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"down" Definitions
  1. moving or directed downwards or away from a place
  2. (informal) sad or depressed
  3. (of a computer or computer system) not working
"down" Synonyms
downward downwards downstairs below netherward to a lower position to the bottom towards a lower position towards the bottom from top to bottom nether over at the bottom in a lower position beneath under underneath lower low underfoot low down under one's feet under one's foot lower down further down at a lower level earthward groundward to the floor to the ground away off out fro hence from here from there far afar elsewhere in the distance to a distance farther away flat into oblivion into non-existence into nothingness forth beyond out cold dead unconscious senseless to sleep silly into a daze into a stupor into senselessness stupid downstream downriver along through up across via following by way of the length of all through for the length of throughout the length of from one end to the other of right through from end to end of to the other end of throughout the expanse of to the other side of from one side to the other of over the length and breadth of to the far side of throughout during spanning in all across all along to the bottom of towards the bottom of toward the bottom of downward along downward through bottomward along bottomward down bottomwards along bottomwards down bottomwards through bottomward through earthward along earthward down earthward through groundward along groundward down groundward through netherward along netherward down netherward through neath down from lower than further down than at the bottom of at the foot of on the bottom of concealed by covered by on the underside of on the nether side of depressed sad unhappy dejected downcast miserable blue despondent melancholy downhearted glum disheartened dispirited saddened dismal gloomy sorrowful wretched crestfallen broken inoperative malfunctioning defective kaput inoperable faulty unserviceable bust kaputt knackered nonfunctional nonfunctioning nonoperating shot gone jiggered wonky broken-down broken down complete completed done concluded ended finalised(UK) finalized(US) finished settled consummated terminated over with in the can wrapped up done with sorted out finished off polished off sick ill indisposed sickened unhealthy unwell ailing unsound peaked peaky bad poorly punk run-down sick as a parrot sickly below par under the weather infirm crook scheduled listed planned programmed tabled organised(UK) organized(US) slated timetabled arranged booked itemised(UK) itemized(US) nominated registered reserved catalogued(UK) cataloged(US) indexed recorded sensational excellent wonderful fantastic marvellous(UK) great superb awesome fabulous fine splendid terrific marvelous(US) stellar grand fab divine cool top superior damaged flawed dented smashed scratched injured busted hurt marred spoiled(US) spoilt(UK) impaired imperfect bent blemished descendent descending downhill plunging sliding sinking declining drooping nodding sagging bowed droopy stooping declined hanging bowing descendant hung weeping au fait acquainted abreast of apprised of at home conversant familiar in touch knowledgeable about up with au courant aware of enlightened about expert plugged into skilful(UK) skillful(US) up to date well informed about wise to off-line disconnected logged off dormant inert idle inactive unused stagnant vacant free mothballed sidelined suspended unemployed closed down not in use on the shelf out of action out of use turned off depleted dwindling decreased short depreciated lessened minimal reduced weakened in short supply at a low level almost empty scarce scant diminished meagre(UK) insufficient sparse happening fashionable hip modern popular trendy faddish faddy funky sharp latest new big chic exciting exclusive fresh groovy departed deceased late lifeless perished fallen inanimate demised lost insensate insentient slain slaughtered breathless killed murdered still cold sluggish lethargic dull listless slow torpid unresponsive apathetic languid sleepy unenergetic indolent lazy passive phlegmatic slothful weary behind delayed tardy unpunctual belated overdue behindhand hindered impeded long-delayed detained running behind behind schedule behind time running late drink quaff swallow swig swill guzzle gulp imbibe sip sup neck slurp chug scarf snarf sink drain slug kill suck eat devour gobble ingest consume wolf bolt ingurgitate nosh gormandise(UK) gormandize(US) gobble up partake of scarf down feed on gobble down scarf up put away bolt down fell floor prostrate deck drop level throw topple trip flatten overthrow tackle overcome overpower knock down bring down knock over put down set down rugby-tackle blackball veto negate nix negative shutdown vote down shoot down reject turn down refuse squash give the thumbs down to give the red light to vote against say ‘no’ to ban prohibit forbid surmount beat defeat conquer best master lick subdue worst vanquish dispatch stop get overmatch take skunk upend overbear murder execute slaughter assassinate massacre slay butcher eradicate erase annihilate decimate exterminate terminate waste extirpate liquidate eliminate whack obliterate throw out cancel revoke repeal rescind annul nullify quash abolish invalidate ax(US) axe(UK) void withdraw abrogate retract abandon outdo eclipse exceed excel outclass outdistance outshine outstrip overshadow surpass transcend better dwarf outmanoeuvre(UK) out-think upstage cap outpace sadden deject depress dash desolate dispirit grieve upset burden cast down discourage dishearten distress get down oppress aggrieve deplore dismay pain press tumble fall stumble plummet crash crater flop pitch plunge roll slip dive keel lurch grabble sag fluff fuzz floss lint nap pile fur bloom feathers thistledown hair soft feathers fine hair fibre(UK) fiber(US) threads fibres(UK) wool fibers(US) surface setback accident crisis downturn mishap shock tragedy vicissitude blow calamity catastrophy glitch knock reversal reverse trial buffet whammy downer bummer downside drag letdown snag disappointment pitfall pity shame shortcoming annoyance comedown nuisance problem weakness stumbling block negative aspect misfortune discouragement decline downfall descent demise demotion downgrading flameout loss of status loss of success collapse ruin failure deterioration degradation blahs blues dumps dolour megrims mopes funk fit of depression period of despondency blue funk one's black dog grudge grievance resentment aversion disfavor(US) disfavour(UK) dislike disinclination disliking disrelish mislike allergy averseness distaste indisposition disapproval displeasure disapprobation disesteem dissatisfaction grassland heath plain savanna savannah lea ley moor prairie steppe tundra veld veldt campo champaign llano pampa animosity hostility bitterness antipathy hatred enmity spite anger pique animus malice antagonism irritation acrimony indignation hate nosedive spill header dip duck dunk tailspin skid slide spiral belly flop high dive dune hillock mound knoll drift bank hummock mount ridge rise accumulation brae elevation heap hill hump sandbank sand drift sand dune sand pile sorrow grief sadness regret woe heartache misery unhappiness dejection depression agony angst anguish dolefulness wretchedness affliction bereavement cheerlessness desolation despair stuffing padding filling wadding filler cushioning lining packing quilting fill upholstery kapok flock tomentum bulk insulation packaging duck down inlay quilt bedspread comforter counterpane coverlet downie duvet eiderdown cover plumeau puff batt blanket continental quilt doona Doona pad patchwork pouffe(UK) pouf(US) quill barb feather spike spine plumage plume calamus pinion shaft tuft topknot crest feathering covert hackles eider plumule remex flag gossamer gauze chiffon silk filament tissue cobweb film thread Japanese silk silky substance strand yarn cotton string line payment pay salary recompense stipend reward emolument remuneration compensation wage income wages fee hire paycheck earnings consideration allowance profit gain More
"down" Antonyms
up upward upwards upwardly heavenwards skyward skywards uphill upright upstairs overhead above aloft at a higher place at a higher position high up on a higher place on high on the top up above at the top high over higher higher up in the air heavenward into the air into the sky straight up forward to around round circling surrounding about encompassing encircling enclosing covering framing environing all around on all sides of on every side of on the periphery of before preceding afore since antecedent to earlier than preliminary to previous to prior to to the top of towards the top of toward the top of upward along upwards along from against in distinction to out of possession of outside of happy delighted glad satisfied upbeat joyful jubilant cheerful encouraged joyous cheery contented ecstatic euphoric gladsome gleeful optimistic pleased chuffed enraptured working functional functioning operational running operant operating active going moving on alive operative serviceable live operable usable able to function in process in working order ongoing continuing happening progressing unfolding occurring outstanding pending underway afoot continual continued developing existing extant incomplete proceeding progressive uncompleted undone healthy sound hale well healthful fit strong vigorous whole wholesome hearty able unscheduled unplanned nonscheduled unarranged uncoordinated spontaneous unexpected unintended not planned out of the blue atrocious awful execrable lousy ordinary pathetic poor rotten terrible vile wretched unremarkable bad believable boring common expected inferior insignificant normal bright cheering comforting cordial festive friendly gay heartwarming sunshiny light-hearted befriended cherished clean cultivated loved worthless unworthy empty futile inconsequential ineffectual barren bogus counterproductive dreadful hollow horrible inutile vomit puke regurgitate spew spit disgorge barf chuck hurl build erect construct raise make pitch plant fashion prefabricate rear upraise uprear hoist lift put up set up help unite assist join approve ratify confirm eject expel heave retch upchuck chunder throw up regorge gag bring up nibble abstain deplete deprive diet dissatisfy fast open starve sip famish not eat eat nothing go without food prop pull elevate pick up raise up avoid forgo abstain from refuse abnegate pass shun cease eschew forbear relinquish kick neglect spurn cut out do without give up go without accept acknowledge affirm approbate countenance allow assent to sanction support eat consume devour finish digest swallow demolish engorge have chew dispatch gulp ingest gobble ingurgitate masticate sink chomp gormandise(UK) gormandize(US) dawdle loosen stay unfasten unlock wait fail lose lose to receive surrender yield be beaten by fall behind give in blessing fortune godsend favor(US) favour(UK) plus advantage benefit benison luck perk boon good thing lucky break lucky thing piece of good fortune plus point upside advantageousness bonus positive gratuity merit additional benefit good point strong point purple patch boom upsurge upswing upturn ecstasy euphoria bliss elation excitement exhilaration delight rapture beatitude delectation delirium ebullience elatedness enthusiasm exultation happiness joy joyfulness joyousness appreciation affection appreciativeness respect admiration love praise recognition reverence adoration esteem estimation gratefulness honor(US) honour(UK) veneration acclaim acclamation appetite fondness like liking partiality preference relish shine taste use approbation desire approval pleasure satisfaction regard inside interior middle contentment calm calmness cheer comfort friendliness glee kindness sweetness sympathy good will smoothness rise ascent promotion aggrandisement(UK) aggrandizement(US) ascension elevation climb comeback recovery recuperation advancement upgrade preferment exaltation triumph achievement rising soaring zoom development enlargement evenness expansion growth improvement incline increase level perfection success

942 Sentences With "down"

How to use down in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "down" and check conjugation/comparative form for "down". Mastering all the usages of "down" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Down, down, down he went—it was hard to watch—down, down, down.
Commerzbank down 14.7% Deutsche Bank down 13.2% Glencore down 15.7% Rio Tinto down 11.6% Antofogasta down 11.9% South Africa down 9.6% Brazil down 6.3% Russia down 5.5% As have U.S.-based commodity sectors like steel and oil services, down nearly 9 percent apiece.
All five are now down for the year: Facebook is down 24.7%, Google down 17.0%, Apple down 15.5%, Microsoft down 11.8%, and Amazon down 9.3%.
I don't know, God knows, if next week," he added, will be "down, down, down, down.
Other sectors saw notable declines, with hotels down 4.1%, leisure down 4.2%, retail and restaurants down 993%, transportation down 2.8% and manufacturing down 2.6%.
Other sectors saw notable declines, with hotels down 993%, leisure down 4.2%, retail and restaurants down 3.8%, transportation down 2.8% and manufacturing down 2.6%.
"Dwayne went down, Shep went down, Brandon went down, Odell went down," offensive lineman Justin Pugh said.
Salary required with a 10% down payment: $42,103Salary required with a 20% down payment: $273,424 Salary required with a 10% down payment: $41,049Salary required with a 20% down payment: $36,488 Salary required with a 10% down payment: $40,3473Salary required with a 20% down payment: $36,357 Salary required with a 10% down payment: $40,880Salary required with a 20% down payment: $36,338 Salary required with a 103% down payment: $39,721Salary required with a 20% down payment: $35,308 Salary required with a 10% down payment: $38,752Salary required with a 20% down payment: $766,446 Salary required with a 10% down payment: $37,825Salary required with a 20% down payment: $33,622 Salary required with a 10% down payment: $37,8603Salary required with a 20% down payment: $33,416 Salary required with a 2766% down payment: $220,227Salary required with a 2347% down payment: $210,229 Salary required with a 203% down payment: $220,226Salary required with a 2542% down payment: $30,663 Salary required with a 10% down payment: $33,020Salary required with a 20% down payment: $347,351 Salary required with a 10% down payment: $30,766Salary required with a 20% down payment: $27,347 Salary required with a 10% down payment: $29,860Salary required with a 20% down payment: $26,542
All of them have performed terribly this year: Vertex: down 37 percent Regeneron: down 33 percent Alexion Pharma: down 29 percent Biogen: down 17 percent Celgene: down 17 percent Gilead Sciences: down 9 percent Amgen: down 8 percent Pretty ugly, eh?
Down, down, down the price of the Oculus Rift goes.
The rate just keeps coming down and down and down.
"Prices went down, down, down until 2013," Ms. Schenck said.
Losers, as of market close on Tuesday: Cigna (down 7.2%) Anthem (down 5.3%) AbbVie (down 5.2%) Walgreens (down 5.2%) UnitedHealth Group (down 4.4%) CVS Health (down 4.2%) Express Scripts (down 3.2%) Humana (down 3.1%) McKesson (down 2.6%) AmerisourceBergen (down 2.5%) Cardinal Health (down 1.8%) Reality check: There are still almost no details about what Amazon, JPMorgan and Berkshire will do, other than it will be focused on their own employees and involve technology.
Down alternative: Down cluster: Duck down: Goose down:  Here are the best comforters you can buy:Best comforter overall: Topsleepy Luxurious All Size Goose Down ComforterBest from new bedding brand: Brooklinen Real Goose Down ComforterBest colorful comforter: The Company Store LaCrosse Down ComforterBest affordable comforter: LinenSpa All-Season Down Alternative Quilted ComforterBest luxury comforter: Highland Feather Carmel Hutterite Goose Down ComforterBest hypoallergenic alternative down comforter: Superior Solid White Down Alternative ComforterBest goose down comforter: Puredown Real Goose Down ComforterBest 1,200 thread count comforter: Egyptian Bedding 1200 Thread Count Goose Down ComforterUpdated on 10/22/2019 by Caitlin Petreycik: Updated prices, links, and formatting. 
I went down to a burning ring of fire/ went down down down and the flames got higher.
They were not afraid they did not falter they stared down danger, raced down alleys, chased down criminals, kicked down doors and faced down evil. Brave.
Spending by 2026: Alaska: down 38% Arizona: down 9% Ohio: down 18% West Virginia: down 23% See them here.
"He told me, 'Get down, get down, get down,' " she said.
"He dresses down and he plays down and he is down."
What if I told you you will fall down, down, down?
Did he force her head down, down, down into the water?
Down, down, down due to TV news, as people say. Right.
And then she was like, 'Calm down, calm down, calm down.
"Commodities are down, currencies are down" and emerging markets are down.
Among other suppliers whose shares fell were Lumentum, down 3.3 percent; NeoPhotonics Corp, down 8.6 percent; Fabrinet, down 5.3 percent; Finisar Corp, down 7.7 percent; Inphi Corp, down 7.3 percent; and Skyworks Solutions Inc, down 4.1 percent.
He was choking me and saying 'calm down, calm down, calm down.
Germany is down 22 percent, Japan is down 23 percent, China is down 45 percent, the United Kingdom market is down 15 percent and France is down 20 percent.
World: 3.7% (down 0.1%) U.S.: 2.9% (down 7.63%) Euro area: 2.0% (down 0.2%) France: 1.9% (down 0.3%) Germany: 2.1% (down 0.2%) Canada: 2.1% (same) U.K.: 1.4% (down 0.1%) China: 6.7% (same) Japan: 1.2% (same) India: 7.6% (up 0.2%)
Other indexes and specific stocks are down much more; year-to-date Disney is down 36.25%, Boeing is down 52.19%, Carnival is down 70.21%, and Occidental Petroleum is down 70.27%.
He is down 22019 points in Tennessee since his inauguration in January, down 21 points in Mississippi, down 20 in Kentucky, down 19 in Kansas and down 17 in Indiana.
The nearly $2,000 I had in my checking account went down, down, down.
I looked down, down, all the way down, until I could see bottom.
I am now after Kroger had been down, down, down, down, I am willing to say that you should stop selling Kroger.
Video game consoles are down 257 percent compared to 240; toys are down 227 percent; televisions are down 213 percent; jewelry is down 227 percent; and computers are down 222 percent.
And if you're just interested in the sale, here are some extra-cheap 12.493 games that you might want to check out: Tom Clancy's The Division | $24.99 (down from $49.99) Doom | $19.79 (down from $240.19) Owlboy | $259.99 (down from $229.99) Rise of the Tomb Raider | $259.99 (down from $219.79) Inside | $259.99 (down from $24.993) The Banner Saga 224.99 | $229.99 (down from $259.99) Tilt Brush (VR painting app) | $20.09 (down from $29.99) Deus Ex: Mankind Divided | $19.79 (down from $59.99) Orwell | $7.99 (down from $9.99) Watch Dogs 29.993 | $40.19 (down from $59.99) Dishonored 2 | $40.19 (down from $59.99) Dark Souls III | $29.99 (down from $59.99) Street Fighter V | $19.79 (down from $59.99) Darkest Dungeon | $12.49 (down from $24.99) Hitman (complete first season) | $29.99 (down from $59.99)
What I don't get is what's going on with U.S. banks: Fifth Third down 24.8% Bank of America down 24.3% Zions down 23% Key down 27% JP Morgan down 25.7% Yikes again!
Autos are down again today — Ford, GM down 3 percent, Hertz and Avis down 8 percent, Santander Consumer (auto loans) down 4 percent.
"He told me, 'Get down, get down, get down,' " Laurie told the Associated Press.
The worst, I think, is Facebook down 1.5%, Google down 1[%], Amazon down 1[%].
But it's just a wiggle in a curve that's been going down, down, down.
Naturally, this has led to speculation that China's economic trend is down, not up, so commodities are down notably today: iron ore down 6.2 percent, copper down 2.3 percent, aluminum down 2.4 percent.
"Biogen's down 14 percent for the year, Celgene's down 21 percent, Regeneron's down 8003 percent [and] Gilead [is] down nearly 9 percent," he continued.
When these people sat down to talk, Politics sat down with them, Ideas sat down with them; above all, History sat down with them.
The euro was down 0.92 percent at $1.2262, while the and New Zealand dollar were down down 1.05 percent and down 1.66 percent, respectively.
Look at the trend line over the past year and a half: down, down down.
I looked down, down, all the way down to the bottom of the canyon floor.
Like you just keep going down, and down, and down, and pursuing your singular passion.
And the returns: S&P 500: down 2.2 percentUSMV: down 2.9 percentSPLV: down 33 percent.
"The stock was up and down, and up and down, and up and down, and up and down, and then down and up and up —which inspires neither confidence nor fear, frankly," Cramer said.
Other coins are having it even worse: Ethereum is down 20.5%, Ripple is down 13.3%, Bitcoin Cash is down 5923% and EOS is down 22.3%.
Here are the highlights: Sales: excluding fuel, down 2%; including fuel, down 4.3%; Revenue: down 4.1% to £16.1 billion; Profit: down 29.9% to £242 million.
IAG's shares were down 20.8933% at 1157 GMT, with Wizz Air down 21.2%, easyJet down 19.5%, Ryanair down 18.8% and Air France-KLM 16.5% lower.
Many names that have only begun trading in the last couple months are already significantly off their highs: Recent IPOs (from highest price since going public) Lyft — down 52% PagerDuty — down 52% Slack — down 45% CrowdStrike — down 42% Uber — down 32% Zoom — down 26% Pinterest — down 25% Who's to blame for this state of affairs?
Here's the scoreboard for the rest of Europe: France's CAC 40— down 2.15% Spain's IBEX 35— down 2.24% The Netherlands AEX— down 1.7% Belgium's BEL 20— down 1.44% Euro Stoxx 50 broad index— down 2.23%
It applies to trademarks like the following: 'Down with racists,' 'Down with sexists,' 'Down with homophobes.
Cabela's was down 3 percent, Callaway Golf Company down 2 percent, and Nike down 1.8 percent.
These people can influence elections, take down banks, take down Sony, take down a huge corporation.
U.K. retail stocks made heavy losses, with Asos down 37.55 percent, Next down 1003 percent, Marks & Spencer down 4.94 percent and Boohoo shares down 13.74 percent.
Cord-nevers look down on cord-cutters, who look down on landliners, who look down on TV-setters, who look down on AOL-addressees like me.
"It cuts down your chances of animals taking your line down, or car wrecks that take it down, or storms that take it down," Brown said.
Doing a meditation practice that involves calming ourselves down causes the heart rate to go down, blood pressure to go down, and stress hormones go down.
Ethereum (down 14 percent), XRP (down 73 percent), EOS (down 16 percent) and Litecoin (down 11 percent) are seeing bigger drops, according to data from
Since 6900, ozone is down 2628 percent, nitrogen oxide down 28503 percent, sulfur dioxide down 22019 percent, carbon monoxide 85 percent and lead down 99 percent.
The green technology will always go like this and go down, go like this and go down, go like this and go down (Motioning up and down).
Some clues of mine I'm particularly fond of in this one are those for 18-Across, 30-Across, 7-Down, 36-Down, 38-Down and 40-Down.
Shares of MGM Resorts International closed down 10%, Marriott International down 8.9% and Expedia was down  10.8%.
They was leaving your jersey on the freeway, and I just broke down, broke down, broke down.
American Airlines is down more than 211%, while United is down 2181% and Delta is down 212%.
Shares in airlines across Europe fell on the news, with Air France down 20.8925%, Ryanair down 4.8%, easyJet down 4% and Lufthansa down nearly 3% at 1255 GMT.
There's lot of attention to "new tech" names, like LinkedIn, down 22016 percent Friday; Tableau Software, down 27.4 percent; Splunk, down 2500 percent; and Workday down 21 percent.
Rates on long-term government bonds go down when short-term rates go down, and rates on corporate debt go down when rates on government debt go down.
Consumers of the most mainstream of pop to the deepest Radiohead cut to UK garage to bossa nova and everything in between—down, down, down and down again.
In the corner of their television screens, a graphic showed the Dow Jones industrial average seemingly in free fall — down 500 points, down 600, down 800, down 230,223.
Is It Down Right Now, a website that tells you when websites are down, is down right now.
When he finally gets down on one knee, she breaks down crying and kneels down to hug him.
Feininger writes to Scheyer that the "ship is going down, down, down," as the Bauhaus closes in Weimar.
N), down 1.3 percent; Ford down 1 percent; Toyota down 2.7 percent; and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV (FCHA.
Shares in Tesco were down 2.4% at 0813 GMT, Sainsbury's was down 1.2% and Morrisons was down 0.8%.
Chevron was down 2 percent, Exxon Mobil was down 1.3 percent and EOG Resources was down 3.8 percent.
So try saying no to them more often, and your added sugar intake will go down, down, down.
Down the road that leads back to that tumble down shack, to that tumble down shack in Athlone.
Total hardware units were down 10% with Commercial hardware units down 2% and Consumer hardware units down 14%.
" The chorus says it all: "While lo spread goes up, up, up, Italian citizens go down, down, down.
Charles Schwab is down 15% this week, TD Ameritrade is down 30%, while E-Trade is down 17%.
The supply numbers are even tighter in certain local markets: Inventory is down 32 percent in Portland, Oregon, from a year ago; down 22 percent in Kansas City; down 21 percent in Dallas and Seattle; down 17 percent in Charlotte, North Carolina; down 12 percent in Atlanta; down nearly 10 percent in Chicago; and down 8 percent in Los Angeles, according to Zillow.
NHL ticket prices are down 2003%, with the most significant drops coming to the New Jersey Devils ( down 33%), New York Islanders (down 32%) and LA Kings (down 31%).
NHL ticket prices are down 5.6%, with the most significant drops coming to the New Jersey Devils ( down 33%), New York Islanders (down 32%) and LA Kings (down 31%).
Below, we'll be tracking the Dow's movements throughout the day: 23:3am: 224,2826.94 (down 257 points) 11:00am: 24,788.53 (down 96 points) 12:826.943am: 24,603.59 (down 280 points) 2:12pm: 24,678.54 (down 206 points) 3:41pm: 24,826.94 (down 57 points)
Shanghai: down 23.8 percent, worst since January 22016 Hang Seng : down 25 percent, worst since January 28 Japan: down 23 percent, worst since June 22 Korea: down 267 percent, worst since June 21.8 India: down 5 percent, worst since Feb.
The Brains were down to 3; Jalapao was down to 3; in the Philippines, Matsing was down to 2.
Trickle down 'Trickle-down economics' is often cited as a positive macro policy that filters down to the poor.
Shares of Rio Tinto closed down 22015 percent, Fortescue was down 26 percent and BHP Billiton down 29 percent. tumbled by nearly 7%, Momo was down by 6.38%, Weibo down 3.5% and Alibaba down more than 2%.
But I think the minute you shut down ideas and you shut down challenges, you actually shut down opportunities.
The newspaper quoted the police as saying that the officer said "get down, get down, get down" before firing.
The price of controllable, storable renewable energy is tethered only to technology costs, which are going down, down, down.
Disney shares closed down 1.6 percent on Monday, Comcast was down 3.8 percent and Fox was down 0.4 percent.
Here are the most common types of down in pillows:Duck down is the least expensive type of down pillow.
"It's red across the board - all energy is down, all grains are down, all soft commodities are down, all metals are down, with gold being the one exception," Hansen said.
OTHER METALS: LME zinc traded down 0.6% at $2,529 a tonne, nickel edged down 0.3% at $16,780, lead was down 2.5% to $2,208 and tin was down 0.3% to $16,800.
" Not unlike when Alice in Wonderland falls slowly "down, down, down" the rabbit hole — looking at "maps and pictures hung upon pegs" — Alice in "Sympathy" tumbles headfirst into a click hole about Mizuko, getting tingles "secretly looking at her like this, touching her pictures as I slid down, down, down while she slept.
"Instantly I had a swirl of like, I'm letting my coach down, I'm letting the show down, I'm letting ABC down, I'm letting my fans down on Instagram," she told PEOPLE.
In the last year, shares of AK Steel are down 56 percent, US Steel is down 46 percent, Steel Dynamics is down 29 percent and Nucor's stock is down 18 percent.
The consumer staples sector was down 0.29%, the real estate index down 1.61% and the healthcare sub-index down 0.73%.
This is important because a lot of people sat down before I invented sitting down, but they didn't sit down.
And NATO was essentially going out of business &aposcause people weren&apost paying and it was going down, down, down.
"I let myself down, I let my team down, I let my family down with that behavior," Dimitrov told reporters.
The MSCI world stock index was down 0.5 percent, while European shares were down 0.5 percent, weighed down by carmakers.
The sale brings most ties down to $9.50, most pocket squares down to $5, and lapel pins down to $4.
That move dragged down other auto-parts retailers, with Autozone down 9.07 percent and Advance Auto Parts down 11.62 percent.
We have to be very careful — this is going to be a negative spiral going down and down and down.
And what we need to do, within the next decade, is reverse that trend and send them down, down, down.
Total brand sales were down 30% from March 15-13, with sales at stores down 46% and online down 25%.
Cruise lines also got hammered with Carnival down 103%, Norwegian Cruise Lines down 1.7% and Royal Caribbean Cruises down 1.3%.
European equities fell with Germany's DAX down 0.3%, Britain's FTSE 100 down 0.6%, and the Euro Stoxx 50 down 0.4%.
So open your mind (or plug your nose) and come along with us, down down down the glittery rabbit hole.
Helmerich & Payne down 8 pct ** Healthcare down 93 pct.
Oil: down 2.6 percent Zinc: down 23 percent Copper: down 19 percent Aluminum: down 13 percent Lumber: down 20 percent Gold: down 8 percent Source: CNBC The recent decline in the price of oil is being blamed on oversupply issues, but it's likely that concerns about a slowdown in demand is also a factor.
And you're kind of on this Ferris wheel of just up and down and up and down and up and down.
Chip suppliers for iPhones also sank, with Broadcom down 8.9 percent, Micron Technology down 5.3 percent and Intel down 5.5 percent.
Iron ore stocks and mining names are also down notably: Joy Global down 8.8 percent, Vale and Glencore down 9.0 percent.
In just the past week, bitcoin is down 13%, ethereum is down 18% and bitcoin cash (don't ask) is down 30%.
You look at the charts Europe is slowing down, Asia is slowing down, as you correctly noted, China is slowing down.
Sales of iPhones are down 225 percent, iPads are down 22016 percent and Macs are down 27 percent year over year.
Goff remains up-and-down when forced to throw on third down, so taking away easy early-down completions is paramount.
Down Under, the ASX 3.413 closed down 78.04 points, or 1.56 percent, at 4,909.40, with energy and financials sectors sharply down.
Shares in Tesco were down 1.2 percent at 1432 GMT, while Morrisons was down 1.3 percent, with Sainsbury's down 0.9 percent.
"It's up to us companies to get our footprint down and down and down so people don't feel guilty," he said.
I was writing down the idea "I no longer wish to write" by writing down that I was writing it down.
They have to be broken down spiritually, they have to be broken down mentally, they have to be broken down physically.
I climbed up and down, up and down, up and down the stairs that had led me home so many times.
He wants me to go down first, so I climb down onto the ledge, then lower myself down to the floor.
As of late Wednesday, cryptocurrency-tracking site CoinMarketCap listed Bitcoin as down 2250 percent, Ethereum down 22018 percent, XRP down 2927 percent, and Bitcoin Cash down 21 percent in the last 403 hours.
"I was down there, and I watched our police and our firemen, down on 7-Eleven, down at the World Trade Center, right after it came down," Mr. Trump said on Monday evening.
Qatari stocks were down 2781 percent, weighed down by financials.
Trying to talk her down down from 4 to 1.
"We've doubled down and tripled down on India," said Bose.
Tesco was dragged down by this, closing down 5.4 percent.
And if one goes down, we all go down together!
They try to kick it down, then cut it down.
When Western Digital's stock goes down, it just goes down.
Titan strips down to his underwear and gets sprayed down.
Sometimes people fall down or get pushed down, observed Miller.
Down through the green canopy, down along the tree trunks.
He'll knock them down coming off of a down screen.
As 'LHHNY' fans know, Tahiry's always down to throw down.
Slow down them down and you make them merely mortal.
"Lawyers are free ... down, down with this law," they chanted.
Notice and stay down, instead of notice and take down.
EBIT seen down 11 percent, net profit down 14 percent.
If we go down, we're going to go down bleeding.
We haven't backed down before; we won't back down now.
I sat down on the ground, then I laid down.
Qatari stocks were down 0.6 percent, weighed down by financials.
Cut down, in this case, did not mean dumbed down.
Prices for UK pork are down because demand is down.
Thao & The Get Down Stay Down are on tour now.
He tells me to power down, and I power down.
Even viewership of N.F.L. games is down this season. Down!
"You shoot us down, we shut you down!" they shouted.
"You shoot us down, we shut you down!" they chanted.
"When the pump goes down, I go down," he added.
Because viewers are down, et cetera, subscriber numbers are down.
The sailors' legs go up and down, up and down.
Paul's production shut down, and then my production shut down.
Or have them walk down the aisle and sit down.
I want to slow the reader down, slow myself down.
Pence backed down, seeking amendments that watered down the law.
"You may knock us down, but we ain't staying down."
Generally, when a chain shuts down, it shuts down completely.
You want CAT to come down, and come down now.
But as smoking has gone down, it's pulled down marijuana.
Aldar Properties was down 0.5 percent, dragging down the index.
Dimon: When rates came down, it came down like this.
Amazon shares closed down 0.4%, while Microsoft closed down 0.5%.
Tesco's shares were down 2%, while Sainsbury's was down 0.5%.
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They have hands down the best commenter, hands down the best football chant, and hands down the world's scariest supporters backing them.
And all three theme entries are Down entries, which makes them DOWN AND DIRTY, as the revealer at 22 Down, well, reveals.
Zinc ended down 0.3 percent at $2,875, lead ended down 2 percent at $2,265, while tin closed down 0.5 percent at $19,800.
I move the hydraulic chair thingy up and then down and then up and then down and then up and then down.
Each time Nelson tried to take Story down he either couldn't get the great wrestler down, or he couldn't keep him down.
Carmakers are "constantly pushing costs down, costs down, costs down," Ms. Quillen said from the passenger seat of the Tahoe, speeding east.
IAG's shares were down 21.3% at 1014 GMT, with Wizz Air down 13%, easyJet down 16.9% and Air France-KLM 16.8% lower.
Yes, new cases have gone down in China, but they've also gone down in South Korea, which didn't lock down whole cities.
Carnival is still down nearly 53% year to date, Royal Caribbean is down more than 61% and Norwegian is down about 65%.
Shares of UPS and FedEx both closed down Friday, down 2.6 percent and 523 percent respectively; Amazon also fell, down 0.8 percent.
The benchmark was weighed down by telecom and financial stocks, with Saudi Telecom down 1.1 percent and Riyad Bank down 0.6 percent.
"I feel like I let my family down, my brother down and myself down," Saadeh told the judge, before repudiating Islamic State.
"hurry/ up/ hurry/ up/ hurry/ up," beseeches one stanza, only for the next to admonish, "slow/ down/ slow/ down/ slow/ down" (48).
Among the states hit the hardest, according to data provided to Congress by the administration, are Georgia, down 61 percent; Michigan, down 72 percent; New Jersey, down 62 percent; and Ohio, down 71 percent.
Among the states hit the hardest, according to data provided to Congress by the administration, are Georgia, down 61 percent; Michigan, down 6003 percent; New Jersey, down 62 percent; and Ohio, down 71 percent.
Everyone seems to think there is some kind of crisis because the stocks—particularly the European bank stocks—seem to be telling us something is wrong: Deutsche Bank down 34.6% Societe General down 23% BNP Paribas down 24.3% Banco Santander down 24.0% UBS down 20.9% Yikes!
According to the Kaiser Family Foundation analysis, five states would stand to lose more than 30 percent of their federal healthcare money from 2020-2026: New York (down 35 percent), Oregon (down 32 percent), Connecticut (down 31 percent), Vermont (down 493 percent) and Minnesota (down 30 percent).
Here's where he stands in those states, according to RealClearPolitics Michigan: Down 4 points Nevada: Up 2 points Iowa: Up 1.5 points Minnesota: Down 6 points Wisconsin: Down 5.5 points New Mexico: Down 4 points
Facebook's Instagram saw the biggest year-over-year drop — usage was down 213 percent this year, closely followed by Twitter (down 231 percent), Snapchat (down 213 percent) and Facebook (down 230 percent), the study found.
Shreveport, Louisiana — 11.93% Meanwhile, if you want to avoid having to put down a high down payment, don't look to put down roots in New York, where the average down payment is 19.74%, or $983,979.51.
Other stocks dropping on the development included Lumentum Holdings Inc, down 5 percent; Xilinx Inc, down 2.4 percent; Finisar Corp, off 2.1 percent; Analog Devices Inc, down 2 percent; and Qualcomm Inc, down 1.6 percent.
For example, at 2D, the clue "56-Down, across the 333-Down" breaks down as follows: 56D points you to the American equivalent and "across the 15-Down" means across the "Pond," or ATLANTIC OCEAN.
Lock down the vote Angry constituents regularly pledged to bring down their members of Congress in upcoming elections -- even years down the line.
U.K. house builder stocks also extended losses with Barratt Developments down 7.48 percent, Taylor Wimpey down 1.33 percent and Persimmon down 7.57 percent.
Dow Jones looks like it would open off about 435 points down, NASDAQ down 140 points, S&P 217 down about 218 points.
ET, Dow e-minis down 207 points, S&P 500 e-minis down 14 points and Nasdaq 100 e-minis down 58 points.
So far for this month, the Dow is down 4.2 percent; the is down 5 percent, and the Nasdaq is down 24.2 percent.
It's kind of a new birth: you're your own friend, the passion dims down, the fear dims down and the hysteria dims down.
By late morning, Depomed's stock was down 3.3 percent; Insy shares were down 1.8 percent and J&J was down about 0.5 percent.
Notable declines included Sony (ranking at 2376) down 21 percent; Google (number 11) down 16 percent, and Qualcomm (number 8) down 12 percent.
Shares of ANZ were down 1.3%, while CBA and Westpac were down 0.7% and NAB was down 0.2% in a flat overall market.
It last edged down to $1.0986 against the dollar, down 0.1 percent on the day, and at 123.94 yen, also down 0.1 percent.
You know, he knew that in a few years' time it's just going to keep going down, down, down, which it is now.
Some of my favorites of our clues are those for 14-Across, 60-Across, 61-Across, 3-Down, 33-Down and 49-Down.
When love is the way, we will lay down our swords and shields down, down by the riverside to study war no more.
However, migration to the EU states is actually down — way down.
Inside, Colton breaks down and Tayshia tries to calm him down.
Your family lets you down sometimes, and he let us down.
The idea's been discussed, shot down, revived, and shot down again.
Microsoft closed down 5.35 percent, and Tesla closed down 1.92 percent.
"As price comes down, performance comes down with it," he said.
If he's gonna go down, he's gonna go down being Trump.
"Down" tells the dog to lie down in an unobtrusive manner.
Basic resources dragged down sentiment on Friday, sinking 2 percent down.
We want to really double down and triple down on content.
Southwest is down 20 percent and JetBlue is down 19 percent.
Elbows down, hands up, and chin down slightly behind the gloves.
Dehumanization is part of that, and down and down we go.
Yes, advertising revenue is down, but it's not down that much.
And we look at China's markets, down 5.5% and down 7%.
I don't want to sit down, lay down and do nothing.
Utility stocks were down 2 percent, dragging down the wider benchmarks.
I got in a rhythm and knocked down some shots down.
"Settle down, entire planet, settle down," Hanks' Wallace chided the crowd.
Lower right back down into your squat as you come down.
Apparently, Ugg footwear doesn't go down well when you're Down Under.
Try to avoid microfiber sheets or down and down alternative comforters.
Tilting your hand down moves the cursor down, and so on.
I don't really write down lyrics or write down thoughts even.
Down, down I dug, well into the orange layer, finding nothing.
When that baby's heart rate goes down, my heart goes down.
If you saw time break down, it's going to break down.
From down 133 percent to down 60 percent in one month?
Any scrutiny that goes down, it goes down on the celebrity.
Boeing was down 3.5 percent and Caterpillar was down 2.8 percent.
You'll slow down time and call down swarms of devouring rats.
Revenues keep going down and down, forcing more and more layoffs.
Then I sat down and wrote down what to do next.
Boeing was down 3.5 percent and Caterpillar was down 21.74 percent.
But in the last year, things have slowed down — way down.
Down is all poof, not firm like crunchy down/feather blends.
Income needed for 20% down: $85,507Income needed for 10% down: $96,195
Trump doubling down: The president shows no signs of backing down.
"I fell down, down, into a type of hell," he says.
Otherwise, if a region goes down, your app goes down, too.
He had me lay down face down on the medical table.
Goose down costs more than duck down, but it's higher quality.
Ibiza is totally shut down, taking spring break down with it.
White unemployment is going down, African American unemployment is going down.
If the US backed down once, it will back down again.
Russia is down 20-21 and is down to 13 men.
Bayer shares were down 1.9%, and BASF's stock was down 1.3%.
He pushed me down, he held me down by my arms.
Get down here and flag down a police car or something.
If you go down, he'll go down too out of solidarity.
If the bill was voted down, government would've effectively shut down.
Wells Fargo down a little less, it's down by about 133%.
Recycled water bottles, polyester, and down, as well as down alternatives.
Take 'Em Down says they want to take down another 128.
Nike is down 1.9%, while Estee Lauder is down roughly 5.2%.
It's up and down and up and down and too scary.
It got whittled down to three; now it's down to one.
S. Banks fall after weak job data, lower treasury yields ** Camping World Holdings: down 8.2 pct BUZZ-Set to hit 0.703-month low on surprise loss ** Netflix Inc: down 2.4 pct BUZZ-Down after Buckingham Research downgrades to 'neutral' ** Ferrellgas Partners LP: down 8.1 pct BUZZ-Falls on lower-than-expected Q2 results ** Etsy Inc: down 2.0 pct BUZZ-Drops as BTIG cuts to "neutral" as stock hits PT ** MercadoLibre: down 2.5 pct BUZZ-Susquehanna cuts to "negative" on competition worries ** Metlife Inc: down 1.6 pct ** American International Group Inc: down 0.6 pct ** Prudential Financial Inc: down 1.9 pct BUZZ-U.
You can see this in the performance of several high volatility names: Freeport-McMoran: down 42% Wynn Resorts: down 14% Cameron Int'l: down 7% First Solar: down 6.8% And the better performance of stocks that are low volatility: Campbell Soup: up 3.3% Clorox: up 0.6% Kellogg: down 1.4% Coke: down 2.4% P&G: down 4.2% There's an old saw on Wall Street, that there's two types of selling: intellectual and non-intellectual.
Philip Morris' numbers looked even worse region to region: the European Union was down 6.7 percent; Eastern Europe was down 10.4 percent; the Middle East and Africa were down 8.5 percent; East Asia and Australia were down 18.3 percent; and Latin America and Canada were down 1.5 percent.
ET Tuesday, but bitcoin's price was still down 240 percent down from 220 hours ago, 2000 percent down from a week ago, and down 212 percent from an all-time high of $230,2000 a month ago.
ET Tuesday, but bitcoin's price was still down 12 percent down from 24 hours ago, 20 percent down from a week ago, and down 40 percent from an all-time high of $20,000 a month ago.
As of Tuesday's market close, Kohl's shares are down about 15.5% from a year ago, Penney shares are down 57%, Macy's shares are down 3003%, and Nordstrom shares are down 17.5% over the past 12 months.
The Appraisal Staten Island is not a borough known for its skyline, but along the eastern shore, a jagged silhouette now caps the horizon of New Dorp Beach: up, down, up, down, down, down, up — empty.
While the XLK has climbed more than 12.5% in the fourth quarter, IBM is down nearly 7.5%, Cisco is down more than 3%, Texas Instruments is down over 2% and Western Digital is down nearly 2.53%.
Nobody says better: Eurostoxx50 is down 9.04 percent, Nikkei 225 is down 12.64 percent and the Shanghai Composite is down a whopping 19 percent.
There were also big losses among miners such as Anglo American down 5 percent, Rio Tinto down 3.2 percent or Antofagasta down 2.7 percent.
Shares of Kajima and Toda closed down around 4 percent, Maeda was down around 2 percent while JR Central was down around 1 percent.
I'm really theater folk, and I've done film and television work, but it's always like, 'Bring it down, bring it down, bring it down.
With Is It Down Right Now down, you will be unable to learn what other websites are down — at least until it's back up.
For the week, the S&P 500 was down 1.4 percent, the Dow was down 7.33 percent and the Nasdaq was down 2.1 percent.
"Some plants will slow down, some will shut down, some will shut down forever," Becker said late last week in an interview with Reuters.
We just kicked down the waist-high blockages, knocked down a fence, kicked down another fence and just sprinted off the strip behind MGM.
"Down with Bahrain, down with Trump, down with the Manama conference," chanted crowds in Gaza, which is ruled by the armed Islamist group Hamas.
The Dow Jones index was down some 150 points, while the S&P 500 was down 18 points and the Nasdaq down 33 points.
Foot traffic to branches is also down, with "branch banker interactions" down 22 percent from a year ago, and teller transactions down 10 percent.
The Dow Jones index was down some 70 points, while the was down 7 points and the Nasdaq down 22 points, off their lows.
Risk-weighted assets were down 47% to US$58bn, leverage down 34% to US$291bn and daily value-at-risk down 53% to SFr25bn.
Silver futures were down at $15.27 an ounce, while platinum was down 2.7 percent at $932.10 and palladium was down 0.7 percent at $508.
Are we going to take down -- excuse me -- are we going to take down -- are we going to take down statues to George Washington?
Because I'm not used to picking up speed, going back down, up and down, up and down, back and forth, that's the most challenging.
As of 0718 GMT, Bouygues was 15.9 percent lower, with Numericable SFR down 14.9 percent, Iliad down 12.9 percent and Orange down 5.4 percent.
Our goal is to let it come back down, unemployment come back down, let the unemployment claims come back down as quickly as possible.
The top of the costume was made of elastic, and in the middle of a spin I could feel it sliding down, down, down.
I'm pleased to see that my favorite clues — those for 1-Across, 13-Down, 14-Down, 25-Down and 36-Across — made the cut.
Experts still recommend putting down 20% as a down payment, even though it&aposs possible to get a mortgage without putting down that amount.
And trickle-down racism, trickle-down bigotry, trickle-down misogyny — all of these things are extraordinarily dangerous to the heart and character of America.
" When it would go down, because sometimes it would go down, people would write to us and they would say, "Hey, Pinterest is down.
Indeed, global equities are down 1 percent, and European equities in dollar terms are down 7.7 percent, with emerging markets down another 5323 percent.
Brent crude traded at around $48.46 a barrel on, down 0.92 percent, while U.S. crude was down around $46.03 a barrel, down 1.10 percent.
Bitcoin was down 11003 percent at that time, ethereum was down 20 percent and litecoin was down 19.3 percent, according to the same site.
I put down $120,000 from my condo sale and savings, and B. put down $30,000 from savings, bringing us to a 20% down payment.
Many European stocks closed at the lows, with the UK's FTSE 250 down 1.6 percent, Italy down 2.6 percent and Germany down 13 percent.
State Bank of India shares were down 2.7 percent, Punjab National Bank was down 3.5 percent while Bank of Baroda was down 3.6 percent.
Macy's was recently down 3 percent, Sears was down 4 percent, J.C. Penney was falling 2.7 percent, and Kohl's was down about 1.7 percent.
And when I said he wouldn't last long -- he'd be down faster than Greg would take him down, he'd be down so fast, remember?
Of my originals, I was particularly glad that 1-Across, 12-Down, 19-Across, 33-Down, 46-Down, and 51-Across made the cut.
When the water around the bay cooled down, the glaciers slowed down.
The Interstate was shut down down in both directions after the incident.
The trickle-down effect is very real whenever a starter goes down.
All of the tents burned down, all of the cars burned down.
We've seen inflation come down, we've seen the oil markets come down.
She very politely shut that down, and she shut it down fast.
Tech was down as much as 223%, while industrials were down 2500%.
So get the down low from your partner before you get down.
If we wanna take stuff down, we can't really take it down.
With the public markets down, these groups began writing down Unicorn valuations.
Markets that don't go down on bearish news aren't going down anymore.
I pop down, back, and down again to get the finished load.
Tesla shares closed down 22019% at $22.7, down nearly 40% this year.
What goes up, must go down… what does down, must go up…?
"If we go down, we go down together," is the song's refrain.
Qatar's main benchmark was down 0.9 percent, weighed down by blue chips.
Look up and down to tilt the camera up and down — elegant!
Carefully turn the mug upside down and let the cake drop down.
Shares had been down nearly 13 percent down so far this year.
"He doesn't back down and he doesn't want me to back down."
If they want to take us down, we will take them down.
I was coming down the street, Elvis was coming down the street.
Hospital days went down 85 percent, medical costs went down 70 percent.
Homicides are down, and overall crime is down about 13% from 9113.
The singer/songwriter breaks down the giant conspiracy to take him down.
"Take good at-bats, wear guys down, break guys down," Turner said.
The industrials sector was down 0.73 percent, dragged down by defense stocks.
" He continued, "[You're] bowing down right now tellling me to bow down?
The industrials sector was down 252 percent, dragged down by defense stocks.
Adjusted EBITDA seen down 10 percent, core net income down 14 percent.
But reducing meaning down in size inevitably reduces it down in complexity.
Abu Dhabi's index was down 0.4 percent, weighed down by blue chips.
Not after the prices went down, but before the prices went down.
Put down the computer, put down the phone, and engage with art.
Now, I remember that I said "falling down" and not "moving down".
If you see your subject upside-down, you're not looking straight down.
I got slapped down by my colleagues, slapped down by other leaders.
My clue for BLACKSHIRT was numbered 18-Down instead of 21-Down.
You could very easily shut down after you, well, get shut down.
Most who turned it down said their decision boiled down to cost.
If they want to take us down, we're gonna take them down.
They have not forced down their Bibles and Qurans down our throats.
As he cooled down with his brother, tears streamed down his face.
Push the plunger down slowly and as far down as you can.
The Dubai index closed down 0.9 percent, dragged down by property stocks.
She set the course for down, further down than she'd ever gone.
Sitting back down in my chair, I had broken down into tears.
"Our rent also goes down as any sales go down," Kempczsinki said.
As I walked down the block, I saw a car slow down.
Stay down to earth and remember you're just turning down an invitation.
He was just scaling the tree up and down, up and down.
Fednat was down 2% on Friday and United Insurance was down 2%.
I'll get up, I'll fall down, I'll get up, I'll fall down.
The system is designed to get you down and keep you down.
If I was going to go down, I was going down swinging.
I didn't back down in TX or SC. Won't back down now.
And if they choose to turn it down, they turn it down.
Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, then start.
And then we would write down -- I would write down the principles.
It's just we've gone down this bad street, and we're way down.
Cracking down The agency has already started cracking down on capital flight.
And, ladies and gentlemen, the chips are down — they are truly down.
Commercial International bank was down 0.6% and El Sewedy Electric down 2%.
"When markets trade down, [cryptocurrencies] should trade down with markets," he said.
"Maduro won't step down until the day he steps down," he said.
Gabby: It's about not letting anything get you down, wear you down.
And the mayors down there — she does feel the pressure down there.
He ends both solo and ballet with a slow, marvelous and extraordinary gesture: Standing upright, he first holds his hands together high above his head, but then very slowly peels one hand downdown in a vertical line, down the other arm, down across his chest, down past his hip.
INGRAHAM: And for the Democrats to run down of the border, I&aposm going to down there tomorrow, they&aposre running down to the border.
Triple F.A.T. Goose puts its down through the IDFL (International Down and Feather Testing Laboratory), while brands like L.L.Bean meet the Responsible Down Standard (RDS).
They go down easy in films that are also designed to go down easy, and the thing that goes down easiest of all is reassurance.
Spot silver was down 1.9 percent at $17.07 an ounce, platinum was down 1.75 percent at $1,044.44, and palladium was down 2.23 percent at $591.
S&P 500 e-minis were down 0.7 percent, Nasdaq 100 e-minis were down 0.8 percent and Dow e-minis were down 0.6 percent.
Major mining shares Down Under traded down, with Rio Tinto closing down 1.01 percent, Fortescue lower by 0.41 percent and BHP Billiton losing 0.92 percent.
Over the last week, Netflix is down nearly 9 percent, Facebook and Amazon are down nearly 6 percent and Alphabet is down over 4 percent.
The closed down 0.47 percent at 18,168.45, the S&P 500 closed down 0.5 percent at 2,150.49 and the ended down 0.21 percent at 5,289.66.
ET, the Dow is down 23 points (1.17%), the S&P 500 is down 27 points (1%) and the Nasdaq is down 55 points (1%).
For the most part, investing by regions has produced the same losses: down 24.2% EAFE down 8.0% All-World down 8.5% All-World ex-U.
LVMH fell 3.4 percent after its business update, dragging down the shares of its rivals, with Burberry down 2.1 percent and Kering down 2 percent.
Automakers are down, with Warren Buffett-backed electric car maker BYD Co Ltd down 23 percent in Shenzhen and down 4.84 percent in Hong Kong.
Once he went down, he kept going down; magically, as if under the sway of a sudden curse, he was knocked down all the time.
"You can't tie her down geographically, you can't tie her down musically, and it's also hard to tie her down in conversation," Mr. Coscarelli said.
And the returns:S&P: down 24 percentUSMV: down 6.3 percentSPLV: down 6.2 percent The downside capture over the last month was more than 100 percent.
As the downturn came, foreclosures, defaults, declines in issuance and lower rates all combined to push the carry cost of debt down, down and down.
Melco Resorts stock was down more than 1 percent as well, with Wynn Resorts down nearly 2 percent and MGM down less than 1 percent.
The two other times it closed down at least 5003 percent was down 1.24 percent on March 21 and down 1.8 percent on May 17.
Spot silver was down 0.3 percent at $14.28, platinum was down 1.7 percent at $855.11 an ounce, and palladium was down 2.3 percent at $488.62.
" Mr. Trump predicted that if the Republican plan is enacted, "you'll see rates go down, down, down, and you'll see plans go up, up, up.
For years, Mr. Booker, too, has documented on social media what he called his "up and down, up and down, up and down" weight battles.
The stock that lagged the most from then to now is internet provider CenturyLink, down 2676 percent, followed by energy company Apache, down 29 percent, mining company Mosaic, down nearly 29 percent, and Devon Energy, down 256 percent.
UBS noted that among companies that have reported earnings, margins have contracted among several sectors, including autos (down 0.2 percent), consumer durable/apparel (down 0.1 percent), tech hardware (down 1.1 percent), and household personal products (down 0.2 percent).
Below we'll be tracking the Dow's movements throughout the day: 9:30am: 24,6673 (down 61 points from Monday's close of 24,601) 9:35am: 24,486 (down 115 points from Monday's close) 9:663am: 24,457 (down 144 points from Monday's close) 10:25am: 24,553 (down 48 points from Monday's close) 10:43am: 24,461 (down 140 points from Monday's close) 10:50am: 24,566 (down 35 points from Monday's close) 11:003am: 24,498 (down 103 points from Monday's close) 21:240am: 224,2667 (down 266 points from Monday's close) 24:4am: 224,2640 (down 239 points from Monday's close) 12:15pm: 24,536 (down 65 points from Monday's close) 12:6403pm: 24,478 (down 123 points from Monday's close) 1:40pm: 24,667 (up 66 points from Monday's close) 4:00pm: 24,640 (up 39 points from Monday's close)
The DoubleLine Income Solutions fund was down 4.43%, the PGIM High Yield Bond Fund was down 4.17%, the Credit Suisse High Yield Bond Fund was down 2.31% and the Barings Global Short Duration High Yield Fund was down 2.97%.
The DoubleLine Income Solutions fund was down 10.93%, the PGIM High Yield Bond Fund was down 10.23%, the Credit Suisse High Yield Bond Fund was down 11.96% and the Barings Global Short Duration High Yield Fund was down 11.31%.
And the last specification worth noting is that the 800-fill down, which is sourced from Allied Down & Feather, is about as traceable as it gets: 100% of the brand&aposs down is certified by the Responsible Down Standard.
I can still remember rolling out to my left and seeing the guy coming for me and telling my body, 'Get down, get down, get down.
MBIA was down 8 percent, Ambac Financial Group was down 6 percent, and Assured Guaranty was down 3 percent in late afternoon trading in New York.
The Nifty FMCG index ended down 1.3%, dragged down by heavyweights Hindustan Unilever and Colgate-Palmolive (India) Ltd, which closed down about 1.22% and 1.62%, respectively.
"In my head I keep singing, 'Up do-own up up down; u-up up down up down,'" he said, as Ms. Hall-Tomkins joined in.
Citigroup is down about 10 percent this year, Goldman Sachs is down approximately 8 percent and Morgan Stanley is down about 5 percent during that time.
Down with the royal family, down with sex, cakes, parties, and extravagance, and down with Marie, a girl who came and failed to do her job.
Please tweet about how it was down and how it's hard to tweet about how Twitter's down when it is itself down, and the irony therein.
The U.K. FTSE 100 finished down 0.7 percent, the German DAX down 1.3 percent, while the French CAC 40 slipped even further, closing down 23 percent.
Platinum futures were down 1.5 percent at $856.80 an ounce, palladium was down 1.4 percent at $493.25 and silver futures were down 0.33 percent at $14.30.
Other metals prices have also weakened as well, with gold down 6 percent in the last year, copper down 3 percent and silver down 8 percent.
After a year A1003C levels were down an average of 1.3 percent, diabetes medication usage was down 48 percent, and body weight was down 12 percent.
Dow e-minis were down 0.17 percent, while S&P 500 e-minis were down 0.19 percent and Nasdaq 100 e-minis were down 0.16 percent.
Oil and gas giant Chesapeake closed down 4.63%, Chevron closed down 3.19%, Marathon oil edged down 2.66%, ConocoPhillips slide 2.36%, and Exxon Mobil was off 1.28%.
ET, Dow e-minis were down 53 points, S&P 500 e-minis were down 6.25 points and Nasdaq 100 e-minis were down 19.75 points.
We are going to take a pretty big economic hit here and economists have been revising their growth outlooks down and down and down every day.
Instead of using duck or goose down, The United By Blue Bison Down Puffers use a proprietary blend of sustainably sourced bison down and recycled polyester.
"I said, 'But I'm not seeing polls that are great, I'm a little bit down, I'm down in some, I'm a little bit down,'" Trump said.
Stock prices are going down, down, down, and all eyes have turned to the Federal Reserve, the agency widely seen as responsible for maintaining economic growth.
At 0835 GMT, 888 Holdings shares were down 3.5% at their lowest since August, Flutter Entertainment shares were down 1.2% and William Hill was down 2.5%.
A cabinet is pushed aside, a hidden door flung open, and down, down, down we head into a secret bunker, far from where the sun shines.
Other companies currently in a correction include telecommunications giant AT&T, down 11 percent; automaker General Motors, down 12 percent, and retailer Macy's, down 27 percent.
In the print version, the columns consisting of 14-/42-Down, 16-/49-Down and 22-Down are not as wide as all the other columns.
So, it was time to go down, deep down, and into the basement.
Amazon ended the month down 210 percent, and Netflix ended down 23 percent.
Micron's shares were down 3.4 percent while Western Digital was down 1.7 percent.
This is the dumbing down of diplomacy, the dumbing down of foreign policy.
It closed down 0.15 percent after being down as much as 3.35 percent.
That means, of course, that GDP numbers will be revised down, way down.
Those comments pushed down the broad indexes down another 22.75 percent that day.
They're taking down plants, they're taking down a lot of different testing areas.
The S&P 500 was down 0.1%, and the Nasdaq was down 0.2%.
The pair experienced many ups and down before making it down the aisle.
NIFTYAUTO trading down 28% compared to the main index which was down 2200%.
The stock dragged down the Nasdaq, which closed down 1.6 percent on Monday.
In Europe, Nokia was down 4 percent and Ericcson was down 3.5 percent.
You want to have a barrier down here, well why just down there?
Home Depot was last down 1.5 pct, while Lowe's was down 3.5 pct.
"Even though we're sitting down, we're not taking it sitting down," Frankel said.
JPMorgan was down 163 percent while Bank of America was down 5.3 percent.
A "foreigner agent" flagged me down while I was walking down the street.
Tesla stock down was down as much as 20133% during intraday trading Wednesday.
" A.O.C.: "So you won't take down lies or you will take down lies?
Pro tip: Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, start.
Crowder remained down in pain as play went down to the other end.
He's down to getting on the floor, he was down to changing diapers.
We didn't just let our cities and riders down, we let ourselves down.
On Monday, I was down about $45, and today I'm only down $9.
I'm down to change people's minds, I'm down to just refresh the world.
The news dragged down the VanEck Vectors Semiconductor ETF (SMH) down by 1.9%.
This is down to the line, folks, this is down to the line.
And then it slows down, then slows down some more, then it stops.
"If we can slow down emissions, we can slow down sea level rise."
I put down the chef's knife, sat down on the couch, and cried.
Capital spending is down double digits and exports are down and so forth.
Dollar General shares were down 0.67% while Dollar Tree shares were down 1.90%.
Germany's DAX was down 21.4281 percent and Belgian stocks were down 21.4514 percent .
When he lay down on a guy, that guy supposed to go down.
"I'm not ready to move him down-down in the order," Boone said.
I don't want to feel like I let [Witney] down or myself down.
Upload speeds were down by 3Mbps, but download speeds were down over 30Mbps.
So, we need to set this down and ratchet it back down again.
If Rubio goes down on Tuesday, he wants to go down with dignity.
Shares in BMO were down 2.4 percent while Scotiabank was down 0.8 percent.
Long panning shots down the office contrast with symmetrical shots down its aisle.
What you took down today you don't have to take down again tomorrow.
SPNY was down 0.1 percent and the technology index was down 13 percent.
Dubai's index was also down 1.6% with Dubai Islamic Emaar Properties down 3.5%.
On first down from his 48, Cousins threw long down the right sideline.
The fires in California turned lives upside down and burnt down physical structures.
" "And he let down, I think, our veterans, he let down our country.
Globally down 5 percent and X/FX down 1 percent for the group.
"The rain wasn't coming down vertically, it was coming down horizontally," he said.
In the stock market this month, up is down and down is up.
The large size factor is down 3.3%, while small size is down 5.2%.
Prosecutors didn't care how he went down as long as he went down.
Now, let down your walls down a little and watch the team grow.
Pinnacle's stock was down 20.6 percent, while Conagra's shares were down 6.75 percent.
Waller said shootings are down 30% from 2017, and murders are down 25%.
Officials said shootings are down 30% from 2017, and murders are down 25%.
"So Linda and I just sat down and just chowed down," he says.
It has light goose-down fill that packs down into its own pocket.
Snapchat is an outlet for people and when it's down, we're all down.
We broke down camp and began the 22013-mile trek down the valley.
"We just keep paring it down and paring it down," he tells E!
We are in chaotic motion, not so much forward as down and down.
Molina's shares were down 0.7 percent, while Centene's shares were down 0.5 percent.
"Sit down, sit down, join us," cried Moira Johnstone, number-one Homeliest Wench.
Shares of Sonae Sierra were down 3.65% down this morning at 28.81 reais.
We pared down The Lonely Island's catalogue down to its 10 best videos.
There are pages of notes that wind up and down, up and down.
The site has not been shut down immediately but is being wound down.
But this time most closed down, with many regionals down nearly 2 percent.
The S&P 500 was down 1.4%, and the Nasdaq was down 1.9%.
Delta was down 2.5%, American was off 3.3% and Southwest was down 1.9%.
If it breaks down, I have to walk up and down the steps.
Entertainment was down 20% year-on-year while travel was down around 7%.
Pushed far back and down, down deep as it is possible to go.
Rapinoe went down in the first half and stayed down for a moment.
You walk down the same staircase that those famous people have walked down.
That I would stay within a 25-pound spectrum, up down up down.
If I don't put one down, I can't put the next one down.
There's nothing coming out his way and they're sitting down and laying down.
Flowing up and down, sideways, and upside down, language poured onto the page.
Lay a towel down over a mat before lying down on it yourself.
SPX down 0.08 percent, versus down 0.04 percent just ahead of the decision.
As the ship bore down on it, Doug dramatically counted down from five.
The S&P 500 is down 2.2%, while the Nasdaq is down 1.9%.
For Jordan, one thing is clear: Shutting down Hope won't shut down abortion.
" He told them, "Don't get down if we go down by two points.
Turkish Airlines shares closed down 2.74% while the main index was down 0.37%.
Milkfats were down, with anhydrous milk fat down 5.5% and butter slipping 3.9%.
"Business is down but it's down from a very good level," he added.
"Business is down but it's down from a very good level," he said.
Hillary Clinton wants to shut down energy production and shut down the mines.
You should take down these four, and you should take down the others.
Only after getting down did they get down to the business of eating.
I was down a set, I was down 3-love in the third.
Replays showed him slowing down about halfway down the line to first base.
The S&P 500 was down 0.2%, and the Nasdaq was down 0.8%.
There is no escape: The bastards grind her down and grind her down.
The biggest sellers were Japan (down $47.1 billion) and Germany (down $14.23 billion).
The biggest sellers were Japan (down $47.1 billion) and Germany (down $14.7 billion).
If the market goes down, that part of the strategy will be down.
It ended down 0.3%, dragged down by Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKXCF).
He always stood up and sat down, and stood up and sat down.
Phones no longer shut down, but according to users, they did slow down.
The talks broke down after Mr. Assad's government cracked down on antigovernment protesters.
"Because I have Down syndrome, I'm down and I'm up," Mr. Barbanell said.
Doctors are way down now in their orders of the opioids, way down.
If I don't put one down I can't put the next one down.
Down past the neon billboards, down past the space ships leaving the dismal planet Earth for brighter and more luxurious off-world colonies, down into the winding and narrow alleys where Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) spends his days hunting down androids.
METAL PRICES: Zinc ended down 0.5 percent at $3,100, aluminium closed down 0.8 percent at $2,136, lead was last bid down 0.2 percent at $2,465 and tin closed down 1.4 percent at $19,575, having earlier hit a two-month low.
Consider the following scores: -- Consumers who say Trump is distinctive -- down 10% -- Fun -- down 13% -- Trendy -- down 17.63% -- Stylish -- down 21% These numbers reflect responses from more than 1,000 people who were selected to represent the United States in microcosm.
"I was down there, and I watched our police and our firemen, down on 7-11, down at the World Trade Center, right after it came down, and I saw the greatest people I've ever seen in action," he said.
U.S. stock index futures were down early on Monday over fears of economic damage from the growing scale of lockdowns aimed at containing the pandemic, with the Dow down 3.64%, the S&P down 3.39% and the Nasdaq down 2.79%.
But that's not nearly as bad as the drops from the record levels by some of the biggest names in cannabis — Tilray is down 96%, Aurora Cannabis is down 93%, Canopy Growth is down 81% and Cronos Group is down 78%.
FAANG this week Facebook down 17 percent Netflix down 1.5 percent Apple down 0.5 percent Amazon up 0.3 percent Alphabet up 4.6 percent Elsewhere, earnings are good, but markets are merciless when they're not good, or when growth slows down.
Spain was down 5.9 percent, it's worst month since January 2016, as well, and Italy was down 673 percent, its worst month since June 2016 Germany down 5.7 percent, worst since January 2016 Spain down 5.9 percent, worst since Jan.
But everything&aposs got to calm down, everything&aposs got to calm down, the Democrats have to calm down and this violent rhetoric has got to go.
FELIPE LARRAÍNChile's Minister of Finance, 2010-14Santiago Your briefing on persistently low interest rates included the sub-heading "Down, down, deeper and down" ("Low pressure", September 24th).
"Silicon Valley has gotten a bad rap over the last couple of years so folks move down here, engineers come down here, founders come down," Ho added.
On Green Bay's next possession, linebacker Kyler Fackrell beat Decker for a sack on first down and Perry chased down Stafford for a sack on third down.
Shut down -- if you want to shut down the government, shut down the government over the economy, where he&aposs actually seen as doing the right thing.
Shares of other BNPL providers slipped on the Afterpay news, with newly listed Splitit Ltd down 6%, Zip Co Ltd down 5% and FlexiGroup Ltd down 3%.
Regulators in other countries are clamping down, too, with Indonesia shutting down over 800 illegally operating fintechs this year, and China clapping down on the P2P industry.
"You can go down the investigation track or you can go down the investment track … We're going to go down one track at a time," he said.
"Branson put the spotlight on aviation companies, saying it was up to them to "get our footprint down and down and down so people don't feel guilty.
"We looked at stripping down, not just the pigment of her hair down to white, but actually stripping down almost all makeup," he said in an interview.
In afternoon trading, GM shares were down 3.6 percent at $37.91, Ford shares were down 2.9 percent at $10.30, and FCA was down 2.4 percent at $20.68.
It's come down, I still like it and I'm going to tell you I think that it is actually, down here, down 3 percent today, a buy.
A poll from earlier this month has him down a net of 10 points with Republicans, down 13 with white evangelicals and down 18 with suburban men.
All tech stocks are currently struggling though:Amazon: Down 4.90 perecent to 734.04Google (Alphabet): Down 4.11 percent to 772.50Facebook: Down 3.88 percent to 118.41Twitter: Down 4.60 percent to 18.25Apple: Down 2.87 percent to 107.69In somewhat related news, apparently the Trump camp is looking at the head of JP Morgan, Jamie Dimon, as a potential Treasury Secretary.
Germany's DAX was down 0.4 percent, while Britain's FTSE 100 was down 13 percent.
The Dow, down 63 percent earlier, ended down by 26 percent, while the S.&.
The pair have shared many ups and down before making it down the aisle.
U.S crude futures were down 20.36 percent at $22, after settling down 2165.17 percent.
The Hang Seng Index ended the day down 0.4% and the Nikkei down 0.8%.
Family unit apprehensions were down 66% and unaccompanied children were down 55% last month.
U.S. crude was last down $0.27, or down 0.5 percent, at $54.18 per barrel.
"Facebook shuts down down AI after it invents its own creepy language," another added.
Lloyds Bank was down another 1.9 percent while housebuilder Persimmon was down 2.2 percent.
Tourism spending in September has already gone down, with China's spending down 10 percent.
She's a serious person, and when she's down for you she's down for you.
Down Under, the ASX 200 closed down 0.09 percent or 5.44 points at 5,755.24.
He began to break down, a grown man breaking down because he has nothing.
The Cowboys whittled the Packers' lead down to eight, and then down to none.
Most lenders will require a down payment, and Sethi recommends putting down 20 percent.
Someone needs to slow down that footage and figure out what really went down!
Calls to 911 go way down, overdoses go way down, just by adding food.
The kiwi dollar was down 0.64 percent, while the Aussie was down 0.12 percent.
The healthcare index was down 0.08 percent, weighed down by Johnson & Johnson and Medtronic.
It shows a silver Model 3 driving down the road with the windows down.
Down the stretch, the Democratic campaign will boil down to a two-horse race.
When the days begin to cool down, trees shut down their production of chlorophyll.
Shares of Boston Scientific closed down 4.34% and Coloplast closed down 2.46% on Tuesday.
One theory puts this down to more big wagons trundling up and down roads.
E-book sales are falling, down more than 10% in 2015 — YA down 44%!
HUCKABEE: It does not shut down international commerce, but it may slow it down.
Most major government websites aren't down or likely to go down any time soon.
FTMIB, weighed down by concerns over the country's public finances, is down 17.3 percent.
But, as we mentioned earlier, Is It Down Right Now is down right now.
New Zealand ended down with materials and consumer staples stocks dragging down the index.
He's never let me down, and I don't think he'll let us down again.
Down under, Australia's major banks dropped, with shares of Westpac closing down 3.54 percent.
Overall banks closed down 3.2 percent, with Italian banks weighing the sector down significantly.
Sprint shares were down to $6.34 by close, down from over $7 this morning.
Pimax's website is down at press time, so preorders are down until that's resolved.
My body wanted to shut down, and I didn't want it to shut down.
Citigroup shares are down 13.5 percent, and J.P. Morgan Chase's are down 7.6 percent.
We've been down there several times and we're getting down there and finding ways.
THIRD-DOWN WOES:Maryland has played decently on defense until it comes to third down.
It was last down 0.70973 percent at 120.95, down 0.1 percent for the week.
Then we saw a vehicle coming down the highway that started to slow down.
RBS was down 1.1 percent, maintaining Friday's move down after the bank's results disappointed.
Apple sales in China down 25% since last quarter, down 10% year-over-year.
Well, we have to tear down those walls, tear them down, make them nice.
After all, polls show he is now dragging down other GOP down-ticket candidates.
"I didn't want to let her down like I'd been let down," he says.
Skeleton requires a racer to speed down the curves face down and head first.
The event was so packed that police eventually shut-down it down, Quay says.
Germany's DAX was also down 241.53 percent and Belgian stocks were down 241.60 percent .
Down Under, the ASX 200 closed down 0.36 percent or 20.7 points at 5,778.9.
It's putting down roots — not to tie you down, but to help you grow.
SL Green Realty was last down 1.5 percent while Vornado was down 0.7 percent.
Though he doesn't go down South, he says he'd go down on her anytime.
Micron, down just 1% on Monday when Cowen downgraded it, was down 2.4% Tuesday.
At the par-25 fifth, Tiger Woods shouts "down, down" after launching his drive.
Shares of Amazon were down 3.56%, Alphabet was down 2.66% and Apple fell 5.81%.
That's like saying up is down and down is up and war is peace.
"As long as Egyptian blood is cheap, down, down with any president," they chanted.
The benchmark stock index, down 13 percent at one stage, closed down 0.7 percent.
The TV is marked down by 23 percent, bringing the price down by $80.
That was down slightly from 22016% in 22013 and down from 22010% in 2010.
It's driving all these stocks down and I think Centene's going down with it.
" Trump added, "Jeb is down the toilet and Ted is starting to go down.
Things have died down since then, but that doesn't mean business has slowed down.
NYSDFS shows no sign of slowing down now that Benjamin Lawsky has stepped down.
Consumer discretionary is down 3 percent on a down day for the market. Disclaimer
Down Under, the ASX 200 closed down 26.47 points, or 1.393 percent, at 4,937.60.
The decline dragged down fellow U.K. retailer WM Morrison, which closed 2 percent down.
Put those anti-depressants down, put them down and listen to what you're doing.
When brilliant black artists fall down on the stage, they don't fall down alone.
And if Trump goes down, his entire inner circle is going down with him.
Traumatized and tears streaming down my face, I went back inside and sat down.
Save $20 on men's seamless down coats and $30 on women's seamless down coats.
AT&T was down 1.52 percent and Time Warner was last down 2.22 percent.
We'd move down to one floor, check the floor and then get everyone down.
The write-down drove the company's net income down by about $2.41 a share.
But some fear any deal could break down when it comes down to detail.
I've got to keep my cholesterol down, so I've been making scaled-down versions.
We have let him down there was no question we have let him down.
The UK has also played down suggestions that it might go down this route.
Restart your iPhone by holding down the power button then swiping to power down.
But the mystery couple vanished down a trail before he could flag them down.
U.S. crude was last down $0.93, or down 2.02 percent, at $45.02 per barrel.
Perfect, and when you're sipping you sip down, you look down into the tea.
I think I turned down seven of them down," Christie told CNBC's "Squawk Box.
When prices of oil and gas go way down reserves also go way down.
On questions on way down the line I'll address those way down the line.
Lacking much cash for a down payment, they intended to put 10 percent down.
This free concert will also feature Thao & the Get Down Stay Down and iLe.
The Republican field was down to three candidates, and the Democrats' down to two.
People just want to shut us down because we're going to shut them down.
We couldn't sit down, because when you sit down, everyone's about to attack you.
"Even though I think they're bluffing, we should not let down our guard down."
"I had to calm myself down to knock down the free throw," Porzingis said.
"The numbers show suspensions are down, the numbers show incidents are down," he said.
A 9-yard, third-down pass to Darren Sproles picked up one first down.
Governors are making their choice, coming down on the side of shutting things down.
"Siéntese, siéntese" — sit down, sit down, she said, patting the seat next to her.
If the laws of physics could break down there, they could break down everywhere.
And then always a button-down, where you can actually button down the collar.
"Back and forth, down one side and down to the other side," she said.
Two salesmen pinned down Douglas, a teetotaling virgin, and poured Scotch down her throat.
Since 533, however, homicides are down 27 percent and shootings are down 32 percent.
By keeping the levels of incivility down we keep the levels of violence down.
As equipment costs come down and companies add customers, electricity prices could come down.
Mourning doves plunk themselves down in the center of the tray to chow down.
I don't believe Trump will go down without bringing the country down with him.
When you sit down to write, sit down to write, not to sell books.
The S&P 214.834 was down 215.34%, and the Nasdaq Composite was down 214.38%.
The S&P 1003 is down 10%, and the Nasdaq Composite is down 11.7%.
Swipe down from anywhere on the home screen to pull down the notifications shade.
The market was down 113% that day, and it was down 5.2% on Sept.
Right now, all the incentives are towards taking things down, not towards taking down.
By the time Ms. Dunscombe tracked down the account, it had been shut down.
I went from four doctors down to two, and 12 medicines down to four.
But is taking down those demons down making a deal with the devil himself?
It lies down out of exhaustion but not defeat; it's down but not out.
Shares were down 10.5% to $60.41 in midday trading, and closed down nearly 9%.
So I doubled down, and am about to quadruple down, on doing my podcast.
China has shut down transportation, and basically locked down more than 50 million people.
Shares of Delta are down 1.5% Friday and down nearly 4% for the month.
"You literally can't close down a city to close down a microbe," he says.
Paul (down 30 percent), Washington, D.C. (down 20 percent) and Seattle (minus 24 percent).
But Gomes refused to step down and Vaz finally backed down under international pressure.
" He added, "We have started down a path you don't want to go down.
TWITTER TAKES DOWN BLACKBURN CAMPAIGN AD: Twitter took down a campaign ad from Rep.
CBS closed down 1.5 percent at $55.20, down about 6.4 percent year to date.
"Get it all down, get it all down," and then a second thought: phone.
I pulled down on the handle and the mailbox door squeaked down with it.
I got him calmed down and flagged down a police officer in a car.
I pulled down on the handle, and the mailbox door squeaked down with it.
Nvidia shares were down 246% while Dow-component Intel ended the day down 225.04%.
Ethereum is down 33 percent year to date and Ripple is down 70 percent.
Facebook closed down almost 7 percent on Monday, dragging tech stocks down with it.
You need to see these pieces of paper calm down and calm down now.
Or do you just stay down there and allow it to take you down?
Never back down from any challenges, whether we're down three or we're up three.
Nike was down 2160.53 percent on Friday morning and Deere was down 213 percent.
Look at the entries at 10-Down, 20-Across, 83-Down, and 40-Across.
The Dow was down 36 at 22,048, and Nasdaq was down 18 at 6,352.
They've cut down, way down, on the fuel and a lot of other things.
Instead, they double down -- and in this case, doubling down could have awful consequences.
If he knocks me down, I'm going to get up and knock him down.
It was a hot summer's day: The upside-down car had its roof down.
Rams had only one first down and were 0-for-3 on third down.
Display ad revenue was down 7 percent and search revenue was down 14 percent.
They go up and down, up and down, in terms of how much regulation.
When you see it like that, it's flame coming down, coming down towards you.
He stepped down as CEO in 2017 and in 2018 stepped down as chair.
Hours later, I'm going down on her husband and she's going down on mine.
"Shots fired, officer down, shots fired, officer down," an officer could be heard yelling.
So as Harvey Weinstein goes down, he may take Ben Affleck down with him.
Shares of Toyota closed down 1.80 percent, Honda fell 2.81 percent, Nissan was down 1.45 percent, Sony was off by 2.26 percent and Fujitsu was down 4.76 percent.
Among other precious metals, silver was down 2.2 percent at $16.47 an ounce, platinum was down 1.3 percent to $1,011.3 and palladium was down 2.1 percent at $558.90.
It is just a windows down, back in my hometown in Virginia, just riding down this little back road that I used to go down all the time.
Luckily, a military policeman had seen them drive down this deserted road and he knew no one was supposed to be down there and he followed them down.
The pound which was down as much as 1.2 percent before the vote, was briefly down 1.5 percent before rebounding sharply $1.2823, down 0.4 percent on the day.
Spot gold was down 2463.50 percent at $23.4,13.803 an ounce, while U.S. gold futures for February delivery settled down at $213.80 and were last trading down at $20.90,18.70.
"This year, we doubled down on video, we doubled down on experiential, we doubled down on technology," Brendan Ripp, publisher of Sports Illustrated, told CNBC's "Squawk Alley" Tuesday.
Spot gold was down 280 percent at $9413,2941 an ounce, and was on track to finish the week down 20.9 percent, its first week down in five weeks.
Kanye also dropped a series of tongue-in-cheek tweets about taking the songs down, putting the back up, down, up, down, and then finally up for good.
"For the poorest communities, life expectancy actually for the past six or seven years has started to go down -- go down slowly but nonetheless go down," he said.
"They just want to put the prices down, down, down and that's it," says Radina Bankova, president of the Bulgarian Association of Apparel and Textile Producers and Exporters.
That means bringing down taxes, bringing down the price of energy, and bringing down job-killing regulations that cost our economy as much as $2 trillion a year.
Several other tech giants saw notable after-hours drops after Apple reported earnings, including Amazon (down 1.5 percent), Facebook (down 1 percent) and Netflix (down about 2 percent).
One of the women, Mina, thought of Jesus kayaking down from the sky, a literal individual who would come down and save us by kayaking down to Earth.
Bitcoin offshoot bitcoin cash was down 6.9 percent, to $719.89, ethereum was down 2.78 percent, to $460.37, and litecoin was down 5.3 percent, to $82.16, according to CoinBase.
And after 37, just like a woman's biological time clock goes down, your chance of reproducing goes down, your chance of starting a company after 37 goes down.
The S&P 500 is up nearly 4% in the past year, but Hewlett Packard Enterprises is down 10%, HP is down 24% and IBM is down 2%.
"Down" can be a noun (the down on a duck) or it can be an adverb, which is what the clue "Where to get down from?" might imply.
"Vlog numbers are down, social media numbers are down on travel, affiliate income is down because hotels aren't being booked, people aren't buying travel gear," Ms. Gallo said.
I feel like the tone of the clues here suits this puzzle well, and particularly like my clues for 51-Across, 6-Down, 20-Down and 28-Down.
President Trump refused to back down from his threat to rain down "fire and fury" on the country, despite his own advisers' efforts to tone down his message.
"The incidence of capital punishment has gone down, down, down so that now, I think, there are only three states that actually administer the death penalty," she said.
He said consumers cut back on traditional and indulgent festive classics, with sales of Christmas puddings down 210%, sparkling wine sales down 213.7% and turkey sales down 22009%.
Neither Top Down nor Resurrection are explained in detail, but Top Down is almost guaranteed to keep at least one player's camera fixed in a top-down angle.
Chinese mainland shares led the losses, down almost 65.13.99 percent to one-year lows, with tech-heavy Taiwan also down 65.35557.39 percent and Hong Kong down 65.0.433 percent.
Of 55 IPOs in the last three months, about half are below their issue prices, including internet browser Opera (down 20 percent), speaker manufacturer Sonos (down 13 percent), real estate giant Cushman & Wakefield (down 4 percent) and lithium manufacturer Livent (down 4 percent).
I also like a lot of the clues of mine that survived — my favorites here are those for 19-Across, 33-Across, 67-Across, 120-Across, 88-Down, 99-Down and 107-Down, along with the clue echoes of 15- through 17-Down.
According to the same study by 0000, compliance with the commitments put into place by the previous administration would cut production for the following sectors: paper, down 2100 percent; cement, down 21 percent; iron and steel, down 22015 percent; coal, and I happen to love the coal miners, down 2100 percent; natural gas down 2100 percent.
This flatter yield curve — it's been going on for a couple months — is killing banks, many of which are already in correction territory from the 52-week highs in early March: Banks: correction territory (from 52-week highs) Zions down 18.6% Fifth Third down 18.0% SunTrust down 12.5% Bank of America down 12.0% JPMorgan down 10.9%
According to the same study, by 2040, compliance with the commitments put into place by the previous administration would cut production for the following sectors: paper, down 12 percent; cement, down 23 percent; iron and steel, down 38 percent; coal, and I happen to love the coal miners, down 2023 percent; natural gas, down 31 percent.
If we have a look at the changes over the previous year only — with all these "violent" refugees living in the country — these are the numbers: * Overall crime rate: down 2003% * Violent crime: down 2.4% * Property theft: down 11.8% * Street crime: down 8.6% Oh, and these numbers you also might find quite interesting: * Crimes committed by non-Germans: down 213% * Crimes committed by Germans: down 212% * Number of illegal border crossings: down 213% You may have guessed by now that this, too, is WRONG.
I bet many hedge funds would like to go long Amazon, which has been down, down, down, and go short all the retailers, which have been up, up, up.
Ethereum (down 20 percent), Bitcoin Cash (down 20183 percent), Litecoin (down 21 percent) and nearly every high-profile altcoin lost value over the last 24 hours, according to
Other special treats include: The Upside Down Sundae, which stars the Upside Down Praline scoop with upside-down-toppings of nuts, whipped cream and a cherry on top underneath.
Major Japanese automakers were under pressure on Monday, with shares of Toyota closing down 1.7 percent, Nissan down 2.53 percent, Honda up 0.53 percent and Mazda down 9.67 percent.
BECKY QUICK: Look, if you look at Chinese stocks in one market down 5.5% and the other in the Shenzhen market down by over 7%, our futures are down.
If the data holds, the Brennan Center anticipates homicides will decline steeply in cities like Detroit (down 25.6 percent), Houston (down 20.5 percent), and New York (down 19.1 percent).
Buffalo, New York, down 38 percent; Seattle, down 35 percent; and Omaha, Nebraska, down 35 percent; also saw far fewer homes available on the market than a year ago.
As usual, thanks to the New York Times team for crafting some of the best clues in the puzzle, including 15-Across, 4-Down, 40-Down, and 58-Down.
Down Under, the ASX 200 closed down 16.55 points, or 0.32 percent, at 5,20163, weighed by losses in the energy and financials subindexes, down 1.03 and 0.55 percent respectively.
Silver was down 2.6 percent at $15.30 an ounce, while platinum was down 1.4 percent at $937.76 an ounce and palladium was down 0.6 percent at $517.60 an ounce.
The Macro Fund index is down 0.48 percent year to date, the CTA/Managed Futures index is down 2.08 percent, and the Trend Following index is down 4.50 percent.
Silver was down 3.2 percent at $14.88 an ounce, while platinum was down 2.3 percent at $949.50 an ounce and palladium was down 0.8 percent at $557.75 an ounce.
Just look at the chart: PresentPastLieLieLayLayLayLaidAnd use it like this: I'm going to lie down --> I lay downI need to lay down the law --> I laid down the law
Now, when you activate Reachability (swipe down on the gesture bar), the entire screen will slide down and you can swipe down right above the upper right app icons.
PRICES: Aluminium traded down 0.8% at $1,779.50 a tonne, zinc traded 1.2% lower at $2,433, lead traded down 0.6% at $1,895 and nickel was bid 2% down at $12,100.
Just as some dogs walk in circles before sitting down, gallery visitors often slow down upon entering, to get the feel of the space before settling down to look.
Brent crude cut a loss of more than 6 percent to trade down 1.6 percent, while U.S. crude, down as much as 4.63 percent earlier, was down 2.3 percent.
I was guided by the uniformed agents into a bleak institutional tower, down a hall, down a flight of stairs, down another hall, and into a poorly lit room.
He's strong on "HOOPTI" when he admits he's not always OK. "Sometimes I break down, break down, break down, old hoopti," he raps, likening himself to an old car.
But values have been coming down and down and down, and a lot of folks thought maybe there'd be almost no buyers for titles like Time, Fortune, Sports Illustrated.
That means all the peaker plants get shut down, all the intermediate plants get shut down, and some of the base load plants start to get ramped down too.
Shares closed down 2.7% Monday, closing at $205.36, and are down 38% year-to-date.
To select a file, just tap down on the selected file and hold it down.
London's FTSE closed down 0.43 percent and France's CAC ended the day down 0.11 percent.
We are told to strip down to our underwear and lie down on the beds.
And then when Internet stocks started to collapse, I doubled down and then tripled down.
Airline stocks fell, with American Airlines down 4.4 percent and United Continental down 3.6 percent.
The Dow Jones industrials were down 2646 percent and the Nasdaq was down 2646 percent.
Essentially, I lived down there for a while and ended up moving down to Pickering.
So if you push down long enough or hard enough, it'll start to wear down.
United Continental is down about 9.5 percent this month, and CSX is down 5.2 percent.
Brent crude was last down 82 cents, or down 1.64 percent, at $49.07 a barrel.
U.S. crude was last down 86 cents, or down 1.75 percent, at $48.24 per barrel.
Revenue was down 3 percent year-on-year, while operating profit was down 11 percent.
Eventually they wore down City Hall, which backed down a bit from a total conversion.
I would be up there jumping up and down with tears streaming down my face.
It's the only time I can wind down and start to shut my mind down.
Are they taking the steps to shut these fake news stories down, or outlets down?
Therefore, Trump is set on bringing down the man who brought down his VA pick.
It's pretty great, being able to look down on all those dirty rascals down there.
It happened when Tim Hardaway Jr. went down and it happened when Porzingis went down.
Honda was down 20.264 percent, Mazda off 2.66 percent and Yamaha Motor down 0.86 percent.
JP Morgan is down 14% and Bank of America is down 27%, year to date.
I would love to take down Pocket and I would love to take down Diigo.
It took the Malaysian flight shoot-down to make [Prime Minister David] Cameron buckle down.
"He did go down to the knees, and then down to the ground," Smithee said.
So Roy passed it down to me [and] I'm passing it down to my kids.
I sat down in the third row and Mike Tyson then sat down behind me.
"We've got power lines down all over the area -- trees down, blocking roads," Garner said.
To match such down-to-earth policies, Mr Scholz prescribes a down-to-earth style.
"We had to figure out how to take down an airliner down quickly," he says.
Maduro has cracked down on Guaido allies since putting down an attempted uprising last week.
Puma shares were down 4.4 percent at the close, with Kerin down almost 1 percent.
He sat down at the bar, put the pistol down and waited to be taken.
I want to build on it, get the costs down, get prescription drug costs down.
Traffic was shut down in the neighborhood along down Boulevard Barbés, causing large traffic jams.
U.S. retail sales were down 8% in the quarter and international retail sales down 8.9%.
I sat down and yellow like drainage started dripping down the side of my face.
For instance, Bitcoin is down 13.4 percent and Ethereum is down 18.4 percent on OKCoin.
As Strong began to question Damon, he gulped down water that ran down his chin.
That's down more than 3,000 from the year before and down nearly 37,000 from 2010.
Three years after surgery, they're down 26 percent down from their original bodyweight, on average.
"Never look down, never look down," Smith yelled as the helicopter flew into the air.
If the Mother of Dragons is going down, her child is going down with her.
He added that rates are being held down so that everything else doesn't go down.
The gold sector was down 3.17 percent, while the energy sector closed down 23 percent.
Retailers were also sinking, with Marks & Spencer down 5.2 percent and Next down 5 percent.
A Big Mac is difficult to break down even for sulfuric acid to break down.
Our buildings don't burn down very much; they used to burn down all the time.