show that naturalization yields overwhelmingly positive social and economic impact.
Like the current study, that study found calls for kratom had become much more common in recent years.
Study after study reveals that young trans people are highly vulnerable—48 percent have attempted suicide in Britain.
Study after study has shown that poor communities of color are disproportionately affected by climate change, especially flooding.
The study received widespread criticism from the scientific community, and an independent regulator found the study seriously flawed.
Coler's firsthand experience is borne out by study after study, and not just when it comes to Facebook.
Alongside the primary study, Invitae analysts also presented a smaller study investigating this question, built around 102 patients.
The study surveyed 209 undergraduates who had used cannabis in the past month before the study took place.
Trying to study Facebook without these tools is like trying to study the ocean without leaving the shore.
On the other hand, symbolic attitudes such as group identities turn up as powerful in study after study.
But Elon and Kimbal wanted to study business, and then Elon went on to study physics as well.
Much as epidemiologists study infectious diseases, we economists can study the spread and transformation of these powerful stories.
Study after study has shown that allegations of widespread and/or coordinated voter fraud simply isn't a thing.
And, as study after study have shown, these adverse health effects can trim years off a person's life.
The study showed that reducing constraints to women's paid work could boost economic output significantly, the study found.
The drawing labeled as Michelangelo's "Study of a Mourning Woman" was Giovanni Girolamo Savoldo's "Study for Saint Peter."
In addition, he said, the new study population was three times larger than that of the previous study.
In study after study, psychologists have demonstrated that we internalize negative cultural stereotypes, even about our own identities.
This has been borne out in study after study, using a wide range of methodologies, dating back decades.
All participants in the study were using a statin drug in the two months prior to the study.
When Derek started reading study after study, he was smart enough to see the flaws in that logic.
The research and data modeling work done for that study have been adapted to the study of COVID-19, and the flu study has been put on hold while researchers focus on the pandemic instead.
No study has shown women talking more, and some (like the romantic-couples study) found them talking rather less.
"This study was unable to identify the reasons for the higher injury rates among women," the study authors write.
On average, about 0.7 percent of the study population had been diagnosed with celiac disease throughout the study period.
Greater study of South Asian genetics, one 2017 study concluded, offers great promise for reducing the devastation of disease.
The company works as an online study group where students can sell or purchase class notes and study guides.
The data came from a nationwide cohort study called the Sister Study that enrolled women between 2003 and 2009.
The new weekend warrior study was inspired by a 2004 study in the American Journal of Epidemiology, O'Donovan said.
For the current study, researchers examined data on 45,143 women in the WHI study who didn't take HRT pills.
She wants to study in the United States Tasnim Abubakir Alsalhi wants to study physics in the United States.
The study mostly replicates a previous 2015 study that looked at the numbers from California, finding very similar results.
Study after study not only documents the increasing time we spend behind screens but also their interpersonal dark side.
Study after study has provided evidence of the health benefits of drinking coffee, including longevity — coffee drinkers live longer.
One limitation of the study was the wide variation in study designs for the randomized trials, the authors note.
He went on to study in Ethiopia and then the U.S., before moving to London to study graphic arts.
Looking ahead, the researchers would like to study larger groups of volunteers (the latest study involved just 74 individuals).
Just like the GiveDirectly study, the Malawi study found that recipients of cash saw their psychological well-being improve.
I went to college to study English, which I'm super happy that I studied what I wanted to study.
The study, published in JAMA Cardiology, included 9,750 participants who used Cardiogram while enrolled in UCSF's Health eHeart Study.
Study after study has shown that much of our nation's infrastructure is either structurally deficient, functionally obsolete or both.
In that study, and a followup study she's working on now, she tells me there were some common symptoms.
Joseph Schwieterman, an author of the Chaddick study, said on Wednesday that the institute expected to reissue the study.
And another study comparison study found that Theranos' technology is less reliable than tech used in two conventional labs.
In the sixty years following Morris's pioneering work, the benefits of exercise have been measured in study after study.
Study after study has shown that undocumented immigrants commit less crimes, on average, than native-born American citizens. 19.
Indeed, study after study shows that encountering information that contradicts people's preëxisting beliefs often just makes them double down.
"However, in fact, you or another study employee actually conducted these study procedures," not the colleague, the F.D.A. concluded.
Data from Enns and Schuldt 2018 Midterm Election Study was funded by Cornell's Center for the Study of Inequality.
The conclusions were from David Becker, the primary author of a 27652 Pew Center study, not the study itself.
Study after study has shown that almost every social ill can be traced back to trauma experienced in childhood.
In fact, some even study cryptozoology, which Merriam-Webster defines as the study of and search for legendary animals.
Study after study has found that the fewer the number of competitors in Medicare Advantage the more consumers pay.
One limitation of the study is that researchers lacked access to patients' complete hospital records, the study team notes.
Underrepresentation at the study stage could widen the gap in healthcare between white and Black populations, the study warns.
In the effort to end the mayhem, it might be more useful to study ourselves than to study terrorists.
It's called the ABCD Study (Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development Study), which is funded by the National Institutes of Health.
The conclusions were from David Becker, the primary author of a 2012 Pew Center study, not the study itself.
After the first reports about the study in 1972, an advisory panel was appointed to review the Tuskegee study.
In fact, study after study finds that integrated schools are optimal for children of all economic and racial backgrounds.
Yet study after study has shown that most of the participants in these programs are working if they can.
Yeah, because you just see study after study, people are really biased and they can't get out of it.
Study after study shows how fish are defying aquatic stereotypes: some fish use tools, others can recognize individual faces.
Lindy West If November 2016 was a study in anguish for many, November 2017 is a study in contrasts.
The finding is based on the Cooperative Congressional Election Study, a huge study of tens of thousands of respondents.
They are planning a six-month follow-up study of their participants' knees, though, and a study of hips.
The study used data on mother-child pairs from the All Our Families study at the University of Calgary.
There were some other differences in findings between the new JAMA study and that previous 2016 study, Perkins said.
Study after study has shown us that poverty is associated with worse outcomes for many diseases, cystic fibrosis included.
Study after study indicates that our nation is less safe than other advanced democracies with sensible gun control policies.
It's the largest recorded study on narcissism ever conducted, Insider reports, with a study group of nearly 750 people.
Study after study shows that job autonomy is one of the most important factors when it comes to turnover.
I'm happy later on to talk about our smell study, or doughnut study, and how it relates to eating.
Here's what the study, which appeared in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, says: This decision [to terminate the trial] was based on [the Research Project Review Panel's] review of study [adverse events] and conclusion that the risks to the study participants outweighed the potential benefits to the study participants and to the increased precision of the study outcome findings from having the full cohort contribute to the final analysis.
The new study analyzed data from the Strong Heart Family Study, a longitudinal study looking at cardiovascular risk factors among American Indians who traditionally rely on well water living in Oklahoma, Arizona, North and South Dakota.
Most panel members pointed to the need of a larger post-approval study of the drug, a study that will be initiated next year, Thomsen said, without giving further details on the scope of the study.
One limitation of the study is that Alzheimer's can take years to develop and the study may not have been long enough to detect all cases that might develop with more time, the study authors note.
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Study after study shows that money stress can be as bad for workplace productivity as back pain.
The study is designed to enroll 125 patients in each arm of the study, for a total of 500 participants.
More worryingly, the study also found a bleak pattern among the 47 dogs who were euthanized during the study period.
The findings of the current study, published Monday in JAMA, come from this side project, called the SPRINT MIND study.
This study more specifically focused on the 87 men who self-identified as virgins at the start of the study.
"We could better study metabolism for you specifically," says Teresa Woodruff, study lead author and a professor at Northwestern University.
Getting off nicotine completely wasn't the goal of the study, and study participants weren't told to do so, Goniewicz says.
On the defensive, academics, energy experts, and advocates released study after study this summer highlighting the benefits of renewable technologies.
One laboratory study suggested possible DNA damage from PFOA exposure, and a study of workers linked exposure with prostate cancer.
This is the first study to demonstrate that the immune system can be affected by singing, according to the study.
"Study after study tells us that disease genes found in dogs are revealing for human health as well," says Ostrander.
Study limitations The number of participants in the study was small so the results may not apply to wider population.
Study after study demonstrates that your phone is awash in funky germs; some have more bacteria than the average toilet.
When the researchers replicated the study with a group of 1,731 study participants from the Netherlands, they noticed similar results.
"Physical exercise, study after study, has shown to improve cardiovascular health and prolong your life, and that has not changed."
"The young women in this study demonstrated appropriate risk perceptions," Breuner, who wasn't involved in the study, said by email.
"The study doesn't surprise me," said Edward Castronova, a professor at Indiana University who was not involved in Posso's study.
But while the study of other planets would get more funding, the study of our own planet would get less.
U.S. vaccine study details: The scientists selected 10 people for their study, and determined 6 were eligible for the vaccine.
"The current study analyzed several thousand patients which makes it the largest study of its kind," Guntupalli said by email.
In the second study, 180 patients who have completed the first study will undergo an additional six months of testing.
This is the first study to directly prove that the virus causes birth defects, the study authors write in Nature.
"Our current work is focused inch-sized small samples, for materials study," study author Yu Qiao told me over email.
This study, which was conducted across industries, echoes the results of an airline-focused study that Twitter released last year.
"This study provides dramatic confirmation in a population-based cohort," Gidding, who wasn't involved in the study, said by email.
Move, At Least A LittleStudy after study after study demonstrates that exercise is an effective tool in battling the blues.
In their study, which used 8400 24-32-year-olds from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, Sweet et.
A recent study produced by the Voter Study Group found that libertarians basically don't exist in the American body politic.
Study after study has confirmed the troubling finding that having kids makes you less happy than your child-free peers.
Study after study has indicated that women in power are perceived as being shrewd, opportunistic, cold, and not likable enough.
Study after study has found that pollution damages the health of nearby residents, with people of color bearing the brunt.
You won't know that from reading write-ups that treat this study (or any study) as a Columbus-level discovery.
Importantly, very few of the study participants who were flagged as potentially having afib actually ended up completing the study.
One limitation of the study is that suicides are underreported, particularly when they involve drug overdoses, the study authors note.
The researchers explained that Apple sponsored the study and owns the data, but the study data is stored at Stanford.
In September, Levin's Center for Study of Hate & Extremism released a study analyzing official hate crime data in 20 states.
I think to the question of does that study exist, no, because no single study is gonna tell us that.
Study limitations: The study implies that there's real personal damage being done to Americans due to the politically charged atmosphere.
Study after study has found that homosexuality—as well as gender non-conformity—are linked to being non-right handed.
One study by the African American Cancer and Epidemiology Study said body powder was "significantly associated" with epithelial ovarian cancer.
"This is really a safety study, a feasibility study," said professor and co-author Jaimie Henderson, in a Stanford video.
Study after study has shown that Americans are bearing the cost of the tariffs; Americans make the actual tariff payments.
During the study period, there were important legislative advances in vaccine policy, which went into effect after the study ended.
"Study after study has established that there is no casual link between video games and real world violence," Hewitt wrote.
This study will include two parts: Around 2,000 frontline healthcare professionals will get Oura rings to wear during the study.
This is a population-level study, arguably a worldwide study, but the results are being interpreted at an individual level.
Study after study has shown that the leadership at U.S. cultural institutions fails to reflect the demographics of the country.
Where were the traffic study, the environmental impact study and the admission that someone messed up by letting them loose?
Study after study confirms the internet is overwhelmed by robot-like computer programs that spread shrewdly disguised propaganda and disinformation.
The study found rates of ADHD among girls rose from 3 to more than 6 percent over the study period.
Study after study has shown that companies with greater gender diversity tend to generate greater profits and greater shareholder value.
Sleep and dementia research Study after study has shown a link between fragmented sleep and the risk for cognitive decline.
And study after study has shown that widespread voter fraud -- of the sort alleged by Trump -- simply does not exist.
Ms. Cottle said that it often seems like every year a new study comes out that negates an earlier study.
The study found that there was an average of 0.7 specialists per 100,000 people in the countries in the study.
The study was funded by Danone Research, which sells bottled water, including the brand used by women in the study.
Study after study shows that many adults do not understand what compound interest is and why it is so important.
The study was designed, in fact, as a follow-up to an earlier, interesting animal study by the same scientists.
"Study after study analyzing the Trump tariffs has shown that the burden is completely passed through to consumers," she said.
Study after study finds that income isn't a particularly strong predictor of far-right support once you account for education.
"I think most conservation labs have a wonderful study collection of scary things—for research, study and practice," says Scaturro.
Study after study show that facing racist acts and sentiments is simply a part of life as a black American.
"While this study raises known associated risks between breast cancer and hormonal contraception, we believe a robust evaluation of the study, including the study design, is necessary to accurately interpret the findings and reach conclusions," she wrote.
This study wasn't a one-off: As my colleague Brian Resnick documents, study after study has confirmed that white status threat is a major force driving white Americans to the right on issues of race and tolerance.
Canadian researchers looked at the first bits of data from a 10-year-long U.S. project meant to study how children's brains develop over time, called the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development study (or more cleverly, the ABCD study).
"The goal of the study was to look at the impact of cohabitation on marital outcomes, and at the time the study began, gay marriage wasn't legalized nationally," Kayla Knopp, MA, lead author of the study, tells Refinery29.
"Our study contributes to the narrative by providing a systematic study of burden by race, ethnicity, and poverty status across the entire US," EPA researcher and study author Ihab Mikati wrote in an emailed statement to BuzzFeed News.
The 'surprising' impact of behaviors on longevity For the new study, researchers measured the association between those five lifestyle factors and premature death using data from the national Nurses' Health Study and the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study.
Interest among American students in study abroad is growing sharply, according to a study released on Wednesday by financial firm HSBC.
Study after study has shown that women of both political parties are more likely to pursue legislation that addresses women's issues.
He said that they are "looking at every study" that has come out since their last recommendations, including the SPRINT study.
"My initial thoughts about it are that it's a landmark study," Sarah Ballard, an astronomer unaffiliated with this study, told Mashable.
He presented a Pew study as evidence of Trump's claim that millions of people voted illegally (there is no such study).
The idea may be tantalizing, but study after study over the past several decades has taught doctors that cancer is personal.
Soon, though, other researchers began accusing the study authors of "careless mistakes" and flaws in the methodology of their mouse study.
But this study could lead to "increased energy density, autonomy, efficiency and multifunctionality in future robot designs," according to the study.
Looking at study blogs and reading about study tips doesn't necessarily mean you ever get around to logging off and studying.
When it comes to onshore wind, their study shows a cost decrease of 6% since that last version of the study.
The study was also part of a drug trial, but the findings of this study were not related to the drug.
Dr Dietze and Dr Knowles began their study with an experiment that they told participants was a study of Google Glasses.
The PRONTO study was designed to align with feedback from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) related to The VITAL Amyloidosis Study.
Study after study shows that corporate-tax reform is a middle-class tax cut, not a tax cut for the rich.
Povsic was not involved in the study, but wrote an editorial about the study for the same issue of The Lancet.
Ornithology is the scientific study of birds, but Ornithology is more akin to an artistic study framed and presented as science.
Affimed (AFMD) will suspend the clinical study of its AFM11 cancer drug after one patient died during the phase 1 study.
Financial illiteracy is pervasive among the young, and study after study has shown the efficacy of financial education in combatting it.
Study after study has found that Trump's most loyal voters are defined by unusually high levels of racial resentment and animus.
When combined with data from the NEOD001 Phase 1/2 study, the PRONTO study has the potential to expedite patient access.
Shen, who wasn't involved with this study, has worked with Harvard University and Northeastern University researchers to study caffeine and endurance.
"They maintained oversight of study progress and milestones; we maintained control over study conduct and had full scientific independence," he says.
In a new study, researchers received data from a French population-based study group started in 2012 that included 143,592 participants.
More from VICE: The study used data from the UK Household Longitudinal Study, which has observations from more than 80,000 people.
For our 2008 study cigarette smuggling study we obtained private cigarette wholesaler data for sales to Michigan retailers that bordered Indiana.
These days more women study the arts in college, and yet more men work in the field, according to the study.
The Corps also initiated an environmental impact study that could have delayed construction for years; Trump's executive order canceled the study.
The new study focused on 395 pairs of melanoma survivors who had received training in skin exams in the original study.
From a nondescript office building on K Street, its researchers churn out study after study laying out the perils of immigration.
"Our study shows that the eastern Mediterranean region is going through a crucial health phase," the study states in its summary.
Unless you follow the findings of a major study on workplace toxicity conducted at Harvard University in a 2015 groundbreaking study.
If you're wondering why you haven't heard about this particular study, I can tell you why — it's a very bad study.
Across the country, study after study shows that students in schools of choice excel compared to students in comparable district schools.
Study after study shows that the best performing businesses have much diversity in the executive suites and around the boardroom table.
"I feel more confident now because of our (cerebral palsy) study, which preceded this study and does show benefits," Kurtzberg says.
By the time you're in a Phase 22 study with a product with those contours -- you know, that's a pivotal study.
"Some variation in the magnitude of the effect was found when considering study design and ovarian cancer subtype," the study said.
While 696 participants developed dementia during the study, 405 of the subgroup also died during the study period and were autopsied.
But it's telling that in study after study, economics plays so much less of a role than racial and cultural anxiety.
As in Liston's study, Mayberg and Craighead ran resting-state fMRI scans on all the study participants before they started treatment.
"Study after study has established that there is no causal link between video games and real world violence," the ESA said.
His book is peppered with brief stories and artistic allusions, and it moves quickly from idea to idea, study to study.
Pena said that, assuming the pilot study proves successful, the next step will probably be a multicenter study at various hospitals.
SELF-REPORT STUDY Self-report studies use data that is provided by the individuals who are the subject in the study.
" He added, "A study of the art of motorcycle maintenance is really a miniature study of the art of rationality itself.
The discovery "provides an ideal tool to study" molecular outflows from quasars and other AGNs, the team said in the study.
This perspective has led modern economists to study families, education and health, much as they study business strategy, politics, and finance.
Overall, 5.3% of teens and 8% of young adults in the study had levels in this "prediabetic" range, the study found.
The study is titled 'Global Corporate Finance 2016 Transition and Default Study' and is available on Fitch's web site at www.fitchratings.
However, data from the study has been kept under wraps until now in order not to impact the remaining study results.
One study found that small amounts of dark chocolate lowered blood pressure and improved formation of nitric oxide in study participants.
All were part of the Framingham Heart Study, a long-term study sponsored by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.
But study after study has shown that those who are seen as grateful, warm and justifiably confident draw others to them.
The Detroit Research on Cancer Survivors (Detroit ROCS) study will be the nation's largest study of black cancer patients to date.
The study, released Tuesday by the Democracy Fund's Voter Study Group, was authored by Lee Drutman, Vanessa Williamson, and Felicia Wong.
But study after study champions plutonium-238 as the best choice for a long list of reasons (including its half-life).
Another study showed success in treating social anxiety with doses of 400 mg, though the study was small — just 10 patients.
Of the 20153,000-plus subjects in this study, just a fraction — 10,500, or about 2 percent — died within the study period.
The first study covers the early period of the Medicaid expansions (Currie & Gruber, 103), and a second study (Howell et al.
"So you, with a straight face, make claims that the Marines' study was flawed and biased, even if you did not even go see the study being performed," McCain said after Mabus said he didn't observe the study firsthand.
For the new analysis, the international team of researchers met twice in person to look at data from a number of large studies, such as the Nurses' Health Study, the Copenhagen General Population Study and the Heart Protection Study.
Study participants lost over half a pound each week, on averageParticipants in the study lost an average of a little more than half a pound a week (0.6 lbs) during the study, which is considered safe for weight loss.
This discovery shows that the ancient Babylonians—and not the Greeks—were the first to study trigonometry, the mathematical study of triangles.
The study analyzed self-reported data from more than 15,400 middle-aged Americans who participated in the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study.
Regardless, the study adds credence to the fact that the brain reorganizes its neurons as it appears to do in this study.
I study my peoples' language because it was once outlawed, and yep, I have the right to study whatever I want. 22019.
"Also, my study had a national focus; the NBER study examined the use of lethal force in one city: Houston," he said.
Today's study is the first long-term and randomized study we've had on alternate-day fasting, following participants for an entire year.
In each chapter, she fills page after page with study after study, all generally in the service of making rather similar points.
I talk about the lap dance study in the book, which is a tiny study, but it's consistent with some other findings.
As it happens, the Study Watch is being used in the Personalized Parkinson's Project — another Verily study, taking place in the Netherlands.
Because we live in the Milky Way, it's harder to study — like trying to study an entire forest while standing inside it.
The money would be used in part to study drug research, to study treatment and to help with enforcement of the law.
And study after study shows that most people who use epinephrine auto-injectors in real-life situations do not use them properly.
Maust, who is not affiliated with the study, examined dementia as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana in his own separate study.
Without additional funding, the study was terminated and the results were never published, according to a study published today in PLOS Biology.
Study after study began calling out MSG as not only a cause of CRS, but also fat gain, headaches, and asthma attacks.
But the weird, …Read more ReadNow, as reported in a new Astrophysical Journal study, there's something seriously wrong with the LSU study.
"More study is needed" is perhaps the most common conclusion to be drawn from any study, and this one is no exception.
Both rates are all-time highs for the NACUBO study, breaking records set after preliminary estimates came out in last year's study.
" Though no study is conclusive, Ryan noted that the results shown in the study "are consistent with other investigations of this type.
This study compounds a previous study that proves that dogs also understand human words and even the tone in which they're said.
"We know from study after study that more diverse teams perform better," Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook's chief operating officer, told CNBC on Monday.
During the study period, the researchers identified 5,796 deaths and 2,784 cardiovascular events like strokes and heart attacks among the study population.
It was promising, but it's leading to a more massive study because I think the preliminary study only had around 30 subjects.
If Mr Barzilai's study goes ahead he says that those on the study could gain an additional two years on their "healthspan".
I say it's irrational because study after study shows the unlikely nature of that happening — it's like false rape allegations in general.
"Cepheids are ideal to study the Milky Way for several reasons," added University of Warsaw astronomer and study co-author Dorota Skowron.
Additional funds were earmarked for another expensive clinical study, its Circulating Cell-Free Genome Atlas Study (CCGA), which involves enrolling 10,000 participants.
The authors of the new study use hospitalizations from abortion complications as evidence for the number of abortions during the study period.
Study after study has shown that one of the ways the rich are different from everyone else is that they live longer.
We didn't show any tangible health benefits in that particular study, it was just the reversal— ALG: That was the 2017 study?
Overall, Agarwal said, the study analyzed a possible contributing factor to the risk of Alzheimer's disease in women that deserves more study.
A 2016 study "disputed the finding of the 2007 study that rainfall benefits Republicans," the The Dallas Morning News pointed out Monday.
Not surprisingly, study after study indicates human patient simulation is more effective than mutilating goats and pigs for teaching emergency medical skills.
Scientific method is not itself an object of study for scientists, but it is an object of study for philosophers of science.
The study found 249 people were seen following electric scooter accidents at the two emergency departments participating in the one-year study.
A new study from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism found that the use of Facebook for news has declined.
Nearly every study of Puerto Rico's economy — from the Krueger study to the General Accounting Office findings — calls for Jones Act relief.
While the study itself did not utilize the phrase "drinking gap," those reporting on the study quickly latched onto the buzzy phrase.
The money will be used in part to study drug research, to study treatment and to help with enforcement of the law.
A 2017 study by UCLA found that only 85033 percent of surveyed freshman planned to pursue education as a field of study.
Afterward, independent researchers — that is, neither from the original study team nor the replication one — evaluated how closely the study designs matched.
As study after study about social media and mental health makes clear, the constant connectivity of social media is stressing us out.
Another recent pilot study showed that over 93 weeks of ketogenesis, study participants lost over 29 percent of their total body fat.
The MRF has funded a study on the subject, but as the study hasn't been completed yet, the results are still unknown.
Much like 1972, study after study has shown that this election was about social anxiety and an upheaval in established social order.
The findings come from Great Smoky Mountains Study, a long-term study of residents near the Appalachian Mountains in western North Carolina.
"The study participants that identified their field of study/profession as "Arts" may not consider themselves 'artists'," Diesburg tells The Creators Project.
After the study was published, JAMA received letters from other specialists, arguing that the study was flawed, especially in neglecting psychological explanations.
In another small study, she used black and white actors to study white doctors' interactions with patients at the end of life.
A 1986 study on the influence of obesity on breast and uterine cancer infamously failed to enroll any women in the study.
Study after study shows that having a gun in the house is more likely to lead to gun violence in the home.
"In case a study comes up and I find myself dying at that time, I volunteer for the brain study," one read.
Immediately after the study came out last year, IBM published a blog post, "Mitigating Bias in A.I. Models," citing Ms. Buolamwini's study.
Doing so allowed them to study the backgrounds of patent holders (and the study focused on the most highly cited, significant patents).
EXPERIMENTS Observational studies involve observing and collecting data, either from something that has already happened (retrospective study) or is happening (prospective study).
One study used MRI imaging to study activity in the caudate nucleus, a brain area associated with the expectation of a reward.
Perhaps the most promising study looking at duration is a 1991 follow-up by Rick Doblin to a study done in 1962.
The study looked at about 7,500 18- to 343-year-olds from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics, which tracks job status.
But the American Academy of Ophthalmology denounced that study, because the researchers didn't study real eye mechanisms, or cells taken from eyes.
"People who study these genes have a head start over scientists who have to make tools to study other genes," he said.
If the Trayvon Martin study challenged his theory about the democratizing power of the internet, the Breitbart study offered an unsettling confirmation.
For the current study, researchers examined data from an ongoing long-term study of U.S. nurses, which began collecting data in 1989.
As study after study shows, e-bikes help casual users get more exercise overall, once they get going, than regular bikes do.
The ACLU's study was conducted on 535 members of Congress, while Buolwimini's study was on a data set of over 1200 faces.
The boy wanted to study international relations, but that seemed to mean he wanted to study abroad and drink in new countries.
The study did not end until 1972, after congressional hearings were held and an advisory panel was appointed to review the study.
A limitation of the study is that the surveys capture affiliation broadly and don't specifically describe the arrangements, the study authors note.
While the weather can also influence PM2.5 concentrations, the study found it had relatively little impact for the period of the study.
For the new study, the researchers analyzed data collected from 14,8 participants in the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health.
So he planted himself in front of the television in his living room and began to study — really study — his favorite team.
One limitation of the study is that this definition might not always correctly identify women with uncontrolled symptoms, the study authors note.
Positive study results The FDA said it based the expansion on results of a study of 212,29 women followed over 215½ years.
Whoever donates to that fund has no leverage whatsoever — no contribution to the study, no input to the study, no say whatsoever.
It is the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism, not the Center for the Study of Human Hate and Extremism.
Libby would move to Boston to study library science, and I would move to a small town in Idaho to study writing.
Study after study on the occurrence of sexual violence supports such a conclusion, meaning that more sexual violence occurs than is reported.
And it's not what happened here in 2016: Study after study has found that racial resentment, not economic distress, drove Trump voters.
The way scientists study bees could help them study hummingbird behavior, too, they argue in a review published Tuesday in Biology Letters.
Because this is an observational study and not an experimental study, the researchers stopped short of saying the medications caused the depression.
And on Tuesday, a study by Harvard researchers confirmed their suspicions: According to the study, Maria actually killed at least 22017,303 people.
And on Tuesday, a study by Harvard researchers confirmed their suspicions: According to the study, Maria actually killed at least 4,645 people.
As Vox has detailed, study after study indicates that immigrants — documented or otherwise — commit crimes at lesser rates than native-born Americans.
One study suggests that the short term effects Springer found in his study might not amount to anything serious in the longterm.
"In J.D. Power's 2016 U.S. Initial Quality Study — their most recent initial quality study — Chrysler and Jeep were the most improved brands in the study, with each improving their initial quality scores by 20 percent from 2015," the statement said.
In one poster, the words "study, study, study" appear above a boy reading physics, history, and political economy  books, with a globe of the world on his desk and a painting of a studious Lenin on the wall behind him.
The study authors acknowledged some study limitations, most notably that people with lower health literacy could have been less likely to participant in the survey, and that the study was conducted in a homogeneous population with higher-than-average education.
So, while planning a study that examined how allergies develop in babies -- the Enquiring About Tolerance or EAT study -- Lack and his co-authors decided they might also design the study to explore the connection between infant diets and sleep habits.
The study, conducted during WWII and aptly known as either the "Minnesota Starvation Experiment" or simply the "Starvation Study," tested the effects of starvation on men who were conscientious objectors of war and who had volunteered to participate in the study.
Teen suicide rates immediately dropped after same-sex marriage was legalized, study says Teen suicide rates immediately dropped after same-sex marriage was legalized, study says A new study shows teen suicide attempts dropped after states passed same-sex marriage laws.
Since its inception in 1935, Alcoholics Anonymous and its effects were hard to study in the absence of adequate study methods, said Dr. Keith Humphreys, study researcher and professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Stanford University's School of Medicine.
Mom's lifestyle could be key to childhood obesity, study suggests Coffee linked to longer life in latest study, suggesting it's part of a healthy diet Young Americans are the loneliest, surprising study from Cigna shows The measures appear to be working.
The genome-wide association study was the "largest ever study" looking into genes that could be associated with anxiety, according to Daniel Levey, a postdoctorate associate at the Yale School of Medicine and one of the authors of the study.
"The study looks generally fine to us and within our expectation and we appreciate the more important study reads out in May, which is the Phase 3 one-year safety study," Jefferies analyst Michael Yee said in a client note.
The legislation called for a study on the potential effect of well stimulation, but matrix acidizing would not be part of the study.
This fear spiked when a small 1998 study linked the measles vaccine and autism (a study later found fraudulent and retracted), Fauci says.
In that study, scientists at the Wellcome Sanger Institute in Britain recreated the original study and found that there weren't significant unexpected mutations.
But a recent study published in the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion found that Christian churches are generally becoming increasingly multiracial.
Regardless, as Newsweek reported, study author Peter Setlow perfers paper towels, which are now stocked at all 36 bathrooms used in the study.
The people had been enrolled in a long-running study, known as the UK Biobank study, of how genetics can affect people's health.
The new study, published in the journal Science Advances on Wednesday, used an independent dataset of ocean temperatures to check the NOAA study.
"This study is a paradigm shifter," proclaimed study co-author Dennis Steinler, a neuroscientist and aging expert at Tufts University, in a statement.
Today's study provides "the first evidence" of this lake, says study author Sanjeev Gupta, a professor of Earth science at Imperial College, London.
Data for the analysis came from 22019,716 men in the Health Professionals follow-up study and 80,647 women in the Nurses' Health Study.
A controversial study claimed teens abruptly change genders due to peer pressure — but a scathing new critique found the study used shoddy science.
But the moves are all aimed at making sweet-flavored e-cigarettes less available, since study after study says they're appealing to teens.
The study, led by study co-author Marco Springmann, a postdoctoral researcher at Oxford University, compared four global food consumption and emissions scenarios.
An observational study from 2012 of nearly 60,000 women in the Nurses Health Study II also suggested sleep patterns may affect pneumonia risk.
In a 10-year study, researchers found 854 cases of gestational diabetes in 21,693 pregnancies among women participating in a larger health study.
Source: Nationwide Retirement Institute Consumer Social Security Study, June 22016 Personal health problems were named by 251 percent of overall retiree study respondents.
"I think it's a really exciting study," says Sriram Sankararaman, a computer scientist and geneticist at UCLA, who wasn't involved in the study.
The study of microplastic pollution is a relatively new field, and microplastics are difficult to study because their size and seemingly endless sources.
Study after study testifies that married people are healthier, wealthier and happier than unmarried ones, and less likely to split from their partners.
In a study published on Wednesday in Science Advances, researchers from Columbia's Earth Institute used climate models to study what caused the megadroughts.
Van Breugel wasn't involved in the new study, but she has worked with Riffell and study co-author Michael Dickinson in the past.
He pointed to a study he had commissioned in January to study the effects on New York of legalization in those neighboring states.
In study after study, we find this social and cultural mismatch — these constant microaggressions that suggest to these students that they don't belong.
While the study doesn't specify what researchers defined as an "older mother," a similar study constituted an older mom as someone over 35.
The agencies that run LA's buses and trains have mounted study after study of the problem, proposing answers that have never been implemented.
Limitations: The study only looked at people who were hospitalized, so some mild cases of TBI may not be included in the study.
The Pew study comes on the heels of an April Pew study about belief in God in America, and the differences are instructive.
Because the new study looked at prescription data between 2006 and 2015, the study didn't account for the impact of these new recommendations.
One study found this type of circuit in mice; a few weeks later, a different study suggested a similar pathway exists in humans.
In our study of this literature we found nearly one paper in six has an error that changes the conclusions of the study.
As for the new study, "this is the most comprehensive study to date of how this varies by levels of deprivation," McKee said.
The study hypothesizes people are over-reporting the efforts they're making to lose weight (the study data comes from a nationally representative survey).
A 2014 study showed there were more coal-fired power plants built in the decade before the study than in any previous decade.
A study found that over one in four health care dollars are spent on the practice of defensive medicine, a Gallup study found.
A DHS university-based research center to study domestic terrorism and create a database to study U.S. domestic terrorism would also be established.
Since 1964, the US Surgeon General has summarized the findings of study after study, none of which shows evidence that tobacco causes mesothelioma.
What you need to know about that big study on cell phones and cancer Study confirms we all use our phones while driving
According to the study, rapid, fundamental shifts like what the study finds have previously only been observed in the record of historical climate.
They looked at data on 180,216 women in the UK Biobank study and 228,30 women in the Breast Cancer Association Consortium (BCAC) study.
Background: This study builds on prior research that indicated HPV screening is more effective than Pap tests, study author Gina Ogilvie tells Axios.
" Hassid called the study a "large step" toward distinguishing gluten sensitivity from fad dieting, but she cautioned that it was "just one study.
During the study period, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) made 440,173 arrests, the study team notes in the American Journal of Public Health.
Another difference was that the Broaden study sited the electrodes by a method that Mayberg happened to abandon as the Broaden study began.
It seems that a year after the study was announced and the scientists took the tests, the study was less salient to them.
Whereas the Oregon study lasted only two years, the Medicaid studies and the Massachusetts study looked at four to five years of data.
Before the ECA study, attempts to study mental health and violence typically started either in psychiatric hospitals or in the criminal justice system.
Does our current method of doing so — study by study, conclusion by conclusion — make us more informed as readers or simply more mistrustful?
Study after study has demonstrated that elevated blood pressure is correctly diagnosed in less than one-quarter of the children who have it.
A CDC study in Austin found that first-time riders accounted for a third of all e-scooter injuries tracked by the study.
But when we compile observational study on top of observational study, we become more likely to achieve statistical significance without improving clinical significance.
Some study the ecology or evolutionary taxonomy of their favorite species or map their populations or breed them to study their life histories.
In the current study, researchers examined data on 54,710 women who participated in a health study of U.S. nurses from 1989 to 2015.
In 2010, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which I direct, was authorized to study mandatory arbitration and write rules consistent with the study.
NIAID said that those study participants are being informed of the trial stopping and researchers will continue to follow study participants over time.
The university also said it would keep current study abroad students, as well as students who applied for upcoming study abroad programs, updated.
That if he does offer lessons, they are not found in the study of international relations but in the study of human nature?
The study including nearly 750 people, published December 10 in the journal Psychology and Aging, is the largest study of narcissism to date.
In fact, in one study researchers found that participants who learned a new skill experienced improvement in the memory tests within the study.
At one point in the protest, children began chanting, "We want to study, we want to study!" according to the ACLU's Rochelle Garza.
Children in the crowd made their voices heard, chanting, "We want to study, we want to study!" according to the ACLU's Rochelle Garza.
Solar and wind groups hail study: Unsurprisingly, the heads of top solar and wind power industry groups hailed the results of the study.
When I do fight sequences and stunts as Batwoman, I do the Alexander Technique, where we study the bat and study the movement.
The study lacked data on patients' education levels, socioeconomic status or lifestyle that could influence the risks for dementia and other study outcomes.
Also, in terms of the millionaires in my study, those who pursued this path were also the least wealthy millionaires in my study.
But the FAME study was not a comprehensive assessment of the incidence of Parkinson's disease among those in the wider Agricultural Health Study.
The condition can manifest in other extremities, like fingers and toes, according to a study published in the U.S. National Study of Medicine.
For the brain scans, he used magnetic resonance imaging to study the gray matter, and diffusion tensor imaging to study the white matter.
"The current study adds to the body of growing literature describing this complication," Andresen, who wasn't involved in the study, said by email.
"The material analyzed in this study is probably the most ancient archeological solid residue of cheese ever found to date," the study says.
Though the study is one of the first to track survivors of gun violence, limitations in this study include a small sample size.
One study found that laptops or tablets consistently undermine exam performance by 1.7 percent (a significant difference in the context of the study).
Although the study controlled for many health and behavioral characteristics, the study showed only an association and could not prove cause and effect.
The British study, in Scientific Reports, included 3,590 people, average age 67, who were free of dementia at the start of the study.
Study after study has repeatedly found that where you live can have an enormous effect on your life — from income to life expectancy.
No matter what happens to the oceans' fish, archaeologists will never study purse seines the way they've been able to study desert kites.
Study after study has shown the reversal in Mexican migration to a point where it's not net zero, it's actually a net loss.
Study after study has confirmed that racial anxiety, sometimes described as cultural discomfort, was the motivating factor among many of Mr. Trump's supporters.
Being concerned that the clinical study would do more harm than good, they decided to try and raise the funds needed for a clinical study in order to influence the study design and strains given in a way that their experience made them feel was better for the long-term well-being of the people taking part in the study.
Given those limitations, it almost doesn't matter what the studies have found, but here's a sampling: marijuana use is associated with decreased intelligence, a 2007 study from New Zealand found; or with poorer memory, according to a 1996 study of Costa Rican men and a 2002 US study of long-term users; or with poorer attention and verbal skills, a 2010 study reported.
"Generation Rescue provided most of the funds for the study, but of course had no role in the study itself," epidemiologist Anthony R. Mawson, study author and professor at Jackson State University's School of Public Health Initiative, told Motherboard in an email.
Careful study after careful study after careful study has shown that the rise of Donald Trump as a political figure is the result of a long-running transformation of the Republican party's voting base in which racially resentful whites became the dominant force.
"Study sets on Quizlet are created by individual users, each of whom controls both the content of the study material itself, as well as who can view and edit study content they have created," Quizlet said in a statement to CNN on Thursday.
All but one of the study aardvarks died, and nearly a dozen aardvarks at the site not a part of the study also perished.
" Scott, a Republican also campaigning for Senate, upheld the study numbers: "I disagree with @POTUS– an independent study said thousands were lost and Gov.
The UN Women report findings are nothing new; study after study has shown that women's unpaid labor is both persistent and overlooked by society.
Rose also found it interesting that the new study contradicted the results of the 2004 paper, which was a study of the same population.
The researchers behind this study didn't include any results that said a dog was less than 12.5 percent of one breed in their study.
These tools allow scientists to study how neural networks communicate and understand information, and would be well-suited to a study on neural dust.
Shihadeh, a project leader at the Center for the Study of Tobacco Products of Virginia Commonwealth University, was not involved in the new study.
One limitation of the study is that researchers lacked more detailed clinical data needed to verify the heart disease diagnoses, the study authors note.
The study doesn't necessarily endorse chocolate intake, said Carlene Wilson of Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia, who was not part of the new study.
One 2015 study in Psychological Science found that 15 minutes of mindfulness instruction made study participants (college undergrads) more susceptible to forming false memories.
Bausch conducted two clinical trials, with 36% of patients in the first study and 45% in the second study seeing their skin clear up.
Visayan warty pigs live in family units and, much like human children, study each other to learn what goes right, according to the study.
He's most renowned for his debut App Study Social, which exploited Facebook Messenger to encourage more progressive conversations focused on study rather than distraction.
We will study his opinions, yes, but we will also study his speeches, his sound bites, his turns of phrase and his travel schedule.
Only three percent of detained immigrants avoid deportation without a lawyer, according to a 2011 study conducted by the Study Group on Immigrant Representation.
That study, this study, and others all seemed to conclude that the treatment—as janky as it sounds—was safe, effective, and well-tolerated.
"Although the study sample was very small, the study provides an insight on a potential way to motivate mothers to continue breastfeeding," Washio said.
"Our study suggests that facial hair does not increase the overall risk of bacterial colonisation compared to clean-shaven control subjects," the study says.
One limitation of the study is the potential for differences in postoperative care to influence the risk for heart complications, the study authors note.
The study does have another thing going for it, though: it's a replication study of another one performed by the same team last year.
Nicholas Eriksson, lead author of the Flavour study, wrote in the study that genes only play a 10% role in a person's food preferences.
The observational study analyzed data from a broader study funded by the National Institutes of Health, focusing on 4,500 children ages 8 to 11.
Too few study participants Dr. Roderic Eckenhoff, a professor of anesthesia at the University of Pennsylvania, said the study is interesting but lacked rigor.
"This is a smaller study, but with concerning implications," says Bobby Najari, a urologist at NYU Langone who was not involved in the study.
Alnylam said study safety monitors recommended that the Phase III trial be suspended after patients on a previous study developed neuropathy, or nerve pain.
Not only does the study confirm that Repatha — also known as Evolocumab — serves its intended function, but the study revealed no new side effects.
Researchers will predominantly study the outermost and hottest region of the Sun's atmosphere, its corona, while one team will study changes to Earth's atmosphere.
Unlike the Lancet study, however, the Norway study only took in people who had already detoxified — eliminating one of the key hurdles to naltrexone.
When you get dropped off at the library "to study," but then sneak over to Tommy's house to, well, not study, you're totally busted.
For the study researchers examined data collected from men and women aged 54 and older taking part in the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing.
Study after study has concluded that precognitive exposure to images of people of different races produces meaningful results in the attitudes of research subjects.
The study, Sanofi said, found that they had not been put at increased risk, though the spokesman declined to provide access to the study.
Study after study finds that the uninsured rate in the United States is at an all-time low, largely thanks to Obamacare's insurance expansion.
Case study: Last week, Futuremark released their own study on the performance and battery life of iPhones shortly after a new OS is announced.
And the study was prone to dropoff in participants over time, like any study requiring people to open an app of their own volition.
Nearly 50,000 people downloaded the app, though researchers capped the study at 7,593 people who completed the consent process to enroll in the study.
Soon, she'll launch a longitudinal study examining relationship processes in polyamorous relationships over time—the first study of its kind in history, she says.
STUDY: ACA NOT SHIFTING WORKERS PART-TIME ObamaCare has not caused employers to shift workers into part-time work, according to a new study.
The study wasn't designed to prove whether or how exercise before a breast cancer diagnosis protects against heart disease afterward, the study team acknowledges.
About 46% of the study group were lifelong nonsmokers, and 22% of participants had some airflow obstruction at the beginning of the study period.
Cara began the first late-stage study for Korsuva injection in January and expects to start a similar study globally later in the year.
Worse, the variables, ported from the psychological study of individuals to the sociological study of nations, are unquantified and maddeningly hard to pin down.
One limitation of the study is that researchers only looked at BMI at one point in time, the study authors note in The BMJ.
It is no surprise that study after study shows us that representation is perhaps the single most important factor in winning an asylum claim.
Three studies have already been announced, including a women's study on menstrual cycles, a heart and movement study, and one focusing on hearing health.
"The study shows the positive effects of HPV vaccinations," said David Mesher, principal STI prevention scientist at PHE, and lead author of the study.
Study abroad students from around the world have been affected Students from countries around the globe are enrolled in Hong Kong study abroad programs.
One participant experienced premature ventricular contractions -- extra beats in one chamber of the heart -- at the outset of the study and during the study.
By the end of the study, women who used the acupressure app reported significantly less menstrual pain than women who didn't, the study found.
Study after study has found that women raise more policies related to women's health and issues like family leave compared to their male counterparts.
There is so much conflicting information, and study after study shows us that likeability is a uniquely sensitive issue for women in leadership roles.
Study after study has shown that global warming is already making wildfires larger in many Western states and is lengthening fire seasons as well.
In an editorial accompanying the new study, Dr. Jon Gould disagrees with the study authors' suggestion that insurance companies stop reimbursing for gastric bands.
A study on Social Security found large, bipartisan agreement on decreasing shortfalls, while the results of an in-depth study on Medicare are forthcoming.
Hall took the pre-weight loss measurements, which were reported in the study, and ran the numbers for a published response to the study.
Study after study has found that people living in compact cities have a smaller carbon footprint than those in sprawling cities or suburban areas.
And the study jibes with the big idea found in Liston's study — that people with different brain types respond to different types of treatment.
This was a prospective cohort study, meaning it was an observational study that followed women over time and saw what happened to them naturally.
The study of criminal justice is the study of power, and as a veteran legal journalist, Bazelon has long been concerned with this theme.
The Norwegian study relied on that company to supply fecal bacteria, but the investigators say the company had no other role in the study.
Until now, terahertz waves have had limited use in the study of paintings, because the wavelengths are too long to study the thin layers.
As of March 30, 537 people have enrolled in the prevention study and 74 have enrolled in the study on people with early symptoms.
The new study, in JAMA Pediatrics, used a large clinical database to study 16,140 siblings born between 1987 and 2003 and their 8,070 mothers.
I study with hardback books because they are old or specialist, so most of the day in my study I am reading from paper.
Our study references an unpublished study produced by Puerto Rico Senate staff that identified numerous cases of wasteful spending and opportunities for cost savings.
Despite the opening up of federal financial aid to support study abroad, international study is still more available to students with greater family resources.
But study after study shows us that the highest home prices in America are concentrated in the San Francisco and San Jose metro areas.
For the study, which is featured in the International Journal of Cancer, researchers reviewed data from a previous study that involved 46,709 female subjects.
Study after study -- including one commissioned by George W. Bush's administration in the mid 2000s -- has revealed zero evidence of widespread, purposeful voter fraud.
Study participants who received &aposstigma reduction intervention&apos were less likely to hate themselves because of their weightThe study divided participants into two groups.
One limitation of the study is that researchers only had data to assess prediabetes at a single point in time, the study authors note.
The Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies and the Sofia-based Center for the Study of Democracy released a study in October.
"For both students and parents it's important to understand the value of study abroad," says Lindsay Calvert of the IIE Generation Study Abroad initiative.
" Dr. Peter Szilagyi, one of the members of the advisory committee that heard the study presentation, said, "this is a really elegant, complex study.
Over the study period, the number of rural applicants declined by 18%, while the number of urban applicants increased by 33%, the study found.
The study only looked at Twitter, and results may not reflect what's happening on Facebook or other social media platforms, the study team notes.
At 86 percent, the employment rate for MBA graduates is among the highest of any field of study, according to a 2017 Statista study.
The late-stage study is being led by the Alzheimer's Disease Cooperative Study (ADCS) at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine.
When an environmental group released a study on the emissions discrepancy to the Environmental Protection Agency in 2014, VW said the study was flawed.
Moving over to the West Wing, the Private Study or Oval Office Study is a small working space immediately across from the Oval Office.
Study after study has shown that all-white juries are harsher on black defendants, make more errors, and discuss fewer of the case facts.
The study authors suggest these textbook authors are trying to "oversell" psychology as a discipline, to get more undergraduates to study it full time.
But the university public relations team and the media hyped the findings, and turned a small flavanol supplement study into a big chocolate study.
Study after study has shown that watching a screen before bedtime is terrible for your sleep — whether it's a TV screen, tablet, or phone.
This current study wasn't able to look at that angle, since most people in the Framingham Heart Study are white and of European descent, but Spartano and her team plan to study how exercise affects brain health among diverse groups in the near future.
Study leader Dr. Fasiha Kanwal, of Baylor College of Medicine and Michael E. DeBakey Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Houston, Texas, said in a statement the study was the first large, diverse cohort study to quantify the risk of HCC in patients with NAFLD.
Richard Seager, a researcher at Columbia University's Lamont Doherty Observatory in New York, who co-authored a landmark 2015 study on the Syria drought and civil war but was not involved in the this study, said the new study helps back up the earlier work.
But the reputation of cash in the development world has grown steadily over the past few years, as study after study after study showed that poor people don't spend cash transfers on tobacco or alcohol, and that receiving cash doesn't discourage them from work.
While this study only looked at short-term effects and only in male teenagers, a longer-term study would be able to help us understand the chronic impacts of blue light and in a wider population, says Schmidt, who was a coauthor on the study.
Actelion said the investigational drug met its primary endpoint — resolution of diarrhea and no further need for therapy on study treatment, maintained for two days after treatment — in its pivotal IMPACT 1 study, but fell short of the same endpoint in its IMPACT 2 study.
The study included 963 children and mothers from Sweden, who participated in the Swedish Environmental Longitudinal Mother and Child, Asthma and Allergy Study (SELMA) and 370 mothers and children from the United States, who participated in the Infant Development and the Environment Study (TIDES).
For the current analysis, researchers looked at data from the Nurses' Health Study, Nurses' Health Study II, and the Health Professionals Follow-up Study in the U.S. All three studies administered health questionnaires to participants every two years and also asked about eating habits.
The resulting bill, called the SESTA-FOSTA Examination of Secondary Effects for Sex Workers Study Act (or the SAFE SEX Workers Study Act for short), will direct the Department of Health and Human Services to conduct a study of FOSTA-SESTA's effects within one year.
The findings of this study were also confirmed in a 2007 Treasury study that said that there was "strong evidence" that inverted companies were stripping.
In a study, lactose intolerant people were given a dose of glucose, but were told they received lactose to study its effects on bowel symptoms.
Roof, an avowed white supremacist, gunned down nine people during a Bible study there -- a study he sat through for 40 minutes before opening fire.
Alice Auersperg, a behavioral and cognitive scientist at Vienna's University of Veterinary Medicine (also not involved in the study), was likewise impressed with the study.
"It was previously very difficult to study the chemical history of Pluto because of the paucity of relevant data," the researchers write in their study.
If anything, the new study points to the inherent difficulties in quantifying realms like bitcoin, while highlighting the need to study this area more vigorously.
If one diet emerged as clearly harmful or beneficial over the course of the study, an independent group monitoring the results could stop the study.
Overall, about 22 percent of patients under 65 in the study had complications, as did almost 24 percent of the older people in the study.
According to a company statement, Quizlet now boasts 20 million monthly active "learners," or users who study and don't just create study materials for others.
In study after study around the world, red meat is linked to more early deaths, more cancer cases, and a higher risk of heart disease.
But the technique used in this study "may serve as a blueprint for effective mental health screening in an increasingly digitalized society," the study concludes.
At the moment, he and his colleagues continue to study college players and have begun an extensive study with high school teams in New Hampshire.
But in study after study, page after page, fact after fact, the evidence for anthropogenic climate change, long clear, is harder than ever to ignore.
The drugmaker conducted two clinical trials, with 36% of patients in the first study and 45% in the second study seeing their skin clear up.
But again, since this was an observational study and not an experimental study, Li could not establish causation between the low-level radiation and miscarriages.
"They are refusing to tell us anything about the study or the $400,000 set aside for the study that are now unaccounted for," he said.
It may be a little morbid, but death is a part of life and when you study living things you study dead things, too. Wait.
The study, led by Grégoire Courtine, an associate professor at EPFL, is the third small study in just over a month to show similar results.
One study focused on data from 113 people aged 18 to 55, all of whom began the study while they were still in a relationship.
During the study period, more than 1 million men got new tests for testosterone levels and more than 283,000 initiated testosterone treatment, the study found.
One 2014 study found that hypnosis increased people's time in deep-wave sleep by 80%, which sounds pretty promising, even though that's just one study.
Back in 2015, a grad student faked data in a gay marriage study, and in 2013, a researcher falsified blood samples in an HIV study.
"This is a very interesting study," Trevor Keenan, an earth scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab who was not involved with the study, told Gizmodo.
A recent study by Bard's Center for the Study of the Drone found 235 separate anti-drone systems either in use or in active development.
A second study on West Antarctic glaciers including Thwaites was published on Wednesday in Nature, scrutinizing the alarming findings of another study published in 2016.
"She went through this phase of she doesn't have to necessarily study because some of her friends don't study," one parent said in the report.
In one study, the researchers found study participants who got some form of personalized diet advice improved their eating habits more than the control group.
The researchers behind this new study, based primarily at Stanford University, used the same design as the 2014 study, but with data updated to 2017.
Their research, Deter-Wolf hopes, will lead more researchers to study possible tools that created ancient tattoos, which are often the primary records of study.
She would like to explore whether allowing study subjects to voluntarily opt to join either a fasting or calorie-restriction group might influence study results.
"We've shown with our study that sheep have advanced face-recognition abilities, comparable with those of humans and monkeys," lead study author Jenny Morton said.
Study after study has shown that the majority of women say they have indeed done it before—but it's not just women who fake orgasms.
While the exercise program in the study may seem excessive, Levine says that not everyone in the study started out completing all of the activities.
Communist Party cadre training schools now devote as much of their curriculum to the study of Confucius as they do to the study of Marx.
The current study, similar to a 2017 study in the UK, found that some screen time was better correlated with happiness than no screen time.
"This is the first study to attempt to fill this gap and estimate infant mortality using hospital and census data after 2013," the study said.
To find our participants, we advertised the study online, and within five days we had received 1,000 responses from people who qualified for the study.
One limitation of the study is that researchers lacked data on women with milder forms of bulimia that didn't require hospitalization, the study team notes.
The new study, led by MacPhee and Hofreiter, built on the 2015 collagen study by extracting mitochondrial DNA from a fossil found in South America.
One 2014 study linked Facebook usage to depression, and a 2013 study revealed that Facebook had a negative impact on the wellbeing of young adults.
Historically, academic study after academic study will show you that stocks that outperform are usually stocks that continue to outperform," he said on "Trading Nation.
Robert "Bobby" L. Stein, the chairman of the board who commissioned the study, alleged that Secretary of Defense Ash Carter suppressed the study on purpose.
So the IDs of transgender people are often inaccurate, making it more difficult for them to "vote, study, and work," according to a COMCAVIS study.
One limitation of the study is that although language barriers are likely tied to education and income barriers, the study authors can't say for sure.
Barry is a character study before it's anything else, and character studies eventually reach a point where there's nothing left in the character to study.
"Years ago, there was a study I learned about," Weiss told Broadly, referencing a 2008 study from a pair of researchers at Oregon State University.
A study using a different method by ESPN's Brian Burke found essentially the same results, as did a study of English Premier League soccer coaches.
A congressional study has concluded that National Football League officials improperly sought to influence a government study on the link between football and brain diseases.
Early practitioners in literary study, the history of language, and anthropology were often ideologically manacled by the cultural mores that encased their object of study.
"We've shown with our study that sheep have advanced face-recognition abilities, comparable with those of humans and monkeys," Jenny Morton, lead study author, said.
STUDY: FED REGULATIONS COST ECONOMY $28500 TRILLION EACH YEAR: Federal regulations cost the U.S. economy $6900 trillion in one year, according to a new study.
Fidelity, which has received inquiries about the study ever since, without knowing why, told me this week that it had never produced such a study.
Study after study shows that bolstering a patient's immune system to help it identify and attack cancer cells can melt tumors and produce lengthy remissions.
Researchers started the study by looking at data on 792 men from a larger study designed to investigate risk factors for cardiovascular disease and mortality.
Overall, about 95 percent of rural mothers and 94 percent of urban mothers in the study had a normal spontaneous vaginal delivery, the study found.
If it's unfair then so is drinking coffee to study, paying for a tutor to help with work, or working in a group to study.
Still, one vaccine-only patient remained in remission for five years after the study; prior to the study, her cancer had recurred twice after chemotherapy.
Researchers have used the MinION to study the Ebola virus in Africa, and to study tree frogs in their natural habitat in the Tanzanian rainforest.
Study limitations: Hertzberg says the study is limited with the type of selected flights, which were all 4–5 hours long in single-aisle planes.
In a study of fourth-year primary school children in Australia, nearly 31% owned or used a mobile phone at the start of the study.
An Urban Institute study published this month, based on data from the national Health and Retirement Study, found a similar pattern among homeowners over 219.5.

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