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"during" Definitions
  1. all through a period of time
  2. at some point in a period of time

650 Sentences With "during"

How to use during in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "during" and check conjugation/comparative form for "during". Mastering all the usages of "during" from sentence examples published by news publications.

I've held hands during therapy, during abortion procedures, during rape kits.
It kept knocking during sleep, during waking hours, during time of contemplation of self.
Lagoons overflowed or breached in 2300 during Hurricane Fran, in 2000 during Hurricane Bonnie, in 250 during Hurricane Floyd, in 225 during Hurricane Matthew, and just last month during Hurricane Florence —2473 overflowed.
TRUMP: Um — HABERMAN: They seemed higher — TRUMP: During, during a tiny little period, during the World Trade Center.
For many women, this can cause severe pain — during their periods, during sex, or during bowel movements or urination.
In other words, every other U.S. president -- James Madison during the War of 1812, Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War, Woodrow Wilson during World War I, Franklin Roosevelt during World War II, Harry Truman during the Korean War, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon during the Vietnam War, George W. Bush and Barack Obama during the War on Terror -- had to learn on the job.
Thus, since the 1950s, there were negative real federal funds rates during the following times: six quarters during 1956 to 21625, two quarters during 2900 to 220006, 2202 quarters during 2628 to 28500, five quarters during 6900 to 2628, three quarters at about zero in 28503 to 22019, 11 quarters during 2002 to 2005, and three quarters in 2008.
On Saturday, Finnair also canceled flights to Denmark and Norway during March 17-31, to Russia during March 16-31, to Poland during March 15-31 and to Prague during March 16-31.
Overshoots during booms would make up for shortfalls during busts.
They took over during his term, not during mine -- Crimea.
During her menses and during the height of her orgasm.
Not during the Madura regime but back during Chavez&aposs era.
Muslims all over the world fast during daylight hours during Ramadan.
During the speech, Trump instead focused on heroism during Hurricane Harvey.
During that time, she was present during a 2014 botched execution.
We only saw darkness during the night and during the day.
During his service, he loved to entertain troops during their downtime.
They field rebounds during warm-ups and provide towels during timeouts.
During the discussion, William about their experiences during the 2015 flood.
NCOs during the quarter remained low at 26bps during the quarter.
Three times during the playoffs, Miller entered during the fifth inning.
ISRAEL: It was spoken about during that -- earlier during that day.
Sears burned through $1.8 billion in cash in its operations during 2017, $1.4 billion during 2016 and $2.2 billion during 2015, SEC filings show.
"Well, we want to try and do it during my first term or, at worst, during my second term," Trump said during the call.
During George W. Bush's tenure, the median was 219 days, during Clinton's it was 139 days, and during Reagan's tenure it was 45 days.
Brain activity during hypnosis was also compared with activity during resting periods and during a memory task, for both high and low susceptibility groups.
It sounds drastic, but Quiniones says NYPA has done it before during emergencies—once during the massive 2003 blackout, and again during Hurricane Sandy.
These accidental emissions occur during drilling, in the pipelines or during delivery.
American soldiers take cover during an explosion during a battle on Nov.
"My upbringing was in Serbia during several wars during '90s," he said.
So what works during corrections that take place during a bull market?
The amounts are MXN5003 million during 2Q17 and MXN1.4 billion during 2016.
Nemak's FCF was USD60 million during 2016 and USD39 million during 2015.
During the speech, congressional Democrats largely sat during many obvious applause-lines.
The country was formed during the breakup of Yugoslavia during the 1990s.
Lindsey Graham during his time allotted to questioning Kavanaugh during the hearing.
Scheduled maturities include $500 million during 23216, and $21 million during 2212.
They sat together during the show, during which she vomited several times.
She wobbled during qualifying and fell off during the all-around finals.
During past reconciliation bills, the Senate has taken recesses during the evenings.
The sharpest declines during the time period happened during the 2001 recession.
They charge up quickly during braking, then blast out electricity during acceleration.
During Sunday's early games, no NFL players protested during the national anthem.
It was during his presidential run in 2800; not during his presidency.
And that was not during this, that was during the Obama administration.
The retailer burned through $1.8 billion in cash in its operations during 13, $1.4 billion during 2016 and $2.2 billion during 2015, company filings show.
There are many places where this process can error out: During the waiting room process, during the ticket selection process, and during the payment process.
Despised as a royalist during the Revolution and forgotten about during the advent of Romanticism, Le Brun continued to be assailed during the 2200th century.
I am sick of it during Monday Night Football, during Thursday Night Football, during college football on Saturday morning, noon and night, during Sunday morning NFL games played in England and afternoon doubleheaders, game after game after game.
During Pruitt's first nine months, the EPA initiated about one-third fewer enforcement cases than during the same time frame during the Obama administration and about one-quarter fewer than the same period during the George W. Bush administration.
Nicki was cool as a cucumber during the confrontation ... never leaving her seat at the table during the Harper's Bazaar party during New York Fashion Week.
Uber trips were displaced with Jump bike-rides even more during the busy workday during the week: Uber trips went down 15 percent during those times.
The famously competitive pair also competed during a dragon boat race across a lake in Canada during their first royal tour during the summer of 2011.
Number of new jobs added during the Great Recession: 14,120Employment increase during the 2001 Recession: 10.3%Number of new jobs added during the 2001 Recession: 2,540
Number of new jobs added during the Great Recession: 14,260Employment increase during the 2001 Recession: 11.6%Number of new jobs added during the 2001 Recession: 6,420
Number of new jobs added during the Great Recession: 14,330Employment increase during the 2001 Recession: 23.2%Number of new jobs added during the 2001 Recession: 15,250
Number of new jobs added during the Great Recession: 14,430Employment increase during the 2001 Recession: 1.4%Number of new jobs added during the 2001 Recession: 1,380
Number of new jobs added during the Great Recession: 14,630Employment increase during the 2001 Recession: 10.8%Number of new jobs added during the 2001 Recession: 20,340
Number of new jobs added during the Great Recession: 14,920Employment increase during the 2001 Recession: 3.2%Number of new jobs added during the 2001 Recession: 6,730
Number of new jobs added during the Great Recession: 15,250Employment increase during the 2001 Recession: 0.6%Number of new jobs added during the 2001 Recession: 2,610
Number of new jobs added during the Great Recession: 15,360Employment increase during the 2001 Recession: 9%Number of new jobs added during the 2001 Recession: 22,210
Number of new jobs added during the Great Recession: 18,420Employment increase during the 2001 Recession: 4.6%Number of new jobs added during the 2001 Recession: 26,440
Number of new jobs added during the Great Recession: 18,430Employment increase during the 2001 Recession: 8.2%Number of new jobs added during the 2001 Recession: 9,880
Number of new jobs added during the Great Recession: 18,870Employment increase during the 2001 Recession: 28.6%Number of new jobs added during the 2001 Recession: 19,500
Number of new jobs added during the Great Recession: 20,560Employment increase during the 2001 Recession: 8%Number of new jobs added during the 2001 Recession: 13,170
Number of new jobs added during the Great Recession: 22,320Employment increase during the 2001 Recession: 11.4%Number of new jobs added during the 2001 Recession: 73,460
Number of new jobs added during the Great Recession: 30,710Employment increase during the 2001 Recession: 9%Number of new jobs added during the 2001 Recession: 7,090
Number of new jobs added during the Great Recession: 31,550Employment increase during the 2001 Recession: 8.6%Number of new jobs added during the 2001 Recession: 16,440
Number of new jobs added during the Great Recession: 34,600Employment increase during the 2001 Recession: 14.6%Number of new jobs added during the 2001 Recession: 58,170
Number of new jobs added during the Great Recession: 36,670Employment increase during the 2001 Recession: 9.8%Number of new jobs added during the 2001 Recession: 35,060
Number of new jobs added during the Great Recession: 41,120Employment increase during the 2001 Recession: 11.7%Number of new jobs added during the 2001 Recession: 30,500
Number of new jobs added during the Great Recession: 60,830Employment increase during the 2001 Recession: 4.4%Number of new jobs added during the 2001 Recession: 55,850 
Number of new jobs added during the Great Recession: 88,720Employment increase during the 2001 Recession: 9.4%Number of new jobs added during the 2001 Recession: 31,130
Number of new jobs added during the Great Recession: 90,680Employment increase during the 2001 Recession: 21.5%Number of new jobs added during the 2001 Recession: 79,760 
Number of new jobs added during the Great Recession: 148,260Employment increase during the 2001 Recession: 1.5%Number of new jobs added during the 2001 Recession: 8,550 
Number of new jobs added during the Great Recession: 186,680Employment increase during the 2001 Recession: 2.3%Number of new jobs added during the 2001 Recession: 49,860
Among those who had eaten fast food, 22010% did so during lunch, 8353% during dinner, 2.45% during breakfast and 22013% as snacks, according to the report.
Two Miami Dolphins players knelt last month during the anthem during a preseason game, with Dolphins defensive end Robert Quinn raising his fist during the song.
Someone fell during Gwen Stefani's live, Target-themed music video during the Grammys.
Symptoms are usually worse during a person's first outbreak than during later outbreaks.
During the escape, one of the inmates shot a man during a carjacking.
These cases were decided not during oral arguments but during the 2014 midterms.
I imagine it's pretty insane during the day, or during particularly starry nights.
These professionals are needed on the sidelines during games, but also during practices.
During brief remarks during their session, Obama acknowledged their rocky past over Iran.
During that period, 276 different loans were bid or offered during the sessions.
Trump said during the event that athletes should stand during the national anthem.
He also asserted during the interview that Holder "protected" Obama during his presidency.
During the verse she's calming herself down; during the chorus her adrenaline spikes.
Warren stayed neutral during the primary but endorsed Clinton during the general election.
Revenue tends to go up during economic booms and then decline during recessions.
During his message, Chesky announced Airbnb's plans to aid hosts during the crisis.
Fewer people are murdered in America during colder months than during warmer ones.
During the news conference, Trump said it didn't come up during their discussion.
Some samples were collected during Tanzania's dry season, others during the wet season.
"Something flipped" during the impeachment hearings, Galli said during his told MSNBC interview.
During her time there, she hosted Megyn Kelly Today during The Today Show.
I was involved during pre-production and I was on set during filming.
Jewish-Americans during the Red Scare, African-Americans during the civil rights movement and Japanese-Americans during World War II are examples that readily spring to mind.
Number of new jobs added during the Great Recession: 14,460Employment increase during the 2001 Recession: N/ANumber of new jobs added during the 2001 Recession: N/A 
Number of new jobs added during the Great Recession: 69,980 Employment increase during the 2001 Recession: 18.7%Number of new jobs added during the 2001 Recession: 53,050
The sharpest declines during this nearly two-decade stretch happened during the 2001 recession and between late 2007 and mid-2009 -- that is, during the financial crisis.
Other symptoms can include pain during or after sex and during urination or defecation.
These deficiencies had previously been identified during training and reappeared during the accident flight.
She previously left the series during season 3, and later rejoined during season 7.
John McCain during the 2016 presidential campaign for being captured during the Vietnam war.
During his rule, Uzbek troops killed hundreds of unarmed demonstrators during a 2005 uprising.
During her pre-dance package, it was clear she was struggling during the rehearsals.
They demanded silence during the actual show, but we could talk during the commercials.
Cosby did not testify during his trial or address the charges during his sentencing.
GUTFELD: During the election, during the primaries, you know, we were screaming about Trump.
During the chat, Ben reveals he accidentally killed an unarmed child during the war.
Everyone who voted during the nomination process can vote again during the final round.
We haven't lost people during spacewalks but have during the launch and coming back.
You f**ked up during the regular season, during Thanksgiving and then the playoffs.
Ginger noticed hers during her pregnancy — about half of all cases begin during pregnancy.
It happened during the Republican platform drafting, and it has continued during his presidency.
During longer trips, he fed himself by working on the farms during the harvest.
The FBI did this during the Civil Rights movement, and more recently, during Occupy.
Mobility normally drops during downturns, and that was the case during the Great Recession.
During wartime and during the Great Depression, it rapidly increased, budget consequences be damned.
The exchange came during a press conference during which Trump frequently clashed with reporters.
During the third preseason game in 2016 he began sitting during the U.S. anthem.
Revenue growth ranges between 2% during non-political years and 4% during political years.
During season 23, two men stormed the stage during one of Ryan Lochte's performances.
Legislation or measures enacted during one administration may disappear or change during the next.
Trump had already disparaged McCain during the campaign for being captured during the war.
We have, during his regime, during President Obama's regime, we've doubled our national debt.
Afterward, more than 200 NFL players protested during the anthem during the weekend's games.
Normally, this figure falls during recessions and then goes back up during economic recoveries.
Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid kneeling during the national anthem during the 2016 season.
During their fight, Ali refused to throw a single punch during the first round.
During the 2008 financial crisis, the project encountered financial difficulties during the development phase.
During World War I, she was inadvertently shot during a battle and subsequently hospitalized.
Some teargas was also fired by Greek police during intermittent exchanges during the day.
Plants absorb carbon from the air during photosynthesis and then return it during respiration.
"It's too hot during the summer and too cold during the winter," he said.
These complexes were built during heightened tensions of the Cold War, during the 1960s.
We have during his regime, during President Obama's regime, we've doubled our national debt.
The disenchantment began during the end of George W. Bush's presidency, accelerated during the financial crisis and reached a new peak during President Obama's highly active first term.
What happens, often times, is that during a presentation or during a conversation or during a performance, we base how we think it went on how we feel.
So do a number of other countries; we tend to see censorship attempts online mostly during times of political uncertainty, during uprisings, and generally speaking, during political upheaval.
And another thing to note is that the moon does not appear pink during the Pink Moon, red during the Blood Moon, or blue during the Blue Moon.
During jury selection, Mr. Icahn's name was on a list of people who could come up during the trial as a witness or as a person discussed during testimony.
We also monitor during lunar eclipses, since during these eclipses the lunar ground is dark.
During questioning, the suspects blamed the attack on the two pirates killed during the rescue.
During his final game he suffered a shoulder injury and a concussion during a fight.
During congressional hearings, he can expect tough questions about his actions during the Great Recession.
It was during scoring opportunities—whether for the Canadiens or their opponent—and during overtime.
My wife and I met with refugees during visits to Colombia, during visits to Brazil.
Again, I'd like to reiterate the anomaly occurred during a test, not during a flight.
JITTERY TRADERS Hospitals will alternate operating hours during the break, as is typical during holidays.
During recreation, we were more aggressive during our already notoriously rough basketball and volleyball games.
Fires burned during night, when they usually would subside, as well as during the day.
During the day, temperatures during the hot seasons are predicted to rise to 114ºF (46ºC).
Because pain during a breakup is harder to fake than a smile during a proposal.
The technology has already been tested in Afghanistan and during relief efforts during Hurricane Harvey.
He was shot and wounded during his arrest in Brussels during an anti-terror raid.
Sharps further elaborated that during intense combat engagement, casualties often occur during logistics resupply missions.
China uses more gas during winter months for heating than during the summer for cooling.
During the first Gulf War there was heightened appeal, much as there was during Vietnam.
The first shock to the region came during the Iran-Iraq war during the 1980s.
During the interview, Rousey opened up about her thoughts before, during, and after the fight.
So during the day, our body expects light, whereas during the night it expects dark.
Jason: What astronauts do during orbit and during their training is entirely up to them.
During that period, it pushed for federalism, which lost steam during Italy's long economic crisis.
Trump mocked McCain during his 2016 presidential campaign for being captured during the Vietnam War.
Flynn will have to tell about his time during the campaign and during the transition.
During the 2016 campaign, Trump criticized McCain for having been captured during the Vietnam War.
In 2015, during his presidential campaign, Trump mocked McCain for being captured during the war.
I saw this play out first had during Professor Sanjay Dhar's lecture during Booth Live.
For decades, CBS sold beer during weekend football games and toys during Saturday morning cartoons.
It has flown missions in Iraq during Operation Desert Storm and during operations against ISIS.
They sometimes stopped working en masse during "secessions" to demand fairer treatment during the Republic.
Prepare for patchy fog during your morning commute, and possible showers during your return home.
Christine Blasey Ford during her testimony accused him of being drunk during the alleged assault.
Height is strongly influenced by the mother's nourishment during pregnancy, and the child's during infancy.
During qualifying, Uchimura smacked the ground hard when he fell during his high bar routine.
Mia Love, during a post-election news conference for not supporting him during their campaigns.
People may start dancing during the "Hallelujah" Chorus or shouting out encouragement during the arias.
"It was Han and Leia during the week, and Carrie and Harrison during the weekend."
Was he changing his mind during the tour or during the planning of the tour?
Last August, during the NFL's preseason, Colin Kaepernick started sitting down during the national anthem.
During lulls during parliament, local journalists often try to interview foreign members of the media.
" During a Friday morning "Fox & Friends" interview, Trump said she was "fantastic during the hearings.
Trump raised the issue with Xi during a dinner held during the U.S. leader's Nov.
During the four days of the experiment, only the stretching changed during these warm-ups.
During a press conference Tuesday, administration officials were asked about Biden's comments during the debate.
In 2017 the company delivered 762 million packages during their peak season during the holidays.
The night started with some audio problems during opening statements, particularly noticeable during Harris's address.
You're not just breaking down the body during matches; you're breaking it down during training.
She was left with scar tissue that caused pain during sex and agony during childbirth.
During Trump's impeachment trial this year, Roberts largely remained on the sidelines during the proceedings.
The highest prices will hit during the prime spring break months and during the holidays.
Cops say during the stop, they found oxycodone pills during a search of his person.
"I relived that night during the course of hearings and during the trial," he said.
Correction: Colin Kaepernick knelt during the 2016 National Football League season during the national anthem.
Smith said delegates may still protest during the Kaine's nomination or during his speech, however.
And that they are more quantitative during "boom" times and more qualitative during "bust" times.
During his tour in Vietnam, Rose reportedly risked his life multiple times during combat operations.
Some had been renamed during the Third Reich but had their names restored during denazification.
About half of the injuries occurred during competition and half during practice, but because players spend more time practicing than competing, injury rates were actually three times higher during games.
Trump made this a key promise during his 2016 campaign especially during primaries in states with a number of coal jobs, and in Ohio and Pennsylvania during the general election.
In carefree moments, it showed itself abundantly — I'd frolic with the girls during playtime, reach for the sparkliest fabrics during dress up and joyfully twist my hips during dance class.
In addition to excess growth during infancy, the study looked at whether children exposed to very high levels of caffeine during pregnancy were more likely to become overweight during childhood.
However, I will often read one nonfiction book and one novel during the same period — though I usually read the former during the day and the latter during the night.
The Tallit is typically worn during Jewish prayer, the H&M scarf, during a secular snowfall.
Is choking "normal," or expected during sex, or during a first time with a new person?
Always be aware of your surroundings, especially during the holidays   Sexting is big during the holidays.
One was during a launch to the International Space Station and the rocket disintegrated during flight.
Increases of 0.2 percent were also seen among Germans during Easter and among Americans during Thanksgiving.
They reportedly met during SoulCycle class, and would engaged in a little friendly competition during class.
He was very thoughtful during the Gorsuch confirmation, during a lot of court of appeals nominations.
During his address, Obama acknowledged that sweeping gun control changes would not come during his presidency.
"The men would come from outside during our sacrifices, during our festivals," says Ly Sam Oeun.
During my four days at the Aspen Ideas Festival, I smiled during a panel only once.
Use of the opioid, which became popular during the Vietnam war, rose fourfold during the 1990s.
We want clear rules for state behavior in this realm both during peacetime and during wartime.
During her big introduction as the Bachelorette during "Women Tell All," Nick's name wasn't even mentioned.
Overall, 176 children, or 1.3 percent, died during hospitalizations for opioid poisoning during the study period.
Huma Abedin cried during the speech but kept a stoic face during much of the ropeline.
We saw this during the campaign, during early time in office -- KURTZ: Pence makes it hard.
Practicing Pagans actually still invoke her during healing and fertility rites and celebrate her during springtime.
"I love it," the star said during an interview during the CBS red carpet pre-show.
During the first week of September, Leilani sat during the flag salute, as she normally does.
The two would reportedly meet during SoulCycle class, engaged in a little friendly competition during class.
I had more anxiety during my c-section then I did during my long natural labor.
During a 16 minute walkout, that breaks down to 91 American lives saved during the walkout.
It was played, without his permission, during Donald Trump's rallies during the 2016 U.S. presidential election.
Also, unfortunately, we found the verification code process during sign-up was experiencing delays during tests.
Law took over the game during that stretch, scoring the first seven points during the run.
Eva's hillside crib was home during her marriage with Tony Parker and during her single years.
During his visit, he highlighted the lack of places for kids to go during school breaks.
Nocturnal penile erections occur during Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep (the phase during which we dream).
I was working swing shifts—two weeks on during days, then two weeks on during nights.
You could clean houses during the day, office buildings during off-hours, or clean restaurants daily.
Online sales were up 43 percent during the fourth quarter, matching growth during the previous quarter.
CAE delivered five simulators during the quarter compared with 12 during the same period last year.
This is not only true during veterinary handling, but also during more relaxed encounters with people.
Previous research has shown that suicide rates typically rise during economic downturns and fall during expansions.
But as Ancel noted during the presentation, they'll be turning to fans for help during development.
He has however mentioned the disaster during several encounters with the press and during other engagements.
Kavanaugh will testify during a Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation process during the first week of September.
Walmart said e-commerce sales surged 37% during the quarter, matching growth during the prior quarter.
TV is allowed during off-duty hours, and during normal working hours — if staff permit it.
Did her opponent not suffer enough during her ban and during the introduction to the race?
He served in the Navy during World War II and the Army during the Korean War.
Trump had raised the issue with Xi during a dinner held during the U.S. leader's Nov.
BEYOND thrilled they have him out during regular hours at MK and not just during MNSSHP!
Busiest month: JuneAverage daily rate during peak season: $377Average daily rate during off-peak season: $216 
Busiest month: AugustAverage daily rate during peak season: $971Average daily rate during off-peak season: $579
During the trial Manson and the women showed no remorse and often giggled during the proceedings.
During his appearance on Capitol Hill, Comey testified that Clinton did not lie during her interview.
Take Hillary Clinton's strategic laughter during heated exchanges with Donald J. Trump during the presidential debates.
Lorenzen has regained the 20 pounds he lost during a bout of mononucleosis during spring training.
During emergencies, they're also transferred to some of the base's most hurricane-proof camps during emergencies.
Many more come to teach English during high school, college vacations or during a gap year.
Kvass was most popular during Russia's Soviet era, sold from mobile barrels during the summer months.
Bots were deployed during the Brexit vote and got #MacronLeaks trending during the 10013 French election.
During the summer, we had to wear white dresses, and during the winter, dark blue ones.
That said, we were there during off-season and the rates drop considerably during this time.
He probably began believing this during his hostile takeover of the GOP during the 2016 election.
I learned this first-hand during a visit to Trump's Iowa headquarters during the state's caucuses.
"You may find changes during sexual arousal, but also during other emotional states," Janssen told me.
The complicated laws of niddah — the prohibitions on intimacy during menstruation — are taught during one's engagement.
Support for unions fell during the Great Recession and in the economic downturn during the 1980s.
Nathan Chen during his long program on Saturday night, during which he completed five quad jumps.
This can all be really helpful during any part of our lives and especially during travel.
Jefferies analysts said tobacco companies should perform well during a recession, even during the coronavirus outbreak.
Rooms go as low as $101 during low season and $440 during Miami's busier Christmas season.
"We've seen the spread of rumors and anti-science messages during Ebola, during Zika," Yasmin said.
In the past, coffee sales lagged during the summer and rose sharply during the holiday season.
Sowers' feat was celebrated during the Super Bowl in Microsoft's one-minute commercial during the game.
It was well-played out during an exhaustive Republican primary and during a heated general election.
Working long hours during the week and trying to catch up on sleep during the weekend.
It is not comparable to Catholics abstaining from meat during Lent or Muslims fasting during Ramadan.
During the winter in most areas, the air outside is drier than during the warmer months.
During PTA meetings she made a game out of getting Schmidt to smile during a presentation.
The Senate during Clinton's impeachment debated during the trial itself whether to allow witnesses to appear.
Trump during his campaign criticized McCain for becoming a prisoner of war during the Vietnam War.
And during this time, the effects of everything that happened during Mercury retrograde hits us hard.
His daughter also lived there during her stint as a White House intern during the summer.
Other countries use internet blackouts during major events, such as Algeria's 2018 blackout during national exams.
Pep bands play only during timeouts, and most sites do not add artificial noise during play.
During the rally, Trump says NFL owners should fire players who kneel during the national anthem.
The Oklahoma teachers are considering striking during the first week of April, during standardized state testing.
Stocks fluctuated during trade, but received a boost after Wall Street extended gains during Thursday's session.
"Taken during the Obama Administration (despite $150 Billion gift), returned during the Trump Administration," Trump tweeted.
Russia experimented with Prohibition twice—once during World War I, and once during the late 80s.
Photos were taken during lunar daytime - and obviously you can't see the stars during the day.
One that could be dark during the day, as well as light up during the night.
CFO Cathy Smith said during a call with analysts that margins will continue to be pressured during the fourth quarter, though not to the extent they were during the third quarter.
Similarly, there were at least 270 fewer shooting incidents during the first six months of the year than there were during the same period during either of the two previous years.
During opening statements, defense attorney Jay Liederman said Mackinday, whose stage name was Christy Mack, often spoken about "rape fantasies" during their relationship and wanted to be surprised during sexual trysts.
During the next flight test, one of the main parachutes will fail during landing, as well as one of the smaller chutes that helps to stabilize the capsule during its fall.
The biggest challenge he has faced during his days at the Swiss trading giant was during the oil rail boom during 2014 and early 2015, when space on rails was scarce.
"Traditionally, teens held summer jobs even if they did not work during the school year, and labor force participation is higher during the summer than during the school year," Morisi wrote.
North Korea has a track record of provoking its only real ally during key high-profile events, firing off missiles during last year's G20 meeting in Hangzhou, during the One Belt One Road forum in May, and again during the BRICS summit in Xiamen in September.
Yet Mr. McCoy testified during Mr. Desormeau's trial that the police had never recovered drugs from him, not during a search on the sidewalk, nor during a strip search at the precinct.
During the past few years, I have encouraged my students to come and work at the ceramic studio during the weekends (this is in addition to the studio hours during the week).
According to StashAway's Insights 2020 report, people who invested consistently during corrections and when markets broke performed even better than those who withdrew during corrections and did nothing during break-even periods.
Its creation led to more deportations, which escalated during the Obama administration, especially during his first term.
Neither was confirmed until she encountered complications during her first pregnancy in 2005, during a previous marriage.
It was discovered during an expedition to the Fremouw Formation during the Antarctic summer of 2010-2011.
"They were going to quarantine them during Passover," he said during a Brooklyn forum earlier this month.
He previously adopted pets during his Olympic travels in Sochi, Russia during the 2014 games as well.
Shaw introduced Trump during campaign events and spoke prime time during the Republican National Convention last year.
Want to be as happy during my games as my four year old cousin is during tball.
The audacious attack came during Ramadan, when devout Muslims fast during the day and eat after dark.
The deal immediately drew criticism because he's partly known for kneeling during the National Anthem during games.
He was also criticized for lip-syncing during his set on stage with Ariana Grande during Coachella.
I asked many questions on walks, during drawing, during cuddle time at bed, and I listened well.
During some downtime after a busy week, Ure printed 20 menus to hand out during his rides.
"I was there during the winter, next to a volcano," she recalled during an interview with Refinery29.
Photos of high schools during the mid-20th century show students listening to radio broadcasts during class.
During war times it swung more to the right, during periods of peace more to the left.
And Senator, but I actually did it during a budget down time — I mean, during a recession.
During his apology, Biden invoked his work during the Obama administration and defended his civil rights record.
"Lubricants during sex can certainly help with dryness, as can daily moisturizers during the week," said Kingsberg.
Getting rooms during Carnaval, on New Year's Eve and during the Summer Games this August is difficult.
Some happened during periods where firm rules were standing, others during periods when they'd been struck down.
Or those 'storm stilettos' during a visit to tour the damage that Houston endured during Hurricane Harvey.
"It was Han and Leia during the week, and Carrie and Harrison during the weekend," she says.
More than 3,800 people have been killed during Duterte's 15-month-old crackdown, all during police operations.
During this time, you may only notice an abnormal shortness of breath or rapid heartbeat during exercise.
The composite fell below 20 during the June pullback and below 10 during the December market correction.
This helps them to survive during the bad times, but limits their ability to expand during booms.
During this time, Ernst was deployed to Kuwait during the Iraq war from April 2003 – April 2004.
They'll also have a place of honor during the traditional "parade of nations" during the Opening Ceremonies.
"It was Han and Leia during the week, and Carrie and Harrison during the weekend," she said.
It was piped out during cold months or to fuel gas-run electricity plants during energy spikes.
During Comey's testimony, during which the former FBI director repeatedly called Trump a liar, Trump stayed quiet.
Students got more minutes of exercise during gym class, about seven minutes, than during lunch or recess.
The footage will be collected during the Grammy Live Web livestream beforehand, and broadcast during the show.
This is during a crucial period in development called the "masculinization programming window" during a mother's pregnancy.
We're told Jackson plans to wear the cleats during pregame warmups tomorrow ... and possibly during the game.
During the climate change summit in Paris he posted during a day of heavy smog in Beijing.
The phenomenon is typically strongest during the northern hemisphere autumn and winter and weakest during early spring.
Stock performance of Sempra Energy during the past six months, showing an 11% drop during the period.
Whatever wasn't revealed during Venus retrograde will likely become clear during Mercury's trip backward through the zodiac.
During that time, Brazil's government gained the respect of investors as incomes soared during a commodities boom.
Trump fought vociferously with both senators during the presidential campaign as well as intermittently during his presidency.
She also said he kissed her forcibly during a rehearsal for a skit during a USO tour.
"Like politicians write books during their campaigns, I'm planning on putting out music during mine," he wrote.
During her testimony, she recounted how during one training camp at Karolyi ranch, she injured both ankles.
The game of chess originated during the sixth century in present day India during the Gupta Empire.
During his service, he was stationed in Iraq during the Iraq War and earned a Bronze Star.
Franken grilled him during the hearing on reported meetings between Sessions and Russian officials during the campaign.
During remarks in March, Trump praised the Greek-American community during a celebration of Greece's independence day.
During the past season, Trump repeatedly called on the NFL to bar protests during the national anthem.
I wish I had the same faith during this shutdown as I had during the last shutdown.
The technology was deployed during the Union of European Football Associations Champions League Final during June 2628.
During the "60 Minutes" interview, he said he was "tough" on the Russian leader during that meeting.
The first flare-up with Fox News came during the network's presidential debate during the 2016 election.
During flu season, get one ($30) during your layover at clinics in Terminals 1, 23 and 3.
LG: Exploring Headspace ... right, but I use it during takeoff, because I get very nervous during takeoff.
During team finals, Daggett said his cheeks hurt from smiling so much during Laurie Hernandez's floor routine.
The book was published during the Obama years; the movie is being released during the Trump years.
Its levels rise during nighttime to allow rest, and then decay during the day to spur activity.
The lyrics felt uplifting during a time when most people are staying home during the coronavirus outbreak.
Advertising is a cyclical business; newspapers traditionally lose ad revenue during recessions and regain ground during recoveries.
I saw more negative ads about me during this campaign than I did during the mayor's race.
He briefly protested again during this year's preseason but has not done so during the regular season.
"We&aposre competing for people&aposs time during those in-between moments during the day," Whitman said.
The cars were programmed to deliver low emissions during conditions that matched those used during compliance tests.
He sends Tammy home during the two-on-one… and then eliminates Mykenna  during the rose ceremony.
Women are more susceptible to disease during ovulation because their immune systems are depressed during this time.
During that time, pediatric units showed a sharp spike in infant deaths during the shifts Jones worked.
She had seizures on the soccer field, during softball games, on stage during plays, in the classroom.
His bucking during the first insertion was nowhere near as dramatic as it was during the second.
The closed-door speeches were a point of fierce debate during the Democratic primary, during which Sen.
The number of Afghans who were wounded or killed during nighttime attacks during that period nearly tripled.
This year's report was rolled out during an event on Capitol Hill on Thursday, during which Sen.
She's had seizures on the soccer field, during softball games, on stage during plays, in the classroom.
No coach has registered more during the shot-block era, which began during the 1954-55 season.
During the peak of the American involvement during the Obama administration, there were 140,000 coalition troops there.
The library had opened during an election year and now it would be reopening during another one.
Spectacles are great for recording video during outdoor activities or during tasks that require both your hands.
Losses to frontline troops were proportionally worse during the 77-day Normandy campaign than they were during the major battles along the Western Front during World War I. Join us on
"This pales in comparison to $36 billion during the August 2015 sell-off, $90 billion during the August 2011 debt ceiling sell-off, $85 billion during the 2008 great financial crisis," BAML said.
The practices of law enforcement officials and immigration authorities during life-threatening storms have frequently come under scrutiny, as happened during Hurricane Harvey in Texas and in 2012 during Hurricane Isaac in Louisiana.
The combined positive rating of 2000% compares with 32% during the 32 Zika virus outbreak, 58% during the 2014 Ebola virus outbreak and 67% during the 2009 H1N1/Swine Flu outbreak, Gallup said.
Drake wasn't the only rapper to do a surprise show during this year's edition of EDC: Afrojack also brought out Rae Sremmurd during his set, and Lil Jon came out during Flosstradamus' performance.
She consistently misidentifies suspects during breaking news situations and, during the midterm elections, spread hoaxes about voter fraud.
Fans using their cellphone lights during the Tigers' at bats were apparently distracting the batters during the inning.
Harris gained national attention during her rapid-fire questioning of Trump administration officials during Senate hearings in September.
Raising rates during good times makes sense because it gives the Fed room to cut during bad times.
Harrouff was "abnormally strong" during the alleged attack, Martin County Sheriff William Snyder said during a news conference.
While the feline guests were polite during the ceremony, they weren't so cooperative during the following photo session.
Fun Fact: The fake body used during the movie's funeral at sea scene was swept away during filming.
"All comments and information received during the public comment are given consideration during the status review," Underwood said.
The Cavaliers abused Steph Curry during the 2016 Finals and, more recently, Jeff Teague during the first round.
During that time frame, West had a bizarre White House meeting with the president, ranted during his Sept.
They were killed by law enforcement during commission of the mass or serial murder or during subsequent flight.
I do realize our visit fell during the offseason, but I would go back during peak season regardless.
During the panel, Camp said it picks up during a time period right around when Mad Men ends.
Bose says it will collaborate with automakers during the vehicle development process to install its tech during production.
But all that changed during an especially emotional conversation she had with Tyrion during the season 7 finale.
You are 2.5 times more likely to be killed during this period by a tornado than during daylight.
Mr Wray's representation of assorted corporations, during his private practice, will doubtless be examined during his confirmation process.
Juno caught these images of Jupiter's north pole during its during its fourth close pass by the planet.
Otherwise, you might end up like me, in Sumatra during Ramadan or Seoul during the Korean New Year.
The gallery is open only during the week, so try for a quick getaway during your lunch break.
During that entire battle, and indeed during every battle on Israel the natural question is, where was Donald?
And there are times, such as during deep recessions or during wars, when running large deficits is appropriate.
During a dinner with her sisters Thursday night, Kardashian West posted a series of Snapchats during the gathering.
"It was Han and Leia during the week and Carrie and Harrison during the weekend," Fisher told People.
He worked ground support during the Gemini program, and flew chase planes with Grissom during Saturn 1B tests.
I wore low-cut things more often during those months than I had worn during my entire life.
For about 153 seconds, TV screens went black during a commercial break during NBC's Super Bowl 2018 broadcast.
During his confirmation hearing in February, Sessions said he didn't have contact with "the Russians" during the campaign.
Scaramucci, founder of SkyBridge Capital, was an advisor to Trump during the 2016 campaign and during the transition.
He spoke during the conference's main keynote last year, and appeared in videos shown during the 2014 keynote.
Platinum production during the period dipped to 992,200 ounces from 1,005,700 ounces during the same time last year.
Trump repeatedly vowed during the campaign to undo many of the executive actions Obama implemented during his presidency.
Players earned $114,000 on average during 2019 and teams paid for player housing during the eight month season.
As seen during Hurricane Harvey, social media and apps can be extremely helpful during storms and crisis situations.
Lee said any further food shortage would fall during North Korea's lean season, during the time between harvests.
As announced during Apple's second quarter earnings, Services generated $7 billion in revenue during Q2 for the company.
Indeed, women made up 80% of those remaining behind during evacuations of the Gulf Coast during Hurricane Katrina.
Members will also have a place of honor during the traditional "parade of nations" during Friday's Opening Ceremonies.
During the prayer breakfast, the president also praised Senate Chaplain Barry Black, who spoke earlier during the breakfast.
No rail lines currently run to the Riverfront Transit Center, and it's only open during during major events.
Thus, during the 2628-28503 period, KSM travelled extensively and used Doha as a hub during such travels.
The tradition often takes place during visits from foreign officials, including during former President Obama's visit in 2011.
Eleven inmates were caught during the break, which happened during a period when some were bathing, officials said.
Rogers flashed enormous potential during his rookie season but broke his clavicle during Week 6, ending his season.
Many NFL players have continued their on-field protests during the national anthem during the league's preseason schedule.
The bookstore was closed during the German occupation of France during the Second World War and never reopened.
I started interning in laboratories during high school and did that during my summers in college as well.
During the visit, the future queen and Prince Philip visited Winnipeg during their first official visit to Canada.
There were eight quarters during Obama's eight years in office during which GDP growth rose above 2900 percent.
Gold is considered a popular gift during the Asian holiday, which falls during the first week of February.
Schiller was tasked during campaign rallies with removing rowdy and hostile protesters from venues during Trump campaign speeches.
During the social upheavals of 1968, younger Germans confronted their parents about what they did during the war.
During the episode's opening minutes, we're introduced to Rick Grimes during a flash-forward in the zombie apocalypse.
Boles: I was here during the bad times, and I was here during the so-called good times.
During his confirmation hearing last January, Sessions was asked if he ever uttered that chant during the campaign.
While my savings rate dipped lower during travel months, it skyrocketed during the months I spent at home.
So it began this spring during American Ballet Theater's season, and was completed during the summer maintenance period.
Furthermore, Democrats and liberal groups are likely to be more active during this confirmation process than during Gorsuch's.
It spent $753 million during the fourth quarter — and $5.8 million total during fiscal 2018 — on reimaging costs.
Oftentimes, the emotions experienced during déjà vu are reflective of the same emotions experienced during the actual crisis.
"They need to reduce debt during the good times to have space during the bad times," Thomsen said.
During this time, people in power find you more attractive, so use this to your advantage during interviews.
Cases peak during the spring and summer months, with a majority of cases occurring during June and July.
Clinton during the 2008 election, defending her in attack-dog fashion during a difficult primary against Barack Obama.
It's perfect comfort food during the chilly seasons and can be served during breakfast or as a dessert.
During the 2014 World Cup, I was lucky enough to be in Rio de Janeiro during the final.
He said the brain behaves differently during an act of generosity than it does during a hedonistic activity.
Here's a dunk that Aaron Gordon did during the Slam Dunk Contest during the NBA's All-Star Weekend.
During our conversations, he recalled feeling astonished during a visit to England shortly before the vote on Brexit.
He was arrested during an Occupy protest and pushed by a police officer during an Occupy anniversary event.
He's been relatively hands-off during legislative sessions, but has played an active role in managing during disaster.
Ultimately, what made sense during the militarized peace of the Cold War did not during a hot war.
That goes for whether you want to sell during a big drop, or buy in during a surge.
OK, Giannina picked up her phone during a conversation about NOT picking up her phone during a conversation.
The "good worker" during a pandemic is the good worker during any other time: always available to management.
Blumenthal admitted during a press conference that year he had "misspoken" about his service during the Vietnam War.
Aides to former President Bill Clinton used one during congressional and special counsel probes during the Democratic administration.
Mr. Trump denigrated NATO during his campaign and refused to embrace Article 5 during his recent European trip.
The city also banned them during spring break, on holidays and during the Tortuga Music Festival in April.
While Mr. Trump never mentioned impeachment during his speech, Ms. Whitmer and Ms. Escobar both did during theirs.
During his candidacy, Mr. Trump's spokeswoman declared that "there was no communication" with foreign entities during the campaign.
Revenues doubled during the first half of 4 to $1.5bn, from $764m during the same period in 2018.
An earlier version of this briefing misstated what the runner John Gilmour wore during a during a race.
The market rose big during five of those instances and only fell slightly during the one lagging period.
Excessive aggression or rudeness should be no more tolerated during a game than it is during family dinner.
During a 2010 appearance at an inquiry into deaths during the riots, Modi was grilled for 20103 hours.
This means they reserve premiums collected during favorable economic times so they can pay increased claims during downturns.
Mourners protest during the funerals for those killed during a demonstration in Esfand Square, in Tehran, in 183.
During the month of Ramadan, which this year begins in early May, devout Muslims fast during daylight hours.
"I am going by what my detectives accomplished during their investigation," Arpaio said during a July 2016 deposition.
Yovanovitch denied the allegations during her private deposition in October and again during her public testimony in November.
Bharara said that during the transition, Trump asked him to stay on during a meeting at Trump Tower.
Rehnquist would stand periodically during the trial to stretch, as was his practice during Supreme Court oral arguments.
An amphitheater will double as a water reservoir during the torrential rains that hit Copenhagen during the summer.
It moved too aggressively into stocks during the Dot-Com Bubble, and paid the price during the burst.
The rate of who received promotions was about 1 percent higher during the summer than during the winter.
Georgiev made seven saves during New Jersey's eight power plays, including four during the double-minor to Hajek.
You can expect a lot of deals during Prime Day, and probably just as many during Black Friday.
Why melatonin isn&apost recommended during pregnancy"Most doctors do not recommend melatonin supplementation during pregnancy," says Simpson.
During his trial, Dassey said that he made up everything that he told the officers during the interrogations.
During a family picnic just before his graduation, he told his parents that ''crazy stuff'' happened during training.
How did my own sensations during that long labor compare to the pains other women experience during labor?
Look at the progress made by African-Americans during Reconstruction, which was undone during the Jim Crow era.
A long battle during President George W. Bush's second term left the FEC inert during the 2008 campaign.
Chris Sununu speaks during an interview during the National Governors Association 2019 winter meeting in Washington, Saturday, Feb.
During her concert in Perth, Australia this week, the British singer told her audience that she'd nixed a planned fireworks display during the show after her 4-year-old son was injured during soundcheck.
In metropolitan areas that added new homes during the boom just above their historical average, prices rose by 28500 percent on average during the boom and declined 6900 percent on average during the bust.
Doing so would decrease the number of hits athletes take—not just during games, but also during the offseason and season, as high-speed kickoff drills take place during almost every college football practice.
That said, during Pluto's nearly 250-year-long orbit around the sun, its closest approach occurs during its spring and fall, when added sunlight has a less pronounced effect than during a hemisphere's summer.
"The only statements that I'll be making during the half-time show are the ones that I have been consistently making during my career," the "Million Reasons" singer said during a Thursday press conference.
Automakers sometimes make a custom car for the Pope during his visits to the country in which they are based, like Toyota during his visit to Japan and Dacia during a trip to Romania.
After steady gains during the Carter, Reagan and first Bush administration, the labor force participation rate peaked during the Clinton administration and has been declining since, with the steepest losses coming during the Obama years.
After steady gains during the Carter, Reagan and first Bush administrations, the labor-force participation rate peaked during the Clinton administration and began a long decline, with the steepest losses coming during the Obama years.
"During your presidency and during your election campaign, Islamophobia took a sharp rise and attacks on innocent Muslims, innocent immigrants and mosques have skyrocketed," CAIR national executive director Nihad Awad said during a press conference.
Knowing Trump's track record of speaking at length not only during the 2019 address, but during his many rallies, there's no chance we'll see another speech of that length during the rest of his presidency.
Claudia Tinney, of wanting to slash Medicare by $800 billion aired nearly 500 times during the week, in heavy rotation during daytime TV -- making it the most active ad during that period in the race.
Kate Spade New York honored its late founder during the brand's fashion show today during New York Fashion Week.
Second, it needs to resolve two opposite but equally troubling problems: undersaving during working life and oversaving during retirement.
The expectant couple kept close during their visit, holding hands and sharing several sweet moments during their busy engagement.
Bruce Maxwell -- the only MLB player to kneel during the national anthem -- went off on cops during his Oct.
This, noted Schuchat, is higher than rates during the previous record-holding season, which occurred during 2014-2015 season.
After all, I was with my mother in Mississippi during Hurricane Katrina and here in New York during Sandy.
Constipation during pregnancy is also common, and can lead to anal fissures that could cause pain during anal sex.
And the same thing that could be during a presidential election can now be said during congressional midterm elections.
Sater and Trump developed a rapport during that time, Sater said during sworn testimony in an unrelated libel case.
Gas is traditionally stored during the summer months to be used during winter when demand and prices are higher.
Ford also cried during her testimony, recalling her allegations of sexual assault during a high school party in 1982.
During Trump's campaign, Giuliani worked as a top surrogate and adviser to the real estate mogul during his campaign.
Seven horses died during races on the dirt oval and another five died during races on the turf course.
They also appeared together during an episode of RuPaul's Drag Race in early May during a 90210-themed competition.
During The Process During your appointment, a topical numbing cream is applied to your skin before the process begins.
Benoit had stiffness in his right shoulder during spring training and was slowed during bullpen sessions and exhibition games.
France won on a humid night in Russia, with thunderclaps during play and a downpour during the trophy presentation.
The Bidens' visit comes during Pride Month, during which the former vice president has been vocal about LGBTQ issues.
In fact, many ethnic Koreans came over from China during the great leap forward, during the famines in China.
"The emotions were running high during the ceremonies, I think especially during the Western wedding for me," Jonas admits.
During the Kennedy administration, the two countries almost plunged the world into nuclear holocaust during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Models present creations during the Kate Spade New York Fall 22016 presentation during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on Feb.
Models present creations during the Kate Spade New York Fall 22015 presentation during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on Feb.
During her five years as a flight attendant, Ms. Bartlett said, the oxygen masks never dropped during an emergency.
Solo during the US / New Zeland match during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games at Mineirao Stadium on August 3.
Around 100,000 people died during the war in Bosnia, during which Bosnian Muslims fought Bosnian Serbs and then Croats.
Or maybe they had a connection during blooper breaks during the shooting of the upcoming comedy film, Taco Shop?
Of course Justin wouldn't be wearing a varsity jacket during the fall, during football season — he's a basketball player.
The singer took a tumble during his Manchester, England, concert on Thursday, once again during his performance of "Kiwi".
Ted Cruz, who bitterly sparred with Trump during their primary battle, would not endorse the mogul during his speech.
Even the tower provides purpose: a skylight during the day, and a lighthouse for lost climbers during the night.
I wore them to the gym during a cardio session and twice during rainy weather and they were unaffected.
Both players are able to swing through multiple positions, whether during a game or even during any given possession.
The third-biggest peak of Trump-related conversation during the debate came during the candidates' discussion of cyber security.
Social media interest during the event peaked during his sermon with folks sending a reported 40,000 tweet a minute.
The agreement was signed during Saudi Arabia's King Salman visit to Egypt during which several investment projects were announced.
Why it matters: Amusement parks and resorts consume a great amount of energy during the day during peak hours.
The majority were during talk and news programs in the morning and evening, and during other popular evening shows.
"The emotions were running high during the ceremonies, I think especially during the Western wedding for me," Nick admitted.
The remaining 239 elephants will be moved during the second phase of the operation during the summer of 2017.
"Something funny happened to me during a demo [shown] to Zenimax during our first year of development," he said.
It happened during an otherwise lame sketch about Pizza Hut, and it happened here during this excessively weird one.
The company's namesake Gap label saw sales drop 4 percent during the month and 3 percent during the quarter.
During an intense fight during The Battle of Monte Casino, Storino was hit by shrapnel from an artillery shell.
During Rebecca's show, he becomes envious of the way she keeps looking at a band member during a song.
Visitors can also experience Hackenwerth's custom Megamite sculptures that are worn by performers during select hours during the installation.
They said that BART seems safe during weekday business hours, but seems riskier during off-peak hours and weekends.
They could release individuals to their families during recovery, along with an ankle monitor, with ICE approval, during recovery.
During the 2016-17 season, Kaepernick started kneeling during the anthem as part of a protest against police brutality.
"The number of consequential train accidents decreased from 530 during 1991-92 to 131 during 2011-12," says Kundu.
Musk elaborated all the things that could go wrong during flight during a conference call with reporters Monday night.
Chris Christie (R) during the Bridgegate scandal, something he will most likely face scrutiny for during his confirmation hearing.
Many faced persecution during the Saddam Hussein era, during the Iraq war and after ISIS seized territory in Iraq.
Fortunately, no one was harmed during Saturday's accident, which speaks well of SpaceX's safety practices during such dynamic tests.
During the economic downturn tree farmers were limiting their crops to save money during a time of decreased demand.
During the holy month of Ramadan it is common for people to pray at the mosque during night hours.
More fake web sites are launched during the holiday shopping season than at any other point during the year.
During the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards, he told the audience that "God is real" during his acceptance speech.
In August, the concern of mosquitoes are lower in Brazil than during their summer (August is during their winter).
"During the Obama administration, we were called on during nearly every press briefing," CNN's Jim Acosta told Politico recently.
The high value represents the peak pressure during heart contraction; the low value represents the pressure during heart relaxation.
They only saw increased HEP during REM sleep, but not during non-REM sleep or when people were awake.
During the following decade state laws were passed requiring police to be told of child-abuse disclosed during treatment.
During the hearing, US Representative Elijah Cummings reprimanded Shkreli for appearing to laugh during the Maryland Democrat's opening statement.
McCain was captured during the Vietnam War and held prisoner for five years, during which he was also tortured.
A great opportunity for exchanging information was when they visited homes during holidays, especially during the Lunar New Year.
Sexual assault has come up during the presidential debates (and during the last Oscars ceremony); domestic violence did not.
"The question of sedation during CPR is not new, but sedation is not routinely performed during CPR," Lundsgaard said.
Gomez's ex Justin Bieber, who nabbed his first Grammy during the pre-show, will be performing during the show.
It won't experience pain while resting or during intercourse, and its muscles respond appropriately during urination or holding urine.
Shepard did not interview with the team during the week before the Senior Bowl or during the scouting combine.
Clinton during the CNN interview said Bill during the tour will be discussing the challenges he faced as president.
During his speech, Prince Harry recalled how he and Markle had kept her pregnancy secret during last year's awards.
During the coming post-delivery test and trials, the Navy will carefully evaluate the work performed during the PSA.
While the brand supplied him with suits during "The Apprentice," he started paying for them during his campaign trail.
During season 23 of the series, two men stormed the stage during one of Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte's performances.
Guandique's attorneys argued during his retrial that his onetime cellmate gave false or misleading testimony during the original proceedings.
Among the discoveries during the restoration: a hole left from a stray bomb that fell during the 1967 War.
They noted that many female mammals release oxytocin and prolactin during sex — the hormones released by women during orgasms.
I would take it once or twice a week during semester and a lot more during the exam period.
Up to 500,203 cars were damaged or destroyed during Harvey and 200,000 cars during Irma, according to industry estimates.
During my next visit, another doctor told me my record stated that I didn't do well during such procedures.
Use during the first trimester increased from 1.8% to 5.3% and from 0.6% to 2.5% during the second trimester.
But Perez during the interview on "Meet the Press" said Clinton was "tireless" and "a workhorse" during the campaign.
Brock introduced the "Brockabrella" during the height of his baseball fame, modeling the accessory during rainy pregame warm-ups.
Scrapping the Olympics during peacetime would be unprecedented -- they have only been canceled before during the two World Wars.
During the week, especially during my commute, I have podcasts to listen to everyday, but weekends are for audiobooks.
The suit, first filed during the Obama administration, has gained even more importance for activists during the Trump administration.
There's a much smaller spike during the Democratic convention and no apparent increase before or during the Republican convention.
In 1919, during an eclipse in South America, astronomers took photographs of the stars surrounding the sun during totality.
Rooms during the summer months start at $961 per night, but during the spring start at $203 per night.
While some Republicans clapped, few if any stood during the multiple ovations during his glowing introduction of Ms. Pelosi.
CreditCreditAstronaut Scott Kelly taking a selfie in October 2015, during a space walk conducted during his year in space.
During the last major outbreak in the United States, in 2014, there were 667 cases during the whole year.
Sales during the first quarter of 2019 were almost 15 percent higher than during the same period last year.
There's a daily resort fee of $24 per person per day during low season, and $30 during high season.
While the total number of calls was higher during 9/11 medical calls during the coronavirus pandemic are higher.
Clinton during the campaign, suggesting during a presidential debate that he would prosecute her if he was elected president.
Evidence of interbreeding during any migrations before then, or during events that transpired earlier within Africa, has been elusive.
The only notable complication during the show's run was a highly publicized salary dispute during the 1997-98 season.
We work from home in separate rooms during the day and make food and watch films during the evenings.
I tend to eat this meal during the fall/winter, maybe once every few months during that time period.
He drew ire last year when he refused to stand during the Pledge of Allegiance during City Council meetings.
The report said that she was healthy during her stay but got sick during her flight back to China.
Today, more sea ice is lost during summer than is regained during winter — causing sea ice to shrink overall.
During the 2019 AMAs, Dewan was accused of shading the singer during Cabello's performance of "Señorita" with Shawn Mendes.
During the onstage demonstration, the Photos app was showing photos from WWDC during the past several years, for example.
"You would have done terribly with your equal-weighted strategy during the 1990s, during the dotcom bubble," Brightman said.
During its first act, "Young Man" had me thinking that it had perhaps been overpraised during its early outings.
During events and during holidays it's almost as if that tiny little app on my phone has a pulse.
Pence praised McCain's service during the Vietnam War, during which he was captured and tortured after refusing early release.
During the economic downturn, tree farmers were limiting their crops to save money during a time of decreased demand.
None of the kids in the study had parents who smoked cigarettes during pregnancy or during their early childhood.
Alterations included avoiding migratory bird sanctuaries, restricting shipping during caribou migration and no breaking ice during seal pupping season.
The medieval warrior motif entertained during the season, but has amazed during the playoffs, much like the team itself.
They chatted and laughed during the team stretch and in batting practice and in the dugout during the game.
Sidewalk sheds are shelter for construction workers during smoke breaks, and a destination for dog walkers during inclement weather.
He has made 49 during the stretch, which also is a record for most during a six-game span.
During the debrief, instructor pilots, make clear what went well during the flight and identify the areas of improvement.
Claims of corruption that surfaced during his time as mayor of Paris never died out during Chirac's political career.
The rates were 3.6 percent when mothers were infection during the second trimester and 5.3 percent during the third.
During the trial, jurors heard a secretly-recorded confession captured during a conversation between Boone-Doty and an informant.
But production slowed during Prohibition and ended during World War II, allowing blended Canadian rye to dominate the market.
During his campaign, he hammered away at the historically slow growth of the American economy during the Obama years.
H&R Block makes most of its money during tax preparation season, which occurs during its fiscal fourth quarter.
Many were forced to move there during Japan's occupation of the Korean peninsula before and during World War Two.
While recuperating at home during last year's winter meetings, Alderson watched how Ricco handled himself during his televised interviews.
Dear Amy: During the winter, it is very dark during my commute in both the morning and the evening.
A swimmer jumps into a pool carved from thick ice during an ice swimming competition during the Harbin festival.
The Fed accumulated the bonds during its economic stimulus program that began in late 2008 during the financial crisis.
The typhoon will make its closest pass to Hong Kong during the day on Sunday, likely during the afternoon.
It is fully electric during landing and takeoff while relying on diesel turbofan engine propulsion during high-altitude cruising.
That and during the Watts Riots, I still remember my dad outside during the night with all the helicopters.
Privately, senators and aides have said that Warren's moves during that fight won't be forgotten during the presidential race.
During a visit to Sangpo by Reuters, most factories were idle during what should have been peak production season.
Sater and Trump grew their rapport during that time, Sater said during sworn testimony in an unrelated libel case.
The flu shot's effectiveness rose to 22 percent during influenza type B seasons, and 21 percent during H33N23 seasons.
During the 2014 World Cup, for example, 350 million people talked about the games during the month-long tournament.
The flu shot's effectiveness rose to 54 percent during influenza type B seasons, and 67 percent during H1N1 seasons.
And what Halo Sport is doing is it's increasing neuroplasticity during that training period so that the brain, which is already getting better during that, gets better a little bit faster during that period of training.
Around a hundred workers were killed during an initial collapse, but many others were killed during the rescue attempt during a second collapse, "raising the possibility that more than 200 people died together," stated the broadcaster.
During our visit, Neila drew on the Italian she had learned during her teen years during her family's time in Rome, and chatted easily with Luca, who was born in Sicily and grew up in Rome.
Where were all of these alleged sex abuse victims during Trump's television career, during the primaries, or any time during the time period that any actual civil or criminal charges could have been filed against Trump?
A parallel toll road allows those willing to pay — 20 cents a mile during slow periods, $1 a mile during a typical rush hour, more during times of extreme traffic — to ensure it is never clogged.
During medical school, Dr. Gilani, 34 and a dedicated athlete, registered for a 200-mile bike race before realizing that it was during Ramadan, a monthlong Islamic observance that restricts eating or drinking during daylight hours.
He was a prominent surrogate for Trump during the 2016 campaign and, during his confirmation hearings to be attorney general, had failed to mention several interactions he had with Russians during the course of the campaign.
The ad will also be shown during the season premiere of "This is Us" next Tuesday as well as during "Chicago Med" and "Empire" next Wednesday and during "How to Get Away with Murder" next Thursday.
While he had an aide assigned to him during classroom hours, he did not have one during the lunch break.
During a recent interview with Extra, Morgan said he binge-watched Peele's hit sketch show during his long recovery process.
The Northwestern Basketball Fan Meme went from Guy Reading A Book During The NIT to Kid Crying During The NCAA's.
During his F8 keynote, Maguire noted that the company is working on this in order to provide connectivity during emergencies.

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