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"control" Definitions
  1. [uncountable] the power to make decisions about how a country, an area, an organization, etc. is run
  2. [uncountable] the ability to make somebody/something do what you want
  3. [uncountable, countable] (often in compounds) the act of limiting or managing something; a method of doing this
  4. [countable, usually plural] the switches and buttons, etc. that you use to operate a machine or a vehicle
  5. [countable] (specialist) a person, thing or group used as a standard of comparison for checking the results of a scientific experiment; an experiment whose result is known, used for checking working methods
  6. [singular] a place where orders are given or where checks are made; the people who work in this place
  7. [uncountable] (also control key [singular]) (on a computer keyboard) a key that you press when you want to perform a particular operation

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"control" Synonyms
management supervision administration charge direction guidance superintendence government regulation running stewardship governance superintendency operation intendance command leadership custody guardianship manipulation power authority dominion supremacy dominance domination ascendancy influence rule reign sovereignty predominance grip hold jurisdiction clout hegemony pull ascendency ascendance controller button circuit breaker console dash dashboard dial instrument panel knob lever mechanism switch actuator brake device governor key push button rein selector proficiency balance handling skill skillfulness evenness composure poise stability steadfastness steadiness conduct expertise ability adeptness dexterity expertness mastery grasp calmness patience coolness calm collectedness dignity fortitude repose self-assurance self-command self-control self-discipline self-mastery self-possession self-restraint restraint cool equanimity headquarters base site station terminal post settlement centre(UK) center(US) dock office centre of operations field HQ command post benchmark criterion standard measure yardstick target touchstone point of reference reference point standard of comparison model reference guideline basis example precedent paradigm exemplar check diagnostic restriction curb limitation hindrance impediment obstacle fetter deterrent obstruction constraint bar barrier inhibition stop cramp stricture title possession occupancy holding ownership proprietorship tenancy tenure occupation possessorship claim use entitlement rights keeping right discipline training regimen rules strictness order orderliness education routine drilling teaching cultivation development domestication inculcation indoctrination regime system procedure process program(US) programme(UK) schedule diet treatment menu course of therapy tyranny subjugation suppression cruelty despotism authoritarianism harshness subjection severity brutality persecution repression maltreatment ruthlessness suffering abuse abusiveness injustice torment condition proviso provision qualification stipulation rider requirement reservation catch circumscription strings limit lawfulness law peace peacefulness decorousness decorum integrity peaceableness quietness seemliness serenity tranquility(US) tranquillity(UK) probity properness propriety mortification chastening controlling subduing abasement denial denying disciplining punishment step action act means initiative course deed expedient maneuver(US) manoeuvre(UK) proceeding move shift agency regimentation oppression arrangement classification collectivization division grouping harmonisation(UK) harmonization(US) mechanisation(UK) mechanization(US) ordering organisation(UK) organization(US) rigidity placebo dummy palliative sample try-on fake pill inactive drug inactive medicine inactive substance sugar pill test substance centralisation(UK) centralization(US) centralism consolidation monopolisation(UK) monopolization(US) unification concentration systematisation(UK) systematization(US) monopolism expropriation seizure takeover exploitation appropriation impact consequence mark aftermath bearing effect footprint ramification repercussion significance result reverberation pay-off brunt burden impression meaning sway imprint taciturnity distance introversion reserve aloofness backwardness caution coldness coyness demureness diffidence formality modesty reluctance monopoly syndicate consortium cartel trust pool patent copyright corner oligopoly something held combine outfit corporation conglomerate timing effectiveness judgement(UK) judgment(US) technique diplomacy discretion delicacy tact discernment prudence acumen subtlety tactfulness finesse discrimination care refinement paternalism interventionism overprotectiveness protectiveness spy agent mole operative intelligencer spook undercover asset emissary plant infiltrator informer counterspy nark snooper beagle detective scout snoop sleeper fluency articulateness articulacy ease eloquence glibness volubility assurance cogency coherence communicativeness comprehensibility expressiveness facility intelligibility lucidity readiness smoothness persuasiveness disposition disposal array placement arranging distribution configuration layout positioning sequence setup dressing gathering invasion capture conquest annexation attack incursion overrunning colonisation(UK) colonization(US) suzerainty entering foreign rule pain effort trouble bother endeavor(US) endeavour(UK) determination labour(UK) strength application energy exertion responsibility force strain assiduousness industry conclusiveness convincingness forcefulness persuasion suasiveness inducement slickness weight potency behavior(US) function workings activity performance task work happenings job manoeuvring(UK) maneuvering(US) concern duress pressure coercion compulsion intimidation enforcement pressurisation(UK) pressurization(US) threats violence exaction threat hardship arm-twisting harassment obligation polish elegance sophistication grace culture urbanity style politeness class courtesy panache civility gentility taste suaveness breeding iron hand jackboot big stick firm hand hard line heavy hand high hand iron boot iron fist iron rule mailed fist strong hand tight grasp tight hand tight rein tight ship normalisation(UK) normalization(US) regularisation(UK) regularization(US) stabilisation(UK) stabilization(US) standardisation(UK) standardization(US) foot pedal treadle pedal kick-start starter kick-starter regiment army company corps battalion brigade unit section squadron group platoon battery commando contingent crew detachment legion calculation cunning deviousness shrewdness canniness craftiness guile artfulness artifice design slyness wiliness chicanery cunningness guilefulness scheming craft shadiness shiftiness intention franchise licence charter privilege permit concession legal protection license performing right protection registered trademark contract agreement warrant vote suffrage manage direct supervise govern oversee superintend lead head administer regulate guide boss overlook administrate steward captain dominate operate run utilise(UK) utilize(US) handle manipulate pilot steer drive employ implement ply engage execute compose contain restrain restrict constrain repress subdue bridle quell master re-collect settle suppress adjust overpower conquer defeat beat vanquish subjugate trounce best rout lick quash overthrow thrash clobber worst engineer contrive devise arrange plan organise(UK) organize(US) mastermind orchestrate plot machinate frame finagle create scheme affect decide shape determine modify alter touch form dictate mold(US) mould(UK) predispose pace monitor methodize temper adapt systematise(UK) systematize(US) nobble persuade induce convince bribe corrupt suborn buy entice intimidate lure square swing coerce fix win over prompt activate actuate enable initialise(UK) initialize(US) initiate propel trigger start spark turn on set off crank up touch off trip monopolise(UK) monopolize(US) engross exercise hog absorb acquire bogart cartelize consume devour exclude exploit have maintain sustain retain preserve conserve keep perpetuate prolong continue uphold bolster up keep up prop up bear carry on go on with keep going persevere with hold to possess haunt bewitch enchant enthrall(US) enthral(UK) bedevil madden mesmerise(UK) mesmerize(US) drive mad have power over take control of take over cast a spell over have mastery over put under a spell eat up sublimate channel transfer divert redirect convert purify refine transmute turn reroute occupy seize annexe(UK) annex(US) commandeer obtain colonise(UK) colonize(US) garrison requisition hegemonize secure usurp gain oppress normalize(US) regularise(UK) regularize(US) standardise(UK) standardize(US) formalise(UK) formalize(US) homogenise(UK) homogenize(US) stabilise(UK) stabilize(US) make normal bring into line put on a normal footing even out legalize(US) legalise(UK) make the same make conform classify codify marshal(UK) catalogue(UK) compile sort tabulate assemble catalog(US) categorise(UK) categorize(US) list prevail overcome triumph win overrule domineer be victorious win out be the victor come out on top finish first obsess preoccupy fixate fascinate hound plague beset infatuate rule one's thoughts dominate one's thoughts monopolize one's thoughts domesticate train tame break housebreak domiciliate gentle breed herd housetrain teach house-train break in bring to heel bring up round up bring under control vary change amend evolve recalibrate refashion reorder reorganise(UK) reorganize(US) revamp revise transform tweak interchange own enjoy boast carry be the owner of have in hand have possession of be in possession of be the possessor of be responsible for police protect defend guard patrol keep watch on watch over keep guard over keep in order keep the peace keep the peace in maintain law and order in make the rounds of safeguard cover picket watch shotgun keep guard on funnel convey transport transmit siphon(US) pipe relay send channelize syphon(UK) canalise(UK) canalize(US) traject hypnotize(US) stupefy put in a trance send into a trance put out put under subject to suggestion dull the will lull to sleep put to sleep hold under a spell make sleepy make drowsy store stash stow hoard squirrel stockpile scrimp skimp bottle budget mothball put aside set aside put away take advantage of beguile deceive defraud fleece mistreat rip off profit from victimise(UK) victimize(US) bleed cash in on cheat ill-use jerk around More
"control" Antonyms
powerlessness helplessness hopelessness defenselessness frailty feebleness incapacitation subjection uselessness weakness chaos futility impotence impotency disorganisation(UK) disorganization(US) lawlessness mismanagement subservience surrender subjugation domination subjugating conquest dominating overpowering subduing subjecting vanquishing incompetence inability awkwardness clumsiness incapacity ineptness maladroitness ungracefulness inadequacy ineffectiveness ineptitude inexperience unskillfulness ungainliness heavy-handedness lack of ability lack of skill agitation anger frustration aggravation madness outrage restlessness anxiety distress nervousness discomposure emotion perturbation tension trepidation turmoil unrest turbulence upheaval worry inferiority insignificance unimportance worthlessness freedom incitement liberty advantage aid allowance arousal assistance beginning continuation encouragement enlargement expansion go help independence liberation licence license self-government impatience disagreement disproportion disturbance excitability excitement imbalance instability loudness noise perturbedness uneasiness upset violence disadvantage drawback handicap liability minus penalty strike negligence neglect neglectfulness carelessness ignorance thoughtlessness disregard inconsiderateness inconsideration unconcern unkindness inattention excessiveness immoderacy immoderateness immoderation intemperance intemperateness extremism excess extreme indulgence intensity outrageousness severity unlimitedness wildness overindulgence lease renting whole maladministration malfeasance misconduct malpractice misgovernment mishandling malversation misrule blundering inefficiency corruption bungling unruliness unconstraint disorder uninhibitedness unrestraint disinhibition incontinence permissiveness subordination submission compliance obedience submissiveness deference tractability docility biddability passivity servility acquiescence conformity submitting obeisance yielding bootlicking meekness affability amiability amiableness chumminess cordiality deliriousness delirium disconcertedness disconcertion excitedness friendliness geniality impassionedness receptiveness receptivity entertainment fun hobby pastime giving up anarchy revolt revolution rebellion mayhem pandemonium insurrection anarchism mobocracy ochlocracy nihilism deviation misdirection wrong way inaction inactivity idleness inertness nonaction fecklessness otiosity non-intervention attention care recollection remembrance success facilitation accessibility availability convenience yield concede forego leave capitulate cede fold forfeit quit relinquish submit waive discard abandon desert forgo forsake abdicate free liberate release acquit deliver disenthrall rescue save clear emancipate extricate rid unburden absolve discharge disengage disentangle disimprison dismiss disperse intensify magnify boost increase strengthen heighten raise amplify augment enhance arouse reinforce encourage extend deepen expand escalate intensate build up lose assist incite provoke allow loose loosen misguide mislead permit promote agitate awaken waken stir up whip up build fail inspirit preserve win give up prompt start praise aggravate irritate succeed destroy disarrange disorganize forget ignore mismanage leave alone worsen damage mix up waver displace serve halt confuse mishandle misdirect botch bungle misgovern maladminister blunder confound wreck spoil ruin fumble muff bodge mar mess up express convey state articulate communicate voice intimate reveal speak verbalise(UK) verbalize(US) proclaim declare disclose profess show say assert indicate exhibit rush hurry hasten force pour on expedite accelerate advance further quicken forward precipitate facilitate ease push stimulate speed unleash vent unbridle relieve air aim direct take out let loose struggle find it difficult face difficulties find it hard face problems have problems have trouble be exasperated be frustrated come unstuck have difficulties be below carry out honor(US) respect accept adopt support back uphold mind honour(UK) embrace follow obey implement execute effect effectuate recognise(UK) recognize(US) note serve in work in operate in overlook shirk fail to care for fail to look after fail to provide for fail to remember gloss over lose sight of not attend to deceive fool delude disinform misinform trick cheat swindle scam bamboozle bluff dupe misstate beguile con prevaricate hoax heed work for slave for submit to succumb to surrender to bow to be dutiful to be employed by be ruled by perform duties for take orders from accept orders from be obedient to have a job with follow the orders of be in the service of get out of control burst become violent cut loose abash addle baffle becloud bedevil befuddle bemuse bewilder blur cloud clutter daze demoralise(UK) demoralize(US) discombobulate disconcert discountenance succumb fall give give in to relent acquiese buckle bow cave in give in stop brake arrest deactivate immobilise(UK) immobilize(US) suspend freeze

628 Sentences With "control"

How to use control in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "control" and check conjugation/comparative form for "control". Mastering all the usages of "control" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Turkey Qamishli Manbij Hasaka KURDISH Control Aleppo Idlib Raqqa Rebel Control Latakia Government Control Deir al-Zour Hama ISIS Control ISIS Control Homs Palmyra Albu Kamal Syria lebanon Iraq Damascus Sweida Dara'a Jordan Turkey Hasaka KURDISH Control Aleppo Idlib Raqqa Rebel Control Government Control Deir al-Zour Hama ISIS Control ISIS Control Homs Palmyra Albu Kamal lebanon Syria Damascus Iraq Jordan Turkey Hasaka KURDISH Control Aleppo Idlib Raqqa Rebel Control Deir al-Zour Government Control ISIS Control Hama ISIS Control Homs Palmyra Albu Kamal lebanon Syria Damascus Iraq Jordan Turkey KURDISH Control Aleppo Raqqa Rebel Control ISIS Control ISIS Control Government Control lebanon Syria Iraq Damascus Jordan By Sarah Almukhtar | Source: Conflict Monitor by IHS Markit Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and other top national security officials argued that a withdrawal would, essentially, surrender Western influence in Syria to Russia and Iran.
State control of banks, state control of healthcare, state control of education, state control of religious liberty.
Thomas Reardon demonstrating Myo control Thomas Reardon demonstrating Myo control We have two regimes of control, one we call Myo control and the other we call Neuro control.
Control of operating room availability, control of the quantity and quality of staff, control of the equipment, control of the implants, control of the quality of care provided.
We control the budget, we control the tax policy, we control the health policy and we control use of force.
OPEC cannot control demand, it cannot control shale rivals and certainly cannot control speculators.
There are remote-control G-spot vibes, remote-control kegel toys, remote-control cock rings, and remote-control butt plugs on the market, too.
"We control the humidity, we control the temperature, we control the CO2," he told CNBC.
"Republicans control the House, they control the Senate and they control the presidency," Vermont Sen.
We do not talk about car control, truck control, or even alcohol or tobacco control.
As the great George Orwell once wrote, "those who control the present, control and the past and those who control the past, control the future".
No, the problem with "Control" is that "Control" doesn't do what "Control" thinks it is doing.
Some of it, China, command and control, Singapore, command and control, Hong Kong, command and control.
We often prefer human control to computer control even when human control leads to worse outcomes.
And when I look into merger control, antitrust control, state aid control, I find no U.S. bias.
If we allow those who control the present to control the past then they control the future.
Home EntertainmentSet-top boxesHome EntertainmentSet-top boxesCaavo Control CenterHome EntertainmentSet-top boxesCaavo Control CenterCaavo Control CenterWhat is it?
"We can't control [foreign exchange], we can't control the price; we just control grade and production cost," Lougher adds.
I use Differin to keep my acne under control, because when my acne is under control, hyperpigmentation is under control.
That likely means starting with cruise control and moving on to brake assistance, electronic stability control, smart cruise control, etc.
That is, that it can't control their borders, can't control who gets jobs, can't control basic conditions of their lives.
People talk about portion control – there was no control!
Anybody who has control over your budget has control over your operations, and anybody who has control over who you staff up in the committee has control over how that committee goes.
Her self-control mirrors Katherine's self-control, but Henson is also letting us know that she has always been in control.
To turn on Voice Control, tap Settings >Accessibility >Voice Control.
You can't control your hands you can't control your body.
Users can control Tidal via voice control or touchscreen commands.
"Control of the currency is control of everything," he said.
Why are decentralized control algorithms better than centralized control algorithms?
I'll take it — free birth control is free birth control.
Less control by the people, more control by the state.
If they can't control the crowds what can they control?
"It's about control, about taking control of your own destiny."     
WiFi enabled for control with app or Alexa voice control
"If Congress has retained control, it retains control," he added.
While we cannot control Mother Nature, we can control ourselves.
The old control the young; the men control the women.
OSCAR MUNOZ: The stuff we can't control, you can't control.
Chicago explicated the history of gun control as race control.
With control of the House comes control of key committees.
Yeah, government is big and out of control, and the only way to get it under control is to control the money.
From investment exporting to domestic consumption, it means the government control to market control and more government control of the market economy.
The systems that control our infrastructure are broadly referred to as Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA).
I can keep you home, I can control finances, I can control your food, I can control every aspect of your life.
"Quality Control Presents: Control the Streets, Volume 1," a compilation album from the Atlanta rap label Quality Control, starts at No. 6.
The FCU, or flight control unit, refers to a control panel used by the pilot to control settings such as speed and altitude.
While temperature control makes sense for more experienced users, Session Control lets newer users control their intake without making the process overly complicated.
"We can control training, we can control mind-set, we can control behavior and effort," Sicoli said as practice ended on Manhattan Beach.
Temperature control The more temperature control options you have, the more control you'll have over the heat you'll be applying to your hair.
Banks have huge control and too much control over our lives.
You'll be able to control playback via the iOS Control Center.
We, the Party, control all records, and we control all memories.
Republicans control the Senate, Republicans could control the Supreme Court for
Birth control darts have been used there to control their numbers.
Republicans control 85033 seats on the committee while Democrats control 11.
"You can only control what you can control," Mr. Roberts said.
" That's what nationalism is: "Take back control, control of our borders.
It's an attempt to control what is fundamentally outside your control.
Advisers can't control Trump's brain because Trump can't control it himself.
What seemed to offer you more control begins to control you.
They want to control the family, they want to control everything.
She is out of control, except for her control of Nancy!
We need to focus on crime control, not just gun control.
To enable Voice Control, go to System Preferences > Accessibility > Voice Control.
I don't control her political opinions and she doesn't control mine.
Smart cost control The Jayapal bill is smart on cost control.
"You control what you can control," Liberty Coach Bill Laimbeer said.
And if you want, you can add HomeKit devices right in your control center, so you can control your lights from the control center.
Almost all bidet seats will have some type of water temperature control that you determine using either a remote control or a control panel.
"We think it relates to motor control, motivation, cognitive control," he said.
Self-control: the ability to keep disruptive emotions and impulses under control.
The major form of analog control was a proportional-integral-derivative control.
You have control over everything, and thus complete control over your image.
It was easier to control food than to control how I felt.
Control and Oversight attribute Stronger: JIC is under tight control and supervision.
I think this control-free or control-light paradigm will be widespread.
Hill Descent Control and Gradient Release Control come in handy here, too.
If Democrats gain control of the House, we will control subpoena power.
New York State doesn't need more gun control; it needs parole control.
Next year, Republicans will control 27 governorships and Democrats will control 23.
The press is out of control, the dishonesty is out of control.
Uprising 'under control' Before cheering supporters on Saturday, Erdogan affirmed his control.
C: So in terms of ownership and control who has more control?
The two pitchers' control is off, and they're both all about control.
You can't control the outside world, but you can control your actions.
Control is a very addictive substance, and founders are used to control.
While this control panel, in the main control room, has been preserved.
"I can't control success, but I can control the process," Murphy said.
Cat flea control products and dog flea control products are not interchangeable.
Birth control pills: Taking birth control while pregnant doesn&apost cause miscarriage.
The owners may control the pocketbooks, but the players control the product.
"It's like I decided to control what I could control," she said.
Yes, I deserve birth control, but I also deserve better birth control.
Roku's Premiere+ uses a Voice Remote that can control fully control volume and power for the TV. It also uses a wireless connection for control.
Placed on the 'Exit Control List' The Exit Control List is a border control system that is maintained under ordinance by the government of Pakistan.
"Crew's control?" is a pun on "cruise control" and the answer is OAR, because that is within the control of someone on a crew team.
Though she is sceptical that change will come through the ballot box—"they control the press, they control the Supreme Court, they control the legislative branch, they control the police, they control the electoral commission"—she worries that Togolese frustrations could boil over into protracted armed struggle, as happened in nearby Ivory Coast.
"Control is an illusion ... there is no control, especially if you are trying to control a species that is much smarter than you are," he said.
Throughout everything, she struggles to survive and to control her own destiny, and she knows that to control her destiny she must control her own voice.
They control 32 legislatures outright and split control of another four with Democrats.
What's the point of remote control if you can't control a basic function?
SuperSuit can also control robots, like remote control cars and Sphero robo-balls.
He wants to control the arena, he wants to control the ticket sales.
For, if you can control cracked noodles, perhaps you can control the world.
And once we got rid of the control, the struggle for control, etc.
I've learned though, that I am in control of what I can control.
It's how we seize control of dynamics that often feel out of control.
They are always in control of studies in the escalating loss of control.
Read This Next: Trump Appoints Birth Control Skeptic to Oversee Birth Control Program
The mantis's brain coordinates motor control, but ganglia within his abdomen control copulation.
And Gage has been doing damage control and I've been doing damage control.
It gives me the control, whereas the algorithm means giving that control up.
Mr. Schmidt knew that those who control the economy also control the politics.
How much is Facebook in control, versus how much are we in control?
We cannot control the world around us, but we can control our attitude.
"She is out of control, except for her control of Nancy!" he added.
Gun control Supporters of gun control can't be that happy with the omnibus.
Today, Republicans control 26 state legislatures, Democrats 17, and five have split control.
I'm a control freak, and not being able to control that was weird.
They'll know about access to birth control, how to look for birth control.
Parental control apps allow parents to control their children's phone and tablet usage.
Democrats control the House, but Republicans control the Senate and the White House.
"Because they cannot control Yandex directly, they can control online media," Kovalev said.
What my conservative friends see is not gun control, but rather control, period.
It's a small measure of control, when so much is out of control.
Female animal control workers make 103.3% as much as male animal control workers.
"But it's got to be under your control, not the food industry's control."
Republicans control the executive branch and the Senate, while Democrats control the House.
But unless we control Facebook, Facebook will continue to help others control us.
He was unquestionably in control, it was just a different kind of control.
So now the Democrats control the House, and the Republicans control the Senate.
Harry Potter Remote Control Wand - £222.42 See Details Flick this magical remote control wand in different ways to control entertainment devices from the comfort of your throne.
You can, however, use verbal commands to power on the Control center, search for shows and movies, control the volume, play content, and other remote-control functions.
The system groups traffic-aware cruise control — or adaptive cruise control, radar cruise control, whatever you may call it — with a technology still in beta, called Autosteer.
Robotic systems might have two control consoles, but attendings rarely grant residents simultaneous control.
Two joysticks will each control pitch and roll, as pedals control yaw and throttle.
Other retailers are also taking control of their food supply chains to control costs.
We cannot control the hazards we face, we can only control how we respond.
We just need to handle what we can handle, control what we can control.
You can't control your sister, but you want me to control millions of fans?
You control the Boy directly and exert limited control over Trico by issuing commands.
Instead of Britain 'taking back control', we will cede control to other European countries.
One is antitrust, one is merger control, and the third is state aid control.
But you don't actually control either character directly — you control the flow of time.
In a battle between openness and control, Mr Xi is likely to favour control.
Be in control of your food – make it fun, don't let it control you.
"Someone in that control room is out of control," he said, before adding expletives.
That way you control when and how you check it – it doesn't control you.
You can't control what happened to you, you get to control how you respond.
You need to take control of your money so that it doesn't control you.
You can't control your circumstances, but you can control how you respond to them.
The press is out of control, the level of dishonesty is out of control.
Democratic lawmakers and gun control advocates have called for tighter gun control laws.  Rep.
If you can control what (people) read, see and hear, you control their mind.
"I think it's very much under control, very much under control," he told reporters.
Control can also combine with excessive workload to make you feel out of control.
"They usually want control, and if they don't get control they are not interested."
I use my voice control ... Voice control speakers specifically I use for timers, mostly.
Whatever help that might bring is out of our control, out of my control.
Republican control of the House, Senate, and presidency makes meaningful gun control legislation unlikely.
It started with cruise control, then adaptive cruise control and now semi-autonomous features.
Trump not only wants to control media coverage, he wants to control your attention.
Not the kind of metaphorical control that implies empowerment or recovery, but literal control.
Some supporters of gun control see plenty of legal room for gun control measures.
Gun control policy could feature in the fight for control of Congress in November.
People seeking common sense gun control must become single-issue voters on gun control.
Remember this, you control the teamsters, in a big way, you control the country.
It's been frustrating at times, but you've got to control what you can control.
You often can't control what happens, but you absolutely can control how you respond.
You have zero control over anyone else or anything, but you do control you.
Magic Wand Remote Control This wand can learn 13 different gestures that control his TV or his stereo system or most any gadget that uses a remote control.
Likewise, Starsky says its focus on building small robots that can control the existing control mechanisms of a truck physically, instead of on overhauling the truck with modified control systems, actually means more control functionality is possible – and retrofitting existing vehicles is easier.
Instead, the new effort begins with a planet remade, and spirals back on itself—not so much the control of nature as the control of (the control of) nature.
While I think she would prioritize gun control as an issue, as long as Republicans control the House, there's no gun control laws that are going to be adopted.
Maine has split control at the statehouse level — Democrats control the House of Representatives and Republicans control the Senate — but the entire state legislature is on the ballot today.
We can't control the weather, but thanks to the smart Sensibo Sky, we can control our energy bills — and control our AC with a simple app or Alexa command.
If you don't have control over your body, what can you really have control over?
Drone Control - Remote Control your AR Drone Bubble Puppy: Play and Learn Perfect Penalty 2012
But if we're out of control, I'd hate to see people who are in control.
Control of state chambers grants control over map redistricting, which is currently favorable to Republicans.
Our innovation is in car control and driver control in terms of feeling and feedback.
It's basically a tool to keep control over people, to keep control over indentured servitude.
While you can't control the financial markets, you can control where you put your money.
With Session Control, users can control their intake by selecting micro, small or medium puffs.
Because the rules give you control, and Pai's plan will hand that control to ISPs.
They have control over your paycheck, but they don't have control over your internal experience.
We will not take back control, the Brexit slogan of 2016; we will lose control.
Donald Trump may control the agenda in Washington, but we control our agenda as Americans.
Currently the only way to control lights is by using the $100 Lamp Control switches.
People want to be involved with gun control, they can be involved with gun control.
And one of the ways they do that is they can control ... They control it.
I think if I can control how they feel, I can control how they think.
So while you can't control other people, you can control how you respond to them.
Apple can't control Facebook's root certificates, but it can control the enterprise certificates it issues.
For her it's apparent that everything has been about control, especially control of the narrative.
I'm such a control freak and in this situation I was completely out of control.
In view of the government's strong state control, the Control attribute was assessed at Stronger.
Lindland highlighted auto upgrades including lane control, adaptive cruise control and even baby seat connectors.
Social networks that are smaller are much easier to control, and we need more control.
Arms control warnings: Arms control groups were, as you might expect, unhappy at Trump's decision.
In Virginia, where Democrats swept control of state government, one important theme was gun control.
I wasn't in control of what I was in control of, that's why I lost.
You can control them with a remote control, or they operate autonomously using intelligent programming.
Illusion of control is when people overestimate how much control they have over certain situations.
And Shari Redstone, though basically she had 80 percent voting control, would not have control.
"If you don't control space, you don't control the other domains either," Shea told Reuters.
In Iowa, Republicans won control of the state Senate, their last barrier to total control.
"More Americans want to give up control rather than take control during sex," Lehmiller writes.
Something about New York is about losing control and having control at the same time.
If a few people control most of the money, then they can control political outcomes.
And some gun control groups have embraced non-gun control ideas for reducing gun violence.
I don't have control over dying, but I do have control over the final moments.
By seizing control of the National Assembly, Mr. Maduro cemented his control over the country.
She has control and, even more interesting, no control over where the role carries her.
I empower parents to know that they control access and should always exert that control.
Volume control is intuitive enough, but track control needed a quick check of the manual.
Donald Trump may control the agenda in Washington, but we control our destiny as Americans.
The money system transited from public control to private control, and there it has remained.
From there, I became involved with gun control advocacy, rallying for national gun control organizations.
We need to control the out-of-control spending by cutting things like socialized medicine.
Once Chloe went on birth control, she felt like her pain was finally under control.
To control the rate of fission in a nuclear power plant, reactors use control rods.
The government's control of Harasta leaves eastern Ghouta's rebels in control only of the town of Douma — under the control of Jaish al-Islam — and another pocket that includes the towns of Jobar, Ein Terma, Arbin and Zamalka — under the control of Failaq al-Rahman.
Spotting is a common side effect of starting or stopping hormonal birth control, changing the form of hormonal birth control you use, or missing a dose of hormonal birth control.
The huge majority of voters who support the DREAM Act know that Republicans control the House, Republicans control the Senate, and Republicans control the presidency under the extremely unpopular Trump.
Cruise control, climate control and steering wheel audio control all goes through plastic buttons; though satisfyingly weighted, they're still dull, gray and out of place in a six-figure chariot.
But when people took a self-control break before they reached that threshold, they were able to improve their overall levels of self-control, and have more self-control later.
"While the NRA can control legislators and the government, they can't control the people," he said.
To switch between tabs (on both Macs and PCs) tap Control+Tab or Control+Page Down.
There is no control from the Central Government, not even in territory still under Ukrainian control.
So because you can't control being in a new environment, you should control what you can.
You're not in control of the editing room and you can't really control what they show.
Because of therapy, I feel more in control of everything, even when I can't control it.
Then are we really in control of our hormones, or are they in control of us?
Brilliant Control also includes Amazon's Alexa, so that you can use voice control instead of touch.
"It's not only to ideologically control information, but also to control the source of the information."
A new feature called "session control" helps the user control dosage in a more precise way.
On her Facebook page, Christy Sheats openly opposed gun control, but Taylor was pro gun control.
Voice control allows those with motor-control issues (and anyone else) manage their Mac via speech.
They didn't meet quality control, or (in the case of hoverboards) quality control was virtually nonexistent.
Why am I going to spend time trying to control things that are beyond my control?
I can control what I can control, so I just focus on me, and that's it.
Chefs love to have that control and power to control the message they want to deliver.
There's voice control built in, supporting seven languages, along with a simplified one-button camera control.
When distributed control systems (DCS) are down, an organization can operate machinery from the control panel.
Control the T-cell receptor and you might control what the immune system's killing machine targeted.
This is a place, though, where America's out-of-control costs paradoxically make cost control harder.
Older adults who struggle with dementia do often struggle with both motor control and behavioral control.
Voice Control is an accessibility feature that lets you control your Mac with just your voice.
Turn off the traction control to activate the launch control and the car gets even meaner.
They don't just control grappling hooks, they control which parts of the world we're aware of.
The more of these steps Amazon can control itself, the more it can control the costs.
Specialist riot control officers and dog units had also been deployed to attempt to regain control.
Every Friday, the control we carefully exercised over our professional lives spiraled dangerously out of control.
Everybody wants to control health care costs — until it's time to actually control health care costs.
The provincial disease-control centres abuse their regulatory powers to control prices and sales of vaccines.
Local Control: This bill would also return oversight and planning control to local and state officials.
The central government also took control of all the border control points and airports in Kurdistan.
Debbie Wasserman Schultz's (Fla.) control of the Clinton machine and the DNC's control of the primary.
You can also control the volume of soap dispensed using a control button on the back.
You can set one to control your TV, for example, and another to control your speakers.
There's a remote that lets you control 10 airflow settings, a sleep timer, and oscillation control.
So perhaps the problem isn't so much Muslims out of control but guns out of control.
On iOS devices, you can control where to stream music via AirPlay 2 using Control Center.
You might be a freak, and you might love control, but are you a control freak?
Remote Control Sony's Control trailer was the highest ratio of excitement to actual information I experienced.
There are some things I can't control, but I can control where I focus my energy.
My camera allowed me to be out of control and in control at the same time.
It's your capacity to control fear, to control your likes and dislikes, to give yourself courage.
The epidemic is "not out of control, but it is certainly not under control," he said.
Today, leadership in Congress is highly centralized, and control of the chamber means total agenda control.
That would eventually help them get control of the upper house and totally control the Parliament.
Well, because of where their pleas for greater gun control might lead: to greater gun control.
They do control discovery and they control what gets surfaced at the top and what doesn't.
They will now have total control of 21.2 states, versus 22020 states under full Republican control.
The FAA said the control tower is "temporarily closing" while the airport disinfects the control tower.
Replaced Canidae Grain-Free Pure Control Hairball Control Cat Food with Solid Gold Let's Stay In.
Democrats are in solid control of the Assembly, but Republicans control the Senate by one seat.
These are the things that you can control in a time that feels out of control.
The presenters pointed to guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for infection control.
That's the space control mission and we didn't talk about the space control mission for decades.
We long ago learned how to control fire; the challenge today is how to control ourselves.
" He added, in an email, "Saying it isn't gun control doesn't mean it isn't gun control.
"You can't control your sister, but you want me to control millions of fans," Minaj said.
Gun control only means that one should be in control of their firearm at all times.
" She added, "We will be able to have control of our borders, control of our laws.
The synthetic control method requires the construction of an appropriate "control" group, basically a "Synthetic Seattle".
"It's about 'taking back control' in a world where you feel out of control," he said.
She has a control school and treatment schools, and control and treatment classrooms within the schools.
I never felt like I lost control so much as I relinquished a bit of control.
That means one unsuccessful pest control treatment can kick-start a cycle of unsuccessful pest control.
If sofa surfing is more your thing don't miss out on the Logitech Harmony remote control which lets you control up to 15 home entertainment devices with a single remote control.
And if you&aposre trying to actually control crime in certain neighborhoods and throughout the U.S., if you&aposre trying to control drug trafficking, why wouldn&apost you control your borders?
Being in complete control of my workout gives me the confidence that I can be in more control of the things I may have thought were completely out of my control.
"Once you take control of your currency, once you take control of your data, once you take control of your citizenship, that's when you're going to have true freedom," he said.
I can't control evidence that's gone stale; I don't have control over the amount of time it takes to run DNA testing; and I don't have control over hearings and motions.
Removing air traffic control from government control Like the others here, this plan, which would create an independent, non-government organization to handle air traffic control work, has been grounded -- repeatedly.
Ain Issa KURDISH Control SYRIA Government Control 10 MILES Al Tabqah Turkey Turkish army AND syrian opposition Hasaka M1003 Manbij Turkey's proposed buffer zone Aleppo Raqqa Idlib Other opposition Latakia KURDISH Control Deir al-Zour Hama Government Control Mediterranean Sea Homs Palmyra Abu Kamal lebanon Syria Damascus Iraq Sweida Dara'a Jordan 20 MILES 10 MILES Turkey Turkish army AND syrian opposition Qamishli Kobani Ras al Ain Tel Abyad Hasaka M4 Manbij Ain Issa KURDISH Control Gov't Control SYRIA Turkish army AND syrian opposition Turkey M4 Manbij Aleppo Turkey's proposed buffer zone KURDISH Control Raqqa Other opposition Latakia Deir al-Zour Hama Government Control Homs Palmyra Abu Kamal Syria Damascus Iraq Dara'a Sweida 20 MILES Jordan Sources: Times reporting; Control areas as of Oct.
The results on rent control, however, were less clear, with a state measure to repeal state rent control limits losing in California, which preempted a local vote on rent control in Berkeley.
It also turns out that genes from fathers also give the developing fetus the ability to control the mother's blood pressure, control her blood sugar levels, and to control its own growth.
You should also consider Canidae Grain-Free PURE Control Hairball Control Cat Food, Vet's Best Hairball Relief Digestive Aid Supplements, Nutri-Vet Hairball Paw Gel, and Feline Greenies Hairball Control Smart Bites.
"You can control how much you allow to penetrate, using your legs to control thrusts," Saynt says.
Counterargument: Limited partners are being asked to pay big control-oriented fees for non-control positions. Unique?
Watch for control freaks and manipulators, but be open to change—don't be a control freak yourself!
Choose your buttons To make your Control Center your own, hop into Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls.
Taking control of fights and denying his man opportunities behind that jab and the lead hand control.
They have total, total control over [Ted Cruz] ... just like they have total control over Hillary Clinton.
Paradoxically, the less control you think you have, the more control your subconscious mind is actually exerting.
One great example is the new "Control other devices" option in the Switch Control menu on iOS.
The company says the Raptor will also offer handlebar and voice control interfaces to control its functions.
"Alcohol disinhibits that [control] system, so you lose that inhibitory control over your reptile brain," he says.
We will not be able to control timing, but we will be able to control the outcome.
With iOS 10, you'll be able to control your radiators directly from the operating system's control center.
Caavo is also adding the ability for its mobile iOS app to control the Control Center remotely.
Control Center device owners must grant permission for anyone to take this level of control on mobile.
He gave me some options — birth control to control symptoms or to read up on fertility treatments.
You can't control the cards you were dealt, but you can control what you do with them.
It's a show about systemic, fascistic control, and especially about the control and ownership of women's bodies.
Denmark did not have to control the sea's entire coastline to control access to it, she notes.
Most mods have temperature control which should, theoretically, allow me to control how hot the vapor gets.
Gun control has generally not been a big -- pro-gun control -- a big voting issue in elections.
Encountering change that is out of your control is a great opportunity to examine your control issues.
You can't control the ball going into the basket, but you can control how you play defense.
Republicans currently control the governor's mansion in 19603 states, and have total control in 21960 of them.
Control through treatment The main control strategy to date has been mass treatment using the drug praziquantil.
It originally stated that the proposal would shift primary control of air traffic control away from DoD.
Let's diversify, actually see what's happening to our planet, see what we can control and not control.
It's really sad that we can't control it - that somebody who is in charge cannot control it.
"You can see them trying to grab control, they do not want insurers taking control," he said.
"I have zero control until the end of the process, when I have complete control," Wilkes says.
When they choose to do so is entirely within their control, but it is in their control.
However, just because the party is in control does not mean that it has things under control.
Control what we can control, win the minute, win the hour, try to win the two hours.
Forty-two percent prefer Democrats to have control, while 34 percent would rather have Republicans in control.
Congress is split between Democrats, who control the House, and Trump's fellow Republicans, who control the Senate.
It also comes with a remote control if you want to manually take control of the robot.
"Weather is out of their control; how they're handling the situation is IN their control," she said.
Gun control Democrats are pushing new gun control legislation following a string of mass shootings in 2015.
If Democrats don't gain control of the House, they can't control congressional investigations into the Trump administration.
We then eventually wanted more precise control over the control scheme, so we built our own hardware.
And, in addition to voice control, the AirTV remote can also control your TV's volume and power.
You may not be able to control your genes, but at least you can control that choice.
Quality control for Facebook: This is part of Facebook's push to control the quality of their content.
Republicans now control the presidency, the Senate, the House and will likely soon control the Supreme Court.
In theory, that could enable it to take control of parts of the grid by remote control.
How can consumers have control over their data when Facebook doesn't have control over the data itself?
Light spoilers for Control follow Early in Control, like in many games, you pick up a gun.
It gave us control of the race and we were able to keep control of the race.
More than four in five kids had good pain control and another 14% had adequate pain control.
I try to let go of trying to control, even with my desires, anything I cannot control.
This month, a locally elected board assumed control of all schools, ending the state's post-Katrina control.
Male birth control The world might be a lot closer to a birth control pill for men.
"All I can control is what they allow me to control, and that's me pitching," Godley sad.
Our President cannot control a narrative of American superiority when he has lost control of that narrative.
And it got out of control and it got in the control of a lot of liberals. . . .
He has always believed that he could control the narrative even if he couldn't control the facts.
You can't necessarily control schedule changes or misunderstandings the same way you can control your personal life.
I like the fact that there is state control of the party apparatus rather than national control.
More importantly, with control of the House and Senate, Democrats will control redrawing of election district lines.
What had once been used to control the peripheries was now being used to control the core.
They control the House and the Senate and are soon likely to control the Supreme Court again.
Support for gun control may momentarily rise Support for gun control measures sometimes rises after mass shootings.
"Investors should take the time to control the parts of their portfolios they can control," Cox advises.
We want to be in control, or at least to give control to trained professionals, like doctors.
From there, subjects were assigned to a group: self-compassion, self-esteem control or positive distraction control.
But chemtrail conspiracy theorists believe the planes are spraying chemicals for weather control, or even mind control.
Giving parties more control over funding would not do much, because they already largely control the funding.
I half-remember that Quality Control compilation record from last year called Control the Streets Volume 22.
When you realize that this is having a control over our social fabric, it's having a control over children's mental health, it's having control over our politics, it's having control over our elections, and people really haven't realized that technology is holding the pen of history right now.
"  "Any time y'all ever heard me scream or jump up and down or whatever it was, it's because I wanted to bring the people something to a higher potential than what the powers — that control the money, control the image, control the media, control the perception — wanted me to.
"I got it to this point where now I can control the lights, I can control the gates, I can control the temperature — much to the chagrin of my wife, who now cannot control the temperature because it is programmed to only listen to my voice," Zuckerberg said.
"It is so important to give every opportunity for the survivor to restore some level of control, control in what they hear, control in what they see, control in their ability to be able to respond," said Takacs, who specializes in helping people cope with sudden, traumatic deaths.
The government's Fires Near Me website lists the status of the distinct fires: the Currowan (695,000 acres, "out of control"), the Green Wattle Creek (671,000, "out of control"), the Dunns Road (582,000, "out of control"), the Badja Forest Road (494,000, "out of control") — and the tally goes on.
So the birth control question is a really good one where there are several different birth control methods and there's not one directional way to suggest this birth control method that's universally great.
What's most proximate to that reality right now is the direct control of women's bodies and their reproduction, because if you don't control your reproduction, you don't control anything else about your life.
The gun control bills passed easily because Democrats took control of the New York state senate in the most recent election, giving them majority control of the governor's office and both legislative branches.
Moreover, the Taliban control large parts of the Afghan countryside — far from the control of the American-backed government in Kabul — ensuring that Pakistan's longtime proxies wield considerable control over the country's direction.
The FAA spends nearly $10 billion a year on air traffic control, employs about 28,000 air traffic control staff and runs the safest and most complex air traffic control system in the world.
Turkey Turkish army AND syrian opposition Qamishli Kobani Ras al-Ain Hasaka Manbij M4 Ain Issa KURDISH Control Gov't Control SYRIA 10 MILES Turkish army AND syrian opposition Turkey M4 Manbij Aleppo Turkey's proposed buffer zone KURDISH Control Raqqa Other opposition Latakia Deir al-Zour Hama Government Control Homs Palmyra Abu Kamal Syria Damascus Iraq Dara'a Sweida 20 MILES Jordan Sources: Control areas as of Oct.
AirPlay 2 has added the option to pick speakers and control volumes separately from Control Center in iOS.
Control over the Danish border with Germany was necessary because Sweden had also imposed border control, she said.
Her birth control failed Even when practicing safe sex, sometimes things happen, and birth control lets you down.
The Control Center also supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, should you want to control things by voice.
Many cities, municipalities and other mosquito-control entities frequently have used pesticides to control and eliminate mosquito populations.
"I'm in control of that, and I'm absolutely in control of what I share with Panera," Nygaard said.
Leaving the club reinstates some control to Britain but requires it to trade away control in other ways.
Believe it or not, but you can now control everything in your home through a single remote control.
"We were in the control room, and it was out of control," Parks said in a 2013 interview.
While retirees have no control over rising costs, they do have control over when they claim their benefits.
" A February 2018 debate over gun control became "Tucker FILLS Liberal Kike with LEAD for Demanding Gun Control.
What we're trying to do is give you control and a kind of control you've never experienced before.
Less control by the people, more control by the state until the individual's own wishes count for nothing.
Like Kat's control of gravity, it sometimes loses control, and soars off into an unexpected and unclear direction.
That way, the new Sonos soundbar could more directly control your TV and enable voice control as well.
You control the little mouse directly but also have a measure of control over the world around her.
Control (Stronger): Oversight is ensured by the state's control over the board of directors and main governance committees.
Control: Strong The City of Lodz has strict control over management, operations, investments and financing of the company.
" Brees notes -- "Some things within our control and some outside our control that caused us to fall short.
Brexit thus amounts to taking back control in a literal sense, but losing control in a meaningful one.
Population Control / Vaccines / Bill GatesOf course population control—why else would the virus' main victim be pregnant women?
Politicians control access to themselves and their privileged information, which gives them outsize control over who breaks news.
In Colombia, there are regions that are under government control and regions that are under some FARC control.
Emotion-based control is like next-level voice control, where your sad voice could trigger some uplifting tunes.
Lawmakers who oppose gun control often tout the city as an example for why gun control doesn't work.
The question is the control of the business, defined by control at shareholders meetings and of the board.
Republicans control 2202 of the 2628 state legislative chambers, more than twice the number that Democrats control (28500).
It's amazing that I can control it by using my iPhone app or by voice control through Alexa.
The Taliban control or influence as much as 20% of Afghanistan, its highest levels of control since 2001.
Is it fair to assume that if she can't control her husband, then she can't control the country?
Companies' control over the prices they charge is much stronger than their control over the wages they pay.
You can't control the economy, but you can, at least to some extent, control your happiness at work.
The bank's conservative underwriting standards are underpinned by a well-developed risk-control environment and tight parental control.
But that protection becomes a form of control—a control he exerts over every character he comes across.
"We as a nation, we can't control who feels hurt, we can't control who feels pain," she said.
He was promised control over the roster at his introductory press conference, but not control over his staff.
She has full control over this entire moment, full control over her body, and then that's taken away.
Switching to hormonal birth control or switching birth control methods can sometimes help treat PMDD, Dr. Albertini says.
Jeff Abramson is nonresident senior fellow for arms control and conventional arms transfers at the Arms Control Association.
Thankfully, there's an app called Capsule Control, which lets you control the projector over Bluetooth from your phone.
These exchanges act as custodial wallets in which they control users' digital currencies like banks control customer deposits.
With these energy-dense fuels, we shape and control the dangerous environment so the environment doesn't control us.
The 181 parties under WHO's "Framework Convention on Tobacco Control" have already launched their own tobacco control policies.
Unfortunately, ticks are extremely hard to control and efforts to develop new control methods have always fallen short.
"The Speaker should take control — maintain control — of the floor by just bringing the bill up," she said.
If there is to be an answer to the problem of control, it's going to be more control.
Because that notes a specific time, and time is used to control us and to control our energy.
In cases where [researchers] do include control groups, they've often been what we call "no treatment" control groups.
"The Taliban do not control half of Helmand, and we will not let them control it," he said.
Repressing our desires is how we lose control of them and how our desires begin to control us.
"They are taking territory or control or declaring control of territories that are not rightfully China's," Tillerson said.
We can't control the weather but, in politics, we can control the climate in which the weather happens.
Just as Gingrich had radically centralized control in 1995, Speaker Thomas Reed had radically centralized control in 1890.
An umpire's job is to keep control of the match, and he let it get out of control.
The group started to think about the need to control the seats of government, and to control land.
I could not control the way the world saw me, but I could control my strength and power.
Government control: Xi founded the Cyberspace Administration of China in 2014 to control online content and enhance cybersecurity.
Women must have full control over their reproductive health in order to have full control over their lives.
But thanks to McLaren's launch control and stability control systems, the 720S sprints to 60 in 2300 seconds.
At its core, the Federal Bureau of Control that you spend all of Control navigating is a bureaucracy.
The downside to Petrenko's supremely confident control of musical flow is, paradoxically or not, his supremely confident control.
Usually, people with high self-control do so much better at everything than people with low self-control.
The ratio of gun-control to gun-rights ads this year also favors the control side much more.
" It's a pretty simple proposition, he tells me: "If you control the person's reality, you control the person.
"Control what I could control," deGrom said at Citi Field on Wednesday night, after one last virtuoso performance.
You can control how big your audio files are, but you can't control the size of your audience.
He is a control freak, and he can't control the story to the degree that he would like.
The car also has gesture control to move through apps, skip songs, and control parts of the screen.
In the villages around the cities, the Palestinians have control of civil affairs but the Israelis control security.
If the Fed does not gain control of its balance sheet it will lose control of monetary policy.
You can't always control your opponent, and you can't control how other people on your own team play.
"We can't control the weather but most things we can control," Chief Executive Stephen Hester told the call.
Republicans would control the Supreme Court, the presidency and the House, and likely retain control of the Senate.
Tractor-trailer loses control Dramatic dashcam video shows a large truck losing control and flipping on its side.
Reuters reports that the insurgents now control or contest control of more than 40 percent of the country.
The exercise of control and them telling me how to do my work and deliveries — it is control.
Areas A and B are under Palestinian Authority administrative control, and Area C is under Israeli administrative control.
"The president's effort to control the messaging and put Pence in control didn't ease investors' fears," Hess said.
Bottom line is you give up control and when you do that you no longer are in control.
Since winning control of the state Legislature, Democrats have made it a priority to advance gun control measures.
When politics seem out of your control, remember that community and culture are very much in your control.
We may not be able to stop any of these nominations with GOP control in control of Senate.
There are only two possibilities: Trump lies to control his followers, or Trump's followers lie to control him.
There's still a single button control on each ear to control volume, playback, and access to voice assistants.
In four cases, control of the House flipped; in three of them, control of the Senate flipped, too.
"Birth Control Your Own Adventure" is my response, an excruciatingly personal short film about my birth control story.
One element of anxiety disorder is the desire to control everything around us: especially shit beyond our control.
Facebook can control your traffic, but they can't really control how you monetize it for the most part.
For all his will to control, Kubrick is not an omniscient presence in his films, for total control is impossible and a film-maker can never control what the audience makes of it, anyway.
In 85033, Congress enacted the Dickey Amendment, which restricted funds for injury prevention and firearms control at the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from being used to advocate or promote gun control.
They asked air-traffic control if they could go back to the airport, citing "flight control" problems, but they weren't able to recover control of the plane to make it back to the runway.
Just press the Mission Control key (often F3 on an Apple keyboard) or the Control and up-arrow keys; you can also get into Mission Control by clicking its icon in the desktop dock, using the Control Strip on compatible MacBooks or swiping up with three fingers on a trackpad.
Our products are derived from our core competencies in pressure measurement and control, materials delivery, gas composition analysis, control and information technology, power and reactive gas generation, vacuum technology, photonics, lasers, optics and motion control.
Here's how it works: The campaign's birth control invoice generator calculates the average annual cost for your birth control.
The Control can speak and control those devices using on-screen sliders, function buttons — and yes, it supports dimming.
To select all of a text (or image), use Command/Control+A; to undo an action, Command/Control+Z.
He seems completely in control of his planning, completely in control of the motive, and this is his manifesto.
They wage war on information in order to control it, and in turn, to control and subjugate their people.
And where the wall leaves off, drones, surveillance technology, or Border Control facilities and Border Control agents pick up.
When I launched the Mavic Pro and started using the remote control, I was immediately impressed by its control.
Okta's API system uses OAuth 2.0 access control in conjunction with Okta's policy engine and administrative access control panel.
Practicing sort of self-reliance and you can't control what comes at you but you can control your response.
Trauma can be rooted in a loss of control, and hypnosis can help people maintain that sense of control.
Maybe they could control all the outward aspects of my life, but my body is all in my control.
" Magette knows he can't do anything about those moves, and focuses on trying to "control what I can control.
The Control Center is also the first remote I've seen that can control multiple devices in multiple different ways.
The control panel is user-friendly and intuitive and lets you manage and control everything even on the go.
Once that happens, JAXA will take control of its spacecraft and the ESA will take control of its own.
We control the units, we control what we want to produce — that's really given me more flexibility to design.
Cleverly, while the smartphone is used to control the drone itself, the headset is used to control the camera.
Ultimately, it's great that there are more birth control options available — because birth control is vital to people's health.
Managers could leverage control over the environment to control those within the environment in various subtle but powerful ways.
But there are two main kinds of company: those run by control freaks, and those run by control fanatics.
He said there is a limitation on the government's ability to control speech on property it does not control.
Democrats picked up full control of a half dozen statehouses Tuesday, while Republicans lost full control of four others.
" • Shira Ovide of Gadfly writes: "Zuckerberg believes he's giving users control, but he's giving them the illusion of control.
Spiraling out of control The problem for Trump now is that the story is spiraling totally out of control.
And you'll be taking more control, and opting less for the control Facebook takes from you, and everyone else.
Car was 'out of control' Before striking pedestrians, the car was "out of control," an emergency management official said.
Poison control centers report roughly 2944,23 cases a year; the ASPCA's Animal Poison Control Center received 2174 in 2446.
She might not be in control of her own life, but she's in control of her own TV show.
So if you searched for "Obama" and then "gun control," you'd get three gun control results in the results.
Temperature control: Precise temperature control is important in an iron, because different garments require different temperatures, as Choice explains.
The new version of scratch includes extensions that allow you to control hardware, as well as new control blocks.
Dr. Georg sees this mermaid birth control as part of a broader movement away from hormonal birth control itself.
After that incident, I realized I can't control other people's perception of me — but I can control my own.
It can control devices that have traditional IR systems, but also can control newer ones that rely on Bluetooth.
The GOP captured control of the state Senate in November's elections, giving the party total control of state government.
Autopilot is a flight-control system that allows a pilot to fly an airplane without continuous hands-on control.
It's just a flight-control system that allows a pilot to fly an airplane without continuous hands-on control.
The aircraft's anti-stall system and flight control systems failed to timely respond to pilot control of the aircraft.
It's neat technology that really gives children the feeling of control, where their world is maybe out of control.
Democrats took control of seven state legislative chambers and at least 380 state legislative seats flipped to Democratic control.
Conventional wisdom casts Beyoncé as a control freak, and perhaps she is, but control isn't such a bad thing.
And she will control those jobs that control how this issue moves forward, which points to a special prosecutor.
Clearly the control of the Supreme Court is of critical importance, but so is control of the Federal Reserve.
I wanted to have complete control of the process and sometimes, by taking money from others, you lose control.
The International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) is a United Nations body monitoring how states implement international drug-control conventions.
This is yet another bipartisan attempt to strengthen enforcement of current gun control laws, instead of strengthening gun control.
I liked to be in control, and throwing up was a total loss of control, a window into vulnerability.
Eye control is being improved as well, including the ability to pause eye control for reading and better navigation.
The company use civil courts to take control control of the look-alike website names the Russians have registered.
Also the fact that maybe you have less control or no control about your own company at the moment.
The Republican Party has complete control of state government in 26 states, and full legislative control in 32 states.
This year alone Ermenegildo Zegna bought control of Thom Browne, while Puig acquired majority control of Dries Van Noten.
With Democrats in control of the House and Republicans in control of the Senate, both parties have veto power.
Because right now there's so much in their lives that they can't control -- like, nobody can control the virus.
They can control what they listen to, what they watch, and they can also control things like their lifestyle.
They're in control of their bodies, they're in control of what they do with it, how they use it.
Google is surprisingly open, but it still manages to control a huge amount of spend ... Yeah, control the world.
Onstage when you really need to be in control, when someone heckles you, it's a big loss of control.
Just as Gingrich had radically centralized control in 1995, Republican Speaker Thomas Reed had radically centralized control in 1890.
The Rajasthan Drugs Control Organisation and India's Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) were not immediately available to comment.
It is a way to re-enact that conversation between control and loss of control on the painting surface.
Because the bigger the government the more they control and the more they control the less freedom you have.
I think it's much easier to control people when they have an input of some kind of self-control.
To avoid being cast as authoritarian, governments must do more than control the crowd; they must control the narrative.
Types of over-the-counter flea control productsWhen it comes to flea control, prevention is always the best medicine.
With mayors valuing cost control over water quality control, they will continue to defer maintenance and needed infrastructure upgrades.
"You can control when you wake up more than you can control when you fall asleep," Dr. Dimitriu said.
After quality control checks to avoid rogue robots, the fleet gets an upgraded control system every week or two.
You can't control how other family members will act, but you can control how you respond to their actions.
While Democrats had control of the Senate at the time, two gun control measures failed to pass in 2013.
Using sophisticated software, it relays data to the car's engine control unit, also known as an engine control module.
"I cannot control the prices, I cannot control the trade regulations, I have to deal with it," he said.
More recently, I've embraced the idea that we can control what we can control, and that's the focus now.
The National Pesticide Information Center has more information about mosquito control, and tips for hiring a pest control service.
Even authoritarian governments can't control every single person's actions — much less control millions of people across a broad area.
How birth control worksMany birth control methods use sex hormones to trigger changes in your body that prevent pregnancy.
At the end of the first orbit, an automatic control mechanism failed, and Mr. Glenn took over manual control.
To enable the feature, open the Apple menu then choose System Preferences, Accessibility, Voice Control, and Enable Voice Control.
By taking control of that voice you can better control your life–and change the messages holding you back.
Control of the floor — and control of the members — is a power that House Republican leadership guards with jealousy.
Musomba, who has 2 acres (0.8 hectares) of mango trees, uses several biological control measures to control the flies.
We have a system built on the control of information that has increasingly lost its ability to control information.
Republicans maintained control of the _________, which meant that the party would control both houses of Congress and the presidency.
How effective are condoms, spermicides, and hormonal birth control In general, all forms of birth control are highly effective.
What Oklahoma City can't control is how defenses choose to play them—but they can control how they respond.
After the South Carolina primary, he said that "the political class" only has control if America gives it control.
If fear threatens loss of control, many traits common to conservatives can be seen as efforts to reassert control.
I think that publishers should build their own strategies and as much as possible control what you can control.
I think that publishers should build their own strategies and as much as possible control what can you control.
"I think if you can control your mind, then you can control a lot of things," she told reporters.
Turkey 10 MILES Turkish army AND syrian opposition Qamishli Kobani Ras al Ain Tel Abyad Hasaka M4 Manbij Ain Issa KURDISH Control Gov't Control SYRIA Turkish army AND syrian opposition Turkey M4 Manbij Aleppo Turkey's proposed buffer zone KURDISH Control Raqqa Other opposition Latakia Deir al-Zour Hama Government Control Homs Palmyra Abu Kamal Syria Damascus Iraq Dara'a Sweida 20 MILES Jordan Sources: Times reporting; Control areas as of Oct.
Some states where Democrats are in full control: Colorado: Democrats flipped control of the Senate, giving them full control of government, where they've specifically promised to focus on public education funding, environmental protections and health care.
In 21, Philco released what is widely considered the first wireless remote control, the "Mystery Control" device, a radio remote control which uses an analog dial that is about the size of a rotary telephone. 21985.
JW: I mean, the basic thing is that we can't really control what's happening in the world, and we can't really control how it makes us feel, but we can control how we care for ourselves.
I hate to control people, I like to control parts of my movie, but cinema should be a collective work.
Inflation is getting out of control in Africa's largest economy— Africa's largest economy is failing to keep inflation under control.
The idea behind Little Snitch is to put you in control of those connections, but I don't feel in control.
Republicans control both chambers, but Daily Kos rates the control of the state House of Representatives as a toss-up.
Republicans now control the governor's house or the state legislative chamber in 44 states, with full control in 25 states.
It also says that immigration is out of control and Britain would have more control of it on its own.
Interestingly enough, there's no volume control on the units themselves; you will need to control the level from your phone.
"Despite the circumstances, she's always told me, you can't control the cards you're dealt, but you can control the hand."
I control what I can control: my involvement, my performance, my knowledge of the playbook, my respect for the coaches.
In Manta, the airport closed after the control tower collapsed, injuring an air traffic control worker and a security guard.
The app also serves as a handy remote control — perfect for those times when you misplace the TV's remote control.
Beyond voice control, you can use the Amazon Alexa app to control the lighting via a smartphone or tablet, too.
He has given up control of the campaign narrative and it's hard to win when you don't control the narrative.
"Pepper spray and other control devices were used to control the criminal actors and protect persons and property," police said.
Nurx is known for delivering birth control; in fact, the company began birth control deliveries in New York last week.
Twist it and you can switch between several modes (Monochrome Profile Control, Color Profile Control, Art Filters and Color Creator).
US Forces and SDF troops no longer control ground lines of communication and have no control over Turkish aircraft overhead.
Rights of control have been separated from rights of ownership in China—and where ownership is uncertain, control is key.
"Someone in that control room is out of control," he continues, steaming, shaking his head, and muttering "fuck" to himself.
There's a physical volume control built into the left cup, just below a touch-sensitive window for play/pause control.
Control began to seek out greater control over its human creators, and greater sources of knowledge to fulfill its mission.
While you can't control other people's behavior, you can control your reaction and how much you are willing to tolerate.
Part of iOS 10's redesigned Control Center, you can now control the brightness of the flashlight using 3D Touch.
Using the control panel, you have complete control over your domain in real-time, with built-in SSL for security.
The new settings also make it easier for users to control their location data, although that control is still limited.
The government's tight control of foreign currency trading is in line with a close control of the economy under Magufuli.
Like the TL2, the two control dials are customizable and can be programmed for whatever parameter you want to control.
"[I was surprised] how much I thought I had in control and how little control I actually have," he said.
The researchers defined good control as an A33C score below 7.0 and poor control as A1C of 7.0 or higher.
Republicans maintained control of the House and Senate on Election Day, giving them control of the Legislative and Executive branches.
"Here's the bottom line: the Fed needs to consider what it can control and what it can't control," he continued.
The Republicans are widely expected to maintain control of the House, but the Senate could swing to Democratic control. Sen.
The company is updating the MAX's automated flight-control software to make it easier for pilots to assume manual control.
You can't control how other people feel, so the only way you can control is how you respond to it.
You are in control of you data life… Wherever you store it you can control and get access to it.
Democrats ended up with full control in a mere 11 state legislatures, while the GOP got full control of 30.
"You can't control what happens to the people in your life, but you can control what comes after," he says.
They prevent local governments from creating their own laws, on everything from gun control to sanctuary cities to pesticide control.
Apple has long argued that its control over the app store helps protect user security by keeping malware under control.
Treatment Most cases can be managed simply using hormonal birth control, which control the amount of hormone directing those cells.
Control Stronger: Control and oversight by the Cantabrian administration is strong and is therefore highly supportive of ICAF's credit quality.
Minnesota State congressman Nick Zerwas thinks protests have gotten out of control and has written two bills to control them.
Consider North Carolina, where Republicans won control of the state legislature in 2010 — and total control of the redistricting process.
Screenshot: AppleSwitching will be done via a new Control Center that looks similar to the Control Center on iOS devices.
When we run from our sexual fantasies, that's how we lose control of them and they start to control us.
Facebook and Twitter can control direct access to their data, but they have much less control where the information goes.
" Burden himself said "Shoot" was "an attempt to control fate—or giving you the illusion that you can control fate.
Voter suppression: To control a state legislature is to control the machinery and rules of all elections in that jurisdiction.
I want my peers to realize that even though we can't control natural disasters, we can definitely control our response.
Among those who said health care was the most important issue, 21% prefer GOP control of Congress, 67% Democratic control.
Other measures of the period include The Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act (93) which reasserted congressional control of spending.
Gun control The mass shooting at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando reenergized calls for gun control and universal background checks.
Under the same anti-government, the haves get to control the economy while the have-nots control the cultural agenda.
Approval meant that control of 21625 percent of U.S. uranium production would be shifting to the Russian-owned Rosatom's control.
The Logitech Harmony Smart Control allows you to control up to eight devices using your phone or a remote controller.
As 2628 begins, Democrats are poised to win back control of the House and possibly regain control of the Senate.
It uses touchless gesture control that allows users to control music and phone calls using their hands or their voice.

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