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"following" Definitions
  1. that is/are going to be mentioned next
  2. next in time
"following" Synonyms
next subsequent coming succeeding ensuing later successive after consecutive consequent consequential henceforth latter posterior proximate pursuing sequent sequential supervenient coming after back rear trailing hinder hindmost caudal aft rearward behind dorsal tail abaft aback astern postern below upcoming hereinafter hereunder underneath further on about to be mentioned about to be specified at the end eventual future forthcoming to come approaching downstream imminent impending inevitable planned scheduled coming up down the line serial successional succedent continual continuing continued ongoing in order in sequence going on straight continuous back-to-back imitating copying echoing emulating matching paralleling reflecting undermentioned accompanied complementing supplementary attendant coexisting synchronised(UK) synchronized(US) acc coinciding co-occurring accompanying additional associated concomitant added associate complementary concurrent extra fellow joint related accessory attached attending coexistent coincident deducible derivable inferable deductive inferential inferrible reasoned traceable dogmatic provable a priori to be inferred reductive likely rational theoretical inferible presumed to be expected posthumous postmortem delayed post-mortem post-obit post-obituary retrospective after death postmundane sequacious compliant obedient servile subservient pursuant agreeable harmonious in tow in convoy in attendance by one's side patterned modeled(US) modelled(UK) ordered shaped final last concluding closing ultimate terminating latest terminal rearmost lag bottommost end ending finishing conclusive endmost chase pursuit chasing tailing tracking hounding shadowing tagging dogging tracing search stalking hunting pursuance hunt trail coursing course audience backing patronage public retinue supporters circle fans coterie suite entourage support adherents admirers backers cortege cult followership groupies patrons school group set faction sect clique devotees disciples followers pupils ring apostles brotherhood class proponents sisterhood imitation emulation mimicry mirroring apery parroting simulation aping counterfeiting mime mimesis mimicking patterning reproduction impersonation parody observance adherence conformity abidance fulfilment(UK) fulfillment(US) obeying conformance execution heed keeping regard heeding obedience observation compliance discharge honoring(US) honouring(UK) satisfaction adoption assumption acceptance approval endorsement espousal appropriation ratification acquiring acquisition affectation affecting assuming choice embracing selection taking on advocacy arrogation congregation parishioners parish assembly flock brethren fellowship believers church churchgoers crowd faithful fold host laity communicants multitude souls achievement implementation accomplishment performance prosecution commission completion conduct conducting doing effecting enactment perpetration carrying out dispatch punter client customer patron guest buyer consumer purchaser shopper account clientele user visitor business market trade listener viewer practice(US) profession career work occupation vocation job employment line calling day job mission lifework line of work field life's work walk of life popularity esteem admiration acclaim appreciation respect favour(UK) estimation recognition approbation favor(US) consideration reputation laudation acclamation adoration surveillance watch scrutiny spying bugging espionage inspection lookout monitoring reconnaissance view vigil examination eye recon vigilance dataveillance stakeout subsequent to past at the close of at the end of in the aftermath of in the wake of posterior to later than up into beyond outside after the start of next to at the heels of in the rear of to the rear of at the back of at the rear of in pursuit on the scent of in search après close on hard on the heels of on the trail of as per in accordance with in keeping with according to in line with consistent with in compliance with in conformity with in agreement with commensurate with true to in obedience to in fulfilment of observing as specified by in consonance with in harmony with in pursuit of in someone's direction on the track of in the tracks of in someone's footsteps on the heels of on the hunt for on the tail of in search of in quest of on a quest for trying to find looking for on the lookout for fossicking for seeking out hunting for beside besides near nearest to under beneath close to down from immediately inferior to apart from barring excepting excluding in addition to other than because of as a result of as a consequence of in view of due to owing to by virtue of on account of given on grounds of by dint of by reason of on the basis of on the grounds of with attributable to by in within in under in less than in no more than before a … is up since from from the time of going back to all the way back to from … until now across over spanning through over a span of throughout for during all through all across right through about practicing(US) practising(UK) absorbed in busy with concerned with employed in involved in occupied with taken up with in the course of in the midst of in the process of in the throes of down along via by way of the length of for the length of throughout the length of from one end to the other of from end to end of to the other end of throughout the expanse of to the other side of from one side to the other of over the length and breadth of to the far side of getting understanding comprehending grasping seeing taking in fathoming puzzling out working out perceiving apprehending getting to the bottom of unraveling(US) unravelling(UK) deciphering getting the drift of catching on to latching on to making head or tail of figuring out grappling with struggling with tackling wrestling with enduring labouring at living with slaving at toiling at toiling with weathering working at working on braving confronting facing having to cope with occupied in coming behind going along behind going behind tagging along behind going after going along after tagging along after keeping up with tagging after tailgating walking behind bringing up the rear keeping up tagging along treading on the heels of chasing after giving chase to going in pursuit of hunting down running after running down rushing after taking off after tracking down surveilling bird-dogging surveying eyeing keeping an eye on keeping in sight keeping track of lurking behind lurking close by lurking nearby going with coming along with going along with tagging along with travelling with escorting going together with hanging around hanging out with sticking to going around with keeping company shlepping along with strining along with trailing around with upholding abiding by accepting adhering to complying with conforming to minding noting recognising(UK) recognizing(US) respecting acting in accordance with adopting cooperating with executing implementing performing completing effectuating acting upon carrying through following through with putting into action going through with putting into operation resulting arising rising emanating issuing springing developing emerging eventuating flowing forming growing materialising(UK) materializing(US) proceeding surfacing transpiring appearing dawning parallelling resembling approximating reproducing cloning duplicating replicating simulating impersonating travelling(UK) traveling(US) crossing traversing navigating circumnavigating covering negotiating bridging keeping on staying on transiting travelling along going along passing through proceeding along traveling through travelling through cutting across replacing superseding taking over from supervening supplanting filling someone's boots filling someone's shoes taking the place of stepping into shoes of stepping into someone's shoes postdating supporting idolising(UK) idolizing(US) admiring adoring appreciating enjoying cultivating an interest in keeping abreast of keeping informed of keeping in touch with staying au courant with staying au fait with staying versed in staying well-informed with harmonising(UK) harmonizing(US) backing up playing along joining in playing with playing for afterwards after that after this afterward subsequently ever since thenceforth following this consequently from that day forward from that day on from there on in time later on since then thereafter what thanks to with all the for the sake of on behalf of in behalf of at the back in the rear off the pace at one's heels at the rear in one's wake on one's heels in the background on one's trail at six o'clock in the wake lastly More
"following" Antonyms
previous preceding earlier former past antecedent foregoing precedent prior anterior fore early old last bygone erstwhile historical older gone by gone leading foremost first headmost front frontal forward beginning aforementioned abovementioned above-mentioned aforesaid aforenamed forenamed mentioned previously mentioned earlier mentioned prior mentioned causal unrelated commencing originating preparatory starting disordered out of order inconsecutive inconsequent nonconsecutive nonsequential unconsecutive infrequent discontinuous alternate broken inconsequential intermittent interrupted separate illogical irrational simultaneous non-consecutive unreasonable alternating sporadic aperiodic disjointed on and off single nondeductive indeducible nondeducible undeducible antemortem before death prior to death in breach in conflict in contravention in violation conflicting protesters disbelievers opposition activists agitators campaigners complainers demonstrators dissenters dissentients dissidents marchers objectors opposers picketers rebels rejectionists leader individual person human critics detractors haters nonsupporters disparagers vilifiers traducers slanderers doubters deprecators hecklers derogators libelers revilers denigrators attackers depreciators belittlers defamers censurers agnosticism disbelief breach contravention infraction infringement nonobservance transgression trespass violation disregard oversight carelessness heedlessness ignorance inattention indifference misobservance neglect thoughtlessness unorthodoxy disdain for management ownership retreat surrender escape originality adversaries enemies foes opponents nonfulfillment nonperformance rejection declining denial nonacceptance rebuff renunciation repudiation dismissal snubbing turndown excommunication blackballing disowning eschewal spurning brushoff elimination refusal blacklisting ostracism antagonism competition detraction humility modesty avocation pastime hobby side interest before ahead of antecedent to in advance of in anticipation of in expectation of in preparation for leading up to preliminary to preparatory to previous to prior to afore to of ere earlier than followed by just before anterior to in front of sooner than no later than precedent to not later than away from clear of off despite notwithstanding with irrespective of regardless of in spite of no matter heedless of even after even with in contempt of in defiance of in the face of in the teeth of undeterred by without being affected by against for all even though although until till through to up till up to up until extending to down to up towards as far as ending with pending stopping at while waiting for disregarding exclusive of ignoring leaving out minus outside of passing over sans without misconstruing misapprehending misunderstanding miscomprehending misconceiving misinterpreting misjudging misreading mistaking getting the wrong idea about getting the wrong impression about misperceiving taking the wrong way not getting misknowing confusing not registering confounding misreckoning taking something the wrong way guiding escorting conducting steering directing marshalling(UK) marshaling(US) ushering piloting taking bringing chaperoning pointing routing routeing going before leading the way showing the way giving up the chase letting go losing losing track of losing sight of letting slip failing to keep sight of avoiding evading dodging leaving alone recoiling from shrinking from shying from keeping away from keeping clear of running away from shying away from staying away from staying shy of steering clear of turning away from turning back on eluding escaping from giving a wide berth to keeping one's distance from breaking flouting breaching defying contravening violating rebelling against transgressing crossing overstepping clashing with conflicting with going against infringing upon rejecting reneging on slighting disobeying falling foul of fighting neglecting overlooking unheeding unminding brushing aside brushing off discounting with tuning out discounting glossing over having no use for paying no heed to paying no mind to taking no notice of turning a blind eye to causing initiating bringing about inciting instigating leading to provoking triggering precipitating producing prompting begetting catalysing(UK) catalyzing(US) eliciting engendering evoking fostering inducing inspiring contrasting with contradicting differing from juxtaposing countering diverging from departing from deviating from standing out from mismatching opposing differentiating oneself from veering off turning off stepping off swerving from changing direction curving around predating anteceding antedating heralding introducing coming before ushering in going in advance of paving the way for preparing the way for setting the scene for disliking disdaining hating shunning abhorring deploring despising detesting loathing scorning staying ignorant of previously antecedently anteriorly beforehand without regard to

441 Sentences With "following"

How to use following in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "following" and check conjugation/comparative form for "following". Mastering all the usages of "following" from sentence examples published by news publications.

He's going broader, deeper, wider than people realize — following the money, following the keystrokes, following the concentric circles of characters.
Following the settlement, 21st Century Fox released the following statement.
How do you justify following up or not following up?
Following others usually means you're not following your own path.
It's not about following the money, but following the power.
FOLLOWING I've been following Kobe Bryant's final N.B.A. season online.
The following lawmakers plan to bring the following guests: Rep.
Pitt released the following statement to CNN following Jolie's divorce filing.
It's following me, but at this point, I'm also following you.
Several states following West Virginia Several states are following West Virginia's lead.
Those folks aren't just following the money — they're also following their audiences.
Facebook issued the following statement to The Verge, following the paper's publishing.
Or did they start following specific people and grow their following organically?
The following day, Robert, 88, passed away following a battle with cancer.
They became friends over Instagram — Caitlin started following Denise; Denise started following Caitlin.
Donald Trump is following the constitution, following the statute, trying to protect America.
And I'm certainly not following the same playbook that everyone else is following.
Following his resignation, Infantino said the following of the new rules: Ah, FIFA.
Zuckerberg wrote the following: Today Mark Zuckerberg shared the following post with employees.
And because she's following just 158, her followers-to-following ratio is unsurpassed.
"There's a difference between following a person and following what's right," she said.
Beykpour characterizes following some users as a "proxy" for following topics of interest.
That's what happened following a rumor posted on the "lounge" that 118 Uber employees had resigned following the company's all-hands following Susan Fowler Rigetti's blog post.
Porn searches for "golden showers" skyrocketed following the news, before plummeting the following year.
Boxing followers will start following Conor, MMA followers are going to start following Floyd.
Twitter wants to make following events and interests as easy as following an account.
AfriForum said following it would drop its case following Ramaphosa's amendment of the rule.
He resigned the following year following an inquiry from ABC News questioning his qualifications.
Following the loss, he promptly ended his campaign, with Buttigieg following suit shortly thereafter.
Counterintelligence 101 is following the money, because following money is how you compromise people.
But following Trump's announcement on Friday, crude futures jumped 5% following the president's announcement.
In the week following, the stock rose nearly 4 percent; in the two weeks following, the stock jumped 8 percent; in the three weeks following, it surged 11 percent.
I stopped following so many organizations and started following people who worked for them, instead.
We follow the action by following the camera that's following the action of the scene.
Bolsonaro was on a separate plane following behind but changed its route following the arrest.
Whose accounts celebrities are following (or not following) on social media has become daily news.
Collins' TikTok following is overall younger than his Twitter following, and they're also more radical.
The tension between following orders and following one's conscience is one I have long studied.
There's an ex-Jersey Shore character who has this massive Twitter following and Instagram following.
In each case, the patient outcomes following placebo surgery mirrored the outcomes following legitimate surgeries.
Nintendo shares are going absolutely bonkers following the announcement, spiking immediately following the unveiling on stage.
My view on your opinion is the following, and therefore my actions will be the following.
This is the evidence that the people are not following and they need to be following.
You find friends to message by following them and them following you back in the app.
They wouldn't be following us on Twitter, and they would not be following us on Facebook.
"First I tried a thing where I bulk unfollowed everyone, picked someone I'd been following at random, then repopulated my following list with everyone that random person was following," Dubbin says.
Taye Diggs is probably following you on Twitter, but you should really be following him on Instagram.
And that leads to people following people they're interested in more than necessarily just following their friends.
She was sentenced the following year to 18 months in prison and faced deportation following her release.
There was a flurry of activity following that meeting and press conference and the following day, Gov.
A major police operation is ongoing following the arrest of the most wanted fugitive following the Nov.
The next one didn't leave in 90 minutes; it left the following day — or the following week.
I started following a bunch of model blogs and runway blogs and then I just started following designers.
AXELROD: I don't know, Jon, that the people who are following Trump are following him because of efficiency.
Acknowledging the spoils of viral famem Bone said his Internet following exploded in the hours following the debate.
Steve, you&aposve been following this from the very beginning, we&aposve been following it here on Fox.
On Wednesday evening, following the confirmation that Donald Trump had won the election, Watson posted the following tweet.
The product took on a cult following and was elevated to almost mythological status in the years following.
After some speculation that the show would end following the traumatic event, filming resumed following a brief hiatus.
The stock tumbled 21 percent the day following its first report and 14 percent following its second report.
It does not hurt that Ms. Garcia has parlayed her TV following into a significant social media following.
It's cool that there's such a following for women's soccer that a player's dog can get a following.
But the following year, revenue dropped 5 percent, following Mr. Trump's campaign for the presidency and election victory.
I'm following my heart and I'm following what's right for me and it feels right, but it's not easy.
Update: Following today's meeting the Home Secretary has put out the following statement: My starting point is pretty straightforward.
Following is a roundup of key analyst actions on U.S. stocks and sectors following Trump's win: More coverage: bit.
If he is following a random egg—and is the only account following it—there is probably a reason.
Her fans aren't just following her because they love her; they're following her because they love what she represents.
Following Josh's extended stay at a faith-based rehabilitation center, the pair entered marriage counseling following their difficult year.
So stop just following the stars and start following their pets, too, by checking out the adorable accounts below.
The label, which first arrived in 2014, had grown fairly stagnant following its exit from diapers the following year.
It's about intentionally choosing and following through on what matters most — following through on your commitments, as Gates said.
Seattle was the Super Bowl champion following the 2013 season and lost in the Super Bowl the following season.
Following her death, her family found she'd been following numerous Instagram accounts featuring images of self-harm and suicide.
However, following this formula, the home button will disappear from all versions in following releases in 2018 or 2019.
If this sounds like it applies to you, you need to do the following things in the following order.
Respond to the following questions in writing: Have you been following the impeachment inquiry in the House of Representatives?
Students should be given the following prompts: Choose one of the following and write a five-paragraph narrative essay.
Following John Lilly's research and writing on dolphin communication in the 1960s, the cetaceans gained an almost cultlike following.
These include: Health investors following Bezos' health investments, as well as his broader business strategy, should understand the following.
On Monday night, following Sunday's second presidential debate, former Game of Thrones actor Iwan Rheon sent the following tweet.
The disbanding came as backlash against Trump grew following remarks he has made following the violent protests in Charlottesville.
But attendees weren't just following what was happening at the conference—the conference was, in a sense, following them.
They build up a following, and then introduce that following to brands or advertisers who pay for the privilege.
Following that interview, police obtained a search warrant for Wright's truck, which had been impounded following a crash in March.
Following Mary's miraculous healing, she dedicated her life to Jesus, following him as he performed miracles and spread his teachings.
The top sectors following these episodes: Materials, Tech and Consumer Discretionary, which all gained at least 4% the following month.
"It shouldn't surprise you that he's following through and it certainly shouldn't surprise you that I'm following through," Ross said.
Following, the India-Pakistan cricket match in the Asia Cup, a university was hacked following student celebrations of the match.
"If you have someone with a following, and Chappelle still has a strong following, there's significant value there," he said.
The following year, 2001, attention swirled around Durst following the gruesome slaying of Morris Black, his neighbor in Galveston, Texas.
Some 20 people were arrested on Tuesday following the blazes, while four others remain in custody following fires on Saturday.
I have a large following, you have a very large following … But you have a podcast, so you're not real people.
Jacqueline is actually a lot like Arie, in that she is constantly fluctuating between following her head and following her heart.
As a whole, NBA teams scored five points per 100 possessions more following defensive rebounds than they did following made baskets.
So, big-picture thinkers following specific savings goals and detail-oriented thinkers following big-picture savings goals were the most prosperous.
People can get easy access to things that we're doing just by following us on Twitter or following us on Facebook.
While judges may pretend to be following the Constitution, they will really be following their own moral, political, and policy preferences.
Although McDonald's has more than double the locations of Wendy's, its Twitter following is just 33 percent larger than Wendy's following.
Looking overseas, Asia finished trade higher following upbeat trade data from China, while European stocks rose following developments surrounding Brexit negotiations.
If you figure it out in April, however, you can't enroll until the following January and coverage begins the following July.
They score a scorching 1.3 points per possession (PPP) following opponent turnovers, and a league-topping 1.2 PPP following defensive rebounds.
News of Bloomberg's plans comes following the suspension of his presidential bid on Wednesday following poor performances in Super Tuesday states.
Starting today, we will begin removing the 'Following' tab, which was previously accessible by pressing the heart icon and selecting 'Following.
The micro-blogging platform recorded 650,000 tweets in 24 hours following the announcement and millions more tweets in the following weeks.
Update: Shortly following the publication of this story, the band parted ways with its original guitarist superkommando uberweinerschnitzel following online backlash.
Well, once it became a reality ... First of all, oppo research isn't Googling someone, they're following you, they're following your kids.
"Following a cleanse or detox typically requires following a very specific protocol, which may lead to a feeling of accomplishment," says Lieberman.
Following Google's recent Android ban and Qualcomm and Intel cutting ties with the Chinese company, more popular tech giants are following suit.
When Democrats controlled the Senate following the Newtown, Connecticut shooting in 2012, a bipartisan bill put forward the following year by Sen.
While his biggest following is on TikTok, Hudson has a sizable following on his YouTube channel, which he created May 2, 2018.
Josh, 29, has kept a low profile after returning home from rehab following two following a series of personal crises in 2015.
And now, following Japan's move to support NFC scanning on iPhones, a report from Macerkopf says Germany is planning on following suit.
" — following Dunkirk's win Apologizing to servicemen and women following a montage: "I want to apologize for including Matt Damon in that montage.
Following are highlights of Johnson's speech following the declaration of his victory in the Conservative Party leadership race to succeed Theresa May.
But following a positive Santa rally period, the S&P has gained on average 22 percent in the following three-month period.
The appliance has a devoted following, with more than 185,000 people following its official Instagram account for recipes tailored to the device.
That's coupled with a team I have that all day are monitoring trends, following the news, following things that are going on.
The Boeing fleet problems have reduced the benefit Gol received following the collapse of rival Avianca Brasil, following a failed bankruptcy restructuring.
Cathy McMorris Rogers share a laugh following a news conference following the passage of their tax proposal in the House on Thursday.
"Our winter business has a loyal, passionate, committed following, but it's a narrower following," said Robert Katz, chief executive of Vail Resorts.
Iran boycotted the haj the following year, partly in response to the crush and following a diplomatic rift between the two countries.
Faze Clan issued the following statement on Twitter following the news: A follow-up from FaZe Clan on today's unfortunate situation. pic.twitter.
"Would you be following Iron Man [on social media], or would you be following someone that was more your age?" he asked.
The Boeing fleet problems have reduced the benefit Gol received following the collapse of rival Avianca Brasil, following a failed bankruptcy restructuring.
EditorsNote: Corrects Iowa lead to 24-15 following run and score following FTs in graf 2; corrects date at end to Nov.
Nearly seven-in-10 likely Democratic caucusgoers say they are following the proceedings, including 46% indicating they were following them very closely.
The index fell from levels above 90.500 in the previous week, following concerns over a potential trade war following Trump's tariff announcement.
Audience member: Okay, so, I've been following — thank you for a good discussion — I've been following your show for a few years.
The poll was taken in the days following Palin's tweet at Murkowski following the Alaska senator's announcement that she would be the lone Republican to oppose Kavanaugh's confirmation in the Senate following the emergence of sexual assault allegations against him.
In one of his most-cited early works, "Following Piece," from 1969, he spent each day for almost a month following a person picked at random on the street, sometimes with a friend following Mr. Acconci to record the action.
Data from Google Trends from the week following Election Day offers a glimpse at what residents of these counties searched following Trump's victory.
A series of floods nearly ruined the former mill town, first in 2004 following Hurricane Ivan and twice following heavy rains in 19873.
If you've been following Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette, you know who Chad is, and if you haven't been following, you're missing out.
The credit then shrinks to $3,750 during the following six months, and then to $1,875 for the following six months before ending entirely.
Instagram's Following tab, the activity feed that displays what posts your friends are liking, commenting on, and following, is going away this week.
"We didn't want to make something that felt like they were following our lead, or we were following their lead," says Jones-Quartey.
He was briefly part of Michael Jackson's defense following child molestation charges, and defended Chris Brown in 2011 following his assault on Rihanna.
Instead of following the couples' captions scripts that everyone else is following, too, caption your couples' photos like you would any other picture.
In the film, we watch as Mazur has the realization that rather than following the drugs the government should be following the money.
Click here to view original GIFIf you're not following your roommate on Twitter, stop everything you're doing and start following them right now.
Following a 2013 investigation by the Dallas Morning News examining Cruz's citizenship, the Texas senator formally renounced his Canadian citizenship the following year.
There is as little reason to fear a permanent Republican majority following the 2016 election as there was in the years following 2000.
The world's most indebted oil company lost market share to rivals following a shift last year to a policy of following international prices.
The two were even seen the following night at an after party following the world premiere of Ben's new film Live by Night.
Shares on Wall Street notched their fifth consecutive session of gains following Powell's comments on Thursday, with Asian and European markets following suits.
Boulder is the latest city to take up an assault-style weapons ban following the push for gun control following the deadly Feb.
We hold that the mandate is illegal, because believers should never be forced to choose between following their faith and following the law.
Methodology: This GOBankingRates survey posed the following question to 20173,037 Americans: Of the following, which has been your biggest financial regret in 2017?
Following years of explosive growth, electric-vehicle sales declined year-over-year in July and August following subsidy cuts from the Chinese government.
While you can see your count of followers and users you're following, other people can only see the number of people following you.
Following those moves, the trend continues with the index adding another 15% on average the following year, trading positively 100% of the time.
When it comes to registered Republicans, 30% say they're following the inquiry very closely, with another 25% saying they're following them fairly closely.
She chose to marry Laurie's tutor John (James Norton), a man of lesser means, following the fairy tale arc of following her heart.
This was imposed following the sudden resignation of former Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn in February following anti-government protests fueled by ethnic tension.
However, miners and traders expect supplies to fall sharply in January following a crackdown on coal mines following a major accident on Jan.
"Knowing more about what other people are doing and thinking can help us all find the best things faster, but it can also lead to stronger fads where people are following people who are following people who are following people," he said.
The company deployed hundreds of security officers to protect its clients following Hurricane Katrina, and it sent officers throughout the Northeast following Superstorm Sandy.
Brady, who had been following a stranger online with a large Twitter following, decided he would start direct-messaging his dinner every single day.
Dennis grills Tony on the stand — was he really following Hannah's orders to send everyone the tapes, or following his own sense of justice?
The C anal retentive banker is all about the details: getting it "right," being thorough, methodically following the pages of the book, following checklists.
Petrobras has lost market share in gasoline and diesel sales to rivals following a shift in 2016 to a policy of following international prices.
Following the breath Simply following the breath is an easy way to start your practice before moving on to other more in-depth methods.
Institutional investors such as UBS are following the same trend lines start-ups and private project financing firms have been following for some time.
This DoJ report is quite similar to the one written following investigations in Ferguson, Mo. and Albuquerque, N.M. following controversial police uses of force.
McDonald's (MCD) is reportedly the subject of a probe in South Korea, following complaints of illness following the consumption of allegedly undercooked hamburger patties.
The rapper decried Trump's comments following the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, questioned the President's own patriotism following his attacks on athletes and Sen.
Following in the well-heeled footsteps of successful brands like the Brooklyn-based Greats, three others are following suit with their own unique designs.
McDonald's – McDonald's is reportedly the subject of a probe in South Korea, following complaints of illness following the consumption of allegedly undercooked hamburger patties.
The following year, Tokyo lodged a protest following Beijing's declaration of a formal Air Defense Identification Zone over parts of the East China Sea.
In the months following Russell's death, her family found that she had been following multiple Instagram accounts depicting images of suicide and self-harm.
Over the following decades, white flight led to a significant population decline, with many businesses following the city's middle-class residents to the suburbs.
Some fundamental selling causes the computers to kick it and whether it's trend following or volatility following it exacerbates the downside in the market.
Tributes flooded in to Carrie Fisher Tuesday following the news that the actress and author had died at age 20163 following a heart attack.
In transition, however, they're much better: sixth in the NBA in points per 100 possessions following a defensive rebound, and fifth following a turnover.
They show a sharp rise in income following his first presidential bid, when he built up a national following and his books sold widely.
Jones was stripped of his title following his relatively comfortable unanimous decision victory over Cormier following his involvement in a hit-and-run incident.
A state of emergency has been declared, following a year of deadly, anti-government protests A state of emergency has been declared, following a year of deadly, anti-government protests Ethiopia has declared a state of emergency following a year of deadly, anti-government protests.
Following the race, Monaco's team, including Steven Borges Mendonaca, Thibault Demarthon, and Boris Vain all appeared to be visibly shaken up following the scary incident.
Dockery laid low in the months following Dineen's death, but returned to work on Good Behavior — her first TV project following Downton — three months later.
In the years following his release, Anwar rebuilt his following and came close to defeating Najib, another Mahathir protege, in the disputed 2013 general election.
Musk held fast even following Uber CEO Travis Kalanick's departure from Trump's economic advisory council, when Kalanick left following the issuance of the immigration order.
"If you were following @POTUS before 12pET, by end of day you'd be following *two* accounts: @POTUS44 (44th Admin) and @POTUS (45th Admin)," Dorsey tweeted.
In the days following the Parkland school shooting, many investors following the national gun control debate found themselves asking: Do I own any gun stocks?
Following months of controversies, Uber's search for a COO has now grown to a hunt for a new CEO following Travis Kalanick's resignation on Tuesday.
On Friday morning, following her already impressive display of unrelenting, Trump-targeted Twitter shut-downs, Rowling responded to the following tweet from journalist Terry Moran.
He broke through with the Canucks beginning in 1974-75, putting up 51 points and following that with a career-high 62 the following season.
Mexico says its citizens in the U.S. should "take precautions" following the deportation of an undocumented mother following a routine meeting with American immigration authorities.
Campbell's death in Nashville, following a nationwide farewell tour in 2012 following his Alzheimer's announcement, brought emotional tributes from country music stars and fans alike.
"Currently, much of these detentions are not following Flores, but they also are not following international human rights treaties that we're part of," said Tlaib.
If you're doing any of the following, you're not following the golden rules of the professional text message — and it could be hurting your rep.
The peso , which hit a record low following Britain's vote to leave the European Union, gained 1.24 percent to 18.2500 per dollar following the decision.
But if following the advice of a Warren Buffett, Oprah Winfrey, or Bill Gates isn't your cup of tea, consider following the advice of science.
I'm not entirely sure what following a Collection does, but I'd guess you'll be notified when new content selections are added to those you're following.
The AP added the following paragraphs: The New York Times updated its story to include the following: Politico added two bylines and these five paragraphs:
Shortly after, reports stated that Viall had reached out to Jones following her comments and that the two dated for months following the talk show.
The 67-year-old won his country's first free presidential election in 2012, but was ousted by the military following mass protests the following year.
Following a warm and sunny Friday in the nation's capital, it rained all day there on the following day, befitting the mood of the nation.
The "th" and "st" appear in three ways: in normal type following a number, in normal type after a space following the number, and in superscript.
The Christian employers call contraception immoral and argue that the government should not compel religious believers to choose between following their faith and following the law.
Instapaper's relaunched Premium service will include the following: These are the same features that Instapaper had made free for all, directly following its acquisition by Pinterest.
It happened again at the end of 2017, following disturbing children's content on YouTube being discovered, and again in 2018, following Logan Paul's suicide forest video.
Samsung's shares had dropped more than 6 percent on Monday, opening the week sharply lower following following dozens of reports of Samsung Galaxy Note7 smartphones exploding.
After all, it's easy to imagine a jump from following stores to following friends and having their comments and reviews pop up in your feed, too.
A representative for Britney Spears has released a statement following reports that her 8-year-old niece, Maddie, has been hospitalized following a serious ATV accident.
In addition to re-following her fiancé on Instagram, Chyna took things a step further by following a second, private Instagram account under the username robkardsahian.
Alcohol will be banned from the beach until the end of summer from Thursday, following public outrage at the state of the beach following the gathering.
A lot of the times when our stories get picked up it's not because media people are following Skift, it's because they're following me on Twitter.
She bought Las Vegas Sands following the company's quarterly results, and also added to her position in Zimmer Biomet after the stock sold-off following earnings.
Instagram is phasing out its Following tab, which let users see what their friends and acquaintances were liking and who they were following on the platform.
As the medalists walked off the podium following the medal ceremony, Sun waved a finger in Scott's face and shouted at him following the apparent snub.
President Trump has stopped following MSNBC's Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski on Twitter, reducing the number of accounts the president is following from 43 to 41.
Following two families in America's racially segregated South in the period following WWII, Morrison's cinematography provides a classically beautiful rustic counterbalance for the film's ugly racism.
Now, the couple behind AngelMamii7 is trying to build a following on YouTube, where it's much more feasible to make money from a social media following.
You said you'd come on, and then you said you were upset because I wasn't following you on Twitter, so I'm following you on Twitter. Thanks.
Lynch, 31, joined the Oakland Raiders on a restructured two-year deal following an April trade from Seattle, where he had retired following the 2015 season.
China's economy is now the second strongest in the world, following the United States and its military sits at #3, following the United States and Russia.
The idea is that following someone might prompt them to follow you back, and then unfollowing them gives you a better ratio of followers to following.
I wanted to talk about that specifically, and also the dangers of enacting and following a fundamental interpretation of religion — particularly when you're following a leader.
Following two postponements caused by construction delays, Miami Beach's city-owned Bass art museum has announced its October 2017 reopening following a $12 million renovation project.
" A spokesman for Flack addressed the news in the following statement to the BBC: "We confirm that police attended Caroline's home following a private domestic incident.
Asian indexes put in mixed performances on Wednesday following the rally on Wall Street overnight while the dollar lost ground following comments from President Donald Trump.
" Even fans of extraordinarily popular volleyball squads, like Nebraska's, "are following who they're bringing in," she said, "but they may not be following their walk-ons.
The two finalists will be guaranteed a place in the following year's Finals, while the nations finishing third to 10th will contest the following year's qualifiers.
Instead, consider just not following the person anymore by going to their page and finding the box that says "Following" at the top right of the screen.
Limb-saving surgical techniques for safe and effective reconstruction following bone tumor surgery in dogs are now the standard of care in children following bone tumor surgery.
For Polis, it seems to mean following a path similar to Wyoming's recent efforts to give blockchain startups a bit of regulatory certainty while following federal laws.
Issue 6: Following sonorous bodies, invites writers and artists to work with the processual methodology of following in order to think with and through various sonorous bodies.
CEO Dara Khosrowshahi was brought on following the untimely departure of Uber co-founder and then CEO Travis Kalanick following a seemingly never-ending series of scandals.
A sell-off in chip stocks intensified Monday following a report that semiconductor makers are cutting ties with Huawei following restrictions imposed by President Donald Trump's administration.
U.S. sovereign bond prices slumped Monday, following a public holiday for the market Friday, as traders continued to eye inflation trends following the election of Donald Trump.
The Wizards are the fourth-most efficient offense in the league on possessions following defensive rebounds, but the 21st-most efficient offense following opponent's made field goals.
The EPA regulations on chemical plants came to fruition following an Obama-era executive order signed in 2013 to revisit those regulations following the West Texas accident.
By following Tennessee's Snapchat account, fans can claim their free tickets as well as view exclusive content pieces with the Knoxville native following her rise to stardom.
Following are some details of the new system (some of the changes have already taken effect following the referendum): - The office of prime minister will be abolished.
Police, who had been following Cashe after he drove away following the shootings, apprehended him after he left his vehicle and tried to run away, authorities said.
Avery's trial and subsequent conviction in the death of Halbach, following an earlier wrongful conviction, have made headlines following the release Netflix's Making a Murderer last month.
And we're not doing that for the primary reason that right now we have 22 states following one set of WOTUS regulations and 28 states following another.
In a statement the following day, WADA said that it acted immediately when it had corroborated evidence, following guidelines laid out by the World Anti-Doping Code.
The "Following" label, meanwhile, will be added to tweets from those Twitter users you're following as a way to catch their replies when scrolling through long threads.
Mr. Comey said, following a morning threat briefing, that he wanted to ensure he and his FBI staff were following proper communications protocol with the White House.
He also said people are speculating that "bitcoin will rally following the upcoming fork as it did following the August 1 fork" into bitcoin and bitcoin cash.
You know, where Instagram tells you who you should be following, and it's some celebrity you've never heard of, but they know you should be following them.
A gain in business following last year's bankruptcy of The Sports Authority appears to be fading, wrote Cowen analyst Kohn Kerman in a note following Dick's results.
Both of those numbers are great, but while Cleveland trails Golden State on points per possession following defensive rebounds, they've actually outpaced the Warriors following made baskets.
Mortgage applications have stalled with the spike in interest rates following a bond market selloff across the globe following Donald Trump's surprise U.S. presidential victory in November.
Washington (CNN)The Veterans Affairs Department has apologized following an incident where a scalpel was allegedly left inside the body of a veteran for years following surgery.
About three in five respondents to the ABC News poll said they were following it at least somewhat closely, with about one fifth following it very closely.
Equifax has hired a new chief information security officer (CISO) following the abrupt retirement of the company's top security executives following its massive data breach last year.
Special status given to about 59,000 Haitian immigrants, protecting them from deportation following the 2010 earthquake, will end next year following a Trump administration ruling last month.
Comments from respondents centered on the "economic uncertainty" following the vote and worries of a "further breakup" of Europe with other countries following the Brits out the door.
In the following weeks, Russia sent military forces into Crimea, eventually annexing the Black Sea peninsula following a referendum that Ukraine and most western countries slam as illegitimate.
Following backlash, the rapper took to Twitter, claiming that he had gotten permission from Swift to name-drop her following an hour-long phone conversation with the star.
The Christian employers call birth control immoral and assert that the federal government should not force religious believers to pick between following their faith and following the law.
On Sunday, he scored another key Nevadan endorsement from Senator Dean Heller, who switched allegiances following Jeb Bush's departure following his poor showing in the South Carolina primary.
Al Franken's resignation following allegations of sexual misconduct, as well as all the (mainly white) women who still supported Roy Moore following reports of child molestation and predation.
They would then be required to exceed that target by 20 percent over the following 10 years and 15 percent over the following 30 years to ensure oversupply.
Prosecutors said the inquiry was launched following concrete evidence following the misuse of funds held by the Malaysian government through different offshore accounts in Singapore, Switzerland and Luxembourg.
His eventual departure had long been expected following accounts of his disagreements with Trump and after the president suggested a Cabinet shakeup was imminent following November's midterm elections.
Breaking that number down, the average opening gap following an earnings release is a pop of 0.29 percent, following by an open-to-close decline of 0.38 percent.
Disruptions following Hurricane Harvey, which struck a key refining region in Texas, has kept prices aloft even during the slowdown in air travel following the busy summer season.
The SR could be upgraded following an upgrade of UBA's VR to 'b+' or following increased synergies and a greater role of the subsidiary within the UBA group.
For the film adaptation, the novel is brought to life in two parts, the first following the characters as kids and the second following them 27 years later.
But at the end of the say like you said, Sean, I do have a following and that following is made up in large part by young girls.
Tuft & Needle's mattresses are available in the following sizes, and for the following prices: twin ($350), twin XL ($375), full ($500), queen ($600), king ($750), California king ($750).
This last aspect in particular can sometimes make following beauty gurus feel like following a soap opera or reality television show — one where Star is a recurring character.
There's such beautiful work there of, yes, following fashion, but at the same time following your inner instinct and style and where it is that you come from.
An author with a following of 423,000 accounts would receive a $9,000 advance, for example, while an author with a following of 2250,2000,22008 would receive a $2630,2000 advance.
Congress voted against expanding background checks to all gun sales earlier this year following the Orlando massacre, and again in 2013 following the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting.
Production on the 35,000-bpd reformer was cut by about 30 percent following a fire on Saturday to preserve catalyst, which the unit cannot recycle following the blaze.
On Sunday, following Conway's ludicrous statement regarding the Trump administration's inauguration attendance claim, the dictionary tweeted out the following as the word "fact" was trending on its site.
"Staying laser-focused on the mission and on the work itself — day in, day out, left foot, right foot, grinding away, following the rules, following the law, following the guidelines, trying to make sure that we're doing the right thing but in the right way, treating everybody with respect," Wray said.
New South Wales, which has never issued green bonds and currently has little need for funding following a series of privatizations, says it is following its neighbors' progress closely.
In the days and weeks following the protest, local police detained 277 people, mostly aged between 18 to 30, though they were all subsequently released following a court order.
Italy is following the matter "at the highest level through its diplomats in Nicosia and Ankara ... and following all possible diplomatic steps to resolve the question," the spokesman said.
Their IDRs were downgraded to 'RD' on the 5303 June 2015 following the imposition of restrictions on the withdrawal of deposits following large outflows from the banks in 1H15.
"We have every confidence that the Canadian and U.S. legal systems will reach a just conclusion in the following proceedings," Huawei said in a statement following the bail hearing.
Local reporters who had been following these "bathroom bills" closely had also been following us around all day, too, and Max was on his best behavior because of it.
Hydro and Novozymes shares jumped 3.1% and almost 5% respectively following third-quarter earnings, while M&G got off to a strong start following its spin-off from Prudential.
The euro posted strong gains against the U.S. dollar, following the ECB decision and during the press conference, but fell back afterwards following Draghi's hawkish comments on helicopter money.
Prince Harry and Markle have reportedly been following his brother's lead, following many of the same steps they took before their 2011 wedding, including this low-key religious ceremony.
Three of them were fired following formal investigations into their behavior; Franken, whose former office does not have a reasonably functioning investigatory arm, voluntarily left following eight separate accusations.
"We are downgrading Wells Fargo ... following tough Senate hearings and mounting public scrutiny following the opening of fraudulent accounts," analyst Vivek Juneja wrote in a note to clients Wednesday.
Following the horrific incident, Melissa Hutchinson, a resident of Tallahassee, told NBC Miami that she helped treat a "profusely" bleeding man who ran into a bar following the shooting.
It's the first track Jay and Bey have done together since 2013's "Drunk In Love" and is especially intriguing following all the gossip around their relationship following Lemonade.
And so I started following him and he was following me, and we started exchanging messages and catching up on each other's qualifying processes and rooting each other on.
Soap opera star Morgan Fairchild pointed out that if every person who does not support the president stops following him, his massive 62.4 million following would take a hit.
The FAA declined an interview, but offered the following statement:The FAA is following a thorough process, not a prescribed timeline, for returning the Boeing 737 MAX to passenger service.
The findings show that executives substantially increase their sales of shares following a buyback announcement and personally benefit from the boost in stock prices that occurs following the announcements.
People seemed to take notice of my style as I started amassing a following on the app — I now have over two million users following my closet on Poshmark.
If you find yourself blindly following advice without doing your own research, following the latest financial trends, and acting on advice impulsively, you might be getting some bad advice.
The long hours paid off when, following a protest campaign, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences established a permanent makeup and hairstyle Oscars category the following year.
Many states are following the federal government's lead: California, Connecticut, Vermont, and Wisconsin, for example, extended their deadlines to match the federal one in the days following Mnuchin's announcement.
Following his new following after appearing on Love Is Blind, Morton is working on bulking up his resume, but he might be taking his career trajectory in another direction.
The heavy equipment maker, which has multiple facilities in the world's second-largest economy, said it is following the local government's direction following the coronavirus outbreak on remaining openings.
He clashed with Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel following August's Belgian Grand Prix after defending aggressively against the Ferrari pair following a collision between the trio at the start.
Democrats are more apt to be following along than are Republicans (59% among Democrats, 45% among Republicans and just 39% of independents say they are following the trial closely).
The protests come following the acquittal of a former police officer who was charged with first degree murder of a black motorist following a high speed chase in 2011.
This elicited the following — significantly more ominous — response.
The following day — her 12th birthday — Kentavia died.
The Stargate saga immediately attracted a loyal following; following the film's worldwide success (it grossed $200 million worldwide), Stargate SG-1 ran for 803 years and more than 200 episodes.
The following month, Williams posed on a boat in a black ruffled one-piece, cradling her growing belly as she enjoyed the sunshine following her wellness-themed Miami bridal shower.
Adrian Breedlove, who was been charged with intoxication manslaughter and unlawful carrying of a weapon following the officer's death, bonded out of jail the following morning, Fox 4 News reported .
The manuals and guidelines they would receive — they would say, 'today on this topic, you are going to post the following rebuttals and use the following codes in your comments.
"You've got this person who has a great following [of 44 million on Instagram], and you take that following and marry it with who your core consumer is," says Grant.
And in July, the show was postponed to October following the school shooting in Santa Fe, TX. And in October, the show was pulled entirely following the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting.
What is the audience to make of a narrative shaped by a character who isn't capable of anything but following orders, following glowing magical sigils, and repeating whatever he hears?
A Washington family is "ecstatic" following their reunion Friday with their sons, who had been missing for six months following what the FBI alleged was a kidnapping by their mother.
"The decision was taken following an increase in redemption requests as a result of uncertainty for the U.K. commercial real estate market following the EU referendum result," Standard Life said.
Forty-eight percent said that following the news was important to them, and half said that following the news makes them feel prepared to make a difference in their communities.
"Despite my Twitter bio clearly stating that I am not Donald's son, I regularly get people following me thinking that they are following the son of the POTUS," Trump said.
Meanwhile, Pakistan's rupee weakened nearly one percent following a 5 percent jump on Monday following media reports that China was providing a $2 billion loan to the cash strapped country.
Shares in Barclays were briefly suspended following volatility in its share price after it dropped 8 percent over the course of the session from its level following the opening auction.
Without the headrest working loose, Hamilton would have been leading the championship after Vettel finished fourth following a penalty for banging wheels with his rival while following the safety car.
If they are following the story outlined in the source material's sequel, China Rich Girlfriend, we will also be following Nick and Rachel as they search for her biological father.
Paul Joseph Watson, the editor-at-large of conspiracy-theorist website InfoWars, who has a Twitter following of 221,22016 users, shared the following tweet in the aftermath of the election.
This forecasts the property sector would see a noticeable slowdown in the following 12 months as the government cuts spending following the sustained slump in oil prices and salaries stagnate.
"Historically, following a net adds miss, Netflix tends to set guidance cautiously and deliver large beats in the following quarters," analyst Nat Schindler said in a note to clients Monday.
Claire, the movie kind of proceeds on two tracks: one following Neil in the sky and the other following Janet at home with the children and the other astronauts' wives.
Shares of Japanese automaker Nissan slipped 0.22% following reports that company Chief Executive Hiroto Saikawa has expressed his desire to resign, following an admission last week to being improperly compensated.
She was just loved by very nice church family… along with several different friend and people who were following her before we knew they were following her 'Sandy Speaks' videos.
There was an uptick of Vibrio infections across the Southern US following Katrina, including five deadly cases — and Hotez said health officials expect we'll see much the same following Harvey.
Kelly Loeffler grabbed headlines following a report by The Daily Beast that said she sold stocks immediately following a private meeting briefing senators on the impact of the novel coronavirus.
Following the sad news that Harper had died at the age of 80 following a long battle with cancer, Asner honored the actress in a touching statement obtained by PEOPLE.
"We expect Dell to remain committed to sizable debt reduction following the EMC merger based on the company's track record following the L.B.O. in October 2013," the Moody's analysts wrote.
The following is a Reuters translation of the statement accompanying the bank's decision: "In this decision, the board mainly considered the following information: "In December, annual inflation (3.8%) decreased slightly.
In 2017, they provided internet connectivity to parts of northern Peru following the El Niño floods, and this May, they contributed emergency connectivity following the 8.0 earthquake that hit Peru.
Shortly following the law's passage, we increased the level of management costs that we provide to states, tribes and territories to administer recovery and hazard mitigation programs following a disaster.
Waste Management's stock was flat in after-hours trade following the company's announcement that it would give thousands of its employees $2,000 bonuses following the recently passed corporate tax cut.
The normalization process, and the president referred to a process, should really be following the gains that we are looking to make at this summit and then in the following meetings.
Given me and Chris were turning up on a lot of the same things, it seemed reasonable to assume that if people were following him, they might enjoy following me, too.
"The S&P 500 has averaged a 1.2% loss in the subsequent three months following [negative returns] versus an average 2.8% gain following a positive Santa Claus rally," Wald told me.
Chef John Besh stepped down from his company following allegations of sexual harassment from more than two dozen women, and Mario Batali stepped away from his businesses following reports of misconduct.
Hundreds of people rioted against the police in Milwaukee last night, following the shooting of a 23-year-old man who fled police following a traffic stop earlier in the day.
Match has placed the four plaintiffs who still worked at Tinder on leave following the lawsuit's filing, and Pambakian's final memo following her forced departure leaked to Business Insider and Fortune.
The moves tempered the dramatic rise in yields on Friday following the jobs report, a reaction which may have been exaggerated by low-volume trading following the Fourth of July holiday.
His arrest came following a dispute on a Stockholm street; Rocky and members of his entourage claim they began fighting with two men who were following them and bothering other passerby.
Update: Following an internal investigation, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences determined "no further action was merited" following a complaint of sexual harassment lodged against Academy president, John Bailey.
Following Angela around E-Corp and Darlene around the hotel she set up shop in — literally following, the way Esmail shot it — sucked me into their determination, and their simmering panic.
Following the US election, client engagement stayed high and was fairly broad based, continuing a rise in trading momentum in the third quarter following Britain's vote to exit the European Union.
Shares of Universal Display surged 13 percent during after-hours following a strong earnings beat and guidance Zynga shares surged more than 7 percent during after hours following a revenue beat.
Pittsburgh rebounded from a 22-210 drubbing at Minnesota on Friday with a shootout win over New Jersey the following day to improve to 226-237-23 following a regulation defeat.
President Obama spoke to the nation at 12:15 PM Wednesday, following Hillary Clinton's concession speech where she addressed the public for the first time following her loss to Donald Trump.
"If you buy a chicken, roast the chicken, have the roast chicken dinner, the following day turn it into a stir fry, the following day make it into soup," he said.
Following a written rebuttal from House Democrats on Tuesday, the managers are expected to begin making their case before the Senate on Wednesday, with Trump's team following as early as Friday.
Chipotle Mexican Grill – Chipotle shares are under a pressure following news that the company is shutting down an Ohio location following reports that some customers became severely ill after eating there.
Blocking someone on Twitter forces them to stop following you, and Rubin&aposs mass blocking exercise means there are just 11 people still following his account at the time of writing.
Another prospective Warren backer, Meredith Pope, began to care about tech as ads for boots or trips to Mexico began following her all over the internet, following some prior search queries.
" Following his recent success for "Can't Stop the Feeling!
" Following James' remarks, Curry reacted: "I agree with Bron.
" CNN's PR tweeted the following response: "This is nonsense.
Chin up, Chris ... you're following in George Clooney's footsteps.
" Barbara answered: "Following your passion always makes you happy!
PDT Town & Country issued the following statement via Twitter.
Baylee Littrell is following in his dad's footsteps — literally!
Male or Female Nude & Masturbating ($906) Seeking the following . . .
Murphy USA – Shares gained 24.4% following third quarter earnings.
" It also eased the pressure of following up "Metamodern.
Ninja's following will migrate along with him — and fast.
" The following day he told reporters, "I like Omarosa.
Clinton to run — and win — the following year. Mrs.
Carpenter & Company, in staid Boston, is following similar thinking.
A lot of ... Were you following in anyone's footsteps?
The following day was March 14 — Elias' first birthday.
Following that ... Chicago, and maybe L.A., Detroit and Miami.
She changed her outfit -- and lost the following match.
BT's exposure to Swiss franc-denominated retail loans, following the successful campaign for voluntary conversion of such loans following the Volksbank acquisition, was a small 3% of gross loans at end-1H16.
On Tuesday morning, following Monday's opening day of the Democratic National Conference — during which Michelle Obama made a speech that essentially stole the show — Irish actress Victoria Smurfit floated the following suggestion.
Her youngest daughter Amy developed ME at the age of three following chickenpox and a chest infection—and the intense physiotherapy prescribed in the following years by her doctor made her worse.
Following Yunnan Tin's debt exchange, the company's listed unit announced a 2.4 billion yuan private placement in December and plans to invest 2.6 billion yuan in expanding mining output the following month.
North Korea's missile tests are in defiance of United Nations Security Council sanctions against the country, which were strengthened following a January nuclear test and a space rocket launch the following month.
You have to follow it as close to the letter as possible, implementing new habits — like following a strict 12-hour fast between your last evening meal and breakfast the following morning.
The dollar rebounded against other currencies, except for the yen, following the prior day's losses tied to reduced bets on a pending U.S. interest rate increase following last week's disappointing jobs report.
"Following the completion of post-mortem analysis, #DubaiPolice today stated that the death of Indian actress #Sridevi occurred due to drowning in her hotel apartment's bathtub following loss of consciousness," police said.
Icahn's letter comes following a string of CEO resignations from various policy advisory groups this week following Trump's response to the violence in Charlottesville, leading to the collapse of four of them.
Following the tragic news, Lourd received an outpouring of support from her Scream Queens costars, including Taylor Lautner, who has been a close companion in the time following her loved ones' passing.
"I was in the mosque myself ... people were offering a prayers following the conclusion of the (main) Friday prayer when we heard a loud crash following a gust of wind," he said.
The two companies issued the following statements to CNBC, following a Reuters report revealing that Internet giant Yahoo secretly scanned customer emails for U.S. intelligence officials, according to reporter Joseph Menn's sources.
Following Friday's meeting, EU heads of government will meet later this month to discuss their actions following the Paris deal, which the Commission is urging them to ratify as soon as possible.
Anyway, following Jon and Daenerys' post-dragon-riding scene in the first episode of Season 8, Reddit user u/fanofthrones5555 shared the following connection with a moment from Season 3, Episode 5.
Crude oil prices extended gains on Monday following Friday's surge, following comments by the Saudi energy minister that the oil market is heading towards balance, despite signs of slowing demand in Asia.
Emerging markets were under pressure following a sharp rise in global borrowing costs and the best week for the dollar in a year following a victory for Donald Trump in U.S. elections.
It's worth remembering that Silva audibly pondered retirement following his win over Brunson and even hinted at leaving the Octagon behind following his later-overturned victory against Diaz over two years ago.
"Markets are following the negative global lead as geopolitical risks take centre stage following the UK tanker seizure by Iran," said Vrajesh Bhandari, senior portfolio manager at Al Mal Capital in Dubai.
You also had working-class art school kids getting into the artier part of glam, like Roxy Music, whose following seemed to have a more aspirational following consisting of British working class.
"Following a quiet July, registrations bounced back in August and September as the industry shrugged off early nervousness following the vote to leave the EU," Mike Quinton, chief executive of NHBC said.
Using a natural language processing algorithm, we ranked analysts based on the following factors: Average return: The annual average return produced by an analyst's sell and buy recommendations in the following year.
The following is the unofficial transcript of an EXCLUSIVE CNBC interview with UK Prime Minister Theresa May and CNBC's Steve Sedgwick today, Wednesday, June 13th, following the Prime Minister's Tech Investment Roundtable.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The following are highlights from Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen's press conference on Wednesday following the end of a two-day meeting of the U.S. central bank's policy-setting committee.
Anglin called for readers of the site to "troll storm" Dumpson on social media following a 2017 incident in which someone hung nooses with bananas on the AU campus following her election.
Universal had a tough last week as it had to navigate the blowback following the decision to not release the violent thriller "The Hunt" following the multiple mass shootings in early August.
Education funding needs equalization, with standardized dollar amounts following each type of student to their school, and more dollars following higher-need students, such as English-language learners or children with disabilities.
KEY ASSUMPTIONS Fitch's key assumptions within the rating case for JNJ's 'AAA' rating include the following: --Low-single-digit revenue growth in 2016 and 2017, improving incrementally in the following three years.
Most of The Athletic's writers, including many of its most recent hires, earned their following over years, or decades, at newspapers, a following they — and their new bosses — turn into Athletic subscribers.
Mr. Akhanli was arrested the following day, but he was released after Germany's foreign minister, Sigmar Gabriel, who was in Spain following the terror attack in Barcelona, intervened on the writer's behalf.
Needless to say, Instagram's Following tab, which lists the real-time activity of the accounts you follow — from their likes and comments to who they start following — is ripe with stalking fodder.
And of course to make it work so smoothly it is not only just what is written in notes, it is knowing the tradition, following the tradition and following between the notes.
The company has been dogged by concerns over management stability over the past year and a half following the departure of long-standing CEO Andrea Guerra following a rift with Del Vecchio.
Following revelations about disgraced Android co-founder Andy Rubin's discreet $90 million exit package, following allegations of sexual misconduct Google leadership deemed credible, Google employees organized the 20,000-person Google Walkout protest.
BEIRUT (Reuters) - France is working to "reduce the escalation" following an attack on Saudi oil installations, Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri said on Friday following talks with French President Emmanuel Macron.
But the normalization of social media platforms made it so that following or not following the norms and memes of internetspeak is more of a choice now rather than predetermined by age.
"I will be meeting the prime minister on Friday following her campaigning in the European elections tomorrow and following that meeting I will be consulting with the 1922 executive," Brady told reporters.
There is a lot to be figured out following the Brexit vote Thursday, and no one is certain how the negotiations with the EU will work in the following months and years.
The study participants were randomly assigned to one of three groups: getting advice about following a Mediterranean diet as well as free extra-virgin olive oil delivered to their home; getting advice about following a Mediterranean diet as well as free nuts delivered to their doorstep; and, for the control group, getting advice about following a low-fat diet.
Choose one of the following to read, watch or listen to: • Article | Cleaning Toilets, Following Rules: A Migrant Child's Days in Detention • Video | What Immigration Detention Is Like at 14 • Podcast | 'Divided,' Part 1: How Family Separations Started Then, respond to the following questions: • How would you describe what life is like for children in these detention centers?
Twitter says this is to prevent the potential abuse of mass unfollowing people and then following other accounts continuously, until an account amasses a large amount of followers and a low following count.
In 1955, she married Richard Carleton Meeker and the following year gave birth to their son, Richard Jr. The couple divorced in 1961 and the following year she married CBS executive Grant Tinker.
Just rotate the cruise control lever on the left side of the wheel to choose a setting from 1-7, 1 being the closest following distance and 7 being the longest following distance.
Relations between Russia and the West have worsened following the sanctions imposed on it the EU and the U.S. in 2014 following its annexation of Crimea and alleged military intervention in eastern Ukraine.
The supermarket already has a frozen pizza crust cult following, so it shouldn't come as a shock that the company is following the trend of an item that is already a major success.
STEVE LIESMAN: President Kaplan, Vice President Mike Pence this morning on our air questioned whether the Fed ought to be following the dual mandate and said maybe it should just be following inflation.
Making the situation worse is an overall slowdown in demand in the U.S. auto market, the world's second largest after China, following years of growth that boosted profits following the global financial crisis.
PARIS (Reuters) - French stocks outperformed upbeat European indices on Monday following a convincing parliamentary majority for President Emmanuel Macron, while banks bounced following upgrades and the retail sector recovered from last week's losses.
However, healthcare stocks, which had a sharp run higher following the election, were dragged down by Eli Lilly after the company said it would stop developing its Alzheimer's drug following a trail failure.
Spotify Stopped Promoting His Music — Briefly — Following an Assault Charge On May 27, the streaming platform announced that it ceased to promote the rapper's music following charges that he beat a pregnant woman.
Victoria Monét‏, who opened for Ariana Grande at the Manchester Arena concert where 22 people were killed and approximately 59 others were injured following an explosion, says she feels "useless" following the tragedy.
Brayden Schenn capped an impressive weekend in style, following up his second career hat trick on Saturday by scoring 2:44 into overtime the following night in a 1-0 win over Detroit.
Above: network coverage map in Democratic Republic of Congo following the recent Ebola outbreak Facebook only recently announced a plan to curb the spread of vaccine misinformation on its platforms, following government inquiries.
Following the eclipse from up high Most of us are stuck watching the eclipse from the ground, but some lucky researchers will be following the eclipse from two NASA airplanes at 50,000 feet.
We use following people as an approximation of following interests, but the fact is, like if John Gruber, most people follow him for Apple coverage, he still likes to talk about the Yankees.
Little did SWERY know at the time that the following June he would be diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia, a condition where energy levels dip notably following a carbohydrate or simple sugar-rich meal.
In currencies, the dollar also weakened following the remarks from Williams, while the euro lost ground following a report the European Central Bank's staff is studying a potential change to its inflation goal.
With one mistake, following an error, following another blooper, the American got so desperate that she even resorted to switching her racket to her left hand for one point — and fluffed that too.
As he was unappreciated until well after his death at age 54 following legal troubles for taking the indigenous peoples' side against French colonialists, the following publication history of the manuscript is tumultuous.
It also appears to be the strategy Trump is following -- to the extent he is following one at all -- when he makes decisions on contentious issues in this first four months in office.
The guidelines, which go into effect immediately, require producers to implement mitigation plans following an earthquake of magnitude 2.5 or more and to suspend operations following a quake of magnitude 3.5 or greater.
Brent had climbed to a 26-month high of $59.49 earlier this week following a threat by Turkey to shut down an oil pipeline following an independence referendum in the semiautonomous Kurdish region.
An image like that has to be spun carefully, something that the 2016 film Jackie explores in depth by following Jackie Kennedy (played by Natalie Portman) in the days following her husband's assassination.
The project is the latest in a fundraising campaign for the club's ongoing legal fight to re-open following its closure in September by local authority Islington Council following two drug-related deaths.
All three major U.S. indexes ended the day in negative territory following Tuesday's late-session tech-driven sell-off following Monday's rally as traders moved to defensive stocks after recent weeks' heightened volatility.
WHEN: TODAY, TUESDAY,September 5, 2017 WHERE: CNBC'S "SQUAWK ON THESTREET" Following is the unofficialtranscript of a CNBC EXCLUSIVE interview with United Technologies CEO GregHayes following the company's deal to buy Rockwell Collins.
"The assessment for any leader in any political environment is the scoreboard," Maimane said, adding that Zuma should consider following Britain's David Cameron in standing down following a defeat at the ballot box.
Following much excitement regarding Beyoncé's Ivy Park collaboration with Adidas — it immediately sold out following its launch on Saturday, January 18 — the line has received some valid criticism from the plus-size community.
Following the same path as the Safdies' Good Time, however, Uncut Gems didn't land any Oscar nominations, though its been well-recognized by smaller movie awards and earned something of a cult following.
US oil prices settled 0.9% higher at $58.64 a barrel, following a report from The Wall Street Journal that repairing Saudi Arabia's oil production following last week's attack could take longer after all.
"Following the completion of post-mortem analysis, #DubaiPolice today stated that the death of Indian actress #Sridevi occurred due to drowning in her hotel apartment's bathtub following loss of consciousness," Dubai police tweeted.
Recent polls suggest support for gun control among Americans is holding stronger than past years following the Florida shooting, but has dipped slightly following the nationwide "March for Our Lives" protest last month.
The 2400 acres surrounding the designer's house have been planned so that some part of the grounds will always be fecund and some part will always be fallow: birth following death following birth.
It can be set up with the following steps: A parent first sets up a family sharing account, by going into the settings app, selecting "set up family sharing" and following the instructions.
If you were a Christian teenager during the period of time following the era of the grunge-and-flannel dropout Gen-Xers, following your faith was preached to you as a radical act.

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