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"given" Definitions
  1. already arranged
  2. that you have stated and are discussing; particular
"given" Synonyms
inclined prone apt liable disposed likely predisposed inured tending addicted obsessed in the habit of ready willing subject minded susceptible amenable fain in the mood specified particular agreed designated set specific stated delineated identified named prearranged predetermined prescribed appointed certain decided assumed fixed known settled some unidentified unnamed unspecified anonymous one nameless unknown incognito innominate mysterious untitled unchristened unbaptized faceless undesignated secret undisclosed pseudonymous accustomed habituated used wont adapted familiar in the habit acquainted adjusted acclimatized(US) familiarized(US) familiar with settled in acclimatised(UK) familiarised(UK) habituated in hardened special precise exact appropriate actual clear-cut complete detailed explicit proper defined definite axiomatic self-evident accepted understood granted absolute apodictic fundamental manifest undeniable unquestionable indemonstrable indubitable presupposed unquestioned aphoristic apothegmatic axiomatical loaned lent advanced bestowed entrusted intrusted leased let on credit borrowed quoted announced asked marked priced published tagged ticketed price-marked gullible naive vulnerable ingenuous persuadable trusting unsuspecting credulous impressionable responsive sensitive unwary acquiescent defenseless(US) defenceless(UK) exploitable gullable acquired accrued bequeathed endowed inherited transmitted handed down passed on nominal titular ostensible purported supposed symbolic apparent ceremonial emblematic formal official paper token honorary pretended professed theoretical alleged mentioned wonted customary usual common conventional habitual normal regular frequent traditional daily routine chosen preferred typical conjectural presumed conjectured expected supposititious evident hypothetical ostensive putative reputed seeming forthcoming accessible available obtainable obtained made available on offer at hand in evidence on tap up for grabs vouchsafed to someone at your disposal acquirable attainable convenient feasible handy gettable undefined unstated indefinite indeterminate undetermined unfixed unmentioned unquantified unstipulated uncertain undecided arbitrary mystery obscure vague any truth rule certainty donnée principle reality established fact constant unchanging situation unchanging factor unchanging state of affairs assumption if postulate premise premiss presumption presupposition supposition hypothesis surmise conjecture speculation posit belief guess postulation opinion suspicion inference considering allowing assuming with in view of taking into account taking into consideration bearing in mind because of giving consideration to keeping in mind making allowances for in the light of as a result of in light of after in consideration of allowing for for through by in consequence of as a consequence of as a result attributable to by dint of by reason by reason of by virtue of caused by down to due to following for the sake of that because as since provided only if presuming providing that as long as assuming that given that on condition that presuming that provided that allowing that contingent on providing on the assumption that on the understanding that so long as with the provision that shown conferred accorded imparted offered bequethen gifted dispensed presented assigned awarded endowed with proffered rendered treated conveyed communicated transferred sent delivered relayed relaid purveyed committed put into someone's hands consigned commended sacrificed given up relinquished surrendered devoted ceded consecrated dedicated pledged forfeited forgone offered up parted with set aside yielded yolden lost allowed permitted let someone have obliged favored(US) favoured(UK) indulged sanctioned given permission to given the go-ahead to given the green light to gone along with granted permission to showed displayed set out set forth disclosed indicated exhibited featured given details of illustrated introduced laid out listed list publicised(UK) caused affected made created begotten effected effectuated elicited incited induced initiated instigated occasioned stirred up brought about brought on generated spurred started whipped up produced afforded resulted in supplied engendered organised(UK) organized(US) arranged laid on been responsible for thrown hosted held holden had put on performed executed carried out completed done observed acted out enacted fulfilled(UK) pulled off uttered let out emitted issued pronounced administered dealt applied inflicted imposed dealt out doled out given out handed out given way caved in collapsed broken capitulated fallen apart come apart succumbed bent bended broken down broke down crumpled fallen felled buckled toppled sunk sunken fallen in staged carried mounted spent paid payed outlaid expended shelled out dropped forked over blown disbursed splurged anted up coughed up forked out forked up frittered away outed ponied up squandered aired expressed proclaimed voiced enunciated expounded put across raised declared enounced sounded submitted vented addressed addrest borne down buckled down concerned oneself given all one's got given best shot knuckled down occupied oneself pegged away poured it on pulled out all stops worked hard spread circulated dispersed disseminated proliferated transfused estimated predicted forecast forecasted guessed anticipated deduced postulated fancied More
"given" Antonyms
unspecified unstated unspoken unsaid unexpressed silent undeclared unuttered unvoiced unarticulated unavowed unmentioned unacknowledged inarticulate muted unaccustomed unused unwonted unusual odd uncommon extraordinary peculiar abnormal unique strange atypical rare singular bizarre exceptional anomalous weird uncustomary curious disinclined immune indisposed resistant improbably sitting straight unlikely unprepared unskilled unsuitable unsusceptible unwilling unamenable disagreeing unready stupid incorrect incapable identified known named baptised(UK) baptized(US) christened dubbed termed acknowledged authenticated onymous marked recognized(US) classified familiar recognised(UK) public improper nonspecific generic inapplicable inappropriate erroneous generalised(UK) generalized(US) inapposite wrong inaccurate inapt malapropos unapt discrepant false ill-advised inadequate misunderstood questionable uncertain hesitant reluctant disinterested uneager unenthusiastic unhappy uninclined afraid disobliging loath averse refractory unobliging begrudging general common conventional normal ordinary regular standard typical average commonplace customary humble modest pedestrian plain simple unexceptional unnoteworthy invulnerable insusceptible unaffected unexposed impervious insensitive unaffected by excusable freed indefinite negotiable variable to be arranged up in the air avoiding neglecting unfamiliar new unacquainted unversed not prepared not used not versed in unconversant uninitiated disaccustomed unpracticed unseasoned deprived forfeited lost real actual true chance proven confirmed demonstrated established verified sure sustained upheld establishable supported attested authentic demonstrable tested positive undoubted dependable unavailable denial fact reality rejection truth certainty proof knowledge calculation measurement humility disbelief trust information change changes variance flux adjustment advances evolution inconstancy variation variety alterations development deviations diversity fluctuation irregularity modification revisions shifts transitions factuality evidence realness trueness validity factualness veracity verity actuality factualism truthfulness case genuineness truism veridicality despite notwithstanding with irrespective of regardless of in spite of no matter heedless of even after even with in contempt of in defiance of in the face of in the teeth of undeterred by without being affected by against for all even though although besides excepting excluding beside except outside save apart from aside from other than except for exclusive of outside of ignoring denied refused declined withholden withheld retained held preserved held back holden received accepted acquired taken appropriated gained got gotten obtained annexed(UK) attained collected derived gathered grabbed inherited picked up procured secured seized withdrawn recalled retracted drawn away drawn back extracted extraught pulled back pulled out recanted removed revoked taken back annulled backed out called off detached disengaged invalidated reneged held up held out endured lasted resisted survived withstood borne up saved kept hoarded stashed banked cached stockpiled accumulated amassed conserved laid aside put aside put away reserved scrimped set aside skimped suppressed repressed stifled bottled up buried censored concealed covered up restrained restricted contained confined inhibited controlled unless except if

662 Sentences With "given"

How to use given in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "given" and check conjugation/comparative form for "given". Mastering all the usages of "given" from sentence examples published by news publications.

They have been given, and given, and given, and they still want more.
They will be given cattle, they will be given land, they will be given houses.
The first is: How do the value streams described above add up in a given environment, under a given retail price of electricity, a given market structure, and a given amount of sunlight?
Especially given the current climate of politics given Tuesday's election.
I've given the letter, I've given the letter to Sen.
It's given by Andy; it's given by the other actors.
Given all his other thematic obsessions, given the music he played, given his place in history, this insistence isn't silly at all.
If given time and given patience I believe that he will.
To whom much is given, even more will be given still.
It's given me my wife, it's given me friends for life.
Given Yahoo's prominence, a media feeding frenzy was always a given.
Felipe was given a diagnosis of common cold and given Tylenol.
I'll take the second question, given that you've given the two.
TikTok was given special attention, given its rapid growth last year.
We're given the same opportunities, and we're given the same coaching.
Cordell was brought on and given a contract and given pay but not given access to Stanley, who didn't want to talk to him.
Given digital changes, given, you know, FiTech and all kinds of things.
I've been given second chances and I have given them to others.
" Clarke adds: "Fans have given me a platform, they've given me hope.
When Tamir was given an M16, Jacob was given a Eurail pass.
I have been given much and I have given something in return.
"That isn't public information given to everyone, given to competitors," he said.
"Given the public outcry, given Hutchins's knowledge, given that the other suspect's likely at large, the government's likely giving him a golden opportunity here," he said.
Her office has given no explanation for the shaking episodes and Merkel has given no details of any medical advice or treatment she has been given.
INGRAHAM: And people were given immunity, he should have never been given immunity.
Given the opportunity, given the encouragement, they'll achieve at just the same rate.
It's given me my wife [Rose Leslie], it's given me friends for life.
WATTERS: ... given him a raise, a promotion, and given him a corner office.
You guys have given so much back to me, given so much support.
They were given buffet tickets, but should they also be given drink tickets?
It's given passing reference, but hasn't been given much credibility by the IPCC.
Given the right circumstances, given the right environment, humans can do incredible things.
And given Yuri's story, and given what "Fargo" tends to do with reality.
Gaming was given a big breakout section, given its contribution to consumer spending.
" "Given Brexit, given the red lines, this deal is now on the table.
He has not given up a single nuclear bomb, he&aposs not given up a single ICBM, he&aposs not given up any of the nuclear infrastructure.
These are moments that I look at and say, 'Okay, they have given me strength, they have given me courage, and they have given me enormous responsibility.
It should not predetermine when they are given a job or are given opportunities.
Things can be true, but only from a given perspective at a given time.
Each pair wears a different narrative at any given moment, on any given day.
So Picasso is given space, but a 12-inch record is not given space.
We're trying to do what makes sense given the fiscal policy that we're given.
The sheer honesty, the fact that he has never given up or given in.
What we thought was a given is no longer a given, and that's alarming.
And have not been given the opportunities that their male counterparts have been given.
Another six defendants were given life terms while two others were given lesser sentences.
But I've given back I've given away probably close to a billion dollars. Okay.
Given the politically-charged setting, maybe now is the time its given its due.
But you have never given up, and you have never given in to despair.
We know DACA have been given a chance to achieve their God-given potential.
"I've given 16 years to the team, I've really given my all," Williams said.
Joshua Wong was given 80 hours of community service, Nathan Law was given 120 hours, and Alex Chow was given a three-week prison sentence suspended for a year.
You've got to make sure that others are given the shot that we were given.
I was given this, I was given the Iran deal, and plenty of other problems.
Witnesses have given documents to the State Department, which hasn't given them to impeachment investigators.
It was given a 30-day deadline to gradually suspend its operations given their complexity.
I am so, so, so lucky to have been given the time I've been given.
"And the community was never given justice, and the victim's family was never given justice."
It might be that Iran would have given up the program anyway, given enough time.
No explanation was given then for the sudden delay, and none has been given since.
On any given drug, in any given trial, most people will not be as fortunate.
Given this asymmetry, it's little wonder some recently instituted benefits have given men an advantage.
Death tolls given by al Shabaab are usually much higher than those given by officials.
She is a daughter of Yoko Nakahira Given and Andrew D. Given of Los Angeles.
On the first, they were given a placebo; on the second, they were given LSD.
There's just no way to do it safely given the guidelines that everyone's been given.
"These people have given and given and shared their wealth with this community," he said.
There's a gendered division of labor, so they are given tasks that you're not given.
They haven't totally given up on living and they definitely haven't given up on Christmas.
It will learn, for instance, which notes "go well" with a given chord, what chord is probable after a given chord, or which notes usually follow after a given note.
Given the economics of the movie and TV industry, given the instant internet feedback machine and given the mechanics of storytelling since time immemorial — are satisfying endings even possible here?
Given the many other initiatives that Uber is juggling on any given day, that's not surprising.
Given her health problems and age, Miss Willie was only given a few weeks to live.
Decisions made under those circumstances shouldn't be given the weight that military judgments are normally given.
Once they've given birth, their newborn baby is taken away and given to their designated family.
Given the severity of my pain, I was surprised that I was even given a choice.
Unlike those drugs, which must be given repeatedly, often for life, Luxturna is given just once.
You get what you're given on the storage front — so being given more is very welcome.
Shortly before Jack Jr. was given Abbey's heart, he was given only 10 days to live.
"They complain, 'You could have given us this, you could have given us that,'" he says.
People given "fake" pills often experience the same physiological effects as people given the real thing.
Morris: There were many reasons given, and often in this case there were no reasons given.
Every facet of Han Solo is given a footnote—every surprise and enigma is given cause.
Still, given the high-profile nature of the case, the players could be given preferential treatment.
White women are given more voice and power than any marginalized woman will ever be given.
He's given supporters cause to be concerned and given opponents an opportunity to go after him.
And that's just incredibly implausible given what's happened so far, and especially given what's happened tonight.
Anger, disappointment and fear had given way to hope, but hope had given way to disappointment.
Those numbers aren't horrendous given low inflation, and aren't shocking given low growth in labor productivity.
Four power stations were given temporary permits, while the remaining three were given full operating permits.
She is simply asking to be given the same deference that was given to Senator Johnson.
Macrina burnishes her work with an old river stone given to her by her mother who was given it by her grandmother, who in turn was given it by her mother.
"Given the experience in 2016 with Russia, given the volume of domestic disinformation, given the behavior on Twitter and elsewhere of the Republican candidate in 2020, I recommend preparing," Barrett says.
During his two terms in the White House, the Supreme Court has given Mr. Obama fits, given him reprieves and now given him a new mission for his final year in office.
The participants were given antibiotics and split into two groups: the first group was given an 11-strain probiotic preparation for four weeks; the second was given a placebo, or dummy pill.
Given all that, and given that she would most likely never post to the app should she be outed, there's almost no chance that we're given a window into Beyoncé's private life.
"The attack of the United States is understandable given the dimension of the war crimes, given the suffering of innocent people, and given the blockage in the U.N. Security Council," Merkel said.
It's not just that this new origin story makes sense, given the clues Discovery has given us.
Yet unlike so many others whom Trump has given up on, Sessions hasn't given up on Trump.
That was the whole goal — you were given this gift, I was given this gift by Peter.
Clinton was given a five, Keller was given a seven and both were therefore recommended for removal.
Women deserve to have their health given more time, effort, and funding than what they've been given.
This is ironic given that it is Christianity that has given our society freedom, tolerance and hospitality.
They may not know how to adapt a given training for a given disabled person at first.
So many of them have given so much to their communities — given not just money but time.
It may be that a given partner's stack has been trained on a given set of cities.
They could have given everyone they laid off severance if they had to, could have given everyone.
So we have not given a TARP, but we have certainly given what is workable in India.
But her life has probably given her far more practice at presumption than his has given him.
It's almost inconceivable given that China's doing so well, given what we know about the trade relations.
Sometimes sole-sourcing a contract is necessary and appropriate given the emergency nature of a given situation.
But current immigration law caps the number of visas that can be given to immigrants from any given country at 7 percent of the total number of visas awarded for any given year.
That would be wrong, given the seriousness of Russia's attack, and worrying, given the likelihood of a repeat.
Given everything you've said, given the paucity of realistic solutions, what's the point of an article like this?
Given through an IV, Narcan works in seconds, given through a shot or with nasal spray, within minutes.
This lack of transparency is confusing, said Nee, given the most common justification given for the death penalty.
Season 6 Bachelorette star Ali Fedotowsky has given given birth to a baby girl, according to Us Weekly.
Egeland said Russia had given positive signals about the plan but had not given an official green light.
Guests at potlatches are given gifts, and the more given away, the higher the status of the host.
"Given [Kobach's] history, I would expect a process where all views are not given robust consideration," Levitt said.
The award given to Elliott was given to honor her long-standing impact on the hip-hop culture.
They have since been given, or been given back, powers to regulate banks and to preserve financial stability.
There's real similarities between the belief of any given cult and the belief of any given mainstream religion.
Though he hasn't given up on SunEdison and now has been given a board seat at the company.
"We don't think it's necessary given the level of compliance...and given the expectations of demand," he said.
Frakt said there is evidence that drugs given expedited approval give greater benefits than drugs given conventional reviews.
She felt as though she had given him back a little of the joy he had given her.
She was given the order on January 26 and was given five days to locate her missing children.
More and more players are stepping away in a given season or a given year, and who knows.
The babies are given DTaP, a slightly different vaccine than the one given to older children and adults.
Young boys are given computers, gaming consoles, and tech-related toys, while girls are given household-themed toys.
The Uihleins have given $18.5 million to Republican efforts, while Steyer have given $15.9 million to Democratic causes.
It's unlikely that the account was an impersonation, given that the account was given a verified blue checkmark.
That Tesla model was also given a big boost Friday when it was given a major tax break.
I was never given to it when I was healthy, and I am less given to it now.
"The point is that earnings are much better than you might have expected, given the dollar, given what happened to energy and commodity prices, and given the slow growth of the global economy," he said.
You got to explain to people, neurology is -- everybody's given up on heart, and they've given up on neurology.
Given the huge amount of competition in streaming, small but steady price hikes for customers are basically a given.
There's much more ability to actually do stuff than they are given credit for - given a workable monetary environment.
And it's given then a potential outlet, perhaps in Cuba, it's given them a potential outlet and certain places.
"In other words, constructive feedback is given for their sake, while criticism is given for your sake," he says.
Given Wolff's portrayal, it's often hard to tell whether a given line is meant to be comedic or serious.
"Given the current launch cadence, their business case is likely to be strongest given the ability for overhead absorption."
If you've given to multiple Democratic presidential candidates this year, there's a pretty good chance you've given to Sen.
Lowering tariffs on autos is significant, given it is one very big industry and given difficult issues surrounding EVs.
But unlike a conventional store, StockX doesn't guarantee that a given product will be available at a given time.
Five vaccinations are given during childhood, and a booster vaccine, called the Tdap, is given to adolescents and adults.
The GSK vaccine was administered in two doses given two months apart, while Merck's is given in one injection.
"It was friendly enough, given the circumstances and given the subject we were discussing," the Russian ambassador told reporters.
Given the financial support they've given to Bannon and Breitbart, would they turn against Trump, whom they've also supported?
Experts say that, on average, 2 percent of passwords in a given dump will match with a given site.
With more chaos, there is less opportunity to focus on any given policy issue or any given Trump failure.
Of her three sons, Altmann said, two were given the FluMist this year, and one was given the shot.
Jeffree was given a customary Noogler hat, given to new Googlers, when Pichai first got the pup in 2017.
And to be given a platform to do it, it's a gift both Tyshawn and I have been given.
She felts well prepared and less worried given the latest forecasts but was still uneasy given the storm's unpredictability.
I think historically it's a fitting description, given that there were no treaties or consent given by Indigenous peoples.
Under the last budget, ICE was given enough money to keep 39,324 immigrants in detention at any given time.
I wanted to tell him that he had given me a far greater gift than I had given him.
On suicide watch, inmates are also given finger food, Hayes added, and are given no utensils with their meals.
She felt well prepared and less worried, given the latest forecasts, but still was uneasy given the storm's unpredictability.
In all of these cases, exactly which ambulance picks up a given patient with a given condition is random.
All of the players were given reminders about personal boundaries, and Mr. Spilo was given a private, specific warning.
This is not surprising given how controversial Trump, the man, is and given that deregulation can be controversial too.
In the new work, this geometric space represents all polynomials of a given degree for a given finite field.
But Republicans have said that the Justice Department and FBI should not be given access, given who is involved.
The only problem is that he has been given jobs that aren't typically given to those outside of government.
The party's familiarity with spreadsheets has given some precinct chairs confidence in using a Google spreadsheet, given their similarity.
BAKER: Given what's happened since then, though, was it a political mistake to have fired him, given what's happened?
It is more money being given away than has ever been given away in the history of the world.
Given the circumstances, given the fact that we're in a national emergency at this point, I'm a nervous wreck.
I can't remember exactly which drugs they were, but some people were given uppers and others were given downers.
On the old model he's been somewhat restricted with the nights of the week that he can work — because he has to work a given shift, at a given time on given days of the week.
But at the same time given the challenges of population aging, given low productivity growth, given high levels of that in many countries, it is being asked to do more with less -- achieving more with less.
For each of those, I looked at a dataset of endorsements in which each governor's endorsement was given 10 points, each senator's endorsement was given 5 points and each House member's endorsement was given 1 point.
Each entry in the table shows the probability that the given pair of choices is made in any given round.
" Instead of being given support and understanding, Hadden alleged she was given "a lot of bad advice and little empathy.
This way, we can have four full Moons during a given season or two full Moons in a given month.
You have some perfectly good advice being given, but there is also a lot of really bad advice being given.
Given everything you've just said, given the stakes, can you explain or defend the cowardice of congressional Republicans before Trump?
Recipients can be given the ability to edit a file, or can be given access on a read-only basis.
Bernthal and the rest of the cast acquit themselves well with the material they're given, but they aren't given much.
I haven't given up on Silicon Valley or California, and I sure as hell haven't given up on good people.
I was given a polygraph test in Memphis and told that I failed, which was given by a male white.
As a result, a bunch of people who should've never been given home loans were, of course, given home loans.
Android Oreo is a given and so are improvements to the camera, given how important Google Photos is to Google.
Johnson was given to a zoo, Pacs was given to a fan, and Tuts the cat's status is currently unknown.
Historical data is useful only when it is given meaningful context, which many of these data sets are not given.
The case stems from a lawsuit three Rowan County residents brought challenging the payers given being given at board meetings.
"He confirmed that, given the shift, given the discretion allowed in the executive order … it could include everyone," she said.
We feel powerless up here because we've given you money, given you authority, asked you if you needed anything else.
First, it doesn't have more than 30 students at any given time, and all students are given a full scholarship.
Not only has the internet given her more control over her labor, it's also given her more leverage with managers.
I just chose an occupation to write rhymes because it was a God given gift that was given to me.
Every throw-away character on this show was given a chance at redemption, but Daenerys wasn't given the same shake.
This might sound scary, given how singular that bubbly period now seems — and given the brutal wealth destruction that followed.
Yet major news organizations have given the caravan saturation coverage, more than they've ever given health care, all the same.
According to Bowser, while the 50 states were given at least $1.25 billion each, the district was given $500 million.
Music hasn't just given Halsey her career; it's also given her a way to find stability with her bipolar disorder.
"I have given this a lot of thought, and our community has given this a lot of thought," he said.
About half said they had given at least $1,000, and about 20 percent said they had given $5,000 or more.
One man was given an antidepressant instead of an antipsychotic and another was given aspirin despite already having thin blood.
It is hard to conceive it, given their wealth, but both are now underpaid, given how the market has shifted.
Bender said the federation had been given assurances from Iran that special attention was being given to the athletes' applications.
Migrants in Malta are not identified by their given names; instead, they're given numbers, which they depend on to survive.
" Germany: German Chancellor Angela Merkel said "This attack by the United States of America is understandable, given the aspect of the war crimes, given the suffering of innocent people and given the logjam in the UN Security Council.
Pew For any given individual, migrating to the mainland makes a lot of sense given the economic conditions on the island.
Given the passions ignited (somewhat literally, given all that dragon fire) by the penultimate chapter, the finale couldn't possibly please everyone.
It often doesn't matter if any given scene contradicts any other given scene if both scenes are as intense as possible.
They found after 10 days, the plant that was given the club soda grew faster than the plant given regular water.
"Some people aren't given the same rights, given the same opportunities, as other people," Kaepernick said after Thursday's final preseason game.
In six clinical trial studies, participants who were given placebo injections showed more of a response than those given placebo pills.
Like someone who has given themselves to something higher, Bey's look could mean that she has given herself to her daughter.
And, given her high-profile status, Trump has almost definitely be given the time she needs to practice her talking points.
" But Jackson did decide to give Manafort credit for accepting responsibility "given his plea and given his sworn admissions in court.
They should have given it, not only more time pre-assassination, but they could have given it more time post-assassination.
The monkeys were then given a drug to make parts of their frontal lobes active, or they were given a placebo.
Seventeen people were sentenced to life in prison, 223 were given 15 years and another 22 accused were given three years.
As per the undertaking given by Government of India, Abu Salem can only be given a maximum 25-year life imprisonment.
It also described the mistake as surprising given Pompeo's time at the CIA, if understandable given confusion over North Korean names.
The president has not given a specific deadline, but he has given instructions to stop this problem once and for all.
"The transatlantic relationship, which all around the table we consider a given, is not a given," a European diplomat told CNN.
Under Obama, this was overturned and multiple entry visas were given to students, given they weren't researching things like nuclear physics.
Given the share amount of data currently available for any given play, AR implementation is a bit of a balancing act.
Men are more likely to be given pain medication than women are, while women are more likely to be given sedatives.
Students randomly given a mug regarded it as twice as valuable as did the students who were not given a mug.
According to past royal protocol, addresses given at royal weddings are customarily given by senior members of the Church of England.
On average, 40 percent of people given cashless wallets reported them, compared with 51 percent of people given wallets with money.
Because we were given a — a set of circumstances, and we were given rules, regulations and specifications from a different time.
Given the increasing burden our military women shoulder in defense of the nation, they deserve more than we have given them.
This is the first apparent act of kindness his father has ever given him, the first time he's given him anything.
Rihanna may not have given us an album in years, but she's consistently given us words on activism, equality, and injustice.
Together with Jurgen, they have given nutrition an importance and respect, and they have given me the chance to try this.
While 38 children given meningococcal conjugate vaccine developed typhoid fever, there were only 7 cases among the youngsters given the TCV.
Only an on-the-ground engineer will know the best material to use for any given project in any given soil.
And given a fair shot, given a fair chance, Americans have never, ever, ever, ever, ever let the country down. Never!
It has instead adopted a blanket approach that assumes that any given family will evade the law if given the chance.
"Right now, given the fact that we were given false information on our bite report and given the fact that we had been given false information as to where the animals who were engaged in this bite case were found, we're engaged in an investigation with state wildlife officials that may result in criminal charges," Norwood says.
"When an individual doesn't feel as isolated — doesn't feel as if you're an island trying to treat opioid use disorder — that confidence will beget more confidence in a given clinic, a given hospital, or a given region," Lozada said.
Anything that is directly connected to stronger employment will do well, too, given that Trump has given job creation his top priority.
Belcombe actually wore a ring that Lister had given her at the ceremony, and Lister wore the ring Charles had given Lister.
They have extra time, after all, since any given station only sees a given satellite for a few minutes at a time.
One group was given the $5 in cash; the other was given the same donation amount in the form of a voucher.
But when celebrities are given the opportunity to apologize, tellingly it's mainly white celebrities who are given the benefit of the doubt.
On any given day, Nielsen reported that Snapchat reaches 41 percent of U.S. 18 to 34-year-olds on a given day.
Our unit exhibited the issue, as did the unit that was given to Blick, as did the unit given to Michael Fisher.
Trump himself has given $66 million to his campaign and still pledges that he will have given $100 million by Election Day.
There's also no care given to making good content decisions, an especially timely lesson given the critical backlash to his brother Logan.
Icahn, who has been outspoken on Trump's behalf, has given $50,000, and Peltz — whose involvement hasn't been reported before — has given $50,000.
Given Musk's track record for randomness and trickster shenanigans, the world may never know — but he's undoubtedly given us plenty to contemplate.
The emergence of print and photography, seismic shifts in art history, are only given thumbnail coverage with one example given per exhibit.
Because while it has given me some of the worst moments of my life, it's also given me some of the best.
Given these attributes, his work implies that there is no single outcome of a given measurement that's objectively true for all observers.
Trump denied that, telling reporters on Thursday he has not given "any thought" to dismissing Mueller: I haven't given it any thought.
" After the actors were given a practice slab to test out their prints on, they were given one that "stays out there.
Pinto was given another reminder to adhere to "professional behavior," and he was again given a copy of the SI's harassment guidelines.
These lectures were given in 1961 -- 1963 at Caltech and are perhaps the most famous set of pedagogical physics presentations ever given.
"The main thing is the band has given me purpose and given me goals that I can work towards," Mr. Mullen said.
That study involved 560 people, some of whom were given an insulin capsule and others who were were given a placebo pill.
"When you're given a cancer diagnosis or a scary honest diagnosis, you're suddenly given a possibility of a time limit," she explained.
The way Moore sees it, these deductions are given back to the wealthy the same way welfare is given to the poor.
We weren't given any details — and I'm pretty sure the bachelorette party was planned last-minute (given the shift in wedding dates).
Later, given a disturbing photo of her sister shortly before her death, she learns that her sister was given a painful encephalography.
"We will remain here until the last one of us has been given documents," a leaflet given out by an organizer read.
The results of Lee's research were unequivocal: Hot people were given the good jobs, and ugly people were given the grunt work.
During the day, half of the participants were given two 200-mg doses of caffeine, while the rest were given a placebo.
Now, 2016 years later, Kerber has given Germany another women's singles champion at Wimbledon and also given her nation a sporting lift.
A dog given to South Korea by North Korea earlier this year has given birth to three male and three female puppies.
A dog given to South Korea by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to promote peace has given birth to six puppies.
Given the subject, and given, too, the locale, the curators' wall texts in this section are models of gravity and social responsibility.
That's not so surprising, given Americans' intensifying resentment of anything that smacks of elitism and given Republicans' attacks on science and intellectuals.
"When you're given a cancer diagnosis or a scary honest diagnosis, you're suddenly given a possibility of a time limit," she said.
"People have shared stories with me about being told they're non-technical and demoted while given simultaneously given more work," Wiener said.
If Netanyahu has given up on Liberman and Liberman has given up on Netanyahu, we face a real, serious possibility of change.
Of the 50 medals given out in curling prior to the Pyeongchang Olympics, 42 were given to athletes using a BalancePlus slider.
Some residents were given the opportunity to enter their homes and businesses, while others will be given access yesterday, Monday, August 27.
Pregnancy hasn't given her anything even close to freedom, but it has given her the opportunity to be a little more reckless.
Ecuador said this month it had given citizenship to Assange, hours after the British government refused a request for him to be given diplomatic status, which could have given Assange immunity from arrest should he try to leave the embassy.
And given the way that this tournament has unfolded — given the glorious unpredictability with which Iceland and Wales have shown that any eleven can win on any given day — it would be foolish to try to second-guess the outcome.
Those levels of donations given to climate skeptics are relatively high given that the list covers about a quarter of U.S. Congress members.
For any given population, and any given age cohort, the total quantity of labor supplied could also rise if people work longer hours.
Those teams release ratings numbers, which provide a snapshot into how many people are watching any given television program at any given time.
Given the proliferation of cryptocurrency scams seen in recent years, it's not surprising that scammers have descended on Libra given its widespread attention.
I thought it was a bad idea because I assumed that these teens weren't given much training or were given none at all.
The officer who fired the shot hasn't given a statement, but another cop at the scene has given an account of what happened.
I was watching as a lot of you folks over the weeks have said, oh, we've given up -- we haven't given up anything.
He was right: Parts of the test that was to be given that day were identical to the version given previously in America.
To take a step back, a call represents the right to buy a stock for a given price within a given time period.
Given the lack of visibility of Hispanic people onscreen, shouldn't we cast Hispanic actors to portray the few that are given weighty roles?
He was given a 24-week prison sentence, is not allowed to own dogs for 10 years and was given 12 months' probation.
The people given naproxen got 375 mg twice and day and those given celecoxib got low doses of 100 mg twice a day.
We have through every one of the documents they have given us and they have given every document relating to President Trump here.
But I think that given the right context, we can all be monsters, and given the right context, we can all be heroes.
Those given subsidiary protection are given one-year visas that can be renewed, because it is deemed their home country is not safe.
But given how awesome young Kristaps Porzingis is at basketball, and given that he's reportedly unhappy with the acutely dysfunctional New York Knicks?
Still, that timetable seems stretched, given talks themselves will only start this year and given that both deals will include "sensitive" agricultural products.
The government has given no clear indication as to whether or not startups will be given assistance in sponsoring foreign workers after Brexit.
Many entertainment industry heavies who have given to Buttigieg are keeping their options open and have also given to others in the race.
A strange oversight given Apple's opposition to porn It was a strange oversight given Apple's staunch opposition to allowing porn in iOS apps.
In the ambulance, he was given naloxone, which revived him, and after admission to the hospital, he was given fluids and supportive care.
"At any given moment, reserves are being added everywhere … The reserve increments of any given period are overwhelmingly in existing fields," he explained.
I was working about 70 or 80 hours in any given week, and I was working about three jobs at any given time.
Changes in Cuba in recent years have given citizens more freedom in the private sector and given indications of how baseball might proceed.
The level of attention President Trump has given to this policy is remarkable given the chaos emanating from him in the West Wing.
Given where we are starting today, given inequality, changes in geopolitics, it's hard to see a turbulent-free transition to this brighter future.
Most industries experience so-called diseconomies of scale, the point at which producing a given unit of output for a given firm rises.
Mr. Kelly's ease moving between high- and lowbrow creative worlds has given him a certain respect for all the roles he is given.
Given his status as the welterweight GOAT, he'd almost certainly be given an immediate welterweight title shot against burgeoning Bellator star Andrey Koreshkov.
The pastors have given protection to the Tamrazyan family; the family has given them a cause to show the power of their faith.
But I promise you, we're going to continue to focus on the mission the president's given this task force and given this government.
There was little doubt, given the presence of the 49ers, that Mr. Pence would be given an opportunity to make his political statement.
Nineteen other defendants were given life sentences on Thursday, nine were given sentences of 15 years, and one received a 10-year term.
I've noted elsewhere that Trump's notion of truth is whatever he can get away with, at any given moment, for any given purpose.
Vallejo was given an 18-month sentence and Chaouqui, who has a three-week-old son, was given a 10-month suspended sentence.
Given how much time and effort it usually takes to open a business account, they are very rarely given to the wrong people.
First, AngelList processed its own data (given the need to protect confidentiality, I wasn't given direct access to their data set for analysis).
Since then, citizens of the semi-autonomous city have been given some legal and economic freedoms not given to citizens in mainland China.
"There's so much more to the 40 acres and a mule that should have been given, that still can be given," Isaac said.
You also can&apost see who liked or disliked any given video, though you can tell how many people have given positive votes.
Given those statistics, there was speculation early in the week about whether McCain would vote with his party given his own health news.
Three of the works will be given away, and will continue to be given away every six months, as they continuously change hands.
But policing content is a real challenge, given WhatsApp's encryption, and a real concern, given that India's national elections are just months away.
So, she was given the scrutiny of the president of the United States and Donald Trump was given the scrutiny of a sideshow.
"Welcome to Heartbreak" and "Paranoid" were given rare showings, and given their origins on Kanye's most emotionally broken record, their inclusion feels telling.
One group was given iPods with gym-only access to popular audiobooks, another group was given free unrestricted access to the audiobooks but encouraged to only listen at the gym, and a third group was just given a Barnes and Noble gift certificate.
In that study, in which the children were of normal weight, those who were given the diet drinks gained less weight over time than those who were given drinks sweetened with sugar; however, there was no group given unsweetened drinks for comparison.
How would you like this guy supervising a confidential informant against the Trump campaign given his bias and given his dislike for President Trump?
Each season, Game of Thrones extras are given a customized jacket, and McClay was given a Stark jacket with a direwolf on the back.
And for any given quantity in any given coordinate system over a particular period of time, one accesses the appropriate parts of these results.
"I don't think most Americans, in their heart, want to be given something," responded Ivanka, who has been given every job in her life.
At least several members have expressed concerns about dancing for the president-elect given given past accusations against him of sexual harassment and racism.
Trump has given the understaffed State Department an almost impossible deadline, given the pile of diplomatic work required ahead of a summit on denuclearization.
"It wasn't until two days after, when I was given my hospital records, it was noted I was actually given an episiotomy," she recalls.
Given the slightly cheaper price compared to Sony's flagship noise-canceling headphones, the 1000X M3, it's almost a given that corners have been cut.
First, mifepristone (200 milligrams) is given to stop the pregnancy from growing, then misoprostol is given 6–48 hours later to empty the uterus.
They find that the number of collisions in a given area, over a given time, is comparable, if not better than, for dwarf galaxies.
Utilizing PixelCNN, the network looks at probabilities of what would be in a given pixel of a given class of images at that size.
They need to be given housing, they need to be given a variety of options much more quickly than how it's happened so far.
The efforts appear to have actually paid off, given the attention given to the trend — but the brand looks beyond thirsty as a result.
Trump has given millions to charities over his lifetime, though that amount isn't all that significant given how much money he says he's worth.
Given all these trends, given the commercial success of Fox News and other cable news networks, where do you see all of this going?
Recently, HQ Trivia has given away $1,500 per game; for some special occasions, though, HQ Trivia has given out upwards of $10,000 per game.
Given what a minimal release it's gotten, and how little notice critics have given it, the movie itself feels like a well-kept secret.
And, if not, why didn't they create one for these stories, given that they present very little risk given the attached lawsuit's frivolous nature?
The Times found that grants given to survivors of Hurricane Harvey in Texas were thousands more than that given to struggling Puerto Rico residents.
Reuters identified 14 times since late 2013 when parts of an SAT given internationally had been publicly exposed before the exam was given overseas.
But they will be given the chance to buy new land in a suburban area, where they will be given construction permits, Busabizwa said.
If we were given the same law that he was given in his -- in his trial, my husband would be a free man today.
Fitch believes that the likelihood of failure is roughly equivalent, while the default risk given at the operating company would be lower given TLAC.
It was both surprising and disappointing to not see Goldberg not given a fitting send-off, given close to 20 years of loyal service.
And if, as is reported, Kate did indeed cry, is this also not entirely unexpected, given that she herself had very recently given birth?
Mr. Esmail could have given us the usual omniscient action-movie P.O.V., crosscutting to the best view of the carnage at any given moment.
About 30% said they'd given up going out with friends or saving for retirement to make payments, while 44% said they'd given up traveling. 
No value for the deal was given, but the stake would be worth about $1.4 billion, given Dufry's current market capitalization of $8.5 billion.
That means that money given now will go further than money given later, once we've already solved the problems that can be solved cheaply.
To not appreciate the gifts I have been given would be to spit in the face of those who have given me so much.
If she can't be given the therapy she needs, could someone like Manning at least be given the tools to make her own hormones?
Given the inclusion of funds for the border wall, the legislation stands next to no chance in the Senate given Democrats' likelihood to filibuster.
Eerily, they were given a precise phenotypic marker, a blemish above the left eyebrow, and were given, too, the ill temper associated with age.
It seems both incongruous, given how embedded cottages are in our Canadian national psyche, and perfect, given how entangled we are with our neighbors.
The key to solving the wildfire problem is to develop local solutions that work for a given location and topography and a given community.
Female athletes deserve to be paid what they're worth, given the attention they've earned, and given space on and off the mat to shine.
Wenger is not a man given to nostalgia; he has given most of the medals he has claimed in his career to staff members.
"It's probably unlikely given the short timeline we've got, given the occupant in the White House, and also dealing with the Senate," said Rep.
He also claimed that Pruitt knew about a 2023 percent raise given to that same staffer and a 63 percet raise given to another.
Critics of retail clinics argue that patients are given short shrift by health professionals unfamiliar with their history, and may be given unnecessary prescriptions.
Tenants are given typical internet-of-things control over building access, lighting, and climate, while property managers are given building-management tools and data.
But the questions were misguided, given that the sons have made it clear that Fox wouldn't and shouldn't change too much, given its profits.
Given where we are now, and given the prospects for actually getting legislated solution, you could argue that you on DACA, just like Sen.
Q. Given the statistics, given the big numbers, we could probably find eight neo-Nazis who are also each one of these categories, right?
Mr. Milikowsky had given Mr. Netanyahu $300,000 to cover legal fees, and Mr. Partrich had given him cigars and two or three business suits.
I use an app called Artemis that tells me exactly where the sun will be at a given time of year, in a given location, on a given day, and that helps us decide where to put the camera to keep the shadows consistent.
About 200 of the thousands of athletes given steroids by the German Democratic Republic have been given a one-time payment of 10,000 euro by the German government; others sued Jenapharm, the government-run pharmaceutical company that made Oral-Turinabol, the steroid they were given.
"The power of cable television is absolutely stronger than ever given the fact that you have a number of candidates trying to break through the clutter, given the number of free airtime one candidate is given on the Republican side, Donald Trump," Lieberman said.
I want to sit down with Kia and say I'm sorry, and that I did what I had to do given what I was given.
This is an absurd claim given that a simple tweet, for example, could've alerted the entire world, given Mello's prominent position in the science community.
"There has been no President in history that has given what I've given in terms of looking at, just a total witch hunt," he said.
"He has given me a platform that I would venture to say no other artist in history has given another artist," Rossell, 30, tells PEOPLE.
I&aposm sorry, I think given what we&aposve found out, given what the IG&aposs said, any three gentlemen want to respond to that?
Brainerd: You know, given the apparent importance of this defense mechanism, they've given up the advantages of having a stomach where some digestion can start.
"We believe given our superior performance we should continue to outperform the industry given the return on investment we deliver to our advertisers," Mitchell said.
I think that that's certainly made me a better actor and given me more to draw from and given me a deeper understanding of myself.
The only way I could have given up on the project is if I had given up on myself, which isn't something that's in me.
In fact, given that German interest rates are negative currently, the German government buying Deutsche Bank would be an incredible investment if given the opportunity.
The banning might seem odd, given that Reddit is a burgeoning platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and given its nature as an anonymous open-discourse forum.
But given those restrictions, Medicare will pay the going rate for however many services the eligible population happens to pile up in any given year.
"Frankly Harry and Meghan are just happy that Kate will be there given she will only just have given birth," a source told Vanity Fair.
"Given that officers are given a great deal of discretion, it really has to be egregious for there to be criminal action," he tells me.
The trouble is, it doesn't actually help investors that much in determining whether to invest in a given security, or index, at a given price.
It's given us the iconic cast of Jersey Shore, the crew of messy but fabulous Housewives, and now it's given us Raven Gates' first orgasm.
"Given doubts over whether the quorum could be reached, shareholder approval of the recapitalisation was a crucial passage given the plan's tight timeline," Comi said.
"Veterans were put on secret wait lists, given the wrong medication, given the bad treatments, and ignored in moments of crisis for them," he said.
The repeat matchup alone was a surprise, given the league's reputation for parity, but all the more given changes to the playoff format this year.
"That would have given people a shake and probably a bit of a scare given what they went through yesterday," he told CNN on Saturday.
Given unions' importance to Democratic Party electoral fortunes, it is puzzling that liberals have not given greater priority to a positive agenda for union rights.
"For any given point of time, a harvester was constrained to the given work states: harvest, travel, delay, idle, and downtime," Harmon explained via email.
Given the potential breadth of the data, one of the biggest remaining questions is whether Ascension has given the tech giant permission to do so.
Amazon has not given an exact date has been given for when these updates will be available for Alexa, only saying that they're coming soon.
The line between information given as part of political speech and information given to defraud could vanish… with a great deal of our political discourse.
When Skinner joined the police force, everyone in his class was given a pistol, but none were given Tasers, because the department had run out.
"Everyone wants to come and do something like [the] Dusit [attack] but they have not been given the chance ... given the chance, they will come."
Given that Glisson has outraised Yarmuth over the last few months, have you given any thought to changing the ranking for this district as well?
And given that one in five Americans experience mental illness in a given year, she thinks animals are an intriguing option to help more people.
Given that Bowie was such a shape-shifter, was there special care given to this exact moment in his career that you would be portraying?
That's the way he chose and it is his God-given right and it is my God-given right to share my opinion about it.
"We have given in or given up on those core principles in favor of the more viscerally satisfying anger and resentment," he told his colleagues.
Given Besson's history of delivering stories featuring superpowered women given to ultraviolence, we do have some idea of what the film might hold in store.
" Finn says drag has given him the confidence to be who he is, "but that's also built on the support my family has given me.
It just keep taking on new forms and new shapes depending on what the dominant racket is in any given era at any given time.
But around the world, breast milk is a gift that many children are given incorrectly or not given at all — and the results are devastating.
Yet current and former White House officials familiar with the guidance that all aides there are given have said the two were given ample warning.
Reddit, Facebook and Twitter had given Mr. Trump and his supporters vast platforms, and tech companies like Facebook had given mass distribution to misinformation campaigns.
If ticket sales continue to hold up in the weeks ahead — and they should, given school spring breaks — Mr. Spielberg will have given Warner Bros.
Brainerd: You know, given the apparent importance of this defense mechanism, they've given up the advantages of having a stomach where some digestion can start.
"Given their track record on reducing their dividend substantially, we can assume some further reduction, given the extent of decline in oil prices," said Halan.
Dreamers like Maria and Alonso followed the rules they were given under DACA to give back to the nation that has given them so much.
Given evidence that Iran was preserving its bomb designs as a hedge for the future, the discovery suggested it has not given up its ambitions.
While half the scientists were given the application with a male name, the other half were given the exact same application with a female name.
In my view, she was not given a choice in 1982 — and she was not given a choice before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday.
"They have given a retailer their money, but they haven't given them the promise of keeping it," said Kit Yarrow, a consumer psychologist, about shoppers.
Given his poll numbers, and given that his Brexit deal is the only option that has won the support of Parliament, he might be right.
Morphine given without a person knowing — surreptitiously, in a IV drip — is 50 percent less effective than when it is given in front of them.
It's an important job given the alliance's mission of standing up to Russia — and a tough one given President Trump's harsh criticism of the organization.
Benioff indicated in September that they were never really given a chance to bid, although given that price, it would seem way out of Salesforce's range.
In both scenarios, the greatest associated risk was seen in children given antibiotics, while no added risk was seen in children given antiviral or antifungal drugs.
For the study, 60 healthy young adults were given daily doses of vitamin C over a 14-day period, while 60 others were given a placebo.
"It's marketing to people based on where their journey will take them in a given day, versus where people are in a given moment," said Adams.
Given how suddenly the break happened, and given that the group is facing a December deadline on their record contract, the timing could not be worse.
Given the magnitude of the change here, particularly given the consistency of growth rates historically, we think Google did a poor job explaining the slow-down.
So any given viewership number is a mostly accurate, but not completely accurate, estimate — it simply can't be completely accurate given how Nielsen tallies its numbers.
All three executives have given politically prior to this year and this isn't the first time that the executives have given to some of these lawmakers.
"The information given to the consumer may not have been given to the consumer in a way that is clear, simple and not misleading," Tedesco said.
It is richly deserved, given the consistently high quality of her music, but it is surprising nonetheless, given that the institution rarely recognises hip-hop artists.
They were processed, given a notice to appear in immigration court and then given a bus ticket to Los Angeles paid for by you, the taxpayer.
You could only unlock a handful of Corvo's many abilities during any given playthrough, and each choice heavily informed how you could tackle a given challenge.
Military personnel will be given "a chance to change their decision," or given a chance to agree to serve in their birth gender, before being discharged.
But given complaints that she was given little to do in that spin-off series, it's definitely time for the female superhero to shine, solo-style.
Early reports suggest that Trump's quack doctor has also given him a clean bill of health, which is meaningless given that Trump's doctor is a quack.
It's a valid question, given that over 2 million Americans are in jail at any given point in time—around 714 per every 100,000 U.S. residents.
But given the fact that it's spring and given the fact that most tornadoes spin up between April and June, this is what's considered Tornado Season.
Then, for each site, it calculates the probability that the given array of activity, and the way it is clustered, would result from any given source.
After 16 weeks, patients given fasinumab reported less pain, as measured on a physician-grade scale, than those given a placebo, Regeneron said in a statement.
He was tied up and given a lethal injection following a struggle, before his body was dismembered and given to a local collaborator, the prosecutor said.
Go deeper: The Fox acquisition would be noteworthy given its size ($50 billion + market cap) and given the regulatory environment a deal would be met with.
Given the role given to low emissions coal technology in the Paris Agreement by many developing economies, there are clear benefits to remaining within the agreement.
We are raising our price target $3 to $15 given recent multiple expansion in the broader software sector and given recent positive developments at the Company.
"27 years ago I was given life, now I've given life to these nuggets #momswag #firstdayofschool," the mother of two, who turned 27, shared on Instagram.
Teams can also trade for up to 75 percent of their given balance, and teams are allowed to trade any amount they're given to other clubs.
Given the defendant's age, Mr Boies responded, the ban is superfluous and any return of bonuses would be unjustified given the company's performance at the time.
That's not the Yankees way, but given the roster and farm system that The Yankee Way has given them, it's hard to say that's an insult.
The bill simply requires that the baby be given the same medical care as would be given any baby born at the same stage of development.
Of what other language can it be said that it died a sudden and definite death, in a given decade, on a given piece of soil?
Best advice given: The best professional advice I've been given is a friend or colleague can get you a job, but only you can keep it.
This is especially true given reports that the United States Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation, Zalmay Khalilzad, has recently been given six months to achieve peace.
PredictIt, for example, is constrained to 5,000 traders in any given contract, and no trader is able to wager more than $850 on any given contract.
Passengers wouldn't normally be given these on a short-haul flight, but we were essentially being given the long-haul experience in a short-haul taster.
He has effectively given foreign leaders permission to do the same with their countries' journalists, and even given them the vocabulary with which to do it.
Scotland was given some spending powers in a devolution process that began in the 1990s, and has slowly been given powers to raise its own funds.
Given Microsoft's current focus on bringing intelligence to the edge, this is almost a logical partnership, given that drones are essentially semi-autonomous edge computing devices.
When this show opens to "Black Skinhead," which was in the script from the beginning, it makes so much sense, given the scene, given what's happening.
The OpenRTB protocol is a tool that can be used to determine which advertisement should be served on a given web page at a given time.
That's not an easy change, given how important Jira has become for virtually every company that develops software — and given that it is Atlassian's flagship product.
The tests given this year were shorter, and given without a time limit — changes that made a direct comparison with prior years difficult, state officials said.
"Given the current economic uncertainty and given the oil issue on top of that, there's definitely room for mortgage rates to go even lower," Kan said.
William Rauch (his given name is often wrongly given as Wilbur) was born in the Bronx on July 27, 1927, and grew up in Flushing, Queens.
Brown was not given the job at the time, but two months later, she says she reapplied without wearing the hijab and was given the position.
Especially given the rapturous reception given to Billy Porter's tuxedo ball gown last year, and the way it spoke to gender stereotype and the evolving world.
He has effectively given foreign leaders permission to do the same with their countries' journalists, and even given them the vocabulary with which to do it.
By offering to engage in talks, the Taliban may have given us a window into their mindset, and they have most assuredly given us an opening.
The FDA has given MNK-1411 orphan drug designation, a distinction that is given to pharmaceuticals that are used to treat, diagnose or prevent rare diseases.
Friends of the pilot said he was uncomfortable with the decision, given that on the previous leg, the plane had given him highly irregular data readings.
We especially cannot do so unless our mighty industries are given every opportunity to compete and our entrepreneurs are given the tools to innovate and grow.
Both unapologetic Trump supporters, both with one of the most challenging jobs in media given their candidate's rhetoric or social media activity at any given moment.
When people are given several smaller individually wrapped bars, they'll eat substantially less than if they're given the same total amount in a large chocolate bar.
In those studies, some of the women were given 60-hour IV infusions of smaller or larger doses of brexanolone while others were given a placebo.
Most important, the hours a given worker spent on a given job fell substantially for jobs that typically pay a low wage — say, answering customer emails.
According to the contract, DND was also given "exclusive rights" to the product, significant given the exclusivity associated with the selling of software to intelligence agencies.
Being less likely to have children has also given LGBT people greater flexibility to move, given that the quality of local schools is often less important.
This time, people drank in the reverse order: Those who had started with beer on the first day were given wine this time, those who had started with wine were given beer first, and those who had drunk only beer were given wine and vice versa.
"The only prudent way to move forward — given the complexity of the subject matter, given the many significant substantive concerns that have been pointed out, and given the procedural irregularities — is to issue the regulations in re-proposed form," Hatch said in his letter to Lew.
It was electrifying and, given Breadwoman's absence, we felt as though we were being given an extremely personal glimpse back into the annals of LA contemporary art.
She was given what some considered a demotion in 2013 when she was removed from FNC's morning show "Fox & Friends" and given a show in the afternoon.
And I was surprised at that, given the fact that's a deceleration and given the fact I would have thought this quarter, it would have done better.
"There has been no President in history that has given what I've given in terms of looking at, just a total witch hunt," Trump said on Friday.
Now, seamless integration between two products operating under the same parent company in the same vertical should be a given, but in IoT nothing is a given.
Given that one of the recommendations given by the researchers is to boil rubber duckies after use, it may simply be easier to just avoid them entirely.
As much as it is a great moment for me in my life, I really feel like it wasn't given to me, it was given to them.
"Given there are so many positions in it, looks like a crowded trade and some of it could be given back in the short term," he said.
Wade, led to the Supreme Court's 1973 ruling that established abortion rights, though by that time, McCorvey had given birth and given her daughter up for adoption.
"I was hoping to honor two wonderful people who have worked hard and given back to the community that has given so much to them," said Munjal.
Everyone from the Kardashians to Bruce Willis has given their best effort — but there is a certain group of stars who've given exceptional performances on the mound.
That's especially concerning given the apparent lack of care given by President Donald Trump in the first place, and the prior elimination of important strategic cybersecurity roles.
Amazon hasn't given a firm release date for the color update, but given the usual weekly update schedule for the Echo, it should roll out relatively soon.
Markets expect a reduction in the buys given robust growth but expect the ECB to remain in the market for much of 2018 given still weak inflation.
Mental health is complicated, and lots of different factors can affect any given person's mood on any given day — including financial and societal factors outside their control.
All of this tends to be easier if the breastfeeding person has given birth before, but it isn't impossible if they've never given birth, Dr. Thomas says.
Twenty-eight schools—1,267 girls aged 13 to 15—were given robot babies, and 29 schools—63,567 girls aged 13 to 15—were given normal health programs.
Those structures within our nation that we have traditionally given responsibility ‑‑ law enforcement, intelligence ‑‑ oversight that we have traditionally given responsibility to execute some of these functions.
That data could be used to find a given subject's residence or even identify associates if a given car is regularly spotted in a specific parking lot.
A 2016 study found that people who were given automatic matches were extra enthusiastic about the picks they were given — even though they felt less in control.
The failure of any given generation to recognize the dangers of drugs not currently in fashion is such a recurring theme that it's been given a name.
Children ages 6 to 20133 were usually the victims of medication errors, for example, when they were given the wrong dose or accidentally given a second dose.
However, comparing the efficacy of the two drugs is complicated given the differences in placebo rates and an extra dose given after two hours in Allergan's trial.
The US has given QE jewelry before over the years and I bet her dresser could put hands on any and all of it given five minutes.
I think we've given up so much and we've given it up without even realizing it and now we can't put that genie back in the bottle.
Eventually it can "age" any face that it's given—that is, it can predict what physical changes a given face of any age is likely to undergo.
This reflected infrared heats the filament, meaning less electricity is needed to keep that filament at a given temperature and thus at a given visible-light output.
" Mr. Weisselberg then asked Mr. Lewandowski how much would be given to each group, and Mr. Lewandowski replied that "[n]ot all will be given equal amounts.
"Given the history and context and given reports [on the recent violence], we would be very concerned about the threat of genocide against the Rohingya," she said.
Kamala Harris was given a seat on the intelligence committee, where the panel's must-see Russia hearings have already given a serious boost to her national profile.
Pell grants are given to students to pay tuition, but any excess money left over after the tuition is paid is given to students in a check.
I think that's short of what it needs to be, certainly, given what they're storing and given what is necessary to keep these eggs and embryos safe.
BECKY QUICK: Well, you must have a pretty-- good idea of what's happening in the U.S. economy at eve-- any given point given some of those metrics.
Given the size of our alarmingly expanding deficit, the defense budget will be faced with contraction, probably sooner rather than later given the harsh realities of debt.
Given how much Zenefits has changed under Mr. Sacks's leadership, a few weeks ago employees were given the opportunity to take a voluntary two-month severance package.
The 559-patient trial found that patients given Keytruda plus chemotherapy lived for a median of 15.9 months, compared with 11.3 months for patients given chemotherapy alone.
But according to the Emory study, the partisanship of a given district is becoming a better predictor of who will win a given congressional race than incumbency.
There is one additional key lesson: government-sponsored enterprises, if they are created, should never, never be given perpetual charters like those given to Fannie and Freddie.
Such lab results are considered much more reliable than those from drug tests given in the field like the one Amber had been given in her home.
The FCC hasn't given an explicit indication of how it will handle the merger yet, but FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has given Sinclair reason to be optimistic.
Companies were given extensions to make their titles comply with the law given how long game development can take, but as of last year, those extensions expired.
"On any given issue, at any given time, Donald Trump will take the position that serves his interest as he perceives it at the time," she warned.
The pair also noted that in the last 100 years, the Model T has given way to Teslas, and switchboards have given way to incredible smart phones.
Bellemare was given a five-minute major and a ten-minute misconduct and fans responded by throwing special bracelets given to every fan for a Snider tribute.
Lawson appears to have given $20,000; Benioff has given at least $10,000 to the campaign and is using Twitter as a platform to drum up more support.
Given this sort of call to the future, they beg us to think about where we are now and where we're going, given our current scientific context.
The lightweight class is fit to burst, full of men who could murder a top ten opponent on any given night were they just given the opportunity.
Traversing the country's more traditional nightclubs and their grittier DIY counter-parts, the series will tune into a given theme we discover emerging in a given crowd.
Apple has blamed softening consumer demand in China's market for its woes, but it hasn't given up on the country; it can't afford to, given its potential.
A former detainee, who was given the pseudonym Ehmet, said he attempted suicide during his detention — and was given seven extra years in prison for doing so.
People that are given tasks that are far below their skill strength get bored, while people that are given tasks far above their skill strength get overwhelmed.
" The consequences of such a mobilization, he said, "would be catastrophic — especially given the ethnic elements already being stoked — given the country's terrible history in this regard.
Walmart had not given hourly workers who were nonbirth parents any paid leave and had given hourly birth mothers partial pay for six weeks for uncomplicated births.
We are given a hashtag upon entering museum spaces as easily as we once were given a sticker or small lapel pin to validate our entrance fee.
Important topics such as these may be shied away from in school given the fact that students are not given the tools to learn more about them.
"We've had weapons brought to this headquarters and given to us by Afghan leaders and said this was given by the Russians to the Taliban," he said.
The family was instead given three months to make a case to be given legal permission to remain in the country, a possible route to full citizenship.
DISTURBERS is awfully boring, unless it's a band I'm unaware of, which is unlikely given how many times I say the word "Brooklyn" on any given day.
It's not exactly what I'd expect from Ultima VII reborn but, given that it's given us one of the best RPGs of our age, I'll take it.
Senators are not given a list of fellow attendees beforehand, nor are they given an agenda before heading to the White House to dine with the president.
The two priests convicted in last November's trial were given sentences of 42 and 45 years in prison respectively while the school employee was given 18 years.
In January, it was given a newscaster-style voice for reading the day&aposs news, and it was also given a "Whisper Mode" in October last year.
That is pretty amazing, given that China was late in coming to the cloud, but also not surprising given the sheer size of the overall potential market.
A call simply grants its owner the right to buy a stock for a given price within a given time frame, not the obligation to do so.
Strong economic growth and record earnings have given the bulls energy, while expected higher interest rates and a steep momentum rally has given bears reason for pessimism.
Half the subjects were given a report on what each member contributed and the other half were given a report on what they contributed as a pair.
But given the current Congress, given Congressman Bishop's leadership of the House Natural Resources Committee, I think there's a recognition that it's unlikely to happen that way.
The event has the potential to be incredibly awkward, given how nasty this campaign has gotten, and given Donald Trump's well-known inability to laugh at himself.
" Given the opportunity to reconsider, and given that in 17 years most people have probably long since moved on, Knight doubled down: "I hope they're all dead.
" Didion and Gerwig are both from Sacramento, and so is Lady Bird — the name, she says, is her given name, because "it's given to me, by me.
"So I think there's a lot of risk to the name given the level of valuation we see in this name, given the level of debt the company has, and given the level of competition that will be entering the market this year and next year," Gill said.
"We are seeing margin compression, a bit of stress on liquidity but given our brand strength, given our distribution network and given our digitalisation we are still seeing a huge amount of growth in both our current and savings accounts as well as out payment products," Sarkar said.
So, given that the economy is quite strong, given that I do think that inflation is going to be very close to 2%, and given that the growth in the economy is satisfactory-- I think that's an environment where you don't have to take a lot of action.
"Given that the economy is quite strong, given that I do think that inflation is going to be very close to 2%, and given that the growth in the economy is satisfactory, I think that's an environment where you don't have to take a lot of action," Rosengren said.
The question for the justices was whether the drugs must be suppressed given the unlawful stop or whether they could be used as evidence given the arrest warrant.
Fitch considers BT's capitalisation strong given its Fitch Core Capital (FCC) ratio of 17.8% at end-1H16, particularly given a low net impaired loans to FCC of 26%.
And she could definitely do so, given what polls have suggested about her support among African-American voters and given the overwhelming victory she had in South Carolina.
The other thing that's important for people to know, you might have ordered the kit, but you've probably given ordered kits in the past and given them away.
So given all this SoftBank news, let us remind you that given its $25 billion commitment, Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund (PIF) is the Vision Fund's largest investor.
I was only given an hour to be outside of my cell and I was given three options to utilize my hour: shower, recreation, or use a phone.
But it is unclear how popular a social impact bond will be in Japan given that municipalities are slow to embrace it given the complexity of the scheme.
Given few lines and limited storylines, Latinx actors are rarely, if ever, given the opportunity to cross into more fully fleshed roles or stories written for white leads.
Three protest leaders were given 16 months, one of them suspended for two years, two received eights months in prison and two were given suspended eight-month sentences.
"But at the time if given the same information that I was given at the time, I would take the same vote" to authorize military force in 2002.
And when Sophia was given its citizenship, many pointed out the irony of this in a country where women were only given the right to drive last month.
Given the drop-off, and given the experience of our partners, single sign-on might be just the thing to bring tvOS users coming back to the apps.
This comes as a bit of a surprise given just how rocky Antarctica is beneath all that snow and ice, and given recent warming trends around the globe.
Even though Tumblr doesn't provide a precise follower count, it's safe to say the tweens aren't loving Couric's page given the handful of interactions on any given post.
Although Facebook trends are personalized, the feature doesn't give details about why a given topic is recommended beyond the sheer number of people "talking about" a given topic.
In two studies of 866 adults, those given Lucemyra reported less severe withdrawal symptoms when they abruptly stopped taking opioids, compared to those who were given dummy pills.
It less easily takes advantage of the large volume of live data that can now help estimate the risk posed by a given activity at a given time.
She measured how referrals from a given doctor to a given surgeon changed when the outcome of a particular referral to that surgeon was unusually good or bad.
Chobani's policy is open to all new parents who have given birth, adopted, or been placed with a foster child — not just mothers who have recently given birth.
Being told I'd be given only two weeks off work to recover from disc replacement surgery, when another person having identical surgery was given six months' recovery time.
Half were given a beer with 5.2 percent alcohol by volume, and the other half were given a non-alcoholic beer—neither group knew what they were drinking.
Who wouldn't be, given that Republicans campaigned on repealing and replacing Obamacare for 7 years and then, when given the chance to do it, couldn't make it happen?
He emphasizes operational earthquake forecasting, which tells the probability that a quake of a certain strength might occur in a given region over a given period of time.
There is only one right answer to any given question at any given time, and how can I tell when the time has come to know the difference?
In the first hour, fallout has given up about half of its energy and in 24 hours, it has given up 80 percent of its energy, Buddemeier says.
"They haven't given us growth targets, they haven't given us guidance, they haven't painted a very good picture of what they'll actually look like going forward," he said.
The congressional investigations into the matter are expected to continue although it remains to be seen how active they will be given the likely deference given to Mueller.
Philip, 96, was given the Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order (GCVO) — a particular honor given by the monarch to recognize distinguished personal service to her.
If food prompts better decision-making than cash, why did a randomized trial in Mexico find that people given cash ate just as healthily as people given food?
They've been in a setting where they've given up themselves to an institution, they've given up freedom of choice to the choices made for them by the institution.
The results of the viral infection were less stark, but still clear: 77.8% of infected mice survived if given food, but only 10% did so when given saline.
A Pennsylvania state board previously found that Cosby should be given the classification, and on Monday a psychologist argued that Cosby was likely to reoffend given the opportunity.
However, an apples-to-apples comparison of earnings for SaaS companies becomes difficult given that earnings remain negative for many years given the GAAP treatment of subscription contracts.
You have given much thought to Gavin Kroff, far more thought than you've given to any other student of yours through your teaching career of 12 intermittent years.
Talk of the Briton turning his attentions to any rival series had appeared highly unlikely from the outset given his age and undertakings given to the new owners.
Given the political models in the region the SDF had to work with, and given the ongoing civil war and fight against ISIS, it wasn't a bad start.
That means the parents won't be given DNA tests, or be subject to the same thorough background checks given to the parents of children under 5 years old.
Nursing homes must be given the same priority in restoration of utility and other services that is given to hospitals in order to ensure residents' safety and security.
Moreover, the mothers who were given vouchers were 17.3% more likely to be employed by the end of the study than the mothers who were not given vouchers.
The results showed that of the women given tranexamic acid within three hours, 89 died from bleeding compared with 127 given the normal standard care plus a placebo.
The realization of so much still to overcome, given all the Fergusons; given all those who shamelessly questioned whether our first black president was even American by birth.
But while Congress has given the president broad leeway, it has not given him unfettered power to issue a blanket exclusion against millions of people based on nationality.
Among the patients who were given psilocybin first, 83% still experienced an antidepressant response seven weeks later, compared with 14% who were given the niacin, the researchers found.
"If you include money given to super PACs backing Clinton, the fossil fuel industry has given more than $4.5 million in support of Clinton's bid," Mr. Weaver said.
Clinton disagrees and has portrayed Sanders as a tool of the NRA - a characterization he angrily disputes, given the gun lobby has given Sanders a D-Minus rating.
It seems a given that Rousey would be given main event privileges over McGregor should she announce that it would be her last ever outing as a fighter.
It found that more than half of women were not given enough sanitary napkins for their needs, and the ones that they were being given were too thin.
On Wednesday, Amnesty International called for Mr. Kontar to be given protections under international law and demanded that the United Nations refugee agency be given access to him.
And the GOP hasn't given up its pledge to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, even if it has given up explaining how it might do so.
Some officials and outside advisers have questioned why FEMA had not been given more authority earlier in the response given the agency's operational expertise in responding to disasters.
"I don't take responsibility at all because we were given a set of circumstances and we were given rules, regulations and specifications from a different time," he responded.
Kevin McCarthy were being given information, but the rest of us, including people who were in the green areas, in the backstage areas, were not being given information.
Given that Bolsonaro ran his campaign touting close ties to the US, and given how Venezuela has deteriorated since then, this difference is likely larger as of now.
That all being said, the poll's findings don't seem surprising given how Sanders is trending across the nation, and given the demographics of the Democratic electorate in Nevada.
The Carol Burnett Award is given to someone who like its namesake, Carol Burnett, has given us decades of laughter, tears and a new sense of what's possible.
"Given what's happening with immigration, given that population growth is at a century low, we don't have a new tranche of people coming into the workforce," she said.
This has given rise to concerns over antimicrobial resistance (AMR), caused by overuse and misuse of antibiotics, which are given to treat livestock more than for human health.
"He should never be given the right to walk free again for what he did to my daughter, or given the opportunity to hurt anyone else," she said.
Fitch believes that the likelihood of failure is roughly equivalent, while the default risk given at the operating company would be lower given total loss absorbing capacity (TLAC).
Sanders has room to push the other candidates on Medicare for All, given he is the candidate who has given the most priority to a healthcare reform plan.
He contends the flaw should make the penalty given to his wife — and therefore, similar tickets given to thousands of other drivers across the country — null and void.
Tests in monkeys showed that one shot protected all of them when it was given at least a week before they were given a high dose of Ebola.
At joint press conferences with foreign leaders, protocol dictates that two questions are given to the host country's press pool, and two questions are given to U.S. reporters.
Given the energy and media attention given to Trump's campaign, the loss will raise questions about his ability to go the distance and particularly about his ground game.
That's where the different rates and brackets are applied to translate a given amount of taxable income into a given amount of taxes that you need to pay.
But given the cruelty of the economics—given that almost none of the students will ever make it big—the "shot" young Travis has is only provisionally real.
For the onebillion trial, children were taken out of their huge classes, put in groups of 1433 and given tablets loaded with maths software; similar-sized groups were given tablets without the maths software, to control for the possibility that children might benefit from any instruction given in smaller groups.
"So, given that the economy is quite strong, given that I do think that inflation is going to be very close to 2%, and given that the growth in the economy is satisfactory, I think that's an environment where you don't have to take a lot of action," Rosengren said.
It seems like kind of a given that Ono, whose worldview was massively influential on Lennon, definitely had a thing or two to do with "Imagine"'s inception, so it's certainly cool that she's been given her due (with a performance of the song given by Patti Smith, to boot).
But given the attention paid to the moment, now and forevermore, given how much care and preparation each witness put into his or her testimony, given the way the whole case may turn on the telling detail, it seems unlikely these details, no matter how minor they seem, would be overlooked.
There's no excuse for this, not given how long the Iowa Democratic Party had to prepare, not given the privilege of the state's first-in-the-nation status, not given how deeply invested tens of millions of distraught Americans are in the effort to get rid of an unfit, amoral president.
Many advocates fear such reunions will never happen given what they're hearing from detained parents who cannot locate their children and have been given no information about their whereabouts.
Given that, Green believes there could be hope for Trump to renegotiate the deal down the road, given the number of people in his party who are pro-trade.
And all that data is instantly shared with mobile advertising networks, which use it to determine the best ad for any given user at any given time and place.
The point is simply to become more aware of how many times your mind strays from the given work task at hand, at any given moment during the day.
But given that discrimination, is it not rational to—in some cases—calculate against attending college given the massive debt burden and how it hits some communities extra hard?
"In the last 15 to 20 years, we might have thought that fighting for women's rights is a given and that acknowledging climate change is a given," she said.
China has given such quota allocations to several countries, including the UK, France and Singapore, but this would be the biggest given to a single jurisdiction after Hong Kong.
Given greatly reduced uncertainty given licensing agreements with Samsung, China, and now Apple, we think it's reasonable to argue for multiple expansion, and raise our price target to $85.
The test given in China that day included some of the same reading sections that had been used on an SAT given in December 220, just 247 months earlier.
A put represents the right to sell a stock at a given price within a given time frame, so selling a put is a is neutral-to-bullish strategy.
While these people are critical, the full cooperation was a strategy to make it hard for Mueller to push for an interview given all the information he was given.
An option gives the purchaser the right, but not the obligation, to buy (a call) or sell (a put) an asset at a given price before a given date.
The amount of testosterone they were given—600 milligrams per week—is a lot, around six times higher than the dose usually given to men on hormone replacement therapy.
Zafgen said on Wednesday patients given a 2.4 mg dose of beloranib lost 9.45 percent of their body weight, while those given a 1.8 mg dose lost 8.20 percent.
The Menlo Park, California-based company has given users new tools to combat misinformation online, given backlash over "fake news" in the wake of a divisive U.S. presidential election.
Neither of the two doses of intepirdine given to patients with dementia with Lewy bodies resulted in improving their motor function, compared with patients given a placebo, Axovant said.
"I think grain demand bulls are taking positions here, given the new USMCA, and given rain delays for row-crop harvests," said Mike Zuzolo, president of Global Commodity Analytics.
This round was led by Accell (again, no surprise given Beda's background) and Madrona Venture Group (also no surprise, given that both McLuckie and Beda are based in Seattle).
"Then, you have the situation where blood which is infected with HTLV-1 can be given to a recipient, an organ can be given to a recipient," he said.
We need to explore openly why, at an event celebrating her loving life's journey, a publicity bonanza was given a perennial preacher of hate was given a publicity bonanza.
To make matters worse, Congress limits residents of a given country to no more than 28500 percent of the total number of green cards available in a given year.
U.S. Suspensions Upheld The U.S. Soccer Federation's appeals of a red card given to midfielder Jermaine Jones and a yellow card given to forward Bobby Wood have been dismissed.
Rubio repeatedly suggested he had no idea who Jones was, something that seemed unlikely given the attention given to Jones and Infowars in the weeks ahead of the hearing.
"Given the statistics, and given the context, it remains far more likely that Epstein broke his hyoid while killing himself than that it was broken as he was murdered."
The plaintiffs had requested special meals and mealtimes, but the lawsuit alleges that the meals they were given were substantially lower in calories than those given to other inmates.
Given this history, why would Pelosi or any Democratic leader waste their time speaking to Trump about this issue, especially given that Coulter has already opposed Trump's latest proposal.
"You should say something like, 'I have given a great deal of thought to the feedback you have given me and I have made the following changes,'" she suggests.
Despite being given opportunities many people around me weren't given, I haven't become some great success, haven't hit the heights my privilege was meant to set me up for.
"There was one Christmas where he may or may not have given me the gift that I had given him the year before because I monogrammed it," Trump said.
I notice that she's given my brows a more squared-off shape where they meet the bridge of my nose and has given them a little more weight throughout.
And the reason that usually was given was that your first or middle names were your so-called Christian appellation, whereas your last name was a government-given name.
Given previous federal-court rulings, oil companies are generally more favored to win in federal court, with less certainty at the state level given lack of precedent either way.
Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet reports that Adam Lindin Ljungkvist was given his marching orders late on in the game, with the official reason for his dismissal given as unsportsmanlike behaviour.

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